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Belgacom takes you along story of a customer-centric, responsible & innovative company

Belgacom is a key player

Belgacom is the incumbent Belgian operator and a strong player in voice, broadband & digital TV (fixed & mobile).

It has leading positions on residential and business markets in the 3 regions of the country and has also seized real opportunities in selected foreign countries.

Its identity is built on three strong convictions: customer centricity, responsibility and innovation.

25% of the Group turnover comes from international operations (BICS, Telindus, Tango) 2

with a dedicated business unit to answer all customers needs

Consumer Business Unit (CBU) … takes care of our residential customers

Service Delivery Engine &

Enterprise Business Unit (EBU)

Wholesale (SDE&W) … groups together the network and IT services … offers services to other operators and suppliers on the Belgian market

… provides services to our professional customers

Staff & Support (S&S) … brings together all the horizontal functions that support the Group’s activities


… is a joint venture between Belgacom, Swisscom Fixnet, and MTN, and is responsible for international carrier activities

and reliable networks to support its activities


fiber-to-thecurb coverage in Belgium

Group’s fiber-optic network recognized as being among the top 5 in the world

80% of Belgacom TV subscribers have access to high definition

Investing in transformation: almost 10% of Group revenue

Winner of the 2009 Innovations Award

88.5% of Belgian households have

access to Belgacom TV


coverage. Best 3G network in Belgium

Belgacom TV is one of the three fastest growing and most innovative IPTV services in the world 4

Belgacom focuses on Customer Centricity, Responsibility and Innovation

Customer Centricity Responsibility

Our customer is king • Belgacom makes a step forward from convergent products to convergent services • Belgacom wants to improve the end-to-end customer experience from purchase to billing, through installation and repair, but also during key moments


Focus on health, access and a greener society • Top Employer 2010 • 100 social projects supported each year (Foundation, Helping Hand, CSR partners) • -70% CO2 by 2020

78% of our products did not exist 15 years ago • Belgacom TV is one of the three fastest-growing and most innovative IPTV services in the world • Investing in transformation: almost 10% of Group revenue • 2009 innovation award for fixed network infrastructure • Top 5 in the world for fiber-optic deployment 5

A close and accessible relationship to each customer Accessible via call center •

Larger opening hours: − 24/24 7D/7 for mobile − 7d/7 till 10pm for technical help (fix)

Physically close • •

120 shops operated by Belgacom 1,646 points-of-sale with Belgacom products all over the country

Accessible online • •

+ 56% of online sales via e-channel + Online support

Technically close All our customerfacing teams have made a step forward towards our clients

Evening installations or repair at the customer’s home, thanks to flexible technical intervention teams


And a desire to make a positive contribution to society Our corporate social responsibility is based on three pillars: access, green & health • •

• • •

Simplified offers and lower prices Social rate and solutions for seniors and the disadvantaged Green products: energy efficiency, less packaging, recycling campaigns Green solutions: videoconferencing, teleworking, smart metering, IT hosting First supplier in Belgium to provide information on exposure on all our wireless devices


CO2 emissions by 2020 7

A true culture of innovation, a constant desire to renew ourselves


of Belgacom’s revenues in 2009 come from services that did not exist 15 years ago. 8

Belgacom has strong key operating figures

and offers an attractive remuneration to its shareholders Strong dividend policy since 2004 •

Belgacom has returned cash amounts to its shareholders significantly exceeding the stated dividend policy of 50% to 60% of Group net income.

2009 total shareholder return: EUR 667 million.

New shareholder return policy •

Belgacom commits itself to an attractive shareholder remuneration policy by returning, in principle, most of its annual free cash flow to its shareholders. Belgacom expects to return an annual dividend of EUR 2.18 per share in 2010, payable in 2 tranches: − Interim dividend of EUR 0.50 − Normal dividend of EUR 1.68

We are confident about the future We have invested wisely in fixed infrastructure and mobile. Today, this allows us to have a superior technology which opens up opportunities for innovation in new products and services and creativity in customer experience. Innovation, convergence and responsibility allow us to focus on our top priority: customer satisfaction. We aim to offer the best service, the best product experience and to constantly surprise our customers.

We want to go forward with them and for them!

corporate presentation 2010 (en)  
corporate presentation 2010 (en)  

Corporate presentation of the Belgacom Group anno 2010