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TAYLOR KARNES Illustration & Design Portfolio


Wax Cafe

Digital Design II Digital & Ink For this project I created a fictional candle company, designed a logo, created labels and hand poured my own candles. The three candles I made were scented with gardenia, lavender and patchouli essential oils. The labels shown here were printed and placed on the candles. The botanicles are hand-drawn for each scent.

Target Ad Campaign

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From birthday and graduatinn parties, to all other reasons to celebrate, Target offers the must-haves for any occasion. Throwing a great party is made simple with all of the stylish essentials you will find in our stores. No matter the occation, Target will help make it memorable.


Character Design: Zodiac Tryptic (2018) Gouache For this project I created three characters using the visual and personality traits of three different zodiac signs. The characters are cast as a trio of women to provide a unifying conceptual context.

Taurus Taurus is an Earth sign with prominent traits consisting if being trustworthy, passionate, dependable and stubborn.

Aries Aries is a Fire sign with prominent traits consisting if being independent, competitive, confident, ambitious and sometimes moody.

Gemini Gemini is an Air sign with prominent traits consisting of being smart, dynamic, energetic, mysterious, and can commonly have two sides to them.

Folklore Goatman

Advanced Illustration Seminar (2017) Digital This illustration is based off of a Scottish folklore legend. The legend tells of a creature that is half man, half goat. It hides in the forest and in the trees waiting for prey to come walking down dark quiet trails.

Character Design: Color Challenge (2018) Digital

This project focuses on creating two characters that visually communicate positive or negative cues. However, the positive character must utilize an unappealing color palette, while the negative character will display colors that are viewed as more favorable and attractive.

Negative Character

Positive Character

Lost Purpose

Advanced Illustration Seminar: Editorial Concept (2017) Digital The concept behind this peice is the idea of losing purpose. It can feel as though it is slipping through ones fingers.

Character Design: Battle Royale Character (2018) Digital

Shadow is a battle royale character and resides in the back alleys of Japan. Her secret weapon is her ability to change forms and abilities depending on which of her masks she wears.

Illustrated Self Portrait Advanced Illustration Seminar (2017) Digital

For this project, the instruction was to create a self portrait by only using visual elements that could show peices of our personality, or things that we are connected to. Every element in this illustration shows a bit about who I am.


Character Design: Character Archetype (2018) Digital When exploring different character archtypes, one that I found interesting is the ‘Mentor’. This character is typically wise, helping the main character by providing advise and guidance.

Editorial Spot Illustrations Puppy love Acrylic


Rooker Band Logo Personal Project (2017) Digital

This is a logo/ poster illustration I designed for a friends rock band, Rooker.