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and workers who are justly compensated.” Every step along the supply chain is vital to a product’s final version, and the fair trade movement recognizes the value of the individuals at each step. Dodge, one of the BLSC


student organizers, sees great value in events like the Fair Trade Fair for Bentley students. “The Fair Trade Movement is huge,” she says, “and it is important to take steps in the right direction and educate the community.”



One of the main attractions of the Fair Trade Fair is the vendors that attend. Last year, the Fair Trade Fair hosted 18 different vendors; this year, that number grew to 21, with 14 of last years’ returning. They brought products

Bentley students talking about Fair Trade products.


including chocolate, coffee, tea, shirts, jewelry, soap, shampoo, energy drinks, sugar, honey, peanut butter, shoes, olive oil, almonds, gum, and more, with many products available to sample. These companies are not non-profits; rather, they are profitable businesses who integrate their values into their practices. Another major draw for the day were the two food trucks giving out free samples. Ben & Jerry’s, who also visited campus during the BSLC’s BUIILD campaign last year, served over 600 scoops of ice cream. Sodexo also attended, giving out samples of Aspretto, its fair trade coffee, and biscotti. Finally, the Fair Trade Fair hosted two guest speakers during the event. First was Allyson Myers, an alumna of Bentley University and the current Director of Sales and Marketing at Lake Champlain SEE fair trade, PAGE 4

THE VANGUARD/Jennifer Wright

As business students, fair trade isn’t just a consumer choice; it’s a topic that comes up in classes and can even factor into future business decisions. To educate the campus about the fair trade community, both from a business and consumer point of view, the Bentley Service-Learning Center (BSLC) and the Office of Sustainability hosted their second annual Fair Trade Fair on Tuesday, October 6, 2015. This event, attended by over 700 students, faculty, staff, and alumni, was organized by just three students: Felicia Dodge (sophomore), Joey Milici (junior), and Doug Peterson (senior), part of the Civic Events Committee in the BSLC. According to Fair Trade USA, “Fair Trade goods are just that. Fair. From faraway farms to your shopping cart, products that bear our logo come from farmers


THE VANGUARD/Jennifer Wright

BY jennifer wright




Fall TV Shows

Bentley Hockey

How has technology changed over the past few years? An alums perspective.

A review of the new fall show line ups.

The men look to make a strong comeback on the ice.


Which show will take the crown home?




THE vanguard

October 15, 2015

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Three events you don’t want to miss

1 2 3 LCL Salsa Night

Falcon Games

Think Fast

Date: oct. 15 Time: 8:00 p.m. Location: backbay c Host: La cultura latin

Date: Oct. 19 Time: 8:00 P.m. Location: pub Host: campus activites board

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month join LCL for a night of great food, instruction and dancing!

The most intense trivia game you’ve ever been apart of. In teams of two, try to climb to top of the leader board using your pop knowledge. Win

Day: oct. 24 Time: 12:00 P.m. Location: Green space Host: REAL

Come participate and cheer on your favorite Bentley organizations as they compete in the second annual Falcon Games!

Editor’s pick Pumpkin Carving Day: oct. 23 Time: 9:00 P.M. LocAtion: Backbay Host: tnt

Staff Writers devin balkaran ‘15. Emily ellis ‘15, jd towers ‘17, ethan hall ‘17, nick toselli ‘17, stephanie seputra ‘17 ,cam estelle ‘17, Paola Sierra ‘17 Adam haidermota ‘18, joseph greely ‘18, christopher mella ‘18, russell cloon ‘18

Courtsey of Twinkle Patel

Columnists KAREN WANG ‘16, KEVIN LARYEA ‘15, USAMA SALIM ‘17 Production AssistantS MiCHELLE CHIU ’17, USAMA SALIM ’17 Photographers Garrett meccariello ‘17, angela su’17, amanda rose ‘17, michelle ghozali ‘17, nicole gadeloff ‘17, Final Editors ADRIA CLANTON-THUoN ‘17, Matt DWYER ‘17, kiley caravella ‘17, brendan devine ‘17

It is halloween season! Join TNT in carving some awesome pumkins! Create a nice piece of decor for your room. Can you make the scariest of them all? (Apple cider and donuts will be provided).

...find more campus events at events.bentley.edu

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It’s happening again. Everyone knows what we’re talking about. You know when the weather gets really bipolar? It’s cold one day, it’s raining the next, and then oh look! There’s the first snow of the season! Only really, it’s not snow, but it’s more like sleet, which is gross, weird and ugly unlike the real lovely white fluffy snow that we can make snowmen out of and build snow forts from and have snow ball fights with. And then wait, if you think it’s over then, you are SORELY mistaken. The next day might still be cold, but haha, the weather is playing tricks on you. Two days later, you wake up to a really cold morning at 8 o’clock, and you’re dreading the weather, but give it a couple of hours and it is the nicest weather out. Like what gives Mr. Weather? Or Ms., whatever you fancy, but still, what

gives? Do you just plain hate us? Or are you trying to play some very weird Jedi mind tricks on us? If you are, it’s just not cool. Not cool at all. We’ve all learnt biology, and we know how this thing goes. If you go cold warm, cold warm, you get sick. We think this is a conspiracy against us to get us all sick. The Vanguard is catching up to your tricks Mr. Weather, so beaware. We are looking at you. Oh and please, puhleese do not get us started on how it’s meant to rain on in a couple of days. As if it just being cold wasn’t bad enough, that water from the sky (which at some point prior to irrigation systems might’ve been a really big help to farmers and what not), it is now a giant inconvenience. It means we have to have rain boots on, wear rain coats everywhere we go and carry umbrellas if it

looks too serious. There is nothing even worse than it being cold outside, stepping into a puddle and the water seeping into your shoes. Has that ever happened to you? There must be people that this resonates with. And it’s already cold, and then your feet get cold too, and you start freezing. The other thing that majorly annoys us is when the weather decides it’s not going to follow the forecast. We live in the 21st century of technology, we’re sure the technology exists where we can predict accurately what is to happen with the weather. So why does it change its mind? Oh, I said it might rain today? JK, JK, I’m just going to let the sun shine while all you peasants where rain boots and rain jackets. Not cool weather not cool. So we ask the question again, what gives Mr./Ms. Weather, what gives?


Stages we all go through when we really really need to get work done Guess what? Its midterm season! And of course, every mid-term season comes with its selection of little quirks that we all have. We thought we’d compile a list for laughs and giggles! 8 stages that go through your mind when doing work: The “let me make a list” phase You sit down to do work. But you don’t know where to start, and you decide its time that you organize your life and get it together. You create either a physical (or a mental checklist) of all the things you need to get done. At this point during the day you are motivated and ready to do work. You will absolutely not have any distractions what so ever. You shall never stand for it. The “oooh look at that unimportant thing I need to do!” phase We all go through this phase. It might be a bill that doesn’t need to be paid for the next 3 weeks, or you might’ve forgotten to buy a cover for your iPhone even though you just bought a brand new one last week. And just when you think you’re done, something else pops up. A piece homework due at the end of the semester. Or an email you never had an intention of sending. There’s always something or else to be done.

devour the closest thing to you. The “I need a break” phase You’ve spent so long procrastinating that you’re getting restless. You get up and walk around to take a break. Oh a friend! Better go talk to them. You really need and deserve this break. It’s been an hour since you first sat down, and you know what scientists say; you can no longer concentrate after the first hour. A little break. Perhaps a quick episode of a TV show you’ve been meaning to catch up on. You deserve it. The “Studying” phase Now that you’re all done, you actually start studying. You’re fed, you’ve talked to all your friends, and have practically run out of distractors. Now you have no choice but to study. Not only that but the guilt has started to eat away at you. Not to mention the checklist is staring you down and you just feel uncomfortable. The “brain down” phase


It’s been a couple of hours since you sincerely started to study. You haven’t taken a break because you finally realize how much time you just wasted. You can no longer afford one. The only problem is that your brain is no longer in the mood of processing information. The “damn it brain, con- What does “the supply curve shifts to the left” even centrate phase” mean? You read that 12 You realize your brain has times until you finally get it. been messing with you all along and you shall no lon- (Repeat phases 1 through ger stand for it. You slap 7 till the nigt before the exyourself a couple of times am-thats when you make it and get down to business. to stage 8) You are more determined than ever. YOU SHALL DO The “all nighter” phase THIS! You’re done. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. The “I’m hungry” phase All you want at this point is The thought of food. Ahh a bed. But you do not have glorious food. Mozzarella the luxury of lying down on sticks. Oh sweet sweet a soft, comfortable matmozzarella sticks. Chick- tress and passing out. Inen wings. You can see stead, coffee and red bull them in your mind. Laugh- it is. If you fail this exam ing at your demise. Your you’re practically failing the stomach is growling, even course. Welp. I guess you though you just ate. The better use whatever is left food keeps taunting you. of your brain juices, or else You stay strong until you it’s time to give up. Good eventually (5 minutes later) luck brain on remembering give in. That’s it! You shall anything tomorrow!

THE vanguard


october 15 , 2015

STUDENT CONDUCT SUMMARY September 5 - September 15 Total Number of Cases Total Number of Individuals Involved Individuals Dismissed from Responsibility Individuals Admitting Responsibility Number of individuals found responsible by Conduct Board Number of educational sanctions given Number of Work Sanctions Number of Parental Notifications Cash total of fines given Number of students given a Verbal Warning Number of students put on Written Warning Number of individuals put on Probation Number of individuals put on Disciplinary Probation Number of individuals who lost 15 housing credits Number of individuals who lost 30 housing credits Number of individuals put on Suspension (Housing) Number of individuals put on Suspension (University) Number of individuals expelled

50 127 34 90 0 38 0 15 $1450 36 50 4 0 0 0 0 0 0

Provided by the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs

HEALTH AND WELLNESS TIP OF THE WEEK: Remember, it’s a marathon—not a sprint! Make sure to take care of yourself along the road to summer break. Take a minute to destress and clear your head by listening to calming music, practicing deep breathing, coloring or crafting, and/or getting some fresh air. Rhodes Hall - Ground Floor bentley.edu/health


THE vanguard

october 15 , 2015



chocolates. Giving a talk called, “The Fair Trade Business Model: Using Your Bentley Skills to Join the Movement,” she had three major pieces of advice for Bentley students: 1) Pay attention to the classes you don’t think are relevant to your future, because they will be; 2) The real world is full of group projects, so learn from them now; and 3) Get outside your comfort zone and take a risk. As an instrumental member in Lake Champlain Chocolates’ transition as it earned “Fair for Life – Social & Fair Trade Certification,” these were lessons that served her well. The second speaker was Ryan Midden, General Manager of Ben & Jerry’s Boston, Chairman of


Fair Trade Boston. His speech, “Fair Trade and Social Justice: Human Rights, Sustainability, and Accountability,” discussed how Ben & Jerry’s has fair trade built into its mission, which states that they aim to “create linked prosperity for everyone that’s connected to [their] business: suppliers, employees, farmers, franchisees, customers, and neighbors alike.” They use their products, such as “Save Our Swirled” and “I Dough, I Dough,” to educate their consumers on important issues in a fun and engaging way. Universities all over the country are getting involved in the fair trade movement, from hosting their own fairs to becoming a Fair Trade University. This second annual fair, with several vendors already committed

to returning next year, adds Bentley to the movement and allows students to explore alternative and more sustainable business practices. The team of three students were truly the spearheads of the event, a practice that is consistent throughout the BSLC’s work. Bria Wilbur, Assistant Director of Programs & Initiatives at the Service-Learning Center, commented on their hard work. “Our students put in hours of work each week to ensure that we are able to welcome top business leaders in the fair trade industry to campus, providing educational and networking opportunities to all who attend the fair. We see the success of their hard work in the hundreds of Bentley community members who attend the fair each year.”

Then and Now: Technology in the Millennial World Andrew Jeans A Bentley Alumnus

your challenge and mine to be brave enough to implement it and reduce paper redundancy. For hundreds of years now, pencil and paper have been the main source of accounting and financial analysis. That was true until recently in the 1940’s when the first electronic computer ENIAC was created by the University of Pennsylvania. It was used for basic math crunching that would take days, weeks, months, or even years to complete by hand. By the 1980’s the first personal computers were introduced for mass buying. Then computers could perform about as much power as a TI-83, but probably less. By the mid 1990’s you could get a

computer with 500 megabytes. In comparison there are 1,000 megabytes in 1 gigabyte. I currently have a removable scan disc memory card in my cellphone the size of a thumb nail that has 16 gigabytes, and I can read and use excel. Now that you have an idea of computer technology history, you can see why your parents have such a hard time using phones, software’s, apps and every other technology. Think about your parents and their technology adaptation skills. Now bring that to the business world where your parents run the world. Our generation is the most technologically advanced of any generation in the history of man. From personal

experience, your challenge is about equivalent to running a Spartan race. You will face people with real world experience that know real economics and business hard skills. So why do I write this article. I wrote it because I wish someone told me about how difficult it would really be trying to work, learn, and advance in one of the most technically separated generation gaps in human history since the extinction of Neanderthals. All I can say is roll up your sleeves because there will be people afraid of your knowledge. I do not want to scare you from working, but embrace it because that is the real world challenge us millennials face.

Courtesy of Andrew Jeans

Since graduating Bentley I have had a plethora of experiences in the work force, good and bad. I have had managers talk down to me as if I was a printer and managers that have treated me as if I was a brother. So far I’ve had an accounts payable temporary position, an internship at a large accounting firm, been a hedge fund analyst with a large company, and currently work at a small accounting firm in Lexington. Working at large and small organizations over the years, I have seen pro-

cesses, software and computer evolution over the last ten years that have brought science fiction to life, as well as extinction to old methods. Growing up in a small town I went to a Catholic school and graduated eighth grade with a class of 12 people. I was taught that if you are a good person, respect your elders, and work hard, good things will happen to you. I followed those rules growing up, and to this day I follow them in fear of dishonoring my parents and family. Regardless of how I act, the fact that I am more suited for technology and know more about technology, it is harder now than ever before to keep humble. It is

The UPenn ENIAC computer in use (left) and today as it sits as a show case (right).


THE vanguard

october 15 , 2015

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Santander student checking is available for full-time and part-time students age 16 through 25 years old who are attending a college, university or other undergraduate level school. Proof of enrollment required. * To qualify for cash bonus: (1) open a new Santander student checking account ($10 minimum deposit) and a companion Santander savings account ($10 minimum deposit), or have a preexisting savings account by November 30, 2015; (2) enroll in Online Banking at account opening; (3) request a Santander® Debit MasterCard® (“Debit Card”) at the time of account opening or link a Santander Smart Card to your new account, (4) provide a valid email address at account opening, and (5) make 5 purchases with your Santander Debit Card ATM card or have a direct deposit. The 5 debit card purchases or direct deposit must be made within 60 days of the last day of the month in which the account was opened. The account will be credited within 75 days from the last day of the month in which the account was opened. One bonus per customer. The annual percentage yield (APY) as of 6/5/2015 for Santander Student Savings is 0.03%. APY is subject to change at any time including after account opening. Fees may reduce earnings. Students who currently have a personal checking account or who have had a personal checking account with Santander Bank in the last year are not eligible for this offer. Cannot be combined with other personal checking offers. Offer available only to U.S. residents. Santander team members are not eligible. Offer expires 11/30/2015. This bonus will be reported as interest on Form 1099-INT in the year received. Santander Bank, N.A. is a Member FDIC and a wholly owned subsidiary of Banco Santander, S.A. ©2015 Santander Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. Santander, Santander Bank and the Flame Logo are registered trademarks of Banco Santander, S.A. or its subsidiaries in the United States or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.


THE vanguard

october 15 , 2015


CAMPUS VOICES Falcons share their thoughts.

What does it feel like to be a senior? Vanessa coloma ‘16 MaJOR: cfa

A mixture of feelings between I’m going to miss this place and I want to get into the real world.

Johanna colpritt ‘16 MaJOR: accounting

Scary, but really exciting. Bentley has definitely prepared me for my future career and for continuing my education.

Niall collins ‘16 MaJOR: management

Exciting, kind of. I’m excited to enjoy the rest of my college year but looking forward to graduating.

alexandra gent‘16 MaJOR: management, conc. in hr

Start of East Coast fall festivals BY haley persin

director of advertising

For all the music lovers out there, unfortunately summer festival season has come to an end here on the East Coast for just a few short months. Although we will miss the sunshine and the heat, fall music festivals have taken summer festivals, starting off strong. For anyone who could not attend the first few fests of the season, here is what you missed. Boston Calling Music Festival started off by shaking the grounds of City Hall Plaza September 25-27 with headliners: The Avett Brothers, Alt-j, and Alabama Shakes. The crowd adored the headliners, but other performances that drew huge crowds were Misterwives, Hozier, and Walk the Moon. This fall’s Boston Calling was its third year and sixth festival, attracting its largest crowd yet. This is pretty impressive considering the artists this fall weren’t as big as they have been in the past. Boston Calling has always managed to have a very diverse lineup from indie to pop and rap. This fall’s lineup was slanted towards indie pop music but there was still something for everyone. Our neighbors from Southern New York and D.C. also got to start fall festival season with a

bang. New York hosted Global Citizen Festival September 26th, which was a free (yes, free!) festival on the Great Lawn in Central Park. This festival took place about a week after the U.N. signed off on its new global goals. The purpose of the concert was to increase awareness of the global issues which were debated at the U.N. and getting more people involved in helping make changes to these global issues. That being said, although this concert was free, there was a small fee that participants in the ticket lottery system had to pay. They had to to commit to taking an “action” to make the world a better place. There were 48,000 free tickets given away, which is a huge amount of people to have committed to changing the world. Headliners for this festival featured Pearl Jam, Beyoné, Ed Sheeran, and Coldplay. This festival also had many surprise guests which made it a full day and night of impressive performances. Beyoncé may have had a wardrobe malfunction and lines may have been worse than Six Flags, but who would want to miss a free concert for a great cause, and had an awesome lineup? I know I’ll put in my bid for that show next fall.

Lastly Washington D.C. began fall festival season with its very first Music Festival, Landmark. The purpose of this Festival was to bring awareness and funds to the restoration to The National Mall. Landmark took place September 26th and 27th in Washington D.C.’s West Potomac Park which is located right next to the National Mall. Headliners for Landmark were Drake, Alt-j and The Strokes. With it being Landmark’s first year, it was surprising that the lineup was killer, with Coachella worthy headliners, and sub performances that were equal to, or greater than, Boston Calling’s lineup. Drake wooed the crowd with his love for D.C. and despite Julian Casablancas from The Strokes messing up some of his lyrics, the crowd was overwhelmed with excitement. Summer may be the designated festival season but these shows have proven otherwise. September festivals beat the heat and continue to be just as, if not, more awesome than summer shows. But don’t worry if you missed any of these awesome fall festivals because Boston is really picking up its music game this year with tons of great shows in every genre. There are even more great concerts to come!

Optimistic, I guess. Bentley has been practice for the real world so I’m excited to get into it.

Sebastian hernandez‘16 MaJOR: management, conc. in Entreprenurship

It’s bittersweet; I’m ready to graduate and start my professional projects but I don’t want to close this cycle of my life of friends and college experiences. THE VANGUARD./KELLY GRADY


BY nicole gadeloff photography staff

Misterwives performs at Boston Calling.


THE vanguard

october 15 , 2015


Fall TV shows; the good, the bad and the ugly BY USAMA SALIM Editor in Chief

these shows look like today. The action series Strike Back, a favorite of mine, has been a stepping-stone for the careers of its two lead actors, Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton. Winchester is the lead for The Player, while Stapleton is the male lead in the Monday night drama Blindspot, alongside Jaimie Alexander. Both shows, while entertaining, have a detrimental elements. The Player has a very weak script, which hardly compels its audience. In an effort to move away from the typical, cheesy start of crime shows, writers try to fit too much into one episode. The pacing becomes more reasonable as the show goes on, but the speed of the pilot may be daunting to an audience. Blindspot takes the cake as the top show of the fall season. Even still, there is one fundamental flaw for me; the lead: Sullivan Stapleton. Although he isn’t a bad actor, a slight speech impediment hinders him from delivering his lines perfectly. He can be seen on camera taking short, sharp breaths in the middle of a very important conversation, which could be distracting to the viewers and dispel the oth-

erwise dramatic situation. Another show that has been much anticipated, especially within the South Asian community, has actress Priyanka Chopra as its lead. Breaking into Hollywood with Quantico, she has shown promise to operate and appease both the western world and her Bollywood background. Quantico has a fascinating premise and the flow of the show has been perfectly executed. The team has maintained a perfect balance between the past and the present, using the former to explain much of the latter. However, one distracting element of the show is the characters’ strong accents. The show follows people trying to join the FBI, and while the audience is supposed to understand that they are American citizens, the strong accents may be offputting to an uneducated audience. It may come across as “less American” and not appeal to a wider audience. The other point of failure of Quantico is how the FBI is portrayed. It eludes that the FBI cannot commit to doing proper background checks on its recruits. They all have “hidden” sides that, until this point, no one knows

about. I’m sure the FBI has a much more rigorous process in trying to determine who’s eligible to protect and serve the country. Quantico washes over this entire process, and makes them look foolish as they are recruiting college students, not federal agents. Limitless may have been the show that has, to me, proven to be flawless with its execution. With a great cast and a stimulating plot, the show continues on from Bradley Coopers’ hit film of the same name. The 40 year old also makes a guest appearance in the pilot. Still based on the concept of NZT, the show takes a different turn with CBS in the driver’s seat. It is without a doubt too early to tell how these shows might end up turning out, but judging a book by its cover is purely human nature. I will return with more updates on these shows, as well as my thoughts on the very promising Crowded, starring the hilarious Patrick Warburton, along with any other shows that might excite me! (Word of final advice, run from Grandfathered; I couldn’t sit past the first six minutes of the show.)

Courtesy of sidereel.com

With shows ending or getting cancelled, networks are busy trying to replace their cash cows—or failed projects, depending on how you look at it—with newer shows that they hope will capture their audiences’ hearts, and keep the money flowing in. This autumn has seen very few hit comedic releases. Many networks, namely ABC and NBC, are trying to enrapture three types of audiences: those interested in crime shows, dramas, and medical series. With the introduction of shows like The Blacklist, they are not your typical crime shows. Someone or something fascinating is always at the heart of these shows: a pill, a woman with tattoos all over her body suffering from amnesia, a criminal mastermind, etc. They all, of course, have one thing in common across the board. They all have the concept of a mysterious organization or person that holds ultimate power. They force people into acting recklessly or against their will. How this plays out will always be unknown for a few more episodes.

Family dramas have become part of the new scene as well. Fox’s Empire took the stage when it came out. Its success had led to similar series being imagined. ABC has quickly responded with Blood and Oil, their own spin of drama in a different industry. Networks have come to another jolting realization: there aren’t many great medical shows. Many of the recent ones, such as Emily Owens M.D., The Mob Doctor and Remedy have all gone off air. Grey’s Anatomy and Royal Pains are nearly monopolies within the industry. In response, NBC is set to release Heartbreaker and Chicago Med, while CBS tries its luck with Code Black. Many shows also fantasize about becoming the new Scrubs, a medical comedy, which has been a huge success. In addition to its long-standing serious show, Grey’s Anatomy, ABC is now releasing Dr. Ken, the humorous version of medical drama. Now to follow my deep love of crime shows: should you love, like, or avoid these upcoming series? I will leave that decision up to you, but I will give you a little more insight into what

Blindspot and Limitless are two shows you shouldn’t miss no matter what!


THE vanguard

october 15 , 2015


Allison Crisenzo Pamplona, spain

significant niversity Describe a Bentley U St. t 175 Fores gful 52 or meanin , MA 024 m a h lt a W . you’ve had experience

matt dwyer argentia

After finishing up my last midterm prior to the break, and being up for 36 hours straight, it was finally time to embark on my week-long Patagonia vacation. Following a short plane ride and a night stay in El Calafate, Argentina, it was time to travel to Chile. This marked the beginning of a trip I would soon find out I underestimated in many ways. The day prior, my friend and I had learned that there were no buses going to the location of our hostel in Chile for two days, meaning we had to improvise. We decided to take a bus to a town on the border of Chile, as we had been told by locals that we could take a taxi to Chile. The only problem was, after a four hour bus ride, we couldn’t seem to find these taxis, leaving us stranded again.

In such a small, rural town this meant we had to hitchhike for over twenty five miles. I learned in this moment how much I underestimated the kindness of the people living in Patagonia. I can’t say I’d blame anyone for not wanting to pick up two 20-yearold strangers on the side of the road, but three separate people did with great enthusiasm; a gesture that I graciously thanked all of them for. After a short night of sleep in Puerto Natales, Chile, we were on our way to Torres Del Paine National Park for almost a week of hiking. I was excited for the challenge. After a few falls due to slippery conditions and running out of water on the way back, I got the very challenge I was expecting. And it was worth every moment of hardship. The scenery was breath taking, and I found myself constantly stopping to take pictures or just enjoy the

moment. This wasn’t exclusive to the first day either, for four straight days I felt like I was in a postcard. Whether it was a waterfall, glacier, mountain or panoramic view of the park, there was always something to see. Aside from all the beautiful sites I saw, the miles I walked, and the interesting people I met, I learned how gratifying it can be to disconnect once in a while. I intentionally left all means of communication with the outside world home in Buenos Aires during the trip, except a phone with 5 minutes of pre-paid calling on it. By doing this, I was able to appreciate the experience, the people I was with, and the lessons it was teaching me, without the normal distractions life throws at us. Without a doubt, this trip was a highlight of my study abroad experience and one I will reminisce about for years to come.

My collection of friends is an incredibly diverse group spanning about eleven countries, so we spend most of our time speaking English. What I failed to realize is this means all of my friends speak at least two languages. While most of them don’t speak Spanish fluently, they all speak their home language and English! They’ve learned another language, something I have never done. Additionally, a lot of languages are more similar to Spanish than English is, making English a difficult language to master. Talking with my Italian flat mates, we realized that most other languages assign gender to nouns, which is rare in English. It is difficult to teach oneself a grammatical rule that isn’t applicable to one’s native dialect. My biggest hurdle in learning Spanish has been my nerves. I feel so awkward and embarrassed when I speak Spanish. I clam up and forget everything I have ever learned. I am so self-conscious about messing up in front of native Spanish speakers that I opt to not speak at all! Fortunately, this is starting to change. My friends have brought to my attention that I am never around native English speakers, and yet, I rarely notice their accents or mistakes. I understand what they are saying regardless of small


This past weekend I went to Munich, Germany. Great city; I really enjoyed myself there, and everyone had a great time. The main reason I went there was for Oktoberfest. Interesting fact about Oktoberfest that I didn’t know before planning this trip: Oktoberfest ends the first week of October. Here I was thinking it was all in October, when really it’s the middle of September. That threw me off, but I was able to book the last weekend of the event. I arrived Friday morning around 8:30 and waited for my bike tour that started a couple hours later. There were twenty-six people in our group, and guess who has two thumbs and was deemed “Ass Man”? This guy. Now, it may sound

mistake, such as verb tenses. As long as I try with my Spanish, my message will get across and I will improve. Spanish is certainly not coming as easily as I thought it would, but I am hopeful and motivated! On a lighter note, some funny circumstances have come out of my lack of understanding. I stopped into a bookstore to buy a book in Spanish, hoping that it would help my comprehension (It’s not working so far, but maybe I should try reading it instead of leaving it on my desk). When I went to check out, the man asked me a question that I did not understand. My normal response when this happens is to randomly answer “si” or “no”. That day I answered “si” confidently, and so the man took my book, whited out the price, and then proceeded to wrap it in beautiful purple and green wrapping paper. I immediately understood the question but out of fear of looking stupid and admitting that I did not know Spanish, I let this man gift wrap the book I intended to read for myself. At first, I felt bad and thought about actually giving it to someone as a present, but that’s ridiculous (it is in Spanish!), so I decided it was a birthday present to myself! The past two months have been frustrating, but when I do understand a question, or can hold a conversation, the pride I feel makes it all worth it.

worse than it was, but I was given the moniker as I was supposed to be last for everything. That wasn’t too hard, seeing as we rode at about 5mph in a straight line. Tony from Mike’s Bikes was an amazing tour guide, and he even changed the route a few times to help us get better pictures and show us different things. We stopped for lunch during the tour at the Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower) beer garden, the second largest in Munich, where I picked up some sausage and fries for lunch. The way I chose my sausage actually seems a little backwards when you think about it. I stood near the sausage station for a while and watched everyone order. Continued Pg. 9


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october 15 , 2015



significant Describe a ersity entley Univ B St. gful 175 Forest or meanin 02452 , m d. Waltha MA a h e ’v u o y experience


I avoided the most popular items. I know what you’re thinking, but I figured: if all the Americans want it, then it’s definitely not too German. Once we ate, we got back on our bikes, going through the English Gardens back to Mike’s Bikes. After the tour, we went looking for a dirndl for one of my friends, which is a classic German dress for Oktoberfest. I wasn’t buying lederhosen for the occasion, but I accompanied her on her mission for the outfit, until dinner time rolled around. We ended up eating American food. I know, I know, I was in Germany. I did, however, get to collect pins from the Hard Rock Café. After that, I just went back and slept for the long

day ahead of me on Saturday. most popular items. I know what you’re thinking, but I figured: if all the Americans want it, then it’s definitely not too German. Once we ate, we got back on our bikes, going through the English Gardens back to Mike’s Bikes. After the tour, we went looking for a dirndl for one of my friends, which is a classic German dress for Oktoberfest. I wasn’t buying lederhosen for the occasion, but I accompanied her on her mission for the outfit, until dinner time rolled around. We ended up eating American food. I know, I know, I was in Germany. I did, however, get to collect pins from the Hard Rock Café. After that, I just went back and slept for the long day ahead of me on Saturday. 5:30am. It was time to

wake up, because Oktoberfest started in about three and a half hours. I boarded the train back to middle of Munich and met up with friends. The doors to Hofbrau Festhalle, most popular and largest tent at Oktoberfest, opened at nine in the morning and all hell broke loose. There was a guy manning the door with a whistle (as if that accomplishes anything) and everyone shoved their way into the tent, ignoring his supposed authority. I say “tent” for lack of a better word. The place held thousands of people inside, had two stories, there were paintings on the walls; it was just massive. We found three seats with these guys that looked kind of friendly and they let us slide in and join them. We were able to get our hands on three

apple sugar pretzels and three beers, despite the earliness of the morning. They say everything is bigger in Texas, but let me tell you; that pretzel was about the size of my face, and the drink was a full liter of strong beer. The rumor is that one liter of Oktoberfest brew is the same as having 4-5 strong bottles of beer. It was delicious, even for my friends that don’t like beer that much, making it just a little dangerous. One interesting cultural thing about the tents is “chugging”. People can stand up on the benches or tables, proclaim their intent to chug, and then proceed to attempt it. The crowd can either be with or against you; there’s no in between. You have to be quick to have the crowd on your side. If you don’t finish, or finish super slowly... I will admit to throwing at least one piece of pretzel at someone who failed, simply to be a part of the fun. In the beginning of the day, this doesn’t happen as much, and I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it’s because people aren’t that drunk yet. One down side to drunk people, and being in Munich during Oktoberfest, is the amount of throw up around the city. Yes, I said around the city. The partygoers drink and travel, and it eventually led to people getting sick in the strangest places. While it was the only downside to my trip, it was hard not to notice. In the tent, I listened to the three men converse, and I noticed they were Italian. When they asked us where we were

from, I obligingly stated, “I’m from the US, but I’m studying in Florence.” We started speaking Italian and as the day went on, more and more Italian was spoken. I was actually kind of impressed with myself, but felt bad that my companions couldn’t understand the language and were frequently unsure as to what was happening. The Italians were really nice, and we all had a great time together singing, throwing pretzels at people who failed to chug their beer, and talking. By 1:00, we were leaving the tent to meet our friends from Australia. We had a blast on the Ferris wheel, playing carnival games, and taking in the sights. By this point, we had been up for over twelve hours, so we all went to take a quick nap before dinner. Sunday was purely for sightseeing. We saw Marienplatz, Asam’s Church, Allianz Arena (from the train into Munich), Munich Residence, Neus Rathaus (New Town Hall), St. Peter’s Church, Baterische Staatsoper Opera House, Theresienwises (site of Oktoberfest), Fauenkirche (Church of Our Lady), Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall), Burgersaalkirche, and Max Joseph Platz. These were my favorite places, and I was completely enchanted by them. Overall, this was an amazing trip, and I think it was the best part of studying abroad. I was having fun, learning history, and just having a good time with friends.


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october 15 , 2015


Bose executives at business ethics lecture BY adam haidermota business editor

Last week, Bentley hosted its 26th Raytheon Lecture in Business Ethics. With the help of its partners at The Raytheon Company, the Bentley University Center for Business Ethics brought in Bob Maresca and Sherwin Greenblatt of the sound giant, Bose Corporation, and held a lecture titled, “Guided by Our Principles”. The Center for Business Ethics (CBE) has been hosting the Raytheon Lecture in Business Ethics since the fall semester of 2003, when Bentley welcomed Michael Ruettgers, the Executive Chairman of EMC Corporation. Since then, the CBE has brought in various impressive speakers every semester without fail, including a co-founder of Costco, the CEO of CocaCola Company and a former CEO of Southwest Airlines. Tom Kennedy, the Chairman and CEO of Raytheon writes in depth on the CBE’s website about Raytheon’s avid support for the CBE, and for the promotion of ethical business practices. He acknowledges the importance of reinforcing ethical behavior in order for businesses to succeed.

He also writes about his belief that the promotion of further discussion and dialogue about ethical business practices “inspires us to redouble our own commitment”. This year marked the first time that two speakers spoke together in a joint presentation at a Raytheon Lecture on campus. Sherwin Greenblatt studied under the founder of Bose, Dr. Amar G. Bose who was his professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and would later go on to become Dr. Bose’s first employee when he founded the company. He has held both engineering and management positions at the company including project engineer, director of engineering, executive vice president and was the president of Bose for fifteen years until he retired. He handed the reigns over to Bob Maresca, who started his career at Bose as a research engineer. He managed to rise up the ranks, getting a major boost when Dr. Bose himself appointed Maresca as General Manager of their Noise Reduction Technology section to rescue the failing project. Maresca was also educated at MIT and has been President since 2005, when Greenblatt

stepped down. He has recently taken on the newly introduced role of CEO. The talk was centered on one man who Maresca and Greenblatt both revered, Dr. Amar Bose. Their lecture explained the story of Bose from their unique perspectives, how the company started, what challenges they faced and what motivated their decisions. At the beginning of the lecture, Maresca warned the audience that he hadn’t prepared a speech on ethics. However, listening to the speakers’ stories about the company’s principles and Dr. Bose, he impressed the entire room with his knowledge on the subject. Bose’s commitment to developing technologies that deliver real benefits to customers is a sincere one. Greenblatt explained that Dr. Bose first approached him with the idea to start the company when Dr. Bose realized the value that their research could have for people. When faced with adversity and the failure of their first home speakers, rather than fall back on their military contracts which were succeeding, they decided to push forward and maintain their commitment to delivering benefits to their

intended target: everyday people. Maresca had more personal stories, whereas Bose was faced with challenges and persevered by choosing to remain ethical above all else. He recounted a time when one of Bose’s biggest clients betrayed Bose on one of their deals. Although they knew it would result in a large loss of business, Bose could not do business with a company that was unprincipled. Consequently, they terminated all business with them. Another story he told concerned a large mobile phone manufacturer who wanted to install Bose speakers in their devices. After they saw the speaker that Bose developed for their mobile phones, they decided that it was too large and expensive, and instead proposed that they would pay Bose for the rights to dishonestly say that their own speakers were made by Bose. Maresca refused, in spite of the deal being easy money for the company. To go on with the deal would be completely unethical and thus have the ability to damage the company’s reputation. One story that stuck out was that of Maresca’s appointment as General

Manager of Bose’s Noise Reduction Technology Group. Maresca was appointed as General Manager at a time where the section had been failing for ten years and was consistently delivering significant losses to the company. The rest of the board wanted to do away with the project, but when Maresca spoke to Dr. Bose, he remained adamant. His belief that the technology could genuinely benefit people was prioritized above his desire for profit, and he inspired Maresca to save the project. It took a few more years of losses until they finally broke even, and now the profits gained from their noise reduction technology are outstanding. When faced with profits versus principles, Dr. Bose’s ethical lessons of choosing principle above all has brought the company to reach their full potential. Between the question and answer session and the reception at the end of the lecture, the audience was able to interact with the guest speakers directly. The event was extremely compelling and a wonderful opportunity to understand the ethical dilemmas faced every day in corporate America.

Volkswagen caught engaging in emissions scandal BY adam haidermota business editor

T he e n ti re w or ld w a s sho ck e d wh e n re p or t s came out i mp lic a t ing Vo lks wa g e n G ro u p in a hug e sc a n d a l , w he re t he y alleg e d l y i n sta l l e d s of t ware i n to th e i r d i e s e l c a r s to ch e a t e mi ss i o ns t e s t s . Vo lks wa g e n ’s s toc k p r ic e p lum me te d , re sult ing in hug e l o s s e s f o r inv e s to rs, b u t th e i m p a c t of the s c a n d a l d o e s n’t s t op there . D u e to t he im mense s i z e a n d re p ut a tio n o f Vo l k sw a ge n, t he news h a s i mp e d e d on the g l o b a l ma rk et . E v e n at Ben tl e y ’s re c e nt R a y theo n l e c tu re i n B us ine s s E thics, a me mb er of t he aud ie n c e b ro u g h t up t he scand a l w h e n a s k ing a q uest i o n . S o far, Volk swag e n h a s a d m it t e d t o fitting 4 8 2 ,0 0 0 c a r s in the U n i te d S ta te s , a nd abo ut 1 1 mi l l i on c a r s wo rld w i d e w i th t he ille g itima te s o f tw a re . The sheer e n o rmi ty of d e c e it and f ra u d b y Vo l k s w a ge n has the w o rl d re e ling. E ar l y th i s S e pt e m b e r,

t he E nv ironment al P rot e c t ion A ge ncy f ound t ha t d ie s e l car models b e ing s old b y Volkswage n ha d d e v ices built int o t he ir e ngine s t hat could d e t e c t w he n t hey were b e ing t e s t e d . As a result , w he n t he c a r s under went t e s t ing, t he e n gine would c ha nge it s per f or mance t o m a t c h E PA st andards. This d e c e it f u l sof t ware is s o int r ic a t e t hat it can s e ns e m onit or ing speed, e ngine op e rat ion, air p re s s ure , a nd t he posit ion of t he s t eer ing wheel t o d e t e c t w het her t he car is in a c ont rolled labor at or y s e t t ing or not . If t he v e hic le d e t e c ts a labor at or y, it w ill s w it ch int o a s a f e t y m od e in which t he c a r op e r a t e s under EPA s t a nd a rd s . W h en t he engine s op e r a t e nor mally, t he y e m it nit rogen oxid e p ollut a nt s up t o 40 t im e s highe r t han what is a llow e d b y US Feder al la w s . Volk s w a ge n’s Amer ican b os s , M ic ha e l Hor n, has a c k now le d ge d t he comp a ny ’s m is t a k e and t heir

CEO, Mar t in W int er kor n, has since been replaced by Mat t hias Mueller, t he f or mer chief execut iv e of one of Volkswagen’s many subsidiar ies, P or sche. The car maker has set aside f unds t o cov er cost s f or when it begins t o recall car s in Januar y of 2016. The EPA can f ine aut omobile manuf act urer s up t o $37, 500 f or each v ehicle t hat breaches st andards. It is expect ed t hat t he US Just ice Depar t ment , as well as shareholder s, may f ile legal act ion against t he company. The wor ld is wait ing t o see who else was inv olv ed in t he humiliat ion of t he company. Management at Volkswagen pur posef ully misled aut hor it ies t hrough t he use of t his sof t ware, and it will be int erest ing t o see whet her t hey will be implicat ed. S o what does all of t his mean? For one, it calls int o quest ion t he compet ency of European regulat or s

t o contro l th e m arket eff icient ly, co n siderin g th ey were unable to detect th e sof t ware th em selves u n t il aler ted by th e US. Eu ropean Un io n reg u lato rs need t o be stricter. S econ dly, it im plies a cer t ain desperatio n fro m wit hin th e diesel m arket t hat seem s to stem fro m t he slow o f diesel sales wor ldwide. T h e diesel car market in th e US co n t ains on ly 1 % o f all n ew car sales an d th is is n o t expect ed to in crease. Ironica lly, Vo lksw ag en ’s deceit w ill slo w th e diesel market, rath er th an help t o fu el it. T h e en tire diesel market is g o in g to come i n to qu estio n , an d probes are expected to be lau n ch ed in to o th er aut omo bile m an u factu rer s. Als o , it is im po rtan t t o not e th at Vo lksw ag en is Ger m an y’s larg est au t omot ive m an u factu rer, which m ean s th at an y major blo w s to Vo lksw agen can h ave serio u s im plicat ion s fo r th e Germ an economy as a w h o le. For Vo lksw ag en itself,

th ey are du e to su ffer h u g e fin an cial lo sses related to recalls, fin es, an d leg al fees. F o rbes estim ates th at th e to tal co st o f th e en tire scan dal in clu din g th e abo ve facto rs an d estim ated lo ss o f sales co u ld am o u n t u p to $ 3 4 .5 billio n . I t w ill be a w h ile befo re th ey reg ain th e tru st o f th e pu blic at larg e. T h eir bu sin ess is bo u n d to su ffer du e to th eir treach ery, an d co n su m ers w ill be sig n ifican tly m o re w ary o f do in g bu sin ess w ith th em . Alth o u g h th e deceptio n w as disco vered in th e Un ited States, th e m ajo rity o f cars th at h ave th e ch eatin g so ftw are are elsew h ere in th e w o rld, particu larly in Eu ro pe. As a resu lt, in vestig atio n s in to Vo lksw ag en ’s practices are o pen in g u p everyw h ere. T h e co m pan y h as also o n ly an n o u n ced recalls fo r th e Un ited States, w h ich acco u n ts fo r a sm all percen tag e o f th e frau du len t cars. T h e w o rst fo r Vo lksw ag en is far fro m o ver.


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Men’s soccer picks up a victory BY taylor carlough Vanguard Staff Writer

The Bentley men’s soccer team fell early, but ultimately picked up a well fought victory on Saturday against Le Moyne, winning 2-1. Midfielders Forrest Scaringe (Junior) and Nick Hoffman (Senior) each scored to lead the Falcons to the win. Le Moyne scored in the 9th minute to take the early lead. Midfielder Marcello Palucci (Redshirt Sophomore) got the ball to forward Fabian Egger (Graduate) at the top of the box. Egger then dribbled to within six yards of the goal completely unmarked for the simple tap-in to make it 1-0. After settling into things following the goal, Bentley scored their equalizer. Scaringe scored his second goal of the season via forward captain Scott Levy (Senior). Levy provided a leading pass for Scaringe to run onto and put the

finishing touches on the goal. The remainder of the second half was very heated, as four yellow cards, three against Bentley, were issued between the equalizing goal and half-time. Bentley quickly took the lead after the break, scoring in the 50th minute from Levy’s second assist of the day. Levy sent a cross from the right wing into the box, where Hoffman was able to battle for position. Hoffman headed the ball into the back of the net for his team-leading third goal of the season. The Bentley backline and goalkeeper Jack Blatchford (Senior) held the 2-1 lead for the remainder of the game. Blatchford took home four saves on the day, and two of them were able to preserve the lead Hoffman had given to them. Following Saturday’s win, the halfway point of Bentley’s conference

schedule is now in the rearview, eyes are starting to set toward the Northeast-10 conference tournament. Having not made the tournament last year, the Falcons have positioned themselves well for postseason play this season after their win Saturday. With a 4-3 conference record and 12 points, the team is tied with Le Moyne and Saint Michael’s for 4th place in the conference. Bentley will be looking to continue their current winning streak of two games when they host Southern Connecticut State Tuesday at 3:30 pm. The Owls hold a slight advantage in the standings, sitting just above the Falcons in a tie for 2nd place with a 5-1-1 record and totaling 16 points. Southern Connecticut’s Louis GreenwayTambini (Sophomore), who leads the Owls with 7 goals on the year, will be on all of the Bentley backs’ minds.

Field hockey team shines brightly The Falcons Field Hockey team improved their record to 7-5 on the year after a 2-1 victory on Friday afternoon over Stonehill. Bentley managed the win despite being outshot 1510 by the strong Skyhawk squad, whose record also now stands at 7-5. After a scoreless first 35 minutes that were dominated by defense, junior midfielder Tori Ellis got the scoring started about 8 minutes into the second half with her second goal of the season, giving Bentley a 1-0 lead. Ellis’ goal came straight off of a corner from Becca Moore. Meghan Talerman would add another goal, her first of the season, also off a corner. Moore and Ellis assisted. This goal put the team in a good spot, as Bentley is now 5-1 in games in which they score two or more goals, a tribute to both the team’s strong defense and goaltending. Stonehill’s Erika Kelly would cut the deficit in half just a few minutes later with her conferenceleading 12th goal of the season, but that’s where the scoring would end, as Talerman’s goal would prove to be the gamewinner. Bentley’s Evelyn Schaedel made five saves en route to earning her

fourth win of the season, improving her record to an impressive 4-1. The Falcons also received a strong game out of the senior Moore, who assisted both goals and wreaked havoc in the midfield all game long. Talerman led the team in shots with six (four on goal), while Kelsey Howard and Leah Winer both played key roles in the Falcons offensive attack. Both teams now boast identical 5-2 records in conference play, leaving them tied for 5th place in the current standings. Overall, the win puts the Falcons in good shape moving forward. The team has now won three of their

last four and boasts a 6-1 record at home. With just five games left in the regular season, Bentley will now look to make a push and climb the NE-10 standings. Looking ahead, the Falcons will head up to North Andover, Massachusetts on Tuesday for a meeting with a red-hot Merrimack College team that is 9-2 and has won six straight games. The Falcons do have the edge, however, after beating Merrimack 1-0 in early September. As with all early season games, the match was not telling of what both teams are fully capable of, so Tuesday’s matchup will surely be a good one.


TEAM SPORTS STANDINGS MEN’S SOCCER NE-10 STANDINGS School NE-10 Overall Saint Anselm 1 8 0 1 10 0 American Int’l 1 3 4 3 5 4 Merrimack 4 2 2 8 2 2 Assumption 2 3 3 2 8 3 Le Moyne 4 4 0 8 4 0 Southern NH. 7 0 0 10 0 0 Adelphi 5 1 2 7 2 3 Bentley 5 3 0 6 5 0 Franklin Pierce 2 4 2 4 6 2 New Haven 1 7 0 4 8 0 St. Michael’s 4 4 0 6 5 0 St. Rose 4 3 1 5 5 1

WOMEN’S SOCCER NE-10 STANDINGS School NE-10 Overall Merrimack 1 10 0 3 12 0 Stonehill 10 2 0 13 2 0 Adelphi 6 0 2 8 2 2 Le Moyne 11 0 0 14 1 0 Saint Anselm 6 5 0 7 6 0 American Int’l 6 2 0 8 4 0 St. Michael’s 0 8 0 1 9 1 Assumption 5 4 0 9 6 1 Southern N.H. 6 2 1 8 3 1 St. Rose 7 1 0 9 1 2 Franklin Pierce 5 6 0 7 6 0 Pace 2 9 0 4 10 0 New Haven 9 2 0 12 2 0 Bentley 7 4 0 8 5 0




Merrimack 1 10 0 3 12 0 Stonehill 10 2 0 13 2 0 Adelphi 6 0 2 8 2 2 Le Moyne 11 0 0 14 1 0 Saint Anselm 6 5 0 7 6 0 American Int’l 6 2 0 8 4 0 St. Michael’s 0 8 0 1 9 1 Assumption 5 4 0 9 6 1 Southern N.H. 6 2 1 8 3 1 St. Rose 7 1 0 9 1 2 Franklin Pierce 5 6 0 7 6 0 Pace 2 9 0 4 10 0 Bentley 0 0 0 0 0 0 New Haven 9 2 0 12 2 0




Merrimack 1 10 0 3 12 0 Stonehill 10 2 0 13 2 0 Adelphi 6 0 2 8 2 2 Le Moyne 11 0 0 14 1 0 Saint Anselm 6 5 0 7 6 0 American Int’l 6 2 0 8 4 0 St. Michael’s 0 8 0 1 9 1 Assumption 5 4 0 9 6 1 Southern N.H. 6 2 1 8 3 1 St. Rose 7 1 0 9 1 2 Franklin Pierce 5 6 0 7 6 0 Pace 2 9 0 4 10 0 Bentley 0 0 0 0 0 0 New Haven 9 2 0 12 2 0

WOMEN’S TENNIS NE-10 STANDINGS School NE-10 Overall Stonehill 10 2 0 13 7 0 Southern N.H. 11 1 0 12 6 0 New Haven 3 9 0 3 13 0 Assumption 7 5 0 9 10 0 Adelphi 12 0 0 15 4 0 Bentley 6 6 0 7 15 0 Merrimack 8 4 0 15 9 0 Saint Rose 2 10 0 3 12 0 St. Michaek’s 8 4 0 8 5 0 Saint Anselm 4 8 0 4 9 0 Franklin Pierce 1 11 0 1 12 0 American Int’l 0 12 0 0 12 0 Le Moyne 6 6 0 8 11 0

MEN’S TENNIS NE-10 STANDINGS Courtesy of Sports Information Office

BY sean keegan

vanguard staff writer

october 15 , 2015

Senior, Becca Moore, assisted the goals to Bentley’s victory.

School NE-10 Overall Stonehill 8 2 0 15 5 0 Bentley 7 3 0 13 7 0 Adelphi 9 1 0 9 3 0 Merrimack 10 0 0 11 6 0 Le Moyne 5 5 0 7 11 0 Southern N.H. 4 6 0 4 12 0 Assumption 6 4 0 9 10 0 St. Michael’s 2 8 0 2 9 0 Franklin Pierce 2 8 0 2 10 0 American Int’l 0 10 0 0 11 0 Saint Anselm 2 8 0 2 9 0


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october 15 , 2015

Bentley Hockey looking to rebound 2015-16 Campaign sports editor

After two losses to Mercyhurst last weekend, the Bentley Falcons men’s hockey team will look to record their first wins of the season against Northeastern in a home-and-home series. Northeastern host the Falcons on Friday night at 7:05 p.m. at historic Matthews Arena, before the Falcons return the favor on Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. when they host Huskies at John A. Ryan Skating Arena. The Falcons lost their season opener at The JAR by a score of 3-1 against Mercyhurst on Friday night in front of 756 fans in attendance. The Lakers defeated Bentley to end their season last year by winning a three-game playoff series on Bentley’s home ice. The Lakers gained a 2-0 lead in the second period with goals from freshman Taylor Best and sophomore Jonathan Charbonneau. The Falcons got a goal back when they scored on a power play courtesy of sophomore Andrew McDonald. However, Mercyhurst sealed the game in the third period when Best scored again to put the Lakers up 3-1. On Saturday night, the Falcons put up a better fight, but still came up short against Mercyhurst, losing 3-2. McDonald put the Falcons in the lead in the first period before Best scored later in the period to tie the match 1-1. McDonald scored his third goal of the season to put Bentley up 2-1 in the second period

before freshman Lester Lancaster once again tied the game at 2-2 with a power play goal. In the third period, yet another Mercyhurst freshman, Josh Lammon scored what ultimately proved to be the game-winner with 12:30 left in the third period. Bentley outshot Mercyhurst 29 to 22, but was unable to capitalize on power plays, going 0 for 4 in the day. Both coaches and media preseason polls had the Falcons picked to finish 3rd in Atlantic Hockey, while media had Mercyhurst tabbed to finish 7th and the coaches polling the Lakers in as finishing 8th. The 2015-16 Hockey schedule is sure to be one of the most exciting in school history, with four non-conference matchups against opponents Hockey East opponents. Besides the home-and-home with Northeastern, the Falcons also host Merrimack, while visiting Agganis Arena and the Whittemore Center Arena where they play Boston University and New Hampshire, respectively. The Falcons stunned the Boston University Terriers 4-1 on their home ice in their last match-up that occurred in December of 2012. In addition to the four Hockey East opponents, Bentley will play Army at the first-ever Brooklyn Hockey event at 11:05 AM on Sunday Nov. 1 at the Barclays Center. The Falcons take on Army in the first game of the event, while Connecticut takes on Notre Dame in the second game of the day. The Falcons also host rivals Holy Cross on Dec. 11 and 12 at Ryan

Arena in Watertown. The two matches will be the only meetings between the Falcons and the Crusaders. Senior forward Andrew Gladiuk earned many preseason honors, as he was named one of USCHO’s 10 Forwards to watch. In addition, ESPN’s Eric Sorensen noted Gladiuk in his article “27 things we are looking most forward to this college hockey season”. “Watch out for Bentley’s Andrew Galdiuk, who comes into this season as the career leader in power-play goals, scoring an astounding 27 in his three-year career so far,” Sorensen said in his article. Sophomore Jayson Argue was also named one

of USCHO’s 10 Goalies to Watch for the 2015-16 season, and was named to the Mike Richter Award Watch List for the 2015-16 season. The Falcons are lead by Head Coach Ryan Soderquist, Bentley alumni who enters his 14th season as commander-in-chief of the team. Soderquist is a two-time Atlantic Hockey Coach of the Year winner, and is the most winning and longest tenured coach in program history. The Falcons have nine incoming freshman on the team, and are losing six key seniors on the roster. All Atlantic Hockey games can be viewed on EverSport, which will broadcasts all

of the Falcons conference games, including nonconference games against Northeastern, Merrimack, and Rensselaer. An online day pass is $6.99, while the cost of the entire broadcast season on EverSport can be purchased for $99. The Falcons will look to even their record with two wins against Northeastern this weekend. The overall series record is 2-2 between the programs, with the Falcons recording the most recent two victories in 2010 and 2013, both at Matthews Arena. Northeastern is coming off a 2-1 home victory over 20th ranked Colgate, and subsequently received 40 votes in the last USCHO Polls.

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Sophomore, Andrew McDonald, puts the Falcons in the lead in the first period.


Hockey vs. Northeastern 7:00 PM


Men’s Tennis vs. Hartford 11:00 AM


Men’s Soccer vs.Franklin Pierce 3:30 PM

16 17 21


Women’s Soccer vs. St. Michael’s 1:00 PM


Men’s Soccer vs. St. Michael’s 12:00 PM


Men’s Soccer vs.New Haven 3:00 PM



24 24 27 28 28


Men’s Soccer vs. American Int’l 3:00 PM


Men’s Swimming vs. Roger Williams 6:00 PM


Women’s Soccer vs. Southern Conn. 1:00 PM


Hockey vs. Rochester Inst. 7:05 PM


Hockey vs.Army 3:05 PM


Hockey vs. Rochester Inst. 7:05 PM

Field Hockey vs. LIU Post 7:00 PM


Hockey vs. Army 11:05 AM


Men’s Swimming vs. Saint Rose 1:00 PM

Women’s Soccer vs. American Int’l 7:00 PM


Hockey vs. Merrimack 7:05 AM


Hockey vs. Rensselaer 7:05 AM

30 31 31 1



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