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BECK | $28


Mal Peet & Meg Rosoff The final novel from Mal Peet is the sweeping coming-of-age adventure of a mixed race boy transported to North America. Born from a liaison between a poor young English woman and an African soldier in the 1900s, Beck is orphaned and sent to Canada. Shipped to work on a farm, his subsequent escape takes him across the continent in a search for belonging. Enduring many hardships, Beck has times of comfort and encouragement, eventually finding Grace, with whom he can finally forge his life and shape his destiny. Beck is a picaresque novel, set during the Depression, depicting great pain but with an uplifting and inspiring conclusion.

David Walliams With all the hallmarks of a David Walliams classic, this is a brave, heart-warming and humorous tale. As the clock strikes midnight most children are fast asleep, but for The Midnight Gang the journey is just beginning. When Tom gets hit on the head by a cricket ball, he finds himself at Lord Funt Hospital where he is greeted by a terrifying porter and the wicked matron in charge of the children’s ward. This extraordinary story of five children in a wonderfully inventive and eccentric hospital setting promises to take you on an unmissable midnight adventure. A poignant story of friendship, theatre and magic – and of making dreams come true.

THE LIE TREE – An Illustrated Edition | $20


Frances Hardinge & Chris Riddell Winner of the 2015 Costa Book of the Year, The Lie Tree is a powerfully evocative and atmospheric novel, now illustrated by Chris Riddell. As Faith is searching through her father’s belongings for clues to his mysterious death, she discovers a strange tree. The tree feeds off whispered lies and bears fruit that reveals hidden secrets. The bigger the lie, the more people who believe it, the bigger the truth that is uncovered. Faith begins to spread untruths far and wide, but as her tales spiral out of control, she discovers that where lies seduce, truths shatter...

David Baddiel From the popular author of The Parent Agency and The Person Controller, this hilarious adventure is for any child who ever wondered what it is like to be an animal. Malcolm doesn’t like animals – which is a problem because his family love them and their house is full of pets. When Malcolm learns his Year Six school trip is to a farm, he is horrified, but over the next days, Malcolm changes. He learns a lot about animals, and what it’s really like to be an animal – a whole series of animals, in fact... It does make him think and act differently.

THERE’S A SNAKE IN MY SCHOOL | $30 David Walliams & Tony Ross From the bestselling duo David Walliams and Tony Ross, this is another spectacularly slithery funny picture book packed with mischief and mayhem. Miranda loves to be different, and on Bring-your-pet-to-school Day she introduces everyone to her very different pet – Penelope the snake. Miss Bloat the headmistress doesn’t think snakes should be allowed in school. But Penelope has other ideas…

THE RETURN OF THE YOUNG PRINCE | $22 A.G. Roemmers & Oliver Brock Approved by Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s family, this is a beautiful tribute to the international bestseller The Little Prince – universally cherished by children and adults alike. But even princes from faraway planets eventually grow up. No longer content with his tiny planet, the young prince sets off once again to explore the universe. And so begins another remarkable journey into the secrets and joys of living a meaningful life. This charming fable overflows with love and wisdom, a true celebration of life as it should be lived in all its beauty and joy.




Rachel Williams, Emily Hawkins & Lucy Letherland Head off on a journey of discovery to meet some of nature’s most adventurous creatures in this stunningly illustrated exploration of the natural world. You can examine seven continent maps, with 30 detailed scenes, to discover how animals live in extraordinary ways to survive in the wild, season to season. Whether you’re travelling with narwhals as they make their treacherous journey through ice caps in search of food, bringing up baby orangutans in Borneo, or mountain climbing with pandas in China, this beautiful book brings together epic animal adventures from the four corners of the globe.

Juliette MacIver & Terri Rose Baynton In the jungle there are jaguars, monkeys and parrots aplenty, but there are no penguins. None at all. Because penguins do not live in the jungle, except for...Gwendolyn! Popular New Zealand author Juliette MacIver cleverly explores concepts around identity in this upbeat picture book: how one can assimilate to a strange environment and be happy there, and how being different can be celebrated. Gwendolyn! is a delightfully illustrated story about friendship, adventure and finding your home.

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