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Annual Fund 2011-2012


econd grader Henry Melnik’18 came into the Alumni & Development Office in December with a well-worn $10 bill. He proudly gave it to me, saying, “This is for the Annual Fund.” I smiled delightedly, and gave his mother Beth, a former Bement staff member, a quizzical look. Henry and his family live on their working dairy farm in Deerfield that has been in operation for over 90 years. Beth explained that Henry operates his own farm stand each year. He helps grow the crops, prices them, and sells his items each summer and fall. His parents have taught Henry the responsibilities that come from receiving money and have guided him to split his earnings in three categories—one for savings, one for spending, and one for donating. Henry thought long and hard about the places he could donate his money, and Bement was one of his choices. “I feel good giving back to my school. I like that we have PE every day and a good lunch. I want the school to have some money!” Henry’s philanthropy has inspired other young friends to think about giving back too! We are forever thankful to Henry and all of our generous donors, whether they are attending Bement today or were students when Grace Bement herself was head of school. Bement simply would not be the school it is without each of you. Thank you!

By Julia Flannery P’18, FA

Bement can change a life...and so can you! Please make your gift today! Its easy on-line:

(413) 774-3021

Director of Alumni & Development Diana Stiles FA

Director of Annual Fund and Alumni Relations Julia Flannery P’18, FA

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W r i t e r s & C o p y Ed i t o r s Dave Belcher P’07, FA Barak Blackburn’85, FA Ken Cuddeback FA Lisa Echeverria P’17,’18, FA Ross Feitlinger FA Colleen Filler P’01,’03,’05, PF Julia Flannery P’18, FA Dean Fusto P’19, FA Amy Hampson P’18,’19, FA Xiamo Hong FA Shelley Jackson P’00, FA Kim Loughlin P’18, FA Silvia Mugnani FA Leif Riddington P’18,’20, FA Elie Shuman P’10,’14, FA Diana Stiles FA Rich Winnick FA Wendy Moonan’60

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Food, Glorious Food Sumptuous pies. Succulent fruits. Scrumptious cookies. What else could hungry eyes hope to gaze upon when entering our dining hall? With subtly-rendered sushi, bowls of soulsatisfying soups, and roast turkey flanked by grilled fish and corn on the cob, the Bement House food mural provides a veritable feast for the eyes! Conceived of by art teacher, Deb Stewart-Pettengill, the mural pays tribute to 2010’s mini-term theme: FOOD! After being approached by Shelley Jackson to think about a culminating project that would involve every student at Bement, Ms. Stewart-Pettengill did not hesitate in choosing Wayne Thiebaud as a primary source of inspiration. Thiebaud, an American painter known for his Pop Art style images of cakes, deli-counters, and other things you might see as you walk down a city street, has long been a hero of Ms. Stewart-Pettengill. Having previously exposed her students to Thiebaud’s work, she felt confident that students would be excited and, therefore, highly engaged in the project. From the moment she introduced the concept through its completion in mid-spring, it was clear that, from kindergarten through ninth grade, everyone was, indeed, excited to portray favorite foods from around the world in this expressive yet meticulous style. Many eager hands were required to create our food mural including those of Xiaomo Hong, who helped with finishing touches, and Don Powell, who conceived of an elegant solution for hanging protective plexiglass over the mural. The completed mural now serves as a meaningful, shared heirloom that reminds us all to appreciate and celebrate food, glorious food! B by Lisa Echeverria P’17,’18, FA

A detail of the colorful, all-school mini-term food mural on display in the Bement House.



Owl, What? “Ewww!” is usually a kid’s first response when you tell him an owl pellet is just owl throw-up. However, when you tell fifteen eighth grade students they are going to be working with a dozen second graders to dissect owl pellets the response is: “Great! What do we have to do?” Janice Currie’s class had just finished a unit on owls, and she was looking for a way to wrap it all up. On a rainy day last year, Mrs. Currie’s second grade class trekked from the Keith Schoolhouse to the Kittredge Building and into the big world of upper school science. The second graders quickly filed into the class and found their seats among the eighth graders. Janice had taught many of the students in my class when they were in lower school, so it was easy for her to assign They created lifelong partners. Laid out before memories using science them was a dissection and they learned how tray with a black owl pellet, tweezers, probes, nature can be gross and a guide to identify the amazing at the same time! animals ingested by the owl, glue, and a piece of paper for bones to be prominently displayed. As the eighth graders lent helping hands, the second graders quickly got to work. I could tell Janice was excited to be working with her students both former and present. It was educational time for the second graders and a great leadership and bonding time for the eighth graders. There were squeaks of excitement as one group identified their skeletal remains as a vole, while another hypothesized it was a mouse. On and on, new discoveries were made, but even better, new connections were formed. As the hour quickly passed, it was time to say goodbye to our new friends. In those sixty minutes, the students learned that science does not happen when one person works alone in a lab, but that it occurs when groups of people work together. In this case, it was two classes that do not get many opportunities to collaborate. They created lifelong memories using science, and they learned how nature can be gross and amazing at the same time! B by ross feitlinger FA

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atBement New Chinese Summer Camp The Bement School introduced a new Chinese language camp in the summer of 2011. This new initiative certainly enriched our current Bement adventure camp offerings. Twenty-five campers (from age 5 to 11) not only enjoyed new friendships, but also gained a better understanding of Chinese language, culture, art, and traditions. The two-week program offered Chinese language lessons, Chinese arts and crafts classes, traditional outdoor children’s games, calligraphy, brush painting, Chinese storytelling, and the opportunity to watch hand-drawn animations. Campers learned to sing and dance and to make dumplings and Chinese pancakes. Yum! All the campers worked together for a fantastic final performance of Chinese opera that translates as “Little Tadpoles Look for Their Mother.” Wearing masks they

Campers share their projects from Bement’s newest summer program.

designed themselves and showing off the traditional movements they learned, the opera depicted a journey by a group of tadpoles who, after mistaking a goldfish, crab, tortoise, and catfish for their mother, eventually find their true mom — a frog! What fun and what a great success for all! B by Xiamo Hong Fa

Swing dancing, biking, and yoga — oh my!

From the Desk of the School Nurse


t has been an amazing few weeks getting settled as Bement’s new school nurse. My days are full of variety and have been spent soothing kindergartener’s stomachaches, wrapping sore upper school ankles, putting ice packs on lots of bumps and bruises, and much more. In between visits from students and the occasional faculty or staff member, I try to meet the rules and regulations from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Department of Public Health about immunizations and the scope of practice for school nurses. I so prefer taking care of people over paper! Our first annual back-to-school head lice check and the recent flu shot clinic gave me the opportunity to meet every one of the wonderful students at Bement. I communicate with the Deerfield Academy Health Center and local healthcare providers for the medical needs of our boarders. The warm welcome from the entire Bement community has been incredible, but not surprising at all. I have long known how special Bement is and am grateful to be here in this wonderful place. B

Curious about orienteering? Eager to learn swing dancing? Have you always wanted to perform a solo riff in a jazz band? These are just a few of the co-curricular choices that debuted this year in Bement’s upper school electives program. This fall, teachers were asked to offer a short course on a vocation or skill which they feel passionate about. Students were presented with a variety of topics and chose their favorite. Electives met three times in the fall during Friday

afternoon extended advisory time. Offerings included outdoor skills, swing dance, jazz band, sewing, knitting, model making, puzzle design, poetry writing, gardening, carpentry, yoga, video production, biking, and photography. B.

by elinor shuman rn, msn P’10,’14, FA




A kinder, gentler technology Barak Blackburn’85, Director of Technology


joke with folks that my job as Bement’s director of technology means that I am responsible for anything that plugs into the wall. In fact, I am responsible for all the computers on campus, and I also serve as a resource for the entire school community, which can mean assisting with such diverse tasks as helping a parent whose Blackberry has inexplicably switched to a foreign language or advising a parent who is interested in purchasing a new laptop for his/her small business. Bement has both Macs and PCs on campus, allowing exposure to both operating systems. Technology has helped faculty and staff become more efficient in many ways. Notices from the school are sent out via email, which allows for more immediate contact, but faculty and staff are always available to talk to in-person, or on the phone. Technological advances have made life easier for the Business Office too, allowing for bills to be sent via email with the touch of a button. Our Development Office does its work more efficiently with an integrated database, and those almost-daily Facebook updates keep the alumni community and our other friends up to date with Bement happenings. But, while technology is part of the Bement experience, it is not an overwhelming component. Bement is still a place where teachers work closely and interpersonally with students and their fellow faculty members, and our school administrators still respect and realize the importance of the face-to-face relationship. In the eleven years since computers became a part of the everyday operations at Bement, computers haven’t changed

Technology 101 a decade ago



the interpersonal dimension of a student’s education. Teachers use our two computer labs for writing projects and interactive classroom experiences. Dave Belcher shares viral videos he comes across on a regular basis during the upper school morning meeting. Nancy Ames works with the lower school faculty and a reading program that is interactive, helping students make strides in their reading at their own pace. But I assure you that reading growth is best reflected in good oldfashioned books, as students make regular trips to the library to bring books home for pleasure. Come to a morning meeting on a Tuesday morning in the upper school, and you will find all students and faculty reading silently. And Mr. Young and Mr. Benson are still taking all of those photos around campus, but with digital technology supporting their artistry. Technology helps ninth grade students design their own yearbook pages with desktop publishing software. Teachers maintain blogs and wiki pages to stay in contact with their students and communicate with parents. Every classroom has a computer for the faculty member, and many teachers have also installed a second computer for student use. Students now have to add a portable USB thumb drive to their list of required school supplies. Students might print their homework at home or at one of the printing stations on campus, and many teachers accept students’ homework via e-mail as well. But just as often, homework is handed in on lined notebook paper. Integrating technology with the traditional is ever-evolving at Bement. The prevailing question will always be this: how can we maintain and enhance the ways in which students learn? B

Upper school Head, Dean Fusto, teaching in the Mac lab

atBement New Diversity Mission Created

(Top) Mr. Winnick teaching at the Smart Board. (Bottom, left) Erica Wurtz P’18 enjoys listening to her son, Gavin Brayton’18, read during the Author’s Tea. (Bottom, right) Nelia Perry’17, reads her essay during the annual Biography Fair held in the library.

Library News The content of Bement’s library, along with that of all libraries, has shifted significantly from print to digital sources. Students used to be able to rely on the information available in their library because materials were carefully evaluated and selected by a librarian to be appropriate to their needs. However, because students now have access through the internet to such a vast amount of information, the role of a school librarian must also emphasize teaching students how to locate and evaluate relevant information on their own. What, in past years, had been done for them by a librarian in the process of acquiring new library materials, students must now do for themselves. This year, sixth graders have been coming to the library every week, initially just learning how to access library materials by using the online catalog. This instruction will progress, however, to the point where they will discover appropriate criteria to apply to on-line information in order to evaluate its reliability. The anticipated results of this instruction will give students an enhanced ability to access and use the ever-expanding range of online information available to them. B

Bement’s 2009-2012 Strategic Plan includes a goal close to the heart of the School’s mission and that is to “Maintain and strengthen commitment to a diverse faculty and student body.” A group of faculty, staff, and administrators served on a task force to focus on that goal. As a result, a Diversity Committee was formed to provide leadership and oversight regarding diversity initiatives at Bement. One action step clarifies our definition of “diverse” and the need to write a diversity mission statement which states our commitment to inclusion and equity in admissions, curriculum, instruction, and hiring. The committee seized upon the opportunity to use the beautiful artwork created by the entire school community during the Diversity Mini-Term 2008. The mural is an illustration of how Bement defines diversity, capturing the spirit of inclusivity better than words. The committee expanded its work by asking faculty, staff, and administration to look more closely at all aspects of school life, including physical space, curriculum, and language, through a diversity lens by completing a school climate survey. The committee intends to ask parents and students to complete a similar survey later in the year. The results will highlight and celebrate our successes and potentially pose questions about where our community could strengthen our commitment. A diversity mission statement based on the committee’s work was created to accompany the Bement’s overall mission statement. A framed copy of both statements, including a print of the diversity mural, was given to faculty and staff members to hang in their classroom, office, or other public area around campus. B (left to right) Josh Semaski’19, Erin O’Keefe’19, and Elisa Cosby-Rivas’19

Head of School Awarded Fellowship Head of School, Shelley Borror Jackson, was one of twenty-five heads of school world-wide to be awarded a 2011 fellowship from the Klingenstein Center at Teachers College/Columbia University in New York. The fellowship provided two weeks of classes, symposia, and research on a topic proposed as part of the selection process. As a participant, Shelley was granted a two-week leave from her duties at school in order to meet the fellowship’s residency requirement. Shelley focused on a study of homework and then produced a review of relevant literature on the subject. She presented her research to all heads in the cohort, to Master’s degree candidates at Teachers College, to the Bement faculty, and to the parent community. Conclusions from Shelley’s study included the recommendations that teachers abandon a “one size fits all” approach to homework, that rationale for homework is thoughtful and clearly identified, and that students have opportunity for ownership and differentiation within assignments. B



a flood of historic

proportions B Y S H E L L E Y B O R R O R J A C K S O N P ’ 0 0 , FA

On March 18, 1936, eighth grade boarder Cathy Clare’GB (now Esleeck) made a list that has new meaning for me. When she first offered it to me years ago, I saw it as an interesting artifact and cherished the opportunity to imagine my friend as a young girl at Bement. I never could have imagined that one day I, too, would be composing a list for my own departure from a ravaged campus. Cathy meticulously recorded her preparations to evacuate from Bement in what would become an historic flood: 11:00 Connecticut River rising rapidly. Day children went home.

Photos from Old Main Street, Deerfield, during The Great Flood of 1936

11:15 Started packing to go home 11:30 Packing—Connecticut River still rising--over road at North End of Deerfield 12:00 Bags all packed–raining cats and dogs Cathy next chronicled a hurried lunch; at 1:30 she boarded a train for Springfield at the Deerfield Station. En Cathy Clare Esleek’GB, PTT, P’62’s handwritten account of The Great Flood

route, she described “awful floods around the Deerfield Valley” and “waves in the Connecticut River just like the ocean.” Her parents were unable to reach the train station to retrieve her, and she described the teachers in charge (Bob and Mary Elizabeth Snively) as “frantic.” Seventy-five years later, this sequence and its images are all too familiar. On August 28, Rob and I were well prepared for Tropical Storm Irene. We anticipated rain, wind, and the possibility of prolonged power outages. We didn’t, however, imagine the need to leave our own home at the north end of town, nor could we ever have imagined the speed and force with which the Deerfield River swallowed much of our village.



On August 28, Rob and I were well prepared for Tropical Storm Irene. We anticipated rain, wind, and the possibility of prolonged power outages. We didn’t, however, imagine the need to leave our own home at the north end of town, nor could we ever have imagined the speed and force with which the Deerfield River swallowed much of our village.

If I were to create my own list, it might look like this:

Friday 8/26 Cancel plans to visit with past trustees, Robin Whitten’62 and John Longmaid PP, P’93 in Maine. The forecast suggests that this might not be a good time to leave Bement. Saturday 8/26 • Remove everything of monetary or sentimental value from the basement, including presents from two sons’ weddings in June and July. The head’s new residence is located in a flood plain, and the house has been underwater as recently as 2005. Better to be safe than sorry. • Rob and our buildings and grounds crew install the steel flood door in the basement and reinforce it with sandbags. Rob ties a multitude of picnic tables together and secures a dinghy to a tree near our back door. • Make a run to Target for photo albums; a couple of days without power should allow me to organize all those wedding pictures that I won’t be able to touch once school starts. We stock up on food, batteries, flashlights, and candles. We end the errand with a dinner at Judie’s in Amherst, congratulating ourselves for being so ready.

Sunday 8/28 7:00 a.m. We awaken to unremarkable rainfall, not much wind, and wonder if Irene has changed tracks. 9:00 a.m.

Rob plugs in a new submersible pump as rivulets of water begin to work their way into the basement. For the next two hours, he remains pleased over how well the pump and his push broom are managing the water.

10:00 a.m. Water begins to pool in the backyard. I arrange those photo albums on the dining room table, anticipating a power outage at any moment. 10:30 a.m. Emily Yazwinski P’98, Deerfield dairy farmer and neighbor, arrives on her bike to tell us that the farmers have never seen the Deerfield rise this fast. Top: At opening meetings, faculty prepare to tour the street’s damage. Middle: Flooring and trimwork were replaced in Jiayi House after substantial damage. Bottom: A somber faculty witness the moving process for dorm parents on the first floor of Jiayi House.





Lists—mental or physical—help in these moments. It also becomes interesting to see what matters when snap decisions are made. Do we take a change of clothes? Pillows? Treasured photos? Sunday 8/28 (cont.) 10:45 a.m. The backyard turns from pools to ponds, and the farm road that borders our yard is impassable. 11:30 a.m.

Small ponds now form a single lake, stretching from the Deerfield River and across our backyard, rapidly filling in the front yard and the field to our east.

12:00 p.m.

The water continues to rise, creating two torrents which race around both sides of our house. Photos from the 1936 flood come to mind, and I remember stories of the Allen sisters climbing into a canoe from the second story of their home next door to Bement House. I don’t like heights, and I don’t relish the thought of a wobbly canoe.

12:30 p.m.

That new submersible pump and Rob’s broom can no longer control the water levels in the basement. I know I should record what’s happening; I don tall rubber boots and take photos of the lake which now engulfs our house. While photographing, I notice the “gawkers” who have come to witness what’s happening in our village. A woman shares a phone video of Shelburne Falls’ Bridge of Flowers, nearly submerged by the churning Deerfield River.



1:00 p.m.

Our house is surrounded by rapids. Sections of our pool fencing race toward 5 & 10, as does a yellow Tonka truck Rob has recently bought at a yard sale for our grandson. With rushing water visibly rising, the house is no longer a safe place to remain.

It’s at this moment when I think about Cathy’s list. Lists— mental or physical—help in these moments. It also becomes interesting to see what matters when snap decisions are made. Do we take a change of clothes? Pillows? Treasured photos? Within five minutes, I had a book, reading glasses, and a dachshund in my arms. Our aging Labrador retriever was on a leash, as the four of us forded the river in our front yard. Our thoughts quickly turned to the small handful of Bement faculty who were also in their homes that last weekend of summer. We took stock of each other’s whereabouts and soon learned of a mandatory evacuation to the Deerfield Inn. Some of us seized this moment to relocate the school vans to higher ground. Dorm parents Xiaomo Hong and her husband Gao Jun, Kirsten Kapteyn and daughters Ingrid and Ilse, Jeff Hamilton, Ted Pina, Danton Brewington, and we gathered for what would be a short-lived stay, as the waters soon filled the lower ell of the inn, its patio, and its basement. I still wonder about the few guests who had retreated from Cape Cod or coastal Maine, certain that Deerfield would be safe from any real damage caused by Irene. What had seemed impossible was now reality; the entire north end was under water; ten feet at its highest. My last glimpse of our house was of white caps lapping at the front door. One’s mind travels in myriad

Left to right: 1. An impassable north end of the street. 2. A submerged sign on nearby Routes 5 & 10. 3. Flooded tennis courts at Deerfield Academy. 4. Days later, teachers retrieve soccer goals from a nearby cornfield.


directions under stress; I became preoccupied with the two cats I’d left behind and with the decades of photos on a shelf on the first floor. Nothing was safe from the water at this point, and I began to fear for our beautiful new boys’ dorm.

7:00 p.m.

Hot, steamy weather takes its toll, and we arrive at an Eaglebrook dorm, tired, hungry, worried, and uncertain. Our little band of Bement faculty feels like a flood family, and I’m glad we have each other. Kind, hospitable dorm parents prepare a massive bowl of pasta for us; Kirsten Kapteyn’s evacuation bag includes elegant cheese and crackers, and no meal could taste better. I remember 1936 stories of stranded Bement and Deerfield teachers enjoying movies that Frank Boyden somehow managed to procure.

12:00 a.m.

Rumors lead us to believe that the water has receded enough on Main Street to enable us to inspect Jiayi House, the first floor of the boys’ dorm. Our “flood family” boards a van and makes its way to the parking lot at Wright House, our older girls’ dorm. Sidewalks are covered with wet, slippery silt, and we feel more like ice skaters than walkers. We enter the Kapteyns’ apartment and realize some of our worst fears: their apartment, Ted Pina’s apartment, and the first floor of the dorm are also covered in the same wet silt. Items on the floor are soaked and stained; some will recover, others are clearly a loss.


Few of us are able to sleep in our own beds tonight, but we are all in Bement beds. We have no idea what lies ahead. What has been broken, bent, damaged, or destroyed? Will we be able to open school on time? How will we house the ten boys without a dorm? The questions were answered in short order. An activity bus and three dorm parents’ cars were considered total losses. A number of washers and dryers, freezers, frozen food, and paper supplies for the dining hall were ruined. Jiayi House would need new flooring and woodwork, and its dorm parents lost much of personal value. Heating and cooling systems in the head’s residence must be redone, and two weeks after the flood, more than 75 fish were still thriving in the pool behind the house. Home games quickly turned into away games, and cleanup duties superceded other campus needs. Events like this create history. They also define communities, and I couldn’t be prouder of ours. Bement’s campus might have been broken, but spirits were not. School opened on time. Our homeless boarders were immediately welcomed into day family homes. We’ve always been a faculty and staff willing to do whatever’s needed, but never more so than this year. Faculty meetings found teachers shoveling mud, retrieving soccer goals from swamps, and loading moving vans for our displaced dorm parents. At our first all-school Morning Meeting, I told our students that two of the most important questions that can ever be asked are “What can I do?” and “How can I help?” Just hearing those questions from countless parents, alumni, trustees, and neighbors was often enough; the answers to the questions didn’t matter. B



Bement School Board of Trustees Andy Beall P’15 Barbara Blydenburgh ’70

New Trustees Join Board

Ray Blydenburgh Nancee Bershof P’97,’98, Secretary Stephen Chen P’12 Jill Evans P’11 John Gardiner P’14,’18 Dolly Glennon P’08,’11 Howard Harrison, Jr.’92 Anthony Kwame Harrison’85 Christine Hart P’02, Treasurer Sara Harvey P’15, Parents’ Association President Frank Henry P’05,’08, President

Barbara (Haas) Blydenburgh’70

Ray Blydenburgh

Kwame Harrison’85

has been a faithful supporter of her alma mater. She and her husband, Ray, are the generous donors who made Blydenburgh House possible. She serves on the boards of The New England Aviation Society and White Eagle Martial Arts. Their move to Northfield, MA, now allows them to participate more fully in the governance of our school.

is a dedicated martial artist and is owner and board member of the White Eagle Martial Arts school in Pennsylvania. He is also on the board of the New England Aeronautical Society and the Pathway School. His hobbies include aviation, hiking, and horseback riding.

grew up in Shelburne Falls and was a day student from 1980-1984. He is currently an Edward S. Diggs Teaching Fellow at Virginia Tech, holds a B.A. in anthropology from the University of Massachusetts and an M.A. and Ph.D., also in anthropology, from Syracuse University.

Cathy Esleeck’GB, P’62

Pamela Klonaris P’12,’15

Jane Plager P’12,’16

Yi Zhang P’12,’15

Mike Kittredge P’06,’18,’21

is the parent of two Bement boys; Nomikos graduated last year and now attends St. George’s (Newport, RI) and Alex is currently an eighth grade boarder. An attorney with Klonaris and Co., Pamela also serves on a number of boards in the financial and legal sectors in the Bahamas.

is a parent of two Bement boys, Matt in ninth grade and Ben in fifth grade. Jane has been an invaluable volunteer for ten years, serving most recently as the vicepresident for the Parents’ Association. A resident of Greenfield, Jane is a nurse practitioner at Bay State Franklin Adult Medicine.

resides in Amherst and is the mother of Youchen, a day student in the ninth grade, and Nicholas in sixth grade. Yi worked as a journalist at a national newspaper in China for ten years, winning a series of Chinese prizes for her writing. She holds degrees from Renmin University in Beijing and American University in Washington, D.C.

Shelley Borror Jackson P’00, FA Margo Jones P’07 Dongho Kang P’08,’14 Pamela Klonaris P’11,’13 Lynn Luker P’07,’10 Sheehan Lunt’00 Wendy Moonan’60 David Neumeister P’98 Jane Plager P’12,’16 Charles Sanford P’12,’14,’17,’19 Vice-President Littell “Tell” White’GB Alumni Association President Yi Zhang P’12,’15

Ex Officio Kenneth Cuddeback FA Dean Fusto P’17, FA Kimberly C. Loughlin P’18, FA Frank Massey FA Carole Pennock P’90,’94, FA Diana Stiles FA

Honorary Trustees Joseph T. Bartlett’49, P’80,’82,’87

Xingping “Simon” Lu P’09 Stephanie W. McLennan’85 Robert Merriam P’74,’75,’80, GP’98 P. William Polk, Jr.’52 J. Peter Spang

Trustees Emeriti Mary Drexler FHS, P’50,’52, GGP’14 As of October 21, 2011



(above) Mrs. Ribes-Mugnani interacts with upper school students as they use theatre to reinforce their Spanish studies. (left) Lower schoolers anxiously await the start of the Spanish performance while listening to an introduction.

Flying with Spanish Wings Recently, Mrs. Ribes-Mugnani reached out to some of her former students. She shares their travels and stories with us about their lives post-Bement and how studying Spanish with her helped to shape their personal, professional, and academic lives… Sylvia writes, “I remember my many cherished former students, and I try to imagine them blooming as college students or starting their professional lives and developing their passions in all areas. I often wonder if their preliminary steps taken in the Spanish language here, at their beloved Bement School, helped them achieve any of their dreams as future professionals or, what is more important, crossing bridges as cultural explorers. Some of their correspondence with me follows.” B “The truth is that I cannot overstate the impact that the Bement language program has had on my life. I am currently teaching English to elementary and middle school students in the province of La Rioja, in Spain. This job is the culmination of a lifelong love of and interest in Spain and Hispanic culture and language. After Bement I took two years of Spanish at Deerfield Academy, and at the University of Vermont I studied it for two semesters. After my sophomore year at UVM, I took the leap and moved to Leon, Spain, to spend a year studying Spanish language and culture at the Universidad de Leon. During my year there, I met people from more backgrounds than I ever imagined. This experience was a very powerful one, and my Spanish skills improved dramatically without my even realizing.

After that year, I learned about the Auxiliares de Conversacion Program through the Spanish Ministry of Education, and that brings me to where I am now, in Logrono, La Rioja, where three days a week I teach English lessons to a number of students in the pueblos of Torrecilla, Villoslada, and Ortigosa. I also give private lessons. I can honestly say that the Spanish program at Bement engendered in me a love of the language. I try to impart my passion for knowledge on my students every day, while keeping in mind the teachings of my treasured teachers from The Bement School.” Madeline Bensen’02 “In the years since I attended Bement, my ability to speak Spanish has helped me to forge bonds with many co-workers who hailed from countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico, and with others who spoke English as a second language. My knowledge of Spanish, combined with their knowledge of English, greatly increased the efficacy of our communication, and thus enabled us to discuss a much wider variety of subjects than would have been possible otherwise. I am currently exploring teaching as a possible career choice.” Drew Chapman’00

“I want to thank Bement for preparing me so well for high school Spanish and for really sparking a love for the language. I am currently a junior at NMH, and I doubled up in Spanish this year, taking Spanish IV Service Learning in the fall semester, and now I take AP Spanish classes. With the Service Learning class, we teach a 30-minute class at an elementary school. In March, I went to La Suiza orphanage on the Dominican Republic in an alumni trip, and I am planning to go back next year. I can not wait to use my Spanish there. This trip has opened my eyes to things I did not know, new experiences, new relationships and strong connections with the little boys there. These trips have solidified my love for the language and the culture. It is amazing how far I have come with the language and how many opportunities it has allowed me to enjoy. I am seriously considering the possibility of being a Spanish teacher in the future.” Anna Reid’09



“After Bement, I studied Spanish in high school reaching honors level and I also studied Spanish in college. I majored in Spanish (and Economics) Georgetown University. The language helped me to meet one of my closest friends. I met him when we started working in New York City as financial analysts at Bank of America. He is Honduran, and one of four Hondurans to have ever attended Yale. To help maintain my Spanish, we would chat at work on Bloomberg (our financial trading system) in Spanish. Five years later, he is still one of my closest friends, and it was definitely my ability to speak Spanish which brought us together.” Emily Glotzer’99 “I started to study Spanish at Bement and it has proven to be an important part of my life. After Bement I attended Blair Academy, where I continued studying Spanish through the AP level. I first visited Spain while at Bement and then, between my sophomore and junior years, I traveled again with my school to Madrid, and then on to Jaca (a satellite campus of La Universidad de Zaragoza) for a month. I studied in Madrid for my junior year. I took all of my classes in Spanish and stayed with a host family. Through my study abroad trip, I was able to build very strong friendships that last until this day. I also fell in love with Spain. After college, I wanted to do something different for a year before attending graduate school. I discovered a program teaching English in primary schools (through the Spanish government) in Madrid. My knowledge of Spanish helped me to meet friends right away. I formed very close relationships with people from Spain, France, Germany and Chile, all through a love for the language and for the city. One of these new friends has been my boyfriend for a few years now, and since he is French, I am learning this language as well. Even my new found love of the French language has direct roots in my ability to speak, read and write Spanish. I am now a graduate student in NYC and, in my spare time, I take both Spanish and French classes at the university. In general, my knowledge and interest in Spanish helped me become a more confident person, one who is excited to communicate with people from all different countries and backgrounds. It has fueled my desire to travel. I am sure Spanish will continue to play a big part in my life, as I plan to move abroad again after I finish graduate school.” Cristina Sciarra’01



“After Bement, I took Spanish throughout high school and college. During my senior year at Stoneleigh Burnham, I took AP Spanish and traveled to Cuba for an independent school project on the history of Cuban women during the communist revolution. It was a fascinating experience. At Smith College, I used Spanish as a volunteer at a women’s safehouse. Many of them did not know English, and I helped tutor their children. Then I decided to take Italian courses. I found that knowing Spanish helped me learn Italian. I really enjoyed making connections between the languages”. Daniela Jacobson’01 “After my days at Bement, thanks to all the support and love I received there, I grew and I followed the advice to fly as high as I could. I attended a program at Morelia, Mexico, where I studied Spanish the entire summer. I also studied Spanish in high school. At Mount Holyoke College I was a Psychology and Spanish major, with a concentration in Latin American Studies. I graduated from Texas A&M University with both concentrations. While at A&M I worked with Dr. Eduardo Urbina in his Cervantes project, translating some of Don Quijote’s versions and doing research work for two years, ( I have also worked as service coordinator, bilingual specialist, and in children’s development. I am expecting a scholarship from Lucero Latino Mental Health Center, to work within the Hispanic communities within the States. Since my days in the Bement Spanish classes, I developed a love of visiting other countries. I have already traveled to Panama, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and I hope to visit Venezuela in May (as my boyfriend is Venezuelan). As you can see, I follow your advice: “Don’t stop!” Elena Tillman’02 “After Bement I took Spanish honor classes throughout high school and I felt more than prepared, so much so that I was top of my class. Though I did not take Spanish at Bates I did go abroad to South Africa where I learned conversational Zulu. As soon as I became familiar with the structure of the language, verbs were conjugated very much like they are in Spanish. I also realized how quickly one can pick up parts of a language when you are completely immersed in it. I am living in Boston since I graduated from Bates where I was a

Psychology major. I am now working at McLean hospital/ Harvard doing research. I am sure the use of Spanish will be very helpful during my professional career.” Sarah Young’02 “Though I did not continue Spanish after Bement, I visit Cordoba City, Argentina every year, and being immersed in a Spanish environment helps me remember what I learned in my Bement Spanish classes. Now, when I visit Miami I can order food and communicate in simple situations. Maybe I will start learning Spanish again in the future.” Craig Hendrickson’03 “I have used my skills in Spanish recently in my travels through the Caribbean while I was working on a documentary about cigars. The website of my video production company can be found at:, where a trailer of the film can be seen. I can say for sure that Spanish, the foundation for which was built at Bement, allowed me to travel for four months through Spanish speaking countries including Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba.” Hugh Lawson’03

“I continued to study Spanish in high school, but unfortunately was unable to in college. However, attending school in New Mexico provided me with a very interesting opportunity to be exposed to the language. I realized that much of what I learned at Bement had stuck with me. Now, working at a temporary job at a store, I have had the chance to interact with some Spanish speaking clients and am able to address their concerns. I am happy that my knowledge of Spanish has given me the chance to help others.” Elizabeth Smith’03 “My decision to learn Spanish at Bement has affected my entire life and opened opportunities for me throughout high school and college. After leaving Bement, and with a few years of Spanish under my belt, I entered NMH as a sophomore and applied for a study abroad program to the Dominican Republic. The Spanish I learned at Bement prepared me to enter this program as a junior and I soon spent 6-1/2 weeks in the DR studying Spanish, History and living with a homestay family who I keep in touch to this day. At Goucher College I continued studying Spanish and I spent junior year

in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I lived with a home-stay family. The most challenging part of this trip was that I did not attend American-oriented classes at the university. I took two Political Science courses, one on the United Nations and another on International Relations. I traveled a couple of times, to Uruguay and to San Antonio de Areco, a “gaucho town” outside of Buenos Aires city. I found amazing people and delicious food there. While the trip was challenging, it represented a learning experience I will never forget.” Daniel Chapman’03

“After Bement I studied Spanish for two years at The Taft School, where I took two grammar and speech classes. I used to visit Puerto Rico with my family every January, where I learned first-hand that applying my Spanish studies in real world experiences was the best way to learn. After Taft I studied Public Relations and Communications at Quinnipiac University, and I continued studying Spanish. By my sophomore year I decided I wanted to make Spanish my minor. I took several interesting courses in the history and culture of Spain, literature and advanced conversation in Spanish. Last spring I traveled to Europe and stayed in Italy for four months where I learned some Italian. I found that when I did not know how to say something in Italian I used Spanish and they could understand me. This summer I interned at Real Simple Magazine in New York City and I encountered several opportunities where I was able to use my Spanish. This past December I worked at the Real Simple Holiday Pop-up Shop in Rockefeller Center, where I was able to assist people using my Spanish skills. It is moments like that when I feel fortunate and happy that I am able to use more than one language. It is really important for people, especially in today’s world, to be open-minded and allow themselves to learn about different cultures. My great experience at Bement encouraged me to love languages and cultures and started the spark to continue learning.” Stephanie Schonbrun’04 “I took Spanish in high school at NMH and at Union College, where I graduated with a major in Economics and a minor in Spanish. I used Spanish daily as a Residence Director at Union College. I also find it very useful during my daily activities at the Mercersburg Adventure Camp”. Danton Brewington’04



“After Bement I attended Suffield Academy, taking Spanish level 4 with honors. I visit Argentina every year with my family and I help them communicate with the people there. I am very happy that I can talk to the people, engage in simple conversations, learn about their culture and even make jokes in Spanish.” Rachel Hendrickson’05

“When I started studying Spanish during my last year at Bement it was different and challenging. I was able to spend some weeks in Mexico, where I discovered the value of this new language. I communicated with the people, enjoyed the food, learned about their culture and made new friends.” David Ramlow Sacks’06

“After graduating from Bement, I continued with Spanish in high school, taking honor classes and learning an incredible amount about the language and culture. Currently I am studying music production and classical voice at The Hartt School (University of Hartford). I feel incredibly fortunate. Even though I am not yet as fluent in Spanish as I would have liked, my years of study have aided me immensely. In training to be an opera singer, I am expected to sing in different languages. Language has become such a large part of my life and I think it is a beautiful thing to be able to interpret the words and sounds of other cultures. I always credit my language classes at Bement for my love and interest in other cultures. They taught me how important it is to embrace diversity and enjoy the beauty each country has to offer.” Sarah Mellas’07 “Though Spanish can be difficult, as a college student I realized that being a multicultural person is very important. Spanish is not only necessary because it is so widely used, but also because through Spanish you can have access to a variety of literature. I visited Peru during my last year at Bement, and then Spain. Last summer I studied Spanish for a month; it was a great and invaluable experience. I thank Bement for the opportunity I had to discover this new and important language and culture.” Justin Gong’07



“You will be glad to know that my passion for Spanish has not lessened since I was in your classes at Bement. I have been in all honor Spanish classes at NMH, especially last year in AP Spanish. During the AP test I got 770 out of 800, so I received college credits for that class. It showed me the strong foundation I was bringing from my classes at Bement; I was really well prepared! Last March I traveled with my family to Costa Rica, and I was the only one who spoke Spanish, so I had to translate non-stop for about two weeks. It was really fun, although my Spanish is still not perfect. I will be studying business at Emory, so I definitely hope to brush up on my Spanish, and possibly start a third language. I am also considering doing a semester abroad in Spain or Buenos Aires. I am definitely planning to continue my Spanish in college and beyond. In business today they are looking more and more for bilingual people, especially larger, multinational companies.” Kendall Farabaugh’08

“After Bement I continued with Spanish at Deerfield Academy, achieving all honor levels. I also spent some time in a homestay in Spain. I am very proud of my progress learning about this new language and culture.” Jiayi Lu’09 Our hope here at the Bement School is that our alumni continue sharing their experiences with us and that they provide helpful guidance to future generations of students.

Good things come in threes for the class of 2003! When a trio of Bement alumni — Rosie Filler, Eli Lovely, and Megan Williams — each received word that they were awarded Fulbright scholarships, they set off for their chosen countries, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Eli Lovely’03

As a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant from August 2010 to June 2011, Eli was posted to Bilecik, Turkey, and not only helped students his own age learn English, but became proficient in theirs too.


li Lovely’03 finds more similarities than differences among people — regardless of culture, language, geography, or any of the other myriad factors that so often separates them. A day student alumnus from Turners Falls, Eli is quick to credit his studies and relationships at Bement with helping him find the remarkable direction in which his life has taken him. World Civilizations with Dave Belcher fostered critical thinking outside the box. Advisory with Leif Riddginton inspired and encouraged him to believe in himself. Eli says, “Bement was a life-changer for me.” We are truly fortunate that he continues to learn and grow and share his insight as an alumnus from the class of 2003. After NMH, Eli graduated from Wheaton College’10, but not before he spent a semester abroad in at the American University of Cairo in Egypt. Not surprisingly, the experience abroad was an eyeopener and he soon chose to major in international relations (and English) at college. His contact with students from all over the world and student teaching earned him a Fulbright Scholarship to teach English in Turkey. BEMENT BULLETIN 2011-2012


As a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant from August 2010 to June 2011, Eli was posted to Bilecik, Turkey and not only helped students his own age learn English, but became proficient in theirs too. Now a graduate student at the Center for Democracy and Civil Society at Georgetown University, Eli anticipates graduating in 2012. Keep in touch Eli! We look forward to hearing from you as you continue your journey. You make Bement proud!


ne of the many joys of being a Bement teacher is sharing your classroom with so many active, engaged, passionate students. For more than twenty years, I have been challenged to keep up with young people who simply love to learn. Still, every now and then, a standout emerges. Eli Lovely was one such student for me. I remember well our time together in ninth grade history class, when we studied the Ancient Near East, then Greece and Rome. Eli’s appetite for understanding was insatiable. He seemed transfixed by the idea that these cradles of civilization have so profoundly impacted how we think and do things today. He asked questions, he quietly reflected, and he offered his own ideas to every class. Eli and I have kept in regular contact since Bement, through his years at Northfield Mount Hermon, Wheaton College, and beyond. He has flattered me by telling me my teaching was seminal in his learning experience. Those words humble me. Whether some seeds were planted in that classroom that led Eli to eventually study in Turkey, one of those cradles in the Middle East, I cannot say, but I certainly hope so. Regardless, I could not be more proud of the fine young man and engaging intellectual he has become. B by Dave Belcher P’07, FA




ne typical morning in the Polk building a decade ago, long before he went off to Turkey to take on his Fulbright, Eli the eighth grader waited in front of a group of Bement ninth graders to make a community service announcement during advisory block. The personalities and voices of that particular audience were, in two words, superbly boisterous. Watching patiently from the doorway for his cue to enter the room, in which I and the three other seasoned advisors were making fruitless appeals on behalf of common courtesy, stood the boy I came to know as Eli Lovely. It was just another head-spinning morning with these ninth graders, which set the unflappable poise of the younger student amidst them in greater relief; he wasn’t just waiting, he was observing us. Like a primatologist studying the social behavior of macaque monkeys. Were we even aware of ourselves? Maybe in front of a mirror, but that was debatable. As one of the adults present, I realized this doesn’t look good and wondered whether Eli had drawn the same conclusion, but when our eyes caught, he grinned brightly at me as if to say, “This is fun.” Then he chuckled. Ever so quietly. I think I was the only one who heard him, but it was a banner chuckle, the moment that began what has become for me a prized friendship. His grin wasn’t condescension but rather a genuine fascination with how people relate, coming from a young person with a soul wiser and older than my own. For me, life is not as full of these moments or relationships as I would prefer, but teaching seems to be the place where more of both happen. Yeah, Eli is a scholar — super bright, dangerously perceptive and so funny (he could just as easily be a stand-up comedian as a CIA agent) — and yeah, we found our connection in things like a love of language, a love of the absurd, and step-dads who blessed us with their own immeasurable love, so maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but honestly, I never really thought of myself as Eli’s teacher. I was his sometimes cohort. More often, his student. B by leif riddington P’18,’20, FA



Megan Williams’03 Studies at Bement were foundational to Megan’s international academic interests.

egan, a 2010 graduate of Santa Clara University, chose Warsaw, Poland, as her country of destination. She arrived in August of that year and was in residence through December. Asked why she chose Warsaw, Megan said, “At Santa Clara, I was a political science major, and I developed a friendship with one of my political professors whose specialty was Eastern/Central Europe. I took several of her classes on the subject and decided to write my senior thesis on the fall of communism in Poland.” Megan’s specific subject of her thesis explored the idea that the fall of communism in Poland was due to the work done by the Solidarity movement in conjunction with a top-down reform movement by the Communist party. This faculty member had been a Fulbright Scholar in Poland and encouraged her to apply for a Fulbright as well. Megan is enthusiastic in endorsing Bement as the foundation for her interest in the world and in making contributions beyond the classroom’s four walls. She writes that “Bement is the reason for my success! I firmly believe that Bement provided me with the study, time-management, and social skills that have allowed me to pursue a wide variety of academic pursuits. Bement fosters in its students a deep appreciation for learning both in and outside the classroom. Furthermore, it instills a curiosity in the world outside of the United States. I went to Paris with Mrs. Pond after my seventh grade year, and that really jump-started my interest in traveling and studying abroad. Megan has, this year, begun her studies at the University of Michigan Law School. B



Rosie Filler’03 Rosie Filler’03 writes to us from Indonesia, where she is an English Teaching Assistant.


“My ideal classroom dynamic is centered largely on how I remember my Bement classes—dynamic learning with constant active involvement and laughter.”




osie is working at an Indonesian high school teaching English to over 300 students. She is also helping the teachers on their English — even the English teachers struggle with it. Rosie is responsible for getting the word out to Indonesians about study and scholarship opportunities in the U.S. She writes, “My informal role is to build strong and positive perceptions of Americans with Indonesians and in turn educate Americans about Indonesia.” Commenting on how Bement has contributed to her Fulbright experience she tells us, “Bement equipped me with a strong sense of self, cemented my self-confidence, furthered my love of learning, and opened up travel opportunities for me. All of these contributed significantly to me being awarded a Fulbright in the first place and help me to live and learn in a very different culture. As a teacher without any training, I rely on memories of how my previous teachers taught me. Indonesian teachers are somewhat flabbergasted, I’m sure, by my extremely different teaching style that centers around student participation in class. My ideal classroom dynamic is centered largely on how I remember my Bement classes — dynamic learning with constant active involvement and laughter.” Rosie’s reasons for embracing this personal and academic challenge stem from her wanting “to live somewhere entirely unknown to me and immerse myself in another life and another culture. This has challenged me in entirely unforeseen ways, but hopefully will also be equally rewarding. I was also drawn to the Fulbright for its international prestige and on the recommendation of several of my professors at my alma mater, Duke University.” (See bottom photo for a view from Rosie’s home in Indonesia.) When we ask her if she would recommend the Fulbright experience to other Bementers, she enthusiastically endorses it: “Of course! Any Bement student would make an excellent Fulbrighter. As an English Teaching Assistant, Bement students are innately qualified because they’re learning from Bementstyle teaching. Bement encourages personal confidence, which is really necessary when living alone in an entirely foreign country. Bement also enables students to form deep friendships with other students and faculty, and this ability to connect with others is an essential part of the Fulbright. It’s been an amazing experience for me.” B


Mary Hawks 1926 – 2011

In the Memorial Hall Museum in Deerfield, you will find two folk art portraits of Quartus and Sarah Allis Hawks, painted sometime after their marriage in 1808. They are the ancestors of Mary Hawks, the beloved teacher whose legacy lives on in the 800 students she taught at The Bement School between 1954 and 1992. She was also, of course, a Bement alumna.



Inestimable teacher, role model, An only child, Miss Hawks was the last member of her family to live in the Deerfield Valley. The line stretches back to John Hawks, who died in Hadley in 1662. She was the eighth generation to occupy the Hawks stake in Wapping and the sixth generation to live in the house built there in 1763. She was devoted to her students, her cats, the study of history, and the local animal shelter. She was an avid gardener and a vegetarian. “She said she never missed eating meat, but she did miss wearing fur stoles,” recalls Suzanne Flynt, the Museum’s curator. She was a classic dresser, wearing simple sweaters, long A-line skirts, high heels, and jewelry.

Miss Hawks will always be fondly remembered as the whimsical, energetic teacher who inspired wonder in her students. She would swoop across school with her purposeful walk, her basket pocketbook swinging from her arm, always ready to introduce her flock to a new set of ideas. But she would stop dead to answer a student’s question, or point out a special book, or recount a Greek myth. She was magical. It was her sense of delight in each student’s thoughts that made us all feel terribly important even, in my case, at the age of 11, as a wide-eyed boarder. She made every day special. She ignited my curiosity, and I credit her for my long career as a journalist. She was much more than a teacher; she was a role model, mentor, and friend.

Beth Ellis’57 visiting with Miss Hawks



and mentor

I wanted to take a few moments to say how deeply saddened I am to hear of Mary Hawks’ passing. Mary made me a better writer, a more critical reader, and an excellent editor. She also shared her love for the classics, music, and art. I prized most of all our mutual adoration of Robert Frost’s poetry. Mary Hawks’ living legacy is her students, and now their children, all enriched by her life-long dedication to Bement. I have yet to meet a woman quite like her. How lucky we all were to know her!

Miss Hawks was a true lady. She was kind, she loved the kids and the faculty, and she always remembered something special about every person she met. I did not have Miss Hawks as a teacher but in my adult years I had the pleasure of seeing her again a few times. I will miss her warm smiles and insightful conversations. Women like Miss Hawks are a rare breed of lady. The joy Miss Hawks brought to so many lives will truly be her legacy. Linda Gross Schutzman’83

Patrick Davis’93

Our deepest sympathy to Miss Hawks’ family. She taught three members of the Clagett/ McLennan family. We all learned a lot from Miss Hawks. Stephanie McLennan’85 I was in her class the first day she began teaching at Bement, circa Nov. 1, 1954 (she took over the second and third grades). That was a piece of luck. Rick Robinson’60 My father had Miss Hawks as a teacher when he was a student at Bement, and I had the pleasure of meeting her while I worked there. She was a dear woman, and a powerful educator. She will be missed. Schuyler Bogel PF ’01-03

I was in class with her in the library as she took roll call. Each student responding to their name with a “here” or “yup.” When Miss Hawks read my name, I announced “present.” I saw her beam, she liked that, and with one look she made me feel very special that day. She had taught me so much, but more importantly, she had touched my heart. She was truly a special women who will be missed.

Ms. Hawks was a lifelong learner. She had an eye for talent, and she insisted upon excellent, solid work from all her students. She will be remembered well. Jennifer Montgomery Bethlenfalvay’68

Ms. Hawks was one of the finest educators I ever had the honor of studying with. She challenged and encouraged us, not just to be good students but to be thinkers. She will be sorely missed and remembered fondly. Sara Lou Wolter’70

Ms. Hawks, like all great teachers, made quite an influence on my life and gave me much inspiration. I will never forget the green chair and a classroom that was a family living room. After leaving Bement, she often sent me books that I have treasured, and I will never forget her kindness. Bill Eng’82

I am so sad to learn of Miss Hawks passing. She was the best teacher I ever had. She helped a confused boarder find her way for a few minutes each day. She will be missed. She always took a liking to the “strays.” Lauren Hirtes’77

Mary Hawks House

Legendary Teacher, Lasting Tribute

Even before Miss Hawks passed Legendary Bement Teacher, Lasting away in February, had Tribute quietly been planning a significant way to honor her name and legacy. Lasting Tribute WithLegendary this in Teacher, mind, the Trustees approved the fundraising initiative to name the head’s house at 3 Old Ferry Road in Deerfield the “Mary Hawks House.”

Mary Hawks House

Sadly, we had not launched the effort in any formal way until after her death, when we responded to the many inquiries about ways in which alumni and others could memorialize Miss Hawks and the Hawks family name in Deerfield. Should you wish to participate, you can make an outright gift or a pledge (over three years) and we will be happy to designate it for that purpose.

For more information, please contact Diana Stiles in the Development Office at The Bement School P.O. Box 8, 94 Old Main Street Deerfield, MA 01342 (413)774-3021 You can also make a gift to the fund on line at

Carrieann Champagne’82



I’ve been in the classrooms of legendary teachers, Nobel Laureates, and people with international reputations, but I never had a finer teacher than Miss Hawks. To have been exposed to such an active, curious, and joyful mind at a young age was a privilege. Charlie Miller’65

I am saddened to hear of Ms. Hawks passing as we had corresponded for the last two-and-a-half to three years. I remember shortly after graduating Bement, she wrote to me regularly but I was unable to respond. I remember before I started at Bement I had her as a summer school teacher and then later as a senior. From her I learned to appreciate the English language and literature. Ms. Hawks always beamed when I wished her “good morrow” and it saddens me I will not see her again. I also remember her green chair questions and I was able to answer a lot of them correctly. Good night Miss Hawks and may flights of angels sing thee to thy sleep. Felipe Carlos Barreda’82

I loved having English with her. Mara Paul’83

She was a wonderful woman and teacher. Barbie Blydenburgh’70

I am so sad to learn of Miss. Hawks passing. She was the best teacher I ever had. She helped a confused boarder find her way for a few minutes each day. She will be missed. She always took a liking to the “strays”. Lauren Hirtes’77 I taught with Mary Hawks. She was a gracious, classy lady, ever learning new things, challenging herslf and others to be the best possible. She was that delightful quirky personality who championed the underdog and celebrated the uncelebrated; yet maintained a sense of dignity and twinkly good humor. Ruth E. Harlow What an amazing woman! Rest peacefully Ms. Hawks.

I was in her class the first day she began teaching at Bement, circa Nov. 1, 1954 (she took over the second and third grades). That was a piece of luck. Rick Robinson’60 My siblings (Carolyn, Doug, and Jon) and I were students at Bement in the 50’s-60’s (I was too young to have Mary as a teacher but my siblings did) and I then returned as a dorm parent and teacher (‘78-’80). I was touched when meeting Mary when I came to work at Bement that even though it had been many years she remembered my family including my parents. After I left Bement we exchanged holiday cards for many years with her always asking after me and my family. She was the most kind, caring and intelligent woman. She will be missed but has left a firm mark on very many Bement students. Lucy Payne Pollack’68

RIP Ms. Hawks, you will truly be missed. You were an inspiration to all of us! Allyson Castle Guanciale’73



Jen Raymond Glazier’88

I actually have an old draft copy of an essay I wrote in 7th grade for Miss. Hawks’ class. You know when “C” day came round when compositions were due. It was sort of like April 15th getting your tax returns in! By hook or crook. She will be missed, truly one of the best in my years there. We were lucky to have her! Jack R. Dunn’89 My thoughts are becoming flooded with fond memories. My personal admiration for Mary and her quiet wisdom is deep rooted, and our acquaintance over a span of almost 40 years has changed in context while always threading back to Bement, PVMA, and the ethereal place we call Old Deerfield. Perhaps now, our “Truce With Time” has faltered a step. I have lost one of my earliest and most valued mentors. Rich Herchenreder’75

My heart is heavy, and I’m tremendously saddened for all of Bement. We all share some strong and important memories of a remarkable woman. Sharing our thoughts is important and healing. Mary/Miss Hawks has had such a profound impact on so many of us…For myself I will miss the incredible educator who sat in a tall backed caned chair in Snively living room behind a beautiful desk and opened the world to us all through books. I will miss the woman who was my mentor in life and perhaps most importantly…I will miss my friend. Take good care Mary, you are in our hearts always. R.A. Hobby’79

I’ve been in the classrooms of legendary teachers, Nobel Laureates, and people with international reputations, but I never had a finer teacher than Miss Hawks. To have been exposed to such an active, curious, and joyful mind at a young age was a privilege. Charlie Miller’65

Mary Hawks

Mary Hawks House

Legendary Teacher, Lasting Tribute

Mary Hawks House

BEMENT BULLETIN 2011-2012 23 Tribute Legendary Teacher, Lasting

I stepped off a 707 aircraft coming from JFK airport and into an old yellow school bus with broken seats and a door that didn’t even shut. As we took an hour-long drive from the airport in the Dominican Republic, none of us could help but stare out the window. The Dominican is a place full of contradiction. On one side of the street there is a beautiful coast where sky blue water meets the land. People walk to the edge of rocks and fish and enjoy the sun, while others sit in a forest of palm trees. On the other side of the road, there is poverty: old buildings that have been forgotten and people living in structures that seem to struggle to keep standing. How is this? How can such beauty meet such destruction and broken homes? When we arrived at the orphanage, this same idea slipped in and out of my head. From the orphanage you see a city full of homeless, starving, and sick people. This orphanage is like the beautiful coastline. They are the sky blue water and the tall palm trees, and the city the orphanage overlooks is the forgotten building on the other side of the road. How is this though? These boys are all here for reasons. Their mothers, fathers, grandparents are gone or unable to take care of them. Thankfully though, these kids have been given a second chance. They are given a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs. In America, the orphanage would be the old forgotten building and the ocean would be a nice house with a white picket fence. I have learned these things are very different. Happiness comes with life’s simple things. These boys amazed me both times I have been lucky enough to see them. These boys have the love of so many people. Every person who walks through the gate of La Suiza falls in love with the smiles and laughter of these boys. These boys all have a gift because each and every day they live their lives to the fullest. Going to the Dominican Republic opened my eyes and taught me so many life lessons. BY STEPH SERETTA’07




alumni trip to


March 12-17 marked the first return of Bement alums to

the boys orphanage at La Suiza in the Dominican Republic, the site of the ninth grade trip for the last four years. Each year since the intial trip with the class of 2007 and Dean Fusto, Chris Shepherd, Dr. Tom Hagaman and then ninth grade advisors Blake Wilson, Caddie Jackson, and Colleen Filler, students have longed to return. The action-packed week full of close connections and play have left the tearfully departing Bement students with strong realizations of the beauty of a less materialistic life where human interactions mean everything and an appreciation of the gift of time with the La Suiza boys. Perhaps the first time was an anomaly, but as the ninth graders of 2008, then 2009 returned, that longing to make La Suiza more a part of our lives built. In the summer and fall of 2009, graduating ninth graders spearheaded by Anna Reid and Eliana Goldsher were not about to let La Suiza disappear from their lives. With the support of Ms. Jackson and Mr. Fusto, they led the charge for a return trip. Mrs. Colleen Filler willingly took on the organizational role,

I don’t like the words “community service” because you receive just as much, if not more, than you give. But the sky here is bigger. So is my heart. I don’t like the words “community service” because you receive just as much, if not more, than you give. It’s a love exchange, however cheesy that sounds. I think a lot of people back home want me to say how rundown this place is, how much they need, how hard it is. But they have a lot. You can’t compare two cultures and places that are so different. For these boys, La Suiza is like heaven. When they talk about how big it is and how much they love it, it’s hard for us to talk about how bad it is. It is not our place to change it. What is really needed is money so more boys

can experience this place instead of living on the streets or when their family cannot take care of them. Last year there were 40 boys; now there are only 25. La Suiza needs a new bus. And their beds are only frames topped with thin, broken squares of wood, mattresses that are unthinkably thin, and one sheet and no pillow. The boys keep their few belongings in a miniscule drawer or under their mattress. But the biggest problem of all is water. I don’t know how we can improve this. Maybe we could build a well? Above are some excerpts from my journal I wrote this past spring during our trip. My time spent in the Domincan

Suiza and with much help from Mr. Fusto and Mr. Wilson, the first alumnae trip became a reality. Ten Bement grads and La Suiza alums —Allie Nagurney, Anna Reid, Charlotte Posever, Eliana Goldsher, Emma Flynt, Grace Williamson, Hannah Williams, Mackenzie Gage, Steph Seretta, and Xiao Ping Sun eagerly signed on and were joined by Colleen and Nick Filler and their daughter Caroline’05, math teacher Blake Wilson, and friends of the Fillers, Dr. Bob Stifler and his wife Deirdre. The trip was a resounding success. New bonds were formed, wonderful interactions emerged from sunup to sundown, and we continued the ninth grade tradition in a new and deeper way. Because the girls were all familiar with La Suiza, they literally took up where they left off and everyone had a wonderful time. We were mindful of Bement traditions, continuing with the circle at night and the same schedule in the days. We painted murals, visited the school down the road where the boys go in two shifts during the day, read, played constantly, and cried when we left. Now with Facebook and

Republic has changed me completely. The first time I stepped foot on the yellow bus I was nervous, excited, and most of all, blind. The boys helped me to open my eyes and see the world differently. Going back, unlike what some might think, was more incredible than the first time. Our relationships and understanding developed into something none of us could have predicted. To be a part of this is a blessing in itself. Now, I want to do everything I can to spread the word about this amazing place. La Suiza is my home away from home, and more importantly the home to an incredible mix of boys. BY ELIANA GOLDSHER’10

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Dominican Republic

other technology, students are continuing the relationships formed there and continuing to find ways to strengthen the ties. This year, the biggest change has been to open the library to La Suiza kids when we are not there. This has been possible because of the funds from the December 2008 Read-a-thon and the work of Mr. Fusto to enlist Ramona as the leader of this new endeavor. Our hope is that the boys can continue to use the library that Rob Jackson and the class of 2008 created and enjoy the continuing support from the Bement community even when we are not there. With all the creative Bement minds and caring hearts, who knows what we might accomplish? B






• June 11, 2011

awa r d s

Katharine Bartlett-Mary Drexler Award for Academic Excellence Alan Tang The Grace Bement Award Leigh Tanji

2 0 1 1 n i n th g r a d e s e c o n d a r y sch o o l p l a n s

Sunnie Addison Proctor Academy     Brittany Allard Vermont Academy Alison Chesky

Deerfield Academy      

Ben Cooper Suffield Academy Taylor Crowder Proctor Academy          Ali Dayeh

The MacDuffie School

Will Freda

Deerfield Academy

Zach Gordon Northfield Mount Hermon School Ji Ye Kim Indian Springs School         Joo Sung Kim

The Taft School

Nomikos Klonaris St. George’s School Jae Hee Lim Choate Rosemary Hall Lucy Pan Miss Porter’s School Vivian Pazmany Northfield Mount Hermon School Ben Sarat

The Williston Northampton School

Ross Smythe Suffield Academy Ryann Stacey

The Hotchkiss School

Isabel Stewart

The Hotchkiss School

Alan Tang

Deerfield Academy

Leigh Tanji

Deerfield Academy

Yuchen Wang

The Williston Northampton School

Helen Wilkey St. Paul’s School Kalani Williams Northfield Mount Hermon School




• June 11, 2011

The sun shone, flowers bloomed, and smiles abounded as The Bement School community gathered a final time to honor the graduating class of 2011 at our eighty-sixth Commencement. Ninth grade parent and Amherst College professor, Austin Sarat, Ph.D., addressed the graduating class. Dr. Sarat is William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Jurisprudence and Political Science at Amherst College, a prolific author, and the recipient of numerous awards and prizes. As in past years, all Commencement speakers are chosen by the graduating class. Excerpts from Dr. Sarat’s address follow: Today, I have an assignment for you, your last Bement assignment. As soon as this ceremony concludes…I want you to hug a teacher, not just any random teacher, but a teacher who meant something special to you, a teacher who went out of her way to challenge and support you, a teacher who made you laugh and learn at the same time, a teacher who knew that you could sing or act well, or run with the wind, long before you did, or a teacher who showed you what it was like to open your heart to an orphan boy in a far away place. …The truth is that the gift of a teacher is to dream. What sustains them is their dreams of you. “You may say that I’m a dreamer,” John Lennon sang fifty years ago, “But I’m not the only one.” What he sang then, could be sung today about the wonderful faculty of this school.

… teachers encourage, prod, and urge you to imagine the world as you would want it to be. Albert Einstein got it right when he said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” And, when Robert Kennedy said, “There are those who look at things the way they are and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” he captured the flavor of teachers’ dreams. These are dreams of you, their students, and dreams that your teachers want you to have as well. This work of imagining the best in you and of asking you not just to know but to imagine as well, these are the most important gifts that Bement’s faculty have given you. …Let me end by recalling what Ms. Jackson told my wife, Stephanie, and me when we were considering enrolling our son Ben at Bement. We asked what this school wanted for all of its students. She replied without hesitation, “We want them to be safe and to stay as young as they can for as long as they can.” As you leave Bement today, I hope that you’ll always be safe and that you will indeed stay as young as you can for as long as you can. But, remember your last assignment: before you leave, hug a teacher and whisper, “Thank you for imagining. Thank you for dreaming. Thank you for being my teacher.”

Congratulations, Bement Class of 2011!






class notes

Being a Class Agent is a fun and rewarding way to remain connected with your class and Bement. Class Agents send updates to the school, as well as alumna/us information for The Bement Bulletin. If you are interested in becoming a Class Agent for your class, or simply leaning more, please contact Julia Flannery at or 413-774-3021.

Grace Bement Era Joanna Fischer Koehler’25 came to Bement during WWII, in 1941. “I remember Menty officiating at blackout exercises. I also remember an amazing scene: an older boy actually reached Winston Churchill by phone in England. All his friends crowded around him as they exchanged greetings with the great man and ideas or pleasantries. Also, John Freeman used to lead us all in song at meal times to ease war nerves. As for me, we have three children and seven grandchildren. I received the Silver Bell Award (1991) –volunteer of the year, and the Lucky Herzberger Award (2006) for outstanding service to the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum.” Nancy Hansen Huston’25 took a “once in a lifetime trip” to Cape Town, South Africa, with the Global Executive Leadership Forum at the Lausanne Congress for World Evangelization. “I had the opportunity to meet many new friends, and it enabled me to see the impact of many years of funding by The Huston Foundation.” Patsy Pittore Howard’25 “I am well and live in Thonotosassa, Florida, in the winters and Rockport, Massachusetts, in the summers.” Patsy keeps up with Bement classmate, Margaret Ricketson Sprague’GB and Barbara “Bondie” Nutt Bond’GB. “I hope Bement has continued to be the wonderful place we all loved in Menty’s Bement days!” (Yes, Patsy it has!) Margaret “Maggie” Sprague Ricketson’25 continues to be in good health at Brooksby Village, “barring arthritis and poor vision.” She would love to hear from her classmates! Suzanne Waldron Gortner’25 is keeping busy since retiring as Visitation Minister for Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in Lake Havasu, Arizona.



50’s Edward “Denny” Emerson’55 stopped by Bement to say hello and to gift our school library with a copy of his latest book, How Good Riders Get Good, which is all about daily choices that lead to success in any equestrian sport. Thank you, Denny!

60’s Joan Perry Stoddard’66 reports that her second grandchild arrived in June 2011. She loves living in Montana where she plays golf and fly fishes. Jennifer Montgomery Bethlenfalvay’68 is living happily in Colorado, enjoying her three grandchildren (ages 5-12), and “always remembering Bement with love!”

70’s Pamela “Pam” Belsky’70 celebrated her birthday in NYC with fellow Bement alumna, Tinti Rossini’70. Sarah Chamberlain Blackmer’70 is a grandmother. Her oldest, Theresa, recently had a baby girl. George Gogel‘73 became a Swiss-trained chef, served in the U.S. Army, and is now retired. “I have seven children: Alexia, Isabelle, Adrian, Suze, Louisa, Sherazade, and Carleton. I hope one day to be able to visit the ‘Old Haunts’ again. Greetings to those who remember me...” Jean Pierre “J.P.” Villeneuve’75 came to Bement with classmate Rich Herchenreder’75 for a weekend visit and tour of the campus. They had a great time poring over the alumni materials in Snively House and even made a visit to Clarkedale Orchards (see photo, right).

Rachel “Rach” Hobbie’79 reports that she has connected with several Class of 1979 Bement alumni through Facebook, including Jon Wilson’79, Liz Dalzell Pisarro’79, Tracy Raymon Marcanoo’79, Jackie Lee Sohn’79, and Barbara King Savage’79. “It has been great to catch up, learn about each other’s lives and to reminisce about our time at school. We were all saddened by Miss Hawks’ passing, and it became clear from our exchanges upon learning of her death how much of an impact she had on us. I’ve also reconnected with several alums from the class of ’80 as well as earlier classes, which has been so much fun, too. My best to the class of ’79 and let’s get together. It’s been too long!”

80’s Felipe “Phil” Barreda’82 is publishing a blog called “The Boat Broker’s Blog” ( His love of boating and yachts has been life-long, and he loves to write about his passion. Joe “Joey” Elias’82 has been hired as Director of Student Life at a new boarding school in Shanghai, China, called YK Pao. It opened with 7th grade in August of 2011 and will add a grade a year through 12th grade. “It’s a bicultural, bi-lingual, co-ed school and is a relatively new and unique endeavor for China. I look forward to this challenge.”

Alexis Greenblatt’84 is a teacher at a jail in Northampton, MA, where she works in all areas of academics with incarcerated men. “I also teach Spanish and ESOL. I live in Northampton, MA, and occasionally drive through Old Deerfield and peek at the Bement campus.” Phoebe Walker’84 reports that she is living in Shelburne Falls, MA, and is working locally in regional government. “I’m happy to say my son Harper WalkerWest’18 will be coming to Bement in the fall of 2011.” So are we! Henry “Hank” Forsyth’89 and his wife Kristine welcomed new son, Casey Kane Forsyth, born July 9, 2011, little brother to Ryan Kane Forsyth, born June 1, 2009. They moved to Rye, NY, in the summer of 2010.

90’s Sarah Weihman Drake’90 reports, “My husband, Teddy, and I recently moved to the Boston area where Teddy teaches English to 9th graders at St. Sebastian’s School. We have two boys, Fritz (3½), and Charles (1½ years).” Jennifer Monsein’91 and her boyfriend, Emory, just visited Katie Vadasdi’91 and Lydia Mullin’91. They are taking on a new adventure moving to Idaho. Lydia Mullin’91 was married to Luke Janssen this summer in England. Lydia and Luke have a daughter, Lucia, who is 18 months, and are expecting their second in the spring of 2012.

Wistano Saez’96 was married four years ago to Adriana, who is from Costa Rica originally but was living in Mexico when they first met. “We’ve been traveling quite a bit, seeking adventure in Baja California, more recently in Australia where we completed our master’s and now Costa Rica, where we are planning on staying. No family yet, although it is in our plans for the immediate future. We are still getting acquainted with Costa Rica and are looking to join the labor market soon. Meanwhile, we are happy drinking delicious gourmet coffee and shipping it to friends overseas.” Gregory Harris’99 has been living in Chicago for the past eight years and was recently in New York for work (“I’m now a curator at a small art museum on the north side of Chicago”) this past March where he got to spend some time with fellow alumnus, Nick Lawson’99. Patrick Bensen’98 married Bushra Fouz on September 29 at the Islamic Center of Western Massachusetts. Patrick is one of the principals at Stoney Brook Eggs, a new farm providing Certified Organic, Halal and Kosher poultry and dairy animal (sheep and goats) products. (see photo below).

The Aughts Ezekeiel “Zeke” Berzoff-Cohen’01 writes, “After graduating from college, I taught for two years in West Baltimore through Teach for America. I’m now completing my master’s degree in Public Policy at

Johns Hopkins and I’ve created a nonprofit called The Intersection. Our idea is to stop viewing “at risk” youth as part of the problem, or as victims, and to start seeing them as the only viable solution to fixing the mess that we, as adults, have left them. We train kids from deeply impoverished neighborhoods to be community organizers. Last summer our students created a community garden in East Baltimore, designed a photo-journalism exhibition where they chronicled environmental injustice in their neighborhoods and registered 100 people to vote, and then held a mayoral forum where our students grilled the candidates running for mayor in front of a crowd of 200.” If you are interested in learning about his work, read more online at or on Facebook. Pam Chatikavanij’01 submitted her thesis in September of 2011 and has been writing a Fulbright grant proposal with her advisor and his collaborator in Australia. “I’m heading to DC in November to work for the World Resources Institute on their pilot project to map global water risks in relations to business projection risks.” Shelley and Rob Jackson connected with Pam as she finished her master’s work at Columbia in February 2011. Molly “Clark” Flynt’01 is in her second year of graduate school in International Affairs at George Washington University and has started a new job with the U.S. Senate in August. “I was excited to be able to catch up with Sang Jin Cho’01

Katie Vadasdi Bardzik’91 tells us, “My husband Greg and I are doing well in Greenwich, CT. I am an orthopedist practicing in sports medicine at Orthopedic and Neurosurgery Specialists here in town. Our son, Jack, is 20 months. He and Lucia (daughter of fellow Bement alumna, Lydia Mullin’91) had a great time playing together in Pelham a few weeks ago. We are also expecting our second in February, 2012.” Mark Thompson’95 has moved to Toronto, Ontario, with his wife Natalie and two children, ages 2 and 6 months. left to right: Daniel Bensen’01, Patrick Bensen’98, Mollie Bensen’02, and Bushra Fouz.



and Cristina Sciarra’01 in New York this past spring.” (see photo, below)

Charles Hu’01 writes, “I just started my Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. My thesis will primarily be focused on engineering nanoparticles to encapsulate stem cells and to deliver drugs and genes for cancer therapy. Although Baltimore has yet to grow on me, I’m enjoying my }time on campus and networking with the best doctors and biotech professionals in the country. My projects are very multi-disciplinary, and I get to learn from different perspectives through many collaborations, so grad school is quite enriching so far. Also, for those of you who remember my brother Dexter Hu’99, he’s recently engaged and will be getting married next summer!” Scott McCarty’01 writes, “Things are moving along in Vermont. Traveling a lot but now working for Governor Peter Shumlin as a senior advisor. It’s a great experience, pays well, and I get to work for a guy that I respect a lot. It really is worth it loving your job and going into work everyday, knowing you are doing something to make folks’ lives a little better. We’ve had our hands full with Hurricane Irene in Vermont, so I’ve been traveling a lot with the governor

Keep in Touch! Recent marriage? Exciting adventure? New baby? Keep your classmates updated on the latest happenings in your life. All class notes also appear in the magazine’s online version.



(413) 774-3021 (413) 774-4256 for alumni:


and doing a lot of constituent work and policy development on how to get our state back on the road to recovery. Last spring, I graduated with honors from the University of Vermont with a Masters in Public Administration, so I’m putting my education to work. I took a parttime job as a lacrosse coach in Charlotte and Hinesburg -- two smalls towns near Burlington-- for kids in the local school system. I am also coordinating lacrosse camps and clinics at UVM with some of my fellow players when I played for UVM.”

Rachel Pfeffer’01 was married in September of 2011 at Mass Moca (Museum of Contemporary Art) and is now living in Washington, DC, making jewelry while husband writes for National Journal. Emily Platt’01 and Daniela Jacobson’01 were my maids-of-honor (see photo, above). For those who don’t know, you can buy my jewelry at www.” Molly Wilson Councilman’01 writes, “I got married on June 4th of 2011. I am Mrs. Wilson now! I had my dream wedding with 75 guests, a beautiful outdoor ceremony, and a formal reception. Devyn Stevenson’01 was one of my bridesmaids (see photo, bottom). We went to Hua Hin, Thailand, for our honeymoon. I am finishing my master’s degree in healthcare administration at the University of New Haven. My husband and I are planning a move to Boston or

Chicago next fall.” (Devyn Stevenson is the first bridesmaid on the left.)

Stephanie Schonbrun’04 tells us, “After graduating from Quinnipiac University this May with a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations, I moved to NYC and am currently working at Real Simple magazine as an event marketing coordinator. This summer I lived in New York City. Madeline Merin’04 was also living in the same NYU dorm as I was. It has been a great experience both living and working in the Big Apple!” Jin Young “Jason” Choi’05 entered Imperial College London. He is majoring in math with statistics for finance. William “Will” Franklin’05 is a senior at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington. He plays a lot of soccer and studies art history, geography, and finance. Matthew “Matt” Thompson’06 is a sophomore at Georgetown University. Harrison Hunter’08 became the first Northampton High School student to submit a project to the Intel Science Talent Search (Intel SEF) which is the nation’s most prestigious pre-college science competition. Harrison’s project was Gamma-Amino butyric Acid Channel Novel Modulators: Anesthetic Alternatives. The project’s goal, in layman’s terms, was to develop a safer, less toxic alternative to current anesthetics. “The research process was an amazing experience; it was really great to be able to apply all of the years of learning in all the fields I have studied, from the chemical analysis to writing the research paper itself.”

Trevor Berman’09 is playing Junior A Hockey in North Carolina.

A Mini-Reunion for Recent Bement Grads

Hae Yeon “Tina” Cho’09 had an art exhibition, entitled “Las Caras” in August 2011 in Seoul, Korea. Anna Reid’09 is the captain of her cross country team, doing an independent Spanish study, and assisting the service learning program that NMH does with Gill Elementary School. She was excited to go back to the Dominican Republic this year with the alumni trip.

Last Year’s Graduates Grace Williamson’10 and Bement roommate Taylor Crowder’11 were reunited at Proctor. Bement friends for life! Ryann Stacy’11 reports, “Hotchkiss has been really windy lately, so being outside is really cold. But all three field hockey teams are undefeated, which is really good.” Leigh Tanji’11 comes back to campus from Deerfield Academy frequently to visit Bement. We love seeing our alumni!

Winter 2011 found the class of 2010 celebrating its strong bonds at Thai Blue Ginger in Greenfield (Back row) Woo Young Park, Henry Colt, Whitney Roberts, Mackenzie Gage, Atticus Moeckel-Cole, Jacob Douglas, Sam Downes, Charlotte Posever, Colleen Filler P’01,’03,’05, PF (Front row) Xiao Ping Sun, Juliana Lam, Grace Williamson, Cary Pazmany, Claire Chauvel, Eliana Goldsher

The B-Daddies hit the Green!

Helen Wilkey’11 is on varsity fitness at St. Paul’s. Kalani Williams’11 reports that she is “having a blast at NMH.”

In Memoriam Family, friends, and Bement Alumni who passed last year between December 1, 2010 and November 1, 2011. We are sorry for their loss. David Atkinson GP’94 James Bernier GP’15,’18,’19,’20,’21 Timothy Carroll P’12,’16 Barbara Cornelius’GB Scott Creelman, PTT, P’87,’89,’95 Martha Gogel P’73 J.C. Haas P’70 Mary Hawks’GB, PF Peter S. Parker’25 Mary Ellen Peterson’80 David Rodd’58 Knowlton Stone FR W.G. Toll FR Lynn B. Trayser’60 Leslie L. Woolsey P’58

When the Jacksons visited our Korean families in August, they brought along customized golf shirts as gifts for a group of fathers who call themselves the “B-Daddies.” Shown on the fairway, they are clearly delighted! Left to right: Yoo In Lee P’12, Hyun Seok Jeong P’13, Soohwan Cho P’12, Jun Hack Song P’13



Bement Inaugurates Founders Day Tell White’GB, Alumni Association President

3 2 4

1 5 6



ement held its first annual Founders Day on Saturday, October 15th, and welcomed an enthusiastic group of alumni and friends to school. The Alumni Association and the Alumni Office organized the new event with the plan of celebrating it regularly in the future. Among the many guests were former heads of school and faculty members Peter and Nancy Drake, John and Joan Butler, Marianne Bourbeau, Pam and Tom O’Brien, as well as many board members of the Alumni Association. The day began with a delicious pancake breakfast fundraiser at the Bement House prepared and served by the 9th graders. The proceeds from the breakfast will continue to support the 9th graders’ work at the La Suiza Orphanage in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic. Registration was held at the Snively House in the old library that is now the home of a wonderful collection of alumni



archives including yearbooks, photos, stories, and Bement memorabilia. Snively House was a beehive of activity and “Alumni Central” for the day! Many of the guests took guided tours of the campus, including the new Jiayi and Blydenburgh Houses and our multipurpose house at 3 Old Ferry Road. They also had a chance to see Tim Young’s new slide show in the Kittredge Building and shopped at Bement’s annual Fall Bazaar tag sale. We finished up with a festive luncheon in the Bement House dining room, complete with much reminiscing and laughter. Our meal was highlighted by an informative and inspirational talk by Shelley Jackson. It’s safe to say that it was a very pleasant day for all. If you were unable to attend this year we do hope that you will make every effort to join us for Founders Day next year! B

Alumni Award Announced


Brewster Conant’GB, Susan Conant Holden’GB, and Barbara Bond Nutt’GB, enjoying catching up at Founders Day


Joe Bartlett’49, Head of School Shelley Jackson, Edward H. Hobbie’GB, President Tell White’GB, and Rachel Hobbie’79


Rich Herchenreder’75 and former Head of School, John Butler


Former Head of School Peter Drake, Callum Price’10, faculty Martha Price, and Nancy Drake outside the Keith Schoolhouse




Patsy Howard Pittore’GB, Barbara Bond Nutt’GB, and Margaret Ricketson Sprague’GB perusing old photos in Snively House Alexis Greenblatt’85 and former Bement chef, Marianne Bourbeau, enjoying the luncheon in the old dining room in Bement House

Established a decade ago, The Bement School Alumni Association is proud to mark its tenth anniversary by announcing The Bement School Alumni Award and call for nominations. The intention is to bestow this honor annually.

For consideration, the nominee should meet the following criteria: • An individual, still living, who graduated from, or attended, The Bement School • A person who represents Bement’s values of individual responsibility and a dedication to living and working with others in a climate of acceptance, kindness, and challenge • An individual with demonstrated distinction in his or her chosen field • A person who has distinguished himself or herself in his or her personal or professional life, intellectual pursuits, or in dedication of service to Bement, to a community, or to society in general

Nominations will be accepted by the Alumni Association Board beginning January 1 of each year and will be announced at the following Founders Day celebration. Please use the included nomination form. You will also be able to make nominations on the Bement website. The deadline for making nominations is May 1, 2012. The Alumni Association Board will choose the annual recipient in consultation with the Alumni & Development Office and other Bement faculty.

Former Head of School Peter Drake and his wife Nancy, Jim Lunt’65, and his wife Laurel in front of the Drake Building

Tell White, Alumni Association President

Spring cleaning time is around the corner! Here in the Alumni Office we are collecting Bement memorabilia to display on our shelves. Do you have anything you can earmark for the school? Ready to give it now? We’d love it! Old photos? Brochures from the school? Bement uniforms? Old patches? We’ll be delighted to add them to our collection. As for yearbooks, we have most here for you to peruse at any time, but we are missing a few years. Maybe you can help us complete our collection! We are missing: 1971, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1996, 1997 issues. Looking forward to seeing you in Snively House!



bementextras Faculty & Staff Milestones We honor and thank faculty and staff for their devotion and service to The Bement School. This year marks the anniversary of the following faculty and staff:

5 Years Dean Fusto Kirsten Kapteyn Rose-Ann Harder

Lisa Echevarria Xaomo Hong Emily Lent

20 Years


Theresa Mullens Sue Phelps Laura Pratt

Rita Waldron

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Greener Greetings Bement is committed to “going green” in many ways, including saving paper. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we have once again sent a holiday e-card. If you did not receive one, that means we do not have a correct email address for you. Please send your email address to, and we will be happy to send one to you!



Grace Bement Memorial The Bement School is fortunate to be able to properly memorialize our founder, Grace Bement, through a thoughtful donation from alumna Angela Brady Ross’GB. Grace and her husband, Lewis, have a headstone by the Snively House, which until this fall, had been difficult to visit. The building of a retention pond to conform with wetlands laws, combined with years of foliage overgrowth, made access to this historic gravesite difficult. Angela’s generous gift has allowed the school to build a beautiful spot to pay respects to Bement’s founder and first head of school. A beautiful Goshen stone patio surrounds the door leading to the Spanish classroom. Spanish teacher Sylvia Mugnani is delighted to utilize the space during the warm weather with her smaller upper school classes. This seems quite fitting with Menty’s vision for her school. Mary Hawks’GB, PF recalls in Bement’s oral history collection (found in the archives at Snively House), that “Grace Bement had a very unique program. In the afternoon she threw the gate open and you could sit under a tree and read a book...”. Mrs. Bement believed in having outdoor classroom time to enhance each student’s learning experience. The final stage of the project will be completed in the spring and will include a garden and bench for some peaceful time at the memorial site. We welcome you to visit and enjoy this special gift for the entire Bement community. B

From the Admission Office Bement started its 86th school year with 244 students from six U.S. states and eleven countries including Korea, China, Bahamas, Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Russia, and Taiwan. Forty domestic and international students now board at Bement, and 10% of our domestic student body are students of color. Forty-eight students were new to Bement this year, and we had a wonderful group of returning families help with the transition to Bement. Many Bement Bement School families were instrumental in introducing the new families to the school, answering questions, and making them feel welcome in the Bement community. The Admission Office would love to hear from you if you have a friend, family member, or colleague who would enjoy learning more about Bement. Word of mouth is Bement’s number one source of prospective students! Contact the Admission Office at B K I N D E R G A R T E N

by kim loughlin P’18, FA




D A y



S c H O O l





Can you identify the

mystery photos? 5




We thought it would be fun to see how well you remember landmarks around the Bement campus. See page 40 for the answers.



Done By 31 & The Power of One…

by Melissa & John Gardiner P’14,’18 Annual Fund Chairs

Thank you 2010/2011 Annual Fund Volunteers The Annual Fund is a vital component of Bement, as it is used each year to cover all institutional costs. The following volunteers have stepped forward to help to raise these important monies for Bement. Our heartfelt thanks go to: n Annual Fund Chairs John TT & Melissa Gardiner P’14,’18

Annu al F und Class A mbassadors n

Grade K John Knight P’20


Grade 1 Jenn Bete-Brown P’19


Grade 2 Thornton Lockwood P’18


Grade 3 Lexie Barnes P’15,’17,’20


Grade 4 Kristine Smythe P’11,’14,’16


Grade 5 Lexie Barnes P’15,’17,’20


Grade 6 Elie Shuman P’10,’14


Grade 7 Marlea Clark P’13,’19


Grade 8 Nancy Mihevc P’12


Grade 9 Pamela Klonaris P’11,’13

As members of the Bement community, we make a difference. Each of us can support our school by making a gift or pledge to the Annual Fund – it bridges the gap between tuition and actual cost of educating a Bement student. Each and every student benefits from this generosity in the form of a hidden scholarship, helping to keep our tuition increases modest. Each class at Bement has an Annual Fund Parent Ambassador (see left). They work to educate and communicate with parents in their class about the need for the Annual Fund. These parents offer a comfortable parent-to-parent line of communication, answering any questions that may arise. This year our Annual Fund theme is “The Power of One…”

Thank-A-Thon a Huge Success! Bement embarked on its first ever “thanka-thon” in December 2010. As I gave instruction to the student callers, I stressed that the script they had in front of them was to be used as a guide, and the best conversations would be the ones that came naturally. Many of them nervously shuffled papers or looked at the floor while I spoke, and I was unsure if they were really hearing me. Now calling a complete stranger is hard. And calling an adult, as a teenager, is even harder. Trying not to hover, I walked around, listening closely while trying to appear as if I was busy



And for the second year we invited parents to stop by the Done by 31! tent on Fridays to warm up and chat with parents, enjoy a cup of coffee or cider, and drop off a check! You can also make a contribution by: 1. Mail: Use the enclosed self addressed envelope 2. On-line: At 3. Installments: Splitting up payments over time 4. Student Account: Installments or single donations can be charged to your Bement account 5. Credit Card: Allows for combining your gift with a rewards/points program.

Thank you for making a difference!

by Julia flannery P’18, FA

with other tasks. Every single student impressed me. I heard personal accounts of what they liked about Bement, warm conversations, but my absolute favorites were the students that I could tell were very uncomfortable calling, but they still did it, and did it with grace. I listened to Sunnie sweetly leave a message and then hang up and say quietly, “I hope I’m never a secretary! This is so hard!”, but she continued all night.  I heard Helen whispering to Ryann that she was scared, but bravely dial and make her calls. Alan twisted the phone cord as he spoke, but did so with

such sincerity that the person on the other end would never know he was nervous. I know that the students at Bement are a polite, respectful, educated bunch, but having the opportunity to work with them was a true gift. I am humbled by their forging through a project that made them nervous, without a moment of complaint. They gave it their all. Kudos to Bement for molding a thoroughly impressive group of young people. I simply cannot wait for the March phonathon, and surprisingly, neither can some of them! B


Dear Friends and Families of Bement, Lao-tzu, the great Chinese philosopher, is credited with saying, “A journey of a thousands miles begins with a single step.” How relevant that is to students at The Bement School! Whether the journey begins in kindergarten, ninth grade, or somewhere in between, students experience twists and turns with their first steps at Bement. But very soon, that cautious first step yields to the stepped-up pace of exhilaration, and the journey has begun! It doesn’t take long to feel at home and grounded in the Bement community. Even in early September, teachers call students by their first names as they navigate the autumn campus. There is always a gentle push ready to help you reach the sky on your swing seat. A student’s perplexed expression kindles some great class discussions, lab experiments, or an inspired piece of poetry. From the very beginning you are supported and challenged to rise to your personal best, to fly on your own wings. Just like every faculty and staff member, I’ve been challenged to do my best for the school as the new director of development. Bement is a fulfilling place for a fundraiser, presenting countless examples of ways in which a donor’s charitable-giving makes the Bement experience one that lasts a life-time. Writing from Snively House today, I see the seventh graders playing soccer, Dave and Jesse raking up the fallen-leaf covered sidewalks, lower school students library-bound, and the glorious November sun shining down on us all. When Edna St. Vincent Millay wrote, “Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies,” she was talking about days like these. Where challenges no doubt abound, but where anything is possible.

left to right: Diana Stiles, Julia Flannery, Amy Hampson

A n n u a l R e p o r t o f G i fts 2010–2011 AnnualAnnual Fund Giving History by by Constituency Fund Giving History Constituency Group

Trustees (current & past)




$ 88,585

$ 99,614

$ 137,247


58,141 34,275 38,018

Current Parents

40,267 56,381 77,530

Parents of Alumni

33,761 21,582 29,304


15,240 11,904

Faculty & Staff





9,355 2,341

$290,294 $307,057

Participation by Constituency Grandparents Parents of Alumni


In these pages you will find a list of donors whose contributions helped us break the $300,000 mark for the first time in our Annual Fund history. Donors also continued to support and fulfill their pledges to the Building Community campaign, the Mary Hawks House initiative, and helped to keep our endowed and other special funds robust. This has been a challenging year: an uncertain economy, unexpected demands from an historic flood, and a late-autumn snow storm power outage. We are so grateful to every one of you for your extraordinary support in good times and bad. Along with my colleagues, Julia Flannery and Amy Hampson, we thank you for making our work fulfilling and worth the challenge! Here’s hoping this edition of The Bulletin gives you reasons a’ plenty to continue supporting the next generation of Bementers! Again, thank you for making the journey possible!

Diana Stiles

Director of Alumni & Development

Current Parents

Trustees (past & present)



Alumna/us Class Year Alumni Association Board Member Current faculty or staff Former Head of School Friend Alumna/us from Grace Bement era (1925-1947)


Grandparent Great Grandparent Parent Past Faculty Past Trustee Trustee





Anonymous (2) Stephen Chen TT & Rongling Huang-Chen P’12 Stephane & Maryanne Chauvel P’10,’12 Garry Crowder & Jill Evans TT, P’11 Harry PTT, P’97,’99,’06 & Madeline Flood Butch Hendrickson PTT, P’03,’05,’12 Si Il Jang & Sun Young Hwang P’12 Hyung-Joon Kim & Hee-Yang Song P’11 Dr. Kyung-Ho Kim & In-Ae Seong P’14 Mike PTT & Lisa Kittredge P’06,’18 Tae Soo Lim & Jung Lim Kim P’11 John Longmaid PTT, P’93 Peggy Nathan PTT, P’83 Katherine Stenson-Lunt PTT, P’00,’02 Xu Guang Yue & Xu Yin P’13

1925 SOCIETY ($1,925 - $4,999) The Bewkes Family P’08 Susan Clopton PTT & John Levine P’03 Steve & Kathy Elkins P’14,’16 John TT & Melissa Gardiner P’14,’18 Burdine Anderson Giese’54 Lauren Glennon TT, P’08,’11 Frank TT & Wanda Henry P’05,’08 Shelley FA & Rob FA Jackson, P’00 Kook Du Kim & Youn Joo Min P’11 Charles & Pamela Klonaris P’11,’13 Sheehan Lunt’00, TT Wendy Moonan’60, TT & Duncan Darrow Ted & Carole PTT, FA Pennock P’90,’94 Charles TT & Sarah Sanford P’12,’14,’17,’19 Mr. Jun Hack Song & Dr. Min Sook Park P’13 Jaclyn C. Thomas-Kennedy’97, PTT, PF Michael E. Thomas’99 Nancy Pick & Lawrence Douglas P’10,’14 The Rosenberry Family’13 Gary & Joan Stetson GP’14,’18 Seungyeob Woo & Jihyun Lee P’10,’12 FOUNDER’S CIRCLE ($1,000 - $1,924) Anonymous (1)





Andy TT & Hut TT Beall P’15 Jeff & Priscilla Chesky P’11 Soohwan Cho & Hyejoo Han P’12 Robert PTT & Mary Cohn P’03,’06 Ensa Cosby P’19 Emet Davis’80, PTT (Lisa Carr) Cathy Clare Esleeck’GB, PTT, P’62 Patricia & Edward Friedman P’12 Mary & Henry Flynt GP’01,’09 Mr. & Mrs. James S. Hardigg P’71,’73,’78 George & Mei-Ling Henrichson P’94 John Holstein’63, PTT Hyeon Seok Jeong & Hyun A. Jeong P’13 Chung Han Kim & Sung Yeun Kim P’12 Yoo In Lee & Eun Joo Park P’12 Martha C. Lyman’58, PTT David PF & Joyce PF Milne P’69,’75 Virginia Morsman’87, PTT Xing Ping Pan & Ying Wang P’11 Ann L. Parady’GB (f. Bunny Boyden) Douglas & Alice Patton P’18,’16 Michael & Jane Plager P’12,’16 Nancy FA & David PTT Pond P’89, ’95 Suzy Townsend Purrington’52, PTT Janet Rogers & Bev LaBelle P’13,’14 Stephanie Sandler & Austin Sarat P’85,’11 Jeffrey & Linda Gross Schutzman’83, PTT Joseph P. Spang PTT Win Whitcomb & Heather Wark P’12,’15 Tell’GB, TT, BSAA & Conni White Robin’62, PTT & Rob Whitten Wayne & Kathy Wilkey P’11 George E. Withington’52 Martha Wofford & John Knight P’21 HEAD’S CIRCLE ($500 - $999) Mark & Wendy Beaubien P’14,’16 Nancee Bershof TT, P’97,’98 Michael & Michele Brennan P’17 John FHS & Joan Butler P’83,’84 Dr. Donald Chiulli & Sharron Vaillette P’15 Peter FHS & Nancy Drake PF, P’90,’93,’96 Channing & Marie Bete GP’19 Timothy Carroll & Jeanette Voas P’12,’16 Rich Jakshtis & Kathleen M. Denney P’14 Margo P. Jones TT, P’07 Roger & Charlotte Johnson GP’17,’18 Myung Sun Kim & Jin Mi Park P’12



2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 1

Lilia C. Levine’03 Thornton & Lee Lockwood GP’18 Lynn Luker TT & Stephen Williamson P’07,’10 Mansir Printing David & Penny Michalak P’14 Mr. & Mrs. Fred Pazmino GP’19 Bill’52, PTT & Nancy Polk Dorothy Rauch GP’16 Mr. & Mrs. James B. Richardson GP’14 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Spencer P’98,’00 Jacky & Theresa P’17 and Phoebe & Elven’17 Shum Rich & Elie Shuman P’10,’14 Mary Taft & Leslie Smith P’05,’07,’15 Dace Brown Stubbs’61, PTT, PF Baer Tierkel & Alison Curphey P’13 Suellen Walsh-Rother & Bryant Rother P’12,’17 Grace Williamson’10 BEMENT HONOR ROLL ($250 - $499) Anonymous (1) Rich & Ali Burrow P’09 Elizabeth Byrne’00 Fred & Edith Byron P’80,’83 Don & Karen Carr GP’15 Jon Carr’67 Keith & Meg Clark P’17 City Building Maintenance, Inc. Scott & Susan Cooper P’10,’16 Gordon & Melissa Davis P’91 Matt PF & Sara PF Evans Frank & Julia FA Flannery P’18 William PTT & Suzanne Flynt P’01,’09 Robert Franklin & Cheryl Roberts P’05 Dean Fusto FA & Minh Nguyet Nguyen PF, P’17 Jack & Rita Gardiner GP’14,’18 David Gerwe & Dr. Jeannette Wolfe P’16 Susan Easton Hanson’56 Rose-Ann FA & Doug FA Harder Anthony Kwame Harrison’85 Howard Harrison’92, TT, PF Rich Herchenreder’75, BSAA Deborah Weaver Hills’88 Edward T. Kenyon GP’14,’16,’19 Anna Whitcomb Knight’66 Thornton C. Lockwood P’18 Kimberly Caldwell Loughlin P’18, FA Nancy Mihevc & Debbie Kehne P’12 Brent & Benedicte Menke P’20,’18 Sarah Mullins P’14,’17 David TT & Betsy Neumeister P’98

Rose R. & John W. Olver P’84 Barb PF & Mike Parry P’98 Andrew & Claudia PF Pazmany P’10,’11 Olchi & Maria Pazmany GP’10,’11 Maria & Ned PTT Reade’67 Leonard & Joan Roberts P’10,’14 Ross & Kristine Smythe P’11,’14,’16 Walter & Andrea Solzak P’16,’19 Marianna Starosielski GP’19 Sugarloaf Mountain Athletic Club Brian & Marilyn Thompson P’95,’06 Michele & Pepe Torras P’13,’16 Joan Wofford GP’21 Tim Young’61, FA & Amy Gordon P’99,’03, PF Dr. & Mrs. Robert Yoon P’05,’07 BEMENT MERIT LIST ($100 - $249) Anonymous (3) Nancy FA & William Ames Rev. Dr. Candice M. Ashenden & Atty. Pamela E. Oddy P’17 Cherry Avirett’GB William Baker & Roberta Tripp Baker P’12 Alan & Jean Ball GP’15,’19 Charles Ball’GB Alexander P. Bardzik’95 Frederick Barnes & Tarah Greenidge P’14 Alexander Bartlett’87, FA Joe Bartlett’49, PTT, P’80,’82,’87 & Barbara S. Ramsay Harry & Mary Beall GP’15 Ben FA & Pam PF Bensen P’86,’92,’98,’01,’02 Robert & Marie Bergh GP’11 Carla Bernier GP’15,’18,’19,’20 Jenn Bete-Brown & Tom Brown P’19 Jennifer Montgomery Bethlenfalvay’68 Barak Blackburn’85, FA Terrence & Wendy Blanchard P’20,’20 Robert Bodurtha’89 Mrs. Catherine Boody GP’13,’16 Bill Brayton & Erica Wurtz P’18 Richard Brook & Shawna Pazmino Brook P’19 The Burstein Family P’16,’20 Polly Byers & Mac McCoy P’10,’12 Dr. Richard C. Chase’GB Kyungho Cho & Junghee Ku P’05,’08 Marlea Clark & Jeffrey Stamler P’13,’19 Barry & Maria Cohen P’04 Loren Cole & Jason Cooper P’11,’14 Mr.’GB & Mrs. Brewster Conant, GP’13, BSAA


Craig Creelman’87 Joanna & Scott PTT Creelman P’87,’89,’95 Ken FA & Denise Cuddeback Michael & Janice FA Currie P’99,’02 Stephen & Tonja Curry GP’09 Lawrence A. Dean P’89 Bob Diamond P’04 Peter Dobrowolski & Charlene Allen P’13 Liz Dolby & Tony Wonseski P’10 Kate & Ken Downes P’10,’13 Matthew Drake’96 Mary “Gug” Drexler, FHS, P’50,’52, GGP’14 Lisa Echevarria FA & Seth Johnson P’17,’18 Tom & Anne Echeverria P’95 Barbara & Art Elkins GP’14,’16 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Emerson P’15 Alex Filler’01 Caroline Filler’05 Nick TT & Colleen PF Filler P’01,’03,’05 Rose Filler’03 Joanna Koehler Fischer’GB Henry “Hank” Forsyth’89, BSAA Thomas J. Fredrick FR Robert & Ann Fritz GP’13 Chickie Fusto GP’17 Dody Phinny Gates’65 Crawford L. Gillian, Jr.’67 Mr. & Mrs. Philip Gladue GP’12,’16 Fran & Steven Goldsher P’04,’06,’10 James E. Greenidge GP’14 Sally Cook Gregg’55 Tim & Amy FA Hampson P’17,’18 Viva Hardigg’78 Gregory Harris’99 Christine Hart TT, P’02 Sara J. Harvey P’15 Kamel R. Hassan GP’14,’17 Nicholas Hayes’55 Donald & Patricia Henderson GP’98,’02 Alex Hiam TT, P’00,’02,’08 Fred & Sarah Houck P’96 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Ishimaru GP’17 Pam & Dave Johnson GP’17,’18 Oliver T. Kane PTT, P’93 Peter Kimball GP’06,’09 Amanda King FA Krishna Kumar & Faith Conant P’13 James & Robin LaFleur P’12 Lisa LaGue P’14 Paul & Christine Lapuc GP’14,’17 Jonathan & Sarah Latham P’12 John & Sarah Lawser GP’13 Elizabeth Legere’08



Mr. & Mrs. Le Rolland GP’14 Gordon Little & Elizabeth McLarney, MD P’12,’13 Mr.’GB & Mrs. George C. Lunt, II P’82 Prudence MacKinney P’02 Richard & Erika Mark GP’12,’15 Frank FA & Suk Massey Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mattoon PTT, P’84 Nancy O. Maynard P’97,’98 Terri & Jim Mayrand Jr. P’12,’15 Carol Polk Meenan’55 Beth PF & Peter Melnik P’18 Keith & Linda Minoff P’12 Alejandro & Barbara Miranda-Sousa P’12,’17 Jennifer Mitchell’67 Drs. Ladimer & Anna Nagurney P’09 Francis’69 & Dorothy Niemiec P’12 Barbara Bond Nutt’GB, P’70, BSAA Anne & John O’Connor GP’10,’11,’14 Stephen & Margot O’Connor P’10,’11,’14 John O’Keefe & Lynne Stopen P’17,’19 Marlisa Drexler Parker’52 Theodore Pina FA Shirley FA & John Pelletier Helen Louise Plager GP’12,’16 Rebecca Pond’95 R. Sargent’53 & Elizabeth Ely’57 Potter P’92 John H. Reade’69 Bruce & Judith Renquist GP’16,’18 Susan Ringland’43 Nora Jackson Roberts GP’00 Arthur A. Rogers P’65,’68,’71 Peggy Rosenberry GP’13 Marie Rother GP’12,’17 Art & Leeanne Rubeck P’15,’17 Julie Russell’50 Saihou & Deborah Saidy P’98,’99 Kathy & Bruce Schwartz P’10 Peter Seterdahl & Mary Bull P’13,’18 Margaret E. Smith GP’07,’14 Sherrill Smith’65 & Jack Kehoe Amy Snow’89, BSAA Robert & Ioulia Stone P’15 Madeline Surgenor FA Lin Tang & Ming Yan P’11 The Research Group, Inc. Mrs. Alicia A. Tripp GP’12 Dr. & Mrs. Paul A. Vance, Jr. GP’12,’15 Robert & Carolyn Voas GP’12,’16 David C. Wadman’69 Amy & Mike Wagstaff P’20



2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 1

Phoebe Walker’84 & Dennis West Dot Walsh GP’12,’17 Teddy & Sarah Weihman’90 Sylvia White GP’06 Jessica & Eric Wilkinson P’15 Mr. & Mrs. Brian Williams P’03,’05,’10 Gail J. Williams GP’11 Guy “Chip” Williams’64 Blake Wilson FA Gordon & Barbara Woodward GP’03,’05,’10 Chad Wrisley’05 Larry & Donna Wrisley P’85,’05 Mr. Tom Young P’02,’18 & Ms. Susannah Lee P’18 Timm & Cate Zolkos P’01,’03 FRIENDS OF BEMENT (Up to $99) Anonymous (5) Lisa & Nils Ahbel P’05 Charlie & Sandy Allen GP’13 Peter & Margaret Armstrong GP’16 Victoria’16 & Alex’20 Bagley John PTT & Kay Bardzik P’88,’91,’95 David FA & Suzanne Belcher P’07 Barbara & Ben Bensen GP’98,’01,’02 Daniel Bensen’01 Dianne M. Bensen & Alan C. Stefanini P’98,’01,’02 Iris & David Berkman P’12 Mr. & Mrs. George K. Bluh P’80,’81,’82 Mary V. Boeh’60 & Thomas Hynes Dick Boyden’GB Mac Jackson & Hillary Brooks FR Carolyn Humphrey Brown PF Robert K. Brown’62 Rosemary Caine P’89,’05 John & Linda Carey P’82,’84,’86,’88 Nancy Neugass Carouso’GB Mrs. Howard L. Carr P’67 George Chapman FA, P’00,’03 Kathy Chapman P’00,’03 O. Stuart Chase’GB Cong Chen & Nick Bagley P’16,’20 Audrey Cho’08 Monica Wonju Cho’05 Karen Cole GP’10,’16 Michael Currie’02 Edie Denney’50, GP’14 Jerry Dobosz FA Jim & Joanne Dolan P’12 John Dunn’89 Paul & Renee Duseau P’12,’12 Dr. Kate Echeverria’95 Joey Elias’82 Lea Emery P’10

Tom Falcon PF Ken & Peggy Farabaugh P’08 Connor J. Flannery’18 Molly Flynt’01 Nancy Forrest P’93 Andrew & Sheree FA Freda P’11,’11 Mackenzie A. Gage’10 Rosemarie FA & Bradlee Gage P’10 Alice Gearhart FA Mark’71 & Peggy Gexler Wendy FA & Christopher Giard Theo N. Greene P’88 Peter Gundelfinger & Suzanne Smiley P’08 Valerie Haggerty P’12 Stephen Heartt GP’06,’09 Jeanne Hinckley’95 Rachel Hobbie’79, BSAA Susan Conant Holden’GB, BSAA Xiaomo Hong FA & Gao Jun Daniela Jacobson’01 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Jakub P’99 Alexander & Cressey Janko P’17 Peg & Ken Johnson P’16,’18 Cary & Sue PTT Jubinville P’98,’00,’06 Kirsten Kapteyn FA, P’06,’09 Amie Keddy FA Kate Kehne’12 David’67 & Jane Gilbert Keith Sarah Kenyon P’14,’16,’19 Joan Williams Laundon’58 Nancy Laws’98 Nancy & Day Lee P’65,’68 MaryBee Eberlein Longabaugh’47 Kate Loughlin’18 Mr. & Mrs. James F. Lucey P’86 Taylor Lunt’17 Ida N. Mack GP’04,’13 Alison & John MacKinnon P’16 Jennifer Mark P’12,’15 Lisa Matthews P’09 Henry Melnik P’18 Robert Merriam’GB, PTT, P’74,’75,’80, GP’98 Stephanie Moeckel-Cole & David Cole P’10,’16 Marjorie Bond Nagus’GB Peter Neilson’65 Martha Olver’84 Will Paulding FA Cary A. Pazmany’10 Joan Stoddard Perry’66 Joy Perry’98 Herrika Williams Poor’60 Katie Porter’92 David Powell FA Tammy & Don FA Powell Nick Powlovich’69 Laura Pratt FA & James Woodberry




Silvia Ribes-Mugnani FA Jonathan Ricci’95 Gary & Joanne Richardson P’98,’00,’02 Leif FA & Sara Riddington P’18,’20 Whitney Roberts’10 Dr. James Roman P’91,’98 Lena’01 & Gershon’03 Rosen Josh PF & Kate’73 Rosenblatt P’05, BSAA Paul Santos & Anne Stuart P’07 Barbara Williams Saunders’64 Thomas Shuman’10 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Silipo P’01,’04 Adrien Smith’97 Marty FA & Charlie Smith P’03 James Snedeker FA Margaret R. Sprague GB Diana Stiles FA Gary Therien’78 Robert Therien P’78 Philip & Nancy Torrey FR Aleksandr Vlasenko’02 Drs. Paul & Susan Voss P’13 Suzanne Gortner Waldron’GB Thomas Webb & Janet McGowen P’11,’13 John & Emily FA Whitney Mary B. Wickwire P’82 Hannah Williams’09 Megan T. Williams’03 Taylor Williams’05 Dana M. Wright FR Nancy E. Yarmac PF Sarah Young’02 MATCHING GIFT COMPANIES Aetna Foundation Bank of America MassMutual Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Tyco FOUNDATIONS & TRUSTS Aetna Foundation Bartol Charitable Foundation Inc. Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation Bewkes Family Foundation The Chicago Community Trust The Community Foundation Dace B. Stubbs Family Fund David G. Taft Foundation Edna & Monroe C. Gutman Foundation Edwin S. Webster Foundation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fiduciary Charitable Foundation




Five Twenty-Five Foundation Inc. Grace Fund of the Maine Community Foundation Indian River Community Foundation The Kittredge Foundation Life Extension Foundation RESTRICTED GIFTS Keith & Nancy Johnson GP’16,’18 Sherry Marker P’87,’91 Hon. Juliette Clagett McLennan’60, PTT, P’85 Stephanie W. McLennan’85, PTT Henry “Harry” Otis Robinson II’GB George PTT & Pamela Siguler P’98,’00,’02,’05,’14 Martha Wofford & John Knight P’21 BOARDING CAMPAIGN Anonymous Jong Han Cho & Meegyeong Park P’07,’09,’10 Soohwan Cho & Hyejoo Han P’12 Garry Crowder & Jill Evans TT, P’11 Nick TT & Colleen PF Filler P’01,’03,’05 John TT & Melissa Gardiner P’14,’18 Sidonie Haines P’04 Rose-Ann FA & Doug FA Harder Christine Hart TT, P’02 Howard Harrison’92, TT, PF Frank TT & Wanda Henry P’05,’08 Zhiqiang & Xiaochi Huang P’12 Hyeon Seok Jeong & Hyun A. Jeong P’13 Dongho Kang TT & Hae Young Kim P’08,’14 Chung Han Kim & Sung Yeun Kim P’12 Myung Sun Kim & Jin Mi Park P’12 Sang Don Lee & Jung Eh Kim P’12,’14 Terry’81 & Jungeum Lee Tae Soo Lim & Jung Lim Kim P’11 John Longmaid PTT, P’93 Xinping Lu & Jing Wu P’09 Peggy Nathan PTT, P’83 Chang Woo Oh & Min Gu Hyun P’10 Young Do Park & Soon Hee Yoo P’10 Young Jae Park & Hyun Joo Eom P’09,’12 Andrew & Claudia PF Pazmany P’10,’11 Tammy & Don FA Powell Marty FA & Charlie Smith P’03 Mr. Jun Hack Song & Dr. Min Sook Park P’13 Dace Brown Stubbs’61, PTT, PF Tianrun Wang & Zhu Hong P’11



2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 1

The Webster Foundation Seungyeob Woo & Jihyun Lee P’10,’12 Xu Guang Yue & Xu Yin P’13 GIFTS IN HONOR OF Bjorn Ahbel’05 by his parents Lisa & Nils Ahbel P’05 Curt Allen’13 by his grandparents Charlie & Sandy Allen GP’13 The Bement School staff by Sylvia White GP’06 Olivia F. Barden’14 by her grandparents Mr. & Mrs. James B. Richardson GP’14 Caroline A. Bewkes’08 by her parents Robert Bewkes & Stacey Holston P’08 Maya Brewington’13 by her grandmother Ida N. Mack GP’04,’13 Joseph Brook’19 by his grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Fred Pazmino GP’19 Rosemary Caine P’89,’05 by her son, John Dunn’89 The Class of 1943 by alumna Susan Ringland’43 The Class of 2012 by The Research Group, Inc. and Nancy Mihevc & Debbie Kehne P’12 Ben’11 & Elijah’14 Cooper by their parents Loren Cole & Jason Cooper P’11,’14 Delaney Kavanaugh’14 by his grandmother Margaret E. Smith GP’07,’14 Mary “Gug” Drexler, FHS, P’50,’52, GGP’14, on her 99th birthday by her granddaughter Kathleen M. Denney & Rich Jakshtis P’14 Mary “Gug” Drexler, FHS, P’50,’52, GGP’14, on her 99th birthday by Dana M. Wright FR Mary “Gug” Drexler, FHS, P’50,’52, GGP’14 by her daughter Edie Denney’50, GP’14 Mary “Gug” Drexler, FHS, P’50,’52, GGP’14 by her daughter Marlisa Drexler Parker’52 Eliana’10, Jeremy’04, & Benjamin’06 by their parents Fran & Steven Goldsher P’04,’06,’10 Elizabeth Klink’13 by her grandparents Robert & Ann Fritz GP’13 Emily (Dean) Lawrence’89 by her father Lawrence A. Dean P’89 Lauren McCaw’09 by her mother Lisa Matthews P’09 William Holiday Franklin’05 by Robert Franklin & Cheryl Roberts P’05

Ivy Santos’07 by her parents Paul Santos & Anne Stuart P’07 Liam T. O’Connor’14 by his grandparents Anne & John O’Connor GP’10,’11,’14 Claire Ott’17 by her grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Ishimaru GP’17 Christopher Pastuszak’82 by Nancy Forrest P’93 Claudia Pazmany P’10,’11 by Barbara Bond Nutt’GB, P’70, BSAA Emily’12 & Henry’15 Poehlein by their grandparents Richard & Erika Mark GP’12,’15 Sierra’12 & Jackson’17 Rother by their grandmother Dot Walsh GP’12,’17 Erin Voss’13 by her grandparents John & Sarah Lawser GP’13 Henry White’s’15 amazing teachers by his grandparents Don & Karen Carr GP’15 The marriage of Sara White P’15 & David Harvey by her parents Don & Karen Carr GP’15 Nora Knight’21 by her grandmother Joan Wofford GP’21 GIFTS IN MEMORY OF Lee Boyden P’GB,’49 by her daughter Ann L. Parady’49 (f. Bunny Boyden) David Currie Lee’67 by his parents Nancy & Day Lee P’65,’68 Amy O’Hare’87 & her father Joe O’Hare P’87 by Sherry Marker P’88,’91 Doris F. Polk by her son, Bill’52, PTT & Nancy Polk Amy Spencer’00 by her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Spencer P’98,’00 Grace Bement by Henry “Harry” Otis Robinson II’GB MARY HAWKS HOUSE Anonymous Mr. Richard’GB & Mrs. Arms PF Jennifer Bitman’77 Katharine Butler’84 & Thomas Wideman Sarah Chamberlain’70 Dr. Richard C. Chase’GB Penny Cocking’58 Emet Davis’80, PTT (Lisa Carr) Stacey Edzwald’95 Beth Ellis’57 Ian Forgey’92 Gretchen PTT & John Fox P’86,’88 Anthony Kwame Harrison’85


Rich Herchenreder’75, BSAA Griffin James’94 Ann W. Lord’65 Hon. Juliette Clagett McLennan’60, PTT, P’85 Stephanie W. McLennan’85, PTT Carol Polk Meenan’55 Charles R. Miller’65 David PF & Joyce PF Milne P’69,’75 Virginia Morsman’87, PTT, PF Susan McKean-Nicklin’84 Joan Stoddard Perry’66 John H. Reade’69 Maria & Ned Reade’67 The Ricci Family’93,’95 Jeffrey & Linda Gross Schutzman’83, PTT Gary Therien’78 Serena Wilson’81 GIFTS IN KIND Mr. Vincent Cleary GP’10 Rosemarie FA & Bradlee Gage P’10 Thornton C. Lockwood P’18 Michael & Jane Plager P’12,’16 Rich & Elie Shuman P’10,’14 9TH GRADE PARENT GIFT Clifford & Sally Allard P’11 Loren Cole & Jason Cooper P’11,’14 Garry Crowder & Jill Evans TT, P’11 Hyung-Joon Kim & Hee-Yang Song P’11 Charles & Pamela Klonaris P’11,’13 Andrew & Claudia PF Pazmany P’10,’11 Cynthia Ray P’11 Stephanie Sandler & Austin Sarat P’85,’11 Ross & Kristine Smythe P’11,’14,’16 Potter Stewart & Robin Stern P’11 Lin Tang & Ming Yan P’11 Masao & Etsuko Tanji P’11 Janet & Steven Williams P’11 JAMES MULLINS P’14,’17 MEMORIAL FUND William & Theresa Rowe

Gifts by Constituency GB ERA 1925-1949 Cherry Avirett’GB Charles Ball’GB Joe Bartlett’49, PTT, P’80,’82,’87 & Barbara S. Ramsay Dick Boyden’GB Nancy Neugass Carouso’GB O. Stuart Chase’GB Dr. Richard C. Chase’GB Mr. and Mrs. Brewster Conant’GB, GP’13



Cathy Clare Esleeck’GB, PTT, P’62 Joanna Koehler Fischer’GB Susan Conant Holden’GB, BSAA MaryBee Eberlein Longabaugh’47 Mr.’GB & Mrs. George C. Lunt, II P’82 Robert Merriam’GB, P’74,’75,’80, GP’98, PTT Marjorie Bond Nagus’GB Barbara Bond Nutt’GB, P’70, BSAA Ann L. Parady’GB (f. Bunny Boyden) Susan Ringland’43 Henry “Harry” Otis Robinson II’GB Margaret R. Sprague’GB Suzanne Gortner Waldron’GB Tell’GB, TT, BSAA & Conni White 50’s Anonymous (1) Edie Denney’50, GP’14 Marlisa Drexler Parker’52 Burdine Anderson Giese’54 Sally Cook Gregg’55 Susan Easton Hanson’56 Nicholas Hayes’55 Joan Williams Laundon’58 Martha C. Lyman’58, PTT Carol Polk Meenan’55 Bill’52, PTT & Nancy Polk R. Sargent’53 & Elizabeth Ely’57 Potter P’92 Suzy Townsend Purrington’52, PTT Julie Russell’50 George E. Withington’52 60’s Jennifer Montgomery Bethlenfalvay’68 Mary V. Boeh’60 & Thomas Hynes Robert K. Brown’62 Jon Carr’67 Dody Phinny Gates’65 David’67 & Jane Gilbert Keith Crawford L. Gillian, Jr.’67 John Holstein’63, PTT Anna Whitcomb Knight’66 Jennifer Mitchell’67 Wendy Moonan’60, TT & Duncan Darrow Peter Neilson’65 Francis’69 & Dorothy Niemiec P’12 Joan Stoddard Perry’66 Herrika Williams Poor’60 Nick Powlovich’69 John H. Reade’69 Maria & Ned PTT Reade’67 Barbara Williams Saunders’64 Sherrill Smith’65 & Jack Kehoe Dace Brown Stubbs’61, PTT, PF David C.Wadman’69 Robin’62, PTT & Rob Whitten



2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 1

Guy “Chip” Williams’64 Tim Young’61, FA & Amy Gordon P’99,’03, PF 70’s Anonymous (1) Mark’71 & Peggy Gexler Viva Hardigg’78 Rich Herchenreder’75, BSAA Rachel Hobbie’79, BSAA Josh PF & Kate’73 Rosenblatt P’05, BSAA Gary Therien’78 80’s Anonymous (1) Alexander Bartlett’87, FA Barak Blackburn’85, FA Robert Bodurtha’89 Craig Creelman’87 Emet Davis’80, PTT (Lisa Carr) John Dunn’89 Joey Elias’82 Henry “Hank” Forsyth’89, BSAA Margaret Fox’88 Anthony Kwame Harrison’85 Deborah Weaver Hills’88 Virginia Morsman’87, PTT Martha Olver’84 Jeffrey & Linda Gross Schutzman’83, PTT Amy Snow’89, BSAA Phoebe Walker’84 & Dennis West 90’s Alexander P. Bardzik’95 Matthew Drake’96 Dr. Kate Echeverria’95 Gregory Harris’99 Howard Harrison’92, TT, PF Jeanne Hinckley’95 Nancy Laws’98 Joy Perry’98 Rebecca Pond’95 Katie Porter’92 Jonathan Ricci’95 Adrien Smith’97 Michael E. Thomas’99 Jaclyn C. Thomas-Kennedy’97, PTT, PF Teddy & Sarah Weihman’90 Young Alumni Daniel Bensen’01 Caroline A. Bewkes’08 Elizabeth Byrne’00 Audrey Cho’08 Monica Wonju Cho’05 Michael Currie’02 Alex Filler’01

Caroline Filler’03 Rose Filler’05 Molly Flynt’01 Mackenzie A. Gage’10 Daniela Jacobson’01 Elizabeth Legere’08 Lilia C. Levine’03 Sheehan Lunt’00, TT Cary A. Pazmany’10 Whitney Roberts’10 Lena Rosen’01 Gershon Rosen’03 Thomas Shuman’10 Aleksandr Vlasenko’02 Grace Williamson’10 Hannah Williams’09 Megan T. Williams’03 Taylor Williams’05 Chad Wrisley’05 Sarah Young’02 Current Students Victoria Bagley’16 Alex Bagley’20 Connor J. Flannery’18 Kate Kehne’12 Kate Loughlin’18 Taylor Lunt’17 Henry Melnik’18 Elven Shum’17 Parents, past & present Anonymous (2) Lisa & Nils Ahbel P’05 Peter Dobrowolski & Charlene Allen P’13 Rev. Dr. Candice M. Ashenden & Atty. Pamela E. Oddy P’17 William Baker & Roberta Tripp Baker P’12 Cong Chen & Nick Bagley P’16,’20 John PTT & Kay Bardzik P’88,’91,’95 Darnel & Riché Barnes P’15 Frederick Barnes & Tarah Greenidge P’14 Joe Bartlett’49, PTT, P’80,’82,’87 & Barbara S. Ramsay Andy TT & Hut TT Beall P’15 Mark & Wendy Beaubien P’14,’16 David FA & Suzanne Belcher P’ 07 Ben FA & Pam PF Bensen P’86,’92,’98,’01,’02 Nancee Bershof TT, P’97,’98 Iris & David Berkman P’12 The Bewkes Family P’08 Terrence & Wendy Blanchard P’20,’20 Mr. & Mrs. George K. Bluh P’80,’81,’82 Bill Brayton & Erica Wurtz P’18 Michael & Michele Brennan P’17




Richard Brook & Shawna PazminoBrook P’19 Jenn Bete-Brown & Tom Brown P’19 Rich & Ali Burrow P’09 The Burstein Family P’16,’20 John FHS & Joan Butler P’83,’84 Polly Byers & Mac McCoy P’10,’12 Fred & Edith Byron P’80,’83 Rosemary Caine P’89,’05 John & Linda Carey P’82,’84,’86,’88 Mrs. Howard L. Carr P’67 Timothy Carroll & Jeanette Voas P’12,’16 George Chapman FA, P’00,’03 Kathy Chapman P’00,’03 Stephane & Maryanne Chauvel P’10,’12 Stephen Chen TT & Rongling Huang-Chen P’12 Jeff & Priscilla Chesky P’11 Dr. Donald Chiulli & Sharron Vaillette P’15 Kyungho Cho & Junghee Ku P’05,’08 Soohwan Cho & Hyejoo Han P’12 Keith & Meg Clark P’17 Marlea Clark & Jeffrey Stamler P’13,’19 Susan Clopton PTT & John Levine P’03 Barry & Maria Cohen P’04 Robert PTT & Mary Cohn P’03,’06 Loren Cole & Jason Cooper P’11,’14 Scott & Susan Cooper P’10,’16 Ensa Cosby P’19 Joanna & Scott PTT Creelman P’87,’89,’95 Garry Crowder & Jill Evans TT, P’11 Michael & Janice FA Currie P’99,’02 Gordon & Melissa Davis P’91 Lawrence A. Dean P’89 Bob Diamond P’04 Jim & Joanne Dolan P’12 Liz Dolby & Tony Wonseski P’10 Kate and Ken Downes P’10,’13 Peter FHS & Nancy Drake P’90,’93,’96, PF Mary “Gug” Drexler, FHS, P’50,’52, GGP’14 Paul & Renee Duseau P’12,’12 Lisa Echevarria FA & Seth Johnson P’17,’18 Tom & Anne Echeverria P’95 Steve & Kathy Elkins P’14,’16 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Emerson P’15 Lea Emery P’10 Cathy Clare Esleeck GB, PTT, P’62 Ken & Peggy Farabaugh P’08 Nick TT & Colleen PF Filler P’01,’03,’05





Frank & Julia FA Flannery P’18 Harry PTT, P’97,’99,’06 & Madeline Flood William PTT & Suzanne Flynt P’01,’09 Patricia & Edward Friedman P’12 Nancy Forrest P’93 Robert Franklin & Cheryl Roberts P’05 Andrew & Sheree FA Freda P’11,’11 Dean Fusto FA & Minh Nguyet Nguyen PF, P’17 Rosemarie FA & Bradlee Gage P’10 John TT & Melissa Gardiner P’14,’18 David Gerwe & Dr. Jeannette Wolfe P’16 Lauren Glennon TT, P’08,’11 Fran & Steven Goldsher P’04,’06,’10 Theo N. Greene P’88 Peter Gundelfinger & Suzanne Smiley P’08 Valerie Haggerty P’12 Tim & Amy FA Hampson P’17,’18 Mr. & Mrs. James S. Hardigg P’71,’73,’78 Christine Hart TT, P’02 Sara J. Harvey P’15 George & Mei-Ling Henrichson P’94 Butch Hendrickson PTT, P’03,’05,’12 Alex Hiam TT, P’00,’02,’08 Frank TT & Wanda Henry P’05,’08 Fred & Sarah Houck P’96 Shelley & Rob Jackson FA, P’00 Rich Jakshtis & Kathleen M. Denney P’14 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Jakub P’99 Si Il Jang & Sun Young Hwang P’12 Alexander & Cressey Janko P’17 Hyeon Seok Jeong & Hyun A. Jeong P’13 Peg & Ken Johnson P’16,’18 Margo P. Jones TT, P’07 Cary & Sue PTT Jubinville P’98,’00,’06 Oliver T. Kane PTT, P’93 Kirsten Kapteyn FA, P’06,’09 Sarah Kenyon P’14,’16,’19 Kook Du Kim & Youn Joo Min P’11 Dr. Kyung-Ho Kim & In-Ae Seong P’14 Hyung-Joon Kim & Hee-Yang Song P’11 Chung Han Kim & Sung Yeun Kim P’12 Myung Sun Kim & Jin Mi Park P’12 Charles & Pamela Klonaris P’11,’13 Kimberly Caldwell Loughlin FA, P’18 Mr. & Mrs. James F. Lucey P’86 Mike PTT & Lisa Kittredge P’06,’18



2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 1

Krishna Kumar & Faith Conant P’13 James & Robin LaFleur P’12 Lisa LaGue P’14 Jonathan & Sarah Latham P’12 Nancy & Day Lee P’65,’68 Yoo In Lee & Eun Joo Park P’12 Tae Soo Lim & Jung Lim Kim P’11 Gordon Little & Elizabeth McLarney, MD P’12,’13 Thornton C. Lockwood P’18 John Longmaid P’93, PTT Lynn Luker TT & Stephen Williamson P’07,’10 Mr.’GB & Mrs. George C. Lunt, II P’82 Prudence MacKinney P’02 Alison & John MacKinnon P’16 Jennifer Mark P’12,’15 Lisa Matthews P’09 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mattoon PTT, P’84 Nancy O. Maynard P’97,’98 Terri & Jim Mayrand Jr. P’12,’15 Robert Merriam’GB, P’74,’75,’80, GP’98, PTT Beth PF & Peter Melnik P’18 Brent & Benedicte Menke P’20,’18 Stephanie Moeckel-Cole & David Cole P’10,’16 David & Penny Michalak P’14 Nancy Mihevc & Debbie Kehne P’12 David PF & Joyce PF Milne P’69,’75 Keith & Linda Minoff P’12 Alejandro & Barbara Miranda-Sousa P’12,’17 Sarah Mullins P’14,’17 Drs. Ladimer & Anna Nagurney P’09 Peggy Nathan PTT, P’83 David TT & Betsy Neumeister P’98 Francis ‘69 & Dorothy Niemiec P’12 Barbara Bond Nutt’GB, P’70, BSAA Stephen & Margot O’Connor P’10,’11,’14 John O’Keefe & Lynne Stopen P’17,’19 Rose R. & John W. Olver P’84 Xing Ping Pan & Ying Wang P’11 Barb PF & Mike Parry P’98 Douglas & Alice Patton P’18,’16 Andrew & Claudia PF Pazmany P’10,’11 Ted & Carole PTT, FA Pennock P’90,’94 Nancy Pick & Lawrence Douglas P’10,’14 Michael & Jane Plager P’12,’16 R. Sargent’53 & Elizabeth Ely’57 Potter P’92 Gary & Joanne Richardson

P’98,’00,’02 Leif FA & Sara Riddington P’18,’20 Leonard & Joan Roberts P’10,’14 Arthur A. Rogers P’65,’68,’71 Janet Rogers & Bev LaBelle P’13,’14 Dr. James Roman P’91,’98 The Rosenberry Family’13 Josh PF & Kate’73 Rosenblatt P’05, BSAA Art & Leeanne Rubeck P’15,’17 Saihou & Deborah Saidy P’98,’99 Stephanie Sandler & Austin Sarat P’85,’11 Charles TT & Sarah Sanford P’12,’14,’17,’19 Kathy & Bruce Schwartz P’10 Peter Seterdahl & Mary Bull P’13,’18 Alan C. Stefanini & Dianne M. Bensen P’98,’01,’02 Paul Santos & Anne Stuart P’07 Jacky, Theresa P’17, Phoebe, & Elven Shum’17 Rich & Elie Shuman P’10,’14 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Silipo P’01,’04 Marty FA & Charlie Smith P’03 Mary Taft & Leslie Smith P’05,’07,’15 Ross & Kristine Smythe P’11,’14,’16 Walter & Andrea Solzak P’16,’19 Mr. Jun Hack Song & Dr. Min Sook Park P’13 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Spencer P’98,’00 Katherine Stenson-Lunt P’00,’02, PTT Robert & Ioulia Stone P’15 Lin Tang & Ming Yan P’11 Robert Therien P’78 Brian & Marilyn Thompson P’95,’06 Baer Tierkel & Alison Curphey P’13 Michele & Pepe Torras P’13,’16 Dr’s. Paul & Susan Voss P’13 Amy & Mike Wagstaff P’20 Suellen Walsh-Rother & Bryant Rother P’12,’17 Thomas Webb & Janet McGowen P’11,’13 Win Whitcomb & Heather Wark P’12,’15 Mary B. Wickwire P’82 Wayne & Kathy Wilkey P’11 Jessica & Eric Wilkinson P’15 Mr. & Mrs. Brian Williams P’03,’05,’10 Martha Wofford & John Knight P’21 Seungyeob Woo & Jihyun Lee P’10,’12 Larry & Donna Wrisley P’85,’05 Xu Guang Yue & Xu Yin P’13 Dr. & Mrs. Robert Yoon P’05,’07


Tim Young’61, FA & Amy Gordon P’99,’03, PF Mr. Tom Young P’02,’18 & Ms. Susannah Lee P’18 Timm & Cate Zolkos P’01,’03 Faculty, past & present Nancy FA & William Ames Alexander Bartlett’87, FA David FA & Suzanne Belcher P’07 Ben FA & Pam PF Bensen P’86,’92,’98,’01,’02 Barak Blackburn’85, FA Carolyn Humphrey Brown PF John FHS & Joan Butler P’83,’84 George Chapman FA, P’00,’03 Ken FA & Denise Cuddeback Michael & Janice FA Currie P’99,’02 Jerry Dobosz FA Peter FHS & Nancy Drake P’90,’93,’96 PF Mary “Gug” Drexler, FHS, P’50,’52, GGP’14 Lisa Echevarria FA & Seth Johnson P’17,’18 Matt PF & Sara PF Evans Tom Falcon PF Nick TT & Colleen PF Filler P’01,’03,’05 Frank & Julia FA Flannery P’18 Andrew & Sheree FA Freda P’11,’11 Dean Fusto FA & Minh Nguyet Nguyen PF, P’17 Rosemarie FA & Bradlee Gage P’10 Alice Gearhart FA Wendy FA & Christopher Giard Tim & Amy FA Hampson P’17,’18 Rose-Ann FA & Doug FA Harder Howard Harrison’92, TT, PF Xiaomo Hong FA & Gao Jun Shelley FA & Rob FA Jackson, P’00 Kirsten Kapteyn FA, P’06,’09 Amie Keddy FA Amanda King FA Kimberly Caldwell Loughlin FA, P’18 Frank FA & Suk Massey Beth PF & Peter Melnik P’18 David PF & Joyce PF Milne P’69,’75 Barb PF & Mike Parry P’98 Will Paulding FA Andrew & Claudia PF Pazmany P’10,’11 Shirley FA & John Pelletier Ted & Carole PTT, FA Pennock P’90,’94 Theodore Pina FA David Powell FA Tammy & Don FA Powell



Laura Pratt FA & James Woodberry Silvia Ribes-Mugnani FA Leif FA & Sara Riddington P’18,’20 Josh PF & Kate’73 Rosenblatt P’05, BSAA Marty FA & Charlie Smith P’03 James Snedeker FA Diana Stiles FA Dace Brown Stubbs’61, PTT, PF Madeline Surgenor FA Jaclyn C. Thomas-Kennedy’97, PTT, PF John & Emily FA Whitney Blake Wilson FA Nancy E. Yarmac PF Tim Young’61, FA & Amy Gordon P’99,’03, PF Grandparents, past & present Charlie & Sandy Allen GP’13 Peter & Margaret Armstrong GP’16 Alan & Jean Ball GP’15,’19 Harry & Mary Beall GP’15 Barbara & Ben Bensen GP’98,’01,’02 Robert & Marie Bergh GP’11 Carla Bernier GP’15,’18,’19,’20 Channing & Marie Bete GP’19 Mrs. Catherine Boody GP’13,’16 Don & Karen Carr GP’15 Karen Cole GP’10,’16 Mr.’GB & Mrs. Brewster Conant, GP’13, BSAA Stephen & Tonja Curry GP’09 Edie Denney’50, GP’14 Mary “Gug” Drexler, FHS, GGP’14 Barbara & Art Elkins GP’14,’16 Mary & Henry Flynt GP’01,’09 Robert & Ann Fritz GP’13 Chickie Fusto GP’17 Jack & Rita Gardiner GP’14,’18 Mr. & Mrs. Philip Gladue GP’12,’16 James E. Greenidge GP’14 Kamel R. Hassan GP’14,’17 Stephen Heartt GP’06,’09 Donald & Patricia Henderson GP’98,’02 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Ishimaru GP’17 Pam & Dave Johnson GP’17,’18 Roger & Charlotte Johnson GP’17,’18 Edward T. Kenyon GP’14,’16,’19 Peter Kimball GP’06,’09 Paul & Christine Lapuc GP’14,’17 John & Sarah Lawser GP’13 Mr. & Mrs. Le Rolland GP’14 Thornton & Lee Lockwood GP’18 Ida N. Mack GP’04,’13 Richard & Erika Mark GP’12,’15 Robert Merriam’GB, P’74,’75,’80,



2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 1

GP’98, PTT Anne & John O’Connor GP’10,’11,’14 Olchi & Maria Pazmany GP’10,’11 Mr. & Mrs. Fred Pazmino GP’19 Helen Louise Plager GP’12,’16 Dorothy Rauch GP’16 Bruce & Judith Renquist GP’16,’18 Mr. & Mrs. James B. Richardson GP’14 Nora Jackson Roberts GP’00 Peggy Rosenberry GP’13 Marie J. Rother GP’12,’17 Margaret E. Smith GP’07,’14 Marianna Starosielski GP’19 Gary & Joan Stetson GP’14,’18 Mrs. Alicia A. Tripp GP’12 Dr. & Mrs. Paul A. Vance, Jr. GP’12,’15 Robert & Carolyn Voas GP’12,’16 Dot Walsh GP’12,’17 Sylvia White GP’06 Gail J. Williams GP’11 Gordon & Barbara Woodward GP’03,’05,’10 Joan Wofford GP’21 Trustees, past & present John PTT & Kay Bardzik P’88,’91,’95 Joe Bartlett’49, PTT, P’80,’82,’87 & Barbara S. Ramsay Andy TT & Hut TT Beall P’15 Nancee Bershof TT, P’97,’98 Stephen Chen TT & Rongling Huang-Chen P’12 Susan Clopton PTT & John Levine P’03 Robert PTT & Mary Cohn P’03,’06 Joanna & Scott PTT Creelman P’87, 89, 95 Garry Crowder & Jill Evans TT, P’11 Emet Davis’80, PTT (Lisa Carr) Peter FHS & Nancy Drake P’90,’93,’96, PF Cathy Clare Esleeck GB, PTT, P’62 Nick TT & Colleen PF Filler P’01,’03,’05 Harry PTT, P’97,’99,’06 & Madeline Flood William PTT & Suzanne Flynt P’01,’09 John TT & Melissa Gardiner P’14,’18 Lauren Glennon TT, P’08,’11 Howard Harrison’92, TT, PF Christine Hart TT, P’02 Butch Hendrickson PTT, P’03,’05,’12 Frank TT & Wanda Henry P’05,’08 Alex Hiam TT, P’00,’02,’08

John Holstein’63, PTT Shelley FA & Rob FA Jackson, P’00 Margo P. Jones TT, P’07 Cary & Susan PTT Jubinville P’98,’00,’06 Oliver T. Kane PTT, P’93 Mike PTT & Lisa Kittredge P’06,’18 John Longmaid P’93, PTT Lynn Luker TT & Stephen Williamson P’07,’10 Sheehan Lunt’00, TT Martha C. Lyman’58, PTT Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mattoon PTT, P’84 Robert Merriam’GB, P’74,’75,’80, GP’98, PTT Wendy Moonan’60, TT & Duncan Darrow Peggy Nathan PTT, P’83 David TT & Betsy Neumeister P’98 Ted & Carole PTT, FA Pennock P’90,’94 Bill’52, PTT & Nancy Polk Suzy Townsend Purrington’52, PTT Maria & Ned PTT Reade’67 Charles TT & Sarah Sanford P’12,’14,’17,’19 Jeffrey & Linda Gross Schutzman’83, PTT Joseph P. Spang PTT Katherine Stenson-Lunt P’00,’02, PTT Dace Brown Stubbs’61, PTT, PF Jaclyn C. Thomas-Kennedy’97, PTT, PF Tell’GB, TT, BSAA & Conni White Robin’62, PTT & Rob Whitten Friends of Bement Thomas J. Fredrick Mac Jackson & Hillary Brooks The Research Group, Inc. Sugarloaf Mountain Athletic Club Philip & Nancy Torrey Dana M. Wright Vendors City Building Maintenance, Inc. Mansir Printing







contributions this year

BEEBE MEMORIAL FUND $ 0 Established in 1973 by the trustees in memory of William H. Beebe, former business manager.

market value June 30, 2011



CLAGETT PROFESSIONAL $ 0 $ 1,128,748 DEVELOPMENT FUND Established in 1978 as a bequest of Nancy L. Clagett. The fund has been augmented by gifts from C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. and family. Income from the fund provides Bement faculty with opportunities for professional development. BARTLETT/DREXLER PENSION FUND $ Established in 1979 to provide additional pension funds for two former Heads of the School.



BARTLETT/DREXLER SCHOLARSHIP FUND $ 0 $ Established in 1977 as a challenge grant from an anonymous donor wishing to provide scholarships in honor of Kay Bartlett and Mary “Gug” Drexler, former co-Heads of the School. EDWIN S. WEBSTER FOUNDATION FUND $ 30,000 Established in 2002 by the Hiam family to provide financial aid to those who would otherwise be unable to attend Bement.




1 Playground bell for the lower school, especially the Drake Building


2 Top right corner of the Class of 2001’s Trilothon, built as 5th graders.

FOX SCHOLARSHIP FUND $ 100 $ 11,058 Established in 1999 by a gift from John and Gretchen Fox to support financially deserving students who represent diversity at Bement, providing them with the opportunity to participate in all activities and services offered at the School. FRIEDMAN ESTATE $ 0 Amounts received through bequests of both Richard “Johnny” Friedman PFA and his wife, Betsy Friedman, to be used for general purposes and betterment of the school.



LIBRARY ENDOWMENT $ 25,681 Established in 2004 as endowment for the Clagett McLennan Library.



NANCY AND PETER DRAKE $ 0 $ 72,280 SCHOLARSHIP FUND Established in 1999 by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Flynt, Jr. in honor of the years of dedication and service of Peter Drake, a former Head, and his wife, Nancy Drake. O’HARE SCHOLARSHIP FUND $ 100 $ 53,813 Established in 1988 by a gift from Peter Risati in memory of former Bement student, Amy O’Hare. Recipients of awards are to be upper-school students of strong character who show athletic promise. PHILIPS SCHOLARSHIP FUND $ 0 Established in 1997 by a bequest from Bessie Wright Philips.



READER’S DIGEST SCHOLARSHIP FUND $ 0 $ 239,713 Established in 1972 by a matching gift from the DeWitt Wallace Fund. Income from the fund is to be used for scholarships to deserving middle-income students from families demonstrating the potential, and will, to pay a portion of tuition and fees. SHEEHAN FARR LUNT $ 0 $ 5,412 SCHOLARSHIP FUND Established in 1999 by a gift from Sheehan Lunt in appreciation for her years at Bement and with the hope that others might benefit from the same opportunity. SIGULER FAMILY FUND $ 5,000 Established in 1999 by a gift from George and Pamela Siguler for general endowment.


MARY HAWKS FUND INITIATIVE $ 41,200 $ Established in 2011 with gifts from alumni and friends, in memory of Mary Hawks’GB, PF, in support of naming the Head’s House at 3 Old Ferry Road, the Mary Hawks House.




$ 102,081 $ 100,000

$ 3,208,017 $ 2,340,835


$ 202,081

$ 5,548,852



Answers to the Mystery photos Page 31

3 This has to be the toughest, best-loved apple tree in the world, having survived several construction projects as well as the constant wear and tear of Bement kids at recess on a daily basis. Gordon Hunt says that it was given to the school by a graduating class in the 80’s. Does anyone remember their class giving an apple tree to the school? 4 The embroidered school seal hanging next to the admissions office. Who made it? 5 This lamp is on the Development Office. 6 This great big apple tree on the playground was pruned after the storm of 2010, and word has it that it’s the second-oldest of its breed in New England. The surgery means potential for an extended life. Good thing, too, because it had a colleague [near the low basketball hoop] which collapsed just after graduation in 1991! 7 This is to the left of the door frame of the main entrance to the Keith School Building. 8 Mary Hawks basket is on display in the Snively House.



2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 1


he past year saw The Bement School settle in to our first full year with our new dormitory building. The school closed on $2.2 million in Revenue Bond financing in December, 2010. This money was used to retire loans used for construction of the new dormitory. We continued to invest in our buildings and infrastructure even as we enhanced our program offerings. Enrollments in both the upper and lower schools were strong and we have opened our new school year with a continued balanced enrollment picture. Our final operating results for the year ending June 30, 2011 were very strong, resulting in an operating surplus of over $550,000. Net Tuition and Fee revenue increased this past year to over $4,490,000. Total Revenue grew to $5,471,446 with strong growth in all our income areas. At the same time, our expenses increased 9% to $4,912,592. This total included $83,787 in interest expense for the financing of the new dormitory project. The Bement School continues to invest in our facilities across the campus. This year we completed repairs to roofs on several buildings and repaired the back deck on the Drake Building. The school completed replacement of the swimming pool and replaced the stone walls and steps leading to the common room at 3 Old Ferry Road. The school also purchased new administrative software from Blackbaud that will more efficiently integrate our records across the school. Training on this software will continue through the fall and winter of 2011 to complete the rollout to the school. As we begin the 2012 school year, we are committed to providing the strongest program possible for our students and families. Our board of trustees, administration, faculty and staff are dedicated to managing our resources, providing a strong program for our families and students. Respectfully,

Ken Cuddeback Business Manager

Tuition and Fees 82%

Contributions and Gifts 6% Student Programs & Services 5% Investment Activity 7% Periods Ending June 30, 2010 and June 30, 2011 Revenue

FY 2011

Tuition and Fees (net of Financial Aid)

% of Total

FY 2010 % of Total





Investment Activity





Student Programs and Services





Contributions and Gifts





total Revenue



FY 2011


% of Total


FY 2010 % of Total





Student Programs and Services





Operation and Maintenance of Plant









$83,709 $4,912,592


$24,683 $4,506,286







47 47


Parents of Alumni

If this publication is addressed to your child, and she/he no longer maintains a permanent address at your home, please notify the Bement Alumni & Development Office with a new mailing address. Call: (413) 774-3021 or e-mail: Thanks!

Music Making For One and All: The Virginia Honnold Houck Piano Preservation Fund


red and Sally Houck P’96 found the perfect way to express their admiration for The Bement School’s music department and the musical tradition that is an integral part of a Bement education. After donating Fred’s late mother’s Mason & Hamlin grand piano to Bement last year—presented by them and their children, Charlotte, David, and Brent’96 —they wanted to make sure annual tunings and needed maintenance would preserve the instrument for future generations of Bementers. The Alumni and Development Office helped the Houcks to create a fund that would do just that and, as Fred hopes, “inspire others in the community to do the same.” The Houcks’ initial contribution has already facilitated this year’s tuning and allowed us to install a climate control system. Their creative philanthropic thinking eliminates the need for us to tap into the general operating support of the school for the piano’s upkeep. Fred and Sally hope that other Bement families will see the wisdom of making contributions to this Fund now and in years to come. Always the forward-thinkers, the Houcks would like to see this Fund expanded in future years and, in addition to the Viginia Honnold Houck piano, include regular maintenance and repair of other Bement-owned musical instruments.

Please contact the Development Office if you wish to join the Houcks in this wonderful endeavor. With your help, let the music play on!

Bequest or estate planning questions? Contact Diana Stiles, Director of Development, and learn how you can create a lasting legacy at The Bement School. 48


(413) 774-3021 •

Bement Bulletin 2011-2012  

The Bement School Alumni Magazine

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