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We welcome you to Benders!

Benders is the family company that started in 1960. Its home was, and is, Edsvära in the country setting of Varaslätten. Concrete roof tiles were the first product. Today, with an emphasis on concrete, clay tile and natural stone, Benders is a complete producer and supplier of construction systems and products for the construction and civil engineering sector.

Benders’ operations are characterised by the philosophy that industry expertise, experience and personal service create long and strong relations with customers and suppliers alike. Based on this, our goal is to strengthen the Benders brand by continually developing our products, our technologies and our personnel. This is why we cycle profit back into the company. It creates the right conditions not only to grow, but also to come through natural swings in economic activity.

Benders has Swedish and European production facilities. In Sweden, we have strategic locations from Umeå in the north to Södra Sandby in the south. Our stone cutting operations are in the Bohuslän region. In Uddevalla, Strängnäs and Bålsta, we have three of our factories for construction components, roof tiles and

paving stones. With a total of almost 30 production facilities, we are always near you, our customers. Many of our units have a railway line into the industrial complex. We use trains as an environment-friendly transport option. Benders’ head office is in the municipality of Vara in the Swedish province of Västergötland.

The owners of Benders

Benders was founded in 1960 by Karl-Erik Bender. The company ended up in Edsvära (a little way outside Kvänum), where Karl-Erik grew up. Even today, the head office and roof tile production are still in Edsvära. Karl-Erik was active in the company until he passed away and now the group is owned by son Ove and daughter Helen and grandchildren Adam, Elin, Erica,

Back row: Ove Bender (group manager and chairman of the board), Patrick Bender, Adam Bender, Kajsa Bender and Johan Bender. Front row: Karl-Erik Bender (founder, 1934-2022), Elin Bender, Helen Bender (board member), Erica Bender, Tove Bender and Sofia Bender.


Founder: Karl-Erik Bender (1934-2022).

Owners: Ove and Helen, Adam, Erika, Patrick and Sofia, Tove, Elin, Kajsa and Johan.

Turnover: Around SEK 3 billion (incl. partly owned companies).

Employees: About 1 000.

Head office: Edsvära, Västra Götaland, where the company started.

Johan, Kajsa, Patrick, Sofia and Tove.

Karl-Erik Bender was the CEO of the company for the first 35 years. Ove Bender succeeded him in 1995 and held this position for 26 years.

Today, the subsidiaries Benders Sverige AB and Benders Byggsystem AB are led by external CEO:s and Ove Bender has the role of COO for the Benders group. Several of the company’s third generation of Benders is also active in various business areas.

Business idea

Benders’ ambition is to be a strong, Swedish, familyowned company that develops, produces and markets competitive, high-quality products and services for the construction and civil engineering sector.


Continuous development of products, technology and personnel shall strengthen the Benders brand. We shall be industry leaders in our product areas.

Our ambition is that Benders should continue to be a strong, Swedish, family-owned company that develops in line with the world around it. By uniting experience and expertise with minds that are open to new trends, we are keen to create tomorrow’s best products in our field and to contribute to the long-term sustainability of environments in which people live, work and socialise. In the following pages, you can discover more about our various business areas, ranges and products.

Anders Erdmark, CEO Benders Byggsystem AB Ove Bender, COO for the Benders group and chairman of the board Karl-Erik Bender (1934-2022), Founder Mats Jakobsson, CEO Benders Sverige AB



Benders’ corporate culture embodies who we are as companies. Its hallmarks are short decision paths, reassuring reinvestment and great commitment. Our corporate culture is set out in: a mission; five core values; and, a code of conduct. These form the basis of how we work.

Build for the future MISSION

Benders’ mission is the corporation’s overarching aim and shall serve as a “why we come to work” motivational factor.


Benders’ code of conduct summarises what we stand for and what we expect of our employees. It provides guidance on conduct and actions. It shall help us take the right decisions in our daily work.


Security, Commitment, and Sustainability

Benders’ core values concretise the corporation’s distinguishing characteristics. They illustrate: what we stand for; what we are associated with; and, the values we hold dear.




Sustainability has a central place in our operations. It is also an integral part of our daily work. For Benders, it is important that our sustainability initiatives are wide ranging. We have thus chosen to address the areas of ecological, economic and social sustainability.

Ecological sustainability: Ecological sustainability is often described as setting the framework or laying the foundations for the other two areas of sustainability (social and economic). It centres on the Earth’s ecosystems and the long-term preservation of desirable functions such as food and energy production, water provision, etc. We demonstrate commitment to ecological sustainability through:

• Our environmental goals.

• Optimised use of raw materials.

• Smart logistics solutions.

• Responsibility for local environmental impact.

• Systematic waste management and reuse of resources.

• Improved energy provision.

Social sustainability: This centres not only on conditions that affect people’s lives (e.g. health, security, education, justice and the exercise of power), but also on opportunities to improve said conditions. We demonstrate commitment to social sustainability through:

• Initiatives promoting a safe and secure work environment.

• Working for healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

• Being an attractive employer.

• Fulfilling our social responsibilities.

• Responsibility throughout the entire value chain.

Economic sustainability: Economic development is a means of achieving ecological and social sustainability without affecting them negatively. We demonstrate commitment to economic sustainability through:

• An approach in which long-term and secure are key concepts.

• Sustainable and value-for-money products.

• Good customer relations.

• Strong supplier bonds.



Out in Europe, we have warehouses, sales companies and distributors at some thirty sites. Geographically spread manufacturing units and stocks are essential for environment-friendly production. Short distances for inward and outward deliveries, as well as closeness to ports and railways, are important factors.

Benders group head office and production

Benders Byggsystem AB head office Office



Benders in Sweden



Bålsta 2 st

















Strängnäs 2 st

Södra Sandby

Uddevalla 2 st





Benders in Norway




Benders in Greece


Benders in Germany


Benders in Finland


Benders in Estonia


Benders in Lithuania



Benders Förvaltnings AB

Benders Sverige AB

Palema Trotting Inc. 80%

Benders Byggsystem AB

Benders Prekon AB

Benders Byggkraft AB 52%

Benders Norge AS

Benders Sweden Inc.

Soyhdiko Keramidi AE 50%

Benders Deutschland GmbH

Benders Suomi Oy

Benders Baltic Nord OÜ 51%

Benders Lietuva OU 75 %

Restaurang Kärranäs AB

Benders Leasing AB

KPAB Industri AB 50%

AtLid AB 40%

Benders group of companies

Karl-Erik Benders AB

Bohusgranit Ek. förening


Turnover, million SEK Employees


Enthusiastic, expert employees have been a key in Benders’ successful growth. Appropriate and punctual investments, initiatives and improvements have also been decisive. Here are a few of them.



Knabe’s year for the Palema stables. The “Åby Grand Prize” is one of the stallion’s victories.



Alf Palema wins the Hambletonian Stakes.





Benders’ Exklusiv (a traditional pantile) is launched.

Benders exports its first roof tiles to Norway, which becomes our first and most important export country.


Benders Norge AS is established.


KPAB in Kvänum is acquired.


Palema Fibber wins its first race.


Palema Fibber wins its first race.


The new head office in Edsvära is ready for moving into.

Benders starts USA investment with a roof tile factory in Florida.


Benders starts importing clay tiles.

Ove Bender becomes CEO.


Own manufacture of roof tiles starts in Kritzkow, Germany.


Benders’ Palema profile (a double pantile) is born.


The Stilpannan company is acquired and a new roof tile factory is set up in Braås, Småland.

Benders’ present logo arrives.


Benders Air is formed.

1970 1980 1990 2000
tile manufacture starts in Edsvära. horse is bought, laying the basis of the Palema stables and stud.


Benders sets up in Finland.


New roof tile factory in Greece. New roof tile factory in Bålsta.


New range – paving stones. Acquisition of paving stone factories in Hjo and Frillesås.


Gidde Palema, Sweden’s most successful trotting stallion wins the “Solvalla International Elite Race”.


Inauguration of the paving stone factory in Bålsta.


Acquisition of Spikma Betong AB.


Benders starts investment in trains.

Benders acquires Floda Cementgjuteri AB.

Logistics centre in Kongsvinger, Norway, is set up.


Benders acquires Uddevalla Cementgjuteri AB.


Factory and logistics centre in Åstorp is established.


Benders acquires Skanska Stomsystem AB and Benders Byggsystem AB is formed.


Benders investing in solar energy.

Benders starts the transition from oil to fossil-free.


Benders acquires Nolby stone quarry.

Benders acquires Mysen Cementstoperi AS.


Paving stone factory in Fjärås is purchased.


Own production of landscaping products in Norway after acquisition of Lasken Stein AB.

Benders Baltic Nord OÜ is established.

Benders acquires Bohusgranit.

Stockholm office is set up in former Riksbanken building in Östermalm.


Benders is the main sponsor of the elite trotting weekend at Solvalla in 2016 and 2017.

Benders acquires WMB AB.


Benders makes major investment in Uddevalla and acquires factory from Volvo.


Benders Isolering AB starts up in Vara.

UAB Benders Lietuva is established.

Benders acquires Norbergstrappan AB.


Benders starts production at the Uddevalla factory.

Benders acquires cement factory from Leca Sverige AB in Arboga and manufactures “Alba beams”.


Benders celebrates 60 years. New granite slab line starts in Skärholmen.

Benders starts Restaurang Kärranäs in Uddevalla.

New kerb stone line starts in Ävja.

2000 2010 2015 2020 2025
Start of Benders’ Carisma roof tile (a flat profile). Bender SunWave is launched. Benders acquires the landscaping, water and sewage operations of Starka Betongindustrier KB. 2,200 m² solar energy wall is installed at our Uddevalla factory


Benders acquires Prekon AB.

Benders acquires AtLid AB.

Benders, Leca and Weber form strategic collaboration.


Benders acquires block factories from Leca Finland and moves main warehouse and offices in Finland to Oitti.


With the purchase of Concrete Solutions Nordic AB, Benders Byggkraft AB is formed..

Through an acquisition of assets, Fretom AB is incorporated into Benders Sverige AB.

Benders acquires a large property in Umeå for a logistics investment.

10 2021 2024 2027 2030
2021 New paving stone factory in Uddevalla Expansion of the Edsvära head office. Mats Jakobsson becomes the CEO of Benders Sverige AB.



Palema stables and stud farm: Has roots going back to the 1960s and is one of Sweden’s most success- ful stables. Horses such as Alf Palema and Gidde Palema are known throughout the trotting world.

Restaurang Kärranäs: Along with famous chef Fredric Andersson, Benders runs the Kärranäs food concept. Its offerings include lunches, catering and a delicatessen in Uddevalla.

Construction products. Concrete, clay tile and natural stone products divided into seven ranges - Roofing, Landscaping, Natural Stone, Infrastructure, Foundations, Wall Blocks and Water and sewage systems.

Construction systems: Turnkey solutions for prefabricated framework element systems. We take care of planning, project management, production and erection. The range also includes Construction Components, Stairways and Balconies.

Glass and metal: Partly Bendersowned KPAB offers the market’s widest range of glass and metal construction products.

Property management: Management of our various production and logistics facilities as well as of other properties, in total comprising around 300,00 m².



Benders is today one of the leading Nordic suppliers of products in concrete, clay brick and natural stone.

Over the years, Benders has constantly developed the concepts and offerings making up its concrete products for our everyday living environments. Innovative tiles for our houses and distinctive paving stones to set these houses off (with, perhaps, beautifully hewn natural stone for special features) are examples. Our aim is personalised dwellings that both add life to and blend with our constantly changing built environments. Adding a plethora of products for traffic environments, road building, stairways and stable foundations gives us the full spread of Benders’ construction products.

Factories in Sweden and Europe

Next to Benders’ head office in Edsvära, there is one of our three Swedish production facilities for roof tiles. The two others are in Bålsta and Braås. Our two overseas facilities are in Germany and Greece. In addition to these, Benders has 14 factories manufacturing paving stones and other concrete products in Sweden and the Nordic countries. Our Bohus granite production facilities are in the Bohuslän region of Sweden and in Uddevalla. Vara is home to our cellular plastic factory. Out in Europe, we have warehouses, sales companies and distributors at some thirty sites.


We are always near our customers. You can find Benders’ construction products all around Sweden. Simply visit our knowledgeable and enthusiastic distributors.

Mats Jakobsson, CEO Benders Sverige AB

Head office


Production in Sweden

Arboga Foundations

Braås Roofing

Bålsta 2 st Roofing and Landscaping

Edsvära Roofing

Fjärås Landscaping

Floda Infrastructure

Frillesås Landscaping

Götene Infrastructure and Foundations

Hjo Landscaping

Nolby Natural stone

Näsinge Natural stone

Rabbalshede Natural stone

Skärholmen Natural stone

Strängnäs Landscaping

Södra Sandby Landscaping and Water and sewage system

Uddevalla 2 st Landscaping and Masonry block

Umeå Stock

Vara Foundations

Åstorp Infrastructure

Ävja Natural stone



Benders’ concrete roof tiles have been Sweden’s most laid for quite a few decades. Covering all needs, they come in three basic formats (ranging from classic to modern), six different finishes (four treated and two natural) and many different colours. If you prefer traditional clay tiles, you can also find those in our roofing range.

Three concrete shapes: The double pantile Palema is a classic. Tradition pantile Exklusiv gives your roof a pronounced waviness while flat Carisma is our most modern tile. All ourrofiles are easy to lay, resistant and attractive.

Logistics and unloading to roofs: When laying a roof, it is a good idea to order delivery that puts the tiles right where you want them. This saves a lot of wear and tear on backs.

Over 40 colours: Black and tile red are the most common colours of concrete roofs in Sweden. For those who want to make a statement, there are over forty colours to choose from. Four finishes and one natural. Would you like a gloss tile, one with a metallic pigment that reflects the light or an untreated one that has natural surface variations?

Extruded clay tiles: Höganäs, our extruded, non-interlocking, clay tile is a Swedish classic available in “natural red” for a traditional appearance.

Roofing accessories: Add safety to your roof using the right accessories. Benders’ roofing accessories have the right fit and are available in different colors to suit our roof tiles.

Interlocking clay tiles: Hansa, Tvilling and Piano, our three different, interlocking, clay roof tiles are all weathertight, easy to lay and economical. Hansa and Tvilling are also available with a straight front edge. Our interlocking clay tiles come in six different finishes and over 30 colours.



Choosing Benders’ landscaping products in concrete opens up so many different possibilities. A wide offering of paving stones, slabs, walling system elements and ornamentation details suitable for gardens and public projects of all sizes – durable and intelligent designs for quick and simple use.

Walling elements: Benders has a wide range of walling elements for both retaining and freestanding walls. Using our geomesh, Benders’ walling elements can be built really high.

Paving stones: When you want to build ecologically and beautifully, paving stones are the natural choice. We offer many different product families to choose from.

Paving slabs: Paving slabs are modern and attractive. They admirably set off other materials and plants. Often great in functional settings. Smooth and patterned formats, with or without bevelling. Our range also includes special slabs for public settings.

Interlocking paving stones: Paving stones are being used increasingly in industrial and heavily trafficked environments. From the technical point of view, paving stones withstand large point loads from, for example, work vehicles, lorries and buses.

Accessories: Benders has a wide selection of accessories – everything from geomesh and Underlayment fabric to lighting, fences and ornamentation details.




A wide range of walling system elements, paving stones, kerb stones, claddings, worktops, posts, steps, etc. in true Bohus granite. The range also includes street paving stones and kerbing from Portugal as well as Offerdal slate. With an automated flow and several quarries, Benders is widening and extending its natural stone range – all to ensure rapid deliveries of Swedish granite.

Street paving stones: Paving stones last for hundreds of years and become increasingly beautiful with use. Things cannot get any more environment-friendly than that! The stones go extremely well with granite slabs and are available in many formats and finishes.

Walling elements: Beautiful walls that last for generations. All sorts of variants and designs are possible.

Kerb stones: Granite kerb stones age gracefully and impress with their stylishness. They are manufactured in curved and straight formats. Several different dimensions and finishes are available.

Art: Granite offers countless possibilities. Let loose your imagination and give the right feel to your work of art!

Imported granite and Offerdal slate: Benders’ natural stone range also includes a selection of imported granite products and Offerdal slate.

Blockstone steps: Our blockstone steps are suitable for all sorts of outdoor stairways. Rustik, Modern and Elegant (our three different finishes) enable you to create stairways that exactly match your style and needs.



A wide range of products catering for road and railway environments, retaining walls and stairways. Examples include: Spikma’s easy to install kerbing; L and T-retaining elements for wall construction; and, platform supports. We also make project-unique products.

Traffic products: The first pinnable concrete kerbing was developed in the 1970s. Today, Benders is the market leader in the traffic product segment. The Bender Spikma pinnable kerbing range plus our road system devices (traffic segregators, calmers, etc.) and barriers comprise around 360 items. Using our complete product programme, it is easy to create a road environment that is pleasant for all users.

Special projects: Working with our customers, we create new products and solutions for specific projects. Acoustic screening, barriers, walling and tunnel elements, plinths, traffic-calming components, steel-clad slabs and culverts are just some of the items we have produced for special projects.

Railways: Bender Perrongstöd is a specially dimensioned L-retaining element primarily for railway platforms. It is manufactured to have a strength of 20 kN and be in safety class 3. This means that the element is designed to minimise the risk of any injury or harm to people. It has a smooth surface and, for rapid assembly, a tongue-and-groove design. For use with our platform retaining elements, we also make slabs to form the outer edge of platforms.

Retaining wall elements and steps: L and T-retaining elements are used to create or take up large height differences in a short distance. We manufacture them with: a rolled front face; tongue-and-groove locking; and, in heights of 0.4 to 4.8 metres. Using our various solutions, it is easy to quickly build readily accessible, safe steps/stairs.



Benders offers the market’s widest range of materials for foundations. Besides our complete foundations package, this includes Bender Albabalk, a beam that can be used both for ground slabs and crawl space. With in-house production of cellular plastic, plinths and the Alba range, we can ensure high quality and competitive prices.

Everything in a single package: Benders’ foundations package has been developed to ease the workloads of contractors and builders. Benders’ foundations package includes:

• Base elements/“Alba beams”

• Cellular plastic

• Reinforcement

• Floor heating

• Accessories

Planning: We help with design and general drawings for all existing types of foundations. Involving us in your project at an early stage creates the right conditions for successful and cost-efficient results.

“Alba beams”: Using Benders’ in-house produced “Alba beams”, it is possible to prepare for the laying of both poured slabs and slab modules. The beams have a smooth, concrete finish.

Benders’ modular foundation system: Bender Modulgrund is a type-approved, insulated and ventilated system to construct crawl spaces for modular buildings.

Cellular plastic and base elements: Using our in-house manufactured cellular plastic (expanded polystyrene – EPS), we make the market’s only CE marked base elements.Benders base elements are ideal for constructing foundations with a rustic finish. The brushed surface adds life to the foundations and gives your building a unique charm. Our base elements are available in several models, heights, load classes and thicknesses.



Benders’ Masonry block range has a host of meticulously designed products for easy construction of stable foundations, walls and retaining walls with masonry blocks made of concrete and LECA, with suitable accessories.

Hollow concrete blocks: A concrete wall block with a strong and stable design. The smooth concrete surface is excellent for painting without plastering.

Shell blocks: A strong masonry block that withstand large stresses. These blocks stack easily on top of each other, then reinforce and pour concrete in as per instructions.

Expanded clay products are made from Light Expended Clay Aggregate, sand, cement and water. The product range consists of:

LECA wall block

LECA block

LECA isoblock

LECA beam

LECA isobeam

Expanded clay beams: Used above windows, doors and other openings. The beams are strengthened with intertwined reinforcement bars. Available in several widths and lengths.

Expanded clay blocks: Classic, ergonomic blocks that are ideal for foundations, walls, garages, outdoor areas and even entire houses. The blocks have good insulation properties and are frost-resistant. Available in several sizes with a choice of widths.



Benders’ water and sewage system range offers hard-wearing solutions and products adapted to meeting the long-term and important construction needs of tomorrow’s communities. Benders is a part of Alfa, a joint company for product development and marketing of water and sewage systems in concrete.

Concrete pipes: Our concrete pipes (with and without reinforcement) are used for watertight, gravity mains for storm and waste water. Used in principal mains, service mains and road culverts, they are manufactured as standard pipes, short pipes, double spigot elbows, branch pipes, transition pipes, elbows, road pipes, agricultural pipes, socket pipes and caps.

Concrete chambers: Our range includes several chamber variants for different applications. We can also manufacture to special order. Generally, the purpose of chambers is to give access to sewage mains (which are often buried deep in the ground). They also enable correct changes in angle and the fitting of, for example, flow regulators, sluice gates and various sorts of valves.

Accessories and tools: Benders’ range of accessories and tools has been developed to match our products and be of great assistance when installing Benders’ water and sewage systems. Our accessories and tools are recommended and proven. When you use them, you ensure quality and correct fit.

Separators: Benders’ separators are used for cleaning contaminated wastewater and stormwater. We offer separators for: sand and sludge; oil; grease; and, heavy metals. Our separators are made from strong, robust concrete. Each one is delivered complete with upper part, cone, scraper ring and a cover that can be driven over.



Benders is now far more than standardised roof tiles and paving stones held in warehouses! Our wide ranges and large capacity open many opportunities for both development and manufacturing. Besides special products for various purposes, we also create products in many different materials, colours and formats. They include everything from stone claddings, stairways and retaining wall elements to road and rail products in granite and Bohus granite. Additionally, we willingly customise and develop to meet your needs!

Unique environments: We can deliver in special colours and formats for major projects. For example, Bender Släta Plattor (smooth slabs) in terracotta were used for a quay in Norway.

Graphic slabs: Aesthetics are important. Benders supplied some 1,500 graphic concrete slabs for Sickla railway station.


Benders flat roof tile Carisma in mixed colors, specially ordered for a project in Växjö.

Benders can also deliver the roof safety in special colours.


A material with lasting values: Building beautiful environments in Bohus granite is a cultural act that lasts for generations. The settings become ever more beautiful with each passing year, just as here at Hasselbacken in Uddevalla. If you have an idea, we have a solution – in true Bohus granite!

Combining concrete and granite: Concrete and natural stone complement each other in an utterly marvellous way. They also reinforce each other’s best qualities, as at this tram stop in Gothenburg.

Concrete slabs – with or without steel frames: Artistic design and expression in combination with functionality. For a project in Blå Parken in Upplands Väsby, Benders supplied concrete slabs with steel frames.

Barriers: Benders has supplied impact barriers for a number of projects. These include the Sörvik and Kärra tunnel projects in Uddevalla. We supplied all barriers for this from 2016 to 2018, a total of around 2 km.



Benders Byggsystem AB offers complete, concrete and steel frameworks for all types of constructions.

When you choose a Benders Byggsystem turnkey solution for a prefabricated framework element system, we take care of planning, project management, production and erection. We have long experience of BIM and 3D modelling, both of which we use throughout the entire process. Involving us in your project at an early stage creates the right conditions for successful and cost-efficient results.

Factories in Sweden

Benders Byggsystem AB has factories in Norberg and Strängnäs as well as head office in Stockholm and local offices in Gothenburg and Södra Sandby. Having production in own factories means we can offer standard and customer-unique solutions. Our production includes façades (various designs and finishes), interior walls, prestressed floor structures, pillars and beams and stairs and balconies.

Over 200 people work at our Strängnäs facility, in Uddevalla around 60 people and in Norberg around 30 people. In Stockholm, some 20 employees take care of project management and other operations. Comprising around 50 people, our own installation team enable us to be present at many different projects simultaneously.

Benders has its own planning department, Benders Prekon AB. This has long experience of planning prefabricated framework elements.


Group head office


Head office


Local offices in Sweden




Södra Sandby

Factories and offices in Sweden





Our meticulously planned and well-proven framework element systems are suitable for most types of buildings. Department stores, housing, offices, multistorey car parks and schools are just a few examples of projects where our prefabricated, concrete and steel framework element systems have been used.

Complete framework solutions: Are you looking for the open and flexible layouts resulting from floor structures with large spans and limited need for load-bearing supports? Or a pattern-imprinted façade wall element with good insulation? We supply complete framework element systems in concrete and steel. The elements are entirely customised to whatever you are building.

Commercial buildings. Arenas, office blocks and department stores are some of the things we have been involved in. Using our range of façade wall elements with different finishes provide opportunities to create unique exterior.

Housing. Blocks of flats, student residences and detached houses –all our housing solutions are meticulously planned (climate, energy efficiency, moisture resistance, etc.). We use proven, standard solutions and combine our components to match your unique needs. Our sandwich wall elements provide a ready-for-use “climate shell”. They can also be supplied with final finishes as well as with windows and window frames.


Multistorey car parks. Building multistorey car parks from prefabricated framework elements opens a world of possibilities. Our prestressed concrete elements have long spans. This means that, compared with a poured structure, the building can have considerably fewer pillars and walls (thereby increasing the useable surface). Thanks to our various façade wall elements and finishes, architects have great creative freedom.

Agriculture and livestock. Our solutions for agricultural and livestock buildings give you a framework that entirely answers your unique needs. On top of this, our façade wall elements offer a wide choice of finishes to beautifully fit in with surrounding farm buildings and facilities.

Public buildings: Concrete is both a durable and a shapeable natural material that is suitable for all types of structures, not least public buildings. We custom build hospitals, schools, retirement home and other types of public buildings where the requirements to create functional and pleasant structures are severe.

Our solutions for public buildings are based on façade wall elements invarious formats. These make it easy to create a personalised exterior that is an outward expression of the building in question.



Our concrete, prefabricated, construction components provide all the elements you need for your construction project. Façade wall elements (in various formats), floor structures, pillars and beams, stairs and balconies are poured in an indoor environment and delivered direct to the worksite.

Prefab wall elements. Benders’ concrete façade wall elements offer an excellent indoor environment. The framework not only reduces noise, it also provides an effective barrier to the spread of fire. Wall elements are available in three formats (sandwich, halfsandwich and solid) as well as with a number of finishes.

Solid slabs. Our prestressed, solid slabs are easy to install, have good acoustic and fire properties and dry quickly. Furthermore, slabs can be equipped with floor and waste water drains.

Cavity floor elements. Ideal for buildings where large areas have to be covered with a floor structure or for buildings with long spans. They are delivered in a standard width of 1.2 metres and with spans up to 18 m.

Halvsandwich (V/I). xxx

Half-sandwich wall elements. Each element comprises an inner concrete panel surmounted by insulation. There is then a free choice of façade finishes for on-site completion.

Solid wall elements. A wall element entirely in concrete. Solid wall elements are used primarily for inner walls. However, they can also be used for unheated buildings or buildings where heating requirements are low.

Façades: Our façade wall elements come in a number of finishes and colours – everything from render or painted, to more exclusive such as coloured render, pattern-imprinted, graphic concrete or clinker.

Sandwich wall elements: A sandwich wall element comprises two concrete panels with insulation between them. Where a low Uvalue is required, high-value insulation can advantageously be used.

Pillars and beams: Our designs use rectangular or round pillars in various dimensions and various beam types for roofs, floor structures, parking decks and grandstands.



Stairways. Benders prefabricated, concrete stairways are more than just structures making it easy to get from one floor to another. They are solid and beautiful extensions of a building’s character. They are also hardwearing and a pleasure to use.

Steps. We also offer prefabricated, concrete stairways for outdoor use!

Railings and bannisters. We offer customised and safe railings and bannisters that add extra attraction to stairways, balconies and galleries.

Safety railings: Our standard railings can be supplied as safety railings that are installed temporarily while construction is in progress. This ensures a safe workplace. They can then become permanent when work is finished.

Cladding: Stairways can be supplied finished with a terrazzo cladding direct from the factory or in untreated concrete for cladding with terrazzo in the final stage of construction at the worksite. Untreated concrete stairways can alternatively be clad with Bohus granite, clinker, “carpet” or parquet. A painted finish is a further option. Stairways can also be supplied with a finished, grey, concrete surface.

Models: Benders has three different models of stairways (straight, curved and spiral) for different types of structures and customer wishes.

Lifting: Our stairways are designed for easy lifting into place.

Balconies: Besides adding value for the people who live or work in a building, our balconies and galleries also lift any façade.



Benders Byggkraft AB supplies high-quality prefabricated concrete buildings to the Swedish power industry. We are market-unique in that we are the only supplier involved all the way from planning to erection. This gives customers smooth construction processes and, above all else, first-class end products.

Holistic supplier: Benders Byggkraft plans and designs switchgear buildings and transformer stations for the Swedish power industry. Thanks to manufacture and erection being taken care of within the group, we are the market’s only supplier able to offer complete, holistic solutions for delivering prefabricated constructions to the energy sector.

Projects: Our prefabricated concrete buildings house sensitive equipment for managing electricity supplies to households and business premises.

Customers: As a rule, our end customers are state or municipal bodies such as Svenska kraftnät, EON and Vattenfall.



Benders Prekon AB specialises in planning prefabricated concrete and steel framework elements for all types of buildings. We have expertise in working with both large and small planning assignments and take care of all aspects of planning from system documents to construction documents.

Planning: We plan/design everything from commercial premises and homes to public edifices, multistorey car parks and agricultural buildings and stables. We undertake both new builds and extensions.

Statics: A framework is not just components, it is also an integral whole. We dimension and optimise frameworks for streamlined production, transport and erection.

Drawings: At Benders Prekon AB, we use the industry-standard AutoCad for planning and have particular expertise in Impact-PreCast drawing software. Our business concept revolves around providing construction documents such as master drawings, shop drawings and static calculations. We are always receptive to our customers’ ideas and wishes. Together, we achieve fantastic results.

Planning group: With prefab concrete as something of a speciality, our designers set up planning groups that match each project’s size and complexity. To provide frameworks that are as smart and cost-efficient as possible, they also quality assure all design work.



KPAB is a family company in Kvänum. Here, in the heart of Västra Götaland, it manufactures a complete range of construction products in glass and metal. The company is part of the Benders group.

Glazing: Benders’ acquisition of KPAB introduced an entirely new product range to our operations – aluminium windows, doors and sliding gates. Today, KPAB offers the market’s widest selection of glazed units. It also has many years’ experience of powder coating.

Doors: KPAB offers several models, e.g. apartment, sliding or shop, with automatic opening and locking. In addition to aluminium, the doors are also manufactured in steel. This ensures satisfaction of a very wide range of aesthetic and functional requirements.

Windows: The options are many and the finish, function, dimensions and size of each window all add to the impression created by your house or building. Long service life, minimum maintenance and high thermal insulation values are also all part of the bargain.

Lumber och Karle: Aluminium windows from KPAB and walling blocks and window cases from Benders construction products range were used in building this impressive hotel and conference facility in Kvänum.



Benders has a number of strategically located logistics centres, factories, offices and warehouses. Several of these have rail connections. The aim is to be as close to our customers as possible. Industrial and office space owned and managed by Benders itself makes up around 300,000 m² of our various facilities. For a complete map of our facilities, please refer to pages 4.

Edsvära. Head office, roof tile factory and horse farm just as it has been since the beginning in 1960.

Uddevalla. Our entire range of con- struction products can be found at our Uddevalla logistics centre. Here, we also have production in a factory that has its own concrete station, and a completely new high-performance paving stone factory.

Stone quarries: In addition to factory, warehouse and office premises, Benders owns the land at its Nolby, Näsinge and Ävja stone quarries. This means that we take extra care of the surrounding environment and quarry our Swedish granite sustainably.

Åstorp. Distribution warehouse with railway connection. L and T-retaining elements are made here. It is also a central depot for roof tiles in Skåne.

Strängnäs: Our two factories in Strängnäs are run by Benders Byggsystem AB and Benders Sverige AB. Respectively, they manufacture: prefabricated framework elements; and, slabs and paving stones.

Bålsta: Production of landscaping and roofing products opens the way to providing complete ranges. Distribution is then by train or lorry to Norway, Finland and Benders’ units in Sweden.



One of Sweden’s most successful trotting stables and studs of all time, Stall och Stuteri Palema is part of the Benders group.

The horses. The most successful Palema horses are Hambletonian Stakes winner Alf Palema and the two “Solvalla International Elite Race” champions Gidde Palema and Torwald Palema.

The stables. Currently, Stall Palema, has sixty horses for racing and breeding. There are operations in both Sweden and the USA.

Commitment. A constant interest in horses means that Benders is keen to be involved in various parts of the trotting world, e.g. as main sponsor of the elite trotting weekend at Solvalla in 2016 and 2017.

The stud farm. One of Sweden’s most successful stud farms of all time, Stuteri Palema has raised 35 horses that have each taken SEK 1 million in winnings.

Palema Trotting Inc. Located in Vero Beach, Florida, this major training camp for trotters is owned and run by Benders and elite trainer Åke Svanstedt.


Along with famous chef Fredric Andersson, Benders runs the Kärranäs food concept at our facility in Uddevalla. Good ingredients, as well as Nordic customs and traditions, are the basis of operations here. Our suppliers, preferably local, also make an essential contribution to the basic concept and true culinary delight.

Lunch menu. A lunch buffet is served every weekday at Restaurang Kärranäs, which also holds parties for companies and individuals alike.

Catering. Are you organising a baptism, confirmation or graduation? Restaurang Kärranäs can help with everything from sandwiches, lunches and buffets to full meals, barbecues and wedding parties.

Delicatessen. Looking to celebrate the weekend or add a touch of luxury to a weekday? Our delicatessen, next to Restaurang Kärranäs, welcomes you to find the answers here!

Royal visit. His majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf frequently visits our chef, Fredric Andersson. On his 10th visit, the king was partnered by her royal highness Crown Princess Victoria.

Lumber och Karle: This hotel and conference facility in Kvänum was built by Benders’ staff. Via Centrumutveckling i Kvänum AB (a company in which Benders has the single largest holding), it is owned jointly by Benders, other local companies and individuals.



Benders exported its first roof tile more than 40 years ago. Since then, several foreign facilities have been established. Benders now has warehouses, sales companies and distributors at several sites around Europe.

Benders Norge AS: Benders delivered its first roof tiles to Norway as early as 1981. Market share soon supported setting up our own sales company in the port town of Sandefjord. This is in southwestern Norway, close to the border with Sweden.

Norway is expanding: We started with just roof tiles. Over the years, offerings expanded with the addition of our own landscaping production. The building of the Kongsvinger logistics centre and warehouse (which stocks our full ranges), has provided the right conditions for continued expansion. 2019 also saw the acquisition of Mysen Cementstoperi AS, a manufacturer of post elements and special products in concrete.

Benders Baltic Nord OÜ: Since 2008, our Benders Baltic Nord subsidiary has been in the town of Pärnu in southern Estonia. It has its own warehouse facility for roof tiles and paving stones. This serves both Estonia and Latvia. Operations are run in collaboration with a local enterprise.


Benders in Greece (Soyhdiko Keramidi AE): After many years of roof tile deliveries to Greece, it was time to extend our collaboration. The result was a newly built production facility (in 2001) and joint ownership with the Tziotzioy family in Karditza.

Benders Suomi Oy: As a further element in Benders’ foreign investment, a logistics centre was built in 2000 in Mäntsälä, Finland. Initially, only roof tiles were sold. However, paving stones and other Benders’ products now have a place in the ranges and in the growing market here. In 2023, block factories are acquired by Leca Finland and moves the main warehouse and office to Oitti.

UAB Benders Lietuva: In 2014 in Klaipėda, Lithuania’s largest port town, Benders set up a logistics centre. This serves the markets in Lithuania, Kaliningrad and Belarus. Roof tiles are supplied primarily from Benders’ German factory in Rostock. Accessories and paving stones are supplied from Sweden. A local enterprise is part-owner of the company.

Benders Deutschland GmbH: Construction rocketed in Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Demand for, amongst other things, roof tiles was enormous. Having transported roof tiles from Sweden for many years, we built our own roof tile factory in Kritzkow (just outside Rostock) in 1998.

Roof production in Germany: Our German factory produces two tile models. These are Palema, Sweden’s classic bestseller, and the more continental and reserved Mecklenburg model. Just as at the start almost 30 years ago, ridge tiles and cloak verges are shipped from Sweden. However, certain products are now also transported in the other direction!




The Braås Åkeri haulage company has been Benders road transport supplier for many years. It has the experience, vehicles and equipment necessary for ensuring dependable deliveries. Benders’ own investment in electric railway transport using our in-house developed container system has been rewarded with, amongst other things, several prestigious prizes. With wagons being run daily from Benders’ trackconnected facilities, the company also has a collaboration with Green Cargo.

Planning: The personnel at Braås Åkeri plan Benders’ transport and have telephone, SMS and email contact to inform consignees of delivery status, etc. In the busy season, over 350 lorries carry loads from our warehouses every day.

The warehouses: So that we can rapidly deliver most of our products directly to building sites, we always carry large stocks.

The lorries: In their striking blue and red liveries, you have certainly seen them on the roads. Owned by the family company Braås Åkeri, the Benders’ fleet includes some sixty different vehicles (some with cranes, some for gravel transport, others for carrying prefab elements, etc.) exclusively for our use. So that you, as a customer, get your deliveries as quickly as possible, Braås Åkeri also regularly works with various hauliers.

Train transport: Our railwayconnected production facilities in Bålsta, Kongsvinger, Uddevalla and Åstorp promote efficient and environmentfriendly train transport between our plants and directly to customers.

Boat transport: From our own quay at the docks in Uddevalla, we unload directly to our production facility.



Benders has always worked closely with and supported small, local associations and activities in the places where the company has operations. Besides such local commitments, Benders is also actively committed to a number of large organisations that run initiatives in Sweden and abroad. Children and young people are the most frequent targets of these initiatives.

Star for Life: Star for Life is a non-profit organisation that works with schoolchildren in southern Africa. Via a unique educational programme, Star for Life’s coaches strengthen pupils’ self-esteem. They also motivate pupils to commit to education and to make wise life decisions. Star for Life’s work promotes several of the global goals in Agenda 2030, e.g. good health and wellbeing, gender equality and quality education. Benders has been a school sponsor in KwaZuluNatal since 2011. Groups of Benders’ personnel regularly visit the school and the area.

Company activities. The Gothenburg half marathon, “Run for Life”, Spin of Hope and Vasaloppet (the famous long-distance skiing event) are just some examples of the company activities in which Benders has encouraged employees to participate over the years.

Barncancerfonden: Works with: financing of research to fight childhood cancer; and, contributing to care and support for those affected by cancer. Benders supports the fund financially by being a Child Supporter. In the form of collections on selected occasions, there is also wide commitment amongst Benders’ personnel.

Local commitment: In the places where the corporation has operations, Benders supports local activities. These are often in sport, but schools, culture and enterprise are also covered. Amongst other things, Benders participates in Skaraborgs Invest, an investment company that is active in Skövde’s Science Park and creates the right conditions for new enterprise and jobs in Skaraborg.



Benders has had environmental certification since 1999. It was also the first company in Sweden to achieve environmental certification for a roof tile manufacturing operation. We have a deep concern for the environment. Before implementing our decisions, we carefully weigh the environmental impact.

Environment and work environment: Environment and work environment are central in our operations. They are integral to our daily work. We have environmental certification (ISO 14001).

In both these areas, we run continuous improvement initiatives. Via a close collaboration between our facilities and our “quality, environment and work environment department”, we put systematic effort into continuously developing our operations.

Via risk assessments, safety patrols, reporting and dialogues at our facilities, we evaluate physical and psychosocial work environments. The aim is to create a workplace that is as pleasant and safe as possible. To remain at the industry’s cutting edge, we also take part in certain development projects with research institutes.

Before implementation, decisions are weighed carefully against environmental consequences. In large and small things alike, concern for the environment is an integral part of our everyday actions. Our views on longterm sustainability express themselves in many ways. Examples include: extraction of raw materials and production as near as possible to the end consumer; recycling of materials and heat in production; and, multimillion investments in environment-friendly logistics solutions (e.g. own trains).

We are conscious of the impact our operations have on the environment. This is why we work systematically with, amongst other things, environmental goals and development projects to reduce any negative impact. Environmental issues are worked into the relationships with our suppliers and business partners. This is how we ensure quality products that have long service lives and the least possible negative impact across their entire life cycles.

Quality: Our products are made and inspected in accordance with the applicable standards. Each employee contributes to our quality and to customer satisfaction. All our work is based on: getting things right from the start; tackling any shortcomings where they arise; and, finding long-term solutions to problems so that they do not occur again.

Raw materials: Cement, sand, gravel, granite and water are the main components of our products. Our cement comes largely from Cementa, one of the world’s largest producers and a company with a major focus on sustainability. We have worked with Cementa ever since we started in 1960. To shorten transport, our sand, gravel and granite are sourced from nearby quarries. The water for our facilities comes primarily from our own wells. Surplus materials and cleaning water are reused in production.


Certification and environmental impact assessment systems: In 1999, Benders became the first Swedish operation to achieve environmental certification (ISO 14001) for a roof tile factory. Our products are registered and environmentally assessed in accordance with Sweden’s systems for this, i.e. BASTA, Byggvarubedömningen, SundaHus and Svanen.

Benders Byggsystem AB has quality and environmental certification (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001). Its products are registered and environmentally assessed in the Byggvarubedömningen, SundaHus and Svanen systems. We are greatly experienced in projects that have to be certified (e.g. in LEED, BREEAM, Svanen and Miljöbyggnad).

The “Climate Leap”: Benders is taking part in the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s “Climate Leap” initiative. This aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Sweden. To reduce it greenhouse gas emissions, has for example our factories Edsvära, Strängnäs and Åstorp changed their heating plant to boilers that are fired by wood pellets rather than by oil.

Roof guarantee: When you buy a complete concrete-tile roof with original accessories from Benders, you also get a 30-year guarantee covering strength, watertightness and frost resistance.

Materials guarantee: The products in our ranges are of a uniformly high quality that withstands many years of attrition in tough conditions. There is a full 10-year guarantee on Bendersproduced construction products.

The colour: Benderit paint consists of color pigment (iron oxide), water, binder and filler. It is an in-house developed and produced paint which ensures the highest quality and environmental control.

The Benderit paint is specially developed to be applied to concrete roof tiles and has a very long service life.

Recycling: Benders’ recycling programmes cover everything from paper to crushed concrete products.

Ethical requirements: Benders places great importance on ensuring that our suppliers (both of raw materials and of commercial goods) follow our Code of Conduct, work in an ethically correct manner and comply with international conventions on human rights.

CE marking: Our CE documents are readily available from our website,

Return system: All pallets used in packaging our products are of the return type. We use this feature to the full.


What can we do for you?

Since 1960, we at Benders have been driven by the desire to acquire a thorough knowledge of the industry in which we work, we have been expanding our expertise. We have sought to translate our value words into fantastic products and attractive concepts. Our customers are our most important assets. We want to do everything to give them construction products and solutions of the highest class.

Operations to embrace concrete-based products that complement our longstanding roofing and landscaping ranges. Our investments in traffic products, retaining wall elements, stairways, foundations and prefabricated framework element systems all felt entirely natural. They were all in the material we know so well, concrete.

When we than added ranges such as our in-house developed natural stone, we were truly addressing the challenge that we had set ourselves, i.e. to become a complete supplier in the manufacture and distribution of construction products.

Putting everything together, the result is that we can now offer not just weathertight roof tiles and decorative paving stones. Indeed, we can now erect entire buildings and, additionally, make their surroundings highly attractive. Whether it is a question of apartment blocks or multistorey car parks in urban environments or small houses or machine halls in the countryside, we can provide the stable foundations they rest on and the strong walls that frame them. With tile-covered roofs, we can also protect the buildings and give each one of them their distinctive character. We can then adorn their settings with sinuous garden paths or other beautiful outdoor areas. As for public areas and facilities, our products make them attractive, comfortable places for the people who use them or live there. Furthermore, our pinned kerbing, safety island elements and bus stop kerbing have made urban streets and through roads safer and more functional.

Even if we are now well on the way to our self-appointed goal, we will still be eagerly investing in our operations and driving them onwards. This is something that, naturally enough, will ultimately benefit our customers and, we hope, make us an even more attractive and complete supplier of concrete and granite construction products.


We support:


Benders Sverige AB

Box 20

SE-535 21 Kvänum

Offices: Lars Andersgården Edsvära

Tel: +46 (0)10-888 00 00



Benders Byggsystem AB

Box 20

SE-535 21 Kvänum

Offices: Tyrgatan 4, 114 27 Stockholm

Tel: +46 (0)10-888 40 00



BENDERS | EN | 2023-08

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