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August, 2019



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Microwave Mishap Causes House Fire in Knoxville

Murfreesboro, TN - After 29 years at Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Department, Engineer Ronald “Ronnie” Nobles handed in the keys to his engine on July 1st. Nobles started in June 1990 after two years of attempting to get hired on with the department. “I’ve always wanted to be a firefighter,” says Nobles. “I had several relatives in the fire service, and I also like to help people in need.” Nobles also said this “job of a lifetime” assisted him with his goal in making a difference in someone’s life.

When Nobles started with the department, he remembers only running about 2,000 calls a year. “We didn’t make medical runs back then.” Now, Nobles notes the department responds to an average of 13,000 or so calls annually. As for the most memorable call of his career, Nobles says he will never forget responding to January Street for a small child not breathing. His Captain picked the child up and started CPR while walking toward the ambulance. “That’s something that’s hard to for-



The Engineer will miss his work family tremendously. “The greatest thing about working for this department has been the people. I have worked with some of the smartest crew members and Captains, and they have helped me throughout my career. I can never thank them enough.”

Nobles also thanks his wife, Penny, for always being there for him and taking care of things at home. “The life of a firefighter’s wife isn’t always easy,” he comments, “but she never once complained.” Relaxation is on the agenda for Nobles’ days post-retirement. He also plans to be more involved with his church, spend more time with family, and play a lot more golf.

“I’ve never been around Ronnie when he wasn’t smiling,” said Fire Rescue Chief Mark Foulks. “He is one of those people that you know you can count on day or night. He truly loves helping people and it shows. He will be missed.”

Knoxville, TN - At 6:30 A.M. on the morning of June 15th, units from the Knoxville FD were dispatched to 2027 Lincoln Street for the report of a house fire. When firefighters arrived they found flames coming from the rear portion of the house and three tenants safely outside. Fire crews quickly went to work extinguishing the flames and had the fire under control within

JUMP TO FILE #061819131 the first 10 minutes. Additional manpower searched for any additional victims, with none found. The structure is a “step house," which places homeless veterans in homes here in Knoxville. One of the residents told fire officials he had been dry-

Bob Long

ing personal papers in the microwave, then took the hot paper with dry brown spots outside the home and placed them near the back door. He later spotted the flames which had climbed the outer wall and then breached the soffit, threatening the attic, before calling 911. No injuries were reported. - DJ CORCORAN

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1st Responder Southeast August Edition  

1st Responder Southeast August Edition