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TEAM GROUP Gisela Bertran Thomas Pike

The company  1st March 2005  It offers the best service, the highest quality and the most affordable

prices in the market.  Independent travel agencies of various parts of Spain and Andorra.  Experts in all types of tourism are covered by this management group so

there is a link between agencies and providers.  Group of travel agencies specialized in

corporate travel, vacation and responsive.

Services ď‚— Ensuring all the updating of offers and promotions in the sector,

both nationally and internationally.

Partners  325 travel agencies collaborate spread over different parts of

Spain (Andalucía, Andorra, Aragón, Asturias, Baleares, Cataluña, Canarias, Castilla la Mancha, Castilla León, Comunidad Valenciana, Galicia, Madrid, País Vasco, Navarra and Murcia).

Wholesalers  Team Group only collaborates with retailers.

 Guidelines to follow and a daily control of the management

group.  Agencies that join it, do it for a common goal which is to be


Negotiation with the providers ď‚— Team Group unites its providers and the agencies of its

group. ď‚— This way,Team Group, can offer its clients:

- The best services. - The best quality. - The best prices in the market.

Get a partnership with Team Group ď‚— Benefits for the agencies:

- Continue being independent but being part of a group with similar ideas and problems. - Join forces. - Keep up with the changes in the tourism sector and with the new thecnologies.

- Maximum profitability. - Better and easier development of their daily work.

Communication ď‚— Website Information:

- It’s adressed to national clients and it has got websites of national tourist agencies. (car rentals, hotel reservations, insurance contracts, cruise reservations, flight reservations, tourist package reservations, etc.)  How it works:

- The client introduces the region in which he is located, to find the closest tourist agency or the one that adjusts itself the most according to his preferences.