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Work for the rights and dignity of people experiencing homelessness and trying desperately to escape the cycle of poverty in America. The National Health Care for the Homeless Council is a membership organization that has grown from 19

institutions to over 200 organizations since being founded in 1986. Our members serve nearly one million individuals per year at thousands of locations throughout the United States.

OUR COMMUNITY Commit to join the National HCH Council, and the membership benefits extend beyond the discounted learning opportunities we offer. Membership brings you into our networks and committees. You can contribute to professional research, clinical guideline updates, or policy change in Washington, D.C. You will find amazing colleagues who share in your work.

OUR RESEARCH The National HCH Council strives daily to deliver the best research to enhance the care and support for people experiencing homelessness. Our research is unique, generated by a practice-based research network comprised solely of homeless health care providers from across the country.

OUR KNOWLEDGE Thousands of individuals participate in the conferences, trainings, and webinars we conduct throughout the country each year. Meet your colleagues and earn continuing medical education credits and other continuing education credits through the National Health Care for the Homeless Council.

1.6 MILLION PEOPLE EXPERIENCE HOMELESSNESS ANNUALLY, 650,000 PER NIGHT. -U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development


“The National Health Care for the Homeless Council has provided me, my staff, and our organization exceptional support throughout the years.” -Heidi Nelson, CEO, Duffy Health Center; Hyannis, MA

“The National HCH Council is the leading policy expert in health care for people experiencing homelessness.” -Tom Andrews, President, St. Joseph Mercy Care Services; Atlanta, GA




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Visit to join the National Health Care for the Homeless Council.

ARE YOU A HEALTH CARE CLINICIAN? The Health Care for the Homeless Clinicians’ Network is the nation’s leading membership organization connecting hands-on providers from many disciplines. The Clinicians’ Network fosters professional growth among nurses, physicians, social workers, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, outreach workers, case managers, substance abuse counselors, mental health therapists, dentists, pharmacists, psychologists, and students in the field of homeless health care. It provides a forum for members to share the latest information and research, and to make formal recommendations about clinical practice. The Clinicians’ Network’s educational offerings, quarterly newsletter Healing Hands, Adapted Clinical Guidelines and other resources will connect you to the best practitioners and models of care in the HCH field.

ARE YOU A RESPITE CARE PROVIDER? The Respite Care Providers’ Network is the preeminent national voice for those who are simply too ill to languish in the streets. The RCPN supports the development of new and existing medical respite programs through education, client advocacy, and research. The mission of the Respite Care Providers’ Network is to improve the health status of individuals who are homeless by supporting programs that provide medical respite and related services.

HAVE YOU EXPERIENCED HOMELESSNESS? The National Consumer Advisory Board is composed of homeless and formerly homeless persons. They have been clients of health care for the homeless projects across the country and are involved in the governance of those local agencies through their local consumer advisory boards. The mission of NCAB is to be the vehicle for consumers of health care for the homeless projects and to become a collaborative voice on national issues.

GET INVOLVED Join the National HCH Council for your organization or as an individual. Get involved in one of our committees, attend a webinar or training, and work with us for universal access to health care, affordable housing regardless of income, livable wages, supportive services, and strong and effective safety net programs. Individual membership is free at

BE INFORMED The National HCH Council offers you insight into what is happening in Washington, D.C. through policy statements and rapid legislative response. Healing Hands is our award-winning publication for clinicians in the field, and the Research Coordinating Committee regularly publishes its findings on our website, in newsletters, and in leading academic journals. Council News is distributed bi-monthly and it covers all aspects of our work. Sign up to receive these updates and other newsletters at

STAY CONNECTED Get the latest news from the field and follow our work through social media. Like us at and follow us on Twitter @NatlHCHCouncil.

To strengthen this vital safety net, make a contribution to the National Health Care for the Homeless Council at donate.

“TOGETHER, WE WORK FOR A TIME WHEN NO ONE WILL SUFFER THE INDIGNITIES OF HOMELESSNESS.” -Ellen Dailey, Founder, National Consumer Advisory Board; Boston, Massachusetts (1947 - 2006)

KEEP IN TOUCH. National Health Care for the Homeless Council P.O. Box 60427 • Nashville, TN 37206

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