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Sarah & Evan

SCHUMAN Longevity Fund powered by Benefunder


This pre-proposal is designed to provide inspiration into ‘philanthropy reimagined’. Benefunder was conceived to allow affluent families focus on their vision and legacy rather than administration and compliance. We hope to assist you in supporting the breakthrough innovations of tomorrow.

Approaches to Longevity There are many ways to approach extending human life:

Breakthroughs in human longevity are increasingly within reach, with new discoveries coming from a wide variety of approaches, any one of which could prove to be the next ‘fountain of youth’. With each approach comes a unique set of risks, opportunities, timelines, and potential for impact. While there are many challenges ahead, we’re living in exciting times as new discoveries and breakthroughs emerge. We are dependent on both the scientific and commercialization processes in order to see these big ideas widely implemented. The biggest threat to research today is the lack of funding. Researchers today spend the majority of their time applying for grants that have less than an 8% success rate, in addition to restrictions on the use of funds and high overhead rates. This leaves new ideas and up-and-coming researchers largely on the sidelines – an opportunity for flexible and risktolerant philanthropic capital which can make a profound impact on the research landscape. Our scientific communities are well equipped to make these discoveries and improve quality of life for all of humanity. Solid science, multidisciplinary and international collaborations, as well as government and industrial involvement will ensure success. Philanthropists have an opportunity to make a substantial impact in this space and emerge as icons in the extension and quality of human life.


Enter Benefunder

- Stem Cell/Regenerative Medicine - Quantum Computing - IoT/Remote Monitoring - Early Prevention & Diagnostics - Pharmaceuticals - Wearable Devices - Health & Wellness

Benefunder was created to reinvent philanthropy by allowing individuals and families to focus on their passions. Giving can be complex, timeconsuming and expensive. Benefunder makes it easy, efficient and rewarding. We hope to help you build your legacy in the most personalized way possible through unparalleled high-impact giving.

STAGES OF INNOVATION Research - Basic - Translational - Applied - Proof of Concept Commercialization - Seed - Angel - Growth

Private Philanthropy Services Overview As a Named Account holder, you have full access to the Private Philanthropy Services team who provide the following: ADVISORY BOARD - Subject Matter Experts: Scientists & Industry - Peers: Philanthropists & Other Foundations

ADMINISTRATIO - Vetting, fundin

STRATEGY - Structure, App - Matching & Re

What if. . . you could optimize your impact, legacy, and tax efficiency through a single relationship?


Introducing the Sarah & Evan Schuman Longevity Fund As an integral part of Benefunder’s Private Philanthropy Services, the Named Funds offering is designed to allow you to focus on what’s most important to you and your family, with the full service and support of the Benefunder team. We’ll take your mission and turn it into action, identifying key funding gaps and impact strategies such as: - Investigating unconventional hypotheses - Fostering collaboration among researchers - Accelerating the move from lab to market - Funding researchers early in their careers - Raising awareness among peers and the general public

BENEFUNDER PLATFORM: Researchers: 700+ under contract Labs: 39+ Regenerative Med./Stem Cell Database: all current US Research

We’ll guide you along every step of the way, provide you direct access to vetted labs, and take on the mundane, yet essential tasks related to executing your vision without all the headaches.

Getting Started By establishing a donor advised fund (DAF) account with your advisor and selecting Benefunder as your philanthropic specialist, you’ll have full access to our marketplace, team, and services outlined below. We’ll start with a detailed needs assessment, followed by an initial proposal, an executed giving plan and regular reporting. The account can act as a stand alone fund or operate in concert with other charitable vehicles.

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MARKETING SERVICES - Branding & Positioning - Advertising - Digital Marketing & Microsite - Media & Press - Events

FEATURED RESEARCHER: Larry Goldstein, Ph.D Scientific Director, Sanford Consortium on Regenerative Medicine, Director, Stem Cell Program, UC San Diego (featured on 60 Minutes)

About Benefunder Benefunder is a unique funding channel for research and innovation, providing financial advisors with a better solution for targeted philanthropy and donors with a smarter and more meaningful way to give. Benefunder is the U.S.’s largest donor platform for active research, offering the opportunity to directly support more than 700 top researchers working toward breakthrough treatments and solutions that will greatly impact and benefit society. For more information, visit For introductory purposes only, not a proposal. None of the content herein should be considered tax advice, consult a CPA. All grants & investments are subject to the approval of the donor advised fund administrator or other sponsoring charitable entity.