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THurSDAY, oCToBEr 1, 2009


This Issue Falcon Football produces big win, 30-20, over AIC Scholastic Review .......4

QB Johnson continues strong season; Falcons move to 5-0

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Behind an incredibly stout defense, New Head Coach Thom Boerman has guided the Falcons to a perfect start.

Dan Ryaboy MAnAgIng EDITor

Coming into the game this past Friday, the Falcons were sitting at 4-0, but they knew that the 2009 season would be defined by their upcoming three game schedule. The Falcons were scheduled to face off against the three best teams in the conference; AIC, followed by a road game at Merrimack, and finally a home game against Southern Connecticut State. The Falcons passed the first of the three tests with

flying colors, defeating a talented and determined AIC team by the score of 30-20. AIC desperately needed this win as they lost the week before to Southern Connecticut. The Falcons denied AIC the win and in the process may have ended any chance that the Yellow Jackets had of winning the nE-10 this season, as now they have two conference losses while the Falcons still have an unblemished record. The Falcons started the game on defense and pro-

ceeded to force AIC into four third down and longs, but AIC executed well on third down in their first possession, converting each of the their third downs.

Despite a signature win against a very good AIC team, The Falcons know two of their toughest games of the season are next. Just as it seemed AIC would march right into the end zone, their efforts were thwarted by sophomore

Photos provided by Paul LeBon & Greg O’Brien

defensive back Brad Poirier as he ripped the ball out of Jermayne Capdeville’s hands on the Falcons two yard line. The turnover was the first key play of the game. on the ensuing Falcon possession, Bentley seemed to be in full control as junior Bryant Johnson was marching the Falcons down the field with impressive passes and his scrambling ability. However, the Falcons were not able to finish the drive as it stalled deep in (Continued on Page 12)

Students give back at summer internship CAB brings Vegas to campus Alison Kane STAFF WrITEr

A New Orleans house KPMG interns worked on.


This past summer, KPMg offered students the opportunity to work or gain experience, not only in accountancy but also in community service. Four Bentley students had the unique opportunity of working for this Big Four company while competing in an intern challenge. Elaine Carroll, ruchit Jain, Kimberly royer and Meagan Hockridge participated in an eight week long

internship program this summer at KPMg. The four interns were responsible for several different tasks throughout the summer. KMPg intern and Bentley senior Kimberly royer stated, “The most valuable aspect of the internship was having the opportunity to network with people of all levels throughout the firm – other interns, first and second year associates, senior associates, managers, and I even had to opportunity to interact with some partners. The advice,

Photo provided by Meagan Hockridge

encouragement, and support that everyone gave me throughout the eight week internship were invaluable to me.” The experiences of the four interns allowed each to learn valuable skills and network with important contacts. However, their experiences did not stop at their internship work; the four also participated in the Summer Intern Challenge, which focused on developing community service projects. The (Continued on Page 14)

Blackjack dealers, craps tables, roulette, and Texas Hold ‘em. groups gathered around the tables and gambled away their cash, hoping to win big at Bentley’s own Las Vegas. on Friday night, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) sponsored “Casino night” in the Back Bay. With music blasting at full power, dance lights flashing around the room, and professionally dressed dealers manning the gambling, the conference rooms were transformed into a quite convincing casino. For those intimidated by the “professional” feel to the evening, the dealers were friendly and easy to talk to if anyone had a question about how the game was played. “All the games were new to me,” says freshman Stef Lund, “but the people running the games were really cool and walked you through it.” In addition to the game tables, there was an oxygen bar, anoth-

er feature adding to the Vegasfeel of the evening. Looking like a contraption from a science-fiction movie, four “flavors” of oxygen were bubbling in containers. Students received hoses to plug up their noses and hook-up to the machine which pumped filtered oxygen into their lungs. The oxygen bartender explained the purpose of the machine said, “[It was] a good way to relieve stress. It’s really relaxing. We do this a lot for students around finals time.” However, most students seemed to be more interested with the games than relaxing. Each player was given $50,000 of fake money to spend on chips at any of the game tables. At the end of the night, chips could be redeemed for raffle tickets for a chance to win a variety of prizes ranging from and iPod Touch to red Sox tickets. Whether or not students had a time-tested strategy in gambling or trusted solely beginner’s (Continued on Page 8)

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OctOBer 1, 2009

tHe Vanguard

Campus News

News Briefs The Center for Business Ethics is honored to announce Howard Putnam, speaker, author, former CEO of Southwest Airlines will speak to the Bentley community as the next Raytheon lecture in business ethics. The topic of his speech is: “Turbulence is Inevitable... Misery is Optional.” Mr. Putnam entered the airline business as a baggage handler and went on to become president and CEO of Southwest Airlines where he tripled revenues and profits in three years. He pioneered Southwest’s legendary "fun" culture and excellent customer service.

His talk will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2009 at 3:30 p.m., in the Adamian Pavilion following with free food and drinks in the Foyer. ___

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Police log

Gaelen Austin-LaFrance Garren Hillow Vanguard Staff

Grabbed the snacks, forgot to close the car door On Sunday at 9:08a.m. officers noticed a motor vehicle in Lot 17 near forest Hall was parked with the alarm lights flashing and the passenger door open. Officers checked the car for signs of burglary and upon inspection smelled burnt marijuana. the officer found an empty baggie in the cup holder and below the baggie a burnt joint and a brownish-greenish leafy substance. the car turned out to belong to a Bentley student who somehow had tragically forgotten to close their car door upon exiting. He will be charged with possession and use of a controlled substance.

The Bread Bandit Last Monday, at approximately 7p.m., one keen-eyed Sodexho employee caught a student attempting to smuggle food out of seasons. the student was quickly cornered by Sodexho management and asked to open his backpack. He kindly agreed and they discovered a package of bagels, a loaf of bread and a few bananas. the bread bandit was then escorted to the police station where a report was filed against him. He was not charged criminally but will be hammered with; larceny, shoplifting, a violation of university rules and the rare and mysterious “cafeteria violation.” Too much sauce On Saturday at 12:42 in the morning

officers were dispatched to one of the numerous alcohol related incidents that night. One Slade Hall resident was found in the restroom vomiting. He was unable to answer the most basic of questions and was far too gone to perform a sobriety test. He was transported to the hospital for further treatment. the drunken student will be charged with an underage alcohol violation and protective custody. Saturday at 2:05 a.m., a fenway staff member reported a student had urinated on the door of another staff member’s dorm room in fenway. Later that same Saturday night, officers were dispatched to perform a well being check on a student vomiting in a Miller restroom. He indicated that he had been drinking earlier in Slade Hall but could not remember where. He was steady on his feet, able to speak clearly and told officers that he felt much better after vomiting. He will be charged with an underage alcohol violation.

Hallway Mario Kart? Saturday at 2:48 a.m. an staff member in Miller Hall reported banana peels spread throughout the middle stairwell in Miller. facilities were notified and eliminated the potentially dangerous hazard. a Bowseresque character was reported fleeing the scene earlier in the night.


OCtOBEr 1, 2009


OpiniOn and EditOrial


A response to “Newspaper Readership Programs cut”

Matthew O’Brien OP-Ed COntriBUtOr

*The Vanguard’s editorial as well as the editorial cartoon are proposed at each Editorial Board meeting. they are represented as being the opinions of the Board as a whole, although drawn by individuals, and not the Bentley community.


A call home to parents, a cry out from students

if there’s been a theme to Bentley this first month of school, it’s been change. new additions all over campus, some received well, such as the renovations to the Student Center, and some received not so well. However, each of these changes has modified our lives at Bentley as we knew them one short year ago. One addition that did not go unmentioned was Bentley’s new recruiting website “BentleyLink.” On BentleyLink, students have access to new job applications, Career Services events, and even résumé builders and contact information with alumni. the website allows a one-stop option for students to start their career track as early as freshmen year, by preparing them with multiple career and leadership opportunities. While this all seems great, there’s one very scary thing that every student had to sign off on before making a profile. this was Bentley Career Service’s Privacy Policy. in

this policy, Career Services states that “CCS in good faith reserves the right to speak with parents, if contacted by them, regarding your participation in CCS events.” to us, that screams privacy issues. First of all, the policy is unavoidable. A student at Bentley cannot participate in Career Services events or even apply to jobs through Bentley without signing off on this agreement to join BentleyLink. And i’m sure most students did not even see this line in the application. no one was notified before the rule was already instated. Second, the whole concept is ludicrous. transcripts aren’t even mailed to student’s home addresses. the concept of growing up and being independent starts with taking responsibility for your own actions. if you get a bad grade you retake the class, or you don’t get a job. it’s plain and simple. it’s no one’s fault but your own for not going to class, or for not going to campus

THE VANGUARD Bentley University 385 Beaver Street 310M1 Student Center Waltham, MA 02452 Phone: (781) 891-2912 Email: Web:

events. But now, Career Services not only reserves the right to tell your parents about how involved you are with Career Services, but how many events you’ve been to. Where has the responsibility gone? Out of the student’s hands and back to their parents? does that seem progressive to you? We are grown adults, in a world where letting your parents and guardians do everything for you just does not cut it. By allowing Career Services to release information about what you do on campus to your parents, the office is allowing students to never grow up. Maybe next, they’ll be able to tell your parents how bad your resume is, or if you skipped a meeting. this small line opens up a world of issues that college was never about. the new privacy policy is outrageous for students at a college level. Allow students to live their own lives, and live with their own mistakes. thanks for BentleyLink, but drop the reins, Career Services.

[Vanguard Writer] James Malone you are right, there have been a myriad of changes this year. the least noticeable of these changes is that of the readership program. i understand the stress of the economic situation. do you know why i understand these problems, from the subprime mortgage crisis to the current economic recovery? i will be honest; because of the newspapers. i know no more than the latest press release. What is interesting, if you look at the past year or two, each additional press release has yielded more and more economic precedent. Each and every business book Bentley uses is currently being rewritten. Government powers are expanding more than ever before and the private market’s response is still being questioned; the government lent, when will the banks? the serious question i ask myself is where do Bentley’s priorities lie? We boast about being one of the most “wired” college campuses and we boast our top 30 undergrad business school rankings, but are we happy with these? is the community happy with the growth we have currently witnessed? i am a firm believer in the saying, “if you are not getting better, you are getting worse.” i don’t want to go to a school that is improving things that don’t matter in the long run. if you want to make the food better, upgrade the service, don’t serve the same food on a better looking grill. i love Bentley University. i also love reading the paper;

you can call me a dweeb, i usually read two newspapers per day. the critics of this argument are going to say i still have that right, i can read more than two online; Bentley offers that. However, just as i enjoy running, why do i need to do it in front of a plasma? do we really need a few more machines with tV’s plastered to them? Are the ones we have not enough? do i really need a Mongolian grill that is still going to serve the laxative food that i didn’t want in the first place, except in a more aesthetic manner? Like i said before, i love Bentley. i just hope we are not crippling the worth of our diplomas in the long run by not being able to have intelligent conversations with employers about the current state of the economy. if we only utilize our textbooks, those are currently outdated. investment in a school that looks nice is going to do wonders in the short term. dining halls that look nice, dorms that are huge, a good sports stadium, and a gym that can be used in a movie will increase enrollment in the short term. it will look great online, it will look great in the pamphlets, but it is not sustainable. the buildings will get old, the machines will be outdated, and unless we have taught the next generation’s business leaders, there will be no donors to make sure it stays looking nice in the pamphlets. An investment in education is something that will never backfire; i believe that’s why we’re all at college, anyway? right? i hope Bentley recognizes that that is why we are here.

disclaimer: the opinions published in The Vanguard are submitted by readers of the newspaper, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Vanguard and its staff. We are not able to print any letters submitted anonymously.

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OCTOBER 1, 2009


Columns The Scholastic Review

By: David Maggioli

A Party Makeover

The best part about college is being able to visit your friends all over the country and to experience the night life other colleges have to offer. Having gone from a state school to a small school I have been to all different types of parties: theme parties, jock parties, Goth parties, dorky parties, and even random parties. Even though the crowds might be different, every type of party more often than not is boring. There are times that you come across that party where the electricity in the air is just right and you can just feel that not only are you going to have a good night, but everyone there is. The parties I have been to recently have not been fun. The atmosphere there is what I would call a café; people standing in isolated circles talking and making the same faces and mannerisms they would at Seasons. When I’m thrown into this mix I might turn into the most boring person ever. The conversations I have with people I meet usually involve me asking the same questions on repeat: Where are you from? Have you been here often? Those shoes look comfortable. I can tell my interrogation

comes to an end when she looks at me as she’s just been forced to talk to her Alzheimer-plagued Granddad for the tenth time. Soon everyone seems to get comfortable with the ambiance and the night lulls on until everyone is ready to leave. You know you were at this party when you take a shuttle ride back and at least two people are having fleeting glimpses of despair.There is no question that this needs to stop. Everyone has been a part of an epic night, so why can’t this happen every weekend? The solution: We have to rethink the way we throw parties. Party throwers have to recognize that they need to step their game up. That doesn’t mean buy some more decorations and letting girls in for free, it means changing the environment so that everyone is on the same partying page. The key to a good party is a great doorman at the entrance. Being greeted into a party is the most important aspect because it sets the tone. I’m tired of walking up to a party feeling like an outsider who only has $5 or girls to offer. When I enter, it doesn’t help having the house owners grill me like I’m an undercover

A group of friends and a dance-off is all you need.

breaking up a speakeasy, either. That coupled with people foaming at the mouth every time a girl walks into the foyer just sets a tone of awkwardness. Instead, think of a way to encourage only the most seasoned partiers’ admittance. Make the entrance fee be $5 and the ability to make you laugh, or you can try to be more creative. My favorite doorman is located in Martha’s Vineyard. Sure it was a high school party, and yes him being 12 years older than everyone might have made it creepy but he had the doorman role down to a T. The minute you knocked, he opened the door and at that moment his glare was so intense it seemed like

Photo from

his world only consisted of the people about to enter. He scanned his audience then spoke, “Three rules. Rule #1: Don’t break anything.” His passionate gaze was broken up when three native enchantresses (that’s what he referred to them as) walked by behind him. He regained his train of thought and continued. “Rule #2: If you see something you like, holla. Holla. Holla. Rule #3: Have fun! It’s a party.” To keep the party going is where the party throwers can get really creative. Have a game plan. Contests are always what drive excitement. At 12:30 have the Friday night dance-off where the organizers get to vote and elect a win-

Glutton Girl

By: Bonnie Li

Café of India Review Café of India 52 Brattle Street Cambridge, MA 02138 Phone: (617) 661-0683 With no particular place set in mind, my friends and I walked around Harvard Square cold and hungry. We walked past the beautifully decorated building, Café of India a few times before finally deciding to walk into the darkened restaurant, which had a rustic appearance and a dimly-lit ambiance. It was not extremely crowded when we walked in at 7 pm on a Friday evening. The price is capped at 25 dollars per person, a reasonable price considering the delicious cuisine and handsome portions. Without the hassle of waiting twenty to thirty minutes like most other restaurants in Harvard Square on Friday nights, Café of India is a decent choice. Customer Service A friendly and culturally diverse staff brings a welcoming feel to the restaurant the second I walked in. Armed with warm smiles and knowledge of Indian cuisine, the host quickly seated my group and presented us with recom-

mendations on the dishes offered, a blessing considering that we were foreign to Indian cooking. The waiters immediately took our orders for drinks and then gave us about five minutes to discuss what to order. Although we waited roughly thirty minutes for the food, the waiters brought us a chicken appetizer with several delicious dipping sauces. They ranged from mildly sweet to spicy. However, during our meal, the waiters were absent and did not really attempt to make our meals more comfortable. At one time, our waiter forgot to bring the dish that we ordered. Value While the dishes were on the slightly expensive side, the portions were large and filling. We shared eight dishes, which were more than enough to feed famished ten of us. We ordered naan, samosas, tandoori chicken, paneer, chicken biriyani and other delectable curry-based dishes. With both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes alike, there is something on the menu for everyone. Each

entrée was served in a big bowl or plate that was impossible to finish completely by a single person. Had we not stuffed ourselves with the delicious goodies, we would have had a decent amount of leftovers. While the food dishes were extravagant, the waiters did not really keep up with our water glasses because they were half empty during most of our meal. Quality The naan was buttery, fluffy and made right in front of the diners. Both the butter chicken and vegetarian curry served with the naan were delicious and could not have been made any better. The samosas were the best that I have ever had with just the right amount potatoes, peas and lentils. In addition, the saag paneer, which is basically cheese cubes and veggies in a tomato sauce, was made with high-quality fresh spinach instead of mushy leaves. However, my personal favorite dish was the chicken biriyani, a dish made with b a sm a t i rice , sp ice s like cumin, cinnamon, bay leaves, and chicken. Every dish in the

ner. Everyone knows that the second you win a dance contest you morph into John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever. You might not get the hair right away, but I promise you will be shoving away girls left and right. The point here is to always have an unpredictable surprise that gets the party back in full swing. A good entrance for the party goers can only keep the good vibe going for long. How many contests or activities you have is your prerogative, the more the better. It may help to always have a backup plan in case you feel like people are losing their spirit.And finally, come up with a way to keep people remembering just how great you can throw a party. Instead of having a line for a ride back to campus, do the American thing and make it a competition. Make everyone spin in circles until the last one spinning gets to choose who they want in the first car back. If you want less of a mess, think of something else. At the end of the day, everyone who attended your party will have an amazing time and you will look like a campus hero. It looks like everyone just won.

The buffet at Café of India is a popular choice.

restaurant is made with fresh vegetables and high quality materials. Décor The first thing I noticed when I walked into the restaurant was the dimly-lit atmosphere. I did not really like the dark lighting because it ruined the social environment with my friends since conversation became difficult. While the artful appearance on the walls were a definitely plus in the overall decorations, the moody lighting definitely took away the intimate and friendly aura of the restaurant. The outdoor dining spot in the restaurant is nice and because the portions are so large, you can just sit

Photo from

there and eat, watching the world go by. Best of all is the glass window through which you can watch the chefs cook naan and other dishes. If you don’t mind eating in a darkened room, then stop by Café of India for a delicious meal. Although the price is slightly expensive, the amount of food that they serve you is well worth the cost. The service at the restaurant is slightly off because waiters seem absent-minded and do not serve the dishes promptly. All in all, it is a good restaurant to try out, but I wouldn’t eat there again.

Rating: 3.5/5


OCTOBER 1, 2009

PAgE 5

Club updates International Buddy Network: Meet an exchange student & buddy

IBN executive board (left to right): Adam Marchwinski, Marissa Ross, Carolyn Connolly, Haley Traeger, Philip Marchwinski, Christina Beshaw.

Photo by Gunveen Chadha

Exchange student Cristina Ecay.

Marissa Ross Bentley University 2010 Have you studied abroad? No I have not, however, I have spent a month in Barcelona, Spain and visited Paris, France. What made you want to be a buddy? I have been a member of the organization since my sophomore year here at Bentley. It provides a great experience to learn about another culture and develop new relationships on campus. What have you learned from your buddy? I have learned a lot about where Cristina is from. Pamplona is an interesting city that is rich in culture, such as the running of the bulls tradition. I also get to practice my Spanish. How has your experience been as a buddy? My experience has been great as a buddy. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with her and look forward to learning more about where she is from. Cristina Ecay Universidad de Navarra Where are you from? Pamplona, Spain How was adjusting to Bentley? It was really good because I had my buddy to help me—in terms of moving in and welcoming me to campus. I quickly was able to adapt to the American lifestyle as well. I also studied in Vancouver two years ago so it was not the first time I had studied abroad. How is school here different than back home? Everything is different. In my university we do not have a campus life most people commute. People live around the city. Courses are different; we only have midterms and finals. What is your favorite site/place in Boston? Boston Commons was my favorite experience so far. I got to meet Tom Cruise who was touring the city, which was very exciting. Where do you plan to visit while in the states? NYC, Rhode Island, Montreal, California

Photo provided by Cristina Ecay

International Buddy Network is a Bentley organization that works with students when they arrive at Bentley to get them accomodated with the school as well as the new culture.

Join The Vanguard! Open Positions Writing: Campus Life, News, Arts & Entertainment, Sports Production Editing, Layout Photography Online Editing Business Advertising Cartoonists E-mail for more details!

PaGe 6

OCtOBer 1, 2009

tHe VaNGUarD

Business A modern banking recap: Bailed-out, acquired, or bankrupt Justin Daniel Lawlor Staff Writer

One year ago, in the month of September of 2008, the financial landscape as we knew it was completely reformed. if there was one word to describe the events of last September, it would be pandemonium. Within a four day time frame, from September 1518, Merrill Lynch was sold to Bank of america, Lehman Brothers collapsed, the federal government extended an $85 billion loan to aiG, and treasury Secretary Henry Paulson proposed a $700 billion bailout fund. this bailout fund was later dubbed tarP (troubled asset relief Program) and the federal reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke claimed on September 18, “if we don’t do this, we may not have an economy come Monday.” and that was only September! Let us not forget about the failures of Bear Stearns and Countrywide financial, the fDiC’s seizure of indyMac Bank and

Washington Mutual, and the federal takeovers and bailouts of fannie Mae and freddie Mac, Citigroup, State Street, Goldman Sachs, and dozens of other Wall Street banks. the financial environment of 2008 was ideal for two groups: value-oriented investors and solid financial institutions with adequate capital reserves for acquisitions. Value investors, who tend to take a contrarian view on the market, had a field day sorting through the beaten-down stock prices of companies in nearly every sector. although it would have taken conviction, making periodic investments throughout the latter half of 2008 and into 2009, when pessimism filled the air, would have surely paid off. in fact, the S&P 500 index is up approximately 18% year to date. furthermore, the S&P 500- which is one of the best gauges for overall US market performance- is up approximately 57% since hitting rock bottom in March 2009.

The collapse of Lehamn Brothers happened in 2008.

When it seemed as though everybody was dumping shares as quickly as possible, periodically buying into stocks would have been the prudent and profitable thing to do. Much like value investors were scooping up shares of beaten-down stocks, stable financial institutions were picking up the pieces of shambled banks and brokerage firms. for example, JP Morgan Chase acquired both Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual. Bank of america took off with the remains of Countrywide financial and Merrill Lynch (although the B of a/Merrill

Photo from

deal still faces courtroom scrutiny from the fBi and SeC). Other notable acquisitions include Wells fargo’s purchase of Wachovia Corporation and Barclays’ acquisition of Lehman’s failed North american operations. evidently, there has been a concentration of power among the once plentiful Wall Street giants. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley now reign as the lone investment banking kings of Wall Street’s modern era. However, as the financial markets remained frail and capital ran tight last

September, Goldman and Morgan Stanley were required to convert into “bank holding companies” in order to receive funding from the federal reserve. in doing so, these two firms subjected themselves to stricter regulatory and reserve standards. the oversight of Goldman and Morgan Stanley has shifted from the somewhat lenient standards of the overwhelmed Securities and exchange Commission to the federal reserve. Some economists and investors predict that talented employees will now flee to smaller boutique firms, private equity shops, and hedge funds in fear that new regulatory standards will limit their earnings potential. While this may be true to a certain extent, the power of the two standing investment banks was demonstrated in the second quarter of 2009; Goldman Sachs reported a record $6.6 billion in trading revenues, which translated into a record breaking second-quarter profit of $3.44 billion.


OCTOBER 1, 2009


Columns Senior Experience

By: Mackenzie Nurse, Bentley Development and Alumni Office

Advice to Seniors from Bentley Graduates Featured Alumni:

n’t have to spend as much time off campus. But in the end, spring break and the senior trip don’t come cheap so the money I was making came in handy!

Brett Bell ’05 Phil Mastroianni ‘05 Where has your Bentley degree landed you professionally?

What is your favorite senior year memory?

Brett: After I graduated from Bentley in 2005, I began my professional career with KPMG. Three years later, I have completed my CPA exam and am a Senior Associate with KPMG. However, our Bentley degree was instrumental in propelling Phil and me to launch our own business venture, Fabrizia Limoncello. So, I am currently in the process of managing a day job in public accounting, and a night/weekend job trying to build a liqueur brand. What was the most valuable lesson learned during your senior year? Phil: The overall lesson learned is have fun and get a little crazy, it only happens once and pretty soon the stuff you get away with at college will be considered irresponsible. I also learned that contrary to my prior beliefs GPAs do have influence over your post-collegiate opportunity. Brett: I think one of my most valuable lessons that I was able to learn as a senior was

Brett: There was the toga party, the Senior Ball, Senior Week in the Bahamas, and the list just goes on and on. My best memories are those with the great friends and people that I met at Bentley. Whether it was staying up all night to study for an advanced accounting exam with a group from my class or counseling Phil over his most recent girl situation disaster, my best memories senior year and throughout college were just spending time with the friends that I made. The alumni showing their product.

Photo provided by Brett Bell and Phil Mastroianni

that I didn’t have to be bound to one career. Bentley provides us with an extremely strong business background that we can take and use to find that job, or jobs in my case, that we love to do. Is there something that you missed out on your senior year and regret now? Brett: Well, there was this one

Tuesday night at Joe Sent Me that I missed because I decided to study for an accounting exam…On a serious note, I think it is essential to realize that your senior year is the last complete year before actually becoming an adult. Enjoy each and every day, and you will have zero regrets. Phil: I worked as a waiter at the 99 Restaurant in Waltham and wished I had resigned earlier during senior year so I did-

Phil: The first weekend of senior year, the entire year was ahead of us. How do you stay connected to Bentley today? Brett: The education that Bentley has gave me makes it impossible to walk away and never turn back. I love getting involved as an alumni in a number of different ways. Whether it’s doing campus recruiting with KPMG, serving our Limoncello at alumni events, or attending young

Student Government Speaks Introductions, Part II

Hello Bentley Falcons!! Hopefully you all got the opportunity to meet the first half of our SGA e-board in last week’s column. This week I’ll be introducing you to the rest of our e-board and next week, look out for our fifteen fantastic senators. Hi, my name is Chris Hayes and I am the SGA Vice President for Student Affairs. I am a junior from North Yarmouth, Maine and am majoring in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Management. In my role, I frequently work with members of the campus administration to address issues that have been brought to SGA by students regarding topics such as campus safety, facilities, and food and health services. Hi, my name is Mike Kearney. I’m originally from North Kingstown, Rhode Island and I’m an Accounting major with a minor in Law. As Vice President for Academic Affairs in SGA, I work closely with the Academic Advising Center to deliver and quantify feedback

From left to right: Chris Hayes, Mike Kearney, Chris Dukich & Sucheta Desai.

on the services they offer to students, help plan the Majors & Minors fair each fall, and serve as a general liaison between students and faculty members. In addition to spreading awareness about and collecting feedback on the SETs online upgrade, I will be co-chairing a project group that reexamines how course registration is done at Bentley. This year is going to be a balancing act – I’m taking 301 and working as a Fellow in the Admissions Office – but I really enjoy everything I do, especially as a part of student government. Hi, my name is Chris

Dukich and I’m from North Andover, MA. I’m majoring in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Finance. My mission is to "maximize students' potential by continually working towards an excellent technology experience." As VP for Information Technology I am responsible for making sure that the technology concerns of the student body are brought to the attention of key network and computing services desk personnel. This semester I will be working with a number of senators on a project group that aims to increase SGA's visibility on campus. In addition, I will

Photos provided by Sucheta Desai.

be redesigning the SGA website from the ground up. This will 1) allow students to learn more about what we do, 2) allow for increased student involvement in SGA, and 3) provide for a place where students can easily voice their concerns to SGA. I am also an ambassador; I give tours, attend info sessions/panels and other special events for Undergraduate Admissions. As part of the First Year Program, I was a Transfer Orientation Leader this summer and am currently a Transfer Seminar facilitator. Hi, my name is Sucheta Desai and I am currently a junior from Auburn, ME. I

alumni bar nights in Boston. I truly enjoy getting back to Bentley and staying connected. Any “words of wisdom” for the Class of 2010? Brett: First and foremost, enjoy this year. Pick a career and make sure that you are doing something that you truly love to do. When you are working 60 hours a week, you better love what you are doing and the people that you work with. Don’t settle for something because it’s “a job.” Phil: Don’t rush into taking a job. Some of my friends who waited it out for the right job didn’t find them until after graduation, but ended up being a lot happier than those who took positions earlier on just because they were stressed out. You’re probably a smart person and in any case have been prepared well, so in the end things will typically work out. That said make the most of your senior year, have fun with your friends and try to make some new ones before the undergrad years are over. I’d also recommend to try now whatever it may be you’ve hoped to do, be it travel, moving, or taking your career in a different direction. It’s easy to think it will be easier later, but the fact of the matter is it usually only gets harder as life goes on. Compiled By: Sucheta Desai

am a Corporate Finance and Accounting major, also going for a Quantitative Perspectives LSM. In my role as VP of Marketing and Communications for SGA, my main goal is to get SGA’s name out there and educate the student body about who we are and what we do. As part of my project group to improve SGA’s image, I will be using various means to communicate with the student body, such as our Vanguard articles, our bulletin board next to Sandella’s, surveys, blogs, and much, much more. Other projects that I will be working on are putting on a round-table dinner each semester for faculty, staff, and student leaders, as well as helping to plan the TIME Leadership Forum and the Falcon Awards, both of which are in the spring semester. Besides being in SGA, I am the events coordinator for the South Asian Student Association, and I’m an ALANA Weekend Leader, an FYS student facilitator, and a peer tutor.

PAgE 8

OCTOBEr 1, 2009

ThE VANguArd

Arts And EntErtAinmEnt


‘PlayOn’ no longer just a Baseball Term

What precautions are you taking in regards to the H1N1? elAiNe CArroll ClASS of 2010 ACCouNtANCy ANd mediA, ArtS ANd SoCiety “I use hand sanitizer. My mother picked up surgical masks for me. I am making sure that I sleep right, stay away from sick people, take vitamins and immunity

AlySAN BiSCeGliA ClASS of 2013 ACCouNtiNG “I’m looking forward to getting my h1N1 vaccine soon!”

AlySSA leoNe & Kelly KAufmAN ClASS of 2011 mArKetiNG “We use hand sanitizer and get more sleep. Oh, and no more drink sharing.”

A new way to watch movies, television, and listen to music.

Nic Smits ONlINE EdITOr

Today’s video game consoles have almost everything. They play games, they let you stream music from your computer to the TV of your choice, and they offer extensive online features, including the ability to play gory shooting games, or even simple board games, with friends hundreds of miles away. What they don’t offer, however, is the ability to stream any video anywhere. In fact, despite the PS3’s webbrowser, and the Xbox 360’s video rental service, you can’t access some of the internet’s most popular, streaming video areas. Instead, you’re left with incomplete pages, error messages, 24 hour or 7 day rental periods, and the loss of both your time and money, not to mention the increase of your frustration. That’s where ‘PlayOn’ comes in. launched in August, 2008 by MediaMall Technologies, PlayOn runs a small server program on your computer, which allows almost any networked resource access to such popular media websites and services as

youtube, hulu, Netflix Instant Streaming, CNN, and ESPN. Can you imagine how much more time you could waste, although we really justify everything we watch as some form of productivity, with the ability to stream every episode of “Firefly” or the full-length version of MgM Studio’s “The last Man on Earth”. In fact, with hulu and Netflix’s steadily-increasing video collections, you could sit in front of your TV for months without having finished every episode of Fox’s “hell’s Kitchen”, their once popular “Arrested development” series, NBC’s “heroes”, the animated “Naruto” series, and ABC’s “Scrubs”, not to mention the estimated ten million plus, community-contributed, video clips from youtube that are also instantly available through this software. looking at the seemingly endless list of video PlayOn gives you access to, even the attached one-time purchase fee of $40 should seem like nothing. If you have to rent everything you watched from Blockbuster, it could easily run you thousands of dollars. don’t believe

Photo from PlayOn’s SpreadShirt Website

me? Keep in mind, that through hulu there are hundreds of episodes of various television shows, and that the average dVd contains only 4 of them. But, despite it looking great on paper, I assume you’d want to test it first, right? Well, MediaMall has you covered! They offer a 14-day, no commitment necessary, trial of the service, without the need to enter any information up front. In fact, if you decide you like the service and want to get it at some point in the future, after testing it that is, all you have to do is purchase a single license through their website. After that you’re good to go, and ready to start streaming a little of everything to your networked Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, or Media Extended. Check it out sometime. you’ll probably be happy you did. Also, if you do try it, and do enjoy it, did you know one installation of the ‘PlayOn’ server works with more than one networked resource? Why not split the $40 cost with a group of friends in your dorm, thus giving everyone’s consoles pseudo-steroidenhanced video capabilities!

CAB events

ChArleS ViNCeNt tiu ClASS of 2012 mArKetiNG

(Continued from Page 1)

“I gave out flu packets to my residents.”

AlexANdrA mArCello ClASS of 2013 C orporAte f iNANCe & ACCouNtiNG “ I wipe with lysol and wash my hands frequently. I try and stay away from sick people and use Purell.”

Bree Johnson & Gunveen Chadha PhOTOgrAPhy STAFF

luck, Casino Night proved to be a good way to spend a Friday night. For those not up for spending a night in Vegas, CAB also sponsored a tailgating party before the football game. With admission to the football game, students could enjoy steak sandwiches, sausage grinders, fried dough, and fried Oreos totally free of charge. This pre-game event enticed students to the athletic fields to watch the undefeated Falcons take on tough competition American International College. Even those who are not usually big sports fans stayed for the game after enjoying the food. While students seemed to appreciate the various greasy sandwiches, the biggest hit of

the evening was the fried dough and fried Oreo cart. The long line never seemed to dwindle as students were craving something deliciously fried. Conversation while waiting usually consisted of groups of friends arguing over who would get which sugary treat. While some students were turned off by the thought of Oreos dipped in batter, others were insistent that these were the greatest thing since sliced bread. “It was delicious,” says freshman Jackie Marques, who had her first fired Oreo last Friday. “The chocolate melted in your mouth. It was probably fattening, too, but I don’t care.” With fingers covered in powdered sugar, students made their way into the stadium to watch Bentley’s

Photo from

thrilling victory over AIC. The CAB sponsored events kicked off the start of the fall semester, and brought together the campus for the first big events of the year. Whether students were looking for an old fashioned game of football or a night in Vegas, the activities made for a terrific evening.

ThE VANguArd

OCTOBEr 1, 2009

PAgE 9

Arts And EntErtAinmEnt New iPod Nano adds video and radio tuner, along with music ian markowitz A&E EdITOr

When I reviewed the iPod Nano last October, I remarked that the device was “easier and more convenient than your laptop. This will certainly suffice for the size of most people’s music collections.” When Apple released another edition of the iPod in early September, they released a new generation of iPod Nano with major changes to the overall iPod. From the outside you notice a slightly larger screen, although compared to the previous generation Nano, the slightly increased screen size does nothing to make the movie watching more enjoyable. The resolution on the iPod increased and the screen size increased from 2” to 2.2”. The major improvement to the iPod Nano comes with its inclusion of a tiny video camera in the back of the iPod. yes, the iPod Nano now shoots video and decent quality video at that. In my testing, I noticed that the iPod Nano shot much better video than a cell phone camera, but doesn’t quite have the same video quality of normal digital camera. The video camera does have a built in microphone as well as fifteen built in video effects which allow the

user to add filters to the video such as film grain or Xray. The video quality is impressive for such a small device and is perfect for capturing unexpected moments when a digital camera is not immediately accessible. unfortunately, the camera is positioned in a very convenient place for your finger to cover up unintentionally when you hold the iPod near the click wheel. Also, while the iPod records video, it won’t capture still images. So while it will make a good substitute video camera either your cell phone or a regular digital camera will have to take normal pictures. One of the most long overdue features to the iPods was an FM tuner to allow you to tune into the radio as well as your music library. While FM tuners have been in portable media players for years, the iPod just got an FM tuner last month. however, one of the nice features of the radio is something called “live Pause” which is essentially a Tivo for the radio which allows you to pause and rewind up to 15 minutes of live radio and relisten to a favorite song. Also, for certain iTunes tagging enabled radio stations (Kiss 108, JAMN 94.5, and others) you can “tag” a

The new iPod Nano shoots video.

song that you hear, and the iPod will store it so that when you resync the iPod with your computer, you can purchase the song on iTunes easily. While I love the radio functionality on an iPod, I am disappointed that iTunes tagging is only available on a handful of radio stations within range of the Bentley campus. I would expect that, especially in a crowded radio market such as Boston, many more stations would have iTunes tagging enabled. Also, it is quite disappointing that once you walk into a building, you almost instantly lose reception, and even when listening near a window. While this is to be expected from a device of the Nano’s size, it is still disappointing to be teased with a radio tuner, only then have the tuner perform subpar.

Photo from Apple, Inc.

Nonetheless, it is still one of the most used features on my new Nano. The new iPod Nano decided to take one of the features from its brother, the iPod shuffle. The new feature to hit the Nano is called “Voiceover.” This function is made for the times when the listener forgets the name of the song that is playing, but is too lazy to take out the iPod to check. With Voiceover, you hold down the center button on the iPod and the iPod will read out the song title and artist through the headphones. One minor, barely noticeable added feature in the new Nano is a built-in speaker. While you won’t notice it simply by looking at the iPod, once you unplug the headphones, you’ll notice a barely audiable sound coming out of your iPod. The speaker in the iPod is

in no means a substitute for a set of speakers, but in a pinch you can use it to share your music with a group of people. For comparison, you’ll get similar sound quality as the speakers on a cell phone. While I’m not a fan of the quality, it is another welcomed feature to the iPod Nano which the iPod touch has had for several months. The iPod virtually defined the role of the portable media player and continues to raise the standards of other portable music player. While the iPod did play catch up when it comes to the radio tuner, its built in video camera shows how Apple is continuing to make devices that people will integrate further into their everyday life. If you’re in the market for a video camera or a new music player, definitely check out the iPod Nano as it might be a good option for a video camera with a music player built in. however, the major downside, in my opinion, is Apple’s decision to include a video camera, but not a camera for still images. Otherwise, there is little reason to ditch a perfectly good iPod and upgrade to a brand new one.

rating: 8/10

Wet delivers action, adventure, but unsatisfying overall david entin STAFF WrITEr

Wet is a high octane action-adventure game available for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It uses slow motion gunplay, soaring acrobatics, and a distinct visual style to deliver a pulse pounding joyride. Wet is a deconstructive joyride. It’s faster than thought, tripping in color, and dripping charisma. This Bethesda published, independently produced gem is a frantic blast to play, but its sparse re-playability and unsatisfying length struggles to earn its alarming $60 price tag. What Wet delivers is frenetic acrobatics and gunplay. It throws the player out into the shoes of rubi, a gunslinging chick that is a master of guns and glib sarcasm. The player launches her into airborne dives, low slides, and quick wall runs. The player can throw rubi into slow motion to blast away with dual weapons and

the computer’s auto-aiming splits the targeting between enemies to deliver a satisfying sense of power to dive through the air and watch multiple foes crumble. The aiming is surprisingly intuitive; the player can snap between targets with ease and a genuine sense of power. Stringing the moves together is the biggest disappointment of the game. The animations of diving, running, or sliding are all independent and do not string together smoothly, resulting in rubi standing up from a dive and then thrusting herself forward in a knee slide that the game labels as a combination move. The clumsiness of the transitions lacks the grace of smoother games like Tony hawk or Prince of Persia, both titles that Wet borrows from. The story is a gloriously campy and pulp induced joyride filled with rockin’ tunes, grainy filters, absurd characters and quips. It is a plot infused with every

A screenshot from Wet.

twisted wink and nod Quentin Tarentino has ever thought to splice into film. It is a grindhouse thrill that knows how to entertain itself and the audience. girl power, English accents, and Texan whiskey swilling abound throughout. however, clever the story is not and it becomes hard to even bother to pay attention to the events arbitrarily stringing together each level. Wet does a fantastic job of interspersing quick-time driven action sequences, chases, arena duels, foot races, and gymnastic puzzles

Photo provided by Bethesda Softworks

to maintain flow. On the down side, there are irritating lapses in grip and precision, often dropping you into frustrating cycles of derivative deaths. Worse yet, the checkpoints are often distantly placed between acrobatic sections or firefights, which may end in frustrating cycles of death and replay because of a glitch on the final jump. The forced replays grow rapidly aggravating and the unreliability of the checkpoints only stands to fuel the player’s frustration. The audio in Wet is its

greatest strength. The voice acting is rich with the variety of Malcolm Mcdowell’s potent screen rattling presence, and Toby huss, of King of the hill fame, hilarious variety. The soundtrack is explosive and catchy. It’s a blast to play to, and a joy to hear again. Wet missed a great opportunity to bundle the soundtrack with the game, a decision that could have increased the value of this package significantly. What the game lacks in fluidity and polish, it readily replaces with a gleeful abandon of restraint. It’s not the best ride out there, but it’s still a “helluva” trip. PrOS: Frantic, fast gameplay, fantastic soundtrack, great visual style and sense of humor, well voiced game CONS: Forgettable plot, frustrating gameplay glitches, unsatisfying ending, short length, and little replayability

rating: 6.5/10


OCTOBER 1, 2009


Horoscopes Vanguard Staff Aries (March 21-April 19): You know temperature seems to effect you more than the Average Joe, so why not plan on taking a fleece with you?

Taurus (April 20-May 20): Stay away from study room 202... we sense bad karma in there. Instead try and procure room 207, much better energy coming from that room.

Gemini (May 21-June 21): While veggies are pretty good for you, the Mongolian Grill’s true potential shines with the meat.

Cancer (June 22-July 22): We hate to sound like a fortune cookie, but 10 (October), 7 (July), and 1 (your ranking according to us) are your lucky numbers.

Leo (July 23-Aug 22): Study hard for that accounting test this week. If you don’t take accounting, maybe you should.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Personal finances might become an issue. Rather than rent a movie, why not checkout Hulu.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): A friend in need will come to you for help soon. How you react will significantly affect your friendship in the future.

Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 21): It’s time to rethink your position in life. Our suggestion: Plot it out, and aim for the line of best fit.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): You will receive an unexpected, but not unwelcome knock on your door soon.

Capricorn (Dec. 22- Jan. 19): Don’t be afraid to move outside your comfort zone this week, you might find the results surprising.

Aquarius (Jan.20- Feb. 18): Stay away from BK’s newest specials. Trust us. The Whopper is more of a whopper than you’ll be expecting.

Pisces (Feb. 19- March 20): Enjoy the weekend, we see clear skies and smooth sailing in your future. Take advantage while it lasts.

The columns found in this newspaper are written by individual authors and do not reflect the opinion of The Vanguard, its Editorial Board members, or Bentley University. Comments resulting from the columns may be directed to the author and/or The Vanguard.

Columns April’s Advice

Ask your questions! Question: I can’t seem to concentrate on my work, and I know I’m getting plenty of sleep. Is there anything that can help me focus? As college students, we seem to divide our time between going to class, studying, sports, and club activities, but fail to focus on what we put in our bodies. While sleep will certainly help you concentrate and focus in class, it is not the only thing that will help you. Did you know that there are foods that can help you think better? Many different foods will provide the nutrients, minerals or antioxidants that will help with thinking, concentration, and brain functionality. There are five important foods that you should keep in mind when choosing what to eat. I’m sure your parents always made you eat your vegetables when you were younger, but not because they enjoyed seeing your tiny face scrunch up when you plopped a carrot into your

mouth, but because they know how healthy vegetable are for you. Vegetables are important because they contain high concentrations of the nutrient choline. Choline is a precursor molecule to acetylcholinebasically it is a brain chemical involved in memory. A lack of this nutrient will make it harder for you to memorize vocabulary words as your taking your next exam. Vegetables that are high in this nutrient are cauliflower, mushrooms, broccoli, and peppers. Instead of grabbing a glass of soda, go for the water instead. Not enough water can lead to headaches and a lack of focus. While all fruits are very healthy for you, blueberries are loaded with antioxidants and seem to be the best for supporting brain functionality and battling memory loss. Most people try to eliminate fats from their diet, and try to get fat-free foods. There are such things are good fats! Omega-3’s are the good fats and they can help

By: April Gammal

with mental health and can be found in fish such as salmon. A great snack to take on the go are nuts and seeds which are rich in protein and critical fatty acids that keep your mind healthy. Keep in mind that foods that will reduce brain concentration are alcohol, saturated fats, hydrogenated vegetable oils (try to get foods that say zero grams of trans fats), alcohol, processed sugar, salt- and did I mention alcohol? Also, if you’re someone who can’t resist the sweets, it’s ok because dark chocolate is proven to be good for you. The purpose of this column is to give advice on issues relevant to Bentley students. So, if you have any questions, concerns, or would like advice on any issue that can be addressed in a public form please send it to April at and you may see it in a future issue. Keep in mind that your question will remain anonymous.

tHe VaNGUarD

OCtOBer 1, 2009

PaGe 11

Notes from AbroAd / News Question #2: Describe a typical daily routine for someone from your host country. Sarah Barr BarCeLONa, SPaiN

for Spaniards, everything runs late. Our teacher was astounded when we told her that in high school we had to be there by 7:30 a m. Most of the time people here will wake up around 8 or 9. that gives them enough time to run out to the vegetable market on the corner, have a quick breakfast, and get ready for work. Most people will get to work around ten, and work until siesta in the middle of the day (two or three). Work in general is more relaxed. On average, most working adults have at least four weeks vacation time per year, twice as much as in the US. Between about two and five each day, most businesses close so we have to make sure to do our shopping before that. Here in the city, siesta is more of just a short break when people will go have lunch with friends or

co-workers. it is not much of a “naptime,” although in our apartment we’ve been making full use of this time to catch up on some sleep we might have missed the night before. Normally though, people don’t sleep during siesta. Lunch is considered the most important meal of the day, so a good amount of time is set aside for people to get together and eat a big meal. after going back to work for a little while, most people then come home to their families. they might have a drink and chat about their days, or look to see if a Barca game is on. Soccer (known here as football), is the most popular sport to both play and watch. Game days are always a big deal, everyone gets decked out in scarves, jerseys, hats, and even socks to support the Barcelona team. the stadium is packed and the atmosphere is elec-

tric. the support for most US sports teams pales in comparison to the Spanish fan following for the Barca team. it’s a culture all of its own… Dinner isn’t until nine or ten, and it is a much lighter meal than lunch. People usually eat with their families, but sometimes the students our age will go out to dinner with friends. there are little tapas cafes on almost every corner, and we’ve made sure to take advantage of the one on our street. restaurant culture here is much different than in the US. apart from the fact that the meal takes place much

later, it is also much longer and slower paced. it is normal to sit in a restaurant for two or more hours while smoking, drinking, chatting, and eating. Servers are much more laid back as well. they take a while to approach your table and normally do not check on you during your meal…something that is difficult for us to get used to as we are accustomed to servers stopping by the table every ten minutes or so. they also will not bring the check until you specifically ask for it. eventually, dinner is over and it is time to get home and go to bed. Students like

us will sometimes go to the club or the bar after dinner, in which case we are out much later than we are used to in the US. it is common to come home around 5 or 6 in the morning. in general, Spain is a much more slow-paced, relaxed culture than the US. it honestly seems like people are most concerned with truly enjoying daily life, and making time for themselves even in the middle of a busy day. i’m definitely going to have trouble transitioning back to the fast-paced, hectic lifestyle which is so common in the US.

Eight new Education Abroad programs announced this semester Dan Merica Staff Writer

With the hopes of meeting the needs of all Bentley students, the newly named Cronin Office of international education announced that starting this semester, eight new program locations would be available for study. “Our goal is to provide students with a diversity of choices that entices them to study abroad. We love the idea of programs that have only a few students in them and we hope to get that with these new additions,” said director Natalie Schlegel. these new programs range from asia to africa and include Ghana, Greece, italy, South Korea, Scotland, india and Spain. additionally, the Office of international education has established a partnership with University of Virginia who runs the “Semester-atSea” program. “We wanted to provide student with more options,” said program assistant Stephanie tonelli, “we had seen a great deal of interest

The new Education Abroad program gives students an intriguing alternative.

in all of these areas, with many students asking for more options in asia.” through these additions, Bentley has seen an increase in partnerships with affiliate study abroad suppliers like the Council on international education exchange and the alliance for Global education. “these programs are already established and managed by providers,” said tonelli, “and using these providers gives students a guardian on the ground.” these more supportive affiliate programs include, new programs like fergusson College in india,

Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, italy, Yonsei University in South Korea and Universidad de Pablo de Olavide in Seville, Spain. fergusson College in Pune, india, a program overseen by assistant director Christine Lookner, is unique in the fact that it offers students with an internship opportunity while studying abroad for a semester. “the internship component is something we find appeals to business students,” says Lookner. another program that has attracted attention from stu-

Photo from

dents is the new exchange program with the american College of thessaloniki (aCt). “We selected Greece because it is both a non-traditional and traditional program,” said Josh Nupp, advisor to the new Greece program and assistant director in the office, “aCt has worked with other universities in the area and all have come away with great feedback.” though hyping up the new Greece program, Nupp made it clear that this program is not your stereotypical Greece program. “it snows in thessaloniki,” laughed

Nupp. With the additions of these new programs, the Office of international education has seen growing interest in all of their programs. September 16 brought the education abroad fair, an event that tonelli stated saw, “a great turnout.” “it is not all about the numbers” said Schlegel, “even if the numbers stay steady, we would really hope to see interest spread out among the programs.” With some programs like those in Barcelona, florence and two programs in australia drawing large numbers, it is clear that some of these new programs hope to relieve the influx of students to the largest programs. When asked what these new additions add to Bentley, Looker stated, “they give Bentley students the opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and get experiences they wouldn’t have at Bentley. We have broadened the horizon for students at Bentley.”

PAgE 12

OCTOBER 1, 2009



Football (Continued from Page 1) AIC territory. The story of the first quarter was long drives by both teams, but the defenses made the plays when it counted keeping the game scoreless after one quarter. The Falcon defense continued to make huge plays in the second quarter as they forced two more AIC turnovers. Both turnovers led to points by the Falcon offense. The first turnover was Chris Carroll’s fourth interception of the season, coming at the perfect time as the Yellow Jackets were in the Falcon red zone. Bryant and the Falcon offense would make AIC pay for the turnover as the Falcons drove down into field goal range with Tyler McNamara capping the drive with a 42 yard field goal. The key play on the drive was a 43 yard scramble by Johnson who was running around effectively all night long, keepin the pressure on the AIC defense. With less than 2 minutes left in the 2 quarter and the Falcons down by the score of 63, the defense once again came up huge as junior linebacker Liam Regan intercepted a Rob Parent pass at the Falcon 44. Once again the Falcons

would capitalize on the turnover, but this time they would find the end zone for 6. After three completions and an 11 yard run the Falcons found themselves at the AIC 25 yard line. With 33 seconds left in the half Johnson found grad student Kelley Rowe at the AIC 3 yard line and Rowe did the rest of the work, taking the ball into the end zone. The touchdown gave the Falcons a 10-6 lead along with the momentum going into halftime. The Falcons received the ball in the second half and put together another solid 4 and a half minute drive that stalled in the AIC end of the field, but McNamara made the drive count as he split the uprights with his second field goal of the game staking the Falcons to a 13-6 lead. AIC however would not back down easily as on their next drive Rob Parent found his favorite target, Kertis Hussey, for a 29 yard touchdown; their second touchdown connection of the game, tying the game at 13 with less than 5 minutes left to play in the third. After a quick 3 and out for

the Falcon offense, AIC would take over deep in their territory with only a few minutes left in the third. The Falcon defense would once again make a huge play that swayed the tide of the game. Parent dropped back and rolled toward the sideline and attempted to complete a pass outside of the hash marks which was intercepted by senior defensive back Eric Song. The interception set up the Falcon offense inside the Yellow Jacket 25 yard line. Junior Bart Stires scored the Bentley TD on a two-yard run. The touchdown came a play after Johnson, on a third and goal from the 24, completed a 21-yard pass to junior Eric DiPietrantonio. He was knocked out of bounds at the three, but a personal foul penalty on AIC produced a first-and-goal situation at the two. AIC, once again, battled back as on their ensuing possession, scoring on a 38 yard run by freshman running back Jermayne Capdeville. Capdeville had a sensational game totaling 140 yards on only 22 carries. With the contest tied at 20all, McNamara gave Bentley

the lead, driving his third field goal of the night, and sixth in the last two games, through the uprights with 6:13 left. This one was a 33-yarder and capped an eight-play, 57-yard drive that featured an 18-yard completion from Johnson to junior John Malone on a thirdand-10. A penalty on the ensuing kickoff gave AIC very poor field position, and following a quick three-and-out and a poor punt, the Falcons regained the ball on the Yellow Jacket 35. On the seventh play of the drive, Johnson teamed up with junior tight end Mike Slattery on a game-clinching TD pass, his 12th of the season making it a 10-point game with 2:16 left. Johnson finished with 318 yards of total offense as he scrambled for 72 yards and completed 27 of 48 passes for 246 yards and no interceptions. Malone was Johnson’s favorite target as he hauled in 10 passes for 103 yards. Kelley Rowe also had a solid game catching 9 passes for 56 yards. The Falcon defense, ranked eighth in Division II coming in, was led by senior linebacker Matt Zahoruiko and Poirier. Zahoruiko had a game-high 12

tackles and Poirier finished with eight tackles, two pass break-ups and both a forced fumble and a fumble recovery on the first-quarter strip of Capdeville. Rob Parent finished 19 of 42 for 250 yards and three interceptions, and Kertis Hussey had a solid game with eight catches for 142 yards. The Falcons now sit 5-0 on the season with a signature win against a very good AIC team. Looking ahead the Falcons know two of their toughest games of the season are coming up the next two weeks. Next week the Falcons travel to North Andover, MA to take on the 3-1 Merrimack Warriors, who like the Falcons are undefeated in the NE-10 sitting at 2-0. The Falcons will have to look out for the Warriors running game as Anthony Smalls is coming off a 219 yard performance against Saint Anselm. The Falcon defense has been incredible all season long and the Falcons will once again to rely on that side of the ball in their attempt to keep their undefeated record in a very hostile atmosphere.

The Vanguard

OcTOber 1, 2009

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Games Around the World in 80 Days

Last week’s answers

By: Jon McColgan

Sudoku Level: Easy By: Nic Smits

Franchised Restaurants

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By: Jon McColgan


oCToBER 1, 2009


SportS KPMG interns

The KPMG intern group.

Photo provided by Meagan Hockridge

(Continued from Page 1) four Bentley students were involved in a project in which the interns educated and enlightened the students of Chesterbrook Middle School in Waltham about what it means to recycle and the importance of doing so. The interns recall the entertaining activities they engaged in. Royer mentions, “one member dressed as Captain Planet to show the importance of taking care of our earth. We also held an Uno’s ‘Doughraiser’ to raise money for the after-school program at Chesterbrook.” Carroll also adds, “[The project involved] making arts and crafts from recycled goods, playing a recycling jeopardy game, eating oreo

snacks called ‘dirt cups’ and planting flowers.” Following the project, Hockridge explains, “Each intern group was required to make a presentation about our community service event in front of the entire intern class and several KPMG employees. We were judged based on what we did, how we spent the money that was provided to us, and how our event impacted the community.” The four students were able to bring the gold to Bentley with a first place victory. What was their prize? The group of seven went on a week-long Habitat for Humanity trip to New orleans, Louisiana in order to rebuild homes that were destroyed by Hurricane

Katrina. The trip was not just about the hard labor though as Hockridge adds, “In the evenings, after full days of building houses in ninety degree heat and humidity, we had events such as a tour of New orleans, swamp tour, dinner cruise, and other opportunities to experience the New orleans culture.” Above all, the four Bentley students learned valuable lessons and were able to impact both the communities of New orleans and Waltham. By spreading the word locally about recycling, the interns not only enriched Bentley’s own community, but also gained new knowledge about the important subject of sustainability.

Morano's overtime goal gives Le Moyne 2-1 Win over Bentley Richard Lipe CoNTRIBUTING WRITER

Freshman forward Christie Morano scored two goals, the second coming in overtime, as Le Moyne defeated Bentley University 2-1 on Saturday afternoon in Northeast-10 women’s soccer. The game was scoreless until the 54th minute when Morano tallied her first of the game. Morano took a pass from senior Megan o’Shea, and while her first shot was saved by Bentley goalie Kara Smith Morano scored off the rebound. Bentley’s Cheryl Boyd though tied the score in the 70th minute with her fifth goal of the season. Boyd took a pass from freshman Julie Pomponi 16 yards away from

the net, then dribbled in and scored on an open goal from six yards out. The Dolphins had two chances to win in the final moments of regulation. Morano took a shot that Smith saved with 63 seconds left, resulting in a corner kick for the Le Moyne. Riane Fletcher then took a shot off the ensuing corner kick that went wide. Morano then won it for Le Moyne 2:10 into the first overtime period. Morano was on a breakaway and scored from 12 yards to give the Dolphins their sixth win of the year. The Falcons have had trouble scoring at times this year as they have only netted nine goals in their eight games of action. In order to

be a more consistent scoring team the Falcons need to create more shots on goal, as they have given up twice more shots than they have attempted this season. The Lady Falcons have been a good team in the first half of games as they have scored as many goals as they have allowed; however, the second halves of games have been problematic for the Falcons as they have allowed 10 goals in the second half, while scoring only four themselves. The loss evens Bentley’s record to 4-4-0 overall and 33-0 in the NE-10, while Le Moyne improves to 6-2-2 overall and 3-2-2 in the conference. Bentley’s next game is this Wednesday against Saint Michael’s at 3:30 p.m.

Cheryl Boyd has enjoyed a great senior year.

Photo from Sports Info office

Bentley sweeps past Southern New Hampshire 9-0 in NE-10 opener Richard Lipe CoNTRIBUTING WRITER

Gada has had a great start to his sophomore year.

Photo from Sports Info Office

Bentley University won its first Northeast-10 match of the season, beating Southern New Hampshire 9-0 in men’s tennis action on Saturday. Bentley goes to 1-1 on the season and 1-0 in the NE-10 while the Penmen are 0-1 after losing their match of the year. Senior Lorenzo Cava Guerra and sophomore Alec Spycher were paired together in number one doubles and they beat David Spaggiari and John Niland 8-3. Sophomores Jigar Gada and Victor Suski beat Jared Wright and Tim Hamilton 81 in number two doubles. In number three doubles, a pair of freshmen, Julian Albert and Ben Karim prevailed

over Brendan Hussey and Ryan Chaar 8-1. In singles, Cava Guerra beat Spaggiari 6-0, 6-2 in number one singles and Gada topped Wright 4-6, 64, 10-4 in number two singles. Spycher defeated Hamilton 6-1, 6-1 in number three singles, while Suski beat Nilnd 6-0, 6-3 in fourth singles. The last two matches were won by sophomore Matt Chase, 6-0, 6-0 over Brendan Hussey in number five singles, and by freshman Rodrigo Ribeiro 6-0, 6-0 over Ryan Hussey in number six singles. Prior to the dominating win against Southern New Hampshire the Falcons participated in the ITA East Regional Tournament in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Many of the Falcons enjoyed great individual success including Senior Lorenzo Cava Guerra who fell short in his bid to win the “A” singles tournament at the ITA East Regional on Sunday, losing in the finals to Andrey Boldarev from Concordia College 6-2, 6-1. Seeded second, Cava Guerra beat Rafael Namias of Concordia in the semifinals 7-6 (7-2), 6-0, before losing to the third-seeded Boldarev in the finals. Bentley returns to the courts next Saturday at home against another conference rival in the Le Moyne Dolphins. The Falcons will look to continue their solid tennis against conference rivals, as they have dominated the NE-10 lately.

the VaNGuarD

OCtOBer 1, 2009

PaGe 15

SportS Bentley Volleyball rolling through NE-10 Philip St. Pierre Staff Writer

Senior outside hitter alex Kearney put up another dominant performance as Bentley improved to 8-5 with a 3-0 win over Northeast-10 rival St. Michael’s College. the victory was Bentley’s seventh win in its last eight matches and after a shaky start to the season, the falcons’ outlook is bright. Bentley presents a fairly young lineup with just three seniors, captains alex Kearney, Cassie Kraft and Kristine Mickelson, but it is their veteran leadership that propels the team forward. With only three seniors, the emergence of some of their younger players has caused the team to be one of the elite. the falcons struggled at the start of their season, losing four out of their first five games, but have turned things around and now are 31 in their conference. Bentley just barely squeaked by St. Mary’s College in texas to win their first game of the season, in which freshman amy Waitkus established herself as a force to be reckoned with early, with a team leading 18 kills, as well as 10 digs and 5 aces. Senior alex Kearney would also contribute with 15 kills, continuing her success from the previous year as well as foreshadowing her performance for the season to come. the result was a 3-2 win in which the falcons had

to rally and win two straight sets in order to lead Bentley to a victory. the celebrations were soon halted as the team received a rude awakening the following week, losing their next four games to drop to 1-4 on the season. During the falcons plummet, they really weren’t putting up much of a fight. the only game that went down to the wire was the match on September 9 against division adversary Southern Connecticut State, who was undefeated at the time. Bentley came out of the gate with a close first set win 25-22, but then dropped the next two sets to Southern Connecticut. the falcons were relentless though and took the next set to send the game to the fifth and deciding set, but lost a narrow last set to their opponent, 15-12. although it was another tough loss, the combination of Bentley’s seniors and young guns showed they could contend with anyone and gave the falcons some much needed confidence moving forward. the falcons dropped their fourth game in a row against out of conference opponent rollins in the Bentley invitational, but then won the next two games in the invitational to start the turnaround of their season. Bentley took care of Bloomfield and Georgian Court respectively with very little problems in the next two games of the invitational.

Kearney was a force in the win over St. Mike’s.

Photo from Sports Info Office

the falcons won back to back 3-0 games and got a superb all around performance from everyone on the team. One of the big factors of Bentley’s change in direction on the season is freshman amy Waitkus, who has stepped up and developed into one of Bentley’s leading scores. Waitkus is currently second on the team with 122 kills, which is a huge complement to the team. although a few players stand out, it is the group performance that is propelling Bentley to the top of the Northeast-10. aside from seniors alex Kearney, Cassie Kraft, and Kristine Mickleson, who have been setting the bar for the team, the falcons have been getting much support from the rest of the cast, including juniors Kelley Mee and alaura Berry who have contributed greatly to the falcons’ success. Bentley wasted no time against St. Michaels as the falcons did not even lose a set on their way to an expected win against their opponents, who dropped to 5-7 on the season. Once again Bentley received an MVPlike performance from Kearney, who has been putting up monster numbers and leading the team in most offensive categories. this exceptional play comes as no surprise as she led the team in kills last year, so Kearney is just picking up where she left off and has a total of 136 kills so far on the year. the surge of the falcons has driven the team up to fifth in the conference, but there is still plenty of time for Bentley to climb up to the top where many predicted them to be. Bentley’s next match against Stonehill is a critical one and will be a true test of where the falcons stand this year. the match against Stonehill is in easton and a win against their Northeast 10 opponents, who are 7-4 overall and 2-0 in the conference, would move the falcons up in the standings and prove that they are one of the top teams in the conference. the 8-5 record of the falcons may actually be misleading, because they are now in a groove and seem to be unstoppable as they have been storming through their opponents over the past couple weeks. and things look only to be getting better.

Recent ReSUltS Men’s Cross Country Codfish Bowl (9/26)

3rd of 18

Women’s Cross Country Codfish Bowl

5th of 23

Field Hockey (7-3, 2-1 NE-10) at Stonehill (9/22)* Franklin Pierce (9/26)*

L 2-1 W 2-0

Football (5-0, 3-0 NE-10) American International (9/25)*

W 30-20

Men’s Soccer (3-5-0, 3-1-0 NE-10) Le Moyne* (9/26)

L 2-0

Women’s Soccer (4-4-0, 2-4-0 NE-10) at Franklin Pierce (9/22)* at Le Moyne (9/26)*

L 5-0 L 2-1 (OT)

Men’s Tennis (1-1, 1-0 Northeast-10) Southern New Hampshire* (9/26)

W 9-0

Women’s Tennis (1-1, 1-0 NE-10) Saint Rose (9/23)* Brandeis (9/24)

W 7-2 L 9-0

Volleyball (8-5, 3-1 NE-10) UMass-Lowell (9/23)* St. Michael's (9/26)*

W 3-0 W 3-0

*Northeast-10 Game

Upcoming SchedUle Oct. 2 Volleyball vs. Assumption* Oct. 3 Women’s Tennis vs. Le Moyne* Women’s Soccer vs. Saint Rose* Men’s Tennis vs. Le Moyne* Oct. 4 Women’s Tennis vs. Franklin Pierce* Men’s Tennis vs. Franklin Pierce* Oct. 6 Men’s Soccer vs. UMass-Lowell Oct. 7 Field Hockey vs. Merrimack Volleyball vs. Southern New Hampshire Oct. 9 Football vs. Southern Connecticut Oct. 10 Women’s Tennis vs. Pace Field Hockey vs. Southern Connecticut Men’s Soccer vs. Southern Connecticut Men’s Tennis vs. Pace * Northeast-10 Contest

Sudoku Solutions

7:00 10:00 am 2:00 1:00 11:00 am 2:00 3:30 7:00 7:00 7:00 11:00 am 1:00 1:00 2:00

PAgE 16

oCToBER 1, 2009


SportS Bentley Rugby continues to be a successful squad Robbie LaBrie SPoRTS EDIToR

Rugby may not be considered a varsity sport at Bentley. In fact it’s not even supported by the NCAA at all, but the Bentley men’s rugby team plays like they didn’t get that memo. Playing in one of the toughest conferences in Division II, the Falcons are off to a 2-1 start and are showing no signs of slowing up. At Bentley, rugby is treated like just another club, but it’s likely that the 40+ members of the rugby team would argue that it’s far from just your average club, especially after tough games against big schools and big teams like Boston University, UNH and UMaine. The Falcons most recent win was an impressive one against Maine, who started the season ranked in the top 25 in D-II by eRugbyNews. It was a hard-nosed game in rainy conditions at home in Waltham and the Falcons looked good, defeating Maine 12-10. All of Bentley’s points came on penalty kicks from Bentley Lock Brian Bromel. Defense was the bread and butter of Bentley’s game however, led by centers Mike Lyons and Ryan Ciccarelli. Bentley played a physical game up front and clearly was better conditioned than UMaine. The physical tenacity of forwards Jared Martinelli, Jared Westfall, Doug Lajoie, and Charles Ferguson clearly showed how Bentley overmatched Maine. Bentley’s kicking game also looked strong in the victory thanks to fullback Spencer McKeena and wings Mike Cavalier and Mike Smith. It ended up being Bromel and scrumhalf Marc Shorey locking up player of the game honors, however. Bromel provided the scoring and Shorey led the offense with vocal leadership and strong play. Winning games is not


The Falcons have used aggressive play to continue to win games.

something that comes new to Bentley though. Before last season, the Falcons’ rugby team played Division III, and while the competition may not have been quite as good, Bentley was a dominant force for any opponent. In both the 2006 and 2007 seasons, Bentley went undefeated and won the D-III national championship. It was a remarkable run that spanned a 50+ game win streak; impressive in any sport at any level. The Falcons have also had several alumni go on to have semi-pro rugby careers. After stomping over every opponent that got in their way for years, Bentley rugby made the jump to Division II where the opponents were much better and wins were much harder to come by. In 2008, their first season in Division II, the Falcons experienced something new, as they went 2-3 and failed to reach postseason play for the first time in years. While it was disappointing, the fact still remained that it was a major jump to go from playing against small D-III schools to playing teams like BU and UNH. It really is almost no comparison at all. But this year, after losing to BU on Nickerson Field in

the opening game of the season at BU, Bentley has gotten off to a strong start under head coach Josh Smith, one of three coaches on the team and captains Mike Lyons, Jared Martinelli and Mark Shorey. They are 2-1 with the win against UMaine and another win against University of New Hampshire. The game against UNH was a home matchup and it was a big win, especially coming off the loss to BU. The game started out in UNH’s favor, as they got off to an early 5-0 lead, before the Falcons tied it up with physical play, pounding the ball up the middle to make it a 5-5 game. Then, before halftime struck, Bentley made it 11-5 thanks to two penalty kicks from Bromel. With 26 minutes left, Bentley had made it a 28-5 game, but UNH wasn’t done. They fought back to get the score to 28-24. UNH was threatening again, until Lyons made a huge tackle to end the game for a 28-24 final. Doug Lajoie and Ryan Ciccarelli played excellent for the Falcons offensively, leading the time with some big scores in the bounce back win.

This past Friday night, senior defensive back Chris Carroll recorded his fourth interception of the season in the Falcons 30-20 win over AIC. Did you know the Falcon single season interception record is 12, set by Gregg Albano in the 2001 season?

Photo from

The previous game against BU was a struggle for Bentley, as they got shut out 31-0. It was another rainy day and Bentley had only had time for two practices before the game, so they were certainly not prepared to take on a powerhouse in their conference like BU. Fortunately, the Falcons will get their chance at revenge when the BU Terriers come to Waltham to take on a Bentley squad that now has a couple wins and some confidence under their belt. This time it is sure to be a different game. “We are on the rise in Division II,” said club treasurer and webmaster Jared Westfall. And they certainly are, especially after last year’s disappointment, the Falcons are looking strong and looking like they could make a run at not only a playoff spot, but possibly even deep into the playoffs. The Falcons are looking at a home matchup against BU on Saturday.They will finish

the regular season with a game at UNH and then another game at UMaine, the regular season finale. After that it will be playoff time and that’s where the Falcons will need to be the dominating physical team they know how to be. Although they aren’t recognized as a varsity sport, it takes intense training and conditioning for the Falcons to compete against their Division-II opponents, meaning that rugby is far from just your ordinary club; it is just as physically grueling and difficult as any varsity sport at Bentley. It is a team made up of 40 players who both practice and go to games. “We may be considered a club here at Bentley,” says Westfall, “but as a team we practice and train as a varsity sport.” And it’s that hard work and training that has allowed the Falcons to have success at every level they have been at, whether it was a 50 game winning streak at the D-II level, or winning big games against teams like UNH and UMaine (and hopefully BU). The rugby team puts their heart into their training and their games and their talent will be on display for anyone, whether they know the rules of rugby or not, on Saturday at noon right here at Bentley against the Boston University Terriers. Not only does it promise to be a great game, but the Falcons will have a lot on the line and will be looking for a big win against the team that took them down at the beginning of the season. A win on Saturday could give the Falcons the momentum to propel them to even more wins throughout the season and the playoffs.

Falcon oF the Week Johnson Named Falcon of the Week Junior quarterback Bryant Johnson of the football team has been named the Falcon of the Week. Johnson led the Falcons to a 30-20 win over American International last Friday night at Bentley Field, keeping the Falcons’ perfect record intact at 5-0 and 3-0 in the Northeast-10. It’s Bentley’s best start to a season since the 2003 team went undefeated in the regular season on its way to the NCAA playoffs. Against AIC, Johnson accounted for 318 yards of total offense and threw two touchdown passes. He completed 27 of 48 passes for 246 yards with no interceptions and also ran for 72 yards. With Bentley leading 23-20 with 2:16 left in the game, Johnson sealed the victory by hitting tight end Mike Slattery in the end zone for a five yard touchdown pass, his 12th touchdown pass of the season. It was the second straight game Johnson accumulated at least 260 yards of offense and threw two touchdown passes. Bentley will put its perfect record on the line this Saturday at NE-10 rival Merrimack in North Andover. Kick off is 1:00 p.m.

The Vanguard - 10/01/2009  

The Vanguard is Bentley University's official student-run newspaper.

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