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A moment in time with Agot.


The editorial shows many sides and shades of Gilette.



The portrait of two noble powers at play.



A magnum opus, “Velocity” is celebrated, where a collective of saturated looks is captured through a lens.





CALAMITIOUS Mix of fashion and location with Morgan. COMMUTER Incredible collaboration between Yvonne Taylor team and Awuor. Brooklyn not comes to Brooklyn and puts on a display.

Bella Davis give us a demonstration of her modeling pedagogy in front of the camera. Larissa combines love of modeling and dance.


job. So in this case, I would like to thank everyseone who submitted to this month’s magazine. Theme magazine is a platform for artists, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, hairstylists, beauty and care, and lifestyle with a purpose of showcasing to the world each visionary’s talent. This includes anything from New York Fashion Week to art gallery openings. This magazine will post bi-monthly. Our other responsibilities are to showcase to the world the talents of amateur, semiprofessionals, and professionals in the fashion and art industry. In conclusion, if you have a theme that you want to contribute that you believe is up to par or your’re a fashion and art enthusiast, then welcome home to Theme Magazine. Love you all. I’ll see you next issue. Chris Bailey of BaileyIV

Front cover of Bella Davis


e are so excited about the pictorial muse issue. In this issue we have some amazing photographers who have created some incredible work focused on various themes that were near and dear to their heart. This issue will also celebrate a profitable 2019 summer. All though it was hot in the city, each editorial demonstrates the dreams and goals of each team and what it took to create such splendor. I know as a photographer and fellow dreamer what hard work it takes to put together just a photo shoot. That includes, thinking up a concept, putting out a mood board, getting a date and location on where you are going to shoot, putting a team together, counting the cost and getting a budget and casting the right model or models for the

WO COMMUTER A moment in time with Agot A moment in time with Agotne Agot has an amazing natural look. Almost hynotising from UC MODELS. So we decided to take a walk and try a campaign style photo shoot.



Red violet, black and what patterned 70 ‘s silk shift dress by BAILEY.IV


White short sleeve workout shirt with red floral pattern silk pants by Bailey.IV.




Model is Gilette Brown Photographer Virginia Rose of Virginia Rose Fine Art Designer and wardrobe stylist Bishop Ragotiii Hair and Make up artist Tone’ Jackson

F A WOMAN Green jump suit Urban Outfitters Vest Bishop Rogatti Shoes Nike

Gold bodysuit H&M Flared Skirt Bishop Rogatiii

Striped Blazer H&M Shoes Sam Edleman

Clear Jacket Bishop Rogatiii Orange bra Urban Outfitters Printed shorts H&M


Photographer Jesus Baez Hair stylist Horace stevenson iii Makeup artist Teriasia S. Stevenson Wardrobe stylist Eureka e. calhoun Model Morgan Gover of The Tabb Agency

Morgan Gover


Dress/shirt: Lafayette 148 Pants: Ganni Stockings: Insignia by Sigvaris Sandals: Alexandre Birman

Shirt: Tibi Pants: Self-Portrait Stockings: Insignia by Sigvaris Sandals: Alexandre Birman Necklace: St. John

Dress/shirt: Simone Rocha Jumpsuit: Rachel Comey Boots: Common Projects Necklace/ Choker: Junya Watanabe

Shirt: St. John Skirt: Lafayette 148 Stockings: Insignia by Sigvaris Boots: Common Projects


Photographer Yvonne Taylor @yvonnetaylorphoto Model - @awuordit for @moodmodelmgmt Stylist - Kibwe Chase-Marshall @byanyseamsnecessary Makeup - Lauretta J McCoy @beautycomestoearth Hair - Milroy B. Harried @milroybharried



Photos by Yvonne Taylor

From the closet of designer, stylist, fashion writer Kibwe Chase-Marshall @ byanyseamsnecessary “COMMUTER� transports. All clothing used in this eco friendly editorial are sourced from the stylist personal wardrobe collection, and thrift store items, redesigned for this fashion editorial.


Photo by Bailey.IV Makeup by Eve Chen .




Pink champaign slip dress by Bailey.IV. Gold shoes by Lauren Lorraine



Red, yellow and black plaid mid drift blazer with black and white print jumpsuit by Bailey.IV

Red floral pattern backless sun dress by Bailey.IV


KING VERSES QUEEN King: Authur Abad @Kingarthur24 Queen: Ivy Dominique @Modelivydominique Designer: Erena Chabes @Couturechebe Photographer: Karl M. Lee @karl_fashion_photographer

The portrait of two noble powers at play. A King and Queen in conflict of thrones, stuck between the path of war and love. They battle each other, in hopes of not succumbing to the ever growing passion for one another. The want to call each other a friend wavers on their lips, but there is too much pride to lose. Maybe too much pride to love, the sword is strength and ownership of heart, passion can overtake the emotions and cause a disturbance of balance. In the end they can’t help but be proud of one another’s strength. For even if they face each other as enemies, there would be no better opponent to die for. They’re eyes, filled with fire hide the swollen pain and want for peace. peace is a heavy burden in their world, it’s a relax mind state, for the enemy to win.

It is a balmy 108 degrees on this flawlessly clear and sunny, July afternoon. The humidity is high, winds are steady.…. “…Airport Tower, Airport Tower. Please clear Velocity Flight 777 for takeoff. Flight 777; this is the Lakewood Airport Tower - you are now cleared for take-off. Throttle down – we are in the air, climbing at a high altitude… But – wait? - We have begun losing power?! Velocity Models are aboard! Emergency landing requested! I repeat – I repeat! Emergency landing requested!! We are going down! I repeat, Velocity Flight 777, is—going down! WE- ARE-GOING---DOWN!!!” …Welcome to “Velocity”! The very definition of “velocity” is defined as “the speed of a given object, in a given direction”. When hifashion meets a literal airfield runway, “Velocity: The Photoshoot” transports the viewer even higher and higher to another level! The speed of style in this case, provides the viewer with an unbiased, unique perspective of transition art - fused with airport parachute styling, cutting edge photography & couture tailoring. An unmatched team inclusive of ‘pilot, co-pilot, stewardesses and passengers’ were assembled to convey the symbolism represented in “Velocity”. Although most little



girls may dream of soaring high in chic elegance, all while cleverly adorned in oversized stilettos and crystal baubles; …it is also a goal of the modern fashionista to take her style-game to the next level. And ‘Next-level’, is exactly where “Velocity” takes you! As it encompasses couture evening wear bursting with avant-garde looks; comparable to the seasoned goddess and evening gown drama often witnessed on a Paris runway. To add to the spectacular that is “Velocity”, some pieces were paired with custom and/or reworked hat designs, as presented by House of GoGé. A magnum opus, “Velocity” was one, where a collective of saturated looks (coifed in a beautifully distinct avant-garde twist), plentiful chiffon, graceful satin and floral grandeur – all effortlessly unified on the tarmac, to bring ethereal life to the lens. “Velocity” shifts speed frame-by-frame with a focus on the ‘embellished look’. It provides an insider ‘superhero’ vantage point to the inner strength and power, as embodied by all women. An alternative scenario to the typical photo imagery narrative, “Velocity: The Photoshoot” is sure to leave you breathless and anticipating your next flight!

Nyasia Sade @iamnyasiasade Retro-Red in Ruffles, Evening Frock: Akira store Couture “Everything Red Is” Floral & Chiffon Hat: Rochelle Miller for House of GoGé @house_of_goge

Green Goddess & Organza Gown: Sexy.Goddess.0820 “Sunrise Serenity” Couture Headpiece: Rochelle Miller for House of GoGé

TrĂŠ Lowe @helloimtremelo Pilot Flight Suit: MazelTov

E.Daniel Reeves @edanielreeves Pilot Flight Suit: MazelTov

Carolyn Antal IG: @carolyn.antal Olive Satin Military Ball-Gown: Love-Dress 520 Hat: Alexandr Russia for You

Peach Studded Flapper Dress: Casealicious

Morelle Thomas IG: @momoisnspired Mod Bodysuit in Shimmery Black: SolisFashion IG: @victoriaradu Peep Toe, Thigh High’s: AMIClubwear Second Line Umbrella: BellaUmbrella IG: @bellaumbrella Sparkle Satin Armbands: Mtcoffinz Clothing See-Thru Vinyl Skirt: Bmiuco

Nette Smiley @ohhshefancy_ ISatin Flapper Dress: Chic Me Store

Satin Express Evening Gown: Victor10188 “Multi-Floral & Pearls” Couture Fedora: Rochelle Miller for House of GoGé

Shey Bryant @ topmodel_shey Lime Chiffon Hi-Lo Gown: Victor10188 “Mother Nature” Couture Headpiece: Rochelle Miller for House of GoGé

Zoey Young @y.zola Passion Pink HiLo Organza Gown: Victor10188 Pink & Silver Sequined Band-Hat: MuditaDesigns @muditadesigns1

MUA Services: Maria Moore IG: @mariamxmoore Corrina Garcia IG: @ rinna.mua Shaniya Thompson IG: @makeupbynina_reese Stylist Services: Hair: Tiffany Brown IG: @hairdivafashions Clothing / Accessories: Rochelle Miller IG: @lachocolatebox Photography Services: Karl M. Lee IG: @karl_ fashion_photographer Jay Mack IG: @momentsbymoye Brian King IG: @brian_l_king

Modeling Services: Carolyn Antal IG: @carolyn.antal E. Daniel Reeves IG: @edanielreeves Morelle Thomas IG: @ momoisnspired Morgan Glenn IG: @morganglennn NaKeysha King IG: @nakeysha_king Nette Smiley IG: @ohhshefancy_ Nyasia Sade IG: @iamnyasiasade Shey Bryant IG: @ topmodel_shey TrĂŠ Lowe IG: @helloimtremelo Zoey Young IG: @y.zola

Digital Imaging / Videography Services: Marco Latham IG: @marcoandell




Model Bella Davis Photos by Bailey.IV Mua Eve Chen Hairstylist Edo Tastic


Red polka dot fabric earring with white long cotton maid gown by Bailey.IV.

Black and white butterfly wings mini dress by Bailey.IV

Floral pattern A-line dress by Bailey.IV.

Silver sequins jacket, silver halter top and black and red polka dot bell bottom pants by Bailey.IV

Jewelry by Bailey.IV



Gold top and bottom pants suit by Bailey.IV




Yellow, red and black plaid tent dress by Bailey.IV

Blue and red violet dress shirt with white pant by Bailey.IV


Profile for BAILEY.IV

THEME MAGAZINE pictorial muse edition  

We are so excited about the pictorial muse issue. In this issue we have some amazing photographers who have created some incredible work foc...

THEME MAGAZINE pictorial muse edition  

We are so excited about the pictorial muse issue. In this issue we have some amazing photographers who have created some incredible work foc...