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August, 2019

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Henry County FD Graduates New Recruits PROVIDED

DeKalb County Commissioners Honor Local Girl & First Responders for Saving Younger Sister from Drowning

DeKalb County, GA - Ten-year-old Jala Dallis helped save her three-year-old sister from drowning. Jala saw her sister struggling in the pool, jumped in, got her out safely and immediately began administering CPR until a local police officer arrived on scene. American Medical Response paramedics arrived on scene and transported her to the hospital while still administering life-saving CPR. Jala's sister has since made a full recovery. On June 11th, DeKalb County Commissioners and CEO Michael Thurmond honored Jala for her heroic act. In addition, first responders including AMR EMTA Tate Malone (pictured right) and Paramedic Ashlee Landry, were on hand to be recognized.

Henry County, GA - Forty Henry County FD recruits were recognized for their accomplishments in a graduation ceremony on Friday, June 28th, at Creekside Christian Academy. In attendance were family, friends and coworkers, along with representatives from the county administrative staff to celebrate their monumental achievement. The Henry County FD recruit school consists of a total of 44 weeks; 22 of comprehensive firefighting training for a total of 640 hours and 22 weeks of emergency medical training for a total of 856 hours. Of the 40 recruits, 18 completed the entire 44 weeks of training. They were released to begin their on-duty careers with six going to each shift on July 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The re-

JUMP TO FILE #070819124 maining 22 recruits will begin the second half of their training on July 15th. Fire Chief Luther Phillips congratulated the new recruits and posed the question, “What will your legacy be?”. He also stated that this was just the beginning and to never stop learning. In conclusion of the ceremony, recruit Jevaris Jones was awarded the Top Boot award. This award recognizes one individual who demonstrated the ability to excel in academics, skill evaluations, physical fitness and teamwork. Recruit Class 19-01 (in no particular order): Roland Reynolds,

Michael Glaze, Patrick Fagan, Eric Jumper, Charles Beaumont, Ritvik Chakraborty, Kelsey Brown, Patrick Ahern, Dean-Carlo Grant, Rachel Overbaugh, Jevaris Jones, Lance Elder, Lynorris Evans, Robert Carmichael, Tyler Rundle, Bruce Allen, Johnathan Litke, Zachary McCullars, Donovan Suwinski, Clinton Hester, Gabriel Hecht, Christian Young, Josue Cortez, James Olier, Audrey Ridgeway, Daniel Nurse, Austin Townsend, Daniel Harrison, Ernest Anderson, Jeffery Gross, Alan Pribble, Levi Harrell, Levi Rackard, Michael Kearns, Jeremy Cassell, Raymond Sferazo, Devontay Thomas, Jabrandis Stroud, Austin Hall and Matthew King. - MICHAEL HUNNICUTT




In 1948, the first defibrillation took place in an operating room on a patient undergoing lung surgery. When the patient’s heart stopped, the surgeon performed internal massage on the man’s heart while a make-shift defibrillator was rigged. Operating room workers hooked two copper electrodes to an examining lamp, touched the other ends to the man’s heart, and shocked it into normal rhythm.

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Macon-Bibb County Fire Battalion Chief F. Cromer briefs the local media during a working house fire.

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1st Responder Southeast August Edition  

1st Responder Southeast August Edition