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Decibel Chart

130 120 110 100 90-95 90 80 70 60-70 60 50 45 40 30 20 10

Deafening Deafening Deafening Very Loud Loud Loud Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate Faint Faint Very Faint Very Faint

Aircraft at take-off, artillery fire Fireworks display Close to a train Passing truck, home lawn mower, car horn Level of maternal blood flow in the womb Noisy factory, truck without muffler Noisy office, electric shaver, alarm clock, Average radio, normal street noise Level that Bellybuds reach a baby in the womb Conversational speech Normal office noise, quiet stream To awaken a sleeping person Average residence, normal private office Recording studio, quiet conversation Whisper, empty theater, ticking of watch Threshold of good hearing

Decibel chart