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CAB holds annual Spring Comedy Show in Koum

Humorist Nick Offerman relays life-lessons in an unconventional way news editor

Last Saturday, February 22nd, Nick Offerman entertained two sold out crowds at Bentley University’s Spring Comedy Show in Koumantzelis Auditorium. Due to past popularity in the comedy shows, Bentley Campus Activities Board (CAB) decided to hold two performances, one at 7pm and one at 10pm. The 7pm performance was the fastest selling show the CAB Comedy committee has ever produced. Tickets went on sale the Tuesday before the show at 12pm and were sold out within two minutes. The speed at which the tickets sold was no surprise. Nick Offerman is one of the stars of the hit show Parks and Recreation, recently nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Television Series- Musical or Comedy.

This past summer Offerman also starred alongside Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis in We’re the Millers. An Illinois native, Offerman talked a lot throughout the show about his humble upbringing. The entire structure of his

performance was around ten of his life lessons. A self-proclaimed “humorist,” the comedian refused to refer to himself as an actual comedian. He graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a

Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1993. He went on to participate in several theater companies throughout Chicago before helping cofound the Defiant Theatre with a small group of his fellow college classmates. Thus, as Offerman explained,

Virginia Duffy/THE VANGUARD

BY michaela stephenson

Nick Offerman, one of the stars of Parks and Recreation, paid Bentley a visit last Saturday.

he always saw himself as more of a theater person. In fact, Saturday’s 7pm show was his first stand-up comedy routine. He provided his ten tips to life, giving humorous anecdotes, both through spoken word and song. Some of his notable lessons included, have romantic love, mind your manners, have a hobby, and paddle your own canoe. He spoke frequently about his actress wife of over ten years, Megan Mullally, giving tips on a successful relationship. His lesson on minding manners was intertwined with dialogue on religion. Raised Catholic, Offerman took a keen interest at a young age to the verse “thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,” and always believes in respecting others. Offerman continued his thoughts on religion, somewhat conservatively talking about certain verses SEE comedy, PAGE 6

BY zack o’malley campus life editor

On February 22, the 17th annual Bentley Business Bowl was held in the Executive Dining Room in LaCava. For those of us who disregard the e-mails and might not entirely understand what the Business Bowl is, here’s a quick synopsis. The Bentley Business Bowl is a oneday, campus-wide event where students of all levels compete in teams of five in a business case competition. In order to even the playing field, teams must be composed of students from the same class code, and compete solely with teams of the same designation. After composing their presentation, each team presents to a panel of judges composed of alumni and members of the professional community who deliberate to determine the best of each class code. Cash prizes are awarded to the first, second and third place teams within each bracket. As juniors and senior undergraduate students hold a distinct advantage in experience over those sophomores and

freshman competing, class codes 7-8 receive a slightly larger cash prize for each place. For example, this year $350 was awarded to the winning team from class code 7-8 with $250 going to first place from class code 5-6. $200 each went to the victors from the 3-4 and 1-2 divisions. The prizes descend in value as shown for second and third places as well; however, class code division 5-6 receives the same compensation as the freshmen and sophomores for second and third. This year’s corporate partners and sponsors of the event included Liberty Mutual Insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and Homesite Home Insurance. Another cosponsor of the event this year was the student chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA). In addition to these sponsors, several valued donors contributed to the popular annual event including: Boston Scientific, Grant Thornton, Road Scholar, Staples and each of the “Big 4” accounting firms. The differences between being a partner, sponsor and

donor lie in the differing levels of financial backing required for each distinction. With a $500 minimum contribution, companies such as Boston Scientific were able to earn the distinction of being a donor to Business Bowl, and have their company name printed in the official event program. For a $2,500 donation, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Homesite were named sponsors of the event and had their logos featured prominently on all Business Bowl marketing materials and signage. Finally, having made a contribution of at least $5,000, Liberty Mutual was made the official partner of the event and had the unique opportunity of writing a business case to be addressed by the students themselves in the competition. An all-day event, the teams of students were presented with the business case in the morning, and were allowed to work on it for the following hours. The case itself is designed to require high-level, critical thinking of each team member, while at the same time drawing on their experience and learning from

Courtesy of NABA

Bentley Business Bowl: An exciting case competition

Participants pose after winning first place for class code 3-4. their accounting, IT, ethics and general business (GB) classes. Each class division was given its own case, with the difficulties and varying based upon their current level of academic experience. The idea behind this was to have the case incorporate themes and material currently relevant to where students are at in their academic careers. In preparing their response to the case itself, students were permitted to make use of any of the available resources or tools

at their disposal on campus. However, in order to ensure their performance was entirely their own, teams were not permitted to solicit the help of other students or faculty. Each team was given a flash drive containing the relevant material to the case and was directed to return it to a classroom in Jennison once they finished. Upon doing this and completing the post-competition survey, each participating SEE bowl, PAGE 6

Fat Talk

Figure Skating


Bentley participated in a nation-wide campaign to end “fat talk.”

Figure skating hints on Sochi fixing.

Facebook acquired the messaging application for $19 billion.





THE vanguard

FEBRUARY 27, 2014

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Three events you don’t want to miss

1 2 3 Fashion Show

Day: Sunday Time: 6:30 p.m. Location: LaCava EDR Host: BUB

Bentley University’s Black United Body is fighting to put an end to bullying through this year’s Annual Fashion Show, “Indestructible Individuals”.

Oscar Party

Cashore Marionettes

Day: Sunday Time: 7:30 p.m. Location: Wilder Pavillion Host: Bentley TV & Bentley Film Club

You are cordially invited to celebrate the 86th Annual Academy Awards! There will be a screening of the Oscars and the Red Carpet Event.

Day: Wednesday Time: 6:30 p.m. Location: Koum Host: Bowles Performing Art Series

In the performance Life in Motion, Joseph Cashore presents his collection of marionette masterworks.

Editor’s pick Management Career Conference Day: Friday Time: 10:00 a.m. Location: LaCava 395 Host: Career Services & Delta Sigma Pi

The Career Services Office wants to encourage all students to attend the Career Conference. At this program, you’ll learn about a variety of companies, different functional roles, and network with industry experts. email mail Bentley University, 175 Forest Street, Waltham, MA 02452 USA phone +1 781.891.2912

...find more campus events at

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The maze that is Morison A lot of factors converge when people decide to travel. What will the weather be like? How much will it cost? And most important of all, what is there to do in that country? Some do it to have a romantic dinner on the top of the Eiffel tower, whilst others like to admire the beauty and the architecture of the Pyramids. Some people however like challenges, and travel thousands of miles spending thousands of dollars to do them. There’s a jungle marathon in Brazil, a river quest in Canada, a rally in South America. Some of these challenges have cost lives, but there also have success stories. But there’s one, and only one challenge, that is nearly impossible to maneuver. It’s not as long as its peers and nor is it dangerous like they are, but it’s the hardest accomplishment ever. To get to it, you don’t have to travel for miles, nor do you have to spend thousands of dollars just for the sake of a challenge. All it requires is a trip to 175 Forest St. in Waltham Massachusetts, and you’ll be there. The maze from hell. (AKA Morison hall). As you enter the first door, the structure of the stairs alone make you shudder, sending chills down your spine. You proceed through the second gate, and there it

is. Each floor is an astounding work of design, and soon, you come to know the brilliance of the minds behind it. There have been rumors that those who saw it, fainted. The signs read “Even rooms on the right, odd rooms on the left.” You pull out your phone and check the room you need to be at, otherwise, you wander aimlessly, having no meaning in life. To make it harder to get to your destination, there’s always a gloomy feeling and the half horrified looks on students to alter your senses. After half an hour, you’re finally where you meant to be. And that’s when it hits you; how will I get out? You’ll wander into the depths and ends of the Morison hall, looking for an exit door, dreading the minute you decided to enter. You might even find students from the 1980’s who never found the exit. They’ll be thin and pale. Weak and nearly dying. You’ll promise yourself you’ll bring them food if you ever get out. But that’s the problem. IF. After hours and hours of wandering, you’ll eventually find a door, and tears of joy will start streaming down your cheeks as you exit the building. You think to yourself, I can do it again, but deep down inside, you know if you go in there, you might never get out.

We do realize that this editorial became a little bit too extreme. (The writer of this editorial got a little too into it. We’ve medicated him and put him to bed, poor soul hadn’t slept in days). But seriously though, does Morison really need to be that complicated? How hard was it to number rooms in order? This is how normal numbering goes: 221, 222, 223, 224 and so on and so forth. This is how Bentley numbering goes: 221, 223.. wait where’s 222? Oh it’s on the other side? Great. And please, do not get us started on how long the corridors are. There are some offices so far away from the door that you’re just standing there wondering if you were in South America or had just crossed over the ocean. Although we exaggerated the maze a little bit, one of our editorial board members did get lost there. We don’t really know what the management was thinking when they set up Morison, but it seems like they were indulging in some medicinal grass. We all know it happens, you see a bag of it sitting there and you decide to take a small hit and then you want more and more. That’s okay. We all make stupid decisions when we’re on some grass, but could we please try some normal numbering? That would be lovely. Thank you.


Courtesy of Shane Polimeni

Shane Polimeni

MaJOR: Accounting HOME TOWN: Lake George, New York

Advice to seniors/ words of wisdom A George Carlin quote: “It’s important in life if you don’t give a s**t. It can help you a lot.” It’s important to learn that most of the stuff you worry about doesn’t really doesn’t matter. Stop worrying about what you can’t change, and focus on what you can change. That being said, it’s important to take injustice personally. It’s important to care about others, and to make sure peo-

What are you looking forward to this year? I’m most looking forward to my first bodybuilding competition April 19th, going on my first real vacation to the Bahamas in May, and starting work after graduation. I also have two concerts coming up in April where I’ll get to see and meet some of my favorite bands: Alesana, Behemoth, and The Acacia Strain. What are your goals for this year? Other than doing well at my competition, I would really

like to visit South America and Southeast Asia. They are such vastly different cultures than here, and I think that people learn a lot by experiencing things different than what they normally do. How are you feeling about graduation? Excited. I’m eager to finish formal schooling (for a little while, at least), and begin earning money from all the hard work I’ve done the last four years. Also, it is peculiar to think about the fact that in three months I will never see 95% of the familiar Bentley faces again. I guess certain events show you how quickly your everyday life can change. What is your favorite event on campus? The Comedy Shows! Our friends in CAB have done a really great job getting A+ acts. I was able to meet Bo Burnham my freshman year, get personally roasted by Jeffrey Ross sophomore year, and hear some great life lessons from Nick Offerman senior year. Those are some great memories that won’t soon be forgotten.

STUDENT CONDUCT SUMMARY February 19 - February 26 14 Total Number of Cases 23 Total Number of Individuals Involved 1 Individuals Dismissed from Responsibility 21 Individuals Admitting Responsibility 3 Number of individuals found responsible by Conduct Board 8 Number of educational sanctions given 0 Number of Work Sanctions 1 Number of Parental Notifications $320 Cash total of fines given 7 Number of students given a Verbal Warning 18 Number of students put on Written Warning 1 Number of individuals put on Probation 0 Number of individuals put on Disciplinary Probation 0 Number of individuals who lost 15 housing credits 0 Number of individuals who lost 30 housing credits 0 Number of individuals put on Suspension (Housing) 0 Number of individuals put on Suspension (University) Number of individuals expelled Provided by the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs

HEALTH AND WELLNESS TIP OF THE WEEK: Fat talk describes any statement that reinforces the thin or lean ideal standard of beauty and contributes to dissatisfaction with our bodies. At Bentley, we believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and looks different for everyone. Celebrate Fat Talk Free Week by pledging to stop fat talk for yourself and others!

FEBRUARY 27, 2014

Ball So Hard University I’ve Fallen and I Can’t The Dana Center staff Get Up had a hard time clearing There was an issue over students from the student the weekend of a student center so they called in the who had fallen in Forest and cavalry. The police needed medical atresponded tention. This in force wasn’t a N U IVERSIT LEY Y BENT to dis“have a perse the nice trip basketand see ball playyou this ers. When fall” situthey ara t i o n , rived the this was Looney a LeBron N A D INFO VE SER T u n e s flop. This were facing fall was so off against flagrant and THE D the Monstars. so well sold VAN GU AR In shock of seethat the cops felt ing Michael Jordan the need to bring this at Bentley the cops are student to the hospital. unable to clear the courts The student sold this flop of these cartoon characters until the end, never breakand MJ himself. It got really ing character even in the weird when Bill Murray ar- ambulance ride. This is so rived and started spewing reminiscent of soccer, it off “I don’t play defense.” must have been an internaMJ ends the match by go- tional student. But I regress; ing all Air Jordan on the the real question here is if a cartoons. Everything you student falls in Forest, do just read was (un)officially they make a sound? in the police report… that’s why you don’t do drugs My Precious kids. Clearly not all of Bentley’s student body has kept up Guilty Conscience to date on the fascinating On Tuesday, a male stu- police logs in weeks past. dent reported that he had A mere two weeks ago an used false identification to article was published detailprocure alcohol while in ing the events surrounding Boston on the preceding the horror and pain a feSaturday. Now, I can relate male student endured after to this about as much as she got a ring stuck on her I do to the email’s we get finger which required the from GA_AcademicInteg- Waltham Fire Department to rity thanking students for remove it. Unfortunately for turning in their cheating a certain non-newspaper peers. I was proudly raised reading student, history rein a “snitches get stitches” peated itself this week when household and that means a second female Bentley you don’t turn anyone in… Student reported that a ring including yourself. C’mon was stuck on her finger. Yet man you made it all the way again, Waltham Fire was to Tuesday after using your called to the scene to cut fake to buy a 30, why turn the ring off of said finger. yourself in now? We salute our brave firemen and the dangers they brave One Man’s Trash… to keep our phalanges safe. It was reported to police that a student was rum- Porta-Study maging through the trash Last week, an RA inbarrels outside of Alder. formed the Bentley Police Now I don’t know why a that a student had “used a student would need tom study room in Fenway as a rummage through trash. bathroom”. Clearly this terDid they lose something? rible tragedy occurred as Was there a flashy ob- a result of the weekend’s ject that drew their atten- alcohol-fueled adventures tion? Did they see Narnia? but this is just unacceptAlso what was suspicious able. What was probably enough about trash can thought to be quite a funny spelunking that you felt the prank at the time ruined need to call campus police somebody’s Monday when about it? Are you part of the they realized that they were neighborhood watch, was studying in a makeshift outthe trashcan-bandit steal- house. When most people ing things from the trash, is get tired of peeing in the stealing from the trash ac- same old toilets day-in-daytually stealing or illegal? So out they just make a quick many mysteries here, if you stop at the nearest bushes; are the trashcan-bandit or but hey I wasn’t there, I’m the trashcan whistleblower sure there were perfectly please give us some insight good reasons for this misinto your mind. hap. RM

What are you involved in at Bentley? I have been a Certified Bentley Leader for three years, a residential advisor and part of Beta Alpha Psi for two years, and helping with the Adjunct Unionization Effort since December.

ple aren’t being mistreated. Everyone should take sexism, racism, trans and homophobia, income inequality, and poverty personally. If people are allowing one person to be hurt, we’re allowing everyone to be hurt. Step out of your comfort zone, and address the situations that need to be. If it can happen to someone else, it can happen to you; wouldn’t you want someone there to help you? Non-seniors, take Effective Speaking with Jack Dempsey. It will be, I repeat, it will be the most useful course you take at Bentley.

THE vanguard



BY Matthew buck & owen karl Rhodes Hall - Ground Floor

the vanguard stAFF



THE vanguard

february 27, 2014


Dear Bentley Adjuncts:

efits, and job security fell short ulty Union to improve our pay, ben Fac t unc Adj tley Ben a h blis esta to is launching a new campaign Last fall, the effort wing movement of our fellow adjuncts -gro still the that w kno to you like comprise about 40% of by only two votes. We’d treatment of Bentley’s adjuncts, who cal ethi and fair the is n itio pos our ester and to play some in 2014. The cornerstone of facts afresh, to talk with us this sem the r side con to you ask we is, bas those who did not this university’s faculty. On that t with even more adjuncts, including nec con and tion rma info mis ect corr active part. We will be working to vote at all and those who voted No. rest of all Bentley adjuncts, but of why this effort is not only in the inte rly clea out lay to ks wee ing com support and active assistance We intend over the the university itself. We welcome the and h teac we ents stud the as l wel ructors who teach Bentley’s all Bentley faculty, as the highly qualified and educated inst of all that e agre who pus cam tley of all educators on the Ben ive employment benefits. onals that they are, and should rece essi prof the as paid be uld sho ents stud facto employees its use of “contract adjuncts” as de ng easi incr n bee has on, cati edu er wing full well that the need for Bentley, like many institutions of high no benefits or job security, while kno with ries sala low ing pay rs, yea e all. This past year, faced with the for many profitabl cal imperative is fair treatment for ethi The . oing ong and und r-ro yea er to where the earlier trend adjuncts is regular, raise that merely brought them clos rdue ove an ncts adju e gav tley Ben , ld truly improve adjunct union-organizing activity no move toward a new policy that wou was e ther , ntly orta imp e Mor be. uld of raises indicated they sho conditions. er education with growing frequency in many high iled deta n bee has lty facu nct adju of mittee on The impact of inequitable treatment U.S. House of Representatives Com the from rt repo 4 201 uary Jan a , l In fact contingent faculty,” finding as wel journals and in mainstream news. s “an alarming snapshot of life for call it t wha the ents in pres kers ce wor d kfor Wor cate Education and the we are the highest-edu ever-increasing tuition.” It shows that id for the level of skills and “a shortchanging of students who pay on why adjuncts are grossly underpa reas no s find also rt repo The r. labo realm of minimum wage college level. experience required to teach at the ect to adjunct , the region, and at Bentley with resp ntry cou the out ugh thro lem prob e will be no It is apparent that there is a major a union and collective bargaining, ther of h ngt stre red sha the out with that ed mission of inculcating business employment. It is equally apparent at Bentley, given the university’s stat ate rtun unfo arly icul part is This s. ol with a $201 million endowment significant change for. Moreover, we believe that a scho ds stan it ing ryth eve in ty ibili ons out passing the costs on to ethics and social resp tment of all of its employees, with trea fair rd affo can ion tuit ual ann and over $200 million in students and their families. and what it n between its treatment of adjuncts ictio trad con the t pas e mov t mus r the effect This campaign will show why Bentley rce of your livelihood, please conside sou n mai the not is hing teac If iculum. es to teaching as a career. In fact, preaches about ethics across its curr those adjuncts who dedicate themselv on s efit ben of lack and on sati pen business ideals relative to of inadequate com national leadership in applying its own take to tley Ben for nity ortu opp or to join in standing up for our we believe this is a maj year’s near success will inspire you last that e hop we so, And ty. ibili ethics and social respons profession. valuable labor and the integrity of our Your friends and colleagues, Concerned Bentley Adjunct Faculty Lord Andzie-Quainoo (Economics) Joan Atlas (English and Media Studies) Lilian Bobea (Sociology) Sciences) Roger Danchise (Natural and Applied ies) Jack Dempsey (English and Media Stud ies) Stud ia Med and Thomas Finn (English ies) Patricia Glynn (English and Media Stud Robert Hannigan (History) Mary Hartman (Finance) Curtis Holland (Sociology) Tom Johnson (History) Ted Kaplan (Mathematical Sciences)

ies) Robert Keefe (English and Media Stud Doug Kierdorf (History) nces) Barbara Nash (Natural and Applied Scie ies) Stud ia Alicia Nitecki (English and Med ) Elaine Saunders (Mathematical Sciences Sciences) Clarissa Sawyer (Natural and Applied George Seeley (Global Studies) Jonathan Speros (Accountancy) Media Studies) Rebecca Thorndike-Breeze (English and Kim Vaeth (English and Media Studies) Studies) Fred Wesemann (English and Media

ntley Join Us. Let’s Build a Better Be, 781.438.3042 tion contact Jack Dempsey: jpd37@ rma info e mor For • org ion. tact www.adjunc



THE vanguard

february 27, 2014


Open letter to Bentley University students Since I left Bentley University a year ago I have received hundreds of Facebook greetings and other communications from Bentley students, faculty, and staff. Many of them appear to express surprise that I am no longer teaching there and seem to think that I left on my own initiative. That is not true - after 17 very enjoyable and fruitful years at Bentley, I want to thank the individuals who supported me, especially the students, but also some faculty and staff including the two most senior full professors in my department, Chris Williams and Shiping Zengh, both excelled former Chairs under whom I worked. They gave me very welcome support at

a difficult time without being obligated in any way to do so. The major reasons for writing this letter are to clarify the circumstances of my departure, and to thank the many students who signed petitions for me to stay at Bentley (estimated that 600 students signed several different petitions). I also wish to express my deep regret that my course on “Terrorism and National Security” (which had been taught every semester since January, 2001, about 9 months before 9/11) would likely be ended (at least for a time) after I left. As illustrated by the tragic marathon bombing and other recent worldwide incidents, the

subject remains a vital and timely topic that is unfortunately likely to be in the news, frequently for some time to come. A final reason for this letter is to urge students, especially those who worked very hard to keep me at Bentley, not to be discouraged that their efforts failed. At a very bad time for me and my family, student support was of great solace for me. During the investigation of my contest of the decision not to renew my contract, one prominent member of the committee appointed to investigate the circumstances (when informed that several hundred students had petitioned the administration to have me remain at Bentley)

said, with considerable emphasis, “Students don’t make policy.” While that is basically true for overall policy for an academic institution, students should have a very important role in deciding who teaches them. After all, they pay very hefty tuition fees and deserve a strong voice in selecting professors – presumably that is why most colleges have student evaluations of teaching faculty. In any case the administration finally admitted that student support in my case was notable, then proceeded to largely ignore it. Again my sincere thanks to all those who supported me – keep up your active role. You may not always win but

healthy, legitimate protests are often what prevents an institution (or a country) from becoming increasingly impervious to criticism, gradually becoming more and more convinced that their hold on the reins of power is widespread, complete, unshakable, and more than capable of handling temporary protests, especially by people who will be gone in a relatively short time. Bottom line for all Bentley students – I really miss you!

Sincerely, Stanley E. Spangler, Ph.D

ADJUNCT  ACTION   Are you a healthy man between 18 and 40 years old?

TO END  BENTLEY’S  UNFAIR  TREATMENT   OF  YOUR  PART-­‐‑TIME  PROFESSORS!   DO  YOU  KNOW   that  while  you  pay  full  tuition,   almost  half  (40%)  of  your  professors  are  “permanent  

The Massachusetts General Hospital is conducting a study investigating the structure and function of the brain of adult men, ages 18-40, both with and without autism spectrum disorders. The study involves several visits, including a brain MR-PET scan. Individuals who participate will be compensated.

part-­‐‑time” adjuncts  with  less  availability?    

WHY? *  Bentley  pays  these  professors  a  virtual  minimum  wage-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑they  teach   30%  of  all  courses  but  receive  only  4.6%  of  all  faculty  pay.   *  Adjuncts  cannot  earn  health  care  benefits:     they  have  no  contract  rights  or  bargaining  power.  

If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please contact us at:

WHY SHOULD  YOU  CARE?   *  Your  tuition  has  doubled  in  the  last  10  years    

Lurie Center Research Office 781-860-1711

while more  of  your  professors  are  less  available.   *  These  facts  damage  the  power  of  your  diploma:  Bentley’s  reputation.       ADJUNCTS  NEED  YOUR  SUPPORT!   IF  YOU  WANT  BETTER  FOR  YOURSELF  AND  BENTLEY,   SIGN  THE  PETITION  ONLINE.­‐‑treatment-­‐‑for-­‐‑bentley-­‐‑university-­‐‑adjunct-­‐‑faculty  

OSCARS PARTY Sunday, March 2

7:30PM Wilder Pavilion

Join Bentley TV and Bentley Film Club as we watch the Oscars! Ballot Competition, food, drinks, and prizes!

THE vanguard

FEBRUARY 27, 2014



and how they cannot be realistically applied to life today. The comedian frequently went on these apparent “tangents,” but would always bring it back to the original lesson. Offerman was able to relate the show to Bentley students, and college students everywhere, by talking about career goals. He urged the audience to never use the phrase “TGIF,” suggesting that everyone should find a career they love. What one individual may find boring, another may love. He

spoke about his close friend employed as an accountant. Offerman himself admitted to hating numbers, so not only was he thankful his friend took care of that business for him, he also praised him for finding his “jam.” The man loved what he did, and Offerman urged the audience to do the same. Along with career advice, the comedian spoke about the importance of having a hobby. An avid wood craftsman, Offerman has his own side business in woodworking. He stressed the importance of having something else to do when not working. He urged

NEWS the audience to find a hobby, and participate in this hobby rather than wasting hours on the internet. He asked everyone to think about how much they could accomplish if they used their time more efficiently. Offerman’s final lesson was the title of his book, Paddle Your Own Canoe. He urged the audience to just “think about it,” allowing everyone to have their own interpretation of the phrase. He closed the show by giving all the Parks and Recreation fans out there a chance to sing along as he belted out “Bye – bye, Li’l Sebastian.”

Courtesy of NABA


The cases require critical thinking of each team member.


Virginia Duffy/THE VANGUARD


That’s a good offer, man.

Even the Vanguard Staff needs a vacation.

student received a raffle ticket and a mobile phone external power supply. The prizes raffled off included a series of Amazon gift cards of varying monetary amounts ($25, $50, $100) and a gift basket. While also focusing on evaluating content, the judges were directed to evaluate the presentations of teams based upon a number of stringent structural criteria: the incorporation of relevant facts, the extent to which conclusions are logical and reasonable, full participation of all team members, the quality of answers to judges’ questions, and the appropriateness of the overall determined solution. Team presentations were limited to ten minutes each, and were conducted with only the three

judges and the proctor present in the room to maintain confidentiality in the evaluation proceedings. A member of the winning team in the 3-4 class code division, sophomore Jota Cordero commented on what students could gain from participating in the business bowl: “The event was a fantastic opportunity to improve my presentation skills and I networked with dozens of employers [from donor and sponsor companies] during the event.” The Bentley Business Bowl (BBB) Committee that put together the event every year is comprised of faculty and staff from the President’s Office, Center for Career Services, the Departments of Accountancy and Management and the Bentley Graduate School of Business. Without their tireless effort, the event could not have been such a success.


See you after Spring Break Falcons!

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february 27, 2014


Bentley community aims to put an end to “Fat Talk” photo editor

In case you missed the half-naked bodies hanging on posters on the third floor of Smith, or just looked at them quizzically without investigating further, I will fill you in on what they were about. The posters were part of a nation-wide campaign to end “fat talk.” The Bentley chapter of the movement is being facilitated by Develop U Peer Educators, the Counseling Center, the Center for Health and Wellness and HerCampus. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about what “fat talk” is, outline the dangers of such behavior and to propose solutions to the self-detrimental and critical language. So what exactly is “fat talk?” For those of you who saw the flyers around campus, you might say that they are bit overdramatic as they display scenarios that we find common and harmless (there are probably some still hanging around if you want to check it out). Those in support of the movement might disagree, claiming that any talk that refers to the appearance of others or yourself is dubbed “fat talk” and leads to unnecessary

and unhealthy criticism on the basis of unimportant measurements of beauty. The founders of the campaign, the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity, define fat talk as “any statement that reinforces the thin-ideal standard of beauty and contributes to women and men’s dissatisfaction with their bodies.” Some examples of fat talk include “you look great – have you lost weight?” or “I’ve gotta hit the protein shakes – we need to get ready for Spring Break!” Some of us, especially

as socially conscientious and appearance concerned young adults, find the idea that such phrases are negative to be a little absurd. In fact, many of us find ourselves using such language on a daily basis, especially with summer and bathing suit season just around the corner. So what is the problem with “fat talk,” no matter how innocent our intentions may be as we comment on how good one of our friends looks? Well the premise behind the movement “is to make

everything not so focused on body image” says Bentley peer educator, Brian. Rather, we should be concerned with “just enjoying life.” A very noble idea, but unfortunately it is forced to contest with a school and more generally a society that places too much importance on appearance, overlooking the less vain aspects of life. It is hard to change the culture of a world plagued by photoshopped advertisements of unhealthy models whose career centers around what they look like

Virginia Duffy/ THE VANGUARD

BY virginia duffy

This movement is to make everything not so focused on body ”image.”

in a mirror but this is not deterring those in support of the movement. If you were unable to grab some of the literature (or candy) from the display the past few days, I will list a few tips suggested to put an end to “fat talk” and perhaps curb your self-criticism. √ Spend time with friends who feel good about their bodies √ Avoid media that includes fat-talk or pictures of the thin or lean ideals √ Use mindfulness exercises like listening to your heartbeat to reduce stress and boost self-esteem √ Pledge to stop fat talk for yourself and others! These tips are aimed to “promote healthy living” as suggested by peer educator, Dawn. They are designed to place less emphasis on what someone looks like and more emphasis on how they feel. Some opponents may argue that the program perhaps endorses obesity but that is not the intention. Rather, putting an end to “fat talk” will replace importance on holistic and positive lifestyles. If you did not get a chance to sign the pledge, just visit www.bi3d. fattalkfreeweek to sign up and learn more about the nationwide campaign.

BY Michaela Stephenson News editor

In 2011, Bentley University received a $395,000 “challenge grant” from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). According to the independent federal agency’s website, the NEH “serves and strengthens our republic by promoting excellence in the humanities and conveying the lessons of history to all Americans.” Part of fulfilling this mission means awarding grants to various “cultural institutions” based on the proposals from these institutions. The proposals are examined by “panels of independent, external reviewers,” according to the NEH. It’s rare that a business university receives such a generous grant from a humanities agency. However, Bentley’s top-rated proposal garnered what is known as a “challenge grant.” This means that the university was responsible for matching the grant in a threeto-one ratio by the year 2016. Instead of taking the full five-and-a-half years, Bentley raised $1.185 million in less than three years. “The National Endowment for the Humanities is a very prestigious agency,” said

Gesa Kirsch. Kirsch is a Historical and Contemporary materials should be submitted professor of English and Problematic of Planning.” electronically by March Media Studies at Bentley and Students will “examine 15, 2014, to jmcmahon@ the director of the Valente the nature of planning,” The second Center for Arts and Sciences. projections, data-driven humanities program made “Obtaining an NEH grant is a forecasts, future visioning, and possible by the grant money very competitive endeavor. It’s utopian aspirations in both is the Visiting Humanities very much a credit to Bentley’s historical and contemporary Scholar Program. This is a growth and development in frameworks,” Kirsch. week-long program where the humanities that we’ve According to the Call for outside scholars come to the been awarded such a grant.” Student Fellows, interested university and give a public Kirsch is of course referring to students should “send a short address, visit classes, and Bentley’s curriculum “uniting C.V. (maximum 3 pages), an hold office hours. In addition, the rigor, relevance, creativity explanation of the research they will also “engage in a and intellectual dynamics of project they will be doing in working seminar with Bentley business and liberal arts,” either the fall of 2014 or spring faculty… and otherwise as stated on the university’s of 2015, and a brief description become immersed in campus website. The Valente Center of how the theme of the life,” said Kirsch. One of the for the Arts and Sciences Humanities Research Seminar visiting scholar’s this year is plans on using the funding on connects to that research. Sigridur Ingibjörg Ingadóttir, three special programs. The Apart from the C.V., application a member of the Icelandic first program is the Humanities materials should total no Parliament. Some examples Research Seminar and more than 500 words. All of previous outside scholars Affiliated Fellowships which look to “support teaching and research around a single interdisciplinary theme over the course of a year,” said Kirsch. This particular program includes faculty members from both Bentley and from other Boston-area schools. Five students can become a part of this program. The hope is that these students will work closely with the faculty to complete honors capstone projects or Liberal Studies Major projects. This first theme is “Intended Consequences? The In 2011, NEH granted Bentley University $395,000.

Courtesy of

Humanities-related programs funded by NEH grant included Kristen Anderson from the University of Houston and Pia Barro, a Chilean author. The third program supported by the grant money is the Undergraduate Fellows Seminars where a group of fifteen selected students and four faculty members, two from the arts and sciences and two from the business disciplines, study various books on a topic of interest. None of those involved have any familiarity with the subject, sparking interest debate. Last semester’s interest was “Democracy in America.” This year’s theme is “What Computers Can’t Do.” “The students and faculty members who have participated in the seminar tell me that it’s been a transformative experience for them, a highlight of their undergraduate studies or their experience as teachers, respectively,” said Kirsch. For those interested in participating in the fall seminar, Professor Mike Frank will be accepting application shortly. “Overall, this grant showcases how well Bentley has been able to enrich business education with the humanities. We are honored to be recognized by the NEH, and are thrilled to put these critical funds to such good use.”

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FEBRUARY 27, 2014



Lessons from an amateur binge watcher

Falcons share their thoughts.

If you could be teleported to one place right now, where would it be? jerry lan ‘17 MaJOR: undecided Courtesy of

I would like to be teleported to the bottom of the ocean because the experience would be so surreal - underwater life forms are so beautiful. Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood on House of Cards. BY Meghan ryan

Vanguard Staff Writer

Nick italia ‘16 MaJOR: accounting

Italy because I’m Italian.

chris salerno ‘16 MaJOR: economicsfinance

London. Because I want to go to Europe but can’t speak any other language.

sanjusha koll ‘16 MaJOR: finance

I would like to go to Africa because they have a hotel there with giraffes and giraffes are my favorite animal.

I regularly report on trends in the television and entertainment industries for the Vanguard, but before this semester I had never engaged in the latest fad – bingewatching. The term ‘bingewatch’ is defined by Urban Dictionary as “Consuming an entire TV series at once, rather than weekly.” That definition is followed by an example of its use: “I felt like hell all day because, I was up till 4:00 binge-watching Season 2 of Dexter.” While I have yet to see that particular hit drama, I now can relate to the feelings of sheer exhaustion and guilty pleasure from staying up all night to watch a wellwritten television series. After watching both Season 1 and 2 of Netflix’s award-winning program House of Cards in a little more than a week, I now can officially count myself among the ranks of bingewatchers. However, watching so much television in one sitting comes at a heavy price, one that Vanguard readers should be aware of before engaging in such obsessive viewing behavior. Binge-watching lesson #1: Make sure the show you choose to binge-watch is truly binge-worthy. House of Cards is a spectacular show, but the real reason I began watching it is because it was on a list of programs about

Congress to watch for my GLS course. However, it was entirely my own choice to binge-watch since the show’s cinematography, directing and acting are phenomenal. House of Cards certainly has earned the three Primetime Emmys it has garnered. Lead actors Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright’s performances are some of the best I’ve seen in any television series, including some on the more highly-acclaimed cable counterparts. The series as a whole is exciting, thought provoking and intriguing, with enough plot twists to keep it interesting without becoming confusing. Most importantly though, it is a program I felt wasn’t a waste of my time and attention. No matter what your preferences are for television or film, make sure what your watching is truly worth your time. Binge-watching lesson #2: Binge-watching will eat up your life. Once you’ve found a binge-worthy series, it’s hard to stop, so make sure that you actually have time to do so before you begin. This can be difficult, though still possible, in the midst of a busy semester. Snow days, weekends and vacations are the best times to binge-watch; I would not have been able to see 26 episodes of House of Cards had it not been for a few well-timed snowstorms. Binge-watching lesson #3: Do not forget that there is a

world outside your chosen television show. It can be pretty tempting to bingewatch without a break, but watching twenty-plus hours of television without emerging from your dorm is just a bad idea. Visit the library, talk with friends, eat a meal, do some homework, separate yourself a little bit from the program. Eventually the show will end and you’ll want some kind of social, academic and or professional life to return to. Binge-watching lesson #4: Binge-watch selectively – it is a guilty pleasure for a reason. Though there are a number of quality shows to binge upon, television is not worth putting your entire life on hold for. There are many on and offcampus activities that you can participate in – see the Vanguard events calendar on Page 2 if you’re looking for ideas. While I enjoyed my foray into binge-watching, I certainly prefer the company of my friends to that of House of Cards’s Congressman Frank Underwood. Though binge-watching is a very entertaining experience, there is some debate about its merits. Jim Pagels of Slate Magazine actively discourages his readers from binge-watching, arguing that it prevents them from savoring series. He says that watching television in increments allows individuals to have time to reflect on individual episodes, participate in fan communities and appreciate the suspense a cliffhanger can produce. Julia Bianco and Case Western of HuffPost College disagree, contending that individuals’ personal television viewing habits shouldn’t be stigmatized or judged, since “television is an escape, not a chore and you need to find the way that you enjoy it most.” My own experience with binge-watching has taught me that although there are some very real costs to losing sleep and time over TV, there is also something very rewarding about following a story arc from start to finish in a relatively short period of time.

radhika bansil ‘15 MaJOR: economicsfinance

I left my heart in Budapest when I studied there last semester and I would love to go back. If I could teleport anywhere I would go there.

Courtesy of


BY angela su the vanguard stAFF

In 2013, Netflix decided to create a series designed for the binge-watchers of America.


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FEBRUARY 27, 2014


Fixing scandal befalls Sochi Women’s Figure Skating Courtesy of

Nagano, Japan, Balkov was caught attempting to rig the ice skating competition. This led to him being suspended from the International Skating Union for a year. Viewers wonder whether both Shekhovtseva and Balkov should have been able to judge the competition, with Shekhovtseva’s conflict of interest and Balkov’s problematic history. The judges, as well as the generous scoring of the home ladies, have caused many to wonder if the legitimacy and integrity of the Olympics is being upheld. In fact, there is currently a petition, with over 2 million signatures, asking the International Skating Union to investigate the judgment of the competition. With the end of the Olympics, Kim has also ended her career with the announcement that she is retiring. Although she was only able to receive silver, she is definitely ending her career on a high note. She was able to almost flawlessly complete all her programs but was unfortunately beat out by Sotnikova. Yuna Kim’s gracefulness and talent will not be soon forgotten and everyone will highly anticipate Sotnikova’s program in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Courtesy of

The 2014 Women’s Figure Skating Competition for the Sochi Winter Olympics was held in the Iceberg Skating Palace where, as people all around the world already know, displeasure has been amplified even more with the results of the competition. Gold medal favorite, 23 year-old South Korean Yuna Kim, has been repeatedly reported to have been robbed of a gold medal by Russia’s own Adelina Sotnikova. Sotnikova, 17, was originally behind Kim at the end of the short program, but came out on top after the free skate. Many believed that since Kim completed her program without any major blunders, she would ultimately come out on top. Sotnikova, however, surprised the world by winning gold even after almost falling during one of her programs. Sotnikova, winning by a mere 5.48 points, was not even on the radar before entering the Olympics. Kim was already highly anticipated to be the top star with Russia’s 15 year-old wunderkind Julia Lipnitskaia being her biggest competitor. However, Lipnitskaia’s fall during her short program proved to be the

fatal blow in her chances for a medal. She managed to place 5th after the short program, beating out American Ashley Wagner. Wagner, who placed 6th after the short program, is noted for speaking out against the ridiculousness that a skater who fell could somehow manage to be ranked higher than a skater with a clean program. Aside from the judges being possibly too generous to Lipnitskaia, popular opinion is heavily focused on the surprising victory of Adelina Sotnikova. As South Korean outlets first reported, two of the judges who scored the ice skating events have possible conflicts of interest. Alla Shekhovtseva, wife of the general director of the Figure Skating Federation of Russia, is one of the judges caught up in the storm of complaints stemming from the results. Footage from the event shows Shekhovtseva as being one of the first to congratulate Sotnikova. The two shared a warm embrace after Sotnikova’s program; their apparently close relationship has caused onlookers to cry foul. Another judge causing the public to question the results is Ukraine’s Yury Balkov. During the 1998 Winter Olympics hosted in

Courtesy of

BY Meagan LIEU

Vanguard Staff Writer

© 2014 Ernst & Young LLP. All Rights Reserved. ED None.

Calculated net present values. Then netted a 10-pounder.

“Last month, I joined a team in San Francisco to start working on a Silicon Valley project. Come to find out, a few of the clients share my passion for fly-fishing. And some of the best in the world is just a short drive into the Northern Sierras. Needless to say, when we head out on weekends, we take the phrase ‘Gone Fishing’ to a whole new level.” See every amazing angle at


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FEBRUARY 27, 2014


Courtesy of

Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19bn, are they crazy?

Whatsapp creators Jan Koum and Brian Acton pose for a picture. BY jasper huang BUSINESS EDITOR

$4 billion in cash, 12 billion in stock, and $3 billion in restricted stock units – a grand total of $19 billion. That is the astronomical amount that Facebook paid to acquire WhatsApp, a cross-platform messaging service for smartphones. Think WeChat, Viber, LINE, KakaoTalk, and the like. WhatsApp is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and employs only 55 people. Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement regarding the acquisition that $19 billion was cheap, for a company like

WhatsApp. Zuckerberg says that WhatsApp’s current 450 million person user base is on its way toward growing to over a billion users. “The reality is that there are very few services that reach a billion people in the world. They’re all incredibly valuable, much more valuable than [$19bn],” said Zuckerberg in an interview, “I could be wrong. I don’t think I am.” Regardless of what the young Facebook CEO thinks about the future of WhatsApp, paying close to $20 billion for any company that has only been in the industry for five years is a big bet. We

can break down the thought process by thinking about the valuation process itself. For example, a cable goliath like Time Warner Cable is only worth $45 billion (Comcast buyout), but a five year old company that employs 55 people is worth almost half of that – what makes WhatsApp so valuable, exactly? The valuation of companies such as Time Warner Cable are much easier than valuing a company like WhatsApp. TWC’s assets and liabilities are readily available and well understood. When Comcast acquired Time Warner Cable, it was simply a matter of fig-

uring out their net worth and expected profitability. With the access to company data that comes with firms in talks of acquisition, the necessary financials were freely available to Comcast. But this is not the case with WhatsApp. When Facebook purchased WhatsApp, they were likely thinking about three key things: important and valuable intellectual property that Facebook would be able to use down the line, eliminating competition for Facebook in the messaging space with a buyout and preventing another competitor from purchasing the company first. Taking all of the above into account, it can be more easily understood that when WhatsApp was valued for $19 billion by Facebook, that figure not only took into account the current financials of WhatsApp, but also the present and future implications of the company’s technology in the industry. Therefore, the decision to purchase WhatsApp likely became a comparison scenario – Facebook’s revenues and profits with and without a WhatsApp buyout. It seems that Facebook came to the conclusion that it would lose money if it didn’t purchase WhatsApp and that $19 billion was a reasonable price tag for expected future profits from the acquisition. Another metric that puts the $19 billion in more rea-

sonable perspective is the price per user for the acquisition. WhatsApp’s 450 million user base is being acquired for $42 per person, which is not too far off the mark in this industry. Instagram was $28, Tumblr was $33 and in 2006, when YouTube was acquired by Google, it was for $48 per user. Finally, we can speculate on the potentially staggering implications of the triple threat of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp under the same umbrella. Though Facebook may continue to keep WhatsApp advertisement free, it can likely mine messages for ad content to be placed on Facebook/Instagram. Between these three apps alone, Facebook will be able to piece together a clearer picture of what you are doing at any given moment of your day and will be able to better target advertisement and application content to you. Is connectivity between all the electronics we use dayto-day the way of the future? Will you WhatsApp your buddy if they’re going to the Bruins game and a slew of StubHub and TicketMaster ads for sports games come up on your Facebook? All of these technological innovations serve the purpose of making our lives more convenient, more accessible… but does more convenience mean more surveillance?

The Jos. A. Bank and Men’s Warehouse drama Going into a new marriage, One can only wonder what is going through the happy couple-to-be’s minds. Will they be able to live together? Will their lives come together as one? How will this change their futures? Well the tuxedo rental company that provided the outfit for the groom’s men is struggling with these same questions and is starting to get cold feet. Jos. A Bank and Men’s Wearhouse, two of the largest men’s suiting retailers in the United States have been embattled in a calamitous attempt on both sides to buy each other. The story starts last October with Jos. A Bank (JOSB) making an unsolicited takeover offer of $2.4 billion to buy Men’s Wearhouse (MW). MW rejected that offer, but this past January the retailer of “you’re going to like the way you look,” turned around and offered $57.50 per share to take over JOSB. The deal came in with only a small premium and was meant as a tender offer to current shareholders. JOSB fired back by reducing the so called poison pill level making it much more difficult

for any one shareholder, in this case MW, to continue accumulating stock without risk of diluting all shareholders. On February 14, JOSB decided to bring a third suitor into the mix with the classic outdoorsy retailer Eddie Bauer. Eddie Bauer itself somewhat mixed up in a drama, having just emerged from the bankruptcy it fell into during the depths of the financial crisis. The JOSB offer is valued at around $825

million and contains both cash and stock components. JOSB also initiated a share buyback program with a premium to the current trading levels to offset the dilution of the Eddie Bauer deal. But wait there’s more! On Monday February 24, Men’s Wearhouse raised its bid for JOSB shares to $63.50 and JOSB stock jumped on the news. If this newly sweetened deal is approved it will likely mean the end for the

Eddie Bauer deal. The Eddie Bauer takeover contained a line item that allowed for JOSB to change its mind but they would have to pay Eddie Bauer $48 million to terminate the deal. This now 5 month saga is one marked with what can sound like almost conflicting facts. One company tries to buy the other, gets rejected, but then the company they wanted to buy offers to buy

them in a hostile takeover. Then the original hopeful acquirer puts on defensive moves both with its stock and by bringing in some other unrelated company. It all does sound like a giant episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. One can only hope that whatever Kimye or North West gets spawned from this continued chronicle ends up being a well suited marriage.

Courtesy of


Vanguard Staff Writer

The two companies have been trying to buy each other out, with Men’s Warehouse placing the latest bid.


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FEBRUARY 27, 2014


NOTES FROM ABROAD melissa clauss vienna, austria

you friendship Describe a l. with a loca have made ip is relationsh How has th ience? your exper influenced

Rebecca hyatt

glasgow, scotland

sitting together. She has been kind enough to invite me to the movies with some of her friends. They have the inside scoop about the university and know where the local hangouts are. One is a comedy club that they told me about, The Stand, which I may not have found out about had it not been for them. It has been great getting to know a fellow student. She is from England, not Scotland, so we are somewhat in the same boat, seeing that

we are both ‘outsiders’. Having someone who has been at the university for a while and knows the ins and outs is helpful to me so I am able to become more comfortable with my surroundings. She is part of the student life, and knows when activities, like Bingo, are going on at the student unions. It makes me feel more like a part of the university and a regular student, rather than an international exchange student.

Getting to know a fellow student has been one of Hyatt’s highlights in Scotland.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

After my first English Literature tutorial, I was walking out of class when one of the girls from the class came up to me and asked me a question. Since I didn’t exactly know how to get from the tutorial to our English class, I kept talking to her in order to follow her and make sure I got to class correctly. I sat with her and her friends in our lecture. From then on, we have been

ersity Bentley Univ treet 175 Forest S A 02452 Waltham, M

I was fortunate to befriend a local right off the bat, through Bentley as a connection nonetheless! He planned to study at Bentley in Fall 2014, so we bonded over sharing information from each other’s universities, learning about each other’s school systems and everything else over coffee and through city walks. My experience abroad was influenced by this relationship. Befriending someone from a completely different culture can be

utterly uncomfortable – you question your ignorance, worry about each silence in conversation and don’t know where the friendship will take you – but afterwards you gain a sense of confidence and become more relaxed. You realize that it’s not much different from forging a friendship anywhere else. Within a couple of hours we found ourselves debating the influence of super bowl ads and laughing over crazy party stories… conversations that I would have in America, at Bentley too!

Clauss found a prospective exchange student in Vienna.

A lesson from abroad

Using the Difference to Make a Difference One out of every four American children under the age of 18 goes to bed hungry. Take a second to read that statistic again. 25% of the children in America, a First World nation, do not have access to enough food. The issue is far more prevalent than I had ever imagined and it has made me take notice of all the waste that occurs. While studying abroad at Bond University in Australia during the fall of 2012, I learned that students had the option of donating their leftover meal plan money to charity. Their donations helped fund the Bond Sony Foundation Children’s Holiday Camp, which is completely free for the 25 disabled children who attend each year. Currently at Bentley University, meals and discretionary dollars are not transferable semester to semester and cannot be assigned to others. For this reason many students

aimlessly spend their leftover discretionary money at the end of each semester on extra soda, chips, or candy for the sake of not letting it go to waste. Other students may simply forget and end up leaving campus without depleting their funds. After hearing the startling statistic depicting the number of hungry children, I think it is crucial for Bentley University and its students to work together to make a difference. With approval by Bentley administration, we could start a program in which students can donate their leftover discretionary money to a local homeless shelter or food bank. There could even be an option for students to donate money throughout the year to provide food for those suffering from hunger. Did you really need that Mein Bowl at 2 a.m. last weekend? Wouldn’t it have been much more satisfying to be able to

help someone in need? Learning to make small changes in habits, such as using a reusable bottle instead of purchasing water, can leave students with extra money and give them the opportunity to help others. The University of California, Los Angeles, started a similar program in 2009 called Swipes for the Homeless. The program started with students using their meal “swipe” for to-go food that their peers would then hand-deliver to the homeless. After establishing a partnership with the dining services at UCLA, meal swipes could then be directly transferred into non-perishable goods. According to the Swipes for the Homeless website, over 100,000 pounds of food have been donated in Los Angeles since January 2012 as a result of the program. Swipes for the Homeless was also recognized by President Obama

as a “Campus Champion of Change.” I understand that the cost of the Bentley meal plan goes towards the upkeep of facilities as well. I have also learned that when determining the price of the meal plan, administration also considers the cost of heat, light, custodians, and other factors. However, if we initiated this program, Bentley could still retain the money from unused meal swipes each week. It would focus mainly on the discretionary cash aspect of the meal plan. The program seems fitting with Bentley’s dedication to social responsibility. Even our dining services website focuses on a community experience with “a shared sense of environmental and social responsibility.” The initiative could be paired with the Bentley Service-Learning Center to combine it with academic research on the issue of hunger and the Office of Sustainability to make

Rachael Dempsey A senior majoring in IDCC.

students more conscious of food waste on campus. From before even learning to talk, we are taught to share and be kind to others. We must not lose sight of these lessons as we grow older. By putting this issue of hunger at the forefront with the implementation of the suggested program, Bentley students may be inspired to become more proactive. It may start off small, with students simply donating the few dollars they have leftover, but has potential to make a far greater impact. By making all of us more aware of the issue and conscious of our own decisions, we can spark a movement and begin changing the statistics.


THE vanguard


FEBRUARY 27, 2014


Are you Lacking Vitamin D? has receptors for vitamin D, because vitamin D helps to regulate calcium in the body. The best and most natural way to get vitamin D is through sunlight. According to Precision Nutrition, “Exposing thirty percent of our unprotected skin (i.e. nonsunscreen coated, unclothed skin) for five to thirty minutes between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., three times a

week.” The body is designed to make vitamin D from exposure to the sun. This does not mean that you need to tan or burn in order to achieve the desired affect, but in order for your body to work properly, the skin needs to be clean in regards to sunscreen, moisturizers, and clothing. Being overly precautious, I don’t recommend this form too highly in the sum-

mer months because of the harsh ultraviolet rays that cause burning and eventually lead to skin cancer. Walking around with a timer set to fifteen minutes of sun exposure isn’t practical either. The best way to gauge the amount of time would be walking to class from lower campus. If you are not an outdoors person, vitamin D can be found in certain foods, such

The best and most natural way to get vitamin D is through sunlight.


Have you ever heard of vitamin D? The first thought that you probably have is “doesn’t that comes from the sun?” To clarify, vitamin D “refers to a group of fat-soluble compounds that serve as pre-hormones, or hormone precursors, to the active form of vitamin D called calcitriol.” According to several recent studies, many people don’t have the necessary amount of vitamin D they need for supporting teeth, bone, and immune health. When this is the case, many doctors recommend supplements to help people reach their ideal level of vitamin D intake. Vitamin D can be attained in D2 (ergocalciferol) and D3 (cholecalciferol) supplements. Vitamin D is extremely important for a variety of reasons; it can help prevent cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, autoimmune disorders, and even certain cancer cells. Interestingly, nearly every cell in the human body

ANGELA HART A senior majoring in Marketing. as tuna, mackerel, beef liver, cheese, milk, egg yolks, mushrooms, orange juice, margarine, and soy beverages. The simplest way would be to try having a glass of orange juice with your breakfast each morning. Although vitamin D is extremely important, too much vitamin D can lead to kidney stones. When trying to maintain a healthy balance, it is best to be aware of the potential side affects. The next time you are going outside or putting a meal together, consider your vitamin D intake and see if you make small changes to be just a little healthier. To read further or learn more about vitamin D, please visit: stop-vitamin-d


Love and Forgive ten to him so bad he could barely speak and it was too emotional for me to bear, so I went home. By the time I had arrived, he had passed away. Even though I didn’t have the relationship I wish I had, I missed him more than I thought I would. Let go of the anger.” I cannot comprehend this post. I cannot come to terms with it at all: Anger towards your parents. I cannot contemplate the reasons behind having so much anger built up against your parents that the next time you talk to them, they are on their death bed. I cannot contemplate having so much hatred, that it takes death to make you realize how much you miss them. Now I cannot be the judge of how different parents act. I didn’t have an alcoholic parent, or an abusive one, so I have no way of empathizing with people who do. But I know a

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The clock inched towards 1 AM. It was late and I could feel the veins in the back of my head throb, begging me to shut my eyes. I hadn’t slept for ages now and even though I was sure my mind would’ve exploded at the very thought of staying awake, I had to complete my nightly ritual. Take my glasses off, put them next to me and then proceed to check every social media site for 5 minutes each. By the time it was 1:05, I had covered Instagram, checked the stock market (for some reason I thought it was going to change at 1AM on a Saturday night, but one can hope right?) and moved on to Facebook, because Twitter was so last year. During my Facebook perusal, I saw what might have been the only post that made me tear. “This time last year, I was visiting my father in the hospital. The cancer had got-

Parents are not perfect, but that is no reason to hate them.

little something about parents not being there. I know a little something about parents being so over protective that they in a way close you off. I grew up in an environment where my father was at work from 7-6, came home, had dinner and went to bed. Out of all the prestigious awards I have won over the years, my father had come to maybe 10% of them. Out of all the times that I had done something right, I wasn’t commended very much. I had nearly aced my IGCSE’s (a board exam from the UK), getting a solid 98.9% on them. The results came out at 6:30AM. Overjoyed, I proceeded to tell my father. His reaction? He looked at the results, nodded and left for work. I mean the man never even came to my graduation. His stayed home during the graduation of the last of his child, his only son to graduate. I also worked for him once. He screwed me out of my own salary. Hard earned money (around $900) that I had made never made to me. Both my parents are sort of paranoid and with the bad world out there, they should be. But with me, it was a whole different case of paranoia. I have never been to a party. Ever. Period. Not a birthday party, not a weekend party, not a sleepover. Nothing. In my whole lifetime util I came to college, I had only been out 3 times in my entire life. I hadn’t gone over to friends’ houses, at least not with them knowing. Now apparently, the typi-

cal response of an American teenager is hate. My father didn’t come to my graduation, how dare he. My parents didn’t let me go out, how dare they, usually a heated bedroom door slamming ensues. But they forget the rest. My father works 7-6 so that I can go to a good college in the States. He works so that he can put food on the table. He works for the whole extended family. His siblings rely on him and he does what he has to to help them. My mother, who never studied anything beyond 10th grade and knows little English, home-schooled me until I was in fifth grade. She knew nothing of what I was saying, she didn’t understand a single word, but there she was, staying up late making sure I succeeded. There wasn’t a time where she didn’t fight with my father to allow me a better education. When my father refused to pay for extra tuition (he said it was where stupid people went), my mother paid for it herself, even if it meant that she couldn’t use it for herself. She has prayed for my success and been for me every step of the way. My point with all this is, my parents weren’t perfect. But that’s not a reason for me to hate them. They’ve done so much for me. They’ve gone through hell and back for me that I cannot be mad at them. No doubt there are times where I might get a bit infuriated, but there’s nothing that my parents can do to make me angry, or to make me hate them.

USAMA SALIM A freshman with an undecided major. Parents will do what they think is best for their children. They’re human, so they won’t always be right. Now like I said, I don’t know how bad some parents are and what it can lead to, but I take solace in the fact that I spent 9 months in the womb of a another human being. I gave her mood swings, I gave her pain from hell as she bore me. I gave her hell and she gave him hell. She ate for two and he paid for two. When I came out, I cried and wailed. I kept them both up at night. They lived through it. They survived it. I have no reason to be angry. The amount a mother worries and the amount a father cares cancels out any effect they produce as a result of their actions. My advice to you out there is simple: forgive your parents. I cannot ask you to forget because that would be purely hypocritical, but I can ask you to forgive. The pain of a mother carrying a baby and the pain of paying for it by a father is enough as is. You don’t want to end up missing them when they are no longer there. You don’t want to end up longing to see them one last time when they’re in another place. You certainly don’t want to wish you had said sorry when you could once you no longer can. Love and forgive. Love and forgive.


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FEBRUARY 27, 2014



A Renzi Revolution? Bangkok, Caracas and Kiev have been at different levels of smoldering over the past few weeks. Protesters in Thailand, Venezuela and Ukraine have all been demanding the departure of the leaders of their countries. The heat was too much for Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine and by Saturday, he had left the kitchen. Nicolas Maduro and Yingluck Shinawatra seem less likely to be forced out of office. That lives have been lost and livelihoods destroyed as protesters fight for a better government and an improved quality of life for themselves and their children is tragic. Thankfully, a more serene changing of the guard has occurred in Italy. Thirty nine year old Matteo Renzi became Italy’s youngest ever prime minister after being sworn in last week. Renzi, mayor of Florence for five years before his political upgrade, was asked by Italian president, Giorgio Napolitano, to form a new government. This was necessitated after incumbent Prime Minister Enrico Letta was ousted in a vote called by the centreleft Democratic Party Renzi

leads. Predictably, the brief handover ceremony that saw Letta symbolically hand over power to Renzi was devoid of smiles and eye contact. Italian politics is in such a state that Renzi’s public popularity is partially attributable to his relative lack of involvement in front line politics. With a youth unemployment rate exceeding forty percent and the third highest level of public debt in the ‘developed’ world, the Italian economy is not faring much better than Italian politics. Renzi’s route to the top has not been to everyone’s taste. After being elected leader of the Democratic Party in December, Renzi rejected suspicions that he would undermine then sitting Prime Minister Enrico Letta, his Democratic Party counterpart. Renzi promised to only seek the premiership through the ballot box. Suspicions proved justified as slowly but surely Renzi began criticizing the pace of reforms began to of Letta’s government. Renzi’s partnership with Silvio Berlusconi to try and draft a new election law has also drawn the ire of

some members of his party who complain that Renzi is aiding the image rehabilitation of the disgraced former Prime Minister. The electoral reforms Renzi is aggressively pursuing are arguably necessary for the stability and effectiveness of future Italian governments. If successful, electoral reforms should see a clear winner at elections, removing the need for broad based coalitions with smaller parties that currently plague standing administrations. The current electoral system is partially responsible for the fact that Renzi is the Italy’s third consecutive unelected premier. Indeed, only one out of the sixty Italian administrations since WWII has survived its full term. The streamlining and shrinkage Renzi aims to apply to the Italian parliament will be met with strong opposition. Getting the Senate to vote for the abolishment of the Senate is a trick many would like to see him pull off. Renzi’s administration plans to cut payroll taxes amongst other labor reforms with the aim of making hiring and firing

easier to improve the longsuffering labor market. To fund labor reforms, the government has proposed increasing taxes on financial earnings. With two trillion euro public debt and an EU mandate that states budget deficits must be less than three percent of GDP, Renzi has vowed to pursue his transformational agenda whilst healing Italy’s public finances. The healing process may be particularly painful as Italy’s arrears are valued at about one hundred billion euros. Renzi’s cabinet announcement received mixed reviews. Half of his sixteen ministers are women, the highest proportion in Italian history. With a 47.8 years average age, Renzi’s low profile cabinet is also youngest cabinet in recent Italian history. The appointment of the widely respected Pier Carlo Padoan, the chief economist of the OECD as Finance Minister received praise across the board. Not everybody was impressed by Renzi’s cabinet. La Repubblica, the Italian newspaper, described the cabinet as, “a boiled chicken

KEVIN D. LARYEA A junior majoring in economicsfinance. soup which disappoints even the most lukewarm expectations.” Matteo Renzi will have to rely on the cross-party alliance with the centre-right NDC party which hampered Enrico Letta’s attempts to get Italy back on track. Though his broad coalition managed to win the crucial confidence vote in his new government by 169 votes to 139 on Tuesday, his predecessor won 173 votes in the same Senate vote in December. His inability to receive more support than the man he effectively pushed out of office has raised eyebrows as to how stable and effective Renzi’s administration will be. The haste and boldness which has typified him until now may be the key to breaking Italy’s deep economic and political malaise. In Renzi’s words, “We only have one chance. This is it… If we fail, the fault will be mine alone.”


The Unusual Case of Scottish Independence manufacturing and energy is produced in Scotland and the service and finance industries is headquartered in England. Now this is a generalization but even a subtle difference in economic structures is important to note. The fact that Scotland is rich in energy for example has become the talking point for many separatists. They believe that Scottland could easily sustain itself without England because it has all the energy it needs. This ignores the factors that benefit members of the same country. In the U.K., people in London easily with no additional interference

can invest in Scotland. Putting another barrier is unlikely to help Scotland. Just because these resources exist does not mean they will be invested in or used. With most of the finance in the U.K. done in London, it will be hard to for Scotland to invest in renewable energies such as wind, solar and the like. Arguing energy independence may be of no good use to the separatists if their investments come from London. This is absolutely ignorant of comparative advantage. Besides the issue of decreased investments if barriers increase, the bigger

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The news of Scottish independence is not as important to the United States as it is to the United Kingdom. Of course this is no surprise as such an event may have little to no effect on Americans; however, I find that there were some interesting things regarding economics involved with the upcoming referendum vote. While it seems the Scottish nationalists want nothing to do with England they do want to keep the perks of being part of Her Majesty’s Empire. Scotland’s economic system has been very much mixed with the rest of the UK. The

The British Sterling is just as much a Scottish right as it is a British one according to Cowell and Castle.

issue for Scotland that has come from the developing referendum, is that Scotland still wants to keep the British Pound. According to a New York Times article by Stephen Castle and Alan Cowell, the nationalists’ argument is that the Pound Sterling is as much a Scottish right as a British one. Such an argument really has no place in economics, as to whether the Pound is intrinsically Scottish or British, but what is interesting is how the Bank of England will treat the possibility of a monetary union. As the United Kingdom is not part of the European monetary union, it is safe to assume that they would dislike creating a similar plan with Scotland. It has nothing to do with how much the Pound is a part of their history, but the Bank of England’s opinion that without fiscal policy unity, monetary policy would be ineffective. The debate regarding the European Central Bank’s effectiveness is still raging in economic circles today especially where Europe continues to deal with disinflation and unemployment in many countries. When the Euro system was created many noted that it would be the best economic move ever or the worst and like the Bank of England, the economists that opposed it cited that the lack of fiscal policy

Al-MAHDI EBSIM A freshman majoring in economicsfinance. unity can make monetary policy ineffective and can cause the monetary state to deteriorate. Today in Europe, Germany is performing well; however Italy, France, Spain, Greece and many others are struggling with double-digit unemployment, anchoring the European Union. This leads to the general euroskepticism in the England and makes it highly unlikely that Scotland will be permitted to use a similar method with the British Pound. While the discussion of fiscal and monetary policy unity is important, what must be noted is that if Scotland were to separate and want to keep the Pound then the United Kingdom would be forced to stop Scotland in its tracks to prevent it from influencing politics. Part of me wants the union to break up and to see a central bank develop in Scotland. Their monetary history is incredibly interesting with a long free banking period. Its unlikely that the left leaning Scotland would ever propose such policy but the thought of a new central bank in a developed country is extremely interesting.


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FEBRUARY 27, 2014


Vanguard Staff Writer

The men and women’s indoor track teams took their starting marks at the Northeast-10 Championships this past weekend. A majority of the team has been preparing for this tournament since the end of the cross-country season, when the runners made the transition from outdoors to indoors. The Falcons put in work all season and trained on and off the track to get ready for the ultimate race – the NE-10’s. Earlier this season, senior Ashley Nichols walked us through the daily routine of a track runner. When asked about the intensity of training for this season, she said there are days that look like this: “class, track practice, another class, a second run, weight/core workout, homework, sleep, and repeat – for weeks on end.” For this reason, she explained the importance of team chemistry and praised her teammates for always motivating one another to do their best. It’s easy to see how exhausting the track season is, especially given this cold winter weather, hence the importance of a positive attitude while training. In all, it seems that the hard work paid off for many of the competitors representing Bentley. Sophomore Edy-Elliot

Uthman-Olukokun finished first in the 200 meter race and continued his success by scoring third in the 60 meter race. Furthermore, his time in the 60 meter race simultaneously tied the school record that has been held for over two decades! Sophomore Conor Hichens also secured a third place victory for his distance in the triple jump. Overall the men’s team placed seventh, behind Southern Connecticut, Stonehill, American International, Adelphi, Franklin Pierce, and New Haven, despite having strong individual performances. The women also had impressive individual showings. All-American graduate student, Amy Varsell, became a six-time NE-10 Conference champion in the mile. After this victory, she was still able to finish the 1000 meter race in second place. Nichols also had a successful meet, finishing second in the 5000 meters, which makes her second on Bentley’s all-time list. Overall, the women placed eighth with the help of many fifth and sixth place finishes for the meet. Both the men and women will be competing at Boston University for the New England Championships this upcoming weekend and hope to continue their successful season.

Amy Varsell completes the mile at Northeast-10 Championships.

Courtesy of Sports Information Office

BY emily ellis

Courtesy of Sports Information Office

Hard work pays off for Falcons at NE-10 Championships

Senior Ashley Nichols qualified for the NCAAs in the 5000 meters.

Bentley’s hockey performance as of late can be compared to that of our country’s national team. Any given game they can dominate teams, but they can often look like a completely lesser team (see the Finland game). This past weekend, the falcons dropped both games to Sacred Heart University (a team most would pick Bentley to beat), but remain in second place in the Atlantic Hockey Conference. That being said, their second place seeding is in serious jeopardy, as they stand only two points ahead of the fifth place team, the equivalent of a single win. Only the top four teams receive a first round bye and are guaranteed a second round home series. To guarantee a top four seed and first round bye, Bentley needs to do is win a single game against American International College this upcoming weekend. The two teams have met once already this season, with the AIC Yellow Jackets winning 8-7 in a shootout victory. Since that first game against the Yellow Jackets, the two teams have turned in very different directions: The

falcons soaring to the top of the conference and AIC sinking to the near bottom. However, just because AIC is eight spots below Bentley, it does not at all mean taking the series will be an easy task. As last weekend’s loss to Sacred Heart made evident, anything is possible in this conference and the same is true throughout college hockey. Because the top five teams in the AHA are so close to each other, Bentley faces a variety of scenarios for final regular season seeding. Connecticut and Air Force both stand a single point behind Bentley and since the Falcons hold the tiebreaker over both teams, a win and a tie this weekend would clinch them the #2 seed for the AHA tournament. The only way Bentley hockey cannot receive a first round bye is if they loose both games to AIC and if Robert Morris University takes both games or wins one and ties the other against first place Mercyhurst. The odds of that happening are slim but you really never know what you are going to get with this conference. Friday night at the John A. Ryan Skating Arena, the falcons will square off with AIC in yet another huge matchup for the team, with buses leaving Collins at 6:15.

Sophomore Derek Bacon assisted in Brett Switzer’s goal.

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BY ethan hall

Vanguard Staff Writer

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Falcons look to solidify #2 seed this weekend

Andrew Gladiuk scored his 22nd goal of the season against Sacred Heart.


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Remarkable run by the Lady Falcons BY kunaal murthy


Vanguard Staff Writer


School NE-10 Overall American Int’l 8 1 0 9 3 0 Stonehill 8 1 0 8 3 0 New Haven 7 2 0 8 3 0 Assumption 6 3 0 6 5 0 Merrimack 5 4 0 7 4 0 Bentley 4 5 0 6 5 0 LIU Post 3 6 0 5 6 0 Southern Conn. 3 6 0 3 8 0 Saint Anselm 1 8 0 1 10 0 Pace 0 9 0 0 11 0

FIELD HOCKEY Courtesy of Sports Information Office


Jen Gemma scored 16 points off the bench. of the four number 1 overall seeds in the tournament and a rematch will likely be the case again this year. However, Stevens will try to turn around the heartbreak of last year and go much deeper into the tournament that culminates in the championship game that will take place in Erie, Pennsylvania this year.

Bentley’s win on Saturday gave the program its second best start in school history, moving to 25-0 for the season. First, though, the Falcons will focus on getting the job done at the NE-10 tournament. One benefit of having the #1 seed for the tournament is that the team will have home-court advantage. This means that Bentley’s enthusiastic fans will be in full force at the Dana Center to cheer on the falcons as they attempt to progress on this truly outstanding season. Other schools in the

Courtesy of Sports Information Office

Bentley’s women basketball team continued their remarkable season on Saturday with a win against rival Stonehill College. This game, however, had a different feeling to it, as it was Senior Day for the Falcon girls. The five seniors on the team were able to enjoy the pre-game festivities before they hit the court and played yet another solid game in front of many students and fans. Three graduate students on the team were also honored before the game. Bentley shot 43.9% from the field and grabbed an impressive 39 rebounds en route a 79-74 win. The usual suspects performed once again, particularly guard Courtney Finn, who led Bentley in scoring with 19 points. Senior star forward Lauren Battista also had a great performance, recording 15 points and 4 assists. Bentley’s win on Saturday gave the program its second best start in school history, moving to 25-0 for the season. The win also gave Coach Barbara Stevens her 750th win at Bentley. Looking ahead, Bentley will grab the #1 overall seed in the Northeast-10 Conference Tournament which begins on February 28. However, with that #1 seed, Bentley will have a first-round bye and its first game will be on March 2 at home. The Falcons are a clear favorite to win the NE-10 championship for the fourth year in a row. Now managing one of the best teams in the nation, Coach Stevens will look to bring this confidence going in to the national Division II tournament, following the conference championship. Last year, Bentley was upset by Dowling College in the D-II tournament 5351. The Falcons were one

FEBRUARY 27, 2014

Lauren Battista won the national scholar athlete award.

Northeast division likely to make Bentley work for their wins are Stonehill, Assumption, Franklin Pierce and Saint Anslem. All of whom have winning records thus far and will look to make a surprising run in the conference tournament. At an overall look of Division II women’s basketball, Bentley sits atop the rankings at #1 in the USA Today Coach’s poll. 30 of the 32 votes gave Bentley the #1 ranking in the latest polls, which were updated on February 18. Colorado Mesa is the only other school that is undefeated thus far and they respectably stand at #2 in the nation. Rounding out the top 5 is West Texas A&M, Harding and Gannon, respectively. Bentley is also first place in the East for the regional rankings. So, as the women’s basketball team caps off another tremendous season under the reign of Coach Stevens, leaders of the team will surely rise and help the Falcons soar to new heights. The team will look to its leaders in the playoffs to guide them to victory. Finn and Battista, will be paving the way for the Falcons as they hope to finish the season on a high note against Franklin Pierce and begin the long road to hoisting the D-II Championship trophy at the end of the tournament in March. However, with the amount of depth on the roster, don’t be surprised if a dark horse gives the Falcons the spark they need to push them to a win. From the very first game of the season back in November when the Falcons beat Holy Family handedly 81-68, the team has remained focused and has put themselves in a position to succeed in the postseason.. The women’s basketball team has represented the school very well this season and they hope to receive all the support they can get as they head to the postseason in the coming weeks.

School NE-10 Overall LIU Post 10 0 0 21 1 0 Merrimack 9 1 0 14 6 0 Stonehill 8 2 0 18 4 0 Bentley 5 5 0 11 8 0 Adelphi 5 5 0 11 9 0 Saint Anselm 4 6 0 6 11 0 Southern Conn. 4 6 0 5 14 0 American Int’l 3 7 0 8 10 0 Assumption 3 7 0 7 11 0 St. Michael’s 3 7 0 6 12 0 Franklin Pierce 1 9 0 3 15 0

MEN’S BASKETBALL NE-10 STANDINGS - NORTHEAST DIVISION School NE-10 Overall Franklin Pierce 11 3 0 16 3 0 Saint Anselm 11 4 0 13 6 0 St. Michels 9 5 0 14 5 0 Bentley 8 7 0 14 7 0 Southern N.H. 8 7 0 11 8 0 Merrimack 6 9 0 8 12 0 Assumption 3 11 0 6 13 0 Stonehill 3 11 0 5 14 0

NE-10 STANDINGS - SOUTHWEST DIVISION School NE-10 Overall Southern Conn. 13 2 0 19 2 0 New Haven 10 5 0 15 6 0 Le Moyne 9 5 0 12 8 0 St. Rose 7 7 0 10 10 0 American Int’l 6 8 0 9 12 0 Adelphi 2 12 0 4 16 0 Pace 2 12 0 4 16 0

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL NE-10 STANDINGS - NORTHEAST DIVISION School NE-10 Overall Bentley 21 0 0 26 0 0 Stonehill 14 7 0 17 8 0 Assumption 13 8 0 17 9 0 Franklin Pierce 12 9 0 15 11 0 Merrimack 11 10 0 15 11 0 Saint Anselm 8 13 0 12 14 0 Southern N.H. 5 16 0 7 19 0 St. Michael’s 3 18 0 4 21 0

NE-10 STANDINGS - SOUTHWEST DIVISION School NE-10 Overall New Haven 9 5 0 15 5 0 Adelphi 9 6 0 14 7 0 Le Moyne 8 7 0 12 9 0 Southern Conn. 7 7 0 13 7 0 St. Rose 7 7 0 11 9 0 American Int’l 4 10 0 9 11 0 Pace 3 11 0 4 16 0


School NE-10 Overall New Haven 14 0 0 28 5 0 St. Rose 11 3 0 19 5 0 Bentley 11 3 0 17 10 0 Adelphi 10 4 0 19 13 0 Franklin Pierce 9 5 0 14 9 0 Stonehill 9 5 0 18 14 0 Merrimack 9 5 0 17 15 0 American Int’l 8 6 0 14 16 0 Southern N.H. 7 7 0 12 12 0 Southern Conn. 5 9 0 17 13 0 St. Michael’s 4 10 0 12 12 0 Le Moyne 3 11 0 9 17 0 Assumption 3 11 0 6 17 0 Saint Anselm 2 12 0 7 20 0 Pace 0 14 0 4 26 0

HOCKEY AHA STANDINGS School NE-10 Mercyhurst 13 2 4 Bentley 11 4 4 Connecticut 11 5 3 Airforce 10 6 3 Robert Morris 10 6 3 Canisius 9 8 2 Niagara 8 8 3 Rochester Inst. 7 10 2 Holy Cross 6 10 3 American Int’l 6 12 1 Sacred Heart 6 13 0 Army 3 16 0

Overall 15 10 5 13 9 4 13 8 4 15 9 4 10 13 3 10 14 2 8 15 3 8 14 4 7 16 3 7 18 1 7 19 0 3 20 0



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FEBRUARY 27, 2014


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Inter-Fraternity Basketball League off to a fun start

The Inter Fraternity Sports League is hosting an basketball league this semester. BY Matt gustus sports editor

To those of us outside of Greek life, our image of what goes on within a fraternity is somewhat limited. We picture over the top parties and drinking 24/7, as is shown in classic movies like Animal House and Old School. However, there are many other activities that go on behind the scenes that are less publicized but are a big part of life as a brother. These other activities can include numerous philanthropic programs, brotherhood events and networking nights which all provide students a chance to enhance their Bentley experience. You’ve probably seen flyers around campus for some of these various events and maybe you’ve attended a few: Kappa Sigma’s Wings for Warriors Competition or Sigma Pi’s Pie Eating Contest, for example. However, there is one social

aspect of fraternities that flies under the radar: The Inter Fraternity Sports League. During the three seasons that school is in session there is always a sport being played, with football in the fall, basketball in the winter and softball in the spring. “The sports that we play are football, basketball and softball,” said Chris McLeod, a Sigma Chi brother, who serves as the coordinator for the fraternity’s intramural sports. “They all are very popular, it really just depends on what sport you like the most. Softball is one of the favorites since it is in the spring time and its warm out.” Currently, the basketball season is getting underway. The games are played on weekend afternoons and support from all brothers can be heard throughout the Dana Center. Players come with their minds focused on earning their fraternity bragging




The men’s basketball team earned the fifth seed in the Northeast Division as they head into the Northeast-10 Conference Tournament. As a result, they will travel to Saint Rose in the first round on Friday night. The winner will then travel to Saint Anselm on Sunday in the conference quarterfinals. In the teams’ only regular season meeting this year, Bentley shot almost 47 percent from three-point land as they won a shootout 95-87 at the Dana Center. Both teams will be looking to use hot shooting to help them survive and advance.

rights, while other brothers are there to show their support, lined all the way around the court. Some brothers have even been known to show up in a full suit and serve the role of coach for their squads. Last weekend, the teams laced up their shoes and began their quest for a title. Sigma Chi took on Alpha Epsilon Pi in each team’s first game of the season. Although the game remained close, Alpha Epsilon Pi was able to pull away in the second half behind solid shooting and good team play to take home their first win. Despite the loss, Sigma Chi believes they will be a tough team as the season plays on. As a member of Sigma Chi’s basketball team, McLeod feels that his team will be able to rebound from the early season loss. “Alpha Epsilon Pi looked strong against us,” said McLeod, when asked his pre-

diction of how this season would shape up. “I haven’t been able to see the other teams play yet, but I feel confident if we get some of our big guys down low working hard and our shooting fine-tuned we can make a deep run.” Thinking back to this past fall, McLeod remembered one moment that stood apart from the rest as his favorite moment of his IFSL career. “My favorite moment would have to be playing in the rain on the football field,” he said. “Everyone likes a good old fashion mud bowl.” In most fraternity sports leagues, there is a simple point system that helps determine which fraternity is the best athletically. Winning one of the sports leagues earns a fraternity points, while each subsequent place a team finishes behind gets less and less points. In the end, the team with the most points not only wins

a super-sized trophy to be kept on display at their house, but they also get the bragging rights for the next full year that they were the best. Not a bad marketing tool when recruiting freshmen the next year. For McLeod, the comradery that comes with playing in the IFSL is something he really enjoys. “It’s a lot of fun to compete against the other fraternities on campus,” he said. “It leads to good friendly competition.” Playing in the IFSL exemplifies the lesser known attributes of fraternities that help explain why members of fraternities feel such a deep connection with their brothers. Not only that, but the friendly competition that comes along with it is a great platform for students to blow off steam from the stresses of the academic grind. As the basketball season continues on, the teams will be looking to make their mark in the IFSL.


a. varsell YeAR graduate student


burlington, conn


middle distance

Bentley University graduate student and six-time All-America Amy Varsell (Burlington, Conn./Lewis S. Mills HS) is this week’s Falcon of the Week following her outstanding performance in the Northeast-10 Conference championships on Saturday at the Reggie Lewis Center. Varsell earned her sixth Northeast-10 championship by placing first in the mile with a time of 4:58.59, a winning margin of 3.66 seconds. She also took second in the 1000 with her 2:56.64 bettering the existing meet record and coming within 0.27 seconds of the school record. Varsell, a standout in the classroom as well as on the track, will compete in the New England Championships this weekend at Boston University before closing out her exceptional career at the NCAA Division II Championships next month in Winston Salem, N.C.


Bentley Vanguard Last February Issue for 2014


Bentley Vanguard Last February Issue for 2014