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Forget about making big bikkies, for the Castlemaine cookie queen it’s a labour of love.

Writer: Sarah Harris - Photographs: David Field Michel Mussett is not exaggerating when she says 95 per cent of her business is generated by word of mouth. Just the taste of one of her passionfruit creams is sufficient to transport the bespoke biscuit maker’s product into the boardrooms of Victoria’s top companies. Most recently she landed a contract to supply Emirate Airlines’ first class lounge, thanks to

the simple act of a Qantas attendant taking a packet from Michel’s Fine Biscuit Co to a party. But though her biscuits have travelled widely, it was not until this year Michel made her own first foray overseas – to the city of lovers, Paris. “It was a trip Bill and I had been planning and saving for when he was diagnosed,” she says.

Two years since cancer claimed the man she describes as her soulmate and best friend, Bill is still very much part of Michel’s Fine Biscuit Co. After all, it was in his shed that the boutique bakery started nine years ago. “When we first started I had one small section,” she says looking around the gleaming stainless steel benchtops dotted with jewels of biscuits being expertly sandwiched with Belgian

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BgoMag Issue 25  

Bendigo Magazine Issue 25 - Summer 2011

BgoMag Issue 25  

Bendigo Magazine Issue 25 - Summer 2011