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June, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - PA

Three alarms, damages seven homes Mount Carmel, Northumberland County, PA. At 8:20 a.m. on April 26th, Northumberland County 911 dispatched the first alarm to 232 South Beech Street in Mount Carmel for a working house fire. JUMP TO FILE# As the first alarm 042616111 tones were dropped, local police got on radio to report a fire on Beech Street. Police advised of a working fire in the rear with three houses already involved. Captain 1 requested a second alarm. Mount Carmel Engine 3 had smoke showing from multiple addresses in the middle of a row. Engine 1 went to the rear of the row which had heavy fire showing. Shamokin Truck 32 flew the stick to the roof and crews went to perform vertical ventilation. A third alarm was placed on stand by and quickly upgraded to a response. Shamokin Rescue 62 and Englewood Engine 369 provided a RIT. Heavy smoke continued to pour from the roof line which was quickly followed by heavy fire through the roof. Evacuation tones were sounded. Firefighters began to hit the fire with deck guns, ground monitors and additional hand lines from both the front and rear. After a large amount of water was poured onto the building, command allowed crews to reenter. Crews went back into multiple addresses while others went on the roof to continue to open up.


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Truck 1 from Citizens Fire Company (Palmyra, Pa) at a second alarm fire in Middletown borough


Smoke and fire pour from the top floors of a row of house on South Beech Street in Mount Carmel. Three alarms were brought in to bring the fire under control.

About an hour and half after the initial alarm, the fire was brought under control. Firefighters continued to overhaul the building before third alarm companies began to get released around 10 a.m. In total, seven homes were dam-

aged. Firefighters remained on the scene well into the afternoon. No serious injuries were noted. The American Red Cross assisted those displaced by the fire. - JC KRIESHER


Engine 55, Highspire Fire Department on scene at a second alarm fire in Middletown borough

Paxtang Fire Department Rescue 40 at a second alarm fire in Middletown borough



Erie fire quickly brought under control On March 31st at 12:43 p.m., the City of Erie Fire Department was dispatched to a reported structure fire. Engines 8, 12, 13, and 6 with Tower 2 and DC 324 were sent to 1105 E 25th. Engine 8 went on location with a working fire in a two story frame multi residential. Engine 8’s crew advanced 200 feet of one and three quarter inch to the second floor to locate the fire. Tower 2 started a primary search of the structure and placed

JUMP TO FILE #040816118 ground ladders. Engine 12 established a water supply to Engine 8 and assisted Engine 13 with advancing a backup line to the second floor. Engine 6 preparde to lay out a second supply line and assigned as FAST. Engine 8 located and extinguished the bulk of the fire on the second floor.

The fire had extended into the cockloft area and Tower 2 was ordered to open the roof. Under control time was 1:11 p.m. Primary and secondary searches were negative. There were no injuries reported. All crews assisted with overhaul and picking up lines. Erie Police Department and Emergycare were also on scene assisting. - JUAN F. BLAKELY


Middletown Fire Department rescue 88 sitting with the smoke flowing over it

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1st Responder Pennsylvania June Edition  

1st Responder Pennsylvania June Edition