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HENRICO, VA - Henrico County Division of Fire units responded to a house fire in the 7700 block of Lampworth Court in the Varina area of the county on April 18th. The call was dispatched at 1:16 p.m, and units arrived to find smoke and flames coming from the attic and roof of a two-story home. - See full story on page 14

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April/May, 2016






AirVac 911


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Vehicle fire on Route 1

On April 2h, 2016 just prior to 6:00 p.m., Dover firefighters responded to a vehicle fire on State Route 1 just south of exit 104. Assistant Chief David Carey (duty officer) arrived to find a vehicle fully involved. Engine 2 and Engine 4 arrived and worked together to quickly extinguish the fire. All units cleared a short time later turning the scene over to the Delaware State Police. Units responding were Command as Assistant Chief Carey, Engine 2, Engine 4, Delaware State Police, and Del Dot.


The Cheswold VFC runs this 1978 American La France 1500/1000, which was rehabbed in 2001.


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Dagsboro Fire Department still operates a 1982 Sutphen 1750/1000.


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Farmington Fire Company still runs this 1983 Ford/Pierce Rescue

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MVC with subject trapped On April 19, 2016 at 9:33 p.m., the Dover Fire Department along with ALS, BLS and the Dover Police Department responded to an MVC with a subject trapped on Westover Drive in the Village of Westover. Units arrived to find one vehicle on it’s side confirming entrapment. The windshield was removed freeing the patient, who was transported to the local hospital with minor injuries. Assistant Chief Reeder had command. Units responding included Engine 4, Engine 3, Engine 6, Engine 2, Rescue 1, Ladder 2, Ambulance 63 (Prime Care), Kent County paramedics, and the Dover Police Department.

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April/May, 2016



April/May, 2016

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Working house fire in Town of Cheswold


Leg stuck under vehicle On the afternoon of April 26th, Seaford Fire and EMS were alerted to the Nanticoke Hospital parking lot for a subject with their leg stuck under a vehicle. Crews from Rescue 87 and E87-5, used airbags and cribbing to lift the vehicle and free the subject. Thank you to the hospital staff that assisted with the operation.

During the early morning hours of April 1, Ladder 2 and Engine 4 made the response on the first alarm assignment to assist the Cheswold Volunteer Fire Company with a working house fire on New Street in the Town of Cheswold. Deputy 43 arrived to find a home well involved with fire and decided to make a defensive attack. Ladder 2 arrived third due and was instructed by command to to begin aerial operations while Engine 4 took part in hydrant operations. Wind conditions and water supply issues quickly sent the fire to a third alarm. Multiple companies worked for hours to finally bring the fire under control.

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Dagsboro, DE Fire Company still owns there 1956 Ford/American 750/1000.



Crash with fire

Just after 6 p.m., Good Will Engine 18 was alerted to assist Delaware City Station 15 on a motor vehicle crash with reported fire. Engine 18 made a quick response. Upon arrival, the crew assisted in packaging a patient into Ambulance 15 and then assisted in containing the fire until the arrival of a brush unit for Port Penn.

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April/May, 2016


The “heart” of the matter...Is physical fitness in the forefront of your department? FIREFIGHTER FITNESS Lori Ann Hodgkinson

Each year, we review those all too familiar statistics reaffirming that the number one cause of premature death in the fire service is heart disease. It’s always alarming, yet never a surprise. Although more and more departments are implementing fitness and wellness programs, the reports continue to come in. I am thrilled with the growth of physical training that continues within the fire service. That being said, I can’t help but ask, “Are we doing enough?” I am continually met with responses like “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make ‘em drink”. I know all the limitations legally and otherwise, that sometimes prohibit just how much we are able to require. So being my stubborn self, I just have to ask, “if we can’t make ‘em drink, maybe it’s the “leading to water” part that needs a bigger push. We need to ask ourselves, are we doing enough leading? Yes, the opportunities to get and stay fit (and well) within the fire service are more available than ever. That’s great news. Now look within your department and see what per-

centage of your membership is taking advantage of what’s provided. Additionally, which sector of your department is participating in your fitness program? Are the services being utilized by those members who need it most? Conversely, is it predominantly being utilized by the healthiest and most fit individuals who would be physically active regardless of whether a department program was present? I’ve written numerous times about “no exerciser left behind”. Is your department doing all it can to reach out to those who have the greatest need? Unfortunately, it’s quite possible we have gotten caught up in the legal aspect and approached fitness as “legally we have to provide it…it’s up to each individual whether or not they choose to take advantage of it.” Hey, I get it. I truly do. Again, I am not suggesting we “mandate or make it happen”. I am, however, suggesting that we do more to present the opportunities making it as accessible and doable to all individuals at all times. Fitness is often an entity of opportunity. I have found that striking while the iron is hot is a key factor in participation and continued compliance. Often the department work I do is performed on an annual basis. Medical clearance is obtained annually, along with fitness assessment

and exercise prescription. That is a great thing. It was a long time coming and I am grateful for the progress that led to its establishment. This process has reached many and the programs continue to grow. To bring this forward to reach more and more members (especially those in need), we have to do things to keep physical fitness (wellness) in the forefront all year long. We do provide fitness assessments and exercise prescriptions periodically to catch those who may have resisted or have fallen through the cracks at year’s onset. This is done at the member’s request. It certainly helps, but I believe we need to do more. Here are just a few ways that I continue to recommend in order to keep Fitness in the Forefront. Utilize your newsletter-Add a fitness section to your newsletter. If you don’t already have a newsletter, put together some fitness facts and distribute it monthly. Remember to include information regarding how to get started in the department physical fitness program for those who are not yet participating. Utilize your website-devote a section on your website to fitness. If possible make it interactive so that personnel have a place to go and exchange information. Again, post dates and times that fitness assessments, orientations and exercise prescriptions will be available. Utilize your meetings, classes

and drills-Occasionally, begin scheduled meetings with a group warm-up and stretch or at the very least a short presentation on physical fitness and its importance in the fire service. It can be as simple as providing a single fact/statistic or tip. You already have a group assembled; make it an opportunity to get information out or a message across. Did you stir some interest? Announce how and when members can get additional training. Utilize your bulletin board–Post fitness tips, exercise suggestions or interesting statistics to keep fitness in the forefront of the minds of your members/personnel. You can use humor/cartoons or go the more serious route with firefighter death and injury reports. Once again I urge you to post dates and schedules of fitness activities so everyone is in the loop. Provide workshops–schedule a workshop provided by a fitness professional where members can gain fitness and wellness knowledge as well as practical experience. Organize weekly group workouts–schedule weekly workouts – even if it is just an outdoor walk with or without gear. Provide nutritional counseling– proper nutrition is a key component to any fitness/wellness program. Schedule a session with a registered dietician to provide important usable information to help your members/personnel understand and adopt

Serving Virginia and West Virginia For information or a free estimate,

Call Dante Bongiorni at 412.841.2501

good dietary habits. Incorporate smoking cessation– quitting smoking is one of the single most important steps an individual can take to avoid premature death due to cardiovascular disease. Since heart attacks are the leading cause of premature death in the fire service. Why not offer a smoking cessation program? Keeping fitness in the forefront will help to get more and more of your members in action. The desire to get fit can strike at anytime, but if members are forced to wait till the beginning of the year to get involved, they can easily lose interest before they even get started. When physical fitness is highlighted in your newsletter and on your bulletin board, it is more present among your membership. Giving physical fitness a home on your website or regular mention at your monthly meetings will keep it ever present. So, “yes we can lead a horse to water, but we can’t make ‘em drink,” but we sure can do a better job at leading and leading and leading! If it means we lose less of our firefighters, our family and our friends it is surely worth the effort. Okay, so now let’s all get going, let’s go workout, and why not bring somebody with us? Good Luck and Stay Safe! Remember to have your physician’s approval before beginning any exercise program.


April/May, 2016


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In memory of those who gave all 1st Responder Newspaper honors and remembers emergency responders lost in the line of duty

Kentucky: David W. Conley, 48 Rank: Lieutenant Incident Date: February 10, 2016 Death Date: February 10, 2016 Fire Department: Olive Hill Fire Department Initial Summary: Lieutenant Conley fell ill from an apparent heart attack while on-duty at the fire station. Conley was treated by fellow responders and transported to the hospital in Morehead, KY, where he succumbed to his injury.

ambulance. Within two minutes of going into the bay and while on the bay floor, Larlee fell ill. Captain Larlee was treated by fellow first responders, but passed away at the scene from injuries sustained.

Pennsylvania: Earl J. Shoemaker, 68 Rank: Firefighter/Safety Officer Incident Date: March 12, 2016 Death Date: March 12, 2016 Fire Department: Eagle Fire Company #2 – Hanover Fire Department Kansas: Daniel F. Cool, 71 Initial Summary: Firefighter Shoemaker was reRank: Assistant Fire Chief sponding to the scene of a house fire on the 500 Incident Date: February 11, 2016 block of Pumping Station Road when he became ill. Death Date: February 14, 2016 The mobile air unit apparatus he was operating left Fire Department: Olive Hill Fire Department the roadway (Brunswick DR) and came to a stop Initial Summary: Assistant Fire Chief Cool re- several hundred feet away. Shoemaker, alone in the sponded to an emergency incident on the morning apparatus at the time, was rescued by local residents of February 11th. Later that day, he attended a train- and fellow first responders. He was then transported ing meeting and collapsed suddenly from a heart at- to the hospital where he was pronounced deceased tack. Chief Cool was admitted to St. Francis from a cardiac related injury. Hospital in Topeka, KS, where he succumbed to his injury early in the morning of February 14th. South Carolina: Christopher Gene Ray, 42 Rank: Firefighter II California: Shawna Lynn Jones, 22 Incident Date: March 20, 2016 Rank: Inmate Firefighter Death Date: March 20, 2016 Incident Date: February 25, 2016 Fire Department: Conway Fire Rescue Death Date: February 26, 2016 Initial Summary: Firefighter II Ray was operating Fire Department: CAL FIRE on the scene of a working residential structure fire Initial Summary: Inmate Firefighter Jones was when he was struck and killed by a fire engine. Acworking as part of a hand crew in a steep ravine on cording to a preliminary description of the incident a fire in Agoura Hills-Malibu, California, when a from the South Carolina Highway Patrol, Ray was large rock fell about 100 feet from the hillside above riding on a Conway fire engine when he fell off and and struck her in the head. Firefighter Jones was was struck as the fire truck reversed over him. The treated immediately on scene by her fellow fire- incident remains under investigation by local and fighters and quickly hoisted into a Los Angeles state authorities. County Fire Department helicopter then airlifted to UCLA Medical Center, where she succumbed to her Texas: Marco Davila, 45 injuries the following day. Thanks to firefighters on Rank: Driver/Engineer the ground combined with air attacks, the fire was Incident Date: March 23, 2016 brought under control and no structures were lost. Death Date: March 23, 2016 Investigation into the cause of the fire continues by Fire Department: Dallas Fire-Rescue Departlocal and state authorities. ment Initial Summary: Driver/Engineer Davila fell ill Maine: Peter Larlee, 57 while exercising at his residence several hours after Rank: Captain coming off of his shift at the fire department and Incident Date: March 2, 2016 within 24 hours of responding to an emergency reDeath Date: March 2, 2016 sponse incident. Davila succumbed at the hospital Fire Department: East Millinocket Fire Depart- several hours later from a nature and cause of fatal ment injury still to be determined. Initial Summary: Within one hour of responding to a medical emergency, Captain Larlee went into the fire department's engine bay to fix a mud flap on an

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April/May, 2016



April/May, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - MA



MVC with entrapment Georgetown Fire Company units responded to an MVC with entrapment on Old Furnace Road on April 13. Georgetown American Legion Ambulance and SCEMS transported one patient. Special thanks to Station 71 Blades for the rescue assist.


Smoke condition in residence Around 1800hrs on March 29th, Bethany Fire units were dispatched to the 400 block of Beachwood Lane for an automatic alarm. Units arrived to find the structure locked and no one home. As the made entry into the structure they were confront with a smoke condition in the residence. Members quickly secured a water source and pulled a hand line to the front door. After further investigation crews found a hot water heater that had a fire contained to the unit it self. The can man from tower 70 extinguished the fire with his water can and the scene was placed under control. Crews remained on scene for a short time to remove the smoke from the residence.

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Live fire training

On Sunday, April 24th, members of the Dover Fire Department along with the Little Creek Fire Company conducted live fire training following NFPA 1403 in an acquired residential structure on the west side of the city. Crews performed multiple interior fire attack training exercises with a RIT team in place before purposely burning the house down for the property owners. Thank you to the Leipsic Fire Company for providing the ambulance stand by.

Farmington Fire Company operates a 2014 Freightliner/Pierce 1250/800/30 foam.


1ST Responder Newspaper - MA


Four state firefighters fight high winds hampering efforts during Mountain Fire in Morgan County.


Mountain fire keeps firefighters from four states busy in Morgan County On February 29th, multiple fire departments from the four state area responded out for a mountain fire in Morgan County West Virginia shortly after 12:00 p.m. Berkeley Springs Fire was alerted out for an outside investigation around 12:16, south of Berkeley Springs. As Berkeley Springs Engine 11 approached the area, crews could see a large amount of smoke as dispatch began taking additional reports reporting a fire in the area of Majestic Lane down off Valley Road just north of the Virginia Line. Engine 11 immediately requested additional resources on the incident as they worked to make access to the fire. Car 1 was able to locate the fire, accessing it from Caravan Lane at which time Deputy Chief Marshall Younker established command and immediately began requesting additional equipment to the scene. Firefighters arrived to find several acres on fire and due to high winds that day, the fire was rapidly spreading. The fire was quickly climbing the mountain and was fueled by the high winds and dried brush in the wooded area. Command had a page put out around 1:12 p.m., requesting any available manpower in Morgan County to respond to the staging area to assist with manpower. Firefighters battled the blaze for over three hours before bringing the blaze under control. Firefighters remained on the scene hitting hot spots and mopping up operations until well into the evening. Command was finally terminated at 6:24 p.m. as final units on the scene were wrapping up to clear. All fire department units were in-service by 6:45 p.m. Over 80 firefighters responded

JUMP TO FILE #030616104 to the Mountain Fire that day. The fire is believed to have been sparked by a downed power line. It is reported that eight to twelve acres were consumed by the fire, but no lives or buildings were lost. No injuries were reported during Friday’s incident. Units from 23 department sspanning out from seven counties in West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania responded to the call with around 46 pieces of apparatus. Berkeley Springs Fire Co.1 received assistance from Company 2 (Great Cacapon Fire), Company 2 (South Morgan Fire), Company 32 (Paw Paw Fire), Company 5 (Hancock, MD), Company 4 (Clear Spring, WV), Company 2 (Williamsport, MD), Company 13 (Maugansville, MD), Company 27 (Long Meadow, MD), Company 1 (Sharpsburg, MD), Independent Juniors Engine 3 (Hagerstown, MD), Company 30 (Hedgesville, WV), Company 50 (Back Creek Valley, WV), Company 40 (Bedington, WV), Company 43 (Little Orleans, MD), Company 12 (Flintstone, MD), Company 55 (Needmore, PA), Company 56 (McConnellsburg, PA), Company 20 (Reynolds Store, VA), Company 16 (Gainesboro, VA), Company 5 (Slanesville, WV), Company 6 (Levels, WV), Rehab 255 (Washington County, MD), Medic 7 (Morgan County EMS), WV Division of Forestry, WV Department of Natural Resources and Morgan County Sheriff’s Department and Reserves. - WILLIAM KING

April/May, 2016



April/May, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - MA


CHAPLAINS CORNER Pastor Fernando Villicana

The Department of Homeland Security: Formed post 9-11 as a counterterrorism measure. Its stated goal is “to prepare for, prevent, and respond to domestic emergencies, particularly terrorism.” This is accomplished (in part) by analyzing and sharing information. This is what we’re going to do - analyze and share information from the Word of God to help prepare for, prevent and respond to domestic emergencies (marriages). Philippians 2:2 (Phillips) "Live together in harmony and love, as though you only had one mind and spirit between you." Wouldn’t that be great? If we would do this, we would all be on the same page. Our marriages would flourish. Is that even pos-

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sible (harmony, love, sharing the same mind/spirit)? The answer is yes! Remember, God would never frustrate himself by asking us to do something that was impossible. Not only is it possible, but it is God’s desire for our lives and He’ll help us get there. The reality is that a lot of families are in disharmony, conflict and disappointment. A lot of people will say, "I feel cheated by my marriage." Maybe you’re like the guy who said: "When I got married, it started off ideal; a few months later it turned into an ordeal, now I'm looking for a new deal." What happened? Well, good marriages and families don't just happen! Ephesians 4:3 "Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit." It takes energy and effort to create/maintain Homeland Security. If you need some work when it comes to unity in your marriage, I've got some good news for you: You don't have to completely change your life around to make your marriage better. Minor changes will make major differences. 2 Keys to Homeland Security. KEY #1 COMMUNICATION Proverbs 13:17 "Reliable communication permits progress." In any emergency, the fire service’s top priority is to maintain good communication. This is why ICS is so important - a common language for all emergency responders. For progress to take place in your marriage, you've got to talk to each other too. I must be concise and reliable. OHRC - open, honest reliable communication permits progress. KEY #2 CONSIDERATION Consideration means you start thinking of “we” instead of “ me.” In an emergency it involves a good size up, getting the whole picture. In marriages it means showing common courtesy, helping each other. Ephesians 4:2 "Show your love by being helpful to each other.” How many have been told “Don’t just say you love me - show you love me” or, “talk is cheap.” We should all make an effort to show our love to each other. James 3:17 "Wisdom shows itself in being considerate." A mark of being wise is being considerate (thoughtful, kind, understanding, selfless…) The Bible says in Romans 15 “We must be considerate of the doubts and fears of others. If we do what helps them we will build them up in the Lord.” These are just two keys to many in assuring Homeland Security.

House south of Berkeley Springs sustains heavy damage as a result of a brush fire.


One flown to Washington Hospital Center following brush fire which damaged two buildings On March 9th, Morgan County 911 received reports of a brush fire on Ponds Court off of Morton Grove Road in Morgan County just north of the Virginia State Line. Morgan received reports of a 50 x 70 foot area on fire. High winds picked up in the area, fueling the fire and caused the blaze to rapidly spread threating several structures. Additional apparatus immediately started to assist as the situation was deteriorating. Reynolds Store Attack 20 was the first unit to arrive to find the fire had already spread, engulfing a house and shed on the property. With their on scene report, Lieutenant Christopher Sipe from Berkeley Springs Company 1, the officer on Engine 12, requested Morgan Dispatch to start the working fire dispatch. Firefighters from Attack 20 and South Morgan Company 3 pulled

JUMP TO FILE #031116100 one occupant from the house. The patient was then turned over to Morgan EMS Medic 7-1 for care. Berkeley Springs Lieutenant 1 assumed command as firefighters worked to battle the blaze. Morgan Medic 7-1 was able to quickly evaluate the patient pulled from the house and immediately requested aviation to transport the patient, who sustained burns from the fire. While crews worked to battle the blaze, Morgan County continued to send additional crews to the scene per command. Over 40 firefighters from the four state area responded on Wednesday. Firefighters worked for nearly 30 minutes before bringing the fire under control. Firefighters on the scene remained on site until 2:00

p.m. that afternoon conducting overhaul operations and extinguishing additional hot spots. Two structures sustained severe damage from the fire, which also burned one acre of land. The one occupant pulled from the house was flown to Washington Hospital Center in Washington D.C. for his burns. His condition is not known. No other injuries were reported. South Morgan Co.3 responded out with assistance from Berkeley Springs Co. 1, Great Cacapon Co. 2, Reynolds Store Fire Co. 20, Gainesboro Fire Co. 16, Back Creek Fire Co. 54, Hancock Fire Co. 5, Clear Spring Fire Co. 4, Needmore Fire Co. 55, Morgan Medic 7, Washington County Air Unit 25, Washington County Rehab Unit 255, and Medivac Health Net 8 out of Martinsburg. - WILLIAM KING


Multi-vehicle, multi-rollover crash

On Friday, April 22, 2016 at 6:50 p.m., Engine 606 and Chief 603 responded to Interstate 64 at milemarker 15 to assist Barboursville VFD with a multi-vehicle, multi-rollover crash. Barboursville was also working an electrical fire in a residence at the same time.

1ST Responder Newspaper - MA

April/May, 2016



April/May, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - MA




Mourning a brother


Three DC Fire and EMS firefighters injured

Little before 10:00 a.m. on April 26, 2016, units were dispatched to a report of a house fire on the unit block of Galley Cr SW at the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling. Firefighters from both the District of Columbia Fire and EMS (DCFEMS) and Naval District Washington (NDW) responded to this incident. Three DC Fire and EMS firefighters had minor injuries and no civilian injuries were reported.

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This E-One, Engine 16 from the District of Columbia, is now serving Rogersville, Alabama

On April 15th, leaders and members of the DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department (DCFEMS) came out to the final resting place of Firefighter Emmanuel A. Parker to pay their respects and support his immediate family. Firefighter Parker, who passed on April 8, was assigned to Engine Co. 13, Platoon 4. He was appointed on January 20, 2008.

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April/May, 2016



April/May, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - MA


Richmond bravest knock two alarm structure fire Richmond, VA. Light smoke was seen pouring from the eaves of a single family home in the 1100 block of West Avenue, on Feb. 5, but Richmond firefighters quickly responded to the call. According to Lt. Christopher Arm- JUMP TO FILE # strong of Richmond 020516124 Fire and Emergency Services, the call was dispatched at 8:54 a.m. Crews discovered fire in the attic area. At 9:15 a.m., a second alarm was declared. Two adults and two dogs were able to get out safely, Lt. Armstrong said. An aggressive attack by firefighters soon brought the fire under control. Responding to the call were Truck 1, Truck 10, Engine 5, Rescue 2, Engine 1, Airlight 5, Engine 6, Engine 18, Engine 13, Engine 14, Engine 15, Safety Officer, Battalion 1 and Battalion 2. Richmond Ambulance Authority was on scene for EMS support. The adult male and adult female and two dogs were displaced. The cause was determined to be faulty electrical wiring , said Lt. Armstrong.


Quick extinguishment of apartment fire



Henrico, VA. Henrico Fire units responded to a reported apartment fire in the west end of the county at 5:52 on March 6th. The apartment was located at the 100 block of Chase Gayton Circle and the first arriving unit made it on scene in four minutes. Units found heavy fire coming through the roof of the three story apartment building. As many as 12 families were displaced due to the fire and the American Red Cross is on scene assisting residents with needs. Crews fought hard to contain the fire to the building of origin. They transitioned from interior operations to exterior operations and back to get the fire under control. It took crews over an hour to knock down the majority of the fire. A total of seven engine companies and three specialty service units were called for this incident. There were two minor injuries related to the fire, neither was trans-

JUMP TO FILE #030716106 ported to the hospital. Units were on scene most of the morning. The Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating the cause of the fire. 26 people were displaced from the apartment fire. Two of them are children. No pets were injured, and everyone has been accounted for and linked up with apartment management and Red Cross. The apartment management folks were working hard to place folks in empty units at apartments there or with sister apartment complexes in the area. No unmet needs. The building, where the fire started, had extensive fire and smoke damage. The crews were able to stop it before the fire involved the adjacent building, however that building did have smoke and water damage. - DANIEL ROSENBAUM



Henrico handles Varina house fire Henrico, VA. Henrico County Division of Fire units responded to a house fire in the 7700 block of Lampworth Court in the Varina area of the county on April 18th. The call was dispatched at 1:16 p.m, and units arrived to find smoke and flames coming from the attic and roof of a two-story home. Hose lines were put in place to fight the fire, and crews had to be

JUMP TO FILE #041916106 withdrawn from the home for a short amount of time, but were allowed back in to complete the extinguishment of the fire. A search of the home revealed that no one was home, nor were any pets in the structure. The fire was marked under

control in just over an hour. The roof and attic of the home were lost, and the second floor suffered significant damage. Water damage was present on the first floor. The occupants will not be able to return to the home immediately, and have made arrangements to stay elsewhere. The cause of the fire is under investigation. - TAYLOR GOODMAN

Working smoke alarm saves two lives Henrico, VA. Henrico County Division of Fire responded to the 7500 block of Griffin Ave on March 12th for the report of a house fire. Units received the call at 1:50 p.m. and were on scene in six minutes. Crews found a one-story, single-family dwelling fire on Griffin Avenue in Firehouse 5's first due. They found moderate smoke on arrival and a bedroom on fire. The fire was extinguished within minutes and there were no civilian or firefighter injuries. The residents of the home were asleep at

JUMP TO FILE #031416116 the time of the fire and were alerted to the fire by a working smoke alarm. Everyone was able to get out of the home without injuries. The fire was determined to have been accidental in nature. The American Red Cross is assisting the residents with their immediate needs. - DANIEL ROSENBAUM

1ST Responder Newspaper - MA

April/May, 2016



House explodes, affects felt at station


One resident displaced by fire

Henrico, VA. Henrico County Division of Fire units responded to a house fire in the 12000 block of Church Road on April 5th. Several calls were received at 4:54 p.m., and first units arrived at 4:57 to find smoke and flames coming from the home. Firefighters immediately began working to bring the fire under control and search for victims. They were met with high heat conditions upon entry. No victims or pets were found, and the fire was under control at 5:16. The adult resident of the home was displaced with two pets. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation by the Fire Marshal’s Office.

Chesterfield, VA. An explosion rattled Chesterfield Fire and EMS Station 8, just about a half a mile away, Ettrick Matoaca Volunteer Rescue Squad less than a mile away, a gas station, several businesses and neighboring houses on April 10, as a home located in the 21600 block of JUMP TO FILE Hill Street exploded #041116120 and became engulfed in flames. Neighbors and bystanders trying to find out what happened filled the area and watched as the flames rolled and pulsated from the burning house. Sirens pierced the air and red beams of light shone as the fire and medical crews quickly arrived on scene. The call was dispatched around 3:30 p.m., Chesterfield Fire Officials said. The first unit arrived on scene and reported the home fully involved. A supply line lay down Wilcox Lane like a giant snake stretched out, hand lines were stretched and a blitzfire soon blasted the unrelenting blaze at the skilled firefighter’s hands. On Hill Street and a neighboring street, fire apparatus formed a defense line and additional lines

provided crews with water supply. Dominion Virginia Power arrived to assist with dangerous power lines that were exposured. Chesterfield County Police officers set a perimeter around the crews and assisted firefighters with crowd and traffic control. After an aggressive fire attack, the fire was brought under control in about an hour. No firefighters or civilians were injured in the blaze. Fire officials said the home owner was out of town at the time. Responding to the emergency


were Engines 8, 12, 13, 21, Truck 12, Tanker 13, Medic 8, Medic 14, Tactical Safety Officer, Battalions 1 and 2, a Fire Marshal and Chesterfield County Police. Petersburg Engine 3 responded as mutual aid. The Fire Marshal determined the explosion was caused by a propane tank leaking gas into the home all day until eventually it ignited and exploded. The home has been declared a total loss. - BECKY ROBINETTE WRIGHT


April/May, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - MA



Multiple apartments receive fire damage Henrico, VA. Henrico County Division of Fire units were dispatched at 6:40 p.m. on April 26th to a reported structure fire in the 4600 block of Demeree Court in County's East End. Upon arrival, fire units found heavy fire showing from a multistory townhouse apartment. Firefighters immediately began to conduct rapid interior searches and attack the fire. The fire traveled to the neighboring apartments on both adjacent sides. All searches were negative for occupants and pets. Multiple hand lines were required to control fire in multiple rooms and the attic

JUMP TO FILE #042716100 area. Fire burned through the roof but was rapidly controlled. All occupants are accounted for, and there are no civilian or firefighter injuries at the time of this writing. The fire marshal’s office is on scene to determine the fire cause. The total number of displaced occupants is currently undetermined. A total of five separate apartments were damaged by the fire and/or fire department operations. - TAYLOR GOODMAN


Out of control vehicle collides with tractor-trailer Chesterfield, VA. Tones sounded at 5:52 p.m. on April 15th, for a motor vehicle crash at Jefferson Davis Hwy and Alfalfa Lane. Dispatched were Engine 3, Medic 3 and multiple Chesterfield County Police Officers. Crews arrived on scene to find a vehicle pinned partially under a parked tractor-trailer.

JUMP TO FILE #041616100 The vehicle veered off Jefferson Davis Hwy, slid through part of a mobile home park taking down a tree, continued up a hill and came to rest by striking a parked tractortrailer.

At least one person was transported to the hospital. It is not known if anyone else was injured. The crash is under investigation and police have not said if charges will be filed. - BECKY ROBINETTE WRIGHT

Chesterfield battalion chief injured in crash

Chesterfield, VA. A Chesterfield Fire and EMS battalion chief, along with two occupants of a vehicle were transported to a hospital after their vehicles collided on Courthouse and Qualla Roads on April 28. Tones sounded around 10 a.m., when a call to the Emergency Communication Center by the battalion chief reported the crash. Responding to the emergency were Truck 7, Engine 24, Medic 16, Ambulance 2, Tactical Safety Officer, Shift Commander, Fire Marshal 7, County Police and Forensics. Fire officials said that three people, which included the battalion chief, were transported to a

JUMP TO FILE #042816121 hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Heavy traffic flow on Courthouse Road was a challenge and firefighters along with county police made a ‘lane’ between the accident vehicles so traffic could get through. Fire apparatus and county police cars formed a block so crews could work. Police have not said if charges will be filed. The crash is under investigation by Chesterfield County Police. - BECKY ROBINETTE WRIGHT


1ST Responder Newspaper - MA

April/May, 2016



April/May, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - MA



Pedestrian struck in Chesterfield

Chesterfield, VA. A pedestrian was transported to the hospital after being struck by a vehicle in the 3800 block of Meadowdale Blvd. at Dalebrook Road on April 13 around 5 p.m. Liz Caroon, spokesperson for Chesterfield County Police confirmed that a person had been struck by a vehicle. Responding to the emergency were Engine 3, Medic 3, Truck 3 and numerous Chesterfield County police officers. After the injured person was transported, the Chesterfield County Police Crash Team arrived on scene and did an investigation. Information on the injured person has not been released and police have not said if charges will be filed. The name of the vehicle driver has not been released at this time.


Attic fire displaces one occupant Henrico, VA. Henrico County Division of Fire units responded to a house fire in the 1400 block of Green Pasture Rd in the Highland Springs area of the county. Units were dispatched at 1:41 p.m. on April 18th and arrived to find smoke coming from the roof and eaves of a single family rancher-style home. Hose lines were taken inside the home, and a search of the home was completed

JUMP TO FILE #041916104 as well. The fire was brought under control in less than 25 minutes. There was extensive fire damage to the attic, and smoke damage throughout the first floor. One occupant was home at the time of the fire, and received minor burns

on her arm. She was evaluated by fire department personnel, and she did not wish to be transported to the hospital for her injuries. The Red Cross has been notified and will be assisting the occupant with her needs. The cause of the fire is under investigation at this time. - TAYLOR GOODMAN

April/May, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - MA


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April/May, 2016

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Two motorcyclists transported to Shock Trauma On the evening of February 20th, Washington County 911 took reports of a personal injury collision on Interstate 70 west of Hagerstown. Calls came in reporting a motorcyclist down on Interstate 70 eastbound around the 18 milemarker near Clear Spring. Emergency crews from Clear Spring Fire and EMS Departments were dispatched out at 5:06 p.m. Dispatch received reports of two possible patients. Williamsport EMS and Washington County Paramedic EMS 1810 were started. Units from Clear Spring Fire and EMS arrived within five minutes. Crews quickly confirmed two patients down alongside the roadway. Paramedics requested MSP Aviation placed on standby until both patients were evaluated. Within minutes, a Trooper launch was requested. Crews on the scene had two priority patients. Assistant Chief Kerrington Gray of Company 4 assumed I-70 command and worked with EMS to orchestrate a


JUMP TO FILE #030616106 plan for the incoming units from Williamsport and MSP Aviation. One patient was categorized as a Priority 1 Category A while the other was categorized as a Priority 2 Category C. Washington County advised MSP Trooper 5 had a 25 minute ETA to the scene. Paramedics worked to quickly package both patients and placed them in the back of both medic units to await. Paramedics worked to keep patients stabilized. Both patients were flown to R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma. It was reported that both patients were treated and released from Shock Trauma. Companies responding consisted of Clear Spring Fire Co. 4, Clear Spring EMS Co. 49, Williamsport EMS Co. 2 and Washington County DES Paramedic EMS 18-10.

Heavy fire from house in Glenelg At approximately 11:19 p.m. on March 11th, firefighters and paramedics from the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services were alerted by neighbors of a house fire in the 13700 block of Bold Venture Drive in Glenelg. Crews arrived to find heavy fire coming from the garage and side of the two-story single family home. All eight family members evacuated the home prior to HCDFRS

JUMP TO FILE #031416119 arrival, however firefighters rescued two family dogs. More than 55 firefighters from HCDFRS worked to extinguish the blaze. Additionally, units from Carroll and Montgomery County provided mutual aid. Firefighters were on site for an extended period of time for

overhaul and to ensure complete extinguishment. The family of eight is being provided assistance by the Red Cross. There were no civilian or fire department injuries. Fire investigators are on scene and have begun their investigation to determine the origin and cause of the blaze. - DENISE WEIST


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Pikesville house fire

Shortly after 9 p.m. Thursday, April 21, Baltimore County westside fire units were alerted for a reported house fire in the 4000 block of Bedford Road (Fire Box 2-21). Callers to 911 were reporting the back of a house was on fire. Fire units arrived on the scene to heavy fire showing from a single family house, immediately requested a working fire dispatch and began an exterior fire attack. Firefighters had fire in the house as well as two autos that were fully involved in the rear. There were no occupants at home at the time of the fire.

1ST Responder Newspaper - MA

April/May, 2016



April/May, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - MA




Apartment fire displaces 22 residents At approximately 10:40 a.m. on April 16th, firefighters and paramedics from the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services responded to the 9700 block of Country Meadows Lane for reports of a fire at Country Meadows Apartments. Crews arrived to find heavy smoke and fire coming from the second and third floor apartment units and a second alarm was requested. After initial interior operations were conducted to search for potential victims, firefighters went to defensive mode in order to suppress the fire which was through the roof. After the attack was made

JUMP TO FILE #041816113 on the roof, crews resumed offensive interior operations. The third alarm was requested at about 25 minutes into the incident for additional resources. Mutual aid from Anne Arundel and Prince George Counties were among those assisting. It took approximately 60 firefighters an hour to control the fire. All of the building's occupants were able to evacuate on their own. A total of 12 apartment units were affected displacing 22 resi-

dents, who are being assisted by the American Red Cross as well as the management team at the Country Meadows Apartments. A total of three residents were treated. Two were evaluated on scene and released while a third man was transported to Howard County General for an ankle injury and second degree burns. No firefighters or paramedics were injured. Fire investigators were on scene to determine the cause of the fire. Initial damages are estimated to be in excess of $1 million dollars.


Drivers escape major injury in Baltimore County crash At around 6 p.m. on Sunday, March 20, Baltimore County Fire Department units were alerted for a vehicle crash with reported entrapment in the 6600 block of Falls Road in Brooklandville, near Coppermine Fieldhouse. Units arrived to find a two-vehicle crash with heavy damage to both vehicles, and one patient trapped. Engine 14's crew was able to free the occupant prior to the arrival of Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company Squad 322. The squad's crew assisted with patient care and scene mitigation. Medic 325 transported one victim to Sinai Hospital.



Brush fires in Howard County

At approximately 4:30 p.m. on March 23rd, units from Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel and Prince George Counties were alerted for multiple brush fires along the CSX railroad lines from the Howard and Baltimore County line to the Anne Arundel County line. Additionally, CSX representatives responded due to the disruption in rail service. All trains were held outside the affected area until the fires were placed under control at approximately 8:30 p.m. The only reported property damage were two small storage sheds. There were no fire department or civilian injuries. The fire origin and cause are currently under investigation.

1ST Responder Newspaper - MA

April/May, 2016



April/May, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - MA


House fire east of Hagerstown


Generator fire in office building

Shortly before 6 a.m. on March 11, 2016, Baltimore City Fire Department Engine 23 was alerted for a fire alarm sounding at 419 West Redwood Street in downtown Baltimore. The sixstory building houses the University of Maryland Faculty Physicians medical offices. Engine 23’s crew was on scene searching the building for about an hour when firefighters discovered a fire in the basement generator room with heavy smoke and requested a full box assignment with BGE to the scene. Firefighters made an initial attack and needed assistance from the utility company to shut down power. Once that was done, the smoke conditions worsened and firefighters found the fire had extended into the ceiling between the basement and first floor, burning through the floor joists. Crews were on scene until shortly after 1 p.m.

On Monday, April 11, Washington County 911 received calls reporting smoke coming from a house on Oriole Drive. One call came in from an Allegheny Power employee in the area. Emergency crews on Box 10-17 were dispatched out at 12:39 p.m. I n d e p e n d e n t JUMP TO FILE Juniors Engine 3 ar- #041216112 rived to smoke showing from Side A. With Engine 3’s report, the safety assignment was immediately started. Safety 204 assumed command. Chief 10 then advising he had a two story residence with a working fire. Firefighters from Engine 3 initiated an aggressive offensive attack stretching an inch and three quarter line to the garage and attacking the fire. Firefighters were able to gain control of the fire within 15 minutes. Firefighters were able to make a quick stop. The fire was reported knocked down on Division 1 at 12:56 p.m. Command began releasing units and holding crews that were in a committed position. Over 50 emergency responders responded. No injuries were

reported during the incident and it was confirmed that no one was inside the house. The American Red Cross assisted the family affected by the blaze. Maryland State Fire Marshal Ed Ernst investigated the cause, which was deemed to be arson. The fire started in the garage area of the residence, causing an estimated $11,000 in damages to the residence. The incident is still under investigation by the State Fire Marshal’s Office. Funkstown Fire Co. 10 responded received assistance from HFD Independent Juniors Engine 3,


Antietam Fire Engine 2, Smithsburg Fire Co. 7, Leitersburg Fire Co. 9, Mt. Aetna Fire Co. 16, Long Meadow Fire Co. 27, Halfway Fire Co. 26, Pioneer Hook & Ladder Truck 1, Washington County Special Operations 20, Community Rescue Co. 75, Smithsburg EMS Co. 79, Washington County Air Unit 25, Washington County Rehab Unit 255, WCVFRA Safety Officer 204, American Red Cross, State Fire Marshal FM26 and Washington County Fire Police. - WILLIAM KING



Children fall down sinkhole in Rosedale, MD On March 20, 2016, Baltimore County 911 received a call reporting that a ten year old child had fallen down a 30 foot hole in the McDonalds parking lot in the 6300 block of Kenwood Ave in the Rosedale section of the county. A confined space rescue box was sounded bringing first due fire and EMS units as well as specialized rescue teams from stations throughout the county. Units arrived to find that two children had fallen through an unsecured mulch pile. The second child had self-extricated and had gone to get help. The first child was easily removed by fire crews within 30 minutes and was transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation. The cause of the mulch collapsing has not been revealed.

Electrical fire destroys garage in Halfway On April 14th, Washington County 911 took a call for a garage fire on Bower Avenue to the rear of Halfway Park. Multiple calls came in reporting the blaze Thursday afternoon. Firefighters were dispatched out on Box 26-2 at 12:50 p.m. for the incident. Additional calls continued to flood the dispatch center as units responding could see a large column of black smoke coming from the area. Firefighters from Halfway arrived at 10653 Bower Avenue to find a 24 x 24 detached garage fully involved. Engine 26-1 assumed Bower Avenue command as they laid in and began their defensive attack on the structure. The fire had already spread igniting a vehicle

JUMP TO FILE #041616101 and surrounding brush and was threatening the residence. Firefighters battled the blaze for nearly 30 minutes before bringing the blaze under control. Once the fire was knocked, command released a majority of units holding Company 26 and 2 units only and requested a fire marshal to the scene. State Fire Marshal Carl Witmer responded out to the scene from a previous incident to investigate the cause of the fire. State Fire Marshal’s Office determined the cause of the fire was electrical in nature from a malfunc-

tioning lawnmower battery charger in the back corner of the garage. The fire quickly spread causing an estimated $20,000 in damages. The garage was a complete loss and the residence sustained some damages from the heat of the blaze. No injuries were reported. Nineteen firefighters responded out from five departments. Halfway Fire Co. 26 responded out on Box 26-2 with assistance from Williamsport Fire Co. 2, Maugansville Fire Co. 13, Hagerstown South End Fire Engine 5, First Hagerstown Hose Engine 1 and State Fire Marshals Office. - WILLIAM KING

1ST Responder Newspaper - MA

April/May, 2016




Motorcyclist seriously injured in Pikesville

Around 8 a.m. during the morning rush hour on Tuesday, March 8, Baltimore County Fire Department Engine 2, Medic 102 and EMS 5 were alerted for a 10-50 personal injury involving a motorcycle on Reisterstown Road near the Interstate 695 interchange and Men's Warehouse store. Upon EMS 5's arrival, the lieutenant reported a motorcyclist down in the southbound lanes of the roadway with multiple Baltimore County Police Department 4th Precinct units on scene. The EMS officer triaged the patient and began care, assisted by the engine and medic crews. The motorcyclist was transported with serious injuries to an area hospital.


Serious crash in Pikesville sends one to local trauma center

Shortly before 9:30 p.m. on Monday, March 7, westside Baltimore County fire units were alerted for a reported vehicle crash with entrapment on Milford Mill Road and Cliffedge Road in Pikesville (Rescue Box 2-21). First-arriving units reported a two-vehicle crash in the intersection, with one vehicle coming to rest against a utility pole. The driver of that vehicle was not trapped, but had serious injuries. Firefighters from Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company Squad 322, BCoFD Engine 2 and BCpFD Truck 18 provided initial patient care before the patient was transported by EMS to an area trauma center. A second patient was also injured and transported to an area hospital. The crash is under investigation by the Baltimore County Police Department Crash Team.



8:00 AM



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April/May, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - MA



First Priority Emergency Vehicles Expands Operations Nationwide

First Priority Emergency Vehicles, one of America’s leading designers, manufacturers and distributors of a comprehensive array of firefighting, medical, rescue, public safety and mission-specific vehicles and equipment, has expanded its operations from 3 facilities across New Jersey to major new sales and production facilities in North Carolina, California and Texas. With a significant nationwide distribution and service capability, First Priority provides comprehensive vehicle and apparatus solutions for federal, state, and local agencies and fleet customers nationwide.

Whether the need is a patient transport ambulance, a critical care unit, an advanced life support ambulance in the emergency medical service or a fire pumper, aerial ladder/platform, rescue truck in the fire service, First Priority has the solution. For nearly 20 years, First Priority has distinguished itself from the competition by offering vehicles that are best suited to each client's exact mission and offers both stock designs as well as fully customized emergency vehicles to suit a wide variety of budgets. By maintaining a firm understanding of the most current automotive, emergency, safety and fuel technologies, First Priority has the expertise, reputa-


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First Priority applies its significant production experience and technical knowledge to remain at the forefront of the specialized vehicle industry. The company takes a collaborative, consultative approach to its clients' needs and identifies cost effective solutions to produce high-value vehicles, products and solutions. Robert J. Freeman, President of First Priority Emergency Vehicles, states “Across the nation, First Priority products are used daily by American heroes in their life saving and property pre-

serving missions.

First Priority is consistently recognized by first responders across the US and worldwide for technical innovation and functional design.

We are grateful for their sacrifices and proud to partner with them by providing the tools necessary to ensure the public safety of our nation and its families.”

First Priority is a proud recipient of the prestigious President’s E-Award for its contribution to the American economy through exporting of premium-grade American made products worldwide. For additional information, visit First Priority at and by phone at (800) 247-7725.

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Virginia Search and Rescue Dog Association of Bristow, VA

Virginia Search and Rescue Dog Association of Bristow, VA. The vessel is a 1660 Deluxe package from ONEboat of Athens, AL This all aluminium boat features removable seats, steering console, light bar mount and removable floor for denomination. The boat is powered by a 40HP Mercury JET drive motor, on

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A unique option on this particular boat is the K9 walkways which allows the K9 to have free movement around the boat giving them the advantage to work the water on any side of the boat. Other options for the boat include:Dive Platform, Fire Pump, Light Tower, Emergency and Work


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April/May, 2016



April/May, 2016

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Reserve Tower 84 of the Ann Arundel County Fire Department is a 95’ E-One.

EMT’s injured after colliding with SUV, light pole At 8:10 p.m. on February 27, 2016, four EMT's from the Lansdowne Volunteer Fire Company, who were filling in the Wise Avenue Volunteer Fire Company so that their members could attend their annual banquet, were injured when the ambulance they were responding to a call in collided with another vehicle and then a traffic light pole at the intersection of Wise Avenue and Lynch Rd in the


Chief Henry Campbell

From dispatch to return to station at the conclusion of the incident, one must maintain a constant vigilance relative to a safe response, be it on apparatus or ones personal vehicle. Each year firefighter/EMS personnel are killed in motor vehicle crashes with slightly under half of these deaths occurring while responding. I mention only deaths, but how many more were injured? How many civilian injuries and deaths? What was the loss in apparatus and operating expenses? How was the local responding departments insurance impacted? Response can be very deadly and very expensive. Responding to the scene of an emergency, whether driving your personal vehicle or driving an emergency vehicle, requires careful thought and control in order to complete a safe response. In either response mode, you are of no value if you don’t arrive safely. You may further complicate the initial response if you are involved in your own emergency and will now require assistance! The response begins with your size-up, the day of the week, time of day, weather conditions, and vehicle conditions. Is an alternate response route suggested due to prevailing conditions? Do you know where you are going? If not, find out before starting out as you will have other responsibil-

JUMP TO FILE #022716104 Dundalk section of Baltimore County. One of the EMT's was heavily entrapped inside the unit, and a rescue assignment was requested to free the trapped EMT. Maryland State Police Medevac Trooper 1 was then requested to fly the

trapped occupant to the R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. One EMT was transported Priority 2, two EMT's were transported Priority 3 and the trapped EMT was flown Priority 1. There is no word on their condition or the condition of the other vehicle's occupants. - CHARLIE LEWIS


Salisbury, Maryland Tower 16 operates this 2009 Pierce Velocity Tower 500/2000/95’

Apparatus and Personal Vehicle Response Safety ities and concerns, and the added anxiety that comes with not being sure of your destination will detract you from those responsibilities. When responding in your personal vehicle remember you are not an Emergency Vehicle, rather just another vehicle sharing the road with no special privileges. You must comply with all traffic regulations whether responding to the fire station or directly to the scene of the emergency. The blue light identifies you as a volunteer member of the Fire/EMS department responding to an emergency call. If the driver in front of you is kind enough to yield the right of way, be thankful, the next one may not. Be patient, no matter how important you think you are. Responding with your personal vehicle or driving apparatus, do not pass through red traffic lights, stop signs, do not cross traffic lines or pass unsuspecting motorists, and do not exceed the speed limit. Yield at all yield signs and yield whenever the other driver fails to do so. Should there be a crash, you will be judged by what action you took to avoid the crash, even if you had the right of way. I am oft reminded of an old verse “ Here lies the body of Robert Gray, He died maintaining his right of way, He is dead, just as dead, As if he had been wrong!” Reckless driving of your personal vehicle or an emergency vehicle can lead to accidents, and accidents can lead to injury and death. No matter the consequences of injury and/or death, ultimately there will be lawsuits and trials

and it is always more difficult than you think to exonerate yourself in a court of law. Responding while driving an emergency vehicle includes all of the above, and requires additional considerations, skill, and proper mental attitude. Emergency apparatus drivers should be selected upon satisfactory completion of an emergency vehicle operators training program. Just because someone drives a truck for a living does not qualify him or her for a position as an emergency vehicle driver. Mental attitude is as equally important as mastering the driving skills. Some drivers get behind the wheel of an emergency vehicle and think they “own the road,” driving to out race the speed of the siren. They are asking for trouble, an accident waiting to happen, a seat behind the steering wheel is not for them. Emergency vehicle response requires maintaining the apparatus in good mechanical condition, all equipment secured and stored properly, and warning lights and audible sounding devices operating properly. The response begins with dispatch, ensuring all personnel are onboard, in full protective gear, and all secured with seat belts, including you. A slow, cautious exit from the station, which may require personnel to stop vehicular traffic in the street and if so, stopping for them to board and fasten seat belts. Now as you begin your response with your valuable cargo, being alert and driving with caution will be your major con-

cerns. Red warning lights must be on and you must be sounding an audible warning device to be in an Emergency Vehicle mode. Should the response not warrant “lights and siren” then, you are not considered an emergency vehicle and are required to comply with all traffic laws and regulations. When responding as an Emergency Vehicle with “lights and siren” you may cautiously violate some traffic regulations. You may cross traffic lines and lanes, pass through red traffic signals, and exceed the posted speed limit. My recommendation is DON’T. Never exceed the speed limit while responding; should you be involved in a crash, it will be used against you. Excessive speed does not help to reduce response time; it only increases the risk for crashes, resulting in injury and death. Always stop for red traffic lights and stop signs, looking in all directions before continuing ahead. Look twice! Anticipate vehicles passing vehicles that have stopped to yield you the right of way. Be alert for children playing and their increased excitement as you pass and the potential for them to do the unexpected. Scan all sides of the street for vehicles that may be entering the roadway from residential driveways, shopping malls, etc. Almost everyone is in a hurry today with the radio blasting, preoccupied while they eat, drink, do their hair, read, talk on a cell phone or a myriad of other things. The one thing they may not be doing is paying attention to their driving, adding to your responsibilities for a safe response.

Upon your safe arrival at the scene of the emergency (turn your siren and unnecessary lights off!), locate your emergency vehicle according to need, department SOP’s, or as directed by an officer. If at all possible, try not to block the road unless that is the intent. Additional apparatus/ambulances may be required and the closer to the scene they can locate, the more efficient. All apparatus should be chocked once at its final destination. Should you have responded to the scene in your personal vehicle; park it out of the way, preferably a half-block or more away. Returning to quarters is done in full compliance with the traffic laws. No lights, no sirens, and no needless haste, with all passengers riding with their seat belts fastened. When approaching quarters you may wish to turn your warning lights on, come to a complete step and permit personnel to disembark and control street traffic to facilitate your backing into quarters. Once the apparatus/ambulance is safely in quarters, it is time to prepare for another safe dispatch. One final subject is BACKING UP. Extreme caution and a guide are required when backing up. Never back up if it can be avoided, many fender bender type crashes occur when backing up, some resulting in injuries and deaths. Remember, whether driving for pleasure or driving an emergency vehicle, driving is a full time chore, requiring your full attention.

1ST Responder Newspaper - MA

April/May, 2016



Phone: (203) 445 6536 • Built by firefighters, for firefighters



April/May, 2016

1ST Responder Newspaper - MA

Vehicle News

Seaford Volunteer Fire Department received their new 2016 International 4300/Horton Ambulance, which replaces their aging 2006 ambulance fleet. SEAFORD VOL FD


Hartly, DE Fire Company now owns this 2016 Rosenbauer 2000/3500 pumper tanker.


Second blaze affects Hagerstown building On April 17th, Washington County 911 took a call from a house on North Locust Street reporting a fire in the rear of the residence. Hagerstown Fire Department was dispatched at 10:45 p.m. Firefighters JUMP TO FILE# found a three story 042016113 apartment building at 44 East Franklin Street with heavy fire on the third floor in the rear with fire through the roof. Battalion Chief 2 Mark Cleck assumed command and Captain 32 Trayer Stoops was fire attack operations. Firefighters began an aggressive interior and exterior attack as the fire was rapidly progressing. Command ordered all crews out and went to a defensive mode. Trucks 1 and 4 began ladder pipe operations and command called for a second alarm. At 11:05, additional departments from outside the city were brought in on the second alarm to assist. Heavy smoke was throughout the area on side A, filling the street below. Crews battled the blaze for nearly a half hour before getting control, allowing firefighters to reenter the structure. Once under control, crews were able to reenter the structure to look for hot spots and began overhaul operations as fire marshals prepared to begin their investigation. The building was under construction due to a large fire in April of 2014. That blaze resulted in one fatality. This time, the building was vacant. No serious injuries were reported. One firefighter was transported to Meritus Medical Center for eval-

uation, but was later released. Firefighters remained on the scene until shortly after 2:00 a.m. Fire Marshals had a K-9 out of Howard County brought in to assist. The City Fire Marshals cleared the scene shortly after 12:00 p.m. and the building was turned over to the property management company. Over 60 emergency responders from multiple jurisdictions responded. Hagerstown Fire Department companies received mutual aid assistance from Funkstown


Fire Co. 10, Halfway Fire Co.2 6, Long Meadow Fire Co. 27, Maugansville Fire Co. 13, Clear Spring Fire Co. 4, Washington County Special Operations 20, Community Rescue Service Co. 75, WCVFRA Safety 202, Washington County Emergency Air Unit 25, Washington County Rehab Unit 255, Washington County Division of Emergency Services, and Howard County Fire Marshal K-9 Unit. - WILLIAM KING



The McKinleyville VFD located in Brooke County, WV has recently taken delivery and placed into service a 2016 Sutphen Monarch Custom engine as Rescue Engine 33.

If your Department has photos you would like to see in our “Command Vehicles� feature, please upload them on our website, or email them to


Virginia Search and Rescue Dog Association of Bristow, VA recently took delivery of a 1660 Deluxe package from ONEboat of Athens, AL

Battalion 2 of the Anne Arundel County MD Fire Department uses this Ford.


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April/May, 2016

No Hose Engine Exhaust Removal Industry’s most effective and hands free exhaust removal


FEATURES INCLUDE: • Fully automatic • Self contained • No hoses • Vertical or Horizontal Airflow • Address the entire apparatus area • Meet current NFPA 1500/Fema accepted/GSA • Complete system-address both gasses and particulate • 100% effective for a clean & safe environment


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April/May, 2016

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Pickup truck versus pole, one trapped


McDonalds fire in Ellicott City At 8:30 a.m.on April 10th, firefighters and paramedics from the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services (HCDFRS) were alerted for a commercial structure fire at the McDonalds restaurant in the Long Gate Shopping Center in Elliott City. Crews arrived to find heavy smoke emanating JUMP TO FILE from the attached #041116104 PlayPlace, and they began an aggressive attack on the fire. Access to the fire proved to be challenging. As a result, firefighters removed a large portion of the ceiling in the PlayPlace and opened up portions of the roof system to reach the fire and ensure the fire was fully extinguished. Approximately 40 firefighters from HCDFRS were on scene at the height of the incident. Firefighters were on site for an extended period of time for overhaul and to ensure the fire was fully extinguished. There were no civilian or fire department injuries. HCDFRS fire investigators were on scene and to determine the origin and cause of the blaze. The Howard County Health Department has been contacted and will ultimately determine when the restaurant can reopen. - MARC FISCHER

On Tuesday night, April 19th shortly after 9 p.m., fire department units on Baltimore County's westside were dispatched to Liberty Road and Forest Garden Avenue for a crash with an overturned vehicle. While units were enroute, additional 911 callers were reporting a person was trapped and a rescue assignment was started (Rescue Box 33-8). Woodlawn Volunteer Fire Company Engine 331 arrived and confirmed a Dodge pickup truck had struck a BGE utility pole and was on it’s side with the driver trapped. Firefighters from Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company Squad 322 and Baltimore County Fire Department Truck 18 worked to extricate the victim from the truck and they were transported to an area hospital via BCoFD Medic 2.

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April/May, 2016



April/May, 2016

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Early morning house fire in Cooksville Just after midnight on March 26, 2016, firefighters and paramedics from Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services (HCDFRS) were alerted for a possible house on fire in the 2100 block of Route 97 in Cooksville. Units from Station 13 (Glenwood) quickly arrived to find fire showing from the second floor of a three story single family home. Firefighters initiated an aggressive interior attack and found heavy fire conditions in the second floor and attic areas. It took approximately one hour to extinguish the bulk of the fire and (due to building construction)

JUMP TO FILE #032816101 another three hours to open up ceilings and walls to extinguish all the hot spots. No one was reported to be living in the home at the time of the fire. HCDFRS was assisted by units from Carroll, Montgomery, and Frederick Counties. Fire investigators are currently on the scene working to determine a cause and point of origin. - ADAM NOLDER

Structure Fires 2014, Volume 1 VIDEO REVIEW

Video reviews by John Malecky

Structure Fires, 2014, Volume 1 Alan Simmons Productions

Available from: FSP Books & Videos 188 Central Street, Suite 4 Hudson, MA 01749-1330 1-800522-8528 E-mail:support@fire-pol i c e - e m s . c - o m Price $19.95 (DVD)

This DVD is 55 minutes in length and covers three fire incidents. The first is the Colby fire, which took place in January of that year and started as a result of an illegal campfire, which spread in the morning hours during Santa Ana winds. It took six houses within the first hour and spread a great distance. This was in the area of Glendora in the Angeles National Forest. Need I say more? It made for

some spectacular fire and firefighting by the L.A. City and County Fire Departments assisted by other agencies. A show called air show took place with Canadair Super Scooper’s (air tankers), which jointed the battle. This is followed by two third alarm fires fought by Glendale and Burbank Fire Departments. Both were pretty much “surround and drown” events. The first was in a large bakery/café, which was two stories in height and the fire was throughout thebuilding. Ladder pipes and street streams operated and truck crews opened up roofs to try and check the spread. Ladder pipes and street streams also operated at a strip mall in which most of the occupancies had been compromised. Fire was through the roof in both incidents. The collection of apparatus is impressive. As I have said in the past, there is plenty of fire for everyone. It is a DVD of interest for those who want to see fire operations.

BMW versus trees with entrapment and medevac At around 2 a.m. on Saturday, April 2, callers to 911 reported a loud bang in the area of Old Court Road and Bedford Avenue, in the rear of the Walgreens store in Pikesville. Baltimore County Police 4th Precinct units arrived and found a BMW with two occupants. The vehicle was traveling northbound on Bedford Avenue when the driver apparently lost control, jumped the curb, struck several trees and came

JUMP TO FILE #040216100 to rest in the shopping center parking lot with part of one of the trees on top of the car. BCoFD Engine 2 was alerted for a 10-50 personal injury accident and upon arrival found one occupant trapped and requested a rescue assignment. Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company Squad 322's crew


extricated the Priority 1 patient and turned them over to PVFC IV 325 and EMS5 for medical care. BCoFD Engine 19 set up a landing zone at the nearby Druid Ridge Cemetery and MSP Trooper 1 flew the victim to Shock Trauma, while BCoFD Medic 2 transported a second patient to an area hospital. - MICHAEL SCHWARTZBERG



20’ Rescue 1® Walk-Around Demo Available for Immediate Delivery. Spartan Metro Star MFD-2015 chassis, Cummins ISL 450 HP diesel engine, seating for crew of six. 20’ all extruded aluminum body, upper storage compartments. Curb side roof access lift-up stairway, absorbent compartment with electric re-loader and dispenser, 9000 lbs. portable winch with three receiver positions. Participating co-op purchasing programs: GSA, H-GAC, and New Jersey State Contract. Contact Mike Marquis (800) 752-8786, (732) 223-1411 in New Jersey, or

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April/May, 2016



April/May, 2016

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Profile for Belsito Communications Inc.

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1st Responder News Mid Atlantic April May Edition