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February, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - NJ

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1000 toys donated

On December 17, 2015, the Union City Police Department and Fourth Watch MC delivered over 1,000 goys to Tomorrow's Children at Hackensack Medical Center. Toys were collected at headquarters JOHN M. MALECKY

Accountability tags Chaplain's Corner

In Union County the Linden Fire Department has in service this Quick Attack Foam Unit. Mounted on a 2014 Ford F-550 XLT Super Duty 4 x 4, extended cab chassis it has a Reading body and was assembled by Absolute Fire Protection. Features include 275 gallon foam totes, two foam generators capable of 10,000 CFM, an NF Gladiator triple foam nozzle, TFT Monsoon deck gun, a Lift Moore eight ton crane, two floodlights and a rear Thieman tailgate.

Didymus McHugh

Back in the 1990’s, my fire department started using accountability tags. Each person was assigned a number that was engraved on two tags. We were to wear these tags on our gear. We were to put one tag on the apparatus and the other at the assignment of your work. The idea was that when things got bad, and everyone got evacuated from a building, they could tell which person was missing, if any. When the evacuation signal was sounded or transmitted, firefighters are to evacuate and P.A.R. is to be taken, to see who if anyone, is missing. This system was devised because the incident commander is held accountable for every individual on the scene. What happened to us when we are not on the scene? Where do we tag in? Who are we accountable to and who is accountable for us? What are you accountable for? We are held accountable for our actions, words and deeds, even though we did not tag in to an apparatus. We as individuals are held accountable for ourselves in society. We are accountable. The first reported accountability that I have seen was that Adam and Eve were held accountable, to God, for eating the forbidden fruit. Also Cain was held accountable, to God, for murdering his brother. (Cain had even asked God, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”) We may not like to think of it but

we are responsible for our deeds, actions and words. You may think that you do not need to be accountable because you have not physically murdered anyone. There are times when just saying, “my bad” does not cover things. When were you not truthful? When did your words or actions hurt someone, if they put their trust in you or not? It states that each of us is to give an account of himself to God. Do you know that the disciples were sent out in two’s? Talk about the first two in two out before the fire service. Well, it was done for a few reasons. First, when there are two people one can encourage the other. Second, if anything happens to one, the second can take care of the first. Third, accountability. If the two were given an assignment, they were accountable to make sure that the task was performed as it should have been. This made sure that no one was freelancing. We know how important it is not to freelance. If we are married or in a relationship, we hold each other accountable, especially with the most intimate details. If we hold our children accountable for what they say or do, should we also set the example since we ourselves are accountable? Search your own hearts and see what actions you did that may seem questionable. Accountability is so strongly tied in with ethics and caring for people. You may get away with certain actions in the “now” but you will be held accountable for it, in the “future”.

Right rear of Linden's Quick Attack Foam Unit shows lift gate and crane.

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1st Responder New Jersey February Edition  

1st Responder New Jersey February Edition