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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Protest at puppy business not warranted, owner says

Hip hop at Heartbreak Hotel

By Olivia L. Lawrence The Berlin Citizen

Citizen photo by Olivia L. Lawrence

As the camera rolls, hip hop song and dance diva Dani Arranka, at center, back to, performs with dance troupe Equilibrium during the filming of a video at the Deylin Motor Lodge on the Berlin Turnpike last week. To see the flip side of the artist, go to page 3.

Making plans for a Farmington Avenue police station By Olivia L. Lawrence The Berlin Citizen Preliminary plans for a new police station on Farmington Avenue are in the works. A purchase-sale agreement for the site, with contingencies pending more investigation by the town, was signed Nov. 22. Project status and timeframe The plans remain “flexible — a lot can still happen,” said police Chief Paul Fitzgerald. If all goes well, the project could reach completion in three to five years, he estimated. The property consists of: two former Kensington Furniture sites — 903 Farmington Ave. and 913

A small group of protesters gathered outside HomeRaised Puppies, a business on New Britain Road, Saturday. The group said practices at the site are in violation of codes regulating the transport and sale of dogs. The owner said he is in compliance with all regulations and that anyone with a problem with a dog purchased at his business is welcome to call and discuss it. About a dozen people gathered for the protest, carrying signs with slogans, such as Barbara Rudnick’s sign that read: “puppies are lives, not products.” Home-Raised Puppies sells primarily boxers and bulldogs. Chris Peck, owner, said the protesters were animal activists and that he didn’t recognize any of them as customers. “I never had any prob-

lems,” Peck said, adding that he is licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture for breeding and transporting animals and also has state certification necessary for the business. Jess Winkler, a veterinary technician, said that “by peacefully protesting we all hoped to educate the public on the risks associated with purchasing a pet store dog. These puppies are living creatures who need constant interaction, a clean environment to live in and multiple vet checks in order to be healthy and well socialized. They are simply not a plastic toy product one would stock their shelves with and forget about until purchased.” Protesters acknowledged that every pet store will have a sick puppy from time to time, due to puppy mill

See Protest, page 16

Citizen photo by Olivia L. Lawrence

The town plans to turn this site into a modern, accessible police station that will help drive downtown improvements on Farmington Avenue. Farmington Ave. — with a total of about 2.4 acres of land; and a half-acre of town-owned land at 889 Farmington Ave., which the town acquired due to a fore-

closure (which consists, in total, of about 1.65 acres.) The police department and Police Commission See Station, page 4

Citizen photo by Nick Carroll

Barbara Rudnick along with several other activists carried signs during a protest Dec. 4 on New Britain Road.


The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, December 9, 2010

Salina tapped for governor-elect’s transition team By Olivia L. Lawrence The Berlin Citizen

Correction In the Dec. 2 edition of The Citizen, the story “Monument, roads, development plan on council agenda” should have stated that a vote on the Civil War Monument Refurbishment plan was postponed pending the receipt of further information.

will begin reviewing the applicants. “Anyone can be considered. There are (applicants) I know and those I don’t know. It’s a completely open process,” he said. However, “there are more resumes than there are positions.” Salina said the policy and steering committees will be look to cut down the number of existing positions in keeping with Malloy’s campaign message that there needs to

be more consolidation of agencies and responsibilities. This is part of the approach as the new regime

“delves into ways to deal with the budget deficit.” See Salina, page 11

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Governor-elect Dan Malloy and Lieutenant Gove r n o r- e l e c t N a n c y W y m a n named members of their Transition S t e e r i n g Salina Committee last week and Mayor Adam Salina is among those who will be helping set up the new administration. Inauguration Day is Jan. 5. Salina is one of five members of the transition team’s personnel committee. There is also a policy committee and a steering committee. “I’m privileged to serve,” Salina said. “There’s a lot of work ahead and I want to carry Berlin’s voice into the process.” “I’ve chosen people from

public and private life, Republicans and Democrats, and those who have participated in state government before, as well as those who never have,” Malloy said. “I’m confident that the people selected will help me find the best and the brightest hires for positions within my administration, and make sure we get off to a strong start.” The committees have been gathering resumes and letters of recommendation, Salina said, and this week



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Thursday, December 9, 2010 — The Berlin Citizen

‘Be Like Me’ video filmed at Berlin location


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tion to managing Dani’s career, Delgado, along with her business partner Tara Abate, is a make-up artist. The duo create Dani’s exotic look.

Dani refered to the creative team as C.O.C. Inc., for the “cartel of couture.”

See Video, page 5

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was gothic — but not too gothic.” The yellow exterior provided a bright background for the performance. The video was filmed by The Terrible Child, a studio in West Hartford. Equilibrium, a Hartford-based dance company, performed with Dani on the video. Delgado described Dani as “an evolving artist.” In addi-


A local motel was used as a set during the filming of a music video last week. The filming took place over two days at the Deylin Motor Lodge on the Berlin Turnpike. Musical artist Dani Arranka, who stars in the

video, described the music, in part, as “dance pop.” “It’s electro hip hop. I write all my lyrics and sing live whenever I can,” said Dani Arranka, who prefers to be referred to as simply Dani. As to why the Deylin motel was selected as the location, Dani’s business Manager Michelle Delgado said “It

the spirit is here

By Olivia L. Lawrence The Berlin Citizen


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The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, December 9, 2010


Continued from page 1 wanted to be on a main thoroughfare and near the train station, Fitzgerald said. Jacunski Humes Architects LLC made preliminary drawings as part of assessing the feasibility of the site. The firm has designed police stations for towns such as West Haven, Wethersfield, and Farmington. No architect has been selected for the final design. That process will go out to bid and it will be under the purview of the Public Building Commission to make a recommendation to the Town Council. The proposed station has been in the town’s capital plans for a while with $1.5 million allocated for property and about $13.5 million for the facility. However, a better

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better health For: You, your family and friends Date: Dec. 11

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with a Doc …

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See Station, page 18

Q Saturday, Dec. 11: Walnut Hill Park, New Britain (behind pavilion) TIPS: WAYS TO PREVENT HEART DISEASE with Robert Borkowski, M.D., cardiologist

v v

Readers’ poll Here are The Berlin Citizen online poll results for last week. The question was: Do you think cyber-bullying is a significant problem? Yes, it happened to me or someone I know. 33% It could be, but I have no experience with it. 48% Not really, it’s not the “real” world. 9% No, just ignore it. 9% This week’s poll question asks: How much will you spend on gifts this holiday? Vote online at

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Accepting non-perishable food items for New Britain Food and Resource Center.

Nearly 60 walkers participated in the Nov. 6 Walk with a Doc at Farmington River Trail, Unionville. Latha Dulipsingh, M.D. (second from right), addressed diabetes risk factors before the walk.


Central Connecticut

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Thursday, December 9, 2010 — The Berlin Citizen

Continued from page 3 “Some say I’m the offspring of Lady Gaga, Elton John and Boy George — doesn’t sound too bad does it? I try my best to be myself, which is basically this high-fashion,

Berlin woman charged in fraud of elderly couple NORTH HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — A woman employed as a home health care aide for an elderly North Haven couple has been charged with bilking them out of $100,000 and using the money for personal expenses, including a vacation. Police charged 38-year-old Traci Stokarski of Berlin with first-degree larceny and credit card fraud last week.


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Citizen photo by Olivia L. Lawrence

Stokarski told police she is a single mother and was trying to help her own family.

DECEMBER 10th • 8 p.m.-12:30 a.m.


Singer-songwriter Dani Aranka takes a break during the filming of a video.

Authorities allege Stokarski used proceeds of a home equity loan to buy things for her family and drew cash advances from the couple’s credit cards. The man is 94 and his wife is 88. Police did not publicly identify them. The couple’s son told The New Haven Register his parents were left with nothing.


humble diva,” Dani wrote in an email, indicating the description was meant to be somewhat humorous. Dani lives in Hartford and is of Colombian descent. “I come from a huge artistic background, including dance, voice, fashion, hair dressing and make-up artistry.” The performance filmed in Berlin was for the title song “Be Like Me”, on an upcoming CD “The Anti-Love Drug”. Other songs, such as “So Fabulous” and “Smoke and Mirrors” can be viewed on Dani’s Facebook page or on YouTube. “My music is about being like me — which is being yourself. It’s about not caring what people think of you, it’s about showing the world who you are, without fear,” Dani said.

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The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, December 9, 2010

‘Awesome’ first month for Center Station Pub & Grill By Nick Carroll The Berlin Citizen

It’s a new day at 845 Farmington Avenue.

The previous business located there, Berlin Station Cafe, shuttered nearly a year ago, didn’t have the best reputation.

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But Center Station Pub & Grill now calls the building home, and owner Keith Selander hopes people give his place a fair shake. “There was a few hurdles getting past that image when I was opening,” said Selander, of New Britain. “But for the most part, I crossed those hurdles and we’re moving full steam ahead.” He added, “I think the word’s going around pretty good; we cleaned it up a lot” — literally and figuratively. “We went through this place for three months before we opened. Made sure everything was perfect before we turned the key,” Selander said. Former Berlin Station Cafe patrons have noticed the difference. “The biggest comment?: ‘Oh my God, we’re upscale now,’” Selander said with a laugh. “Everybody’s happy.” Center Station Pub & Grill opened its doors last month. Business has been brisk. “Awesome. I couldn’t ask for more,” said Selander.

Citizen photo by Nick Carroll

Center Station Pub & Grill, 845 Farmington Avenue, had a ribbon cutting ceremony Dec. 1. The establishment opened its doors in November. Pictured with owner Keith Selander, center, are Berlin’s Director of Economic Development Jim Mahoney, Bob Selander, Tammy Selander, Joanna Selander and Berlin Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kate Fuechsel. Center Station Pub & Grill serves lunch beginning at 11 a.m. The kitchen remains open from then on. “Last night (Tuesday) I was cooking quesadillas at midnight … I do whatever it takes,” said Selander, who has been

clocking some 120 hours a week on the job. “It’s a little bit of a change from my 40-hour, 9-to-5,” he said. “But it’s a different type of work. I’m dealing with

See Center, next page

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Thursday, December 9, 2010 — The Berlin Citizen

Center Continued from page 6

people all day. I’m having a good time. I’m not grinding every day.” Center Station Pub & Grill is Selander’s first foray into business-ownership. Most recently he worked as a service manager in the automotive industry. Selander said it was exciting to take his life in a new direction. “You always get that

sense of nervousness, but when you’re in here on a Friday or Saturday night, and you see it packed and everyone’s having a good time, it eases that nervousness.” Selander has big plans for his establishment. “I have a band coming Dec. 10. I’m going to try a comedy night. I’ve got a lot of things in the hopper,” he said. “I’ve just got to get my name out there and let people know we’re back open.”

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Celebrating the Cut Loose Hair Studio ribbon cutting on December 3 was, L to R: Kate Fuechsel, Director of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce, Teresa Aligata, stylist, Stefanie Gagnon, stylist, Jennifer Gendron-Meola, owner, parents Suzanne and Ronald LaPlante, and Chris Rose, representing the Berlin Economic Development Commission.

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The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, December 9, 2010

Take a holiday light drive and vote for your favorite

It’s the Junior Woman’s Club and The Citizen decorating contest. Voting begins Dec. 12 and you’ll be the judge. Local residents have been decking their homes with holiday finery. Now the Berlin Citizen and the Junior Woman’s Club of The Berlin, Inc. invite the public to vote for their favorite home.

President of Berlin Juniors, Karen Pagliaro, said “This is a perfect event for the whole family. Drive by the beautifully decorated and lit homes and then head home for hot chocolate and voting. My family, our club members, the participants and the staff of The Citizen enjoyed this event last year. This year we hope the resi-

dents of Berlin will enjoy it too.� Participants in this year’s contest will have their Christmas lights and decorations lit between 5 and 9 p.m. beginning Dec. 12. Residents are encouraged to drive by each home and vote for their favorite. Voting ends Dec. 17. See Vote, page 16

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Health News Walk with a Doc


Walk with a Doc, sponsored by the Hospital of Central Connecticut, is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 11 at 9 a.m. at Walnut Hill Park, New Britain. The 30-minute walk with Robert Borkowski, M.D., is prefaced by heart health tips. Registration for the walk begins at 8:30 a.m. behind the pavilion. For more information and to register, visit walk-with-a-doc or call 1-877-

Shingles vaccine clinic

Stop & Shop Pharmacy, 1135 Farmington Ave., has scheduled a shingles vaccine clinic for adults 60 and older on Wednesday, Dec. 15. A prescription is required. For more information, appointments and cost, call (860) 828-0772 to speak to a pharmacist.

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23 Cedar Street, New Britain, CT 06052- Route 72, exit 8

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Weight loss surgery can change your life.

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Call 866-668-5070 today to register for a free, informational session with our surgeons, Carlos A. Barba, M.D., medical director, and Nissin C. Nahmias, M.D., at our new location, 11 South Road, Suite 130, Farmington.


Central Connecticut


(860) 225-6800

s r



The Hospital of

Performed in Office - Hospital


(203) 634-0119

211 NEW BRITAIN ROAD 35 Pleasant St., Suite 2A SUITE 102, BERLIN (Next to McDonald’s) MERIDEN

The Berlin Citizen Thursday, December 9, 2010


Senior Happenings

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities Counseling services are offered free of charge on Thursdays from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Senior Center. Appointments with Cheryl Eiderdown, MSW Intern, are required. Eiderdown also will schedule home appointments. For more information and to make an appointment, call (860) 225-3561, ext. 335.

Senior Social at the Pineloft

Senior Social is scheduled for the second Tuesday of the

month at the Pineloft Restaurant, 1474 Berlin Turnpike, from 4:45 to 6:45 p.m. The evening includes supper and light entertainment. For more information and cost, call (860) 828-9797.

AARP Meetings The Berlin AARP Board of Directors is scheduled to meet Monday, Dec. 13 at 10 a.m. at the Senior Center. The monthly Chapter meeting is the annual Christmas program, scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 21 at 1:15 at the Senior Center. The Berlin High School Madrigal Singers, in costume, are

Energy Assistance Program

Senior Lunch Menu

scheduled to sing. Refreshments will be served. Donation requests Berlin AARP continues to collect warm hats, scarves, mittens and gloves for the New Britain Salvation Army. The Berlin food pantry, in addition to holiday non-perishables, is in need of cereal and canned fruit.

Senior Bowling

Senior meals are provided by CW Resources. Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance by calling Perry at (860) 670-8546 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. A donation is requested. Monday, Dec. 13: Boneless chicken with gravy, chive mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, cranberry sauce, white bread, fresh fruit cup. Tuesday, Dec. 14: New England clam chowder with oyster crackers, burger with cheese, sautéed onions, potato puffs, strawberry sundae. Wednesday, Dec. 15: Hot hors d’oeuvres, roast sirloin of beef, fresh mushroom gravy, baked potato, Capri vegetables, salad, cheesecake with cherries. Thursday, Dec. 16: BBQ porkette, harvest vegetable pilaf, baked beans, corn muffin, banana. Friday, Dec. 17:Fish Florentine with dill sauce, O’Brien potatoes, broccoli florets, bread, Jell-O.


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2nd Tuesday of the Month

4:45 - 6:45 PM



1474 Berlin Tpke 860-828-9797

Dinner & A Show

$9 50s/60s/70s Music

(860) 922-9976


Results of the Senior Bowling League from Dec. 3: Joe Sytulek, 203; Walt Wallace, 196; Stan Dziob, 191; Charles Snetro, 191; Chuck Leonhardt, 190; Jan Bennett, 181; Mike Koval, 179; Ed Picard, 177; Ron Picard, 175; Ferd Brochu, 168; Paul Dabowski, 162; Audrey Zelek, 162; Joe Aziz, 159; John Nappi, 159; Irene Willametz, 157; Liz Rugens, 152.

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Established in 1993 Member of Alzheimer’s Association; Homecare & Hospice


The Senior Center is scheduled to accept energy assistance applications on Wednesday, Dec. 8 and Tuesday, Dec. 14. The program is for those seniors only who heat with a deliverable fuel (oil, propane, or kerosene), electric and gas. The following documentation is required: Copy of your latest Social Security check for 2010 or provide your latest bank statement (all pages) showing direct deposit of you 2010 check. Must be current or not more than one month old. Copy of your latest 2010 pension check or bank statement (all pages) showing direct deposit. Must be current or not more than one month old. Assets:proof of each account. Must show current value (not interest earned) of all “liquid” accounts, such as bank books, check books, CD’s, money markets, IRA’s, stocks, bonds, etc. Your “liquid” assets-can not exceed $7,000 (renters) or $10,000 for (homeowners). If you are over the asset limit, the difference will be added to your income. All pages of all assets will be required. Gas or electric bills are required for households whose primary heat is gas or electric. The name and address on the bill must match one member of the household. Social Security numbers and dates of birth for each member of the household. Name, address and telephone number of landlord. A Rent receipt is only required for people whose heat is included in their rent. The annual income guideline for households whose heat is included in their rent is: Single—$16,245 and couple—$21,855. Name and address of your oil vendor or other vendor of deliverable fuel (coal, propane, etc). Check with vendor to be sure it participates in the state’s energy assistance program for the 2010/2011 heating season. Income must be shown for every member of the household. If employed, household member(s) must provide last four consecutive paystubs. Annual income guidelines (for households whose heat is not included in their rent) are as follows: One person household – income cannot exceed $21,660. Two person household – income cannot exceed $29,140. For more information and to scheduled an appointment, call Tina or Jane at (860) 828-7006.


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The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, December 9, 2010 Check us out every day on the web:

CitizenFaith Kensington Congregational The Kensington Congregational Church Men’s club has scheduled its monthly Roast Beef Dinner on Saturday, Dec. 11 at 6 p.m. in the church hall. The menu includes USDA prime roast beef with mashed potatoes, green beans and bread and a choice of warm apple or peach crumb with vanilla ice cream. An option of macaroni and cheese is available for children. Reservations can be made by calling the church at (860) 828-4511; walk-ins will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis. The Kensington Congregational Church Christian Education program has scheduled a Parent/Child playgroup for Tuesdays from 9:30 to 11 a.m. The group meets on a “drop-in” basis, in the Reeves Center, 185 Sheldon St. The playgroup is open to all who care for children from infants to preschoolers. For more information, call (860) 828-4511.

Bethany Covenant


Bethany Covenant Music Series has scheduled Choir Christmas Cantata “Emmanuel – God with Us” for Sunday, Dec. 12 at 5 p.m. at the church at 785 Mill St. The concert is open to the public. A free will offering will be accepted; child care will be provided. For more information, call (860) 828-3637 or visit

United Methodist

Equal Housing Lender

The Kensington United Methodist Church, 103 Hotchkiss St., has scheduled a concert of holiday music for Sunday, Dec. 12 at 2 p.m. The Travelin’ Prayer Choir, an interfaith group, and the Sound Express, an after school choral group of McGee Middle School students, are scheduled to perform. The concert is open to the public; a free-will offering will be accepted. The Kensington United

Methodist Church has scheduled a performance by the Berlin High School Madrigal Singers for Sunday, Dec. 19 at 2 p.m. The program will include a sing-a-long. The concert is open to the public; a free-will offering will be accepted to benefit town charities.

Church of St. Dominic Church of Saint Dominic has scheduled a production of “The Story of the Nativity: The Birth of Jesus, King and Savior” for Sunday, Dec. 19 at 4 p.m. The H.I.S. contemporary music group, chorus and cast will close the program with a selection of favorite Christmas Carols. The program is open to the public, free of charge. No reservations required. All are welcome to attend.

Berlin Congregational The Berlin Congregational Church has scheduled free Tot Time for Thursdays, from 10:30 to 11:15 a.m. at the church, 878 Worthington Ridge. Parents with children 1 through 5 years old enjoy craft time, play sessions, snacks, storytime and holiday parties. No registration is needed. For more information, call (860) 828-6586.

Taize service The Kensington United Methodist Church offers a Taize service Tuesdays at 7 p.m. A Taize service combines silent meditation, prayer and simple music. Silence is a central part of this service and is a gift to those leading busy, hectic lives. It provides an opportunity to commune with God through the heart and bring a measure of peace to one’s mind and spirit. The service is open to everyone seeking spiritual refreshment and renewal.


Thursday, December 9, 2010 — The Berlin Citizen



Continued from page 2

Stanley P. Ligas, 82, of Bristol, loving husband of the late Irene (Waskiewicz) died Nov. 19, 2010, at his home. Born in Meriden to the late Jan and Sophie (Pula) Ligas, he lived in New Britain for over 45 years before moving to Bristol 15 years ago. A member of Sacred Heart Church in New Britain, he retired from Stanley Works as a comptroller. He adored his grandchildren and greatgrandchildren and cherished the times that he spent with them. He loved getting away to his lake house in New Hampshire where could enjoy his peaceful surroundings. He leaves his children Stephen Ligas and Jean Murphy of California, Paul Ligas of Kensington, Peter Ligas and Joanne Ligas of East Haddam and Susan Yudkin and her husband Robert of Plainville; his grandchildren Adam Ligas and his wife Jaime of East Berlin, Justin Ligas of Kensington, Jessica Hess and her husband Jeffrey of Willow Grove, Pa., Melissa Hurley and her husband Steven of Torrington, Bryan and Kevin Yudkin of Plainville, and Kristen LaMontagne and her mother Audrey of Bristol; his greatgrandchildren, Nathan and

Sarah Hess and Olivia Hurley; his brother Jake Ligas; and his companion Nanette Breault. In addition to his wife Irene, he was pre-deceased by his longtime partner Joyce Breault; his brother Walter Ligas; his sister Mary Kleczkowski; and his daughter-in-law Patricia Ligas. Services were held Nov. 24, 2010 at the Burritt Hill Funeral Home, New Britain, followed by a Mass of Christian Burial at Sacred Heart Church, New Britain. Interment was in Sacred Heart Cemetery, New Britain. Memorial donations may be made to the American Diabetes Association P.O. Box 11454, Alexandria VA 22312. To share a memory with Stanley’s family, visit

Mildred Gabany Mildred (Percival) Gabany, 98, of Middletown, died peacefully at home on Dec. 1, 2010. She was the daughter of the late Frederick Percival and Clara Kalish Percival Morway and beloved wife of the late Jacob Gabany. She was predeceased by her brothers Howard, Paul, Wesley and Arnold, and her sisters Barbara and Lois. She will be dearly missed by her sister-in-law Helen Percival and by many nieces,

nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews. She was born Sept. 2, 1912 in Avon. She graduated from Bristol High School in 1931. She worked for Tuttle and Bailey for 31 years, before retiring in 1973. She will always be remembered for hew love of the outdoors. She was an active farmer who enjoyed selling (or giving away) her garden’s produce at the stand in front of her house. For years, Millie and her late husband Jake, hosted many 4H groups. She was a member of

Ronald McDonald scholarships Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts announced it will award a total of $50,000 to 22 local high school seniors this academic year through its scholarship program. Students of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Scholarship applications, requirements and information, are available online at, call 1-866-851-3994 or see your high school guidance counselor. Scholarship recipients will be selected on the basis of academic achievement, financial need and community involvement. Deadline for submitting an application for the 20102011 scholarship program is Jan. 28, 2011.

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Obituary fee The Berlin Citizen will charge a $25 processing fee for obituaries beginning with the Dec. 2 edition. For more information, call The Citizen at (860) 8295720.

For a printable version of obituaries, visit The obituaries section features, an online provider of obituaries, guestbook and funeral home information.

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Ron Lindgren and Peg Porter

Middletown AARP and traveled extensively after her retirement. The family would like to thank Companions & Homemakers and VITAS Hospice. Burial in Wilcox Cemetery in Berlin will be private. Memorial contributions may be made to The United Methodist Church of East Berlin, 139 Main Street, P.O. Box 265, East Berlin, CT. 06023. The Berlin Memorial Funeral Home, Kensington, is in charge of arrangements.


See Salina, page 25

Stanley P. Ligas


“It will not be a one for one replacement,” Salina said, as the out-going Rell administration is re-staffed by the Malloy team. The personnel committee has not yet worked out the details of what kind of characteristics it will look for in candidates for government positions, Salina said. However, “I want to make sure that the people who are hired understand that the decisions they make will have an impact on the small towns.” Salina said the search will not focus on choices that are political appointments, but rather it will look at people in the private sector and business world who can “bring that expertise to (drafting policies) that will help us tackle the deficit.” The intent is to fill as many positions as possible before the January inauguration. “It’s a monumental task, we plan to move forward to make the transition as smooth as possible,” Salina said. One key job will be the head of the Office of Planning and Management. Salina said this is one of the more visible positions and “sets the tone that (these) are not the usual suspects.” Salina will serve with cochairs: former state senator Sanford Cloud, Jr., CEO of The Cloud Company and chairman of the board of the Connecticut Health Foundation; Marilda Gándara, former president of the Aetna Foundation when she retired in 2008; and Johnna Torsone, chief human resources officer at Pitney Bowes since 1993. Also on the committee is Benedict W. Cozzi, a member of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 478 since 1964. Salina is a graduate of Stanford University and is currently serving his fourth term as mayor of Berlin. The governor-elect’s office stated that: “Adam has led the resurgence in Berlin’s economic development, resulting in steady grand list growth and a low tax rate. He is also a principal at Kozak & Salina, LLC, a government relations

FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATES • 1-877-567-5914 • 203-269-8723 21 NORTH PLAINS INDUSTRIAL RD., WALLINGFORD Visit us at CT Reg. #574938 • Fully Insured



CitizenOpinion Letters to the Editor

Lighting the way

To the editor: Saturday, Nov. 27 turned out to be a magnificent way to welcome in the holiday season of 2010. The Tree Lighting Ceremony at the VFW, sponsored by Raising Berlin, was truly spectacular. We would like to thank all the people and businesses that helped Raising Berlin make this event possible. Raising Berlin would also like to extend our sincerest wishes for a safe, healthy and joyous holiday season. Lisa Toussaint President, Raising Berlin

Why not Brent?

To the editor: The Stan Trojanowski Northern Junior Golf Tournament, held at Timberlin each year, started 10 years ago in conjunction with the CT PGA Section. The tourna-

ment became the largest junior tournament in Connecticut. Two years ago the tournament became a national two-day championship attracting players from many states, and Canada. Titliest, AJGA, Golfstat provided sponsorship. The tournament president is the very qualified Brent Paladino, interim head golf professional at Timberlin, until recently. Many cannot understand why Mr. Paladino was not hired for the position of head golf professional at Timberlin. His work ethic and qualifications were just what Timberlin needed especially after the last head professional hired by the town a few years ago. Another course will prosper from his talents. Part of that loss is the tournament relocation. This is a community event. The committee is comprised of approximately 15 Berlin residents, all under the age of 25.

It’s amazing how well this tournament runs and how wonderful for our town to showcase its youth. The tournament brings 170 families to Berlin for three days to spend money in Berlin. Discounts were organized with town restaurants and hotels. Those families spend money in Berlin businesses and at the golf course. What town doesn’t need that in this economy? I planned to volunteer for the tournament this year but the tournament will relocate. It’s a good feeling to be part of something for the benefit of our community. Community members worked together to make this event the largest national junior tournament in the Northeast. Imagine that, national recognition for Berlin, something to be proud of at a time when the world seems full of events we’d rather not See Letters, next page

Government Meetings

Monday, Dec. 13 Economic Development, Town Hall Room 8, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 14 Conservation Commission, Town Hall Room 8, 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 15 Police Commission, BPD conference room, 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 16 Planning & Zoning Commission, Town

The Berlin

Cit itiz ize en The Berlin Citizen 979 Farmington Ave. Kensington, CT 06037 Asst. Managing Editor – Robin Michel Editor – Olivia L. Lawrence Sports Editor – Nick Carroll Advertising Director – Brian Monroe Sales Consultant – Annemarie Goulet

Hall Council Chambers, 7 p.m. Public Building Commission, Town Hall Room 8, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 21 Town Council, Town Hall Council Chambers, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 28 Water Control Commission, Town Hall Room 8, 7 p.m.

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The Berlin Citizen Thursday, December 9, 2010

Commentary Student voices

Musical dreams may come true — with your help By Shannon Williams Special to The Citizen This spring, the Berlin High School band is headed to the most magical place on earth. In just a few short months, Berlin’s talented young musicians will be soaking up the sun in Orlando, Florida. While touring the place Mickey Mouse calls home, the band will visit Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Universal Studios. However, this year’s band trip to the sunshine state promises much more than healthy tans and unpleasant sunburns. The Redcoat Band will have a one of a kind musical experience while participating in Disney’s Magic Music Days 2011. To kickoff the trip, the Redcoats will perform in a parade through a Disney theme park. Although the ex-

Letters policy — E-mail letters to news@theberlincitizen; mail to 979 Farmington Ave., Kensington, CT 06037 or fax to (860) 829-5733. — The Citizen will print only one letter per person each month. — Letters should be approximately 300 words. We reserve the right to edit letters. — Letters must be signed and names will appear in print. — Include a phone number so The Citizen can contact you for verification. — Letters must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Friday to be considered for publication for the following Thursday.

act location of where students will perform is currently unknown, in the coming months, the band will send an audition CD to Disney in order to determine the setting. This performance gives students an opportunity to publicly perform on a much wider scale than any football game ever would. The band will play for tourists from around the world. Additionally, the band will have a chance to witness and learn from performances and techniques of other bands from across the country also participating in the Magic Music Days event. The next day the band will attend a “You’re Instrumental” workshop, to give members a chance to learn about professional musicianship. In this workshop, students will visit a Disney recording studio where they will be treated as if they were professional studio musicians. They will sight-read and rehearse a piece of music with a Disney sound engineer and, at the workshop’s conclusion, their final performance will be recorded and set to a Disney animated feature. This exciting glimpse into the music business will certainly be an experience students will never forget. It could even shape future careers. In order to defray the high cost of the trip, the band will hold many fundraisers over the course of the school year. The Band Parents Association will sell poinsettias during the holidays, as well as other items. Additionally, the association is looking for business-sponsors to help directly offset the cost of the trip. With a lot of work and

See Musical, next page


Thursday, December 9, 2010 — The Berlin Citizen


Monumental clutter spoils photos and history Restoration of Civil War memorial planned, but is that enough?

Photo by Maura Gaffney

The dignity of the Civil War monument in East Berlin is slighted by clutter.

By Olivia L. Lawrence The Berlin Citizen I call this photo “Monumental Clutter”. If you take photos you know what I’m talking about. It’s impossible to get a decent shot at a site such as this. There’s a pile of wires overhead, miscellaneous posts and poles and signs and other undesirable stuff that ruins the picture. Sure, there’s Photoshop. But just how much can you take out of a photo and still call it reality? Yes, progress marches on and takes its toll and nobody wants to live in the 1800s which had its own version of pollution. But visual pollution like this is a darn shame.

Letters Continued from page 12 talk about. Mayor Salina, you were the guest speaker at this event last year. How could you let this happen? Janet Healy Berlin

A huge loss To the editor: Many residents echo the sentiments succinctly expressed by Kevin T. Jospehson, in last week’s editorial regarding Mr. Brent Paladino. The Paladino name is synonymous with Timberlin and Berlin golf excellence. His poise, work ethic, dedication and passion are exactly the kind of qualities we need in a golf professional to teach our juniors and seniors how to improve their golf skills while experiencing the quality golf course on which Brent developed his

Looking at this photo of the Civil War monument, erected in East Berlin in 1871, at the intersection of

Main and Grove streets, it’s easy to see what happened over time. Way back when, the monument was set on a

own enormous talents. The kind of passion he displayed for the course and the game is rare. Brent demonstrated his loyalty and dedication by efficiently stepping up as head pro as the course entered its busiest season and was left short on staff due to the departure of the previous head pro and the very unfortunate, untimely, passing of Mr. Phil Ferriguto. Brent worked tirelessly to make sure the course continued to run with efficiency. Like many, I observed Brent’s excellent teaching skills with my son, a junior golfer, who admires Brent’s accomplishments on many levels. The professionally run Trojanowski Northern Jr. tournament, which Brent has organized and run over the last ten years, also exemplified Brent’s management capabilities, attention to detail, and dedication to Berlin. This tournament

brought national exposure to Timberlin by drawing in the best junior players from as far as Canada. Brent utilized his computer science degree from William & Mary, a Division 1 golf college, to develop a detailed website for Timberlin that he managed while working as assistant pro and then as acting head pro at the end of this last golf season. What a huge loss for the town of Berlin, that this dedicated, hard-working, and gifted talent was not selected as head pro at Timberlin by the Berlin town manager. Those of us who have spent many years patronizing the course feel strongly that given the opportunity Brent would have grown the course to its fullest potential. What a terrible loss for Berlin and fortunate gain for a town astute enough to acquire his services. Dawn Stepensky Berlin

little green in the midst of a sleepy intersection next to Wilcox Cemetery. As the years went by, and traffic increased, no doubt people cut corners, threatening to topple the stone, and so up went the concrete posts and chain fence. Then there are the utility wires (which hang low enough to cut across the top of the monument) and, of course several street signs, plopped right on the green, to help people sort out which way to go. (Main and Grove is a confusing intersection, did the design come from Massachusetts DOT?) The monument commemorates battles soldiers

fought in during the Civil War from Antietam and Gettysburg to the “Wilderness” and Petersburg. The names of 12 local Civil War soldiers are chisled there. It’s quite a beautiful thing. I’m sure, when the monument was installed, organizers didn’t envision a mess such as this. The country’s first Civil War Memorial, located on Percival Avenue, was erected in 1863. It was refurbished in the fall. The stone restoration crew said that, even though it was older, the monument was in better condition than the one in East Berlin. The Percival Avenue one looks a lot better, too. It has a nice, tidy corner as a setting. The Town Council has plans to add the Civil War Monument Refurbishment Project to the town’s Capital Improvement Plan. The Veterans Commission had requested funds to fix See Clutter, page 26

Best of Berlin Today and everyday, only on the web Good morning Berlin! That’s the greeting to welcome you each day to new information about your town available only on The Citizen website at Best of Berlin Today gives you weather, community activities and tidbits about what’s happening here and now. Make sure to check out the website for breaking stories, daily news updates, property transfers, police reports and photos you won’t see anywhere else.

Musical Continued from page 12 the support of the community, the band will be flying off to Florida to represent Berlin in Disney World next spring. (Shannon Williams is a senior at Berlin High School and student band member in charge of publicity. She is also executive assistant of the BHS Band.)

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The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, December 9, 2010


Wreath sales

The New Britain-Berlin Rotary Club has decorated holiday wreaths for sale. All

proceeds benefit the scholarship program. The Rotary Club of New Britain-Berlin annually awards over $10,000 in scholarships to graduat-


ing high school seniors. For more information and cost, call Robin Sharp at (860) 225-4681, ext. 248 or Steve Nims at (860) 828-1659. Boy Scout Troop 24 has scheduled a Christmas wreath sale. Wreaths are over 24” in diameter with a

ribbon, pine cones and berries and are fresh from Vermont. For more information, cost and to place an order, call Joe Tedone at (860) 8280255 to place your order. Delivery can be arranged. Please help support the boys

For the Angel in your life ...

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The Knights of Columbus has scheduled Breakfast with Santa for Sunday, Dec. 12 from 8 a.m. to noon at the St. Paul School gym. An admission fee will be charged. All proceeds benefit charity.


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Products Salon, 526 New Britain Rd., will accept nonperishable food items and unwrapped toys for the Town of Berlin holiday assistance program at its open house for Saturday, Dec. 11 from 4 to 8 p.m. Donations may also be dropped off on or before Dec. 11. For more information, call Stephanie at (860) 966-415.


the original

in Troop 24 who utilize this fundraiser for rank advancements and merit badges.

Open house


146 Mill St., Berlin, CT 860-828-3428



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Thursday, December 9, 2010 — The Berlin Citizen Visit us on the Web:

Holiday Brief


Toy donations

The Berlin Citizen, 979 Farmington Ave., is collecting toys and gift cards for the Berlin Community Services again this year. Donations may be dropped off Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information, call (860) 829-5720.




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The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, December 9, 2010

Protest Continued from page 1

breeding. However, they claim this particular pet store has too many negative stories to be ignored. The group urged potential owners to save a shelter dog or buy from an AKC registered reputable breeder. Peck said at one time he bred dogs himself but currently uses local breeders as well as a breeding facility in South Carolina. He said he’s been in the business for about 20 years; eight in the current location. “We wouldn’t have been around for so long if we didn’t have a good business” and sell good animals, he said. Scott Robbins happened to pass by the protest on his way to the Tinsel Fun Run and decided to join in with the protesters. He’d purchased Roxie, an Old English bulldog, at the store about 20 months ago. Robbins said the dog is “shy, not playful” and has “behavioral and psychological” problems. Although her breeding documents checked out, he had concerns about

Citizen photo by Nick Carroll.

A man illustrates a point with a sign during Saturday’s protest. the transaction as the dog’s parents were not on the premises. Robbins paid $1,300 for the dog and said, in part, he purchased her because “I felt bad for her, in a way.” If a dog owner has any problem with an animal purchased at Home-Raised Puppies, “Just call me and we’ll try to rectify the problem,” Peck said. “It does happen from time to time” that an issue will arise. A pet shop on the premises

is licensed, according to the state Department of Agriculture office. The puppy facility is inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture. The facility has had several USDA inspections over the past year. Among the findings in a March 3 pre-licensing report were: incomplete paperwork, lack of identification of individual dogs and some sanitation issues. A second pre-licensing inspection, March 8, stated that the

“facility met all standards and regulations at this time.” During a routine inspection Sept. 1, the business was cited for incomplete paperwork in regards to dates of acquisition as well as concerns about unlicensed suppliers. “The licensee has been informed that he cannot buy animals from people that have three or more breeding females, acquisition paperwork shows that there are a few sellers that clearly have more than three breeding females. This activity will need to be stopped.” The report also cited the facility for: “a few areas that need to be cleaned or made inaccessible to the puppies” and for surfaces that need to be repainted to ensure these are impervious to moisture. Also, puppies were sometimes held at “a friend’s address” during transport and those locations need to be detailed and accessible for inspection. The report noted that the acquisition documents were corrected before the inspector left the premises.




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Library News Berlin-Peck Memorial Library

Gingerbread Contest Create a gingerbread house and bring it to the library Monday, Dec. 13 through noon on Thursday, Dec. 16. Entries can be submitted in adult, teen or family categories. Gingerbread houses will be judged on their holiday spirit, creativity and overall appearance. Winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded on Dec. 16 at 7 p.m. Contact library for further details. BHS Madrigals The Berlin High School Madrigals are scheduled to perform Thursday, Dec. 16 at 7 p.m. at the library. Refreshments will be served.


Continued from page 8

To vote, rate the homes one through fourteen: No.1 equals first place. Be sure to vote for each house. Votes should be emailed to or mailed to the Junior Woman’s Club of Berlin, Inc, P.O. Box 322, Kensington, CT 06037. Votes must be received no later than Dec.17. Gift certificates to local Berlin based business will be awarded to the three families who receive the greatest number of votes. Here are the addresses of the participating homes: 64 Elizabeth Road 222 Tollgate Road 34 Middletown Road 263 Sunset Lane 147 Ledge Drive 14 Galpin Lane 54 Woodbine Court 55 Northfield Lane 30 Skyview Drive 1071 High Road 363 Percival Avenue 64 Old Brickyard Lane 304 Four Rod Road

HOLIDAY 1182060



Thursday, December 9, 2010 — The Berlin Citizen

HOLIDAY Train exhibit Amato’s Toy and Hobby, 395 Main St., Middletown, has opened its holiday model train exhibit to the public for the holiday season. The exhibit showcases the antique toy and train collection of Vincent Amato, owner, as well as a Lionel layout, a G gauge layout from local model railroad club, and a new exhibit of operating an-

tique Erector sets from the A.C. Gilbert Company of New Haven. The exhibit is free with a nonperishable food item for the local food bank. Cash donations are also welcome to benefit a donation to the Heifer International organization. The exhibit is open Thursday and Fridays evenings and weekends through Dec. 31.

For a complete schedule of times and a sneak preview of the exhibit, visit

Toy drive The 2nd Annual Central Connecticut toy drive to Benefit the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Foundation is collecting new unwrapped toys, infant and children’s clothing, infant necessities and books as well

as toys that are safe and appropriate for hospitalized infants, children or teenagers. The toys are used for children who enter the emergency room, have any type of procedures; both surgical and non surgical, for use in the waiting rooms and the toy cart. Toys and clothes are often given to the less fortunate children. All donations go directly to the CCMC Foundation.

Drop off locations include Simeone’s Mobile, 21 Chamberlain Hwy.; Star Barber Shop, 353 Main St.; TD Bank, 1127 Farmington Ave; PMG Insurance, 675 Berlin Turnpike; Middletown Fire Department, 533 Main St. Middletown and Turgeon Jewelers, 1841-B Berlin Turnpike, Wethersfield. For more information call PMG Insurance at (860) 860828-6764.


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Visit Amato’s 1st Annual Operating Model Train Display See for Details

Put a Train under your TREE thisCash Christmas ! AMA TO’S Model Trains Repaired OLD TRAINS REPAIRED Connecticut’s ONLY Authorized LIONEL Service Center Authorized LIONEL Service Stations



Toy and Hobby Stores

Toy and Hobby Stores

395 Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457 t (860) 347-1893 229-9069 395 Main Street, Middletown, 06457t s(860) (860) 347-1893 283 Main Street, New Britain, CT CT 06457

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283 Main Street, New Britain, CT 06457 s (860) 229-9069


The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, December 9, 2010

Station Continued from page 4

lice station on Farmington avenue, “this will give the town a presence on a main street,” Fitzgerald said. Plus, it would provide “a sense of security to commuters.” The project could be sub-

ject to referendum, if a petition from residents initiated that course of action. Site and facility possibilities Facing the property, from Farmington Avenue, the for-

mer store is on the right. This would be demolished to make room for 40 public parking spaces. The building cannot support a second See Station, page 24

❄First Annual Holiday Gathering ❄ Join Us On December 11th For Our

Please bring an unwrapped toy to benefit the Town of Berlin Holiday Assistance Program. Cocktails & Hors d’oeuvres from 4 - 8 PM Bring A Friend!


estimate of final costs won’t be known until later in the process. There is no outside funding source or subsidies for local police facilities and the cost will be to the town. However, the department will search for any grants that might offset some of the cost, Fitzgerald said. Construction of the new police station at this location would contribute to the town’s ongoing effort to redevelop the area around the Berlin train station, according Jim Mahoney, director of economic development, who handles negotiations for land purchases for the town. Mahoney said continued due diligence, in assessing the property, will likely take until next March or April. Consultants for areas such as

a geo-technical review and environmental review will be brought in during this time to assess the sites’ appropriateness and recommend any remediation that might be needed. At that time, the results of the investigation along with a recommendation, on the purchase, would be made to the council. Mahoney said at this time it appears that “the property meets the needs of the police department and the town is trying to redevelop that area (including) the train station… and this is a step that will help. The police want to be visible and this is in keeping with (the practice of) community policing.” Being accessible to the community and visitors is critical, officials said. Typically, towns have public buildings on a main street, while Berlin has a complex that is tucked away. With a po-

Drop off spot for Berlin’s Holiday Assistance Program. 526 New Britain Rd., Berlin Open Mon.-Sat.; Sundays by Appointment

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HOLIDAY 1182060



The Berlin Citizen Thursday, December 9, 2010


Girls Basketball Preview

New-look Lady Redcoats expect to be competitive By Nick Carroll The Berlin Citizen

The Berlin High School girls basketball team opened its season this week. The following takes a look at the 2010-11 Lady Redcoats: Coach: Sheila King (seventh year). Assistants: Ken Skoglund, Todd Lentini. Last year: The Lady Redcoats claimed the Central Connecticut Conference South Division championship and rolled up a record of 22-3. Berlin fell to eventual state champion Hillhouse, 54-47, in the CIAC Class L state semifinals. Key losses: Katelyn Zarotney (15.6 points, 9.6 rebounds per-game last year, BHS alltime scoring leader), Alexys Vazquez (10.8 points, 2.3 assists per-game, BHS all-time 3-point leader), Kaitlyn Bovee (9.6 points, 7.2 rebounds per-game), Kim Rasmussen (9.6 points, 3.4 assists per-game).

Photo by Matt Leidemer

The Berlin High School girls basketball team expects big things from junior Chelsea Vujs, pictured in action last winter. This season: The Lady Redcoats were hit hard by graduation, but several returning players have com-

peted in big time, pressurecooker environment games, including seniors Monique St. Jarre and Alyssa Barrett

and junior Chelsea Vujs. A 6-foot-1 inside player, St. Jarre averaged 3.4 points and 6.3 rebounds per-game

Berlin got a tough draw in Hillhouse 8th seed Academics to play for Class M crown By Nick Carroll The Berlin Citizen

At closer inspection, top-seed Berlin’s 33-30 loss to eighth-seed Hillhouse in the quarterfinals of the CIAC Class M state playoffs last week may not be so shocking after all. Ponder this: Two of Hillhouse’s three regular season losses were to Class LL schools, Xavier and Cheshire. And Hillhouse held undefeated Xavier, widely regarded as the state’s top team, to just nine points. Hillhouse’s only other regular season defeat was to Lyman Hall, a Class M playoff team with eight wins. So perhaps Berlin’s loss to Hillhouse was not the earthshattering event it was made out to be.

“You’ve got to keep it in perspective,” BHS coach John Capodice said. Berlin got off to a shaky start in the Class M quarterfinals and trailed Hillhouse 13-0 in the second quarter. The locals sliced their deficit to five points by halftime. Max DeLorenzo accounted for his team’s lone TD in the first half, a rushing score. Considering the way his team performed at times during the first two periods, Capodice said “I was thrilled to be down 13-8 at halftime.” The Redcoats looked much better after the break. DeLorenzo ran for two long touchdowns in the third and Berlin headed into the fourth leading 22-13. But Hillhouse, which went on to blast No. 4 seed Gilbert/Northwest Regional, 42-

14, in the Class M semifinals, refused to go away. In the fourth, Berlin quarterback Zach Zulkewicz connected with Mason Powers for a TD, but Hillhouse struck for three touchdowns in the final frame to take the lead for good. The goahead score came with just 30 seconds to play. On top 30-27 with 2:09 remaining in regulation, the Redcoats attempted a fake punt at the See Crown, next page Photo by Matt Leidemer

Berlin High School’s Frank Murphy attempts to knock down a Hillhouse pass in the CIAC Class M state quarterfinals last week at Scalise Field.

as a junior. Barrett, a 5-6 guard, netted 3.7 points and grabbed 1.6 rebounds pergame last winter. A 5-9 forward, Vujs was good for 4.6 points and 2.8 rebounds pergame as a sophomore. Other experienced returnees include sophomore Ashley Malloy (3 points, 1.4 rebounds per-game), and seniors Jessica Szczepanik and Stephanie LaPierre. The team’s top newcomer is Paige Young. Barrett and Szczepanik are team captains. Outlook: Berlin has plenty of speed and intensity, decent size, and a core of varsity-tested players to lean on. However, Coach King is concerned about her team’s consistency. Still, she expects the Lady Redcoats to be very competitive. “Despite the loss of some great players, the team anxiously awaits the start of the 2011 season. They will focus

See Lady, page 21


The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, December 9, 2010

200-plus come out for annual race

Photos by Matt Leidemer

The 26th annual Berlin-Kensington YMCA Tinsel Fun Run was held Saturday. More than 200 runners and walkers — many in festive costumes — completed the twomile course. Brian Graca, of Rocky Hill, won the race in a time of 10:07. Berlin’s Jason Dascher clocked a time of 11:09 and finished second. Tinsel Fun Run results are posted online at


Continued from page 19


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Hillhouse 39-yard line, but didn’t pick up a first down. Hillhouse took over in good field position and capped the drive with the game-winning TD. Whether Berlin punted or turned the ball over on downs leading by three, Capodice surmised “It really didn’t matter. What’s it a difference of, 15, 20 yards? It was kind of irrelevant.” The Redcoats wrapped up their 2010 campaign with a sparkling record of 10-1 and the Central Connecticut Conference Division III championship. However, this fall, the locals had their sights set on their second Class M crown. So a quarterfinal round playoff exit was difficult to swallow. As the final second ticked off the clock last week, ending Berlin’s season, Capodice said “you’re just so disappointed for the kids. You really feel for them. You want them to have success and achieve all their goals. You’re disappointed for them.” “But only four teams will finish the season happy,” Capodice added. “You have to be realistic.” DeLorenzo’s final appearance at Scalise Field was a memorable one. Aside from his three touchdowns, the senior rushed for a seasonhigh 208 yards against Hillhouse. DeLorenzo, who will continue his career at the University of Connecticut, leaves Berlin with a slew of school records and the respect of players, coaches and fans. “When he came to the high school we all knew his abilities,” Capodice said. “But he really exceeded everyone’s expectations, not only as a player, but as a person.” DeLorenzo highlighted a 19-player senior class. “The kids accomplished a

See Crown, next page


Thursday, December 9, 2010 — The Berlin Citizen Kiwanis Club of Berlin


• Removal • Pruning • Firewood BERLIN

(860) 828-8895

It was a great season for the Berlin High School boys soccer program. The BHS varsity team advanced to its first-ever state tournament semifinal, and the junior varsity team, pictured, rolled up an undefeated record of 13-0-3.

Crown Continued from page 20

lot,” Capodice said of the group, pointing out, among other things, the team’s 2009 Class M state championship and its back-to-back CCC Division III titles. “They were a great, great group of kids to coach.” “Obviously, those football players will be difficult to replace,” Capodice added. “Now

Lady Continued from page 19 on continuing the tradition of excellent basketball, team unity, and another winning season,” King said. “I am confident these players will use their experiences from state tournament play in 2009 and 2010 to get themselves into the CCC tournament, and postseason play. Driven by heart and desire, matched with talent, they will be exciting to watch.” Platt, Maloney and Bristol Eastern appear to be Berlin’s stiffest competition in the CCC South.

Lacrosse club Registration for the 2011 Berlin Lacrosse Club will take place Tuesday, Dec. 14 and Wednesday, Dec. 15, 6:30 to 8 p.m., at the Community Center. Registration is open to boys in third grade through high school, and girls in grades 5 through 8. Come prepared with health insurance information. For more information, contact Berlin Lacrosse Club representatives Dave Bernard,, or Jim Shirley,

Equipment sought Brittany Labbadia, a junior at Berlin High School, is collecting unwanted sports equipment which will be donated to the Boys & Girls Club of New Britain for Christmas. Equipment will be collected through Saturday, Dec. 18. To arrange for a pick-up, contact Labbadia at:


O 29-1779 T U A 860-8 BERLIN’S





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ing starters are current junior Tommy Undercuffler and sophomore Mitch Blanchette. Check out for season statistics.

Bulletin Board

BE 684


H.O.D. 7

the next group coming through has the baton.” The 2011 Redcoats won’t have much varsity experience. The team’s only return-

TREES • Wreaths • Holiday Boughs

VFW 152 Massirio Drive, Kensington


Super season


The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, December 9, 2010

BHS winter sports schedules

Varsity Boys Basketball


Team • Corporate • School

Owner Operators Enzo & Lisa Mariano

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Varsity Girls Basketball

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Thursday, December 9, 2010 — The Berlin Citizen

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Varsity Boys Swimming

BHS winter sports schedules


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The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, December 9, 2010


Property to the left of the expanded warehouse would Continued from page 18 be used for numerous parking facilities: staff, officials, floor and was deemed unsuitvehicle impound, and a covable for the police facility. ered parking area. Two existThe proposed station ing buildings at 889 Farmingwould consist of a wareton Ave. (rear lot) would be house, back and left of the demolished for this purpose. store, which would be rehaThe size is based on the bilitated and expanded. This projection of manpower would include a two-story staffing will require in years (12,300 square feet), addition to come and on the archibuilt incorporated into the tect’s recommendation. existing building (17,400 “It’s being built for the fusquare feet). ture,” said Deputy Chief The new station would John Klett said, “and the have about 30,000 square feet needs of the town 20 years compared to the 10,000 square from now.” feet in the current facility un“Over all there is a shortder Town Hall. age of space for doing day-to-

day business,” Fitzgerald said. Dispatch is “terribly overcrowded” as technology has been layered in over the years. The same is true in the locker rooms. The bars on cells are archaic and ventilation, in this mostly interior space, is poor. The current space is “unfriendly to our customers,” Fitzgerald said. People come in with sensitive issues that require privacy and that’s difficult to find in a cubicle or lobby which now serve as interview spaces. The new facility would have a public lobby where the dispatch center was located.

It is also an opportunity to create “a secure station”. The design includes a secure corridors, covered parking areas, as well as work areas that maximize the efficiency of staff. In the new design, there is a firing range on site. The range located at the Town Hall facility was shut down a couple of years ago due to ventilation problems. Now officers train offsite and this typically requires overtime. There is currently no facility for the canine division (two police dogs); the new design provides a canine run and storage area. A second story, in the new facility,

would include: a kitchen, a training facility, storage, and conference room, for the police commission, that the public can access. A youth work area, and youth detention area, are also in the new design. Fitzgerald said as many as 100 youth a year are in the station for some purpose (not necessarily booking). By state statute, youth are not allowed contact with any adult held in custody. Evidence, which is currently stored in a variety of places around town, would have a secure processing and storage area.


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Thursday, December 9, 2010 — The Berlin Citizen

Salina Continued from page 11 firm specializing in strategic initiatives and policy support.”

Malloy said the individuals chosen for the committees “reflect the diversity of opinion, experience, political party, and cultural background that make Connecticut the great state it is.” The steering committee

includes Wyman, who serves as co-chair with Tim Bannon who will be chief of staff in the new administration. Also: Lorraine Aronson, Greg Butler, Chris Cooney, Kathryn Emmett, Scott Jackson (mayor of Hamden),

Juanita James, state Senator Andrew McDonald, Roy Occhiogrosso, Mark Ojakian, John Olsen, Pedro Segarra (mayor of Hartford), and Shawn Wooden. The policy committee consists of co-chairs Linda Kel-

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Foundation for Public Giv-

ing; and Joe McGee, vice

president of public policy for

The Business Council of Fairfield County.




SNOW PLOWING • 860-883-8985

ly, president of the Hartford



Dec. 9

For more information, call Scoutmaster Joe Greco at (860) 828-8579 or email



Boy Scouts – Boy Scout Troop 24 meets Thursdays from 6:30 to 8:15 p.m. at the Community Center. Stop in or call Joe Tedone at (860) 828-0255. Boy Scouts – Boy Scout Troop 41, sponsored by Bethany Covenant Church, meets Thursdays from 7:15 to 8:30 p.m. at the church.



Holiday Boutique – The Kensington Nursery School has scheduled its Holiday Boutique for Friday, Dec. 10 from 5 to 9 p.m. at the Kensington Congregational Church parish hall, 312 Percival Ave. Many vendors are scheduled to offer a variety of products.






Derek Jutras Broker/Owner




Photos with Santa – The Griswold Parents Club has scheduled photos with Santa for Saturday, Dec. 11 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at DeMaria Family Farm, 1165 Edgewood Rd. Have photos taken with Santa on an old-fashion sleigh. Donations to Griswold Elementary School’s Parents Club are accepted. Event is weather permitting. For more information, contact Roast beef dinner - The Kensington Congregational Church Men’s club has scheduled its monthly Roast Beef Dinner on Saturday, Dec. 11 at 6 p.m. in the church hall. The menu includes USDA prime roast beef with mashed potatoes, green beans and bread and a choice of warm apple or peach crumb with vanilla ice cream. An option of macaroni and cheese is available for children. Reservations can be made by calling the

Molly is a beautiful, gray/blue one year old with silky long hair. She is extremely friendly, intelligent, bubbly and loves all people. Molly has been waiting for a home for a while because she does not like other cats or dogs. She is housed at the PetSmart in Plainville and is waiting for you to visit her. For more information about Molly or other animals available for adoption, call (860) 828-5287. church at (860) 828-4511; walk-ins will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis. Berlin Historical Society - The Berlin Historical Society, at the corner of Peck and Main Streets, welcomes visitors to its museum on 532 New Britain Rd. Kensington (860) 828-0377


“Trust the Experts” 951 Farmington Ave., Berlin, CT 06037

Pet Adoption


Office (860) 828-7877 Fax (860) 828-5797 Cell (860) 883-7091


The Berlin Citizen Thursday, December 9, 2010

Since 1963


Saturdays from 1 to 4 p.m. Admission is free. View displays of the Berlin Trolley, street histories, the Leather Man and his local caves along with our extensive permanent collection of tin, bricks, toys and more. One of the best ways you can be a part of Berlin’s 225th anniversary celebration is to visit the museum and learn more about our town’s history. Meetings are open to the public and are held the third Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. at the museum. For more information, call (860) 828-5114.

See Calendar, next page BERLIN



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BERLIN LOOK WHAT SANTA HAS FOR YOU! 7 rm. Dutch Col. 3 bdrms., 2-l/2 bths., 2 frpls. Great 1st flr. family room with beamed ceilings. 2 car oversized garage. Located on cul-de-sac....$289,997. Barbara Warchol 550-5026.



This beautiful home features 4 large bedrooms, 2nd floor laundry, great room open to the kitchen. Hardwood floors thru out first floor. Quartz countertops. Tray ceiling in dining room. All new construction - move right in! $499,900

3 Building lots available/Crystal Falls! $175,000 each. These lots are a fantastic opportunity to build on your own home or you can build with a builder. Come see this unique opportunity to design your very own dream home!

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Continued from page 13 cracks, chips and worndown lettering. The cost of the Monument Refurbishment Project won’t exceed $16,000. That’s good, but no matter how pretty the restoration makes the centerpiece, it won’t do justice to the site unless that pile of wires, signs and other clutter is cleaned up, too. Maybe the monument should be moved into the grove where it can project its stateliness without being at war with the junk of a modern world.


Thursday, December 9, 2010 — The Berlin Citizen


School News

Northwest honor roll

Berlin residents named to the first quarter honor roll at Northwest Catholic High School are: First honors Michael Burek, Andrew Dornfried, Sarah Dotter, Tyler Stites. Second honors Peter Armetta.

Mercy High

Sister Mary A. McCarthy, principal of Mercy High School in Middletown has announced the names of the following students as honor roll students for the first marking period. High honors Shannon Carabetta, Taylor Carson, Alina Gallupe, Molly Majewicz, Amanda Starr, Jillian Wollman, Nicole Muzio. First honors Michelle Corriveau, Emily Cunningham, Chelsey Curren, Katherine Roux, Kara Sienkiewicz, Danielle Veronneau, Jaime Clark, Lauren Fazzino. Second honors Ashley Golebiewski, Jenna Lynch, Angela Panagopoulos, Taylor Strobino, Meghan Begley, Elizabeth Bellandese, Kendall McKinnon, Carly Michaels, D’Ana Rocco.

All Night Graduation Party

Pizza fundraiser Dine in or take out at Bill’s Pizza on Tuesday, Dec. 14 from 4 to 8 p.m. A portion of proceeds benefit the BHS All Night Graduation Party. Reflective house signs The Berlin High School Class of 2011 All Night Graduation Committee has blue reflective house sign for sale. The reflective signs can help emergency vehicles to quickly locate your house. They’re easy to install and make great gifts. For more information and cost, call Rhonda Lapierre at (860) 829-1958 or Flamingo Flocking The Berlin High School Class of 2011 All Nigh Graduation Committee has coordinated a Flamingo Flocking

fundraiser. To arrange to have a flock of bright pink flamingos fly to a Berlin family or friend, call (860) 8286986. The All Night Graduation Party is a fun, safe and memorable drug and alcohol free event for graduating seniors. Parent donation request The Berlin High School Class of 2011 All Night Graduation Party Committee is asking each family of senior students to donate $50 to help offset the expense of the evening. This is not mandatory, and no child will be turned away; however, this event is very costly and the committee appreciates any and all support. The All Night Graduation Party provides a safe and fun evening for graduating seniors on their graduation night. Donations may be sent to Ellen Calafiore, 33 Round Hill Rd, Kensington, CT 06037. Checks may be made payable to: BHS Grad Party. For more information, contact Ellen Calafiore at (860) 223-6313 or

Calendar Continued from page 26



Breakfast with Santa – the Knights of Columbus has scheduled Breakfast with Santa for Sunday, Dec. 12 from 8 a.m. to noon in the St. Paul School gym. An admission fee will be charged. All proceeds benefit charity. Bake sale – Friends of Berlin Animals Control have scheduled a bake sale for Sunday, Dec. 12 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the American Legion, 154 Porters Pass. Proceeds benefit foster and shelter animals.



VFW Auxiliary 10732 – The Berlin VFW Post and

Scrivo-Parafati Deborah Scrivo and Salvatore Parafati were married on Saturday, Aug. 14, 2010 at Daniel L. Marsh Chapel in Boston, Mass. The bride is the daughter of Pamela Scrivo of Portland and the late Wayne Scrivo of Higganum. The groom is the son of Bruno and Lina Parafati of Berlin. The bride’s sister, Heather Lemieux was matron of honor. Bridesmaids were Kerry Scrivo, sister-in-law of the bride; Cathy Parafati, sister of the groom and Katie Parafati, sister-in-law of the groom. Sophie Scrivo, niece of the bride was the flower girl. The best man was the groom’s brother Enzo Parafati. Groomsmen were Kurt Scrivo, brother of the bride; Mike Bassermann, future brother-in-law of the groom and Kevin Lemieux, brother-in-law of the bride. The ring bearer was nephew of the bride, Tyler Lemieux. Readers at the ceremony were Meg Vancott, friend of the bride and Dave Francalangia, friend of the

Auxiliary 10732 have scheduled a Christmas celebration for Monday, Dec. 13 at noon at the Post home. Those planning to attend are requested to donate $2 for the Cancer fund and also bring a nonperishable food donation for the Berlin food pantry. Please RSVP to Anne Wilchynsky at (860) 829-8086. All Night Grad Party – The 2010 Berlin High School All Night Graduation Party Parents meeting is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 13 at 6:30 p.m. at Willard Elementary School all purpose room. All parents are welcome. Join the Berlin All Night Grad Party Facebook group to keep up to date on all of the upcoming events.



Pasta supper – The American Legion Post 68, 154 Porters Pass, hosts a pas-

groom. The reception was held at The State Room, Boston, Mass. The bride and groom honeymooned in Mauai,

Oahu and Kauai, HI.

ta supper every Tuesday from 5 to 7 p.m. The public is welcome. For more information, call the post at (860) 828-9102 after 5 p.m. All Night Grad Party Decorating – The 2011 All Night Graduation Party Decorating committee meets every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Willard Elementary School. Help as often as you can. Drop-ins are welcome. Boy Scouts — Boy Scout Troop 256, chartered by the Kensington Volunteer Fire Department, meets Tuesday evenings at the Kensington firehouse. For more information, call Ed Alicea, scoutmaster, (860) 828-8693. Boy Scouts — Boy Scout Troop 44, chartered by the Berlin Lions, meets Tuesdays at 7 p.m. at Bethany Covenant Church. For more information, call Troop Committee Chair at (860) 829-1832. Kensington-Berlin Rotary – The Kensington-

Berlin Sunrise Rotary Club meets every Tuesday from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. at the Community Center. Members of the club are dedicated to doing good works in the community. Guests are invited to attend any meeting. For more information, call Elaine Pavasaris at (860) 4639193.

The couple are both em-

ployed with Aetna, Hartford and reside in Berlin.



Shingles vaccine clinic Stop & Shop Pharmacy, 1135 Farmington Ave., has scheduled a shingles vaccine clinic for adults 60 and older on Wednesday, Dec. 15. A prescription is required.For more information, appointments and cost, call (860) 828-0772 to speak to a pharmacist.

Send us your calendar news:


The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, December 9, 2010


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LABRADOR PUPPIES - AKC, Black & yellow. Males & females. $600. Taking deposits. Ready Christmas. Call (860) 347-9388 leave message.


PETS & LIVESTOCK CHEVROLET MALIBU LS 1999 $3,288 30 Day 1,500 MILE WARRANTY BUY HERE - PAY HERE! Down payments as low as $588 Plus tax & reg. (203) 269-1106

PETS & LIVESTOCK 155 GALLON Aquarium with cabinets below with 400 gallon pump plus extras in tank. $450 firm. $3000 value. Call 203265-7509 John or Patti

TO BE SOLD AT DEALER AUCTION on DEC. 16, 2010 2001 HONDA 2HKRL18621H009834 Statewide Auto Auction 1756 No. Broad St, Meriden, CT DEALERS ONLY

FINANCE Buy Here Pay Here Financing! Down pymts as low as $588 plus tax & reg, low weekly pymts, no finance charge, or credit check cars under $3000. Call 203-5305905, Cheap Auto Rental LLC.

ACURA Integra 1990 sedan. 4cyl. 5-spd. PW. AM/FM/ cass. Alarm. New battery, brakes & tires. Non-smoker. 1 owner. Very clean. Exc cond. $2295. Russ 203-634-9340, 203-623-5763


Appliance Repairs

Will Deliver

203-284-8986 CHAIR, boudoir. off-white good cond. $25. Meriden (203)2358229

ENTERTAINMENT Center, black Ikea Expedit model: $99 w/ lights & 5 drawers; White PC desk w/ hutch, rolling cart, Ikea model: $55 w/ free chair. Call 203-235-4693

GOAT Live meat goats available. Intact males, various ages. Steady supply. Call 203 560-7428 LADIES Luggage Amelia Earhart. Red. Two for $10. (203) 235-6015 OIL painting 3 piece set. All have floral arrangement picture in pastel colors. All frames are granite gray. 1 large is approximately 20x24, and the 2 small are approximately 8x10. Asking $100 or best offer. Call 203-235-2784 TOILET Safety Frame Rail $20. (203) 294-0631 TWO Crystal Lamps. No shades. 24 inches. Asking $75. (203) 235-3506


FREE - beige w/ flowers chair and ottoman, you pick up call 203-623-1699

CAST IRON pellet stove (Auster-Flaum) fireplace insert. $750. Call 203-238-2095 after 5pm or leave message.

FULL size bed & nightstand $500. (Sold)-Treadmill $100. HE Washer $200/OBO. 42” oak ceiling fan, $20. 52” cherry ceiling fan, $30. 203-232-6311

ELECTRIC Fireplace with remote. Will heat large room. Excellent condition. $750. Call (203) 530-1484

OAK Double dresser, mirror, twin headboard & frame. Very good condtion. $150. Call 203-235-7446

SEASONED Firewood $200 per cord Delivery available 203-376-2805

TV- 27 inch console. $40. Large oak bathroom medicine chest. $20. Both in excellent condition. Call (203) 237-6807

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE 14 Shirley Temple Videos and video cassette recorder. $70 for all. Call (860) 463-6815 7’ Artificial Christmas Tree, Stand, Ornaments, Angels, Icicle Lights. $100. 860- 628-5791

SEASONED firewood, pickup or local delivery. Cut & split. Approx 16-18in. $200/cord; $125/half cord. 203-294-1775.


PISTOL PERMIT CERTIFICATION CLASS Required for CT applicants. $100. Call 203-415-1144


Thursday, Thursday, December 9, 2010 — The Berlin Citizen SPORTING GOODS & HEALTH BOWFLEX XTL - All attachments. Best offer. Call (203) 626-5340 TREADMILL - Nordictrak C1800 - Asking $650. Please call 203-430-4174


ANNALEE Dolls Made in USA. Good selection. Mint condition. 203-599-0011

MUSICAL INSTRUMENT & INSTRUCTIONS PRIVATE MUSIC LESSONS. Many different instruments offered. Beginners to Advanced. Experienced music teachers. Call Sarah or Mark 203-235-1546 Fall openings available. SIGN up now for music lessons for the winter session. Experienced musical teachers for drums, piano and Pro Tools recording. Safe, heated lesson spaces in Wlfd. Close to hwys. Call 203-265-7563 ask for B.J.

DEPT 56 - Snow Village. Large collection. $250 for everything. Call (203) 235-3065

Voice Lessons All Ages and Levels Welcome

Swords & Daggers.

Piano Lessons


Beginner to Intermediate De Fiore Vocal & Piano Studio Roberta (203) 630-9295


HOUSES FOR RENT SCANNER, Visioneer 7100 One Touch. $10.00 203-634-8286


$$$ CA$H $$$ Estate sale service provided. Seeking: Antiques, Meridenmade items, lamps, paintings. Call Todd Shamock 203-237-3025

1-2 ITEMS Silverware, China, Glass. Furniture. 50’s Items. Whole Estates.

203-238-3499 Always Buying Everything Old or Collectible. Call or stop by Frank’s, 18 S. Orchard St. Wallingford. 203-284-3786 or 203-379-8731

ALWAYS Buying, Old, used and antique hand tools. Carpentry, machinist and workbench tools. If you have old or used tools that you are no longer using, call with confidence. Fair & friendly offers made in your home. Please call Cory 860613-1108

DEE’S ANTIQUES Buying Collectibles, Jewelry & Silver. China, Glass, Military, Musical. Anything old & unusual. Single item to an estate.

MERIDEN Charming MUST SEE 2 bedroom, 1 bath ranch on quiet eastside. Partially finished basement possible 3rd bedroom. Sec 8 welcome. Borgnine Properties @ 203-848-0360. MERIDEN Small 3BR house. WD hookup. Deck. Gas heat. $1175/mo. First & security. Available immediately. Call 203-918-9035 or 203-832-2328 MERIDEN- 2 BR House for rent. Off st. parking. Small pet ok. Available immediately. $975/mo. Call (860) 478-2617


MERIDEN East Side Condo 2BR. Fully applianced. No pets. No smoking. $875 (203) 235-4853 MERIDEN-2BR, 1 1/2 bath townhouse, end unit, natural gas baseboard heat/hot water. Located close to routes 691, 91, 84, 66 & Berlin Tpke. Call for details 860-267-2834

Flanders West Apts Southington

Studio & 1 Bedroom Apts Affordable apts for qualified applicants 50 yrs of age or older Small pets accepted Please call 860-621-3954 TTY 711

L & E PROPERTY Management offers Meriden - 3 BR apts From $900 + sec. & utils. Avail. Immed. 203-938-3789 MER-1BR, 3rd flr, remodeled, sep utils. Refs & good credit. $550/mo. Call Jeff Owner /Agent 860-621-7503 MER. FURNISHED apts: Incl Heat, Elec, HW. East Side, 2nd flr Studio, $758/mo+ sec. 1BR, 3rd fl, $845/mo+sec. 12pm-8pm 203630-3823 or MERIDEN - 1BR, 3rms, small apt., 2nd flr, Stove & refrigerator. Carpet. New tilt windows. Parking. No pets. Refs. & sec. dep. $500. 860-276-0552 MERIDEN - 2BR, 5Rms, 2nd flr, Newly redecorated, WW carp, appls. No utils. No pets. Sec. $850/mo. Garage available. 203-631-9929 MERIDEN - 2BR, New appliances. Hardwood floors. Off st parking. No smoking/pets. Heat & HW included. $900/mo. (203) 444-5722 MERIDEN - 54 North Ave, 2 bdrm. No pets. Two months security deposit. Good credit. $690 Call 203-223-3983 MERIDEN -WALLINGFORD LINE Large, 1BR Luxury Condo. Laundry. No pets. $650 + utilities Call 203-245-9493 MERIDEN 1 BR. 1st Floor. 91 Lincoln St. Stove & refrigerator Section 8 Approved. $650 plus security. Interested? Call 203-927-8215

2 BR YALESVILLE On the Green 2BR, 2 bath. All appliances included. W/D. Gas heat. Exercise Facility, Patio & BBQ Area. No pets. Call 203-464-8066


1 BR, 2 BR & Studio Starting at $595 per month. Heat & HW incl. Off street parking 203-886-7016



MERIDEN 3 BR, 2nd Fl. Clean. $850. 31 Twiss St. (203) 235-0274-leave message.

MERIDEN- 1BR, quiet apt in S. Meriden. $645 incl. electricity W/D facilities. 203-235-1468

Looking for the perfect new home for your Mother, Father, Aunt, Friend or Yourself?…….

MERIDEN 3 LG BR, 1st Fl. Stove & refrig. WD hookup right in unit. Off st. parking. Section 8 approved. 203-284-5843

PLANTSVILLE Mansion -Two 1BR apts, New appls. Pergo flrs. Porch. Inexpensive utils. Big yard. $700-$800. Reduced winter rent. Sm. pet Ok. 203-910-4349

You Found It! S a g e Po n d P l a c e


SOUTHINGTON Updated 1 BR, 2nd fl. Very Clean. Hdwd flrs. Appl’s. Off st parking. No utils. No pets. Sec & refs. $650/mo. (860) 621-4463 (860)302-6051

80 East Main St. $425 - SMALL STUDIO $450 LARGE STUDIO $600 - 2 BEDROOM Property Max 203-843-8006

MERIDEN 1023 Old Colony Rd.

203-235-8431 FISHING TACKLE. Local collector looking for old or new rods, reels, lures. Highest prices paid. Call Dave anytime 860-463-4359


Starting at $750. Heat & HW incl. Ask about 1 month free rent. 203-639-8751 MERIDEN 2 BR, Gravel St. Appliances. Nice, clean, quiet. Laundry room. $750. Available now. Call 203-630-6999 MERIDEN 2-3BRs Apts Starting at $670. 404 Center St; 53 Prospect St. Off st parking. 1st mont rent FREE w/1yr lease. Sec & ref. Mike (203) 537-6137 MERIDEN 3 BR Clean, 1st floor. Stove & refrigerator included. WD hookup. Private yard, full basement. Small pets at discretion of landlord. Bunker Ave. $980 per month. Section 8 approved. 203-671-3112

WALLINGFORD 1 BR 3rd Fl. Remodeled, C-Air & heat. EIK, new appls & cabinets. Off st parking. Washer & Dryer. No pets. $750 + sec 203-272-3855

MERIDEN Clean, recently updated apartments. Off street parking. WD hookup. 3 BR - $900 ** 3/4 BRs $1100 203-417-1675 MERIDEN Cook Avenue 1 BR. 2nd fl. Renovated. $775 includes heat, hot water and electric. (203) 265-4664 MERIDEN MOVE IN SPECIAL Studios, 1 BR & 2 BR Free Heat & HW incl. ACs. 24 hr maintenance. Sec. guard. Laundry Rm. Off st parking. 203-630-2841

WALLINGFORD 1BR, 2nd fl, sunny, cheerful. Great location. South Whittlesey St. area. W/D hkups, off st-parking. No smoking/pets. $800/mo+sec. Call 203-265-1070 WALLINGFORD 1BR, 2nd flr, appliances, central location, $750 a month, 1 month security. No pets. Call 203-317-9824 WALLINGFORD 1st floor, 1Br, Appl, full basement, off St parking, near I91, no smoking, credit check, Ref’s, $775 plus Sec. 203-499-9453

MERIDEN Studio Apartment- $500. 530 East Main Street Call Mike (646) 642-4334 MERIDEN- Crown Village. 2BR, newly remodeled, large unit. Heat & Hot Water included. Laundry, pool, off st. parking. Sec. 8 approved. 203-269-1508. MERIDEN- Fully Furnished 3 Rooms, 1 BR, LR, kitchen. Private bath. $675 per month. Lease & security deposit required. Call 203-238-9772 MERIDEN- Spacious 2 BR apartment, $850. 2BR Townhouse. $1000. Ennis Realty 203-6399092 MERIDEN-1BR apartments. Offst parking. Hot water incld. No pets. $625/mo. + sec. Call 203634-4634 MERIDEN-1BR lovely end unit, E. side complex. Large & modern. Appls. incl. Deck, off st. park. Secure bldg. $695 incl. HW. 203-269-0763 MERIDEN-1BRS. All appliances & hot water incl 2 mo. sec.. No pets. Coin op laundry. 1095 Old Colony Rd. Showings 9-11 am. 203-581-3620 MERIDEN-2BR + DR, LD, kit, pantry. Large 2nd flr apt w/private entry. $850/mo. incl. fridge, stove & w/d hookup. No pets, utils or smoking. 1 year lease, credit check & refs. req. Sec. & 1st mo. rent. 203-608-8348

WALLINGFORD 1st flr, 1BR $750+sec. 162 S Colony St. No utils. No pets. Good credit. Call 203-553-5555 WALLINGFORD 2 bdrm. Near center.Clean. Nice yard. Quiet. Off st parking, deck. $955+ 203-243-3505

WALLINGFORD 2 BR, 1 Bath in apartment complex. WD Hookup. Carpet, hardwood & vinyl floors. Plus Utilities. Pets OK. Call Grace (203) 464-8066. WALLINGFORD 2 or3 BR, 1st Floor. All nice & clean. Hardwood floors. Off street parking. W/D hookup. No pets, no smoking. Call 203-269-5733 WALLINGFORD 2BR 1BA 1st FL Pets OK Off-ST PRKG. HDWD Flr Eat-in Kit w/Crmc New Apl W/D HK-UP $950 (203) 213-6829 WALLINGFORD 2BR, 2ND FL Carpet, stove & Fridge. Pets negotiable. No utilities. $775/mo plus security deposit. Call (203) 284-1607 after 3 pm WALLINGFORD 2BR, LR, DR in 2 family, 1st flr, off st. parking. No pets. Credit check. $850 + utils. 203-284-1853

MERIDEN-2BR, 2nd flr. Avail now! No pets. $675/mo. Section 8 approved. 203-427-7706

WALLINGFORD 2BR. Great location near Choate. Hdwd flrs. Off st parking. Washer & dryer incl Nice, bright apt. $900/mo + utils & sec. 203-379-6282

MERIDEN-Spacious 4BR in quiet residential area, near highways, off-st-parking. $1350/mo. Call 203-624-0355 or 203-710-2000

WALLINGFORD 2nd Floor Remodeled. New bath, kit & flrs. 2 BR. WD. Stove, refrig. Fence in yard. Garage extra. $900. Owner/Agent 203-269-7348

MOVE IN SPECIAL MERIDEN- 1BR - $750/month. Heat, Hot Water, Electric incl. Private balcony. Call for info 203-639-4868

WALLINGFORD Cozy 2 BR, 2nd Floor Convenient location. Off street parking. $825/month. No pets. 203-269-9585

Nestled off the road in a quiet, wooded setting!

Brand New Beautiful 1 Bedroom Apartments in Berlin For Active Adults 55 and better

Only $950 Heat, Hot and Cold Water Included Central air! Intercom system! Fully applianced kitchens On-site laundry! with frost free refrigerator, Library with computer range with self cleaning oven, workstation! dishwasher, garbage disposal! Ample on-site parking! Community room with fireplace Picnic area with grill! and full service kitchen! 24-hr. maintenance! Secure three-story building with elevators!

Call Now!

(860) 828-3958 also accepting applications for Affordable Units Income Restriction Apply Merit Properties, Inc. Financed by CHFA APARTMENTS FOR RENT WALLINGFORD Lg. full sized 2 BR, 3rd Fl. Quiet, central loc. Stove & refrigerator. Pantry, walk-in closets, front porch. No pets/smoking. 203-269-0123

APARTMENTS FOR RENT WALLINGFORD - 2 BR, lg kitch, 2nd flr, off-str pkg, $950 incl utils, Meadow St, 203-530-1840


WALLINGFORD STUDIO Totally remodeled. $600 + utils. No smoking. No pets. Off st parking. Laundry Room with washer and dryer. (203) 889-1940

MERIDEN CLEAN SAFE ROOMS Heat, elec, HW incld. E.Side, kit privileges, off-st park. $125/wk. + sec. Call 12-8pm 203-630-3823 or

WALLINGFORD-1BR inclds heat & HW. Lease & security. No pets. $795/mo. Call 203265-7101 JJ Bennett Realty

MERIDEN. Room for rent, all util, share kit, bath & LR. Washer & dryer, off st parking. $125/week. 2 wks sec. (203) 605-8591

WALLINGFORD-1BR inclds heat & HW. Lease & security. No pets. $795/mo. Call 203265-7101 JJ Bennett Realty

Meadowstone Motel- Off I-91. Sat. TV, furn’d. Daily/Wkly On Bus Line. 203-239-5333

WALLINGFORD-East Side quiet 2BR, near I-91. Ample closets. Off st. parking. Washer/Dryer in unit. No pets. $900/mo. + utils. Call 203-269-6297 WALLINGFORD-YMCA area. 1st flr ranch unit, 1BR, LR, DR, Kit., Appl, off st parking. $745/mo + sec. Refs. 203-269-2575


GARAGE & STORAGE SPACE FOR RENT WALLINGFORD Garage for rent. 1 car garage avail. 14x19ft $95. Storage only!Cement floor, new roof. Dead end street. Owner/Agent 203-269-7348


WLFD- NORTHRIDGE Commons, spacious 1 & 2BR units. $725 - $875 & up 203-269-5770

WANTED 4 or 5 room house or apt. Meriden area. Middle age, section 8, clean, 1 cat. $850 per month. (203) 238-9756

Call to place your Marketplace ad any time

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Marketplace Advertising Direct Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

(877) 238-1953


The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, December 9, 2010 STORES & OFFICES FOR RENT

MERIDEN For Lease 1250 SF of Office Space Call 203-272-8530


ATTIC & BASEMENTS CLEANED GARY Wodatch Debris removal of any kind. Homeowner’s, contractor’s, small dumpsters avail. Quick, courteous srv. All calls returned. Ins. #566326. Office 203-235-7723/Cell 860-558-5430 GARY Wodatch Demolition Services. Sheds, pools, decks, garages, concrete walks, patios, Quick, courteous srv. All calls returned. Ins. #566326. Office 203-235-7723/Cell 860-558-5430

GUTTERS HIGHLANDCONTRACTOR.COM Seamless Gutters/Downspouts Gutter cleaning/repairs Call today for free estimate. CT Reg #621315 (203) 675-8084

Pete In The Pickup For All Your Junk Removal Needs 203-886-5110

Over 25 years experience. Call today for free estimates. Call 203-440-3535 Ct. Reg. #578887


Bankruptcy Free Consultation

A-1 HANDYMAN PLUS CT Reg #606277. DON’T MOVE - IMPROVE! Free estimates. 203-631-1325

JUNK REMOVAL & MORE! We clean Estates, Homes, Attics, Bsmts, Gar, Yard. Snow Plowing. ***FREE ESTIMATES*** 203-535-9817 or 860-575-8218


C&M CONSTRUCTION COMPLETE RES SERVICE Gen. carpentry, plumbing, elec., painting,i nsulation Free Est. 10% DISCOUNT Lic 551212 - 860-628-4748

To ensure a quality job at a fair price. Call 203-630-6459 CT Reg #608488


CARPENTRY HEATING & COOLING WINTERIZATION - WINDOW & Door Replacement Repairs of all types. Additions, Decks, Garages, Finish bsmt, Complete Home Improvement. Free est. 203-238-1449 # 578107 J. BOOBER CONSTRUCTION Additions, garages, remodeling, kitchens, bathrms, basements, decks, sunrooms. Lic’d & Ins’d. 203-265-0730 CT. Reg. #572880

CONCRETE & CEMENT NICHOLAS J MURANO, LLC Complete Concrete Construction Beautiful stamped work. Visit (203) 294-9889 CT#612218


T.E.C. Electrical Svc LLC All Phases of Electrical Work 24 hr. Emergency Service


203-237-2122 BOB A. Old house wiring, remodels, service changes. Lic & ins. 203-265-5063 or 203-376-7888

ELDERLY CARE COMPANION/CNA Low rates. Reliable. Good heart. FT/PT. Light cleaning, appts, etc. CT# NA9992203 Rose 203-430-5881


Cornerstone Fence & Ornamental Gates. All types of fence. Res/Comm. AFA Cert. Ins’d. Call John Uvino 203237-GATE. CT Reg #601060



ABSOLUTE BEST Prices! John Mansolf Plumbing & Heating. 25 Years Experience. Licensed & Insured. 10% Senior Citizen Discount Call 203-815-6276 DON’T Freeze this WINTER! Call Duane Plumbing, heating & cooling. Annual furnace & boiler tune-ups & cleanings. Quality work. Major credit cards. Low rates. 203-3798944 #400335-S1

JT’S LANDSCAPING, LLC Fall Cleanups - Gutter Cleaning Snow Removal Top Quality Work. Fully Licensed & Insured. CT Reg #616311

203-213-6528 A & A Lawn Care-Call now for fall cleanups & snowplowing. Hedge trimming, tree, shrub, debris removal. #584101 Free estimates. Jim 203-237-6638

A & A Lawn Care- Free Estimiates. Fall cleanups, mulch. Snowplowing. Tree, shrub, debris removal. Dumpster rentals. #584101 Jim 203-237-6638 L & E SNOW PLOWING Now accepting new clients. Professional Quality & Affordable Rates. CT Reg. #623250 Call Trevor (203) 938-3789


W. BOOBER MASONRY 25 yrs exp in all types of masonry. CT Reg # 0626708 Call 203-235-4139

PAINTING/ WALLPAPERING L & E PAINTING Spruce Up Your Home or Business! Professional Quality & Affordable Rates. CT Reg #623250 Call Trevor (203) 938-3789

Edwin Cordero PAINTING Int/Ext. Local, established, reliable craftsman. Call (203) 537-2411 CT#614827


PLUMBING DE CA Home Improvement Kitchen & Bath Flooring, Painiting Roofing & Siding We provide reliable service. (203) 630-1294 (203) 886-6566 Ins., Free Estimates. CT #624716

● ● ●

J. BOOBER CONSTRUCTION Additions, garages, remodeling, kitchens, bathrms, basements, decks, sunrooms. Lic’d & Ins’d. 203-265-0730 CT. Reg. #572880


FALL Clean up service we do it all for you curb pick up, hedges, pruning, weeding, gutters Ins Lic 0619909 203-715-2301 GARY Wodatch Lawn & Landscaping Complete Fall clean-ups. Quick Courteous Srv. Est ‘85. All calls returned. Lic ins. #566326. 203-235-7723/Cell 860-558-5430 GARY Wodatch Landscape Svs. Hedge/tree trim., trimming over grown properties. Est 1985. All calls returned. #0620397. Office 203-235-7723 cell 860-558-5430

POLISH/English speaking woman to clean house w/care. 2nd cleaning 50% off. Ins & bonded. Refs. 860-538-4885

ABSOLUTE BEST Prices! John Mansolf Plumbing & Heating. 25 Years Experience. Licensed & Insured. 10% Senior Citizen Discount Call 203-815-6276 DON’T Flush money down the drain, call Duane Plumbing, heating. Quality work, low rates Major credit cards accptd. 203379-8944 lic. #283401 P1

HOUSECLEANING with passion. Insured. Please call Renata 860-828-1338

C&M CONSTRUCTION To ensure a quality job at a fair price. Call 203-630-6459 CT Reg #608488

IF YOU MENTION THIS AD SNOW PLOWING, Leaf & Yard Clean-Ups. Clean Estates, Home, Attic, Bsmnt, Garage. Free est. 203-535-9817 or 860-575-8218

Residential/Commerical. CT Reg #621315 (203) 675-8084


CPI HOME IMPROVEMENT Siding Roofing Windows Remodeling Decks Gutters Addtions Credit Cards Accepted 203-634-6550 CT Reg #577455


Cornerstone Fence & Ornamental Gates. All types of fence. Res/Comm. AFA Cert. Ins’d. Call John Uvino 203237-GATE. CT Reg #601060



FIDERIO & SONS Siding, roofing, windows, decks, sunrms, additions. 203-237-0350. CT Reg. #516790

WLFD $1250/month Great oppty to be in center of town. 1500 sq. ft. of retail space perfect for office. Front open space, conf rm, utility area, cair, prvt back office & bath w/full bstmt to finish or for storage. Kathy 203-265-5618


LAVIGNE’S TREE SERVICE IN BUSINESS 29 YRS. Tree removal. Stump grinding. Crane Service. Free Estimates. Fully insured. 203-294-1775 www.lavignestree GARY WODATCH LLC Tree Removal, All calls returned Reg #0620397. Quick courteous service. Office 203-235-7723 or Cell 860-558-5430 YARDLEY TREE Fair, reasonable. Free estimates. Reg. Insured. Firewood Available 203-440-0402 or 860-595-4159

MERIDEN $315,000 3BR, 2.5 bath Colonial on cul-de-sac in So. Meriden. Very spacious open fl plan is perfect for entertaining. Has walk-out bsmt, great size bdrms, & nice yard. Call Toni 203235-3300

Siding, roofing, windows, decks, sunrooms, additions.

203-237-0350 CT Reg. #516790 CPI HOME IMPROVEMENT Siding Roofing Windows Remodeling Decks Gutters Addtions Credit Cards Accepted 203-634-6550 CT Reg #577455

J Hall Construction Siding, Roofing, Decks, Additions, Replacement Windows, Remodeling, New Construction. All work is performed by owners. Contact Jeremy 203 537-2534 HIC.0575625


PLEASE CHECK YOUR AD This newspaper makes every effort to avoid errors in advertisements. Each ad is carefully checked and proofread, but when you handle thousands of ads, mistakes do slip through. We ask therefore, that you check your ad on the FIRST day of publication. If you find an error, report it to the

WALLINGFORD Convenient in town Col w/updated, improved mechanicals, walk-up attic for future expansion, 3BRs, LR, DR and lg eat-in kit, fenced yard w/work shed & more. $189,900. Kathy 203-265-5618


Marketplace IMMEDIATELY by calling

MEDINA Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services LLC. Quality work at affordable prices. 24hr srv. Benny Medina 203-909-1099

ROOFING BEAUTIFUL Day Cleaning Services. It’s always a Beautiful Day when we are cleaning for you! We guarantee your satisfaction! New customer discount. (203)788-4266

Roofing, Siding & Gutters

Expert De-Icers Commercial Specialists. Nicholas J Murano LLC, Member: Snow and Ice Management Assn


MASONRY JACK Biafore, LLC Masonry Chimneys, brick, block, stone walls, patios. Family owned for 90+yrs # 623849 (203) 537-3572

SNOW PLOWING SALT - $130/Yard. Sand/salt 7:2 DOT mix, $59 per yard, picked up. 100% magnesium chloride icemelt - Safest for concrete! $16/50lb. bag. Pallets prices avail. 24/7. 203-238-9846

DE CA LANDSCAPING ● Patios & Decks ● Walkways ● Leaf & Snow Removal We provide reliable service. (203) 630-1294 (203) 886-6566 Ins., Free Estimates. CT #624716



Keep home, auto, 401k, etc. STOP FORECLOSURES IRS & “Repos” Atty Ken Lenz 439 Main St, Yalesville 203-265-2829 “Debt Relief Agency” We help people file for relief under the bankruptcy code


203-238-1953 before 5pm Mon-Fri

Now accepting new snow service accounts, full season or per storm. Sidewalks, walkways, stairs, driveways, salt/sand, quality friendly service. Commercial & Residential Service Call 203-715-2301 CT#619909 RESIDENTIAL ONLY Snow Removal. Fully insured. #581867. Meriden, Cheshire, Wlfd area. Bella 203-605-0258

We regret that we will not be responsible for more than ONE incorrect insertion and only for that portion of the ad that may have been rendered valueless by such an error.

MERIDEN, Beautiful Colonial 2,434 sq ft 4bds (all very large), 2.5 bth, open floor plan, in New SubDivision, Marina Court. $355,000 Directions: Hanover to Prospect Ave to Marina CT. Call Central CT Realtors 203-687-5535 for details.


Thursday, Thursday, December 9, 2010 — The Berlin Citizen HOUSES FOR SALE

MERIDEN- New & existing homes, condos, land. Visit our website. Galleria RE 203-671-2223

Can You Put "Sales" into Our

ADVERTISING SALES MANAGER POSITION? A recent and rare opening has occurred at this family owned and operated multi media company, which has been serving the Central Connecticut market since 1867.

MERIDEN. $195,900. Completely redone from studs in. 7 rm, 4 BR, 2 bath Col. Almost 2000 sq. ft. of open floor plan, appl. kit. Ray Valenti, ReMax 203-238-1977

MERIDEN. $224,900. Immaculate Ranch 3 BRs, 1 1/2 baths, LR w/fireplace, c/air, fenced lot and more. Call Ray Valenti at ReMax (203) 238-1977

We are seeking a highly motivated and organized self starter to lead a sales staff in selling our daily, Sunday, weekly and online products. In addition to quality of life, you will inherit a staff of seasoned veterans, all with long term relationships with their clients and award winning products. The ideal candidate will have a background of proven success in sales management, preferably in media; a portfolio of demonstrated creative solutions; promotional projects that provide value for advertisers and interest to the reader, budgets and planning experience, web savvy, and willing to represent our company at community and industry functions.

Send your resume to:

CONDOMINIUMS FOR SALE SOUTHINGTON - BY OWNER $125,000 Move in today! 2BR, 1 1/2 bath condo on Rte 322. By Appointment Only 860-841-9412



Now Hiring/Training No Experience Necessary

ADMISSION DIRECTOR - LONG TERM CARE Seeking an Admission Director to maintain census and quality mix by developing the market, and providing prospective candidates with appropriate information and assistance in choosing the appropriate level of care within our long term care continuum. In addition to excellent written/verbal communication, problem solving and decision making abilities, our candidate will possess experience in long term care and knowledge of state and federal regs. In return for your expertise, you’ll enjoy a competitive salary and benefits. Please send resume and salary requirements to Or apply in person, M-F, 9-5 at CT Baptist Homes 292 Thorpe Ave. Meriden, CT. 06450 EOE.

$ 5 0 0 Sign-On Bonus For applicants holding CDL-B with PS Endorsement

FREE Training Average 20-35 Hrs Per Week Benefits Available Some Paid Holidays

Call 203-269-4171 Apply online at:

www.durham or in person at: 990 Northrup Rd, Wallingford, CT 06492 or at: 647 Cromwell Ave Rocky Hill, CT 06067

CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE For dinnerware distributor looking for well organized, detail-oriented team player. Qualified candidates should have 2 plus years exp., good communication (oral and written skills) and be Microsoft Word and Excel proficient. Credit/claims experience a plus. Excellent benefit package including 401K plan. Fax resume to 1212-889-3813

Professional in a fast-paced environment to recruit, interview and place volunteers and community service clients into various agencies. Excellent verbal & written skills including abilities to work with social networking. Some evening hours required. Applicants must be MS Word & Excel proficient, include salary requirements and have own transportation.

Fax resume to 203-235-4404 or email

Inside/Outside Sales Associates Needed Privately owned company with over 30 years in the industry is now looking to put together an inside and an outside sales force to help grow this company to be the largest in the nation. Skills of Ideal Candidate: ● TEAM PLAYER ● Organized ● Leadership Skills ● Independent Worker ● Highly Motivated Job Duties: ● Help follow up with and generate new sales from an existing client base of over 40,000. ● Meet personal goals and work effectively with other members of team. Compensation: Aggressive, competitive pay plan based on experience & PERFORMANCE. Medical, dental & matching retirement plan. Apply in person, Monday thru Friday, or fax resume to 860-621-3258:

HELP WANTED AUTO TECH/DISMANTLER Auto Mechanic needed to disassemble vehicles. Must be reliable, exp’d & have tools. Exc pay & benefits inc med/ dent/vaca/IRA plan. Call Bishop’s Auto Parts 860-301-2330 DENTAL OFFICE Full Time Insurance/Treatment Cooordinator. Must be very personable and have experience dealing with patients. Dental office exp preferred, but not a must. We will train. Send resume to Record-Journal Box 99D, 11 Crown Street, Meriden, CT 06450 DENTAL OFFICE PT Front Desk/Patient coordinator. 3 afternoons/evenings per week and every other Saturday morning. Experience pref, but will train. A real team player who is friendly and personalble. Send resume to RecordJournal Box 99D, 11 Crown Street, Meriden, CT 06450 FRONT DESK and Night Auditor. Experienced person preferred. Apply in person, no phone calls. Econolodge, 1845 Meriden Waterbury Rd (behind Dunkin Donuts), Milldale. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

APARTMENT MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN Maintenance Technician position for apartment community in Hamden area. Must live on site. Duties include: apartment turnover, fulfilling work orders, general property maintenance and 24-hour on-call rotation. Experience preferred in plumbing, electrical, carpentry and HVAC. Competitive pay and benefits. A thorough background check and drug screening is required for employment. Qualified Candidate Please Fax Resume to 203-4070390 or e-mail to:

COORDINATOR Volunteer Center/Community Service

Hot Off The Press PERMANENT AND CHRISTMAS WORK Start Immediately Christmas is here and we are busy. Local maintenacne outlet is looking to fill 18-35 positions this week. Positions available in Customer Service Appt Setters Display Makers No exp needed We train here $800-$1900/mo to start CALL TODAY FOR INTERVIEW 1-860-329-0316 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

120 West Main St, Plantsville, CT 06489

MEDICAL CAREERS DENTAL ASSISTANT Part Time Outgoing, energetic individual needed for progressive, friendly office. Fax resume to 203-686-0378.

Always a sale in Marketplace

PER DIEM POSITIONS AVAILABLE! Social Worker (Temporary) Therapeutic Recreation Director Miller Memorial Community, Meriden's choice for excellence in senior residential health care services, is seeking qualified and compassionate candidates for the following positions: Social Worker - This is a temporary role, responsible for the short term rehab unit. Responsibilities include: social service assessments, MDS 3.0/interviews and discharge planning. Hours vary weekly depending on census. Requirements are: Bachelor's degree in Social Work (Master's pref); experience in short-term rehab discharge planning; thorough understanding of state/fed nursing home regulations and services for the aged; Social Work experience in a nursing home environment. Therapeutic Recreation Director - Candidate will assist the T.R.D. Manager with planning and assisting recreational programs for residents of long term care and short term rehabilitation facility, created by Miller's Therapeutic Recreation Department. Hours vary weekly depending on census and may include some evenings/wkends. The successful candidate will have at minimum: Therapeutic Recreation certification and/or an Associate's Degree in Therapeutic Recreation or a related field, plus two years or more of long term care experience. Drug testing & criminal background check required. Please apply to:



HOMEMAKERS/Companions needed in Meriden & surrounding areas. BiLingual a plus. Call 860-828-3396

HVAC Balancing Technician Exp required. Send inquiries to or PO Box 1924, Wfld, CT 06492

Looking For a Change?

INSULATION Installers needed Exp preferred. Valid form of ID req’d. Call 860-829-8881

Then The Orchards at Southington Assisted Living might be for you! CNA positions available: Per diem all shifts w/potential to become PT/FT. Send resume to : ingrisellis@ or come in to fill out an application at 34 Hobart St, Southington or call 860-628-5656.

RN Part-Time CHOATE ROSEMARY HALL RN needed part-time for interesting and challenging work with adolescents in our health care facility. This position is scheduled for approximately 20 hours/ week, working 8am-12noon Mon, Tues., and Fri. and 3pm-11pm every other Wed and Sun during the academic year. We require at least 3 years experience as an RN in a Health Center, office or clinic and the proven ability to work independently. Send resume and salary history to Choate Rosemary Hall, attn: HR Manager, 333 Christian St., Wallingford, CT 06492 or email to: Choate Rosemary Hall is an equal opportunity employer.

Looking for extra money for the Holiday$$$? Contact HCMWe have General Labor Jobs available! 203-634-8427 OFFICE Assistant - Temporary. From Jan til April. 9-3. Duties include answering phones & scheduling appointments, assembling tax returns and some filing. Send resume to: OFFICE ASSISTANT PT Applicant must have proficiency in MS Word, Excel and Quickbooks. Send resume to: Record-Journal Box #1, 11 Crown St., Meriden CT 06450

Technology Assistant Part time position Troubleshoot problems within the district with respect to the technology infrastructure & software. Associates degree preferred. Excellent computer skills required. MAC experience preferred. $13.00 per hour, Grant Funded for the remainder of the 2010-2011 school year. Please submit your application through our website: https://jobs.

Personnel Manager Miller Memorial Community, Inc. 360 Broad St., Meriden, CT 06450 Fax 203.630.3714 or email: EOE

HELP WANTED PART TIME Cashier/Kitchen Prep needed for corporate dining cafeteria in Meriden, CT. Mon-Fri. 9:30am-1:30pm. Please send resume to:

Therapeutic Recreation FT position - Must be enthusiastic, creative, and work as part of the overall Recreation team in State of the art Continuing Care Retirement Community Must enjoy working with elderly population. Assists in scheduling, organizing and leading recreational activities. 60 bed long term care, 30 bed sub acute Rehab, 42 bed Residential Care Unit. Benefits including medical and dental, life insurance, 401K, Safe attractive grounds, café, Wellness Center. Apply in person: Elim Park Baptist Home, Inc, 140 Cook Hill Road, Cheshire, CT, weekdays 8a - 7p, weekends 10a- 2p or fax resume to HR at 203-271-7794. EOE, AA,D/V, M/F.

HELP WANTED NOW Hiring PT winter staffPlow Drivers and Bobcat Operators. Call 203-537-7060 or fax resume to 203-440-4186 SLIDERS GRILL & BAR New Location Opening in Wallingford! Now Hiring Bartenders, Line Cooks, Servers. 860-7475199 SUSHI-DO Cheshire CT Part time or Full time, Over night job. Sushi chef are welcome. Call 203-430-1629 UNITED INDUSTRIAL SERVICES One of the premier environmental contracting firms in the northeast has immediate openings for 2nd Shift Class B CDL Drivers. Tanker & HazMat endorsements are req’d. Attractive benefit package offered. Call our job hotline 866-896-5794 or send resume to apps@ EOE

Warehouse1st & 2nd shift Exp. with Forklift, Machine Op or Hand tools a plus. Drug test/background check req.

Contact HCM@ 203-634-8427


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Berlin Citizen 12-09-2010 issue  

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