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ThurSDAy, April 4, 2013

Conscious Capitalism takes off Marketing Professor Rajendra Sisodia preparing for Babson


Student Academic Integrity Society receives honors

By Lacey Nemergut nEwS EDiTor

On Jan. 15, Bentley professor Raj Sisodia released Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business, co-authored with John Mackey, the current CoCEO of Whole Foods Market. The book explores an innovative approach to business that challenges current business mindsets and seeks to establish a new global objective. “It’s a new way of thinking about business that goes beyond the traditional narrow perspective,” said Sisodia, detailing the shortcomings of a sole focus on profit maximization. “It’s about creating multiple kinds of value for all stakeholders.” Conscious Capitalism is a movement toward serving all the stakeholders of a business and operating with a higher purpose that goes beyond profits. Such businesses are led by conscious leaders who are driven by purpose and service.

By Lacey Nemergut nEwS EDiTor

Sisodia, a professor at Bentley since 1998, is one of the thought leaders of the Conscious Capitalism movement.

They also have caring, authentic, transparent and empowered cultures. “Business is not about tradeoffs…it’s about simultaneously creating [value for all

Courtesy of Sisodia

parties],” said Sisodia. “Too many people practice business as a zero sum game, [thinking] their well being can only come

See SISODIA, Page 6

The Bentley University Student Academic Integrity Society (AIS), advised by Ellen Snedeker, academic integrity coordinator, has recently been honored with the acceptance into the International Academic Integrity Matters Student Organization (IAIMSO). The recognition aligns Bentley with the organizations values to “promote honesty, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility and fairness in student’s academic work.”

Recently, the society has seen a significant increase in membership, growing from 10 to 30 dedicated members over this past year. “We are very excited about becoming a member of this organization,” said junior president-elect Maureen Curatolo. “As the poster school for this organization we will work with other schools that hope to develop an Academic Integrity Society on their campus.” The recognition of IAIMSO now allows Bentley represenSee INTEGRITY, Page 6

Kyle Sullivan ‘15 named Mr. Bentley Harvard students petition

Six men competed for the title of Mr. Bentley during the annual event sponsored by the Class Cabinets.

By Sindhu Palaniappan FormEr EDiTor in ChiEF

Class Cabinet held the annual Mr. Bentley Competition this past Thursday in the Executive Dining Room. Past winner Marcus Payne, approached by Class Cab, hosted the night’s festivities. The competitors for the title of Mr. Bentley included

Courtesy of

seniors R.J. Barden, Patrick Maguire, Brandon Oliver and John Warden, junior Chris Orihuela, and sophomore Kyle Sullivan. Camille, junior Sydney Southern, professor Adam Payne and professor Ari Yezegal stepped up to judge the competition. The evening opened with a dance number choreographed by Bentley’s CRAZE, where the six contestants came out

and set the stage for the rest of the show. “One of my favorite experiences in doing Mr. Bentley was working with the CRAZE dance team,” said Orihuela. “They were so helpful and choreographed our full dance. Trust me, teaching our group this three minute dance was not easy. The judges were good sports about some of the moves we made them witness; I was happy they had a good sense of humor.” Senior Phil Marquis, who won the title of Mr. Bentley as a freshman, performed his talent during the show as well. “Winning Mr. Bentley as a freshman [three years ago] was epic,” said Marquis. “I was the only freshman competing [that year] and the group of guys I was competing with was a cut above the rest.” Marquis beat boxed for the audience this past Thursday, showcasing the talent that helped him with the competition three years ago. “The skit I chose is from

See MR. BENTLEY, Page 6

to cancel Tyga concert at the Ivy League university Rapper is also booked as opening act for T-Pain during Spring Day at Bentley By Jeff Breault EDiTor in ChiEF

The Harvard College Events Board announced last week that Tyga will be performing at the Ivy League university’s Yardfest this spring. The rapper is also scheduled to perform here at Bentley on April 27 during CAB’s annual Spring Day celebration. While the Bentley campus is gearing for a memorable concert, concerned members of the Harvard community have begun a petition to have the rapper’s concert canceled. Officially named “Harvard Office of Student Life: Cancel Tyga at Yardfest,” the petition had 1,920 signatures at press time. allows users to create petitions and allows the general public to support the cause. The petition cites


5 TOP 20 Bentley named in top 20 in recent undergraduate ranking

The dinosaur classic returns to theaters in 3D


excessive misogynistic and violent lyrics in Tyga’s songs as the reasoning for the petition. The petition asks the Office of Student Life to rescind the offer made to Tyga, stating “We demand that Harvard rescind its offer to Tyga, because we believe that Harvard should not provide a platform for music that promotes sexism and rape culture.” The petition acknowledges that such lyrics are not unique to Tyga and they do not define all rap artists, but also states that it is an opportunity for Harvard to defy such offensive lyrics that exploit women. Authors of the campaign added “we believe that a Yardfest without a headliner would be better than a Yardfest that amplifies misogyny and violence.” See TYGA, Page 6

15 BASEBALL Falcons win weekend games against Saint Anselm

Comedians provide a night of laughter

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aPril 4, 2013

the Vanguard

Police log Mission: impossible On the afternoon of Mar. 27, Facilities was notified of an insect issue in the LaCava Center. (timeout. seriously? Come on. If you’re calling Facilities, there better be a freaking anthill in the Director’s office or something.) Doing their best to act as if they were deathly arachnophobic, three Facilities workers pitched in to secure a tissue, pass the tissue along, and kill the spider in question with said tissue. Luckily, april Fool’s Day was coming up, and LaCava workers were in for quite the surprise on the first of the month. the building was inundated with plastic spiders! Nobody knows who pulled the prank, but we do know that Facilities workers are antsy for their next frivolous assignment. Buying vowels and party fouls Once upon a freshman weekend, a fine lady from elm Hall was projectile vomiting all over the bathroom floor. Literally. Vom. everywhere. Her night may have started off as a Wheel of Misfortune, but when officers arrived and asked her a series of questions, she realized that she was in Jeopardy. sobering up, the student buzzed in with correct answers about the day of the week, the date, and the time. unprovoked, she then rattled off the capitals of all the Canadian provinces, the names of all the Von trapp children, and the ex-boyfriends that taylor swift has written songs about. undoubtedly impressed, the officers

noted that this female freshman showed no signs of intoxication. she will, however, be charged with an underage alcohol violation. the pools of puke and the smirnoff bottle in her hand probably did not play in her favor, but we can’t specifically comment on what exactly led to her judicial charges. Let’s just say that next weekend this girl should avoid the Daily Double. heated seats some Bentley students weren’t so Good (on) Friday, as university Police were dispatched to the lower green space for a report of a fire. Officers arrived on the scene to find a chair that had been set on fire, as well as a male student throwing cardboard on the flames. there was reportedly another student involved who was later identified as the person who started the fire. Not surprisingly, both of the upstanding individuals were found to be openly consuming alcohol as well. Boys, boys, boys…don’t you know that here at Bentley we abide by a very unique protocol when it comes to burning furniture? We reserve this for celebrating the deaths of our most bitter enemies. I’m sorry, but the day of Jesus’ death at the cross does not fit the bill…he was a GOOD guy. We only burn stuff for BaD guys. Get with the program. politically Correct police log We’ve been accused of not being polit-

ically correct at times, so we’re not even going to edit this entry in the Police Logs. You can draw your own conclusions. “an officer advised a student to not park in front of handicap ramp again. the officer advised the student to carry his international license on him at all times.” i Can see your sewage university Police and facilities responded to Lot 9 last Monday night for a report of an “exposed manhole”. according to the formal log, the responding officer and facilities blocked off the area where the manhole was exposed, and the issue was addressed in the morning. alright, we know that this is the “respect Bentley Women” week and all, but what about us guys? exposed manholes are part of life—do not report them to police! We are not pigs! We just can’t keep our manhole covers on sometimes! shut Eye in smith at 5:51 on a Wednesday morning, when the freaking roosters are still in the reM phase, Bentley Police found some smelly rando sleeping on the ground in smith. When they woke him up, rip Van stinkle didn’t want to leave. He tried every excuse in the book – “I’m early for my morning bomb,” “Wait! the Magic Bullet is on next,” and “YOLO” didn’t seem to cut it in the eyes of these officers. they kindly escorted our fatigued fellow falcon to the smith stairs, where he proceeded

to sleep for two more hours before getting WaCCed by freshmen en route to their GB 212 exam. this sleepy student will be judicially charged with absolutely nothing, but we recommend that he take his act to the library. at least those floors have carpets. lovely laCava In what seems like a Police Log “first”, university Police were called to…wait for it…LaCaVa last saturday night for a report of an intoxicated student. reportedly, the student—a male—was intoxicated and vomiting in the building and needed medical attention right away. the male had been attending the party taking place in the building when he succumbed to the villain of vomit. He was taken to Newton Wellesley Hospital for treatment and will be facing judicial charges. Now let’s just set the record straight here: had the wonderful women of the LaCava dining hall also been invited to this party, this never would have been an issue. those angels would have made this kid some soup, sang him lullabies in Greek, and made him a nice bed to sleep in right next to the register. No problems at all. You see, tHIs is exactly why that place needs to be open 24/7/365—who knows how many lives the LaCava ladies could save!

Sean Harrington and Brian Shea Vanguard Staff

Judicial action Summary Editor-in-ChiEf Jeff Breault Managing Editor gEnEral ManagEr Lindsay Beauregard Brian Fuerst Copy Editor nEws Editor sports Editor CaMpus lifE Editor fEaturEs Editor BusinEss Editor photography Editor onlinE Editor dirECtor of produCtion dirECtor of advErtising JournalisM advisor studEnt lifE advisor

Ben Klein Lacey Nemergut Matt Gustus Zack O’Malley Kelsey Miller Jasper Huang Melisa Kocarslan Victoria Lin Meagan Kalpokis Kevin Laryea George Donnelly Nicole Chabot-Wieferich

FOr GeNeraL & CONtaCt INFOrMatION aBOut The Vanguard, PLease see PaGe 4.


total number of cases: total number of individuals involved (violators): number of individuals dismissed from responsibility: number of individuals admitting responsibility: number of individuals referred to Judicial Board: number of educational sanctions given: (includes referrals to alcohol Education) Cash total of fines given for the week: number of work sanctions assigned: number of students placed on warning: number of parental notifications: number of individuals put on residential probation: (Loss of 15 Housing Credits) number of individuals put on disciplinary probation: (Loss of 30 Housing Credits) number of individuals put on suspension (housing): number of individuals put on suspension (university): number of individuals expelled from university: Provided by the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs

13 18 0 18 0 9 $375 0 11 1 2 0 0 0 0


the Vanguard

april 4, 2013

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Dancing with the Stars proves to be a huge success By Yuriy Ivanov Vanguard Staff

The Executive Dining Room has played host to almost every function imaginable through the years, but on March 29, history was made with Bentley’s first-ever Dancing with the Stars competition. The event was organized through the Campus

Activities Board, Bentley Television and the CRAZE dance team, which guided the participants through a self-made routine that featured the contestants dancing to everything from The Fresh Prince theme song to “Gangnam Style.” “CRAZE has the dance moves to make it work,” said Bobby Smith, chair of the arts and culture committee. “This wouldn’t

Sisters of Alpha Phi attended the event to support their advisor, Professor Tommasi.

Courtesy of

have been possible without them.” The routines were performed in front of an anticipatory audience and a panel of judges including Shondell Butler, Leighann Conlin, Lauren Tessier and Nicole Chabot-Wieferich, who assessed each performance on its style, execution and intangibles. The audience, however, did have a say in the matter as interactive real-time voting via text message enabled participation to all persons present. “As an MC it was an absolute pleasure to interact with both the judges and the contestants,” said former Mr. Bentley Jose Gutierrez, who hosted the event. “I think the best part was the dances itself. When we planned the event we really didn’t know what to expect as far as the quality of dancing. All the couples exceeded our expectations by far!” Just as with the slightly more famous nationallytelevised competition, participants were grouped into a hopeful pair and sent out to strut their

stuff. With their CRAZE dance coach as a guiding light, the contestants came out with flair. First up was resident director Brent Ploughe and Cara Trischittia. The James Bond opening set the stage for slick turning and well planned transitions. Next up was the pairing of Matt Bourdeau and Lauren who dedicated their performance to Bobbi-Lynn Anderson. Due to unforeseeable events Matt and Lauren had only one day of preparation which prompted the strategy of “booty poppin,’” and remarkably were able to pull off a very solid and smooth performance. The following contestants were Ryan Madden from academic advising and Henrietta Genfi. Ryan chose to portray West Side Story with a tight, literally and figuratively, combo of an open red leather jacket, headband and jean shorts, while Henrietta charmed the crowd with her humbling humor. This was preceded by arguably the most unusual performance of

the night. To begin with the chemistry between Assistant Director of the MultiCultural Center Nina DeAgrela and her partner Ben Dunsmore was off the scales as DeAgerla described her time working with Ben as “the best week of my life.” This created a positive flow which built into a Fresh Prince opening and then quickly descended into Dunsmore “twerking” upside down against a wall shortly followed shortly the removal of his shirt. It was a crowd pleaser to say the least. However the night, by just one vote, belonged to Economics Professor John Tommasi and his partner Sophia Sirage. The duo executed well orchestrated moves, but it is safe to say that a large part of the victory was a direct result of the cool and confidence of Professor Tommasi who it appears went undercover as Top Gun and preformed some dance moves you have to see to believe. The entire show will be aired on Bentley Television in the coming weeks.



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aPriL 4, 2013


the Vanguard

We hope you had a great April Fools’ Day and enjoyed Bird Sh!t Weekly! -The Vanguard Editorial Board

Letter to the editor

*The Vanguard’s editorial as well as the editorial cartoon are proposed at each Editorial Board meeting. They are represented as being the opinions of the Board as a whole, although drawn by individuals, and not the Bentley community.

editoriaL Morale booster: Business meets puppies Puppies need neither a catchy hook nor elaborate introduction. Commercials use them as the easy sell. Men walk them on the beach and in the park to pick up unsuspecting women. Hallmark cards shamelessly exploit their undeniable cuteness in search of higher profits. There is nobody who doesn’t love a good puppy. So really, the solution to student stress is simple, fill this campus with puppies. Anyone who sees Kesar, the little black furry ball of joy that skips happily around the campus, specifically the Student Center area, has received an instant pickme-up. Kesar loves greeting all of the people who rush up to see him and in turn we love how excited he gets. Stress (temporarily) gone! By nature, puppies are friendly, loyal, and indiscriminately loving. Basically, they have all the qualities us stern, stiff, stuffy business students inherently lack. Picture this: you’ve had a rough day at work, exotic financial vehicles are tearing down the market and your 401(K) has just plummeted

and then you see a puppy. All of a sudden, you forget what a 401(K) is and lose yourself in the big blue eyes of a baby husky. Or your accounting professor just sprung a pop quiz on you, citing international tax codes. You feel your GPA diving as you leave the room. But then as you leave a hyper little golden retriever dashes by and you forget about your GPA. Why worry about 5013c when this little ball of love wants to play fetch? The premise is so simple we simply can’t believe that Bentley hasn’t caught on yet. With millions of dollars going to these ITT tech-like commercials, can’t we spare a few for the puppy fund? There should be some sort of local Massachusetts legislation enacted immediately, stating that the misery brought on by GB 320 should be offset by the joy puppies can bring to campus. If students could rent a puppy for the day, stop by a room dedicated to housing puppies, or simply consult their friendly dogowning RA, life would be perfect and so much less stressful. Really, we don’t

mind which structure Bentley choses just get some more puppies on campus! They could even feature these little guys in those new commercials... EVERYBODY would want to come here! For those professors or Student Life staff out there who still aren’t convinced, allow us to walk you through a basic sales forecast. Essentially, sales can be measured in overall student morale. We’ve noticed a more aggressive approach to student giving. By a simple calculation, an increase in student morale directly correlates to an increase in student giving. Thus, we anticipate that as the program grows and the puppies establish a presence on campus, we can recognize higher levels of happiness. By the end of that five-year forecast, morale will be so high that any veterinarian, food or grooming costs can be deemed negligible. With air-tight financials like these, we can’t see any reason why these puppies won’t be storming the campus at the start of the fall semester.

PubLication information The Vanguard is the student newspaper of Bentley University. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the University administration; Bentley University is not responsible for statements herein. The Vanguard is published every Thursday of the academic year, excluding examination periods and holiday breaks. It is distributed free to all students, faculty, and staff of Bentley University. The Vanguard is funded in part by the Student Activity Fee, but relies on advertising revenue to cover the majority of its costs. Advertising rates are available upon request at (781) 891-3497. Circulation is 4,000 copies. We reserve the right to refuse an advertisement; only publication of an ad constitutes final acceptance of the offer to advertise. We reserve the right to edit all copy for grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, libel and length. The Vanguard Office is located on the third floor of the Student Center, inside the Bentley Bubble office complex. Mailing address: The Vanguard, Bentley University, 310M1 Student Center, 385 Beaver Street, Waltham, MA 02452. Phone: (781) 891-2912. E-mail:

In response to the editorial, “Is the Blackout Challenge Starting to Brownout?” Bentley Green Society would like to thank the Vanguard staff for voicing their opinions and encourage anyone with constructive ideas for improvement to bring them to us. For the past few weeks, the environmental student groups on campus have been collectively brainstorming because we agree that the Blackout Challenge could use a serious revamp. The Challenge started in the fledgling stages of the Office of Sustainability and has not been updated since, and this year’s BGS executive board has been dying to get its hands on the improvement project. The reason the challenge goes on for one full month is to form habitual behavior, showing residents what they are capable of and challenging them to continue conserving throughout the semester. If we did a “Blackout Week,” we are concerned that it would become only about the competition rather than the environmental impact. As you pointed out, it is difficult to quantify the Challenge’s lasting impact, so we are currently working with Facilities Management to compare subsequent months after the challenge as well as previous years’ baseline numbers to determine its longevity. In the past, we have considered grouping by the type of dorm but decided against it simply because some categories of buildings are at a distinct disadvantage. Suites and apartments have a lot more hot water usage and power outlets due to the personal bathroom and additional common room, so their opportunities are multiplied compared to that of dorm efforts. There are many other differences which make it hard to compare among buildings, such as natural gas versus electric heating. Bentley Green Society and the Eco-Reps have received some mixed reviews about the “racy” slogans we use to grab attention about this program. However, if Bentley students respected such a justification

as, “because it’s good for the Earth,” we wouldn’t be going to such extremes. We are of the opinion that no press is bad press, so anyone talking about “blacking out” during October and February is only helping us spread the green word. This year’s addition of the light switch cover man turned many questioning heads, but the overwhelmingly positive feedback from students showed us that a little humor can go a long way. In terms of genuine education, BGS holds tabling events all throughout these months to discuss the benefits of conservation and often sponsor educational movies and seminars about global energy resources, such as this semester’s featured film, Switch. We are devoting our green power to several areas of the Challenge improvement: calculation of baseline numbers and weekly rankings, public relations and education so that the rankings and information are clear and tangible to all students, larger events to kick-off the month and to keep students excited until the last dark hour, competitions between the residence halls to increase RHA hall council involvement, and rethinking the prize for greater incentive. As every student organization on campus can attest and sympathize, our constraints are mostly overstepping our jurisdiction given the other environmental groups on campus and, of course, our meager budget. Rather than the Office of Sustainability and Facilities Management spearheading the data calculation and coordination, BGS plans to assign an e-board position to be in charge. We plan to roll out the newand-improved Blackout Challenge for the coming fall semester! If you’d like to contribute to this issue, suggestions can be e-mailed to GA_bentley_green_society@be or voiced at our meetings every other Monday at 8:30 PM. Jessica McCabe President, Bentley Green Society

Disclaimer: The opinions published in The Vanguard are submitted by readers of the newspaper, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Vanguard and its staff. We are not able to print any letters submitted anonymously.

the VaNguard

NewS & CAmpuS Life

apriL 4, 2013

page 5

Bentley University ranked No. 20 by Bloomberg Businessweek By Lacey Nemergut News editor

In a recent report released by Bloomberg Businessweek, Bentley University ranked No. 20 among national undergraduate business programs. Bloomberg attributed Bentley with an ‘A’ in the categories of teaching quality, facilities and services and job placement. The sources of the Bloomberg include a survey of senior student business majors, a survey of recruiters, the median starting salary of graduates, the number of graduates admitted to top MBA programs currently ranked by Businessweek and academic quality measures which include SAT/ACT scores, average class size, internship percentage and student to fulltime faculty ratio. “There are a few factors we can see that contributed to the rise in ranking,” said Michele Walsh, Bentley’s director of news and communications. “Bentley’s Recruiter Score improved by 23 points from 2012 to 2013. Our overall academic quality ranking went up from No. 28 in 2010 to No. 20 in 2013—this includes increases in the student-reported internships and hours spent on

schoolwork.” However, despite the impressive increase in the ranking, the comparative view of Bentley must be considered in context. “No ranking can truly be ‘accurate’—it depends on what one means by accurate,” said Walsh. “There is a certain amount of subjective information involved in most rankings, beyond actual data.” The impact of the ranking on employers depends on their current relationship with the university. “There is minimal impact on existing employers who place greater emphasis on historical hiring success,” said Len Morrison, director of undergraduate career services. “Prospective employers, however, will consider rankings when justifying adding a school to their roster. This is particularly true of out-of-region employers, so it helps shape their impression of Bentley and its students.” The Bentley Career Services department’s contribution to the ranking proves significant in preparing students for careers and establishing corporate relationships. “An introduction to Career

Services is usually an employer’s first experience with a school,” said Morrison. “Even before a company recruits our students they often work closely with Career Services and corporate relations who will meet with prospective employers to understand their hiring needs and to help them build their brand on campus. Though employers base their response on the success of our graduates in their workforce, they also consider the ease in which they were able to efficiently recruit our students. This is particularly important as more companies seek to streamline the number of schools at which they recruit.” Thus, the corporate relation is fostered throughout the entire recruitment process, ensuring an ease of positing on BentleyLink and effective policies for on campus interviewing. Though the subjective nature of rankings poses a difficulty for maintaining high rankings, Walsh encourages student participation in Bloomberg surveys. “The student survey accounts for 30 percent of the rankings score, with particular emphasis on the number of

Courtesy of The rise in ranking is in part due to an increased Recruiter Score and overall academic quality ranking.

internships reported and hours of school work per week,” said Walsh. “We need our seniors to take the survey seriously and encourage all of those eligible to complete it.” Last year, the university struggled to get the minimum requirement of 30 percent senior business major response

rate. “If we have more seniors participate and accurately report their internships and hours of school work each week, along with sharing their observations on teaching quality, facilities and career placement, we can improve the odds of maintaining a positive ranking.”

CAB has surprises in store for Spring Day festivities

CAB has made vague references to improvements to Dana Center setup this year.

By Brenna O’Connell Former Campus LiFe editor

Just before spring break, CAB revealed who the artists will be for probably the most anticipated event of the year: Spring Day. A lot of hard work and consideration is going into making the day unforgettable, and with Tyga and T-Pain gracing the Dana Center stage, students should be prepared for a few additions to the festivities this year. It may have seemed like the announcement came out of the blue, but that is only because the news remained tight lipped without speculation or hoaxes like years past (remember the Pitbull troll?). Again, CAB brought back the surveys, and “overwhelmingly the highest rated genre from the surveys

Courtesy of

we put out was Hip-Hop/Rap. The second highest rated genre was Pop...We thought T-Pain satisfied both the Hip-Hop and Pop genres, while Tyga most definitely satisfied the HipHop/Rap genre,” said concert committee co-chair Mitch Hadfield. Of course, there is always going to be a certain level of discontent when it comes to who CAB procures for artists. “I believe that every year we have tried to get closer than the previous year,” said co-chair Taylor Murphy, who has served on the concert committee for the past three years. “[When I first started], there were no surveys but rather it was decided based solely off of the conversations during meetings…we hope that in years to come, future cochairs will do even more to

engage the campus.” So if the artists are not exactly your cup of tea, you should definitely still go to the concert. This year, CAB is rolling out some new features in the Dana Center. “This year we are really trying to shake things up from what we’ve done in the past. I like what we have planned and I think those attending the concerts will agree. We are looking forward to the reaction from the crowd when they see what we’ve done with the Dana Center,” said Hadfield. The two committees are working together to bridge the gap and integrate the concert into the activities and the activities into the concert. Details will remain unseen until the big day. The traditions committee— the committee that’s pretty much in charge of everything besides the concert—spearheaded by Emily Williams and Caroline Hulin, is also receptive to feedback and planning surprises. A lot of suggestions about the food were voiced, especially those pulled pork sandwiches. The karaoke was a success, but the band had limited song selections so they’re looking for an alternative. A ton of suggestions were received on what inflatable activities students want to see. With a more streamlined t-shirt process, this year CAB will be distributing them in such a way that students are not waiting in line for hours just to get shirts every 15 minutes. Instead, students will

line up for the tickets and will get a time to report back to exchange for a shirt. “We want people to more enjoy the day and not so much worry about standing in line waiting for the t-shirts,” said Williams. But if you don’t get a shirt, you can still remember the day—or have something to jog your memory—through souvenirs. This year, CAB will be having 750 giveaways that students can get throughout the day by participating in various activities. There are more things in the works for the activities. “We want people to have fun with their friends throughout the day and almost be so excited for the activities…that from now it’s not just about the concert; it’s about the day as a whole [because] it’s not called Spring

Concert,” said Williams. “A big thing [we] have been doing this year is try and get as much student input as possible,” said Williams. A lot of details have yet to be hammered out, so if you want to get involved you can join at any point. They’re always looking for new voices and ideas, so anyone is welcome to the committee meetings held Tuesdays at 7 p.m. “If we want to plan the day for the students, it’s good for the students to have input,” said Williams. A lot of hard work has gone and will continue to go into executing the day. For the freshmen who never experienced a Spring Day before and the seniors, for whom this will be the last Spring Day, be prepared for what looks to be the best one yet.

CAB has redesigned the t-shirt distribution process to greatly reduce the amount of time students need to stand in line.


APRil 4, 2013

News & CamPus Life


SISODIA at the expense of [others]. But business is the ultimate positive sum game in the world.” Specifically, companies do not have to sacrifice value creation for all stakeholders for a financial return. Over the past 15 years, the 18 public companies featured in Conscious Capitalism as embodiments of these innovative ideals outperformed the S&P 500 by a 10.5:1 ratio. “This is a mental model we have in which we recognize that it is possible to create win-win ways of doing business,” said Sisodia. “We have to be willing to look for those and reject the idea of tradeoffs.” Sisodia’s involvement in the movement of Conscious Capitalism began after his completion of his 2007 book Firms of Endearment: How World Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose. Following its release, John Mackey invited Sisodia to meet with him in Austin to discuss their ideas and dreams. “We discovered that we had a shared passion for changing the way that people think about business,” said Sisodia. “He was calling it conscious capitalism.” A few months later, they organ-

ized a retreat at Mackey’s ranch, and the movement was born. The two began writing Conscious Capitalism in June 2011 while traveling the world to promote their message. “Business is one of the most extraordinary things that we humans have ever invented as an institution,” said Sisodia. “When you do business with a higher consciousness, you can have a huge positive impact on the world.” Sisodia detailed the four beliefs about business in the Conscious Capitalism Credo: “We believe that business is good because it creates value, it is ethical because it is based on voluntary exchange, it is noble because it can elevate our existence and it is heroic because it lifts people out of poverty and creates prosperity. Free enterprise capitalism is the most powerful system for social cooperation and human progress ever conceived. It is one of the most compelling ideas we humans have ever had. But we can aspire to even more.” Sisodia first came to Bentley in 1998 when the university adopted a vision of establishing itself as the Business School for the Information Age. He accepted a position as a Trustee Professor of Information



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The Bentley community has not shown any resistance to the rapper’s upcoming performance at Bentley. As the organization responsible for planning Spring Day, CAB supports its decision to invite Tyga to campus. “Campus Activities Board does not condone any disrespect against women or other marginalized populations,” said the CAB concert committee about its decision to host Tyga. “However, Tyga is an entertainer and as such he entertains audiences by rapping his popular music. Tyga should not be confused with a role model brought to campus to spread his ideologies. Rather, he should be viewed as a performer who will provide the means for students to take a break from their busy roles on campus and appreciate a final day of enjoyment before the beginning of finals week.” Representatives from The Women’s Center commented that “As part of our mission, The Women’s Center does not condone any ‘violent’ or ‘misogynistic’ messages—especially when directed towards women” and they find it inspirational that supporters of the Harvard petition have “stood up against the sexist culture that Tyga’s lyrics encourage.” The Harvard petition can be viewed at

Beardyman, a legend in the beat boxing scene” said Marquis. “The show itself was awesome. It was great to see a full EDR and the support of so many other Bentley stud ent s. I t cert a inly m a d e being on stage a lot more fun having a full crowd there who was so supportive of all of the contestants” said Warden. Each contestant had the chance to show off their Falcon pride while Payne read to the audience student written descriptions of the contestants. Between SNL skits, dances and some Sinatra, the talent portion that followed seemed to be the crowd favorite. “For my talent, I danced up on stage. I was debating whether to sing or dance, then I remembered… I couldn’t sing,” said Sullivan. “Also, I didn’t want to disappoint Jenna McPhail because when I told her I was going to do the show her comment was, ‘If you don’t dance, I swear to god…’ Isabella Sampaio helped me come up with some ideas of things to do, and Tyler Winther hooked me up with a great mix.” “I chose to tackle Sinatra’s ‘Luck Be a Lady’ because it’s one of my favorite songs and I felt it had a lot of theatric

Technology and Marketing. In recent years, he has developed and taught graduate and undergraduate courses on Conscious Capitalism “intended to help people develop themselves and become better business leaders,” incorporating disciplines of personal mastery along with the principles of Conscious Capitalism. He has also taught marketing classes that emphasize the value of being mindful of your actions and their impacts. Sisodia recently accepted a position at Babson College, seeking to further develop and expand the idea of Conscious Capitalism at an institution internationally recognized for entrepreneurship. His position will be the Franklin W. Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Businesses and the Whole Foods Market Research Scholar for Conscious Capitalism. Sisodia looks back on his 15 years at Bentley University with fondness. “It is a highly collegial environment with tremendously dedicated faculty and staff, and excellent leadership. The students here are well looked after and get a great education,” said Sisodia. “The institution really cares about the students…Of all the places I’ve taught at, Bentley

possibilities for the performance…I wanted to do something different from the other contestants and I thought this would be an approach that accomplished that as well as matched my personality” said Maguire. Maguire earned the title of Mr. Congeniality, nominated by his fellow competitors. “The Mr. Congeniality award was decided by the six of us contestants. I had a really great time throughout the week and was very honored that my fellow contestant chose to honor me with the title,” said Maguire. Class Cab, along with coordinating the entire event, raffled off a number of prizes including Barnes & Noble gift cards, a Keurig machine and an iPad mini. Sullivan was crowned the prestigious title of Mr. Bentley at the end of the night. The crowd and the four judges agreed that he had earned the title with his dance moves, jokes and contagious personality. “The show was a blast. I was really nervous and anxious the entire day leading up to it, but once I was there I just had fun with it,” said Sullivan. When asked about advice for next year’s contestants, he said “Make sure your music plays. Besides that, just make it fun. Get the crowd involved and just have a good time with it.”

has been the most enjoyable to me.” Sisodia continues to travel around the world, promoting the philosophy of Conscious Capitalism and inspiring companies to adopt the mindset. “I want to change the way that people think about business…so that business can have

a much greater positive impact on the world.” He encouraged Bentley students to think of business as a noble undertaking, every bit as idealistic as any other, when it is done with a sense of higher purpose and a recognition of the essential interdependence and interconnectedness of all beings.

Sisodia recently co-authored Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business.

Courtesy of Sisodia

INTEGRITY Continued from Page 1 tatives from AIS to attend national and international meetings and work to bring effective speakers to the Bentley campus who actively promote academic integrity in the workplace and college communities. “It’s the highest form…like an honor society…that’s in existence right now,” said Snedeker when describing the significance of the recognition. Bentley is one of the first few schools to join the organization. “We wanted to put academic integrity in the forefront of domestic and international schools.” AIS continues to sponsor more events on campus, including speaker Andy Fastow, the previous CFO of Enron, as it tightens its membership standards. “They had something similar to the organization back in early 2000, but it really kind of defunked,” said Snedeker. “So this year, one of my goals was

CRAZE performed for the crowd following the intermission.

to really get it up and running…I worked with a brand new group of students so we changed the name to the Academic Integrity Society…we’re trying to make it more of a prestigious organization that has the international connections but also has a rigor to it.” Graduating members of the AIS organization will receive medallions to wear at graduation if they maintain their status through specific service, including assisting with lectures and speaking to freshman seminar classes while continuing to m e e t a d e t e r m i n e d G PA requirement. To join the organization, students must show their resume and formally interview with Snedeker, expressing their desire to uphold academic integrity. For more information on joining the organization, students can go to Jennison 400 on Monday nights at 9:10 p.m. or can visit the AIS Facebook page.

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april 4, 2013

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Crisis in Cyprus is the latest in chain of Eurozone economic struggles By Alexander Grotevant Vanguard staff

In recent years, the Eurozone Crisis has brought several members of the Eurozone eerily close to bankruptcy. Cyprus, its most recent victim, has been receiving a great deal of attention over the course of the past few weeks due to their struggling economy and the temporary closing of their banks. While a bailout deal has been reached, the crisis has certainly brought back economic fears for investors all around the world. The crisis came about as a result of the Cypriot financial sector’s size relative to the country’s GDP. High interest rates, lax tax policies and easy access to the banks have attracted foreigners to putting money into Cyprus’s banking system. While there is certainly a great deal of money being put into the banking system, the Cypriot banks decided to risk buying up Greek government bonds back when Greece experienced its sharp economic decline. Unfortunately, this investment backfired and left Cyprus owing a lot of money. According to Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Cyprus’s banking sector has become more than five times the size of GDP. Dijsselbloem and others in the group believe that these numbers could mean the country’s public debt could out-

The Cypriot government taxed personal savings to pay off the national debt.

weigh GDP by 2020. Undoubtedly, Cyprus was in need of serious financial support. Despite their initial request for a bailout, other members of the Eurozone did not support another bailout. This left Cyprus with no other option but to tax its banks’ personal savings accounts six to 10 percent in order to pay off the national debt. Upon hearing this plan, customers ran to their banks and attempted to withdraw all the money they could. In an attempt to prevent everyone from taking all of their money out of the banks, the government declared a national holiday and closed the nation’s banks.

The banks remained closed for over a week until a bailout deal was finally reached. One could argue that Cyprus’s economy is too small to impact the health of the Eurozone as a whole, thus making a bailout unnecessary. However, history has shown that members of the Eurozone prefer offering financial assistance to struggling economies over simply allowing them to fail. The terms of this bailout are certainly unique and have heavy implications on Cypriot society. To begin, individuals with more than €100,000 in their account will have about 40 percent of their savings turned into bank shares. The controversy behind

these bank shares is that they hold no guaranteed value for the future. Another component of the bailout is that the country’s second largest bank, Laiki Bank, will be closed. Its €4.2 billion from accounts that exceeded €100,000 will be placed in a “bad bank” separate from more stable assets. Essentially, all Laiki Bank investors will see their investments disappear, which has never happened before in a Eurozone bailout. Additionally, customers are facing severe capital control measures that include daily withdrawal limitations, no cashing of checks and limited credit card transactions for individu-

als and businesses. Cyprus’s ministry of finance claims that these measures might only last days or weeks, but analysts are wary of this. Guntram Wolff, the vicedirector of a Brussels-based think tank, reminds us, “Iceland introduced them (capital control measures) after their banking crisis—five years later they are still in place.” Ultimately, there is still a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the implications of the bailout in Cyprus. While it is not perfect, the bailout has certainly prevented Cyprus from becoming the first country forced out of the Eurozone. Unfortunately, however, the bailout does not seem to be enough to prevent Cyprus from experiencing a recession that some experts believe could last years. The crisis in Cyprus is the latest in the chain of economic struggles within the Eurozone. While the bailout has protected Cyprus in the short-run, it is important for the region as a whole to find a way to prevent the need for more bailouts. Ultimately, this crisis should serve as a reminder that closer monitoring of financial institutions is imperative for countries in today’s global economy. Most importantly, however, countries must learn from their past mistakes to prevent similar economic crises in the future.

Dropping out can make it more difficult to pay off debt

Sometimes students can’t afford to complete their degree.

By Jasper Huang Business editor

For many students attending a university, debt resulting from student loans is nothing new. For years and years, students and families alike have complained about the exorbitant cost of college, even after graduation. These debts from loans taken out during schooling impede the progress of young graduates seeking a bright and prosperous future. But what about students that don’t even get the opportunity to graduate from a university? What about students whose debt becomes so high during school that they cannot even afford to

complete their bachelor’s degree? According to a recent study by the Wall Street Journal, “a bachelor’s degree remains by far the clearest path to the American middle class,” even in a time when questions regarding the necessity of a degree to be successful are cropping up, “recent graduates have lower rates of unemployment, higher earnings and better career prospects than their less educated peers.” Graduating college with a large amount of debt can put graduates in a difficult situation—unable to fully pursue their career paths and goals because they are fighting to reduce their debt balances. These individuals, however, are

in a much better position to actually pay off these debts, because they likely will find or have already found a fair paying job with their bachelor’s credentials. Students who have only partially completed a bachelor’s degree, yet may face the same, or greater amounts of debt because of their financial situation, will often face a much greater challenge paying their off their debt. According to a 2011 study by the Institute for Higher Education “some 59 percent [of students who have not graduated] were delinquent on their loans or had already defaulted, compared with 38 percent of college graduates.” It is no surprise that students with no degree will have a more difficult time paying off their loans than their degree bearing counterparts. However, this problem will likely only worsen. With the still volatile economy and the rising cost of college, many students not only have to take on part time jobs to aid their parents in paying their college tuition but also are unable to live out a “traditional” college experience because they must commute due to their inability to pay for room and board. Although arguably still the most robust and powerful country on the global playing field, the power and influence of the United States is beginning to wane. With recent negative eco-

nomic shocks and startling growth in many other nations across the globe, the U.S. must work even harder to remain competitive. If less and less of our youth are completing their college degrees and getting an education due to overwhelming debt, the U.S. will move further and further away from its pedestal on the world stage. According to the Wall Street Journal’s Ben Casselman, some schools are attempting to aid students who wish to complete a college education by offering more flexible scheduling options and “competency-based” approaches to classes that will focus more on what students learn instead of requiring them to fill certain class hours. This

way, students that need to work to pay off loans and bills will have a better chance of completing a bachelor’s degree and moving one step closer to a successful future. Some students who end up dropping out of school early never end up being able to complete their degree. Some even spend the rest of their lives trying to pay off these merciless financial burdens. Indianabased nonprofit Complete College America’s president, Stan Jones stated a grimly false belief prevalent through the US higher education system. “I think we had this mistaken belief that if we’d send students off to college then they’d graduate.”

It is common for many students to graduate with significant debt.

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aPril 4, 2013

the Vanguard

Jurassic Park returns to theaters


By Kelsey Miller

“what’s the best April fools’ prank you have played on someone or that someone has played on you?” CurtIS trueB ClASS of 2013 CIS “In high school, I put toothpaste in an Oreo and gave it to my friend.”

ClAIre CorBItt ClASS of 2015 IDCC “My brothers put saran wrap over the toilet seat.”

Features editor

Director Steven Spielberg made history with his innovative film Jurassic Park in 1993, which is set to return to theaters April 5. The movie, based upon Michael Crichton’s novel of the same name, is about a paleontologist named Alan Grant and his partner, paleobotanist named Ellie Sattler, who are hired by the charismatic John Hammond to come and “sign off” on his island—an island with dinosaurs. Hammond and his team discover prehistoric mosquitos trapped and preserved for millions of years in amber. They create the dinosaurs by extracting the dinosaur blood from the mosquitos and cloning the DNA (along with the help of some frog DNA) to make new dinosaurs. Sounds awesome, right? Of course, it’s not all fun and games. Hammond also asks Dr. Ian Malcolm, a chaotician (he applies Chaos

20 years after its initial release, Jurassic Park returns to theaters in IMAX 3D.

never lets go of an opportunity to frighten its audience. Many will easily recall the TRex scene with the creature sniffing an immobile Grant and Lex or the infamous kitchen scene at the climax

rAheeM ABID ClASS of 2014 MArKetInG “My friends and I put Mentos inside a Pepsi bottle and attached a string to hold the mentos until the bottle was opened. We ended up thowing it in the shower while our friend was in there.” Director Steven Spielberg used animatronics and people dressed as dinosaurs in the film.

AnDrew Perez ClASS of 2014 MAnAGeMent “My uncle came to visit from Guatemala. While preparing him dinner, I breaded the chicken with laxatives.”

terry Del roSSI ClASS of 2014 fInAnCe “My friends and I took an axe bottle and tied the nozzle down with a Livestrong band, knocked on our friend’s door, then threw it in.”

By Melisa Kocarslan PhotograPhy editor

Theory to real life), to the island in order to proclaim it safe for the lawyers. When Malcolm sees what the scientists have done on the island, he is deeply concerned. “The kind of control you’re attempting simply is…it’s not possible,” he says. “If there is one thing the history of evolution has taught us it’s that life will not be contained.” His words turn prophetic when a monstrous storm blows out the power on the island and the visitors are stuck out on the island with numerous newly freed dinosaurs (which include, of course, the T-Rex and velociraptors). Alan Grant must work to save Hammond’s two grandchildren, Tim and Lex, who came to the island and were subsequently endangered when the T-Rex escaped from its enclosure (but not before chomping on a goat). With its many thrills and much danger, Jurassic Park

Courtesy of

of the movie with the two velociraptors stalking the two kids. The most surprising thing about Jurassic Park is its continued ability to delight

Courtesy of

fans. Even with the many years of technological advances in movie-making, Jurassic Park still remains relevant. The fact that Spielberg decided to use animatronics and people dressed as dinosaurs allows the film to escape from being dubbed “obvious CGI” when watched many years later. Devoted fans of the film franchise now have even more to be excited about. After twenty years, the first in the franchise is returning to the big screen in IMAX 3D. Moviegoers can expect to return to Jurassic Park with reimaged scenes that will surely make them gasp. The same classic scenes, such as the T-Rex attack, are even more powerful now that they appear to be jumping out at you. The film is probably getting a revamp due to the third sequel in the franchise, Jurassic Park IV, which is slotted to be released in July of 2014. One can only hope this means that The Lost World and Jurassic Park III will soon be rereleased in 3D as well.

Alan Grant must work to save two children who are endangered by the freed dinosaurs.

Courtesy of


the Vanguard

The Host earns mere $11 million By Kelsey Miller Features editor

The film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s novel The Host was released last Friday, earning only $11 million over the Easter weekend. The film features an alien species that travels through the solar system and dissolves into the planet’s life forms, making them their “hosts.” The sci-fi world of Meyer’s novel (and the film) is decidedly different from those of other works in the genre, for these aliens are not evil. Far from it, they overtake a planet’s population, but change nothing. As one character claims, “They perfect it.” Such a plot is definitely divergent from the conventional “alien” theme, for who thinks of peaceful aliens? The film begins with the capture and subsequent suicide of Melanie Stryder, one of the few humans left. Preferring to die instead of become a host, Melanie throws herself out of a window and falls multiple stories onto the concrete ground, shattering most of the bones in her body. Unfortunately for Melanie, the aliens’ advanced technology keeps her from dying, and they place a soul in her body in order to mine Melanie’s memories for info about the rebel group of humans. The soul, named Wanderer, initially gives the authorities

aPril 4, 2013


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“now that it’s getting nice out, what do you plan to do on the green space?” StepHanie SidoR ClaSS of 2016 eConoMiCS-finanCe “Fondle.”

Saoirse Ronan plays Melanie Stryder, a girl whose body is inhabited by an alien being.

all of the information they ask for but she soon realizes things won’t be as easy as they seem.Melanie won’t go away. Most human souls fade away when an alien soul is placed inside the host, but Melanie is one of the few exceptions. She plagues and torments Wanderer, until the alien eventually finds herself in the middle of the

Melanie tries to get the alien to return to the desert, where her brother and boyfriend are.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Arizona desert, trying to find the group of rebels. Melanie wants Wanderer to return to the group, in order to find her little brother and Jared, her boyfriend. Of course, both of them quickly realize that acceptance back into the group is unlikely to happen when it is obvious that Melanie’s body has become a host (her eyes have taken on the filmy quality that shows someone else is inhabiting the body). Melanie and Wanda (as she comes to be known) will have to work to gain the trust of Jared and the rest of the rebels, and they will have to do it quickly before the other aliens can recapture Melanie’s body. And maybe, if they let themselves trust Wanda, the rebels will find the solution they’ve been searching for. It’s possible that many movie-goers will shy away from The Host due to its relationship with Twilight, but it is easy to notice the qualitative difference between the two films. Despite being created from the same author, The Host is quite superior to Twilight in many aspects, including both plot and characters. The original take on the sci-fi genre more than makes up for the previous vampire disaster, and the lessened role of romance in the film will ensure that a wider audience enjoys the film (that means you, males). The fast past and action of the film will prove to be an entertaining two hours for most audiences. The Host is playing in theaters all around Boston.

ConnoR ByRneS ClaSS of 2015 CoRpoRate finanCe and aCCounting “Study for finals and relax.”

HaSSan tooR ClaSS of 2015 MaRKeting “Play soccer and relax.”

MuSa iMtiaz ClaSS of 2016 CoRpoRate finanCe and aCCounting “Wear shorts and flip flops.”

Kevin BaRBoSa ClaSS of 2013 MaRKeting “Tanning.”

By Corinne Kelly PhotograPhy staFF

pAGE 10


ApRiL 4, 2013


Pharoah and Cassidy wow students at comedy show By Brenna O’Connell FoRMER CAMpUs LiFE EDiToR

Because it may seem like a distant memory, let us jog your memory of the hilarity that ensued. The audience was primed by a smooth announcer letting everyone know what would be in store for them. When junior Josh Seiden, took the stage, people looked at him with bewilderment as he tried to convince them it was his voice. It took a demonstration as an Ikea automated machine for everyone to believe him. This semester, Seiden went less for the shock value (i.e., masturbation jokes of last year) and really came into his own with great timing in his delivery of a hilarious, self-deprecating set. Some highlights from his set were his nickname “Piss Fist,” Walmart and the “scooter hippos,” and awkward massages with his father. Special guest opener John Cassidy dazzled the audience with his insanely fast-paced performance. His tagline “Comedy, Magic, & REALLY Weird Things with Balloons” did not disappoint. Assisted by his wife, Cassidy came out throwing premade balloon masterpieces, including a monkey on a tree, Nemo, Road Runner, a giraffe, Charlie Brown and bouquets of flowers. At some point, he just started throwing raw materials—un-blown balloons—at the audience. His depressing humor and zany delivery had spectators laughing as he literally yelled at participants. His comedy and magic combined to simultaneously instill paranoia and awe in his audience participants. Teaching lessons on failure, love, trust and betrayal, Cassidy used his Trunk of Terror and dollar bill incentives on students. Exploding balloons, a white dove and card tricks led up to his final trick made up of climbing into a massive balloon, preying on the previously betrayed trust of audience member “Billy,” and using a

Melisa Kocarslan/THE VANGUARD

John Cassidy opened for Pharoah, with his performance “Comedy, Magic & REALLY Weird Things with Ballons.”

canon to launch a lawn dart. Jay Pharoah took the stage and quickly assessed the demographics of the audience. Asking for a shout-out from the Mexicans/Latinos, and receiving no response, Pharoah noted, “None of ‘em could get in.” Many audience members thought he meant into Koumantzelis, given the small nature of the venue, but he continued with, “They not smart enough. Well, they are, but not for here.” The mantra, “I’m not a punk; I’m a survivor” came up often, distinguishing the difference between wimping out and winning the game of survival of the fittest. Known for his impeccable Obama impression on SNL, Pharoah showed he is not just a one-trick pony and transcended gender, impersonating a “stereotypical black woman” talking and “grabbing stuff out of the air.” The rest of the night, impressions included: Chris Rock, Terry the smoker (from the PSAs), JayZ, Kat Williams, Kanye West, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Drake and Lil’ Wayne. Showing his true artistry, he

noted the audience did not take to his jokes on the elderly, so he went back to impressions. Pharoah also showed the audience he can do “white people” and took the audience

through a complex “Family Guy” conversation among the entire cast and impersonated Matthew McConaghey and Nick Cage. More impressions included Eddie Murphy,

Students packed into Koumantzelis to watch the comedy show.

Denzel Washington, Will Smith and Wesley Snipes, which was just turning the house lights off because “[Wesley Snipes] is darker than the end of a movie… that Africans see him and get offended.” The set was full of revelations too. Through a series of performed lyrics, Pharoah unequivocally proved that Drake is a stalker. The other revelation was more personal, as Pharoah recounted how he was tricked by who he thought was an online love. Although few actually believed him, he did seem genuine afterward when he professed how awkward he felt being in a room full of people who knew he had been “catfished.” Unseen in recent years by other comedy show guests, Pharoah showed great care to his fans and took pictures with each and every audience member who wanted them, warning them to “make sure the flash is on…or else it’ll look like an ultrasound.”

Melisa Kocarslan/THE VANGUARD

Open the door to a rewarding summer in Boston, and discover: ěũ .1#ũ3'-ũĐććũ!.412#2 ěũ Đćũ!"#,(!ũ24 )#!32 ěũ ĈĒũ$.1#(%-ũ+-%4%#2 ěũ 4,,#1ũ234"8ũ(-3#1-2'(/2 ěũ 61"ı6(--(-%ũũ$!4+38

Register today: Pharoah perfomed impressions from Eddie Murphy to Family Guy characters.

Melisa Kocarslan/THE VANGUARD An equal opportunity, affirmative action institution.

Student election

The Vanguard

april 4, 2013

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Allocation and Internal Audit Candidates

Lauren Arbeiter Position: Liason

Mathew Buck Position: Liason

Meagan Costello Position: Liason

Thomas Hart Position: Liason

Isabella Sampaio Position: Liason

Greg Zito Position: Chair

I am running for AIA because I am on the board this year and I have had a great experience working with new people both inside and outside of the organization. If re-elected, I will continue to make decisions in the best interest of the student organizations on campus.

I am a sophomore running to be reelected to AIA. I would like to continue my work on AIA and make sure that we are allocating everyone's student activity in a manner that is consistent with the principles laid down by the school and in a manner that helps every student as much as possible. It is my goal to be as honest, fair, and un-biased as much as physically possible in my work.

I want to run for AIA Liaison to expand my knowledge of all of the student organizations on campus. Being a part of AIA will not only offer an opportunity to be a vital part of the Bentley community, but I will be directly affecting the activities put on through every organization. I hope to work with other AIA members to allocate funds justly to Bentley organizations so that each group can continue holding their outstanding events.

I believe I am a great candidate for AIA Liaison because I have experience as treasurer of another student organization. I also think that I can be an effective leader that will fairly and responsibly allocate to my assigned organizations.

I have been on AIA for a year now and I would like to continue to be on the board because I am concerned with what our student activity fee goes towards. I have worked with many people in different organizations so I understand what the system and process entails. I want to make sure that all organizations are represented fairly on campus and receive what they need to be fully active.

Student organizations are the lifeblood of the Bentley Community. Each and every organization brings a different, yet important, dynamic to campus. I wish to run for AIA Chair because I will fairly and responsibly allocate the student activity fee to these organizations. I have experience on other Executive Boards and have served on AIA as a liaison for the past year. Overall I feel that I can be an effective leader for the Committee.

Thomas Baxter Position: Liason

Annelise Hansen Position: Liason

Zachary Musso Position: Liason

Sagar Shah Position: Liason

I want to run for AIA Liaison because I believe that being a Liaison would be a great learning experience to see how the organization is run and a great way to give back to the Bentley community. I will be fair and responsible in the manner with which money is allocated and will commit the necessary time and effort required to be an effective and positive contribution to AIA.

I am excited about participating in AIA for my third year. After being secretary for the past year I am very excited to hopefully continue my involvement in the Bentley Community.

I have been involved in numerous organizations on campus, including AIA last academic year, and have represented it with pride. I am looking forward to doing so again for the 2013-2014 academic year.

At Bentley I've always been passionate about Student Organizations and assisting them in anyway. As a Liaison I would ensure that the students' fees provide maximum benefit with minimal cost. This way we can have even bigger names on Spring Day!

ABA Candidates

Junior Class Cabinet Candidates

Andrew Kusmin Position: Vice President of External Affairs

Madhumita Narayan Position: President

Having recently joined the ABA team, I have found the work we do to be fun, exciting and quite rewarding. I want to further contribute to this organization and help them become more widely recognized on campus. I hope that a position on e-board will help me do so!

2012-2013 was a great year for ABA! We made a lot of progress and I believe there's still a lot of growth to be made next year. I'm excited to be a part of an organization that is in the prime position to help Bentley student leaders!

SGA Candidates

Bernadette Hopen Position: Senator

Anish Joshi Position: EIA

Throughout high school I was an active member of my school’s SGA and I have continued on that path here at Bentley. This past fall semester, I acted as a freshman senator and was a member of the sustainability committee. This semester I am the Sustainability Chair. I also act as the SGA representative on the Transportation Task Force and the Green Team. I would love to continue acting as a liaison between the students and the administrative staff next year and I hope to continue my efforts in making Bentley a greener campus.

I am currently a freshmen and have been a senator in SGA since this year. Some of my other activities include RHA, CAB:Concerts, and Bentley Ski and Snowboard. As a senator this year I have worked on several projects including the Logan Shuttle that ran during spring break, and I am tirelessly working to bring improvement to the Harvard Shuttle. If elected to Executive of Internal Affairs in SGA, I hope to bring a fresh perspective to SGA and get more students involved in changes that impact student life.

Noah Klingerman Position: Senator I am a Freshman here at Bentley, and I am running for the position of SGA Senator. I have served on the senate for the past two semesters, and have learned so much about Bentley and the way it operates. Having the opportunity, once again, to be a senator would mean being able to continue existing relationships with administration as well as continue and complete projects that we are currently working on. I look forward to hopefully serving the Bentley University community once again in SGA's mission to be the bridge between students and administration. Thank you.

Sophia Sirage There are over 900 people in the Class of 2015, and only two years until we cross the stage. I'm running for President because I want people to realize how many awesome people we have in our grade. I'm running for President because I want people to be aware of all opportunities and deadlines as they come. I'm running for President because I honestly want people to have fun.

Justine Andrews

Emily Jang

Alyssa Perreault

I'm running for Junior Class Cabinet because I want to help my peers through these crazy college years. College can be stressful and confusing and very overwhelming at times, but I hope that on Junior Class Cabinet, I would be able to make these decisions and deadlines an experience we could all enjoy. Whether it’s clearing confusion or adding some fun, I want to make our college experience the best it can be.

Having had the pleasure of working with this year’s class cabinet, it has been one of the best experiences for me as a student at Bentley University. I am re-running for a position on the board because I value listening to the wants and needs of our class and the chance to build class spirit and unity. Our class is one of the closest classes on this campus and it is absolutely imperative that we maintain our role! I take pride in bringing our class together and would love to see this level of commitment to each other continue to grow as the years go by.

Currently I'm part of the sophomore Class Cabinet and I need your help to be reelected! I'm the Marketing Director and want to continue this position! I am creative and hard working. Also I want to make sure that the junior class has a great year. I will plan both academic and social events that will bring us together as a class. I'm hoping that in this upcoming year I can be your and i'll listen! Reelect me, you won't be disappointed!

Senior Class Cabinet Candidates Thomas Diorio

Jessica Hughes

I want to be Senior Class Cabinet Marketing Chair because I want to plan and coordinate the best senior year possible. This is our year and I am here to be a resource for you to bring ideas to and it is my job to get you the information you need. As a current member of the Junior Class Cabinet, I am prepared to take on the challenges of senior year and to make it a year to remember.

Being on the 2014 Class Cabinet has been one of my favorite parts of Bentley thus far, and I would love to have the chance to represent our class for one more year. I'm all about making the most of being seniors, and I would love to be a resource to our class for any concerns or ideas. Thank you so much for your votes last year, and I ask you to please consider me again this year, as I would truly appreciate this opportunity one more time.

Jeff Breault

Brian Shea

After serving the Bentley community as a Senator for the Student Government Association my freshman and sophomore years I took a year off to study abroad. Before going abroad I realized that I wanted to serve the Class of 2014 when I returned. I am excited for the opportunity to serve during our senior year and hope that Class Cabinet can plan and execute events that will draw students together as our time at Bentley comes to a close. We all have high expectations for senior year and I want to help make it one you will remember!

I LOVE Class Cabinet. In my past three years as President of the 2014 Class Cabinet, I've worked as hard as I can to provide our class with the best possible events, experiences, and information. For me, Class Cabinet is not a responsibility -it's an opportunity. I am tremendously passionate about Class Cabinet, and I will work tirelessly to ensure that our senior year is as ridiculously awesome as humanly possible. I absolutely love what I do, and I would relish the opportunity to do it for one more year.

Morgan Kruegler Position: President

George Page Position: Senator

Andrew Sartorelli Position: EVP

Taylor Spang Position: Senator

Bentley is such a great community that means so much to me! I have taken initiative from the beginning of my Bentley career in many organizations on campus such as SGA. The Student Government Association has been an amazing experience through my chair position of Student Affairs for both semesters my freshman year, and as the Vice President for my current sophomore year. I love seeing the change that SGA can make to improve the school for all students. I want to be the President of SGA to further ensure that the student concerns and needs are being met, and that all voices of the student body are being heard.

I want to run for this position because I believe that I have the qualities to lead the Bentley community. I hope to voice students' opinions and lead Bentley into sustainability. This would advance Bentley to be student oriented as well as being Eco-friendly.

Being a part of the Student Government Association has given me the privilege of working with many great students and faculty throughout my last two semesters. I am running for Executive Vice President of SGA because I would like to see Bentley reach its true potential. This potential, however, cannot be reached without the voices of the student body. The students are the most important asset of this campus and it are these student voices that will dictate my actions as vice president of SGA. We have done many great things this year but I admit that there is still much more that should be done and can be done.

Having been an active member of SGA both semesters of my freshmen year, I helped bring the Logan Shuttle to campus and explored options for more fitness classes. I have experience on two committees within SGA, and I would love the opportunity to continue to enhance student life at Bentley!

Samantha St. George As a past member of class cabinet my freshman and sophomore year, I would absolutely love to have the opportunity to return to class cabinet! Serving as treasurer those two years has been one of my favorite experiences at Bentley, and after being abroad for a semester, returning to that position would be great! Class unity would be one of my main goals to accomplish as a member of the class cabinet. It is particularly important going into our senior year, that we have a number of events that helps bring every member of our class closer together.

Vote on MyBentley on Thursday, April 11!

pAge 12


ApriL 4, 2013

Notes from Abroad Question: “What has been the most meaningful part of your time abroad?” in Denmark do that and I am happy I had the opportunity to. It was not just experiencing the Danish culture and staying with a Danish family that made my time with them meaningful. It was also getting to know someone who was a part of my mom’s family. I find it really interesting to hear stories about my parents when they were younger and what they were like. It was also great to see how even though time goes on some things never change. Spending Easter with my family was also amazing since I had not seen them since I left in January. It is also really great to see my best friend who had never been out of the USA until she came to visit me here in Denmark. I just think it is amazing when someone can experience a country other than his or her own.

By Amy Van Ness CopenhAgen, DenmArk

I would have to say that my most meaningful part of my time abroad has been going to Aarhus to visit my mom’s exchange student from high school and her family. I went once with a friend and then another time with my family who came to visit me for Easter. While I was visiting, her family prepared traditional Danish meals such as smørrebr — openfaced sandwiches that most Danish families eat during the weekends and on special occasions. They also took us around to the see the city, the second largest in Denmark. I really enjoyed this because I think it is very important to see and explore the country you are studying abroad in. I don’t think many people who study abroad

Amy Van Ness in Helsinki, Finland.

Courtesy of Amy Van ness

By Alyssa Landolt goLD CoAst, AustrALiA

Even though this is the question I most want to answer, it is by far the most difficult. As I started sharing in my most recent blog post:, I’m pretty torn between wanting to stay in Australia and wanting to come home. Realizing that in two weeks my study abroad experience will be completely over is indescribably upsetting. But at the same time, coming home to everything and everyone that I love is very exciting. I have learned so many lessons since I’ve been here that I can’t possibly highlight just one. And I have been to so many amazing places that I can’t pick one favorite. And I have gotten to know so many amazing peo-

By Nate Marchand BArCeLonA, spAin

Three months ago to the day, I arrived in Barcelona, overwhelmed, jet-lagged and ready to welcome the unexpected, with a few exceptions in retrospect. Now, with under a month left, as I sit down to answer this question, I find my fingers hesitating to find the right words to answer it. It’s a simple question, but by no means does it have a simple answer. When college starts, advisers and professors urge students to open their minds and leave their comfort zone, but putting your email down at the activity fair to get a free water bottle or pen doesn’t exactly fulfill this challenge. While I very easily could have enjoyed my spring semester at Bentley full of chicken nugget Thursdays while savoring the biannual scent of the campus fertilizer signaling the turn of spring, studying abroad has left me with a greater sense of independence and a stronger dislike for Seasons.

Senior Spotlight

Courtesy of Felix garcia

Interview for Senior Spotlight Name: Felix Garcia Major: Management, Health & Industry Hometown: Lawrence, MA What are you involved in at Bentley? I am Project Manager for Service Learning for the Salvation Army where I am responsible for communicating the expectations of the client to

the volunteers and I ensure the success of the program. My role as a Project Manager is to maintain a database of students involved in my Service Learning program, recording how many hours’ students volunteered and which program site they are currently involved in. I am also a leader and mentor for the ALANA Men’s group and actively participate in most Alana programs as a mentor or leader including the overnight ALANA Experience and ALANA weekend. What are you looking forward to this year? This year I am looking forward towards spending the end of the semester with my friends and fellow classmates. What are your plans for the

the VAnguArD

future? I am planning (hoping) to attain a full time offer in the medical field as a healthcare consultant as I aspire to work in the healthcare field upon graduation. What is your favorite event on campus? My favorite event on campus is the Festival of Colors because I love learning all about the cultural organizations on campus and how they bring value to the Bentley community. I also love the food options available to try! What are your goals for this year? My goal this year to finish off the semester strong; hopefully attain a full position upon graduation, and to leave Bentley knowing that I left a positive

Courtesy of Alyssa Landolt

Alyssa Landolt, surfing.

ple here that again, I can’t possibly pick one. Regardless of the combination of 250-300 words that I choose to answer this question, I know that none of them will be able to

provide a complete assessment of the most meaningful part of my time abroad. Then again, maybe these 175 words are a hint to just how meaningful my time abroad has been.

I’ll be frank. The first week or so after I arrived sucked and I dare say that many students abroad probably share a similar feeling; I left everybody and everything I’ve known for my entire life. I only knew a few Bentley students in a city of almost 2 million and I was nearly 4,000 miles from home. I had to adjust my language, time, culture, diet and even wardrobe since sweatpants aren’t acceptable to wear to class here. While it was also exciting, it was also evidence that culture shock is real. I´ve learned so much during my time abroad, but most importantly, I´ve learned that Pollo Rico has the best and cheapest paella in Barcelona. Jokes aside, studying abroad has made me realize how many great people you can meet, places you can see and cultures you can experience in such a short time. It´s repeated time after time that college flies by, as does life, so stop wasting time reading Bentley Confessions or Bentley Crushes and experience the real world.

Unless you are a rising senior, I highly suggest that you seriously consider studying abroad. If you don’t have money, apply for financial aid before the deadline, apply for scholarships and/or work two jobs this summer. If you don’t want to leave your family and friends, download Skype and send them postcards and photos. If you can’t bear the thought of living in a country where you don’t speak the language or where you won’t like the food, go to Barnes and Noble and get a translation dictionary or language learning software and be rest assured that there will be American restaurant chains in nearly every study abroad destination. It’s too easy to settle into your comfort zone and not experience a semester abroad. As I climb down from my soapbox, I hope you got one thing out of this vague, cliché answer; that the study abroad experience as a whole is really all it is cracked up to be and more. After all, who can go wrong with 50 cent loaves of bread?

Presented by The Senior Year Experience Committee mark on the campus. Advice to seniors/ words of wisdom: Dream Big, never sell yourself short. Go after what you want because nothing is unattainable. If you put in the work, you can always reach your goals. What can Bentley do to help you with this year? Bentley can help the graduating class by making sure everyone is in standings of where they would like to be upon graduation or post-graduation. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned at Bentley? I say that having an open mind is the most valuable lesson I learned while I was in school. Everyone has their own stories and I think it is important to

value everyone’s input to society. Having an open mind opens a lot more doors for one in the future. How are you feeling about graduation? It is bittersweet feeling, I am sad that I will be graduating but looking forward to the next chapter of my life.

The columns found in this newspaper are written by individual authors and do not reflect the opinion of The Vanguard, its Editorial Board members, or Bentley University. Comments resulting from the columns may be directed to the author and/or The Vanguard.


THe Vanguard

april 4, 2013

Scratching the Surface: The Equation

Courtesy of Moussa Hassoun

I’ve started thinking a lot about my experience and the conversations I’ve had with both open and closeted friends at Bentley. Despite all the strides our school has made to be more LGBTQ friendly, I’m always concerned there isn’t enough positive information for both straight and gay people. W h i l e I c o u l d n ’t t r a c k every effort to make life for Bentley’s non-straight students feel comfortable, I could track the word “gay” through The Vanguard. By doing this I could see all the content published in our only school paper. Using the search function on, I

looked at all articles that mentioned the word “gay.” I found most discussed politics or a campus event such as Day of Silence in a neutral approach. There were also a number of minority of articles, written by columnists but mostly a “Letter to the Editor” that described why there wasn’t anything wrong with being gay. I’ve written on the subject on a personal and political level more than any columnist I could find. Yet a direct message to gay, bi, questioning, and confused students both out and closed about their identity is missing. Here it is, in the hopes that one of the many might happen to open the paper and flip through far enough to read these words: For some of you this is an extremely confusing time. You might use that equation where you try to outweigh things that you think make you gay or bi with things that you think make you straight. You might think back to your first crush and notice they were the opposite sex and conclude that you’re straight. Perhaps unsatisfied with the results, you might change the variables: your dress, talk, or

walk. For some, you’ve already told your friends stories of girlfriends or boyfriends you’ve never had, or perhaps you did have – which adds to the confusion and math you try to add up, as if that equation might help you settle things. For others, you might already have a strong understanding of who you are. You might have already concluded that you are gay or bi but perhaps you don’t want to call yourself by those words. You may have tried to cover up your own feelings by making fun of others. You may be surrounded by friends that won’t stop insulting gay people. You aren’t out because at the end of that equation you might find that you lose everyone you love. Your parents may never understand because of the dogma of your religion. You’re afraid of hearing the whispers behind your back when people define you by the one thing they once never knew. Although our lives may vary, that equation is constantly used, and I understand these results because I’ve experienced them all. I can’t dictate how you

Internet Celebrities This week, the star is Maymo. I’m particularly fond of Maymo because he’s a dog and on top of that his antics are nothing short of hilarious. If you search for YouTube user “crackrockcandy” you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you find that he has put together dozens of videos of Maymo. Many of these videos have brought me near tears from laughing so hard. These videos are truly works of art and I have to give credit where credit is due. I mean this guy who

calls himself crackrockcandy is absolutely off of his rocker in the best kind of way. The situations he puts his dog in require absurd amounts of effort, and thanks to the dog’s utter ridiculousness, the results are terrific. Take this scenario, for example: It’s Christmas time, the family comes over and everyone has drowned themselves into an eggnog induced coma when all of a sudden, crackrockcandy realizes he forgot to give his dog his present. Oh, how

In “Dog Steals Cabbage,” Maymo tried to get to a head of cabbage placed just out of reach.

Courtesy of

nice of him to remember! What will it be? A rawhide bone, a squeaky toy, or perhaps any and all things bacon flavored? Nope, it’s a pyramid of 500 water bottles stacked intricately in the middle of the living room. A mere six hours of stacking the bottles and the likely contraction of BPA plastic induced illness all to see the dog slam into the bottles and frolic on top of them making a ruckus. Who does these things?! Scenario numero dos: you find one of those weird windup toy mice and put it on the floor next to your dog. Granted this is mildly less strange and probably only required three hours of browsing Amazon reviews to determine which toy animal would provide the best costdog torment ratio. In this case, it’s Maymo that steals the show. His reaction is similar to how I handled myself the first time I tried extra-strength 5-hour Energy. The dog is just going nuts taunting this bouncing mouse toy and can’t stop doing reverse roll-over cartwheels trying to get its attention. Disappointingly, all good things must come to an end, thanks to poor Chinese manufacturing. The

page 13

By Moussa Hassoun

feel, since I’ve most likely never met you, but I know that I’ve felt a shred of your pain and insecurity. I’ve felt your confusion and I’ve done all of the math. I’ve even lost a friend and changed who I was to try to hide who I didn’t want to be. Even today, I’m a product of those changes in that equation we all use. But understand if I could write books that would protect you, papers to end the confusion, or texts to build up your self-esteem, I would. Know that things will clear up as soon as you scrap that equation. Things may get worse before they get better, and while you should

make decisions based on your safety and well-being, know that values in a formula don’t define you. Because when you add up the math, the world is confusing and painful. It begs you to accept what’s common rather than special. Telling you that you are not alone doesn’t end the confusion or loneliness, but throwing out that equation can. Replace things that make you straight and gay with things that make you, You. If you must use an equation use this: Patience (in your struggle) + Kindness (to those around you) = Love (and that’s all you need).

Don’t try to outweigh things that you think make you gay or bi with the things that you think make you straight.

By Dan Binder-Brantley

In “Best Dog Gift Ever,” Maymo is allowed to knock over and then play with a tower of bottles.

mouse toy’s wind-up mechanism only lasts about 45 seconds, leaving Maymo devastated. And finally, scenario three: Place a camera on the corner of the table facing the center. Place a head of cabbage in the middle of the table JUST out of reach, and wait. First of all, I don’t even understand why this worked because no human, let alone a dog, wants to eat cabbage, so maybe they coated it in butter or bacon grease or s o m e t h i n g . B u t a n y w a y,

Courtesy of

again, what is wrong with Maymo? The dog simply will not give up until it can take a nice chomp out of the cabbage head and surprise surprise, it’s completely inedible. Time to move on, right? Nope, let’s spend the next 45 seconds trying to swallow the miserable green plant we just inhaled and then dive back in for rounds two and three. Well, that was over quick. I hope you enjoyed. Shouts to @DanBBrantley on Twitter.

Page 14


aPrIl 4, 2013

the Vanguard

Bentley drops third consecutive game despite hat trick By Billy Fitzhenry Vanguard Staff

The Bentley men’s lacrosse team has gotten off to a slow start to their season, losing three of their first four games. In their two most recent games, the Falcons lost to Saint Anselm and Pace University. Against Saint Anselm, Bentley got off to a fast start, scoring the first goal of the game when junior midfielder Nick Astarita snuck a shot past the Hawks goaltender. Saint Anselm

responded by scoring the next two goals to take a 2-1 lead. With time winding down in the first quarter, Astarita scored again to tie the game up at 2-2. As the second quarter began, the Hawks scored three consecutive goals to grab the 5-2 lead. Junior attacker Jordan Reals and junior midfielder Colin O’Shea both scored for Bentley to bring the Falcons to within one goal of the lead. However, Saint Anselm netted one more goal to close out the second quarter, ahead 6-4.

Senior attacker Tim Matheson scored multiple goals against Pace University.

Courtesy of Sports Information Office

The third quarter was all Bentley as sophomore midfielder Bobby Hinds, sophomore defenseman Connor Raffety and junior midfielder Steve Taylor all notched goals for the Falcons to give Bentley the 7-6 lead. In the fourth quarter, Saint Anselm started out strong, scoring two quick goals to reclaim the lead at 8-7. Later in the quarter, the Hawks added another goal to extend their lead to 9-7. With a little over a minute left in the game sophomore Matt Dente scored for the Falcons to bring them to within a goal of Saint Anselm. Unfortunately, the Falcons were not able to net the equalizer as Saint Anselm held on to win, 9-8. Over the weekend, the Falcons faced off against Pace University in another Northeast-10 matchup. The first quarter featured some great defensive play from both teams. Towards the end of the first, Pace scored a goal to go up 1-0. In the second, the Setters added to their lead by scoring two more goals to grab the 3-0 lead. Bentley did manage to get onto the scoreboard when senior attacker Tim Matheson put one past the Setters netminder, but Pace

Junior midfielder Nick Astarita snuck in an Courtesy of Sports Information Office early goal, getting Bentley off to a fast start.

quickly responded, scoring a goal to close out the second quarter with a 4-1 lead. In the third quarter, Matheson scored two more goals for the Falcons, but the Setters kept the pace, scoring two goals of their own to make the score 6-3 at the end of the third quarter. In the fourth, Pace scored first to extend its lead to 7-3, but then the Falcons reeled off three straight goals to close the gap. Sophomore midfielder Brendan Murphy, freshman

attacker Jon Blaisdell and junior attack man Jason Knight all scored for the Falcons during their comeback attempt. Alas, Pace responded by scoring two consecutive goals to give themselves the 9-6 lead, securing the win. In their upcoming games, the Falcons will be playing Saint Michael’s on Wednesday and will then travel to Merrimack on Saturday to face the Warriors.

Lady Falcons drop two straight after a four-game win streak By Emily Ellis Vanguard Staff

The Bentley women’s lacrosse team started off their season with a record of 4-3 overall and 2-1 in the Northeast-10. Bentley’s first game ended in a close loss to Rollins, 12-11. After this minor setback, the Lad y Falcons went on a four-game win streak. Bentley won against Lenoir-Rhyne, Le Moyne, Molloy and St.

Michael’s. Bentley’s defeat over nonconference opponent, Molloy was a very exciting win for the Lady Falcons. Graduate student attacker Megan Wiggins scored four goals and junior goalie Ally Dorman made 10 saves for Bentley. Molloy, however, came back from a four-goal deficit to tie the game at 12-all with only eight seconds remaining in the game. Senior attacker Taylor Bastien won control

Senior attacker Alex Carney was one of three players with hat tricks.

Courtesy of Sports Information Office

from the final draw and then cradled the ball from centerfield to the opposing ne and shot the ball past the Molloy goalie for a buzzer-beater win. The Lady Falcons’ 15-6 win over St. Michael’s marked their fourth-straight victory and their second win in the NE-10. Three Bentley players including senior attacker Alex Carney, junior midfielder Chelsea Larivee and Bastien all had hat tricks. St. Michael’s never came within five goals of Bentley. Dowling would end Bentley’s streak with a nonconference 12-9 victory. Bentley led most of the first half after sophomore midfielder Amy Ernst tallied two goals. The scoreboard read 77 halfway through the second half right before freshmen midfielders Kelsey Howard and Erin O’Connor both scored goals within 45 seconds of each other. Dowling, however, eventually pulled away with a three-goal spurt. Bentley also fell to New Haven last Saturday when the Lady Falcons were held to a season-low four goals. Despite defeating them in both the regular and postseason last year, Bentley started out with a three-goal deficit a few minutes after

the first whistle was blown. The score was 8-2 at half and New Haven continued to win 15-4. Bentley sits at 4-3 overall

and 2-1 in the NE-10. The Lady Falcons look to start another streak on Wednesday when they travel to AIC.


the VAngUARd

Five-game skid halted by back-to-back wins By Matt Gustus

pAge 15

Recent ReSUltS Results from 3/26-3/30

SpoRtS editoR

After dropping five games in a row, the baseball team got back on track this weekend, winning both games of a rain-shortened series against Saint Anselm. The game prior, the Falcons began their Northeast-10 schedule with a battle against Stonehill College. The game also served as Bentley’s home opener. Through the first four innings, neither pitcher had surrendered a run while allowing only four hits combined. Stonehill struck first with a run in the fifth inning, scoring on an outfield single by senior centerfielder James DeAlto. In the seventh, Stonehill stretched their lead to two with another DeAlto hit. The Stonehill lead was short lived, however, as the Falcons were finally able to get to Stonehill pitcher Neal Horan. With a leadoff double in the seventh inning by senior catcher Kevin Korwek, the inning was off to a great start. The next two batters reached on errors, scoring Korwek for the team’s first run. Then, after junior shortstop Will Brennan was able to advance to third on a wild pitch, junior third baseman Nate Witkowski grounded out, allowing Brennan to cross the plate. In the bottom of the eighth, Korwek came through again for the Falcons, this time driving in a run with a single. Heading into the ninth, senior starter Lamarre Rey was sent back to the mound to finish the game. The leadoff batter reached base on a single, but was then picked off while attempting to steal second.

ApRil 4, 2013

Baseball (9-13, 2-1 NE-10) Stonehill (3/27) Saint Anselm (DH)(3/30)

Result L 4-3 (15 inn) W 15-4, W 10-7

Golf Bentley Cape Cod Classic (3/30) Men’s Lacrosse (1-4, 1-3 NE-10) Saint Anselm (3/27) at Pace (3/30)

L 9-8 L 9-6

Men’s Tennis (5-8, 5-1 NE-10) at American International (3/26)

W 5-4

Men’s Track and Field Raleigh Relays (3/29-3/30) Tufts Snowflake Classic

No team score 14th of 24

Softball (5-13, 1-3 NE-10) at Stonehill (DH)(3/27) Saint Anselm (3/30) Junior center fielder Sean Keady was the star of both games.

In the next at-bat, Rey was able to strike out his opponent, bringing the team one out away from victory. However, the elusive last out of the game proved to be just that. With two outs in the ninth, a double by Stonehill left fielder Christian Baglini put him into scoring position. The next batter, Stonehill second baseman Chris Hoyt, doubled to left field, tying the game. In extra innings, neither team scored until the 15th inning. After Stonehill got a man on base due to a rare error by Brennan, SkyHawks were able to move him to third with back-to-back ground outs. With two outs, Stonehill was able to drive in the go-ahead run. In the bottom of the inning, Brennan did his best to spark a Falcon comeback by hitting a leadoff single.

Senior pitcher J. P. Ashline struck out five and allowed four runs in six innings.

melisa Kocarslan/the VAngUARd

2nd of 9

L 6-5, W 2-1 L 4-0, L 3-1

melisa Kocarslan/the VAngUARd

However, the next three Falcons were unable to get a hit, ending the game with a Stonehill 4-3 win. Three days later, the Falcons were back on the home field for a double header against Saint Anselm. Junior center fielder Sean Keady was the star of the day, accumulating six hits, six RBI, five runs and four stolen bases during the two games. In the opener, Bentley’s offense came alive early, jumping out to a four-run lead before the Falcon defense took the field. In the inning, all nine Bentley batters had a plate appearance. On the mound for the Falcons to start the day was senior pitcher J.P. Ashline, who went six innings while a l l o w i n g f o u r r u n s —o n e earned—and four hits while striking out five. Senior reliever John Yohe took over for Ashline in the seventh and pitched very well, striking out four while not allowing a run. Falcon runs in the fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth innings kept adding to the Bentley lead. By then end of the game, the Falcons had posted a statement victory, winning 15-4. In the second game, the Falcons used an explosive fourth inning to take a comfortable lead. After giving up two runs in the bottom of the third, the Falcons responded with six runs in the fourth. With the bases loaded, Witkowski was hit by a pitch and freshman first baseman Evan Mondor was walked, scoring the Falcons’ first two runs of the game. Two batters later, Keady smashed a double to left field, clearing the bases. He was not done there, however, as he proceeded to steal third base and then home before the inning was over. Two runs in both the sixth and seventh

Women’s Lacrosse (4-3, 2-1 NE-10) Saint Michael’s (3/26) Dowling (3/28) at New Haven (3/30) Women’s Tennis (6-5, 6-1 NE-10) at American International (3/26) Women’s Track and Field Raleigh Relays (3/29-3/30) Tufts Snowflake Classic

W 15-6 L 12-9 L 15-4

W 6-3

No team score 16th of 23

Upcoming SchedUle Apr. 4 Softball vs. Stonehill (DH) Women’s Tennis vs. Merrimack

3:00 p.m. 3:30 p.m.

Apr. 6 Softball vs. American Int’l (DH) Baseball vs. Saint Rose (DH) Women’s Lacrosse vs. So. CT Men’s Lacrosse vs. Saint Rose

12:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m.

Apr. 7 Softball vs. Assumption (DH) Baseball vs. Le Moyne (DH)

12:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m.

Apr. 9 Softball vs. Saint Anselm (DH) Women’s Tennis vs. Stonehill innings put the Falcons ahead for good, as they completed the sweep of St. A’s, 10-7. In the NE-10, Franklin Pierce holds first place with an overall record of 16-9-0 (60-0 NE-10). After a 6-3 win over UMass Lowell, they hold the top position within the Northeast Division with a divisional record of 3-0-0. Meanwhile, second place in the division is Merrimack, holding a strong overall record of 15-6-0 while 6-1-0 within the conference. Finally in third place and just in front of Bentley are the Skyhawks. After one win and one loss in a double header against Sotuhern

3:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m.

New Hampshire, Stonehill stands at 15-9-0 overall while they are an even 3-3 in the conference. Meanwhile in the Southwest Division, the New Haven Chargers are in front with an overall record of 145-0 and a conference record of 7-1-0. In second place are the Pace Setters of Pace University, holding an overall record of 14-7-0 and a respectable conference record of 6-2-0. The Falcons will host double headers on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. St. Rose will travel to Bentley on Saturday, followed by matchups with Le Moyne on Sunday.

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aPrIl 4, 2013

the Vanguard

Track & field teams have superb showing at Raleigh Relays Caitlin Fahey qualifies for NCAA Championships; Eric Kennedy qualifies for New Englands By Ian Giancursio Vanguard StaFF

The Bentley men’s and women’s track and field teams competed last weekend in the Raleigh Relays in North Carolina, receiving strong individual performances from several athletes on the way to an impressive overall showing. The Raleigh Relays featured athletes from a total of 87 colleges and universities as well as club and professional teams and the pressure was on for Bentley to perform. Fortunately, both the men and women were up to the challenge, as each team featured several runners who recorded either qualifying or record-breaking times. The men’s team got off to an excellent start on Friday. There were several highlights of the day but the

most notable came from junior Eric Kennedy, who qualified for the New England Championships with an 11second 100-meter dash. In addition to Kennedy’s impressive race, senior John Drago placed 13th among all Division II runners with a 15:15.41 in the 5,000 meters, while freshman Edy-Elliot Uthman Olukokun made his collegiate debut with a 100meter time of 11.30 seconds. On the women’s side, Bentley fared just as well on the first day. The main highlight for the team was senior Caitlin Fahey, who qualified for the NCAA Division II Outdoor Track Championships with an amazing time of 4:31.12 in the 1,500 meters. It was the second-best by a Division II runner this spring, and was also just 0.95 seconds behind the school record set last year by current teammate,

Senior Caitlin Fahey had an NCAA qualifying time of 4:31.12 in the 1,500 meters.

Courtesy of Sports Information Office

senior Amy Varsell. “Overall, this past weekend went pretty well for my opening race of the outdoor season,” said Fahey of her performance. “I had taken some time off after my indoor season so racing in Raleigh was really just to get myself back on the track with some tough competition. The early qualifier for NCAA’s was an added bonus. I still have work to do but I’m pleased with how the opener went overall! I’m excited to improve on the time as the season progresses.” The second day of the relays featured an even better performance from the Falcons and saw the Bentley men’s team break the school record in the 4x1500 meter relay that had previously stood for 12 years. The relay team featured freshman Sean Nee, junior Conor Higgins and seniors Drago and Craig Robinson. It was these four members who came through when it counted most. Competing against both Division I and II programs, the Falcons refused to let the pressure get to them and instead, set a school record in the race with a blazing time of 16:34.58. Surprisingly, the men’s team came into the race unsure of the health of several runners. “Three of us raced the day before and were tired from that,” said Drago. “Sean Nee didn’t race the day before because of a hip problem so we didn’t know how that would affect him in the race. Craig Robinson also has been suffering from hip issues and recently started training after two months off from mono.” Nevertheless, the relay team managed to set a

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Junior forward Brett Gensler of the men’s hockey team was named to the 2012-13 New England Division I All-Star team for the second year in a row. On the season, Gensler scored 16 goals and had 24 assists. It was the second year in a row that he accumulated over 40 points, which no other Falcon has done at the Division I level.


Junior Eric Kennedy’s 11-second 100-meter dash got him to the NE Championships.

record-breaking time in the face of such adversity. Drago also discussed his happiness over the results and shared his feelings about how future teams might fare against the record. “All things considered, it was nice to set the school record,” said Drago. “The guys we took it from had significantly faster times than us coming into it, too. Nonetheless, I know Craig and I are pleased to set a record in our senior year. I am sure the guys in the next couple years should be able to put a team together to break that.” The women’s team also enjoyed record-setting performances on the second day, proving that Bentley was not done making its mark against top competition. The top highlight for the women was junior Ashley Nichols, who set a personal record time of 38:44.61 in the 10,000

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meters that propelled her to second on Bentley’s all-time list. That was not the only highlight for the women’s team, however. In the 4x800 meter relay, the Falcons recorded the second-best time in Bentley’s history, racing their collective hearts out to record a time of 9:36.13 that was just nine seconds off the record pace previously set in 2002. Consisting of senior AllAmerican Varsell, freshman Dusty Rose Sacco, sophomore Alix Pettinella and Fahey, the women’s relay team capped an incredible weekend for both the Bentley men’s and women’s track and field teams. As a result of the relays, Caitlin Fahey was awarded the Northeast-10 Women’s Track Athlete of the Week and the men’s record-breaking relay team was named the NE-10 Men’s Relay Team of the Week.

Keady Named Falcon of the Week Junior outfielder Sean Keady of the baseball team is the Falcon of the Week. Keady put up big numbers in a 2-1 week for Bentley, hitting .438 (7-16) with six RBIs, six steals, five runs scored and a .526 on base percentage. In Bentley’s doubleheader sweep over Saint Anselm last Saturday, Keady combined for six hits, drove in six and had four steals. He had four hits as Bentley won the opener 15-4, and had a three-run double in the nightcap which keyed a 10-7 victory. Keady was named both the Northeast-10 Player of the Week and National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association East Region Player of the Week for his efforts.

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