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CONTENTS INTRODUCTION ----------------------------------------------------1 NATURE-------------------------------------------------------------2 EOI:CASE FOR INNOVATION WEEK 1 Architecture as a Discourse -Personal Project---------------------------------------3

-Magic Mountain----------------------------------------------4 -Shell Architecture--------------------------------------------5

WEEK 2 Computation in Architecture -Digital performance------------------------------------------7 -”Ecological system”------------------------------------------9

WEEK 3 Parametric Design

-Tiling within tiling----------------------------------------------12 -Seroussi Pavillion----------------------------------------------13

WEEK 4-8 Cut:Develop

-Matrix combination--------------------------------------------15 -Vary in Parametric Relation -Data Selection -Mccormick Tribune Campus Center -Articulated Cloud -An Exploration of Sand Duens -Banq Restaurant -River Architecture -Case Study Digital Version 1 -Digital Version 2 -Materiality -Structural Diagram

INTRODUCTION “The core of the undergraduate design sequence is the development of both design thinking and dexterity with tools.�


s an important pat of the ADS 3.The aim of this journal is to develop computational skill weekly with the understanding of contemporary architectural theory and then lead the way up to the development and completion of final gateway project.

Architecture is the most public art of our life. The field of Architecture is broad. They frame our life, moralise and discipline also contain social importance. For the project , it is important to satisfy the speed of the change of nowdays architecture, and reflect a certain culture and a way of thinking. Moreover, computational technology challenge the traditional architecture design method and advance the design process in the more dominated way within the vitual space. Therefore, the project should use the architectural discourse as a goal and achieve by borrowing advanced technical skill, and also linking to the physical effect and environment.



doesn’t have a design problem. People do....Instead of using nature as a mere tool for human purposes, we can strive to become tools of nature who serve its agenda too......What would it mean to become, once again, native to this place,the Earth - the home of all our relations?

-William McDonough and Michael Braungart, Cradle-to-Cradle


s the residents, we inhabit in the nature. The nature environment fill us with sense of awe and amazement, it provides natures resource . To think as a designer, architects are reponsible for designing the dwelling for the human. As natures itself, it can be considered as a system of architectures for natural habitant. For me , rather than only considering about the amazing shape from the nature, I also interested in the way of how the natural system develope and compose. Borrowing the structure and methods with contemporary technology to formulate a truly sustainable way of living







his is the project for Architecture studio water. The design is draw from the Master piece of MiesVan Derh Rhoe. The design is composed with seperate building which connect by the bridge. Panel frame, glass stair and pool increase the circulation and suggest the movement of the vistors. From Mies : “ less is more.� Spacious, subtractive form design are all draw from the precedent. Rather than copy Mies building, the combination style of the building innovate the design. The key aspect of this project is about the nature and humanism, the design of the builidng has blended in the landscape with the river surround . Water feature, roof garden are considered to be the nature decoration which provide the harmonious environment for the visitors. The design come along through the computation. With the aid of computer, it enable me to experiment the subttractive forms and imagine the design in the virtual space. For the project, it can be argue that it is benefit to learn from the master, however, instead of copying it. We should innovate the design base on the principle with the aid of technology and new thoughts which is the way to advance the architecture discourse.

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“The seeds are

nurtured with a compound of contemporariness, utopia, life, invention, risk, digits and intelligence

- Enric Ruiz-Geli, curator The proposal was treat the existing power station as a segment of landscape within the city, it has been described as a living mountain. It is not merely a cosmetic,the mask still functional. Architects attempted to mitigate the power station impact’s by implementing the instrument and concepts of gardening,species breeding. Actually, it seems like a piece of art work as the skin is covered by the membrane of roses and honeysuckle which intent to attract birds and butterflies. This project borrow the skin of nature and apply the function,draw the connection between nature environment and urban condition which has demonstrated a kind nature and architecture system. These ideas are what we might need to borrow for the Gateway project.

•Ecosystem Mask for Ames Thermal Power • Station Ames,Iowa Architects:Cero9

This proposal contribute to the Architecture discourse by providing new thoughts for symbolization. The assembly of the existing power station produce an ecosystem that is subject to human interaction. Architecture and energy infrastructure convert into living systems using bioengineering techniques: a natural mountain. A monument that is generated artificially. In the context of Wyndham project, we can draw similarities with the building symbolism. As in the urban environment, it can be the monument to symbolize as an interaction between ecosystem and humanism. 4

SHELL ARCHITECTURE CASE AS INNOVATION •Dubai Waterfront Hotel •Architects: Jerrytate

This proposal for a high-rise hotel tower reconceives the construction and arrangement of a skyscraper by using the fundamental concepts of structure condition and environmental condition in nature. The structure of the lattice is derived from the natural wing structures which could provide circulation,ventilation and event space. The arrangement of the modules is derived from the exoskeleton and insect shell structure. Like the insect dwelling type, each module has different function and the spatial arrangement is according to the order. In fact,the smooth transformation between module variants produces a multifarious range of unique spaces which able to accomodate the wide range of other function in the hotel. The proposal innovate the discourse by mimicking the complex natural ecosystem with the parametric design method. The module arrangements are input as a series of mathematical function. The space has been efficiently control since there are no abrupt transitions between discrete panel. With the aid of contemporary technology, computer solve massive mathmatical calculation and made the structure more stable.




Qatar Education City Convention Centre is designed by Yamasaki, and it is located at Doha. Boasting iconic design and cutting edge facilities has made it become a unique building. “Sustainable, high-performance and environmentally conscious design is becoming a standard for our project”said by Yamasaki. According to Kalay, “Once the goal of the design has been established, the design will become more efficiency and purposeful.”


Conceptual design of has developed with the incorporation of the large sidra tree roots , which enable to flourish the harsh environment of the desert. The tree is a symbol of growth and power, and it also represents the foundation of the Qatar which seeks to be “haven of learning of Qatar .” This dynamic and irregular curving shape stands out from the surface of the building.The successeful This success of this dynamic design is owe to the innovation of the computational design. Computational technology apear to reject the fixed structure typology and enable the variable possibilites to occur. On the other hand, computational design shit the form design to structural design which positively attain the goal of high-performance and structure rigidity.


The innovation of computational design challenged the traditional process and the assist the architecture achieving the better outcome as it could test and challenge more complex form for the design. Using shape design method which is Extended Evolutionary Structural The three-dimensional space occupy this structure optimally with the given condition,and the resulting structural shape manifests maximum mechanical efficiency with minimum use of materials.The digital modelling compose the design intension and process as a whole, with the consideration of work efficiency. The use of digital modelling and animation software opened up the spaces for the model to evolved. The shape and the form of the design are not generate in the conventional way, it generated with the parametric process within the system and then be clarified by animation presentation.

Digital modelling software has opened new terriories of formal exploration in Architecture, in which digitally-generated formd are not designed in conventional ways� Kolarevic,2003

FEM analysis of quarter segment of full model Top: Distribution of compression and tension in verticle load. Bottom:Distribution of compression and tension in thermal load.

For the further development, since it’s relate to the theme nature. I would like to concern about the dynamic design of sidra tree roots structure and apply it with the parametric design method. As in this case, it advocates some kind of computer-aid innovation.

process of shape analysis by 3D Extended ESO method

The wyndham gateway project encourage the new, inspiring,innovative ideas to generate the discourse. So, it is essential to borrow the contemporary technology to embrace the new period of the design.



New York-based architects Chimera unveiled a proposal for a new skyscraper in Manhattan that explores the emergent logics of adaptation and evolution that are constitutive of ecosystems in nature. In this project,the ecological system is taking as a model an organism in nature, specifically the mangrove plant.The oriented space is being partitioned following a logic of cell aggregation embedding neighbouring relationships at different scale.Model from nature such as hyllotais and branching have been the driving paradigms to define a parametric machine which is able to create a responsive urban ecology. For this project, nature algorithm method has been applied within the parametric design. The concepts are expressed as a set of rules, and their evolution and development can digitally encoded. In the field of the nature, most of the forms are remain abstract. Parametric design enable us to build the something scaleable which break free from the traditional design method. I would like to borrow this unconventional design method as an innovation in the further exploration of the Whydham gateway project. More complex shape or system from nature could be rebuilt by using the parametric design with nature algorithm. Moreover, refer to Greg Lynn, instead of concentrating more on the shape of the design.I would like to using the design as a tool to study nature and understand nature.


“Parametrics can provide for a powerful conception of architectual form by decribing a range of possibilities,replacing in the process stable with variabl,singularity with multiplicity.� Kolarevic,2003



Scripting as a driving force for 21st-century architectural thinking.

Mark Burry 2011


TILING WITHIN TILING “ In researching script panelizing system, we thought a script that would maximize our control of parameters&visual spatial effects without sacrificing variation and complexity.” Gong&Kiem Ho

•Project:Land of Tommorow Exhibition •Architect: Cheng GONG &kiem HO

This is the project chosen from Land of Tommorrow Exhibiton by architects Cheng Gong and Kiem Ho. The design intent to integrate the panelizing system by using the script. Scripting, as an approach to design, offers access to whole new ways of exploring and manipulating the design. It maximize the control of parameters as well as visual effects without sacrificing variation and complexty. Referring to Gong: ” We rejected typical gradient controls of varying opening patches of different panel types could vary & adapt as abrupt as necessary. We favored scripts that allowed us to build in a higher level of variation while also creating vague, unpredictable relationships between a large multitude of panels”.

The scrip progress based on the simple rule, given rise to these emergent patterns. Geometric flow, twisting,panel types, all of those factors could be easily manipulated. It seems that the scripting lead the way to approach innovative and optimal design outcome. Referring to the Wynd ham Gateway project. Scripting would allow me to design in the high level of variation. Moreover, the sites are the complex system. Sun path, wind flow ,movement are all the factors might influence the design. Scripting could generate different simulation to satisfy the physical environmental change.


SEROUSSI PAVILLION The form of the pavillion generates from the self-modifying patterns of vectors based on magnetic field. The logics of attraction & repulsion trajectories were computed in plan and then lifed up control by the sine wave math function. For this project, it seems that the logic of algorithm could create more complex pattern as well as adapting to the certain condition. Algorithmically nested EMF field charges. Double charged trajectories are producing internal cocoon like spatial fabric _ a system of veils that unfurls through the space building up continuous yet highly differentiated interlaced field. This project shows the ability of the scripting control,it is completely different from the traditional design method which should be considered for the Gateway project as it meets the requirement of the design brief, satisfied the needs for innovation. For the Gateway project, the using of math wave function, multi-parameter should be considered as it increase the creative potential with the scrpting. However, in the real condition, there should be more concern of the true structure .Such question as how to applied the structure of this kind of a form within the certain cite conditon?

•Project: Seroussi Pavillion •Design team: Ezio Blasetti / Che Wei Wang / Fabian Evers / Lakhena Raingsan / Jin Pyo Eun / Mark Bearak





Relate to Kalay “Search processes involve two steps: (1) producing candidate solutions for consideration, and (2) choosing the “right” solution for further consideration and development.”

Boolean Pattern+ MultimathFunction+ Data Driven Shading

OverlappingPatterning +MultimathFunction+ DataDriven Extrusion

ExplicitGrid+Curve Attr actor+DataDriven Sha ding

Using Surface Normal +Maths Functions+ DataDriven Extrusion


SurfaceGrid+Multi Math Function+ Data Driven Extrusion

Curve Intersection +Multiple Math Funtion+Data Driven Extrusion

Using Surface Normals+Image Sampler+Data Driven Extrision

Boolean Patterning +Math Function +Data Driven Rotat ion

Arbitrary Point+ Multimath Function +Data Driven Extru sion

Arbitrary Point+ Attractor Point+ Data Driven Extrusion


Arbitrary Point+ Using sets+Data Driven Extrusion

Boolean Pattern+ Using sets+Data Dri ven Shading

Using Surface Normal+Math Fu n c t i o n + D a t a Driven Extrusion

B o o l e a n Pa t t e r n + I m a g e Sampler+Data Driven Shading

S u r f a c e Gride+Curve Attactor+Data Driven Shading

Boolean Patterning +Multi Math Function + Data Driven Rotation


Curve Intersection+ Attractor point+ Data Driven Rotation

S u r f a c e Grid+Stream Text+ Driven Data Extrusion Pattern and Overlap+Dream Text+Data Driven Extrusion

C u r v e Intersection+Stream Text+Data Driven Extrusion

Using Surface Normal+Stream Text+ Data Driven Extrusion

Pattern and Overlap+ Stream Text+Data Driven Extrusion


VARY IN PARAMETRIC RELATION The initial exploration resulted in as surface made up of a shape like sand dune.

“When trying to find a solution that accomplishes given goals and abides by their attendant constraints, designers are said to be problem solving—a paradigm9 according to which alternative solutions are generated and tested against the goals and the constraints, until a “satisficing”solution is found.” Yehuda E.Kalay The density of the pattern change when adjust the parameters.

The outcome pattern seems to be more apparent and it seems like the pattern is with the nature flow. Explicid Grid+Image Sampler+Data Driven Component

Curve Intersection+Curve Attractor+ Data Driven Extrusion 19

DATA SELECTION The matrix presents different outcomes which provide a number of candidate solution for selection.In this experiment, we understand how the individual component influence the design outcome. Grasshopper function as a system,each component could be adjusted by the subcomponent, such as changing the factor of slider. Moreover,the connection between each component is within the logic order since the definition is not chosen randomly. Relate to Kaylay’s reading,the ading of computer has dramaticall influenced the design process which makes it easier for us to create and develop more potential outcomes.

“The starting point for many design methods has been the notion that design is a process of searching for a solution that satisfies a given set of goals and We are interested constraints.” Relate to the Gateway project of in nature, we consider Wyndham city. The outcome selecYehuda E.Kalay about its significant more than the form . In the field of nature,lots of fluent and dynamic shape occur and display the the vitality of the living object. In this experiment, we pick up two most interesting result. Both of them compose subtle components and are all with fluent form.The inspiration are took from swam and wasp nest.I am nterested in those system arrangement and the constructing methods they use with grasshopper (data driven extrusion,pattern overlapping), I ‘d love to taken those methods as considertation for the further development of the project.

tion should be concern about its actual performance in reality, such as its materiality,structure.landscape performance. Referring back to kalay’s reading, the way of performing the design method should be satisfied the given set of goal.





Similar effect can be created with the combination of using surface normal ,image sampler, data driven extrusion. In order to create this fuzzy pattern , chooing the sun as the input for the image sampler to could help us achieve the goal.

Detail shot through glass. McCormick Tribune Campus Center Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, Illinois Architect: Rem Koolhaas


ARTICULATED CLOUD - KINETIC The ‘Articulated Cloud’ is the skin for Pittsburgh Childrens Museum. The surface of the building is literally a work of art.

Architect: Ned Kahn

Its metallic appearance is always evolving because it is made of small, articulated plates that appear to float above a light aluminum frame. The plates respond to the wind, revealing complex weather patterns and giving the appearance of a “digitized cloud.” The facade also takes on dramatically different hues throughout the day as the

For the future design, I’ d love to consider about the environmental impact of the design. Borrowing light, air or use light weight material to create special experience for the visitors.



This project was an exploration of biomimicry, a process of examining nature and its elements to gain a better understanding of how we as humans interact with nature. The designer use scripting to establish a rule that consisted of repeated and alter nated overlapes to explore the natural overlapping patterns of sand caused by the velocity of wind speeds.

For the future project, we should think beyond surface aesthetic and analyze how spaces can be shaped wonderfully just by the single rule with the aid of technology.


BANQ RESTAURANT We choose the BANQ restaurant as base case study to explore as we are interested in this wavy shape which shares similarity to some curving shape from nature,eg river flow. The interor is really interesing. the ceiling hovers away from all interior walls and instead finds its support in suspension from above. Nearly running the entire width of the space, each rib of the undulated ceiling is made from unique pieces of three-quarter-inch birch plywood adhered together in a scenario that likens to a puzzle; only one possible location for each unit, formulating the continuous member. These continuous members are fastened to the main structural ribs running perpendicular to the lattice, tracing both the overall ceiling topography and the steel supports of the base building. Spacing between the visible ceiling ribs is variable; compressing and releasing to maintain visual densities of the overall surface as seen from different angles. . So, rather than form of the building. The most significant for this building is this structure. We might need concern about the structure method for the further exploration.

-Radiused in order to smoothen the relationship between other adjoining equipment, creating a seamless landscape. -To underline this strategy, certain areas of the ceiling "drip" and "slump", acknowledging the location of to place exit signs, lighting features, and other details.



KEY PRECEDENT: This project was developed for a competittion organised by architectural agency Arquitetum, called London 2008,by a team of Brazilian architects. The aim of the brief is to deisign a mobile architecture gallery which could travel along a river .The inspiration of this project is took from nature, the river flow. The innovation of this project is using the parametric design method to create the entire curving structure with the natural ambience. -The constant lightness,transparency and visual permeability enable a relationship with the city through out the course of the river. -A winding and fluid space allows individual events,creates different environment. -dynamics of the city and expresses unpredictability of human occupation.

PROJECT: Our inspiration is about nature river landscape . We choose BANQ restaurant case study as the starting point, then derived the werribee river flow data and developed it into our model shape. Relate to gateway project,the reason we do this is because -Werribee river is the important heritage of wyndham city -The river has intimate relationship with nature and landscape, -It is the demonstration of the landscape flow. Requirements: -needs to be an exciting ,eye cathching installation at the Wyndham’s Wesern Gateway -Offers a high exposure location to those entering the urban precinct of the municipality -Inspires and enriches the municipality.



Density change w adjust the param

Base on chosen case study ,BANQ restautant and ‘river arhictecutre’. We start with the experiment of digital model. Using case study as starting point, we use contour divide the surface, pushing geometry further by using curve, loft,rotate. Finally, we get this curve like shape which we can use it as the composition of basic definition to work further with.


GRASSHOPPER DEFINITION Value after contouring

Graft Contour

Pcomp Control point


Curve Move

Can adjust the space of the model 27

when meter


Height difference


ire form


Loft Move

Rotate Innovation: we desire to apply the surface with heritage value. Using aboriginal painting as a trial . Image sampler definition could help us generate a series pattern on the surface. For the real condition, we need to consider about the pattern density and the structure. Therefore, we use this one as a candidate since the model only has a single surface which may cause structure failure .



MO NTH(avr) (2012)4 LOW(midnight) 0.625 HIGH(morning) 0.65 LOW(afternoon) 0.5 HIGH(evening 0.675

3 0.56 0.68 0.44 0.64


0.6 0.625 0.5 0.5

1 (2011)12 0.55 0.44 0.75 0.74 0.35 0.56 0.4 0.7

11 0.5 0.7 0.625 0.5

10 0.525 0.625 0.6 0.4

9 0.6 0.5 0.72 0.46

8 0.55 0.55 0.475 0.95



The interlocking is a further explo of waffle system case, the grid is r at a specific ang ever, similar to th system, model w distracted by the ribs underneath Exploration: How we came up this shape? Extract the yearly data of Werribe River flow, then use the data as a base, we bagan modeling the draft surface as a base. Prior to the final model, we make several explorations, each of them helps form the idea of our final model. Refer back to kalay, each of the exploration models is the candidate .

The final one is the most appropriate solution who satisfied or is close to our goal.


The concept of the layered model came from the cave. We intend to solve the structural problem by placing another layer of material beneath the original pattern. But when try to imagine the experience while passing through this, we give up the method since most part of the model can not be observed by audience. 29

7 0.325 0.85 0.45 0.97

6 0.58 0.6 0.68 0.66

5 0.65 0.5 0.55 0.7

Werribee river entrance TIDE times and heights We collect the tide data to reproducing the river profile. Simulation of river flow underpins the importance of river to the land. Moreover, surface curvature of the model symbo lizes a sense of dynamic movement.

Waffle system

The waffle system aim to explore the structural protential of models. However, the strip size is limited, and it is therefore had to construct the model. However, we derive the structural solution from the experiment.

g method oration m. In this rotated gle. Howhe waffle will be e endless h.

Final model for cut project:

Place several ribs underneath the structure so that they can be supported. Make it a long strength ening model to enhance the spacial experience.



In order to fulfill the design intent case study banQ, we regarded tructural part of the design and st building our model on its base, w as after getting feedback from o tors we realized how we forgo main plot about the concept behin model and its relation to both n and the case study. The model act an experiment and led us to a dire where we thought more criticall analyzed our intention behind cre these forms using parametric de ing.

Further explorations were done by keeping in mind the real idea behind creating this model. While the digital exploration behind this kind of work can be interesting, its translation via the constraints of fabrication reveals the extent to which our construction process so often cannot match our digitallysupported aspirations. I think the challenge for designers is to find a way to use digital technologies in harmony with the possibilities of physical construction, rather than this kind of abrupt collision


of our thestarted whereour tuot the nd the nature ted as ection ly and eating esign-

This model is easier to fabricate. It’s made of card board. The trouble is the paper can’t stand with its loose structure. The simple way to solve this problem is to force it stand with the frame. This show that the material is really important in reality. we need to concern aboout rigidity, capacity ...of the material in case of the structure failure.




This is the chosen model for cut project. Not like the other, it inherits the werribee significant which is the river. The river flow is the representation of the native topography. For the gateway project, it’s important to consider about the meaning than the form. The model with the rib beneath provide the strong structure. The pictures demonstrate the light experience when passenby drive through it. The shadow provide the eye-catching view as the requirement of Gateway brief.






EQUINOX 3.21 9.21


For our project , it’s considering about -passerby experiences -Aethetic and and movement -Innovation -urban significant.

The structural diagram demonstrates the evolution of design . By comparing with the ‘River Architecture’. We can see that the design is not only copy the form of precedent, but also the method. Both of the designs consider about its structure and sourrounding environment. Moreover, both of the goal for the designs is to be the dynamic symbol of the Wydham city.


SOMME 12.21


final journal