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Nikola Lashley

Heidi Boos

contents This room was designed for the Brazilian furniture showroom,

about the cover

ARTEFACTO, as part of their annual Show House where they invite Designers to create rooms using their furniture. As the “furniture” was our Client, we wanted their pieces to stand out

Graphic artist

production assistant

Advertising Sales


and not be blended with the accessories. For this reason, we

Advertising Sales

decided to paint them all in one colour…HOT PINK!! ARTEFACTO, cover photo

Alison Antrobus, interior designer

“ T he n i c e t hi n g a b out teamwork i s t hat you al ways have ot her s on your si de.” Margaret Carty quotes

We rescued him from the South Beach Animal Hospital and gave him


a dose of Hot Pink Chlorofluorocarbons…as you can see he is now happy and healthy on the cover of your Sourcebook !!! On behalf of the entire Design Team and Norman, we would like to thank the team



Toute Bagai Publishing Limited

ABS Building Solutions, ARTEFACTO, istockphoto © (andipantz,

Alison Antrobus, interior designer

at MACO for honoring us with the Cover Shot !!!

archideaphoto, argalis, blackred, Burwell and Burwell Photography, Graphic Artist

chandlerphoto, claylib, Clicknique, cmcderm1, danishkhan, Digital Savant

Daryl Nagil

LLC, evirgen, Factoria Singular SL, George Peters Design And Illustration,

gerenme, Gremlin, Green Machine, iofoto, jacky9946, Jasmina, Kursad
















Ergan, mashabuba, mayina, MicroColour Photography, ODonnell Photograf, Production Assistant

PhilSigin,, pixonaut, poligonchik, RAS Photo Arts.,

Bekim Rauseo

ssstep, stocknroll, stuartbur, Svetlana Privezentseva, Tomograf, tulcarion,

Videowok, -Vladimir-, VegaBlue, Y.C, yganko, Witmer Photography ) Italian Kitchen Company, The Watersource

Sales & Advertising Michelle Hart


Caribbean Print Technologies (CPT)

Heidi Boos

Advertising Offices Toute Bagai Publishing


26 Kelly Kenny Street, Woodbrook,

Dominique Edwards, Simone

Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I.

Gillette, Nikola Lashley, Kamsha

Tel 1 868 6220519 | Fax 1 868 628 6909

Maharaj, Bekim Rauseo,

Dining 2



“A home isn’t j ust wh ere you l i ve , or at l e as t i t d oes n’t h ave to be. A h om e i s w h o you are .” Cortney Novogratz

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writer Bekim Rauseo Photography courtesy alison antrobus


8 questions with interior designer Alison Antrobus.

When we move into a home

quarters flow harmoniously so MACO

you can apply in your own personal space,

or a rental space we often inherit

Sourcebook has gone to the experts. Alison

giving it an added flair that you can be

awkwardly shaped rooms, oddly placed

Antrobus is a design maven known the

proud of.



world over for her grand and luxurious

features or fixtures. As a result we are

design concepts. The Jamaican born beauty

Q. What common mistakes do home-

faced with the challenge of laying out

has worked for international clients and has

owners make when laying out their great

these common living spaces with our

conceptualized spaces for stylish lounges,


own style and personal possessions to

hip bars, classy restaurants, and boutique

truly make these spaces our own.

hotels just to name a few.



Every space in your home should be a

known t h e wo rld over fo r h er gra nd a nd lux ur io us d es ign co ncepts .

reflection of your personality, not a carbon

It takes some serious skill and tricks of

Here the design star sits with MACO

copy of a layout in a magazine. Make it

the trade to make the feng-shui of living

Sourcebook spilling insider secrets that

your own by asking yourself questions such


A lis o n A ntro b us is a d es ign m aven


Use m o re e c l e c t i c f u r n i shi n g s to of fset t hat l ack of s y m m et r y. Fu n k y, u n i que pi ec es w i l l pl ay i n to t he c harac ter o f t he o d d ly sha p e d room.



as “how do I want to feel in this room;”

plumbing to that space so we found a

and structural columns are usually absorbed

“How will I use this room;” …and then

Vintage Mid Century Modern Bar Cart that

into a design feature or are cool enough to

seek out materials; colors and furniture that

not only resolved the challenge but became

become a feature itself. It really depends

accomplish that.

a great feature within the space.

on what your design intent is. For example,

Q. How do we use focal points in great rooms? Can there be more than one?

if you have a structural column that is not

Absolutely…it may be a focal point

Q. What should home-owners consider

Q. How can we make separated

attractive and in an odd location, wrap it

upon arrival into the room, and one from

when tackling an awkwardly shaped great

“common” living spaces have more flow

with a material such as wood, extend your

where you sit. Remember that not all focal

room space?

or unification in homes?

cladding to make a bookcase…poof…the

points are on the interior of the room. There

column has disappeared and all you see is

may be a breathtaking view through the

a bookcase.

window that you do not want to distract

Use more eclectic furnishings to offset







that lack of symmetry. Funky, unique pieces

overbearing in proportion close to the

will play into the character of the oddly

circulation path throughout the home. The

shaped room.

specific style of the home may or may not

Q. What rules of scale should we use

continue throughout…every home offers a

when buying furniture for small vs large

different vibe.


Q. Describe a challenge you faced

accommodate multi-functional design. The challenge becomes the style… One Client entertained a lot in their great


My style has no limits and sometimes

with laying a residential room that had to


colour. For large spaces go for it…

Q. How do we incorporate colour into our great rooms without it looking like an awkward mix of hues?

Q. How can we strike balance in rooms

ventures into the more theatrical side of

Start off with a base colour pallet and

with off center windows and other oddly

design whereby I may intend to use over

then add two to three accent colours in

placed architectural features?

scale furniture in a tiny room…but in

smaller proportions…but…nothing wrong with rainbows if you like them!

room and wanted to incorporate a bar.

The geometry of the space is the first

general, for smaller spaces, try to keep the

For several reasons we could not bring

thing that I address. Oddly placed windows

furniture more streamline and lighter in


SPecial promotion



The “work triangle” is a simple design rule that you can apply to your kitchen that improves work flow and makes the time that you spend in there less stressful and more efficient. Your cooking range, refrigerator and your sink are the three major focal points in your cooking zone. To get cooking you will need to place these three major areas of your kitchen into three stations placed on the opposing axis of an imaginary triangle (see illustration). Once you have completed renovation you


would find yourself more in sync with your kitchen as its domestic deity.

The Triangle: Kitchen Footprint layout


compliance writer Bekim Rauseo

As t h e o l d a d a ge go e s “ i f you c an’t st an d t he heat get out of t h e k itc h e n” bu t we a t M ACO So urcebo o k t hi n k t hat al l you may n eed to d o i s si mp ly re-j i g your k i t c hen’s foot pr i n t .



“Beau tiful, f un c t io n a l an d c re ati ve d e s i g n c an br ing ha r m o ny, o rga n iz ati on an d c om for t i n to any hom e a n d fa m ily. A n d t h at ’s s om et h i n g wo r t h inve s ti n g i n ! ” Candice Olson

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outdoors 14


SPecial promotion SPecial promotion


Benjamin Moore Paints 42 Carlton Av St James,Trinidad and Tobago, Tel. #: (868) 628-7931 writer Bekim Rauseo

Our Technicolor inspiration board was inspired by some of MACO Caribbean Living’s famous covers, featuring spectacular homes around the region, along with Benjamin Moore’s wide range of colour palettes.

Amanyara Since 1883 Benjamin Moore has been opening eyes to the world of taos taupe 2111 - 40

colour and inspiring decorators globally to add a splash of flair into their homes.

stone harbour 2111-50

Colour makes the biggest statement in ay room: in bright bursts of little accessories,


in bold graphic prints and on large accent walls. Great use of brilliant colour creates dramatic focal points in any room. The wow factor is immediate and the impression is lasting.

If yo u h ave a ro o m t h a t d o es n’t get m uch na tura l ligh t a nd yo u wa nt t h e ro o m to feel b r igh ter, t h en by a ll m ea ns us e a ligh ter co lo r.

Alang Alang

Goat Hill

silhouette AF-655

Moroccan spice AF-285

granite AF-660


yellow lotus 2021-50

jalapeno pepper 2147-30

easter lily OC-126


“A ll fine a rc h itec t ura l val u e s are h u m an va lues, else n ot val u ab l e .� Frank Lloyd Wright

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solutions 18



foundations writer Bekim Rauseo

A d rea m h o m e d o es not pro pa ga te its elf over nigh t; i t t a kes mo nt hs o f wo rk fro m pro fes s io na ls , b a ck a nd fo r t h in a pprova ls f ro m reco g ni z ed gover ning b o a rd s in t h e h o m e co ns tr uctio n a nd planni ng d ep a r tments, a nd lots o f m o ney to m a ke rea l es t a te d rea m s into a rea li ty.



A te a m o f A rc hi te c t s, D ra f t smen , Sur veyor s an d Bui l der s are key pl aye r s i n t he ho m e ren ovat i on an d c on st r uc t i on proc ess

When starting from the ground up, any

plans themselves resulting in a grand castle-

up a homeowner’s best asset is knowing

to be submitted to Town and Country

The chief concern of the Land Surveyor

The surveyors can also assess the parcel

home renovation project can be a task

like design, but woes betide the individual

the field.

for final building approval. This is a fairly

is to identify objections with the survey

of land on the likelihood of environmental

full of pitfalls and unexpected turns when

that does not seek out professional help. A

long process as there are many rules and

plans based on the purchased parcel of

crises and thusly apply for Certificates

the basic regulations and guidelines (set

team of Architects, Draftsmen, Surveyors

regulations to consider when building in

land. It is a key factor to consider before

of Environmental Clearance from the

by the regional corporations of Trinidad

and Builders are key players in the home

various areas around Trinidad and Tobago.

construction begins.


and Tobago) are quickly overlooked or

renovation and construction process, who

• Meeting your Architect

Town and Country has different Regional

When laying out a foundation, your


will not just ensure quality work on the

In the initial planning stage, it is best for

Corporations that deal specifically with

building must fit within the legally

An engineer is also a crucial team player.

However, the process is made easy with

project but also ease pressure and cast light

the homeowner to scout an Architect.

building guidelines in the zone/ district of

defined boundary of the parcel of land

Their role is to study the mechanics of how

the right team, the best plan, and the right

on the blind spots in building a home that

Choosing the right architect is essential,

a homeowner’s building site. It is the role

in accordance with Town and Country

the house will function and are responsible

amount of preparation. It is easy as 1-2-3

the average Jane or Joe might overlook.

it is a relationship to be nurtured and

of the architect to ensure that the design

Planning. Fences and walls are also

for much of the construction details;

with our customized tackle box of ideas

When building a home, land developers are

cherished as he/she would hold your hand

of the home meets these requirements.

measured to avoid litigation with the

structural works, retaining walls, electrical

and tips, engineered for the Caribbean

in it for the long haul. It takes an incredible

through the year long procedure of drafts,

Choose your architect based on his/ her

possible encroaching on other parcels

and plumbing works, etc.

construction market.

amount of patience and dedication during

sketches, Town and Country approvals,

design ethos. You can do this by researching

of land. Drains, roads, building structure

After you have finally decided on that

the procedure. A dream home does not

building, and engineering decisions. The

their previously completed works, from

and the presence of squatters are also

• Hiring a Builder

perfect parcel of land on that picturesque

propagate itself overnight; it takes months

architect will chiefly assist you in terms of

large scale commercial designs to personal

major concerns that Land Surveyors seek

It is important to do your research on your

cul-de-sac of your future, the building

of work from professionals, back and forth

design based on: your ideas, his expertise,

residential spaces.

to identify. He/ she will study the natural

prospect builder. When hiring a builder you

and planning process begins. You have

in approvals from recognized governing

and Town and Country requirements.

• You and your Licensed Land Surveyor and

slope of the land. Based on its general

need to scout out their recent projects,

gathered clippings, sketches, magazine

boards in the home construction and

The architect’s service usually entails: the


topography and gradient the design of the

meet with homeowners that he/ she may

cut-outs that feature the composites

planning departments, and lots of money to

draft of the design, a second sketch with

By hiring a Licensed Land Surveyor, land

home can change or be greatly affected.

have worked with and converse with them

of your dream home. For most home

make real estate dreams into a reality. When

preliminary changes made by homeowner,

developers are better able to fend off

It is important to note that survey plans

about the Builder’s work ethic. This is

enthusiasts this may be sufficient to draft

flipping a house or starting from the ground

and the final homeowner approved design

unwanted setbacks to the building process.

may be outdated and require revision.

crucial—by taking all these precautionary


Step 1: Assembling Your Dream Team.





MACO tacklebox builder’s brief Personal Information


Important Information

Architect Land Surveyor Builder

who collectively manages, as if by magic, to

little headache as possible.

tame the torrent of confusion that building

Next on the agenda with your Builder is

a home will bring.

to work out a Quantity Survey—a detailed

Once a general scope of work has been

spreadsheet on the quantity of material,

accomplished and the architect finalizes the

and unit cost of every item (down to the

home drawings with the land developer,

very last wood nail in the floor boards)

the plans are sent off to Town and

required to complete the design that you

Country where the plans are looked over

and your architect designed. The Quantity

with a fine tooth comb, passing through

Survey is an important document that

various departments for approval on a

North-West and Central Regional Office

South Regional Office

checklist of regional requirements. From

Eric Williams Plaza

Palm’s Club

Independence Square

Point-a-Pierre Road

Port of Spain

San Fernando

renders the cost of the Builders services as

WASA official Plot Size:


T&TEC official

Regional District Contact information Town and Country Planning Division regional offices are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, except public holidays.

well and is required when applying for a

the engineering (with your team engineer)


of the sites development, the plumbing,

Trinidad, West Indies

Trinidad, West Indies

Once all of this has been understood

and the electrical work all aspects must

Tel/Fax. (868) 625-8445

Tel/Fax. (868) 652-2141

and agreed to by both parties—the land

be double checked and triple checked

developer and the builder—the building

before the first brick is laid down for the

North-East Regional Office

Tobago Regional Office

Level 2, Tunapuna Administrative Complex

Works Building, Ground Floor

Eastern Main Road

Castries Street



Trinidad, West Indies

Tobago, West Indies

Tel/Fax. (868) 663-2726

Tel/Fax. (868) 639-2663

process can begin

Step 2: Building Foundations


Step 3: Preparing for Action

Now that you have recognized that your

Like any adventure in to unknown territory

Architect is your trusted cartographer,

it is key to prepare oneself with the tools

your Land Survey is your expert tour-guide,

and know-how. MACO Sourcebook has

your engineer is your personal compass,

specially designed “tackle box”, a helpful

and your Builder is your right-hand man

guide to keep you on track during your

in the upcoming months, you are off to a

residential build. By documenting and

1. Keep all approved documents in a waterproof case. They should be neatly folded and archived in a ready to go format that is easily transportable.

good start till journey’s end towards your

keeping records during the process of home

2. Carry a calculator. Comes in handy when calculating anything from financial to spatial figures.

dream home. Through regular meetings

construction soon-to-be-homeowners will

3. Keep a camera or printed images of land in tote. This can give you and any other player in your home’s development a clear idea of land topography,

you would draft, sketch and draw the

find their way through the thicket and into

plans for your home amidst a tornado of

the clearing of a neatly manicured plot of

paperwork, cadastral maps, site visits, and

land—white fence intact.

inspiration books with your dream team,



measures, land developers, can assure as


drainage and area when off-site. 4. Tape measures will always come in handy. 5. A ball point pen and writing pad are always a necessity. 6. The “tackle box” check list should be kept closely with all cadastral maps and approved plans, for quick reference to contacts.







Br i t t l e br i st l es an d st i f f spon ges are amon g t he n umerous reason s t hat put us deeper i n to e xpen se w i t h our D IY proj ec t s aroun d t he home.

Shake of f e xces s water or pat dr y w it h n ew s paper or a paper towels .

Rin s e br is t les t horou ghly u n t il water r u n s clear. Pay s pecial care to bas e n eares t han dle w here mos t pain t s et t les .

writer Bekim Rauseo Illustrator Jason Waithe

Little tricks to save you from big problems.


When left with damaged tools rendered

So when you do decide to shell out the big

useless from previous paint jobs it adds up

bucks for new quality goods; from fancy

to a more frustrated work load. It is a great

paint trays, natural fibre paint brushes and

pain when we reach for our brushes and

natural sea sponge rollers remember these

rollers to tackle that weekend project and

top-shelf tips to maintain them after dirty

all we have to deal with is a great mess.


Un der r u n n in g water u s e dis h was hin g liqu id w hile mas s agin g roller to remove pain t t rapped deep in s pon ge.


To keep t rays in top for m, light ly wet s u r face w it h water. In s er t t ray in to dis pos able plas t ic bag


Wra p d a mp ro l l e r i n pl a sti c w ra p fo r sto ra ge .

When water r u n s clear s qu eez e e xces s water away from roller head.



Wra p d a mp br ush i n pl a sti c w ra p fo r sto ra ge .


O n ce t ray is completely covered by t he plas t ic bag an d s ecu red in place pou r pain t in to protected ves s el.


A f te r co mpl ete d pa i n t j o b i nve r t pl a sti c ba g o n i tse l f. Wra p ba g i n n ew spa pe r fo r cl e a n d i spo sa l . 27

Sourcebook 2012 (tear-sheet)  

Magazine in which I led editorial content, print format, and art direction. MACO Sourcebook is an annual guide to sourcing services, produc...

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