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JAN/FEB 2016

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Incredible stories of recovery and care

Nexera offers Sterile Processing Certification Prep. Courses. Register today! p3

Nurse who lost limbs to flesh-eating bacteria finds hope and rehabilitation at Gaylord Hospital p5

Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital - 28 Years. Thousands of comeback stories p7 Center for Vein Restoration nationally recognized as the leader in the treatment of vein disease and varicose veins p20


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Jan/Feb 2016

Hospital Newspaper - NE


Hospital Newspaper - NE Jan/Feb 2016



Do you work in or want to work in sterile processing? You are legally required to be certified in the tri-state area. NOT CERTIFIED? NOT A PROBLEM. REGISTER TODAY! Nexera offers a 12-week certification preparatory course specifically designed to help existing managers, technicians, and other individuals who want to work in sterile processing prepare for a accredited national certification exam.

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All courses are held 4:30-8:30 p.m.

Course fee includes registration, handouts, and a three-hour final practice exam. Students have the option to purchase the required textbook through Nexera at the time of registration or independently. If purchasing independently, you must bring the book to the first day of class. Course Fee: With Required Text: $1,275 Without Required Text: $1,150

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• Introduction to Sterile Processing

• Human Relations Skills

• Inventory Management

• Sterile Packaging

• Medical Terminology

• Surgical Tracking Systems

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• Safety


Jan/Feb 2016

Hospital Newspaper - NE

Lampert elected new Chairman of Waveny LifeCare Network

Todd Lampert has been elected to succeed Tom Lewis as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Waveny LifeCare Network. Under Lewis, Lampert served as ViceChairman and an active member of Waveny’s board. Tom Ferguson and Kathryn Tohir have been elected board Vice-Chair and Secretary, respectively, while John Zaro remains the board's Treasurer. “A firm commitment to excellence has charted Waveny’s course for 40 years,” said Lampert. “It’s an honor to lead an organization that’s constantly moving forward with confidence, vision and a great sense of purpose.” Lampert, who joined the Waveny board in 2012, saw several landmark initiatives undertaken by the 5-star rated organization throughout his tenure to date, including the launch of Waveny at Home – Waveny’s home-based companion and homemaker division, the introduction of advanced Wound VAC, IV and respiratory therapies at Waveny Care Center, the creation of expanded couples suites at both The Village and The Inn, collaboration with Staying Put in New Canaan, and a comprehensive rebrand.


Todd Lampert, newly-elected chairman of the Board of Directors for Waveny LifeCare Network.

An attorney with more than 25 years in law, Lampert brings extensive experience in practice and governance to Waveny’s board. His law practice, Lampert, Toohey & Rucci LLC, has served clients since 1993 with a location on Main Street in

New Canaan since 1997, and provides a range of legal services including civil litigation, construction law, residential and commercial real estate, business development, trusts and estates, matrimonial and personal injury law.

A Founder of the Bank of New Canaan – now Bankwell, Lampert currently serves as Director and Corporate Secretary for the bank. He has served as an event Chair for Waveny’s annual “Swinging for Seniors” Golf & Tennis fundraiser, and previously served on the Board of Directors for the Stamford Arboretum. He lives in New Canaan with his wife, Antoinette, and their three children, and is a graduate of the Bridgeport School of Law and the University of Colorado. “I look forward to leading our strong Board of Directors and working closely with our CEO, Bill Piper and his capable leadership team,” said Lampert. “As a communitybased organization, much of Waveny’s success and ability to exceed all industry benchmarks of excellence is due to the community’s support. As we continue to respond to the changing needs and preferences of seniors by diversifying our services and expanding upon our home-based services, we will always continue to put quality first. I am very excited to see what the future holds.” “At such a critical time in Waveny’s history and healthcare in general, Todd’s leadership style is

of vital importance to our organization and its future,” said Bill Piper, Chief Executive Officer of Waveny LifeCare Network. “Healthcare as we know it continues to change and demands that organizations like Waveny evolve with it, so we are very glad to welcome him into his new role at this pivotal time.” Celebrating 40 years of serving the community, Waveny LifeCare Network provides a comprehensive continuum of healthcare to serve the growing needs of older adults from all areas. Waveny is a nonprofit organization that offers independent living at The Inn, assisted living for people with Alzheimer’s and memory loss at The Village, and skilled nursing at Waveny Care Center. It also includes Waveny Home Healthcare, Waveny at Home the Brown Geriatric Evaluation Clinic, a Geriatric Care Management team that provides 24-hour coverage, an Adult Day Program available on weekdays with flexible hours, inpatient and outpatient Rehabilitation Services, and respite programs at The Village and Care Center. For information call 1-855-WAVENY-1 or visit

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Hospital Newspaper - NE Jan/Feb 2016

The other side of the Stethoscope By Joy Savulak

Fifty nine-year-old Jane Mezzatesta was enjoying a week-long vacation by the crystal blue waters of Saint Lucia when a seemingly innocuous incident changed the course of her trip – and her life. “I woke up one night with a sharp pain in my thigh. It felt like someone jabbed me with a syringe,” she explained. Jane turned on the light and threw back the covers to find a large black bug crawling away. “I went to sleep and really didn’t give it more thought,” she said. But days later, Jane – a usually energetic and adventurous spirit – began feeling rundown. “I didn’t want to do anything. It wasn’t like me at all,” she explained. As she grew weaker, Jane noticed that the area around the bite was becoming inflamed. She consulted a pair of vacationing doctors who concurred that it appeared to be a case of cellulitis. For Jane, a registered nurse with nearly four decades of experience, the diagnosis didn’t seem to fit her symptoms. “It did look like cellulitis, but that didn’t explain my exhaustion,” she said. “Something just didn’t click.” Jane’s instincts proved right. Within days she was unable to venture much past her own room. On the day of her departure, the grandmother of two was carried to the awaiting limo and wheeled onto the airplane. “I don’t recall much else,” she said. “Not the flight, not the luggage claim. The only thing I remember is telling the driver bringing us home to drop me off at Griffin Hospital instead.” Jane’s condition quickly deteriorated as she lay intubated and comatose in the ICU. Her physicians determined that the damage inflicted by necrotizing fasciitis (commonly referred to as flesh-eating bacteria) was too extensive to be treated locally and transferred her to the burn unit at Bridgeport Hospital. “My hands and feet were becoming cyanotic. In other words, my body was routing most of my blood to my core in an effort to preserve my main organs,” she explained. The resulting lack of circulation to her extremities ravaged her limbs. With all options exhausted, Jane’s doctors decided to amputate her right leg above the knee.

Nurse who lost limbs to flesh-eating bacteria finds hope and rehabilitation at Gaylord Hospital


Jane Mezzatesta celebrates the progress she made at Gaylord Hospital before discharge with the many nurses, therapists and other staff members she counts among her friends.

Days later, they amputated her left arm later followed by her remaining leg below the knee. Although her right arm was spared, she did undergo surgery to partially remove the damaged portion of her fingertips. As Jane slowly became cognizant of the new reality before her, the enormity of the situation hit hard. “I’m a nurse,” she explained softly. “I am the caregiver. I’m not supposed to be on this end of things.” Six weeks after arriving back in the States, Jane was transferred to Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford, Connecticut where she was met by many smiling faces including Rebecca, a physical therapist, and Marcie, an occupational therapist. Learning how to rescript her life wouldn’t be an easy task, they told her, but the two promised that together they would accomplish it as a team. Jane spent hours each day working on her strength and stamina, learning how to use a wheelchair, and regaining the fine motor skills in her hand. Her occupational therapist left “no stone unturned” in showing her how to perform activities of daily living such as bathing and cooking. After several months of therapy and multiple fittings, Jane was ready to trial her prosthetic legs. She described how the entire gym was filled with Gaylord staff as she prepared to take her first steps with a rolling walker. “Dozens of people came to watch … folks from therapy, speech, administration, nursing, housekeeping, dietary, you name it. All of them were

applauding and cheering. They made it one of my proudest moments.” Throughout her Gaylord stay, the telemetry nurse’s intense longing to be on the other side of the stethoscope never lessened. Jane found some comfort in “hanging out” by the nurses’ station, a place she said “felt like home.” “Gaylord doesn’t just provide great rehab, they also specialize in helping you cope with the emotional aspects as well,” she explained.

Jane especially appreciated the visits she received from clinical staff who would often stop by her room to discuss various medical topics. “We’d have a good talk … and for those few minutes I wasn’t in a wheelchair or in a hospital bed. I was my old self again. It was a good feeling. I would tear up a little after they left because they made me so happy.” Jane said that evidence of what she termed the “Gaylord effect” was also apparent on the beaming

faces of the discharged patients who often dropped by to visit their former care staff. She recalled several instances when the therapist she was working with in the gym suddenly stopped their work to greet and embrace a former patient. “I didn’t mind the interruptions at all,” she reflected. “It actually kept me motivated because I knew that someday that was going to be me. Someday I will interrupt someone’s gym time when I come back and walk throughout this whole hospital all by myself.” Last October, one day before her discharge, Jane accomplished the lofty goal she set for herself when she arrived at Gaylord only five months prior. “I took ten steps on my own without a walker or a cane. It was like a rebirth,” she said. Today, Jane continues her therapy at home where she works hard toward accomplishing her next goal: returning to the career she loves so deeply. “Right now I’m focused on doing as much as I can for myself so I can get back to caring for others. Obviously there are things I won’t be able to do anymore, but I know I’ll find a new way to help just as Gaylord helped me,” she said. “Until then, I’ll just keep working on it – one step at a time.”

Jan/Feb 2016

Hospital Newspaper - NE


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• 21 percent fewer women dying from heart disease • 23 percent more women aware that it’s their No. 1 health threat • Publishing of gender-specific results, established differences in symptoms and responses to medications, and women-specific guidelines for prevention and treatment • Legislation to help end gender disparities • But despite progress, women are still dying. They’re still unaware of their risks and the facts. It’s time to stand stronger, speak louder and join the fight this National Wear Red Day.

Please share your stories with us at Jim can be reached at 845-202-4737 and via email at


Waveny LifeCare Network

And looking back on what has been accomplished, there have been tremendous strides. They include:


Fairfield County Medical Association

Heart Disease is the number 1 killer of Women in the United States, claiming more lives than all forms of cancer. National Wear Red Day is Friday, February 5th to help fight heart disease. In 2003, the American Heart Association and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute took action against a disease that was claiming the lives of nearly 500,000 American women each year – a disease that women weren’t paying attention to. A disease they truly believed, and many still believe to this day, affects more men than women. Stemming from that action, National Wear Red Day was born. It’s held on the first Friday in February every year to raise awareness about heart disease being the No. 1 killer of women. This will mark the 13th anniversary.


England Edi WWW.H tion OSPITAL NEWSPA PER.CO Jane Mezz M atesta poses with therapist Rebecca physical Jane regai Kania who n after a three her strength and helped mobility -limb ampu tation. p5

Special Education Career Sec & tion



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rtg gage Pro

unsurpasse   through ourd customer service participatin g llenders.




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JAN/FEB 2016

Continuin g Ed Opportunities

REHAB See p10

Incredible recovery anstories of d care


AdCare Hospital

Celebrate National Wear Red Day with Go Red for Women

Hospital Newsp aper 1 Ardmo re Street





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Nexera offe Certificationrs Sterile Processin g Register todaPrep. Courses. y! p3 Nurse who flesh­eatinglost limbs to hope and bacteria finds reha Gaylord Hos bilitation at pital p5 Fairlawn Reh ­ 28 Years. abilitation Hospita Thousands l comebac k stories p7 of Center for Vein Rest nationally orat recognized ion leader in the treatme as the disease and nt varicose veinof vein s p20

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Hospital Newspaper - NE Jan/Feb 2016


10 ways women can prevent heart disease Once again on Friday, Feb. 5, National Wear Red Day will take place during American Heart Month to help raise awareness about heart disease among women. “Heart disease is still the number one killer of women in our country,” said Dr. Anjanette Ferris, assistant professor of medicine at the Pat and Jim Calhoun Cardiovascular Center at UConn Health. “While we have made some gains in raising awareness, more than 1 in 3 females in their lifetime will be affected by cardiovascular diseases. ” All women need to start taking action today to prevent the development of heart disease and to maintain their overall heart health, according to Dr. Ferris and the other female cardiologists at UConn Health, Dr. Agnes Kim and Dr. Joyce Meng, both assistant professors of medicine. In addition to wearing red on Feb. 5 to send a reminder to women about the importance of their heart health, UConn Health’s female cardiologists have shared their top 10 ways a woman can prevent heart disease and maintain her heart health:

1. Be Aware of Your Body Each year make sure you go for your annual physical exam. If during the year you ever experience any new or unusual symptoms, or changes in your health, bring them to the attention of your doctor as soon as possible. Keeping open lines of communication with your physician is really important for your health.

2. Recognize Warning Signs Heart attack symptoms in women can include: shortness of breath, unusual chest pressure, abdominal discomfort, heartburn, jaw pain, neck pain, arm or shoulder pain, fatigue, dizziness, and nausea. Most importantly, if you think you are having symptoms related to a heart attack, don’t hesitate to call 9-1-1 right away. 3. Heart-Healthy Lifestyle “Each woman needs to work to manage the 6 modifiable risk factors of cardiovascular disease and keep them under control.” These risk factors are: high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, lack of exercise, and smoking tobacco,” said Dr. Ferris.

4. Exercise Daily “Exercise is the best medicine,” said Dr. Ferris. You must get 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each day. This can be achieved simply by brisk walking.

5. Eat Healthy Daily “Each day eat a well-balanced diet with lots of colorful fruits and vegetables,” said Dr. Meng. “Also, make sure you are drinking enough water.” She recommends that you control your portion sizes and to remember everything in moderation, including sweet desserts and alcohol consumption.

6. Cut Your Sugar Dr. Meng says, “One of the first questions I ask my patients is: what do you drink?” She recommends women cut their soda intake and to limit sweets.

7. Cut Your Salt Higher salt intake is associated with high blood pressure or hypertension, a leading risk factor for heart disease. “Try to choose leaner meats and avoid processed meats such as cold-cuts that are higher in salt content,” said Dr. Meng.

8. Better Manage Your Stress According to Dr. Kim, continuous stress can increase your risk of heart disease and lead to the narrowing of your arteries. “Exercise is the best form of stress management,” said Dr. Kim.

9. Know Your Numbers In addition to knowing your family history of heart disease, Dr. Kim says you should know your blood pressure readings and your cholesterol levels, especially HDL (good) and LDL (bad) cholesterol.

10. Adhere to Your Medication “Complying with your prescribed cardiovascular medication is extremely important to managing your heart health and preventing future cardiac events,” said Dr. Meng. “Listen to your doctor’s recommendations.”

To schedule interviews with a UConn Health cardiologist for February's Heart Month, please contact: Lauren Woods, 860-679-2139, Cell: 860-987-2116, email:


Jan/Feb 2016

Hospital Newspaper - NE

First patient in New England receives Robotic Spine Surgery at UConn Health On Jan. 7 Frank Ditaranto, 50, of Terryville, Connecticut was the first patient in New England to receive pioneering, roboticguided spine surgery at UConn Health. Using the new, state-of-the-art Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance System, UConn John Dempsey Hospital’s Dr. Isaac Moss performed the first minimally invasive, roboticguided spinal procedure. To relieve Frank’s severe lower-back and leg pain, Moss successfully removed and fused Frank’s L4-5 deteriorated disc using minimally invasive techniques. “Thanks to the robotic technology, we were able to place screws in the patient’s spine with extremely high accuracy, small incisions and minimal intraoperative radiation,� said Moss, assistant professor of orthopaedic surgery and neurosurgery at the Comprehensive Spine Center of the UConn Muscu-

loskeletal Institute at UConn Health. “The simplicity of the technology as well as our superb operating room staff made the transition to using the robotic-guided technology smooth and the procedure went extremely well.� Moss used the innovative robotic technology’s software to pre-plan Frank’s spine surgery virtually, using a 3-D simulation of his spinal anatomy based upon his most recent CT scan. During the operation, Moss’ pre-operative 3-D plan was matched in real time with intra-operative X-ray imaging of Frank’s spine. Then during surgery, the technology’s small robotic arm, about the size of a soda can, helped pinpoint the most precise location for Moss to place his tools to insert screws and other hardware allowing for greater surgical accuracy, safety and reduced neurological risks.

A day after the robotic surgery, Frank already felt truly transformed: “For the first time I was able to stand up straight and not have pain shooting down my left leg.� Frank had been working in the construction field for 30 years but one day that all suddenly changed. “Two years ago while working construction my back went out and it stayed that way,� said Frank. “Ever since I have been bent over like I was 90 with shooting pain down my left leg to my toes, and I was unable to even straighten my leg. People don’t understand what it’s like to have bad back pain until they have it.� Daily life and even walking became difficult for Frank. He tried pain medicine, physical therapy, aqua therapy, and epidurals but there was just no relief in sight -until now.

“I am too young at 50 years old to have to live like that. My primary care doctor suggested I go visit UConn Health,� said Frank. “I now have new discs and hardware in my spine and I am good to go. The robot is the best way to go about it.� Frank says he feels “great� and most importantly, as a single-dad of a 16-year-old daughter he looks forward most to getting back to playing volleyball with her, and simply walking around, and living life pain free. Moss adds: “I look forward to using this robotic-guided technology, now only available throughout New England and Connecticut at UConn Health, to help patients with spinal pathology by performing complex procedures with optimal precision and the best outcomes possible.�


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Hospital Newspaper - NE Jan/Feb 2016

A beloved mascot—Where in the world Is William?

At noon on Tuesday, January 12th, Regional Hospice and Home Care’s guests had the distinct honor to meet William— a new top dog who made his debut—the mascot as metaphor for the determination and good-hearted feisty optimism that paved the way for their Center for Comfort Care & Healing. More than just a meaningful face—William is also on a tour of duty to add a dose of lightedhearted fun for the children participating in the Center’s bereavement programs. In a new Healing Hearts Center for Grief and Loss activity named Where’s William, William’s photo will accompany children participating in the Center’s bereavement programs on their adventures over the next six months. With his photo in hand, each child will be able to submit William’s whereabouts to Regional Hospice via email to for friends to follow on the Regional Hospice Facebook page. A bronze French bulldog with a prestigious provenance and namesake, William is the 2003 creation of internationally-renowned British sculptor, Nicola Hicks, and is on loan from the personal collection of French-born businessman/poet/ philanthropist, William LouisDreyfus. “What an honor to have Nicola Hicks’ art in our Center! I am deeply grateful to Mr. Louis-Dreyfus for allowing William to take up residence as our temporary mascot,” said President & CEO Cynthia Emiry Roy. “Mr. Louis-Dreyfus generously hosted two events at his gallery to generate support during our campaign to build the Center. It is a pleasure to have MaryAnne Costello and Christina Kee, who manage the William Louis-Dreyfus Family Collection and were docents for our guests at those events, here with us today.” MaryAnne Costello applauded the Center’s beauty and attention to detail for patient and family comfort as she introduced William and spoke briefly about the artist, Nicola Hicks. Born into a family of well-established London artists in 1960, Nicola Hicks studied at Chelsea School of Art, and received her MA at the Royal College of Art. In 1995, at the age of 35, Nicola Hicks was awarded the honor of MBE (Most Excellent Award for the British Empire) for her contribution to the visual arts. She has had major solo shows in leading museums and galleries in Great Britain and internationally.


Pictured left to right: Paul Sirois, Regional Hospice Chief Operating Officer; Christina Kee and MaryAnne Costello, William Louis-Dreyfus Gallery; William; John Royce, Chairman, Regional Hospice Volunteer Board of Directors; Cynthia Emiry Roy, Regional Hospice President & CEO; Paul Loftus, Regional Hospice Volunteer Board Member

Though Hicks has endowed William with an affable, steadfast manner, she possesses a unique skill in creating sculptural works combining disparate qualities such as charming, menacing, grieving, and emotionally-fraught characters. She accomplishes this by creating her characters first as charcoal drawings on huge sheets of brown paper, then working primarily with plaster and straw. Hicks then casts many of her sculptures in bronze with such

subtlety that every fragile detail of plaster and straw is reproduced. Regally positioned atop a table in the Center’s main lobby, William will fill his days welcoming patients, families and visitors while building his very own fan base among the children at the Healing Hearts Center for Grief and Loss. “We have a tradition where our pet therapy dogs greet children as they enter our Center for bereavement groups. I know William will delight them and all

of the families who come here,” continued Roy, “and since he’s a bulldog, he’ll also have a joyfully nuanced meaning to everyone who helped us make our Center possible!” “Where’s William will be great fun for our Healing Hearts children,” said Joanna DeNicola, the manager of Regional Hospice’s Healing Hearts Center for Grief and Loss. “He will be with them in school, playing outside, on road trips, wherever they feel like posting his photo.

William is also a symbol of our children’s resilient spirit that makes them open to so much joy despite the losses they have experienced.” Built by hope, generosity and persistence, the Center for Comfort Care & Healing has become a sanctuary of compassion and the uniquely comforting hope that embraces families in the care of hospice angels. Please keep an eye out for William when you enter the Center, and please give him a mental high five—he embodies the tenacity of a truly caring community. Regional Hospice and Home Care’s team of experienced clinicians have been providing physical, emotional, spiritual and bereavement support to children, adults and their families through our palliative and hospice care program for the past 30 years. Regional Hospice and Home Care is a nonprofit, state-licensed and Medicare-certified home health care and hospice agency. Now, with the opening of our new private-room, specialty hospital for palliative and end-of-life care — the Center for Comfort Care & Healing — Regional Hospice and Home Care can bring that same hope and compassionate care close to home and under one roof. For more information, visit Follow us on twitter: @RegionalHospice. Like us on Facebook:

When Patients Turn to You, You Can Rely on AdCare ®

A medical facility dedicated to addiction treatment, AdCare Hospital is New England’s most comprehensive provider of alcohol and drug abuse services. Our Services Include: s Inpatient and Outpatient Care s Day and Evening Treatment

s Support Groups s Community Service Programs


Outpatient Locations: Boston, Quincy, North Dartmouth, West Springfield, Worcester and Warwick, RI.

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Jan/Feb 2016

Hospital Newspaper - NE


Nurse’s Viewpoint By Alison Lazzaro, RN

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Hidden Healthcare

Driving past houses each day, we rarely take the time to wonder who is inside. Is the home filled with excited, yet exhausted new parents and their beautiful baby? Is there a family along with their loyal pets sitting down to dinner? Or around the bend of a family room, is there a loved one bound to a hospital bed on a ventilator? I never wondered what took place behind closed doors of other people's homes until working with a Nurse Practitioner performing home visits. Walking into our first home, I was quietly shocked that behind the normal facade of the home lived a family taking care of their uncle who became paraplegic after a cerebrovascular accident. He struggled with depression, uncontrolled diabetes, incontinence, chronic wounds, and cardiovascular disease. A family member was constantly caring for their uncle: changing linens, bathing him, feeding him, monitoring his blood glucose, and changing his extensive wound dressings. Without any medical training or complaints, these family members were providing the type of care in the middle of their living room that is normally seen in acute care settings. The Transitional Care Model, designed by Dr. Mary Naylor at the University of Pennsylvania, addresses care management of patients with five or more chronic conditions. Her model seeks to minimize acute illnesses among older adults. Based on her evidence based practice model, advanced practice nurses (APN) are at the forefront of the project. APNs can conduct home visits with these complex patients to provide medication reconciliation and prevent complications by addressing concerns early and keeping patients out of the hospital. Caring for patients in the community is a vastly different and complex experience. In a hospital based setting, nurses and providers can easily retrieve up to date lab results, look up diagnostic imaging results like chest x-rays, and ask for second opinions from other nurses, respiratory therapists, nutritionists, pharmacists and physicians readily available. I felt stranded on my first day in home care, longing for concrete study results to clue me in on the best treatment options. The sense of discomfort from not having every resource, coupled with heavy reliance on physical assessment and interpersonal skills can transform providers into better clinicians. Homecare requires astute listening skills, independence, autonomy, critical thinking, cultural competence and sincere compassion for patients' living conditions. Home care becomes both challenging and rewarding because of the relationship created between provider and patient when inside their home turf, rather than being in our familiar hospital setting.

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Fresenius Medical Care and Genesis HealthCare open new Dialysis Clinic


Our staff loves working at BEAUMONT! Here are a few reasons why…

New dialysis option available for skilled nursing dialysis patients and the Windsor Community Genesis HealthCare, one of the nation’s largest providers of postacute care, and Fresenius Medical Care North America, the nation’s leading network of dialysis facilities, have opened Fresenius Medical Care Windsor, a new 9-station dialysis clinic in Windsor. The dialysis clinic is located in Kimberly Hall South, a Genesis HealthCare skilled nursing facility located on a campus at 1 Emerson Drive in Windsor. The clinic will serve residents at both Kimberly Hall South and North, as well as those individuals requiring dialysis services in the local community. Dialysis is a life-sustaining process that cleans waste products from the blood and removes extra fluids when a person’s kidneys fail. Dialysis patients typically require treatment on an ongoing basis unless they receive a kidney transplant. “The placement of a dialysis unit at a skilled nursing facility provides an unprecedented degree of attention and ease to the resident who no longer needs to travel for the key element of their medical care. The unit staffed by Dialysis nursing specialists and supervised by Board certified nephrologists brings the same high level of care given at standard dialysis units, to a unique setting that meets the needs of patients and adds tremendously to their lifestyle,” shares Jarrod Post, M.D., Medical Director of the new clinic. “The hours spent in preparing, waiting for transport, travelling, transitioning into and out of the dialysis unit, and repeating for the way back is eliminated and added back to the life and freedom of the patient.

We are all excited at the great opportunity to present a new style of care for the person who requires nursing support but also needs Dialysis treatments.” The new facility offers traditional in-center daytime hemodialysis, as well as a peritoneal home dialysis program. Fresenius Medical Care offers other dialysis patient services including a kidney transplant support program, vascular care, anemia management, nutrition counseling, bone disease management and social worker support. Jarrod Post, M.D., a nephrologist with Connecticut Multispecialty Group in Hartford, provides medical director oversight at the new Medicare-certified facility. “Patients at this new Fresenius Medical Care facility will benefit from our mission to deliver superior care that improves the quality of life of every patient, every day,” said Anna Piascik, director of operations, for Fresenius Medical Care. “We recognize that dialysis patients spend many hours receiving treatment each week, so we are pleased to now be able to offer that same exceptional level of service in a more convenient location for people in the Windsor area.” Fresenius Medical Care Windsor will feature the CHAIRSIDE® online charting and electronic health record system with touch-screen monitors, for clinical staff to enter and securely track critical patient information. Each dialysis treatment station features reclining, heated treatment chairs with massage capabilities and individual media systems to enhance patient comfort.

“ The CNA career ladder has taken me to new heights.”

• HIGHLY COMPETITIVE WAGE AND SALARY PROGRAM • We do NOT answer to stockholders… we have been family-owned and operated for over 60 years. • Experienced and stable Administration and Nursing Management • We have a fully staffed and highly experienced Inservice Department. • Low Patient-to-Nurse ratio • Advanced Training Offered • We support professional growth through tuition reimbursement, CEUs, professional certifications (ANA Certificates and Rehabilitation Nursing Certificates), and more! • Excellent Health and Dental plans • Life Insurance • Long & Short Term Disability Insurance • Generous Paid Time Off • Indefinite accrual of earned time • Full-time benefits for 30 hours or more • Part-time benefits from 24 hours • 401(k) with employer contributions (with immediate vesting) • On-site fitness centers… FREE to all staff • Subsidized child care for all staff at Early Education Centers located in Natick, Northbridge and Worcester

If you are interested in working with a progressive, family-owned company, «i>ÃiÊVœ˜Ì>VÌÊՓ>˜Ê,iÜÕÀViÃÊ>ÌÊ ÃVÀœÜiÞJ->“œ˜i>Ì…°Vœ“


Administrator in Training completes fieldwork at Waveny PAGE 12

Jan/Feb 2016

Hawaiian native and Administrator in Training, Kelsey Painter, completed the first phase of her required fieldwork through a 3-month, 450 hour internship at Waveny LifeCare Network of New Canaan, Conn. Ms. Painter’s on-site work alongside Waveny’s Administrator, Ron Bucci, LNHA, was a vital part of her graduate program in Long Term Healthcare Management at UConn, which will prepare her to obtain licensure as a Nursing Home Administrator. “This has been an invaluable life experience and has given me the foundation I need for the future,” said Painter. “I feel excited and prepared to bring everything I’ve learned to my next internship. My experience here at Waveny made me know for certain that this is definitely the right career path for me.” Celebrating 40 years of serving the community, Waveny LifeCare Network provides a comprehensive continuum of healthcare that includes residential, inpatient, outpatient and community-based solutions to serve the growing needs and changing preferences of older adults from all areas. Waveny is a non-for-profit organization that offers independent living at The Inn, assisted living for people with Alzheimer’s and memory loss at The Village, and skilled nursing at Waveny Care Center. It also includes Waveny Home Healthcare, Waveny at Home, the Brown Geriatric Evaluation Clinic, Geriatric Care Management, an Adult Day Program available on weekdays with flexible hours, inpatient and outpatient Rehabilitation Services, and respite programs at The Village and Care Center. For information call 1-855WAVENY-1 or visit

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Kathleen Mackenzie named Day Kimball Healthcare Employee of the Year Behavioral Health Clinical Nurse Manager is “Like the Keel of a Ship through Stormy Waters”

Kathleen Mackenzie has been named employee of the year for 2015 at Day Kimball Healthcare (DKH). She is a clinical nurse manager of the Behavioral Health Inpatient Unit at Day Kimball Hospital, which is part of the DKH integrated medical system. Mackenzie’s selection was announced at a staff event celebrating all of DKH’s 2015 Employees of the Month on Friday, January 8, 2016. Mackenzie, who has been with DKH since 2005, is responsible for the management of patient care in the Behavioral Health Inpatient Unit, leading and supporting staff to ensure effective and compassionate care. She also works closely with the Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic and behavioral health crisis workers in the Emergency Department to facilitate prompt and coordinated care for those patients who require admission to the inpatient unit. In addition, she serves as a behavioral health liaison to the rest of the hospital, building relationships and processes to enhance patient care. When asked how she felt about being chosen for this award, Mackenzie said, “I’m honored to have been chosen but I’m also just so proud to be a part of this team. Everyone here works so hard and is so deserving.” According to her coworkers, Mackenzie has been deserving of this award for quite some time. At her Employee of the Month celebration in June, Dr. Andre Bessette, Chief Psychologist of Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health at DKH said, “I liken Kate to the keel of a ship – it’s the stuff you don’t see happening under the water line that really sets the course. We have the best keel around in Kate. She helped to sail me through some difficult waters as I was getting acclimated when I first came on board at Day Kimball, and now our child and adolescent program is in a great position,” Bessette said. But President and CEO Robert Smanik perhaps summed it up best when he said, “With Kate, it really comes from the heart. In every community hospital

I’ve been a part of, behavioral health is critical. It’s needed everywhere, but there are always many challenges and it takes a remarkable group of people to do this kind of work. It takes not only clinical expertise but also courage and commitment – and Kate delivers all of that with a smile on her face every single day. It’s truly a gift, and I couldn’t be more impressed.” Mackenzie holds a MS degree from Eastern CT State University and UCONN and also attended Three Rivers Community College, Norwich, CT, where she earned her RN. She is currently working on her APRN. She has deep ties and a strong commitment to the Northeast Connecticut community and resides in Putnam, with her husband Chas and their three children. DKH Chairman of the Board Joseph Adiletta honored Mackenzie as well as the other 11 employees of the month at the celebration as well. “I want all of you to know how important each of you is to this community and this organization, and that the Board recognizes and respects your efforts immensely. It is all of you, and everyone on the Day Kimball team, that make Day Kimball what it is. It’s hard work, and you do it with passion, pride and professionalism,” Adiletta said. Day Kimball Healthcare is a non-profit, integrated medical services provider comprised of Day Kimball Hospital, healthcare centers in Danielson, Dayville, Plainfield and Putnam, Day Kimball HomeCare, Hospice & Palliative Care of Northeastern CT, Day Kimball HomeMakers, and Day Kimball Medical Group. Its service area includes Northeast Connecticut as well as nearby Massachusetts and Rhode Island communities. Day Kimball Healthcare’s comprehensive network offers more than 1,100 employees including nearly 300 associated, highly-skilled physicians, surgeons and specialists. Its website is

Compassionate Extroverts needed as Chapter Volunteers Regional Hospice and Home Care is looking for a few compassionate extroverts who love networking in their communities and bringing people together to support the extraordinary care Regional Hospice provides. Are you an aspiring community activist? Would you like to work more closely with people in your town who share a passion for helping others? Do you enjoy getting groups of friends together to have breakfast or lunch for a cause? Please consider becoming a Regional Hospice chapter volunteer. As a non-profit hospice, grass roots support has sustained Regional Hospice and Home Care since 1983. Regional Hospice provides care in the Center for Comfort Care & Healing as well as in family homes and offers free bereavement programs at their Healing Hearts Center for Grief and Loss. Additional chapter fundraising volunteers are vital to supporting the increased demand for services. Regional Hospice and Home Care has eight regional chapters: Bethel, Brookfield, Danbury, New Fairfield, Newtown, Redding, Ridgefield and Southbury that need your community savvy and people skills to join the ranks of dedicated chapter volunteers. Most chapters host one event annually, and volunteers work closely with their town chapter chairman and Regional Hospice staff during the planning months of their event. Anyone interested should contact Cathie Petrosky, community stewardship and senior writer, at (203) 702-7413 or by email at to fill out an application and schedule an interview with the current chapter chairman of their town.


Day Kimball Healthcare Chairman of the Board Joseph Adiletta presents the 2015 employee of the year award to Kathleen “Kate” Mackenzie, RN, MS at a staff celebration held at Day Kimball Hospital.

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Now Enrolling Full Day Kindergarten For 2016

Infant (from 12 wks) • Toddler • Preschool Pre-Kindergarten • Kindergarten • Full Day/Part Day Schedules

Conveniently located in: SHREWSBURY 138 North Quinsigamond Ave. • Shrewsbury • 508 • 755 • 3922


Jan/Feb 2016

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Jan/Feb 2016


Bernstein & Associates, Architects Founded in 1990, Bernstein & Associates, Architects, specializes in the design and construction of hospital and healthcare facilities. Our focus: high-quality design, excellent service, and client satisfaction. We have worked for over 100 hospitals and another 200 private healthcare facilities, across the United States. Our project types have included all hospital and healthcare service groups, including: Adult Day Care, Alcoholism Treatment Facilities, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Assisted Living, Cancer Centers, Cardiac Cath, Cardiology, CCU/ICU, Clinics, Coronary Care, Dental, Dermatology, Dialysis Clinics, Doctors Offices, Drug Treatment Facilities, Elder Care, Employee and Student Health Support Services, Emergency Departments, Emergency Preparedness, Endoscopy, ENT, Expert Witness, Group Practices, Hospices, Hospitals, Infectious Disease, Information Systems, Intensive Care, JCAHO Survey, Joint Commission Survey, Laboratories, Master Plans, Medical Offices, Medical Equipment, Medical Libraries, Medical Records, Neurology, Nursing Homes, Ophthalmology/Eye Center, OB/Gyn, Orthopedic, Pain Care Facilities, Pathology, Patient Safety Consulting Services, Pediatric, Pharmacy, Physical Fitness and Sports, PT/OT, Primary Care Programs, Psychiatric, Radiology, Rehabilitation, Senior Citizen Facilities, Sleep Centers, Social Services, Statement of Conditions, Surgical Suites and Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Urgent Care Centers, and USP 797 Consulting Services. The firm's projects have won design awards from Progressive Architecture, Architectural Record, and the Architectural Woodworking Institute, and have been published in Advance, Health Facilities Management, Medical Technology Today, Bio/Technology, Progressive Architecture, Architectural Record, Design Solutions, Hospitality Design, Sound and Communication, Contract Design and Hospital Newspaper. Architectural Services include: programming, planning, design, construction documents, bidding and negotiation, and construction administration. The firm also offers sustainable or “green” healthcare design. The firm has a number of LEED-accredited professionals, has successfully completed numerous green healthcare projects, and has published articles on “Greening the Healthcare Environment”. Project Management (or Owner’s Representative Services) is offered as a stand-alone service through our affiliated project management company, Empire Projects, Inc. ( Bernstein & Associates, Architects - PLLC 100 Pearl St. - 14th Floor, Hartford, CT 06103 Contact: William N. Bernstein, AIA Managing Principal Tel: 860-616-2200 Fax: 860-616-0018 NEW YORK - HARTFORD - PRINCETON

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Whaler’s Cove Assisted Living has 120 safe and affordable rental apartments in a beautifully restored historic building. Life at Whaler’s Cove means living independently for senior adults who no longer want the responsibility of maintaining a home, but may need a helping hand with personal care and other needs. Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, on the site of the former Whitman Mills, bordering the Acushnet River, Whaler’s Cove offers all of the comforts of home. Amenities include a spacious dining room, large sunroom with interior gardens, chapel, library, beauty/barber salon and beautifully furnished lounge areas. Whaler’s Cove has recently added a billiards room and gym, as well as refurbished the Reception Desk area. At Whaler’s Cove, our professionally trained and dedicated staff is sensitive to residents’ changing needs, assuring that they receive the services they need to maintain their independent lifestyles. Whaler’s Cove is one of the most affordable assisted living facilities in the area. In addition, our units are 20-50% larger than other local facilities, making ours the most generously sized apartments in Southeastern Massachusetts. Are you in need of accommodations following surgery or an injury or just want to try us out before you decide? Ask about our Short Stay Suites. At Whaler’s Cove, we understand that everyone’s financial situation is unique and that these circumstances determine how you will fund your or your loved one’s stay in an assisted living. There are a wide variety of options available which offer the flexibility and additional resources that you need. Call us today to ask how we may be able to help you make the transition to assisted living. Whaler’s Cove Assisted Living 114 Riverside Avenue New Bedford, MA 02746 Phone 508-997-2880 • Fax 508-997-1599


HOSPITAL WORKERS HAVE YOU BEEN INJURED ON THE JOB? Learn What You Must Do To Protect Your Workers' Compensation And Disability Rights! Do Not Make These Mistakes That Can Cost You Benefits 1. You must report the accident or injury as soon as possible, even if you might not lose time from work or need immediate medical care. 2. Report all injuries to all body parts, no matter how minor they may seem. If you do not report it and the injury gets worse over time, the job may deny benefits. 3. Remember, you are entitled to treatment and benefits even if you have previously injured the same body part in a prior accident. Do not let the job tell you different. 4. Your doctor controls the treatment, not risk management. If you need an MRI and the job will not approve it, the experienced attorneys at BAGOLIE FRIEDMAN can fight to get it approved at no cost to you. 5. When you are released from treatment, you may be entitled to money for your injury and disability. You may also collect for repetitive stress, cumulative trauma, cancer, hearing loss & hepatitis. 6. Contact Attorneys Ricky Bagolie or Alan Friedman now for a confidential and free consultation and to discuss your workers' compensation and disability rights. There is no fee if there is no recovery.


BAGOLIE FRIEDMAN, LLC Workers' Compensation & Disability Attorneys

CALL TOLL FREE 1-866-333-3529 (After Hours / Emergency Number - 201-618-0508) The Five Corners Building - 660 Newark Ave Jersey City, NJ 07306 • (201) 656-8500 790 Bloomfield Avenue - Clifton, NJ 07012 (973) 546-5414

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Hughes Health & Rehabilitation’s Mark Finkelstein selected as a top Skilled Nursing Facility Administrator by National Organization West Hartford-based Hughes Health & Rehabilitation recently announced that its Vice President, Mark Finkelstein, has been selected as a top performer by the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA). This marks the third time in four years that Finkelstein has been selected by ACHCA. Its Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award is a distinction of significance: Fewer than nine percent of facility leaders nationwide qualify. Finkelstein is one of only nine skilled nursing facility administrators in Connecticut selected by the ACHCA for its 2015 award. “I'm honored to be recognized again by the ACHCA for its distinguished Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award,” said Finkelstein. “I must thank my co-workers at Hughes Health & Rehabilitation for their continuing support and dedication. They make my job very meaningful and our facility a place of caring and comfort for all our residents. I am indebted to their tireless service.” ACHCA’s Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award uses Minimum Data Set (MDS) quality indicators, occupancy and three years of inspection results data to select top performers. MDS is part of the U.S. federally mandated process for clinical assessment of all residents in Medicare or Medicaid certified nursing homes.


Under Finkelstein's leadership since 2006 as administrator and vice president of Hughes Health & Rehabilitation, the facility has, among other things, been selected as one of America's Top Nursing Homes by the Consumers' Research Council of America for seven consecutive years and by U.S. News & World Report for the past five years. In addition, in 2015 Hughes received the highest Overall Five-Star Quality Rating by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Hughes was one of just seven facilities in Connecticut to receive this highest ranking in all categories, and has maintained its Five Star Rating for five consecutive years despite tougher federal ratings standards. Also in 2015, Hughes was the recipient of the 2015 Circle of Excellence Award from the National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration (NADONA) for achieving a deficiency-free inspection from the Department of Public Health. Also under Finkelstein's direction, Hughes Health has received the Silver and Bronze Achievements in Quality from the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL), and has been accredited for its long-term care by The Joint Commission. In 2011, Hughes Health & Rehabilitation was a recipient of the Hartford Business Journal's Health Care Heroes Award for its work to decrease preventable hospital readmissions for patients with heart failure. Finkelstein has been the recipient of numerous national awards in his professional career, including the Distinguished Nursing Home Administrator Award, the highest and most prestigious award given by the American College of Health Care Administrators.

He also has received the Ross Laboratories Distinguished Service Award for distinguished service and leadership to the members of the American College of Health Care Administrators and the Distinguished Administrator Award from the Connecticut Chapter of the American College of Health Care Administrators. In 2012, Finkelstein received his first Facility Leadership Award from the ACHCA. In addition, Finkelstein has received numerous state awards, including awards from the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut for contributions to professionalizing administration and improving quality of patient care for providing reliable and unbiased assessments of health care issues; for meritorious service; and for many years of distinguished service. Currently, Finkelstein is a Director of the Connecticut Association of Health Care Facilities, a Lifetime Member of the American College of Health Care Administrators, a Lifetime Honorary Member of the National Association of Directors of Nursing and a Lifetime Member of the Academy of Long Term Care Leadership & Development. He also serves as a selectman in his native town of Portland.

(Re)Walking into the Future: Eddy’s Story PAGE 18


Jan/Feb 2016

Hospital Newspaper - NE

In the fall of 2014 while rounding a curve on his motorcycle, 27 year old Heriberto “Eddy” Rodriguez was enjoying riding with several of his friends. The next thing he remembered was waking up in a hospital. A state trooper told him he crashed head-on into a minivan. The exact details are still unclear… but the result is not. Eddy suffered multiple injuries, the most serious and long lasting of which, was a spinal cord injury that resulted in loss of feeling and movement in his legs. After 11 days at an acute care hospital, Eddy came to Hospital for Special Care’s (HSC) Medical Rehabilitation Unit. A graduate of Hartford High School, a veteran of four years in the Marines and a para-transit driver for the Greater Hartford Transit District, Eddy was now faced with, as he describes it, “dealing with the reality of it all.” For the next three months Eddy worked on healing and preparing for a life with new challenges. He worked closely with occupational and physical therapists to learn about his new body and how to get the most from it. With no feeling in his legs, Eddy had to relearn how to balance himself in all positions since his center of gravity had changed. In addition, he was learning how to dress and care for himself - all a part of his “new reality.” Eddy was discharged in January 2015 with home care and eventually started outpatient therapy at HSC. The clinicians at HSC reviewed options for assistive walking devices that could help patients with injuries like Eddy’s. After evaluating different options, HSC decided to begin working with the ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton.

Martin named executive director at Life Care Center of Merrimack Valley Life Care Center of Merrimack Valley, a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center in North Billerica, is welcoming Jeff Martin as its executive director. Martin most recently served as a regional director for Synergy Health Centers. Prior to that, he worked for GoldenLiving, also in a regional role. He is no stranger to Life Care, however. He served as the regional vice president for the company’s Walden Region for several years, which included Life Care Center of Merrimack Valley. He has worked in long-term care for more than 21 years. “I’m excited to rejoin the Life Care team,” said Martin. “We have a good group of people here at Merrimack Valley.” provided “Jeff is a highly respected and experienced leader in Massachusetts,” said Alain Bernard, vice president of parent company Life Care Centers of America’s Walden Region. Originally from Wakefield, Rhode Island, Martin earned his master’s degree in health care services administration and his bachelor’s degree in hospitality management. He currently resides in Bedford, New Hampshire. Life Care Center of Merrimack Valley, located at 80 Boston Road, is one of 15 facilities in Massachusetts operated or managed by Life Care Centers of America. Founded in 1976, Life Care is a nationwide health care company. With headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee, Life Care operates or manages more than 200 nursing, postacute and Alzheimer’s centers in 28 states. For more information about Life Care, visit

"ReWalk is the only FDA cleared exoskeleton system for rehabilitation and personal use at home and in the community in the United States," said Scott Reeves, Business Development Manager at ReWalk Robotics. The first apparatus was paid for by the Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority (CHEFA) and a corporate donor, the Cowen Tax Advisory Group. After an exhaustive review to find an individual who met the criteria for the ReWalk, Eddy became the first person at HSC (and in Connecticut) to be trained. His training began in May 2015. As Jenna Murphy, DPT notes, “Eddy is one of the most dedicated and motivated patients I have ever had. He wants to be as independent and self-supportive as he can be.” Eddy now comes to HSC four times a week to practice walking and for rehabilitation therapy to maintain and continue to build upper body strength and stamina. Eddy’s goal is to obtain a ReWalk for his personal use which will give him more independence and enhance his general health. “It’s more of an emotional thing than physical because nobody likes to be sitting down all the time; you like to be able to walk around,” said Eddy. “It’s been interesting – I’ve been taking it day by day, but any opportunity I get to be on my feet, I’ll take it.” Eddy is now pursuing a degree in Computer Information Systems at Capitol Community College. Given his track record, his dedication, and his smile, we have no doubts that he will succeed in reshaping his “new reality” to his liking. For further information please contact Joann Dinda, HSC’s Inpatient Therapy Manager, at

Hoffman SummerWood Community hosts Menorah Exhibit

SummerWood resident Sylvia Cohen and guests.


Residents, family members and guests recently enjoyed SummerWood’s fourth annual Menorah Exhibit. This unique event featured over 100 menorahs (chanukias) belonging to residents and their families. While some of the menorahs originated in Europe, Israel and other parts of the world, a few were made by hand by various artists and loved ones. Attendees enjoyed freshly made latkes and the lively festive music of the holiday. Hoffman SummerWood Community, a national award-winning senior living community located at 160 Simsbury Road in West Hartford, is an affiliate of Hebrew HealthCare. For more information about SummerWood, please call 860-523-3808 or visit their website at


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HE ERO OES DE ESER RVE E MO ORE E THROUGH HEROES EROES PARTICIPATING LENDERS, MO ORTGAGE SEEKERS CAN C EXPECT: „ The stronggest commitment to the heroess in our community „ Low interesst rates „ Minimal lending fees „&RVWHIIHFWLYHUHÀQDQFLQJ „ Innovative online tools „9$EHQHÀWV([SHU WV „ Promise to close on time

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