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Respect, Together & Passion are the key values of beMatrix, with ‘Making stand building easier’ as our mission. To convince you of our vision, we created our own ‘beMagazine’.

Curious for more? Go on, flick through the pages and discover our inspiring articles, all to do with the stand building and event industry, and get to know the endless po s sibil i tie s of our f rame system, our plans for the future and our core values. I for one am very proud of this first edition,


Contents 25 years of frame How it all started • milestones • interview Paul Ameloot

Edwin & Stefaan Exclusive interview with the 2 driving forces behind beMatrix

Big in Belgium Kenny Belaey goes for 'the American dream'

New branding campaign A look behind the scenes

beMatrix Academy Tour Join the Route 62!

Magical Munich City of many faces

beManiacs in the spotlight Meet our welders

beInspired Creative with beMatrix

Sustainability The beMatrix way

bePartner network A solid partnership

Sharing is caring The sharing economy is booming business

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25 years of frame Let us tell you the hole story In 2018, the beMatrix frame celebrates its 25 th anniversary! But how did it all start for the frame system with big holes? Let’s look back at an ongoing adventure in re!nventing stand building system. In 1993, the world of stand building changed for good: Paul Ameloot, owner and designer of Delta Light – a Belgian family business specialising in designing and manufacturing architectural lighting – launched Delta Matrix, the original frame system with big holes. Up till then, stands were mainly built out of aluminium profile systems, assembled on site and finished with graphic panels, leaving large parts of the aluminium profiles visible. Edwin Van der Vennet, in those days marketing manager, was on the look-out for suppliers of stand building systems for his then employer when he discovered the modular DeltaMatrix system. He immediately saw a bright future ahead. He set out to find the ideal partner with plenty of commercial acumen and financial background, which turned out to be Stefaan Decroos. It was the start of a great collaboration. In 2004, CEO’s Stefaan Decroos & Edwin Van der Vennet bought the system and started beMatrix, headquartered in Roeselare (BE). They turned the business into a strong and reliable partner in the modular stand building industry. Their aim has always been to innovate and introduce new technology in the stand building sector, in order to make stand builders’ life easier.

beMatrix, re!nventing stand building systems The original aluminium frame system with big holes was launched on the market in 1995, with a 55 mm frame and later, in 2012, perfected by switching to the 62 mm frame. This meant the start of the worldwide success of beMatrix: the patented b62 frame became the ultimate tool for the modern stand builder. Over the years, the product range has been complemented with curved frames, pivoting doors, seamless finishing options, a 360° build solution, LED walls and so much more. The beMatrix frame system offers best of two worlds: endless options in customised solutions, combined with the benefits of a modular and reusable system.

“We were the first with a quick assembly, reusable aluminium frame system, the first system that can be used with textiles as well as panels, and the first system that can be assembled without any tools. Innovation and trend setting are part of our DNA and have made beMatrix to what we are today, a pioneer in the world of modular stand building.”– Stefaan Decroos, CEO

beMagazine - 5

Milestones History Stefaan & Edwin acquire 100% of the beMatrix USA shares

Innovation highlights 2018 2017 Launch of the 1st system-integrated LED wall: LEDskin®

International development with a joint venture in China and the establishment of subsidiaries in Sweden, UK and Australia


2016 From wall system to a 360° solution Introduction of seamless finish

2013 Invention of the “matrix frame”: b62 Construction of new factory and offices in Roeselare (BE)


2012 Eco frame beMatrix develops its own CAD system: beCAD

From Eurocentric to intercontinental with joint venture and production in the USA beMatrix starts with rental stocks in Belgium, ­Germany and Scandinavia


2009 First manual

stand building system on the market

2007 “Maxiscreen” : first profile for both panels and textile

Beginning of a European sales structure


Edwin and Stefaan acquire the system and founded beMatrix


2000 Development of curved frames


“Delta Line” the predecessor of the beMatrix system


Invention of the frame with big holes "Deltamatrix"

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beMagazine - 7

Paul Ameloot, Delta Light® Pioneer of the original frame system with big holes Paul Ameloot, inventor and designer of the DeltaMatrix system, reveals all about the start and evolution of the predecessor of the beMatrix frame system. Delta Light, a Belgian family business managed by the second generation, his sons Jan and Peter, has grown into the market leader and trendsetter in architectural lighting – with several brands, partners and subsidiaries in over 120 countries worldwide.

Why the big holes?

What is the origin of the Delta Matrix product range?

How did Edwin and Stefaan pop up in het Delta Matrix story?

“When we first started, we focused on developing profiles for lighting in stand building and for the event industry. As competition got stronger, I decided in 1989 to sell my hi-fi and stereo shop Stereohouse. I had spotted more potential for growth and margin in selling lighting and systems for presentations at trade fairs and events and I already had quite a bit of experience in manufacturing lighting fittings for local dance halls. That’s how the Delta Line profile came into existence. A nice range, but the actual time it took to build the stands using this profile proved to be too long. I continued my search for a solution that would answer the market’s need: fast assembly, compact design and a system able to integrate panels, products or photos. The first generation of frames were manufactured in steel. Their weight however was an issue, and spray-painting them was by no means easy. We weren’t capable of spraying in the holes as correct as it needed to be, resulting in complaints later on. So we quickly decided to change to aluminium, solving both problems in one hit. It soon became clear that our frame system was an innovation in the market, compared to the existing profile manufacturers. No-one had ever launched this kind of system, making us unique in the market!” Why exactly 62 mm? “Within Delta Light, we already had some experience in building stands. Every time, we were faced with the stand dimensions of our neighbours, so we needed sufficient flexibility in our own measurements. We definitely had to stay under a 1 meter width and after some calculations, we ended up with a multiple of 62 mm. Should you be the last to build your stand in a row where all the others already set up, you are still left with some margin to install your frames.”

“These big holes also were the result of our experience with other stand building profiles and systems, where often stability turned out to be a problem. Thanks to the big holes, beMatrix frames are perfectly stable, using connectors at the top and bottom, as well as tubular profiles with washers in the holes.”

“The growth and follow-up needed within Delta Light, the lighting business within our company, became too big. Since both product types (frames and lighting) are purchased by totally different groups of clientele, I was no longer able to manage everything the way I wanted to. I decided to bring in partners who could help grow and market the frame system further. Plenty of people were interested, but I had most trust in Edwin and Stefaan. First they became partners, then they bought the business.” How do you look back today on the company’s evolution? “Delta Matrix went through a positive, but normal evolution curve. The frame system’s USP’s, even after all this time, have remained the same: quick assembly, lightweight, endless reusability, different kinds of infills … It could become nothing but a success! Also in the rental market the system still has loads of potential.” Would you still make the same choices for Delta Matrix? “I have been asked that question many a time (laughs), but yes, I would make the same choice again. We aren’t doing too bad with Delta Light, are we? By selling Delta Matrix, I got the opportunity to continue to develop Delta Light in optimal circumstances. As with our lighting systems, for the frame system to be a success you need to constantly focus on innovation, with full commitment. I am happy Edwin and Stefaan are doing so well and that the system has claimed its place in the world of stand building. And believe me, they haven’t peaked yet!”

Stefaan Decroos FACTS & FIGURES Born on November 8th, 1965 Married to Annemie for 26 years 4 daughters Marie - Jozefien - Hanna - Louise Hobbies? Running, singing in a choir, travelling, listening to music and reading Favourite music?

Stefaan Decroos & Edwin Van der Vennet, beMatrix

Jazz and rock

An exclusive interview with the two driving forces behind the success of beMatrix

Favourite movie?

What does your ideal (working) day look like?

The Wall by Alan Parker, a musical film made in 1982 with Pink Floyd’s amazing soundtrack

Stefaan: The sun is shining, I have an easy drive to work, everything goes as planned and without any hitches, I attend plenty of interesting meetings and everyone is in a happy mood.

Favourite book?

On days off, I also prefer the sun to shine. First I take a leisurely breakfast. My diary is completely freed up, so I can do whatever I feel like: take a stroll through town, go for a run and close the day with a great concert.

One of the best books I have read must be ‘The World is Flat’ by Thomas Friedman, about what is happening to the world today.

Edwin: I perform best in a calm environment, without any distractions; that peacefulness makes me feel inspired and creative – for instance on an intercontinental flight to the USA or Asia. My perfect working day starts with getting up early to check the evening messages from the USA and the morning messages from Asia.

Edwin Van der Vennet FACTS & FIGURES Born on March 3rd, 1970

I then enjoy half an hour of quality time at the breakfast table, with my family. Throughout the day I prefer to work on creative and innovative projects in peace and quiet. I also have a couple of short meetings planned to check up on or discuss some projects with the team. To me, meetings that take longer than 30 minutes are hardly ever efficient. I close my day with a brief apero and dinner with my family, after which I watch the news and go to bed in time, ready for the next interesting day. What was your ultimate travelling experience? Edwin: I do have so many good memories of travel, both professionally and for leisure; Sydney for instance, or Shanghai, Marrakech & the Atlas Mountains, Istanbul, hiking in Cappadocia, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Amalfi coast in Italy, chilling in Tuscany, Dubai, Los Angeles, Tomorrowland in Brazil, Addis Ababa, cycling in the Sierra Nevada‌ But if I have to choose one, it would be a unique weekend in Northern Italy with my wife and a couple of friends. The first day, we did a fantastic and long hike which included a great via ferrata (a route equipped with steel cables along a rock face, ed.) not that far from Lake Como. In the evening we arrived at a very basic hut without running water or toilet at 2410 meter, in the mist and snow. After a very simple evening meal, we slept in a souped-up attic. The next day after a rather difficult descent we arrived at a fabulous hotel in Lecco and had an amazing dinner in Bellagio, on the banks of Lake Como. How about that for extremes! Stefaan: Privately as well as professionally I have been on several amazing trips.

Married to Ann for 22 years 3 children Jakob - Anna - Yosef Hobbies? My family and beMatrix (as well as travelling the world, discovering local cuisine and simply enjoying life) Favourite music? Eclectic Favourite movie?

Lion by Garth Davis, an AustralianAmerican-British drama based on a true story Favourite book? I don’t read, I enjoy experiencing the world myself

beMagazine - 10

The most memorable however must be my honeymoon! For three weeks, my wife and I travelled all over South Africa, which was a unique experience. Also with the beMatrix sales team I have visited some interesting places; our mini-trip to Sweden still being one of my favourite memories. On the way back to our chalet we all of a sudden spotted an elk at the side of the road, a rare sight apparently. Just some seconds later, he charged across the street, literally brushing past us. Incredible! What was your worst trip ever? Edwin: I remember, in the first year of our marriage, my wife and I booked a cheap hotel in a great location in the city centre of Athens. Luckily the weather was great, because the hotel turned out to be totally atrocious: it was really hot and we had no air conditioning, single glazed windows on a road that was very busy day and night, the beds were horrible and the communal showers had water coming out of the wall rather than the shower head. Stefaan: I once spent a weekend at London Heathrow. My flight from Brussels had a huge delay, so I missed my connection to Hong Kong. They booked me on a flight leaving the following day. After 2 hours of waiting in the actual plane, it was announced there were problems with the engine. Another couple of hours later we were finally ready to take to the sky, but then a new issue arose… I eventually gave up and the next day, I was back home. Who taught you the most? Who inspires you? Stefaan: My parents taught me perseverance, positivity and honesty, for which I am extremely grateful. Also professionally I have learned a lot. From my teachers at Vlerick, but also from my previous employers: they allowed me to keep on taking steps forward. Today I am an employer myself and I continue to learn from experience, but also from the beMatrix crew and other entrepreneurs who run their business in an honest, ethical and sustainable way. Edwin: I am pretty highly sensitive and as such don’t quickly turn to a mentor. I am grateful for the inspiration I find in what surrounds me: my family, my parents, friends, relatives, colleagues and former colleagues, the man and the odd one in the streets of the world, from Roeselare to Atlanta to Shanghai. Daily life is my source of inspiration, rather than some great minds in history. On a professional level, I admire Elon Musk: a man of little compromise, who values innovation over patents. A man with plenty of admirers, but plenty of haters too. A man with a lot of capabilities as well as visible shortcomings. Nobody’s perfect.

beMagazine - 12

Big in Belgium beMatrix brings Kenny Belaey’s American dream a bit closer After years of travelling there and back, Kenny Belaey has now set his heart on making it in the States. The world famous trial biker already shot to fame because of several NBA shows and media gigs, but this time he is chasing a real breakthrough in the US. In doing so, the Belgian ninetime world champion gets some help from an unexpected ally. In the land that invented show biz, Belaey’s breathtaking bike stunts already are a huge hit. He always succeeds to win the public over, with shows for over 20,000 spectators not being an exception. “It was now or never”, the East-Flemish entrepreneur explains (a big grin on his face). “I am 35 now, by no means written off yet, but I shouldn’t wait until I am 65 either to make this leap. In fact, I have been looking to set up my own structure to do even more gigs and pimp my shows so they are even more spectacular. Until now, the modules have always been supplied by local organisers, which isn’t ideal. Luckily I no longer have to jump on pallets or perform in smoky dance halls. The Rolling Stones don’t have a cattle cart as a stage either, do they!” For years now, Belaey has been travelling the world with his bike. In Europe he gained fame thanks to the massive ‘Pedal to the Medal’ spectacle, where also BMX riders showed their tricks. However, travelling around the States with such large infrastructure would have been merely impossible. But then, a solution arose almost out of nothing. “Last summer, in a local summer bar in Aalter, I was introduced by a mutual friend to Edwin (red. Van der Vennet, co-CEO of beMatrix). Not only is his business top class in smart solutions for stand builders, they also have an office in the USA. The ideal combination.” Just over half a year later, the collaboration was solidified. In the beMatrix headquarters in Roeselare, the set-up for Belaey’s American show was built and tested – a similar set-up to be then produced by beMatrix in the USA. “In April, Kenny launched his new stage during the NBA Toronto Raptors - Orlando Magic game. It looked absolutely fantastic, even if we say so ourselves”, stated CEO Edwin Van der Vennet happily. “It is a great honour for us as a Belgian business to contribute to Kenny’s success in the USA. Even though in our niche industry we are active all over the world, the USA is by far our largest export market. We have been conducting business in the States for over 20 years now, so we totally empathize with Kenny’s ambitions. To make it out there, you really have to go for it 100%, you have to give it your all. Well, ‘our’ Kenny Belaey has that same fighting spirit.”

beMagazine - 13

Americans, like no other, know a good show when they see one. There is no business like show business, but Belaey, apart from the simple, professional appearance of the beMatrix systems, had a couple more requirements. “I do not (yet) have a team of local roadies. That’s why it is important to keep logistics lean and mean, as they say in America. The set-up I use now will stay in the US and is quickly assembled and dismounted. All the frames are alloy, which makes it light, hence cheaper to transport. Quite important when you pay, as you do in the US, transport per kilogram of weight.” Since the frame system is modular, the set-up is easily customised to the location or the client’s requirements. Also important: this strong construction is rather robust, withstanding even the impact of the spectacular jumps of the most famous trial biker in the world with ease. Pieter Lecluyse, Marketing Manager beMatrix: “Obviously, Kenny’s shows are a great billboard for beMatrix, but we couldn’t have wished for a better ambassador of beMatrix’ values. It is highly possible we will call upon the services of ‘The Magician’ when we have a stand at a trade show ourselves.” This is a great example of how a Belgian top product is marketed with passion and brio. To be continued!

beMagazine - 14

New branding campaign A unique perspective from behind the lens during the photo shoot for our new campaign Making your life easier and offer comfort, that is what we strive for. We don’t manufacture systems; we co-build an integral modular story with endless options. Why? Because we are pure, open-minded and never stop to innovate. We run our business with passion and in a sustainable way, so you can totally focus on your trade. That is the vision behind our campaign. The beMatrix world offers endless possibilities. It’s a world of contrasts. Of extremes. It cannot be tamed. Nor categorised. Just when you think you know everything there is to know, you saw all options, you will once again be surprised by yet another side to beMatrix. This point of view in our new campaign underlines the world of possibilities. Contrasts as well, and extremes. In visuals, in animations and in text: •• •• •• •• •• ••

be different, be the same be seen, be invisible be small, be huge be linear, be curved be today, be tomorrow be the original, be the innovator

On the right hand page, we divulge our first campaign visual. Visit for all other visuals, go to our social media channels and keep an eye on our printed communication in the coming year!

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beMagazine - 16

beMatrix Academy Tour beMatrix ventures the ‘Route 62’ and comes to you! From June 15 up to and including July 6, 2018, the beMatrix Academy Tour will travel all over Europe. The beMatrix truck will stop at unique, strategically selected locations, to introduce clients and prospects to our innovative frame system for stand building, events, pop-up stores… For this roadshow we created a mobile, ingeniously furbished showroom to showcase all solutions of the original frame system with big holes: 360° configuration, Panelskin™ walls, seamless textile infills, lightboxes, LEDskin®... After the Academy we invite our visitors for an exclusive behind-the-scenes visit of these impressive sport stadia and event venues.

beMagazine - 17



beMatrix HQ, Roeselare - Belgium

The Valley, London - United Kingdom

Official start of the beMatrix Academy Tour

Home ground of Charlton Athletic



Galgenwaard Stadion, Utrecht - the Netherlands

Old Trafford, Manchester - United Kingdom

Home ground of FC Utrecht

"Theatre of Dreams" - Home ground of Manchester United



Parc de l'ĂŠvĂŠnement, Longjumeau (Paris) - France

HDI Arena, Hannover - Germany

Home of nearly 60 companies specializing in events, communication, art and culture

Home ground of Hannover 96

beMagazine - 18



Inea Stadion, Poznan - Poland

Messe Stuttgart - Germany

Home ground of Lech Poznań

One of the largest exhibition centers in Germany



Allianz Stadion, Vienna - Austria

Commerzbank-Arena, Frankfurt - Germany

Home ground of Rapid Wien

Home ground of Eintracht Frankfurt



Allianz Arena, Munich - Germany

Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund - Germany

Home stadium of Bayern Munich

Home ground of Borussia Dortmund

beMagazine - 19

beMatrix Academy Tour – the making-of 2018 at beMatrix is highlighted as the year we celebrate 25 years since the launch of the frame with big holes. During this celebration year, all activities are scrutinised… as was our training programme in June. At the start of this year, we decided to swap the traditional June Academy for a complete Academy Tour throughout Europe! To discover the endless options of the frame system with large holes, prospects and clients will not have to get in their car or on the plane. This year, we head their way in our ingeniously equipped truck! First we had to find a central theme for the overall concept. The truck would kick off the Academy Tour in Roeselare on June 14th and tour Europe for a whole month. Some football fans among us noticed this is the same day as the start of the FIFA World Cup in Russia – so there you have your match! Each stop is planned at a famous football stadium, where we treat our guests, after the training session, to an exclusive tour behind the scenes. Who wouldn’t want to see the changing rooms of Manchester United (Old Trafford) or Bayern München (Allianz Arena)? The challenge in preparing this Tour was actually pinpointing the right locations. Even though the football season is behind us in June, there are no calm periods in these stadiums. Once the season is over, they are used as event locations for concerts, for instance. Moreover, large cities don’t allow such events to be organised just outside the stadium. London, Stuttgart and Paris sadly didn’t give us the green light, but we did succeed in shortlisting unique locations, every single one of them. We then moved to the interior of the truck. The briefing was simple: integrate our full product portfolio in a space of 39 m2 with a largely mobile part that is extendable. Impossible? Don’t underestimate the unique features of our frame system and the creative talents of our colleague Koen. After some thinking time, he came up with a great way to showcase our products, including all novelties, all in a very short time to set up or break up. A fabulous example of modularity! The last steps, such as designing the invitation, launching a Facebook campaign, the online registration page… ended this fun project. One last thing however still needed to be done: booking our ticket to these stadia. We wouldn’t want to miss this Tour for the world! See you there! The Marketing team Follow the beMatrix Academy Tour via our social media channels or via our blog:

beMagazine - 20

Magical Munich: city of many faces Associating Munich with just the annual Oktoberfest wouldn’t do this city the justice it deserves. The capital of the Bayern region has plenty more in store, aside from being a beer Walhalla at the start of every autumn. Parks and museums, markets and culinary hotspots, historical patrimony and cultural life: Munich is diverse and varied.



(Re)discover one of Germany’s largest fair cities, also the 8th stop on the beMatrix Academy Tour. As sure as eggs are eggs: each September and October over 5 million revellers take over the city during the world’s largest beer festival, Oktoberfest. In fourteen colossal tents – the largest housing 10,000 people – people salute life and friendship, 16 days in a row. However, once the calm returns, the city reveals her treasures for you to discover at your own pace: there are plenty of hidden gems to discover! OASES IN THE CITY CENTRE In a metropolis like Munich, you won’t need to look far for green spaces: Germany’s third city is surprisingly lush, with




beautiful parks, eagerly used by locals to lunch, work out and relax. One of these parks is the Olympiapark, especially built 45 years ago for the Olympics, with the then futuristic buildings still up and running. If you feel adventurous, you can even climb the impressive roof of the Olympic stadium, made out of steel wire and plastic panels, to enjoy breath-taking panoramas. The real park topper must be the Englischer Garten: being the largest urban park in the world, it even supersedes Central Park! Boasting 78 kilometres of pathways and 3.75 km² of green space, this is a real oasis to escape in, away from the hustle and bustle of the trade show. Enjoying a beer in the beer garden at the Chinese Pagoda while resting after a hike or bike ride is just perfect; as is the Eisbachwelle, a phenomenon with surfers worldwide. To route the Eisbach water tranquilly through the park, blocks

beMagazine - 21

of concrete were used, which created a wave attracting a huge crowd of surfers from far and away. Be amazed by their tricks and the atmosphere – the banks are often filled with cheering and applause. PARTY ZONE XL M u nic h mu st have pate nte d qu a int a nd f r i e ndl y neighbourhoods. Take Maxvorstadt for instance, slightly resembling colourful Greenwich Village in New York: nice houses and convivial little bars, bursting with creativity. If you like nice food but are easily overwhelmed when you have to choose what to actually eat, then stay away from Café Luitpold: this is where you will find an immense selection of cakes and other sweets. Haidhausen, nicknamed the French Quarter since most streets are named after French cities, still emulates that village feel, with small adorable houses and lively terraces. Kultfabrik is an absolute must-see, a maze of bars, clubs, cinemas, climbing walls, skate parks and the like. Spanning 60,000 m², this is the mecca of entertainment and one of the largest party zones in the whole of Europe. With that many nightclubs and party temples all close together, you can be sure you’ll find your taste in music to have a boogie to. Can’t get into that one club? Just move on to the next one.

well-known. However, above all, Munich will always remain Germany’s beer capital, many of these beers originating in the convent. Visit one of the many, mainly outdoor, Biergärten to savour these Augustiner, Franziskaner and other tipples. Still in the mood for some local specialties? Spend some time at the daily Viktualienmarkt: a lively market with fresh produce, both exotic and local. Buy some cheese and sausage to accompany your Weissbier, sat down in the central beer garden. A great ending to your Munich trip, just as gemütlich as the start. NIET TE MISSEN: •

Shopping mall Fünf Höfe is centred around 5 courtyards, each with a different theme. Trendy boutiques galore for a fun day of shopping.

Plenty of good (international) restaurants in Munich, but if it is the real deal you’re after, book at Spezl Wirtschaft: tasty schnitzels, authentic Flammkuchen, some fun tunes and a cool vibe.

Cocktails and culture go hand in hand in the popular Goldene Bar, a stunning vintage spot in the Haus der Kunst.

Olympiadorf: in the bungalow part of this student area you’ll find hundreds of small cube houses, of which the façades have been painted by students, all of them little gems of art.

Car fan? In that case, you cannot go without a visit to the BMW factory and BMW Welt to learn all about this car brand. Great to know: our CEO’s Edwin & Stefaan received the iF Award for LEDskin® at this very location this year.

DRINKS AND BITES Staying hungry or thirsty in Munich is quite a chore: the locals are true carnivores – think schnitzels and offal – with Weiβwurst being the local delicatessen, a white veal and pork sausage eaten with sweet mustard. The people of Munich also like their sweets, like Krapfen, similar to a Berliner cut in two and filled with all kinds of cream. You’ll find them in all sorts in bakeries all over town, Café Frischhut being the most

Café Frischhut





beMagazine - 22

beManiacs in the spotlight: welders 'beManiac': A person who has an excessive enthusiasm or desire for beMatrix. Not only does beMatrix continuously invest in the quality of our products and services, but also in people. Our aim is to have the right people in the right place. Our employees are proud to carry the ‘beManiac’ label. In this edition, we are happy to introduce our welders Aram, Mario, Matthijs and Abderrazzak (Abdou for friends). Each day, they go all the way to deliver perfectly welded frames.





beManiac since 2015

beManiac since 2008

beManiac since 2017

beManiac since 2014

Plays classical and bass guitar. Also likes to work on cars.

Rally lover and avid motorbike rider.

Loves music and jamming away on his electric guitar.

Enjoys running and swimming in his spare time.

beMagazine - 24

beInspired Inspiring infills for the beMatrix frame system The beMatrix frame system offers endless possibilities. The alloy frames with big holes can be combined with panels or textile – so almost any kind of design is possible. However, apart from these standard infills (or ‘skins’), any other kind of material, even thicker than 3 mm, can be placed in this frame system (or ‘body’). This article shows some examples of alternative infills.

Alternative infill: Alcantara For the 2017 Car and Motor Show in Brussels, Maserati stood out with this stunning open stand. The alloy frame was finished with blue Alcantara tiles, a synthetic alternative for suede used in the clothing industry and for the making of furniture consisting of a mix of woven microfibers made out of 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane.

© Art & Press (BE)

beMagazine - 25

Alternative infill: varnished, pine wood slats

For Batibouw 2017, the Renson Outdoor Living stand was clad with varnished, pine wood slats of different width.

Š Next Level (BE)

Alternative infill: moss Stand builder Total-e opted for a true eye-catcher for the Diresco stand on Batibouw 2018, cladding part of the structure in fake moss. Can you spot the door?

beMagazine - 26

beInspired LEDskin®: Freedom of form A stand doesn’t only have to contain static infills. Thanks to LEDskin® – the first system integrated LED wall – frame and finishing material flow into one: a digital medium with dynamic content. No need to think one-dimensional either. The creative possibilities of our LED tiles are just endless: inner and outer corners, even curves, can be integrated perfectly in any stand concept.

beMagazine - 27

beMatrix @ LLB 2018 (SE) A realization in collaboration with: bePartner · printed textiles Big Image Systems AB bePartner · printed panels Svenska Skyltar & Sånt AB bePartner · LEDskin® content Infuse Communication AB

beMagazine - 28

Sustainability, the beMatrix way Sustainability according to the Brundtland report 1987: “Sustainable development meets the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Within this view, a balance between ecological, economic and social needs is the main focus, also known as the 3 P’s: People, Profit and Planet. Sustainability is also high on the beMatrix agenda: when making strategic choices, but also in the day-to-day operations these ecological, economic and social needs are part of the decision process.

The most sustainable product on the market When we launched the aluminium frame system with big holes in 1993, we made the first big step towards sustainability. In fact, the typical features of this system are in full compliance with the 3 P’s:

•• Lightweight A standard 992 x 2480 mm aluminium frame weighs 9.03 kg. This low weight is one of the reasons why our frames are regarded as very user friendly and allows the stand builder to use less personnel for assembly. Also during transport, the weight is kept low, which has economic and environmental benefits. •• Durable Our frames can be used over 200 times, in different types of set-ups, which is great ROI criterion for the stand builder – at the same time, we lower the need for raw materials to manufacture new frames. •• Modular The beMatrix frame system allows a 360° configuration: the frames can be used for flooring, ceiling and walls. One group of frames can be used in different kinds of set-ups, so the stand builder has no need to acquire additional frames.

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There still are plenty of fair booths constructed in wood, of which most, at the end of the event, end up in a rubbish container. The amount of waste is staggering. The beMatrix system actually slows this waste from accruing: our frames can be used up to 200 times and in different set-ups. At the start of this year, curious as we are, we contacted an external expert to compare the level of CO2 emissions of both types of systems (calculated using the Bilan CarboneÂŽ method), including production, transport, deployment and end-of-life phase. This study demonstrated that emissions when using a wooden construction are in fact almost twice the level of our aluminium frame system with a forex infill. When only taking into account the aluminium frame without infill, it is very clear the footprint of aluminium frames is significantly less than when wooden frames are used. For more information, please contact our Sustainability Coordinator SĂŠbastien Eeckhout (

Innovation and ECO frame upgrade This world evolves continuously. Every day, our R&D team focuses on product and process optimisation, always

considering our footprint. This year, the main innovation has been the upgrade of our ECO frame. A couple of years ago, we launched this frame as a green alternative to the anodised frame. Anodising is a supplemental step in the production process, which adds an extra layer to the frames. Since this step involves chemicals that can be harmful to the environment, beMatrix decided to start with the ECO frame: the anodising procedure is replaced by a surface treatment that involves sanding and brushing. To reach the same level of finish as the anodised frame, we are, in collaboration with our machine constructor, finetuning this brushing technique. From the fall of 2018 onwards, our ECO frames will have an almost identical look to the anodised frames. An extra benefit of this eco-friendly procedure is the fact that these frames are fully recyclable, where the anodised frames are not. Already, the ECO frame was a success. We are convinced this upgrade will attract even more ECO concept clients, which obviously will have a positive impact on the environment. Obviously, when we develop new products, we ensure compatibility with existing products, so that the stand builder can continue to use his stock, whilst also replenishing it with our novelties.

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New sustainable machine park This year, beMatrix invests in a new and fully automated machine park. One of the main ambitions when selecting the machines, has been to make sustainable choices. These new machines allow to cut the frames to length with even more precision, so we further reduce waste during production. The small amount of production scrap is recycled and reused to produce aluminium. Since the new machine park allows all production steps to be completed under one roof, the number of transports to and from subcontractors is significantly reduced as well. Solar panels ensure that most of the production side runs on green electricity.

International bePartner network

e Pa



Many stand builders regularly leave their trusted spot for booth assembly beyond the national borders, resulting in a lot of extra work and costs and putting extra strain on the environment. beMatrix is active worldwide and fully invests, under the ‘Think global, act local’ motto, in an international bePartner network. Today, over 60 partners in over 12 countries are at hand to help stand builders with their project abroad. These bePartners are experts when it comes to the beMatrix frame system. Whether you need assistance with assembly assistance, with printing textiles or panels, renting frames and accessories, installing LEDskin® or setting up a double deck… this bePartner network makes sure our ecological footprint is considerably reduced.

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People, profit & planet At beMatrix, we don’t only consider our own activities, we are also more than happy to invest in external projects that subscribe to our philosophy. Natuurpunt This year, we chose to support Natuurpunt, a Belgian independent volunteer association with over 100,000 members, which sets out to protect vulnerable and endangered parts of nature in Flanders (Belgium). One of their projects is a forest extension plan of nature park ‘Ganzeveld’ in Aalter. beMatrix participates by donating 1 square meter of woodland for each sale of 10 standard 1 meter x 2.5 meter frames. This autumn, we will put the money where our mouth is and actually help plant new trees. Curious about how much woodland we sponsored so far? Have a look on our website.

Warriors Against Cancer Volunteer organisation Warriors Against Cancer supports warriors whom, because of their treatment, might be left living their lives with sometimes lasting scars, both physically and emotionally. With the help of volunteers and sponsors, they organise Spread Your Wings Photoshoots and Feel Good Days, offering cancer fighters support by improving their quality of life and helping them re-integrate in society. Our colleague Lynn Persyn (Sales) is proud ambassador of this organisation. Discover her personal story about the Warriors project on page 41. For more information, please visit

International project Since we are active in large parts of the world, we are always keeping our eye out on what happens on the international stage. Apart from the two Belgian organisations mentioned above, we also chose to support an international project. We will reveal which third project we have selected on our website very soon.

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bePartner network A solid partnership Optimal service, that is our aim. To make this happen, we chose to set up a worldwide bePartner network offering full service support for the design, assembly and finishing of your stand. The partners in this network have been carefully selected based on important criteria, receive training on a regular basis in several subjects and will go through an annual review cycle. This network, combined with beMatrix’ continuous drive to innovate by enlarging or enhancing the existing product portfolio, ensures that the end customer doesn’t have a care in the world and that the stand builder can actually focus on their craftsmanship. An impressive international network of partners Experiences and expertise are shared in such a way that intercontinental collaboration can also become the key to your success. beMatrix has indeed a worldwide partner network, allowing you to have a booth set up in Germany today, and tomorrow, without any care in the world, by another bePartner in the USA, Australia or Asia. The bePartner network doesn’t only consist of just stand builders, but also offers support in every step towards finishing your booth. bePartner · build As a manufacturer, we rely on the expertise of our clients, the stand builders, to design dynamic and eye-catching booths with our frames, accessories and LEDskin®. At this point in time, we are proud to be able to call a lot of our international clients real ambassadors of the beMatrix system. The bePartners - build all dispose of a large stock of frames and accessories, integrate our latest innovations, are able to think outside-the-box and to all optimal service is paramount.

Testimonial Christian Verel, CEO at Verel Expo (bePartner · build): "We have been working with beMatrix for over 10 years and were one of the first stand builders to join the bePartner network. This helped to grow our network significantly, both technically and internationally. It is just great to be able to work with a partner in each continent or country; planning becomes that much easier and more efficient when you collaborate with people who speak the right language or know the venue really well. The risks abroad are more manageable, and a partner working with the same system requires less guidance. Also plenty of AV partners joined, a great asset when it comes to technical expertise and stock management of LEDskin®. This enables us to take on more technically complex assignments, without having to compromise on our own capacity. I am convinced this partnership will continue to be beneficial to us. Sharing is the new multiplying!”

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bePartner · LEDskin® (Content) In 2017, beMatrix launched LEDskin®, an LED tile that can easily and seamlessly be integrated in a new or existing beMatrix stand. The LEDskin® bePartners all stock a minimum amount of LEDskin® and have years of expertise in the audio-visual industry. They are more than happy to help you perfectly integrate LEDskin® in your beMatrix stand and create fetching content. You already have LEDskin® but are not sure who can provide content? The beMatrix content partners are at the ready, from content creation to optimal display quality on your LEDskin® system. bePartner · printed textiles/panels Printing customised textiles or fill-in panels for beMatrix frames might seem simple, but this specialised job really has to be executed in a very precise way. Our bePartners for printed textiles and panels have already proven they totally master this specialised skill and guarantee perfect service, time and again. Rental is the future! Are you temporarily out of stock or do you prefer not to pay any unnecessary transport costs to ship pallets with frames to other side of Europe? In both cases, the bePartner Rental network is your answer. They store all standard frames and accessories and will deliver locally with all required care and urgency. Double Deck Thanks to the partnership with Norwegian Messekompaniet, beMatrix is able to offer their double deck Sento Magnum system, which totally complements the beMatrix frame system. Moreover, beMatrix and Messekompaniet will provide all support necessary to design your customised booth, taking into account all important elements, such as stability and safety, as well as an aesthetically perfect integration of the beMatrix frame systems. In short, both event professionals will go the extra mile to ensure your stand stands out. Please visit for a full listing of bePartners.


net work

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Sharing is caring? To say the sharing economy is booming business, is an understatement. People are sharing and renting multitudes of objects, knowledge and even care services, with new platforms surging everywhere. The internet deeply revolutionised the traditional market economy. Facilitated by a myriad of apps on smartphones and tablets and thanks to the growing success of social media and sharing platforms, people are able to get in touch with large groups of peers. They rent out their car, lend a drill, do the shopping for a lonely elderly person, share study books or check information on Wikipedia. Some ask a fee for their services, others offer them for free. What trends and innovations are on the horizon? NEED FOR NEW INSURANCE MODELS Those offering home cooking via Meal Sharing or wanting to do some chores via Helpper do so with the best of intentions. However, selling food related products holds risk. And how will you deal with someone who is fixing your gutter via Helpper and breaks a leg? Today, the insurance industry is not yet adjusted to this new reality. Finding risk cover via solid insurance policies still proves to be no mean feat. Being creative and challenging insurers to think outside of the box is key therefore, even when new models in tune with the sharing economy are work in progress. Zego for instance already offers drivers an insurance per individual trip.

road since available free spaces will be used in a better way should a simple app indicate with which car you or your parcel can be carpooled. In the future, owning a car will become a rarity: apps will allow to deploy less cars more efficiently. ROLE-PLAYING The sharing economy transforms labour into something more than just an economy topic. In future, the share of minientrepreneurs will increase. Why exactly? Because people have other needs than just financial security. Take Wikipedia for instance: being part of a larger unit, the need to valorise your talents can in some cases overshadow the need for just making money. Reading great feedback on that wonderful potluck you shared or getting to know new people through giving away what you regard as clutter, actually makes you feel good. In that sense, the sharing economy continuously gives rise to new needs and ways to interact. We also swap roles more easily and on more occasions: one moment we are manufacturer, the next consumer. Freedom and versatility galore! EXPERTISE REIGNS

SUSTAINABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY Isn’t it a bit insane for everyone to own their individual lawnmower, when you might as well share one with the neighbours? The sharing economy changes the idea of ‘owning’ to ‘using’. In time, this shift will force manufacturers to produce more durable products, because they are used by more people and come with a longer lease of life. In fact, the sharing economy could mean jumpstarting a circular economy. Initiatives such as car sharing and parcel transport can be beneficial for the environment: less cars could be on the

Even though the internet opens up the entire world, at the same time the world becomes smaller and more local. Digital services and sharing platforms will trump the conventional industry not only because they offer enormous economies of scale, but also significantly more authenticity. Just making money or having a side job no longer is the focus, like it was in the traditional model. It has all become about the personal experience: why book a hotel when you can stay at someone’s house for less than half the price? Why buy a travel trolley when you can borrow one? Why not take a second job just to learn? The chit chat, golden tips and faceto-face contact all are free of charge. Research shows that when cars are shared via an app where keys are physically handed over rather than a code, the chance of accidents or damage becomes smaller. The sharing economy? It will bring us all closer together. Literally and figuratively.

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Butler An urgent shopping, an on-demand delivery or unexpected situation? Here you will find someone who will arrange it all, in all discretion and within the hour.




Barqo Find your ideal motor yacht, barge or sailing boat for rent all over the world. Anyone can register to deliver orders from local restaurants. You choose your means of transport and you work the moments that suit you best.


Beleco A ‘furniture streaming service’. Select (design) pieces of furniture and accessories to try out at home. If you don’t like it, you just pay the rent. When they prove to be perfect, you pay the balance.

Brings drivers and passengers with the same destination together, via Europe’s largest carpool platform.


Uber Eats


Rent a friend Can’t find a friend to join you at a party, event or play. Just find a companion for the day or night at Rent a friend – or maybe for longer.

Book tip

The Inevitable is a 2016 nonfiction book by American author Kevin Kelly that forecasts the twelve technological forces that will shape the next thirty years. In Chapter 6: Sharing, he gives us his view on the sharing economy: “Everyone creates and it’s all shared. Any idea, thought, expression or artifact can be contributed to by anyone and experienced by anyone if they so desire.”

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From A to Z Working with beMatrix means counting on continuous support by a professional experienced team, that synchronises its thinking with yours in all phases of your project. It starts with the design: your drafts are translated into a technical drawing, with detailed parts lists and clear assembly drawings that make you save valuable time during the building. A render is also made of the beMatrix structure, so you get a first impression of the possible end result.



e Pa

Project in the spotlight: Ducati @ Car and Motor Show Brussels 2018 Design & build-up by bePartner ¡ build Choup's - Silver Partners (BE).

Original design


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3D drawing beMatrix

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The result

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© Choup's - Silver Partners (BE)

The beMatrix team takes the floor

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"All my life I have been fascinated by spectacle frames – maybe simply because I am blind without glasses . A pair of glasses is an intricate element to someone’s outfit, a part of someone’s signature. Hence why I think they are so important. Over the last 10 years, I seem to have found a personality match in Cazal, a German designer and manufacturer of very popular glasses with the American hip-hop scene. To me, their glasses symbolise the fact that everyone is allowed to be and can be unique." Edwin

'You don't need eyes to see, you need vision' - Faithless


"Apart from a great guy and a good friend, Dagmar is an incredibly talented draughtsman and tattoo artist. Plenty of tattoo artists around: many good ones, even more of a mediocre level. I totally trust the people of The Liner (Dagmar, Ines and Ienjas), every single one of them is a professional. Dagmar and his colleagues will never do something they cannot support for 100% themselves. Also great is the fact that the cosy and colourful interior of The Liner perfectly reflects their creativity in a great way. An inspiring place! A must-see!"

Ardooisesteenweg 2, 8800 Roeselare, België



"Elisa Lee is a jewellery brand of handcrafted pieces, all made in Belgium. I got to know the brand during my apprenticeship at their offices. Elisabeth Leenknegt is a fabulous woman and I instantly fell in love with her designs. Apart from traditional techniques like goldsmithing and glass blowing, she also experiments with modern and innovative techniques, such as 3D printing and water jetting. You can customise your piece of jewellery, like choosing the colour of the glass, and there is a strong focus on sustainability.

Samantha R&D

You don’t know what to buy your girlfriend or maybe you are looking for a wedding ring… Elisa Lee comes highly recommended."

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“My cousin Nicolas (Block, ed.) runs the King George Café, open morning to evening for great coffee, a piece of freshly baked pie, a healthy lunch made with seasonal ingredients or an aperitivo with an Italian twist. The open kitchen offers full view of the kitchen princesses working their magic on rather extraordinary rolls, juices and organic soups.



"Sometimes you come across design that sticks. Timeless, natural and durable, a couple of features I hold close to my heart. All of a sudden, you get the opportunity to touch Belgian design.

The interior design of the café oozes eye for detail and trends. The bar for instance is almost 10 meters long and made out of green marble, and there is an urban jungle with botanical prints and exotic plants. Plenty of reasons why the King George Café was hailed the second most beautiful design café in the world at the prestigious World Interior Awards in London!”

Driekoningenstraat 48, 9100 Sint-Niklaas, België

The moment you lay eyes on an Ethnicraft piece of furniture, you just know it has been designed to last. When you see and touch the furniture with the top of your fingers, you feel the love is mutual. Plastic furniture, no thanks!"



"Sometimes the frailty of life rears its head, unexpectedly and in the most awkward way. Take cancer, for instance. The only option is to fight. This is what triggered the start of Warriors Against Cancer. The result: art photos with a deep sense of integrity. During the photo shoot, the fighters, our Warriors, go through an intense experience: a little moment in time to get away from the harshness of reality or a last glimpse at the tough times they can finally leave behind. All of those moments contribute to boosting our Warriors’ self-worth. The photos come together in an exhibition and are sold at vernissages all over Belgium. The profits go directly to battling cancer. We also organise Feel Good Days: pampering days or weekends filled with relaxing and meaningful workshops to help our Warriors to improve their quality of life and reintegrate in society. Being a Warriors Against Cancer ambassador and project leader at beMatrix, I think it’s fantastic beMatrix full heartedly supports our cause and facilitates this project to grow."



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ProAV, Copenhagen (DK)

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04-05/07 Evento Days, Madrid (ES)


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