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P ROL OG U E from the Artistic Director

I think we should all have our dna tested. Imme-

diately. My hope is that it might radically alter our knowledge of our racial identity, which is far more complicated than the color of our skin, and allow us to change the discourse about race in this country. It’s worth a try, because the issue has become so volatile that it’s become downright dangerous to have public conversations about the subject. From the town-hall politicos to the talking heads on television, there’s no shortage of people trying to shame their opposition. Even those trying to elicit empathy have yet to find the right venue. In some workplaces, we hire mediators, moderators, and consultants to broker dialogues that allow people with vastly different life experiences to share their feelings. But whatever the results of these conversations, the process, while long on earnestness, is short on imagination. Enter Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, one brave fellow with a different proposal. Branden writes plays, some of which are focused on the issue of race. An Octoroon is one of a trilogy he’s written (the other two being Appropriate and Neighbors) that uses the prism of American history, from the legacy of slavery through the chaotic present, to expose racial labels and challenge our own boundaries. Rarely has a writer been so unstinting in his use of theatrical masks long considered abhorrent (whiteface, blackface, and redface) to reveal what’s behind the makeup. With every scene, Jacobs-Jenkins is asking some fundamental questions: What is “blackness?” What are we laughing at? Why aren’t we laughing? What is authentic? How have we been acculturated to think and feel about race? What are we afraid of? Sometimes these questions are asked through the story on stage, in this case a 19th-century melodrama written by a largely forgotten but brilliant playwright/ producer/raconteur named Dion Boucicault; sometimes they are posed directly to the audience, in this play by a character impersonating Mr. Jacobs-Jenkins himself. The result is a wildly imaginative, relentlessly comic, potentially disturbing, hopefully cathartic experience that is everything except boring. In other words, what theatre is supposed to be. Hallelujah. Bringing this play to life is director Eric Ting, appointed in 2015 as the artistic director of Cal Shakes. A close collaborator of Branden’s, there’s no one better suited to animate this vivid theatrical landscape and to reveal what this play has to teach us. To top it off, you will be invited to share your own response at the talkback immediately following every performance (no one goes away from this play without a chance to talk back!). I trust that the spirit of openness that Berkeley audiences have become famous for will make this a memorable theatrical event for you. Oh, and don’t forget…get your dna tested. Sincerely,

Tony Taccone

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Other projects are: Local playwright Eugenie Chan and composer Byron Au Yong’s The Chan Family Picnic, A Nouvelle Vaudeville This project will explore an American legacy of anti-Asian legislation, sex trafficking, race, and exploitation through the story of a Chinese Gold Rush immigrant family. Dustin Chinn’s Colonialism is Terrible, But Pho is Delicious This play is about what Dustin calls “the Columbusing of food.” Sarah DeLappe’s latest project In true Ground Floor spirit, this project is changing too much to describe at the time of printing! Donnetta Lavinia Grays’ Laid to Rest: A Full Length Multi-Media Play This story is poised at the intersection of police brutality, racial injustice, and social media. Alyssa So and Lileana Blain-Cruz in The Ground Floor’s 2016 Summer Residency Lab

Berkeley Rep’s Ground Floor welcomes 18 projects to the 2017 Summer Residency Lab BY MADELEINE OLDHAM

Between June 20 and July 16, 2017, Berkeley Rep’s

Harrison Street campus will gleefully strain at the seams as it bursts with art and ideas. Eighteen new plays will take significant steps in their development paths, experimenting all the while. Each project arrives in a different stage of its life—some are in major thinking mode and preparing to write, others in a messy midpoint where it will be torn apart and reshaped, and still others approach readiness for a rehearsal process and want to work out some later-stage kinks. Three Berkeley Rep commissions will participate this summer: Christina Anderson, who will sift through the many ideas in her large brain and begin writing; Glen Berger, who, after a long hiatus, will return to his exploration of America through the lens of a folk-music band trying to record an album; and Lisa Peterson and Todd Almond, whose Idea of Order will fully integrate story with music for a five-piece brass band for the first time. Also in residence will be Daniel Handler’s Imaginary Comforts, helmed by Berkeley Rep’s Michael Leibert Artistic Director Tony Taccone, preparing for his fall rehearsal process and 2017–18 mainstage season production.

Martyna Majok’s Queens This play imagines the lives of two generations of immigrant women from Poland, Ukraine, Honduras, and Afghanistan. Tony Meneses’ Between Here and the City of Mexico This project is a beguiling, sweeping ode to a city flush with the promise of revolution, and to the times in life when everything seems possible. James Harrison Monaco and Jerome Ellis’ Museum Museum is an interactive exploration of visual art and our relationship to image as inspiration. Sylvan Oswald’s Trainers, or The Brutal Unpleasant Atmosphere of This Most Disagreeable Season This unique performance experience imagines life in the future for artists and intellectuals. Max Posner’s Giddiness Giddiness is a private account of an unpredictable and ongoing medical disaster and our chronically nonsensical healthcare system. Kemp Powers’ The Two Reds Kemp tells the story of the formative years of friends Malcolm X and Redd Foxx. An untitled play from local writer Kate E. Ryan Kate will tell the story of a confrontation between a group of liberal-minded Bay Area women and a woman who holds more conservative beliefs about gender roles. Diana Lynn Small’s House Play This new play is intended to be performed specifically in houses and asks, “What’s a home good for?” Local writer Jonathan Spector’s This Much I Know Jonathan will explore how we make decisions and what it takes to change our minds. Mfoniso Udofia’s Adia and Clora Snatch Joy This project is the new installation in Mfoniso’s epic ninepart Ufot family cycle.

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THE ORIGIN STORY Late in April of 2016 we were searching for the last play of the 2016–17 season. The artistic staff meticulously talked through many options, but in the end it was a strike-of-lightning moment that prompted Tony Taccone to choose Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ An Octoroon. Once the play popped into his head it became a no-brainer choice. We knew about An Octoroon because it was well-received in New York, where it premiered at Soho Rep in 2014 and had an encore run at Theatre for a New Audience in 2015. It then received subsequent original productions in DC, Minneapolis, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Kansas City, London, and Brisbane, among other cities. An Octoroon checked all the boxes we always look for in a 1 0 · T H E B E R K E L E Y R E P M AG A Z I N E · 2 0 1 6 –1 7 · I S S U E 7

Berkeley Rep show: forward-thinking in form and content, intellectually rigorous, and brilliantly written. The play also placed a vital conversation about race at the center of its dramatic construction, and carried political insight that we crave during this chaotic time in our country. We were excited to find a chance to work with Jacobs-Jenkins, a MacArthur Fellow, Pulitzer Prize finalist, and Obie Award winner for An Octoroon and his play Appropriate. Producing a play by Jacobs-Jenkins gave us an excellent excuse to bring his collaborator and friend, director Eric Ting, into our building. Ting, the artistic director of Cal Shakes, brings his deft ability to articulate complex ideas to Jacobs-Jenkins’ intricate, ambitious play.

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ An Octoroon riffs on Dion Boucicault’s The Octoroon, one of the most popular melodramas of its time. Doing research for the play, Jacobs-Jenkins came across an essay entitled “The Art of Dramatic Composition” in which Boucicault argues that the most perfect illusion in the theatre is the believable illusion of someone suffering. Boucicault uses the word “suffering” to denote humans undergoing ordeals that are trademark to our very existence. He argues that an audience can only become fully absorbed in a play if they feel sympathy for characters in conflict. In his adaptation, Jacobs-Jenkins asks, “Is there a relationship between the illusion of suffering and actual suffering?” This sense of doubleness, of illusion and reality, resonates throughout Jacobs-Jenkins’ vivid exploration of Boucicault’s drama. Dion Boucicault’s real first name was Dionysius (i.e., the ancient Greek god of theatre, religious ecstasy, and wine).

Boucicault was born in Ireland in 1820, the illegitimate son of a famous Irish encyclopedist and scientist. The young Boucicault worked and played nonstop. He left his civil engineering apprenticeship to seek out a life as an actor and playwright. Boucicault started his career in a provincial acting company in England, then became more prolific as a writer as time went on. By 1844 he had 22 plays produced in four years, though most of his successes were with adapted French plays rather than original work. He constantly burned through money: he declared bankruptcy three times, then scrambled to produce hit shows to dig himself out. His marriage to the talented actress Agnes Kelly Robertson resulted in three children and a fruitful artistic collaboration. After 33 years of marriage, they went through a bitter divorce when he left her for a young Australian actress. The legal proceedings dragged on so long that they turned bizarre: Boucicault claimed that he and Agnes had never been CO N TIN U E D O N N E X T PAG E Illustrations from Edmund Shaftesbury’s 1889 book Lessons in the Art of Acting

THE OCTOROON — A PARTIAL PLOT SUMMARY OF THE ORIGINAL MELODR AMA We aren’t going to give the whole thing away! But here’s something to get you started.

The Octoroon by Dion Boucicault centers around

Zoe, daughter of the recently deceased plantation owner Judge Peyton. Terrebonne, Peyton’s plantation, is bankrupt and must be surrendered to debtors. Dora, a Southern belle, is in love with George, the white nephew of Judge Peyton, and intends to marry him. But George falls in love with Zoe instead. Alas, their love is doomed. Zoe has been raised as the daughter of Peyton and given all the privileges of a white woman, but her real mother was a slave. She is an octoroon, meaning

she is 1/8th black. Zoe and George could never marry due to American miscegenation laws that forbade marriage between blacks and whites. Zoe, who thought her father had given her her freedom, discovers that her free papers were never official and is put up for sale with the rest of the plantation. The melodrama’s villain and overseer of Terrebonne, Jacob M’Closky, is in love with Zoe and aims to buy her at auction. Will Zoe become a slave? Or will Terrebonne be saved? 2 0 1 6 –1 7 · I S S U E 7 · T H E B E R K E L E Y R E P M AG A Z I N E · 1 1

An illustration from The Quadroon

Dion Boucicault

Dion Boucicault

married and the case was closed as “bigamy with adultery.” He later sold the rights to many of his plays to pay alimony to Agnes. Despite his financial and marital woes, he produced plays at a frantic pace, eventually writing about 140 works (seldom original and often coauthored—he sometimes reworked his own original pieces under different titles). Boucicault also dabbled in theatre management: he took over the New York Theatre in 1859, renaming it the Winter Garden Theatre because he redesigned the space to include a tropical garden complete with exotic plants. There, he opened his hit play The Octoroon, which quickly became one of most talked-about productions of its time, second only to Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin. He was the first manager to make matinees a regular part of a production schedule, revealing a major new revenue source for theatre owners. In the premiere production of The Octoroon, Boucicault played Wahnotee, the Native American character, and his wife, Agnes, played Zoe, the octoroon (actors of color were not allowed in the American theatre at that time). Jacobs-Jenkins wondered why Boucicault chose to play one of the most offensive characters (albeit amidst a host of offensive characters). To replicate Boucicault’s action, Jacobs-Jenkins played Ratts/Br’er Rabbit in the original production of An Octoroon. This echoing blurred the line between the artist and his existence as a person in the world. What can it mean to put the playwright onstage: is he himself, or a performer? What if the answer is, he’s both at the same time? Each author (Boucicault unconsciously, Jacobs-Jenkins consciously) unsettled his audience

with this choice. Placing the artist’s role into question right in front of our eyes pushes the audience to acknowledge our inability to hold contradiction in our brains. An Octoroon acknowledges this discomfort by inserting a character known as bjj, a meta-version of Jacobs-Jenkins, as our guide. He asserts that, yes, we are in a comedy. Yes, we are in a tragedy. The play you are seeing today is an adaptation of an adaptation: an extreme act of meta-theatre. Adding to our dizzying, Russian nesting doll-like feeling is the fact that The Octoroon is adapted from the novel The Quadroon by Thomas Mayne Reid. It is thought that Boucicault intensified his protagonist’s tragedy by making her an octoroon, 1/8th black, rather than a quadroon, 1/4th black. In Boucicault’s play Zoe and George’s love sparks a conflict between good and evil, raising moral questions about slavery and the nature of race itself. Jacobs-Jenkins first came across Boucicault in an academic setting in which he explored the archetypal figure of the “tragic mulatto,” a character who often shows the disastrous consequences of interracial sex. Emily Landau, in her book Spectacular Wickedness: Sex, Race, and Memory in Storyville, New Orleans, states that “the figure of the tragic octoroon illustrates either the absolute necessity of racial separation, or, conversely, the tragedy (and absurdity) of racism.” Often the genre sexualized the octoroon in a way society at the time would have rejected for white women characters. In Boucicault’s take on the story, Zoe is very much a lady. But because she is 1/8th black, the audience perceived her as exotic.


1 2 · T H E B E R K E L E Y R E P M AG A Z I N E · 2 0 1 6 –1 7 · I S S U E 7

In An Octoroon, Jacobs-Jenkins toys with the idea that humans can be so easily manipulated by asking us to look at the ethics of theatrical constructs.

A scene from Bouicault’s The Octoroon in the Winter Garden Theatre, 1859

Yet, none of this was terribly contentious at the time. Instead, the uncomfortable questions The Octoroon posed about slavery, combined with the fact that it opened just prior to the start of the Civil War, made the play famously controversial. The play premiered two days after John Brown’s raid at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, and cancelled performances right after John Wilkes Booth shot President Lincoln in 1865. It is accurate to call the political climate of the time extreme, which perfectly suited the popular genre of melodrama. Melodrama, translated literally as “drama with music,” grew popular in Europe after the French Revolution. One theory for why melodrama flourished at the time was that the Revolution and its aftermath uprooted the traditional order of society, and in reaction, audiences seemed to crave fiction with a stable moral order. Writers created unambiguous stock characters: the helpless heroine, the lecherous villain, the winning hero. Good was rewarded, evil punished. Or, to quote Jacobs-Jenkins, “a generation of French guys literally just kept doing things to an audience and refined a codified formula for making an audience feel the way that these French guys thought they should feel at any given moment.” Melodramas were accompanied by musical underscoring, which led the audience through the intended emotional journey. In An Octoroon, Jacobs-Jenkins toys with the idea that humans can be so easily manipulated by asking us to look at the ethics of theatrical constructs. Traditionally, melodrama follows a five-act formula: exposition (Act One), rising action (Act Two), climax (Act Three),

spectacle/sensation scene (Act Four), and falling action (Act Five). The Octoroon helped popularize a particular subsection of Victorian melodrama known as “sensation drama.” Characterized by the depiction of an overwhelming sensational experience in the fourth act—usually a grand disaster such as a shipwreck, avalanche, or fire, and usually followed by a murder of some kind—this dramatic structure was especially successful in whipping audiences’ emotions into a frenzy. One of Boucicault’s plays, The Poor of New York, put a real fire engine onstage so the hero could emerge triumphant from the flames of a burning house. In An Octoroon, Jacobs-Jenkins uses Act Four to bring the conversation on race to the forefront of our experience. Jacobs-Jenkins and Boucicault employ the signature melodramatic devices of exaggerated gestures and tableaus. In Boucicault’s day, larger-than-life gestures intended to communicate emotion all the way to the cheap seats in the back became a shortcut for storytelling. Examples include Anguish, where the palms are placed on the temple and the face looks up. Or there’s Sulkiness, made by folding the arms, looking down, and turning the body slightly away. Both of these gestures can be seen today when acting is bad, or in a teenager’s more dramatic moments. Tableaus—a “freeze frame” so to speak—appeared at the end of an act to sum up the action in one picture, giving the audience a chance to absorb the main plot points. Another signature element of melodrama was the use of a large supporting cast to comment on the play’s action and add variety to its world. Jacobs-Jenkins discards the traditional large chorus in favor of focusing on three female slaves who use hyper-modern speech. Before two of the slaves, Minnie and Dido, have their first lines in the script Jacobs-Jenkins writes, “I’m just going to say this right now so we can get it over with: I don’t know what a real slave sounded like. And neither do you.” This is a comment on Boucicault’s own writing: Boucicault felt that Stowe did a disservice to her slave characters in writing their speech so stiffly in Uncle Tom’s Cabin. In reaction, Boucicault traveled (Jacobs-Jenkins: “for, like, a week”) into rural Louisiana to capture how slaves and their masters spoke. This whole thing felt ridiculous to Jacobs-Jenkins—how could two white playwrights fight over who wrote CO N TIN U E D O N N E X T PAG E 2 0 1 6 –1 7 · I S S U E 7 · T H E B E R K E L E Y R E P M AG A Z I N E · 1 3


slaves more authentically when people of color weren’t even allowed in the building?—so he wrote dialogue to sound more like modern Americans. As a result, Minnie and Dido’s speech is both comedic and bizarre, realistic and exaggerated. In The Octoroon, much of the supporting cast reflects Boucicault’s conflicted point of view on race. Boucicault attempted to provide a realistic portrayal of the racial spectrum of the American south but his attempts were futile. He was a white member of high society and had no true relationship to the groups he intended to portray. Viewed through a contemporary lens, his curiosity about the “other” only highlighted his own distance from marginalized ethnic groups. His cast list calls for an Indian chief, a “yellow” (mixed race), a quadroon (1/4th black), black slaves, and white landowners. Jacobs-Jenkins plays on Boucicault’s casting by listing his order of preference for the actor’s ethnicities for each role. For example, the description of the Assistant is listed as, “played by an Indigenous American actor/actress, a mixed-race actor,

a South Asian actor, or one who can pass as Native American.” And Zoe should be “played by an octoroon actress, a white actress, quadroon actress, biracial actress, multiracial actress, or actress of color who can pass as an octoroon.” Echoing how Boucicault and Jacobs-Jenkins played roles in their original productions, Jacobs-Jenkins asks that bjj be played by “an actual playwright, African-American actor, or black actor.” Jacobs-Jenkins highlights and complicates Boucicault’s racial assumptions with his casting preferences. Jacobs-Jenkins’ meta-theatre invites the audience to sit with their discomfort on issues of race and representation in The Octoroon. Even the title asks us to question the original play: An Octoroon versus The Octoroon, indicating that there are many mixed-race characters, not just one. Or does it indicate that this is one adaptation of the story, and in fact there are other versions? The title is yet another place where Jacobs-Jenkins takes us from absolutes to non-binaries. He uncovers melodrama to show humans living life, awake in our pain and glory.


Br’er (Brother) Rabbit, the famous trickster figure from African folklore, uses his cunning and cleverness to escape sticky situations and fool his foes. In one story, Br’er Fox finally catches Br’er Rabbit and wonders aloud what to do with him: roast him, hang him, or perhaps drown him. With every suggestion, Br’er Rabbit pleads with Br’er Fox not to fling him into the briar patch. Falling for Br’er Rabbit’s deceit, Br’er Fox decides to do just that, forgetting the rabbit was born and bred in the briar patch and so would not be hurt by the thicket. Br’er Rabbit’s history is uniquely tied to that of slavery in America. The transatlantic slave trade forced people to leave behind their material possessions, but not their stories, folktales passed down through generations in an oral tradition that preserved slaves’ African roots. Storytelling in the new world became a means of survival, and slaves adapted traditional characters to suit their new circumstances. Br’er Rabbit (mirroring the slave) may seem helpless when compared with the mighty Br’er Bear or the devious Br’er Fox (often mirroring the white slave masters), but Br’er Rabbit always finds a clever way out of trouble. Like many African traditions, Br’er Rabbit’s stories were soon co-opted when white journalist Joel Chandler Harris printed them in the book Uncle Remus, His Songs and His Sayings, published in 1881. In 1946, Walt Disney adapted the book for the live-action/animated film, Song of the South. The widely popular Disney Br’er Rabbit then appeared in several advertising campaigns, including one in 1954 for Trix cereal. In the first production of An Octoroon at New York’s Soho Rep, Branden Jacobs-Jenkins himself donned a bunny suit and played Br’er Rabbit, a role that inherently puts at odds a deeply rooted African-American tradition with its unmistakable appropriation. 1 4 · T H E B E R K E L E Y R E P M AG A Z I N E · 2 0 1 6 –1 7 · I S S U E 7




Eliza Bent, an arts journalist and theatremaker, interviewed playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins for American Theatre magazine back in 2014. Three of his plays— Neighbors, Appropriate, and An Octoroon— had premiered off Broadway at the time, and the two artists sat down to discuss his body of work so far. Here are some highlights from that interview. Let’s talk about An Octoroon. I feel like Neighbors, An Octoroon, and Appropriate are all linked in some deep, fundamental way. They all seem interested in the question of genre, like how history actually operates in our lives as human beings. I’m interested in representations of blackness and how to represent social constructs onstage that are so tied to a specific culture of nation. Also these three plays are all about theatre to me. Tell me more about breaking apart social constructs onstage. I just don’t know how blackness onstage works. It’s just a thing that has always confused me. I don’t know what anyone is talking about when they talk about black theatre, black drama, black actors. I don’t know. No one walks around saying white theatre or white actors. I just want to understand. What’s your relationship to melodrama? Melodrama is actually what the majority of our American theatrical heritage was until Eugene O’Neill came along and popped us in the face with modernism. And I think melodrama is an amazing thing—it’s like the science part of what we do. This idea that we’re just these animals that are easily manipulated by certain steps or moves or gestures is so profound to me and made me wonder: What is it that we’re doing? Is it ethical? Or are ethics somehow beside the point? I became really obsessed with Boucicault. I was interested in how he would rewrite his plays depending on his audiences—like for The Octoroon, he had two different endings: one in which the heroine died (for American audiences) and another where she didn’t (for the British audiences). To me, that did not

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins P H OTO BY I M O G E N H E AT H

square up against the idea of a “responsible artist.” An artist had to make an artistic choice and stand by it. The idea that he would be commercially reworking his work just to make money was just…I don’t know. But as I dug deeper, I realized that’s not actually how it shook down. He tried his original ending in London and the audiences wouldn’t deal with it. He wrote like all these pamphlets and editorials defending his ending as “truthful” but in the end, perhaps a little out of spite, he rewrote the ending. I think a lot of people see this as some sort of weakness on his part, but I think it’s telling that he burned that draft—that it’s not even in the public domain anymore. Then he made a cut version for the printing, which was never actually produced and I thought, “This is so amazing.” In terms of meta-melodrama, I just like the idea that this isn’t a new idea. This is like Brecht, but the idea that you could feel something and then be aware that you’re feeling it is really profound to me. That somehow we possess these two faculties, one which is intellectual and gets us through the world, but the one that’s always working is the subconscious feeling place, and that’s what the theatre is obligated to. CO N TIN U E D O N N E X T PAG E 2 0 1 6 –1 7 · I S S U E 7 · T H E B E R K E L E Y R E P M AG A Z I N E · 1 5


And yet you’re not interested in telling people how to feel? Well, no, not how to feel about their feelings. I think my work has annoyed some people because I believe that ugly feelings have a place in the theatre! If you cannot feel angry or upset or, like, scandalized or grossed out or bored in the theatre, where else are you supposed to feel safe to do that? There were all these crazy talk backs for Neighbors where someone would be like, “I walked out!” I would be like, “That’s amazing! You took charge of your life and made a choice.” I want the right to walk out of anything. There’s a slight paradox at the heart of what we do, and this is when we get to the idea of American theatre. We’re a

democracy. A democratic nation is at the heart of the American idea of itself. But audiences are not democratic. Audiences are about consensus. The successful audience is laughing at the same time and gasping at the same time. Well, a democratic audience is actually kind of weird. Sometimes people are laughing and sometimes they aren’t. That feels real to me. I love it when an audience can howl together, but I’m excited by people who titter or cackle at the wrong time. I love people who walk out! And how everyone looks at the person who walks out. Being in groups is weird! [Laughter.] We don’t know what we’re doing.


Western theatre has a long, unflattering history of telling stories about the voiceless without giving them a voice: from 16th-century Shakespeare plays with male actors in female roles to Gilbert & Sullivan’s 1885 musical, The Mikado, which used “yellowface” makeup so white actors could play Japanese caricatures. Blackface makeup became the answer to telling black stories in America without relinquishing any agency to African-American communities. Thomas Rice as Jim Crow The practice of applying blackface makeup stretches back beyond the 1800s, but it was Thomas Dartmouth “Daddy” Rice, a white New York comedian, who popularized the practice in 1828. His “Jump Jim Crow” song and dance routine engendered the codified system of stock characters that became staples of the blackface minstrel show. Minstrel shows in the 1800s featured white actors in blackface (burnt cork applied to an actor’s face to blacken the skin) performing stock characters informed by crude stereotypes. Black people did perform in minstrel shows on rare occasions, but only if they played these reductive stock characters and wore blackface on their already dark skin. In addition to Jim Crow, minstrel characters included Zip Coon (the arrogant, free man), Buck (the large, menacing man with big teeth and an insatiable interest in white women), Jezebel (the lighter-skinned female temptress), and Pickaninny (the unkempt child with bulging eyes and a wide mouth). More “positive” stereotypes existed in the form of Mammy, the wise old woman, and Uncle Tom, the 1 6 · T H E B E R K E L E Y R E P M AG A Z I N E · 2 0 1 6 –1 7 · I S S U E 7

gentle, religious old man—two characters from the minstrel tradition that became popular advertising tools for products such as Aunt Jemima’s pancake mix and syrup. The film adaptation of Uncle Tom’s Cabin—an 1852 anti-slavery novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe that ironically spawned a slew of exceedingly popular minstrel plays about slavery called “Tom shows”—brought blackface to the big screen in 1903. White actors in blackface went on to successful careers playing black main characters, while actual black people occasionally served as extras. Many films used white actors in blackface to portray black people as menacing, immoral, and uncontrollable. In 1915, D.W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation so virulently vilified black people that protests sprung up marking the beginning of the end of blackface. Blackface may no longer be a common feature in theatre and film today, but its influence lingers. The term Jim Crow went on to denote racial segregation laws, Mammy stayed on our syrup bottles, and Uncle Tom’s Cabin will likely forever be remembered as one of the first films ever made. Moreover, the racist stereotypes of minstrelsy remain a part of our contemporary reality: black men are still often seen as predators, black children as unkempt, and so on. An Octoroon demands a more critical examination of this history in the context of America’s constantly evolving racial dynamics. The play takes the practice a step further, calling for a black actor in whiteface; an Indigenous American, mixed-race, or South Asian actor in blackface; and a white actor in redface—ultimately giving the audience pause over a centuries-old racist tradition and the complicated reality we live in today.



Eric Ting, artistic director of California Shakespeare Theater, and playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins have been friends since 2009, when they shared an agent who introduced them. Eric attended the first workshop showing of An Octoroon in 2010, and was immediately impressed by Branden’s ideas. Since then, the two friends have been involved in each other’s artistic and personal lives—Branden was even in Eric’s wedding party. Literary Manager Sarah Rose Leonard chatted with Eric about how his concepts of race and representation in An Octoroon are evolving as he approaches the first day of rehearsal. What drew you to Branden’s work? I love how Branden uses the darker periods of this country’s past to confront who we are today. Branden is one of the nicest people in the world—but there’s anger in his work, anger that is released in a way that’s so completely ridiculous it’s funny. He creates situations that are discomfiting, and also simultaneously wildly funny so you as an audience member are asked to make a choice: how do you engage with that information? I think he’s interested in that space where those two meet: is it funny, or is it completely racist? How does the play make use of black/red/whiteface? On one level, it serves as a dark history of this nation’s past. On another, it’s a reminder of the dark history of performance in this country. It is used in this play as a very theatrical language. Montana, our costume designer, talks about it as a type of semiotics, “What does it represent, and what does it want us to represent?” The use of painted face also gives characters a flat feeling, and part of the superficial feeling is also a manifestation of the melodrama. Once we are in the room, the actors will have points of view about what this representation means. One of the most important things for me is to hold space for just those kinds of conversations. Those decisions will come out of the process, not out of personal conceptions of what the answer should be. The play touches on some of the more painful and delicate realities of a life in the theatre, and what it means to be a person of color in the theatre. How do those moments resonate with you? Branden’s play is having a conversation about race in America and about the legacy of slavery, but he’s housing it in this framework of the theatre. The play engages in that conver-

sation in various ways. So, there is the confessional of the first part, where it’s the playwright in conversation with the audience talking about his experiences, or not, as the case may be. And then, there’s a sudden shift in part two where it’s suddenly about how race has been represented on stage historically. That shift Eric Ting forces us to think: rather than just being an historical presentation of the melodrama, the play is an intentional deconstruction of it. That’s where the painted face comes in. But I think the thing that is different and completely vital to the conceit of the production is the whiteface. Because that is not something you would’ve found in that period. And I’m not even talking about the production of The Octoroon as much as I am the conventions of performance in that period. And so the idea of whiteface—that’s really Branden’s invention of the play. It seems to suggest that an artist of color working in a predominantly white field often feels like they have to be white to succeed in that field. And I think that that’s a complicated truth. How does the play land differently now than when it premiered in 2014? There’s the play and there’s the production. The play is the thing that is timeless. The production is the thing that is tied by time. You can’t untie a production from the moment it is occurring. And so if you believe that where we are today is a radically different place than where we were before the election, then the production is in a radically different place. I could say that the conversation of race has been moved by the outcome of the election—not because the truth of it is any different, but because the space in which that truth is being spoken has changed. I could talk about how the play, when it first premiered, premiered in a country we felt was riding a wave of progressivism, and now we are in a space where that same progressivism is under attack. But I don’t know if I feel that’s the right answer. We’ve been having these conversations about race as long as we’ve been a nation. But since the election, the very way we talk to and with each other has changed. In particular, vulnerable communities were made even more vulnerable. And this is a play that wrestles with our own vulnerabilities…. Sometimes I wonder if as a society we have the patience for these conversations anymore. I believe in holding space for dialogue, being generous in the way we listen, and being forgiving in the way we communicate. All of those things feel so utterly at risk in this moment. And that’s the test of this play, of this production: do we have the patience to really listen and unpack what is being said? 2 0 1 6 –1 7 · I S S U E 7 · T H E B E R K E L E Y R E P M AG A Z I N E · 1 7

Berkeley Repertory Theatre presents the West Coast premiere of




Minnie Afi Bijou*

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins DIREC TED BY

Eric Ting

Dido Jasmine Bracey* Grace Afua Busia BJJ/George/M’Closky Lance Gardner* Zoe Sydney Morton* Playwright/Wahnotee/Lafouche Ray Porter* Br’er Rabbit Lisa Quoresimo

JUNE 23–JULY 23, 2017 PEE T ’ S THE ATRE · LIMITED SE A SON An Octoroon is made possible thanks to the generous support of

Dora Jennifer Regan* Assistant/Pete/Paul Amir Talai*



Jack & Betty Schafer Michael & Sue Steinberg The Strauch Kulhanjian Family

Scenic Design Arnulfo Maldonado Costume Design Montana Blanco Lighting Design Jiyoun Chang Sound Design Jake Rodriguez Casting Amy Potozkin, csa Calleri Casting, csa


Michelle Branch & Dale Cook Kerry Francis & John Jimerson Guy Tiphane

Stage Manager Leslie M. Radin*


David & Vicki Cox Cynthia A. Farner A S S O CIAT E S P O N S O R S

Edie Barschi Valerie Barth & Peter Wiley Robert Council & Ann Parks-Council Zandra Faye LeDuff The Karl and Alice Ruppenthal Foundation for the Arts

*Indicates a member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States. An Octoroon had its World Premiere at Soho Rep Sarah Benson, Artistic Director/Cynthia Flowers, Executive Director Subsequently produced by Theatre for a New Audience Jeffrey Horowitz, Founding Artistic Director Henry Christensen III, Chairman/Dorothy Ryan, Managing Director At the Polonsky Shakespeare Center, Brooklyn, NY in 2015 An Octoroon is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.

Affiliations The director is a member of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, Inc., an independent national labor union. The Scenic, Costume, Lighting, and Sound Designers in lort Theatres are represented by United Scenic Artists Local usa-829, iatse.

1 8 · T H E B E R K E L E Y R E P M AG A Z I N E · 2 0 1 6 –1 7 · I S S U E 7



Afi Bijou

Lance Gardner

Lisa Quoresimo

Afi makes her Berkeley Rep debut in An Octoroon. Her New York credits include Holler If You Hear Me (Broadway), Fela! (Broadway), Once on This Island (original Broadway cast), Holiday Heart (off Broadway), and Bullet for Adolf (off Broadway). Regional credits include The Blood Quilt (Arena Stage) and Good Goods, Crumbs from the Table of Joy, and Breath Boom (Yale Repertory Theatre). Film/ TV credits include roles on The Night of, Crime, Fresh, and Finding Fela, among others.

Lance last appeared at Berkeley Rep in Yellowjackets. He most recently in The Christians at SF Playhouse. He has performed at California Shakespeare Theater, TheatreWorks in Silicon Valley, Marin Theatre Company, Magic Theatre, Encore Theatre, Climate Theatre, and more. He is the producer and host of the upcoming podcast Re: TheatRe.

Lisa is thrilled to be making her debut at Berkeley Rep. Lisa has most recently been seen music directing The Events at Shotgun Players, and playing Masha in Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike and Dolly Levi in Hello, Dolly. She has written and directed several musicals, including Siddhartha the Bright Path (with Emily Klion and Danny Duncan), which have been produced across the country and internationally. She served for many years as the artistic director of the Kairos Theatre in New York City, trained at Circle in the Square, and taught on the faculties of nyu and the Manhattan School of Music. She is currently in the Theatre/Performance Studies Department at UC Davis.


B J J /G E O R G E /M ’ C LO S K Y

Sydney Morton ZOE

Jasmine is thrilled to be making her Berkeley Rep debut. Her regional theatre credits include Animal Farm (Steppenwolf Theatre Company); Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits (Chicago Shakespeare Theater); Clybourne Park, wit, The Little Foxes, O Beautiful, Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Irresistible Rise of Arturo Ui, and Our Town (Resident Ensemble Players); You Can’t Take It with You (the Alley Theatre); As You Like It (the Acting Company); Macando (the Guthrie Theater); and Antony and Cleopatra (Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival). Film/ television credits include Chicago P.D., Mothers of God, and Rodney. Training: University of Delaware Professional Theatre Training Program, mfa, class of 2011.

Sydney is so excited to make her debut at Berkeley Rep. Original Broadway casts include Memphis, Evita, Motown (Florence Ballard), and American Psycho. National tours include Flashdance (Alex) and Jersey Boys (Chicago company). Regional credits include The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Esmeralda, Ogunquit Playhouse), High School Musical (Gabriella, Paper Mill Playhouse), The Muny, and Pittsburgh clo. Film credits include The Intern, Service to Man, and Love, New York. TV credits include She’s Gotta Have It (Cheryl Overstreet, Netflix), Jessica Jones (Netflix), and The Sound of Music Live (nbc). Training includes a bfa in Musical Theater from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!), and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Sydney also creates online comedy content, which can be found at

Afua Busia

Ray Porter

Jasmine Bracey DIDO


Afua is thrilled to be making her debut at Berkeley Rep this summer! She is currently an mfa candidate at American Conservatory Theater. She most recently appeared in act’s mfa production of The Good Woman of Setzuan. She also attended American University where she appeared in Cabaret, Talking With, and Measure for Measure. Regional credits include The Little Mermaid (Imagination Stage).


This is Ray’s first appearance at Berkeley Rep. He was with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for 18 seasons and last appeared in the Bay Area as Rosencrantz in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead at American Conservatory Theater. Film/TV credits include Sons of Anarchy, The Mentalist, The Closer, Frasier, Justified, Monk, Almost Famous, The Runaways, Argo, and Justice League.


Jennifer Regan DORA

Jennifer last appeared at Berkeley Rep in Troublemaker, or The Freakin Kick-A Adventures of Bradley Boatright. New York credits include Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Born Yesterday, and The Lady from Dubuque (Broadway and West End, London) and How I Learned to Drive, Buffalo Gal, and Pig Farm (off Broadway). Regional credits include Twelfth Night (Hartford Stage); Lost in Yonkers, Resurrection Blues, and The Trojan Women (the Old Globe); Edgardo Mine (the Guthrie Theater); The Royal Family (Pittsburgh Public Theater); and A Streetcar Named Desire (Barrington Stage Company). Film/TV work includes recurring and guest roles on The Heart, She Holler; Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter (Adult Swim); Blindspot; Mysteries of Laura; Happyish; Elementary; Law & Order: svu and csi; The Humbling; The Winning Season; Ten Stories Tall; and My Dead Boyfriend, among others.

Amir Talai


Amir, a San Francisco native, is thrilled to be back where he grew up and began working professionally. His dad even owned Au Coquelet, around the corner from Berkeley Rep. Soon after graduating from Cal, he worked at Berkeley Rep as an understudy and on a school tour. Since leaving San Francisco, he’s 2 0 1 6 –1 7 · I S S U E 7 · T H E B E R K E L E Y R E P M AG A Z I N E · 1 9

BE R K E L E Y R E P P R E S E N T S earned over 100 film and TV credits, including What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Harold and Kumar 2, and, most recently, The Circle with Tom Hanks. In 2018 he will appear opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in Gunther and on the new Fox series LA to Vegas. In addition to acting, Amir is passionate about and active in several social movements, serving on the boards of The Story of Stuff and Healing Justice, and he volunteers to improve representation for actors of color, oppose police violence, and support progressive politicians.

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins P L AY W R I G H T

Branden is a Brooklyn-based playwright whose credits include War (Lincoln Center/ lct3), Gloria (Vineyard Theatre; Pulitzer Prize finalist), Appropriate (Signature Theatre; Obie Award), An Octoroon (Soho Rep; Obie Award), and Neighbors (the Public Theater). He is a Residency Five playwright at Signature Theatre and is under commissions from lct3/ Lincoln Center Theater, mtc/Sloan, and the Steppenwolf Theatre Company. His recent honors include the Windham-Campbell Prize for Drama, the pen/Laura Pels International Foundation Theatre Award, the Benjamin H. Danks Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the Steinberg Playwriting Award, and the inaugural Tennessee Williams Award. In addition to holding an MA in Performance Studies from nyu, Branden is also a graduate of the Lila Acheson Wallace American Playwrights Program at the Juilliard School. He currently teaches in the Hunter College Playwriting mfa Program, where he is a Master-Artist-in-Residence.

Eric Ting


Eric is an Obie Award-winning director and was appointed artistic director of California Shakespeare Theater in November of 2015. Deeply committed throughout his career to the development of new and diverse voices for the theatre, Eric has directed plays (many of them world premieres) by Sam Hunter, Aditi Kapil, Kimber Lee, Jackie Sibblies Drury, Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig, Laura Jacqmin, Kenneth Lin, Kristoffer Diaz, Anna Deavere Smith, and others. His work has been seen at Manhattan Theatre Club, Soho Rep, the Public Theater, Long Wharf Theatre, Goodman Theatre, Victory Gardens, Williamstown Theatre Festival, a.r.t., Shakespeare Santa Cruz, Hartford Stage, bam Next Wave, Cincinnati Playhouse, and the Alliance Theatre; as well as internationally, including Singapore, France, Canada, Romania, Hungary, and Bali. Upcoming: Octavia E. Bulter’s Parable of the Sower with Toshi Reagon (world premiere, international tour), Marcus Gardley’s black odyssey (Cal Shakes), and Lauren Yee’s The Great Leap (world premiere, Denver Center/Seattle Rep). Eric is a proud member of the sdc board. 2 0 · T H E B E R K E L E Y R E P M AG A Z I N E · 2 0 1 6 –1 7 · I S S U E 7


Arnulfo Maldonado SCENIC DESIGNER

Arnulfo is a New York City-based set and costume designer. This is his Berkeley Rep debut. Notable New York credits include Bull in a China Shop (Lincoln Center Theater), Twelfth Night (the Public Theater), Kingdom Come (Roundabout Theatre Company), Duat and generations (Soho Rep), Caught (the Play Company), Men on Boats and Iowa (Playwrights Horizons), and Iphigenia in Aulis (Classic Stage Company). Regional credits include Where Storms Are Born (Williamstown Theatre Festival), The Women of Padilla (Two River Theater), Hillary and Clinton (Philadelphia Theatre Company), Macbeth (the Old Globe), Evita (Olney Theatre Center), and As You Like It (Center Stage). He also worked on the bam Next Wave and international tour of The Magnetic Fields: 50 Song Memoir. Arnulfo is a Clubbed Thumb affiliated artist, a recipient of a Princess Grace Fabergé Theater Award, and serves as a resident scenic designer at the National Playwrights Conference. He received his mfa from nyu Tisch School of the Arts. Visit

Montana Blanco


Montana is making his Berkeley Rep debut. His off-Broadway credits include The Death of the Last Black Man in the Whole Entire World (Signature Theatre, Lucille Lortel nomination); Pipeline (Lincoln Center Theater); Ghost Light and War (Lincoln Center Theater/lct3); Red Speedo and Nat Turner in Jerusalem (New York Theatre Workshop); Hamlet, Teenage Dick, and Pretty Hunger (the Public Theater); O, Earth (the Foundry Theatre); and Orange Julius (Rattlestick Playwrights Theater). Regional credits include The Bluest Eye (the Guthrie Theater), War (Yale Repertory Theatre), and Side Show and Our Country’s Good (Brown/Trinity Repertory Company). Upcoming: In the Blood (Signature Theatre), The Last Match (Roundabout Theatre Company), Measure for Measure (Santa Cruz Shakespeare/California Shakespeare Theater), Lookingglass Alice (Center Stage), The Bacchae (Princeton University), and Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes (Berkeley Rep). Training: Yale School of Drama, mfa; Brown University, MA; Oberlin College, BA; Oberlin Conservatory of Music, BM. Visit

Jiyoun Chang


Jiyoun last worked at Berkeley Rep on Aubergine. Other design credits include Sojourners and Her Portmanteau (New York Theatre Workshop), The Parchman Hour (the Guthrie Theater), tokyo fish story (the Old Globe), Ugly Lies the Bone (Roundabout Underground), brownsville song (Lincoln Center Theater lct3), Goldberg’s Variations (bam Next Wave 2013), The World is Round (Obie Award Special

Citation in Lighting Design), The Unfortunates and Troilus and Cressida (Oregon Shakespeare Festival), The Dance and the Railroad (Signature Theatre), T. 1912 and Peter and the Wolf (Guggenheim Museum), and Light Within (Carnegie Hall). Jiyoun received an mfa in Design from Yale School of Drama. Visit

Jake Rodriguez


Jake is a sound designer and composer based in the San Francisco Bay Area who last worked with Berkeley Rep on X’s and O’s: A Football Love Story. His regional credits include the world premieres of Troublemaker, or The Freakin Kick-A Adventures of Bradley Boatright; Girlfriend; and Passing Strange at Berkeley Rep; The Christians at Actors Theatre of Louisville, Playwrights Horizons, and the Mark Taper Forum; the world premiere of A Thousand Splendid Suns at American Conservatory Theater and Theatre Calgary; Hamlet (2012) at California Shakespeare Theater; the world premieres of Bruja and Oedipus el Rey at Magic Theatre; and The Events at Shotgun Players. Jake is the recipient of a 2004 Princess Grace Award.

Amy Potozkin, csa


This is Amy’s 27th season at Berkeley Rep. Through the years she has also had the pleasure of casting plays for act (Seattle), Arizona Theatre Company, Aurora Theatre Company, B Street Theatre, Bay Area Playwrights Festival, Dallas Theater Center, Marin Theatre Company, the Marsh, San Jose Repertory Theatre, Social Impact Productions Inc., and Traveling Jewish Theatre. Amy cast roles for various independent films, including Conceiving Ada, starring Tilda Swinton; Haiku Tunnel and Love & Taxes, both by Josh Kornbluth; and Beyond Redemption by Britta Sjogren. Amy received her mfa from Brandeis University, where she was also an artist in residence. She has been an audition coach to hundreds of actors and a presentation/communication coach to many businesspeople. Amy taught acting at Mills College and audition technique at Berkeley Rep’s School of Theatre, and has led workshops at numerous other venues in the Bay Area. Prior to working at Berkeley Rep, she was an intern at Playwrights Horizons in New York. Amy is a member of csa, the Casting Society of America, and was nominated for Artios Awards for Excellence in Casting for The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures and One Man, Two Guvnors.

Calleri Casting CASTING

Calleri Casting’s Broadway credits include Fool for Love, Hughie, The Elephant Man (also West End), Hedwig and The Angry Inch, The Visit,

Of Mice and Men, Venus in Fur, Living on Love, 33 Variations, A Raisin in the Sun, Chicago, and James Joyce’s The Dead. Select off-Broadway credits include Buyer & Cellar, Murder for Two, All in the Timing, Passion, Lobby Hero, Fuerza Bruta, and Silence! The Musical. Calleri Casting has cast for Classic Stage Company, Long Wharf Theatre, McCarter Theatre Center, the Flea, Keen Company, the Playwrights Realm, Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, Humana Festival/Actors Theatre of Louisville, Williamstown Theatre Festival, City Theater, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and Playwrights Horizons (10 seasons). TV credits include The Path for Hulu, Army Wives, Lipstick Jungle, Monk, Hope & Faith, and Ed. Calleri Casting’s many film credits include Mike Cahill’s Sundance winners Another Earth and I Origins. Calleri received 13 Artios Awards for Outstanding Casting Achievement, and is a member of csa. Visit

Leslie M. Radin


Leslie is very pleased to be back at Berkeley Rep after most recently stage managing Aubergine, Head of Passes, and Troublemaker, or The Freakin Kick-A Adventures of Bradley Boatright. She started at Berkeley Rep as the stage management intern in 2003 and has also worked at American Conservatory Theater, Aurora Theatre Company, Center Repertory Company, and Santa Cruz Shakespeare. She has traveled with Berkeley Rep productions

to the Hong Kong Arts Festival and the New Victory Theater in New York. Her favorite past productions include Aubergine, Wittenberg, In the Next Room (or the vibrator play), Passing Strange, The Lieutenant of Inishmore, and The Secret in the Wings.

Tony Taccone


During Tony’s tenure as artistic director of Berkeley Rep, the Tony Award-winning nonprofit has earned a reputation as an international leader in innovative theatre. In those 19 years, Berkeley Rep has presented more than 70 world, American, and West Coast premieres and sent 23 shows to New York, two to London, and one to Hong Kong. Tony has staged more than 40 plays in Berkeley, including new work from Julia Cho, John Leguizamo, Culture Clash, Rinde Eckert, David Edgar, Danny Hoch, Geoff Hoyle, Itamar Moses, and Lemony Snicket. He directed the shows that transferred to London, Continental Divide and Tiny Kushner, and two that landed on Broadway as well: Bridge & Tunnel and Wishful Drinking. Prior to working at Berkeley Rep, Tony served as artistic director of Eureka Theatre, which produced the American premieres of plays by Dario Fo, Caryl Churchill, and David Edgar before focusing on a new generation of American writers. While at the Eureka, Tony commissioned Tony Kushner’s legendary Angels in America and co-directed its world

premiere. He has collaborated with Kushner on eight plays at Berkeley Rep, including The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures. Tony’s regional credits include Actors Theatre of Louisville, Arena Stage, Center Theatre Group, the Eureka Theatre, the Guthrie Theater, the Huntington Theatre Company, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the Public Theater, and Seattle Repertory Theatre. As a playwright, he debuted Ghost Light, Rita Moreno: Life Without Makeup, and Game On, written with Dan Hoyle. In 2012, Tony received the Margo Jones Award for “demonstrating a significant impact, understanding, and affirmation of playwriting, with a commitment to the living theatre.”

Susan Medak


Susan has served as Berkeley Rep’s managing director since 1990, leading the administration and operations of the Theatre. She has served as president of the League of Resident Theatres (lort) and treasurer of Theatre Communications Group, organizations that represent the interests of nonprofit theatres across the nation. Susan chaired panels for the Massachusetts Arts Council and has also served on program panels for Arts Midwest, the Joyce Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Closer to home, Susan serves on the board of the Downtown Berkeley Association (dba). She is the founding chair of the Berkeley Arts in Education Steer-

2 0 1 6 –1 7 · I S S U E 7 · T H E B E R K E L E Y R E P M AG A Z I N E · 2 1

BE R K E L E Y R E P PRESENTS profiles

Villa Marin CCRC #158, CA Dept. of Health Lic: #22000161 • The Madison Company Realtors BRE# 000656419 • CA Dept. of Social Lic: #210108102

“Villa Marin is My Home” VILLA MARIN

Al enjoys soaring through the sky E T I R E M E N T L I V I Nand G REDEFINED as an Rexperienced

accomplished glider pilot. When he’s not up in the air, Al calls his spacious hilltop condo at Villa Marin his home where, he enjoys


a comfortable, active lifestyle,

including on-site healthcare and RETIREMENT LIVING REDEFINED

the benefits of home ownership.


Open House August 27 • 2-4pm Marcus Godfrey Madison Company Realtors 100 Thorndale Dr., San Rafael (415) 492-2408 •

BerkeleyTheatre_4.75x4.875.indd 2

2 2 · T H E B E R K E L E Y R E P M AG A Z I N E · 2 0 1 6 –1 7 · I S S U E 7

5/25/17 8:34 AM

ing Committee for Berkeley Unified School District and the Berkeley Cultural Trust. She was awarded the 2012 Benjamin Ide Wheeler Medal by the Berkeley Community Fund. Susan serves on the faculty of Yale School of Drama and is a proud member of the Mont Blanc Ladies’ Literary Guild and Trekking Society. During her time in Berkeley, Susan has been instrumental in the construction of the Roda Theatre, the Nevo Education Center, the renovation of the Peet’s Theatre, and in the acquisition of the Harrison Street campus.

Theresa Von Klug


Before joining Berkeley Rep, Theresa had over 20 years of experience in the New York not-for-profit performing arts sector where she has planned and executed events for dance, theatre, music, television, and film. Her previous positions include the interim general manager for the Public Theater; general manager/line producer for Theatre for a New Audience, where she opened its new state-ofthe-art theatre in Brooklyn and filmed a major motion picture of the inaugural production of Julie Taymor’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, released June 2015; production manager at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and New York City Center, including the famous Encores! Great American Musicals in Concert; and field representative/lead negotiator for the Association of Theatrical Press Agents and Managers. She holds a MS in Labor Relations and Human Resources Management from Baruch College.

Peter Dean


Peter began his Berkeley Rep career in 2014, and since then some his favorite productions include Party People, X’s and O’s (A Football Love Story), and Aubergine. Previously, he served as production manager at the Public Theater, where favorite works include Here Lies Love, Father Comes Home from the War Parts 1–3, Mobile Shakespeare, and The Tempest as well as musical collaborations with Sting, the Roots, and the Eagles. Peter also helped Alex Timbers develop Rocky the Musical, The Last Goodbye, and the cult classic Dance Dance Revolution the Musical. Other favorites include working with Edward Albee to remount The Sandbox and The American Dream at their original home at the Cherry Lane Theatre, working on Little Flower of East Orange directed by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, and being a part of the development team for The Ride, an interactive four-mile traveling performance in the heart of Times Square. Regionally Peter has worked with the Huntington Theatre Company, American Repertory

Theater, Commonwealth Shakespeare, Trinity Rep, Hasty Pudding Theatricals, Colorado Ballet, Central City Opera, and the Denver Center Theatre Company. Peter is a graduate of Otterbein University.

Madeleine Oldham

R E S I D E N T D R A M AT U R G/ D I R E C T O R , T H E G R O U N D F LO O R

Madeleine is the director of The Ground Floor: Berkeley Rep’s Center for the Creation and Development of New Work and the Theatre’s resident dramaturg. She oversees commissioning and new play development, and dramaturged the world premiere productions of Aubergine, The House that will not Stand, Passing Strange, and In the Next Room (or the vibrator play), among others. As literary manager and associate dramaturg at Center Stage in Baltimore, she produced the First Look reading series and headed up its young audience initiative. Before moving to Baltimore, she was the literary manager at Seattle Children’s Theatre, where she oversaw an extensive commissioning program. She also acted as assistant and interim literary manager at Intiman Theatre in Seattle. Madeleine served for four years on the executive committee of Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas and has also worked with act (Seattle), Austin Scriptworks, Crowded Fire, the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center, the Kennedy Center, New Dramatists, Playwrights Center, and Portland Center Stage.

Lisa Peterson


Representing fine homes in Berkeley, Oakland and Piedmont




Lisa is a two-time Obie Award-winning writer and director who is currently the associate director at Berkeley Rep. Previous projects at the Theatre include It Can’t Happen Here (2016); An Iliad (2012), which Lisa cowrote with Denis O’Hare, and which won Obie and Lortel Awards for Best Solo Performance; Mother Courage (2006); The Fall (2001); and Antony & Cleopatra (1999). For California Shakespeare Theater, Lisa directed You Never Can Tell, King Lear, The Winter’s Tale, All’s Well That Ends Well, and Love’s Labour’s Lost. Other recent West Coast productions include Hamlet, Henry IV Pt 2, and Othello (Oregon Shakespeare Festival); and Chavez Ravine (Ovation Award for Best Production), Palestine New Mexico, Electricidad, Water & Power, The House of Bernarda Alba, Body of Bourne, and Mules (Mark Taper Forum). She has directed world premieres by many major American writers, including Tony Kushner, Beth Henley, Donald Margulies, Jose Rivera, Ellen McLaughlin, Mac Wellman, Marlane Meyer, Polly Pen, Naomi Wallace, and many others. She regularly works at the Guthrie Theater, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Long Wharf Theatre, Yale Repertory Theatre, Hartford Stage, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Arena Stage, O’Neill Playwrights Conference, Ojai Playwrights Conference, and Sundance Theatre Lab. Lisa and Denis are working on a new play about faith and the Bible called The Good Book, and a commission for the McCarter Theatre titled The Song of Rome. Lisa is also writing a new music-theatre piece with Todd Almond called The Idea of Order, co-commis2 0 1 6 –1 7 · I S S U E 7 · T H E B E R K E L E Y R E P M AG A Z I N E · 2 3

BE R K E L E Y R E P PRESENTS profiles Moving fluidly between past and present, brownsville song is a story about loss and renewal, grief and healing. When tragedy strikes, how do we come together? W W W. S H O T G U N P L AY E R S . O R G 510.841.6500

sioned by La Jolla Playhouse, Berkeley Rep, and Seattle Rep.

Michael Suenkel


Michael began his association with Berkeley Rep as the stage management intern for the 1984–85 season and is now in his 23rd year as production stage manager. Some of his favorite shows include 36 Views, Endgame, Eurydice, Hydriotaphia, and Mad Forest. He has also worked with the Barbican in London, the Huntington Theatre Company, the Juste Pour Rire Festival in Montreal, La Jolla Playhouse, Pittsburgh Public Theater, the Public Theater and Second Stage Theater in New York, and Yale Repertory Theatre. For the Magic Theatre, he stage managed Albert Takazauckas’ Breaking the Code and Sam Shepard’s The Late Henry Moss.

Jack & Betty Schafer SEASON SPONSORS

Betty and Jack are proud to support Berkeley Rep. Jack just rotated off the Theatre’s board and is now on the boards of San Francisco Opera and the Straus Historical Society. He is an emeritus trustee of the San Francisco Art Institute and the Oxbow School. Betty is on the board of Earthjustice, the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, and Sponsors of Educational Opportunity. In San Francisco, she is engaged in the launch of “Wise Aging,” a program for adults addressing the challenges of growing older. They have three daughters and eight grandchildren.

Michael & Sue Steinberg Strata, Meghan Jean



Michael and Sue have been interested in the arts since they met and enjoy music, ballet, and live theatre. Michael, who recently retired as chairman and chief executive officer of Macy’s West, served on Berkeley Rep’s board of trustees from 1999 to 2006 and currently serves on the board of directors of the Jewish Museum. Sue serves on the board of the World of Children. The Steinbergs have always enjoyed regional theatre and are delighted to sponsor Berkeley Rep this season.

The Strauch Kulhanjian Family SEASON SPONSORS

Roger Strauch is a former president of Berkeley Rep’s board of trustees and is currently vice president of the board. He is chairman of the Roda Group (, a venture-development company based in Berkeley, focused on cleantech investments, best known for launching and for being an early investor in TerraVia (nasdaq: 24 · T H E B E R K E L E Y R E P M AG A Z I N E · 2 0 1 6 –1 7 · I S S U E 7

tvia,, a next-generation food, nutrition, and specialty ingredients company that harnesses the power of algae. Roger is chairman of the board of CoolSystems, a medical technology company, and chairman of the board of trustees for the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute. He is a member of the UC Berkeley Engineering Dean’s college advisory board; a member of the board of Northside Center, a mental-health services agency based in Harlem, New York City; and a co-founder of the William Saroyan Program in Armenian Studies at Cal. Roger also leads the Mosse Art Restitution Project, which searches for family art illegally confiscated during Germany’s Third Reich. His wife, Julie A. Kulhanjian, is an attending physician at Oakland Children’s Hospital. They have three college-age children.




8:33 PM

Michelle Branch & Dale Cook EXECUTIVE SPONSORS

Michelle Branch is a trustee of Berkeley Rep, and Dale Cook is a trustee by association. They are thrilled to sponsor this production of An Octoroon.

Kerry Francis & John Jimerson EXECUTIVE SPONSORS

Kerry and John are excited to support An Octoroon. John is the operational discipline team lead at Chevron’s Richmond refinery and has enjoyed the thought-provoking plays produced by Berkeley Rep. Kerry is a member of Berkeley Rep’s board of trustees, a partner at Deloitte, and a graduate of UC Berkeley.

Guy Tiphane


Guy Tiphane blogs at









David & Vicki Cox SPONSORS

Dave and Vicki have been active in the theatre world for nearly 30 years, first with the Guthrie Theater, where Dave was at one time chair of the board, and now with Berkeley Rep, where he is a board member. Vicki, a women’s rights activist, is a past national board member of Americans for the UN Population Fund and Planned Parenthood. The retired ceo of Cowles Media, Dave pursues interests in media and environmental causes. Previously, he was the board chair of Earthjustice and Link Media. The Coxes love Berkeley Rep’s dedication to risk-taking and its emphasis on contemporary plays, as well as its commitment to developing theatre works and artists.

Cynthia A. Farner SPONSOR

Cynthia is excited about her first time as a sponsor. She worked in theatre in her 20s before deciding that medicine was a better fit. She is a practicing physician in San Francisco with a continuing interest in theatre and has an extensive art collection.

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Personal attention thoughtful litigation final resolution Our goal is to preserve our client’s dignity and humanity.


Proud to Support Berkeley Rep



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Peet’s Coffee


FA M I LY L AW G R O U P, P. C .


575 Market Street, Suite 4000 San Francisco, CA 94105 415.834.1120

Peet’s Coffee is proud to be the exclusive coffee of Berkeley Repertory Theatre and salutes Berkeley Rep for its dedication to the highest artistic standards and diverse programming. Peet’s is honored to support Berkeley Rep’s renovation with the new, state-of-the-art Peet’s Theatre. In 1966, Alfred Peet opened his first store on Vine and Walnut in Berkeley and Peet’s has been committed to the Berkeley community ever since. As the pioneer of the craft coffee movement in America, Peet’s is dedicated to small-batch roasting, superior quality beans, freshness and a darker roasting style that produces a rich, flavorful cup. Peet’s is locally roasted in the first leed ® Gold certified roaster in the nation.

Wells Fargo


As a top corporate philanthropist in the Bay Area (according to the S.F. Business Times), Wells Fargo recognizes Berkeley Repertory Theatre for its leadership in supporting the performing arts and its programs. Founded in 1852 and headquartered in San Francisco, Wells Fargo provides banking, insurance, investments, mortgage, and consumer and commercial finance. Talk to a Wells Fargo banker today to see how we can help you become more financially successful.


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We are extraordinarily grateful to the following patrons who have generously made contributions to the Create Campaign from 2013 to 2017. Along with their contributions to the Annual Fund, their gifts have made possible the landmark renovation of the Peet’s Theatre and the establishment of The Ground Floor: Berkeley Rep’s Center for the Creation and Development of New Work.


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Leon Farley, Wendy Fountain & Donald Klingbeil · Mary & Gene Metz · Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Meyer · Harriett Michael · Joseph Miguel, in memory of William Ian Fraser · Lee A. Millar, in memory of William Ian Fraser · Bruce & Sandi Miller · Emily Miller & Patrick DeNeale, in honor of Margaret Ann Miller · Janet Miller · David Miller, in memory of Jennifer Miller · Jennifer Miller & Jamie Isbester · Marlene & Stephen Miller · Richard Miller · Ross & Eva Miller, in honor of Sofie Miller, Production Assistant · Jeff Miner · Andrea Mitchell · Fran & David Mog · Joseph Mollick · Andy & June Monach · Sandra Monasch · Geri Monheimer, in honor of Sharon Kinkade · Julie Montanari & David Pearson · Thomas C. Moore · Cynthia Morris · Mike & Sharon Morris · The Morris Family: Susan, Kathy, Karen, Steve & Jaxon · Mehdi Morshed · Eleanor Moscow · Susan Moss · Margaret Moster · Patricia Motzkin Architecture · Linda Moulton · Barbara Mowry · Donal Murphy & Julie Orr · The Murraywolf Family · Peggy Myers · Michael & Marjorie Nacht · Albert Nahman · Elizabeth Nakahara · Ronald & Irene Nakasone · Ron Nakayama · Shirley Negrin · Jane & Bill Neilson · Mr. & Mrs. James Nelson · Deborah Nelson · Marty Nelson · Marilyn K. Nelson · Lucinda & Steve Newcomb · Amy Newman · Gilbert H. Newman · Sora Lei Newman · Gene Ng · James Nitsos · Don Nix · Claire Noonan & Peter Landsberger · Judith Norberg · Carol & Mark Norberg · Mary & Charles Norcross · Jennifer Normoyle · Lisa Norris · Saralynn Nusbaum · Bruce & Risa Nye · Robert & Carol Nykodym · Susan Obayashi · Pier & Barbara Oddone · Steven J. O'Donnell · Gail Offen-Brown · Dr. Patrick O'Halloran, in honor of Anna Deavere Smith · Shanna O'Hare & John Davis · Barbara & John Ohlmann · Gerald & Ellen Oicles · Dorothy Okamoto, in memory of William Ian Fraser · Judith & Richard Oken · Robin Olivier · Kristin & David Olnes · Charles Olson & Yoko Watanabe · Crystal Olson · David & Mary O'Neill · Peggy O'Neill · Peggy O'Neill · The Oppenheim Family · Phyllis M. Orlando · Peggy Orlin & Paul Davis · Linda & Gregory Orr · Sheldeen Osborne · Thomas Owen · Richard Page & Susan Audep-Page · Lynette Pang & Michael Man · Sandi & Dick Pantages · Herman D. Papa · Gerane Wharton Park · Nancy Park · The Parr Family, in memory of William Ian Fraser · Anne Parris · David Pasta, in memory of Gloria J.A. Guth · Denise Pate, in memory of William Ian Fraser · Ellie D. Patterson · Bob & MaryJane Pauley · Peacock Constuction · Peter Peacock · P. David Pearson & Barbara Schonborn · Bob & Toni Peckham, in honor of Robert M. Peckham, Jr. · Robert & Audrey Pedrin · Barbara Pereira, in memory of Wally Pereira · Gladys Perez-Mendez · Lewis Perry · Michael & Laura Perucchi · Barbara Peterson & Michael Cochrane · Wendy Peterson · Matthew C. Petrik · Mary Ann Petro · John R. Petrovsky · Anthony & Sarah Petru · Mary Pezzuto & Paul Farrington, in memory of William Ian Fraser · Regina Phelps · Jocheszette PhillipsKrummell, in memory of William Ian Fraser · Kathleen S. Pierce · Susan T. Pierpoint · Ken Pinhero · Therese M. Pipe · Marshall Platt & Elana Reinin · Carole Plum · Susie & Eric Poncelet · Marcia & Robert Popper · Stephen Popper & Elizabeth Joyce · Fred & Judy Porta · Steven Potter · Timothy & Marilyn Potter · Riess & Tara Potterveld · Mark J. Powers & Albert E. Moreno, in honor of Molly Terry · Fred & Susan Pownall · Irina Pragin, in memory of William Ian Fraser · Felisa Preskill & Zachary Scholz · Meghan Pressman · Rich Price · Tony Prince · Hank & Sarah Pruden · Laurel & Gerald Przybylski · Paul Puppo, in memory of William Ian Fraser · Michael & Davida Rabbino · Nancy Rader & Dick Norgaard · Leslie M. Radin · Cynthia Rahav ·

Sara Rahimian · Lynne D. Raider · Carolyn Ramsey · Florence & Paul Raskin · Ann & Don Rathjen · Rose Ray & Robert Kroll · Patricia Reed · Lucas Reiner & Maud Winchester · Arthur Reingold & Gail Bolan · Ian Reinhard · Sue Reinhold & Deborah Newbrun · Debbi & Billy Reinschmiedt, in memory of William Ian Fraser · Phyllis & Steve Reinstein, in honor of Laurie Barnes · Kala Renz · Julia Reydel, in honor of Aardvark Laser Engraving · Dave Richanbach · Carla & David Riemer · Bryna Rifkind, PhD · Donald A. Riley & Carolyn Serrao · Margaret Riley & Kevin Depew · Lawrence Rinder · The Rev. Dr. Bonnie Ring · Todd & Susan Ringoen · Ryan Ripsteen · Jeffrey Robbins & Mary Spletter · Zona L. Roberts · Lisa Romano · Maria & Ron Romano · Deborah Romer & William Tucker · the roobears · Marc Rosaaen · Helen Rosen · Galen Rosenberg & Denise Barnett · David S. H. Rosenthal & Vicky Reich · Geri Rossen · Frances Roth · Marjorie Roth · Boyard & Anne Rowe · I. Maxine Rowe · Tracie E. Rowson · Sylvia Roye · Lael R. Rubin · Marci Rubin · Fred & Dolores Rudow · Larry E. Ruff · Phil & Lily Ruiz, in memory of William Ian Fraser · Karl & Alice Ruppenthal Foundation for the Arts · Wondie Russell & Edward Steinman · Deborah Dashow Ruth, in memory of Leo P. Ruth · Elizabeth Ryan · M. Ryce · Barbara Ryken · Jerry Sabo · Mark & Judi Sachs · Emily Saidel · Monica Salusky & John K. Sutherland · Marcee & Mark Samberg · Suzanne Samberg · Jeane & Roger Samuelsen · The San Francisco Foundation · Jennifer Sanchez · Fredric Sandsmark · Shelley J. Sandusky · Jaimie Sanford & Ted Storey · Babak Sani · Paul & Patti Sax · Danny Scher · Heather Schlaff · Susie Schlesinger · Jackie Schmidt-Posner & Barry Posner · Otto Schnepp · Joyce & Jim Schnobrich · Stephen Schoen & Margot Frase · Jan Schreiber · Dana & Peggy Shultz · Garth Schultz · Linda & Nathan Schultz · Peter & Cindy Tsai Schultz · William & Janet Schumann · Teddy & Bruce Schwab · Joan Schwalbe · David Schwartz & Donna Liu · Peter M. Schwartz & Laura Scott · Pat & Gregg Schwinn · Ana & Stanley Scott · Karen Scott · David Scruggs, in memory of William Ian Fraser · Andrew Sczesnak · Roberta Sears · Don Seaver, in memory of Bill Ian Fraser · Barbara & Steve Segal · Iris E. Segal · Jennifer Seid · Andrew & Marva Seidl · Marc & Jane Seleznow · John E. Sellen · Rita Senel · John & Lucille Serwa · Paul Sessum, in memory of William Ian Fraser · Sally Seymour · Brenda Buckhold Shank, M.D., Ph.D. · Anne Shanto · Karen Shapiro · Jeff & Charlie Sharp · Amey Shaw · Craig Shear · Ida D. Shen · Neal Shorstein, MD & Christopher Doane · Steve & Susan Shortell · Marian Shostrom · Alexander Shtulman · Anne Shuford · Michael Sibitz · Jean Siciliano · Bonnie Siegel · David Silber · Hugh & Aletha Silcox · Kim Silva · Lisette Silva & Hadrian Rivera · Luis A. Silva · Lorinda & Harry Silverstein · Renee Simi · James Simpson & Tamara Wood · Frances Singer · Kyle Sircus · Rochelle Sklansky · Margaret Skornia · Carra Sleight · Suzanne Slyman · Jerry & Dick Smallwood · Anne Smith · Archie & Geraldine Smith · Betsy Smith · Bridget Smith · Cherida Collins Smith · Ed & Ellen Smith · Pam Smith · Patricia Smith, in memory of Kermit Smith · Peter Smith · Richard & Darlene Smith · Theresa Nelson & Bernard Smits · Stephen & Cindy Snow · Alice & Scott So · Pamela Sogge · Buck Sommerkamp & John Yuelkenbeck, in memory of William Ian Fraser · Valerie Sopher · Carmen Elena Sosa-Fraser, in memory of William Ian Fraser · Douglas Sovern & Sara Newmann · Janet Sovin, in memory of Flora Roberts · LIz Spander · Sandra Spangler · Patricia Speier · Rhonda Spencer · Nancy Spero & Norm Brand · Thomas Sponsler · Tiffany Sprague · Hildie Spritzer · Robert & Naomi Stamper · Barbara Stanley · Karen Starko · Abigail

Stavros · The Harold & Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust · Lynn M. & A. Justin Sterling · Joel & Ellen Stettner · Beverly Stevens · Mary Alice & Walt Stevenson · Tim Stevenson & David Lincoln King · Daniel Steves · Anne & Douglas Stewart · Corinne Stewart · Kathy & Corinne Stewart · Cynthia Stone & David Schnee · Cecilia Storr & Mark Chaitkin · Robert Strochak · Margaret T. Stromberg · Jean & Michael Strunsky [plus fund name -see default pgm name] · Marietta Stuart · Sara Stutz · Leo & Lucy Stutzin · Jane Summer · Monica Sun · Dr. & Mrs. David Surrenda · Angela Sutkaitis · Suzanne & Svend Svendsen · Georgia P. Swanson, in honor of my children · Renee Swayne · Jane Swinerton · Ian Swinson · Jane Taber · Kay H. Taber · Elizabeth Tan · Sandy & Selma Tandowsky · Carol Tanenbaum & John Adams · Ernestine Tayabas-Kim · Deborah Taylor Barrera · Lisa & Jim Taylor · Susan Taylor & Paul Utrecht · Homer S. Teng · Kathy Tennant · Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Terdiman · Adira Rose Tharan, in honor of Rebecca Castelli · Jeff & Catherine Thermond · Dan & Mila Thomas · Edward & Carrie Thomas · Gudrun Thomspon · Prof. Jeremy Thorner & Dr. Carol Mimura · Tori Tichy · Ceil Tilney · Time Warner Foundation Inc. · Veronica Tincher · Jules Tippett · Tipping Mar · Frederick Tollini · Ed & Barbara Tonningsen · M. Christine Torrington · Cynthia Townsend · Clarence Travis · Barbara Traylor · Thomas & Laurel Trent, in honor of George Allen & Clara Smith · Barbara Trotter · Lynn Tsumoto · Marci & Eugene Tucker · Matt & Stephaney Tunney · Mike & Ellen Turbow · Janis Turner · Eileen Wenger Tutt · Sharon Ulrich & Marlowe Ng · Anna Vagin & Bruce Heller · Leslie Valas · Judy Valentine · William van Dyk & Margi Sullivan · Deborah & Bob Van Nest · Elena Vasquez · Barbara & William Vaughan · Maureen Vavra · Irina Vaysberg · Carol Verity · Lola Vollen · Dorothy Walker · Louise & Larry Walker · Wendy Walker · Bonnie Wall · Kathleen Wallace · Patricia Walsh · Marlene & Jerry Walters · Susan D. Ward · Ginny & Philip Warnes · Ellen Widess · Jan O. Washburn · Marge Watson · Louis Weckstein & Karen Denevi · Barbara Wedge, in memory of William Ian Fraser · Donna & Stewart Weinberg · Gene Weinstein · Rhona & Harvey Weinstein · Joe Weisman · Dr. Ben & Mrs. Carolyn Werner · Elizabeth Werter & Henry Trevor · Joanne Westendorf & Sandy Wilbourn · John Western, in memory of William Ian Fraser · Robert T. Weston · Ted Westphal · Dick & Beany Wezelman · Barbara Wiggin · Maureen & Russell Wikander · Angela Wilhelm, in memory of William Ian Fraser · Bonnie Willdorf · Andrew T. & Linda V. Williams · Barbara Williams · Landon Williams · Patricia & Jeffrey Williams · Ann Williamson · Miriam Wingfield · Fred Winslow & Barbara Baratta · William & Brenda Winston · H. Leabah Winter · Susan & Harvey Wittenberg · William Wolverton · Harry & Linda Wong · Patricia Wood · Patrick Woods & Kathleen Clark · Mary Woolsey & Mark Peterson · Monty Worth · Evie & Gordon Wozniak · Maurice Wren · Moe & Becky Wright · Tia Wu · Norma Wynn, in honor of James F. Wynn · Larry & Mary Yabroff · Dr. & Mrs. Mark J. Yanover · Marjorie Yasueda & Dale Knutsen · Bob & Judi Yeager · Janet Yelner · Irene Yen · YMCA PG&E Teen Center · Sandra Yuen & Lawrence Shore · Margaret Zabel · Samuel Zabor & Kimberly Rowe · Leslie Zander · Sam & Joyce Zanze · Carolyn Zaroff · Marti & Shelly Zedeck · Karl Zimmer · Linda Zittel · Mark Zitter & Jessica Nutik Zitter

List as of June 6, 2017

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We thank the many institutional partners who enrich our community by championing Berkeley Rep’s artistic and community outreach programs. We gratefully recognize these donors to Berkeley Rep’s Annual Fund, who made their gifts between March 2016 and May 2017.

Institutional Partners LEGEND

Ground Floor donor

G IF T S O F $ 10 0,0 0 0 A N D A B OV E The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation The Shubert Foundation G IF T S O F $50,0 0 0 –9 9,9 9 9 Edgerton Foundation The Reva and David Logan Foundation National Endowment for the Arts The Bernard Osher Foundation The Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust Time Warner Foundation, Inc. Tournesol Project

G IF T S O F $2 5,0 0 0 –49,9 9 9 Anonymous BayTree Fund The Ira and Leonore S. Gershwin Philanthropic Fund Wallis Foundation Walter & Elise Haas Fund Woodlawn Foundation G IF T S O F $5,0 0 0 –9,9 9 9 Anonymous Berkeley Civic Arts Program Distracted Globe Foundation Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation Ramsay Family Foundation Karl & Alice Ruppenthal Foundation for the Arts

G IF T S O F $ 1,0 0 0 –4,9 9 9 Joyce & William Brantman Foundation Butte Creek Foundation Civic Foundation James Irvine Foundation jec Foundation San Francisco Foundation Frank Sinatra Foundation twanda Foundation



G I F T S O F $ 10 0,0 0 0 A N D A B OV E

G I F T S O F $ 3,0 0 0 – 5,9 9 9

Mechanics Bank Wealth Management The Morrison & Foerster Foundation

Bayer Boston Properties, in memory of John & Carol Field Gallagher Risk Management Services Macy’s


G I F T S O F $ 6,0 0 0 –11,9 9 9

Armanino llp City National Bank Deloitte Faber Daeufer & Itrato PC McCutcheon Construction Panoramic Interests Schoenberg Family Law Group


G I F T S O F $ 2 5,0 0 0 –49,9 9 9

American Express


G I F T S O F $ 12 ,0 0 0 –2 4 ,9 9 9


G I F T S O F $ 1, 5 0 0 –2 ,9 9 9

Aspiriant Wealth Management Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union Field Paoli Architects, in memory of John & Carol Field Perforce Foundation TMG Partners in memory of John & Carol Field

Is your company a corporate sponsor? Berkeley Rep’s Corporate Partnership program offers excellent opportunities to network, entertain clients, reward employees, increase visibility, and support the arts and arts education in the community. For details visit or call Daria Hepps at 510 647-2904.


act Catering Almare Gelato Italiano Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen Aurora Catering Autumn Press Avasar Mandap Rentals B&B Kitchen & Bar Bare Snacks Big 4 Party Rentals Bistro Liaison Bogatin, Corman & Gold brk Cancun Comal Domaine Carneros by Taittinger Donkey & Goat Winery Drake’s Brewing Company East Bay Spice Company Eureka!

five Gecko Gecko Hafner Vineyard Hugh Groman Catering & Greenleaf Platters Jazzcaffè La Mediterranee La Note Latham & Watkins llp Mayer Brown llp Phil’s Sliders Picante PiQ Platano Salvadoran Cuisine Quady Winery RAJ Tents Ramsay Winery RedHawk Foods llc Revival Bar + Kitchen

3 0 · T H E B E R K E L E Y R E P M AG A Z I N E · 2 0 1 6 –1 7 · I S S U E 7

Robert Meyer’s Mangia Nosh Catering Shareroot, Inc. St. George Spirits Sudha Pennathur Suya African Carribbean Grill Sweet Adeline Tigerlily Venus Restaurant Whole Foods Market Hotel Shattuck Plaza is the official hotel of Berkeley Rep. Pro-bono legal services are generously provided by Latham & Watkins llp and Mayer Brown llp

M AT C H I NG G I F T S The following companies have matched their employees’ contributions to Berkeley Rep. Please contact your company’s HR office to find out if your company matches gifts. Adobe Systems Inc. · Advent Software · American Express · Apple · Applied Materials · Argo Group · at&t · Bank of America · BlackRock · Bristol Myers Squibb · Charles Schwab & Co, Inc · Chevron Corporation · Clorox · Constellation Energy · Dolby · Gap · Genentech · Google · ibm Corporation · John Wiley & Sons, Inc. · kla Tencor · Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory · Macy’s Inc. · Matson Navigation Company · Microsoft · Morrison & Foerster · norcal Mutual Insurance Company · Nvidia · Oracle Corporation · · Shell Oil · Sidley Austin llp, San Francisco · Synopsys · The Walt Disney Company · Union Bank, The Private Bank · visa u.s.a., Inc.


We thank the many individuals in our community who help Berkeley Rep produce adventurous, thought-provoking, and thrilling theatre and bring arts education to thousands of young people every year. We gratefully recognize these donors to Berkeley Rep’s Annual Fund, who made their gifts between March 2016 and May 2017.

Donors to the Annual Fund

To make your gift and join this distinguished group, visit or call 510 647-2906.


$ 10 0,0 0 0 +

Jack & Betty Schafer Michael & Sue Steinberg The Strauch Kulhanjian Family


$ 5 0,0 0 0 – 9 9,9 9 9

Barbara & Rodgin Cohen Martha Ehmann Conte Yogen & Peggy Dalal Bruce Golden & Michelle Mercer Frances Hellman & Warren Breslau Wayne Jordan & Quinn Delaney Jonathan Logan Jane Marvin/Peet’s Coffee Stewart & Rachelle Owen Mary Ruth Quinn & Scott Shenker


$ 2 5,0 0 0 –49,9 9 9

Edward D. Baker Michelle Branch & Dale Cook Rena Bransten Susan Chamberlin John & Stephanie Dains Bill Falik & Diana Cohen Kerry Francis & John Jimerson Monica Lopez & Sameer Gandhi

Pam & Mitch Nichter Marjorie Randolph Jack & Valerie Rowe Rummi & Arun Sarin kbe Jean & Michael Strunsky Guy Tiphane Tomlinson Family Gail & Arne Wagner

Sheli & Burt Rosenberg, in honor of Len & Arlene Rosenberg Joe Ruck & Donna Ito Joan Sarnat & David Hoffman Liliane & Ed Schneider Janis Turner Felicia Woytak & Steven Rasmussen Martin & Margaret Zankel


$ 12 ,0 0 0 –2 4 ,9 9 9


Anonymous (2) Barbara & Gerson Bakar Carole B. Berg Maria Cardamone & Paul Matthews David & Vicki Cox Thalia Dorwick Robin & Rich Edwards Cynthia A. Farner David & Vicki Fleishhacker Paul Friedman & Diane Manley Karen Galatz & Jon Wellinghoff Paul Haahr & Susan Karp Scott & Sherry Haber Jack Klingelhofer Suzanne LaFetra Sandra & Ross McCandless Dugan Moore Leonard X & Arlene B. Rosenberg

$ 6,0 0 0 – 11,9 9 9

Anonymous (3) Shelley & Jonathan Bagg Edith Barschi Neil & Gene Barth Valerie Barth & Peter Wiley Lynne Carmichael Daniel Cohn & Lynn Brinton Julie & Darren Cooke Robert Council & Ann Parks-Council Daryl Dichek & Kenneth Smith, in memory of Shirley D. Schild William Espey & Margaret Hart Edwards Tracy & Mark Ferron John & Carol Field, in honor of Marjorie Randolph Virginia & Timothy Foo Jill & Steve Fugaro Hitz Foundation

Christopher Hudson & Cindy J. Chang, MD K Ms. Wendy E. Jordan Ted & Carole Krumland Zandra Faye LeDuff Dixon Long Peter & Melanie Maier, in honor of Jill Fugaro Dale & Don Marshall Martin & Janis McNair Helen & John Meyer / Meyer Sound Steven & Patrece Mills M Norman & Janet Pease Mary Ann Peoples, in memory of Lou Peoples Peter Pervere & Georgia Cassel Barbara L. Peterson Sue Reinhold & Deborah Newbrun Pat Rougeau Patricia Sakai & Richard Shapiro Cynthia & William Schaff Emily Shanks M Pat & Merrill Shanks Karen Stevenson & Bill McClave Lisa & Jim Taylor Wendy Williams Linda & Steven Wolan


$ 3,0 0 0 – 5,9 9 9

Anonymous (6) Michelle L. Barbour Stephen Belford & Bobby Minkler Becky & Jeff Bleich Cynthia & David Bogolub Brook & Shawn Byers Ronnie Caplane Jennifer Chaiken & Sam Hamilton Betsey & Ken Cheitlin Constance Crawford Karen & David Crommie Lois M. De Domenico Delia Fleishhacker Ehrlich Nancy & Jerry Falk Frannie Fleishhacker Mary & Nicholas Graves Ms. Teresa Burns Gunther & Dr. Andrew Gunther Richard & Lois Halliday Earl & Bonnie Hamlin Peter & Florence Hart, in memory of John L. Field Vera & David Hartford Richard N. Hill & Nancy Lundeen Renee Hilpert K James C. Hormel & Michael P. Nguyen, in honor of Rita Moreno Lynda & Dr. J. Pearce Hurley Kathleen & Chris Jackson Barbara E. Jones, in memory of William E. Jones Seymour Kaufman & Kerstin Edgerton Duke & Daisy Kiehn Rosalind & Sung-Hou Kim Wanda Kownacki Louise Laufersweiler & Warren Sharp Nancy & George Leitmann, in memory of Helen Barber Eileen & Hank Lewis Tom Lockard & Alix Marduel Elsie Mallonee Helen Marcus & David Williamson Phyra McCandless & Angelos Kottas M Miles & Mary Ellen McKey Susan Medak & Greg Murphy, in honor of Marcia Smolens Toby Mickelson & Donald Brody Eddie & Amy Orton Janet & Clyde Ostler

Sandi & Dick Pantages Rezwan & Azarmeen Pavri Kermit & Janet Perlmutter Gregg Richardson & Lee Mingwei K David S. H. Rosenthal & Vicky Reich Beth & David Sawi Joyce & Jim Schnobrich Stephen Schoen & Margot Fraser Linda & Nathan Schultz Neal Shorstein, MD & Christopher Doane Beryl & Ivor Silver Ed & Ellen Smith Stephen & Cindy Snow Audrey & Bob Sockolov Vickie Soulier Deborah Taylor Barrera Pamela Gaye Walker/ Ghost Ranch Productions Beth Weissman Susan West Patricia & Jeffrey Williams Steven Winkel & Barbara Sahm Sheila Wishek Sally Woolsey


$ 1, 5 0 0 –2 ,9 9 9

Anonymous (6) Mel Adamson K Pat Angell, in memory of Gene Angell Martha & Bruce Atwater Naomi Auerbach & Ted Landau Nina Auerbach Linda & Mike Baker Leslie & Jack Batson Don & Gerry Beers David Beery & Norman Abramson Michael S. Berman, in memory of John & Carol Field Barbara Bernstein K Annikka Berridge Caroline Beverstock Naomi Black M Brian Bock & Susan Rosin Caroline Booth Bernard Boudreaux Linda Brandenburger Eric Brink & Gayle Vassar M Broitman-Basri Family Don & Carol Anne Brown

Brenda Buckhold Shank, MD, PhD Katherine S. Burcham M Don Campbell & Family Leslie Chatham & Kathie Weston Ed Cullen & Ann O’Connor James Cuthbertson Barbara & Tim Daniels M Richard & Anita Davis Ilana DeBare & Sam Schuchat Francine & Beppe Di Palma Corinne & Mike Doyle Linda Drucker Susan English & Michael Kalkstein Bill & Susan Epstein Merle & Michael Fajans Lisa & Dave Finer Ann & Shawn Fischer Hecht Linda Jo Fitz Patrick Flannery James & Jessica Fleming Thomas & Sharon Francis Lisa Franzel & Rod Mickels Donald & Dava Freed Herb & Marianne Friedman Chris R. Frostad M James Gala Kevin & Noelle Gibbs M Dennis & Susan Johann Gilardi Marjorie Ginsburg & Howard Slyter Daniel & Hilary B. Goldstine Nelson Goodman, in memory of Marilyn Goodman Robert & Judith Greber William James Gregory Anne & Peter Griffes Garrett Gruener & Amy Slater Migsy & Jim Hamasaki Bob & Linda Harris Ruth Hennigar Christina Herdell, in memory of Vaughn & Ardis Herdell Doug & Leni Herst, in honor of Susie Medak Howard Hertz & Jean Krois Elaine Hitchcock Bill Hofmann & Robbie Welling M Don & Janice Holve, in memory of Daisy & Paul Persons The Hornthal Family Foundation, in honor of Susie Medak’s leadership Paula Hughmanick & Steven Berger

Polly & Greg Ikonen Marilyn Jensen-Akula Beth & Fred Karren Doug & Cessna Kaye Bill & Lisa Kelly Stephen F. Kispersky Jean & Jack Knox Lynn Eve Komaromi, in honor of the Berkeley Rep Staff Michael Kossman John Kouns & Anne Baele Kouns Woof Kurtzman & Liz Hertz Helen E. Land Robert Lane & Tom Cantrell Randy Laroche & David Laudon Sherrill Lavagnino & Scott McKinney Andrew Leavitt & Catherine Lewis Henry Lerner, in honor of Joanne Levene Lerner Ellen & Barry Levine Jennifer S. Lindsay Suzanne & William Lingo Vonnie Madigan The Madison Family K Naomi & Bruce Mann Lois & Gary Marcus Sumner & Hermine Marshall Charlotte & Adolph Martinelli Rebecca Martinez Jill Matichak Erin McCune Kirk McKusick & Eric Allman Dan Miller Andy & June Monach Scott Montgomery & Marc Rand Jerry Mosher Marvin & Neva Moskowitz Judith & Richard Oken Sheldeen Osborne Judy O’Young, MD & Gregg Hauser Matt Pagel & Corey Revilla Gerane Wharton Park Bob & MaryJane Pauley Tom & Kathy Pendleton David & Bobbie Pratt Linda Protiva Lawrence Prozan Andrew Raskopf & David Gunderman Bill Reuter & Ruth Major Maxine Risley, in memory of James Risley John & Jody Roberts

Leigh Robinson Deborah Romer & William Tucker Boyard & Anne Rowe Enid & Alan Rubin Lisa Salomon & Scott Forrest Monica Salusky & John K. Sutherland Jeane & Roger Samuelsen Jaimie Sanford & Ted Storey Stephen C. Schaefer Jackie & Paul Schaeffer Jackie Schmidt-Posner & Barry Posner Edie Silber & Steve Bomse Beryl & Ivor Silver Dave & Lori Simpson Margaret Skornia Cherida Collins Smith Sherry & David Smith Alice & Scott So David G. Steele Gary & Jana Stein Stephen Stublarec & Debra S. Belaga Duncan Susskind K Alison Teeman & Michael Yovino-Young Susan Terris Sam Test Michael Tubach & Amrita Singhal Barry Lawson Williams & Lalita Tademy Wendy Willrich Charles Wolfram & Peter Wolfram Ron & Anita Wornick Sam & Joyce Zanze Mark Zitter & Jessica Nutik Zitter Jane & Mark Zuercher

LEGEND K in-kind gift M matching gift We are pleased to recognize first-time donors to Berkeley Rep, whose names appear in italics.

2 0 1 6 –1 7 · I S S U E 7 · T H E B E R K E L E Y R E P M AG A Z I N E · 3 1

BE R K E L E Y R E P T H A N K S Donors to the Annual Fund CH A M PIO N S

$ 1,0 0 0 –1, 49 9

Anonymous (6) · Tracy Achorn · Abbey Alkon & Jonathan Leonard · Fred & Kathleen Allen · Roy & Judith Alper · Elisabeth Andreason & Melissa Allen · Marcia & George Argyris · Ross E. Armstrong · Jolie Baumgardner M · Susan Benzinger, in memory of Zan Gray Bealmear · Steve Bischoff · Patti Bittenbender · Naomi Black · Robert Bransten, in memory of John & Carol Field · Davis Carniglia & Mary-Claire Baker · Paula Carrell · Anthony J. Cascardi · Stan & Stephanie Casper · Sumir Chadha · Ed & Lisa Chilton · Patty & Geoff Chin · Terin Christensen · Roberta Christianson, in memory of Bea · Mike & Pam Crane · Abby & Ross Davisson · Harry & Susan Dennis · Robert Deutsch · David Deutscher · Burton Peek Edwards · Sue & Peter Elkind · Paul Feigenbaum & Judy Kemeny · Martin & Barbara Fishman · Samuel Fogleman, in memory of Zan Gray Bealmear · Dean Francis · Mary & Stan Friedman · Don & Janie Friend, in honor of Bill & Candy Falik · Craig Labadie · Glennis Lees & Michael Glazeski · Kim Golden & Jean Suda in honor of Bruce Golden & Michelle Mercer · Tim & Mary Haifley · Ann Harriman, in memory of Malcolm White · Dan & Shawna Hartman Brotsky M · Rick Hoskins & Lynne Frame · Mr. & Mrs. Harold M. Isbell · Randall Johnson · Corrina Jones · Dennis Kaump · Marilyn Kecso · Christopher Killian & Carole Ungvarsky · Janet Kornegay & Dan Sykes · Susilpa Lakireddy · Barbara & Thomas Lasinski · Ms. Sidne S. Long · Jay & Eileen Love · John E. Matthews · Susan & J. Patterson McBaine · Karen & John McGuinn · Ruth Medak · Harry Mixon Esq · Geri Monheimer, in honor of Sharon Kinkade · Brian & Britt-Marie Morris · Daniel Murphy · Margo Murray · Claire Noonan & Peter Landsberger · Christina & Geoffrey Norman, in memory of John & Carol Field · Pier & Barbara Oddone · Carol J. Ormond · Lynette Pang & Michael Man · Regina Phelps · Malcolm & Ann Plant · Gary F. Pokorny · David & Mary Ramos · Kent Rasmussen & Celia Ramsay · Charles Rice · Helen Richardson · Horacio & Angela

We gratefully recognize the following members of the Annual Fund whose contributions were received from April 1, 2017 to May 10, 2017: S U PP O R T E R S

$ 2 5 0 –49 9

Anonymous (31) · Brian Andersen, Michelle Jolly, Bill Walker & Mary Wisnewski · JoAnne Appel · Clara Arakaki · Carmen Aydelott · Catherine Bailey & Jack Telian · Alvin Baum, in memory of John & Carol Field · Jim & Donna Beasley · Barbara M. Beery · Dorothy & Ervin Behrin · Mary Ann & Len Benson · Gail Berger · Tom & Terri Bishop · Mina & Monty Bissell · Judith & Dan Bloom · Bonnie Bogue · Ayako Boswell · Robert & Barbara Brandriff · James & Elizabeth Branson · Alice Breakstone & Debbie Goldberg · Barbara & Ray Breslau · Marc & Ellen Brown · Melissa Cadwallader & William E. Kramer · Nancy Catena, in memory of Anthony Catena · Zeo E. Coddington · Joe & Leonardo Connell · Catherine Corison · Susan & Don Couch · Chris & Lynn Crook · Robert & Loni Dantzler · Allan Defraga · Diana Divecha · Kathy & Leonard Duffy · Jeanene E. Ebert M · Martha Eckert · Michael Ehrenzweig & Josh Bettenhausen · Roger & Margaret England · Bill & Kathy Failing · Betty & Ken Fehring · Lisa Feldstein & Max Drukman · Richard & Barbara Fikes · Sheilah & Harry

Rodriguez · Galen Rosenberg & Denise Barnett · Rosov Consulting · Martha Ross · Deborah Dashow Ruth, in memory of Leo P. Ruth · Laurel Scheinman · Teddy & Bruce Schwab · Andrew & Marva Seidl · Seiger Family Foundation · Brenda Buckhold Shank, M.D., Ph.D. · Valerie Sopher · Douglas Sovern & Sara Newmann · John St. Dennis & Roy Anati · Monroe W. Strickberger · William van Dyk & Margi Sullivan · Pate & Judy Thomson · Alistair & Nellie Thornton · Jennifer M. Van Natta · William R. Weir · Jonathan & Kiyo Weiss · Susan & Harvey Wittenberg



Anonymous (20) · Robert & Evelyn Apte · Steven & Barbara Aumer-Vail · Celia Bakke · Jolie Baumgardner · Steven Beckendorf & Cynthia Hill · Richard & Kathy Berman · Robert Berman & Jane Ginsburg · The Blackman Family · Gun Bolin · Karen Bowen & Beth Gerstein, in honor of Donald Trump and Mike Pence · Ellen Brackman & Deborah Randolph · Marilyn Bray · Diane Brett · Peter Brock · Craig Broscow M · John H. Buckman · Dr. Paula Campbell · Robert & Margaret Cant · Bruce Carlton · John Carr · Kim & Dawn Chase · Laura Chenel · Karen Clayton & Stephen Clayton · Jim & Jeanette Cottle · Jane & Tom Coulter · Carolyn & Phil Cowan · Michael & Denise Coyne · Sharon & Ed Cushman · Jill & Evan Custer · Meredith Daane · Brett D’Ambrosio · Kathleen Damron · Joshua Dapice M · Pat & Steve Davis · ddl Productions, in memory of Zan Bealmear · Dennis T. De Domenico & Sandra Brod · Jacqueline Desoer · Jerome & Thao Dodson · Carol Dolezal · Amar Doshi · Kathy Down & Greg Kelly · Kristen Driskell · David Drubin · Anita C. Eblé · Thomas W. Edwards & Rebecca Parlette-Edwards · Jessica & Michael Eisler, in memory of John & Carol Field · Roger & Jane Emanuel · Joseph & Judith Epstein · Gini Erck & David Petta · Michael Evanhoe · Mary & Ben Feinberg · James Finefrock & Harriet Hamlin · Brigitte & Louis Fisher · Michael & Vicky Flora · Jacques Fortier · Midge Fox K · Christie

Fish · Robert Fleri, in memory of Carole S. Pfeffer · Stephen Follansbee & Richard Wolitz · Tom & Gail Frost · Dr. Garwood Gee & Ms. Kathleen Fong · Gregory Giska · Dr. & Mrs. Arnold Goldschlager · Ian M. Goldstein · Keith Goldstein & Donna Warrington · Marcia Goodman & Hank Levy · Bernice Greene · Marcia & Joseph Grossman · John G. Guthrie · Mr. & Mrs. Ervin Hafter · Carol & Don Hardesty · Paul & Julie Harkness · Dennis & Juanita Harte · Austin & Lynne Henderson · Edith Hereso · Carole S. Hickman · Peter Hobe & Christina Crowley · Jeff Hoel · Marie F. Hogan & Douglas A. Lutgen · Charlton Holland · Steven Jacobsohn · Katharine Jennings · Ken & Judith Johnson · Armond & Kathy Jordan, in memory of Alice L. Cummings · Pauline Jue · Mary Ann Kiely · Eva Klein · Shirley Langlois · Nancy Larson · Marit Lash · Aaron & Myra Latkin · Paula Lavine · Trudy & Rolf Lesem · Claire & Brett Levay-Young · John Leys · Eva Lieberman · Harvey & Wendy Leiderman · Patricia Litton · Ann L. Livingston & Nobby Akiha · Cynthia Lloyd · Martha & Arthur Luehrmann · Linda & Steve Lustig · Mary A. Mackey · Cyrus Mancherje & Zena Potash · M. Mathews & K. Soriano · Robert McDowell · Christopher McKenzie & Manuela Albuquerque · Will & Sally Moore · Mike & Sharon Morris · Mr. & Mrs. Gary Morrison · Linda L. Murray & Carl Schemmerling · Ronald & Irene Nakasone · Linda Nakell & Robert Dawson · Margaret O'Halloran & Christopher Lutz · James O'Toole · David Pasta, in memory of Gloria J.A. Guth · Anthony & Sarah Petru · Virginia & Lucien Polak · Fred & Judy Porta · Sara

3 2 · T H E B E R K E L E Y R E P M AG A Z I N E · 2 0 1 6 –1 7 · I S S U E 7

Fraser · Harvey & Deana Freedman · David Gaskin & Phillip McPherson · Karl & Kathleen Geier · Tim Geoghegan · Arlene Getz · Judith & Alex Glass · Gwendolyn Goldsby, in memory of Angela Paton · Barry & Erica Goode · Gail Gordon & Jack Joseph · Jane Gottesman & Geoffrey Biddle · Gene Gottfried · Linda Graham · Priscilla Green, in honor of Maya & Rico Green · Sheldon & Judy Greene · Don & Becky Grether · Frede S. Hammes · Ken & Karen Harley · Janet Harris · Paula Hawthorn & Michael Ubell · Geoffrey & Marin-Shawn Haynes · Irene & Robert Hepps · Dixie Hersh · Fran Hildebrand · George & Leslie Hume · Alex Ingersoll & Martin Tannenbaum · Stephen & Helene Jaffe K · Anne & Douglas Jensen · Pam & Ted Johann M · Ann L. Johnson · Charles & Laurie Kahn · Kaarel Kaljot · Helmut H. Kapczynski & Colleen Neff · Patricia Kaplan · Pat Kelly & Jennifer Doebler · Kimberly J. Kenley-Salarpi · Sue Fisher King · Jack & Birthe Kirsch · Deborah & David Kirshman, in memory of John & Carol Field · Beverly Phillips Kivel · Susan Klee & David Stoloff · Jeff Klingman & Deborah Sedberry · Judith Knoll · Joan & David Komaromi · Kenneth Kulander · Natalie Lagorio · Jane & Michael Larkin · David & Mari Lee · Renee M. Linde · Julianne Lindemann & Michael Weinberger · Deidre & Loren Lingenfelter, in memory of Zan Bealmear · Mark & Roberta Linsky · Dottie Lofstrom · Jacqui & Terry Long · Loveable Feast, in memory of Zan Bealmear · Jane & Bob Lurie · Bruce Maigatter & Pamela Partlow · Joan & Roger Mann · Paul Mariano · Sue & Phil Marineau · Igor Maslennikov · Caroline McCall & Eric Martin · Marie Singer McEnnis · Daniel & Beverlee McFadden · John G. McGehee · Brian McRee · George & Jeri Medak, in memory of Alexandra Victoria Gray-Bealmear · Joanne Medak, in honor of Susan Medak · Jamie Miller, in memory of Helene Sabin · Marlene & Stephen Miller · Jeff Miner · Harry Mixon Esq · The Morris Family: Susan, Kathy, Karen, Steve & Jaxon · James & Katherine Moule · James Musbach · Aki & Emi Nakao · Ron Nakayama · Greg Neukirchner · Jeanne E. Newman · Judy Ogle · Suzette S.

Olson · Peggy O’Neil · Nancy Park · Brian D. Parsons · James Pawlak · Kyle Peacock · P. David Pearson · Bob & Toni Peckham, in honor of Robert M. Peckham, Jr. · James & Susan Penrod, in honor of Dale & Don Marshall · Lewis Perry · Paul & Suzanne Peterson · Anne Petrowsky · James F. Pine M · F. Anthony Placzek · Charles Pollack & Joanna Cooper · Susie & Eric Poncelet · Timothy & Marilyn Potter · Roxann R. Preston · Rich Price · Laurel & Gerald Przybylski · Lois & Dan Purkett · Sheldon & Catherine Ramsay · Teresa L. Remillard M · Margaret Rienzi · Paul & Margaret Robbins · Rick & Stephanie Rogers · Dorothy R. Saxe · Joyce & Kenneth Scheidig · Bob & Gloria Schiller · Mark Schoenrock & Claudia Fenelon · Dr. David Schulz M · Cynthia Sears · Marc & Jane Seleznow · Steve & Susan Shortell · Joshua & Ruth Simon · William & Martha Slavin · Carra Sleight · Suzanne Slyman · Jerry & Dick Smallwood · Sigrid Snider · Louis & Bonnie Spiesberger · Robert & Naomi Stamper · Herbert Steierman · Annie Stenzel · Lynn M. & A. Justin Sterling · Carol Sundell · Tracy Thompson · Prof. Jeremy Thorner & Dr. Carol Mimura · Karen Tiedemann & Geoff Piller · Amy Tobin & Scott Jacobson · Lynn Tolin, in memory of John & Carol Field · Mike & Ellen Turbow · Dean Ujihara · Sharon Ulrich & Marlowe Ng · Mark Valentine & Stacy Leier-Valentine · Jennifer M. Van Natta · Gerald & Ruth Vurek · Adrian Walker · Louise & Larry Walker · Buddy & Jodi Warner · Dena & Wayne Watson-Lamprey · Harvey & Rhona Weinstein · Robert & Sheila Weisblatt · Sallie Weissinger · Dr. Ben & Mrs. Carolyn Werner · Elizabeth Werter & Henry Trevor · Robert T. Weston · Sharon & Kenneth Wilson · Fred Winslow & Barbara Baratta · Laura & Ernest Winslow · H. Leabah Winter · Dorothy Witt · Margaret Wu & Ciara Cox · Bob & Judi Yeager M · Lee Yearley & Sally Gressens · Sandra Yuen & Lawrence Shore

Rahimian · Carolyn Ramsey · Nonie Ramsay · Danielle Rebischung · Karen & Jeff Richardson · Susan Robertson · Steve Schmidt · Richard J. Schoofs · Ron & Esther Schroeder · Helen Schulak · Barbara & Steve Segal · Arvind Sharma · Judith & Robert Silverman · Frances Singer · James Skelton · Betsy Smith · Debbie Smith · Richard & Darlene Smith · Beverly Stevens · George Suter · Suzanne & Svend Svendsen · Ying Mei Tcheou · Bill & Sandy Threlfall · Veronica Tincher · Marsha G. Torkelson · Liz Varnhagen · Maureen Vavra · Mr. & Mrs. John C. Wadman · Dorothy Walker · Emily & Bob Warden · Ginny & Philip Warnes · Mr. & Mrs. William Webster · Ted Westphal · Mark Whatley & Danuta Zaroda · Evie & Gordon Wozniak · Moe & Becky Wright · Paul Wyman

Cohen · Thomas & Suellen Cox · Rich Craig · Faith & Bob Cushman · Jerome Dean · Ann & Dave Del Simone · Wayne & Lynn Delker · top dog, in honor of Freedom · Don & Libby Erickson · Peter Ewell & Helga Recke · Marna & Phil Eyring · Barry & Cheri Feiner · Ms. Barbara Fenichel · Dorothy Fernandez & Lisa Stenmark · Monica & David Finigan · Julie A. Florin-Kline · William & Andrea Foley · Nancy H. Francis, in honor of Kerry Francis · Mr. & Mrs. Michael Frank · Kate & Ted Freeland · Kelli M. Frostad · Kevin Gahagan · Jeannette Gape · Robert & Linda Garb · Clara Gerdes · Ellen Geringer & Chris Tarp · Helen & Paul Gerken · Jennifer & Wayne Getz · Paul Gill & Stephanie D'Arnall · William Goldstein · Scott & Shirlee Graff · Ann Green · Robin Halprin & Abbas Khaligh · Janice Hammond · Glenn & Ann Hammonds Jr. · Henry L. Hecht · Bill & Judy Hein · Dr. Robert R. Herrick · Jane Hicks · Susan L. Hill · Page & Joseph R. Holmes · Derek Holstein · Joe Houska & Christine Paige · Estie Sid Hudes · Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Jackson · Marty & Ellen Jaffe · Elizabeth James · Donald Jen & Margaret Ritchey · Janet L. Johns · Roxy Jones · Gerald Kaminski · Lisa & David Kaplan · Ken & Karen Keller · Pat & Chris Kenber · Lindy Khan & Amiram Givon · Lawrence & Carolyn Klein · Cynthia Koenigsberg & Harry Patsch · Maria & David Laforge · Laurence Lange · Maureen K. Lenahan · Elizabeth S. Lindgren-Young & Robert Young · Nancy Loewenthal · Nancy Lumer · Joe & Joanne Magruder · Howard & Siesel Maibach · Michael & Loxie Manchester · Michael Manga · Miriam Maxwell · John & Linda McClain · Ben McClinton & Karen


$ 15 0 –2 49

Anonymous (25) · Joe & Esther Adler · Gertrude E. Allen, in memory of Robert Allen · Beverly Allphin · Claire & Kendall Allphin · Erika & Arthur Andreas, in memory of John & Carol Field · Nina Barton · Lloyd & Carolyn Baysdorfer · Brian & Mary Bechtel · Patricia & Edwin Berkowitz, in memory of John & Carol Field · Thomas G. Bertken · Carol Bowen · Christopher Bowen · Pat & Mary Boyle · Karen Broido · Howard Brownstein & Janna Ullrey · Lee & George Burnett · Cristina Campbell & Tim DeWolf · Leo J. and Celia Carlin Fund, in memory of John & Carol Field · W. Bradford Carson · Dr. & Mrs. Michael Cassidy · Paula Champagne & David Watson · Ronald & Susan Choy · Gene & Ann Clements · June & Michael


Donors to the Annual Fund

Rosenbaum · Nancy McCormick · Betsy Mellins & Paul Mendelman · Phyllis Menefee · Steve Merlo · Silvia & Wayne Montoya · Barbara Mowry · Susan Nelson Kendall · Marilyn K. Nelson · Sora Lei Newman · Haggai Niv · Ms. Mary Ilene Odenheimer · Lawrence Organ · Wendy Peterson · John R. Petrovsky · Don & Virginia Poulton · Davis Riemer & Louise Rothman-Riemer · Craig F. Robieson · Meg Roe · Ronald Rogness · Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Romo · David Rosen · Geri Rossen · Barbara & Sheldon Rothblatt, in memory of John & Carol Field · L. M. Rubinoff · Juan Sacristan · June & Bob Safran · Carol A. Savary and George Koster · Peter Schmitz · James L. Seeman · Boris Shekhter · Christine Silver · Barbara Slotnik & Steve Kerns · Ellen Smith · Suzy Spradlin · Alan & Charlene Steen · Corinne Stewart · Cecilia Storr & Mark Chaitkin · Galyn Susman · G. Barbara Tabak · Michael Tarelka · Susan Taylor & Paul Utrecht · Christine Telischak · Homer S. Teng · Jason Thomas & Marco Aurelio · Paula Trauner · James S. & Gayle G. Tunnell · Grace Ulp · Julie Waldman & Alan Germain · Margo Webster · Karen & Stephen Wiel · Jefferson & Sarah Wilbur · Alice Wilkins · G. Geoffrey Wood · Susan York


$ 75 –149

Anonymous (28) · Anonymous, in memory of Irene Zook · Joyce Abbott · Susan Adams · Gary & Kay Anderson · Jeff Angell & Joan King-Angell · Mr. & Mrs. Louis ArmstrongDangles · Jane Ashland · Phyllis Bail · Barbara Barer · Michael & Della Barnett · Judith Barringer · Carol & Michael Bartlett · Joan Baylie & James Mullins · Roy C. Bergstrom · Sandra Bernard · Beverly Blatt & David Filipek · Anita Bloch · Joan Bodway · Elizabeth Brady · Robert Brady & Sandra Simon · Mr. Michael Braisted · Julian & Elizabeth Brandes · Aida Brenneis · Lori Breunig · Charles Brinamen · Cherilyn Brunetti · Mary Burkhard · Melody Burns · Laura Call · Tesa Carlsen · Heidi Cavagnolo · Daniel & Penny Cawthon · Laura Newman Chick · Janet Chisholm · Leslay Choy · Barbara Clayton & Marc Nelson · Carol Cook · Doug & Rosemary Corbin · Jeanne M. Cox · Catherine & Eric Crystal · Faith Darling & Cory Couture · Mr. & Mrs. Stefan Dasho · Mark de Souza · Linda Deer · Richard A. Denton · Irene Desonie · Char Devich & Alana Devich · Steve Doherty · Joe Douglass · Philip & Susan Durfee · Helen Edelman · Lynne M. Eggers · Anne & Hal Eisenberg · Nancy Ellenbogen & Joel Lurie · Tina & Dennis Etcheverry · Anonymous, in memory of Sir Farley of Townsend · Caryll Farrer · Mimi Felson · Karin Fetherston · Maureen Fitzgerald & Douglas Dohrer · Kirk &

Suanne Flatow · Carolyn Foland · Marvin Freid · Christine Frick · Carol Gadas · Meeta Gandhi · Loretta D. Garcia · Dr. Ellen Gold · Herbert Goodman · Barbara Gordon · Laura Gorjance · Lisa Gray · Bill & Chris Green · Carl Grimm · Cheryl Guyer & Marty Kahn · Peter E. Haiman · Randall Ham & Linda Wilford · Marjorie Hamm & Angela Bottum · Gary Harbison · Ms. Miriam M. Hawley · Craig Heimark · Philippe Henri · Donald E. Hershman, DPM · Mary K. Hickox · William & Cynthia Hicks · Robert Hill · Douglas Hill & Jae Scharlin · Gayl & Harlan Hirschfeld · Miranda Holmes & Brian Sparling · Karen & Robert Holtermann · Patsy Hom · Donald Bruce Hunter · Nicholas Hyde Family · Richard Ingalls · Sandra Iwamoto · Christine Izaret · Rose A. Jellison · Kathleen Johnson · Sheila Kahan · Kimberley Kahler · Robert & Kathleen Kaiser · Ken Katen · Judith Kennedy · Andy Kivel & Susan Goldstein · Stuart P Klitsner · David Knopf · Bruce Koch · Regina Lackner, in memory of Ruth Eis · Jane Lamont · Alfred & Gwen Langosch · Joyce Lashof · Thomas L. Lawson · William Leach · Lannon Leiman & Frederick Seil · Ben Lenail & Laurie Yoler · Helen & Dell Levay · Kerri & Mark Lubin · Gail MacGowan · Elizabeth MacMartin · Suzanne & Charles McCulloch · Betty McEady · David & Wendy McGrath · Alison McLean · Douglas & Mary McWilliams · Suzanne Mellard & Lon O'Neil · Patricia & John Mengel · Margaret & John Meuris · Patrick & Jane Miller · Peg Miller · Bruce Mock · Thomas C. Moore · Ellen Moyer · Shirley Negrin · Joseph & Berna Neumiller · Barbara & Donald Niemann · Stephen Nocita · Bruce Nunley · Peter Nussbaum & Aleta Wallace · Robert & Carol Nykodym · Susan Olney · Linda & Gregory Orr · Roy & Susan Otis · Joan & Allen Perlof · Joellen & Leslie Piskitel · Meshulam Plaves · Dixie Lee Post & Dave Shaw · Steven Potter · William & Joan Pridgen · Mahendra Ranchod · Jon & Evelyn Rantzman, in memory of Harry & Sally Rantzman · Ann Rarden · John & Diane Rice · Dave Richanbach · The Rev. Dr. Bonnie Ring · Geraldine Riordan · Jeff & Ann Roberts · Phyllis Rogaski · Renee R. Ross · Sylvia Roye · Daniel & Gail Rubinfeld · Peter Rudy · Kathleen Russell · Jerry Sabo · Martha Salzman & Jay Aleck · Marcee & Mark Samberg · John & Melanie Sandler · Patricia & Clifford Saunders · Ilze Savelis · Ruth & Paul Saxton · Robert & Winnie Sayre · Bobbi Schear & Jim Reed · Roland & Aase Schoen · Janice Schwartz · Judy Schwartz & Rod Miller · Karen Scott · Margaret Scott & Kathleen Slobin · Marcia Settel · Alice Sheehan · Carol Shen & Larry Dodge · Susan Sherk · Amy Shutkin M · Bonnie Siegel · Renee Simi · John Simonds · Neil Sitzman · Tim & Lucy

Smallsreed · Pam Smith · William Lonon Smith · Linda Snyder · Susan Sopcak & Bob Spence · Nancy Spaeth · Lydia Stack · Doug & Kristen Stanton · Joel & Ellen Stettner · Emily & Arnold Stoper · Aina Stunz · Dennis Styne & Donna Petre · Susie Sutch · Carol Tanenbaum & John Adams · Steven & Lu Tipping · Shirley R. Trimble · John & Helene Vilett · Stanyan Vukovich · Mary Waddington · Randi & Jerry Walker · Patricia Walsh · Phyllis Weber · Murray Weiss · Robert & Penny Weiss · Dick White · Pam Whitman · Oliver Williamson · Nancy S. Wolfe · Richard & Elizabeth Wolgast · Morris A. Woolfson · Marjorie Yasueda & Dale Knutsen · Anne Zelinsky · Al Zemsky · Mr. & Mrs. Philip L. Zimmerman


$ 1 –74

Anonymous (17) · Kathryn Allan · Karen L. Anderson · Trudie Anderson · John & Kaaren Antoun · Barbara Armentrout · Jay Atkinson · Richard & Debbie Ault · Eveline Baesu · Ruby Barcklay · Barry Barkan · Robin Barrett · Gillian Belcher · Jennifer Bell · Emily Benner · Kate Berenson · Laura Bernell · Jeanne Bettencourt · Elaine Binger · Cheryl Bingham Bokin · Catherine M. Bishop & Ken Donnelly · Diana Black-Kennedy · Emily Blanck · Rosemary & Robert Blaylock · David Blumgart · Kyle Boehm · Sean E. Book · Trevor Bossert · James Bovee · Barry Brian · William Bridges · Tina Eve Brier · Ms. Marcia Brockbank · Katharine Brookes · Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Brooks · Virginia L. Brown · Julie & Stan Burford · Aaron Burke · Liam D. Caffrey · Judith & Burton Calder · Edward & Joan Callaway · Susan Chainey · Leslie Chalmers · Jack Chee · Katarzyna Ciesielski · Mary L. Clark · Kay Cohen · Claire Cunningham · David Currie · Scott Curtin · Kylie Curtis · Ramona K. Davies · Julianna Deardorff · Gail Debellis · Charlotte Dewitt · Hendrik Doeff · Audrey Doocy · Jon Drake · Laura Duldner · Daniel Dunn · Mark & Judy Eckart · Vicki Elliot & David Levine · Ellyn Elson · Charleen Elste · Jeannine Esposito · Ksenia Evdokimova · Pooja F. · Brad Falk · David Fankushen · Roberta Fanning · Michelle Ferguson · Irina Filipchik · Alan Finke · Dale Ellen Fishman · Vladimir Fishman · Kathryn Florek · Ms. Janet Fox · Mrs. Jackie A. Freitas · George Gemignani · Melinna Gershik · Bernadette Geuy · Jacqueline Gibbons · Charles Goetzl & Eric Fine · Elaine Goldman · Stephen Graham · Leslie Green · William M. Greif · Gary Grossman · Bruce Gunn · Nancy M. Gurian · Phyllis Harlick · James Hartrich · Roy Henninger · Sheila Himmel · Dr. Thomas Hoffman · Kristina Holland · Susan Hollingshead · Shelley W. Holstein · Ms. Rae

Holzman & Mr. Paul Juarez · Neil Horton · Courtney Hughes · June Hunt · Christina Inman · Bruce Jackson · Roger Jaeckel · Seema Jain · C Howard Jarrell · John Jay & Scott MIller · Susan Jenny · Vineta Jiandani · Keisha Jones · Debra Kagawa · Mr. & Mrs. M. Kaplan · Sridhar Kaundinya · Steven Kelly · Lauren Kerr · Joseph King · Christine A. Klem · Lois Kortum · Malini Lahiri · Alison Laney · Linda Laskowski · Thuy Lau · Sandy Lawrie · Erin Lenhert · Howard L. Lentzner · Carole Levenson · Martha Lewkowitz· Eva Libien · Silvia Lin · Terrie Lind · Trudy Lionel · Dr. Bruce R. Locke · Edwin Logwood · Doreen Ludemann · Lloyd Lunianski · Anna Lushtak · Manfred MacKeben · Arabelle Malinis · Margaret R. Maloney · Vicki Marie · Blake Markham · Kimberly Markison · Anne Martin · Lucia Matzger · Ms. Jean McClellan · Jeanne McKinney · Melinda McLain · Jacqueline C. McMahan · Gregory Merrill · Terry Meyers-Gibbins & John Gibbins · Mike Miller · Henry Mindlin · Linda Montgomery · Mary Jean Moore · Melissa Morgenstern · Mehdi Morshed · Dawn Murayama · Sonia Navani · Deborah Nelson · Wendy & Craig Nishizaki · Mariko Nobori · Richard V. Normington · James D. Northrup · James Alan Oakley · Mora Oommen · Lilli Ouyang · Sharon Ow-Wing · Joseph R. Palsa · Stephanie Papas · Mark Peters · Tracy Piombo · Jacinta Pister · Susan Pontious · Marilyn Radisch · Katherine Randolph · Joshua Redwine · Joan & Mark Reiss · Judith Remmes · Edward Reyes · John Robbins · Barbara & Jay Rogers · John Rostkowski · Margaret Rowland · Lael R. Rubin · Dr. Barry Alan Russell · Mr. Jeffrey Russell · Dairne Ryan · Marleen Sacks · Shelley J. Sandusky · Jeff Saperstein · Robert Scalise M · Karen Schiller · Jan Schmuckler & Jim Martin · Rachel Sheinbein · Carol Shennan · Dr. & Mrs. James Shepard · Michael Sherman · S.L. Simmons · Janey Skinner · Lisa Soto · Joan Spiegel · Robert Steffes · Henery Stonelake · Harry J. Strohm III · Sean Sullivan · Thomas Sullivan · Susan Sumner-Moore · Indra Thadani · Robin R. Thompson · Gemma Tosto · Gretchen Trabant · Barbara Traylor · Alex Trzesniewski · Richard Tuch · Stephen Van Meter · John Warren · Michele Waxman · Howard Weiner · Janice Wenning · Peter Whitehead · Harriet Whitman Lee · Susan Whitman & Mark Gergen · Paula Whitton · Barbara Widmer Wrenn · Karl Wieser · Marilyn Willats · Sharon Williams · Leonardo Witrago · Billy Wood · Wilma Wool · Chia-Yung Wu · Danita Yocom · Mark & Judy Yudof · Margaret & Rick Zawadski · Diane Ziesing · Vroyer Zohrabian

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BE R K E L E Y R E P T H A N K S Donors to the Annual Fund Sustaining members as of May 2017:

Anonymous (7) Norman Abramson & David Beery Sam Ambler Carl W. Arnoult & Aurora Pan Ken & Joni Avery Nancy Axelrod Edith Barschi Neil & Gene Barth Susan & Baskin Linda Brandenburger Broitman-Basri Family Bruce Carlton & Richard G. McCall Stephen K. Cassidy Paula Champagne & David Watson Terin Christensen Andrew Daly & Jody Taylor M. Laina Dicker Thalia Dorwick Rich & Robin Edwards Thomas W. Edwards & Rebecca Parlette-Edwards Bill & Susan Epstein William Espey & Margaret Hart Edwards Dr. Stephen E. Follansbee & Dr. Richard A. Wolitz Kerry Francis Dr. Harvey & Deana Freedman Joseph & Antonia Friedman

Paul T. Friedman Dr. John Frykman Laura K. Fujii David Gaskin & Phillip McPherson Marjorie Ginsburg & Howard Slyter Mary & Nicholas Graves Elizabeth Greene Jon & Becky Grether Richard & Lois Halliday Julie & Paul Harkness Linda & Bob Harris Fred Hartwick Ruth Hennigar Douglas J. Hill Hoskins/Frame Family Trust Lynda & Dr. J. Pearce Hurley Robin C. Johnson Lynn Eve Komaromi Bonnie McPherson Killip Scott & Kathy Law Ines R. Lewandowitz Dot Lofstrom Helen M. Marcus Dale & Don Marshall Sumner & Hermine Marshall Rebecca Martinez Suzanne & Charles McCulloch John G. McGehee Miles & Mary Ellen McKey Margaret D. & Winton McKibben Susan Medak & Greg Murphy

Stephanie Mendel Toni Mester Shirley & Joe Nedham Pam & Mitch Nichter Sheldeen G. Osborne Sharon Ott Amy Pearl Parodi Barbara L. Peterson Regina Phelps Margaret Phillips Marjorie Randolph Bonnie Ring Living Trust Tom Roberts David Rovno Tracie E. Rowson Deborah Dashow Ruth Patricia Sakai & Richard Shapiro Betty & Jack Schafer Brenda Buckhold Shank, M.D., Ph.D. Kevin Shoemaker Valerie Sopher Michael & Sue Steinberg Dr. Douglas & Anne Stewart Jean Strunsky Henry Timnick Guy Tiphane Phillip & Melody Trapp Janis Kate Turner Dorothy Walker Weil Family Trust— Weil Family Karen & Henry Work Martin & Margaret Zankel

Gifts received by Berkeley Rep:

Anonymous Estate of Suzanne Adams Estate of Helen Barber Estate of Fritzi Benesch Estate of Carole B. Berg Estate of Nelly Berteaux Estate of Jill Bryans Estate of Nancy Croley Estate of Carol & John Field Estate of Zandra Faye LeDuff Estate of John E. & Helen A. Manning Estate of Richard Markell Estate of Gladys Perez-Mendez Estate of Margaret Purvine Estate of Leigh & Ivy Robinson Estate of Stephen C. Schaefer, in honor of Jean and Jack Knox Estate of Peter Sloss Estate of Harry Weininger Estate of Grace Williams

Members of this Society, which is named in honor of Founding Director Michael W. Leibert, have designated Berkeley Rep in their estate plans. Unless the donor specifies otherwise, planned gifts become a part of Berkeley Rep’s endowment, where they will provide the financial stability that enables Berkeley Rep to maintain the highest standards of artistic excellence, support new work, and serve the community with innovative education and outreach programs, year after year, in perpetuity. For more information on becoming a member, visit our website at or contact Daria Hepps at 510 647-2904 or

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BE R K E L E Y R E P STA F F Michael Leibert Artistic Director Tony Taccone

Managing Director Susan Medak

General Manager Theresa Von Klug ARTISTIC Director of Casting & Artistic Associate Amy Potozkin Director, The Ground Floor/ Resident Dramaturg Madeleine Oldham Literary Manager Sarah Rose Leonard Artistic Associate Katie Craddock Associate Director Lisa Peterson Associate Artist Liesl Tommy TCG Artist-in-Residence Reggie D. White Artists under Commission Todd Almond · Christina Anderson · Jackie Sibblies Drury · Dave Malloy · Lisa Peterson · Sarah Ruhl · Tori Sampson · Joe Waechter

Draper Alex Zeek Tailor Kathy Kellner Griffith First Hand Janet Conery Wardrobe Supervisor Barbara Blair

P R ODUC T ION Production Manager Peter Dean Associate Production Manager Amanda Williams O’Steen Company Manager Jean-Paul Gressieux Production Driver Johnny Van Chang

A DM I N I S T R AT ION Controller Suzanne Pettigrew Associate General Manager/ Human Resources Manager David Lorenc Associate Managing Director/ Manager, The Ground Floor Sarah Williams Executive Assistant Kate Gorman Bookkeeper Kristine Taylor Associate Controller Eric Ipsen Director of Technology Gustav Davila Tessitura User Interaction Administrator Destiny Askin Desktop Support Specialist Dianne Brenner

S TAG E M A NAG E M E N T Production Stage Manager Michael Suenkel Stage Managers Leslie M. Radin · Karen Szpaller · Julie Haber · Kimberly Mark Webb Production Assistants Amanda Mason · Sofie Miller · Betsy Norton S TA G E OP E R AT ION S Stage Supervisor Julia Englehorn P R OP E R T I E S Properties Supervisor Jillian A. Green Assistant Properties Supervisor Amelia Burke-Holt Properties Artisan Samantha Visbal S C E N E S HOP Technical Director Jim Smith Associate Technical Director Matt Rohner Shop Foreman Sam McKnight Master Carpenter Jamaica Montgomery-Glenn Carpenters Patrick Keene · Read Tuddenham SCENIC ART Charge Scenic Artist Lisa Lázár COSTUMES Costume Director Maggi Yule Associate Costume Director/ Hair and Makeup Supervisor Amy Bobeda

ELECTRICS Master Electrician Frederick C. Geffken Production Electricians Christine Cochrane · Kenneth Coté S OU N D A N D V I DE O Sound Supervisor James Ballen Sound Engineers Angela Don · Annemarie Scerra Video Supervisor Alex Marshall

DE V E L OPM E N T Director of Development Lynn Eve Komaromi Associate Director of Development Daria Hepps Director of Individual Giving Laura Fichtenberg Director of Special Events Julie Cervetto Individual Giving Manager Joanna Taber Institutional Grants Manager Julie McCormick Special Events Coordinator Lauren Shorofsky Development Database Coordinator Jane Voytek Development Associate Kelsey Scott B OX OF F I C E Ticket Services Director Geo Haynes Subscription Manager Laurie Barnes Box Office Supervisor Julie Gotsch Box Office Agents Carmen Darling · Faith Darling · Jordan Don · Katherine Gunn ·

Jeffrey Kimmich · Jasmine Malone · Eliza Oakley · Jaden Pratt M A R K E T I NG & C OM M U N I C AT ION S Director of Marketing, Communications, and Patron Engagement Polly Winograd Ikonen Director of Public Relations Tim Etheridge Marketing Director Peter Yonka Art Director Nora Merecicky Communications & Digital Content Director Karen McKevitt Audience Development Manager Samanta Cubias Webmaster Christina Cone Video & Multimedia Producer Joel Dockendorf Program Advertising Pamela Webster Front of House Director Kelly Kelley Front of House Manager Debra Selman House Managers Steven Coambs · Juliet Czoka · Aleta George · Mary Cait Hogan · Claire Patterson · Tuesday Ray · David Rogers · Debra Selman Lead Concessionaires Steven Coambs · Nina Gorham Concessionaires Jessica Bates · Molly Conway · Alisha Erlich · Lorenz Gonzales · Katie Holmes · Daron Jennings · Benjamin Ortiz · David Rogers · Chenoa Small

Garner · Christine Germain · Nancy Gold · Gary Graves · Marvin Greene · Susan-Jane Harrison · Gendell HingHernández · Andrew Hurteau · Krista Knight · Julian López-Morillas · Dave Maier · JanLee Marshall · Reid McCann · Patricia Miller · Alex Moggridge · Edward Morgan · Jack Nicolaus · Slater Penney · Greg Pierotti · Lisa Anne Porter · Diane Rachel · Rolf Saxon · Elyse Shafarman · Arje Shaw · Joyful Simpson · Cleavon Smith · M. Graham Smith · Daniel Talbott · Elizabeth Vega · James Wagner Jan and Howard Oringer Teaching Artists Amber Flame · Carla Pantoja · Dave Maier · Elena Wright · Jack Nicolaus · Lindsey Schmeltzer · Radhika Rao · Salim Razawi · Simon Trumble · Teddy Spencer · Gendell Hernandez · Andre San-Chez · Sally Rademaker · Bryan Quinn · Shannon Davis · Zoe Swenson-Graham · Daryl Harper · Miriam Ani Teen Core Council Neo Barnes · Abram Blitz · Bridey Caramagno · Carmela Catoc · Uma Channer · Fiona Deane-Grundman · Lucy Curran · Devin Elias · Adin Gilman-Cohen · Alecia Harger · Kyla Henderson · Krysia Olszewska · Maya Simon · Chloe Smith · Isabelle Smith Docent Co-Chairs Matty Bloom, Content Joy Lancaster, Recruitment Selma Meyerowitz, Off-Sites and Procedures An Octoroon Docents Michelle Barbour, Lead Docent Rebecca Woolis, Assistant Lead Matty Bloom · Monica Fox · Sandy Greenberg · Joan Sullivan

2016–17 B E R K E L E Y R E P FELLOWSHIPS Bret C. Harte Directing Fellow OP E R AT ION S Chika Ike Facilities Director Company Management Fellow Mark Morrisette Morgan Steele Facilities Coordinator Costume Fellow Andrew Susskind Kennedy Warner Building Engineer Development Fellow Thomas Tran Julia Starr Maintenance Technician Education Fellow Johnny Van Chang Michael Curry Facilities Assistants Graphic Design Fellow Theresa Drumgoolie · Sophie Li · Cynthia Peñaloza Alex Maciel · Carlos Mendoza · Jesus Rodriguez · Diego Ruiz · LeRoy Thomas Harry Weininger Sound Fellow Mariah Brougher Lighting/Electrics Fellow BERKELEY REP Josh Hemmo S C HO OL OF T H E AT R E Marketing/Digital Director of the School of Theatre Communications Fellow Rachel Hull Lauren Goldfarb Associate Director Peter F. Sloss Literary/ MaryBeth Cavanaugh Dramaturgy Fellow Program Manager, Training and Ankita Raturi Community Programs Production Management Fellow Anthony Jackson Zoey Russo Education Communications and Properties Fellow Partnerships Manager Noah Kramer Marcela Chacon Scenic Art Fellow Registrar Yoshi Asai Katie Riemann Community Programs Administrator Scenic Construction Fellow Lauren Williams Modesta Tamayo Stage Management Fellow Faculty Laura Baucom Bobby August Jr. · Erica Blue · Jon Burnett · Rebecca Castelli · Eugenie Chan · Iu-Hui Chua · Jiwon Chung · Sally Clawson · Laura Derry · Alexandra Diamond · Deborah Eubanks · Susan

President Stewart Owen Vice Presidents Carrie Avery Roger A. Strauch Jean Z. Strunsky Treasurer Emily Shanks Secretary Leonard X Rosenberg Chair, Trustees Committee Jill Fugaro Chair, Audit Committee Kerry L. Francis Board Members Edward D. Baker Michelle Branch David Cox Amar Doshi Robin Edwards Lisa Finer Paul T. Friedman Karen Galatz Bruce Golden Scott Haber David Hoffman Jonathan C. Logan Jane Marvin Sandra R. McCandless Susan Medak Pamela Nichter Richard M. Shapiro Tony Taccone Gail Wagner Felicia Woytak Past Presidents Helen C. Barber A. George Battle Carole B. Berg Robert W. Burt Shih-Tso Chen Narsai M. David Thalia Dorwick, PhD Nicholas M. Graves Richard F. Hoskins Jean Knox Robert M. Oliver Marjorie Randolph Harlan M. Richter Richard A. Rubin Edwin C. Shiver Roger A. Strauch Martin Zankel Sustaining Advisors Rena Bransten Thalia Dorwick, PhD William T. Espey William Falik David Fleishhacker Nicholas M. Graves Richard F. Hoskins Carole Krumland Dale Rogers Marshall Helen Meyer Dugan Moore Mary Ann Peoples Peter Pervere Marjorie Randolph Pat Rougeau Patricia Sakai Jack Schafer William Schaff Michael Steinberg Michael Strunsky Martin Zankel

F OU N DI NG DI R E C T OR Michael W. Leibert Producing Director, 1968–83

2 0 1 6 –1 7 · I S S U E 7 · T H E B E R K E L E Y R E P M AG A Z I N E · 35

“City National helps keep my financial life in tune.” So much of my life is always shifting; a different city, a different piece of music, a different ensemble. I need people who I can count on to help keep my financial life on course so I can focus on creating and sharing the “adventures” of classical music. City National shares my passion and is instrumental in helping me bring classical music to audiences all over the world. They enjoy being a part of what I do and love. That is the essence of a successful relationship. City National is The way up® for me.

Michael Tilson Thomas Conductor, Educator and Composer

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