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Asian Apicultural Association

The Asian Apicultural Association (AAA) assists communication and the exchange of information between bee scientists and beekeepers in Asia.

The administrative headquarters of AAA are in Japan, but communication between countries is also assisted by AAA Representatives (Chapters) throughout Asia.

The AAA Membership fee is $20 per year. This includes four issues of Beekeeping & Development posted to you from Japan and AAA Newsletter supplements.

If you live in one of the countries listed* please send $20 or the equivalent in local currency to one of the persons named for your country.

* Please see the Asian Apicultural Association website for up to date contact details.

AAA Members will meet during the 33rd International Apicultural Congress in Beijing. Please come and see us and discuss AAA activities. We will have important notices about the Second AAA Conference which is being held in Indonesian next year.