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2 . fall 2019

and householders to become subscribers for the impending voyage of the brigantine Golden Rule to Madeira for the purpose of recruiting farm labourers and house servants. The ship arrived back in Bermuda on 4th November, 1849 with 58 immigrants consisting of 35 male adults, 16 women and 7 children.

Do you know About...

The Arrival of Portuguese Immigrants in Bermuda and The Golden Rule? the 170th Anniversary of the arrival of Portuguese immigrants in Bermuda on board the Golden Rule

4 th November, 18 4 9. During the mid-19th century, Bermuda experienced considerable expansion in agriculture as a key component of its economy. The Island exported onions, carrots, potatoes and other crops to the United States and various countries in the West Indies. The “Bermuda Onion” became so popular in the New York area that the Island was colloquially referred to as “The Onion Patch” there – a term which forms part of Bermuda’s vernacular to this day. The Island was finding it more and more difficult to maintain a large enough labour force which was properly skilled to meet the ever-increasing demand for Bermudagrown crops abroad.

The historic and considerable contribution of this first group of Portuguese immigrants from Madeira on board the Golden Rule was significant in the creation of a sustainable and successful agricultural economy in Bermuda. Today, the Island derives great benefit economically, socially and politically from the contributions of Bermudians of Portuguese descent whose ancestors arrived on the Island not only from Madeira but also from Mainland Portugal and the Portuguese Islands of the Azores and Cape Verde.

The Golden Rule approaches the eastern end of the island under the captaincy of Bermudian John Thomas Watlington, completing a voyage underwritten by the Bermuda Government.

The emancipation of slaves on 1st August, 1834 released into the general labour force a population of workers who had been mostly employed in areas other than agriculture. The farmers began to look elsewhere for a labour force that was skilled in farming and agriculture. In 1847 the Colonial Parliament, in recognition of the need for Bermuda to maintain a labour force that could sustain the large-scale cultivation of crops for export, voted to offer 400 pounds sterling to ship owners for the recruitment of suitable immigrants. Several articles appearing in the Bermuda Royal Gazette, beginning 10th April, 1849, highlighted the arrival of farm labourers from the Portuguese Island of Madeira in several countries of the West Indies including Trinidad and Antiqua; and British Guiana in South America. On the 14th August, 1849 a notice was placed in the Bermuda Royal Gazette inviting farmers


“Golden Rule off the East End, November 1849” oil painting by renowned Bermudian marine artist, Stephen J. Card, MNI, part of the art collection of the National Museum of Bermuda. Mr. Card is largely self-taught and working in oils, prefers to paint the great ocean liners of the 20th Century. His paintings may be found exhibited on board vessels of the Cunard Line, Costa Crociere and Saga Cruises; and in numerous corporate and private art collections throughout the world.

This article and the stamp images are courtesy of Bermuda’s General Post Office. The release date of the Stamps and First Day Cover is 1st November 2019. . fall 2019

The Inspiration Behind Nautilus By Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone Owner & Perfumer, Lili Bermuda

The adventure of Nautilus started about 6 years ago in the most unexpected way... I was in NYC sitting in a hotel lobby where I picked up a magazine and started reading an article about the perfection of the math theorem behind the Fibonacci. I was captivated about how nature perfectly builds shapes out of nothing. And from studying these shapes we find applications to our everyday life. I felt so blessed to be touched by grace on this moment, where I was expecting it the least. I started immediately to study those nautilus shapes and was fascinated with their color and how perfectly they looked. I would contemplate these shelves and dreamed of making a fragrance that would capture the movement of their shape. These nautiluses are perfectly shaped by nature – and what role do they have in this world really but only to give us immense pleasure of beauty.


I thought there was something also very masculine about the nautilus. In its perfect shape, there is elegance, movement and strength. There is also wisdom and order in them. Just by looking at them, you know that there is something very complex going on, and that there is a greater force that had to give them their divine role in this world. Nautilus soon became a personal and intimate part of who I am as a woman, and how I see and admire the good and strong men of my universe. Men who are thinkers and movers, who take their lives in their own hands, who love to save the world and make it a better place. I see in Nautilus my own son William who is becoming a man and who wants to make a difference. My son loves nature and has a great sensitivity for the beauty of his Bermuda surroundings. On a Sunday afternoon, William just wants to spend his time alone at Hungry Bay exploring the reefs, surfing the waves or fishing, or just being still and marvel at the sunset. Whether the ocean is calm or wild, William wants to be part of it and he wants to beat to the same rhythm. That’s what Nautilus is about: a beautiful emotion shaped by ocean and revealed in a masterpiece that combines energy, science and great fragility. I always loved the fusion of a fougère and vetiver accords. For me, this accord always gave me the wow factor. It is distinct, and it has a lot of positive energy. There is nothing subtle about it. It wants to shine and make a statement. I wanted this fragrance to be an oceanic reflection of Bermuda and I wanted to give it a very masculine aura. Nautilus is a fusion of water, air, and woods. The composition begins with a cool aquatic salty accord with a vibrant blend of citrus and herbs. The heart of Nautilus is mixed with aromatic notes, sea notes laced with contrasting spices. Finally, its base notes reveal a modern and sensual woody nuance, with mysterious facets, unique and timeless. Stewart Hall, 5 Queen Street, St. George’s Butterfield Place, 67 Front Street, Hamilton 323B Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, Florida . fall 2019






15 min walk from Hamilton or hop on the Bermuda Triangle Tram!

OPEN DAILY: 10 AM - 5 PM last admission: 4 PM WE ARE HERE





HAMILTON HARBOUR - free download 40 Crow Lane, Pembrokeapp l (441) 294-0204 l


Handcrafted in Bermuda With Love Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery

interpretation of a bespoke Bermuda gemstone; the original idea having come to her in a dream about an ocean rock pool frozen in time. Alexandra personally sources the sand from the beaches along Bermuda’s South Shore where the pink sand washes up - a combination of organic matter unique to the island with its signature hue and texture. The sand is then set by hand, grain by grain. Alexandra’s distinctive sculptural designs have evolved over the years and her coastal inspired collections now span pink sand, silver, gold and fine jewelry. You can explore over 300 pieces of jewellery in her sun-drenched Hamilton boutique, where every piece is elegantly crafted entirely by hand. Behind the linen drapes lies the design studio

Hoping to take a little piece of Bermuda home with you? Look no further than Alexandra Mosher’s award winning Flagship Store & Studio located in the chic west end of Hamilton, opposite the ferry terminal, where you can peruse her collection of signature pink sand jewellery.

and workshop, where Alexandra works with a highly skilled set of Bermudian artisans and craftswomen to bring her vision to life, including her sand fairies who meticulously set her signature pink sand pieces, and her goldsmith who sets interesting gems and diamonds into her organic creations.

Bermuda is a magical place, and I am dazzled by its beauty! My jewellery investigates tiny, beautiful details found on this island and transforms them into lasting treasures Born and raised in Bermuda, Alexandra’s whimsical jewellery is a reflection of the island’s natural beauty from which she draws endless inspiration. Her celebrated pink sand pieces – for which she has won numerous awards – are her


For a truly unique experience, call ahead to book a behind the scenes tour before you visit. Upon arrival you will be guided through each stage of production from Alexandra’s private studio and workbench where she hand . fall 2019

Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery

carves her designs in wax to the final stage of setting pink sand into her sterling silver and gold collections. This year marks Alexandra’s fifteenth year in business and to celebrate she has recently launched The Icons Collection. Inspired by Bermuda’s landmarks and legends, there are twelve designs to

choose from including a Longtail, a cottage and a Bermuda Buckeye butterfly. Look for your favourite. Make sure that you collect them all. Never has it been easier to take a little piece of Bermuda with you everywhere you go.

take a piece of bermuda with you everywhere you go.

Flagship Store & Studio ~ 5 Front Street, Hamilton ~ 441-236-9009 ~ ~

@alexandramosherstudio app - free download


Perfect fit tips for Fall Gift Ideas Rebecca Singleton, TABS

Welcome to Bermuda! My name is Rebecca Singleton and I am the owner and designer of TABS (The Authentic Bermuda Shorts). I know Summer has come to a close, but that doesn’t mean you need to ditch the shorts for trousers! It’s still much too warm for that. Instead, here are a few pointers on how to wear your Bermuda shorts this Autumn and Winter.

Layer it up

Throw on a jumper over your shirt or a loose scarf. The trick this season is to keep it relaxed. Keep your buttons undone and your shirt and tie loose.

Don’t go crazy with bright colours Colours should be rich and deep. Pair your brighter/pastel TABS with a rich coloured shirt/top e.g. navy, or choose from our autumn/winter collection.

Sock it to em’! Pair your TABS with traditional Bermuda socks. Not only is it true Bermuda style, but it will help keep your legs warm :). I’m a fan of the traditional navy.

Slip on a blazer or sports coat Again, a great traditional Bermuda look and perfect for a more formal winter affair.

Visit us at our flagship for an eclectic selection of Bermuda gifts for everyone on your list: locally made jewellrey, Bermuda jams, hats, bags, hand painted wine glasses, custom art, beauty products and more. Whether you’re shopping during your visit or not, I really hope you at least take home happy memories of your stay in Bermuda!

The end of summer doesn’t just signal cooler weather; it means Christmas is just around the corner and it’s never too early to get organized. At TABS, we are more than just award-winning Bermuda Shorts!

10 . fall 2019

Rebecca Singleton Founder & CEO TABS 12 Reid Street Hamilton HM 11 Bermuda


Honouring Sally Bassett & Other Bermuda Slave Stories

Calendar of Events October Events - Page 12 November Events - Page 15 December Events - Page 16 Ongoing Events - Page 19

October 3, 11, 18 and 24, 6-7.30 pm, Visitor Service Centre, Front Street, Hamilton Take an exploration of heritage through Pembroke on a 60-minute bus tour which highlights stories of former slaves and abolitionists, followed by a 30-minute theatrical performance adapted from Dr Kim DismontRobinson’s play Trial by Fire, chronicling the final hours of Sally Bassett. Performance takes place at Bermuda Cabinet Office Lawn, Front Street and is free. Tickets $40 from, includes bus tour and reserved seat for performance. Info:,

Dockyard Living Arts Guided Walking Tour October 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31, 9.30-11.00 am, next to the Moongate, Royal Naval Dockyard Join your guide for an interactive experience through Dockyard’s art history, visiting a variety of working studios and meeting resident artists. Info: Free.

Gombey Saturdays In The Park October 5, 12, 19 & 26, 12 noon – 1 pm, Queen Elizabeth Park, Queen Street, Hamilton Bermuda’s musical traditions are on display in the City with a performance by a steel pan musician from 12 noon to 12.40, followed by the Gombey dancers and drummers; hosted by the Hamilton Town Crier. Info: 777 9738 Honouring Sally Bassett and Other Slave Stories Image provided by Bermuda Tourism Authority

October Dockyard Historical Walk & Reenactment Tour October 1, 4, 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, 25 and 29, 9.30 am, next to the Moongate, Royal Naval Dockyard Travel in time to the Dockyard of 1863 with a knowledgeable guide and costumed actors. This interactive and educational experience is great for all ages. Free. Info:

Finding The Artist Within October 1, 8, 15, 6-8 pm, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, Botanical Gardens, Paget Learn how to create from within to develop your own style and technique using various mediums such as acrylics, water colour and charcoal. No experience necessary. $280 non-members, $260 members. Info:, 299 4000


Way We Live: Guided Tour Of Government House & Local Neighbourhood October 11, 10 am & 1.30 pm, Visitor Service Centre, Front Street, Hamilton The bus tour meanders through Bermuda’s central parishes before arriving at Government House, home of His Excellency the Governor, for a rare guided tour of the property by the Governor’s Aide-de-Camp. Tickets $59. Tour duration approximately 3 hours. Info:,

Taste Of Bermuda: Aftertaste October 11, 6-9 pm, Bacardi Building, 65 Pitt’s Bay Road, Hamilton Enjoy elixirs from Bermuda’s foremost bar masters! Beverage curators are challenged to make a Bermuda-themed cocktail out of an ingredient box and finally judged by a panel of industry professionals. A symphony of sips will be topped up by an extreme bartending finale with a flair bartending showcase. Tickets $20 from Info:, 292 1234 . fall 2019 app - free download


October Events

Continued Taste Of Bermuda: Dining In The Dark

October 11 & 12, 6pm & 8.30 pm, Pier 6 Upper Level, Front Street, Hamilton Test out the theory that meals are better enjoyed without sight and learn what Vision Bermuda is doing to bring awareness to the day-to-day life of the visually impaired and blind in Bermuda. Be guided through a reframed gourmet sensory experience that will enhance taste and smell while elevating the routine task of eating to a whole new height of appreciation. Tickets $150 from Reservations required. Info:, 292 1234

Charman Prize Art Exhibit October 12, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, Botanical Gardens, Paget This biennial exhibit is unpredictable and exciting, with $18,000 in prizes awarded to resident artists. The exhibit will be on display through January 8, 2020. Info:, 299 4000

Taste Of Bermuda: Tasting Village & Street Food Fair October 13, 1-8 pm, Front Street, Hamilton Experience seekers can sample from diverse cuisine vendors and discover the confectionary thrill of a dessert parade! Quality food stalls will be featured and resident businesses in the immediate area will be invited to set up sample stations or al fresco dining outside of their own establishments. Free. Info:, 292 1234

Glow Worm Cruise Farm To Table Luxury Picnic Image provided by Bermuda Tourism Authority

Taste Of Bermuda: Farm To Table Luxury Picnic October 12, 5.30 pm, Barr’s Bay Park, Pitt’s Bay Road, Hamilton This is a specially curated affair by the wizards at Eettafel, a chic luxury picnic purveyor. Experience harbourside vistas, sip wine, enjoy dinner and come together with strangers at the site of a striking Bermuda cultural monument. Tickets $125 from Info:, 292 1234

International Gombey Festival Showcase October 12, 5-9 pm, Botanical Gardens, Paget Bermuda’s Gombey troupes come together to display their passion and artistry at this annual festival. Free. Rain date October 13th. Info:, 292 1681.


October 15 and 16, 7.45-10.15 pm, BUEI, Crow Lane, Pembroke Nature’s fireworks take place once a month – book your spot to avoid disappointment! Tickets $50. Info:, 294 0204

Intuitive Wine And Design October 18, 6-8 pm, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, Botanical Gardens, Paget Join this creative social outlet to unleash your inner creativity through imaginative painting. $65 per non-members, $45 per members. Info:, 299 4000

Destination Dockyard: Fall Festival Edition October 20, 4-7 pm, North Lawn, Royal Naval Dockyard Come and enjoy this celebration of fall with us, complete with local entertainment, local vendors and activities for the entire family to enjoy – we may even have a few fall inspired surprises! Info: . fall 2019

calendar of events - November Events

One Stop Shopping Craft Fair

November Gombey Saturdays In The Park November 2, 12 noon – 1 pm, Queen Elizabeth Park, Queen Street, Hamilton Bermuda’s musical traditions are on display in the City with a performance by a steel pan musician from 12 noon to 12.40, followed by the Gombey dancers and drummers; hosted by the Hamilton Town Crier. Info: 777 9738

World Rugby Classic November 2-9, National Stadium, Frog Lane, Devonshire Now in its 32nd year, the World Rugby Classic brings together International rugby teams fielding their classic athletes for great sport and a good time. Tickets $25 per day. Packages available. Info:

Portuguese Day Public Holiday November 4 This is a special holiday to commemorate the 170th anniversary of the arrival of the Golden Rule from Madeira with Bermuda’s first Portuguese migrants, and to celebrate Bermuda’s Portuguese Azorean community.

Learning The Basics Of Art November 5 & 12, 6-8 pm, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, Botanical Gardens, Paget For effective artwork, learn about colour theory, balance, contrast and other techniques. $140 non-members, $120 per session members. Info:, 299 4000

November 9, 10 am - 4 pm, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, Botanical Gardens The annual event features some of Bermuda’s top craft vendors, face painting, photo booth and classic Christmas movies. Info:, 299 4000.

Remembrance Day Parade November 11, 11 am, Front Street, Hamilton This ceremony honours those who died and served during the World Wars. It is a state occasion attended by His Excellency the Governor and the island’s dignitaries. Info: 238 1045

Uptown Fresh Air Films November 15, 6pm, City of Hamilton The Fresh Air Films series is back! Join us in North Hamilton for a family-friendly outdoor movie night. This event is free! Food and snacks will be available for purchase on-site. Info:, 292 1234

Dockyard Festival Of Trees Competition November 15 – 30, 10 am -5 pm, Clocktower Mall, Royal Naval Dockyard Come and support Bermuda’s schools by voting for your favourite decorated Christmas tree – the winning schools receive cash prizes! The decorated trees will be on display until the end of December. Info:

Energy Painting November 19 & 26, 6-8 pm, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, Botanical Gardens, Paget The purpose is making contact with our authentic and creative self without judgement through therapeutic art formats that give students a chance to create from the soul. $130 nonmembers, $110 members. Info:, 299 4000 Botanical Gardens Paget Tel: 441-299-4000

Opening Times Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays Admission: $10 Adults, $5 Students. FREE for Seniors on Mondays, Members & Children under 12 daily app - free download


November Events


Intuitive Wine And Design November 22, 6-8 pm, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, Botanical Gardens, Paget Join this creative social outlet to unleash your inner creativity through imaginative painting. $65 non-members), $45 members. Info:, 299 4000

Lighting Of The Tree

Carter House Family Christmas

November 29, 5.30 pm, City Hall, Hamilton The festive season begins with the lighting of the tree in partnership with Tomorrow’s Voices in front of City Hall with performances by a variety of Bermuda talent and entertainment. Info:, 292 1234

St. George’s Lighting Of The Town, Santa Claus Parade & Christmas Boat Parade November 30, 6.30 – 9.30 pm, Town of St. George The Town of St. George hosts a fun, family friendly night to celebrate the Christmas season.

Watch the town light up and enjoy performances by local dance groups, a kids’ zone with bouncy castles, and of course a special visit from Santa Claus himself! Then find a spot on the waterfront to watch the enchanting sight of brightly decorated boats parade by! Info: 297 1532

December Events Character Sundays In The Clocktower Mall December 1, 8, 15 and 22, 11 am -1 pm, Clocktower Mall, Royal Naval Dockyard Visit the Clocktower Mall and meet different Christmas characters and have your picture taken. There will be different characters each week Mrs. Claus, elves or even Olaf. You will just have to visit and be surprised! Info:

The Dockyard Tree Lighting Ceremony

Bermuda’s Best Original Art for Sale Award winning studio artists working on site. Paintings, sculptures and jewelry by Bermuda artists for sale. Locally made gift items.

The Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard 234-2809 |

December 1, 5-8 pm, North Lawn, Royal Naval Dockyard Enjoy performances by local school choirs and dance companies, treats from our local food vendors and a few surprises along the way as we celebrate the second annual lighting of our giant Christmas tree to kick-off the season. Info:

Santa Claus Parade December 1, 5 pm, City of Hamilton

The annual Marketplace Santa Clause Parade will be back in the City and includes majorettes, dance troupes, Christmas floats and music with an appearance by Saint Nick himself. Info:, 292 1234

Open every day 10:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.

16 . fall 2019

calendar of events - december Events

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Pantomime

Christmas Carols With The Dolphins

December 5-14, 7 pm, Earl Cameron Theatre, City Hall, Hamilton The classic Christmas pantomime with all the characters you expect to see once a year. Guaranteed to entertain the whole family. Matinees 2 pm, December 7, 8 and 14. Tickets available from Info:

December 8, 5-6 pm. Dolphin Quest, Royal Naval Dockyard Enjoy your favorite Christmas carols sung alongside the delightful dolphins of Dolphin Quest, plus free hot chocolate and glow wands for the kids. Info:

Bermuda National Trust Christmas Walkabout

December 11, 12.30 pm, Queen Elizabeth Park, Queen Street, Hamilton This Christmas Concert is presented by Community & Cultural Affairs in collaboration with the Bermuda Historical Society and features the Warwick Academy Jazz Band. Info:, 292 1681

December 6, 6 – 9 pm, Town of St. George Bermuda’s UNESCO World Heritage Site town is home to 13 Bermuda National Trust properties and many of them are traditionally decorated and lit on this special night. There will be entertainment throughout the town and refreshments served at various locations marked on a map which is distributed by Sea Cadets on the evening. Info:, 236 6483

Home Grown Alternatives Market December 7, 10 am – 4 pm, St. Paul’s Christian Education Centre, Middle Road, Paget This market, now in its 24th year, features craft and artisan vendors selling edible treats, art, jewelry, ceramics, glass, cedar, plants, cards, knitting, books, bags, woodworking, ornaments, soaps and scents. There will also be a kitchen providing Bermudian cuisine. Info:, 238 1633

Christmas Concert In The Park

Christmas On Reid December 13, 6 pm, City of Hamilton Join us on Reid Street for a fun night of late-night shopping, art & crafts, Christmas movies and performances by local favourites. DJ Rusty G will be bringing the tunes all night for this Christmas time extravaganza! Info:, 292 1234

Carter House Family Christmas December 7, 4-7 pm, Carter House Museum, St. David’s Holiday cheer and St. David’s hospitality are a feature of this family-friendly festive event which highlights the traditions of Christmas in the east end. Free, donations accepted. Info:, 293 5960

Santa’s Workshop December 8, 1 – 5 pm, Victualling Yard, Royal Naval Dockyard Come and visit Santa and his elves and enjoy the Christmas festivities! There will be a plethora of free activities for the kids to enjoy, such as a bouncy castle, a giant slide, giant games, cookie decorating, ornament painting and so much more! Don’t forget you can also visit Santa at the same time (1:00pm to 3:00pm) inside Frog & Onion. Info:

Nicest (& only) pharmacy in St. Georges St. George’s Drug (& Gift & Snack & Beach) Store. Drug Store Open 8-7.30, Sun 2-6. Call 297-1828 app - free download


King’s Square, St. George’s

December Events


Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Destination Dockyard: Winter Wonderland December 15, 1 pm to 4 pm, North Lawn, Royal Naval Dockyard Come and check out the free line-up of all local entertainment and local vendors, providing food, products and activities for the whole family as we fully submerse ourselves in the holiday spirit! Info:

Destination Dockyard: A Christmas Movie

Christmas Eve 1St Eucharist Of The Nativity December 24, 11.30 pm, Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Church Street, Hamilton Info:, 292 4033

Christmas Day Service

December 22, 5 - 8 pm, Victualling Yard, Royal Naval Dockyard Join us as we wind down after everyone has completed their final Christmas preparations for a Christmas movie on the giant screen in the Victualling Yard. Bring a lounge chair, blanket or towel, or simply chill out on the lawn. We will have vendors offering food and beverages if desired. Enjoy the local band from 5pm to 6pm and the movie will start at 6 pm sharp. Info:

Children’s Nativity Service December 21, 4 pm, Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Church Street, Hamilton A special children’s service with a traditional nativity play. Info:, 292 4033


December 24, 9 pm, St. Peter’s Their Majesties Chappell, St. George’s All are welcome to join St. Peter’s traditional candlelight service of lessons and the Holy Eucharist. Info:, 297 2459

December 25, 9 am, Richard Allen AME Church, Queen Street, St. George’s Join the Richard Allen AME Family for a special Christmas Day Service. Info: 297 0239

Christmas Day Family Service December 25, 10 am, Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Church Street, Hamilton Celebrate Christmas Day in Bermuda’s 19th century neo-Gothic Anglican Cathedral. Info:, 292 4033

Christmas Day Service December 25, 11 am, St. Peter’s Their Majesties Chappell, St. George’s Join the congregation at the oldest Anglican Church outside of the British Isles on Christmas morning. Info:, 297 2459 . fall 2019

calendar of events - ongoing Events

Boxing Day Dec 26. Across the Island Public holiday. This is traditionally a day to visit friends and family or to receive guests and to finish off the Christmas eats such as Cassava Pie. A variety of sporting activities take place such as football and harness racing. Also, the Bermuda Gombey dancers will appear in local neighbourhoods.

St. George’s New Year’s Eve Celebration December 31, 8 pm – 1 am, King’s Square, St. George’s Bring in the New Year in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Town of St. George. Music and entertainment start the evening and the onion drops at midnight. Info:, 297 1532

New Year’s Eve In Hamilton December 31, 6pm, City Hall, Church Street, Hamilton Bring in 2020 with the City of Hamilton for a block party that is not to be missed! DJ Chubb will be bringing the vibes all night alongside a variety of Bermuda talent. The night will include a surprise show…that will give fireworks a run for its money. Info:, 292 1234

Ongoing Events Masterworks Museum Of Bermuda Art Monday - Saturday. Botanical Gardens, Paget Georgia O’Keeffe, Winslow Homer and Henry Moore feature in an impressive collection of over 1,400 pieces of Bermuda inspired art. Stay for a delicious lunch at the Salty Lime Café or visit the museum’s Arrowroot Gift Shop, full of original art work and prints. Open Monday - Saturday, 10 am - 4 pm. Admission: $10; Students 12 – 18 years $5; members & children under 12, free. Closed on public holidays. Wheelchair accessible. In the month of October take the Secret Collections Tour and visit the Masterworks vault to see precious art pieces hidden from public view. Tickets $25 from Info:, 299 4000

Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute Daily, Crow Lane, Pembroke Come to BUEI and experience Bermuda’s oceans without getting wet! New Bermuda Triangle exhibit now open. Explore 2 floors of interactive exhibits which educate and entertain. Wheelchair accessible. Open daily from 10am - 5pm (last admission at 4pm). Entry $15, seniors $12, child $8. Info: 292-7219,

Town Crier’s Walking Tour Of Hamilton Monday to Wednesday and Friday in OCTOBER, 10.30 am, City Hall, Church Street, Hamilton Join Hamilton Town Crier Ed Christopher for a fascinating tour around Bermuda’s capital. Free. Info:, 777 9738

Mysteries & Majesties Monday and Wednesday, 1-1.30 pm, Their Majesties Chappell, St. Peter’s Church, York Street, St. George’s Bermuda’s British heritage runs deep, but perhaps no place is it more pronounced than at St. Peter’s Church where British Royal history drifts through the place like a Sunday hymn. Go beyond the velvet ropes to experience little seen treasures. Tickets $15. No tour November 4 and 11 and December 25. Info and reservations: 297 2459,,

UNESCO World Heritage Site Walking Tour Of St. George’s King’s Square, St. George’s, 10.30 am Monday to Thursday and Saturday, October. Tickets $15, children under 12, $7. Wednesday, November and December. Free. No tour December 25. Enjoy a walk back in time around Bermuda’s first capital and learn about Bermuda’s early settlers and unique architecture. Meet your guide in front of Town Hall, King’s Square. Private tours are also available. Info: 333 1830.

Re-Enactment Of A Public Punishment King’s Square, St. George’s, 12.30 pm Monday through Thursday and Saturday, October Wednesday and Saturday, November and December. A re-enactment of a public punishment meted out to local gossips and nags at the ducking stool takes place in Bermuda’s UNESCO World Heritage Site town at 12.30. Does not take place December 25th. Info: 297 1532

Hamilton Guided Walking Tour & Skirling Ceremony At Fort Hamilton Monday, 10.30 am, November and December, Bermuda National Library, Queen Street Guided walking tour departs Bermuda National Library verandah at 10.30 am. The walk will take you on to the Skirling Ceremony with the Bermuda Island Pipe Band at Fort Hamilton at 12 noon. Free. No activities November 4 and 11. app - free download


Ongoing Events


This free boat tour takes you past charming homes and beautiful inlets of Somerset while you learn about Bermuda’s history and includes a visit to the Vixen shipwreck to feed the fish. Come early for a complimentary coffee and Danish! Departs from Somerset Country Squire Restaurant. Free. No reservations are taken, however there is limited capacity on board the boat. In the case of inclement weather, a walking tour will take place. No tour December 26.

Discovering The Royal Naval Dockyard

Clock Tower Mall, Royal Naval Dockyard

Bermuda Cookery Demonstration Monday, 12:30 pm, November and December. Fort Hamilton A Bermuda chef creates a local dish for guests to sample. Free. Does not take place November 4 and 11.

African Diaspora Heritage Trail Tour Tuesday & Friday, 10 am Departs from Royal Naval Dockyard and accommodations when possible. Take a five-hour journey into to history and learn about Bermuda’s people, customs and traditions. This minibus tour stops at the National Museum of Bermuda, Pilot Darrell Square, St. George’s, and other ADHT sites. Tickets $78, from; museum entry not included. Info:, 704 8477

Bermuda Gombey Revue Tuesday, 4:15pm, November and December, Pier 6, Front Street, Hamilton A live performance by Bermuda’s Gombey dancers and drummers. Free.

Sweet P Afternoon High Tea At The Bermuda Perfumery

Thursday, 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm, November and December, Royal Naval Dockyard This free guided tour takes you back in time for walk through the development of the Dockyard from cedar forest to fortified base. Departs from the “Dockyard Tour” sign in front of the Cooperage on Maritime Lane, next to the Craft Market. No tour December 26.

Hog Penny Entertainment Friday and Saturday, 10 pm to Late, Queen Street, Hamilton Live music in Hamilton’s oldest pub. No cover charge. Info:, 292 2534

Dockyard Historical Walk & Reenactment Tour Sunday, 11 am, next to the Moongate, Royal Naval Dockyard Travel in time to the Dockyard of 1863 with a knowledgeable guide and costumed actors. This interactive and educational experience is great for all ages. Free. Info:

Dockyard Architecture Tour Sunday, 2.15 pm October & November; 4 pm December, Visitor Service Centre, Royal Naval Dockyard (No Tour November 3, December 8 and 29) Explore the distinct architecture of the Royal Naval Dockyard painstakingly created by hand two centuries ago. Following the walking tour, throw one back like the sailors used to with a sampling of Dockyard Brewing Company’s delicious London style porter. Tickets $25. Info:, advance booking necessary.

Wednesday and Saturday, 1- 4 pm, November and December Sweet P’s tiered tea tray features fresh and seasonal treats, adapted every week to reflect the Island’s diverse local ingredients. Expect a variety of finger sandwiches, mini quiches and tea sweets, as well as freshly baked cakes and scones with Chantilly cream, local honey and jam. Reservations required. $35 pp +15%. Cash only. Info: 705 2390,

Somerset Boat Tour Thursday, 10:00 am - 11:35 am, November and December, Somerset Country Squire, Sandys

20 . fall 2019

Fall Favourites Bus and Walking Tours nature-loving locals, you’ll explore off-thebeaten path to find some of Bermuda’s best-kept secrets - our nature reserves, and historic forts. The tour bus can arrange for pick-up and drop-off at major hotels and other prime locations. Lunch and equipment is provided. Info: 441-236-1300 or

Bermuda Byways Walking and Bus Tours See Bermuda off the beaten path with Heidi Cowen. Heidi is a fifth-generation Bermudian who comes from a long line of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse keepers, and her tours revolve around her deep historical knowledge and passion for Bermuda’s beauty. You’ll get to experience an in-depth and personal perspective of the island as you explore villages, backroads and private estates. Bermuda Byways bus tours typically last between five and six hours, and include lunch at a local diner for a taste of genuine island fare. Heidi also offers walking tours, lasting 1.5 - two hours. Bus Tour $100 per person; Walking Tour $50 per person. Info: 535 9169,

Hidden Gems All-Inclusive Eco-Tours run by Hidden Gems of Bermuda are designed for the traveller with a taste for adventure and love of the great outdoors. Guided by knowledgeable

UNESCO World Heritage Site Walking Tour Of St. George’s Enjoy a walk back in time around Bermuda’s first capital and learn about Bermuda’s early settlers and unique architecture. Meet your guide in front of Town Hall, King’s Square. Dates include Monday to Thursday and Saturday, October Tickets $15, children under 12, $7. Wednesdays, November and December. Free. No tour December 25. Info: 333 1830 King’s Square, St. George’s, 10.30 am app - free download


Bermuda Blue, Bermuda Breeze and Bermuda Heat


shopping guide


Brown & Co.

C h urc hil ls A visit to Churchills in St. George’s is a must. A perfect stop for a quick gift, all your favourite spirts and premium cigars stored inside the the only walk-in humidour on the Island. Stop by today and say hello.

35 FRONT STREET, CITY OF HAMILTON As Bermuda’s exclusive provider of Thomas Sabo Jewellery and The Body Shop products, Brown & Co. strives to deliver a broad range of pieces that set it apart and make each shopping venture a treasured experience. In-store items include designer fragrances and sunglasses, books, artistic home enhancements, Bermuda gifts, apparel and shoes and more. Info: 441 279 5442,

Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery FLAGSHIP STORE & STUDIO, 5 FRONT STREET, CITY OF HAMILTON From sterling silver pendants and charms set with pink sand to rose gold and diamond shell textured engagement rings, and countless delicate designs in between, Alexandra Mosher and her team hand craft designs that reflect natural elements found in the island’s clear blue waters and lush tropical gardens. Flagship Store & Studio tours upon request. Info: 441 236 9009,,

Atlantic Jewellery WASHINGTON MALL, CITY OF HAMILTON Atlantic Jewellery Studio features stunning collections inspired by both the timelessness of Bermuda’s beauty as well as fashion forward trends. Info: 441 542 1554,


Be rm uda Blue A perfume blue in color and inspired by Bermuda’s ocean and sky capturing natural citrus, jasmine and lotus in Bermuda’s air with a nuance of crisp sea spray. Available at fine stores across the Island, including: Gibbons Company, Brown & Co. and A.S. Cooper & Sons. Enquiries: . fall 2019


of the Sea Atlantic Jewellery Studio By Brigitta Wohlmuth

“Th e sea, onc e i t casts its spell, hol ds one in its n e t of wonder forever.” - Jacques Cousteau

Inside of the Washington Mall is a store with ocean blue walls, whimsical marine décor in the windows, and unique handmade jewellery displayed from wall to wall. As you step inside, you get the feeling of being below deck on an elegant pirate ship filled with prized jewels of the Atlantic. And the treasures you will find there are endless. Bermuda Medallions, Historic Hog Penny replicas, a myriad of stackable rings, necklaces created with mystical gems and Bermuda’s iconic pink sand and sea glass…

jewellers. She loves working with precious metals and gemstones, but she’s also a passionate surfer whose infatuation with the ocean reveals itself in Atlantic Jewellery Studio’s collections. Since establishing the business, she’s won numerous awards and even had her Jewellery featured on a Bermuda postage stamp. But she’s not one to hog the spotlight and has consistently celebrated the work of others. There’s ‘something for everyone’ in her showroom, where you’ll find not only her designs on display, but also designs made by fellow artist-friends and most importantly her apprentice, Jocelyn Powell. “Jocelyn has been with me for over 12 years. She is so talented and makes a lot of the pieces here,” Jacquie says. Jocelyn crafts many lovely designs out of Bermuda elements such as pink sand, cedar, and the store’s extensive collection of gemstones and pearls. She also collaborates with Jacquie to design one of the studio’s most popular creations - ‘The Bermuda Medallion’. The silver-sculpted pendants are truly unique pieces fit for any aspiring mermaid. They contain rare pieces of our coloured sea-glass, pink sand, replicas of tiny sea-shells cast in silver, and resemble the little tide-pools left on the rocks by the waves. “I think they really capture the essence of Bermuda” says Jocelyn. The medallions are wonderful keepsakes that let you cherish the Island forever. Washington Mall | 9 Reid Street, Hamilton 441 542 1554 Jacquie Lohan above left Jocelyn Powell pictured above right

“We do a lot of nautical and ocean themed pieces, but I don’t like to limit myself either” says the shop owner, Jacquie Lohan. With over 20 years experience, you could say she is one of Bermuda’s more accomplished app - free download


Department of Public Transportation

A Great Way To See Bermuda And All Its Attractions Regularly scheduled buses operate at frequent intervals to most of the destinations throughout Bermuda which visitors may find of interest. Bus stops are indentified by pink and blue poles. Poles that are pink indicate service inbound to the City of Hamilton. Poles that are blue indicate service outbound from the City of Hamilton. The table below lists many of the destinations that visitors ask us about most frequently. Alongside each destination is the number of the route(s) serving that destination, the appropriate fare zone, and the times buses leave The Central Terminal in Hamilton. If possible avoid the rush hour. The best time to travel by bus is between 9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. and after 6:00 p.m. Destination Route Number L.F. Wade International Airport 1,3,10,11 Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo 10,11 Belmont Hills Golf Club 8 Botanical Gardens 1,2,7 Crystal Caves of Bermuda 1,3,10,11 Royal Naval Dockyard 7,8 Elbow Beach 2,7 Gibbs Hill Lighthouse 7 Grotto Bay Hotel 1,3,10,11 Horseshoe Bay 7 Mangrove Bay (Somerset) 7,8 National Museum of Bermuda 7,8 John Smith’s Bay 1 Fairmont Southampton Hotel 7,8 St. George’s 1,3,10,11

Fare Zone* 14 Zone 3 Zone 3 Zone 3 Zone 14 Zone 14 Zone 3 Zone 3 Zone 14 Zone 3 Zone 14 Zone 14 Zone 3 Zone 3 Zone 14 Zone

* See Bus Fare Information for additional details on 3 and 14 Zone fares. ** Departures on the hour and minutes past the hour from The Central Terminal in Hamilton.

Buses Leave Hamilton** 00, 15, 30, 45 00, 15, 30, 45 00, 15, 30, 45 00, 15, 30, 45 00, 15, 30, 45 00, 15, 30, 45 00, 15, 30, 45 00, 15, 30, 45 00, 15, 30, 45 00, 15, 30, 45 00, 15, 30, 45 00, 15, 30, 45 15, 30 00, 15, 30, 45 00, 15, 30, 45 (MONDAY - FRIDAY SCHEDULE)

Tokens and passes are available at the Central Terminal, Church Street Hamilton and the Hamilton Ferry, Front Street, Hamilton.

Bus service in Bermuda is operated by the Bermuda Department of Public Transportation (DPT). Bermuda is divided in 14 Zones, each about 2 miles long. Fare Category

3 Zone

14 Zone



$5.00 $2.75 $4.50

Adult Child ages 5 - 16 (All Zones) TOKENS Adult * Exact change only. Dollar bills not accepted. TRANSPORTATION PASSES 1 Day Adult 2 Day Adult 3 Day Adult 4 Day Adult 7 Day Adult

$19.00 $31.50 $44.00 $48.50 $62.00


Child under age of 16 Child under age of 16 Child under age of 16 Child under age of 16 Child under age of 16

$9.50 $16.00 $22.00 $24.50 $31.00

Telephone: (441) 292-3851 Fax: (441) 292-9996 E-Mail: Internet:


26 Palmetto Road, Devonshire DV 05. P.O. Box HM 443 Hamilton . fall 2019 HM BX Bermuda

Be Inspired

Make A Difference Reinvigorate your connection to the ocean while swimming with dolphins and supporting vital marine mammal conservation.

Learn More


Your Dolphin Quest participation supports vital marine mammal conservation, education and scientific study. Dolphin Quest is located at the National Museum of Bermuda app - free download


Shopping Guide

Della Valle Sandals


19 QUEEN ST, CITY OF HAMILTON (next to Queen Elizabeth Park / Perot Post Office) From Capri, Italy to Hamilton, Bermuda! Handmade sandals custom fit to your foot. Can be ready in an hour! Styles range from everyday casual to evening and wedding chic! Also featuring a beautiful, eco-friendly line of linen from Italy! Info: 441 236 7263 or Facebook: dvsandals. Contact for private parties and after-hour appointments.

Diamonds International

Al exan dra Mosher Bermuda is a magical place, and I am dazzled by its beauty! My jewellery investigates tiny, beautiful details found on this island and transforms them into lasting treasures. - Alexandra

CLOCKTOWER MALL, ROYAL NAVAL DOCKYARD Experience the VIP treatment and personal attention from the friendly staff at Diamonds International, where you will find the finest selection of diamonds and gemstones, plus exclusive brands like Crown of Light Diamonds, Safi Kilima Tanzanite and Color Me Pretty Gemstones. Info: 441 234 0500,

Brown & Co. continued... HALLMARK The Hallmark Department of Brown & Co. is Bermuda’s largest gift and greeting card outlet and is the only Hallmark store outside of the United States. THE BOOKMART The Bookmart at Brown & Co. offers the largest selection of local and international books on island and has a fabulous cafe overlooking the Hamilton Harbour.

Churchill’s 27 YORK STREET, ST. GEORGE’S As an independent operator, Churchill’s sells all brands of spirits, including Black Seal Rum, Mount Gay Rum and Hennessy Pure White Cognac, plus a robust selection of wines, chilled beer, champagne and prosecco. You will also find gifts, cold drinks, snacks and Bermuda’s only walk-in humidor, stocked with Cubans, Dominicans and Bermuda rolled cigars. Don’t forget to look for Churchill’s Cigar Cabana in Dockyard when there is a ship in port. Info: 441 297 1650,

26 . fall 2019

fall shopping guide

Dockyard Pharmacy ROYAL NAVAL DOCKYARD, SANDYS Fill a wide selection of European and American prescriptions and purchase over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and health and beauty aids. Info: 441 279 5410,

Fiddlesticks Gift Shop CRYSTAL & FANTASY CAVES, 8 CRYSTAL CAVES ROAD, HAMILTON PARISH Explore the unique gift shop, Fiddlesticks. Discover a treasure trove of local souvenirs and gifts from around the world. Info: 441 293 0640,

The Island Shop

at lant ic jewe lle ry

3 QUEEN STREET, HAMILTON, BERMUDA Original Bermuda-inspired designs hand-painted on ceramics, linens and more by Bermudian artist Barbara Finsness. Whether it’s a hostess gift, for a friend over seas or a gift for the person who has it all, you can’t go wrong with these beautiful hand-painted pieces. Info: 441 292 5292,

​For over 20 years Bermuda artist, Jacqueline Lohan, has produced island designs including her original ‘Bermuda Medallion’, an exclusive and stunning silver montage of Bermuda elements including its famous pink sand and local sea glass accented with gemstones and cultured pearls. app - free download


Shopping Guide


P-TECH 2 REID STREET, CITY OF HAMILTON P-Tech is Bermuda’s complete electronics solution and premier provider of consumer electronics. As an authorised dealer for a number of reputable brands, including Bose, Sony, GoPro, RCA, Nikon, Canon and Samsung, P-Tech delivers a wide selection of goods for home, office and travel. Info: 441 295 5496,

The Phoenix Stores Ltd. oc ean ’s Gift Shop Located at the BUEI on Crow Lane in Pembroke, this super cute gift shop feature’s ocean inspired items. The shop is open everyday and offers hassle free shopping, FREE Parking, FREE gift wrapping and more.


Lili Bermuda Boutique BUTTERFIELD PLACE, 67 FRONT STREET, CITY OF HAMILTON An artistic reflection of Bermuda, where each fragrance represents the island’s natural beauty; from the pure scent of the wind and fresh salt spray of the ocean, to its luscious botanicals such as Bermuda cedar wood, spring freesias and juicy loquats. Every creation is meticulously developed on-island at historic Stewart Hall, under the direction of perfumer Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone. “Art reflects environment” she says, “and Bermuda’s authenticity is present in every bottle filled by hand.” Find your favorite fragrance at the Lili Bermuda Perfumery in St. George’s, or the Lili Bermuda Boutique in Hamilton. Info: St. George’s 441 293 0627, Hamilton 441 296 2885,

TABS - The Authentic Bermuda Shorts WALKER ARCADE, 12 REID STREET, HAMILTON Expertly tailored for a flattering, straight-leg fit, the traditional cut is balanced with bold colours and flamboyant linings. Info: 441 704 TABS (8227),


The Phoenix Stores is Bermuda’s largest pharmacy, comprised of seven convenient locations island-wide: the Phoenix Centre, Collector’s Hill Apothecary, Paget Pharmacy, Warwick Pharmacy, Clarendon Pharmacy, Woodbourne Chemist and Dockyard Pharmacy. Each location dispenses emergency prescriptions and stocks over-the-counter medications, health and beauty aids, postcards and souvenirs, beach and sun-care products, phone cards, snacks and beverages and newsstand publications. THE PHOENIX CENTRE, 3 REID ST., HAMILTON, 441 279 5451 COLLECTOR’S HILL APOTHECARY, 2 SOUTH RD., SMITH’S, 441 279 5513 PAGET PHARMACY, RURAL HILL PLAZA, 130 SOUTH RD., PAGET, 441 279 5511 WARWICK PHARMACY, 49 MIDDLE ROAD, WARWICK, 441 279 5557. CLARENDON PHARMACY, 31 VICTORIA ST., HAMILTON, 441 279 5444 WOODBOURNE CHEMIST, 1 GORHAM RD., PEMBROKE, 441 295 2663 DOCKYARD PHARMACY, ROYAL NAVAL DOCKYARD, SANDYS, 441-279-5410. Info:

Robertson’s Drug Store 24 YORK STREET, ST GEORGE’S Alongside all the medicines and toiletries you expect from a pharmacy, you’ll also find unique gifts, many from Britain. There are snorkels, hundreds of toys, a library of books for the kids, plus baby essentials and cute clothes. Then there are the natural candles and skincare, plus a few surprises. Discover many Bermudians’ favourite store. You’ll find what you need as well as something you want. Open Monday to Saturday 8:00am7:30pm, Sunday 2-6pm. Info: 441 297 1828 or on Facebook. . fall 2019

fall shopping guide

Saltwater Jewellery Design 8 WATER STREET, ST. GEORGE’S Saltwater Jewellery is an elegant boutique specialising in one-of-a-kind hand-crafted jewellery so alluring to the eye. Brilliant colours inspired from the beauty of Bermuda’s turquoise waters, coral pink shores and the daring bright hues across the island. Designers Kelli and Rose Thompson create the jewellery using Bermuda sea glass, pink sand, and semiprecious stones, Venetian glass and freshwater pearls. Info: 441 519 9906,

Oceans Gift Shop BERMUDA UNDERWATER EXPLORATION INSTITUTE, 40 CROW LANE, PEMBROKE Oceans Gift Shop is a treasure trove of unique gifts, memorable keepsakes, books, toys, t-shirts, artIfact reproductions, Bermuda souvenirs and more! Info: 441 292 7219,

Robertson’s Drug Store Located in the heart of St. George’s, Robertson’s features a fine selection of books, health and beauty supplies, candy, candles, greeting cards, stationery, seasonal items and much, much more. A perfect place to pick up a special gift or souvenir for yourself!


Premium Cigars, Fine Wines, Spirits and Gifts 27, YORK STREET, ST. GEORGE’S open daily 8:30am to 9:00pm CIGAR CABANA, DOCKYARD open when cruise ships are in port app - free download


Fort Hamilton PEMBROKE Enjoy magnificent views over the City of Hamilton and its harbour. The upper levels and battlements have been landscaped with lawns, which make a fine place for a picnic. Entry is across a wooden bridge over the deep dry-moat and there are plenty of cannons and ramparts inside.


historic Forts

If walking from Front Street head east and take a left towards King Street. Walk up the steep incline of Kings Street and turn right to Happy Valley Road. Fort Hamilton is on your right.

Fort St. Catherine ST. GEORGE’S Packed with historic exhibits, artifacts, and a well preserved interior, this stone built fort houses a museum and is one of Bermudas most impressive structures and in the old artillery store there is an exhibit of the fort’s development over four centuries. From Kings Square take Duke of York Street, take a left at Somers Super Market towards Duke of Kent Street. Keep going and you will reach Tobacco Bay. Fort St. Catherine is a 5 minute walk from there.

Scaur Hill Fort & Park West Whale Bay

Bermuda Forts are easy to find and in picturesque areas - you don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy them. Most have been restored, some are in parks, but all have gorgeous views.

Martello Tower FERRY REACH, ST. GEORGE’S The egg shaped fort was built in 1823 and features a moat, 9-11 foot thick walls of Bermuda stone, and a drawbridge. It is located on a hill at Ferry Reach Park, near Whale Bone Bay, a section of the Railway Trail and other coastal defence sites. Outside viewing only.

SOMERSET ROAD, SANDYS This fort was built to defend the Royal Naval Dockyard against the Americans during the war of 1812. Then in the 1940s, American guns defended the fort during WWII. While exploring, look for the deep gun pits and galleries which go deep into the hillside. The ramparts offer spectacular views of Ely’s Harbour and the Great Sound. Bus 7 or 8 (operated between Dockyard and Hamilton)


Historic sites

30 minute walk along Ferry Road, St. George’s, from bus route 1, 3, 10 or 11.

Whale Bay Battery WHALE BAY ROAD, SOUTHAMPTON Whale Bay Battery and West Side Fort defended Hog Fish Cut from the 1700s through WWII. Today you can explore gun emplacements and the magazine, enjoy superb ocean views from the top of the fort and picnic in the adjacent parkland. Bus 7 or 8 to Whale Bay Road and then a 20 minute walk.


Bermuda Historical Society Museum

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

QUEEN STREET, CITY OF HAMILTON This small museum is housed in a Georgian-era home and is full of Bermudian treasures including coins, silver and furniture, plus Boer prisoner of war artefacts. . fall 2019

explore bermuda

St. Peter’s, Their Majesties Chappell York Street, St. George’s Dating from the island’s first settlement in 1612, St. Peter’s is the oldest Anglican Church in continuous use outside the British Isles, and was the location of the first meeting of Bermuda’s Parliament in 1620. Bus routes 1, 3, 10 and 11 from Hamilton.

Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse Lighthouse Road, Southampton The lighthouse was built in 1846 of cast iron to warn ships of Bermuda’s treacherous reef line. Today you can climb 185 stairs to the top.






Bus route 7 from Hamilton or Dockyard.


Parks and Gardens


BERMUDA’S TOP RATED EXCURSIONS Coopers Island Nature Reserve

Admiralty House Park 68 SPANISH POINT RD, PEMBROKE PARISH Once the home of British admirals, Admiralty House is now a ruin surrounded by a park and is popular for swimming, cliff diving and exploring. Bus 4 stops right next to the main gate




Bermuda Botanical Gardens SOUTH ROAD AND BERRY HILL ROAD, PAGET There is plenty to explore in the Botanical Garden’s 36 acres - open lawns, formal gardens, a cacti house, kitchen garden, playground, 19th century Camden House and Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art.




Bus route 1, 2 or 7.Get off next to hospital.

Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve COOPER’S ISLAND RD, ST. DAVID’S Explore 12 acres of unspoiled natural beauty with long stretches of beach along a scenic coastal stretch. Enjoy walking trails and take in the view from the observation tower. Bus 6 from St. George’s



BACKPACKS, GEAR, MEAL & BEVERAGES INCLUDED Visit: or Call: 441-236-1300 app - free download


Blue Hole Park BAILEY’S BAY, HAMILTON PARISH Park joining Walsingham Nature Reserve to Tom Moore’s Jungle. Provides an excellent walking trail, with caves and fish ponds.

Explore Parks and Gardens Continued...

Take bus 1, 3, 10 or 11 to the entrance of Grotto Bay Beach Resort

Spittal Pond SOUTH RD, SMITH’S PARISH A 64-acre nature reserve that is part of a necklace of wetlands and a great place for bird watching. Buses 1 and 3 operating between Hamilton and St. George’s

Somers Gardens Blue Hole Park

You can go to heaven if you want. I’d rather stay here in

YORK STREET, ST. GEORGE’S This quiet, tranquil spot with a moongate, Norfolk Island pines, a calabash tree, hibiscus shrubs, royal palms and perennial flower beds is named for Admiral Sir George Somers who was shipwrecked in Bermuda in 1609 on his way to the Virginia colony. Bus routes 1, 3, 10 and 11 from Hamilton.

Bermuda - mark twain

Palm Grove Gardens

Crystal & Fantasy Caves 8 CRYSTAL CAVES RD, HAMILTON PARISH Ancient caves over 100 feet below ground with magnificent stalactites and stalagmites that surround a crystal clear 55-foot deep lake.

Buses 1, 3 operating between Hamilton and St. George’s

SOUTH ROAD, DEVONSHIRE These attractive private gardens feature a unique pond with a map of Bermuda, a moongate, tropical plants and plenty of palmettos and palm trees. Open to the public from Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm. Bus route 1 from Hamilton or St. George’s.

Bermuda Floating Dock


Bermuda Floating Dock


Bermuda Floating Dock


Bermuda Floating Dock


Bermuda Floating Docks

Bermuda’s location as a half-way point of call between British colonies in the Western Atlantic and Great Britain itself, was considered an important location for a Dockyard, especially a dock capable of lifting large war ships. This issue commemorates the July 1869 arrival of the HM Floating Dock Bermuda and later the July 1902 arrival of the Admiralty Floating Dock 1 (AFD 1). Upcoming releases include 170th Arrival of Golden Rule – Nov. 2019, Bermuda Bridges Pt 1 – Apr. 2020 and 400th Anniversary Parliament – Aug. 2020 For more information please e-mail



150th Anniversary H.M. Floating Dock . 1fall 2019

8/30/19 11:12 AM

Bermuda and the azores

Bermuda and

The Azores Curatorial Department, National Museum of Bermuda

Painting of the Bermuda vessel Golden Rule, which brought the first Portuguese immigrants to Bermuda from Madeira in November 1849

Bermuda’s history of survival and prosperity owes much to the Island’s Portuguese community. As far back as the European ‘Age of Discovery’ in the 16th Century, Bermuda was a landmark for Portuguese seafarers and explorers on their homeward journeys from the Caribbean. Indeed, many landed here unwillingly — in shipwrecks. Bermuda – just 22 square miles – is far smaller than the Azores, but both have been strategically important as whaling hubs, military bases, weather stations, and Atlantic ports of call. Portuguese whalers and seamen were frequent visitors to the Island throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, and some Azorean crewmen who jumped ship here from vessels travelling to the US made their lives in Bermuda. Others seeking a future in America and Canada initially settled in New England and Newfoundland where their whaling and farming skills were in demand before emigrating to Bermuda.

Portuguese festa as painted by Graham Foster in the Hall of History, Commissioner’s House, National Museum of Bermuda

In later centuries, Bermuda provided opportunities for Portuguese emigrant labourers, particularly skilled farmers, and the arrival here of the first immigrants from Madeira and the Azores in the mid-1800s established an enduring trans-Atlantic bond between Bermuda and Portugal’s Atlantic islands. Portuguese settlers who came to live and work in Bermuda were part of a mass transAtlantic migration in search of a better life. Men, women and children left behind homes, relatives and security for the sake of new opportunities – in Brazil, the Caribbean, Canada and the United States (including Hawaii). Today, Portuguese communities in Toronto, Montreal, Boston and other cities are thriving, with links to fellow populations in Bermuda and around the world. Having entered a new millennium, Portuguese-Bermudians are now wellestablished in Bermuda’s political, social and corporate spheres. They have enriched Bermuda and this year marks the 170th anniversary of the arrival of the first immigrants from Madeira. Visit the Azores and Bermuda exhibit on the first floor of Commissioner’s House to find out more about Portuguese-Bermudian history and cultural connections. Explore 500 years of history and culture at the National Museum of Bermuda.

A 1584 map of the Azores, a strategic Atlantic outpost like Bermuda, but much larger and spread out over 900 square miles

1 The Keep, Royal Naval Dockyard, 441-234-1333, Open weekdays 9am – 5pm weekends 9:30am – 5pm (last admission 4pm) app - free download


34 . fall 2019


Harbour Ferry Fast Ferry

Traffic Flow


West End/Dockyard Ferry


Paget/Warwick Ferry

Afican Diaspora Heritage Trail Site



Taxi Stand

Bus Stop

Tour Boat

Ferry Stop


Service Centre Visitor Information Centre


Post Office ATM


The Phoenix Stores is a major Cinema pharmacy and retail store, offering Wi-Fi Hot Spots consistent, reliable service all Church across the island. Gas Station P-Tech is Bermuda’s premier Marine Gas provider of consumer electronics, Pharmacy including digital cameras & accessories, MP3 Players and so Supermarket much more. Wheelchair accessible Brown & Co. ranges from books OTHER and designer accessories to artistic Park Land & Nature Reserve home enhancements and more, Yacht/Boat Club making each shopping venture a The Phoenix Stores is a major pharmacy and treasured experience. retail store, offering consistent, reliable

service all across the island. app - free download


Bermuda Fun Golf

ROADS Flow HISTORIC Fort Diaspora Heritage Trail Site TRANSPORT Stand Taxi Stop Bus Boat Tour Stop Ferry


Fast Ferry

WestFlow End/Dockyard Ferry Paget/Warwick Ferry



Heritage VisitorDiaspora Service Centre TrailRestroom Site ATM TRANSPORT TaxiCinema Stand

Marine Gas Pharmacy Supermarket OTHER Water Sports Playground Train (Seasonal)

Wi-Fi Hot Spots

The Phoenix Stores is a major pharmacy and retail store, offering consistent, reliable service all across the island.

Bus Stop

Tour Boat Ferry Stop Fast Ferry West End/Dockyard Ferry Paget/Warwick Ferry AMENITIES Telephone Visitor Service Centre Restroom ATM Cinema Wi-Fi Hot Spots Marine Gas Pharmacy Supermarket OTHER Water Sports Playground Train (Seasonal) The Phoenix Stores is a major pharmacy and retail store, offering consistent, reliable service all across the island.

ROADS Hot Wi-Fi Spots Download our App FREE Church Flow

GasMarine App Free. Whether you’re looking for Download the HISTORIC StationGas activities or nightspots, the Bermuda. shops, restaurants, beaches, Fort com mobile app gives you Pharmacy all the information you need right at your Diaspora Heritage Supermarket Trail Site fingertips. Download today from the APP store or Google Play. TRANSPORT



Stop Bus Boat Tour StopFerry

Wheelchair accessible

OTHER Sports Water Hotel LandPark & Nature Reserve . fall 2019


A Review of

the Islands surface area by almost 850 acres. But they were also subtler – such as the growth in the unionisation of elements of the Islands workforce, a result, in part, of the disparity in wages paid by established local and new American employers.

Censorship and Bermuda’s Role in Winning World War II

Even the language gently morphed from an age old essentially British English into the somehow brasher and harsher American English, which is today’s lingua franca.

A Book Review By Martin Buckley, Department Manager at The Bookmart at Brown & Co.

Role in Winni ng

World War II



the Americas a. All mails betweenand it is there or abroad, is Bermud ed there; stations, at home service, are controll this station ceased to nt of all British or the Lati air . If nce been installed The most importa those passing via the Pacific branches of intellige apparatus, have and Europe, except expert staff, with records and severe and other would be very the that the pick of economic warfare ly, the blow to operate effective bly. would suffer apprecia ent secret the British Governm writing or other 1941 report of containing secret potential Security A confidential text of letters as being of d in the visible means of by examiners out often employe fruitful is picked most be the meaning it is one of Secondary least likely to us; nevertheless, the type of letter quite innocuo messages. It is appears to be interest, as it usually enemy agents. ent, Bermuda discovering new l Censorship Detachm Controller, Imperia to hide. C.R. Watkins-Mence, have something all polite people are wicked and ip, Bermuda All beautiful women Travellers’ Censorsh Officer, Station the Bermuda , Contraband Control beginning, brought Rowe Spurling from Hawaii to tances from the Mauritius to Mexico, or plan their y; but circums n to Karachi, from hip shuns publicit communications Imperial Censors At this moment, from Capetow attack enemy a experience studied Censors eye. Nations public taught, Bermud United into the a methods are r, the world over, lands, Bermud Bagdad; whereve or re-conquered enemy in War II future work d. ere during World successes observe and Bermuda the Western Hemisph l Censorship in ents in this field head of Imperia Bermuda’s achievem Charles des Graz, tion of blockade work, in addition to the informa As in the case that 287, a Writing work: of interest to note ed, they evolved, in Room Security and Secret outstanding. It is perhaps amount of and which they discover very maximum are well-known of secret writing and for making sure that the and the cases l, they produced, g this type of materia handlin for unique system it. extracted from information was Censorship, London h Telegrap nearly Postal and tion of the war , Chairman of Edwin Herbert gave to the prosecu square miles, ed. less than twenty land it possess this colony, of tenth of all the pounds, and one To sum up briefly, over a million 500 fighting men, November 1945 ian Magazine, Edith Heyl, Bermud

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Bermuda’s contribution to the war effort was out At 07.52hrs local time of all proportion to its on Sunday September geographical size. As 3rd 1939 the Signals le in during the Great War, Ro a’s ud rm Duty Officer on the Be and Wa r II Bermuda sent many of British Cruiser HMS York, Wi nn in g Wo rld her sons overseas, some then serving with the of course never to return. 8th Cruiser Squadron on The Islands naval bases the Royal Navy’s America once again became a and West Indies Station, hub for convoy and antireceived a coded message submarine operations. on the ship’s W/T set from Notwithstanding HM Dockyard in Bermuda; these military and ‘COMMENCE HOSTILITIES naval activities, perhaps AT ONCE WITH GERMANY’. Bermuda’s most important contribution After an interlude of just 21 short years to the allied victory came from the work Great Britain, His Majesty’s possessions of the Imperial Censorship Department, overseas and thus Bermuda were once which is described in detail in this book for again at war. the first time. This new conflict would last almost six Horst Augustinovic has amassed a years and would see Britain brought to the huge amount of material regarding this very brink of defeat before she and her fascinating period of Bermuda’s history. allies eventually triumphed over the fascist The authoritative yet accessible text is menace. It would bring enormous geocomplemented by a huge number of political changes and, perhaps of more photographs and illustrations, many of importance to the millions of ordinary which are published here for the first time. people who would be called to arms, colossal socio-economic changes. The story of Bermuda’s crucial role during the titanic struggle of 1939 – 45 makes In Bermuda these changes were on the fascinating reading and Mr Augustinovic one hand awe inspiring and dramatic – for is to be commended for presenting example the construction of two huge this wonderful book during the 75th naval and military bases in St Georges and anniversary year of the wars declaration. Southampton Parishes, which increased OVIC


A letter sent from Germany to the still neutral USA, censored in Bermuda in January 1940. Both Germany and the USA were unhappy with British interference with their mail and PAA had to stop landing in Bermuda for several months.

Mailbags being unloaded from a Pan American Airways flying boat at Darrell’s Island, January 1940. Photo: Bermuda Archives. app - free download


Lobster, Dark n’ Stormys Cheese Cake oh MY...

located on Front Street, overlooking the deep blue waters of Hamilton harbor. In addition to the freshest catch, their menu boasts delicious pub style offerings, like pizzas and burgers, sure to tickle the taste buds of anyone in your party. They are open from 9am for breakfast, lunch or dinner, seven days a week, with a late night menu available until 3am. Located at 103 front street in the City of Hamilton, you can give them a call at 292 0219 or visit their website

By Brigitta Wholmuth

If it’s purely the ocean you crave, check out their sister restaurant

Rum Bum Beach Bar situated right on Bermuda’s most popular beach, Horseshoe Bay. Like Bermuda Bistro at the Beach, they also offer tasty pub grub, as well as regular drink specials on Rum

Bermuda Lobster, Bermuda Bistro at the Beach

Fresh local lobster is the culinary highlight of the season, and a great place to enjoy this specialty with all of the trimmings is at Rum Bum Beach Bar

Bermuda Bistro at the Beach a local hotspot that brings the cool and casual vibes of ‘a day at the beach’ to the heart of the city. The restaurant & bar is

Swizzles, Dark & Stormys and Mojitos. The restaurant and bar is from 9-5 during the Fall months, seven days a week, and you can rent beach chairs and umbrellas for a perfect beach day. Located at Horseshoe Bay Beach on South Road, you can give them a call at 441 238 0088 or

Bermuda Bistro at the Beach

38 . Fall 2019

Rum Bum Beach Bar

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Another culinary gem is

The Cottage Café & Bistro

located within Hamilton’s Washington Mall. This unassuming little spot boasts an impressive variety of rotating daily specials, all prepared with fresh local ingredients to rustic perfection. Vegetarian and gluten free options are also available, and it’s a great place to sit down or take-away your meal. The menu is unpretentious yet innovative, offering many local flavors with a hint of Portuguese influence. It’s the perfect place to enjoy an extraordinary breakfast or three-course lunch. They are open Monday through Saturday from 10am until 4pm. Located on the 2nd floor at Washington Mall, you can give them a call at 441292 0880.

For a truly Bermudian fine dining experience head to

The Barracuda Grill on Burnaby Street in the City of Hamilton. The legendary locale is regarded as one of Bermuda’s best contemporary restaurants for almost 20 years. Signature dishes showcase only the best local produce and fish, making them another excellent choice for lobster and shellfish lovers. Due to the restaurant’s popularity among locals and visitor alike, reservations are highly recommended for dinner. But if you’re heading out on the town spontaneously, you don’t need a table to just pop in for a dessert and cocktails, lovingly mixed by the notoriously charismatic Ryan Gibbons, serial winner of Bermuda’s Best Bartender award. Barracuda Grill is open is open Monday through Friday. Lunch is from noon until 2:30pm, and Dinner from 5:30pm until 10pm. The bar stays open until 11:30pm. Located at 5 Burnaby Steet, City of Hamilton, you can give them a call at 441 292 1609 or visit their website

The Cottage Cafe & Bistro

The Cottage Cafe & Bistro app - free download

The Baracuda Grill

The Baracuda Grill


Eat And drink Guide Barracuda Grill 5 BURNABY HILL, CITY OF HAMILTON One of Bermuda’s most celebrated restaurants, this is the place for outstanding seafood and chops prepared with expertise in a contemporary style. Info: 292 1609.

Astwood Arms 85 FRONT STREET, CITY OF HAMILTON The Astwood Arms is a Victorian era styled pub with a dedicated dining area, a bar area and a separated cellar room to catch live games. Music with a Blues, Light Jazz, 70’s, 80’s and classic rock feel. Conversation encouraged. Cocktails and pints on offer. Info: 292 5818,

Bermuda Bistro at the Beach 103 FRONT STREET, CITY OF HAMILTON Whether you are looking for a tasty, but inexpensive lunch or looking to drink, dine and dance till late into the evening, Bermuda Bistro at the Beach is the place to be. Enjoy ‘al fresco’ dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner, daily happy hour or come enjoy one of your favourite sporting events on one of our five large plasma screen TVs. Info: 292 0219 or

FRESH, INNOVATIVE BREAKFAST & LUNCH FAVOURITES 2nd Floor, Washington Mall, Hamilton . Mon - Sat 7:30am to 4pm . 441 292 0880

40 . Fall 2019

Eat And Drink Guide

Continued Brew

Bistro J CHANCERY LANE, HAMILTON Tucked away in one of Hamilton’s most enchanting and historic alleys, Bistro J offers a unique, wholesome and imaginative dailychanging blackboard menu, with an option of six appetizers, six entrées and six desserts for one set price all served in a lively bistro setting. All wines on the list are available by the glass. Open for lunch five days a week and dinner nightly. Info: 296 8546,


53 FRONT STREET HAMILTON (under Pickled Onion) Featuring part coffee house, part craft brewery, Brew is a totally unique and one of a kind hot new spot on Front Street. Gourmet “ready to eat” quick service sandwiches, salads and pastries sit temptingly on display and don’t forget the specialty coffees. Brew also features Bermuda’s first Wine Wall, sporting 8 selections of wine on tap from specific wine regions such as the Napa Valley. In the mood for a local brew? Brew features 8 of Bermuda’s oldest local brewery ales and beers on tap. Info: 542 2739,, . Fall 2019

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Café Ten

Cottage Café and Bistro

10 DUNDONALD STREET, HAMILTON Ten is your best choice for home-brewed coffees, fresh and delicious salads, pastas, sandwiches, daily blackboard specials and home-made desserts for breakfast and lunch. And for dinner, join them for Bermuda’s best tapas, wines by the glass and cocktails. Info: 295 0857,

2ND FLOOR WASHINGTON MALL, CITY OF HAMILTON The Cottage Cafe has a menu filled with fresh breakfast and lunch favourites, and comfort food with a twist. You’ll enjoy unique takes on staples like eggs Benedict, macaroni and cheese, plus fresh, homemade soups, salads and sandwiches. Add to this the daily specials and desserts, and you are spoilt for choice! The 30-seat bistro offers a sophisticated setting with décor featuring exposed brickwork, limestone blocks and vinyl siding reflecting a rustic cottage. You can dine in or take out at The Cottage Café & Bistro and remember, vegetarian dishes and gluten free options are available. Info: 292 0880, app - free download


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Hog Penny Restaurant & Pub

Frog & Onion Dockyard Brewing Company COOPERAGE BUILDING, 4 MARITIME LANE, DOCKYARD This authentic British-style pub, was created in 1992 by a Bermudian and a Frenchman. This historic Cooperage, completed in 1853, was converted to five storehouses in the 1940s. With great comfort food and tasty gastropub-style dishes, Dockyard Brewing Co. is Bermuda’s only microbrewery, and has the distinction of being the only producer of adult beverage that can wear the “Totally Made in Bermuda” stamp. Featuring 8 different types of beers and ales, it is a favourite destination of locals and tourists alike who wish to sample artisanal beverages of exceptional quality. Info: 234 2900,,


5 BURNABY HILL (just up from Front Street), CITY OF HAMILTON The Hog Penny is Hamilton’s oldest licensed establishment and interestingly is the original inspiration for the Cheers pub in Boston. Featuring fantastic, hearty, pub-style comfort food that has won countless ‘Best of Bermuda’ awards, the Hog Penny continues to be a favourite spot for generations of locals and visitors alike! Info: 292 2534,

Pearl 87 FRONT STREET, CITY OF HAMILTON Located above Port O’ Call on Front Street, Pearl is a welcome addition to Bermuda’s sushi scene. When creating the menu, their skilled sushi chefs have combined their traditional Japanese culinary training along with the culinary styles garnered through worldwide experience. A unique and extensive sake and wine list is available for you. The result is a modern and creative menu, which still satisfies the classic sushi experience. Open for lunch five days a week and dinner nightly. Info: 295 9150, . Fall 2019

87 South Shore, Warwick 441 236 7459

Home of the Rum Swizzle Open daily from 11am and food served all day

3 Blue Hole Hill, Bailey’s Bay 441 293 1854 app - free download


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Pickled Onion Restaurant & Bar


53 FRONT STREET, CITY OF HAMILTON The Pickled Onion is a contemporary upscale but casual restaurant, with Bermuda’s best bar and ‘see and be seen’ vibe. Our food is North American focused, with global influences. Join us at our classy and fun Martini style bar, popular with local professionals or those wanting to enjoy a night out on the town. We feature live entertainment seven nights a week in season, and overlook the harbour. Info: 295 2263.,

At Portofino’s our philosophy is simple; We pride ourselves on excellent food and unrivaled service. For more than four decades, we have been serving exquisite Italian cuisine to locals and tourists alike. Introducing our new head chef, Maximo Villagra, our newly renovated dining room and our new lunch and dinner menus, come and enjoy traditional Italian comfort food and classic décor at its best. We keep it simple, but delicious, using only the freshest ingredients well-executed. All of us here at Portofino look forward to serving you soon. Info: 292 2375,

Port O’ Call

Robin Hood Pub & Restaurant


87 FRONT STREET, CITY OF HAMILTON One of Bermuda’s most popular restaurants is Port O’ Call. Their award-winning signature dishes feature contemporary styles with an emphasis on fresh Bermuda seafood. Enjoy their award-winning wine list, with over 40 selections, by the glass, or a cocktail designed by one of their award-winning bartenders. Open for lunch five days a week and dinner nightly, dine inside or on the alfresco harbour-view terrace - either way, you’re sure to love the experience of superb service and a masterful menu in an elegant setting. Info: 295 5373,


25 RICHMOND ROAD, PEMBROKE The best place to enjoy great pub style food and watch all your favourite sports while enjoying a great menu with great prices! You can dine inside or outside on the restaurant patio, rain or shine, and enjoy sporting events on one of the many television screens. Ask about the functions room for private parties. The weekly quiz is always fun. Conveniently located with onsite parking and free wifi. Info: 295 3314 or . Fall 2019

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Ruby Murrys

Rum Bum Beach Bar

2 CHANCERY LANE, CITY OF HAMILTON Ruby Murrys is the place to go for the real taste of India. Our menu features some of the most popular gastronomic delights from the many diverse regional styles of India, traditional and modern, all served in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The upstairs wine bar serves Indian-style tapas to share. Open for lunch 5 days a week and dinner 7 nights a week. Take-out and catering available. Info: 295 5058 or

HORSESHOE BAY BEACH, SOUTH ROAD Heading west after a long day’s work and looking for the perfect place to kick back and relax? We got you covered at RUM BUM Beach Bar at Horseshoe Beach! Come enjoy good food, drinks and entertainment at one of Bermuda’s most calming and beautiful locations. RUM BUM Beach Bar at Horseshoe Beach is Bermuda’s number one hot spot! Info: 238 0088 or

Traditional pub fare, famous pizza and state of the art coverage of all your favourite sporting events and teams! Sit inside and revel in our lively atmosphere or sit outside on our oversized patio. Experience service in a relaxed and friendly enviroment!

WEEKLY LINE UP Mon $10 Menu (all day/night)

Tue Indian Quiz Night (evening)

Fri Happy Hour with Dj China

295 3314

25 Richmond Road, Pembroke | Find Us On Facebook

Sun Traditional Codfish

DAILY Happy Hour (4pm - 7pm) app - free download


Eat And Drink Guide

Continued Yashi Sushi

Swizzle Inn - Bailey’s Bay HAMILTON PARISH Home of the original rum swizzle, our potent rum and fruit juice cocktail, The Swizzle Inn is Bermuda’s oldest and most famous pub. Established in 1932 in a 17th Century roadhouse, “Swizzle” serves up its namesake cocktail alongside great pub style food and evening entertainment in a setting filled with character and its popular, twotiered patio. This Bailey’s Bay landmark is fun for all the family, with live entertainment seasonally and weekly trivia nights. Shop the Swagger Out Gift Shop for souvenirs to take home or drop in for a final cool one on your way to flight check in. Info: Swizzle Inn 293 1854 or

20 REID STREET, CITY OF HAMILTON Yashi Sushi Bar serves the freshest Sashimi, Makimonos and other creative signature Sushi dishes such as shrimp dumplings and the tripple-delight Maki. Yashi is conveniently off Reid Street. Not only is Yashi known for the island’s best sushi but their decor and non-smoking atmosphere is sure to compliment your dining experience. Info: 292 1043 or

Yours Truly

Swizzle Inn - South Shore 87 SOUTH SHORE ROAD, WARWICK This second and equally popular location is situated along South Shore’s beach route. Enjoy the trademark rum swizzle and pub-style favourites, nachos, burgers, salads, sandwiches and sundaes on the patio after a day at the beach. Live entertainment on the patio seasonally. Shop for Swizzle Inn-Swagger Out souvenirs in the gift shop. Info: Swizzle Inn South Shore 236 7459,


2 CHANCERY LANE, CITY OF HAMILTON Yours Truly provides a unique experience unlike any other in Bermuda. Our dedicated bartenders create handcrafted cocktails using house made syrups, bitters, infused liquors, fresh pressed juices and hand carved ice. yours truly offers a playful, seasonally changing cocktail menu, craft beers and boutique wines. a comfortable low-lit room, reminiscent of a 20’s style speakeasy, table service and bartenders who are happy to create your own bespoke cocktail should you take dealer’s choice. Yours Truly will suit both classic and contemporary tastes alike. Look for the red door on Chancery Lane, ring the bell and enjoy your cocktail. Info: 295 0429, . Fall 2019

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Bermuda Magazine 2019 November  

The Definitive Guide To Experiencing Bermuda