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Bellamy Business Group

At Bellamy Business Group Inc., we provide small businesses and entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to plan, build and operate a successful business in any market. From creating and staying true to their company's mission and harnessing the power of costeffective marketing to identifying and securing the appropriate financing, our trainers arm their clients with resources and guidance that can be immediately applied to set entrepreneurs and their businesses on the path to success and prosperity. 1. Bellamy Business Group Inc. was founded by small business owners

2. Bellamy Business Group Inc’s main goal is to provide small businesses and entrepreneurs with actionable insight, b2c/b2b strategies and tools to build solid, wellorganized companies.

3. Bellamy Business Group Inc operates in one of the most professionally sound metro areas in the country, which includes Raleigh, Durham and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

4. Bellamy Business Group Inc has developed a customized, strategic plan for recessionproofing one's small business or joint venture. 5. Bellamy Business Group Inc offers live, interactive workshops semi-annually to help professionals reach operations and b2b sales goals. 6.The founders of Bellamy Business Group Inc offer extended training via the Web

Bellamy Business Group realizes that not every small business or joint venture is the same. Each business is unique, and each business owner and entrepreneur has differing needs depending on experience, budget, staff and industry. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all solution for every business, Bellamy Business Group, step-by-step solution that guides clients through the entire business development process and revitalization process – assisting with the business start up plan, financing options and best marketing strategies for them. Bellamy Business Group Inc works personally with each business owner or entrepreneur, ensuring that their business survives the first 5 years. Background

Bellamy Business Group Inc. was founded to help local small business owners and entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses successfully in the midst of the economic recession. It began as an idea of founder Tarrance Bellamy. Driven by the determination to help local business owners who were struggling to get their start-ups off the ground, Tarrance and company put their heads together to devise a strategic plan that would offer

their comrades the education and services they needed in a cost-effective manner. It has since developed into a full small business assessment, coaching and consultancy firm, offering consultation, training and educational small business materials in Web and print format to business owners and entrepreneurs across the country. Founders

As a Financial Planner with BMS LLC., Tarrance Bellamy specializes in meeting the needs of small business owners both individually and within the company. Tarrance loves to give business owners and self-employed persons peace of mind about their direction and their financial futures. Tarrance Bellamy is a business consultant who thrives on helping small businesses succeed. He has worked with businesses ranging from Sports and Entertainment, Interior Design to Non-profits on projects such as business organization, training class planning and events such as Artscape Baltimore Maryland.

Mr. Bellamy is also an avid speaker and trainer as well as a Certified Results Coach. He works with individuals and teams who want to reach huge goals within a single year. Through effective goal setting, tools for focus and motivation, and continuous coaching support, Tarrance helps you break through to get to the next level - empowering you to be a leader in your business as well as your life.

Being a marketing & social media consultant as well as an advocate for small business and entrepreneurship, Tarrance Bellamy works with business owners and entrepreneurs from all industries all over the world, helping them to understand and make better use of the Internet and all of the publicity opportunities it has to offer. Tarrance has served as mentor and trainer to hundreds of entrepreneurs.

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