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June, 2013

Pre-Summer Burn FIREFIGHTER FITNESS Lori Ann Hodgkinson

In my line of work, I can often chart the seasons without a calendar. I can tell what season is approaching by the nature of the requests clients make of me. Well according to my “inbox”, summer is coming. The majority of communications ask what exercises to do to burn fat and there are equally as many inquiries about trimming and toning that abdominal area. Yes, these requests are common all year long, but as summer approaches they reach record numbers. Sometimes, but not often, clients want to understand the physiology. They express an inter-

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est in what makes one workout better suited for one specific goal over another and why. They may ask “Why should I do this and why this particular way? Quite frankly however; at this time of year, clients want me to spare them the ‘why’s ‘and they just want to know the ‘what’. They ask which exercises should I do for this?”. Usually they simultaneously grab at their gut and a good number of the ladies additionally point toward the hips and thighs. “Just give me a workout for this!” So without getting too detailed, here is a high intensity workout designed to burn lots of calories, lots of fat and tone all the major muscle groups. Don’t worry; it’ll hit all those trouble spots and then some. I use it in my Fit Camp Boot Camp. I haven’t made too many friends with it, (it’s difficult) but the improvements clients make with it make them happy in the long run. Also – it is adaptable to all fitness levels because although the intensity level is way up, it is only as high as each exerciser is capable of. Begin with a three to five minute gradual warm up (anything that increases blood flow will do the trick). Perform each of the four exercises for thiry seconds with no rest in between. The goal is to do as many repetitions as you possibly can without sacrificing proper form or safety. Listen to your body and stay within your personal fitness limits. When choosing a weight choose the highest level of difficulty you are capable of, while still being able to complete each exercise with proper form and without the use of momentum. Work Hard, but Be Smart! After completing each of the four exercises go back to the first exercise and repeat all until you have completed the circuit a total of three times. Push-ups (Remember, choose the highest level of difficulty you are capable of, be it from your knees, Full push-ups, or even one arm push-ups) Squats Reverse crunch Jog After repeating the above circuit three times, walk for one to two minutes. Remember to sip water to stay hydrated. Move on to the next circuit, again performing each exercise for 30 seconds with no rest in between. Keep the intensity at your very top. Ccomplete three times. Bent over row Lunges Seated twists Jump rope After repeating the above circuit three times, walk for one to two minutes. Remember to sip water to stay hydrated. Move onto the next circuit, again performing each exercise for thirty seconds with No rest in between. Shoulder presses Bicep curls Tricep extension Crunches Finish with a gradual cool down (walking, works) of three to five minutes and a full-body stretching routine. Drink more water to stay hydrated. - continued at


County public safety agencies and National Guard participate in drill Barrow County Emergency Services recently participated with several other agencies in a training drill at the Barrow County Airport. “It was a simulated military helicopter crash with three patients in the helicopter,” stated Emergency Management Coordinator Penny Clack. The drill was set up as an opportunity for military and civilian public safety personnel to work together in a simulated emergency. Participants in the training drill were members of Barrow County Emergency Services, the National Guard, Barrow County Sheriff’s Department and the Barrow County Airport Authority. Several

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planning meetings were held between all agencies to go over emergency plans and several possible simulations. Follow up meetings went over the positives things that happened at the drill and ways that some things might be able to improve. A member of the National Guard started the drill with a call to the 911 Center. Sheriff Deputies and Emergency Services personnel responded and worked with the National Guard in handling the

scene. Sheriff Deputies quickly worked to secure the scene while firefighters removed the patients from the helicopter and prepared them for transport to medical facilities. “Previous training conducted between agencies aided in emergency responders being able to mitigate the emergency scene without any issues,” commented Clack. “This type of training drills allows us to improve cooperation between various agencies and ensure that our emergency plans are current and workable. - Scott daKin

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Glynn county Fire department in brunswick stands ready for the next emergency.

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1st Responder News South East June Edition  

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