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BerkeleyatYALE Fall 2014 • Vol. 6, No. 1

Andrew B. McGowan Installed as Dean and President

Cover: Dean McGowan with his wife, Felicity Harley-McGowan, Research Associate and Lecturer in the History of Art, Yale Divinity School. Above: The overflow congregation for the installation of the new dean.

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The Installation of Andrew B. McGowan as Dean and President


he Tuesday of Convocation Week—October 21, 2014—witnessed the formal installation of Berkeley’s new dean and president. Andrew B. McGowan had been hard at work since August 1, but all elements of the Berkeley family gathered for his formal induction into office. The event occurred during Evensong in Marquand Chapel, on the Solemnity of the Feast of St. Luke Our Patron, in the presence of an overflow congregation of trustees, alumni, faculty, students, and a multitude of friends old and new. Officiant at Evensong was Interim Director of Anglican Formation and Associate Dean, The Reverend Lynda Z. Tyson ’05. The Berkeley choir sang the psalm, the canticles (Stanford in G), and the anthem (David Hurd’s setting of George Herbert’s Love bade me welcome). University Organist Professor Thomas Murray played the prelude, postlude, and hymns, and Robert Bennesh assisted with the canticles. Chapel Musicians Tate Addis and Jacob Street conducted. Professor Carolyn Sharp ’94 and Development Director Pamela Wesley Gomez read the lessons. Berkeley students Win Bassett ’15, Jessie Gutgsell ’16, and Greg Stark ’17 served as acolytes.

Since Dean McGowan was called by the Berkeley trustees with the approval of the Dean of Yale Divinity School, he was officially installed by David R. Wilson, Chair of the Berkeley Trustees, and Professor Gregory E. Sterling, Dean of Yale Divinity School: “Having committed yourself to this work, do not forget the trust of those who have chosen you. Care alike for all members of the Divinity School community. Mentor them as they grow in the knowledge and love of the Lord. Nourish them and strengthen them to glorify God in this life and in the life to come. Represent this community in the councils of the Church and lead it with vision into the future. By your words, and in your life, proclaim the Gospel. Love and serve God’s people….May the Lord who has given you the will to do these things, give you the grace and power to perform them.” Emily Bakemeier, Deputy Provost of Yale University, brought greetings and welcome from the greater university community. Student Trustees Andrew Moore ’15 and Jessie Gutgsell ’16 presented Bishop Samuel Seabury’s chalice, and The Reverend Canon Patricia S. Mitchell ’02, President of the Graduate Society, presented the Berkeley Seal (which was placed around the neck of the new dean). After Dean McGowan delivered the sermon, The Right Reverend Ian T. Douglas, Bishop of Connecticut, offered the final Blessing. In addition to serving as dean and president, The Very Reverend Dr. Andrew Brian McGowan is also McFaddin Professor of Anglican Studies at Yale Divinity School.

Y.D.S. Dean Gregory Sterling, Dean McGowan, Dr. Felicity Harley-McGowan, Board Chair David Wilson.

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“We are God’s Big Idea” Dean McGowan’s Sermon at His Installation At right is the text of the sermon Dean McGowan preached at the conclusion of the Evensong marking his installation.

Bishop Atta-Baffoe and Dean McGowan.

Bishop Franklin and Professor Christopher Beeley.

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he Berkeley Divinity School motto is drawn from 2 Corinthians 10:16, Paul’s reference to a mission “into the regions beyond”; this expansive vision is echoed in the Acts reading tonight (1:1-8) for our observance of St Luke, which presents the spread of the Gospel in terms of a sort of theological manifest destiny, “from Jerusalem and Judea even to the ends of the earth.” But as you sit listening to an Australian Dean, fetched from the ends of the earth and from regions beyond anywhere our founders could have had in mind, you must surely be asking—well, “beyond what”? The first and most straightforward meaning of the “regions beyond” was of course geographical. And this vision of an expansive mission is reflected not just in the School’s motto but in its name. Anglo-Irish philosopher Bishop George Berkeley managed to become our founder, in spiritual terms at least, without knowing anything of the fact. Berkeley, previously Dean of Derry, travelled to Rhode Island in 1728 and lived there awaiting promised support for a new college to be based in Bermuda. The funds never arrived, and he left again in 1731, giving his property to Yale—the first Berkeley-Yale partnership! Berkeley became Bishop of Cloyne in Ireland, and died in Oxford in 1753, a century before Bishop John Williams of Connecticut became the material founder of the School and borrowed Berkeley’s name for this project in theological education. At the dedication of the original St Luke’s Chapel in Middletown in 1861, Williams referred to the naming of the School as intended “to commemorate the pious zeal of Bishop Berkeley in the cause of clerical education, and his relations to our early Church in Connecticut”. Speaking myself as another intercontinental dean, Berkeley’s willingness to go into “regions beyond” has a certain resonance as an example. Although a famous philosopher, Berkeley’s popularity in mid-nineteenth century America had much to do with his interest in a pioneering and expansive Christianity, by Williams’ time seen walking in step with Manifest Destiny. Berkeley had penned famous verses about the decrepit old world and the hopeful new to express the basis of his project: The muse, disgusted at an age and clime Barren of every glorious theme, In distant lands now waits a better time, Producing subjects worthy fame. The last stanza of that same poem (“On the Prospect of Planting Arts and Learning in America”) famously begins “Westward the course of empire takes its way”—an inspiring or perhaps a fearsome phrase, depending on your race and language. This line of Berkeley’s also inspired the founders of another educational institution on the West coast of this country to choose his name for their new town, a few years after this School had taken it first. So while this is the earlier meaning of our “going beyond,” it has elements that we ourselves need to go beyond; we need to claim that expansive and global perspective, but not the imperial and colonial visions grounded in exceptionalism; we need to go beyond them, to loving service of a diverse and fragile world. This leads to a second “beyond.” George Berkeley’s own movers apparently uploaded “fifty-eight boxes, whereof fifty-five contain only books” when he came here. I think Felicity and I between us may have beaten Berkeley on this front at least, if not in erudition. In fact when Berkeley left New England and gave Yale his books he doubled the size of the University library at the time.

Berkeley was obviously not skimping on the resources that would provide those hoped-for students with the best that Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian thought had to offer. He was intending to create not just a shadow of institutions like his own Trinity College, Dublin, but to go beyond them with a new bright exemplar, of which the old world’s universities would seem mere types and shadows. This ambition was a genuine point of continuity when Berkeley Divinity School was actually founded. In the same sermon at the dedication of the first St Luke’s Chapel, Bishop Williams wryly observed that “An unlearned clergy is one of the sorest evils that God allows the Church to impose upon herself.” Heaven knows God seems to be getting more permissive in this regard; theological education has seen better days—better months and years even—and the danger may be not just that we fail to go beyond past ambitions, books, boxes and all, but that we actually retreat from the demands of theological learning because the Church often seems to have forgotten its usefulness. It is of course now apparent that there are other ways of doing theological education than the residential seminary, and also that there are forms of scholarship and wisdom inconceivable to Williams or Berkeley; but here at Berkeley and Yale, set in one of the world’s great universities, our calling is not to fall back from the ideal they pursued but to go beyond it, to provide even better education not just for ministers and teachers but for theological educators themselves, and to do so in a setting where denominational tradition and ecumenical conversation are friends, not enemies, offering depth and breadth respectively. Beyond exceptionalism, then, to a global vision; beyond ignorance and sectarianism to an expansive pursuit of knowledge; but the third “beyond” is most fundamental, and

Trustee Secretary Clayton Thomason ’94, reads the honorary degree citations.

Development Director Pamela Wesley Gomez reads the lesson.

Trustees and trustees emeriti of Berkeley Divinity School.

Fall 2014 | 3

Graduate Society President Patricia Mitchell ’02 with Trustee Will Mebane ’06.

Former Associate Dean Alfred Tisdale with Registrar Lisa Huck and Jerry Henry ’80 of the Y.D.S. Alumni Board.

Student Trustees Andrew Moore ’15 and Jessie Gutgsell ’16 with Trustee Chair David Wilson.

Charles Graves ’15, who spent last summer with Bishop Atta-Baffoe in Ghana.

4 | Be r k e le y Divin i t y S c h o o l at YA L E

most elusive. When he set out for New England, Berkeley had already made a name for himself as one of the great philosophers of the day. While the history of Western thought now often skips from John Locke to David Hume, it used often to stop and sojourn with George Berkeley. You’ve nearly all heard something of the issues he presented, if not under his name; remember that freshman philosophy class discussion about whether a tree that falls in the forest makes a noise if there is no-one around to hear it? This is Berkeley to a tee, although he never used the example himself. We could put it thus: the external world means nothing, if we do not grasp it in thought.  Berkeley’s idealism, his philosophical insistence that everything we know has to be thought into being, has been widely misunderstood as a sort of pure subjectivism. Its most famous if not its most sophisticated critic was none other than the great lexicographer Dr Samuel Johnson, whose response to Berkeley’s idealism was recorded by Johnson’s biographer Boswell: “After we came out of the church we stood talking for some time together of Bishop Berkeley’s ingenious sophistry to prove the nonexistence of matter, and that every thing in the universe is merely ideal. I observed, that though we are satisfied his doctrine is not true, it is impossible to refute it. I never shall forget the alacrity with which Johnson answered, striking his foot with mighty force against a large stone, till he rebounded from it—‘I refute it thus.’” Johnson has even more sore-toed sympathisers today, in an age where materialism is often taken for granted, than in the eighteenth century; but he and they alike fail to grasp one key thing about Berkeley’s idealism. Berkeley did not think that objects or things really just came and went as we ourselves perceive them or think of them, but rather that they exist because they are perceived and willed to exist, by the mind of God. So I for one would like to think that Bishop Williams was making a pious philosophical joke of sorts in choosing the name for us. Bishop Berkeley had apparently managed only to think of his seminary; but in the end, even a century later, that proved enough— at least when God thought of it too. In the end no Divinity School, no Church, no human being, can escape the question of what being and truth itself lies beyond our immediate knowledge; unless we affirm that all our exploration, all our passion for justice and truth, is itself a form of “divinity,”

Anglican faculty and staff of Berkeley and Yale Divinity Schools, with Y.D.S. Dean Sterling and Dean Emeritus Attridge.

and that in the end we are God’s big idea, rather than the reverse, we stub our toes on the rocks of a self-defeating pragmatism. So there are still frontiers left to explore and seas to cross at Berkeley. Let us be a community characterised by diversity and curiosity, inspired by justice and wisdom, and together with St Luke and all the saints—George Berkeley and John Williams among them—go beyond what we already know, and thus find the one whose thought we are, and whose love we share.

Trustees Stephen Huber ’98 and Bill Haas.

Annand Program Director Jane Stickney with Trustee Professor Peter Hawkins in the procession.

Westcott Exchange Student Catherine Duce with Sarah Dunn ’15.

Fall 2014 | 5

Berkeley Honors Three Anglican Stalwarts At the installation for the new dean, Berkeley awarded three honorary degrees: Victor R. Atta-Baffoe is Bishop of Cape Coast in Ghana. Educated at St. Nicholas Seminary in Cape Coast, he came to Yale for his S.T.M. and went on to earn a Ph.D. at King’s College in the University of London. After serving as a parish priest, he returned to St. Nicholas as dean. He was enthroned as the fourth bishop of Cape Coast last June. He has served the Anglican Communion on many commissions, including the Inter-Anglican Theological and Doctrinal Commission and the Covenant Design Group. He is the author of two books on Anglicanism in Africa. Berkeley awarded him the degree of Doctor of Divinity, honoris causa, “for your commitment to the Gospel, your passion for preparing men and women for the service of the church, and

for your vision of an Anglican Communion united in mission and ministry.” Ann Reynolds Lawler Dewey (Mrs. Thomas E. Dewey, Jr.) retired last summer after 23 years on Berkeley’s Board of Trustees, on which she served as co-chair of the board and as chair of its development committee. She is a graduate of Vassar College and received her Ph.D. in Greek and Latin from Columbia University. A 40-year parishioner of St. James’ Church Madison Avenue, she has served on just about every parish board. Berkeley awarded her the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa, for “your lifetime of service to the Episcopal church, for your large and compassionate heart, for your generosity toward the institution and its students, for your commitment to those principles that are the School’s core values, and for your generosity in sharing them.”

Dean McGowan, Bishop Franklin, Dr. Ann Dewey, Bishop Atta-Baffoe, Trustee Chair Wilson.

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R. William Franklin is Bishop of Western New York. A graduate of Northwestern University, he earned a Ph.D. in church history at Harvard. He then went on to professorships at Saint John’s University and at General Theological Seminary before coming to Berkeley as its first lay dean and president. Called to ordination, he served as a priest at Trinity Church Copley Square in Boston, the Anglican Centre in Rome, and St. Mark’s Church in Philadelphia. He has authored or co-authored nine books and many articles, and serves on the Board of Examining Chaplains and on the committee to nominate the next presiding bishop. Berkeley awarded its dean emeritus the degree of Doctor of Divinity, honoris causa, “for your lifetime of service to the Church, and as a teacher, and as a recognized leader within the Episcopate.”

Matriculation 2014

The Matriculation of Berkeley’s new students took place on Wednesday, October 15, at the Community Eucharist in Marquand Chapel. The 26 who matriculated include 21 M.Div. students (who are striving for the Diploma in Anglican Studies), 2 M.A.R. students (who will receive the Certificate in Anglican Studies), and three exchange students from Westcott House, Cambridge. The new class has an equal number of men and women, and their median age is 32. Andrew Moore ’15, right, preached.

Fall 2014 | 7

In Illa Quae Ultra Sunt Berkeley’s 2014 Commencement


s always, the conferral of Berkeley diplomas and certificates and the awarding of prizes occurred in the context of Evensong. It fell this year on a beautiful May 17th. Fifteen graduates were awarded the Diploma in Anglican Studies, and another four the Certificate. Also in keeping with longstanding tradition, three Diplomas and four Certificates in Lutheran Studies were awarded as well. A further four students received Certificates in Educational Leadership and Ministry (two of them Berkeleyites). The Class of 2014 presented a new Berkeley banner in honor of the retiring dean as well as a very generous gift of $7,115 to B.D.S. Senior prize winners included Elizabeth Blunt who received the E. William Muehl Prize in Preaching; Stephen J. McCarthy who won the Thomas Phillips Prize for the study and practice of Anglican liturgy; Sarah 8 | Be r k e le y Div in i t y S c h o o l at YA L E

William Amon holding his late mother’s degree with Lucy LaRocca ’08 and Stephanie Johnson ’10.

Class of 2014 Graduates have assumed parochial positions in the following cities: Birmingham, AL Phoenix, AZ Los Angeles, CA San Francisco, CA Savannah, GA Indianapolis, IN Lafayette, LA Brookline, MA St. Mary’s City, MD Oklahoma City, OK Providence, RI Two more are working at church schools in Maryland, one is with the Mennonite Central Committee in Indonesia, and one is pursuing a Ph.D. at Yale.

Ginolfi who received the St. Luke’s Award for liturgical leadership; Timothy Kennedy who won the R. Lansing Hicks Prize for “doing the most to benefit the Berkeley community”; and Claire Dietrich Ranna was awarded the Bradford E. Abelson Prize for “the most outstanding qualities of judgment and character for the future exercise of ecclesiastical leadership.” Prizes for academic excellence were also awarded to Sarah Stewart ’15 and to Stephen Douglas ’16 and Robert Pennoyer ’16. At the YDS Commencement Exercises, Sarah Stewart ’15 won a Harriet Jackson Ely Prize for promise in theology, and Sarah and Yolanda Rolle ’15 were awarded Two Brothers Fellowships to pursue Biblical studies. The most poignant moment in the ceremonies came when 16-year-old William received the Certificate in Anglican Studies awarded posthumously to his mother, Catherine Amon, who died during the spring term of her senior year.

Some of the Anglican faculty and staff at Commencement: Chloe Starr, Christopher Beeley ’94, Bryan Spinks, Julie Kelsey ’84, Tony Jarvis, Pam Wesley Gomez.

Fall 2014 | 9

Berkeley Divinity School 2013-2014 Annual Fund Donors Dear Alumni and Friends of Berkeley,

The Founder’s Circle

The 1854 Society

The Rev. Betsy N. Anderson and Mr. Carl T. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. G. Hartwell Hylton The Rev. F. Washington Jarvis Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rowland Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Royce Mr. A. Gary Shilling The Rev. Dawn M. Stegelmann Mr. Murry Stegelmann Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis, IN, The Very Rev. Stephen E. Carlsen

Mr. David H. Crandall Ms. Carolyn E. Daniels The Rev. S. Rainey G. Dankel Mr. G. William Haas The Rt. Rev. Herman Hollerith IV The Rev. Jocelynn L. JurkovichHughes The Honorable James A. Kenney III Ms. Linda K. Lorimer and Mr. Charles D. Ellis Mr. Christian Sonne The Rev. Sarah Buxton Smith and The Rev. Stephen J. S. Smith All Saints’ Parish, Beverly Hills, CA, The Rev. Canon Stephen A. Huber Christ & Holy Trinity Church, Westport, CT, The Rev. Whitney Z. Edwards Christ & St. Stephen’s Church, New York, NY, The Rev. L. Kathleen Liles Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati, OH, The Very Rev. Ron N. DelBene Christ Church Christiana Hundred, Wilmington, DE, The Rev. Ruth L. Kirk Christ Episcopal Church, Roanoke, VA, The Rev. Deborah Hentz Hunley Church of the Holy Spirit, Lake Forest, IL, The Rev. Jay Sidebotham Diocese of New Hampshire, Concord, NH, The Rt. Rev. A. Robert Hirschfeld Diocese of North Carolina, Raleigh, NC, The Rt. Rev. Michael B. Curry St. James’ Church, New York, NY, The Rev. Brenda G. Husson St. Mark’s Church, New Britain, CT, The Rev. Patricia M. Hames St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, Houston, TX, The Rev. Dr. Russell J. Levenson, Jr.

$10,000 or more

The President’s Society $5,000 to $9,999

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Brewer Mrs. Marion Dawson Carr Mr. and Mrs. David E. Carson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Dewey, Jr. Ms. Linda M. Griggs Dr. Robert M. Kass and Mrs. Anna Mae Kass Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kirby Mr. James D. Klote The Rev. Donald E. Mowery and Mrs. Julie Mowery The Rev. Linda Z. Tyson and Mr. Charles R. Tyson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David R. Wilson All Saints Episcopal Church, Atlanta, GA, The Rev. Geoffrey M. St.J. Hoare Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta, GA, The Very Rev. Samuel G. Candler Christ Church Greenwich, Greenwich, CT, The Rev. Dr. James B. Lemler Church of the Heavenly Rest, New York, NY, The Rev. Matthew F. Heyd St. John’s Cathedral, Denver, CO, The Very Rev. Peter D. Eaton St. Luke’s Parish, Darien, CT, The Rev. David R. Anderson St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, New Canaan, CT, The Rev. Peter F. Walsh

$1,854 to $4,999

This information was prepared to the best of our knowledge with the gift date beginning 07/01/2013 to 06/30/2014. Although our donor lists have been prepared with every precaution to ensure accuracy, we at Berkeley Divinity School apologize in advance for any errors or omissions. * Denotes deceased

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Thank you to all who contributed to our most successful annual appeal in the past decade! We received 554 gifts for a total of $476,496. This is a strong welcome to Dean McGowan and our 26 first-year students. As you know, our students’ tuition goes to the University which provides a world class theological education, and our gifts support all seminary programs. Now more than ever, Berkeley must continue to thrive and your generosity has made that possible. Thank you for you strong support,

(The Very Rev.) Samuel G. Candler ’82

St. Matthew’s Church, Pacific Palisades, CA, The Rev. Dr. George H. Martin St. Paul’s Church, Wallingford, CT, The Rev. Dee Anne Dodd St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Indianapolis, IN, The Rev. John Denson St. Peter’s By The Lake, Brandon, MS, The Rev. Carol L. Mead St. Stephen’s Church, Richmond, VA, The Rev. Gary D. Jones St. Thomas Church, Terrace Park, OH, The Rev. Darren Elin

St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, The Rev. Andrew C. Mead Trinity Church, Boston, MA, The Very Rev. Samuel T. Lloyd III Trinity Church, New York, NY, The Rev. Dr. James H. Cooper, The Rev. Anne F. Mallonee

Dean Ladd Society $500 to $1,853

The Rev. Daniel S. Appleyard The Rev. Arthur W. Archer

The Rev. Kempton D. Baldridge The Rev. Dr. Bennett H. Barnes, Jr. The Rev. Canon Stephen M. Bolle Ms. Cheryl L. Bundy The Rev. Katherine Cadigan The Rev. Jenifer Chatfield Mr. Richard L. Chilton, Jr. The Rev. Anisa P. Cottrell-Willis The Rt. Rev. James E. Curry The Rev. Claire Dietrich Ranna The Rt. Rev. Ian T. Douglas The Rev. Charles H. DuBois The Rev. Dr. D. Stuart Dunnan The Rev. Whitney Z. Edwards Mr. James L. Elrod, Jr. The Rev. Nancy E. Gossling Mr. William W. Grant III Mr. Howard R. Greene The Rev. Daniel L. Gross The Rev. Martha H. Hedgpeth Ms. Robin R. Henry The Rev. Matthew F. Heyd Mrs. Judith K. Holding The Rev. Anne K. H. Jensen The Rev. Mary B. M. Johnstone The Rev. Stephen B. Klots The Rev. Canon Anne F. Mallonee The Rev. John W. Martiner Mr. James L. Maury The Rev. Christine T. T. McSpadden The Rev. Deborah A. Meister Dr. Dwight F. Miller The Rev. Canon Patricia R. S. Mitchell The Rev. Canon William F. Murphey The Rev. George O. Nagle The Rev. Canon Richard T. Nolan Mr. David P. Pearson The Rev. Dr. Carol Pinkham Oak The Rev. Harry A. Roark III The Rt. Rev. Jeffery W. Rowthorn Ms. Karen Free Royce The Rt. Rev. Calvin O. Schofield, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul I. Schorr III The. Rev. Kit Sharp Ms. Virginia H. Soutter The Rev. Linda M. Spiers Ms. Christine Tall The Rev. Clayton L. Thomason The Rev. Paul E. Towner Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Vickers Mr. John W. Watling III Mrs. Pamela S. Wesley Gomez The Rev. Evelyn Wheeler The Rev. Edward S. Winsor Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Wood Mr. Roger A. Young All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Phoenix, AZ, The Rev. Canon Poulson C. Reed, Jr.

Christ Church, Harwich Port, MA, The Rev. Dr. Judith A. Davis Church of the Annunciation, Holmes Beach, FL, The Rev. Dolores A. deMontmollin Diocese of Connecticut, The Rev. Ian T. Douglas, Ph.D. Diocese of Long Island, The Rt. Rev. Lawrence C. Provenzano Diocese of Newark, Newark, NJ, The Rt. Rev. Mark M. Beckwith Diocese of New York, New York, NY, The Rt. Rev. Mark S. Sisk, D.D. Diocese of Rhode Island, Providence, RI, The Rt. Rev. W. Nicholas Knisely, Jr. Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City, MO, The Rev. Peter J. DeVeau Grace Episcopal Church, Newington, CT, The Rev. David Parachini Holy Trinity Church, Fayetteville, NC, The Rev. Raymond F. Brown St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church, San Francisco, CA, The Rev. Tommy J. Dillon II St. Andrew’s By The Sea, Little Compton, RI, The Rev. Peter G. Tierney III St. Andrew’s Church, Kent, CT, The Rev. Roger B. White St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Greenwich, CT, The Rev. Edward Pardoe

St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church, Carmel Valley, CA, The Rev. Robert W. Fisher St. Elizabeth’s Church, Ridgewood, NJ, The Rev. John G. Hartnett St. James Episcopal Church, Woodstock, VT, The Rev. Norman M. MacLeod III St. James’s Church, Richmond, VA, The Rev. Randolph M Hollerith St. John’s Episcopal Church, Reisterstown, MD, The Rev. Tracy A. Bruce St. Paul’s Church, Rochester, NY, The Rev. Frederic W. Reynolds St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Riverside, CT, The Rev. Lee Ann Tolzmann St. Peter’s Church, Cheshire, CT, The Rev. Sandra H. Stayner St. Timothy’s Church, Fairfield, CT, The Rev. Matthew H. Calkins Trinity Cathedral, Portland, OR, The Very Rev. Dr. Will B. Lupfer, Jr. Trinity Church, Columbus, OH, The Rev. Richard A. Burnett Trinity Church, Southport, CT, The Rev. Leslie C. Smith Trinity Episcopal Church, Concord, MA, The Rev. Anthony F. Buquor Trinity Episcopal Church, Charlottesville, VA, The Rev. B. Cass Bailey Zion Episcopal Church, North Branford, CT, The Rev. Lucy LaRocca

The St. Luke’s Society Gifts up to $499

The Rev. Canon Jane B. Alexander The Rev. David E. Allen The Rev. Carol L. Anderson Mr. William M. Anderson III The Rev. Canon John G. B. Andrew Mrs. Connie L. Annand The Rev. Dr. Mark S. Anschutz Mr. John Armstrong The Rev. Susan G. Astarita The Rev. Phillip W. Ayers Mr. Rodney V. Ayers The Rev. B. Cass Bailey The Rev. S. Abbott Bailey The Rev. Theodore H. Bailey III The Rev. Richard A. Bamforth The Rev. Kathryn Banakis The Rev. Kristin N. Barberia The Rev. William N. Beachy, M.D. Mr. Nathan A. Beall Mrs. Anne L. Beatty Mrs. Susan R. Beebe The Rev. Dr. William S. Beery The Rev. Jill Beimdiek The Rev. Harold E. Beliveau, Jr. The Rev. R. Dudley Bennett The Rev. Bettine E. Besier The Rev. James A. Birdsall Mr. Stephen Blackmer Ms. Elizabeth E. Blunt The Rt. Rev. Frederick H. Borsch, Ph.D. The Rev. Robert J. Boulter The Rev. Sally J. D. Brown

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2013- 2014 A nnual F und D onors

The Rev. Dr. A. Richard Bullock The Rev. Michael A. Bullock The Rev. Drew Bunting The Rev. Richard A. Burnett Ms. Andrea Burr The Rev. Grace P. Burson The Rev. Edward S. Bushong, Jr. Mrs. Ann James Buxton Mr. and Mrs. Guido G. Calabresi The Rev. Dana L. Campbell The Rev. Diana E. Carroll The Ven. Charles E. Carter The Rev. Kevin G. Caruso The Rt. Rev. John B. Chane The Rev. Gordon L. Chastain The Rev. A. Milton Cheney III The Rev. Peter Cheney Ms. Gail J. Chiasson The Rev. M. Ronald Chrisner The Rev. Nina Churchman The Rev. Dena M. CleaverBartholomew The Rev. Charles E. Cloughen, Jr. The Rev. P. Douglas Coil The Rev. Canon Douglas T. Cooke The Rev. Edward C. Coolidge The Rev. Ann H. Copp Mr. Peter B. Corbridge The Rev. J. Kathryn Costas The Rev. Judith A. Cowper The Rev. R. David Cox The Rev. Francis B. Creamer, Jr. Mr. Justin E. Crisp Mr. Peter G. Crumlish The Rev. Mary T. Cushman The Rev. Thomas S. Cushman The Rev. Dr. Alexander S. Daley The Rev. Bancroft G. Davis Dr. Ellen F. Davis Ms. Mary J. Decker The Rev. Joseph C. Dedde The Rev. Russell L. Deragon The Rev. Dr. Richard C. Ditterline The Rt. Rev. Herbert A. Donovan, Jr. Mr. Kenneth P. Doolittle The Rev. Donna M. Downs Ms. Rachel E. Downs Mr. William M. Duncan II The Very Rev. Martin J. Dwyer The Rev. Richard F. Ebens The Rev. Deirdre A. Eckian The Rev. John B. Edson The Rev. Edwin J. Eilertsen The Rev. Hentzi Elek The Rev. Joanne Epply-Schmidt The Rev. Paul F. Evans The Rev. Henry F. Fairman Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Finger, Jr. Ms. Marguerite A. Fleenor The Rev. Ryan C. Fleenor The Rev. J. Seymour Flinn

The Rev. Elizabeth H. Fowle Mr. George A. Fowlkes Ms. Faith S. T. Fraser The Rev. William C. Fraser The Rev. and Mrs. James P. Frink The Rev. Thomas J. Furrer Miss Cecille R. Gallant The Rev. G. K. Garrett The Rev. Margaret A. Gat The Rev. Canon Dr. Mark F. Gatza Mr. and Mrs. John P. Gedrick, Jr. William S. Gere, Jr. The Rev. Carmen Germino The Rev. Robert B. Gibson Mr. Thomas C. Gilmore The Rev. Sarah C. Ginolfi The Rev. William C. Godfrey The Rev. Richard W. Gray The Rev. Dr. Kathryn GreeneMcCreight The Rev. Richard E. Greenleaf Mr. Thomas D. Haines The Rev. John Hall Ms. Mary H. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Hall The Rev. Donald L. Hamer The Rev. Patricia M. Hames The Rev. Bayard Hancock The Rev. Cameron R. Hardy Mr. and Mrs. W. Kent Haydock The Rev. M. Peggy Wall Hays The Rev. John S. Hedger Ms. Joyce Hempstead Mr. David M. Hildreth The Rev. Gilberto A. Hinds The Rev. Geoffrey M. St.J. Hoare Mr. and Mrs. Chris Holding Ms. Margaret A. Holmberg The Rev. Stephen C. Holton The Rev. Ronald L. Hooker The Rev. Louise Howlett The Rev. Deven A. Hubert The Rev. Deborah Hentz Hunley The Rev. Donald A. Hunt Ms. Amy B. Hunter Mr. Franklin E. Huntress, Jr. The Rev. Carl P. Ijams The Rev. Donald T. Isaac The Rev. Molly F. James, Ph.D. The Rt. Rev. Robert C. Johnson, Jr. The Rev. R. Channing Johnson The Rev. Stephanie M. Johnson The Rev. William G. Johnson Mr. Peter N. Johnston Mr. Timothy A. Kennedy Ms. Eloise H. P. Killeffer The Rev. Anne B. Kimball The Rev. Debra J. Kissinger Ms. Audrey E. Klein-Leach The Rev. Andrew F. Kline The Rev. John F. Koepke III

12 | Be r k e le y Div i n i t y S c h o o l at YA L E

The Rev. Dr. Paul R. Kolbet The Rev. Frederick F. Kramer Mr. Cheryl T. Kyle The Rev. Lucy D. LaRocca The Very Rev. R. James Larsen, Jr. The Rev. Ledlie I. Laughlin III The Rev. George M. O. Lee The Rev. Daniel D. Lennox The Rev. Harold T. Lewis, Ph.D. The Rev. Dr. Glenn M. Libby The Rev. Donald R. Lillpopp The Rev. John D. Limpitlaw The Rev. Steven C. Ling The Rev. Howard M. Lipsey The Rev. Julia D. R. Loomis The Rev. Dr. Molly O. Louden Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. MacBeth The Rev. Daniel K. MacDonald The Rev. Aaron Manderbach, D.D. The Very Rev. Richard H. Mansfield The Rev. Christopher H. Martin The Rev. William L. Martin The Rev. Jeannie M. Martz The Rev. Bruce Mason Stephen J. McCarthy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. McCulloch, Jr. The Rev. Dr. Ellen B. McKinley The Rev. Paul K. McLain III The Rev. Vaughan D. McTernan The Rev. Elizabeth Marie Melchionna The Rev. George R. Merrill Ms. Beverly Mitchell Mr. Emerson A. Morgan The Rev. Alan C. Murchie The Rev. Michael K. Mutzelburg Ms. Lucy C. Nazro The Rev. Joanne L. Neel-Richard Mr. Frederick H. Osborn III The Rev. Sherrell E. Osborn

Ms. Sarah C. Oshana The Rev. Sam L. Owen The Rev. Donald H. Parker The Rev. Stephen D. Parker, Jr. Mr. William Parsons, Jr. The Rev. Robert P. Patterson The Rev. Thomas J. Pellaton Mr. Robert M. Pennoyer The Rev. Everett C. Perine The Rev. John H. Peterson The Rev. Richard O. Phillips The Rev. E. Alden Pickup, Jr. The Rev. Canon Louis W. Pitt, Jr. The Rev. David H. Poist The Rev. Daniel S. Pope III The Rt. Rev. Morgan Porteus The Rev. Sara L. Potter The Rev. Robert W. Prichard, Ph.D. Mr. Will Prosser Mrs. Emily Puskar The Rev. C. Corydon Randall, Ph.D., D.D. The Rev. George W. Razee The Rev. Allison Read The Rev. Robert J. Reuss The Rev. Patricia A. Reuss The Rev. Rodney V. Rice The Rev. Dr. William W. Rich The Rev. John W. Rick III Dr. Gregory A. Robbins The Rev. Paul B. Roberts The Rev. Dr. Robert R. Rodie, Jr. The Rev. Joshua A. Rodriguez Mr. Kenneth C. Rogozinski The Rev. John D. Rohrs and The Rev. The Rev. Andrea L. Wigodsky Mr. Gary L. Rose The Rev. David A. Ryan The Rt. Rev. John L. Said The Rev. Walter B. Salmon

In Memoriam Alumni who died between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014

The Very Rev. J. C. Michael Allen ’76, 9/4/13 Catherine Amon ’14, 2/18/14 The Rev. Jesse Y. Bigham, Jr. ’67, 4/24/14 The Ven. Charles E. Carter ’59, 9/21/13 The Rev. Robert M. Cooper ’60, 2/19/14 The Rev. Robert H. DeWolfe ’71, 9/16/13 The Rev. Joseph W. Frazier ’73, 3/28/14 The Rev. Kenneth E. Hulme ’61, 4/18/14 The Rev. Lewis C. Johnson ’80, 3/10/14 The Rev. Sherrill B. Smith, Jr. ’54, 3/18/14 The Rev. Edward W. Stiess ’68, 8/26/13 Mr. Anthony D. Tall ’59, 4/17/14 The Rev. James K. Taylor ’61, 2/6/14 The Rt. Rev. Franklin D. Turner ’65, 12/31/13

2013- 2014 A nnual F und D onors

Delegation to the Compass Rose Society. The Berkeley delegation to the Compass Rose Society October meeting at Lambeth Palace in London. Matthew Corkern ’01, Dean McGowan, Jesse Zink ’12, Pam Wesley Gomez, Rick Lord ’92, Christine McSpadden ’95, Marek Zabriski ’89, Bishop Herbert Donovan D.D.’03, Deborah and Charles Royce.

Mr. Franklin D. Sanders The Rev. Philip D. Schaefer The Rev. William L. Schnitzer The Rev. Lawrence A. Schuster The Rev. Joseph Y. Seville The Rev. Ellen M. Shaver The Rev. Edmund K. Sherrill The Rev. G. Richard Siener, D.D. The Rev. Sarah E. Slater The Rev. John A. Smart The Rev. Walter Smedley IV Mr. and Mrs. Claude A. Smith The Rt. Rev. Kirk S. Smith, Ph.D. The Rev. Roger S. Smith Mr. Timothy J. Sommer Mr. Christian R. Sonne The Rev. Caroline M. Stacey The Rev. Dr. E. Bevan Stanley The Rev. Canon Peter A. R. Stebinger Mr. Gregory E. Sterling Mr. J. Mac Stewart Ms. Sarah Stewart The Rev. Jane Stickney The Rev. Lewis S. Stone, Jr. The Rev. Astrid J. Storm The Rev. Jennifer R. Strawbridge The Rev. Thomas N. J. Synan The Rev. Michael J. Tan Creti The Rev. Robert E. Taylor The Rev. Robert D. Terhune, Jr. Ms. Anne C. Thatcher The Rev. Elaine E. Thomas The Rev. Trevor E.G. Thomas Mrs. Allene D. Thurston The Very Rev. Anthony C. Thurston The Rev. Maria W. E. Tjeltveit Mr. John C. Train The Rev. Dr. Thomas H. Troeger The Rev. Heidi M. Truax Mr. Philip S. Truax The Rev. William J. Turner, Jr. Mr. Thomas Vail Mr. and Mrs. John W. Van Dyke

The Rev. Richard F. Van Wely The Rev. Canon Charles M. Vogt The Rev. Canon James D. Von Dreele The Rev. Ralph R. Warren, Jr. The Rev. Amy Doyle Welin The Rev. Gregory W. Welin The Rev. Robert H. Wellner The Very Rev. George L. W. Werner The Rev. Roger B. White Mr. Charles P. Whittemore The Rev. Mary Grace Williams Dr. Charles V. Willie The Rev. Nancy A. Willis The Rev. James G. Wilson The Rev. Walter W. Witte The Rev. L. D. Wood-Hull The Rev. William C. Wrenn The Rev. Terry M. Wysong Mr. Douglas T. Yates Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Yellowlees The Rev. Noelle M. York-Simmons The Rev. Bruce A. Young The Rev. Dr. Andrew H. Zeman The Rev. Canon Jervis S. Zimmerman The Rev. Jennifer G. Zogg The Rev. Dwight J. Zscheile Brotherhood of St. Andrew, Rockville, CT, The Rev. Virginia Army Christ Church Cathedral, Lexington, KY, The Very Rev. Carol L. Wade Church of the Good Shepherd, Towson, MD, The Rev. Arianne R. Weeks Church of the Holy Spirit, Lake Forest, IL, The Rev. Alan James Church of the Mediator, Allentown, PA, The Rev. Maria W. E. Tjeltveit Church of Our Savior, Mechanicsburg, OH, The Rev. Robert L Ficks III

Church of the Holy Comforter, Charlotte, NC, The Rev. Kevin S. Brown Diocese of North Carolina, Raleigh, NC, The Rt. Rev. Michael B. Curry Diocese of North California, Sacramento, CA, The Rev. Barbara E. Nixon Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Knoxville, TN, The Rev. Dr. Howard J. Hess Episcopal Parishes of Schuyler County, Watkins Glen, NY, The Rev. Michael E. Hartney Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Friendswood, TX, The Rev. Geoffrey C. Gwynne Grace & St. Peters Church, Hamden, CT, The Rev. Amanda K. Gott St. Alban’s Church, Syracuse, NY, The Rev. Julie E. Calhoun-Bryant St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Edgartown, MA, The Rev. Vincent G. Seadale St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Franklinville, NY, Ms. Donna Abbott St. Brigid Episcopal Church, Nazareth, PA, The Rev. William L. Martin St. David’s Episcopal Church, West Seneca, NY, The Very Rev. Allen W. Farabee St. James’ Church, Richmond, VA, The Rev. Randolph M. Hollerith St. John’s Episcopal Church, Kula, HI, The Rev. Kerith A. Harding St. John’s Episcopal Church, Odessa, NY, The Rev. Michael E. Hartney St. Luke’s Church, Alexandria, VA, The Rev. Ellis “Tuck” Bowerfind St. Michael’s Church, New York, NY, The Rev. Elizabeth G. Maxwell St. Peter’s By-The-Sea, Morro Bay, CA, The Rev. Sidney S. Symington St. Peter’s Church, Monroe, CT, The Rev. Kurt J. Huber St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Essex Fells, NJ, The Rev. Stephanie K. Wethered St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Milford, CT, The Rev. Cynthia Knapp St. Thomas Episcopal Church, McLean, VA, The Rev. Dr. Stephen B. Edmondson Trinity Church, Portland, CT, The Rev. Steven C. Ling

Foundations, Corporations, & Organizations Anderson Family Foundation Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, The Donald and Julie Mowery Fund The Ellis Fund The John C. Markey Charitable Fund Ernst & Young Fairfield County Community Foundation, Inc. from the Safe Harbor Fund Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fresh Ministries, Inc. The Hyduke Foundation of the Saint Paul Foundation The Read Ebert Family Fund The Thomas E. Dewey Fund The Train Foundation The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust, The G. William Haas Charitable Fund The V & L Marx Foundation Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Vincent Mulford Foundation

Gifts were given in honor of: The Rev. Geoffrey M. St.J. Hoare The Rev. Noelle M. York-Simmons The Rev. Tommy J. Dillon II The Rev. Carol L. Anderson The Rev. Norman L. Macleod The Rev. Ryan Fleenor The Rt. Rev. Jeffery Rowthorn and Anne Rowthorn

Gifts were given in memory of: The Rev. Francis X. Cheney George Russell Anthony Donaldson Tall The Rev. Dr. Rowan A. Greer III The Rev. Floyd Steele Kenyon, D.D.

Photo Credits The photographs in this issue are © James R. Anderson Photography unless otherwise noted. The cover, top photo on page 2; top, third, and fourth down on the left of page 4; bottom three on page 5 are by Sarah Stewart ’15. Photos on page 7, 10, and 11 are by Sarah Dunn ’15. Photos on page 8 and 9 are by John Armstrong. Photo on page 13 is by Norris Battin.

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BDS Newsletter Fall 2014  
BDS Newsletter Fall 2014