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By way of the Chamberlain

Thursday, Januar y 26, 2012

Spotlight on the schools The Citizen kicks-off a new series highlighting the status of and activities of schools throughout town. Through interviews with administrators, the spotlight gives each of the schools a chance to show what’s new, what’s challenging and what’s great about its people, programs and facility. Look for your school in an upcoming spotlight; this week the focus is on:

Griswold Elementary School “It is truly a collaborative environment.”

Citizen photo by Olivia L. Lawrence

Just a few days after this photo was taken, the weather changed quickly and in the course of a few days we went from open fields to snowy scenes, then a bout of rain, and back to mostly open fields again. It’s been an unusual winter so far. After Mother Nature’s dirty trick over Halloween weekend last fall, local weather has remained remarkably mild and snow was scarce, giving us an open winter deep into the middle of January. While not providing the photographic opportunities some winters do, this season has its own kind of beauty as fields and woods remain bare and stark against the sky, creating shapes and scenes seldom observed in January. Above is a scene from the Chamberlain Highway, a stretch of road that many have called one of Connecticut’s most scenic, even comparing it to Vermont’s prettier sections. Despite some new developments that have slightly changed vistas, the Chamberlain still does a good job showing off Berlin’s farmlands and waysides. Throughout today’s edition, look for several scenes from Berlin’s beautiful Chamberlain Highway countryside.

Griswold Elementary School educates children in kindergarten through fifth grade. Present enrollment is 584 students. Laurie Gjerpin, is the school’s principal. The newest administrator is Assistant Principal Christian Strickland, who is in his

second year. Previously, Strickland taught grades 3 and 4 at Griswold and then was the math instructional support teacher at Griswold and Willard schools. He also taught intermediate grades in Maryland prior to reSee Griswold, page 11

Council hears neighbors’ concerns about KGS project By Amy Prescher Special to The Citizen

During the audience of citizens, at the Jan. 17 Town Council meeting, the panel heard concerns from some residents about the proposed development of Kensington Grammar School. Peck Street residents, Christina Othon and Kyle Lana, expressed their concern about the proposal.

Othon said that she feared the character of the quiet neighborhood would be changed with 67 new units of apartments and that increased traffic would cause congestion. Lana also criticized the scale of the project and stated he did not want to see this corner of Berlin turn into West Hartford. Carolyn Wysocki expressed her opposition to developing one of the town lots which is now a bird sanctuary main-

tained by the Kensington Garden Club. Mayor Adam Salina explained that the plans for development are in the early stages and would need to be approved by Planning and Zoning, and that there would be an opportunity for a public hearing down the line. The mayor also congratulated Anthony Walentukonis for having achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

Walentukonis raised money to provide 150 health and hygiene kits to the needy at First Lutheran Church in New Britain. Salina said the town is fortunate to have so many Eagle Scouts. “Berlin has up to 15 Eagle Scouts per year, compared to some other towns with only one every three years,” he said. In other business, the council vot-

See Council, page 10


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Health care hero

Italian Night at Hungerford

The New Britain Youth Museum at Hungerford Park has scheduled its annual Italian Night fund-raiser for Friday, Jan. 27 from 4:30-7:30 p.m. Proceeds will help feed the

David Rosinski was recently named a 2011 Health Care Hero, for outstanding work in the health care field. A Berlin native, Rosinski is director of cardiovascular perfusion at the University of Connecticut Health Cen-

ter, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and the Heart Center of Greater Waterbury. He has aided in helping create a state law making perfusionists licensed health care providers. In addition, Rosinski has helped develop a system that allows cardiac surgeons to use perfusion in heart surgeries. Perfusion aides in the passage of fluid through the vessels of an organ to insure adequate exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Rosinski has previously worked as a perfusionist at

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Here are The Berlin Citizen online poll results for last week. The question was: What do you think about allowing a black bear hunting season? Leave the bears alone, stop encroaching on their territory. 32 % It’s a knee-jerk reaction to a complex wildlife management issue. 29% It’s a safety issue. 22% Maybe, if Connecticut hunters have enough experience for it. 17% The weekly poll will resume shortly after construction on our new website is completed.

Heritage Plaza 963 Farmington Ave., Berlin, CT 1229682


He has also traveled to China to teach and perform surgery. He is the son of Ted and Janice Rosinksi of Kensington.

Hartford Hospital and aided in the programs for cardiac surgery at the heart center of Greater Waterbury and St. Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury.


Thursday, January 26, 2012 — The Berlin Citizen

Griswold launches the Eagles Breaking News Students at Griswold Elementary School are launching their own newspaper. The special afterschool program is funded by a Choice grant from the state’s education department. The idea is to give public school students a chance to participate in “challenging, relevant, and rigorous” curriculum choices that sup-

port their talents, interests and learning styles. Olivia L. Lawrence, editor of The Berlin Citizen, along with reporter Ken Byron of the Hartford Courant, met with nearly 100 students last week, to answer questions about the newspaper business and to learn more about the students’ plans for their project.

The group had just voted on a name for the new enterprise: Eagles Breaking News. The eagle is the school’s mascot. The project is still in its organizational stages, but beginning next week students will begin to nail down content for the Eagles Breaking News which will be published every two weeks.

Student participating are in grades three through five. Their advisors are teachers Jason Miller and Liz Spinella. Students had many ideas about what should go into the EBN: poetry, puzzles, comics, coming attractions, events, new businesses and sports, to name a few. Among the goals of the newspaper project are to learn team building skills

and persuasive writing, Miller said. The newspaper will be produced using a software program called Comic Life. Students had numerous questions for the visiting journalists, such as: what’s the best story you’ve ever written, is your job hard, what do you like most about your job? - Olivia L. Lawrence

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Student journalists at Griswold Elementary School ponder the possibilities as they prepare to launch their own newspaper within the next couple of weeks.


Citizen photo by Olivia L. Lawrence

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The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, January 26, 2012

Eagle Awards Citizen photo by Olivia L. Lawrence

Open fields in winter, an unusual sight in mid-January, provide rural vistas along the Chamberlain Highway.

Nicholas Crenella of Berlin was honored recently for attaining the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest award possible in Boy Scouting. A member of Troop 41, sponsored by the Bethany Covenant Church, Crenella has earned 41 merit badges and held positions of troop guide, assistant senior patrol leader and junior assistant scoutmaster. His Eagle project was repairing and beautifying the garden courtyard at Hungerford Nature Center. Crenella, the son of David and Lisa Crenella, attends


Woodrow Shattuck, a member of Berlin Boy Scout Troop 44, recently earned the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest achievement in Boy Scouting. As a Cub Scout in Pack 41, he earned the Arrow of Light. With Troop 44, he has held positions of patrol leader, quartermaster, senior patrol leader, and junior assistant scoutmaster. He has received multiple scouting awards including the World Conservation Award and four 50-Miler badges. He also served as crew leader for a 62-mile hike at the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. His Eagle Scout

Stone House by Temponi

Granite Countertops




the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts.

leadership and service project was aimed at improving the appearance of the entranceway at Hungerford Park by improving unsightly hedges and replacing them with flowering plants. Outside of scouting, Shattuck was involved in the Berlin FIRST Robotics team for six years. He is a 2011 Berlin High School graduate, and attends Worcester Polytechnic Institute majoring in chemical engineering. He is the son of Katharine Shaskus and Randall Shattuck of Berlin.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012 — The Berlin Citizen

No changes slated for local post offices at this time By Olivia L. Lawrence The Berlin Citizen


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Photos by Lee Roski

Upper left, the Berlin Post Office on Worthington Ridge; above is the East Berlin branch; and at lower left is the main post office at Kensington.


Despite ongoing news of turmoil and belt-tightening in the United States Postal Service, Berlin’s three facilities appear, at this time, to be weathering the storm Chris Licata, communications director for Congressman John Larson’s office, (District 1) said last week that Berlin’s post offices are not listed to be evaluated. Any discussion on changes in postal services that affect customers must be routed through the local congressional office. The only facilities in the area currently under consideration are at Ann Street in Hartford and Forestville in Bristol. Christine Dugas, USPO spokesperson for this region confirmed that Berlin’s three facilities are “are not on the list to be studied and have not met the criteria (needed) to study for closure.” The main post office on Kensington Road had its distribution functions merged with New Britain’s post office last year. East Berlin has a post office and the Berlin Post Office is located on Worthington Ridge. Dugas was not able to accommodate The Citizen’s request to speak with local postmasters in regards to the post offices’ status. She said “the postmaster is too busy to do interviews.” Dugas said that overall, the USPO is studying 3,700 facili-


The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, January 26, 2012

From Russia to a new world of inspiration for music director

We’re helping women get healthy with robotics

By Daniel Jackson Special to The Citizen An organ — rare for most churches these days — rests in the sanctuary at Bethany Covenant Church and voices echo in the modern space as they would in a cathedral. Music Minister Olga Ljungholm said “the pipe organ sounds magnificent in here” and that “string players appreciate this space.” When the sanctuary was completed a few years ago, she found the space “absolutely inspiring.” This is where Ljungholm, a Russian-born musician, works full-time orchestrating music for two different types of services, teaching students, mentoring choirs; and also preparing five con-

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certs a year for the larger community. “Any good music has space and place in the church,” Ljungholm said. These concerts have showcased many regional musicians. The church recently hosted a performance of Handel’s “Messiah,” over the holidays. Along with volunteer musicians from the church, the concert included performances from local organist and pianist Natasha Ulyanovsky and singer Elizabeth Saunders. In the coming year, the church will host performances by The Richter Uzur Duo in April and the Greater Middletown Chorale in May.

See Inspiration, page 8

Police Blotter

Rachel Lamonica, M.D.; Clare Zhou, M.D.; Danielle E. Luciano, M.D.; Anthony A. Luciano, M.D.; Gerard M. Roy, M.D.; and Richard J. Driess, M.D.


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Information provided by the Berlin Police Department. Arrests do not indicate convictions. Dec. 30 Charles Jenkins, 32, 136 Broad St., Meriden, operating a motor vehicle other than a motorcycle without a license, third-degree hindering prosecution, failure to drive in proper lane multi-lane highway, operating under the influence of drugs/alcohol. Dec.31 Jorge Paredes, 25, 25 Elton St., New Britain, operator license endorsements, failure to drive in proper lane multi-lane highway, operating under the influence of drugs/alcohol. Alejandro Cazoria-Perez, 26, 221 Gail Ave., Meriden, drinking while operating motor vehicle, operating a motor vehicle other than motorcycle without a license, failure to drive in proper lane multi-lane highway, operating under the influence of drugs/alcohol. Jan. 1 Victoria Wojtusiak, 21, 287 Reservoir Rd., Newington, traveling too fast for conditions, restricted turns failure to give proper signal, operating under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

Steven Gosselin, 49, 1506 Old North Colony Rd., Meriden, restricted turns failure to give proper signal, operating under the influence of drugs/alcohol. Jan. 2 Michael Markiewicz, 19, 650 Church St., Newington, thirddegree assault, disorderly conduct by intimidation.

DUI checkpoint

The Berlin Police Department has obtained a grant from the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Highway Safety Division to support increased DUI detection and enforcement efforts. The grant will help to provide funding to staff additional DUI patrols as well as roadside sobriety checkpoints. Roadside sobriety checkpoints have been shown to be the most effective method to detect and apprehend under the influence drivers. As part of this program, a DUI sobriety checkpoint is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 27 on the Berlin Turnpike.


Thursday, January 26, 2012 — The Berlin Citizen

Police News Casner honors Feb. 2

Break-in at Berlin Congregational

The Berlin Police Department has made an arrest in connection with a strong arm robbery that occurred outside the TD Bank branch, 1127 Farmington Ave, Aug. 27, 2011. In this incident, two bank deposit bags were stolen from a person entering the bank. The suspect was de-

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Frank Edward Biggs, 53, of Hamden, was charged with third-degree robbery, thirddegree conspiracy to robbery, second-degree larceny, second-degree conspiracy to larceny and engaging police in pursuit. Biggs was located by the Hartford Police Department on Jan. 17 in Hartford and taken into custody on Berlin’s outstanding arrest warrant. Biggs was transferred to Berlin Police custody, processed and held on a $150,000 court set bail. He was arraigned in New Britain Superior Court on Jan 18.





scribed as a black male, six feet tall wearing a black stocking cap, black shirt and pants. The suspect fled the scene and got into a late model blue or black, 4-door Cadillac. The Cadillac was followed by a witness who contacted BPD with the vehicle registration. Berlin patrol officers found the vehicle which engaged them in a short pursuit. This was broken off due the risk to the public. The vehicle was later found abandoned in Meriden and seized as evidence. Further investigation resulted in an arrest warrant being issued.

(203) 269-8723 • 1-877-567-5914


For breaking news go to our website:

Man arrested for TD Bank robbery


Berlin Police Department reports that a break-in at the Berlin Congregational Church, Worthington Ridge, took place Jan. 19. According to Deputy Chief John Klett, there have been at least two other somewhat similar incidents: one at a West Hartford church and another at a Rocky Hill Church. Klett said the local incident was called in by church staff at about 9 a.m. It appeared a couple of doors had been forced open. A cash box, that was empty, and a couple of other items of little value were taken. Klett said Berlin is working in cooperation with West Hartford police on the incident as they may be related.

Michael Miller is scheduled for a court appearance March 14 at the New Britain Superior Courthouse, New Britain. Former assis- Miller tant pastor at St. Paul Church, Miller was arrested in July 2011 on five felony counts of risk of injury to a minor and a misdemeanor obscenity charge. He is suspended from his duties at the church as well as from the Franscican Order of which he is a member. Miller’s case has been on the docket nine times, most recently Jan. 19 when it was

again continued. For updates about this case or for driving directions to the courthouse, you can visit For more information, contact the Office of Victim Services at (800) 822-8428 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


The Berlin Police Department Honor Guard will lay a wreath on the grave of Officer Jeffery Casner on T h u r s d a y, Feb. 2, at 9 a.m., the 27th Casner anniversary of his death in the line of duty. The ceremony is held annually to pay respects to this officer and his family. Following the ceremony, the recipient of the 2011 “Jeffery Casner Award” for excellence in DUI enforcement, will be presented with the award. This year’s recipient is Officer David Cruickshank, with 27 DUI arrests. This represents 21 percent of the total DUI arrests made by the Berlin Police Department in 2011.

Miller hearing



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The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, January 26, 2012

the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory Continued from page 6 of Music. There, her musical horizons broadened. Her Ljungholm started study- classmates would smuggle in ing music at age five when records to listen to the she began study on the piano. sounds of jazz, Gospel music, Growing up in Soviet Russia, and Broadway numbers such the music minister was as Jesus Christ Superstar and raised an atheist and she had Cats. no contact with outside musiHowever, Ljungholm still cal genres. She grew up lis- enjoys classical music. Oftening to opera, Russian folk ten, popular songs have a music and classical music. throbbing beat or an intriguShe continued her music ing melody line, but she said education when she entered the interest fades after listen-


ing for awhile. Her interest in a classical song grows the more she listens to it because of the complexity. The “perestroika,” or the Soviet Union’s restructuring of their government and economy during the 1980’s, occurred while she was still at college and it affected religious freedom. According to Ljungholm, the Russian Orthodox Church grew in popularity at that time. Since Russian Orthodox Church did not use instru-

ments in their sacred music, there is a long tradition of choral music in the denomination. Because she is drawn to choir music (she earned her bachelor of arts in choral conducting), “That music brought me to church,” she said. While singing in the choir,

she learned about Christianity by singing the tenets of the faith. There, she became a Christian. Soon after, she began work with an overseas branch of the Salvation Army and be-

See Inspiration, page 12

Caring ... Welcoming ... Nurturing ... Developmental Education Curriculum Our programs: Infant/Toddler, Threes, Four’s Pre-K, Kinder-Kids

Photo by Daniel Jackson

Bethany Covenant Church Music Minister Olga Ljungholm.

Ages 6 weeks-6 years Infant/Toddler

Day Care

Safe, nurturing learning environment Active movement time Staff will utilize soft toys, colorful books and music to enrich your baby’s environment Story time Daily progress reports

Pre-School & Day Care

Threes 1230214

Social and cognitive development Music and Movement Circle Time Arts and Crafts Early writing skills Active Indoor and Outdoor time

. . .where kids ages One through Twelve are welcomed forNursery, Pre-School, Day Care, Before & After School, and SummerCamp programs.Mealsand snacks are provided, and transportationto and from all Berlin school districts is available. State licensed for up to 85 children, the Discovery Center has served the community for more than 14 years, with an open-door policy that ensures complete peace of mind. To visit, to Sekula 6:00atPM please callOpen Owner 7:00 & DirectorAMMarti 828-4339!

...where kids ages 12 months through 10 year are welcomed for Nursery, Pre-School, Day Care, Before & After School, and summer Camp programs. Meals and snacks are provided, and transportation to and from griswold school is available. Homework support for school- age children also available. State licensed for up to 80 children, the Discovery Center has served the community for more than 30 years, with an open-door policy that ensures complete peace of mind. To visit, please call Owners-Director Marilyn valentin and Lisa Hall at 828-4339!

Fours Educational activities Circle Time Writing skills Kindergarten readiness skills Active Indoor and Outdoor time Science, Music, Arts and Language, recognition of site words and more

Kindergarten Development of responsibility and independence Hands on activities Sports and fitness Educational activities Active Indoor and Outdoor time Circle Time

New Britain - Berlin YMCA 1230464

Marjorie Moore Child Development Center 362 Main Street, Kensington 860-828-6559 CT Lic. #12475

Ahome-away-from-homefor yourchildren!

• Day Care • Nursery School • Before & After School Care


The Best In Child Care A Parent’s Guide for


Thursday, January 26, 2012 — The Berlin Citizen

More books, more deals at Berlin’s favorite used book store By Daniel Jackson Special to The Citizen The Friends of the BerlinPeck Memorial Library book sale is down the hall of the Community Center and through a pair of open doors. The unfinished room still has concrete walls, but a boom box plays today’s pop

hits, people come and go and the tables and walls are covered with books. Book sale coordinators Suzanne Helm and Lisa Mathews reorganized the book sale because many books sat in boxes instead of on display. Already, Library Director Helen Aveline has noticed an uptick in sales.

“Coming here is like a treasure hunt,” said Jennifer Bryant, a customer who brought her two children and husband along. After donating books her children have out-grown, she’s browsing the children’s section. Today, she’s on the lookout for books by Rick Riordan. Over the several

months that she’s come here, her seven-year-old son Michael picked up five books of the Harry Potter Series— for only seven dollars. The Friends of the Library, the fundraising and advocacy volunteer group for the public library, fund many programs through the proceeds from this sale—including the summer reading pro-

grams and the mural in the children’s department. Helm and Mathews finished the reorganization at the beginning of December. The women managed to fit more books on the shelves, organize the books better and change the hours.

See Books, page 18

KNS is now enrolling children ages 3 (before Dec. 31) & 4 for our September 2012-May 2013 school year. Enroll now in our 3 year old program to reserve your spot in our 4 year old program next year. For 40 years, KNS has offered a dynamic preschool experience that focuses on hands-on learning in a positive, child-centered environment. Or call 860.828.7412 for more information KNS is holding its Snowdate: Jan. 19 • 6:30-7:30 PM Applications will be accepted.

A Cooperative Preschool Serving the families of Connecticut since 1972

Photo by Daniel Jackson

More books and bargains at the book sale held at the Community Center.







JANUARY 29, 2012 12:30 P.M.

Saint Paul School

Live Animal Program included!

Pre-K through Grade 8 461 Alling Street Kensington, CT

OPEN HOUSE Jan. 31, 2012 6-8 PM Accredited by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges Saint Paul School welcomes children of all faiths

Excellence in Early Childhood Education

Pre-K 3 Program: 8:30 to 12:30

Call today for information

3 days (M-W-F) or 5-day (Mon.-Fri.)


Pre-K 4 Program:

191 Farmington Ave., Kensington



• • • • •

Pre Kindergarten thru Grade 5 Before & After Care Programs Full-Day Pre K Programs Full-Day Kindergarten Hot Lunch Program Art, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, Library Smart Board Technology Intramural Sports Extracurricular Clubs Literacy Tutor School Counselor

Please call for details: 860-828-4343 1230033

Office: 860-628-4678 Fax: 860-628-6572

• • • • • •

185 Sheldon St., Kensington, CT 06037

Have your Child’s

1050 Flanders Road Southington, CT 06489


OPEN HOUSE JAN. 18 • 6:30-7:30 PM

8:00 to 12:30 5-days (Mon.-Fri.) 8:00 to 3:00 3-days MWF or 5-days (Mon.-Fri.)

• Day Care • Nursery School • Before & After School Care


The Best In Child Care A Parent’s Guide for


The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, January 26, 2012


Valentine Letters of Love

Continued from page 5

Do you have someone special in your life? Husband/Wife ❤ Boyfriend/Girlfriend ❤ Mom/Dad ❤ Grandparents ❤ Kids, even your lovable PETS!!

Show them how much you care on Thursday, February 9th in The Berlin Citizen Valentine Letters of Love

Hurry! Deadline Friday, February 3rd

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importance of keeping fees competitive with other coursContinued from page 1 es to bring in revenue. Council member David Evans ofed unanimously to approve a fered management suggesone to two percent increase tions on how to measure the in overall rates at the Timsuccess of previous efforts to berlin Golf Course. Director boost tee-times. of Golf Jonathan Zuk exTown Manager Denise Mcplained that the golf course Nair reported that the debris suffered losses due to excleanup from Winter Storm tremely wet weather in April, September and October, but Alfred had been completed that golf specials, such as the and that a celebration was lunch and Golf Magazine held in appreciation of the specials, had been successful highway crew and public workers. in 2011. McNair noted the presence Council member Eric Buhrendorf probed Park and of a large crane behind Town Recreation Director Steve Hall, which is on hand for the Kelly for an accounting of ex- installation of an air condipenses which was absent tioning unit. Consultants hired to prefrom the rate increase spreadsheet. Kelly said the pare the Business Continuity town subsidized the golf Plan for disasters have becourse at a ball-park figure gun their survey of town debetween $50,000 to $100,000 partments. Buhrendorf offered to per year. Salina said Timberlin Golf monitor the technology asCourse is a significant desti- pects of the plan as a member nation for the town and that of the Technology Committhe gap in profitability has tee and based on his profesbeen closing. He stressed the sional expertise.


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ing less than a full day.) The USPO has seen a drop in first class mail of 25 percent since 2007, Dugas said, and it expects another drop of 25 percent in the next five years. That sort of reduction in revenue drives the consolidation process, she said. “People are passionate about their post offices,” Dugas said, explaining there are three opportunities for public input once any changes are under consideration, a notice will be posted in

the lobby for 60 days, and a notice is mailed to customers with a survey. There is a public meeting and all comments are included in the study. “So we have a clear picture of the community,” Dugas said, going into the decisionmaking process. There have been instances, including one in Connecticut, where a consolidation plan was reversed due to community input. “We would only consolidate where it makes sense to do so without affecting customers,” she said.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012 — The Berlin Citizen

School News

Deans list

Alfred University, New York - Katherine Harrison of Kensington. Paul Smith’s College, New York - Joshua Paradis of Berlin. Quinnipiac University -

Kristen Kusek, Monica Laguna of Kensington. University of Hartford Samantha DelConte of Berlin. University of Notre Dame, Indiana - Brian Quinn of Berlin.

High school orientation Berlin High School has scheduled a pre-registration orientation meeting for par-

ents and their eighth grade children who are considering entering Berlin High School for the 2012-2013 school year on Monday, Feb. 6 at 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium. Administrators, counselors and department heads will be in attendance.

All Night Graduation Party Casino bus trip A bus trip fundraiser to

Continued from page 1

- Karen Brancato

net or Wendy Zuk at




4 BE

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Certified Emissions Repair Facility Complete Computer Diagnostics ASE Certified Master Mechanics Experts in All General Repairs Heavy Duty Truck Repairs Heavy Duty Equipment Repairs Diesel Engine Repairs Specializing in Commercial Fleet Service 24 Hour Towing

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*Most cars, up to 5 qts. of standard oil with filter. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

asonicare’s M Inpatient Hospice Unit For years, Masonicare’s continuum of care has included an Acute Care Hospital Unit in Wallingford and Home Hospice and Palliative Care services statewide. Our Inpatient Hospice Unit at Masonicare Health Center in Wallingford blends the experience of the two esteemed programs. e Our inpatient unit features private rooms. Each room can also accommodate a patient’s loved one. e Each plan of care is specially tailored to the needs and wishes of the patient and family. Spiritual, emotional, social and clinical support are coordinated through an interdisciplinary hospice team.

e Medical staff is on-site 24/7. e Medicare and many other insurers offer a hospice benefit for specific inpatient stays requiring skilled intervention. The range of diagnoses that may qualify includes cancer, renal disease, Parkinson’s, ALS, Alzheimer’s and heart failure.

If hospital-level hospice care is needed, be assured that patients and their loved ones will experience comfort, skilled clinical care, and emotional and spiritual support from our experienced hospice team at Masonicare Health Center. Should you need more information or wish to make a referral, please call 888-482-8862.



turning to Connecticut. There have been two major projects at the facility in the recent past. The first project was the relocatable classrooms. Finished two years ago, this space adds three full-size classrooms, and two classrooms which share one space and support student learning in reading and math. These are located at the end of the school’s west wing. Recently, the town added a turn around and additional parking to the west side of the school. Parents now have a place to safely drop off students in the morning for school and cars no longer need to park along Heather Lane. The focus this school year has been implementing the Writing Workshop from kindergarten through fifth grade. Teachers worked with consultant, Leah Mermelstein, and colleagues to bring this practice to classrooms. The process involves learning from authors, writing on topics of interest and conferring with teachers. All of this helped to bring about a focus on writing strategies needed to communicate effectively. Administrators said the biggest challenge in any school year is moving forward using the resources that are available. Both money and time are tight. According to school officials: “As we educate children for the 21st century, we will continue to need more and more technology. In these economic times, it is difficult to purchase replacement items, never mind implementing new technologies




work hard to make certain that each child succeeds. Parents are supportive of the educational process and work to help their children meet the goals that are set. “It is truly a collaborative environment.”

cost, contact Deb Lojko at

O 29-1779 T U A 860-8 BERLIN’S

268 in the classrooms. However, the Parents Club is extremely supportive and we are fortunate that they helped fund the purchase of a mobile lab. It is the people in and around the school who make Griswold a great place to be. Teachers are extremely caring about their students and

ed. For more information and

Mohegan Sun is scheduled for Saturday, March 31. Bus leaves Berlin High School parking lot at 5 p.m. to return at midnight. Vouchers for food and gaming are includ-



The Berlin Citizen Thursday, January 26, 2012

Forever Young Club

Ladies Guild

The Ladies Guild of St. Paul Church is scheduled to meet Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 7 p.m. in the church hall for game night. Members are asked to bring favorite

games or cards. A committee to plan the June banquet will be formed. Donations of jelly and cereal for the Berlin food pantry is requested. All ladies of the parish are welcome.

The Forever Young Club is scheduled to meet Thursday, Feb. 2 at 6:30 p.m. at St. Paul Church. A short business meeting will be followed by pizza and refreshments. Guest speakers Anthony Hrenko and Laurie Dauphin are scheduled to speak about their medical mission trip in Haiti, Central and South America. Tickets for the annual corned beef dinner in March will be available. Members are asked to bring macaroni and cheese donations for the Berlin Town food pantry.

Easter musical Sacred Heart Church has scheduled open auditions for teens and children for its Easter musical. Sign up on Sunday, Jan. 29 from 1 to 4 p.m. at the church, 66 Cottage St., East Berlin. Auditions will be scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 12 by appointment. Show dates are Saturday,

March 17 and Sunday, March 18 at 2 and 7 p.m. For more information, call (860) 828-0154 or email

Berlin Congregational The Berlin Congregational Church has scheduled free Tot Time for Thursdays for parents with children 1 to 5 years old from 10:30 to 11:15 a.m. through May 24. Tot Time includes crafts, play session, snack s and holiday parties. No registration is required. For more information, call (860) 828-6586.

Kensington Congregational The Christian Education program offers a Parent/Child Playgroup every Tuesday from 9:30 to 11:15 a.m. in the Reeves Center. The playgroup is on a drop-in basis for children from infants to preschoolers. 1229691


OIL COMPANY, LLC “Owner Operated Since 1999”

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Saint Gabriel’s

Saint Gabriel’s Episcopal Church has scheduled Sunday worship at 8:30 a.m. The worship service is dignified but informal. Saint Gabriel’s includes children of all ages in worship and welcome their joyful noise. The services feature music from the 1982 Hymnal and on occasion they enjoy an anthem or instrumental offering from one of our congregation’s musicians, in addition to the prepared prelude and postlude offered by the organist.

Taize service

The Kensington United Methodist Church offers a Taize service Tuesdays at 7 p.m. A Taize service combines silent meditation, prayer and simple music. Silence is a central part of this service and is a gift to those leading busy, hectic lives.


Continued from page 8 came the music director for the whole territory. She oversaw music groups in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. In 2000, she moved to Berlin because her (then) husband moved to the United States and had connections to the Evangelical Covenant Church of America. She became the music minister Bethany Covenant nearly nine years ago. Although the territory she covers is smaller, Ljungholm sees the move to her current position as a transformation and as significant as anything else she’s done. “I’m a church musician,” she said. “I do enjoy it, a lot.” In this space, she can help amateur musicians, put on concerts and come up with a varied music repertoire — from contemporary to classical choral work—for Sunday services. “I feel inspired to do what I do for God and people.” The next concert in the music series showcases the Bethany Brass Ensemble in an event called Bethany Brass and Friends. The concert is scheduled for March 4.


Thursday, January 26, 2012 — The Berlin Citizen

Arthur H. Kevorkian

then known as T.C.C. Teacher’s College of Connecticut, and captained the 1946 team. He graduated in May of 1947 and began a 30 year career in public education working first as an Industrial Arts teacher and coach at Berlin High School while playing semi pro football with the Hartford Blues and New Britain Codys. When the Korean War broke out he was called back to active duty and served two years in Japan as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force. He later obtained his Master’s Degree from Trinity College and a sixth year certificate in administration from Hartford College. From 1961-1966, while still teaching in Berlin, he served as President of the Connecticut State Federation of Teachers until he became Director of Vocational Education for the New Britain School District retiring in 1978 as their Director of Instruction. An avid golfer and bowler, he was a longtime member of the Timberlin Men’s Golf Association and played on many public links teams as well as winning the club’s Senior

Golf Championship several times. However, his great passion remained the game of football where he was an active member and official for 55 years with the Central Connecticut Association of Football Officials retiring in 2005. In 1994 he was named outstanding official by the Hartford Chapter of the National Football Foundation and was selected to the New Britain Sports Hall of Fame in 2001. In 2010 he was in the inaugural class of the Berlin Sports Hall of Fame. Additionally, he was a past commander and longtime member of the Berlin VFW Post 10732 and had served on the Board of Directors of St. Stephen’s Armenian Church. A skillful auto mechanic and handyman, he loved working on cars and doing various jobs around his home which he had built. He was a devoted husband, a loving and caring father and grandfather who was always willing to help others. He was predeceased by his loving wife of 57 years, Cassie (Basile) and his two brothers Michael and

Stephen. He is survived by his two sons, Arthur L. and his wife Holly of Kensington and Mark S. and his wife Rose of Meriden and his two devoted sisters, Shirley Kevorkian and Sue Kochunas of Kensington. He also leaves five grandchildren, who gave him great joy, Noelle Garneau, Kory, Kyle, Matthew, and Jacquelyn Kevorkian plus two greatgrandchildren, Aidan and Cameron Garneau, along with several nieces and nephews. Services were held on Jan. 21, 2012 at St. Stephen’s Armenian Apostolic Church, New Britain. Burial, with military honors, was in Fairview Cemetery in New Britain. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Arthur & Catherine

Phone (860) 828-4730 FAX (860) 829-6509


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For a printable version of obituaries, visit The obituaries section features, an online provider of obituaries, guestbook and funeral home information.

111 Chamberlain Highway, Berlin, CT 06037 5 Generations of Family to Family Service Established 1869

“Caring Service with a Gentle Hand”

Family Owned and Operated by the Porter Family Since 1869 Continuing Family to Family Service for 143 Years. Christopher and Peggy Porter, Owners


96 MAIN STREET Kensington, CT 06037

More obituaries on page 17 • (860) 223-0981

Berlin Memorial Carolyn Smith, Owner

Kevorkian Family Scholarship, c/o Central Connecticut State University, Davidson Hall, New Britain, CT 06051 or to St. Stephen’s Armenian Apostolic Church, 167 Tremont St., New Britain, CT 06053. Please share a memory of Arthur with the family in the on line guest book @



Arthur H. (Hadoo) Ke vo rk i a n , 93, of Kensi n g t o n , beloved husband of the late Catherine B. Ke vo rk i a n , former educator, and Central Connecticut State University’s oldest living football player passed away peacefully Jan. 17, 2012 at the MidState Medical Center in Meriden. Born May 13,1918 in New Britain, he was the middle of five children born to Harry and Mary Kevorkian. He graduated from New Britain High in 1937 where he played football under the legendary coach Chick Shea. After graduation he worked at Stanley Golf course where he regularly played golf with Herbert Welte, then the President of New Britain Teacher’s College (CCSU) and Coach Jim Kaiser. Both men convinced “Hadoo” to enroll at the college and play football for the school. When he enrolled in September of 1939, he joined 12 of his former New Britain High teammates on a team that went on to become one of the most famous teams in the history of Central sports. That 1939 team went undefeated in six games and was unscored upon until the last quarter of their last game. The team, which played their home games at Willow Brook Park before crowds of over 5,000, gained national recognition and Kevorkian was named to the small college Little All American team as a tackle. Eight members of that team including Kevorkian and Coach Kaiser are in the CCSU Sports Hall of Fame. In 1940 &41 the “Profs” as they were called then went 9-2 and Kevorkian was twice named to the New England Small College team. With the outbreak of WWII he enlisted in the Army Air Corp and served three years as a B-24 pilot and flight instructor. In 1946 at the age of 28, he returned to Central, which was




The Berlin Citizen Thursday, January 26, 2012


Start your day Made in the U.S.A.

Holiday success

To the editor: The Ladies Auxiliary of East Berlin Fire Department would like to thank everyone who made the Christmas in the Grove event a success. The community enjoyed singing Christmas carols, the lighting of the Christmas tree and, of course, the visit from Santa. Many non-perishable food items were collected for the Berlin food pantry. Thank you to all who participated and made the event enjoyable. The Ladies Auxiliary of the East Berlin Fire Dept. Company 1

(In this new series, Berlin resident Dave Kobus will occasionally share his thoughts on the importance of supporting Kobus products made in the U.S.A.) When I get ready for my day I make it my goal to wear at least one piece of clothing that was made in the USA. This is a daily challenge, but it is possible with a little effort. It is not common today to find much clothing made in the USA, but you can still find some socks if you search them out and a few belts are still manufactured

by our fellow Americans. One of the best places I have found to purchase made in the USA clothing is to run searches on my computer. There are some online stores like Sportsman’s Guide and Amazon which make an effort to let you know where things are made. Another step to take is to just ask a sales person at one of our local stores if they know of any items that are American made. This will save you some time checking labels and packaging over and over again only to find the words “Hecho en CHINA” on just about everything. When shopping at Cabela’s recently, I was really disappointed after search-

Government Meetings

Thursday, Jan. 26 Planning & Zoning Commission, Town Hall, 7 p.m. Public Building Commission, Town Hall Room 8, 7:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 6 Historic District, Town Hall, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 7 Inland/Wetlands Commission, Town Hall, Room 8, 7 p.m. Town Council, Town Hall Council Chambers, 7 p.m.

The Berlin

Cit itiz ize en The Berlin Citizen 11 Crown Street Meriden, CT 06450 Asst. Managing Editor – Robin Michel Editor – Olivia L. Lawrence Sports Editor – Nick Carroll Advert. Manager – Kimberley E. Boath Sales Consultant – Annemarie Goulet

Veterans Commission, American Legion Post 68, 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 8 Berlin-Peck Memorial Library, Library board room, 7 p.m. Housing Authority, Marjorie Moore Village, 5 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 9 Parks and Recreation Commission, Community center, 7 p.m. Planning & Zoning Commission, Town Hall, 7 p.m.

CONTACT US Advertising: ........................(860) 620-5960 News and Sports: ...............(203) 317-2256 Fax: .......................................(203) 639-0210 Marketplace:.......................(877) 238-1953 Published every Thursday. Delivered by mail to all of the homes and businesses in the two ZIP codes serving Berlin – 06037 and 06023. The Berlin Citizen is published by the Record-Journal Publishing Co. General Manager – Michael F. Killian

ing through their racks of clothes. Just about none of their store name brand items are made in the USA. Even though they market themselves as the go to store for the American outdoors man the only items I was able to find were some socks and a belt made in America. The “PRC” was represented well on their store brand labels though (Peoples Republic of China). Once in a while you can get lucky. I have been amazed at some of the items I have stumbled upon at Ocean State Job Lot. Even though a majority of the items sold at this store do not carry the American flag, recently they had a boat load of army surplus

hiking boots show up on their shelves at an unbelievable price. Yes, top quality real leather waterproof boots made in the Carolinas by our fellow Americans. Tag sales, flea markets, and estate sales are another source for clothing made in the USA. Back in the day when our economy was running on all cylinders, items like sweaters, pants, dresses, towels, and even bed sheets were made by American workers. Made in the USA every day is a challenge, but if you make it your mind set you can take some small steps that will eventually make a big difference in preserving and creating American jobs!

Editor’s note: check it out has a new look and we are excited about this opportunity to bring you not only a better-looking website, but what we believe is a better news website. As you may already know, your existing link will redirect you automatically to the new website with features such as a photo carousel that displays photos from recent stories. Our comment section is also improved, however, you must register to post comments. Comments will be easier to post and read. You can also link to our Facebook page and see our fans. Be sure to sign up for our news alerts, another feature that will bring you more news, faster. New sections offer easier access to areas such as sports, obituaries, and schools. There are also quick links to our other weekly newspapers: The Town Times, The Plainville Citizen, The Southington Citizen and The North Haven Citizen, as well as a link to the electronic version of the weekly. There are still a few enhancements we will be working on in the coming weeks, but we think the new website for The Citizen is a terrific way to start the new year.

Let us know what you’re thinking send us your Letters to the Editor! The Berlin Citizen, 11 Crown St., Meriden, CT 06450


Thursday, January 26, 2012 — The Berlin Citizen

Berlin Fare Restaurant celebrates 25 years in business

Dave Spinelli and students, in Papua, Indonesia, will soon receive a shipment of books from Berlin.

“Books and a Buck” update You may remember a recent story, “Books and a Buck – From Berlin to Indonesia,” from the Dec. 15 edition of The Berlin Citizen. In it, we introduced you to David Spinelli, Berlin High School class of 1990, who is presently teaching in a school in Papua, Indonesia. He had sent an email to the Berlin librarians, asking for donations of books for his school for native children in a workingclass area. BHS library media specialist Dave Scannell started a drive at the high school called “Books and a Buck”. This referred to asking for a small monetary donation in addition to every book donation, in order to cover the substantial costs of shipping the books halfway around the world. We thought you might like an update on how the book drive went

and where the books are in their travels: From Indonesia, David Spinelli writes: “I posted (the Citizen article) on my Facebook page and I got lots of great responses. Plus, it triggered some more support! We haven’t gotten the books yet. I think they were sent this week, or will be.” Dave Scannell, BHS library media specialist, reports that they “sent out seven boxes - 206 pounds — of books Jan. 13. There’s another batch coming from Mame Little, library media specialist at Willard Elementary School. The community has been helpful and generous as have members of UpBeat who piled and packed books for us.” Organizers thank everyone who donated books, materials or money for this endeavor and hope to make it an annual event. - Karen Brancato

Tucked away in the back of Berlin Central Plaza, at the corner of Webster Square Road and Mill Street, is the Berlin Fare Restaurant. Unless you are a regular customer or someone recommended the restaurant, you might not realize it was there. But, obviously, enough people know about it, as it celebrates its 25th year in business this year. Owner Don Tulisano credits the success and longevity of the business to a genuine effort to ensure meals are as delicious as anticipated and are of the quality and good value a customer should expect. At the Berlin Fare, staff hopes people leave feeling that their patronage is appreciated. There is plenty of banter between patrons and customers at Berlin Fare, always mixed with a little humor. The atmosphere cannot be found in a chain, franchise or large restaurant and that is what makes Berlin Fare unique and successful for 25 years. Tulisano said. “It is enjoyable coming to work at a place like this, you see and talk with a variety of people every hour, which usually makes the day fly by. Long-time customers become friends and people you look forward to seeing daily or weekly,” Tulisano said. Customers who have moved away or changed jobs often stop in when they have the chance. Tulisano has a varied resume which includes formerly teaching history and civics at Plainville High School, and also serving as its football coach. He also worked at Associated Grocers Warehouse while attending college, worked at Atena as an analyst, and later established a

10 questions asked of librarians in 2011

Reference librarians help people with a variety of questions; some of those topics are quite interesting. In 2011, the Library Board recorded some patrons’ questions in the minutes of its meetings. Here are 10 unique questions asked of the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library reference staff last year: How do you make turtle soup? Do you have books on how to make infrared saunas? Do you have paranormal information, because I’m seeing cats? How do you grow plants in soda?

Can you find the email address for Chris Wallace on Fox News? What are some examples of banned books I can use for a children’s literature class? Where was the location of the original toll on Tollgate Road? What is the maximum amount of money you can gift without paying tax? Do you have tape recorders? And this question comes from the children’s reference desk: “Do you have a non-fiction book about fairies?” - Daniel Jackson

chimney sweep cleaning business in central Connecticut. He later was involved with his mother and brother at a family business in Cromwell called “My Brother’s Place Cafe”. Berlin Fare is a family affair as Tulisano’s three children have all worked at the restaurant in some capacity over the years and there are breakfast specials named after each one of them. His daughter, Krista, who owns and operates her own company, still waitresses from time to time and Tulisano’s wife, now retired from Atena, helps out. Berlin Fare is known for tasty breakfast sandwiches and over-stuffed omelets and

bottomless cups of coffee. Popular lunch specials include pork chops with rosemary and garlic, Shepard’s Pie, American Chop Suey, spinach with olive oil and garlic and mozzarella cheese over Italian sausage and potato, an Italian burger and Don’s Delight, a six ounce made-to-order hamburger. Soups are all homemade. All items are available for takeout. Berlin Fare is open Monday through Friday, from 6:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.; Saturday, 6:30 to 11:30 a.m. and Sunday, 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. They can be reached at (860) 828-1231. (Submitted by Don Tulisano.)

Citizen photo by Olivia L. Lawrence

A scene from a Chamberlain Highway meadow.

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Childbirth classes

The Hospital of Central Connecticut has scheduled education and support pro-

grams for patents-to-be, new parents and siblings. There is a fee for classes; support groups are free. Classes include: Child-

The Berlin Citizen Thursday, January 26, 2012

birth classes for new expectant parents; accelerated refresher class for those with children and are pregnant again; sibling involvement

class, and newborn care class. Support groups include: Breastfeeding support group and Baby and Me support

THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE STAFF OF WALNUT HILL CARE CENTER! FIVE STAR RATING The Federal Government via the Center for Medicare Services has rated

Walnut Hill Care Center as the


55 Grand Street, New Britain, CT 06052 (Located directly across from the Hospital of Central Conn.)

#1 Nursing Home in the State of Connecticut for facilities with more than 130 Beds. Phone:


group. For more information or to register, call (860) 224-5433.

Alzheimer’s support

The Andrew House, 66 Clinic Drive, New Britain, hosts an Alzheimer’s support group on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 3:30 p.m. All are welcome and admission is free. For more information, call Kathy Mulrooney at (860) 2258608.

Stroke survivors

MidState Medical Center has scheduled a Stroke Support Group, an interactive group designed to assist stroke survivors and their caregivers in learning more about stroke and recovery issues, as well as share common challenges and experiences. The group will meet on the first Wednesday of each month from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in conference room 7 at MidState Medical Center.

Be Happy. Be Healthy. Belong.

Subacute and Long Term Care Units  Contracted with HMO and Insurance Companies  Specialized Dementia / Alzheimer Program

Discover more together at the YMCA Whether your life is focused on shaping up, studying up or growing all begins with signing up at the YMCA!

Adult Sports Co-ed Basketball Bring in-this adVolleyball, to redeem your League, Private Year-Round Golf Lessons Free Complimentary 1-Week Aquatics Youth Sports &pass Indoor Cycling Programs YMCA to the New Britain-Berlin Rock Climbing Health & Wellness Teen Programs Child Care Available

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New Britain-Berlin YMCA 50 High Street, New Britain, CT 06051 (860)229-3787


Thursday, January 26, 2012 — The Berlin Citizen

Obituaries Peter A. Kloskowski

ter, Louise Ewing and her husband Bill of San Diego, Calif.; a brother John Grasse of New Hampshire; nine grandchildren, Edward Carling, Robert Carling, Jill Cowperthwaite, Lynn Arm-

Kensington. Burial was in St. Mary Cemetery. Please share a memory of Mary with the family at

More obituaries on page 19 12321

Mary A. Carling, 95, of Kensington, died Jan. 20, 2012 at Ledgecrest Health Care Center. Born in New Britain, she was the daughter of the late Louis and Louisa (Cucchi) Grassi. Mary was a Berlin resident most of her life and was formerly employed as a Nurses Aid at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in Torrington. She was a member of St. Paul Church. Surviving are two sons, Wayne R. Carling and his wife Joni of East Berlin and Harry R. Carling and his wife Lorraine of Berlin; a daugh-

strong, Eric Carling, Todd Carling, Kevin Carling, Lila Ewing, and Allison Cooper; and 14 great-grandchildren. A Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated Jan. 25, 2012 at St. Paul Church,

Stay in touch with Berlin

Average Joe’s Fitness Center is far from your ‘AVERAGE’ gym. We help provide the basic knowledge and direction you need to reach your fitness goals. Our unique facility offers the most updated equipment and our group training sessions offer the most effective weight loss and body sculpting programs around. At Average Joe’s you will find our team is passionate about fitness and getting YOU to reach your goals

Mary A. Carling

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• Complete Health & Wellness Plan • 24 Hour access • (2) Personal training sessions • State of the art equipment • Private showers & restrooms • Weight Loss & Body Sculpting sessions available • Private personal training available • Month to Month commitment available

Call or Log onto 1227 Farmington Ave., Berlin, CT • 860-356-0094 It’s not too late to start the New Year off right by getting fit at the right place!

Celebrating Our Success Andrew House Healthcare salutes ...... Tim C. Mr. Tim required short term rehab after a short stay at the hospital where he was admitted due to complications resulting from a fall with cellulitis: I want everyone to know how important you all have been to me during my time at Andrew House. To all my C.N.A. s nursing and rehab staff; to the administrative people, I give you a rating of 200%. Thank you so much!

“Right in your own backyard” 66 Clinic Dr. • New Britain • Across from Grove Hill Medical Center 860-225-8608 12306

Peter A. Kloskowski, 64, of Kensington went home peacefully on Jan. 20, 2012. Born in New Britain on Oc. 6, 1947 to W a l t e r Kloskowski and Ann (Soltisiak) Kloskowski, he attended New Britain schools graduating in 1966 from Pulaski High School. He went on to Central Connecticut State University graduating in 1974, earning a BS in Chemistry and Earth Science and then attaining a BS in Computer Science from The University of Hartford. He worked as a senior computer programmer for Aetna Life & Casualty and then at The Travelers Insurance, retiring in 2002. During his school years, Peter was an avid junior golfer at Stanley Golf course which later carried into his adult years. Chess was also an intricate part of Peter’s world, becoming a chess expert. He was a member of the United States Chess Federation and New Britain Chess Club. Peter was also a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and Rebekahs. Peter was a geology and astronomy buff. He and his wife Connie traveled extensively around our great nation. Peter loved reading, animals, and children, although never blessed with having any of his own he never turned down a horsey ride to any kids. His most recent past-times were attending New Britain Rock Cats baseball and CCSU Blue Devil basketball games. He is survived by his loving wife and best friend, Constance (Ostrowski); sister-inlaw, Lucille Kutz and niece, Lara Kutz all of Kensington and God children Kenneth and Kristen Brazauski of Meriden. He also leaves a cousin, Phillip Brazauski and his wife, Debbie and children Adam, Amy and Kyle Brazauski. In addition he leaves many friends. Peter was pre-deceased by his parents, and uncles Stanley Kloskowski and Stanley

Soltisiak; brother-in-law Lynn Kutz and special aunts, Mary Brazauski and Rose Sespanski. Services were held Jan. 24, 2012 at the Farrell Funeral Home with a Mass of Christian Burial and at St. Paul Church, Kensington. Burial followed at Sacred Heart Cemetery, New Britain. Memorial donations may be made to the Alzheimer’s Resource Center of Connecticut, 1261 South Main, Southington, CT 06489, or to a charity of the donor’s choice. To share a memory with the family, visit


The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, January 26, 2012


Check us out every day on the web:

Continued from page 9 The book sale is still open Monday (12:30 – 2:30 p.m.), Wednesday (12:30 – 6 p.m.) and Friday, (12:30 – 2:30 p.m.). However, it is now open twice-a-month on Saturday (9 a.m. – noon). The women lowered prices and made them more consistent. Shoppers can usually find books for 50 cents for a paperback and a $1 or $1.50 for a hardcover. This is good news for Darrel Qualls. Last Friday afternoon, he went through the rows of books with a handheld scanner. With it, he scans a book’s barcode and looks at its going price online with an old PDA strapped to his forearm. He’s a book reseller. “I’m a carpenter by day and sell a few books at night,� he explained. Near


Newington Health Care Center on their Five-Star Quality Rating!

T The he Five-Star Quality Rating ng proves and residents already ves what whhat employees em eadyy know— know— that Newington Health Care Center provides outstanding care every day.

closing time, he had two boxes of books that he will markup online. “They’ve got it all.� The selection is as diverse as any bookstore, Qualls said. The book sale does not usually contain the hottest bestsellers. Helms said that one cannot simply walk in and pick up “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,� for example, but it does offer duplicate copies of many popular authors such as James Patterson and Mary Higgins Clark. “Mary Higgins Clark—we have hundreds of her books,� Helms said. If a resident is looking for a particular book, volunteers can write their name on “the list.� If the books comes in through the donations the sale receives, the volunteers will hold the book and notify the person on the list. They have one week to pick it up before it goes on the shelves.




/ / ĂŠ 

- - ĂŠ U ĂŠ   9 ĂŠ 7  , ĂŠ U ĂŠ   "  

, ĂŠ-  /"

ĂŠ"ĂŠ*, 1ĂŠ 9 7 ,




Ratings determined by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). For more information, visit the CMS’ Nursing Home Compare website,


240 Church St., Newington, CT 06111 3  ‡ )  

KENSINGTON | 28 CHAMBERLAIN HIGHWAY 777°,6 9  7-° " | 860-829-9090


Thursday, January 26, 2012 — The Berlin Citizen

Obituary Juliette L. Doty Juliette L. Doty, 83, of East Berlin, died peacefully on Jan. 19, 2012 at home. Born in Graniteville, Vt., she was the daughter of the late Alidor and Antoinette (Fournier) Lemieux. Juliette was a former New Britain resident and a resident of East Berlin since 1967. She was formerly employed at New Britain Machine, New Britain General

Hospital, and Stop and Shop in Cromwell. She was a member of the Bowling League at Laurel Lanes in Plainville. Surviving are four children, Pamela Doty of East Berlin, Lori Salazar of Middletown, David Doty of California, and Catherine Jeffers of Vernon; two brothers, Norman Lemieux of Bristol and Al Lemieux of Virginia; four sisters, Madeline Fish of Southington, Martha Mekkelsen of Kensington, Rita Giancola of New Britain, and Maidene Gionfriddo of Italy; ten grandchil-

Obituary fee

dren, Jonathan Calderone, Alexandra, Danielle, and Benjamin Salazar, Nicole and David Doty, Elizabeth Jones, Hannah, Caroline, and Paul Jeffers; and many nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by a daughter, Gail Calderone; and by four brothers, Conrad Lemieux, Pierre Lemieux, Roger Lemieux, and Raymond Lemieux. A memorial service was held Jan. 24, 2012 at EricksonHansen Funeral Home, New Britain. Burial was in Maple Cemetery, Berlin. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the American


Advanced Spine and Pain Care Roshni N. Patel, MD Interventional Pain Management

Please note the new phone number:

24 Hours/7 Days



Quality Care


to You. For over 80 years the Berlin VNA has been providing comprehensive health care for the Town of Berlin. Professional Services Offered: Skilled Nursing, Home Health Aides/Homemakers, Physical, Speech & Occupational Therapy, Medical Social Work & Dietitian Consultation

Mary Gina Ratchford, MD

Daniel W. Chin, MD

Board Certified Ophthalmologists Offering Comprehensive Eye ServicesWith Convenient

State Licensed. Medicare/Medicaid Certified, JCAHO Accredited.

Early Morning & Evening Hours


State of the Art Cataract Surgery With Near Vision Intraocular Lenses Glaucoma, Diabetic & Macular Degeneration Treatment ,ID3URGERYs"OTOX!VASTIN)NJECTIONS #ONTACT,ENSESs%MERGENCY#ARE Willard Ave.,CT Bldg. 1B 279 New279 Britain Suite 6 NewRoad, Britain Road, Suite 6505 • Kensington, Newington, CT Kensington, CT 1232386

860.828.7030 240 Kensington Road, Berlin, CT 06037

(860) 829-8939


(860) 665-1355


Order online:

375 Willard Avenue Newington, CT 06111


We Bring

The Berlin Citizen charges a $25 processing fee for obituaries. For more information, call The Citizen at (860) 829-5720.

is pleased to announce the relocation of her practice to



Cancer Society, 825 Brook St., Rocky Hill, CT 06067. Please share a memory of Juliette with the family at



The Berlin Citizen Thursday, January 26, 2012

Senior Happenings

AARP free taxaide

AARP has scheduled free tax assistance, for low and middle income taxpayers, with special attention to those 60 and older, at the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call the Senior Center at (860) 828-7050 or the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library at (860) 828-7125.

Health clinics


The Berlin Visiting Nurse Association and Central Connecticut Health Center offer monthly health clinics at the Senior Center. The clinics are free of charge and no appointments are necessary. The schedule for January is: Tuesday, Jan.31 – 12:45 to 1:45 p.m. Blood pressure screening. For more information, call the Berlin VNA at (860) 828-

Senior trips

Linda Vasile, Au.D., CCC/A, FAAA

Board Certified, Doctor of Audiology

• Hearing Evaluations • Hearing Aid Fittings • Hearing Aid Repairs • Hearing Aid Batteries

Feb. 23 - Connecticut Flower and Garden Show. March 12 - St. Patrick’s Day at Westport. April 19 - Peabody Museum and PEZ Visitor Center. May 15 - Lobsterfest at The Newport Playhouse. June 11 - Suffolk Downs. June 13 - NYC Heritage. July 2 - Harborfest (Tall Ships) in Boston. July 24 - Rhode Island

lighthouse cruise. Aug. 9 - Highlights of the Hudson. Aug. 22 - Culinary Institute - American Bounty. Sept. 19 - Big E. Sept 27 - Newport train. Oct. 2 - 9/11 Memorial and Museum. Oct. 19 - Vermont wine and cheese. Nov. 7 - Mt. Haven. Dec. 6 - Christmas lights. Cruises March 3-10 - Eastern Caribbean on Holland Amer-

ica’s Eurodam. May 6-10 - Bermuda. Sept. 3-8 - Atlantic Canada. Air and land May 19-25 - Myrtle Beach. June 6-12 - Canyon Country. June 29-July 11 - New Foundland. July 20-22 - Fireworks and Fountains at Longwood Gardens. Aug. 21-24 - Quebec City. Sept. 4-7 - Chicago. Sept. 16-21 - Wine, Rail and Redwoods.

Senior Bowling League results from Jan. 20: Joe Sytulek, 242; John Nappi, 186; Gene Lemery, 180; Ed Picard, 169; Walt Wallace, 164; Chuck Leonhardt, 161; Rockwell Roberts, 160.

710 Main Street, Building 3, Plantsville at Clock Tower Square

“Serving the Hearing Needs of Central Connecticut”


(860) 426-9181

Citizen photo by Olivia L. Lawrence

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The Berlin Citizen Thursday, January 26, 2012



Berlin handles old rival, qualifies for tournament By Nick Carroll The Berlin Citizen

The teams are on different trajectories, but it’s still Berlin-Plainville, which means players dig a little deeper, and fans are more energized. Such was the case Friday night at Gibney Gymnasium. In the end however, the matchup between old foes didn’t provide much drama. A close game early on turned in Berlin’s favor in the second quarter, and Plainville had no answer, as the home team ran away for a 51-27 victory. The win was No. 8 for the Redcoats (8-3), which qualified them for the state tournament. The Blue Devils fell to 1-10. “We know they’re tough. It’s a CCC South game, longtime rivals. We knew it would be a physical game,” BHS coach Mike Veneziano said. “So we wanted to be physical and box them out,

like they did to us. We did a good job on the boards. I think we out-rebounded them 36 to 21. That helped a lot.” “I’m happy with where we’re at, but I want to get better,” Veneziano added. “When you score 20 points in three quarters you’re not going to win a lot of games,” said PHS coach Marc Wesoly. “We shot nine for 48 from the floor. And then we shoot seven for 15 from the free throw line. We had the shots we wanted, we just couldn’t knock them down.” “The effort is still there,” Wesoly said. “The problem is you can’t shoot nine for 48.” An evenly-played opening quarter ended with Berlin on top 9-8. Plainville’s Steve Boland had five of his seven points in the period, including a buzzer-beating bucket that halted a 7-0 Berlin run. The Redcoats’ Bobby Mozzicato scored four points in the first quarter and heat-

Photo by Matt Leidemer

The Plainville High School boys basketball team had no answer for Bobby Mozzicato, pictured, and Berlin Friday night. ed up in the second, netting six more, as the home team surged ahead 19-12. Mozzicato finished with a game-high 18 points. He also collected 10 rebounds. “We knew it was going to be a dog fight, a physical game. We’re rivals,” said the senior center. “We knew we were a little bit better, and if we played our game, we’d come out with a victory. It worked out today.” Mozzicato often was the beneficiary of Darrin Gilbert passes. “He’s a real good ballhandler, and he makes good decisions,” Mozzicato said of the junior point guard, who dished out seven assists FriSee Qualifies, next page

Lady ‘Coats prevail in key divisional matchup

That’s the spirit

By Mark Pukalo Special to The Citizen

Photo by Matt Leidemer

Berlin High School’s student cheering section – the Red Sea – was out in force Friday at Gibney Gymnasium when Berlin clashed with Plainville in boys basketball.

The Berlin girls basketball team continues to find ways to win. The Redcoats were very sharp on both ends of the floor in the first half Friday to take a big lead at rival Plainville and cruised to a 3823 victory in the CCC South showdown. The victory – Berlin’s eighth straight — gave the Redcoats (11-2, 8-0 league) a two-game lead on Middletown, Bristol Eastern and Plainville in the CCC South. “Plainville is always a fun game, a good rival,” Berlin coach Sheila King said. “We knew they were tough and bigger than us. We looked to play them for 94 feet, keep the pressure on. And it worked.

They couldn’t quite get the ball inside and the speed of our game caused them problems. “They turned up the heat in the second half and we struggled a bit. It’s a good thing we came out to the early lead.” King said the Redcoats’ offensive efficiency allowed them to pressure Plainville and make the Blue Devils rush. Courtney Trzasko played a big role in punishing Plainville, draining four 3pointers in the first half, as Berlin took a 10-2 lead after one quarter and a 24-6 advantage at halftime. Trzasko led all scorers with 14 points. “She has had some very good games for us,” King

See Lady, next page


The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mother-son team navigating Redcoat swimmers By Jim Bransfield Special to The Citizen

The Berlin High boys swim team is a family affair. That is, when it comes to coaching. This season, Dan Thurston, son of head coach Eileen Thurston, is an assistant coach of the Redcoats. “It’s a pleasure learning from and working with my mother,” said Dan. “We both bounce ideas off each other and are both comfortable with criticism from each other. She has a lot of knowledge about how to deal with the

whole swimmer, both in and out of the water, and for a young coach that’s really helpful.” Coach Mom agreed that coaching with her son is pretty cool. “It’s great to work with him,” she said. “It is always a gift to be able to share a passion with your child, and to work side by side with him is the best gift of all.” That cooperative spirit is especially important this season because it’s a rebuilding year for the Redcoats. Some 17 seniors graduated and no team can take that

Youth Sports


The Berlin Minutemen traveled to Meriden to compete in the highly-competitive team duals. The first match was against Mayo Quanchi from Rhode Island. The Minutemen took an early lead with wins by Isaac Cortes and Trevor Graham. J.P. Gorneault kept things going with a pin. Riley Hanson then dropped a close match. Nathan Orde had a tough loss as well, but Eli Watson got the Berlin back on track with a technical fall. Luke Mangiafico won by forfeit and Daniel and Josh Veleas picked up wins. Pins by Nick Aborio and Kevon Bradley pushed the Minutemen out to a 41-18 lead. Losses by Ronnie Watson, Calvin Johnson and Marcus Alleyne closed the gap. Jared Zima went on to pick up a win, as did Seth Pelletier, but with three forfeits and other losses Mayo Quanchi pulled out a 71-59 win. The second match pitted the Minutemen against Warwick PAL, Rhode Island. Wins by Trevor Graham, J.P. Gorneault, Josh and Daniel Veleas, Nick Aborio, Marcus Alleyne, Jared Zima and Seth Pelletier were not enough as Warwick topped the Minutemen 72-48. In their third match, against Bristol, the Minutemen had wins by Trevor Graham, J.P. Gorneault, Riley Hanson, Josh Veleas, Nick Aborio, Marcus Alleyne, Jared Zima and Seth Pelletier, but were topped by the Gladiators 84-46. In the final match of the day, Southington was too much to

handle, topping the Minutemen 72-53. Winning for Berlin were Eli Watson, Daniel and Josh Veleas, Nick Aborio, Marcus Alleyne, Jared Zima and Seth Pelletier. Winning all their matches on the day were Nick Aborio, Josh Veleas and Jared Zima. Minutemen Coach Roger Moss said, “this is a very long and tough day of wrestling that gave our young wrestlers a full day of quality matches ... Losses now will prepare us for the state tournament in about a month.”

Basketball Third/fourth grade Parks and Recreation Huskies 22, Hornets 21: Huskies scoring - Zachary Hrubiec 8, Jake Dubuc 4, Tyler DeGroff 4, Clemens Henning 2. Hornets scoring - Charles Nims 8, Jacob Sparks 6, Timothy Stapell 5, Jackson Roman 2. Tar Heels 36, Bulls 23: Tar Heels scoring - Camden Murphy 12, Zack Murray 8, Danny Lynch 8, Ryan Salee 4. Bulls scoring - Mark Addamo 13, Peter Cugno 4, Anthony Undercuffler 4, Kyle Krupa 2. Spurs 28, Knicks 24: Spurs scoring - Paul D’Amore 12, Justin Piskorski 10, Aiden Jones 4. Knicks scoring - Jeffrey Madeia 12, Jake Holmes 8, Dominic Accarpio 2, Joseph Caracoglia 2. Florida 24, Celtics 11: Florida scoring - Paul D’Amore 14, Jack Carroll 4, Justin Piskorski 4, Trevor Miano 2. Celtics scoring - Jacob Darewonko 9, Nathan Capodice 2.

kind of hit and maintain the level of quality the Redcoats have achieved in recent seasons. “We are a smaller team than we’ve been in recent years,” said the head coach, pointing out she has 19 swimmers in action. The Redcoats have also been up against some good competition. Berlin opened with a 91-87 loss to Simsbury, then lost to Hall of West Hartford, 100-77, Rocky Hill, 94-85, Manchester, 99-79, and Newington, 92-83. “We are optimistic for the rest of the season,” Eileen Thurston said. “We anticipate having an exciting division schedule in the remain-

ing month and a half. We have two divers [Nathan Giaccone and Jakub Cwieka] who are very close to qualifying for states. “Already this is a very different team than the group that stepped into the water the first day after Thanksgiving.” Thurston listed her best swimmers as Dan Klotz (100 butterfly, 200 freestyle, 50 freestyle, 100 freestyle), Ryan Marquis (200 freestyle, 500 freestyle, 50 freestyle), Luke Switzer (100 breaststroke), and the two divers. “Dan just missed breaking the school record in the 200 freestyle against Hall and the 100 butterfly against

Manchester,” said Eileen. “Nathan [Giaccone] had a score of 158.55 and just missed qualifying for states against Newington.” Thurston said she was especially proud that her inexperienced team is on a streak of four straight in which there have been 40plus best times registered. “That’s a tough accomplishment,” she said. “Our swimmers and divers have put in a lot of work and are seeing that effort pay off.” She also said that another notable accomplishment was one turned in by Tom Drozdzowski, a novice in the butterfly, dropping his time from 1:29 to 1:19 in a week.


pointers by Nick Moshier (6 points) was a shot in the arm for the Blue Devils, but it wasn’t enough. Jeremy Desimone had a good quarter for Berlin, scoring all five of his points, and Mozzicato added six as the Redcoats padded their lead, 39-25. An acrobatic bucket in the lane by King put Berlin ahead 43-25 at the outset of the fourth, and the Redcoats kept coming. Plainville’s Matt Thomas (3 points) indicated the Blue Devils’ defense was lacking this night. “We gave up too many second-chance points,” the junior forward lamented. “Our offense

comes around with our defense. It has to start from there.” “I play my heart out. We all work hard,” Thomas added. “We just have to keep working.” UPDATE: The good times continued for Berlin this week as they survived East Catholic, 49-46, on the road Monday. A pair of free throws by Gilbert with 4.5 seconds to play, his only points of the night, sealed the deal for the Redcoats, who were led by Mozzicato’s game-high 22 points. Gilbert was sent to the line after making a clutch steal.

mally do.” Plainville has held teams to just below 33 points per game this season. Micowski praised Kelley Slabinski, Katy Dressel and Mikayla Wells for their defense Friday. “We’ve been a really good defensive team all year,” the coach said. “When we fall short, it’s because our offense doesn’t produce. We’re working on that.” Berlin’s play had a lot to do with that in this game. “Being a small team, we’ve made some adjustments offensively and the girls have adapted just fine,” King said. “I’ve been most pleased with the ability to play 10 to 12 kids a night. That allows us

to execute a tight game plan. At 11-2, we feel we’re winning the games we should. We haven’t stumbled yet. I hope that continues.” Ashley Malloy added six points and five rebounds for Berlin, who got points from eight different players. Paige Young had four points and five rebounds, and Kailene Rampone chipped in with five points.

Continued from page 21 day. “It’s his first year of varsity and he’s exceeding expectations.” A 3-pointer by Colin King (7 points) extended Berlin’s advantage to 22-14 in the second frame, and the hosts headed into the break leading 26-14. Plainville’s Kreyshon Shuler scored all four of his points in the second. The Redcoats’ Tommy Undercuffler also had four points in the period. He finished with 12. In the third, a pair of 3-

Lady Continued from page 21 said of Trzasko. “She’s been working real hard for hours after practice focusing on her outside game, and it’s paid off.” Plainville (7-5, 6-2) could never get going on offense. Alle Caponigro led the Blue Devils with nine points on 4-for-6 shooting, but Plainville made just seven of 32 shots overall. “We were tentative on offense and we weren’t making things happen,” Plainville coach Jen Micowski said. “[Berlin] executed on a lot of what they ran, but we kind of stood around. We didn’t attack the basket like we nor-

Got Sports? Send us your sports and photos


Thursday, January 26, 2012 — The Berlin Citizen

Volunteers make a difference

Each week The Berlin Citizen features a page focused on volunteer activities in our community. This is the place where your organization can post notices looking for volunteer help. It is the place where you can find opportunities to help others in your community. This is also the place where we publish photos and stories about local volunteer efforts that have made a difference. Tell us more about your organization and what part volunteers play in its success. Contact us at

Meals on Wheels

The Berlin-New Britain YMCA is looking for volunteers between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to assist the the infant/toddler room. Duties include bottle-feeding, read-

cense. VITAS Reiki volunteers must have a level 1 Reiki certificate. For more information or to volunteer, call VITAS Manager of Volunteer Services Pat Wilson at (860) 4944600.




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Beautiful Split Level home. Short walk to BiCentenial Park. 4 BR, 2 BA, Wd. flrs., Frm RM w/frplc., DR, den, built-ins. Newer gas mechanicals. 2 Car gar. & gorgeous 3/4+ ac. yard! $269,900. Derek Jutras 883-7091.

Prentice Place Free Standing Condo. 1120 SF, spiral stairs to mstr. suite loft. 1.5 BA, direct entry & private patio. Largest, best priced in complex. $129,000. Dennis Phaneuf 944-0282.

Beautiful 3 bedroom Cape with fireplace situated on 1.76 acre lightly wooded lot set back from road. Completely remodeled inside and out. New windows, roof, siding, kitchen, furnace, water heater; tons of charm. Great detached 2 car garage!! View with Heather 860-202-





Great 3 BR, 2.2 bth, Col. located in sought after neighborhood. Eatin kit., w/brkfst. bar. FR w/FP. Fin. LL w/bath. Hrwd. flrs. 2 car gar. Spklr. sys. Great price $379,000. Angie Santoro 860 214-6384.

Outstanding Ranch beautiful inside & out. Cath. ceil., wd. beams, gas frplc., lrg. DRM, great kit. Updated applcs. Lrg. bdrms. 2 Full baths, Jacuzzi tub. Fin. LL w/kitch., bth., bar, fam. rm., exercise rm., lndry. rm. $169,900. Derek Jutras 883-7091.

Kensington, CT 06037

860-828-0060 12325

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A terminally ill patient’s sense of isolation is often made worse by the lack of comforting human touch. Muscles may be contracted and stiff. Pa-

to visit patients in their homes and nursing facilities in southeastern Connecticut. All VITAS volunteers receive orientation in end-oflife care. VITAS massagetherapy volunteers must have a current massage li-



Hospice patients in need of gentle hands

tients may spend their days immobile in a recliner or bed. Knowledgeable massage therapists and Reiki volunteers offer compassionate touch, relaxation, a sense of well-being and emotional health. For the volunteer, getting to know someone at the end of life is a gift in itself. VITAS Innovative Hospice Care of Connecticut is looking for licensed massage therapists or Reiki practitioners


Meals on Wheels in Berlin is looking for volunteers to deliver food to the homebound elderly one day a week from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Volunteers on Mondays are especially needed. Training and mileage reimbursement is provided. For more information, contact Judy Nimro at (860) 2297700, ext. 201.

ing, rocking and playing with children. For more information, call Leisa Hollerbach at (860) 828-6559

Call: 203-317-2330 for more information or search our listing on (11 Crown Street, Meriden, CT)

CitizenReal Estate





Jan. 26


Pasta dinner - Boy Scott Troop 44 has scheduled a pasta dinner fundraiser for Thursday, Jan. 26 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Italian Fraternal Club, 16 Harding St. Raffle prizes will be available. A fee is charged. Proceeds benefit the trip to South Dakota. Tickets are available at the door or call (860) 828-7767. Red Birds - The Berlin Red Birds chapter of the Red Hat Society is scheduled to meet Thursday, Jan. 26 at 10:45 a.m. at the Senior Center to carpool to Joey Garlic Restaurant for lunch. For more information, call Rose Wollman at (860) 225-3966. Boy Scouts – Boy Scout Troop 41, sponsored by Bethany Covenant Church, meets Thursdays from 7:15

to 8:30 p.m. at the church. For more information, call Scoutmaster KC Jones at (860) 829-1148 or email Boy Scouts – Boy Scout Troop 24 meets Thursdays from 6:30 to 8:15 p.m. at the Community Center. Stop in or call Joe Tedone at (860) 828-0255. Boys basketball – BHS vs. Middletown at Middletown, 7 p.m. Ice hockey - NewingtonBerlin vs. Rockville-Manchester-Stafford at Bolton Ice Palace, 4 p.m.


MauMau is a distinguished, mature boy. He is a handsome marmalade with a bobtail and is very friendly, outgoing and quite the talker. Elwood is a handsome brown tabby with dreamy eyes. He is very loving and a lap cat. Elwood is six years old and still plays like a kitten at times. The boys lived together for five years until their owner died last month. They were competitive with each other and so we are in search of individual homes where each cat can shine. For more information about MauMau and Elwood or other animals available for adoption, call (860) 828-5287.


Italian Night - The New Britain Youth Museum at Hungerford Park has scheduled its annual Italian Night fund-raiser for Friday, Jan. 27 from 4:30-7:30 p.m. Proceeds will help feed our animals. Menu includes penne

pasta, with or without meatballs, salad, bread, Italian cookies and beverages. One complimentary glass of wine for adults is included. No reservations are needed;


Connecticut Realty 1-860-777-5900


CALL (860) 357-4970

Vincent Verrillo

Jim Aresimowicz (Owner) • License HIC #0626986 • Fully Insured Over 25 Years on the Job Experience Serving Berlin and the surrounding towns

24 Hour Emergency Service

An independently owned and operated member of Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc

ACME APPLIANCE Sales • Service • Parts

296 Arch Street, New Britain

860-223-4555 Servicing your Area Daily All Makes and Models! Professional parts Counterperson Parts for All Brands In Stock!

Servicing ALL a M kes & Models




See Calendar, next page

Chimney Sweep

Sweeps • Caps • Liners • Masonry Repairs • Dampers • Waterproofing/Leaks

Happy New Year

p.m. Boys swimming - BHS vs. Middletown at Maloney, 3:45 p.m.




a fee is charged. For more information, call (860) 8279064. Snow date is Friday, Feb. 3. Girls basketball – BHS vs. Middletown at BHS, 7

- Berlin’s Hometown Chimney Company -


The Berlin Citizen Thursday, January 26, 2012


Richard A. Glidden


Sales Associate Clemens & Sons Realty, Inc.

Buy A Home Sell A Home Call Richard

Creating a HARMONY between customer, contractor & community.

ROOFING • SIDING • WINDOWS & more... 1230025

397 Cromwell Avenue Rocky Hill, Connecticut 06067 Office (860) 563-0021 x227 Fax (860) 258-6907 E-Mail Website



CALL NOWter in for Our W


Roofing S

Free Upgrade to Lifetime Shingles (with this ad only)

860-645-8899 Factory Certified with

Each Office is independently Owned And Operated



Lic. #604200 / Fully Insured / FREE Estimates


Thursday, January 26, 2012 — The Berlin Citizen

Calendar Continued from page 24



Wrestling – MassCon Fusion Tournament at Southington High School, TBA. Indoor track - CCC Championship at Hillhouse High School, TBA. Ice hockey - NewingtonBerlin vs. Hall-Southington at Newington, 8:35 p.m.



Boys basketball – BHS vs. Bristol Central at BHS, 7 p.m.



Boy Scouts — Boy Scout Troop 44, chartered by the Berlin Lions, meets Tues-

days at 7 p.m. at Bethany Covenant Church. For information, call Troop Committee Chair at (860) 829-1832. Pasta supper – American Legion Post 68, 154 Porter’s Pass, schedules “all you can eat” pasta supper for every Tuesday. Supper is served from 5 to 6:30 p.m. The public is welcome. For more information, call the Post at (860) 828-9102 after 5 p.m. Boy Scouts — Boy Scout Troop 256, chartered by the Kensington Volunteer Fire Department, meets Tuesday evenings at the Kensington firehouse. For information, call Ed Alicea, scoutmaster, (860) 828-8693. Kensington-Berlin Rotary – The KensingtonBerlin Sunrise Rotary Club meets every Tuesday from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. at the Community Center. Guests are invited to attend any meeting. For more information, call Ryan Zelek at (860) 9445222. Girls basketball – BHS vs. Bristol Central at Bristol Central, 7 p.m. Boys swimming - BHS


Why limit yourself to one choice when we can offer you over 25 A-Rated Insurance Carriers? AUTO • HOME • BUSINESS • LIFE John Bogden 1200 Farmington Ave., Berlin, CT


Bingo - Franco American War Veterans Post 68, 209 Smalley St., New Britain, hosts Bingo games every Wednesday from 6:50 to 9:30 p.m. A fee is charged. Proceeds benefit scholarships, veterans assistance, Salvation Army and more. The public is welcome. Wrestling - BHS vs. Maloney at Maloney, 6 p.m.



Boys basketball - BHS vs. Bristol Eastern at BHS, 7 p.m.

Send us your calendar news:


Lic. #303265

Pack 41 Den 10 recently visited Tandy Leather Co. in East Hartford to complete requirements for the Webelo Craftsman Activity Badge. While learning about different types of leather, where leather comes from and its uses, the scouts had the opportunity to make a leather belt and bookmark. From left: Matthew Krajewski, Matthew Dennis, Bruce Kabel, Jacob Derewonko, Aiden Jones and Joe Gaffney. 1228357


Leather goods

Feb. 1


Bogden Insurance Agency

vs. Plainville at Maloney, 4 p.m.

Heating and Cooling, LLC.


Servicing all major brands of central heating systems, boilers, central a/c systems & window units!!!

Call Today to Schedule & Save!!!


Lic. #0197227-E1



“Quality Service You Can Count On”



Locally owned & operated for 23 years



• Dry Cleaning • Shirt Laundering Services •Tailoring & Alterations • Rugs & Leather • Drapes, Quilts & Blankets • Waterproofing

Bill Scully, Master Electrician • Berlin, CT 860.637.7633 • 860.637.7632 Great Work • Great Price!


860-836-0144 (cell)


Berlin, CT Plainville, CT • Low Monthly Monitoring Fee • Free Takeover and Conversion • Burglar • Fire • Cameras • Door Access Control • State Licensed • Free Estimates • Fully Insured



The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, January 26, 2012

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Thursday, January 26, 2012 — The Berlin Citizen

McGee Middle School Honor Roll Library News

Berlin-Peck Memorial Library

Storytimes Storytimes is a half-hour program featuring stories, fingerplays, songs and a short movie. Each week an early literacy skill will be highlighted. There are six literacy skills: print awareness, phonological awareness, letter knowledge, vocabulary, print motivation and narrative skills. No registration is needed. Storytime meets as follows: Tuesday – 1:30 p.m. for 3-6 years old. Wednesday – 10:30 a.m. for 18 months through 35 months. Thursday – 10:30 a.m. for all ages. The theme for the week of Feb. 6 is birthday parties. Programs Saturday at the movies Jan. 28 at 1 p.m. The Muppet Movie. Bring a comfortable chair or blanket and snacks. Drop-in for all ages. Take your child to the library day - Saturday, Feb. 4. Come to the library and receive a free souvenir light-up pen. This is the first, statewide celebration of children and libraries. Valentine Craft Day Saturday, Feb. 4 from 1 to 3 p.m. Drop-in. All ages. Learn the language of your dog at a workshop scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 6:30 p.m. at the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library. Phil Klein, Certified Dog Listener, will present a kind methodology for gaining your dog’s cooperation based on its instincts. Learn how canines see the world and the underlying reasons for unwanted behaviors like hyperactivity, destructive chewing, incessant barking, etc. Learn the four main areas of canine communications, including the leadership signals that will eliminate or minimize these behaviors and turn your dog into a relaxed, joyful companion. Bring your questions, but not your dog.

Nutmeg Books - Children in grades 4 through 8 who have read all ten Nutmeg books should contact the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library to reserve their trophy. The Nutmeg Books are ten books selected by Connecticut Children’s and School librarians. Trophies will be awarded in March. Mother Goose Time Wednesdays at 11:30 a.m. A special storytime for babies ages 0-24 months and their families. Share books, music, bounces and fun with babies. No registration is needed. Older siblings are welcome. Playtime - Fridays from 10 a.m. to noon. Playtime is an informal gathering where babies, toddlers, and preschoolers can play and socialize together. Parents must attend. No registration is needed. AARP Tax-Aide AARP Tax-Aide, a free tax preparation assistance for low and middle income taxpayers of all ages (with special attention to those 60 and older) is taking appointments for Tuesdays at the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library starting Feb. 7 and continuing through tax season. Call the library at (860) 8287125 to schedule an appointment. Magazines The Berlin-Peck Memorial Library subscribes to the following new titles this year: American Patchwork & Quilting, Cosmopolitan, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Women’s Health, Entertainment Weekly.

Berlin Free Library Book sale The Berlin Free Library, 834 Worthington Ridge, has scheduled a book sale for every Wednesday from 9 to 11 a.m. Donations of gently used adult and children’s books are accepted. Hours Adult hours: Monday, 2:30 to 5 p.m.; Wednesday, 9 to 11:30 a.m. and 7 to 8:30 p.m.; Friday, 2:30 to 5 p.m.

Superior Grade 8 - Adamcewicz, Anthony E.; Ali, Hiba F.; Allocca, Anthony R.; Aresco, Rachael K.; Bosco, Andrew R.; Braga, Ashley M.; Brennan, Christian T. ;Chant, Brian J.; Cornwall, Evan A.; Dehm, Michaela A.; DiCicco, Jody L.; Dornfried, Kelsey R.; Esposito, Charles 0.; Fasciano, Krista M.; Flaherty, Nicole F.; Foertsch, Nicole C.; Galas, Carson P.; Getsie, Ashley J.; Giardina, Samantha N.; Gombotz, Emily A.; Grieco, Michelle A.; Guild, Alan A.; Guite, Garrett J.; Harris, Jacob R.; Hauptfeld, Christopher E.; Hendrickson, Livia R.; Jenkins, Madeline N.; Kane, Joseph P.; Kasulis, Jamie L.; Ladd, Connor M.; Lagace, Julia M.; Langlois, Kaileen T.; Lawrence, Athena N.; Loiselle, Jake T.; Long, John E.; Lynes, Samantha R.; Mader, Heather L.; Mahoney, Kyle J.; Makris, Efrosini; Miano, Alexa P.; Parisi, Gregory M.; Patel, Shyam D.; Perrone, Alexandria L.; Perrone, Angelique M.; Pskowski, Megan N.; Reinert, Cynthia; Rich, Alec; Roccapriore, Sara L. ; Rose, Kevin M.; Rutledge, Ashley M.; Salgado, Mia o.; Salimeno, Kelli E.; Scalaro, Courtney M.; Slimskey, Valerie E.; Spilka, Casey; Stickel, Carolyn R.; Stites, Haley B.; Tencza, Kimberly J.; Vasil, Alyssa M.; Veley, Erica E.; Veronesi, Nicole K.; Whitehill, Samantha A.; Wilhelm, Hayley A.; Zliczewski, Sara E. Grade 7 - Ali, Sumara; Arute, Jaclyn M.; Barton, Samuel D.; Bengiovanni, Samantha H.; Betterini, Eve; Boninsegna, Kara A.; Bordonaro, Steven M.; Brochu, Bailey; Chiarizio, John P.; Chorzepa, Paulina; Cialfi, Olivia V.; Colby, Calvin Y.; D’Amore, Marc A.; Daddario, Sarah E.; DelVecchio, Julia R.; Ezzo, Chloe; Formica, Michael J.; Fox, Bridget; Giana, Kelly L.; Giana, Rachel L.; Halkias, Nickolaos M.; Hauptfeld, Haley C.; Hilbie, Evan; Humen, Stephanie; Jha, Jessica R.; Jones, Sandra; Khan, Sania A.; Lattarulo, Mary V.; Lavoie, Hannah; Leary, Joseph P.; Lee, Amanda P.; Lin, Kelly; Luu, Michael S.; Maslowski, Mitchel; McNamara, Caitlee J.; McQuillan, Maeve; Miano, Steven; Moss, Jeffrey J.; Oates, Meghan R.; Patel, Aniket B.; Patel, Pooja; Porczak, Alexandra; Reimer, Grace; Reimer, Vanessa; Rigas, Maria; Rossi, Alec; Rossi, Matthew; Ruszczyk, Cody; Sagan, Amber; Saraceno,

Jacqueline; Schulz, Hannah K.; Skinner, Ashley T.; Sullivan, Heather L.; Swiatek, Julia A.; Trinh, Rocky H.; Tsun, Michelle; Tyburski, Karlena J.; Vasi, Gabriella F.; Vasil, Nicole K.; Vernacatola, Matthew N.; Weiss, Max A.; Whiteside, Caylie M.; Wilson, Catherine S.; Wood, Jeremy A.; Zovich, Claudia. Outstanding Grade 8 - Bacon, Michael A.; Baedor, Eric; Baretta, Nathaniel W.; Baroni, Matthew J.; Baruffi, Nicholas A.; Beach, Jacob E.; Beckman, Jonathan R.; Beckman, Matthew C.; Benoit, Shaun P.; Bisceglia, Vincent F.; Blake, Madison; Bourgoin, Mikaela M.; Bowen, Mackenzie P.; Boyer, Emma S.; Brochu, Lindsey M.; Brown, Allison E.; Budney, Taylor N.; Cappa, Kelly L.; Chambrello, Nicole A.; Charbonneau, Andrew J.; Choma, Paul M.; Colossale, Jaclyn A.; Conticello, Emily J.; Cop, Ryan J.; Cruz, Genesis; Damiana, Nicholas R.; Dastoli, Alexander J.; DeFrancesco, Eric J.; Degling, Tyler A.; DeGroff, Olivia A.; deRito, Christopher P.; Desroches, Danny P.; DeVivo, Emily D.; Dickerson, Steven; Drain, Shawn T.; Dumond, Shauna A.; Dumont, Kyle; Dymczyk, Emily M.; Ebert, Brendan T.; Errico, Michael A.; Funari, Brandon J.; Gable, Alyssa A.; Gagnon, Trevor J.; Garcia, Natalie L.; Giaccone, Victoria H.; Giana, Mikayla H.; Guzauckas, Alec J.; Hansen, Ethan J.; Heath, Luke J.; Heimlich, William J.; Hoffman, Tara C.; Kelly, Ariana R; King, Julianna M.; Kozak, Benjamin; Kozon, Kelsey M.; Kuzoian, Samantha A.; Ladas, Alexander J.; LaFrance, Amber R.; Lapierre, Jacob R.; Mazhandu, Samantha R.; McCarthy, Jacob T.; McKinnon, Evan C.; Mozzicato, Nicholas J.; Naples, Nicholas J.; Nastyn, Calvin J.; Negri, Lauren N.; Nelson, Megan; Niro, Gabriella R.; Norton, Olivia; Ondo, Jordan X.; Pajor, Zachary R.; Pampuro, Zachary T.; Pappalardo, Vincenzo A.; Park, Justin J.; Patel, Jay M.; Patel, Keshav R.; Pelaty, Abriannah I.; Perrelli, Julia F.; Perrone, Nicholas M.; Perzanowski, Valerie M.; Portal, Sophia R.; Pskowski, Sarah N.; Quigley, McKenna L.; Raynock, Mark C.; Rich, Andrew D.; Robitaille, Christopher J.; Roy, Kevin E.; Ruscito, Jillian; Russell, Kevin; Ruszczyk, Connor; Salee, Jacob A.; Simonides, Cassie D.; Skinner, Noah M.;

Souza, Allison G.; Steck, Rachael; Steck, Ryan; Stewart, Katelin E.; Taylor, Owen P.; Topliff, Jacob M.; Trevethan, Stephanie A.; Ursa, Nina; Veronneau, Alex C.; Waas, Chevy J.; Wade, Emma R.; Wade, Maxwell A.; Wagner, Zoe S.; Waldrop, Megan B.; Ward, Bailey H.; Waznia, Shelby N.; Williams, Callie A.; Wojciechowski, Michael; Wojtun, Adrian B.; Zieba, Nicole; Zima, Jared K.; Zisk, Michael P.; Zoccoli, Jonathan L. Grade - 7 Addamo, Lucia A; Addamo, Sydney E.; Alamo, Yaliza; Ashe, Ryan; Atkinson, Tess M.; Barlow, Julie A; Bellu, Mia A; Bevacqua, Ryan; Blanchette, Corinne; Bosse, Mark M.; Burr, Andrew N.; Calafiore, Michael C.; Carlone, Cameron A; Carlone, Zachary; Cooney, Emily V.; Craven, Haley; Curtin, Alex D.; Curtin, Olivia D.; D’Amato, Nina T.; D’Angelone, Danielle A; Desroches, Emily; DiValentino, Darien; Gallagher, Shannon S.; Garrison, Kathryn R.; Gdovin, Jarrett; Gileau, Cara B.; Glabau, Alex K.; Grant, Alyssa N.; Grieco, Lisa; Hamel, Jack R.; Hood, Morgan; Johnson, Amanda E.; Jones, Lauren; Kajda, Sebastian J.; Kall, Benjamin; Kennure, Benjamin P.; Khan, Shaheera S.; Kinney, Jeremy; Klepacki, Macie L.; Klotz, Kevin; Kopacz, Angelica K.; Kozak, Jared; Kozubal, Danie; Lacasse, Cody J.; Landeo, Kiara A; Lentini, Maegan E.; Lombardo, Jaclyn; Lowe, Dylan M.; Luddy, Matthew R.; Lynch, Jack; Marino, Mitchell A; Martinez, Adrian M.; Matug, Matthew J.; McCann, Grace; McGrath, Brett M.; Midura, Katarzyna N.; Mogielnicki, Kyle E.; Morelli, Matthew; Nappi, Ricky; Naughton, Madison; Pagliaruli, Cassandra; Paszczuk, Michael; Paszkowski, Marlen; Patel, Arya D.; Patel, Dhruvi; Patel, Sohum; Perduta, Adrick A; Platosz, Gregory R.; Puzio, Brittany; Reed, Theodore L.; Reimer, Jared; Sagan, Taylor; Sapko, Drew A; Scalora, Katie; Scalzi, Amanda; Skates, Danielle; Skowronek, John; Smolicz, Taylor M.; Spencer, Zachary L.; Stapell, Matthew; Strazzulla, Nicholas R.; Strobino, Brooke; Trowbridge, Darby A; Usmani, Sara; Varley, Maegan F; Wejda, Thomas; Wilcox, Emma L.; Withycombe, Austin; Wojcicki, Mark; Wolanin, Maya J.; Yousef, Sarah; Zhang, Justin S.; Zielinski, Monika; Zielke, Melody E.


The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, January 26, 2012


203.238.1953 Call us or Build Your Own Ad @

J O B S ■ TA G S A L E S ■ C A R S ■ H O M E S ■ P E T S ■ R E N TA L S ■ I T E M S F O R S A L E ■ S E R V I C E D I R E C T O R Y

LOST & FOUND FOUND white male cat with black tail. Very friendly, has collar. Found on Fairway Drive and Paddock Ave. 203-537-1777 LOST Orange long haired male cat. Answers to Zimba. Has collar. Last seen in Crown Village, Meriden area. 203-630-2250






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G.T. Tire 155 Colony St. Meriden, CT Mon-Thur 7am-3:30pm Fri. 7am-2pm LOST Or Found. The RecordJournal will run your lost or found ad FREE in our Marketplace Section! Call 203238-1953 for details.

HONDA Odyssey 2008 One Owner. EX-L w/DVD. Auto, 6 Cylinder $20,994 Stock# C7279 (203) 237-5561


PETS & LIVESTOCK ATTENTION DOG OWNERS! Dog Obedience classes starting January 16 at Cheshire Park & Rec. Bruce Gianetti & Phil Huntington, Instructors. Call 203-272-2743 9am-4pm. After 6pm call 203-235-4852.

FORD Explorer XLT 1998 4WD Needs Timing Chain or Engine. 164,000 miles or good for parts. Tan. 2 New Tires. All New Brake. Asking $950.00 203-284-0868 BOARD & LESSON SPECIALS Rosehaven Stables, LLC Meriden 203-238-1600

HYUNDAI Santa Fe 2004

BULLDOGS, Yorkie, Yorkie-Poo, Rottweiller, Great Dane, Schnoodles, Boston Terrier, Chihuahua, Shih Tzu & mixed breeds. $250+. Call 860-930-4001

Only 60K. Leather, Sunroof, Heated Seats. Local. Just Traded. Stock# P3975A $11,999 ASK FOR JOHNNY (203) 235-1669

LABRADOR RETRIEVER PUPS AKC & OFA Registered. Vet certified. Health guaranteed. Parents used in therapy. $900. Sire hunts. Call (860) 681-5402

FURNITURE & APPLIANCES FURNITURE: white Oak Armoire, Bdrm Armoire, Wood /Glass Curio Cabinet, Couch /Loveseat, King Bdrm Set, Wrought Iron Frame, King mattress & box spring. Electric Fireplace. (203) 815-6521 HITCHCOCK Lighted corner china cabinet, like new cond, $950. (203) 269-2637 HITCHCOCK Lighted corner china cabinet, like new cond, $950. (203) 269-2637 TOSHIBA 27” and Philips 20” TVs Excellent Condition. $40 Each. 203 265-5576

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE 17” COLOR MONITOR New in box. Not LCD. $30 860-704-8119 5pm ANDERSON windows. 2- double hung, white 30” x 40” brand new. Paid $315., sell $250.. Call 203-626-5526 or 203-376-5804. BABY BASSINET Good Condition. Gently Used. Asking $45. Call 203-686-1047 BASEBALL cards for sale. Factory sets & assorted singular pieces. Well maintained. Early 1970 - 2005. $2,500. OBO. Call 203-213 8431. BODY BY JAKE AB Scissor W/Video & Manuals $75. 203-605-6398 EPSON Stylus Photo DT Printer New In box. $40 Cash. 860-704-8119 5pm PANDORA Silver Bracelet w/Charms $100. (203) 250-1627

CLOTHING PRINCESS WEDDING GOWN Size 18. $100 Cash 860-704-8119 5 pm


LABRADOR YELLOW Females Great family & hunting dogs. AKC; puppy shots. $950. 860-940-8137 or 860-681-6066.

WALK IN TUB / Safety Bathtub. White Air/Hydro Massage. Brand New. Best Offer. 860-810-2221 WOODEN SHEDS BRAND NEW

PISTOL PERMIT CERTIFICATION CLASS Required for CT applicants. $100. Call 203-415-1144

NISSAN Pathfinder 2003 V6, Leather, Sunroof. Heated Seats. Very Sharp! Stock# 12480A $11,990 ASK FOR JOHNNY (203) 235-1669

AUTOMOBILES WANTED CASH for your Toyota, Honda or Nissan. Any Condition! Running or not! Will consider other makes & models, motorcycles, ATV’s, etc. 203-600-4431

12 X 10 w/windows. 2 available. Located in Durham Delivery extra. $2,750. 203-535-9817.

AFFORDABLE Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators and Stoves.

Appliance Repairs

Will Deliver



Studio & 1 Bedroom Apts 1, 2 OR 3 ITEMS OR AN ESTATE

$$$ CA$H $$$ Estate sale service. Costume Jewelry, Antiques, paintings, Meriden-made items, toys, lamps. Call Todd Shamock 203-237-3025 2ND GENERATION Buying estate items - entire contents. CF Monroe Wavecrest, Matzow Paintings, Old Dolls, China & Glass 203-639-1002 Always Buying 1 Item to the Entire Contents of Estates Antique, Gold, Costume Jewelry, Furniture & So Forth. Call or stop by Frank’s, 18 S. Orchard St. Wallingford. 203-269-4975 or 203-284-3786 Open Mon.-Sat. 9am-5pm ALWAYS BUYING CASH PAID Vintage Electronics, Amps, Musical Instruments, Guitars, Radios, Ham Equipment, CB, HiFi, Audio Equipment. 860-707-9350


Buying Collectibles, Jewelry & Silver. China, Glass, Military, Musical. Anything old & unusual. Single item to an estate.


Swords, Bayonets, etc

203-238-3308 WANTED: Adult 3 wheel bike for special needs adult. Must be reasonable. (203) 235-2736

Affordable apts for qualified applicants 50 yrs of age or older Small pets accepted Please call 860-621-3954 TTY 711

HOME SWEET HOMES Offers Meriden 3 BR & 4BR apts Newly Renovated! Avail. Immed. Starting @$850 Call 203-240-4688 MERIDEN - 2 BR/5RMs 1st FL Large Rooms. W/D $900 per month. No utilities. Sec 8 Approved. No smoking. Avail 3/1. Call 203-886-5983 MERIDEN - Lg east side 2nd Fl 3 bdrm apt. Renovated w/hdwd floors, off st prk, & security system. Separate utilities. Must be seen to appreciate. Sec 8 appr. $1075/mo + security. Call 203-537-1730 MERIDEN - Studio apartment for rent. H/H included. Off street parking. Security. Storage. $625. monthly. Call Scott at (203)302-8760. MERIDEN -1 BR apt. Heat, HW included. 19 Guiel Place. Starting at $750. Call (203) 376-2160 or (203) 213-6175 MERIDEN -1 BR Hubbard Park Central Air/Heat. 775 West Main Street. $795/mo. + utils. No pets. Call Chino 203-440-3483 or Steve 203-537-4072 MERIDEN -WALLINGFORD LINE Large,2 BR Luxury Condos. Laundry. No pets. $875 + utilities Call 203-245-9493 MERIDEN 1 Bd apt. Hd flrs, spacious kitchen. Front & back entrance. Parking in backyard. Tennant pays utilities. $700/m + sec, dep. Call 203-317-7381. MERIDEN 1 BR Off-street parking. Wall to Wall carpets, appls, $765 Per Month. Heat & HW included. No pets. Sec & refs required. Call 203-238-7133


FURNITURE & APPLIANCES 3 PC LIVING ROOM SET Good condition. Pick up only. $100. Call 203-715-0145 32” MITSUBISHI CONSOLE TV $30 203-284-2330

BERLIN 2 BR, 1st Floor. Large living room. Extra clean. All appliances included. Garage. No smoking. No pets. $1100 per month. Call 860-234-0289

Flanders West Apts WANTED TO BUY

OLD BICYCLES Don’t throw away that old bike. Hobbyman needs your help. Free pickup! Bikes will be recycled. Help save a bike! 203-494-9641

LHASA APSO and Mal-Shi Pups Only a couple left! Well behaved. Excellent with kids. Hair, not fur! $400. 860-335-0169 YELLOW Lab Puppies 10 weeks old. We would like a good home. Come meet our Mom and Dad. $500 a Pup. Call our keepers Maryann 860-276-7474 and Mark 860-306-2366

WALLINGFORD Ranch House 2 BR, Garage. $1400 Plus Utilities and Security 203-379-6282 203-671-0209


DEE’S ANTIQUES CARS STARTING AT $199 DOWN 24 MONTH 24000 MILES WARRANTY LET US GIVE YOU A FRESH START Tax, Title, Fees Additional Apply Now Jack 1-866-879-1616


WOOD, FUEL & HEATING EQUIPMENT ALL HARDWOOD 2 Cord Minimum $425 and $225 For a Single cord. 203-376-2805 ALL HARDWOOD SUPER CLEAN Seasoned Firewood. Pick up or local delivered $220 /cord. Discount over 2. $135 half cord. Mike (203) 631-2211 SEASONED hardwood, pickup or local delivery. Cut & split. Approx 16-18in (mostly 18). $225/cord; $145/half cord. 203-294-1775.

PRIVATE PIANO LESSONS Start the year with the gift of music for your child, grandchild or yourself! Certified & experienced music teacher. Call Mark 203-235-1546

MERIDEN 1 BR, 2 BR & Studio Starting at $595 per month. Heat & HW incl. Off street parking 203-886-7016

MERIDEN 1 BR, 2 BR & Studio Starting at $595 per month. Heat & HW incl. Off street parking 203-886-7016

Voice Lessons All Ages and Levels Welcome

MERIDEN 1023 Old Colony Rd.

Piano Lessons

2 BR

Beginner to Intermediate De Fiore Vocal & Piano Studio Roberta (203) 630-9295

Starting at $800 Heat & HW incl. Off St. Parking. 203-639-8751


MERIDEN 1023 Old Colony Rd.

2 BR Starting at $800 Heat & HW incl. Off St. Parking. 203-639-8751

MERIDEN 1BR & 2 BR Stove, heat & hot water incl. Lease, sec & refs. No pets. 203- 239-7657 or 203-314-7300 MERIDEN 2 BR, 1.5 Baths. Clean Townhouse, quiet. Lg closets, appls, hookups, wall to wall. No Pets/Smoke. Good credit. $975 + utils. 203-269-9755

MERIDEN 2BR, 2nd & 3rd Floor. New flooring & newly painted. $750/$775 mo + security. Section 8 Approved. 11 Putnam St. Call 203-927-8215 MERIDEN 3 Bdrm apt newly renovated, w/off street parking. Available immediately $875. Pets considered. Owner/Agent 203-996-1719. MERIDEN 3BR - 3RD Floor Off street parking. WD Hookup. Lrg yard. Newly renovated. $900 per month plus sec. Call Natalie 203-671-2672 MERIDEN 5 rms, 2nd flr, 2 BRs/ used as a 3 BR. Recently remod, w/d hookup, 1 car off st parking. Pets considered. $900/ mo plus sec & dep. Section 8 welcome. (203) 530-6716 or 203-213-9474 MERIDEN Centrally located Private and Clean. 3 Rooms. $675/mo. Lease & security deposit required. No pets. 203-238-9772 MERIDEN Cook Avenue Spacious 1 BR. 2nd fl. Renovated. New carpet, new paint. $900 includes heat, hot water and electric. (203) 265-4664 MERIDEN EFFICIENCY Fully Furnished. BR/LR Combination. Full kitchen, pvt bath. $575 mo. Sec dep & lease req. No pets. (203) 238-9772 MERIDEN furnished studio , free utilities, fully equip kitchen, on site laundry. 30 day min length of stay. $799. mnth plus tax. Call Frank Chase 860-989-7205

MERIDEN Lge Victorian, 2 BR, 36 Center St, 3rd flr, Crown Vlg 2 BR 1st flr, new carpeting, heat & hw incl. Sec & ref. Section 8 approved. 203-269-1508 MERIDEN- 3BR, fully applianced, W/D hookup, new paint/ carpet, 2nd fl, off street parking, lease. $975/mo. Call 203-996-7379 MERIDEN- Nice renovated 2 bdrm. No pets. $825. per mo, deposit , credit & references. Please call 203-238-1890 . MERIDEN- West side, 2 BR, 2nd FL. Includes Heat, HW & Elec. Oak Flooring. Very Clean! $950 / mo+sec 203-630-3823 12pm8pm or MERIDEN-2BR apt. Nice area w/parking. Freshly painted. Reduced to $795/mo. incl. fridge, stove & w/d hkup, coin op. w/d. Storage area. No utils, pets or smoking. 1 yr lease. Cr. check & refs. req’d. Sec & 1st mo. rent. 203-608-8348 MERIDEN-2BR, 2nd flr, 5Rms, Stove & refrig incld. Off-stparking. No pets. $775/mo + sec & utils. 203-605-5691 MERIDEN-3 Bedrooms - 1st Floor 6 Rooms. $800 per month plus security. Appliances. No utilities. No pets. Call 203-605-8591

Anvil Place Apts.


Anvil Place Apts.

Thursday, January 26, 2012 — The Berlin Citizen

OPEN HOUSE Saturday, Feb 4, 2012 9am to 12pm City Living at its Best! Come Visit New Britain's Newest Community for Active Adults over 55! 55 West Main Street New Britain, CT 860-257-1330

New Britain Newly constructed 2 bedroom apts for active adults over 55.

$900-$925. Fully applianced with washer/dryer. Wall to wall carpet, central air, parking garage, community room, elevators.

FIRST MONTH RENT FREE! Please call 860-257-1330 or 860-223-0546 APARTMENTS FOR RENT

MERIDEN 1 & 2 BR Apartments. 657 East Main St. Call 203-376-8114 or 203-630-9481. MERIDEN-Furnished apartment, 1BR, 3rd flr, private entrance. Laundry, garage. $575 plus util/sec. No pets/smoking. 203-681-0830. SOUTHINGTON 5 Rooms. Large, 1250 Sq Ft. 1 BR. Central Air, with appliances. Large Jacuzzi. WD hookup in bsmnt. Utils not incl. Near The Hospital of Central Ct. Double Security req. Call (860) 621-2693

Under New Management MERIDEN STUDIOS & 1 BRs We are offering a special! 1ST Month’s Rent Free with a credit score of 600 or over. Please call 203-630-2841 WALLINGFORD 1 bdrm apt. $700. Center of Town Green. Nice area, off street parking. Must see to appreciate. Call 860-575-0219. WALLINGFORD 2 BR 5 Rooms in Two-Family 2nd Floor, Off Street Parking No Pets. Credit Check $850 + utilities. 203-284-1853 WALLINGFORD 2 BR apts, 1st & 2nd Floor. Appliances included. W/D hookups. Off st. parking. No pets. Must have good credit. $875 each. Call (860) 620-9658 WALLINGFORD 3 bdrm apt. 2nd fl, off st parking, w/d hook-ups, appliances, no smoking/pets. $1000. per mnth. Please call 203-444-5722. WALLINGFORD Cute 2 BR Townhouse. Full basement. WD hookup. Private entrance. Off street parking. Walk to school. $850/mo 2 mos sec + application fee. No pets. 203-284-0597 WALLINGFORD Historic District 2nd Floor. 3 Rooms. Off St. Parking. No Smoking. No pets. $850 Including Heat. Call 203-488-7163 WALLINGFORD - 1 Bdrm apt. Utilities not included. $750. 203-376-2160 or 203-213-6175 WINTER SPECIAL MERIDEN- 1BR - $750/month. Heat, Hot Water, Electric included. Private balcony. 1 month free rent. Ask for details. Call for info 203-639-4868 WINTER SPECIAL MERIDEN- 1BR - $750/month. Heat, Hot Water, Electric included. Private balcony. 1 month free rent. Ask for details. Call for info 203-639-4868


The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, January 26, 2012

APARTMENTS FOR RENT WALLINGFORD-1BR apt starting at $750 including heat & HW. No pets. JJ Bennett 203265-7101 WLFD. 2BR OVERSIZED Townhouse, appl’d kit., 3000SF, lots of storage & closet space, laundry room. NO PETS. $1195. Call J.J. Bennett, 203-265-7101.

ROOMS FOR RENT MERIDEN CLEAN SAFE ROOMS Includes Heat, HW, Elec, Kit Priv. East Side. Off-st park. $125/wk. + sec. Call 12-8pm 203-630-3823 or


Wallingford/Durham 10’ x 20’ & 20’ X 45’ With electricity & heat Available Now. 203-751-1977


ATTIC & BASEMENTS CLEANED GARY Wodatch Debris removal of any kind. Homeowner’s, contractor’s, small dumpsters avail. Quick, courteous srv. All calls returned. Ins. #566326. Office 203-235-7723/Cell 860-558-5430

REPAIRS Large or Small. Stairs, railing, interior, exterior, entry door & window replacement done by owner. Also provide addition, finish bsmnt, decks & complete home improvements. Free est. 203-238-1449 #578107

Pete In The Pickup Year Round Junk Removal No Job too Big/Small We Do it All 203-886-5110 GARY Wodatch Demolition Services. Sheds, pools, decks, garages, concrete walks, patios, Quick, courteous srv. All calls returned. Ins. #566326. Office 203-235-7723/Cell 860-558-5430

MERIDEN. $111,900. 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathroom condo with casual living room, carpeting, master with walk-in closet for lots of clothes, family room, kitchen with dishwasher, refrigerator. Call Fred Gettner at 203-265-5618



T.E.C. Electrical Svc LLC All Phases of Electrical Work 24 hr. Emergency Service

203-237-2122 FENCING

CT Reg. #516790



This newspaper makes every effort to avoid errors in advertisements. Each ad is carefully checked and proofread, but when you handle thousands of ads, mistakes do slip through. We ask therefore, that you check your ad on the FIRST day of publication. If you find an error, report it to the

Cornerstone Fence & Ornamental Gates. All types of fence. Res/Comm. AFA Cert. Ins’d. Call John Uvino 203237-GATE. CT Reg #601060


Over 25 years experience. Call today for free estimates. Call 203-440-3535 Ct. Reg. #578887

ALBERTS HOME REPAIRS Remodeling, Windows, Doors, Siding, Decks, Floors Lic & ins #623837 203-592-1148

IMMEDIATELY by calling

203-238-1953 before 5pm Mon-Fri We regret that we will not be responsible for more than ONE incorrect insertion and only for that portion of the ad that may have been rendered valueless by such an error.



SPECIAL! Income Tax Prep $89 by appt. 1/31 - 2/15 Form 1040 (no business/ Sched. C returns) New clients only. US Tax Centers 166 Queen St. Southington 860-426-2022


Siding, Roofing, Windows, Decks, Sunrms, Additions

203-237-0350 CT Reg. #516790

YARD Clean-up, Brush, Branches Appl’s, Furniture & junk removal. Entire house to 1 item removed! 203-535-9817 or 860-575-8218 PROPERTY TREE REMOVAL SERVICE offers stump grinding, hazardous removal, hangers, chipping, crane service. 20 yrs exp. We’ll beat any written estimate. Fully ins. Serving all towns. Call for a free estimate 203-509-9408.

PAINTING/ WALLPAPERING PAINTING SPECIALS Apts/rooms/ceiling repairs-popcorn. Basement waterproofing. Quality work at lowest prices. Eddie 203-824-0446. Lic 569864


Edwin Cordero PAINTING Int/Ext. Local, established, reliable craftsman. Call (203) 537-2411 CT#614827 HAVE DUMP TRUCK- Will carry out junk, debris, furniture, appliances, etc. We Take It All! Free Estimates. Call Ed.

L & E PAINTING. Professional and Affordable. Lic & ins. Call Trevor 203-938-3789. CT Reg #623250.

CT Reg. #516790

★★★★★★★★ Roofing, siding, windows, decks, gutters & remodeling. ★★★★★★★★

joe@ Fully license/insured. Reg #HIC577319

JUNK REMOVAL & MORE! Yard Clean-ups, Estates, Homes, Attics, Bsmt, Garages, Furn. & Appliance removal. Free Est 203-535-9817 or 860-575-8218

DON’T Flush money down the drain, call Duane Plumbing, heating. Quality work, low rates Major credit cards accptd. 203379-8944 lic. #283401 P1

Roofing, siding, windows, decks, gutters & remodeling.

203-639-0032 Fully Lic & Ins Reg #577319

V. NANFITO Siding, Roofing, Windows, Decks Remodeling Gutters CT Reg#570192 (203) 639-1634 CPI HOME IMPROVEMENT HIGHEST Quality-LOWEST Price Siding ● Roofing Windows ● Remodeling ● Decks ● Gutters Additions ●Credit cards accepted 203-634-6550 CT Reg #577455

SNOW PLOWING SALT - $130 per Yard. Sand/salt 7:2 DOT mix, $65 per yard, picked up. 100% Calcium chloride icemelt - Safest for concrete! $16.50 per 50lb. bag. Pallet prices available. 24/7. Call 203-238-9846


HOME Solutions $500 off new roof w/ this ad. Snow removal & roof shoveling avail. 20% off w/neighbors. Great prices, free est. LIC & INS HIC #0631419. 203-631-2991

To ensure a quality job at a fair price. Call 203-630-6459 CT Reg #608488

V. NANFITO Roofing, Siding, Windows, Decks Remodeling Gutters CT Reg#570192 (203) 639-1634 CPI HOME IMPROVEMENT HIGHEST Quality-LOWEST Price Siding ● Roofing Windows ● Remodeling ● Decks ● Gutters Additions ●Credit cards accepted 203-634-6550 CT Reg #577455


Cornerstone Fence & Ornamental Gates. All types of fence. Res/Comm. AFA Cert. Ins’d. Call John Uvino 203237-GATE. CT Reg #601060

All Phases of Electrical Work 24 hr. Emergency Service

SMALL JOBS WELCOME MEDINA Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services LLC Quality work at affordable prices. 24hr Service. Benny Medina 203-909-1099

Gonzalez Construction

HOME Solutions $500 off a new roof w/ this ad. Snow removal available 20% off w/ neighbors. Great prices, free estimates. LIC & INS HIC #0631419. 203-631-2991

T.E.C. Electrical Svc LLC PLUMBING


DON’T Freeze this WINTER! Call Duane Plumbing, heating & cooling. Annual furnace & boiler tune-ups & cleanings. Quality work. Major credit cards. Low rates. 203-3798944 #400335-S1


CT Reg. #516790

HOME Solutions $500 off a new roof w/ this ad. Snow removal available 20% off w/ neighbors. Great prices, free estimates. LIC & INS HIC #0631419. 203-631-2991


Siding, Roofing, Windows, Decks, Sunrms, Additions



CT Reg #606277. Give us a Call - WE DO IT ALL! Free estimates. 203-631-1325 MGW HOME IMPROVEMENT Kitchens & Baths, Painting, Windows/Doors, Interior Remodeling, Gutters, Drywall, Decks/Porches & Basements Call MGW!” CT Reg #631942 203 886-8029

Siding, Roofing, Windows, Decks, Sunrms, Additions

Gonzalez Construction

POLISH LADY with good cleaning experience looking for more houses to clean. References available. Call 860-869-0876 I WILL take care of your house or office,clean it,do laundry for reasonable prices.I provide excellent references. Isabela 860-348-7788.


Year Round Junk Removal No Job too Big/Small We Do it All 203-886-5110




WALLINGFORD. $225,000 Great business opportunity. Bait tackle and paintball business and inventory. Very nice location for this well established business. Be your own boss. Call Sil Sala 203-265-5618

FLAGGE TILE COMPANY All phases of ceramic tile, wood/laminate installations. TUB/TILE GLAZING. Please call 860-302-4525 CT HIC # 0626897


Pete In The Pickup







MGW HOME IMPROVEMENT Kitchens & Baths, Painting, Windows/Doors, Interior Remodeling, Gutters, Drywall, Decks/Porches & Basements Call MGW!” CT Reg #631942 203 886-8029


Siding, Roofing, Windows, Decks, Sunrms, Additions

WALLINGFORD. $119,900. 3BR 1.5 BA Twnhs. End unit, hw flrs, LR, eat-in-kitchen, finished lower level. Condo fee includes heat, hot water/water, sewer, trash, snow. Come on! Great Price! Kathy 203-265-5618


203-237-2122 SATELLITE/CABLE TV SERVICES SWITCH FROM CABLE TO DISH AND SAVE! HDTV Special. $24.99/mo. Incl. HD & Local Free Installation! Res. & Bus. Please call Orbitech Satellite. 860 747-4868. www.orbitechsatellite.

TIRED Of paying high prices for snow plowing and snow blowing? Give me a call! No Job Too Big - No Job Too Small. Lic & Ins. Save this ad. 203-935-7202

TILE FLAGGE TILE COMPANY All phases of ceramic tile, wood/laminate installations. TUB/TILE GLAZING. Please call 860-302-4525 CT HIC # 0626897 AGOSTINO’S Tile, LLC Lowest installation prices around. Over 20 yrs experience. Your tile or mine. CT#6069696 Free est. 203 879-8648 or 203-910-9283

TREE SERVICES GARY WODATCH LLC Tree Removal, All calls returned Reg #0620397. Quick courteous service. Office 203-235-7723 or Cell 860-558-5430 PROPERTY TREE REMOVAL SERVICE offers stump grinding, hazardous removal, hangers, chipping, crane service. 20 yrs exp. We’ll beat any written estimate. Fully ins. Serving all towns. Call for a free estimate 203-509-9408.


Thursday, January 26, 2012 — The Berlin Citizen

LEGAL NOTICE TAX COLLECTOR’S NOTICE All persons liable to pay taxes on the Supplemental Motor Vehicle list (Motor Vehicles registered after October 1, 2010, but before July 31, 2011) supplemental to the October 1, 2010 Grand List in and to the Town of Berlin, Connecticut, are hereby notified that they are due and payable in full January 1, 2012. Said taxes become delinquent if not paid on or before February 1, 2012. Interest at the rate of 1.5% per month shall be charged from January 1, 2012, on all Supplemental Motor Vehicle taxes not paid on or before February 1, 2012, subject to a minimum interest charge of $2.00. Any and all unpaid back Motor Vehicle Taxes must be paid in full, in cash or certified check, before payment may be made on the Supplemental Motor Vehicle Taxes. Any person liable for this tax who does not receive a bill should contact the Berlin Tax Collector’s Office at once, as failure to receive a bill does not relieve one from the liability for payment. Collection Place: Tax Collector’s Office Room 22 Berlin Town Hall 240 Kensington Road Berlin, Connecticut 06037 Office Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays 8:30 am-4:30 pm Thursdays 8:30 am-7:00 pm Fridays 8:30 am-1:00 pm 1227359

Caroline M. Glabau, CCMC Revenue Collector Town of Berlin

A growing Central CT ISO and ITAR certified Class A die house, with expanding metal stamping and CNC/ WIRE EDM machining and turning operations is looking to fulfill the below positions.

CNC / Wire EDM Manager The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 10 years experience, be self-motivated with good communication skills. Responsibilities include production planning, managing operators, setting up and editing and/or programming 4th and 5th axis vertical mills using Mastercam 10, and ordering tooling and supplies.

Tool & Die Maker Immediate opening for a first shift tool and die maker. Must be able to build and repair progressive and secondary tooling. A minimum of 3 years experience is required. Must be able to work with limited supervision.

Human Services


Looking for a skilled CNC Swiss Style Lathe machinist with 3-4 years experience. Must be a self starter able to produce parts from blueprint and work with minor supervision. Multi axis lathe and Master Cam programming experience a plus. We offer competitive wages and excellent benefits. This includes: ● A Profit Sharing Plan ● Employer 401k Match Program ● Vacation Benefits ● Medical, Dental, Short Term Disability, and Group Life

HELP WANTED Apply in person, e-mail or fax resume to 203-269-1357

Certified Nurses Aide/CNA

Component Engineers, Inc.


108 N. Plain Industrial Road, Wallingford, CT 06492

Direct Care/ Residential Instructors Monday, January 23, 2012 9:00am-12:00pm and 1pm - 3pm Comfort Suites Hotel 64 Knotter Drive Southington, CT 06489 Community Residences, Inc. is looking for dedicated Residential Instructors/Direct Care professionals to work with and assist developmentally disabled adults in our group homes located in and around New Britain/Middletown and Bristol. ● F/T, P/T and per diem positions available ● All shifts available ● Competitive Salary ● Benefits package, 401K & pension ●Weekend differential ●On the Job Training Provided Qualified applicants will have a High School Diploma or Equiv, and a Valid CT Driver’s License. Come talk with us! See how you can make a difference in an individual’s life. Bring two written letters of professional reference and be interviewed on the spot. Can’t make it? Apply online at FOR DIRECTIONS, PLEASE CALL Comfort Suites Hotel at (860) 276 3100

Looking for a friend? Find litters of critters in Marketplace.

CNA Masonicare Health Center in Wallingford, CT is seeking experienced C.N.A.'s for 2nd and 3rd shifts. Candidates must have a valid CT state CNA certification, as well as Pysch, LTC, Rehab and/or dementia exp (1 yr. minimum ). If interested, please apply online at; email your resume to, or fax (203) 679-3052.

Now Hiring!! 1st & 2nd Shift Machine Operators 1st Shift Industrial Machine Mechanic Aerospace exp. and mill turn exp. preferred. We offer competitive wages, excellent benefits, 401K, pension plan, shift differential for 2nd shift, and more!! Apply at


HVAC Technician- Commercial /IndustrialService-Based Company. Seeking a reliable individual. S2 license required. Full benefits pkg. Full time.Pay increases with experience! Perfectemp Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning in Southington Send resume: Or Fax (860)620-1789 EOE Manufacturing PLATER/SET-UP Bridgeport Fittings, in business since 1925, is a leading manufacturer of conduit and cable fittings. Currently, we seek a plater/set-up individual having knowledge with mechanical and chemical pollution control procedures and automatic plating lines; 5 years operating automatic machines involving chemicals; 3 years working in pollution control in plating business; and one year operating tow-motors. Contact Jim Connor Director H/R, Bridgeport Fittings 705 Lordship Blvd. Stratford, CT 06615 Fax: 203-378-9818 E-mail: EOE

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR DELIVERY CARRIERS WANTED EOE / DFWP / M/F D/V QUALITY Bridgeport Fittings, in business since 1925, is a leading manufacturer of conduit and cable fittings. Currently, we seek quality individuals to generate spreadsheets, reconcile final inspection documentation, follow documented procedures & standards, and perform other duties as needed. Proficient in MS Office (Word, EXCEL, Outlook, etc.) Knowledge of die casting and/or metal-working & ASQ certifications a plus. QUALITY SUPERVISOR 10+ yrs exp as Quality Engineer or Supervisor in mfg environment. B S in Industrial, Mfg or Mechl Engineering, or other related technical discipline. QUALITY CONTROL INSPECTOR Up to 5 yrs exp as QC Inspector or Technician in mfg environment. HS Diploma/GED, Associates degree a plus. Contact Jim Connor Director H/R, Bridgeport Fittings 705 Lordship Blvd. Stratford, CT 06615 Fax: 203-378-9818 E-mail: EOE

MEDICAL ASSISTANT/ OPHTHALMIC TECH Full-Time We are currently seeking an experienced Medical Assistant/Ophthalmic Technician. Candidate should be a motivated, self-starter capable of independent thinking & action to work w/ one of our physicians. We offer an excellent starting salary, benefits and vacation package. Please fax Resume to: 203-288-2470

CNC Swiss Operator

Serious and Qualified Applicants Only! HELP WANTED


Come join our fast growing team of contracted adult carriers who earn up to $13,000.00 annually delivering newspapers for up to 2 hours in the early morning. It is a great way to subsidize your annual income without interfering with your regular job or quality time at home.

CHESHIRE ROUTES NOW AVAILABLE If you are interested in being contracted on a route or being a substitute in Wallingford, Meriden, Southington or Cheshire Please call Record-Journal Circulation

(203) 634-3933 HELP WANTED

ADMIN SECRETARY FT 5yrs healthcare experience preferred. Computer literate. Fax cover letter, resume & salary req to 203-272-6968 or mail PO Box 1056, Cheshire, CT 06410

HELP WANTED DRIVER Experienced Reefer Drivers & Independent Contractors needed for Regional Positions. Top of the line equipment and plenty of freight. Call Today! 877-491-1112 or

HELP WANTED HOUSEKEEPER/Janitor Parttime. Twin Maples - 44 Bed SNF. EOE. Apply @ 809R New Haven Rd. Durham, CT. Housekeeping/Janitorial & Floor Care skills needed. Background check required. JOB FAIR Direct Support Professionals 1/21/2012, 11am-3pm, Arc of Meriden - Wallingford, 200 Research Parkway, Meriden. For info call 203-238-8369. ORCHARD / FARM WORKER Ptpruning fruit trees now, and other jobs . Will train the right person. Call 203-272-6593. PARTS/SERVICE Administrator. Leading forklift dist has immediate Ft position avail. Must have excellent cust service & organizational skills. Previous exp a plus. Competitive salary & benefits. Fax resume to 203234-1907. Industrial Trucks Inc. 69 Dodge Ave, North Haven. SECURITY $9.50/Hr - F/T 8Pm to 7Am P/T W/E’s 8Am to 8Pm CT Guard Card required Wallingford. Call 860 528-7700 SKILLS TRAINER/COMPANION PT positions available to work with individuals with brain injuries in Meriden, M-F/weekend daytime hrs. H.S. Diploma or equiv and 2 yrs exp or Bachelor’s Degree and 1 yr exp with individuals with a brain injury. Reliable transportation required. Please fax resumes to (860) 456-7417 email or mail to Project Genesis, Inc., P.O. Box 799 Willimantic CT 06226 EOE/AA VAN Driver needed evenings for Lincoln College of NE, 2279 Mt Vernon Rd, Southington. Public service license or CDL, Class B with a P endorsement required. Please stop by to fill out an application. Wallingford Public Schools

Director of Pupil Personnel Services HELP WANTED

DELIVERY/SALES/PREP ASAP 10am-2pm Mon-Fri. Earn up to $300-$400 per wk. Call Steve at Tony Tomatoes 860-639-4939 FRONT Desk Assistant needed for local dental office. 30 hrs/ week. Exp pref. 203-265-6789

Start Date: Negotiable, but no later than July 1, 2012. Intermediate administrator’s certification required. Experience as a Director of Pupil Personnel Services preferred. Regionally competitive salary and benefits package. Apply on-line @ Deadline: February 9, 2012


The Berlin Citizen — Thursday, January 26, 2012

SALE DATES: Thurs. Jan. 26- Feb 1, 2012





Potato Chips

Refills 4 Ct

5 oz

Compare $10.99

Comp. $2.50





Comp. $129.99


3/4 & Long Sleeve Ts


$ Patriots® Hoody

In black, navy or ash

Patriots® Long Sleeve Tees

Compare $40

Mens Lined Shirt Jackets

White, grey heather Compare $20



Sherpa or Quilted Lined Hooded Jackets

Women’s Fleece-line Tights Compare $8


$ 7


Patriots® Tee.......

Waffle knits, solids & stripes Compare $15

Your choice



Thermal Crews

Side pockets S-3XL


Pet Crates

SAVE 75%



Choose from a stylish assortment Compare $30 and more!

Heavyweight 50 Count Puppy Pads


$ SAVE 67%






Compare $3,450 Stove Shop Price

5 Star HVAC Rating




SAVE 75%

Famous Label Swimwear


Found in Ski Shops, Resorts, & More!


Compare $12 or more

5 $ 8 $

Kids Waterproof Winter Gloves


Wool Hats

Compare $20-$25

Compare $15



OR Oil Filled Radiator

2 heat settings. Compare $50 Your Choice

20” x 12” x 23”



Rolling Mantel Electric Fireplace Fully assembled in Espresso, Oak or Cherry.

Premium Copy Paper 8 1/2” x 11” 500 Sheet Compare $8





Tussin DM


Compare to the active ingredient in Robitussin Peak Cold



Compare to the active ingredient in Advil

Nasal Spray Compare to the active ingredient in Afrin



Pooch Planet Basics


12 Hr Cough Suppressant



3 oz Adult and children’s grape & orange Compare $10.99

Extra Strength Acetaminophen PM




$ Compare to the active ingredient in Tylenol PM

Importers Loss -20 F Windshield Washer Fluid

Enviro-log Case of 6



5 Lb - 3 Hour burn Kettle® Tias Tortilla Chips

8 oz Corn or Baja BBQ



Emeril’s or Ortega® Salsa ®

16 oz Your choice



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Trail Mix

24-26 oz



Sunflower Seeds 26 oz




Importer improperly packaged 350 Thread Count Sheet Sets in 600 Thread Count packaging! Compare $70


Your Choice:






4 Pack 23 oz Football Beer Glasses NFL Popcorn Tin 18.5 oz



Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels 24 oz



Electric Blankets

Half Price! Twin .....Comp. Full .......Comp. Queen.Comp. King .....Comp.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 Liters



Maple Syrup Grade A 32 oz




$60 ........................$30 $70 ........................$35 $80 ........................$40 $90 ........................$50




Seed Starter Kit

36 cell tray contains pre-fertilized soil-less mix


8 Count


Our Reg. $4.50

3” Round Seed Starting Pot



Deep square Couch style or donut

50 caplets Compare $6.99

Compare $7.99


Compare $20

200 Mg ea - 200 Tablets Compare $10.49

8oz Compare $7.29


25 lb Nyjer Thistle Seed





2 gallon output per day, Humidistat.

30 75




Light Filtering Vinyl Mini Blinds 23"x64".......3.99 27"x64".......4.49 29"x64".......4.49 31"x64".......4.49 32"x64".......4.49

35"x64".......4.49 36"x64".......4.49 39"x64".......7.99 43”x64" ......9.99 48"x64"....11.99


15 $ 30

3' 3”x4'11”

50 lb Black Oil Sunflower Seed

1.5 Gal Ultrasonic Humidifier

Duraflame® Electic Stove

Made in Turkey 2'x4'


Home center retails of $38.84-$136


Compare $20

2250 Watt Gas-powered Generator

416,000 points of yarn per sq. meter


Mens & Ladies Casual Winter Gloves



Siena & Contempo Collection




5000 Watt Gas-powered Generator



All at


Limited quantities check local store for availability.

40 Count $ Jumbo....... 20



Manufactured for nation’s most famous home center

1 piece - Tankini - Bikini Comp. $50 - $100

8000 Watt Commercial-Duty Generator



1st Quality 2” Solid Wood Blinds

Just Arrived!





30”Heavyduty Snow Blower Comp. $1399


Famous Outdoor Retailer

Ladies or Mens Micro Fleece Lounge Pants






100% polyester Compare $20-$24


• Heat up to 2,200 sq. ft. • Produces up to 45,000 BTU/HR • 36 hour burn time per load • Burn wood pellets, corn, or cherry pits without changing firepot • Electric ignition, thermostat control • Limited quantity available • May be special order in some stores


Vanity Fair®

Dinner Napkins

Compare $12.97

Comp. $30

Pellet/Multifuel Burning Stove


Heavy duty Aluminum Wrap

35 sq. ft. 100% recycled

3 ply - 40 ct.


SAVE 50%

Model # MF3800 2,200 sq ft.

Comp. $400

Reynolds Wrap®

Compare $2.49

Moisture wicking thermal Full zip M-2XL

Cumberland Stove Works®




Thermal-lined Zip Hoody



Compare $3.49

AA or AAA batteries

New England Patriots!

Famous Workwear Label!

1.0 cubic ft capacity - 2 locking bolts - interior light



16pk Alkaline Plus™

599 Get a lot more for a lot less...

Digital Anti-theft Safe


STORE HOURS: Mon-Sat 8am-9pm; Sun 9am-8pm

Ocean State

Made in Massachusetts

Mucinex® & Mucinex DM®

Maximum Strength 14 Ct Comp. $15.79




Bar Soap

5.5 oz - Available in Sandalwood, Lavender & Herb, Olive Oil, Lemongrass, Chamomile, Oatmeal, Aloe, Seaweed & Green Tea


Super Size

Dishwasher Detergent Gel pack 32 ct


Wisk® 110 Loads 172oz



2000 Flushes® Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner 3.5 oz



Blue Diamond® Almonds

Walnuts 1 Lb


1 Lb

or Pistachios 1 Lb


Your Choice

8 oz




We now accept Cash Benefit EBT




1-26-2012 Berlin Citizen  
1-26-2012 Berlin Citizen  

Berlin Citizen published 1-26-2012