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YES DISABILITY SUPPORT CENTRE: NEWS Cam Calkoen is an inspirational speaker who is bending perceptions to inspire change and an attitude of awesomeness through simple, lasting human truths. Passionate about the Shore, this column reflects the awesomeness that surrounds us and the potential we all have to achieve a personal best.

Taking on life's challenges Everything we need to be and all we can be is out here in the big wide world. Sometimes we need to change our perspective, other times we simply need to decide who we’re going to be. That’s not deciding who we’re going to be for life, that’s deciding how we’re going to respond to each and every moment of each and everyday. As a speaker I get to share stories that inspire awesomeness and tools that motivate excellence. A great teacher once told me “you really get back what you put out”. holy-moly that teacher was right! It seems every other day I get to hear stories of everyday people who reinforce the power of perspective and deciding who we’re going to be. I recently had an email from a dad who had a daughter born with a few rare conditions which means she is legally blind and has to wear a prosthetic eye. Apparently the prosthetic eye was not an easy thing to acquire and the family were really disheartened by the process, the inadequate service and thought there has to be better way to achieve what was required. Moving to Australia they still found gaps, big gaps. So the dad – motivated to make a difference – jumped on YouTube to find out how to make his own prosthetic eye for his daughter. He did it, he totally rocked it. He didn’t have any kind of medical experience, he’s a glazier! A glazier who is now heading to London to go to university to get a qualification in the field of prosthetic eyes.

…the dad – motivated to make a difference – jumped on YouTube to find out how to make his own prosthetic eye for his daughter. Every single one of us is presented with a challenge in life, but every part of the journey comes back to perspective and deciding who we are going to be, deciding how we’re going to tell our story.

Help in Holland

By Mackenzie Kench of Yes Disability Resource Centre

One of the most cited metaphors in the disability community is "Welcome to Holland." American author and social activist, Emily Perl Kingsley, used this metaphor in a piece of writing to describe what it is like having a child with a disability. However, Kingsley's metaphor is relevant to anyone entering the disability community, not just for parents. As explained by Kingsley, there is nothing wrong with visiting Holland, unless Helping people with disabilities and you had planned to their supporters to navigate the disability community, aka, Holland. visit another country. Becoming a part of the disability community is often unexpected and therefore changes people's lives in ways they never envisaged. While a shock at first, being a part of the disability community does not have to be as bad as some make out. Although people with disabilities may not be able to do everything their able-bodied peers can do, they have the opportunity to learn and apply the skills of problem-solving, determination, and perseverance on a daily basis. Just as if you ended up in the wrong country, becoming a part of the disability community can lead to mixed emotions. It is perfectly appropriate to feel denial, grief, sadness, anger at the situation, or shame for needing to ask for help. However, it is important that you overcome these emotions and learn to ask the locals (those who are already a part of the disability community) for help in Holland. To provide the locals and newcomers the opportunity to share their experience by exchanging information, knowledge, and stories, the Yes Disability Resource Centre is relaunching their parent support network service. We want families to be able to get the information they need so they can enjoy being a part of the disability community, rather than getting lost in it. There will be a support group as well as a series of focused workshops. If you are interested in attending any of these sessions, please contact Franciska via email: Franciska@yesdisability.org.nz, phone: 09 414 5360, mobile: 021 555 068, or follow our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/YesDisabilityResourceCentre/

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