Bees for Development Journal Edition 42 - March 1997

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FAO takes initiative The FAO Regional Office for Africa based in Accra, Ghana organised a one-week Regional Training Seminar on Beekeeping and Mushroom Farming at Ho, Volta Region, in November 1996.

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Op Beekeepers were ee asked to vote for their 15 favourite articles that had been published in Journal of Bee. Authors of the 15 articles receiving most votes were awarded with prizes, and the reader with the highest percent of hits was titled “Most Honourable

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Zone boundaries

Volcanic Risk Map, Soufriere eruption, Montserrat, December 1996. Moving from zone G towards A represents increasing risk. Potential hazards include: pyroclastic flows, surges, falling rocks, and ash fall hazards.


We need to build a new honey house in the safe zone because of volcanic activities. We cannot do beekeeping in Harris, St Patrick, Plymouth or Cork Hill any more. We have approached the Montserrat Department of Agriculture for help: all they can do is to give us transportation to move the bees to the safe zone (see map). The Department of Agriculture cannot help us in any other way. Spanish

The main objective of the Seminar was to encourage rural employment using available opportunities, especially non-traditional farming activities. These can boost food production and improve the nutrition of rural


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The Seminar was attended by 60 small-scale community beekeepers and resource persons from Benin, Burkina Faso, Céte d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Togo and Ghana.

We need to save our

beekeeping equipment such as extractors, storage tanks, and uncapping tanks. We have purchased a piece of land in the safe zone but we do not have the money to build a honey house. We are now asking anyone who can assist us to build the honey house. We need USS6000. We need this money urgently because we cannot go back to our beekeeping in the danger zone. Please can anyone try and help us. The money can be sent to Barclays Bank, Montserrat, account number 30 40 143 318. Cynthia Williams, President, Montserrat Beekeepers’ Association, Bridgefield, Harris, Montserrat, West Indies

The Seminar participants studied the possibility of establishing a Regional Training Programme on Beekeeping and Mushroom Farming. Kwame Aidoo


Correspondent in Ghana

INDIA National Conference on Tropical Bees and the Environment The first three-day National Conference under the auspices of Century Foundation and organised by Dr V Sivaram, Dr Anita Menon and Dr Shubha Rani was held in Bangalore in December 1996.

The Conference was inaugurated by Professor LR Verma and covered Bees and the Environment; Bee Botany and Pollination; Bee Pathology; and Beekeeping Management and Bee Economics. Session Chairmen were: Dr G P Channabasavanna, Dr V K Mattu, Dr D Rajagopal and Dr M P Singh. Field visits to inspect the apiary of the Entomology Department of the University of Agricultural Sciences, and to Nandi Hills, Kolar District were also organised.

UGANDA Assistance needed Atek Development Association is in Soroti District of Eastern Uganda, 260 miles north east of Kampala. People here are subsistence farmers. Their crops include beans, cassava, millet, peas, pigeon peas, simsim, sorghum, soya beans and sweet potatoes. Most families

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