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Bermuda . November 2017


Sparkle this party season with the NEW collection from PANDORA. For Every Special Occasion Front Street • Queen Street • Hamilton Clocktower Mall • Dockyard 441.295.2351 •

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What’s Inside


Bermuda HaHa, Roger Crombie


Crisson Jewellers , Integrity & Reliability

On the Cover Gibbs Hill Lighthouse photo courtesy of Bermuda Tourism Authority

10 A Gosling’s Night Out

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Explore Bermuda CENTRE OF THE MAGAZINE 16 pages of key information on exploring Bermuda including maps of St. George’s, Dockyard and Hamilton and a pull out map of the island.

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WHITE SAILS . LONGTAILS . Get a whole new view of Bermuda

Your Dockyard Destination for History & Culture


Bermuda . November 2017

The Bermuda Triangle from our Ocean Collection Available exclusively in Bermuda at: Davidrose Jewelry Somers Wharf, St. George’s 441.293.7673

A.S. Cooper Fairmont A.S. Cooper Dockyard A.S. Cooper Main Store Clocktower Mall, Sandys 101 South Shore Rd., Southampton 59 Front Street, Hamilton 441.295.3961 x 803 441.295.3961 x 802 441.295.3961 x 407


Years ago, I received a parking ticket on Front Street. How long ago was it? The fixed penalty was $12. Today, it’s probably nearer $10,000. Having been in the US on the day the ticket was issued, and therefore . innocent, I went to Magistrates Court to defend my honour. I took with me my date-stamped passport, credit card slips from Boston on the day of my supposed malfeasance, some clean underwear and the absolute certainty of my innocence. .Ahead of me on the roster of speeders, bad parkers and nosy parkers was an ancient geezer. He railed at high volume about the iniquity of parking tickets for seniors, and was promptly jailed for two weeks for contempt. I kid you not: two weeks in the Graybar Hotel. Two beefy policemen escorted him out. .I was up next. I adopted a more cautious approach. Judges like a bit of respect, they do. When asked to plead, I requested the indulgence of the court for advice. .“What do you not understand about a parking ticket?” asked the Judge, not looking up from writing a letter to his dentist or something equally ridiculous. .“I do not know how to plead, Your Worship,” I said, respectfully. “Briefly describe your problem, Mr., ah,” said Hizzoner. .“I was overseas at the time, may it please your Lordship,” I said, doubting that it would please him very much. “I have brought evidence to that effect,” I continued. “An error must have occurred when the ticket was written, your Highness.” .I had the judge, and the legal system, by the metaphorical throat. I would walk free from that courthouse to carry on my entirely unblemished, non-criminal life. The Judge deliberated for a moment. “Are you the owner of vehicle number, ah, 87529?”“I am, your Holiness,” I replied. “And is it a white Honda sedan?” “It is, your Prominence,” I said, largely because it was. .“And do you think, Mr., erm, that I have nothing better to do than sit here all day deciding who is innocent and who is guilty?” .I thought of saying that was his exact job description, but didn’t. “Then I am tempted to fine you $1,000 or 90 days in jail,” the judge said. This was a revolting development. Sweat starting pouring off every part of me. I didn’t have a grand on me. I didn’t even have $12. The prosecutor intervened. “With the greatest possible respect, your Spaceship,” he addressed the judge, “today is just plea court.” The Judge paused, eyed me coolly, and asked, with enormous sarcasm, “How would you care to plead, Mr., uh?” “Guilty, Sir,” I said instantly, “with an apology for wasting the court’s time.” “Guilty it is then,” said the Judge. “Fined $35. Next?” Later, I recalled that I’d lent the car to a friend while I was away, and she must have parked on Front Street. As a result, I am on record forever as a criminal type. Justice, one might say, was therefore done.


Bermuda . November 2017

crisson jewellers Integrity & Reliability SINCE 1922

Three generations of a family dedicated to quality, integrity and reliability sets Crisson apart from the rest. Established in 1922, Crisson is the iconic Bermuda store, renowned for its world class collections of fine watches and jewellery. The expert customer service team and after sales professionals always create a memorable shopping experience and cater for the individual needs of each and every customer. With the latest designs from the most respected names, you are sure to find that special piece to cherish forever at Crisson - and at prices that are certain to make your smile and satisfaction even greater! Crisson is the Official Rolex Retailer in Bermuda and the exclusive agent for sought-after names such as David Yurman, Roberto Coin, Marco Bicego, FOPE, John Hardy, Mikimoto and Le Vian Chocolat Diamonds. The internationally popular Pandora collection is also a Crisson Bermuda exclusive. At Crisson you will find many leading Swiss watch names including TAG Heuer, Tudor, Ebel, Movado, Raymond Weil, Frederique Constant and Victorinox Swiss Army. Seiko and Citizen watches are there too, as well as a wide mix of fashionable brands including Michael Kors, Philip Stein, Shinola, WeWood, Luminox and Bering. Crisson’s own House Jewellery Collection boasts an impressive array of fine gemstone jewellery, including an extensive diamond collection, with all certified stones graded exclusively by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the trusted authority worldwide. Featuring an eclectic mix of precious coloured stones, it’s exciting to find many exceptional and unusual specimens in their dazzling collection; including sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tanzanites, and a recent discovery of rare morganites. Crisson’s jewellers and designers have also created their own unique interpretations of Bermuda-inspired mementos. These include many gold and silver charms that they will happily place on your bracelet at no additional charge. Crisson’s elegant flagship store is at 55 Front Street, Hamilton and there you will find the full range of their collections. The Crisson store at 16 Queen St, Hamilton is the firm’s original location and showcases many unique and unusual pieces. There are also Crisson boutique shops at Dockyard and the Fairmont Southampton. Wherever you choose to shop, you’ll agree that a visit to Crisson is an essential part of your Bermuda experience! 16 Queen Street, City of Hamilton | 55 Front Street, City of Hamilton Fairmont Southampton, Southampton | Clocktower Mall, Royal Naval Dockyard / Follow us on Facebook


Bermuda . November 2017

crisson jewellers integrity & reliability

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a gosling’s night out Kim Crawford Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Blending Master Class BY CANDICE DICKINSON

When I pick up a bottle of white, Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is always my first choice - without question. Naturally I was delighted to hear that Gosling’s would be putting on a Kim Crawford Blending Master Class, one of many special events on the Gosling’s calendar this year. To be honest, I didn’t know what wine blending was however I saw an opportunity to enjoy evening fun with people taller than 3 feet. Excited, I arrived early and was offered a glass to enjoy while overlooking the stunning ocean view at Henry VIII on South Shore. Once settled and introductions began, we learned a little history about Kim Crawford (himself). Wait, what? I was shocked to learn the original Kim Crawford is a man!!! I had always associated drinking Kim Crawford with visions of sophisticated middle (aging well) fashionistas engaging in educated conversations. Wine dream goals. I soon learned that Kim Crawford (a man) sold his brand (and his name) in 2003. Apparently Kim was a country boy who became a family man and a wine maker - he still is a wine maker but can no longer legally associate his name with wine products. Today, Constellation Brands owns Kim Crawford along with other popular brands such as Corona, Mark West and Robert Mondavi, just to name a few. I still do imagine that there are a few savvy women behind the scenes so I will continue to, wine dream on. Next we moved to a private room at Henry VIII adjacent to the sushi bar. Here we would experience the art of wine blending or at least a taste of it. The table was perfectly set with 6 wine glasses that would hold a sample from each vineyard across Marlborough, New Zealand that makes up Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. We swooshed, sniffed, tasted and discussed the details and learned a little about each region. Each sample was distinct and just the right amount of each would craft a perfect sav blanc. We used an additional glass to to do just this, try our hand at blending our own version of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. We also had a fresh glass of the real thing, to use as a guide. I must say, I got pretty close and am considering quitting my day job and moving to a vineyard. It was an exciting experience learning about the art of blending. Gosling’s puts on all sorts of events so be sure like them on Facebook and sign up for the next one!


Bermuda . November 2017

fall window Lili Bermuda BY BRIGITTA WOHLMUTH

Next time you’re in Hamilton, be sure to stop and enjoy the window display at Lili Bermuda’s Boutique on 67 Front Street. Their fall window is all about “cocooning yourself in a feeling”, as the island begins to embrace the snug arms of the autumn season. Beautiful bouquets of cream and orange roses are visible behind the glass which reads, “Autumn is a Second Spring When Every Leaf is a Flower”, a quote by the late French Philosopher Albert Campus. This holds true especially on our Island where there is an abundance of flowers all year round and the trees don’t shed their leaves like in other parts of the world. The window display suggests that the season in Bermuda brings a harmonious blend of nostalgia and excitement as we look forward to the next transition in our lives. Here are the fragrances trending this fall:

SunKiss SunKiss is a flirty fragrance filled with Bermudian fruity notes of sparkling Bermuda Loquat and Juicy Orange Zest followed with Luscious Orange Flower, and finishing with smooth and creamy vanilla beans.

Oleander As part of the Perfumery’s legacy collection, Oleander is an icon of femininity and elegance. Boasting top notes of sweet orange, hibiscus and pink pepper, complimented with a heart of iris and a base of vanilla, it’s soft and powdery scent makes it the ‘little black dress’ of Lili Bermuda’s Ladies Collection. Oleander is finesse paired with sophisticated allure, an immortal treasure, a soft and silken picture of Bermuda’s style and classic elegance.

Paradise True to its name, this is the scent of our idyllic Bermuda Island. With top notes of bergamot, pomegranate and spice leaves complimented with heart notes of honeysuckle and sandalwood – there is nothing left undone in this fragrance. Paradise is an evening gown tailored in liquid velvet. It is a spicy, warm, magnetic and luxurious Oriental composition.

Lili Bermuda Hamilton Boutique, Butterfield Place, 67 Front Street, Hamilton, +1 (441) 296-2885 The Bermuda Perfumery, Stewart Hall, 5 Queen Street, St. George’s, +1 (441) 293-0627


Bermuda . November 2017

bermuda’s lighthouses Gibb’s Hill & St. David’s BY HORST AUGUSTINOVIC

Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse 117 feet high with the beacon 362 feet above sea level, its light can be seen by ships 40 miles at sea and aircraft 120 miles away. Now the most prominent landmark in Bermuda, the proposal to build Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse was made in the 1840’s. At a cost of £5,500, it was only the second cast iron lighthouse to be constructed. When completed in 1845 the lighthouse was illuminated with kerosene, but is now powered by a 1000-watt electric bulb located in the center of the lens, which is capable of producing up to half a million candlepower. Making a complete revolution every 50 seconds, the lighthouse produces a two-second flash at every two-second interval.

St. David’s Lighthouse A 55-foot high stone structure, the beacon of the St. David’s Lighthouse is 208 feet above sea level and overlooks south shore. It was opened in 1879 and has a fixed white light of about 30,000 candlepower. The original kerosene burner was replaced with a hood vapor burner in 1922. The St. David’s Lighthouse enables navigators to take cross bearings with the flashing beacon emitted by Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse in Southampton Parish.

St. David’s Lighthouse


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foliage to fashion Our History in Hats BY RONNIE CHAMEAU B.E.M & DONNA PINK

Foliage To Fashion is a collection of handmade hats made entirely from the island’s natural foliage created by artists Donna Pink and Ronnie Chameau B.E.M. This is the second exhibition of its kind by this creative pair. In 2014 the two artists held Veronica (Ronnie) Chameau, Donna Pink their first exhibition titled B.E.M. “Our History In Hats,” at BSOA in City Hall. After an 8 month labor of love collecting photos and artists renditions of women in Bermuda wearing hats from the 1800’s to the 1950’s, the images were then put together into posters, one for each era. The pair then began creating their interpretations of the hats shown in the posters. The resulting exhibition featuring 28 hats, was a great collaboration of skills and ideas that gave us a unique look at Bermuda’s history from the perspective of fashion. The exhibition was designed to demonstrate how simple, organic materials, not normally considered beautiful, could be used creatively to achieve fashionable looks worn by women throughout the ages. Twelve new hats, along with shoes and handbags, have subsequently been added for the new exhibition and they will all be available for sale. After receiving many questions about how the hats were made and where they could be seen on a regular basis, Donna and Ronnie decided to create a permanent record of the hats from both exhibitions by producing a book which will be launched at the opening of the new exhibition. After many months of preparation, the sixty two page book titled Our History In Hats, Foliage To Fashion, is now ready for sale. The book features 39 hats, a list and photos of the materials used and detailed explanations of how these incredible creations were made. The exhibition opens on Friday, October 27th at the BSOA in City Hall and will run until November 14th. The artists will be available to sign copies of their book on opening night and it will be available at book stores after that. They hope you are inspired by their creations. Enjoy! Our History In Hats - Foliage to Fashion October 27th, Bermuda Society of Arts All hats will be available for sale.


Bermuda . November 2017

foliage to fashion our history in hats

1800 - 1860

1900 - 1910


Dyed coconut palm matting, royal palm leaves, palmetto trim. – Donna Pink

Dress Bonnet

Palmetto, skeleton magnolia leaves, banana leaves, fennel flowers. – Ronnie Chameau By 1830 bonnets grew to huge proportions and were often decorated with a great deal of ribbon, feathers and flowers. A large brim framed the wearer’s face from the front but hid her profile from the side.

Bird themes were a popular trend for trims during this period.

1910 - 1920

1920 - 1930

Cloche Tall Crown

Dyed Coconut Palm matting, garden banding paper. – Donna Pink The automobile had a big influence on hat styles during this period. Crowns became deeper and closer fitting to the head which provided more security in keeping the hat in place while traveling in an open car.

Dyed coconut palm matting, philodendron stalks – Donna Pink & Ronnie Chameau The well known Cloche was invented by French milliner Caroline Reboux. Due to the fitted, bell-shaped form of her invention, she called it a “cloche” which translates to the English word “bell.” This style of hat became especially popular during the 1920’s and continued to be commonly worn until the early 1930’s.

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calendar of events November Event Highlights BERMUDA FASHION FESTIVAL November 1-4, Various Locations, City of Hamilton Featuring local and international fashion designers, the Bermuda Fashion Festival this year includes a fashion expo, designer shows and a ball. Info:, 292 1234. GUIDED TOUR OF BERMUDA INSTITUTE OF OCEAN SCIENCES November 1, 10 am, Ferry Road, St. George’s Take a tour of Bermuda’s internationally recognized institute which researches oceanography, marine conservation and ocean health. Free. Info: 297 1880, EAST END EATS BICYCLE TOUR Friday, 2 pm, Long Story Short at Tucker House, Water Street, St. George’s Come learn about the history of St. George’s and, as you cycle around, taste some of the best local fare, creative cuisine, and seaside bites that the town offers. Tickets $100. Info:, 705 1838 ONE STOP SHOPPING CRAFT FAIR November 4, 10 am - 3 pm, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, Botanical Gardens The annual event features some of Bermuda’s top craft vendors, face painting, photo booth and classic Christmas movies. Info:, 299 4000. WORLD RUGBY CLASSIC November 4-11, National Stadium, Frog Lane, Devonshire Now in its 30th year, the World Rugby Classic brings together International rugby teams fielding their classic athletes for great sport and a good time. Tickets $25 per day. Packages available. Info: FOOD TRUCK FESTIVAL November 5, 12-5 pm, Pitt’s Bay Road & Barr’s Bay Park, Hamilton The Bermuda Food Truck Festival is back! Celebrate the island’s top local entertainers with a traditional local “greeze” at the best event on four wheels. Info:, 296 9200 FALL COCKTAILS AT THE LOREN November 9, 6-7.30 pm, The Loren Hotel, South Shore, Smith’s Enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at Bermuda’s newest hotel - an event featuring Somers Carr from Blind Pig Cocktails and Gosling’s Rum. Tickets $50. Info:

ORIGINAL BELLIN MAP OF BERMUDA 1763 Price on request. Call 441 292 2482

Bermuda Fine Art, Antique Maps, Books, Prints and Ephemera


Bermuda . November 2017

calendar of events event highlights SYBIL’S DYNAMIC FEMALE IMPERSONATORS November 10, 9 pm, Earl Cameron Theatre, City Hall, Hamilton An exciting and unpredictable night of entertainment and drama, hosted by Bermuda’s own Sybil. Tickets $50. Info: REMEMBRANCE DAY PARADE November 11, 11 am, Front Street, Hamilton This ceremony honours those who died and served during the World Wars. It is a state occasion attended by His Excellency the Governor and the island’s dignitaries. Info: 238 1045 L’ALLIANCE FRANCAISE FILM NIGHT November 14, 8 pm, BUEI, Crow Lane, Pembroke BUEI and Alliance Francaise des Bermudes present a French feature length film with English subtitles. Tickets $10. Info:, 294 0204 WINE TASTINGS: TASTES GRAPE! November 15, 5.45-7 pm, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, Botanical Gardens Masterworks pairs up with Burrows-Lightbourne for wine tasting in the Rick Fairies Gallery. $35. Please register to attend. Info: 299 4000, PECHA KUCHA November 16, 7 pm, Spanish Point Boat Club, Pembroke A variety of visual artists present out-of-the-box creative ideas on a variety of topics designed to make you think! Info:

Bermuda’s Best Original Art for Sale Award winning studio artists working on site. Paintings, sculptures and jewelry by Bermuda artists for sale. Locally made gift items.

The Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard 234-2809

LIP SYNC BATTLE November 17, 6-10 pm, Fairmont Southampton A night of entertainment also raises funds for The Family Centre. Tickets $75 or $100. Info:, 232 1116 BERMUDA PLEIN AIR FESTIVAL EXHIBITION November 18, 4-7.30 pm, Bermuda Society of Arts, City Hall, Hamilton The culmination of a week of outdoor painting by local and visiting artists is on display for a few hours at City Hall. Free. Info:, 292 3824 ST. GEORGE SKATES GRAND OPENING November 18 and 19, Somers Gardens, St. George’s Strap on your skates – the rink returns to St. George’s and this year it is bigger and better, featuring a bigger rink, refreshment vendors and a DJ. Tickets $20. Info:

Open every day 10:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Bermuda . November 2017

calendar of events event highlights BERMUDIAN HEARTBEATS SERIES November 19, 2 pm, Admiralty House Park, Pembroke “A Walk Around the Admiralty”. Linda Abend and Margie Lloyd take you on a tour of this historic park, once home of the British Admiral. Free. Spaces are limited, book online. Info:, 292 1681 LIGHTING OF THE TREE November 24, 5.30 pm, City Hall, Hamilton The festive season begins with the lighting of the tree in front of City Hall and a performance of carols by the Royal Bermuda Regiment Band and the Bermuda Islands’ Pipe Band. Info:, 292 1234 SUPER SATURDAY November 25, 10 am-2 pm, Masterworks Museum of Art, Paget Themed craft activities and art projects for toddlers to teens are set up throughout the gallery. Free. Info:, 299 4000 LIGHTING OF THE TOWN November 25, 6.30 pm, King’s Square St. George’s The Town Mayor and invited dignitaries turn on the Christmas lights in the UNESCO World Heritage Site town and the east end church choirs and schools sing carols. Info: 297 1532 SANTA CLAUS PARADE November 26, 5 pm, City of Hamilton The parade includes majorettes and music along with the arrival of Santa on board a fire truck. Info:

ONGOING EVENTS “VACATION PHOTOS AT SEA” WITH EARLY BIRD CHARTERS By appointment only, Bailey’s Bay Dock in Hamilton Parish Come enjoy an evening boat cruise along the shoreline of Bermuda with Captain Jim West of Early Bird Charters & have your charter captured by professional photographer, Melanie Fiander West of Fiander Foto! Trip includes high-resolution photos, drinks, snacks, and fuel. Book today to arrange an unforgettable voyage that comes with beautiful photos to remember your trip! Info:;, 516.6498 BERMUDA LECTURE & TOURS’ GUIDED WALKS & TALKS TOURS Daily. Various Locations Island Wide Join Tim and Mary Rogers as they lead private guided walking tours (no join-up’s). Tours are led by this husband and wife team, who specialize in history, architecture and natural history. Info: 238 0344 BERMUDA SOCIETY OF ARTS (BSOA) Mondays to Saturdays. City Hall, Church Street, City of Hamilton The BSOA has a number of exciting exhibits and workshops on. Free. Open Monday – Friday, 10 am – 4 pm, Saturday 10 am – 2 pm. Info:, 292 3824 MASTERWORKS MUSEUM OF BERMUDA ART Monday - Saturday. Botanical Gardens, Paget Georgia O’Keeffe, Winslow Homer and Henry Moore lead the way to an impressive collection of over 1,400 pieces of Bermuda inspired art. Stay for a delicious lunch at Homer’s Café’ or visit The Museum’s gift shop full of goods and original art work. Museum is wheelchair accessible Open Monday - Saturday, 10 am - 4pm. Admission: $5; free for members & children under 12. Info: 299 4000


Bermuda . November 2017

calendar of events event highlights Open Monday - Saturday, 10 am - 4pm. Admission: $5; free for members & children under 12. Info: 299 4000 BERMUDA UNDERWATER EXPLORATION INSTITUTE Daily, Crow Lane, Pembroke Come to BUEI and experience Bermuda’s oceans without getting wet! New America’s Cup exhibit now open. Explore 2 floors of interactive exhibits meant to educate and entertain. Exhibits are open from 10am - 5pm (last admission at 4pm). Entry $15, seniors $12, child $8. Info: 292-7219, BYWAYS BERMUDA TOURS Daily. Various Locations Island wide Heidi Cowen, a sixth generation Bermudian, runs Byways Tours and offers an up-close and personal look at the island from her eight-seater van. Her tours last five to six hours and revolve around her passion for her island home and its incredible history. Every tour includes a visit to Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse, where Heidi’s grandfather was the lighthouse keeper, plus a stop for a picnic lunch. She also caters to families, offering a shorter tour designed to engage parents and children in the natural and historic world of Bermuda with stops to feed fish, climb forts, look for caves and visit turtles. Info: 535 9169 or visit BERMUDA’S NATURE RESERVE AND WILDLIFE TOURS Daily Join Lynn Thorne, naturalist and wildlife rehabilitator, for a fascinating and informative guided tour of Spittal Pond, Cooper’s Island or Tom Moore’s Jungle. Bermuda’s bird and wildlife sanctuaries, its unique geological formations and endemic plants and diverse wildlife are waiting to be discovered. Round trip transportation included. $25 per person per hour. Includes drink and healthy snack. Info:, 799 8888

The Bermuda Post Office is pleased to offer “150th Anniversary of Bermuda’s Queen Victoria Postage Stamps”, a series of five stamps. The series depicts the five Victoria Stamps as well as the changes in communicating over 150 year period. This new commemorative series was released on 15 October 2015. First Day Cover $7.00, cost per set $5.85.











Available at the Bermuda Philatelic Bureau. For more information please e-mail The App is a FREE Download


calendar of events ongoing highlights HAMILTON GUIDED WALKING TOUR & SKIRLING CEREMONY AT FORT HAMILTON Mondays, 10 am, Bermuda National Library, Queen Street Guided walking tour departs Bermuda National Library verandah at 10 am. The walk will take you to the House of Assembly for 11am and on to the Skirling Ceremony with the Bermuda Island Pipe Band at Fort Hamilton at 12 noon. Free. BERMUDA COOKERY DEMONSTRATION Mondays, 12:30 pm. Fort Hamilton. A Bermuda chef creates a local dish for guests to sample. Free. BERMUDA GOMBEY REVUE Tuesdays, 4:15pm, Pier 6, Front Street, Hamilton. A live performance by Bermuda’s Gombey dancers and drummers. Free. LATIN NIGHTS Tuesday, 9:00 pm – 12:00 am, Hamilton Princess Hotel Relax and dine at Marcus’ and enjoy Latin inspired cocktails and tapas, and dance the night away to new and classic Latin beats. Info: 295 3000 ST. GEORGE’S WALKING TOUR AND RE-ENACTMENT Wednesday and Saturday, 10:30am Walking Tour, 12.30 re-enactment, King’s Square, St. George’s. Join the St. George’s Walking Tour for a fascinating walk through gardens, narrow streets and alleys, past architecture spanning the centuries. Your guide will introduce you to Bermuda’s history as well as the attractions in Bermuda’s UNESCO World Heritage Site town. A re-enactment of a public punishment with the ducking stool takes place at 12.30. Free. Info: 297 0556, HAMILTON HISTORY AND TALES WALKING TOUR Wednesdays, 10.30 am, Ferry Terminal, Front Street, Hamilton A tour of through the streets of Bermuda’s capital with stories of mystery, scandal, heritage and popular people from past to present. Free. Info: 295 1480 SWEET P AFTERNOON HIGH TEA AT THE BERMUDA PERFUMERY Wednesdays and Saturdays, 1- 4 pm. Sweet P’s tiered tea tray features fresh and seasonal treats, adapted every week to reflect the Island’s diverse local ingredients. Expect a variety of finger sandwiches, mini quiches and tea sweets, as well as freshly baked cakes and scones with Chantilly cream, local honey and jam. Reservations required. $32 pp. Cash only. Info: 705 2390, BERMUDA NATIONAL GALLERY ART TOUR Thursdays, 10 am. City Hall & Arts Centre, City of Hamilton Enjoy a free tour on Thursdays. BNG offers a variety of local and international exhibitions. The Ondaatje Wing is dedicated to telling the story of the development of the visual arts through the Bermuda Collection. Gallery Hours: Monday to Friday 10am-4pm, Saturday 10am - 2pm. Admission: $5 Adults. Members, NARM Members, Seniors & Children under12 free admission. Info:, 295 9428 SOMERSET BOAT TOUR Thursday, 10:00 am - 11:35 am, Somerset, Sandys This free boat tour takes you past charming homes and beautiful inlets of Somerset while you learn about Bermuda’s history and architecture, and includes a visit to the Vixen shipwreck to feed the fish. Come early for a complimentary coffee and Danish! Departs from Somerset Country Squire Restaurant. Free. No reservations are taken, however there is limited capacity on board the boat. In the case of inclement weather, a walking tour will take place.


Bermuda . November 2017

calendar of events ongoing highlights DISCOVERING THE ROYAL NAVAL DOCKYARD Thursday, 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm, Royal Naval Dockyard This free guided tour takes you back in time as we walk through the development of the Dockyard from cedar forest to fortified base. Departs from the “Dockyard Tour” sign in front of the Cooperage on Maritime Lane, next to the Craft Market. HAUNTED HISTORY TOUR Thursday, 7-8 pm, Long Story Short at Tucker House, Water Street, St. George’s Join your storyteller for a walk through the winding alleys and lanes of Bermuda’s oldest town - your footsteps may waken past residents! Tickets $35, Info:, 705 1838 REGGAE NIGHTS Thursday, 9 pm – midnight, Hamilton Princess Hotel Relax and dine at Marcus’ Restaurant end enjoy reggae vibes. Info: 295 3000 INTIMATE CANDLELIGHT DINNER THEATRE Fridays, 7 pm, Fourways Inn, Paget Intimate candlelight dining followed by a remarkable after dinner performance of Gavin Wilson’s Mark Twain production of “Reminiscences and Other Lies”. Tickets $140. Info:, 236 6517 HOG PENNY ENTERTAINMENT Friday and Saturday, 10 pm to Late, Queen Street, Hamilton Live music in Hamilton’s oldest pub. No cover charge. Info:, 292 2534 ART AT THE “PINK PALACE” Saturdays, 10 am, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club Take a tour of the Princess Art Collection which includes works from some of the top names in Pop and Modern Art. Meet in the lobby. Free. Info: ROYAL NAVAL DOCKYARD TOUR Sunday, 11:30 am, Clocktower Shopping Mall, Dockyard This free tour begins with an overview of the Casemate Barracks and its role in Dockyard’s defense, then explores the storehouses and boat slip and its changing role as sail gave way to steam. Departs in front of the Clocktower Shopping Mall, next to the anchors.

Heidi Cowen, a sixth generation Bermudian, runs Byways Tours and offers an up-close and personal look at the island from her eightseater van. Her tours last five to six hours and revolve around her passion for her island home and its incredible history. Every tour includes a visit to Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse, where Heidi’s grandfather was the lighthouse keeper, plus a stop for a picnic lunch. She also caters to families, offering a shorter tour designed to engage parents and children in the natural and historic world of Bermuda with stops to feed fish, climb forts, look for caves and visit turtles. 441 535 9169 or visit

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I’m not sure about you, but I’m absolutely loving this cooler weather. Don’t get me wrong, as the designer of TABS (The Authentic Bermuda Shorts), I’m a sucker for Summer, but the Autumn change is definitely refreshing. It’s the perfect weather to snuggle up and light a deliciously scented candle from Bermuda Candle Company. Available in two sizes and several island-inspired fragrances, these make the perfect gifts. And speaking of presents… Now that the seasons have turned, the countdown to C-day has begun. Yup, Christmas is right around the corner. Yes, I know there are more holidays between now and then but it’s never too early to get a jump start on shopping. Why not get your gifts early in the sales? No one has to be the wiser, and I’m not telling… Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two most obvious days to take advantage of massive discounts, but plenty of retailers offer corporate and VIP shopping nights so keep an eye out for those invitations. Stop by our flagship in Hamilton to learn more. Visiting in November? Crystal Caves in Hamilton Parish is one of Bermuda’s most popular attractions and is perfect for any day. Displaying impossibly clear water and stalactites and stalagmites millions of years in the making, this hidden gem was the inspiration for one our newest colours, aptly named: crystal caves. Come by the TABS flagship store on 12 Reid Street where, despite the chill in the air, it’s always Summer and let us take some of the stress of holiday shopping from you. :) ☺


Bermuda . November 2017

Bermuda Candle Company

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inspired by Bermuda Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery Bermudian artist Alexandra Mosher draws from the island’s natural beauty to create inspired, sculptural jewellery. “I create expressive and original pieces; they’re certainly conversation starters,” she explains. “There is nothing more fascinating than taking art as we know it and giving it a whole new context on the body. I make sculptures to be worn.” Considering Alexandra’s background as an artist, it is no wonder her intricately sculpted jewellery designs have been influenced by her studies in fine art. “I developed a love for craft at a very young age, and was often creating little presents for my parents out of assembled found objects,” she told us. “My family still has a collection of pretty little things I made them.” Alexandra studied Studio Art at the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts and later, Jewellery Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She launched her line of jewellery in 2005 and since that time has won several prestigious awards for her collections. Her process involves the ancient technique of lost wax casting; she first hand carves her designs in wax and then casts them in silver and gold in limited numbers. “I remember reading an art critic’s review of my work and feeling like I was on the right path when he said he was surprised at how I could create such original pieces at such an affordable price.” Although her work is highly coveted, she has something for every level of collector. Alexandra is perhaps best known for her Bermuda Reef Collection in which she incorporates Bermuda’s famous pink sand into sterling silver and gold to create captivating pieces of wearable art.


Bermuda . November 2017

inspired by Bermuda alexandra mosher studio jewellery

“‘Is it a gemstone?’ people ask me, and I just love watching their reaction when I explain how I’ve set our beautiful sand into each unique piece.” She told us that visitors often go on to say their daughter, sister or friend would never forgive them if they didn’t bring a little something from her pink sand collection back home as a gift. “It warms my heart to hear that,” she beams.

Finding a little piece of your own is a delightful experience. You can find the lovely pink Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery Boutique in the Washington Mall at #7 Reid Street in Hamilton, her new flag ship store at 5 Front Street in Hamilton and some of her collections at A.S. Cooper & Son’s stores island-wide. For infomation or to shop online call 441 236 9009 or visit

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By Air:

explore our 9 parishes St. George’s Parish Did you know that St. George’s is Bermuda’s oldest town? Founded in 1612, it was our capital until 1815 when the capital was moved to Hamilton. In 2000, St. George’s became a UNESCO World Heritage site and today it is an incredible example of living history.




4 Recommended Attractions 1. St. Peter’s Church, “Their Majesties Chappell” The oldest Anglican Church in continuous use outside of the British Isles. 2. The Unfinished Church Intended to be a Victorian Gothic church this stunning structure was started in the 1870s and abandoned before its completion. 3. World Heritage Centre This restored warehouse dates back to 1860. History is brought to life through engaging exhibits. 4. The Bermuda Perfumery The perfumery has been creating and manufacturing unique perfumes since 1928. Enjoy interesting exhibits and a free tour. 5. Fort St. Catherine Four centuries are explored here featuring cannons, guns and military exhibits. 6. Tobacco Bay A popular beach with entertainment, refreshments and rentals. It is also one of Bermuda’s best snorkeling spots. 7. The Old Rectory (behind St. Peter’s Church) Captain George Dew, an unsuccessful privateer, built this Bermuda cottage circa 1699. 8. Bermuda National Trust Museum This museum highlights Bermuda’s involvement in the American Civil War and features a film and gift shop. 9. Stocks, Pillory & Ducking Stool Used in the past to publicly humiliate offending citizens. Reenactments of “ducking the gossiping wench” happen here. visit or download our app for more infomation

explore st. george’s parish 2


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St. Peters Church

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State et re House St rk Yo Bridge House 12 et of tre S e k g Du Kin et Water Stre 8 Stocks Bermuda 11 Town Hall et National Trust tre S Museum King’s rk f Yo e oPolice Square k u D Station Ducking Stool 9 Post Office

lo ay

Rose Hill Street

Tucker House Museum


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St. George’s Club

15 Bermudian Heritage Museum


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To Gates Fort

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t. eS id g Br


The Bermuda Perfumery


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Queen Street

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St. George’s Historical Society Museum Printery & Garden

eet Str nce

Old Rectory


Duke of Kent Street

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To Unfinished Church, Fort St. Catherine and Tobacco Bay

Visitor Information Centre (VIC) The St. George’s VIC is located in King’s Square. Brochures & information on local tours and activities can be picked up here.

et Stre

10 Deliverance Sir George Somers Statue


Ordnance Island Dock Master’s Office


3 Heritage



A full size pull-out version of this map is available in the centre of this magazine.

Cruise ship terminal

Penno’s Wharf F

10. Deliverance A full-scale replica of one of the two ships built by the Sea Venture castaways to carry them to Virginia. 11. Town Hall The meeting place of the Corporation of St. George’s. 12. State House One of the oldest British stone structures in the new world, dating from 1620. 13. St. George’s Historical Society Museum A historic house with cedar furniture, paintings and other local relics along with a replica of an early 16th Century Gutenberg Press. 14. The Bermudian Heritage Museum One of the six sites in St. George’s on the African Diaspora Heritage Trail, showcases the accomplishments of black Bermudians. (wheelchair access lower floor only) 15. Gates Fort Originally a small battery of three guns, this site dates back to the early 17th century. 16. Somers Garden A quiet garden that features a moongate, native and introduced plants and is named to honour Admiral Sir George Somers. 17. Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) Take a free tour of the laboratories, grounds and ongoing projects, offered the first Wednesday of each month at 10am.


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explore st. george’s & hamilton parish ST. DAVID’S ISLAND Carter House An historic Bermuda cottage, thought to be the oldest dwelling in St. David’s. There is also a replica of an early settlers dwelling-hut to see. Great Head Park A 20th century fortification surrounded by open spaces, plus the Lost Sea Memorial St. David’s Lighthouse Enjoy a panoramic view of the east end from this lighthouse built in 1879 Clearwater Beach This beautiful shallow water beach located in St. David’s has a great playground and park perfect for picnics. Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve 12 acres of unspoiled natural beauty with long stretches of beach to explore.

explore Hamilton Parish After the Causeway you will reach the parish named after James Hamilton, second Marquis of Hamilton, an original member of Somers Isles (Bermuda) Company.




Recommended Attractions 1. Blue Hole Hill Park This park joins Walsingham Nature Reserve to Tom Moore’s Jungle and provides an excellent walking trail, with caves and fish ponds. 2. Swizzle Inn Iconic Bermudian pub/restaurant serving authentic Rum Swizzle. 3. Crystal Caves Ancient caves over 100 feet below ground with magnificent stalactites and stalagmites that surround a crystal clear 55-foot-deep lake. 4. Bailey’s Ice Cream Serving homemade ice cream flavours and other snacks, food & drink. 5. Shelly Bay A popular beach for families with small children because of the extensive stretch of shallow water and the attached playground/park great for picnics. visit or download our app for more infomation

explore Smith’s Parish


Named after one of the nine chief investors of the Somers Isles (Bermuda) Company, Sir Thomas Smith.



4 Recommended Attractions 1. The Bermuda Aquarium Museum & Zoo Bermuda’s most popular attraction boasts native fish, exotic reptiles, free-flying birds, and pink flamingos in a beautiful, colourful setting. 2. Spittal Pond This 64-acre nature reserve is part of a necklace of wetlands and a great place for bird watching. The walking trail takes you to a historic landmark known as “Portuguese Rock.” 3. Verdmont House This 1710 Georgian style house features a collection of antique Bermuda cedar furniture, porcelain, portraits and children’s toys. 4. John Smith’s Bay A popular pink-sand beach located on the South Shore. 5. Flatt’s Bridge Here you can admire magnificent views of the Inlet and watch the tide rush through to Harrington Sound.


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explore Devonshire Parish Named after William Cavendish, 1st Earl of Devonshire.

1 2


4 Recommended Attractions 1. Palm Grove A well-manicured private estate with beautiful gardens and a unique pond with a map of Bermuda. 2. Devonshire Bay & Park Features a small beach and remnants of a battery built in 1860. 3. Devonshire Dock This dock located on North Shore was built in the early 1800s by the British and is used by local fishermen to moor their boats there. 4. Ocean View Golf Course Located just off the North Shore, this picturesque public golf course is the closest golf course to the city of Hamilton. (building only) 5. The Arboretum A national park covering 22 acres of inland area. Hosts a wide range of flora and fauna including cedar, avocado and rubber trees.


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explore Paget Parish


Named after William Paget, 4th Baron Paget de Beaudesert.



4 Recommended Attractions 1. Botanical Gardens Lovely gardens featuring introduced, endemic and naturalized Bermuda flora, ornamental gardens and a butterfly garden. 2. Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art Includes Bermuda-inspired work by Winslow Homer and Georgia O’Keefe, plus changing exhibits. 3. Waterville This elegant house built circa 1725 is now the HQ of the Bermuda National Trust. See the Bermuda Rose Society’s showcase garden and the Mary-Jean Mitchell Green Memorial Garden and Gazebo. 4. Camden The stately Georgian house is the official residence of the Premier and used for public functions. 5. Elbow Beach This popular south shore beach stretches for over half a mile. 6. Paget Marsh & Boardwalk See mangroves and endemic wildlife at this lush 25-acre nature reserve, a joint project of the Bermuda National Trust & Bermuda Audobon Society.

5 6 visit or download our app for more infomation


Pembroke Parish Named after English aristocrat William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke (1580-1630) and home of our capital City of Hamilton since 1815.




4 Recommended Attractions 1. City Hall & Arts Centre One of Hamilton’s most beautiful public buildings houses Earl Cameron Theatre, the Bermuda National Gallery and the Bermuda Society of Arts. 2. Queen Elizabeth Park This haven for relaxation within the city commemorates the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. See sculptures from the Bermuda National Gallery’s collection displayed throughout the grounds. 3. Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) This modern building hosts two floors of interactive exhibits, revealing the mysteries of the ocean. 4. Fort Hamilton The restored fort provides spectacular views of the city and harbour and the moat has been transformed into a lush garden. 5. Admiralty House Park Once the home of British admirals, Admiralty House is now a ruin surrounded by a park and is popular for swimming and exploring.


DOWNLOAD THE HIDDEN GEMS APP TODAY! Simply visit Google Play or App Store and download for a cost of $4.99 Hidden Gems of Bermuda is a geographicallybased app which scores points based on different restaurants the player dines in, different locations they visit, different people they meet, and different activities that the player engages in during their time in Bermuda. Bermuda Island Games is always popular for everyone because we promote the island through Bermuda-based mobile games that portray our culture in an educational and entertaining way for both locals and visitors.

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explore pembroke parish


7 Pembroke Parish Continued...


6. Perot Post Office An architectural gem, handy for mailing postcards or buying stamps, transport passes, tickets and tokens. 7. Victoria Park Created in the 1880’s to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria, this park features a large gazebo. 8. The Parliament House The House of Assembly meets here.






TEL: 441-236-1300 RESERVE ONLINE visit or download our app for more infomation

explore pembroke parish



11 12

Admiralty House Park







9. Barr’s Bay Park Overlooking Hamilton Harbour beside the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, this park is perfect for sitting in the sun and watching the boats sail by. 10. The Birdcage This popular landmark is an historic traffic kiosk located at the corner of Front & Queen streets. 11. Bermuda National Library This library has free internet access, a local studies room and displays on Bermuda culture.

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explore pembroke parish 15-16

To F ort Hamilton


13 8


12. Bermuda Historical Society Museum Established in 1895, this museum’s collection encompasses over 400 years of Bermuda history. 13. Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity This Anglican Cathedral is a neo-gothic city landmark and the tower offers panoramic views of the city.

Visitor Information Centre (VIC) The Hamilton VIC is located inside Dangelini’s Cafe next to the Ferry Terminal. Brochures & information on local tours and activities can be picked up here.

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Warwick Parish Named after Robert Rich, 2nd Earl of Warwick (1587-1658)

1 2


4 Recommended Attractions 1. Warwick Long Bay One of Bermuda’s most picturesque beaches. It boasts a halfmile stretch of pink sand against a background of bay grape and cedar trees. The crystal clear waters let you see parrotfish from the shore. 2. Jobson’s Cove Follow the path to the right of Warwick Long Bay to access this beautiful little cove, a perfect swimming spot for small children. 3. Chaplin Bay This small and secluded beach is a nice tranquil getaway from the neighboring Horseshoe Bay. 4. Southlands Estate A 37-acre parkland full of rubber trees. 5. Astwood Cove Park & Beach A vast green space overlooking rocky cliffs that surround a beautiful little cove below. This park is great for picnics and also provides stunning views of the South Shore. 6. Warwick Pond Take a walk on the interpretive woodland nature trail in this nine-acre reserve, with Bermuda’s second-largest fresh water pond.


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Southampton Parish Named after Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton (1573-1624)

1 2


4 Recommended Attractions 1. Horseshoe Bay Visit the most popular beach in Bermuda, named for its shape. 2. Church Bay One of the best places for snorkeling, see colourful parrotfish swimming along reefs that lay close to the shore. 3. Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse Enjoy panoramic views of the island from this lighthouse built in 1846. 4. Whale Bay & Park This small beach located just below a rocky cliff is a nice spot for family picnics. From March to April you can see schools of humpback whales migrating past the South Shore. 5. Port Royal Golf Course This public golf course features 18 championship holes over 6,842 manicured yards. It is the longest and one of Bermuda’s most picturesque courses. (building only)


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explore Sandys Parish

The western-most parish, made up of five islands. Named after English Aristocrat Sir Edwin Sandys (1561-1629)




4 Recommended Attractions 1. Somerset Bridge The smallest drawbridge in the world, just wide enough to let the mast of a sailboat pass through. 2. Scaur Hill Fort Enjoy breathtaking views of the Great Sound and Ely’s Harbour. 3. Heydon Trust See a tiny, exquisite chapel in a lovely open rural space. 4. Mangrove Bay A photogenic beach within Somerset Village. 5. Daniel’s Head Park This beautiful public park and beach located on a peninsula is great for small children and known for snorkeling and paddle boarding with rentals available during the summer months. 6. Springfield & Gilbert Nature Reserve This Bermuda National Trust property once comprised a small plantation. Springfield, the old mansion, includes a buttery and slave quarters dating back to 1740. 7. Somerset Village Quiet streets and charming old buildings make up this quaint country village. There are several shops and restaurants where you can dine near the water’s edge.


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Department of Public Transportation

A great way to see Bermuda and all its attractions Regularly scheduled buses operate at frequent intervals to most of the destinations throughout Bermuda which visitors may find of interest. Bus stops are indentified by pink and blue poles. Poles that are pink indicate service inbound to the City of Hamilton. Poles that are blue indicate service outbound from the City of Hamilton. The table below lists many of the destinations that visitors ask us about most frequently. Alongside each destination is the number of the route(s) serving that destination, the appropriate fare zone, and the times buses leave The Central Terminal in Hamilton. If possible avoid the rush hour. The best time to travel by bus is between 9:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. and after 6:00 p.m. Destination Route Number L.F. Wade International Airport 1,3,10,11 Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo 10,11 Belmont Hills Golf Club 8 Botanical Gardens 1,2,7 Crystal Caves of Bermuda 1,3 Royal Naval Dockyard 7,8 Elbow Beach 2,7 Gibbs Hill Lighthouse 7 Grotto Bay Hotel 1,3,10,11 Horseshoe Bay 7 Mangrove Bay (Somerset) 7,8 Maritime Museum 7,8 John Smith’s Bay 1 Surf Side Beach Club 7 Fairmont Southampton Hotel 7,8 St. George’s 1,3,10,11

Fare Zone* 14 Zone 3 Zone 3 Zone 3 Zone 14 Zone 14 Zone 3 Zone 3 Zone 14 Zone 3 Zone 14 Zone 14 Zone 3 Zone 3 Zone 3 Zone 14 Zone

Buses Leave Hamilton** 09 15 21 33 45 57 09 21 33 45 57 05 17 29 41 57 05 15 17 29 41 45 53 15 45 05 17 29 41 53 05 15 17 29 41 53 05 17 29 41 53 09 15 21 33 45 57 05 17 29 41 53 05 17 29 41 53 05 17 29 41 53 15 45 05 17 29 41 53 05 17 29 41 53 09 15 21 33 45 57

* See Bus Fare Information for additional details on 3 and 14 Zone fares. ** Departures on the hour and minutes past the hour from The Central Terminal in Hamilton.

Bus service in Bermuda is operated by the Bermuda Department of Public Transportation (DPT). Bermuda is divided in 14 Zones, each about 2 miles long. Fare Category

3 Zone

14 Zone



$5.00 $2.75 $4.50

Adult Child ages 5 - 16 (All Zones) TOKENS Adult * Exact change only. Dollar bills not accepted. TRANSPORTATION PASSES 1 Day Adult 2 Day Adult 3 Day Adult 4 Day Adult 7 Day Adult

$19.00 $31.50 $44.00 $48.50 $62.00


Child under age of 16 Child under age of 16 Child under age of 16 Child under age of 16 Child under age of 16

$9.50 $16.00 $22.00 $24.50 $31.00

Telephone: (441) 292-3851 Fax: (441) 292-9996 E-Mail: Internet: 26 Palmetto Road, Devonshire DV 05. P.O. Box HM 443 Hamilton HM BX Bermuda visit or download our app for more infomation

explore sandys parish Royal Naval Dockyard

Bermuda Clayworks

Dockyard Glassworks & Bermuda Rum Cake Company

Snorkel Park Beach

Maritime Lane


Storehouse Lane


Watersports Centre

THE CAMBER Clocktower Shopping Mall

Victualling Yard



Cloc ktow er P arad e

Bermuda Arts Centre

Camber Road


Bermuda Craft Market

10 Dolphin Quest

Commissioner’s House

National Museum of Bermuda

9 8 9

hA No rt

Dockyard Marina


Ferry Stop

Visitor Information Centre

Cruise Ship Terminal


Visitor Information Centre


Visitor Information Centre (VIC) The Dockyard VIC is near the fast ferry dock. Check in with them for brochures and information on local tours and activities. 8. The National Museum of Bermuda exhibits our rich nautical history and extensive artefact collections. 9. Dolphin Quest Regular scheduled shows and activities. 10. The Bermuda Craft Market in the Old Cooperage features Bermuda cedar work, candle and jewellery making, pottery, banana dolls and many other crafts, with demonstrations by local artisans. 11. Clocktower Shopping Mall boasts a delightful collection of boutiques and branch stores in a charming, covered mall. app Bermuda at your Fingertips Have you heard about the new mobile App? It’s jam-packed with all the essentials you need to make your life in Bermy a whole lot easier. Whether you’re looking for the best places to shop, the hottest restaurants, coolest nightspots, transportation schedules and much more, the mobile app gives you all the information you need right at your fingertips. Plus, with the Google mapping system, you’ll get stepby-step instructions from your exact location to where you want to go! The mobile is perfect for those who live, work and play on the Rock. And the best part is, IT’S FREE! Download today at the App Store or get it on the Google Play Store! Want to showcase your business on the best app in Bermuda? Visit, email or call 441-278-0118. The mobile app is your definitive guide to Bermuda!

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Make A Difference Reinvigorate your connection to the ocean while swimming with dolphins and supporting vital marine conservation.

Learn More


Your Dolphin Quest participation supports vital marine mammal conservation, education and scientific study.

shopping guide A.S. COOPER & SONS, LTD.

Family owned since 1897, AS Cooper is the department store destination in Bermuda. Offering an extensive selection of fashion and apparel for the whole family, cosmetics, accessories and watches, home décor, fine bone china, crystal and gifts all at USA retail prices, with the bonus of no sales tax. Each of our locations offers something different and unique. Take a shopping break at the Somers Café located on the second floor balcony of our main store for FREE WIFI and sweeping views of the Hamilton Harbour. Phone: 441-295-3961 | Email: | Website: Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am to 6pm, Sundays 1pm to 5pm *hours may vary by location and subject to change A.S. COOPER MAIN STORE 59 Front Street, City of Hamilton | Info: 441-295-3961 x 407 Bermuda’s best selection of cosmetic and fragrance brands such as Estee Lauder, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Bare Minerals, La Mer and Jo Malone, to name a few. Find gifts and collectibles from brands such as Waterford, Swarovski and Kate Spade. Branded accessories and watches from Links of London and Michael Kors. Designer labels such as Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Vince Camuto, Calvin Klein and more, are found throughout the store in Plus Size, Petites, Activewear and Ladies fashions. A.S. COOPER KIDS ON 2 59 Front Street, City of Hamilton | Info: 441-295-3961 x 431 The number one choice for the best in Kids Fashions for infants and children up to the age of 14. The A.S. Cooper Kids Department features top clothing brands such as Polo, Carters and OshKosh. A.S. COOPER MAN 29 Front Street, City of Hamilton | Info: 441-295-3961 x 201 Bermuda’s largest men’s store featuring Polo, Tommy Bahama, TABS, Brooks Brothers and more. A.S. COOPER DOCKYARD Clocktower Mall, Royal Naval Dockyard | Info: 441-234-4156 Discover ladies and men’s fashions and accessories, gifts souvenirs as well as a mini gallery of photography by Bermudian Photographer, Roland Skinner. A.S. COOPER FAIRMONT SOUTHAMPTON Fairmont Southampton Resort, Southampton | Info: 441-295-3961 x 803 A selection of ladies and men’s apparel, shoes and accessories. Featuring resort wear, gifts and more. THE OFFICIAL STORE OF THE AMERICA’S CUP, A DIVISION OF A.S. COOPER & SONS LTD. Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, City of Hamilton | Info: 1-441-278-3448 Adjacent to the lobby of the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club you will find the America’s Cup Official Store featuring clothing, gifts, artwork and accessories created especially for this global sporting event scheduled to be sailed here in June 2017. Choose from a wide selection of official licensed event gear as well as fashions created for each of the six teams competing in the world’s most famous sailing regatta. In addition you will find nautical inspired clothing from famous designer brands such as Vineyard Vines, Henri Lloyd, Sperry, Sail Racing and TABS Bermuda Shorts.


Washington Mall, City of Hamilton Atlantic Jewellery Studio features stunning collections inspired by both the timelessness of Bermuda’s beauty as well as fashion forward trends. Info: 441 542 1554,


Bermuda . November 2017

stay beautiful What is face serum and why should I use it? Lyndsey Scott-Furtado, Beauty Advisor & Aesthetician, A.S. Cooper & Sons, Ltd.

Although most of us have the cleansing and moisturizing routine down, sometimes we need to take it to the next level to give our skin that extra “oomph”. That’s where a serum comes in. Serums are made up of active, potent ingredients. The molecules in a serum are a lot smaller than a moisturizer. While a moisturizer is essential for hydrating the surface of the skin, a serum can penetrate deeper into the skin to really treat those underlying skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation and premature ageing. Always be sure to apply your moisturizer on top to prevent moisture loss and to help push the serum even further into the skin.

Best for Pigmentation, Sun Damage and Dark Spots Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector by Clinique has been a customer favorite since it hit the shelves. This prescription strength serum helps to fade pigmentation, post acne marks and sun damage, while improving overall tone and clarity of the skin. Studies showed a 53% improvement in dark spots after a 12 week period. Use in the morning and evening for optimal results and always follow with the Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer and a high SPF to prevent future damage and discoloration.

Best for Acne Prone Problem Skin Bare Minerals has hit the nail on the head with its new skincare revamp and the serums are no exception. Blemish Remedy Acne Clearing Treatment Serum is a gentle yet effective way to clear blemishes and purify the skin while reducing redness and inflammation caused by acne. Bare Minerals have always used the most natural and minimal ingredients in their products which makes this serum perfect for teenage skin. Follow with their Smart Combination Lightweight Emulsion for oil-free hydration.

Best for Ageing and Lack of Firmness As our skin ages, our natural collagen production slows down leaving our skin looking less plump, dull and slack. The breakthrough technology in Esteé Lauder’s Perfectionist Wrinkle Lifting Serum is proven to double the skins natural collagen boosting power leaving the skin smoother, supple and more youthful looking. Facial contours are firmer and more defined and lines and wrinkles are visibly plumper. Follow with Resilience Lift Firming & Sculpting Face and Neck Cream for added firming power. For more Beauty advice, book a one-on-one with Lyndsey Scott-Furtado by calling 441-295-3961. A.S. Cooper Main store located at 59 Front Street, Hamilton.

Fragrance of the Month

shopping guide

COACH COACH Eau de Parfum by Coach is inspired by the spontaneous energy and downtown style of New York City. A fragrance full of contrasts, opening with bright, sparkling raspberry, giving way to creamy Turkish roses, before drying down to a sensual suede musk base. Fragrance Notes: Top: rasperry leaves Heart: Turkish roses Base: suede musks

Available at Gibbons Company, Brown & Co., and A.S. Cooper & Sons. Enquiries:


Lower Level Washington Mall, 17 Reid Street, City of Hamilton New Location! 3 Front Street, City of Hamilton Bermudian artist Alexandra Mosher creates art jewellery designs inspired by the beautiful motifs found in Bermuda’s Flora and Fauna, the ocean, architecture, history and culture. Info: 441 236 9009,


Flagship Store: 25 Front Street, City of Hamilton (opposite the ferry terminal) Family owned since 1904, Astwood Dickinson has built an outstanding reputation as Bermuda’s Premier Jeweler and Watchmaker offering world class collections from around the world coupled with superior customer service. Astwood Dickinson houses the world’s most luxurious brands in fine jewelry, diamonds and timepieces such as Cartier, Omega, Bremont, Hearts on Fire and Effy all available at USA prices with the bonus of no sales tax. Also available is the Original Bermuda Collection, designed and manufactured on-site by master goldsmiths. The collection features aspects of the island’s culture and traditions in stunning 18-karat yellow or white gold. Info: 441-292-5805 |, Monday - Saturday 9am to 6pm, Sundays 1pm to 5pm *hours may vary by location and subject to change ASTWOOD DICKINSON, BERMUDA’S PREMIER JEWELER Boutique: Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, 76 Pitts Bay Road, City of Hamilton Info: 441-292-5805 x 612 For a warm and exclusive shopping experience, visit the Astwood Dickinson boutique location adjacent to the lobby of the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. This location offers a carefully selected range of fine jewelry, diamonds and timepieces from the main store, all at USA prices, with the bonus of no sales tax.


Available from: Gibbons Company, City of Hamilton, The Bermuda Island Shop, St. George’s. , The Perfume Shop, Royal Naval Dockyard, Brown & Co., City of Hamilton, A.S. Cooper, Front St., City of Hamilton, and branch stores, Carole Holding shops at Heritage Wharf & Clocktower Mall, Dockyard. Distributed By P.D.L. Limited. Fine Perfume. Info: 441-292-1710


35 Front Street, City of Hamilton Brown & Co. is the island’s most comprehensive department store offering a broad range of items including designer fragrances, sunglasses and accessories as well as Bermuda gifts, souvenirs, books and apparel. Info: 441-279-5442,


Bermuda . November 2017

shopping guide BROWN & CO. - HALLMARK 35 Front Street, City of Hamilton The Hallmark Department of Brown & Co. is Bermuda’s largest gift and greeting card outlet and is the only Hallmark store outside of the United States. Info: 441-279-5442, BROWN & CO. - THE BOOKMART 35 Front Street, City of Hamilton The Bookmart at Brown & Co. offers the largest selection of local and international books on island and has a fabulous cafe overlooking the Hamilton Harbour. FINEST HAVANAS AVAILABLE Info: 441-279-5442,


63 Front Street, City of Hamilton. A historic retailer of Cuban cigars. WARNING: Cigar smoking can cause lung cancer and heart disease. Info: 441-292-8422


WARNING: Cigar smoking can cause lung cancer and heart disease.

16 Queen Street, City of Hamilton / 55 Front Street, City of Hamilton Fairmont Southampton, Southampton / Fairmont Hamilton, Pembroke Clocktower Mall, Royal Naval Dockyard Crisson Jewellers means the very best of Bermuda shopping. Your trip to Bermuda is incomplete without a visit to this landmark store. A family business since 1922, Crisson stands for good taste, quality and value. Crisson Jewellers proudly represents watch brands such as Rolex, TAG Heuer, Movado, Ebel, Tudor, Raymond Well, David Yurman. Frederique Constant, Philip Stein, Victorinox Swiss Army, Michael Kors, Luminox, Seiko, Citizen and Casio. Jewellery brands include David Yurman, Pandora, Roberto Coin, Marco Bicego, John Hardy, Kabana, LeVian, Nanis, MarahLago, Memoire Diamonds, Cento, Michael Kors, Konstantino, Elizabeth & James, Fope, Rebeeca, Mikimoto, Tara and Honora. Info: 441-295-2351,




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Della Valle Handmade Sandles


Water Street, St. George’s 2014 Best of Bermuda award winner, Davidrose has a growing reputation as one of Bermuda’s most exciting jewellery boutiques. They carry an exclusive collection of fine jewellery and silver collection whilst specialising in bridal and custom pieces in their store on Somers’ Wharf. They boast one of the most unique luxury shopping experiences with a spectacular view of the harbour. Info: 441-293-7673 or


19 Queen St, City of Hamilton (next to Par-la-Ville Park/Perot Post Office) From Capri, Italy to Hamilton, Bermuda! Handmade sandals custom fit to your foot. Can be ready same day! Styles range from everyday casual to evening and wedding chic! Info: 441 236-7263 . Facebook: @dvsandals Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm. Small groups and wedding parties can also book private evening events.


Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys Fill a wide selection of European and American prescriptions and purchase overthe-counter medications, vitamins, and health and beauty aids. Summer Hours: Open Monday to Sunday from 8am to 6pm. Winter Hours: January to March – Mon-Fri 8am to 4pm, Sat + Sun 9am to 4 pm. Info: 441-279-5410,


Crystal & Fantasy Caves, 8 Crystal Caves Road, Hamilton Parish Before or after your cave adventure, be sure to explore the unique gift shop, Fiddlesticks. You’ll discover a treasure trove of local souvenirs and gifts from around the world to commemorate your visit to the caves and forever remember your journey to Bermuda. Info: 441-293-0640,


Bermuda . November 2017


The Island Shop features original artwork designs on ceramics and linens by Bermudian artist Barbara Finsness. Info: #3 Queen Street, Hamilton 441-292-5292, Fairmont Southampton, Southampton, 441-238-5999 & Somers Wharf, St George 441-297-1514,


Lili Bermuda is an artistic reflection of Bermuda where each fragrance represents the Island’s natural beauty; from the pure scent of the wind and fresh salt spray of the ocean, to it’s luscious botanicals such as Bermuda cedar wood, spring freesias and juicy loquats. Every creation is meticulously developed on-island at historic Stewart Hall under the direction of Perfumer Isabelle Ramsay- Brackstone. “Art reflects environment” she says and Bermuda’s authenticity is present in every bottle filled by hand. Find your favourite fragrance at the Bermuda Perfumery in St. George’s. THE BERMUDA PERFUMERY Stewart Hall, 5 Queen Street, St George’s. Info: 441-293-0627, LILI BERMUDA BOUTIQUE Butterfield Place, 67 Front Street, City of Hamilton. 441-296-2885,


Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, 40 Crow Lane, Pembroke Oceans Gift Shop is a treasure trove of unique gifts, memorable keepsakes, books, toys, t-shirts, artIfact reproductions, Bermuda souvenirs and more! Info: 441 292 7219,


Walker Arcade, 12 Reid Street, Hamilton, Bermuda Step into summer with TABS. Expertly tailored for a flattering, straight-leg fit, the traditional cut is balanced with bold colours and flamboyant linings. Info: 441 704 TABS (8227), www.


Prescriptions, health and beauty aids, and newsstand publications. Emergency prescriptions are dispensed on the spot and each location stocks an extensive range of over-the-counter medications, health and beauty aids, postcards, souvenirs, beach gear, sun-care products, mobile phone cards, snacks, beverages, newspapers, and magazines. The Phoenix Centre, 3 Reid St., Hamilton, 441 279 5451 Collector’s Hill Apothecary, 2 South Rd., Smith’s, 441 279 5513 Paget Pharmacy, Rural Hill Plaza, 130 South Rd., Paget, 441 279 5511 Clarendon Pharmacy, 31 Victoria St., Hamilton, 441 279 5444 Woodbourne Chemist, 1 Gorham Rd., Pembroke, 441 295 2663 Dockyard Pharmacy, Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys, 441 279 5410. Info: The App is a FREE Download



AS Cooper Main Store, 59 Front Street, City of Hamilton The Picturesque Gallery showcases Bermudian photographer Roland Skinners best work spanning a 50 year career. Roland’s images of Bermuda truly capture the unique colours and contours of the island, its flamboyant sunsets, lush floral landscapes and sweeping aerial views. Include a piece of Bermuda in your home with archival colour prints in various sizes available from the gallery. Here you will also find two best-selling books and a number of unique gift items featuring Roland’s images. Also available at AS Cooper Dockyard and AS Cooper Fairmont Southampton. Info: 441 295 3961 x 407,

P-TECH 5 Reid Street, City of Hamilton Bose, Sony, GoPro, RCA, Nikon, Canon and Samsung, P-Tech delivers a wide selection of goods for home, office and travel. Whether speakers, TVs, digital cameras, camcorders, smartphones, tablets, laptops or accessories: #PTechHasIt. P-Tech is conveniently located in Hamilton and is open Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Info: 441 295 5496,

VINEYARD VINES 27 Front Street, City of Hamilton Vineyard Vines is the complete lifestyle brand offering ‘preppy with a fun twist’ apparel, swimwear and accessories for women, men and children. Best known for its whimsical ties and smiling pink whale logo, Vineyard Vines is the official style of the America’s Cup. The brand boasts quality fabrics, playful prints and a wide selection of goods in a vast spectrum of colours. Info: 441 278 3445, Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am to 6pm, Sunday 1pm to 5pm

WALKER CHRISTOPHER 9 Front Street, City of Hamilton Every year, we feature a different icon of Bermuda. Makes a great family heirloom collection. Info: 295 1466, app Bermuda at your Fingertips The mobile app is jam-packed with all the essentials you need to make your life in Bermy a whole lot easier. It’s perfect for those who live, work and play on the Rock. Let the mobile app be your definitive guide to Bermuda. Download for FREE today at iTunes or get it on the Google Play Store! To showcase business, email or call 441-278-0118.


Bermuda . November 2017

treasures of the sea Atlantic Jewellery Studio BY BRIGITTA WOHLMUTH

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” Jacques Cousteau Inside of the Washington Mall is a store with ocean blue walls, whimsical marine décor in the windows, and unique handmade jewellery displayed from wall to wall. As you step inside, you get the feeling of being below deck on an elegant pirate ship filled with prized jewels of the Atlantic. And the treasures you will find there are endless. Bermuda Medallions, Historic Hog Penny replicas, a myriad of stackable rings, necklaces created with mystical gems and Bermuda’s iconic pink sand and sea glass… “We do a lot of nautical and ocean themed pieces, but I don’t like to limit myself either” says the shop owner, Jacquie Lohan. With over 20 years experience, you could say she is one of Bermuda’s more accomplished jewellers. She loves working with precious metals and gemstones, but she’s also a passionate surfer whose infatuation with the ocean reveals itself in Atlantic Jewellery Studio’s collections. Since establishing the business, she’s won numerous awards and even had her Jewellery featured on a Bermuda postage stamp. But she’s not one to hog the spotlight and has consistently celebrated the work of others. There’s ‘something for everyone’ in her showroom, where you’ll find not only her designs on display, but also designs made by fellow artist-friends and most importantly her apprentice, Jocelyn Powell. “Jocelyn has been with me for over 12 years. She is so talented and makes a lot of the pieces here,” Jacquie says. Jocelyn crafts many lovely designs out of Bermuda elements such as pink sand, cedar, and the store’s extensive collection of gemstones and pearls. She also collaborates with Jacquie to design one of the studio’s most popular creations ‘The Bermuda Medallion’. The silver-sculpted pendants are truly unique pieces fit for any aspiring mermaid. They contain rare pieces of our coloured sea-glass, pink sand, replicas of tiny sea-shells cast in silver, and resemble the little tide-pools left on the rocks by the waves. “I think they really capture the essence of Bermuda” says Jocelyn. The medallions are wonderful keepsakes that let you cherish the Island forever.

Washington Mall | 9 Reid Street, Hamilton | 441-542-1554 | Jacquie Lohan above left | Jocelyn Powell pictured above right

the keep Fort, Park, and Home of the National Museum BY JANE DOWNING

The Keep from the air, with its 7 bastions jutting into the sea

At the tip of Bermuda’s fish-hook of islands stands the Keep, the largest fort ever built on the Island. It was the final citadel of a ring of fortifications stretching from one end of the Island to the other, guarding the Royal Naval Dockyard at Bermuda against attack by land and sea, and earning the Island the nickname of ‘the Gibraltar of the West’. The fort was constructed over a period of twenty years with a work force of British convicts blasting and shaping the hard limestone blocks into the massive ramparts and jutting bastions under the direction of the Royal Engineers. The design made maximum use of the existing landscape: the ramparts took advantage of the headland’s natural escarpments, and the moats were sited in existing caves. Entry into the Keep from the sea was made via a tunnel in the ramparts into a basin formed by a huge collapsed cave.

A large collection of artillery and armament in the Keep in the 1860s, including RMLs, carronades, gun powder kegs and shells.


Bermuda . November 2017

the keep fort, park, and home of national museum

1899 steel RBL, Mk VII, on Bastion C

On completion, the ramparts and casemates were armed with over 60 pieces of artillery, ranging from carronades to 8” shell guns. Inside the sunken lower grounds of the Keep, huge ordnance buildings designed to be bomb- and spark-proof stored 6,540 barrels of gunpowder. Other buildings were used for storing small arms and munitions from ships undergoing repair, and artillery was stockpiled in the adjacent yard. Today the ten-acre property houses the National Museum of Bermuda, and the massive ramparts are armed with examples of artillery from every period of armament, from the 32-pounders of the Napoleonic era to the 18-ton rifled muzzle loaders of the 1870s and the 6-inch steel breech loaders which provided coastal defence into the 1950s.

A 68-pounder on replica carriage and slide, defending the north-west rampart Explore the Keep Fort at the National Museum of Bermuda 1 The Keep, Royal Naval Dockyard / 441-234-1333 / Open weekdays 9am – 5pm; weekends 9.30am – 5pm (last admission 4pm)

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About Cyril Chesterfield Eston and the World War I deployment of the Bermuda Militia Artillery? BY HORST AUGUSTINOVIC

When the United Kingdom declared war with Germany on August 4th 1914, the Bermuda Militia Artillery was already in camp for their annual 41 days of training in St. George’s. There were 189 militia and 3 regular ranks, as well as 5 militia and 2 regular officers. By August 6th the B.M.A. moved to various designated stations and began digging positions. From January 1915 Captain T.M. Dill took command Cap Badge of the Militia Artillery. of the B.M.A. In November 1915 news reached Bermuda that British military authorities would accept a Contingent from the Bermuda Militia Artillery and Captain Dill, together with Lieutenants S. Hamilton and H.C. Smith, as well over 100 men volunteered for overseas service. After intensive training the Contingent was attested in the Royal Garrison Artillery and ready for embarkation in late April 1916. Known as the Bermuda Battery R.G.A., the Contingent left Bermuda on May 28th, 1916, and on arrival in Devonport, was immediately deployed to France where they arrived on June 24th. Consisting of 4 Officers and 206 other ranks, the unit was split into 4 detachments and deployed as follows: Major Dill at Bouzincourt; Lt. Hamilton at Raincheval; Lt. Smith at Soult Dump near Albert and 2nd Lt. Gosling at Corby sur Somme. They all took part in the attack on the Somme on July 1st, 1916. Having fought on the Somme throughout the summer and fall of 1916, the Bermuda Contingent was moved to Abancourt to recuperate and later to Marseilles were it handled stevedoring and harbour work. In April 1917 the unit moved to Bruay and Villiers au Bois where it took part in the attack on Vimy Ridge on April 9th. The next move was to the 52nd Heavy Artillery Brigade at Le Don Camp near Ploegsteert on May 23rd where several men were wounded and gassed during the attack on MessinesWytschaete Ridge on June 7th.


Cyril Chesterfield Eston, photographed in France during World War I.

Bermuda . November 2017

do you know about cyril chesterfield eston... From mid-June to late-October the Bermuda Contingent was located between Brandhoek and Vlammertainghe, handling ammunition at the advanced dumps which were subject to shelling during the day and bombing at night, causing several casualties. Having been reinforced by 40 men, the unit was next moved to St. Jean near Ypres, working on ammunition supply in preparation for the attack on Passchaendaele. By mid-January 1918 the unit was moved to the rest station at Barentin near Rouen and in early July was again moved to the Front, at first to Aire and later to Belgium where it remained until the Armistice. Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig’s Report on the Bermuda Contingent of the Royal Garrison Artillery included the following: “They were employed on Heavy Ammunition Dumps and great satisfaction was expressed with their work. Though called upon to perform labour of the most arduous and exacting nature at all times of the day and night, they were not only willing and efficient but conspicuous for their cheeriness under all conditions.” Cyril Chesterfield Eston was 17 years old when he joined the Bermuda Militia Artillery in 1914. This photograph, taken in France during the war, shows him with the single stripe of a Lance Bombardier to which he has added cross hatching, which was very fashionable at the time! He is wearing the 1907 Pattern Service Dress featuring box pleats on the breast pockets and reinforced ‘rifle’ patches on the chest, between the pockets and the epaulets. His bandolier is the 5 pouch version of the 1903 Pattern Leather Equipment. This was obsolete in the infantry by 1914 but was still issued to cavalry, artillery and engineers.  Unusually he is wearing the securing strap for a second belt, which was worn around the waist with a ‘full set’ but which in practice had by this period been discontinued.  With thanks to Martin Buckley for this detailed information!

Ploegsteert Passhendale Ypres

Bouzincourt Vimy Ridge Battle of the Somme

FRANCE A map showing the locations where the Bermuda Militia Artillery was engaged in World War I.


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eat & drink central CENTRAL Pg 42 | WEST Pg 53 | EAST Pg 54

Bistro J | 8 Chancery Lane, Hamilton


Walker Arcade, Hamilton Experience Italian cuisine and a twist of Bermuda charm at Angelo’s Bistro located in Hamilton. Owner / Manager Angelo Buglione is known and adored by locals and frequent visitors alike. For many years, he was the face of some of Bermuda’s most enchanting establishments, such as Splendido at Horizons & Cottages, and Waterloo House. Stop by Angelo’s and wife Fatima`s Bistro where they will treat you like family. Featuring Lavazza espresso and cappuccino. For lunch and dinner, you will savor sophisticated light cuisine brilliantly presented, from chowder to fresh rockfish, delicious salads, homemade pasta, pizza and specialty sandwiches, and also an award-winning gluten free menu. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with daily chef`s specials available and Free WI-FI. Info: 441 232 1000,


8 Chancery Lane, Hamilton Bistro J offers a unique, wholesome, and imaginative menu that changes daily. Served in a lively, bistro setting, the daily specials will tweak your taste buds with fresh local seafood, the finest European and American meats, homemade pastas and the best produce Bermuda has to offer. The wine list is extensive, with all wines available by the glass. Open for lunch five days a week and dinner 6 nights a week, this culinary jewel is a must for those wishing to enjoy modestly priced fine dining in a vibrant atmosphere. Info: 441 296 8546,


Washington Mall, Hamilton Beluga Bar features a modern and vibrant atmosphere. Sammy Wong, executive chef has put together a sushi menu combining the oriental sushi tradition with the western flavour. We call it ‘Fusion Sushi’. Relax and enjoy a full bar and friendly service. Info: 441 542 2859 or


Bermuda . November 2017

Celebrating 10 years in business, Bolero has established itself as both a staple and an anomaly in Bermuda’s restaurant scene. Owned by the dynamic and creative Chef Johnny Roberts; it’s a place where the “foodies” go, loved for its team of passionate chefs, friendly servers, innovative food and unpretentious setting. Bolero has won at least one award nearly every year since it opened, and despite its high profile, welcomes people from all walks of life – just as a true brasserie should. Whether dressed in a suit and tie or in shorts and sandals, they keep a table waiting for anyone looking for good, hearty food. An ever-changing menu keeps things exciting for both the chefs and loyal patrons, while a number of favorite specials have stood the test of time, earning them a fixed place on the menu as ‘Bolero Classics’. The spacious interior of the restaurant and large canopy (with unobstructed views of Hamilton Harbour) are just a couple of the features that make Bolero a popular place for hosting private parties and events. But regardless of Bolero’s many amenities, the impeccable service, and jovial atmosphere, it’s primarily the food that people come for. Make a reservation today and your taste buds will thank you later.

Restaurant & Bar

441 292 4507 Monday dinner only 6:00pm - 10:00pm Tuesday to Friday lunch and dinner 11:30am-2:30pm/6:00pm-10:30pm Saturday dinner only 6:00pm-10.30pm Closed Sundays 95 Front Street, City of Hamilton

eat & drink guide central

Cafe Ten | 10 Dundonald Street, Hamilton


95 Front Street, Hamilton Join Chef / Owner Jonny Roberts and his team at this lively and bustling Brasserie, while enjoying a classic Bistro atmosphere, creative and incredible food, friendly and efficient service, and an overall enjoyable relaxed dining experience. A “neighbourhood” restaurant, its entrance just off Front Street in the City of Hamilton, Bolero welcomes people from all walks of life, simply looking for good food. Info: 441 292 4507 or


103 Front Street, Hamilton Located in the heart of Hamilton on Front Street The Beach offers the best drink specials and tastiest food in Bermuda. It is by far the most fun in Bermuda for the best value where anything goes. The Beach has everything from morning Breakfast starting at 9:00am through to a late night menu. Daily specials featuring the Island’s freshest seafood and produce. Info: 441 295 0219 or


7 Queen Street, Hamilton Comfortably eat-in or take-away at Bulli.Social, Bermuda’s Gourmet Burger, Poutine & Dawg Shoppe. The venue extends into Queen Elizabeth Park and is a prime location for a quick lunch, or ‘dinner & drinks’ with a full bar and entertainment on the Social Patio outback. Info: 441 232 2855 or


18 Washington Lane, Hamilton The newest addition to Bermuda, Casablanca offers a selection of buffet style take out in the heart of Hamilton. Info: 441 295 9999,


10 Dundonald Street, Hamilton This award-winning café/bar is your best choice for a casual lunch. Enjoy their home-brewed coffees, fresh and delicious salads, pastas, sandwiches and daily blackboard specials. Complement your meal with a glass of wine or a cocktail made with fresh fruit & ingredients from the bar. Info: 441 295 0857,


Bermuda . November 2017

Who says comfort food can’t be gourmet? At Bulli Social you can enjoy some of the most imaginative bar food in town; classy burgers, dashing ‘dawgs’, and posh poutine, each dish artfully designed to take your taste buds on a flavorful ride.They opened last year at 7 Queen Street, an urban hotspot. “We just wanted to create a different vibe,” says co-owner, Chef Jonny Roberts. He and business partner Tyler Nearon worked together for years at his first restaurant, Bolero - the awardwinning brasserie lauded by foodies for its creative, ever-changing menu - and their vision to create a casual spin-off was just what the City needed.The new venue is breezy and modern with a patio outback that extends into Queen Elizabeth Park. Take out is an option, but with the fresh setting and weather-proof patio, it’s the perfect place to grab a casual lunch, or dinner, stay awhile and enjoy some drinks with your meal. And the name says it all. The atmosphere is lively but relaxed, social and nonchalant at the same time, a place where sharing tables is a common occurrence, good music is always playing, and people escape to enjoy a tasty timeout from the city. So go on and grab the bull by the horns! No need to make a reservation first, they’re all ready for you, just make sure you come hungry.

441 232 BULL Monday 11:00am until 6:00pm Tuesday to Saturday 11:00am until Sunday Closed 7 Queen Street, Hamilton


BURGER poutine & dawg shoppe

eat & drink guide central

City Café | 4 Washington Street, Hamilton


4 Washington Street, Hamilton Situated near City Hall across from the bus terminal, City Café features New York style fare along with local and international favorites while specializing in using the freshest and finest of ingredients. Stop by for breakfast, lunch or take-out. Catering menus also available. Info: 441 296 9462 or


20 Reid Street, Hamilton Enjoy delicious food and creative drinks at Coconut Rock. The bar is open until 2:00am with Take-out available until late. Call for details and the weekly entertainment schedule. Fancy some of Bermuda’s best sushi? Check out Yashi, located inside Coconut Rock. Info: 441 292 1043 or


45 Angle Street, Hamilton The most delicious Jamaican cuisine on the island, it’s no wonder that Fish N’ Tings is one of Bermuda’s most popular spots for authentic Caribbean food! Info: 441 292-7389 or


Emporium Building, 69 Front Street, Hamilton Centrally located on Front Street in Hamilton, Flanagan’s Irish Pub is a favourite of visitors and locals alike. Come for the delicious daily lunch, dinner and kids menu and stay for Flanagan’s cozy pub atmosphere, affordable prices and friendly service. With elevator access, a terrace with beautiful views of Hamilton Harbour and an all-day English breakfast, Flanagan’s ticks all the boxes! Stop by and enjoy a bit of Ireland in Bermuda! Info: 441 295 8299,


Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke Harry’s at The Waterfront in partnership with Miles Market, Bermuda’s Specialty Food Store, places its focus on organic freshness and simplicity of taste. The menus are Steak House based, featuring Miles 21 day Aged Beef, but with a contemporary twist. Full Lunch & Dinner menus, plus an all day Bar menu & Raw bar provide selections guaranteed to entice your palate. Info: 292-5533 or


Bermuda . November 2017

Traditional pub fare, famous pizza and state of the art satellite coverage of all your favourite sporting events and teams.! Sit inside and revel in our lively atmosphere or sit outside on our oversized patio. Experience service in a relaxed and friendly enviroment!

295 3314

25 Richmond Road, Pembroke | Find Us On Facebook

WEEKLY LINE UP Mon $10 Menu (all day/night) Tue Indian Indian Curry Night (evening) Quiz Night (evening) Fri Live Reggae band or DJ Donnie Sun Traditional Codfish Breakfast (9am - 3pm) DAILY Happy Hour (4pm - 7pm)

lunch served

Monday – Friday 11:45 am – 3:00 pm 20 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton, Bermuda

for reservations please call:


dinner served

Daily 5:30 pm – Until daily take out service 10:00 am – 10:00 pm Take Out Tel: 296-0606

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Nonna’s Kitchen | 4 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton


Front Street, East, Pembroke For decades, the location of Jor-Jay’s has been a welcome stop for revellers leaving the night scene at any hour in the city for a snack before heading home. Jor-Jay’s has kept the flame burning and the reputation for this to be a place guaranteed to satisfy the munchies with delicious homemade burgers, fish cakes and fries. Info: 441 296 3114


13 Reid Street, Hamilton Lost In The Triangle (LITT) is a seafood restaurant and bar with a family friendly environment that opened (July 2015) in the hopes of restoring the authentic Bermudian seafood cuisine back into our island’s everyday life. Info: 441 296 0094 or


6 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton A warm welcome awaits you at The Lobster Pot, Bermuda’s finest seafood restaurant for more than 40 years. A favourite with locals and visitors, the Lobster Pot offers an outstanding variety of Bermuda seafood specialties and fresh fish delivered daily. Don’t like seafood, try our centre cut filet mignon or sirloin steak, succulent rack of lamb or tender chicken breast. We’ll serve it just the way you like it. The Lobster Pot is a ‘must visit’ for anyone who enjoys fine food and friendly service. Info: 441 292 6898,


4 Bermudiana Rd., Hamilton Nonna’s kitchen is a soup and salad bar catering healthy, hearty soups and stews, and fresh delicious salads plus homemade gluten free baked goods. Info: 441 295 7687


Emporium Building, 69 Front Street, City of Hamilton Outback, Bermuda’s favourite sports bar, is the best place to catch a game on the island! This award-winning sports bar features 22 widescreen high definition TVs, a huge projector screen and private booths with your own personal TV and remote control for the ultimate viewing experience! No matter what team you’re rooting for, you’ll always have the best seat in the house at Outback Sports Bar! Info: 441 295 8299 or


Bermuda . November 2017

eat & drink guide cental

Robin Hood Pub & Restaurant | 25 Richmond Road, Hamilton


1 Elliot Street, Pembroke Fast Italian pasta take-out with small salad bar, ice creams and juices. Mostly takeout but there are a couple of tables to sit down at. Info: 441 295 9785


20 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton Experience the flavour of the finest in traditional Italian cuisine at Portofino Restaurant Bermuda. For over 35 years we’ve been Bermuda’s favorite Italian restaurant. From a quick, delicious pizza, to homemade pastas and exotic dishes all will delight in our bustling Italian town atmosphere. Prices are right and we now offer al fresco dining.Lunch is served from 12noon to 2pm Monday through Friday. Dinner is served 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday 6pm until. Reservations recommended: 441 292 2375 or


55 Front Street, Hamilton Overlooking breathtaking Hamilton Harbor on Front Street’s largest outdoor patio, Red Steakhouse & Bar is Bermuda’s newest restaurant and lounge. Designed by internationally acclaimed architect Jason Jones, guests will be welcomed to an “old world charm, meets new world dining” atmosphere, where the spectrum of senses is delighted with the very best in food, wine, cocktails and interior design. Red’s unique dining options include the classic Steakhouse dining room, the vibrant and chic lounge, VIP balcony seating and the contemporary outdoor patio. Info: 441 292 7331,


25 Richmond Road, Pembroke The best place to enjoy great pub style food and watch the best in LIVE Sports while enjoying a great menu with great prices! You can dine inside or outside on the restaurant patio, rain or shine, and enjoy sporting events on one of the many plasma television screens. Need to host an event? Ask about the functions room for private parties! The weekly pub quiz is fun and always attracts a lively crowd. Info: 441 295 3314 or


Bermuda . November 2017

Dine on the Green 441 232 0100 | Port Royal Golf Course, Southampton

A Taste of Land & Sea 441 234 5151 | Royal Naval Dockyard \

Italian Culture & Cuisine 441 234 5009 | Royal Naval Dockyard \

eat & drink guide central

Victoria Grill | 29 Victoria Street, Hamilton


2 Chancery Lane, Hamilton Ruby Murrys is the place to go for the real taste of India. Our menu features some of the most popular gastronomic delights from the many diverse regional styles of India, traditional and modern, all served in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The upstairs wine bar serves Indian-style tapas to share. Open for lunch 5 days a week and dinner 7 nights a week. Take-out and catering available. Info: 441 295 5058 or


29 Victoria Street, Hamilton Victoria Grill is an upscale-casual restaurant, quick-service café, and cocktail bar. Sophisticated urban chic exudes from each segment: Java Jive is a gourmet café featuring specialty coffees, fresh-baked goods, unique breakfasts and lunches to go. Enjoy your cappuccino on our street-level patio and watch the hustle and bustle of Victoria Street. Rumba°r features a 25-seat onyx stone bar with an outdoor lounge complete with upholstered banquettes, the perfect destination for a gathering. The menu includes tapas to share. Reserve the V.I.P. Room. Our main dining room is the perfect place for that important power lunch or dinner, or an intimate dining experience and features seasonal cuisine changes from our talented chefs. Info: 441 296 5050,,


87 Front Street, Hamilton Located above Port O’ Call ‘s bustling bar on Front Street, Pearl is a welcome addition to Bermuda’s sushi scene. When creating the menu, our skilled Sushi chefs have combined their traditional Japanese culinary training along with the culinary styles garnered through world-wide experience. A unique and extensive sake & wine list is available for you. Open for lunch five days a week and dinner nightly. Info: 441 295 9150, or


87 Front Street, Hamilton One of Bermuda’s most popular restaurants, Port O’ Call consistently draws a crowd from Happy hour and beyond. Enjoy award-winning signature dishes featuring contemporary styles with an emphasis on fresh Bermuda Seafood. Enjoy our award winning wine list, with over 40 selections by the glass, or a cocktail designed by our award winning bartenders. Open for lunch five days a week and dinner nightly, dine inside or on our al fresco harbour-view terrace - either way you’re sure to love the experience of superb service and a masterful menu in an elegant setting. Info: 441 295 5373,,


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eat & drink guide central / west

The Spot Restaurant | 6 Burnaby Street, Hamilton

SAVORY KERNELS 27 Queen Street, Hamilton Savory Kernels features gourmet popcorn and Cotton Candy with over 70 popcorn flavors. Info: 441 236 7677


6 Burnaby Street, Hamilton Eat with the locals at this beloved diner that has been serving affordable, high-quality food since 1941 – making it one of the longest continually operating restaurants on the island. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Burnaby Street in the centre of Hamilton. Info: 441 292 6293


19 Washington Lane, Hamilton Located in Bermuda’s capital City of Hamilton, Spring Gardens is a taste of Barbados and Caribbean cuisine. We offer catering services for weddings, office parties, and meetings, and will work within your budget. During Lobster Season, from September through March, come and enjoy our Lobster Special. Info: 441 295 7416


20 Reid Street, Hamilton Yashi is located inside Coconut Rock and is one of Bermuda’s best sushi experiences. Enjoy a cozy atmosphere and artfully created sushi. Info: 441 292 1043 or


Port Royal Golf Course, Southampton Set atop one of the World’s finest golf courses; enjoy the West End’s finest food at Bella Vista, a menu bursting with fresh, innovative Mediterranean flavour. Overlooking the stunning views of South Shore and its incomparable sunsets, the “19th Hole” is the perfect post-round cocktail spot for golfers and spectators alike. Info: 441 232 0100,


6 Dockyard Terrace, Dockyard Join Chef/Owner Livio Ferigo and his team, while enjoying a happy atmosphere, fun music, wonderful indoor/outdoor bar/dining and views of the waterfront. Live entertainment weekly. Open 7 days a week. Info: 441 234 5151, The App is a FREE Download


eat & drink guide west / east

Swizzle Inn East | Bailey’s Bay, Hamilton Parish


Clocktower Mall, Sandys Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the best Pizza in Dockyard, Cafe Amici is conveniently located just a short walk from the Cruise Ship Terminal and Ferry Dock. Join family and friends for traditional Italian Cuisine served up just as it is in the back streets of Italy! Dine inside or “al fresco”. Traditional Bermudian Codfish Breakfast is served on Sundays. Info: 441 234 5009,


69 South Road, Southampton Located on Bermuda’s beautiful South Shore. Named after a Tudor king renowned for his enjoyment of food, drink and music, Henry’s has been operating for over 40 years, providing good food and lively entertainment in a wonderful setting. Isn’t it time for a little fun? Dance the night away with our late night entertainment, or join for Sunday Brunch. Info: 441 238 1977

RUM BUM BEACH BAR Horseshoe Bay Beach, Southampton The new Fast Food Restaurant, Bar and Beach Rental attraction for Bermuda, Bermudians and all our Tourists - Come down to Horseshoe Bay and party... Info: 441 238-0088 or


87 South Shore Road, Warwick This second and equally popular location is situated along South Shore’s beach route. Enjoy the trademark Rum Swizzle and pub-style favourites, nachos, burgers, salads, sandwiches and sundaes on the patio after a day at the beach. Live entertainment on the patio seasonally. Shop for Swizzle Inn-Swagger Out souvenirs in the gift shop. Info: 441 236 7459,


Bailey’s Bay, Hamilton Parish Home of the original rum swizzle, our potent rum and fruit juice cocktail, The Swizzle Inn is Bermuda’s oldest and most famous pub. Established in 1932 in a 17th Century roadhouse, “Swizzle” serves up its namesake cocktail alongside great pub style food and evening entertainment in a setting filled with character and its popular, two-tiered patio. This Bailey’s Bay landmark is fun for all the family, with Live entertainment seasonally and weekly trivia nights. Shop the Swagger out Gift Shop for souvenirs to take home or drop in for a final cool one on your way to flight check in. Info: 441 293 1854 or


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eat & drink guide east

White Horse | 8 King’s Square, St. George’s

ELIANA’S Southside, St. David’s “God has answered” Welcome to Eliana’s Fine Dining Restaurant, Bermuda’s unique dining experience where you can choose from premium cuts of steak, seafood & lamb, cooked to perfection. Along with fresh vegetables & salads and the most mouth-watering desserts, we will provide you with an unforgettable experience!!! Full Bar Service. Enjoy! Reservations required. Info: 441 777 0555

SPECIALTY INN 4 South Road, Smith’s Parish Since 1985, Speciality Inn has built a reputation for excellence in food, customer service and family environment. Whether it’s to dine in or take out, we warmly invite our guests for a hot and delicious all-day breakfast, lunch or dinner. Info: 441 236 3133,

TOM MOORE’S TAVERN Walsingham Lane Tom Moore’s Tavern was built in 1652 as a private home for the Trott family. In those days it was known as Walsingham House, from the Walsingham area in which it stood. The property was owned by Samuel Trott when Tom Moore, the Irish poet, came to Bermuda in 1804 as Registrar of the Court of Vice-Admiralty. It was here that his friendship with Nea Tucker began and where he wrote many of his well known works. Info: 441 293 8020

THE TEMPEST BISTRO 22 Water Street, St. George’s Classic bistro favourites take on a new identity in the hands of a fresh, young team seeing a classic Bermuda fish sandwich reinvented with grilled banana and avocado cream or deconstructed perennial favourite, lemon meringue pie. Specials change daily. Info: 441 297 0861

WHITE HORSE 8 King’s Square, St. George’s The White Horse Pub & Restaurant is one of Bermuda’s oldest and most famous pub and seafood restaurants in Bermuda. Passed over many generations, The White Horse is well known for its great food and lively bar scene where locals and visitors come to eat and have a great time. Enjoy waterfront dining at its best along with spectacular views overlooking the St. George’s Harbour. Info: 441 297 1838 or The App is a FREE Download


lobster season Call to check availability!

Bermuda Bistro at the Beach | 103 Front Street, Hamilton

Angelo’s Bistro Walker Arcade,12 Reid Street, Hamilton - 441 232-1000 (request only) Barracuda Grill Burnaby Street, Hamilton - 441 292-1609 Bermuda Bistro at the Beach 103 Front Street, Hamilton - 441 292-0219 Coconut Rock 20 Reid Street, Hamilton - 441 292-1043 Flanagan’s 69 Front Street, Hamilton - 441 295-8299 Hog Penny 5 Burnaby Street, Hamilton - 441 292-2534 Lost in the Triangle (LITT)

13 Reid Street, Hamilton, 441 296-0094

Lobster Pot 6 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton, 441 292-6898 Pickled Onion (no take-out) Front Street, Hamilton - 441 295-2263 Portofino 20 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton - 441 292-2375 RED Steakhouse 55 Front Street, Hamilton - 441 292-7331 Port O Call 87 Front Street, Hamilton - 441 295-5373 Spring Garden Washington Lane, Hamilton - 441 295-7416 Bella Vista 5 Port Royal Drive, Southampton - 441 232-0100 Bonefish Bar & Grill 6 Dockyard Terrace, Royal Navy Dockyard - 441 234-5151 Henry VIII Lighthouse Rd, Southampton - 441 238-1977 Lido Complex 60 South Shore Road, Paget - 441 236-9884 Mickey’s 60 South Shore Road, Paget - 441 236-3535 Seabreeze Lounge 60 South Shore Road, Paget - 441 232-3999 The Point Rosewood Tucker’s Point, Hamilton Parish - 441 298 4070 Eliana’s 106 Southside Road, St. David’s - 441 777-0555 Tom Moores Tavern Walsingham Lane, Hamilton Parish - 441 293-8020 White Horse Tavern 8 King’s Square, St. George’s - 441 297-1838


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