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ThursDay, aPrIl 15, 2010


Tensions cooled between Women’s Center Greeks & Administration takes back night After year of strife, leaders pleased with progress but aim for more Annual Take Back the Night event fights back against sexual assault and rape By Dan Merica neWs CorresPonDenT

after years of swelling tension and misunderstandings between Greek life and the student affairs office, these strains are slowly subsiding after a number of meetings in which Greek issues were aired to the administration. Though most Greeks believe that these problems are far from resolved, the relations with the administration, according to rebecca stewart, President of Delta Phi epsilon, are remarkably better than in the past. “I think there are definitely going to be changes that people might fight,” said stewart. “But I think it is for the better because if we keep pushing the admin, then Greek life will probably just disappear.”

See GREEK, Page 11

The Women’s Center had the help of Delta Phi Epsilon and the Police this year.

By Sindhu Palaniappan

Christopher Spaziani/THE VANGUARD

domestic violence. a walk of

CamPus lIfe eDITor

Fraternity & sorority members hope to have a better relationship with the administration.


Freshman crowned Mr. Bentley

The Women’s Center hosted its annual Take Back the night event this past Wednesday and this year was co-hosted by Delta Phi epsilon and Campus Police. The event began at 7 p.m. when all of the attendees gathered in the Women’s Center for the glow stick ritual. Women and men alike told shared stories about rape, sexual abuse and

“The event was surprisingly powerful, and good for both men and women. It opens our eyes to how prevalent these issues are.” Jackie Le

DelTa PhI ePlIson

silence to the fenway skybox followed the ritual, where a slam poet performed, the See NIGHT, Page 17

AIA Chair seeks reelection armed with experience & conviction By Dan Merica neWs CorresPonDenT

n› › The Mr. Bentley competition featured a very wide range of talents, from singing “I’m on a Boat” and beat boxing to posing in the near-nude and belting Gaga.

See our feature on Mr. Bentley, Page 18

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This Week

In an academic year that proved to be testing on the budgets in a number of Bentley departments, offices and organizations, elise hanaoka, Chair of allocation and Internal audit (aIa) indicated that for aIa, this was a year of transition. “We had to make cuts across the board as evenly as possibly so that every organization was treated equally,” said hanaoka. she went on to point of that in this time

FEATURES: New APO show Almost, Maine ELECTION SPECIAL!!! reviewed, Page 14 Pages 4-11

of cut budgets, it was important that organizations stuck to their mission’s statement. “using these criteria, we


ended up making the most cuts to areas like food and See AIA, Page 9

SPORTS: Men’s Lacrosse continues hot streak, Page 23

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aPrIL 15, 2010

Briefs FINANCIAL AID APPLICATIONS FOR NEXT YEAR ARE DUE TODAY!! Hoping for some aid from Bentley or the federal government to help pay for your education? You need to get your faSa and Bentley forms in by today! Email ga_finaid with your questions today!

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tHE Vanguard

Police log

By Gaelen Austin-LaFrance & Garren Hilow Vanguard Staff

Smoking the Wacky Tobacky

Officers were on patrol around Slade Hall tuesday at approximately 6 p.m. when they smelled something a little funky. as they approached the cement stairs, the officers witnessed two parties exhale smoke and throw something onto the ground. they smelled the odor of burnt marijuana in the air. the students informed the police that the smell was from someone who had just passed by smoking and hadn't shared with them at all! the students went on to claim that what they had thrown before the officers arrived was a cigarette and that they had not been smoking weed. When the students searched for but could not find the cigarette butt, officers began to get suspicious. during the search for the mystery cigarette, a marijuana blunt roach was found. Eventually, one of the students admitted it was theirs. Both will be charged with possession and use of a controlled substance. the more rambunctious student will be additionally charged with being uncooperative with administrative personnel.

Boot and Rally

Support your student leaders running for Sga, aBa, and aIa.

a Student Center employee called the police at 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning with a report of an intoxicated female vomiting in the bathroom. When officers arrived, they found her in the stall and asked her to come out. It was determined that she was sober enough to take care of herself and was returned to her room. She will be charged with an underage alcohol violation.

Larry Looselips Spills the Beans RELAY FOR LIFE IS THIS WEEkEND! Come down for a good cause. april 16-17, 2010 in the dana athletic Center

While taking a lovely Saturday evening stroll down the back side of Maple Hall, officers overheard a male yelling, "Hey, do you want bottles or cans?" the student walked straight out of Maple and was shocked to see the waiting officers. the police told him that they had overheard what he had said and asked for his Id. He handed over his Bentley Id as well as a florida driver’s license that showed he was underage. Curious as to how the student was expecting to purchase alcohol, they then asked him whether or not he owned a fake Id. He was surprisingly cooperative and produced a fake nevada license with his name and picture on it. He also admitted that he was going to purchase alcohol for his friends. He will be charged with possession of a false Id, planning to furnish alcohol for minors and a violation of university rules.

Masked Bandits Terrorize Neighborhood

Wednesday morning, Bentley Police got a call from residents on Wood Cliff road reporting five males suspiciously walking through the wooded area of Waltham High School. they told police that two of the males were

blindfolded and that the other three were carrying rope. When police arrived and found the students, none of them were blindfolded or carrying rope. they informed officers they had been up all night working on a project, and upon finishing, decided to go for a walk. they were looking for a path that they had been told led to a good place to smoke. the police asked if they had been blindfolded and the students said, "no, but someone was wearing a skull cap… We have nothing to hide." the students were charged with suspicious behavior for disturbing the residents on the access road.

Water balloons, $2.50. Security Cameras, $5,000,000. Catching suspects on tape, priceless.

thursday night at around 7 p.m., reports of people throwing water balloons from the second floor of fenway Hall started coming into the police station. the dispatcher on duty was able to use high-tech spy cameras to identify which room the balloons were coming from. When officers went to put a stop to the shenanigans, they counted as many as 15 balloon marks on the ground and colorful latex carnage strewn all over. When the police located the room and knocked on the door, two students stepped out into the hallway. they both admitted to throwing the balloons, and one exclaimed, "I didn't know it was illegal to throw water balloons." the officer explained that they posed a serious safety risk to the campus and that they needed to cease fire at once. they then searched the apartment and recovered one full water balloon that had not yet been hurled. the students will both be charged with disorderly conduct and causing a safety risk. during the interrogation officers noticed three beer cans on the table of the room. One of the students was 21 but the other was underage. Because they were both emanating an odor of alcohol, the underage student also slapped with an underage alcohol violation.

Ultra ID Protection

Last Wednesday just after lunchtime, a resident of Cedar Hall called into the station to report a curious discovery. She had arrived back at her dorm to find an Id inside a condom taped to her door. Officers removed it from the door and took it back to the station where it is being kept as evidence for this case. It was later discovered that the same Id was related to a prior incident. Here’s what we now know: a student spray painted “f*** u” on a pillar outside of Cedar earlier this week. the student was identified, and subsequently busted. that student claims he was framed in the spraypaint incident and that his Id was missing at the time. It has since been determined that the Id inside the condom was, in fact, a red herring intended to throw Campus Police off the trail. the case is considered open.

The Vanguard


april 15, 2010

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APrIL 15, 2010

ElEctions: sGA PrEsidEnt


Why I’m voting for Mike Kearney Chris Dukich is the by Amanda Helfand OP-Ed COnTrIBUTOr

I met Mike nearly four years ago during a Wall Street 101 summer camp at Bentley. It was then that we both fell in love with this school. Since that time, Mike has worked diligently as an ambassador, admissions fellow, student leader, classmate and friend to ensure that Bentley students are getting the most out of their college experience. Through his position as SGA VP for Academic Affairs, Mike is helping to supply students with up-to-date information about courses, unify common curriculums, and provide a structure through which students’ feedback or complaints can be heard. As SGA President, Mike will continue these initiatives while working to improve other aspects of our school. He plans to increase communication

between student leaders across the campus from, artists to academics, athletes to Greeks, rHA to CAB, and everyone inbetween by seeking their input on relevant projects and inviting them to attend SGA meetings if useful. He will continue working to improve the relationship between Greek leaders and administrators, and break down the barriers between different student groups. In addition, Mike intends to create a cohesive structure for the different diversity councils on campus (Bentley Cultural Council, Student diversity Council and Multicultural Center Student Advisory Board), and work with them to reach out to students who have been underserved by the existing system. Through these organizations, he will build on the progress made this year and help to plan and implement a day of Service

that will bring the entire Bentley campus together with local community partners for a day of service learning, community building and fun. What does this all mean? Basically, Mike wants to unite this campus by creating bonds throughout the different student groups and organizations. He is interested in improving this university that he is so passionate about, and listening to what we, the students, have to say. As SGA President, Mike would respond to the needs of the student body throughout the year. He would bring his leadership experience, driven personality and inspiring nature to work for us. I whole-heartedly support Mike and believe in him as a hard-working leader and reliable role model. Elections are being held on April 21, Mike’s 21st birthday, and I can’t think of a better gift for all of us to give him and Bentley.

Mike Kearney Candidate for SGA President

Student Government is about bringing students together to discuss the issues that are important to them. If elected as SGA President, my goal is to maintain the active role that students have in the day-to-day and strategic operations of Bentley University and to help facilitate closer cooperation between student organizations.

right choice for Pres By Elise Hanaoka OP-Ed COnTrIBUTOr

Before I had even met Chris dukich, I heard rave reviews about his dedication and commitment as Vice President for Information Technology on the SGA Executive Board. I have since had the opportunity to work with Chris in classes, organizations, and most recently, as members of the Project Haiti team. Through these interactions, I have been lucky enough to be able to see what everyone else has spoken so highly of. One look at Chris’ self-made campaign site, and it is apparent what has made him the ideal VP for Information Technology this past year. While his technical skills, experience with SGA, and other leadership roles qualify Chris for SGA President on paper, it is his dedication, strong work ethic, and experience that make him the perfect candidate. As classmates and fellow group members in class, I have seen firsthand the level of dedication Chris has to all of his commitments. He is the ideal group member because he can constantly be counted on to work hard, be available for help, and always manage to stay calm in stressful situations. Chris is also very selfless when it comes to helping out others. He was the obvious person to turn to when a website was needed for the Project Haiti cause. despite his other commitments to SGA, classes, his own IT consulting company, and work as a Bentley ambassador, Chris still managed to find time to help the Project Haiti team. He has dedicated countless hours to creating and maintaining a fully-functional website to not

only inform people of the cause, but also to help in the fundraising efforts. Although Chris has an obvious talent for IT, he has also proven that he is able to work on a variety of projects and tasks. This year, he has successfully led the Sodexo Quality Improvement Group on SGA to start discussion regarding the most prevalent issues students face with Sodexo. Through communications with the student body, Chris has taken actual student complaints and concerns directly to those who have the power to help make the changes that students want. Chris’ results-driven demeanor stems from his prior experience on student government at his old school. As a transfer student, he provides a unique perspective on student affairs that sets him apart to reach a broader expanse of the student body. In addition to understanding the needs of transfer students, he came to Bentley already with experience working with administration. He understands the most effective means of communication and has proven to be an efficient, productive, and wellsuited leader. He has established valuable relationships with administration in both the IT department and dining Services through his SGA work, as well as with Admissions and Student Life through his ambassador position and work with Project Haiti. I have been lucky enough to see firsthand why everyone speaks so highly of Chris dukich, and by voting for him as SGA President, you can have this opportunity as well. remember - Dukich Gets It Done.

Chris Dukich Candidate for SGA President

Every year, SGA initiates a number of exciting projects intended to help make Bentley a better place for students. As the Vice President for IT, some of my accomplishments include introducing Grooveshark as the music alternative, reducing the number of unwanted emails, and helping resolve key problems with HP laptops. Beyond my IT role, I am working with a number of students to improve the quality and variety of food in Seasons. As president, I will ensure that SGA continues its momentum into the next academic year. I want to keep SGA engaged with the student body –gathering feedback and establishing new projects that keep Bentley fresh, dynamic and attractive

ElEctions: sGA VP


APRIL 15, 2010


SGA Vice Presidents: Select one per position Executive Vice President

VP of Internal Affairs

Erik Ginthwain

Kara Bohde

Hi Everyone. I will be running for reelection for the position of SGA Executive Vice President in this year's student election. I have served in this position for a year now, and I hope to get your vote.

This past year, I've greatly enjoyed my position as Vice President of Internal Affairs. I've been on SGA for the past 3 semesters and would love the chance to continue with this organization. Please re-elect me because I promise to stay dedicated and committed and represent SGA and the student body well.

VP of Marketing & Communications

Jonathan Rockett

Maggy Reynolds

Alex Chun

Laura Cordero

I”m a freshman from Hong Kong and hoping to promote multicultural diversity on campus in collaboration with our cultural organizations. I’ve served as event coordinator for UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders in high school and I hope to work with the Student Diversity Council. I will use my experience on new music festivals or scavenger hunts with teams from different nations to promote diversity and synergy.

If elected, I will apply my personal experiences of being born and raised in another country to promote the diversity and community atmosphere this campus needs. I am very open minded and attentive to people's feelings and thoughts which will help me bring everyone together at Bentley despite their race or color. I will welcome any challenges and place my best efforts into expanding diversity through my position.

VP of Physical Facilities & Sustainability

I have become extremely invested in sustainability efforts at Bentley. I meet weekly with Amanda Navarroli, the sustainability director, to work on a wide range of issues on campus. The group and I have accomplished so much this semester. Unfortunately, there is never enough time to get everything done, so I would like to run for VP of physical facilities and sustainability so that I can finish some of the important projects that I started this semester!

I am running for re-election for the Student Affairs position and have served on SGA for the past 3 years. This year I have worked on many projects including expanding shuttle service on weekend nights to North Campus and bringing the readership program back to campus and hope to return next year to continue this work.

As the current VP of Marketing and Communications, I love what I do and would be grateful for the opportunity to serve the student body again. I feel I have gained sufficient experience over the past two years and hope to expand on this next year to further improve SGA’s connection with the student body.

Vice President of Diversity Affairs

I am currently a freshman serving my second semester as a senator. Through my time on SGA I have enjoyed meeting many of my peers and working with various members of our administration. I feel I can use all of my positive experiences from this year to create a more open atmosphere for discussing academic concerns here at Bentley. I am looking forward to addressing all concerns for the benefit of our student body.

Christina Samellas

Christopher Hayes

Sucheta Desai

VP of Academic Affairs

As a present member of the SGA Senate, I have worked very closely with the current VP of Academic Affairs. I have seen first-hand what the rigors of the position are and how they need to be handled. If elected to VP of Academic Affairs, I would hope to further the connection between students and faculty as well as provide students with a greater voice on campus.

VP of Student Affairs

Nicole Chan I want to make sure sustainability on campus is done for practical reasons. The student should see the money being saved from going green. I want going green for the students to be a convenience not an annoyance, which seem to dominate the thoughts of students. I want to make sure facilities is working for you. Elected as VP I will work closely with facilities so that things run more smoothly

Emily Wanless If elected, I would encourage that more events be held to showcase the different cultures in our community. By bringing clubs and individuals together to promote diversity, students will learn how to adapt better in business and become more aware of today’s social issues. Living in the GLC, studying abroad, and having an interest in other cultures has taught me a great deal about how to appreciate the differences we all have.

VP of Information Technology

Corey Goodermote Hi world! I have a 4.0 CIS major GPA, and work as a tutor in the CIS labs doing your homework. My mom still writes my name on all of my underwear. I know the lineages for every character in Lord of the Rings, and I don't use a pocket protector, but that's because I only use mechanical pencils. The last time I talked to a girl it was to help her fix her computer, and it was through email. I'm a nerd and I'm proud of it.want to hear what the student body wants to be changed! I hope to be elected so that everyone’s experience is enhanced and everyone’s voice will be heard.

Phillip Pollack Technology is my passion because of its endless potential and I can exercise this potential and enhance each student’s experience. If elected, I would improve the class registration process, with the goal of utilizing a service where you choose all of the classes you want and automatically all potential schedules are displayed for you. Other ideas include alternate storage options, a revamped Blackboard and, as well as better “Green IT” on campus. Most importantly, I want to hear what the student body wants to be changed!

PAGe 6

APRIl 15, 2010

ElEctions: sGA sEnAtors


SGA Senator Candidates: Select the best 10 candidates

Brian Bovino I pride myself on being a very approachable person that sets out to fulfill the needs of others before myself. If I am elected to the SGA Senate, I vow to be a formidable liaison between the students and the SGA and Bentley Administration.

Olivia Jemsten In my opinion, the only way to find out what students want and need is to involve them personally. I would like to arrange events where students and the SGA can come together and discuss important issues that go on at Bentley University. Being an international student, I feel that it is really important for SGA to include both national and international students in order to determine and to meet the needs of every Bentley student. It would be an honor to represent the student body.

Nicole Chan Re-elect me as Senator again! I enjoyed it so much last year. If not your VP of Sustainability & Facilities I would like to serve the student body again as a senator. As senator I will make sure your voices are heard and that your questions are answered. I'd appreciate to have you support me once again as senator or VP! Vote Nicole Chan!!!

Austin Parker As an SGA senator I will make sure the opinions and concerns of Bentley student's are heard. I have been a Senator on SGA for one semester and would like to continue my work with SGA. This semester I was on the Sustainability Project Group. If elected I hope to also join the quality of Sodexo project group and focus on improving meals at Seasons. I feel I am an excellent candidate because I will work hard to ensure students’ concerns are heard and addressed. Thank you for your support.

Spencer Tirella

Courtesy of

As a senator in SGA, I hope to continue my role in representing the student body and acting as the liaison between administrators and students. Presently, I serve as a freshman senator and sit on the Academic Board subcommittee. As a senator, I voice the concerns of students which are included in a general report that is prepared for review and resolution by the SGA. I would be honored to be able to continue in these roles during my sophomore year, and hope to continue as your student representative

Steven Correia

Aurielle Goldfarb

Allow me to utilize my years of Student Government experience to dedicate my time toward addressing the needs and desires of the Bentley Student Body. My high level of commitment, organization, and hands on attitude have earned me a high level of respect and experience. Between being the president of my high school's congressional debate program, mock trial program and model congress, I have learned how to properly manage time and people and to complete tasks efficiently and effectively.

This past semester as a senator on SGA, I have participated in many positive changes and initiatives that the Bentley community can look forward to in the coming semesters. I hope that by being re-elected as a senator for the coming year, I am able to help ensure that student voices continue to be heard and changes, specifically with Sodexo through our project group, will occur. Many suggestions have been made for positive changes and I hope that you will support me in helping ensure that all of our voices are heard!

Stephen Perkins

Jonathan Shih

Bentley is a nationally recognized business school that offers a lot to the future of the business world, the community, and the students who come to Bentley to succeed. As a Senator in SGA I will work to move towards a perfectly functioning student body in which problems residing at Bentley can be addressed. Together we can work to improve Bentley to its fullest and make Bentley an even better place to live. Vote Perkins for SGA Senator.

I am a junior running for re-election as Senator for this upcoming school year. I would make an excellent candidate because of my past experience as senator, activities in other organizations, and diverse background. This semester as a senator, I led the Sustainability Project Group With my many strength and past experiences, I will be excellent at fulfilling my duties of expressing the concerns of the student body and helping to make the University a more enjoyable place.

Coral Trivedi

Kerrin Welch

If elected, this would be my first term, but I hope to serve the student body well and contribute to the changes being made on campus.As a result of my involvement with other campus organizations, such as Bentley Microfinance Group, I have found that too often many of our complaints go unheard because we don't know where to turn. I hope to work on issues involving the quality and availability of food on campus, especially late at night and during finals week. I would love to be able to contribute to the transformations taking place.

I would like to be re-elected to the position of SGA Senator in order to continue working towards improving Bentley. In particular, I would like to follow up on the project group I have been working on this past semester, “Quality of Sodexo,� to ensure that the dining experience is optimal.Please vote for me, Kerrin Welch. Thank you!

Courtesy of

ElEctions: ABA


APRIL 15, 2010


Grace Seme seeks election as ABA President By Andy Zhong NEwS EDITOR

Andy Zhong: Tell me a little bit about yourself. Grace Seme: I’m a sophomore. I’m going to be a Management major with a concentration in Global Perspectives for the LSM. I also work in Career Services. AZ: How long have you been part of the Association of Bentley Activities (ABA)? GS: I started the ABA this past September, and I was Communications Director, which is now called the Vice President of Communications, until about December. I was in charge of the CollegiateLink page, sending out the minutes and recording all that. when Tyler [williams] became president, they asked me to be the Vice President of Development and Recognition. I guess their biggest concern for me was that I’m very much a people-person, I’m very social. [Members of the ABA] were like, “Are you going to be able to say ‘no’ to people when it comes to recognizing organizations?” And so far, I’ve been able to work really well, so I really like that position. AZ: What do you think of the

current state of the ABA, and are there are any changes you would make as President? GS: Tyler mentioned at our last meeting that ABA has always been a very reactionary group, and he wanted to be proactive. I think that’s a great way to look at it, especially how they look at us. People only come to us when they need us for something, or when we need to fix things, but we need to be ahead of that. we need to understand where the students are coming from and try not to always be the ones to solve the problems, but be the ones ahead of the game. we’ve just created an active organization policy because we have so many organizations on campus right now – there are over 100 right now - and no campus of our size has this many organizations. So it’s kind of hard because we only have a limited student activity fee, and the more organizations we recognize, the less each group [receives]. So we created this policy called the Active Organization Policy to filter out the organizations that aren’t active. The hardest problem is, especially with me being in charge of helping people recog-

nize organizations, is longevity. we always try to push for freshmen liaisons in a group because people are going to graduate in four years and then it’s just going to die. So, it’s been a hard problem and I think that it’s not fair to people who want to start an organization. It’s not fair that they don’t become a recognized organization because there are so many other people. But it’s something that we’re trying to balance right now, and I think Tyler did an awesome job working on it this year. AZ: Some students feel as though the ABA hasn’t exactly been efficient enough in terms of handling organization development and recognition. What ideas do you have in terms of making the ABA a more efficient organization? GS: I think one of the biggest things is that we all have to be on the same page. Our Vice President this year, Alex Murphy, has done a phenomenal job and has created a cluster resource packet. Everyone comes in on different levels and it’s our job to be a resource to the students. The cluster representatives are supposed to be the liaison to the presidents

Candidate for ABA President: Grace Seme and the ABA. [It’s their job to] work for the presidents. we need to be there. we need to help them. If they have a problem, the problem should be addressed right away, and I think that’s one thing we definitely need to work on: being more efficient, being more responsive. Everyone needs to have the same basic understanding so we can all work it out. It’s hard because there are

so many things going on, and there are so many different people, that everyone could give you a different answer and we need to be a united front in a sense that we all need to agree on different things. Our board this year was really good about being understanding and having everyone agreeing with things, but it’s so hard because there are so many things going on.

ABA Vice President Candidates: Select the best candidate

Khaled Al-Amiri Have you ever had an idea about something at Bentley and hoped that someone will listen to you? The problem is that student's ideas are rarely received. A vote for me would be a vote for your voice. I will go that extra step needed to get your voice heard. Growing up, I moved from country to country and witnessed how different activity systems work.

Meshawn Cisero I am currently the President of Black United Body and Co-chair of the Bentley Cultural Committee. I was an ALANA leader for the past summer for the upcoming summer. I am also an Orientation Leader and plan to continue my role as a Summer Transition Educational Program leader here at Bentley. I feel a good way to do this would be to take leadership roles among different campus organization.

ABA Communication Director Candidates: Select one

Sophia Nezuh As a freshman, I have gotten involved in a number of organizations on campus including Colleges Against Cancer, Service Learning, and Bentley Ambassadors. I hope to continue to get involved by becoming ABA Communication Director. As Communication Director I will use my organizational skills in overseeing Bentley activities on campus.

Candidate for ABA Vice President of Organization Recognition: Matthew Somma Hey everyone, my names Matt Somma and I'm running for the ABA VP of Organization Recognition. I would work well on ABA because I'm a very involved person on campus and I know how the system works. I've been through the process of starting a club and would love to be able to assist students in that very same process. I'm easy going, but hard working and would serve as the perfect contact between students and the ABA. So please vote for me for the ABA VP of Organization Recognition!

Emily Strunk I am interested in this position because I would like to have more involvement in a group that helps organizations campus wide. I am dedicated worker, a very approachable person, and I work well with others. I have held leadership positions within my sorority including Director of Marketing Alpha Phi and Director of Philanthropy.

Remember to vote online on April 21st!

PAGe 8

APriL 15, 2010

ElEctions: ABA

tHe VANGuArd

Conversation with ABA V.P. Candidate, Matthew Somma By Andy Zhong News editor

Andy Zhong: Tell me a little bit about yourself. Matthew somma: i'm a freshman here on campus. i became interested in ABA when i applied for the religious and social service cluster representative chair. i contacted Alex Murphy at the time, went through the application process and was originally accepted for it, but i couldn't do it because i had a class during e-board meetings. After that, she said she would let me know when the applications come out and give me advice about it. Applications came out and i went for organization recognition. i'm the sponsorship and Fundraising Chair for Colleges against Cancer, i'm on t he B MA agency, Pax Populi, i'm a student ambassador for the tomorrow 25 student Leadership Forum, i write for the Vanguard and i just got elected for the CAB sports and recreation Chair. AZ: What does the ABA mean in your own words? Ms: Association of Bentley Activities. it's creating a community where all the clubs can interact and express themselves in whatever manner they want. the ski and snowboard Club wants to promote athleticism in extreme games. so does the skydiving Club. the Bentley Gaming Association wants to express their love for video games. there are a lot of different things. AZ: What experience do you have with organizational recognition, and how familiar are you with the process? Ms: i was involved in deCA in high school, which is distributive education Clubs of America, it's a marketing competition. And i can say a good majority of the kids here, because they're business students, became involved with it. And there's one called delta epsilon Chi which is the same thing, a business competition meant for college students, and we tried to start off a chapter for that. And the process was very difficult. recently, dan Merica contacted me and asked me to be the president for his club next year, which is Pax Populi. it's an outreach to the Afghani student Club. He approached me to do that for next year because he will be leaving, and i had expressed

an interest in it when i wrote an article about it back in october. so he contacted me and we started going through the process a little bit together. we had our first general meeting, we went through the constitution, chose an eboard, contacted students and everything else, and realized that it's getting too close to the end of the semester, so we're going to pick it up next year. But it familiarized me with the process. AZ: What do you think about the current state of the ABA? Ms: it definitely has a presence on campus, but i think it definitely needs to have a bit more of a presence. i know that they've really tried to stress CollegiateLink, but we’re moving into the twenty-first century and i know that it's a very important thing. the community for clubs could definitely be strengthened by becoming involved online. i know that CAB tried to utilize its texting system this year. they actually had people put their phone numbers in and they would send out an online request, which would send a text message to your phones. i would like to draw that to ABA as well. i've looked at CollegiateLink; it looks like it will be a really useful tool. A lot of clubs don't have their own websites. they don't have that proper structure. i think playing it out and having it all in one convenient place would help make ABA a little bit stronger because it would be more of an official listing. AZ: Do you have any ideas to promote the existence of the ABA? Ms: it's a little difficult because the purpose is to strengthen the relations between the clubs. i know they host the Activities Fair, and the bags you see have ABA on the outside. i'm sure there are numerous ways to promote ABA, but one of them would definitely be to stress the fact that people can create their own organizations. i've overheard people saying, "Hey, it would be great if start out this club," and i've never seen it gone through because if i saw a poster for a particular club, i would be extremely excited for it and i would sign up for it instantly. it's obviously a constructive idea, but if someone is interested in starting a club, they should sit down with a cluster rep-

resentative and the Vice President of development and recognition, and from there take it even further. AZ: How do you plan on dealing with inactive clubs on campus and do you think they are handling it well so far? Ms: when i was applying for the Cluster representative position, they stressed the fact that you should attend the clubs’ meetings who you represent, or one of the events that they've hosted. i think it's down to those original Cluster representatives to stress staying active, because if they aren't, why are they receiving a budget in the first place? For the Academic integrity Council, we had a couple meetings first semester, and we have a few more this semester, but in general, i thought it was going to be more active than it was. But looking at the two presidents, they obviously have other time commitments. At the same time, i don't think they are as active as they should be, and the Cluster

Courtesy of Tyler Williams

representatives probably could have suggested, "why don't you guys look for a new e-board right now to take over for the next semester?" i'm sure they would have been enthused about that and would have shown people how to do it. And i'm sure they would have assisted in any way they could have. i'm positive that people put their name on the mailing list of clubs at the Activities Fair. these clubs seem to be the most active because they actually have representatives there saying, "Come sign up for our club." there are people that are showing interest in this.

AZ: You are obviously involved in so many clubs on campus. How much commitment are you willing to put into the ABA? Ms: with a lot of the clubs i got involved with, not to belittle them, but you put your name on and you're on the general [staff]. this is obviously an election and something i had to apply for and think strongly about because it's a bigger time commitment than most. [the ABA] is also a bigger governing body of clubs, so i kind of put it above all the rest, and it is for that reason that time commitment will not be an issue.

ElEctions: AiA


AprIL 15, 2010

pAgE 9

AIA Continued from Page 1 prizes/giveaways because they just work to enhance organizations’ events,” said Hanaoka, “and are not the most integral elements to the events themselves.” With the cutbacks being made, Hanaoka believes that a number of organizations are starting to factor that criterion into their budgets and streamlining the process. AIA’s main responsibility is administering that Student Activity Fee (SAF), a process that requires working with each club on campus, soliciting their annual expenditures and then working with them to cut what is deemed not necessary. The goal is to allocate as much as possible, allowing organizations to do as much as they can with the SAF, but not go over allocate. “We balanced out the needs of every organization pretty well,” said Hanaoka, “Not everyone gets exactly what they want, but then I don’t

think we were cutting as much as we had in past semesters.” Hanaoka is running unopposed for re-election as AIA Chair this year, as she did last year. After a year to learn the processes of AIA, Hanaoka feels that on a personal level she is ready to addresses the larger issues that she hopes to change. “After doing this for a year,” said Hanaoka, “there will be less of a learning curve so I can look forward to making those bigger changes as opposed to learning as chair what I have to be doing logistically.” Some of those bigger changes Hanaoka hopes to address range from more effective communication with clubs and organizations to helping in the turnover of treasurers of on-campus organizations. In addition, AIA will continue to adjust to what she calls, “a transition from top-down approach of running things.” “AIA used to be run on a very old school leadership style,” said Hanaoka, “where

the chair and the vice chair set what we are doing and this is what we are talking about.” She went on to point out that because of so many new liaisons, only three had been part of AIA prior to this year, a disjoint occurred because of this. Hanaoka called the last semester’s changes, “the new school leadership,” saying there has been “a lot more collaboration and the liaisons have a lot more say in what we do. They also have a lot more autonomy in the decisions made by AIA.” This change in style has garnered some success, with AIA receiving almost all of this year’s annual budgets for Bentley’s one hundred and three organizations and clubs on time. “I would say it has definitely been a successful year in some ways and unsuccessful one in others,” said Hanaoka, but she went on to say that she believes that next year will continue with the success and build on what was started last year.

Candidate for AIA Chair: Elise Hanaoka As current Allocations and Internal Audit Committee Chair, I have gained the necessary experience from five semesters on AIA to continue in this position. Next year I expect to bring this knowledge, in addition to an open mind, to best balance the needs of the various organizations at Bentley.

AIA Liaison Candidates: Select the best 9 candidates

Mitchell Bloomberg Hey what’s going on guys? I would like to become a part of AIA because of its importance to the current student organizations and clubs that are currently on campus. I have always performed well under pressure in leadership roles and I feel I would be an important asset to AIA. In this position I hope to uphold the integrity of AIA as well as help lead it to informed, accurate, and fair decisions

Joshua Brooks Over the past semester I’ve worked as a liaison for AIA and have had a positive experience. I would like to get reelected to this position because I have enjoyed serving the student body thus far, and want the chance to continue in 2010-2011. I am hard working, and if elected I will be very dedicated to my AIA duties. So with that said I feel I’m a viable candidate for the liaison position.

Kyle Nives We live in an era of reckless government spending for which no one is truly accountable. If elected, It will be my duty to ensure that students receive the best return on investment for their student activity fees as possible. I will not tolerate waste or fraud, and will ensure that your money is actively working towards the benefit of the community. Thank you for your time and please consider me for AIA Liaison!

Ryan DeChance

Evan Honeyman

There are 2 things to consider when choosing leaders. The first is whether or not the student leaders have experience. I’ve gained a great deal of experience within the past two years. The second thing that must be considered is whether or not there is continuity in these positions. I want to be re-elected to the AIA committee because I feel that I can provide this continuity and experience to best help organizations and futureleaders.

With vast business experience, I know the value of a dollar and wish nothing more than to maximize its value, while still remaining fiscally-responsible. In high school, I was elected class president for four consecutive years and oversaw a budget of $65,000. I have the experience and leadership skills necessary to serve the student organizationsresponsibly and honestly. I would appreciate your support for me come Election Day.

Nick Sozio If re-elected, I will devote my efforts to the fair and efficient running of your organizations. I will continue to work to maximize the potential of your student activity fee, have experience facing crucial judgments without bias and can promise to use my experience to best serve the student body and your organizations while helping in the continued development required to maintain the many organizational options we enjoy.

Kaitlin Wallis I am currently a Liaison and it has been a great way help the community. I am capable of taking on the task of making sure that all organizations on campus get a fair amount of funding and I’m very involved on campus, so I know how important funding is. Communication is a strength of mine, and I have been very dedicated to AIA this past semester, so I welcome the opportunity to continue.

Ali Kane If elected as an AIA Liaison, you can rely on me to make educated and fair decisions concerning the budgets of all the groups on campus. Bentley has great diversity in the campus groups it has to offer and I believe that groups who have a solid purpose and contribute to the community should be allocated sufficient funds to continue to foster their growth and development, as well as promote their activities.

Ashley Wu Being an active leader on campus, I can bridge the relationship of the student body with the administration. With a year's worth of experience on the board, I have gained the necessary knowledge of the protocols and procedures to appropriately handle the Student Activities Fund. I am passionate in what i do, and am truly dedicated to helping the 100+ organizations with their monetary needs.


APRIL 15, 2010

ElEctions: class cabinEt


Senior Class Cabinet: Select the best 7 candidates

Michelle Barbino As a member of Class Cabinet 2011 for the past two years, I’ve has a great time working with fellow Cabinet members and other organizations to plan events such as the Halloween Dance and Mr. Bentley. If reelected, I will continue to work with Class Cabinet to make our Senior year fun, exciting, and memorable! Vote Michelle!!!!

Mary-Catherine Citarelli Hi Guys! My name is MaryCatherine “MC” Citarelli! I am running for Senior Class Cabinet next year! It has been an honor to represent the junior class this past year on the Junior Class Cabinet and I would love to be a part of the senior class cabinet again next year!

Andrew Leffler

Crissi Mann

Being a member of Class Cabinet for the last three years here at Bentley has given me the chance to work on class events and provide our class with necessary and relevant information. I’m looking forward to continuing my time on Class Cabinet for senior year and ask for your vote on April 21.

Re-elect Crissi Mann for Senior Class Cabinet. I have been on class cabinet each year since freshman year and can't get enough of it! If you want a senior year that is beyond belief, don't forget to vote for Michelle Barbino, Puja Shah, Marc Santilli, Chris Talevi, Andrew Leffler, and MC Citarelli.

Marc Santilli Please re-elect your Class of 2011 Class Cabinet. This group has worked really hard to bring you what you want from us over the past three years. We know that we can continue in this capacity and bring you the best Senior Year. So far we have planned for next year monthly pub nights, a club night, the senior harbor cruise and more.

Junior Class Cabinet: Select the Best 7 Candidates Puja Shah

Chris Talevi

As a member of the Class Cabinet for the past three years, I’ve planned fantastic events such as Freshman Fun Day, the Bentley Ball, Mr. Bentley, and many more. Next year, you can expect lots of pub nights, a club night, the senior harbor cruise, and the best Bahamas trip ever known. If you love your classmates now, just wait until the bonding we have planned!

VOTE TALEVI! Not much else I can say in this blurb to woo you to vote for me. I highly recommend it as I've been on the Cabinet for the Class of 2011 for the last three years and we have planned a considerable amount of great events. Please give me the opportunity to continue working for our class during our Senior Year. Thank you.”

Ally Malonis

Bobby Reardon

Steven Varga

I hope to bring a fresh perspective to our Class Cabinet complete with many new ideas and an open mind. Our incumbents have done some great work, but with some not seeking reelection I’m ready to step up and fill their shoes. I want our junior year to be the best yet and am willing to put in the hard work that will make that a reality. If elected I will be dedicated to hearing your voice and making sure that everyone’s ideas are considered. If you want our junior year to be all it can be, please vote for me on Wednesday, April 21

I've been a Class Cabinet member since freshman year, and want to continue my involvement in creative event planning and promoting class unity. My goal is to promote cost effective and high turnout events, in addition to the traditional events we've all grown to love throughout the years. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Vote Varga!

Hey everyone! I would like to become a new member of next year's Junior Class Cabinet, and am eager to work to make our year great by helping to plan existing annual events and hopefully introducing new ones! By doing this we can unite our class and make it an even more memorable year than the last two! I would greatly appreciate your vote on April 21!

Alfred Andrew Amasanti If elected, I will try to start giving my grain of sand back to the community, as I hope with my utmost desire that we can make Bentley an even greater experience for all the Juniors. I will try to give a voice to any concerns our class would have while promoting unity and diversity. I believe that diversity is the greatest thing a university can have and I will use my experience as an international student to try to celebrate our differences. I want to give back for all of my excellent experiences!

Natalie Caldwell

Alecia Coleman

I'm Natalie Caldwell and I have been on the Class Cabinet for the last two years. I’m looking forward to continue being on the cabinet and help making the junior’s year even better next year. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the type of person you want on your cabinet! Vote for me!

As a new member of Class Cabinet, I will bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm into planning our class events, making them both memorable and enjoyable. I will work hard to unite our class through such events as I am eager to make next year unforgettable. College is often considered to be the best four years of your life, and if elected as a member of Junior Class Cabinet, I would like to make this true for your years spent at Bentley University.

Amelia Wagner

Lauren Zinn

I’m excited to be running for reelection to Class Cabinet. I’ve been the Secretary of both the Freshmen and Sophomore Class Cabinets and would really like to be a part of the Junior Class Cabinet this coming year. Please be sure to vote in this year’s election!

I want to make next year as fun and exciting as possible for the upcoming juniors! I am confident that I can solve unexpected issues and offer creative ideas while ultimately making a more unified junior class. Hopefully, I will get the opportunity to represent the motivated group that we are!

Remember to vote on April 21!!!


ElEctions: class cabinEt

APRIL 15, 2010

PAGe 11

Sophomore Class Cabinet: Select the best 7 candidates

Lindsey Albert I was the Marketing Coordinator Chair for the Freshman Class Cabinet, and hope to continue my role next year. As a Cabinet, we have already looked into several events for the fall semester of next year that are different and more interesting than past events. I have worked hard to plan and carry out events that the freshman class would like. I can assure you that I am dedicated to you as a class and will continue to work hard in order to make our sophomore year better than our freshman one. Thank you for your time!

Katie Miller It's Miller time and I am looking for your vote again! I am an active member of the Bentley community and strive to put on events that our school will enjoy. I am very responsible and outgoing and I know I can continue to do a good job. I've loved the opportunity to get to know many of you and I hope you give me the chance to continue doing so next year

GREEK Continued from Page 1 In response to these meetings, which included Greek representatives from each sorority and fraternity on campus, along with Student Affairs staff, a letter was written outlining some of the steps that need to be taken to continue cordial relations. A number of grievances were addressed in the meetings, and subsequently answered in an email sent by Maria DiLorenzo, Assistant Director of Student Affairs, and Christina Witkowicki, Director of Greek Life. While the grievances included issues from Greek housing to funding and relationships with the community, main concerns expressed by both Stewart and Martha Perry, Greek Life Project Group Leader, were about university policies towards Greek Life and public relations on campus.

Christopher Avino This year in Class Cabinet I have learned the responsibilities of being our class Treasurer and I feel that I have done a good job. As a cabinet we have organized and helped out with many events. Myself and the other cabinet members have many great ideas for next year but before that happens I need your vote to get re-elected. I'm not popular or good looking so I have plenty of time to represent you in class cabinet. With that being said, I would really appreciate your vote.

Patrick Rielly As Class President for this past year, I am committed to representing my fellow classmates and the University with integrity and vision. Stemming from past experience, I wish to continue my efforts in drawing upon the strength of the class to establish a cohesive unit.

“The policies are the things that people were generally most upset about,” said Perry. “The solution to that was that each president and their national representative is going to sit down with Christina and decide what fits best at Bentley.” According to the letter sent by Student Affairs, this group discussion is a short-term solution. Addressed in these conversations will be questions regarding co-sponsoring events with Bentley organizations which have alcohol, party registration policy and socializing with fraternity/sorority organizations that are suspended or not recognized. A good deal of tension also stemmed from the feeling that the administration was overstepping their regulatory bounds by trying to enforce not just Bentley polices, but fraternity or sorority policies as well. Doreen Floyd, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, addressed

Patrick Maguire Please re-elect me to Class Cabinet because of my distinguished record of student leadership. This year I’ve helped plan many events like the Friendly’s Meet and Greet and the upcoming Freshman Fun Day.Through CAB, I’ve helped to select the artists for Spring Day and the Comedy Shows and also worked behind the scenes. Class Cabinet already has several exciting events in development for fall, and I will continue to bring these innovative plans to you. With me, you can expect new, exciting events and a cabinet that strives to improve itself.

Patrick McGoldrick Commitment, persistence, and trustworthiness are all qualities I embody and can assure our class that I will exhibit while representing you. I do not consider myself to be a leader of our class, but rather FOR our class. That is why with the coming of a new year, I am more poised than ever to fulfill all the requests for events that you may have. That being said, on voting day, a vote for me, is a vote for you and for the chance to have your ideas heard. I wish all the other candidates the best of luck.

Shauna Sarsfield I would love to be re-elected to be on the sophomore class cabinet because I truly enjoy being involved and helping make decisions that will benefit the entire class. I believe that there is an obligation to stand up for what we believe is the correct choice, and the best way to fulfill this duty is to be involved in the decision-making process. Please consider me again in the upcoming elections!

this issue saying, “Our goal is not to regulate policy for other organizations, but to work with our students to figure out how to make sense of it all.” Many members of Greek Life believe their presence on campus and the view of non-Greek students towards Greek Life was not favorable. “We don’t want to have Greek Life versus the rest of the campus,” said Stewart, who went on to say that while the perception of Greeks may be linked with partying, it is important to remember that they do a great deal of philanthropy as well. “They were interested in more of a presence in publications, such as admissions brochures, spoken more positively about in campus tours, and had more positive articles written about them in The Vanguard,” wrote Witkowicki. A survey will also be sent out to students regarding their view of Greek Life on campus. “The

Kim Sok I feel confident that I can represent you as we enter our second year of the best years of our life. Student government is a meaningful and important experience for me and now I would absolutely love to continue by serving on your Class Cabinet. Taking what I’ve learned as your Vice President, I can contribute by voicing student opinions, implementing my experience, and work with other organizations for better events!

surveys are intended to provide a broader perspective of the strengths and challenges of the community as perceived by others,” wrote Witkowicki. In addition, a specific survey regarding perceptions of Greek Life is going to staff and faculty. The survey is slated to go out by the end of the semester. Greek Life will also be making a presentation next semester regarding the possibility of Greek-specific housing coming to campus. In addition, the possibility of mini-grants and funding from AIA for campus-wide events was addressed as a possible way to involve the Greek community. Stewart and Perry were hopeful that the administration would follow through on these commitments, but they acknowledged that there would always be tension between the two groups. Stewart stated that they are working on “a healthy balance

between us pushing them, and them [the administration] pushing us. We are trying to eliminate the negative tension between Greek Life and the administration.” However, Perry went on to acknowledge that there will always be tension, saying, “The most important thing is that we work through that tension and work together.” Witkowicki pointed out that their commitment has always been centered on helping students be successful and take responsibility for their own behavior. When asked about the feasibility about these changes and where they currently stand, Witkowicki wrote, “Almost all of the action items in the memo have already been started.” “They are really showing that they want to work with us,” concluded Perry. “We haven’t come to final conclusions yet, but that willingness to work with us makes a big difference.”



APRIl 15, 2010



By Matt Weisse

For Your Entertainment

What is your favorite fib told by a Bentley tour guide?

Ryan o’keefe class of 2012 MaRketinG “On the way to class you will hear three or more languages.”

steven vaRGa class of 2012 MatheMatical sciences “There are four recognized sororities and 11 recognized fraternities on campus.”

nicholas aqUino class of 2011 ManaGeRial econoMics “People watch BSTV.”

BRendan GeRRity class of 2011 MaRketinG “People go to Student Government meetings.”

Rocio MaRtinez class of 2012 Undecided “The food is really good.”


While many of my reviews focus on both positives as well as negatives, Family Guy’s most recent season has been such an abject failure that I really have almost nothing good to say about it. In fact, the show has gotten to the point that I honestly considered titling this article “The complete and utter downfall of Family Guy.” Now before you write this off as a rant by a Family Guy hater, let me say two things: First, I actually love Family Guy, particularly the earlier seasons, which is the main reason why I am so upset about its recent turn for the worse. Second, instead of simply and repeatedly saying, “This show sucks now,” I have actually determined some of the main reasons for its shortcomings: 1 – Being offensive is not funny in itself. This season, the writers’ primary goal seems to be to offend. Thus far, topics covered in Season 8 have included typically taboo topics such as Judaism, down syndrome, and sexual harassment, among others. In addition to its offensiveness, none of it is particularly funny or entertaining, which is typically why one would watch Family Guy in the first place. The writers seem to assume that if they tackle an incendiary topic, it should be funny just because they “went there.” But it’s not. 2 – The plot lines are running thin, even for animated comedy standards. I understand that there are hundreds of episodes of The Simpsons and South Park out there that really eliminate a lot of potential plot options, and I also understand that Family Guy isn’t exactly plot driven, well, ever. Even then, I never thought I’d see the day where there’d be an episode about Peter falling in love with a cardboard cutout of Kathy Ireland. Really, guys? 3 – The writers are desperate to recreate their successes, but they are running out of original gags. Family Guy invented the “drawn-out moment” (i.e. Peter bangs his knee and holds it going “ahhhhhh” for literally 2 minutes), and I’ll admit, at first it was so absurd that it was funny. But now, it seems as though the writers have run out of new material, and instead have to kill time by going back to old gags. And the Conway Twitty portions suggest they may even be too lazy to animate original content. 4 – The musical numbers are awful. This is a combination of 1 and 3. The musical numbers

The new season of Family Guy doesn’t live up to previous seasons’ standards.

aren’t funny anymore, they drag on, and they feel more like time killers than anything else. 5 - Even the pop culture references, a Family Guy staple that used to be one of its clear highlights, are no longer consistently funny. The references used are increasingly obscure or odd, particularly given the demographic of people watching the show. Making appearances this season are: Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Vladmir Putin, Ronald Reagan, Richard Dawson, and Richard Dryfus. Maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t think of two things done by any of these people in the past decade. Bonus: The award for lowest point in Family Guy’s 8season history goes to… The Terri Schiavo musical, which succeeded in being offensive, unfunny, time consuming, and completely lacking in any sort of relevance. Ultimately, the show has become a disaster. I suspect that Seth MacFarlane, the show’s creator, and company have been spread a little too

Courtesy of

thin with American Dad and The Cleveland Show, and given the lack of gas left in the tank, Family Guy appears to be trying too hard to imitate itself, like, “Hey guys, remember when I did that thing one time and it was funny? If I do it over and over again it will still be funny, right? Please?” This may be understandable, but it is in no way excusable: South Park is onto season 14, yet it still manages to balance relevance, offensiveness and humor. The only question that remains is why I continue to put myself through the misery of watching this TV failure, and there is already evidence that I’m not alone: The first episode of the season aired to a season-high 5.6 rating, while the latest aired to a season-low 3.4 rating. Family Guy is going to need to find some way to turn itself around soon or its third cancellation may be inevitable – and this time, Fox won’t be the one to blame. Rating: 1/5 falcons

Running out of originality is one of the major issues this season does not satisfy viewers.

Courtesy of



Underground music is worth a listen

APRIl 15, 2010


Voices What are your job/internship plans for this summer? fRancesco talaRico class of 2013 ManaGeMent “I’m happily unemployed!”

The Republic Tigers are an unrecognized indie band sure to prove their originality in this genre, and are currently working on their second album.

By Brandon schug VANGUARD STAFF

Indie music is no longer as independent as it once was. It has lost its hipster charm. And, if you’re like me, this might make many of you descend into increasingly more alternative genres – BUT WAIT! Don’t forget your first love! Here are three bands whose music is most decidedly “mainstream indie” but who have enough raw talent to be heard through the static of everyone else’s failed attempts. the Republic tigers – Keep Color The Republic Tigers is the best indie band you’ve never heard of. This mystical, fuzzed out, acoustic pop outfit sounds as though it was broadcast in the late 80s but decided to joyride through space for a couple decades before falling back to earth. The Republic Tigers borrow elements of Enya, The Flaming lips, and even acoustic bands like Travis in crafting their only album to date, Keep Color. Something rarely found in bands of this genre is real mastery of anthemic song progression. Each song starts in a slow haze comprised of lofty electric guitar and entrancing lyrical harmonies. However, the songs don’t remain in first gear. Each verse carefully builds speed, setting pace with slow drum beats that hint at this speed with their offbeat rhythms. The acoustic background that listeners may have forgotten about by now becomes prominent once again and melts into a multi-layer, psychedelic, soaring melody. Songs such as Golden Sand and Feelin’ the Future are kind enough to give what amounts to a countdown. Other songs like Buildings and Mountains aren’t so kind. Describing the experience of a Republic Tigers song once it hits its apex is best described by their own lyrics, “like a hay ride with hover jets on either side…” Unfortunately, The Republic Tigers suffered from

poor live-show reviews and didn’t achieve the mainstream success they had hoped for and certainly deserved. After sacking one of their less-inspired band members, they are currently working on their second album and should be touring in support of that to hopefully much better reviews. Every song off Keep Color is worth listening to. To start, don’t miss Buildings and Mountains, Made Concrete, and Fight Song on the helio sequence – Keep Your Eyes Ahead The latest creation by indie rock band The Helio Sequence has a painful story behind it. After a year of touring their previous album, lead singer Brandon Summers was at a crossroads. His doctors told him that he shouldn’t sing for at least three months, as his vocal chords were almost entirely destroyed. In response to this news, The Helio Sequence made a sonic shift in their sound toward the folksier end of the spectrum. Anyone who knows The Helio Sequence knows that their newest album has a different sound than their previous four albums. The change is more than welcome, however. You might be surprised to hear the sad groaning harmonica chords featured in a song such as You Can Come to Me, which otherwise is composed of retro video game sound effects and soaring electric guitar. Shed Your Love is another example of their new sound. The Helio Sequence tries their hand at full-on folk music with surprisingly good results. While The Helio Sequence doesn’t reach the same level of emotional closeness of the best folk rock bands, this slow-paced acoustic track certainly has heart. Now, if you believe that The Helio Sequence has entirely moved on to folk, you are incorrect. Many of their new tracks feature their signature

Courtesy of

upbeat, scientific electro-rock sound. Be sure to check out tracks such as Can’t Say No and Keep Your Eyes Ahead. Unfortunately, The Helio Sequence seems to be heading in the wrong direction, with each album falling shorter of the previous. If you’d like to hear them in their prime, definitely snag a copy of Don’t Look Away off their album Love and Distance. Hear more at Broken Bells – Broken Bells legendary electro-hip-hop producer Danger Mouse has teamed up with indie crooner James Mercer of The Shins to deliver a sound that dozens of indie bands have sought for and failed. For both musicians, this is a departure from their familiar genres. Danger Mouse finally gets to try his hand at indie pop with less driving beats and more lofty, electric elements. Mercer also leaves behind his typical Ben Gibbard-esque style, crooning for a more Maroon 5-ish version of rocking out. The production quality of each track is mind-blowing. Danger Mouse has recognized that less is more, adding only a pinch of flanger, phaser, or reverb-laden electronic sound where appropriate. The result is a chilled-out atmosphere of minimalist folk electronica. It is unfair to call Broken Bells “the new Postal Service,” but such a description is apt. The band doesn’t stray very far from The Shins, rounding the occasional track with rhythmic acoustic chords. However, to the trained ear, it is evident that they are not trying to create a Shins/Danger Mouse mashup, but a sound all their own. Only in a few tracks do they actually achieve this, in The Ghost Inside, Sailing to Nowhere, The Mall and Misery. If you follow the indie music scene at all, you’ve definitely heard about Broken Bells a million times already, but if not, check them out on

alex WieRcinski class of 2010 ManaGeMent “I’m a custodial engineer in the New York City Department of Education.”

eMily Benson class of 2012 MaRketinG “That’s a sore subject…”

Rosie Banton class of 2013 Undecided “I paint boats.”

Mike Ravesi class of 2012 Undecided “I’m either going to be a summer RA or work on my friend’s tree nursery.”


PagE 14

aPrIL 15, 2010


tHE Vanguard

Almost, Maine shows audience the very essence of love By Jon McColgan EdItOr In CHIEf

Is dinner and a movie your typical Saturday night mantra whentaking out your significant other? Sick and tired of ordering in and watching the damn game? Wallet a little light these days? there’s a prescription for your ailment right here on campus, playing all weekend in Koumantzelis. aPO’s newest production, Almost, Maine, is a wonderfully simple yet powerful display of love and emotion, and is the perfect experience for those dating, looking for love, married, and even the jaded. the show revolves around the residents of a snowy, unorganized territory of Maine, which the residents both affectionately and grudgingly refer to as “almost,” serving as a reflection of the fact the area has never been founded into a township. However, this is not a story wasted on geopolitics or minute state regulations, but rather on the heart and the stages we all struggle through in our search for companionship and romance. the plot unfolds in a series of vignettes, each featuring a couple that going through a phase of love or relationship, ranging from the anticipation and promise of that first kiss to the despair of seeing the love of your life moving on with someone else. the different glimpses tear at your core and make you care for characters you see for only a

Love is displayed in all of its wonderful and ugly forms, starting with these two love birds.

few minutes at best. from the outset we see a pair of amateur romantics on a park bench partially buried in glistening snow, and like the rookies that they are, they ponder about how close two people can ever be to one another and apprehensively declare their love. from here, the audience is visited by rich characters that are distinct despite all coming from a small Maine community. One of the most intriguing of these is the pleasantly naïve, almost childishly innocent young traveler who seeks refuge in a gruff man’s yard, as she is actually a tortured soul devoted to a


mission. another is Jimmy, the bar regular whose had everyone from his parents to his pet fish leave him for greener pastures, not to mention his love interest to a legendary park ranger (only in Maine right?) after his failed proposal. Even his attempt to tattoo the shame and guilt he experienced was a failure, but Jimmy, like so many of us, just isn’t seeing what’s right in front of his face. My absolute favorite pair though would be Lendell and gail, who personify love at its most real yet irrational level. these two try to reconcile the

love they’ve given one another and you actually feel as if there’s eleven years worth of affection between the characters. You feel the power of their love and the pain of their strife. You pull for togetherness, for the optimistic ideal of a happy ending. While I’m am not one prone to emotional experiences during theatrical or cinematic performances, this story was truly touching and was more than enough to justify watching the rest of the show, which was also excellent. I felt like I was watching true love and emotion while in the audience and it was stunning. friendship and relationship boundaries are explored, issues of gBLtQ relationships touched, and there is certainly an infusion of comedy to keep the audience engaged and smiling. the physical set is minimalist, meant to focus the attention of the audience to the drama and expressions of the actors on stage, but the large piles of snow and few pieces of furniture that are scurried on and off serve to remind the audience of where we are. It did need some polishing, as most sets do in the days before opening night, but I am confident that it will be as beautiful as the art delivered through perofmrance. the only element I wasn’t pleased with was the selection of music, with folk renditions of pop love favorites….not exactly my cup of tea, but this hiccup is overcome by the performance of the

cast. the acting from this ensemble cast is the strongest I’ve seen here at Bentley and it was apleasure to see men and women grounded in accountancy and economics so capable and talented theatrically. Every audience member, from old to young, experienced in love to true novice, will find meaning in this show, as it is a mirror of our own histories. this is perhaps what made Almost, Maine such an experience for me: its realistic display of experiences that our friends, family and we personally have been through. We’ve all seen the vicious fights and arguing, the sappy doting and devotion, the cute hand-holding and ardent passion; we’ve all felt the joy of love and the pain of loss. this show speaks to the most human element of us all: our ability to love, and it does so quite successfully. Almost, Maine is presented by APO and written by John Cariani. The production is directed by Ryan Hanscon and produced by Phoebe Johnson & Christine Malloy. The show is running from Thursday, April 15 through Saturday, April 17 at 7:30 p.m. in Koumantzelis Auditorium. Doors open at 7 p.m., with admission free with Bentley I.D., $5 for general public. The performance is funded by the Student Activity fee.

4.5/5 Falcons

Speaking with Mario Batali: Italian chef extraordinaire By Kimera Rosen Vanguard Staff

When you hear the name Mario Batali, a few images may come to mind: orange crocs, red hair, and amazing Italian cuisine. I had the opportunity to dig a little deeper into what defines this acclaimed chef, author, and tV personality. I also had the chance to ask about Mario’s newest book, released on april 6th. Molto Gusto Easy Italian Cooking, co-authored by Mark Ladner, offers fans and aspiring chefs a glimpse into a lighter, simpler side of the chef’s repertoire. Kimera Rosen: What inspired you to want to be a chef? Mario Batali: Working in the kitchen, living in Italy, being around food and the people that put their love into it helped me realize that I was born to cook for people. no matter how simple the operation, when you cook something for somebody, you are practicing the art of putting love on a plate. It’s a personal connection recognized in every part of the world. KR: Who was the most influential person in your life who

helped you on your path to becoming a chef? MB: My father armandino Batali inspires me every day. His passion for the art of making salumi is the same passion that inspired me to pursue my own art. I think I helped him realize that he could pursue his passion, and now I look at him and his success, and it drives me to keep working hard. We inspire passion in each other. KR: My favorite quote of yours is: “Olive oil is as precious as gold, shorts are acceptable attire for every season, and food, like most things, is best when left to its own simple beauty.” Can you discuss this quote a little further? MB: the simple things in life are the most important, and the most beautiful. the pure flavor of the olives is most delicious when unadulterated, as are the little things in life that we so often complicate. KR: What is your favorite/least favorite food or thing to cook? MB: Pasta. Pizza. It is fascinating how simple ingredients make such delicious foods.

KR: How is your new book different from your previous ones? What can we expect to see in it? MB: Molto gusto is a guide to Italian cooking for those who like to eat light, simple food. unlike some of my other cookbooks, I didn’t put as much emphasis on protein as much as simple, fresh vegetables and grains. Molto gusto has antipasti, pasta, pizza, gelato, and a beautiful array of meats and cheeses; we like the flavors of fresh ingredients to really stand out. If you like eating at Otto, you’ll definitely want to check it out. KR: Recently you were on PBS’s Faces of America. How was learning and talking about your genealogy and history? MB: It was an incredibly interesting journey. Henry Louis gates is one of the most fun and fascinating scholars of our time. the show looks at what influences america’s culture today, and by looking at the history of the people they featured, and my history, we discovered that we really do live in a country where so many cultures interact on a daily basis. Looking at my own history, where I come from, where

my family comes from, you realize how connected we all are. I learned I am a distant cousin to Queen noor. Can you believe that? I’m related to royalty. If that’s not amazing, I’m not sure what is! KR: What accomplishment are you most proud of? MB: My kids. So much of our passion for cooking has been passed down through my family, from my grandfather to my father. Love for Italian cooking has always been in our family. and now my kids - they love to cook and I love to cook for them. they’re growing up stirred with the same love that I grew up with. KR: What would you be doing if you weren't a chef? MB: I would be a pool boy in Hollywood or Beverly Hills. KR: What advice do you have for young chefs? MB: the restaurant industry can be discouraging. It’s a tough business, to want to do your own thing and yet have to consider what your customers want, what your chef wants, with what you are given to cook. Learning to cook,

to a certain degree, is the hardest lesson a young chef can learn, but not being discouraged by it is the sign of a true passion for the art of cooking. Be the best at what you do, and someday, you will be the boss. KR: You own restaurants across the nation. Is there one that you are most proud of or one that you believe signifies your style as a chef and restaurant owner? MB: all of my restaurants are unique and special to me, and I put my heart into each of them. But if I had to choose one, Babbo, our flagship restaurant, will always be special in my heart. It was the first restaurant I opened with my business partner Joe Bastianich, and it continues to do well year after year. KR: What are the five things you think everyone should have in their pantry at home? MB: a good olive oil. garlic. Pasta. Parmagiano reggiano. a can of great tomato paste. KR: Who is your favorite chef? MB: Whoever is cooking something for me!


The Vanguard

april 15, 2010

page 15

Good Ol’ Boardgames OT L S N I E T P N U E P D WE OL R I D D S O MC A O S R T C E B R I MN I G N O D I




Backgammon Boggle Candy Land Clue Crocodile Dentist Go Wacky Hungry Hungry Hippos Master Piece Mousetrap Ouija Perfection Poleconomy Scene It Sorry Twister








Battleship Booby Trap Checkers Connect Four Deal or No Deal Guess Who Life Mastermind Operation Parcheesi Pictionary Risk Scrabble Taboo Upwords




Bingo Break the Safe Chess Cranium Girl Talk Hamburger Mall Madness Monolopy Othello Pay Day Pirates Cove Scattergories Snakes N Ladders Trivial Pursuit Whac a Mole

Looking for a Job?  

By: Nic Smits

Special! Color by Numbers


Sudoku Level: Easy








Games Courtesy of

PaGE 16

aPRIl 15, 2010


ThE VaNGuaRd


of the


*The Vanguard’s editorial as well as the editorial cartoon are proposed at each Editorial Board meeting. They are represented as being the opinions of the Board as a whole, although drawn by individuals, and not the Bentley community.

editorial Home or abroad, registration unfair Picture this: It’s the day of class registration and you’re minutes away from making your selections. Frantically refreshing the page to ensure that your desired schedule hangs in the balance of one particular class, you realize that the course is no longer open. Frustration ensues as you scramble to design your less-than-ideal schedule. Believe it or not, many undergrads have experienced this situation during their time at Bentley. during the days leading up to registration, students compare registration times with friends and classmates, often to get a sense of where they place relative to their peers. This eventually leads students to ask the question, “Why is this person registering so much earlier than I am?” Before complaining to your friends that it’s not fair, stop and take a moment to understand exactly how the registration process works. Students are broken up into their respective class codes based on a simple formula. The total registration credits is equal to the amount of total credits you have earned previously - which includes any transfer credits you came in

with - plus the current credits you are taking this semester. depending on this number, you will be sorted into one of four class code groupings: current and rising seniors, current and rising juniors, and so forth. In reality, students aren’t divided so much by the direct number of received credits, but by the class codes. So it is entirely possible for students with a lower amount of credits to register ahead of one with a bit more credits. These groupings are then further broken down by alphabetical last names. For registration during the fall semester, students with last names beginning with a-E had priority, followed by students F-l, M-Q, and R-Z. These categories adhere to a roulette style format each semester. So for next semester, students with the last name starting with F-l will register first, followed by M-Q, R-Z, and finally a-E. after that, it’s basically a random algorithm that determines your pick-time. On the day of registration, you are given a two-hour window to add or drop classes. Every ten minutes, the Registrar’s Office opens this window for 35 students to register, up until the

The Vanguard Bentley university 385 Beaver Street 310M1 Student Center Waltham, Ma 02452 Phone: (781) 891-2912 Email: Web:

end of registration for that particular class code grouping. at the end of registration, if you would like to make changes to the existing courses you have signed up for, there is a window of opportunity between 9 p.m. and midnight where you can make adjustments to your schedule. One cause for concern among students is the belief that students who have studied abroad this past semester get the upper hand in terms of selecting courses for the fall semester. dan Sheehan, who oversees the registration process at Bentley, states that students who took part in education abroad during the time of registration are pulled from the general pool of students who are eligible to register. These students are given a block of registration time at the beginning of their respective class code grouping. The reason for this lies in the fact that students abroad are in so many different time zones across the world. Some may not even have access to the internet. If these students are unable to register at their given time, prior to their registration date, they are advised to send in their preferences for course selection. Members of

“A great shot is when you pull it off. A smart shot is when you don’t have the guts to try it.” -Phil Mickelson, winner of the 2010 Masters "Poland is in mourning. We have suffered a dramatically painful loss." -Bronislaw Komorowski, Polish Parliament Speaker and new acting president of Poland on the loss of 96 people on a Polish flight , including the country’s President the Registrar’s Office will then go in at the assigned time slot, and sign up for only the courses requested, and nothing more. Is the registration process perfect? No. The Registrar openly admits that the system has its flaws. In fact, Sheehan would be glad to listen to any ideas for improvement. It’s obviously difficult for the Registrar’s Office to please every student, given the resources and Bentley’s philosophy of keeping class sizes

relatively low. But before you decide to shout and scream profanity through the halls just because you didn’t get your ideal schedule for next semester, stop and think about what you have just read. You might have to take a dreaded 8:30 class next semester, or perhaps even a Friday afternoon course. But realize that you will eventually have your opportunity to register earlier next semester. Good luck with that.

disclaimer: The opinions published in The Vanguard are submitted by readers of the newspaper, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Vanguard and its staff. We are not able to print any letters submitted anonymously.

Editor in Chief . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jon McColgan Managing Editor . . . . . . . . . . . Rebecca Langweber Business Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . John Karakelle Copy Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alyson Bisceglia News Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Andy Zhong Sports Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Robbie LaBrie Marketplace Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chris Apuzzo Campus Life Editor . . . . . . . . . Sindhu Palaniappan Features Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ian Markowitz

Photography Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Tomer Gat Production Manager . . . . . . . . . . Heather Sprinkle Advertising Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . Greg Kokino Online Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nicholas Smits Advisor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Maria DiLorenzo Journalism Advisor . . . . . . . . . . . . Judy Rakowsky Cartoonist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lauren Valerio Circulation Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Stanley Rameau Circulation Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Levi Whitcomb

The Vanguard is the student newspaper of Bentley University. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the University administration; Bentley University is not responsible for statements herein. The Vanguard is published every Thursday of the academic year, excluding examination periods and holiday breaks. It is distributed free to all students, faculty, and staff of Bentley University. The Vanguard is funded in part by the Student Activity Fee, but relies on advertising revenue to cover the majority of its costs. Advertising rates are available upon request at (781) 891-3497. Circulation is 4,000 copies. The Vanguard reserves the right to refuse an advertisement; only publication of an ad constitutes final acceptance of the offer to advertise. The Vanguard reserves the right to edit all copy for grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, libel and length. The Vanguard office is located on the third floor of the Student Center. Mailing address: The Vanguard, Bentley University, 310M1 Student Center, 385 Beaver Street, Waltham, MA 02452. Phone: (781) 891-2912.


Marketplace & caMpus life Market recap

NIGHT Continued from Page 1 Delta Phi Epsilon women read anonymous stories that were submitted, and food was served. Dr. Susan Clark-Cook Clark-Cook, co-advisor of the Women’s Center, said, “Take Back the Night started across the country.” She then added that it has been a longstanding tradition at Bentley. She explained that the purpose of the event is to raise awareness about “acts of violence against women at night.” President of the Women’s Center, Edith Kwok, also spoke of the importance of the event. She said that it has “always been a good experience,” and that the Center has a lot of background information from previous years. Officer Kevin Robertson of Campus Police volunteers to be the police escort for the walk every year. His mother was a survivor of domestic violence, and it is for that reason that he chooses to escort this event year after year. Robertson also teaches

APRIL 15, 2010


RAD classes here at Bentley for the same reason, to raise awareness and promote female self-confidence and safety. RAD classes are popular at Bentley. Delta Phi Epsilon member Jackie Le said that the event was “surprisingly powerful, and good for both men and women. It opens our eyes to how prevalent these issues are.” Each glow stick represented a story, and within a small room of about 30 people, the entire clothesline was filled. The unreasonably high amount of glow sticks, or stories told, was moving to say the least. The reality of it was shocking. Lani Verges-Radack, the slam poet that concluded the event, performs every year at this event. She began by telling the audience that she started when she was young, but now that she is a mother, the issues presented are even more important to her and her daughter. Her poems were moving and raw, just like the stories presented. It was a powerful night overall and everyone left with a newfound awareness.

Have a strong opinion about food, movies, music, travel or another area of interest? Do you like to write? WE WANT YOU! The Vanguard is looking for new columnists! E-mail GA_Vanguard today!

PagE 18

aPrIL 15, 2010

Campus Life

THE VaNguard

Freshman Phil Marquis crowned Mr. Bentley 2010

The 12 contestants in this event showed their skills in the areas of school spirit, talent, and formal wear.

By Angela Diaco VaNguard STaff

april fool’s day this year was by far the most entertaining yet. Junior Class Cabinet sponsored the Mr. Bentley Pageant, where a studly bunch of 12 Bentley men competed for the title. Part Ms. uSa pageant, part american Idol, part Chip n’ dales exotic dance show, it was an event to be reckoned with. Contestants competed in areas of school spirit, “talent,” and formal wear. a rambunc-


tious crowd came to cheer on the contestants as they got on stage and shook their stuff, much to the mortification of judge # 1: Season’s own Camille. Performances came in all shapes and sizes: alex Hodge had the crowd singing along to Oasis’ Wonderwall, singer rob Wedinger gave a heartfelt routine, Corey goodermote put Napoleon dynamite to shame with his own dance rendition, Chad arrendell cracked us up with his artful story-telling, Mike Cunningham showed us

that real men can wear thongs (and sing about it, too), and Sam Streeter, with Joe frantel, let us know what it was like to be “On a boat.” Performances by CraZE and Bentley’s a Capella group accented intermissions and provided a chance for audience members to run to the bar for another few rounds. It also gave us a view of some other Bentley hotties: hosts Puja Shah in very classy dress, Marc Santilli, and the loveable andrew Leffler wearing a smile and very flattering pants. Other very creative and noteworthy acts included Nick aquino’s guitar-and-song Lady gaga mega-mix, Phil Marquis’s incredible beatboxing mix that had the crowd in awe, and Josh ranger’s hilarious demonstration of how “root beer” can be opened conveniently with anything from a Bic lighter to a financial calculator. Bet they didn’t teach you that in fI 305. One of my favorite acts had to be rob “Big rob” Monticchio’s serenade to the ever lovely Kelly Peterson, singing The Temptation’s My Girl. But it wouldn’t be a Bentley event without some serious drama. Intense, inter-contestant hating commenced as Chris Hall mercilessly shat on

Professor Profile: John Tommasi time cop in Salem, NH. He retired in 2003 and switched to being a full time professor here at Bentley.


Name: John richard Tommasi What field does he teach? Mainly economics, for freshmen through seniors. He also used to teach gB 101 until the curriculum changed. Why did he choose teaching? Because it’s really fun and he genuinely enjoys it. He even tells his students than when he “gets up in the morning, [he] looks forward to going to work. That means it’s not work.” Tommasi started teaching part time in 1981, while working as a full

Why Bentley? Tommasi taught at four different colleges, including uNH, his alma mater, but chose to stick with Bentley for a few reasons. The facilities, the other teachers and faculty, and especially the students, he stressed, make Bentley different from the other schools. He really feels like he can have a “one-onone basis” with students here, something rare at a university. Something interesting about his past? The wildest answer received so far: Tommasi used to be an undercover cop who specialized in busting drug deals. He was assigned to the state for two years. He was also a pilot, and he owned a flight school and a charter business. He integrated the two by making his undercover cop persona a pilot. Slightly different than the average university professor. Where did he do his undergraduate and graduate school work? Both were done at the

university of New Hampshire. Tommasi also worked at uNH for some time before coming to Bentley. Best part of teaching? “The interaction with the students and the fact that [he teaches] freshmen

Nick aquino throughout the show. all in good fun, though… The two were seen canoodleing after the pageant. When it came time to announce the winners, all contestants cleaned up impeccably and appeared on stage with their gown-attired dates. rob Wedinger gave a tearful acceptance speech after being voted Mr. Congeniality. runner-up Josh ranger

took up his mantle gracefully, but all the glory belonged to the winner and new Mr. Bentley: Phil Marquis. Then it was hugs all around and loads of guy love - no homo. all in all, the show went smoothly, save for the particularly chatty crowd situated by the cash bar… But singers and dancers had judges and Camille jamn’ all night long. a huge success.

In the end, freshman Phil Marquis was crowned with the title “Mr. Bentley.”


By Sindhu Palaniappan through seniors,” he said. He gets to see students up until graduation, something he has never missed during his time here, so expect to see him there this year and for the years to follow! Worst part of teaching? The 45-mile commute

from New Hampshire, but luckily his classes are around noon time. He does bring an extra set of clothes, though, because of the unpredictable snow. “The couches are really comfortable,” he says, humorously joking about sleeping over at Bentley.

the VanGuarD

Notes From AbroAd

aPrIl 15, 2010

PaGe 19

Question: What has

been your favorite trip so far? Why? By Alfred Amasanti rome, Italy

most american students in europe go on a week-long party for Spring Break, usually on a “cruise” along the sublime Greek Islands. If you’re looking to get wasted, it’s a great idea, but you can do that back home, too. I decided to go to Spain for the first time in my life, and tour across madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. needless to say, it was by far my best trip to date. madrid was majestic in every sense of the word. Whether you were just strolling along the streets or visiting the royal Palace, you really felt that this was the city of the Spanish kings. I still cannot comprehend how the kings could live with so much glamour around them, as I spent my whole visit of the palace in a state of complete awe. one curious thing about madrid is that everything in it is preceded by the adjective “royal;” even the football team is named “royal” real madrid. after doing some rather intense sightseeing - we pretty much did everything there is to do in madrid in two days - we would always get some bocadillo, or ham, which you simply cannot leave madrid without trying. If you believe the locals, it’s the best in the world. Valencia was a nice change of pace from madrid’s chaos. I n ma d rid , t he st reet s would be flooded with tourists, whereas life in Valencia seemed more laid back.

By Allison Shimp Florence, Italy

this question is actually kind of hard because I have loved so many of the trips I’ve been on. But if I had to choose, I would say that the weekend I spent in Barcelona was my favorite so far. even though we stayed in a really sketchy hostel in a bad part of town - with drug dealers and such - the city was beautiful! We met up with some friends from Bentley who are also studying abroad in other parts of europe, which made things even more fun. For sights, we went to the Park Guell, las ramblas, and the Sagrada Familia, which was amazing. We also attended a

the city itself was incredibly beautiful and harmonic. Valencia is home of paella, a must-try rice dish. Sadly, we arrived one day too late, and the festival Fallas had just ended. During this festival, one of the largest in europe, families dress up in medieval clothing and celebrate for a period of four days. each of them produces a whimsical wooden construction that is burnt down on the 19th and is the main event of the festival. maybe it was because I saw the sun for the first time in a week, or maybe it was because I rented a bike and took a ride down the beach, or perhaps I was just mesmerized by Gaudi’s incredibly surreal buildings, but Barcelona was my favorite. Participating in tip-based tours is a great way to get to know a city and earn a lot of the locals-only knowledge. For example, I saw where Picasso lost his virginity and where the executions were carried out during Franco’s regime; you simply don’t find that in a guidebook. If you ever go, try to find a single straight line or a right angle in the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona’s idiosyncratic cathedral. I can guarantee you will fail. lastly, I wanted to mention just how great hostels are at networking. While I was in madrid, I met some kids from Bryant studying abroad at Barcelona. When I arrived at Barcelona, I looked them up and they cooked me dinner and pointed out everywhere I needed to go.

Notes from Abroad

During the festival Fallas, people dress in medieval clothing and make wooden structures, which they later burn.

Courtesy of

Barcelona basketball game, and it was cool to see the differences between american and european professional basketball. We found that the food there was amazing and the nightlife was wildly fun! there was so much to see just on the streets, and the city had a great atmosphere. If I had to pick another place to study besides Florence, it would probably be in Barcelona.

Know a Bentley student who’s currently studying abroad and want to read about their experiences? Tell them to e-mail GA_Vanguard today!

The Sagrada Familia is a Roman Catholic church and is a major tourist atraction in Barclona.



APrIL 15, 2010

Horoscopes Vanguard Staff

Aries (March 21-April 19) Confusion temporarily reigns. Be very careful now, or you’ll waste the entire day and not get anything done. Taurus (April 20-May 20) Watch out for deals that turn out to benefit somebody else more than you. Also, check your pockets for holes, and don’t walk away from your wallet. Gemini (May 21-June 21) Don’t make assumptions, even with a person you’ve known for years. You don’t have to react the same old way, either. Cancer (June 22-July 22) If you’ve forgotten anything, you’ll soon be reminded. Save yourself some nagging and quickly do whatever you’ve promised. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Your friends are full of suggestions on how to live your life. Better check with your sweetheart, though, before you make big changes. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You have a secret advantage. You’ll stay calm when others aren’t. Help them stay on track. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) You want to go, but it might be better to have people visit you. Or, make your contacts electronically. That’s best. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Go over your paperwork to determine what you have and what you need. Make your shopping efficient - time wasted counts, too. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) It helps if you’ve got a plan and everyone knows what they should do. That’ll give you a structure, as you all improvise. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. So, don’t give away what you’ve got in hopes that you’ll find something better. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Dig around and find the very thing you’ve been looking for. Ask intrusive questions and discover a startling truth. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) Let your friends know what you’re doing. You’ll get some excellent advice, and a couple of helping hands as well. It’s a good deal.

The columns found in this newspaper are written by individual authors and do not reflect the opinion of The Vanguard, its Editorial Board members, or Bentley University. Comments resulting from the columns may be directed to the author and/or The Vanguard.

Columns April’s Advice Your Questions Answered! Question: While everyone loves this time of year, I cannot stand it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the nice weather and that everything begins to turn green again, but I cannot stop my watery eyes, sneezing, and perpetual cold symptoms. I’ve tried many allergy medicines, but none of them seem to work. Do you have any other ideas that may help me? You are completely right. This time of year is so beautiful, but how can you enjoy it when you’re sneezing and feeling congested all of the time? While some people do get relief from allergy medicine, others do not and have trouble finding an alternative that will make them feel better. First of all, although I know that this is not something you want to hear, on windy days it is best to stay inside because the wind ends up blowing pollen all over the place. The best time to go out is after it has rained when most of the pollen is gone from the air. It may also be a good idea to take off the clothes you have worn outside once you go inside. That way, the pollen does not stay attached to your clothes and continue to bother you. Also, hop in the shower after coming inside so you’re able to wash away any pollen from your skin

THE VANGUArD By April Gammal

Courtesy of

and hair. No matter how much you love your pet, you need to keep him/her away from you during the springtime. Unfortunately, pollen clings to pet hair. Of course, there is the allergy specialist who can help you with all sorts of medications and allergy shots. However, that is only if your allergies are very severe and if you feel as though you really cannot handle the symptoms. However, if you don’t like the idea of shots, then you can try a more natural approach. There has been some new research about whether or not honey helps reduce allergy symptoms. Eating a bit of honey every day, starting in the winter, may actu-

ally help. However, research is still being conducted on this, so it has not yet been proven. The idea behind eating honey is the same concept behind vaccines. By giving the person a bit of the virus, the body is able to produce the proper antibodies to fight off that virus. That way, if the body is infected with that virus, it knows how to fight it off. So, how does this apply to honey? Honey may actually gradually expose your body to the pollen allergen. Therefore, when springtime comes around, you may actually be protected against exhibiting those symptoms. Even though it has not yet been proven, what’s the harm in trying? Hey, it’s worth a shot, isn’t it?



SGA Speaks End of Year Events Today, Thursday the 15th of April, various student leaders from around campus will be recognized for their outstanding achievements in athletics, extracurricular involvement, and other various areas. Faculty and staff will also have a chance to be recognized for their work and appreciation by the student body. This will all take place at the annual Falcon Awards, held in the Dance Center at 7 p.m. Some of the awards, for which the student body will nominate people and then vote on in the final race, include Faculty Member of the Year, Staff Member of the Year, Diversity Awareness Award, Outstanding Programmer Award, Outstanding Program Award, Most Involved Student, and Most Outstanding Contribution by a Student. SGA is always heavily involved in this event, both in the creation of the event slideshow, as well as in assisting with the introduction of speakers, who will then introduce and announce the awards. The event will also be enhanced by various student performances, including the Bentley BizRaas Garba team, the Masters of Bentley A Capella (MBA), the Jazz Band, and the Supreme Bhangra Unit (SBU) team. Beyond the Falcon Awards, a week from today marks the 6th anniversary of the TIME Magazine and Bentley University partnership in hosting the annual Leadership Forum. Along with the forum comes the celebration of the

Compiled By Sucheta Desai

APRIL 15, 2010

Greek Speak

Presented By Greek Life of Bentley University

By Jill Bredlen GAMMA PhI BETA

Dr. Oz will be coming to Bentley for our Leadership Forum.

Tomorrow 25, which is 25 outstanding high school juniors who have accomplished much more in their 16 or 17 years of life than most of us can say we have accomplished. This year’s forum theme is “The Business of healing our World: Accountable Leadership in Action.” This year’s keynote speaker is Dr. Mehmet Oz, best known for his talk show, but more impressively, for his work as a cardiothoracic surgeon and with alternative medicine. The other featured speakers include environmental justice activist Majora Carter, VP of Brand Virgin USA Julie Cottineau, VP of the Center for Learning and Development of the IBM Corporation Ted hoff, and President of the Wal-Mart Foundation Margaret McKenna. Every year, SGA aims to have a presence and strong involvement with the planning and execution of this event. SGA senate representatives sit on the planning committee, and our SGA

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members act as ambassadors to the Tomorrow 25 winners. This year, the 25 student ambassadors are a mixture of SGA members, as well as other student leaders from various organizations around campus. As for the Tomorrow 25 themselves, they come from all different backgrounds and from all parts of the United States, as well as internationally from Turkey, Jordan, and the United Kingdom. This event will take place on Thursday, April 22nd in the Dana Center from 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. To find out more about the keynote and featured speakers, please visit To learn more about the Tomorrow 25 aspect of the event, please visit Lastly, to read more about the very talented Tomorrow 25 winners and their accomplishments, please visit

Alumni Spotlight


Everyone recognizes Greek life’s statements, “We’re philanthropic,” “We share a special bond,” “We have advanced social networks,” but how often are they overlooked by the nonGreek community? What is Greek Life, really? To me, Greek Life has been so much more than the assertions above and others like them. It is difficult to explain the amazing experiences I’ve shared with the members of Bentley’s fraternities and sororities, or how they’ve changed me. I cannot speak for all members of Greek Life. I can only hope that they can all reflect on their own involvement with as much pride and gratification as I do. Some girls have concrete reasons for joining sororities. I was not a legacy, I had family just a few short hours away, I already had a sister, I had friends, I fit in at school. I was comfortable. Nevertheless, I was intrigued by Greek Life, and I decided to complete the New Member Process. After my initiation, I wasn’t immediately sure what I had gotten myself into. Early last semester at my sorority’s Founder’s Day celebration, I spent some time thinking about what Greek Life had given me over the past couple of years. It was then that I realized that even though I may not have had one defining moment, I was without doubt a far different person.

In fact, I had a whole new face. My eyes had changed. Where before they had seen a quiet, reserved girl, today they see a confident young woman, eager, proud, and driven by the support of her sisters. My mouth had changed – I had a voice now! A strong, intelligent, enthusiastic voice. As for my smile, it had been beaming all along. As a child, I used to walk around with my head down all the time. My parents were always concerned about my shy and reserved nature. I didn’t speak up, I didn’t argue, I didn’t make waves. “You’re a doormat. You let people walk all over you!” my mother would say. But that isn’t who I am anymore. I can walk with my head held high. I can stand up for what I want, knowing that an entire community will stand with me. Even if I’m wrong, it’s only a memory to laugh at later. My sorority is with me forever – that’s the difference between a sister and a friend. Friends lose touch, they go their separate ways. Sisters can fight, they can disagree or move away, but they will never stop being sisters. As a senior, and with few chances left to express it, I want members of the Greek community to know how much they have helped me and how much it has meant. Some of them I have lived with, others I have newly met. Regardless, my life both at Bentley and beyond would not have been the same without them.

Presented by The Senior Year Experience Committee

Alumnus Mike Lynch, Class of 2009

Courtesy of Mike Lynch

Since graduation, what have you found to be the most rewarding experience? Since graduating last May, I have found my work to be most rewarding. I am currently a Residential Experience Director at Franklin Pierce University in NH where I oversee the junior and senior apartments. I really love working

with the upperclassmen, as we are close in age and I can relate to what they are dealing with personally and academically. I enjoy providing the students with an enjoyable college experience while also working with them to plan for life after college. Having been in their shoes just one or two years ago has proven to be very beneficial in helping them plan for the future and make the most of their time at school. What things have you done since graduation that you never imagined would come across your plate? This may sound lame to some, but I never imagined that I would find a job that gave me a month and a half off during the summer. I have worked every summer since my junior year of high school, and don’t know what to do with myself this summer. I am currently looking for a part time job, but I am seriously considering living

on Cape Cod and being a beach bum for a few weeks. Did you end up taking a non-traditional career path from the typical Bentley student? Did you have it on your radar while at Bentley, or did it completely catch you off-guard? I believe my career path is fairly non-traditional in comparison to many of my fellow classmates. Even though I am not working in the corporate world, I find myself using my business management degree on a daily basis when working with my colleagues and residents. Honestly, when I entered college I did not even know this field existed. For the longest time my goal was to run a YMCA-type, non-profit organization. Not until I became a Resident Assistant my sophomore year at Bentley did I realize I could work in Residential Life professionally in a full time position... And that’s

exactly what I decided to do. At this point in your senior year, what kept you up at night and how would you deal with that same issue today? At this point last year, I was most concerned about finding a job. With the job market the way it was, it was a worry many of my classmates had as well. Trying to balance my class work, internship responsibilities, and job searching was definitely not easy, but it paid off in the end. I was really concentrated on finding the “perfect” job, and it wasn’t until after I graduated that I realized the “perfect” job did not exist. When I g r a d u a t e d i n M a y, m y plans were to work at a summer camp until I could find a full-time position. In late June, I was offered a position at Franklin Pierce and knew it was the job for me. It is important to remember that your first job is just that –

your FIRST job. You want to enjoy what you do, but also realize that you will likely have many jobs in your lifetime. Is there a specific lesson learned in your senior year that has impacted who you are today? “Enjoy what you do.” I spent a great deal of time senior year trying to figure out what I wanted to do for work. I was interested in entering the business world, but at the same time wanted to continue working in Residential Life. After going back and forth for a long time, I ultimately decided I would most enjoy working with college students outside of the classroom in the residence halls. While I’m not making a six-figure salary and find myself staying up into all hours of the night dealing with various issues on campus, I can truly say that I enjoy what I do and do not regret my career choice.



APRIL 15, 2010


Three weeks left in the season, Falcons pick up some big wins By Louis Sherman VANGUARD STAFF

When it comes to sports here on campus, one thing is certain: Bentley Baseball always keeps you entertained. Whether it’s a 13-inning thriller or a 10-4 explosion, it always seems to be a fun game to watch. On April 8, Bentley played one of their hardest-fought games of the season. They came back from a 1-0 deficit with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning to defeat division sports rival Stonehill, 2-1, in 13 innings. In the bottom of the ninth, Bentley knew they needed to come up with something special in order to win. With junior right fielder James Roche in scoring position, junior left fielder Chris Hardy singled to right to break up the shutout by Stonehill. In the bottom of the 13th, Bentley decided to end the battle when senior center fielder Brett Damato came up to the plate. After senior Charlie Pagliarulo singled and stole second, Damato came up with a clutch walk-off single to left. Freshman right-handed pitcher John Yohe had a stellar outing for Bentley in a pitcher’s duel. Yohe struck out 11 Stonehill batters in 11 innings. He earned just one run without giving up a walk. Senior pitcher Dean

Sandonato came in for the last two innings and allowed just one hit in relief of Yohe. Sandonato, with the effort, picked up his third victory of the season. The 13th inning thriller came just two days after a 10th-inning heartbreak against the same Stonehill squad. Bentley had led for most of the game before a seventh inning surge from Stonehill, who scored four runs and got back into an important conference game. Stonehill came out on top with a walk-off single in the bottom of the 10th inning, with a score of 10-9. However, Bentley’s offense was nothing short of outstanding. The Falcons scattered 18 hits through the 10 innings. Sophomore shortstop Vinnie Eruzione - yes, he’s related to Mike - produced four hits, all singles in the game. Damato finished the day with three singles, and freshman first baseman Lamarre Rey had two doubles. Junior third baseman Ross Curley, Pagliarulo, and junior DH Chris Hardy each had two hits and two RBI for the Falcons. The two RBI helped Pagliarulo reach a milestone in this game. He surpassed the 100 RBI barrier in just his junior season, an tremendous achievement in an outstanding, three-

hour long game. This past Monday, April 12, Bentley played a non-conference game against Saint Anselm College. Hardy, along with senior catcher Mike DeCoste, shined brightly on this day. Hardy had three hits, including a triple, with two RBI and two runs scored in the 10-4 rout. DeCoste had an RBI double and an RBI single, also scoring two runs for Bentley. Bentley scored three two-out runs in the fourth inning to start expanding the gap. Freshman second baseman Sam Koonce had an RBI double to conclude the scoring in the inning. Bentley scored two runs in the seventh and two additional insurance runs in the eighth to build the lead to 6. Curley and Pagliarulo added RBI singles in the eighth to finish off Saint Anselm, and improve Bentley’s record to 1417 overall with an 8-6 conference mark. On Tuesday, Bentley continued their success by defeating UMass-Lowell, a 19-16 club, in Lowell, 6-3. Just two games after Pagliarulo reached 100 RBI, junior James Roche equaled that feat. Roche, playing DH on the day, knocked in three runs, including two in a decisive ninth inning. The teams came into the

The Bentley Baseball team defeated one of its George Corsi/THE VANGUARD biggest rivals, Stonehill, in the 13th inning last week.

ninth in a 2-2 tie game. Lamarre Rey had an RBI single to start the scoring in the ninth when he plated sophomore left fielder Mark Lane. Pagliarulo knocked in another later in the inning, and Roche’s 2-RBI blow gave Bentley a nice cushion for the bottom half of the inning. UMass-Lowell threatened in the ninth, but they were only able to pick up one run, which was not enough on this day. Sophomore Matt Sherman no relation - made his first career start in the game, going four scoreless innings of two-hit ball. Freshman Jeff Croteau came in for the next four, allowing just two runs on a home run

in the eighth, and Sandonato closed the door in the ninth. Upcoming games for Bentley include Conference games against Assumption and a doubleheader versus American International. They also play Saint Anselm again before a three-game stretch against conference foe Merrimack, beginning on April 20. The Northeast-10 playoffs begin on May 6, so Bentley only has three weeks to prove they have what it takes to be crowned Conference champions. Get psyched, get pumped. Baseball is back and in full swing.


tHE Vanguard

Falcons continue surge through NE-10 Men’s Lacrosse third place, with eyes on the top of the conference

aPrIL 15, 2010

Recent ReSUltS Results from 4/6-4/12

By Phillip St. Pierre Vanguard Staff

Bentley Men’s Lacrosse’s fiery streak to begin the season continued as they came out victorious in last week’s games against Southern new Hampshire university and american International, before falling to the likes of Merrimack, who handed the falcons just their second loss of the year. the falcons are currently 5-2 on the season, making them third place in the northeast 10 behind Merrimack and Le Moyne. With the season more than halfway over, Bentley will look to finish out the year strong and climb their way up to the top of the conference. the game against Southern new Hampshire university was a chess match for each team, as they looked to capitalize on their opponent’s mistakes, but it was Bentley who made the right moves late in the match to earn the win. Southern new Hampshire set the tone in the first quarter, outscoring Bentley 3-1, but the falcons quickly responded in the second, starting the quarter with three unanswered goals. the run was led by Wyatt Couture, who scored two goals in the first half, and the falcons went into halftime with a slim 6-5 lead. an exceptional Kevin gould goal extended the Bentley lead to 8-6 early in the third quarter, but Southern new Hampshire tied up the game right away after two quick scores. James reardon netted the final goal of the third quarter to give Bentley a 9-8 lead going into the fourth, and the sophomore added two more goals as the falcons piled on the points in the fourth quarter, moving on to a 14-10 victory. Bentley played exceptionally well in the game against Southern new Hampshire, taking advantage of man up situations, controlling the ground balls, and forcing their opponents into many turnovers. Senior goalie andy Collete was also sensational, making 14 saves in the match. Coming off of a big win against Southern new Hampshire, Bentley continued their road trip, traveling to Springfield to face american International. this was a game the falcons expected to win, as american International had only won two games this season, but Bentley did not take their opponents lightly, storming through the Yellow Jackets for a 14-9 victory.

PagE 23

Baseball (13-17, 8-6 NE-10) Result at Stonehill (4/6)* L 10-9 (10 inn.) at Stonehill (4/7) L 10-6 Stonehill (4/8)* W 2-1 (13 inn.) S. Connecticut State (dH) (4/10)* L 7-3 (10 inn.), L 13-0 Saint anselm (4/12) W 10-4 Golf Lou flumere/Bentley Invitational (4/7) uMass-dartmouth (4/10-4/11)

4th of 15 2nd of 18

Men’s Lacrosse (5-1, 4-0 NE-10) at Southern new Hampshire (4/6)* at aIC (4/10)*

W 14-10 W 14-9

Men’s Tennis (11-5, 9-0 NE-10) Stonehill (4/8)* adelphi (4/10)* Pace (4/11)*

W 7-2 W 8-1 W 9-0

Men’s Track uMass-Lowell Invitational (4/10)

no team score

Softball (9-9, 6-4 NE-10) at Southern new Hampshire (dH) (4/6)* W 7-0, L 3-2 Saint Michael’s (dH) (4/7)* W 3-2, W 9-4 at aIC (dH) (4/11)* L 4-2, L 2-1

Senior Kevin Gould had one of his best games on April 10, with a personal record of 8 points.

Kevin gould posted one of the best games of his career at Bentley, and he was a key piece to the victory over the Yellow Jackets. the senior finished the day tying his career high with an outstanding five goals, as well as adding three assists to give him eight points for the game. Just minutes into the first quarter, Bentley saw themselves down 2-0 as american International came firing out of the gates, but their lead quickly diminished as Brendan grant and Kevin gould tied up the game with consecutive goals just a minute later. the falcons scored two more to end the first quarter as sophomore James reardon scored two of his three goals with just five minutes remaining. Bentley would then add two more goals in the second quarter to go into the half with a 6-3 lead. the third quarter was filled with excitement for Bentley as they pulled away from the Yellow Jackets, all but securing the victory. Within the first 10 minutes of the quarter, Kevin gould netted three straight goals, as american International had no answer for the Bentley senior. the fourth quarter was controlled by Brendan grant, who also had a career game with four goals in the match. following a Stephen Moulton score early in the

Courtesy of Sports Info Office

fourth quarter, grant dialed in, making three shots to seal the deal for the falcons as they went on to the 14-9 win. In response to Kevin gould’s eight-point game, the senior was later named northeast-10 Player of the Week, as he led the falcons to two victories over the week, tallying a total of 12 points over that span. gould is having a stellar season so far, as the attack-man is third in the conference with 2 assists per game, and fifth in the conference with 3.83 points per game. Bentley saw their fourgame winning streak come to an end tuesday night as they were defeated by Merrimack. the loss dropped the falcons to third in the conference as Merrimack passed them in the standing. the first half of the Lacrosse season has been very solid for Bentley, and although the northeast-10 has some heavy hitters sitting atop the conference, the falcons could easily make a run towards the #1 spot in the nE-10, as Le Moyne, one of the teams standing in their way, will travel to Bentley this Saturday. the falcons will look to make a statement and hand Le Moyne their first loss of the season Saturday, giving them some momentum going towards the home stretch and proving that they are one of the teams to watch out for.

Women’s Lacrosse (5-6, 2-3 NE-10) Stonehill (4/6)* at Merrimack (4/8)* at dowling (4/11)

L 19-3 L 20-10 L 19-5

Women’s Tennis (8-7, 7-3 NE-10) at Stonehill (4/7)* adelphi (4/10)* Pace (4/11)* Women’s Track uMass-Lowell Invitational (4/10)

L 8-1 L 5-4 W 8-1

no team score

Men’s Rugby Brandeis Merrimack

W 64-0 W 38-10

*northeast-10 game

Upcoming SchedUle April 16 Women’s Lacrosse vs. franklin Pierce*


April 17 Men’s & Women’s tennis vs. Merrimack* Softball vs. new Haven (dH)* Men’s Lacrosse vs. Le Moyne*

10:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m.

April 18 Softball vs. Southern Connecticut (dH)*

12:00 p.m.

April 20 Baseball vs. Merrimack*

3:30 p.m.

April 23 Baseball vs. Merrimack

3:30 p.m.

April 25 Men’s Lacrosse vs. Pace*

2:00 p.m.

*northeast-10 game

pAgE 24


AprIL 15, 2010


Lady Falcons try to soar above NE-10 parity this season With 10 teams separated by only 2.5 games, the conference is anybody’s to claim By Robbie LaBrie SpOrTS EDITOr

parity is the name of the game in Northeast-10 Softball this year, and Bentley is just trying to win some games and separate from the pack. right now in the NE-10, after the top two teams, there are 10 teams separated by just two and a half games, meaning that pretty much anybody in the conference can rip off a string of wins and easily get to at least third place by the end of the season. New Haven is the only undefeated team in conference play with a 14-0 record and a 24-2 overall record. Southern Connecticut sits in second at 10-2 with a cushion of a few games. Third place is where it gets all messed up. The Falcons sit at third with a 7-5 record followed by Stonehill and Le Moyne, who are tied for fourth at 8-5 in conference play. American International and Merrimack are next at 6-6. Eighth place is the most crowded, with Adelphi, Saint Anselm, UMass-Lowell and Southern New Hampshire all tied up at 6-7. Franklin pierce brings up thirteenth at 5-7. Assumption, pace, Saint rose and Saint Michael’s bring up the rear in NE-10 play. Where the Falcons will stand by the end of the season remains a mystery with all of the quality teams out there, but how they got there started back in March with a weeklong trip to Florida. The softball team spent their Spring Break in Clermont, Florida gearing up for their season against competition from the New York area and other teams from across the country. After opening the season with an 8-0 loss to Bloomsburg University, the 16th ranked team in Division II, the Falcons won back-to-

back games against post, 7-3, and Wayne State College in Nebraska, 3-1. Junior second baseman Christine D’Amico dominated at the plate for the Falcons in the game against Wayne State, gathering five hits and four rBI in the winning effort. The Falcons dropped their next two games to West Liberty State and West Chester before recording a solid 8-0 win over Queens. Freshman Carly Taitz threw a two-hit shutout in her first career start for Bentley and has since continued her dominance, leading the Falcons with a 1.40 ErA. Bentley lost their last two games in the Florida trip and were scheduled to play two other games in the week, but they were rained out and the Falcons left Florida with a 3-5 record to open the season, although none of the games came against conference opponents. The Falcons’ first scheduled game back in the Northeast was against Southern New Hampshire, but the doubleheader with the penmen was rained out twice, as was a home doubleheader against post. Bentley was scheduled to begin play on March 30, but because of the rain, the opener was pushed back to April 2. Fortunately for the Falcons, it was well worth the wait, as they got off to a nice start in winning their doubleheader against Franklin pierce, with scores of 5-2 and 4-2 respectively. Sophomore Tara Fogarty pitched a six-hitter for the Falcons to propel them to a win in the first game. Franklin pierce didn’t manage to score any runs until the seventh, and final, inning, as the Falcons walked away with an easy 5-2 win. However, the nightcap was a bit more difficult for the

Falcons, as they got down 2-0 after three, but managed to put up four runs over the final three innings to seal the pair of wins. Freshman center fielder Taylor Feery broke the 2-2 tie in the seventh with a two-run double to give the Falcons the win. Taitz picked up the win for Bentley, pitching three solid innings of relief and only giving up one hit. The next day, Bentley split a doubleheader at home against Saint Anselm, dropping the first game 8-4 and winning the second, 5-2. Fogarty picked up another win in the second game, while sophomore third baseman Jasmine Ortiz and Feery paced the offense in the 5-2 win for the Falcons. Bentley stayed hot in the next pair of games against Southern New Hampshire in Manchester, NH. They took down the first game easily, 70, but in the second game, Bentley lost a heartbreaker, 3-2. Junior left fielder Maitlyn Kraft gave the Falcons all the offense they needed with a three-run double in the third inning, but Fogarty was again the story of the game, this time pitching a five-hit shutout. In the second game, SNHU got three runs in the first two innings, but Bentley managed two of their own before the offense stalled out and the game went on to finish, still at 3-2. Bentley cruised through a sweep of Saint Michael’s, the NE-10 cellar dweller, in their next doubleheader with wins of 3-2 and 9-4. Fogarty recorded her fourth straight complete game in the opener, and senior Ashley Messina got the win in the second game. Ortiz reached base safely in both games to extend her hitting streak to a remarkable 20 straight games, just one short

Third baseman Jasmine Ortiz helped lead Bentley to its 5-2 win in the second game of their doubleheader.

of the school record set by current junior second baseman Christine D’Amico in 2008. Unfortunately, the record would come to an end in the Falcons’ next contest against American International. Bentley dropped both games to American International, 42 and 2-1. On Tuesday, the skid extended to three games when the Falcons lost their opener against Stonehill, 3-1 in eight innings. But they were able to rebound in the second game to pick up a 5-1 win. The Falcons now look ahead to a Wednesday doubleheader against Assumption and a pair of weekend double-

Courtesy of Sports Info Office

headers against New Haven and Southern Connecticut, the two top teams in the NE10. Those weekend games should tell a lot about whether the Falcons will be able to contend for a conference championship this year, as New Haven and Southern Connecticut have clearly emerged as the teams to beat. If the Falcons continue to ride their hot pitching and get more good productivity out of the bats of D’Amico, Ortiz, Megan Blier, Lindsay Ayers and Feery, they might just pick up a few wins this weekend, and who knows how far they can get from there.

Falcon oF the Week Gould Named Falcon of the Week


Last week, Lorenzo Cava won the Northeast10 Tennis Co-player of the Week, and Lucas Wever won the Freshman of the Week award. Did you know the pair has won NE-10 awards in three straight weeks? This stretch has guided the team to eight wins in their last nine matches and a perfect 9-0 conference record this season.

Senior Kevin gould of the Men’s Lacrosse team has been named the Falcon of the Week. gould was chosen as the Northeast-10 player of the Week on Monday after leading the sixth-ranked Falcons to two wins last week. gould's best performance of the week came on April 10 as Bentley downed AIC 14-9. He equaled his career-high with five goals and added three assists for a career-high eight points. Four of his goals came in the third quarter. Earlier in the week, he helped Bentley defeat Southern New Hampshire 14-10 with a goal and three assists. As of April 13, gould leads the team in both assists (12) and points (23). In the NE-10, he’s third in assists per game (2.00) and fifth in points per game (3.83).

The Vanguard - 4/15/2010  

The Vanguard is the official student-run newspaper of Bentley University.

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