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MAY, 2014



East Farmingdale, NY - On February 26, 2014, a house fire in East Farmingdale brought out firefighters from East Farmingdale, Farmingdale, South Farmingdale, Melville and Bethpage. The first responding firefighters brought out a male and CPR was started on the front lawn. - See more info on page 6


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May, 2014

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Smoke shop goes up in Mastic Mastic, NY. Just after 5:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, March 23rd, 911 took a call for a reported structure fire at 150 Poospatuck also known as Calvins Smoke Shop. Assistant Chief Rudy Sundeman Jr arrived on the scene to find that he had a well involved commercial structure. Chief Sundeman then radioed back to Fire Com to retone his department for a working fire. He requested an engine from Mastic Beach Fire Depart-

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ment and a RIT team from Center Moriches. The first engine into the scene hooked right up to the hydrant, which was located right across from the fire building. Firefighters made a heavy attack to knock down the bulk of the fire. Chief Sundeman radioed to all

firefighters do not enter the structure because it was not safe. Firefighters had to cut holes in all sides of the building to hit all of the hot spots. The fire destroyed the building and the Suffolk County Arson Squad was on the scene to investigate the cause of the fire. There were no known injuries at the time of the fire. - HAROLD JACOBS

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Southampton Fire Department responds to dumpster fire On March 21st at 1:19 p.m., the Southampton Fire Department responded to the report of a dumpster fire on MeadowLlane in Southampton village. Units arrived on scene to find a 20 yard dumpster full of construction debris and cardboard on fire. Crews were able to knock down the fire within five minutes. The cause was determined to be a cigarette thrown into the debris. Chief Dennis Roy was in charge of the scene. BILLKELLY.SMUGMUG.COM

Merrick truck in action at a recent structure fire

1st Responder Newspaper - LI

May, 2014

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May, 2014

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Grant Guys

Harrisburg Fire Expo



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Chief Harry Balz in his campaign photo during his run for assistant chief. Safety First Divers


Task Force Tips


Waterway Hose Testing


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Dedication defined Firefighters, firemen, smoke eaters, unpaid professionals, volley’s and just plain nuts are some of the terms used for describing a volunteer firefighter. For the past century, volunteer firefighters have always been there to answer the call. It takes a special type of person to be a volunteer firefighter. It also takes an overwhelming dedication, sometimes above normal capacity, to do what the volunteer firefighter does, and be part of America’s oldest unpaid profession. On September 16, 1952, Harry Balz joined the Rockville Centre Fire Department as a member of Reliance Hose Company #3. Five years later he became a 2nd Lieutenant and kept that rank until 1959. He was 1st Lieutenant from 1959 until 1960 and then Captain from 1960 until 1962. Harry’s presence in the chain of command would take a short break. He became the department’s 2nd Assistant Chief in 1970 and held that rank until 1972. Then, it was to 1st Assistant from 1972 until 1973. And finally he became Chief of Department from 1973 until 1975. After spending 11 years either as an officer or chief, he didn't’ take that much time off again. Harry served on many different company and department committees and was a delegate for the 4th Battalion in Nassau County, The South Shore Firemen’s Association, The Southern New York Firemen’s Association and the Nassau County Fireman’s Association. Harry is a long time member of FASNY, a member of The Nassau County Fire Chiefs Council and The NYS Fire Chiefs Association. He has logged uncountable

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hours of training at the Nassau County Fire Service Academy and is considered “a tremendous asset, past present and future, not only to the Rockville Centre Fire Department and Reliance Hose Company # 3, but to any department that’s lucky enough to have him”, as quoted by Recording Secretary of Reliance Company, Charlie Kee. Nestled up in the Adirondack Mountains, with a great view of the lake, Chief Balz hasn't ended his dedication to the volunteer fire service, he remains on the rolls of the Rockville Centre Fire Department, as well as being an associate member of the Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company, being an active participant on numerous committees. Harry spends a lot of time in his basement office, his walls covered with his accomplishments, sending e-mails, keeping up to date on current activities in the fire service and keeping himself active in the community where he resides. Harry has been actively involved in many projects, including being appointed “Clerk of the Works” for the construction of the firehouse in Chestertown. The dedication that Chief Balz has shown over the years isn't just an individual accomplishment; many firefighters have, and will show, the same dedication that Harry has shown. His loyalty, the perseverance and the ability to follow his dream paints a picture of what it takes to be a volunteer firefighter.


Mastic handles a trailer fire Mastic, NY. On the afternoon of February 25, 2014, the Mastic Fire Department was toned out for a house fire at 74 Carlton Ave. Mastic fire arrived on the scene and found that it was not a house fire, but a trailer fire in the front of the house. The first arriving unit went right to work on knocking the fire. There was no damage to the house and the cause of the fire was under investigation.

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Elmont Fire Department Special Operations patch

1st Responder Newspaper - LI

May, 2014

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Bust your routine with the 15 minute medicine ball workout FIREFIGHTER FITNESS Lori Ann Hodgkinson

These days, it appears more and more fire service personnel are becoming increasingly diligent with their exercise routines. That’s an awesome trend and I hope the numbers continue to grow. The majority of those I speak to are having success and plan to continue. I’d have to say one of the most common requests I am receiving from these individuals is for a simple routine buster. This is not a new topic for us. As we have previously discussed, remaining diligent is essential, but can lead to boredom and stagnation of results. We have covered many ways to change your exercise routine. As much as I’ve explained the importance of varying the frequency, intensity duration and choice of activities/exercises, it appears most people just want me to tell them exactly what to do. So here is a full-body workout to throw into your schedule once a week for the next month or so. Use it in place of one of your fullbody workouts weekly. If you don’t have a full-body workout (and are training different muscle groups each day) select the exercises from the workout that train those muscle groups and substitute the medicine ball in place of the free weights or machines. Select a medicine ball with a weight that allows you to perform all repetitions correctly and with proper alignment while still challenging yourself physically. Most of my clients use a ten lb medicine ball, but based upon your physical condition the ball may range anywhere from 5-15 lbs. Challenge yourself, but be smart! Chest-Medicine Ball Chest Press. This exercise replaces your typical chest/bench press. Upper back-Medicine Ball Bent-over Row. In standing position, flex forward 90 degrees at the hips so that your back is flat. Knees are slightly bent, arms are holding medicine ball and are extended downward. Pull medicine ball to chest. Shoulders-Overhead Shoulder Press. Can be done seated or standing. If standing, be sure knees are slightly bent. Start with the medicine ball in front of you at chest level (elbows bent – ball somewhat tight to your body) and extend overhead to near straight arm position. Bicep-Medicine Ball Bicep Curls. Stand with knees slightly bent holding the medicine ball in front of you with arms extended downward. Keeping elbows in at your sides flex at the elbow and curl the medicine ball to chest level (as you would in a barbell bicep curl).

Triceps-Medicine Ball Overhead Triceps Extension. Can be done seated or standing. If done standing, be sure knees are slightly bent. Hold medicine ball overhead. Keeping elbows up and shoulders stationary (close to your ears/head) flex the elbows to bring the ball down behind your head. legs-(Quadriceps, Gluteals, low back) Medicine Ball Squats. Perform a squat with the ball at chest height, overhead or extended downward in front of you. legs-(Hamstring) Medicine Ball Bridge. lie on your back. Knees are bent and both feet are on top of the medicine ball. Arms are extended to the sides at shoulder height with palms facing downward. lift the hips and low back off the floor and hold in the “UP” position for a second. Abdominals-Seated Medicine Ball (Russian) twist. Sit holding the medicine ball at chest level and somewhat close to your body (elbows bent). Keeping hips fixed rotate only at the waist as far as you can (keeping ball in front of your chest) and then to the opposite direction. You can pause in the forward facing (start) position between rotating to each side if you are more comfortable. Abdominals-Medicine Ball Crunch. lie on your back, feet flat on the floor, knees bent. Hold the medicine ball overhead and perform a crunch (keeping low back on the floor). How to use it-After a 3-5 minute warm-up of light cardiovascular activity, perform each exercise for a total of 30 seconds. Do as many repetitions as you can during the 30 seconds without using momentum or sacrificing proper form or alignment. Remember to work at an intensity level suitable to your current fitness level. Progress to the next exercise with little or no rest. After completing all of the exercises – rest for 30 seconds then repeat the entire sequence a total of three (3) times. Be sure to stay hydrated, by sipping water. Conclude with a cool-down followed by stretching for each muscle group. Variations-Alternate the upper body exercises with a leg or abdominal exercise. (Do the routine in this order: chest press, squat, bent-over row, seated twist, shoulder press, bridge, bicep curl, crunch, triceps extension). You can increase intensity by gently releasing the ball (at the top of each movement) and catching it during each repetition. You are not throwing the ball, just opening the hands and releasing it so that it is briefly airborne). Additionally; you can alternate each medicine ball exercise with 30 seconds of cardiovascular exercise for greater variety, intensity and duration. Please Note. All exercises are not suitable for all individuals. Be sure to consult with your physician and receive medical clearance before beginning this or any exercise routine.

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Fall from horse Melville, NY. March, 2014. The Melville Fire Department responded to a horse riding center for a young girl who fell from a horse.She was fully immobilized and taken to the hospital by a Melville Fire Department Ambulance.


May, 2014

1st Responder Newspaper - LI


Taxi cab accident in Melville Melville, NY. On March 7, 2014, the Melville Fire Department responded to a car accident on Round Swamp Road near the entrance to the Northern State Parkway. A taxi cab and a car had col-

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lided. The driver of the cab was fully immobilized and taken to the hospital by the Melville Fire De-

partment ambulance. The driver of the other vehicle was checked at the scene and was not transported. - MARK OSHINSKY

MVA in Southampton The Southampton Fire Department along with the Southampton Village Volunteer Ambulance were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident on March 31st 5:45 p.m. at the intersection of Pine Street and Hampton Road. It was reported as a vehicle smoking and air bag deployment. Crews were able to cut the battery and used speedy dry to clean up a fluid leak. The village ambulance transported two subjects to Southampton Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Chief Dennis Roy from the fire department and Chief Richard Fowler were in charge of the scene for their respective agencies.


Fatal fire in East Farmingdale East Farmingdale, NY. On February 26, 2014, a house fire in East Farmingdale brought out firefighters from East Farmingdale, Farm-

ingdale, South Farmingdale, Melville and Bethpage. The first responding firefighters brought out a male and CPR was

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started on the front lawn. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced at the hospital. Five firefighters were also transported to the hospital, all with minor injuries. The cause of the fire is being investigated by the Suffolk County Police Arson Squad. - MARK OSHINSKY


Working car fire closer to residence At 1:48 p.m. on Thursday, March 13th, the Southampton Fire Department was dispatched to a car fire on County Route 39 in Southampton. First unit on scene called out a working vehicle fire up against a house at 1560 CR 39. Units arrived quickly and extinguished the fire. An interior crew went in the residence to check for extension. No injuries were reported. The Southampton town fire marshals office was called to the scene. Chief Dennis Roy was in charge of the scene.

May, 2014

1st Responder Newspaper - LI

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No one does Fit T esting like we do... For your firefighter’s safety and convenience, we provide: • OSHA compliant fit testing using state-of-the-art Portacount machines • Prompt and courteous service at your facilities or at three convenient makeup locations on Long Island • Certified fit test consultants who are also firefighters • Fit testing using our own inventory & supplies HAROLD JACOBS

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Gas leak in Shirley Shirley, NY. On the afternoon of March 21, 2014, the Mastic Fire Department was toned out for a car leaking gasoline in the parking lot of Best Yet Supermarket on Montauk and William Floyd Parkways. Mastic's assistant chief arrived on the scene and was met by the Brookhaven town fire marshal. Firefighters put down speedy dry and all units were quickly released. The cause of the leak is under investigation.

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May, 2014

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Safe Ladder Operations Part 2



Some common sense safety practices with ladders begins with don’t do anything on a ladder you wouldn’t do on the ground. Use the right length ladder for the task at hand. It should go to where you want it to without you having to hug the ladder or to lean back in fear that it will slide down the face of the building. Try to position the ladder on level ground whenever possible, dig out a little dirt if you have to, or reposition it. Remember the ladder basics for proper positioning and climbing, you should be able to grasp the rung in front of you at shoulder level with your arms fully extended with your feet at the butt of the ladder. Common sense should tell you if the ladder angle doesn’t look right, it most likely isn’t right, then reposition the ladder. The ladder should be firmly butted on the ground and, or secured at the top with a rope or nylon strap to insure it doesn’t slip. Remember, once you secure the ladder from the top, it will be out of service for use elsewhere should a ladder emergency arise. When there are only two firefighters deploying a ladder and making entry into the structure, one firefighter can butt the ladder as the other firefighter climbs the ladder. Once the firefighter climbing the ladder has reached his objective, entered a window or is on the roof, that firefighter can grasp the fly of the ladder, holding it secure while the other firefighter climbs to his position. Reverse the procedure when returning to the ground. Climbing of the ladder requires one to be looking straight ahead or up, and maintaining contact with the ladder, moving only one hand or one foot at a time. Don’t concentrate on the climbing, as it generally comes naturally. When unsure of the window or roof height, use extension ladders, they cover any mistake. Remember 24-footer for the second floor and the 35-footer for third floor and roof you should have it made. If you have to overreach or overextend when working off of a ladder, reposition the ladder or

STAYING SAFE Chief Henry Campbell

get a longer/shorter ladder; it saves falling off and becoming a casualty. Additional safety points to consider when working with ground ladders include the caution that metal ladders, and all other ladders when wet, conduct electricity. When placing ladders or climbing ladders, be observant of overhead wires and avoid coming into contact with them. Also remember, aluminum siding conducts electricity so be careful when using and placing ground ladders if there is an electrical problem within the structure. When placing ladders at a working fire, try not to place ladders above windows or door openings on lower floors where the fire may vent from and cut off your return route. Do not break overhead windows from a ladder placed below them. The ladder should be placed to the windward side of the window, and a little above so that when the glass is broken it will fall harmlessly to the ground. Prior to breaking any glass, make sure no one is operating where the falling glass can endanger him or her. Should windows have to be taken out by use of ground ladders, the ladder should be dropped into the glass window and the removing hand contact with the ladder. If your hands are on the ladder, there exists the potential of the broken glass sliding the beams and resulting injury to the firefighter. Whenever a firefighter is to work from a ladder, they must secure a “leg-lock” on the ladder or use a safety belt. A leg lock is taken on the side opposite from which you will be working. Till next time, Stay Safe and God Bless! - HENRY CAMPBELL


Extrication drill Melville, N.Y. March The Melville Fire Department held an extrication drill where the members went over the use of the tools. The rescue members were on hand to remove the driver who was trapped. Members of the Explorers were also there to learn.

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1st Responder Newspaper - LI

May, 2014


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Coast Guard program graduation ceremony On Friday, March 7, 2014, local volunteers from the Mastic Fire Department and other local departments attended a graduation ceremony at the completion of the Coast Guard’s Public Safety Search and Rescue Training program. During the program, volunteer firefighters and emergency medical service water rescue teams were taught basic boat handling, naviga-

JUMP TO FILE #031014110

tion rules, and search patterns. The training was conducted by members from Coast Guard Stations Shinnecock, Montauk, and the East End Task Force. This training allows Coast Guard units to coordinate emergency response efforts

with a growing resource of local volunteer fire departments and EMS rescue teams. At the conclusion of the ceremony, Port of Long Island Sound Captain Edward Cubanski and local fire chiefs signed a memorandum of agreement strengthening port partnerships. - MIKE GUARINO


Hempstead Fire Department patch


May, 2014

1st Responder Newspaper - LI

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Early morning entrapment in Brentwood At approximately 6:30 a.m., Brentwood Legion Ambulance was activated for a heavy rescue with one confirmed pin on Pine Aire Drive. Upon arrival, employees found a small sedan had struck a pay loader head on. With assistance from Brentwood Fire Department and Suffolk County Police Department, the patient was extricated and transported to Southside Hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. POLICEANDFIRESURPLUS.COM

Bellmore Fire Department


Three car MVA in Commack Commack, NY. The Commack Fire Department and the Commack Volunteer Ambulance Corps responded to a three car accident on Jericho Turnpike in Commack. One person was taken to the hospital fully immobilized complaining of neck and back pain.


Mount Sinai Fire Department

May, 2014

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You Won’t Run out of things to do at .... FIRE EXPO 2010

Lancaster county Firemen’s association’s 42 nd annuaL


fiRe expo 2014 Show hourS FrIdAY, MAY 16 – 10 AM - 5 PM SATurdAY, MAY 17 – 10 AM - 5 PM SuNdAY, MAY 18 – 10 AM - 4 PM

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fiRe expo 2014 940 Village Road, lancaster, Pa 17602 717-464-3291 • Fax: 717-464-3291 email: website:

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Brush fire in Melville Melville, NY. on March 15, 2014 answering a call of a brush fire, the Melville Fire department found a field on a farm on old Country road to be on fire. The fire was quickly extinguished.

CoNNeCTIoNS houSINg 1-800-262-9974 or


May, 2014

1st Responder Newspaper - LI

1st Responder Newspaper - LI

May, 2014


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Pete Piretti, Sr and Pete Piretti, Jr. at the scene of a working fire on Taylor Avenue in East Patchogue. They are shield 562 and 651 from Hagerman Fire Department.


Mr. G is all geared up and ready to go!


Melville, NY. On March 21, 2014 while on a fire call, the members of the Melville Fire Department met members of the Marshall Tucker Band.


The Southampton Fire Department recently held a ice rescue drill on Old Town Pond in Southampton village.


Hempstead 1st Assistant Chief 81, Sean Simmons


May, 2014

1st Responder Newspaper - LI


Winds fuel brush fire in Mastic Get your personal copy of

The LI Edition

Mastic, NY. The Mastic Fire Department was toned out for a brush fire at William Floyd Parkway and the ramp to Sunrise Highway. Mastic Assistant Chief Rudy arrived on the scene and found a fast moving fire. 5-12-5, Mastic's Brat truck, was first due to the scene. The second due to the scene were Mastic's two engines. Firefighters went right to

JUMP TO FILE #032714105

work on stopping the fire as well as preventing the further spreading of flames. The fire and smoke caused major traffic delays. The fire was placed under control about 15 minutes later. - HAROLD JACOBS

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Hempstead Engine 1 in action at a recent structure fire MARK OSHINSKY

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Extrication drill Melville, N.Y. March The Melville Fire Department held an extrication drill where the members went over the use of the tools. The rescue members were on hand to remove the driver who was trapped. Members of the Explorers were also there to learn.

1st Responder Newspaper - LI

May, 2014

PAgE 15

ACTION SHOTS FROM AROUND LONG ISLAND To see your action shots in the newspaper upload them on our website or email them to


Captain from Melville Fire Department at a fatal fire in East Farmingdale


Baldwin Hose 3, Captain


The Southampton fire department juniors attended the FDNY/NYPD charity hockey game on April 6th. A great day was had by all who attended.


The Huntington Community First Aid Squad lined up for a group shot prior to marching in the Huntington St. Patrick's Day Parade on March 9, 2014.


Lt from Engine 214 in Freeport


May, 2014

1st Responder Newspaper - LI

1st Responder Long Island May Edition  

1st Responder News is the first newspaper to cover emergency service personnel on such an intimate basis. We give detailed coverage to the...

1st Responder Long Island May Edition  

1st Responder News is the first newspaper to cover emergency service personnel on such an intimate basis. We give detailed coverage to the...