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Welcome to the Welcome to the Peterborough Beer Festival, organized and run by the Peterborough & District branch of The Campaign for Real Ale. A few changes and improvements have been made this year. The ‘walk around layout’ remains in place, so you can stroll round and spot any beers you would like to sample. A new addition to our beer range is the introduction of the ‘key keg’ or as it is sometimes labelled ‘craft’ ales bar. This is in response to the growing popularity of this style of beer around the country, and has been approved by CAMRA. You will find the Key Keg bar next to the popular Singles bar. Over 400 real ales will be served including some from local micros and new breweries. As usual we have a few produced specially for the festival including our own brew made by our ‘cellar brewers’ at local brewery Bakers Dozen. Our aim is to have every brew ready for the opening session. As well as this, we have an extensive range of ciders, bottled beers and country wines. Please be aware that some of these are fairly potent. Glasses are on offer for a deposit of £3 and a full refund is given if the glass is returned intact. Our glasses are oversized lined glasses to ensure you receive a full pint measure. Please make sure you do not leave your glass unattended. Anyone who wishes to bring their own glass to the festival may do so but we will only serve the contents in it using our own measured glasses. We do not allow drinks to be brought into the festival except one sealed small bottle of water. CAMRA continues to campaign to stop the closure and destruction of our pubs. We were encouraged by the government’s introduction of their Enterprise and Employment Bill, which had an amendment to allow tied tenants of companies with more than 500 pubs to have their rent reviewed independently. It would also give tenants the option of being able to buy beer at prices on the open market.

39th CAMRA

Peterborough Beer Festival

The government also introduced legislation last year with the provision of the Localism Act and Assets of Community Value, known as ACVs. Within our branch area we have secured a number of ACVs in order to protect pubs from being lost and converted to other uses such as supermarkets or convenience stores. CAMRA membership stands now at more than 180,000 and still rising. We have a dedicated team who strive to encourage new members to become active within the branch. In recent years we have had some new faces come and take on roles within the committee. We do really need some new faces to replace, or assist, the more mature members of our team, who have done a great job over the last 30odd years. If you want the PBF to continue we need your help! We encourage any members who wish to be part of our team helping to run our social events, organize and run this festival, and support and our pubs and local brewers. Join up at our membership stand and, whilst stocks last, receive a free pint of Brains beer from the sponsors of the membership stand. We hope your visit to this year’s festival is an enjoyable one. Please remember we are a very big ‘pub’ so are governed by the same laws as your local. The staff are different as they are unpaid volunteers, so bear that in mind during the busy times. If you would like to become part of this ‘family’ then go to the membership stand and sign up to help us. The benefits far outweigh the cost. Cheers

David Murray Peterborough Branch Chairman

Opening Times & Prices Tuesday 23rd August 5.30pm to 11pm - £5, Wednesday 24th August Noon to 3pm -£2, 3pm to 11pm - £5 Thursday 25th August Noon to 3pm - £2, 3pm to 11pm - £6 Friday 26th August Noon to 3pm - £2, 3pm to 11pm - £6 Saturday 27th August Noon to 3pm -£2, 3pm to 11pm - £6 (CAMRA / EBCU members Weds-Sat before 3pm-£1, Tues-Sat after 3pm-£3). Pass outs available after 5pm. No admission or re-admission after 10.30pm. Accompanied children (under 18) are admitted free but must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Dogs are permitted so long as they are kept on a lead. NEXT YEAR’S FESTIVAL DATES 22nd to 26th August 2017, stick it in your diary! Further information: 01733 896555 and

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This Festival Guide is published by the Peterborough & District Branch of CAMRA Copyright © 2016, The Campaign for Real Ale Ltd. Views or comments expressed in this publication may not necessarily be those of the Branch or CAMRA. Produced on behalf of CAMRA by: Orchard House Media Ltd Tel: 01778 382758 Photography: John


Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Have Fun at the

Festival We all hope that your visit to the Beer Festival this year will be a memorable one. Remember without your support the festival could not take place, and the chance to sample some of the excellent brews on offer would be lost. Please try and imagine the festival marquees as one giant pub. Of course, as with all pubs, there are certain rules we have to comply with. The times of opening are published in the programme and the marquees are completely non-smoking. Accompanied children are allowed in the bar marquees, but please keep them away from the bar serveries. And remember that it is against the law to drink alcohol on site if you are under 18. You will need to buy a glass before you start. If it gets too sticky or you want to change glass sizes just take it back to the glasses counter and, provided it is undamaged, exchange it. The Beer Festival serves all beer, cider and wine in oversized glasses with governmentstamped, line-measured markings to ensure that you, the customer, get a full measure in your glass. Please be careful if you put your glass down on a table, on the grass, or anywhere that it could be knocked over and broken. If such an event does occur please inform a member of staff or security that there is broken glass. On no account attempt to pick up the pieces yourself. We have staff with the proper equipment to retrieve it safely. Do not grind it into the grass! Other events take place on this site after we have finished. Be careful not to leave your glass unattended. Remember – You paid for it!

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

To ensure you enjoy the festival at all times we advise you to start off with some light beers, say a mild or low gravity ale, then on to something a bit stronger. Starting off with the strongest beers on the menu means your taste buds get no chance to enjoy the different flavours that the various brews offer. As with any other pub we do have the right to eject any person who we feel is a threat to other customers or our staff. Thankfully this is a very rare occurrence. Also remember that, just like other pubs, you are not allowed to drink your own alcohol on site and illegal drugs are totally banned and their use will result in a call to the police. Finally let me remind you of the dedicated staff who are serving you at the festival. Every one of them is an unpaid volunteer, so please be patient at busy times. The person serving you may well have been on duty for the best part of the day, or the whole week, and are naturally starting to flag a bit! You can help these people by joining CAMRA and offering to help run the festival. 7


Allergen information for the beers, ciders, perries and wines will be available at the CAMRA Membership and Information stand. Please enquire there if you have any specific request about allergens, or ask a member of the bar staff who will find out for you.

The food provided at this festival is from independent catering establishments and each will display their own allergen information.

Cask Beers: Normally contain one or more cereals including barley, wheat, rye and oats (Gluten). A few may contain Sulphites. We hope to have at least one beer suitable for Coeliacs.

Bottled Beers & Lagers: Normally contain one or more cereals including barley, wheat, rye and oats. (Gluten). A few may contain Sulphites. Some bottled beers are suitable for Coeliacs.


Cider & Perry – Many contain Sulphites.

Wines: Many contain Sulphites and a few may contain Milk and Eggs.

Soft Drinks: Generally no allergens.

Vegans & Vegetarians

The Membership & Information stand also has details of products that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Cask Beers: Most cask ales contain isinglass finings but some are now sold without finings.

Bottled Beers: Many use finings but there are some suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Cider & Perry, Wine & Soft Drinks: Generally no issues here.

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Entertainment & Music at the Festival Just a brief introduction for the 2016 Peterborough Beer Fest Entertainment line-up. As ever we have tried to focus on local bands with the exception of Merry Hell (Anyone remember The Tansads from PBF 1993 and 1994) who will be travelling all the way from the North West of England to entertain us on Friday evening. Following their success last year The Stringlers will be back, also on Friday, which is looking set for a great night. What has now become a regular feature will be the Tuesday night slot featuring a host of local talent for Stacey’s Open Mic night, do come along and support these brave artists performing on the big festival stage. Don’t forget to look out for Peterborough Morris performing around the site on Tuesday from 6pm. With a full programme through the festival we again have the Palmerston Ukelele Band on Friday teatime with a full Saturday afternoon programme from around 2pm onwards before Austin Gold early evening and closing with the One Eyed Cats. My thanks to ALL who have approached me over the last 12 months, please do keep doing so at we really appreciate your interest, but with only seven evening slots to fill whilst covering a diverse range of music it is impossible to feature everyone. All times are approximate and subject to change. Please see for updates and more info.

Mike Lane

Tuesday 23rd August

Peterborough Morris Peterborough Morris will again be with us this year and will be dancing in locations around the festival from around 6pm to 9pm. 10

7pm Open Mic Night With the popularity of Open Mic evenings ever increasing around pubs in the Peterborough area, this has now become a regular feature of PBF. We simply have to give another opportunity to some of our less well known individuals to show off their unique talents on the Beer Festival Stage. This event will again be hosted by Stacy, so if you would like the opportunity to appear, do please contact her IN ADVANCE to register your interest. Stacy can be reached

Wednesday 24th August 8.15-9.15pm & 9.45-10.45pm

Misdirected Blues Band The Misdirected Blues Band are a local five piece Blues/Rock covers band performing classics from the 30’s right through to the present day. Formed in 2012, by a group of lads who just wanted to play quality live music, the current line-up are now gigging regularly on the live music pub, club & festival scene. Their set includes material by artists such as BB King, Joe Bonamassa, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Healey, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many others. The band’s clever song choices alternatively showcase Simon’s phenomenal guitar solos or classically-trained Nathan’s adroit keyboard skills. They are solidly backed up by Matt on bass & Dave on drums, with singer Mark, expertly fronting the band. Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Thursday 25th August

7.30pm The Ouse Valley Singles Club The Ouse Valley Singles Club is a 3 piece band hailing from the market town of Bedford whose roots are sprung out of the 1950’s Skiffle scene. They combine this traditional sound with the energy of Punk, the swing of Rock and Roll and then layer that with naughty saucy postcard lyrics in true folk story telling fashion and in doing this they have created a truly original sound. Musically they have been described as New Wave Skiffle.

country’s pubs and musical venues. They have supported musical legends Chas and Dave as well as Pete Docherty and warmed up for Bob Geldof and The Boomtown Rats at The Great British Alternative Music Weekender.

9.15pm Grounded GROUNDED are a Peterborough-based, five-piece rock covers band, performing well known classics from the late 50’s to the present day.

George Formby meets The Clash, where Vaudevillian music hall blends with working men’s club values. Since their formation back in 2009, OVSC have gigged steadily on the live music circuit where they have performed around the

Conceived at the turn of the Millennium by skydivers from Sibson Airfield who, fed-up of being sat on the ground waiting for the weather to clear-up, randomly went out and bought some musical instruments to suppress the boredom! Expect to hear anything from AC/DC to ZZ Top, The Rolling Stones to Robbie Williams. AC/DC, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Van Halen, Cream, Free, Deep Purple, Black Crowes, Creedance CR, Guns 'n' Roses & many more.

Friday 26th August

4pm Palmerston Arms Ukulele Band This is a bunch from the Palmerston Arms who formed up for a bit of fun and have gone from strength to strength. No beer festival, large or small, is complete without a performance from this multi-talented outfit with their unique and entertaining style of sing along favourites.


Peterborough Beer Festival 2016


Friday 26th August

7.30pm The Stringlers This local all-female string quartet has been described as “brilliant”, “spectacular”, “edgy” and “amazingly versatile”! Playing refreshing versions of music from the 1970’s, 80's and 90's. Following the

Tansads song Separate Souls) in order to reflect their new impetus, new hopes and, most importantly, new songs. While Merry Hell retains the nucleus of five former Tansads members, brothers John(guitar), Bob(mandolin) and Andrew (vocals) Kettle, along with Lee Goulding (keys), Andy Jones (drums) , the addition of vocalist, Virginia Kettle (wife of John) has helped create a new identity purpose and spirit in their music. Nick Davies (bass) and Neil McCartney (fiddle) complete the band line-up.

hugely successful debut performance at the 2015 Peterborough Beer Festival, this year's repertoire aims to be a head-banging, sing-a-long boogey night! Sounds of Queen, Bowie, Bee Gees, The Specials and..........of course, The Stranglers. The group are Diane Llewellyn (1st violin), Helen Britton (2nd violin), Kat Moore (viola) and Emily Smith (cello), all established musicians in the Peterborough area, from classical, folk and jazz backgrounds but all with a passion for rock music. The repertoire of songs has been cleverly interpreted and arranged by Kat Moore making this quartet unique and not to be missed!

9.15pm Merry Hell Founded in their native North West of England, Merry Hell is an eight-piece folk rock band with a history, a pedigree and a bright future. In just 5 short years they have risen to become festival favourites their albums finding favour with critics, broadcasters and music fans alike. They are continuing to develop an enviable reputation for the quality of their song writing recorded work and live performances. The band was forged from the smouldering embers of 90’s folk/punk band The Tansads. Following an emotional series of reunion concerts in 2010, its members chose to tread the boards under a new name , Merry Hell (taken from Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Merry Hell Hugely popular on the festival circuit, 2015 saw Merry Hell rise to even greater critical enthusiasm both at home and, increasingly, around the world. Promising to be a very special night at PBF 2016.

Saturday 27th August

7.30pm Austin Gold Formed in the summer of 2013, Austin Gold is a five-piece local based band that have been performing, recording and gaining an increasingly loyal fan base in a comparatively brief time. David James Smith & Jack Cable have secured endorsement with Vanquish Guitars with respective signature models. Austin Gold have been promoting currently their debut five track EP 'All The Way Down‘. Drawing influence from American artists, David James Smith's lyrics depict heartbreak, loyalty, aspiration and solitude. 13


Saturday 27th August

9pm One Eyed Cats The Glorious One Eyed Cats are a lively seven piece Peterborough band that plays a variety of music that everybody knows, ranging from Rock and Roll through Rhythm and Blues to Swing and Good Times. Whether it’s high-octane rock & roll, cool blues, jumping rhythm, driving rock or a hair-down sing-along, the Cats always deliver. And deliver incredibly well. The Cats formed some eighteen years ago out of a group of established musicians all looking to get back to having fun. As such, they honed their sound playing in bars and festivals; the stages starting small and getting progressively larger. Their music has taken them around the world, but they always love to come home. Their large line up is suited to their huge sound, with a fiery brass section, rocking guitar and rolling piano. Their music is always lively, passionate and entertaining. They always aim to lift the roof off, rock socks off and leave everybody fully entertained. All with immense enthusiasm, fine humour and unquestionable musicianship. Come and see the Glorious One Eyed Cats, let your hair down and treat yourself to this great Saturday finale to Peterborough Beer Festival 2016.


4pm - All Shook Up

Local acoustic duo playing a range of soulful classics from new to old suiting a range of audiences.

Straightforward 4 piece Rock n Roll band performing all the Elvis/Sun Records hits, as well as a few Buddy Holly numbers. Recently supported Colbert Hamilton (The Black Elvis)

3pm - Mark Rowlands Mark plays a wide range of acoustic covers, putting his own twist on everything from Jimi Hendrix to George Ezra and throwing in a few TV theme tunes along the way. Peterborough Beer Festival 2016 2015

5pm - Chris Watson Band The Chris Watson Band is an exciting and unique blend of Jazz, Blues, Rock, Folk and World music. 15 15

Brewery Bars Adnams Southwold, Suffolk Blackshore Stout 4.2% Brimming with coffee and chocolate flavours, hints of liquorice and dark fruits.



Rich, malty aroma with blackberries and dried fruit. Full flavours of malt & fruit, with roast and caramel notes.

Cashmere Pale

Lancaster Bomber Wainwright Melba Single Hop Ringwood Old Thumper


Pale Ale with a good bitterness and a malty backbone.



Pale Ale malt, Lager malt and Cara. Mosaic hops at four stages of brewing. Peach, mango, lemon and pine.

Southwold Bitter


Marston's Old Empire

Nene Valley Oundle, Northants. Bible Black 6.5%

Initial rich and fruity flavours give way to a chocolate and roasted finish.

Big Bang Theory 5.3% Well balanced pale ale with a huge hop aroma.



Floral hop and malt aroma introduces a full clean biscuit malt taste balanced by bitterness and some fruit.

Pulp Fiction


A golden beer. Described as being in the Saison style.

Release the Chimps

Tally Ho



A golden beer brewed with lager malt and Chinook and Cascade hops.

Well balanced with banana, caramel and bitter notes.



A black and complex mix of chocolate, liquorice and cough elixir.


Grrrl Grey IPA 4.3% SINGLES BAR Celebrating Women in beer with FEM.ALE. Really subtle Earl Grey IPA.

Nelson's Revenge



Norfolk Nog


A brilliant blend of malt, hops and fruit on the nose with a bitter bite over the top of a faintly banana maltiness.

Marstons Staffordshire First Draft 5.7%

American-inspired IPA with a deep red hue and lychee, grapefruit and citrus aromas


A deep, malty backbone with Burton water makes a nutty flavour with a dry, bitter finish. Peterborough Beer Festival 2016


An infusion of vine fruit, malt and hops provide a rich, rewarding experience. A sweet, Madeira-like finale.

A well-rounded, smooth malty beer with a blackcurrant background. Hops initially give way to a bittersweet dryness.



Gin and tonic wheat beer. Lovely light and refreshing,

Woodforde’s Woodbastwick, Norfolk Bure Gold 4.3%

A quintessential Pale Ale brewed with English hops to give a fruity taste balanced with peppery spice



Golden-coloured American-style pale ale.

Batemans Wainfleet, Lincs Gold 3.9%


Salem Porter


Comprises all the traits of a true India Pale Ale.

Aromas of toffee apple, caramel and sulphur. Taste is a complex mix of malt toffee and roast bitterness with hops. Dark mahogany red in colour with a rich, fruity aroma and a heart warming sweet raisin and biscuit palate.


A warm, rounded yet surprisingly delicate pale strong beer. Spicy with a hint of apples.


Ghost Ship


Golden Ale with rich passionfruit and lush summer fruit.


Gold in colour with big aromas of mango, flavours of pine, melon and hints of grapefruit.


Refreshing Golden Ale with citrus aromas.

No information on this one

Ease Up IPA


A full-bodied chestnut beer.


Triple-Hopped American IPA


An aroma of rich roasted malt and hints of chocolate, treacle and liquorice define this velvety Old Ale.

Parson's Porter


No information for this one



Dry-hopped American-style pale ale packed with bold hop characteristics. Very pale in colour, this beer is hopped using Summit, Centennial and English Goldings.



Amber-coloured with an orange citrus nose. 17

The Beer List

360 Degrees Sheffield Park, Sussex Pale#39 3.9%

This year we increased the size of the LocAle bar and all beers from LocAle Breweries will be in one place. We now have at least fifteen microbreweries within our branch area. This may actually increase as I am writing this. Joking aside this is great news for real ale enthusiasts as 20 years ago, there were only two.

The LocAle bar will be situated on bar 4, which is in the North Marquee opposite the Games and Tombola stall and directly next to the Cider bar.

Make sure you visit us to sample some of what our branch area brewers have to offer, you will not be disappointed, we can guarantee that! Don’t forget you will supporting your local economy, the local business entrepreneurs, local jobs, and helping to reduce “beer miles”, hence doing your bit for the planet.

Don’t forget that a number of our local real ale establishments stock locally brewed ale & cider on a regular basis. This LocAle scheme is a major promotion within CAMRA and the Peterborough branch have introduced a “LocAle pub of the year” competition, which was awarded in January 2016. This has been embraced keenly by several of our pubs and its not too late for licencees that don’t currently stock local beers, or ale lovers to support the scheme. Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Brewed using pale malts and a combination of Kentish and North American hops to produce a lighter bodied, but still fully-flavoured zesty golden ale. This beer won Gold at the SIBA Regionals in the South East in 2014.

West Coast #50


Using solely American hops, this is a contemporary Pale Ale. Another one of their SIBA award winners.

Abstract Jungle Langley Mill, Derbyshire NEW BREWERY

Casual Joe


SINGLES BAR A bold complex stout using unrefined chocolate and a hint of blueberries.



Crisp and clean pale with German and American hops, low mellow bitterness with a tropical aroma

Solo Orange IPA


Rich, full-bodied hops supplement a citrus taste which hits the front palate. Unique and delightful.

Almasty Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Cascade & Simcoe (Unfined) 5% Nothing known about this one

Hop & Sour (Unfined)


SINGLES BAR Clean refreshing and well balanced hoppy sourness.

Alphabet Manchester A to the K


Oatmeal Pale Ale. Packed full of fresh hop bitterness and tempered with tropical fruit.

Charley Don't Surf


American style summer wheat beer. Definitely smells better than Napalm.



Alphabet / Bexar County Manchester A to the K 4% SINGLES BAR A mix of sweet, sour and spice with a pineapple tartness and warming jalapeno heat.

Ampthill Brewhouse Ampthill, Bedfordshire


FESTIVAL SPECIAL Made by some of our volunteers

A deeply refreshing, distinctly hoppy tasting dark ale.

Ashover Ashover, Derbyshire Milk Stout



Golden ale with soft fruity flavour and well bodied mouth feel. Simcoe and Cascade hops.



Pale ale brewed with Mosaic and Citra hops.

Atom Hull, East Yorkshire Dark Alchemy

Bearded Archway


A refreshing, unfined lemon & lime saison style beer

SINGLES BAR Beautiful smooth and rich, chocolate roasted essences with hints of coffee and caramel. Brewed with lactose.

The Fabrick


Rich, silky texture from milk sugars combine with the delicious sweet flavour of Pistachio nuts to resemble our favourite dessert in a pint form!

Bakers Dozen Ketton, Rutland 39Red 4.9%

A smooth and refreshing golden ale.

Indian Pale Ale

Pistachio (unfined)



Golden Ale

Columbus & dry hopped with more Chinook. This beer sings "All hail the hop!".


Stamford Pale


Papery. Very dry finiah.

Straight Outta Ketton


Hazy gold with white head. Quite a hoppy beer, leafy with a bitter orange hint, fruity throughout.

Bewdley Bewdley, Worcestershire Sir Keith Park 4.5%

Pale amber colour, full fruity and balanced flavour followed by a long hoppy finish.

Bexar County Peterborough How DIPA is your Love


A rich complex malt brewed with the bitterness and aroma from lots of cardamom and coriander but no hops creating a porter rich in body and super smooth.

A (Short) Session IPA


Victorian export stout aged in a Glenmorangie oak barrel for 8 months.


Nice solid nutty low abv mild

Austendyke Ales Weston Hills, Lincolnshire Hogsgate 5% Premium traditional copper ale

Long Lane


A traditional copper coloured bitter



Crisp easy drinking ale with a bitter finish, soft copper and caramel in colour.

Bad Dishforth, North Yorkshire Whiter Shade of Pale



An IPA with a malty backbone and tropical hop flavours.

Bad Seed Malton, North Yorkshire India Pale Ale (unfined) 7%

U.S. West Coast IPA hopped with Cascade, Chinook and 20

Papa Steve 2016



American Imperial Stout

Tainted Dove


SINGLES BAR Chocolate, Almond, and Coconut Pale

Bexar County / Alphabet Peterborough It's the End of the World as we Know it? 4.8% Schwarzbier

A full-bodied, thirst quenching oatmeal pale ale that pulls no punches. Dry-hopped for big hits of passionfruit, balanced with a delicate hop aroma.

Wild Gravity

Oak Aged Victorian Export Stout

Bexar County/3 Blind Mice Peterborough Whisker Twister 7.7% SINGLES BAR A whiskey infused stout.

Big Hand Wrexham, Clwydd Renaissance


Crisp bitter grapefruity notes with a light malty finish.



Light session bitter, biscuit malt with a marmalade aroma. Peterborough Beer Festival 2016


Bingley Wilsden, West Yorkshire 7 Dials

Rev James 6.5%

A strong malty black ale.

Black Market Welbeck, Nottinghamshire NEW BREWERY




Pale ale heavily hopped with US Chinook hops imparting refreshing grapefruit bittereness

Rev James Gold


A premium strength Pale Ale, with a blend of malts to provide a juicy backbone and a pale amber colour.

Hoppy pale ale with grapefruit notes


Strong, flavoursome ale usually only available at the Blue Bell, Whaplode St Catherine.

Brass Castle Malton, North Yorkshire Dreamtime 4.3%

Blue Bell Whaplode St Catherine, Lincs. Ingledingle Ale 5.1%

New Honesty


Taste is sour and at first extremely bitter, however the bitterness fades with time and finds an agreeable balance

Tilly's Golden Tipple


Refreshing summery beer.

Woodland Berry (unfined)


Blue Monkey Guiltbrook, Notts. 99 Red Baboons 4.2% Dark and interesting ale, combining fruity hoppiness with a dark, malty side.


Pale ale uses an assertive combination of American hops. It is the junior sibling to the Ape Ale.

Boudicca Norwich, Norfolk NEW BREWERY

Golden Torc (unfined)


The hops just keep getting bigger in this beer. A complex blend of late hopping. All with a steady base of malt & bitterness underneath it.

Prasto’s Porter (Unfined)


SINGLES BAR Dark fruit & hops on the nose, with hints of roast malt & smoke. Full bodied in the mouth. A dry & very subtle smokey finish.

Spiral Stout (Unfined)


Traditional stout. An aroma of dark autumnal berries, full bodied with undertones of coffee and chocolate.

Bournemouth Poole, Dorset Battleaxe


Lots of dark malts rounded off with powerful hops.

Brains Cardiff Opening Ceremony

Life's a Beach



Pineapple & coconut wheat beer. The beer version of a piĂąa colada.

Brew York York, North Yorkshire NEW BREWERY


Modern take on English bitter. Three new world hops and five malts.

Viking D.N.A.


Smooth smoked porter. Subtle smoky undertones from a rich mix of six malts

Brewsters Grantham, Lincolnshire Et Citra Et Citra 4%

A fabulous aroma, watch out for tropical fruit and limey citrus flavours playing out on top of the roasted malt.

Bridgehouse Keighley, West Yorks. Old Bear Yorkshire Ale 4.2% Great classic Yorkshire bitter

Tequilla Blond


Reasonable pale with good lime flavours.

Brigstock Brewhouse Brigstock, Northants. Attitude IPA 4.8% SINGLES BAR FESTIVAL SPECIAL Refreshingly bitter, using four hop varieties, with a pleasing aroma

Brown Cow Barlow, North Yorkshire Captain Oates Mild 4.5%

A premium dark mild brewed with a complex mix of malts and oats giving a wonderful depth of flavour

Over the Moon

A Brazilian inspired golden ale bursting with a carnival of tropical fruity hop flavours. 22

Light and smooth, floral & tropical fruit, resinous finish.

Maris the Otter

SINGLES BAR Nothing known about this one

Junior Ape


A full-bodied beer. Gentle malt and hop aroma leads to a malty, hop and fruit mix with a balancing bitterness.


A clean drinking golden English style premium bitter with well balanced bitterness and depth of flavour.


Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Bude Bude, Cornwall Porthbud


Light colour, a wonderful passion fruit aroma and tantalising hoppy after taste.



Refreshing pale brown strong bitter. Sweet malt with stone fruit flavours balanced by hops, becoming bitter.

Cairngorm Aviemore, Morayshire Trade Winds 4.3%

A multi-award winning beer. A massive citrus fruit, hop and elderflower nose leads to hints of grapefruit in the mouth. The exceptional bitter sweetness in the taste lasts through the long, lingering aftertaste.

Castle Rock Nottingham Brian Clough


Cerne Abbas Chideock, Dorset Legless Jester 4.7% Fruity but not citrusy, well rounded and deceptively easy to drink ale.

Chin Chin South Elmshall, West Yorkshire NEW BREWERY

Alone in the Dark Crate London E9 German Session IPA

Credence Amble, Northumberland NEW BREWERY

American Pale

Harvest Pale



Castor Castor, Cambs. Three Foot Three


FESTIVAL SPECIAL A myriad of malts fuses the flavours which then play havoc with your taste receptors, is it caramel or toffee? And then the hops kick in. 

Floodland Monster



A blond ale achieving a perfect balance with hop additions that give floral and citrus notes and a light, crisp bitter finish.

Imperial Palace Porter


SINGLES BAR Very mellow, round sweetness of the plum, and the bittersweet liquorice aftertaste floods the tongue exactly like sucking on liquorice root.

Midgard Serpent


SINGLES BAR FESTIVAL SPECIAL Nothing known about this one

Roman Gold


Decent pale. Good hop and bitterness


Northumbrian heritage malt as a base with touches of German malts to add complexity, sweetness and body. It is hopped with American hop varieties give refreshing citrus notes.

Cwrw Iâl Lianarmon-yn-lal, Clwydd Limestone Cowboy 4.5% Hop forward, robust deep copper ale using roasted malts, American hops and West Coast yeast.

Pothole Porter


Black and roasted with the addition of British grown hops.

SINGLES BAR FESTIVAL SPECIAL Nothing known about this one

Hopping Toad


SINGLES BAR Lovely hoppy smell and just amazing taste too. Straw yellow.

Pilsner-style pale ale - brewed to celebrate the best manager England never had. Pale yellow beer, full of hop aroma and flavour. Refreshing with a mellowing aftertaste.


FESTIVAL SPECIAL Nothing known about this one

Dancing Men Happisburgh, Norfolk Cliff Hanger 5.1% A pale, single hop premium ale, deceptively easy drinking with a smooth honey finish.

Soggy Seagull


Well balanced fruit and refreshing clean tasting ale. Difficult to keep on the bar, people keep drinking it!

Dawkins Timsbury, Somerset Bristol Blonde


Pale gold beer with citrus aroma and flavour with tones of vanilla

Deeply Vale Bury, Lancashire Some beer


Nothing known about this one


A refreshing summer bitter, well hopped, with a light nutty after taste.

Digfield Barnwell, Northants. Barnwell Bitter


A fruity aroma introduces a beer in which sharp bitterness is balanced by dry, biscuity malt. 24

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016



Golden Shuck


An amber-gold pale ale with a distinct hoppy aroma.

A real Golden Ale with a punchy, zesty aftertaste

Mad Monk

Rio Gold


Fruity beer with bitter, earthy hops in evidence.

Old Crow Porter


A traditional, rich, full-bodied porter with a balanced roasted malt finish.

Driftwood Trevaunance Cove, Cornwall Blue Hills Bitter 4%


Mango wheat beer brewed to be cloudy and packed with fruit.

Elland Elland, West Yorkshire American Pale Ale


A true American pale ale, strong, pale and hoppy with a superbly balanced long long flavoursome finish.

A light session bitter with a big hop flavour.


Red River Rye

A fully flavoured and intensly hoppy straw coloured bitter. It has a wonderful tangerine, sweet orangy citrus aroma and slender spicy notes.


Nothing known about this one

Drone Valley Dronfield, Derbyshire NEW BREWERY

Coal Aston Porter

Shadow of the Beast 4%


Amber colour with a white head slight floral orange and citrus aroma and taste.

Dukeries Worksop, Nottinghamshire A Ray of Sunshine 4.2%

Wonderful example of a fruity beer. Full of character and flavour. Tropical fruits throughout with a clean fresh feel on the palate.



Russet brown beer with hints of chocolate and liquorice with a soft dry finish.

Dynamite Valley Ponsanooth, Cornwall Gold Rush 4% A golden ale.




Black red mild with liquorice and chocolate. Dry roasty finish.

Cambridge Bitter

5% 5%

Resinous and piney black IPA with some cola fruitiness and gentle coffee roast.

Thai Yum Wit


SINGLES BAR Aroma is nice delicate spices, lemon, ginger and kaffir lime. Flavour is composed of light bready grains, wheat, slightly stale grains.

Empire Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire Some beer ?% Nothing known about this one

Falstaff Derby, Derbyshire Doomsday


Mid amber in colour with a hoppy nose. Mouth filling hop flavours with a long well hopped aftertaste.

First Chop Salford, Lancashire POD


Clear ruby brown color with a beige head. Aroma of vanilla brownies. Taste has vanilla and soft roast. Light body.

Fixed Wheel Halesowen, Worcestershire Shell Corner Velodrome 4.1%

Very refreshing! And quite the palest colour.

Triple American hopped IPA

Elgood’s Wisbech Black Dog

Level Up: Level 1

Big hoppy nose, but beautifully balanced. Biscuit notes.

NEW BREWERY A pale straw-coloured beer with a full body for its strength. Well balanced with a citrus hop finish.

Drygate Glasgow Reflex Red Ale

Elusive Finchampstead, Berkshire NEW BREWERY


SINGLES BAR Traditional smooth fruity Porter.

Gosforth Gold



Fruit and malt on the nose with increasing hops and balancing malt on the palate. Dry finish. Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Flowerpots Cheriton, Hampshire Flowerpots IPA 6%

North American Simcoe hops to give a punchy fruit hop flavour which balances the weight of malt. Very full and rounded in the mouth.

Fully Peeled


Nothing known about this one 25


Gyle 1500


A lovely well hopped American Red. Presumably their 1500th brew.

Fuggle Bunny Holbrook, Sheffield Cotton Tail 4%

Uplifting, fruity aromas of lychees and citrus with a dry hoppy finish due to the five varieties of hops.

Jammy Dodger


A sumptuous ruby red ale with hints of blackcurrants, liquorice and caramel and a malty undertone.

Fyne Achadunan, Argyll Hurricane Jack


As the name suggests, this is a very dark, red-hued beer. Classed asa strong mild with a deceptively smooth, chocolatey taste.

Grain Alburgh, Norfolk Blonde Ash


Banana notes flow through this sweet smokey brew. Yellow hued with a grainy mouthfeel and a quick fruity finale. Unfined.



A deep, dark and rich smoked porter, brewed with a complex blend of malts


Smooth Golden ale, deep citrus flavours which mellow to a lingering citrus bitter finish.


Darker Side of the Moon




Golden beer brewed with Vienna malt and Bavarian lager yeast for a full-bodied biscuit maltiness, and a lingering crisp hop character.

Has strong citrus notes,through use of the Citra hop.A very light,golden ale that can be drunk in any season!!

Grainstore Oakham, Rutland Beesting


FESTIVAL SPECIAL A refreshing light golden honey brew, exhibiting a mellow sweetness, finely balanced against a subtle floral/honey aroma and flavour.

Garden City Letchworth, Herts. Some beer


Nothing known about this one

Geeves Barnsley, South Yorshire Captain Gingerbread

Red Kite 4.3%

SINGLES BAR A naturally hazy wheat beer infused with ginger. Spicy, refreshing and a hint of citrus this is a quirky take on a classic.



A smooth, dark mild with a hint of chocolate. Aromas are cocoa, dark fruits and berries with a subtle but lingering bitter finish.

Topaz Session Pale


A light summery pale ale with a soft citrusy palate.

Golden Triangle Norwich, Norfolk Citropolis 3.9%



Made with the traditional Mild Ale malt variety, giving a maltier/sweeter beer with greater body than today's 'Bitters' and with a darker hue.

Rutland Beast


A unique, strong mild ale, having a complex flavour made up of a combination of chocolate/coffee notes imparted by coloured malts and those of raisins and autumn fruits.

Rutland Panther


Reddish-black mild punches above its weight with malt and roast flavours combined.

Great Oakley Tiffield, Northamptonshire Newport Delta 4.6%

Citropolis is a golden ale, brewed with Citra hops. Light, refreshing and zesty with citrus hop notes and fruity aroma

A blonde ale brewed with American Newport and Delta hops.

Mosaic City

A pale beer brewed with two different NZ hops


Light golden ale made exclusively with Mosaic hops, hence the name. A distinctive flavour with plenty of body for the abv.

Grafters Willingham by Stow, Lincolnshire Cascade 4.4%

Golden colour with a white head. Fruity and pine straw aroma. Mainly bitter taste. 26

Tiffield Thunderbolt


Green Duck Stourbridge, Worcestershire Duck & Dive 5.9%

An American style IPA, brewed with Centennial and Cascade, giving a floral flavour with a pronounced grapefruit taste.


Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Green Jack Lowestoft, Suffolk Flower Power


A hoppy ale infused with locally sourced elderflower.

Morse XXX


SINGLES BAR XXX is a light brown ale with a rich biscuity malt, dry and fruity in the finish.

Orange Wheat


Marmalade aroma with a hint of hops, leading to a wellbalanced blend of sweetness, hops and citrus with a malt background. Mixed fruit flavours in the aftertaste.



Strong, sweet and fruity with a warming finish

Hammerton London N8 Geist Weiss


Dry hopped German styled cloudy Wheat beer.

Life on Mars


Red ale brewed with a mixture of English & German malts giving the beer a taste of berry & caramel with a deep ruby appearance. Cascade, Bramling Cross, Columbus, Chinook & Northern Brewer hops give off an aroma of grapefruit, pine & earth.

Hardknott Millom, Cumbria Intergalactic SPAce Hopper


A very hoppy American style Pale Ale, packed full of late hops.

Newton's Downfall


Sweet green apple at start but short lived before golden ale base reasserts

Harveys Lewes, Sussex Lewes Castle Brown Ale


Lewes Castle is a traditional full, malty Brown Ale with a creamy head. Mild hop notes with a lingering biscuity sweet palate give coffee and liquorice notes. A bittersweet finish.

Prince of Denmark


SINGLES BAR Strong, dark beer of great complexity and depth. It is based on traditional recipes from the 18th Century but has also been described as an ‘Imperial Stout Nouveau’.

Sussex Best


Full-bodied brown bitter. A hoppy aroma leads to a good malt and hop balance, and a dry aftertaste.

Heavy Industry Henllan, Clwydd Electric Mountain 3.8%

A copper coloured beer, using Marris Otter and crystal malts. Hopped with Czech and German hops for an up 28

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

front bitterness, citrus notes and a refreshing finish.

Pigeon Toed Orange Peel


Humpty Dumpty Reedham, Norfolk Big Sharpie 5%

A half wheat beer, citrus notes complimented by a tangy hoppy aftertaste.

Brewed every 100th brew! A strong pale ale brewed with Magnum, Cascade and Citra hops, then dryhopped with more Cascade and Citra for a big citrus hop finish. Little Sharpies big brother!


Let the Sunshine In

Hilltop Conisbrough, South Yorkshire Blonde



Nice clean blonde beer really drinkable!!!

A butter gold coloured summer ale with Comet hops for an smooth orange & citrusy finish - sunshine in a glass!


Shaltai Boltai


Sweet fruit flavour, not much hop

Hook Norton Hook Norton, Oxfordshire Harvest Hop 3.5% Light and fruity, with a cosmopolitan hop burst, ideal summer refreshment.



A light, fruity and refreshing drink ideal for a warm summer’s day.

Hop Studio Elvington, North Yorkshire Raja 3.8% Yorkshire Dubbel


A big rich mahogany coloured Yorkshire Dubbel. Sweet with big rich fig and dark fruit flavours

Hopcraft Pontyclun, Glamorgan Corazon de Oro


Named after one of Gazza's favourite Rancid tracks, this brew is as pale as we could get it. Intensely citrussy too!

Grudge Match

Ilkley Ilkley, West Yorkshire Crossroads IPA


One of a series of four dry-hopped specials


Aromas of orange rind and citrus peel with dry spicy finish.

Jo C's West Barsham, Norfolk Bitter Old Bustard


A mixture of malt and caramel on the nose is joined by a dark fruitiness in the flavour.

Norfolk Kiwi

An Indian pale lager


SINGLES BAR Smooth red wine like Imperial Stout.


Yellow, hop dominated bitter. Citrus notes vie with bitterness to add depth. Quick slightly astringent finish.

King’s Cliffe King's Cliffe, Northants. 5C 3.8% Light and golden Ale

66 Degrees


SINGLES BAR Sweet & floral. Hops used are Fuggles, Challenger & East Kent Goldings

Hopshackle Market Deeping, Lincs. American Pale Ale 4.3%

Chilli & Lemongrass

An amber coloured ale with a fruity zesty aroma . The taste is citrus hop with background gooseberry and lychees and a dry bitter finish.

No. 10

Aniseed Porter

Traditional English Porter. Roasted and chocolate malts give a smooth and distinctive roast malt and fruit.


A dark ruby beer which tastes of roasted grain, dark chocolate and liquorice with an aniseed finish

Dead Legs


A golden 'Double' IPA with an intense hop aroma and a flavour of fruit, spice and herbs



A golden ale tasting of lemon , lime and tart gooseberry with a dry finish

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016


FESTIVAL SPECIAL Nothing known about this one


Light Amber Ale

P51 Kinver Compton, Staffordshire Beers from the Blackstuff



SINGLES BAR Dark roasty stout



German style cask conditioned lager style beer brewed with Tettnang hops





Fruity hop aroma. Very fruity start then the grassy hops give a sharp bitter finish with malt support.

Lacons Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Black Audit


SINGLES BAR FESTIVAL SPECIAL This strong dark copper Barley Wine has a prominent flavour of berry fruit, laced with pronounced spice. The finish is warming, smooth and sweet.

Black Encore


SINGLES BAR FESTIVAL SPECIAL Our flagship moves to the dark side with zesty orange and citrus fruit aromas, comfortably balancing a dry pine and citrus crescendo of flavour throughout followed by a finish that blows you away thanks to a last minute double dry hop.



FESTIVAL SPECIAL Brewed specially for the 39th Peterborough Festival. Light in colour with distinct tropical fruit flavour and slight citrus undertones and a crisp mellow finish.



Delightfully moreish, this Blonde Ale has an abundantly refreshing citrus aroma. This intensifies into a deliciously deep wave of lemon and lime, ending with a lengthy mellowing bitter finish.



Burnished amber, this full bodied session ale carries dominant tropical fruit/berries in aroma, followed by tart citrus on the palate.

Langton Thorpe Langton, Leicestershire Grand Bru 7.5%

Pixel Bandit


A delicate combination of extra pale malt, juicy NZ hops and there house yeast give a citrus aroma, with predominant flavours of lemongrass and tangerine.

Leeds Leeds, West Yorkshire Hellfire


The ultimate pale ale. Packed full of American hops this beer is bursting with fruity citrus flavours

Midnight Bell


A full bodied Strong Mild, deep red to dark brown in colour. Malty caramel character with chocolate being present throughout.

Leighton Buzzard Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire Black Buzzard 5.8% A crazy marriage of six different malts delivers a wonderful, complex, robust porter.

Cuckoo Ale


Classical traditional British bitter. The perfect balance between malt and 4 different varieties of English hops. Deceptively tasty for the ABV.



SINGLES BAR Nothing known about this one

Lenton Lane Derby, Derbyshire Atlas 4.2% Superb. Smells and tastes like cherry pipe tobacco.

Cherry Atlas


SINGLES BAR Atlas with added cherries

Explorer IPA


A strong & hoppy, India Pale Ale. Plentiful amounts of complementary hops bring citrus fruits & a clean, bitter finish.

SINGLES BAR Aromas are toffee with raisins and mellow lemon. Marzipan with peppery alcohol. Plummy and smoky with coriander spiciness and background oranges.

Lincoln Green Hucknall, Nottinghamshire Little John 4.3%

Hop On



A premium bitter, deep chestnut colour with a good balance of flavours and aroma.

Inclined Plane Bitter


Nothing known about this one

Lawman Brewing Co. Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire NEW BREWERY



A deep golden coloured American Pale Ale,packed with tropical fruits and pine. Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

A dark amber best bitter, that is smooth and malty.


Full bodied Pale Ale, packed with citrus hop and a hint of grapefruit.

Liverpool Organic Liverpool Honey Blonde 4.5%

A subtle and not cloyingly sweet honey aftertaste married to a solid malt backbone and a good hoppy character

Imperial Russian Stout


Rich strong hoppy bitterness with a full-bodied sweetness and bitter coffee finish. 31


We are Peterborough CAMRA Pub of the Year 2016! Up to 4 Real Ales available • Friendly village pub with riverside mooring • Serving Sunday Roast • Large garden • Dogs welcome Food served: Lunches Mon - Sat 12-2pm, Sun 12-3pm. Evening meals Mon-Sat 6-8pm

Sunday 24 September - Live music with solo artist Meg Mcpartlin 9pm Beer Festival Fri 14 to Sun 16 October. Live music, food and lots of ales


Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Magic Rock Huddersfield, West Yorkshire Common Grounds 5.4%

Milton Milton, Cambs Iris

A full-bodied, decadently smooth coffee beer

FESTIVAL SPECIAL Blonde beer. A careful blend of barley and wheat malts provide the backbone of this hoppy strong ale. Citrus hops dominate the aroma and crisp bitter finish ensures satisfaction. Brewed with some rather special South African hops.

Mallinson’s Huddersfield, West Yorkshire Some beer ?.?% Nothing known about this one

Market Harborough Brewery Market Harborough, Leicestershire NEW BREWERY

MH Premium Brown


A modern Brown Ale with chocolate and caramel malt flavours. Hopped with American Galena and Cascade.

SuperHop Falconers Flight


Nothing known about this one

Mauldons Sudbury, Suffolk Blackberry Porter


A refreshing light golden beer with a citrus finish.

Mile Tree Wisbech St. Mary, Cambs. Meadowgold 3.8%

Pale golden beer. American hops give a citrussy floral aroma.

Oatmeal Stout


SINGLES BAR Nothing known about this one

Running Blonde


FESTIVAL SPECIAL Nothing known about this one

Sterling Gold

Union Hop


Sessionable ultra modern pale ale balancing rich British floor malt with modern British hops.

Moorhouse’s Burnley, Lancashire Pendle Witches Brew 5.1%

Well-balanced, full-bodied, malty beer with a long, complex finish.



Golden ale brewed with Styrian Goldings and US Mount Hood hops.

Morton Wolverhampton, Staffordshire Parade of Nations 4.6% Nothing known about this one

Neepsend Sheffield, South Yorkshire Manna


Nothing known about this one


SINGLES BAR Nothing known about this one

Mile Tree & King’s Cliffe Wisbech St. Mary,


Elderflower & Lemon Summer Ale

Moor Beer Bristol, Gloucestershire Confidence 4.6%



Nothing known about this one

Summer Wheat Beer


SINGLES BAR FESTIVAL SPECIAL Marcus Aurelius enhanced with the addition of Port from our friends at Quinta de la Rosa. Velvety, rich and powerful

Hoppy American-style red ale


Black porter, with a balanced hop aroma & rich blend of chocolate & roast flavours, giving way to a subtle sweet fruit finish .

Orange Adder

Marcus Aurelius de la Rosa



Nothing known about this one

Neepsend & Sheffield Rollergirls Sheffield,

South Yorkshire

Rollabout Stout


SINGLES BAR Black colour with a thin tan head. aroma has coffee, chocolate and roasted malty. Taste chocolatey light sweet and roasted.

Nene Valley Oundle, Northants Barley Wine 8.2%

A wonderful strong mild using five different malts with roast malt for character.

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016



Newby Wyke Grantham, Lincs Black Funnel Mild 5% A wonderful strong mild using five different malts with roast malt for character.



A 100% Golden Yellow Ale, with a hoppy aroma.



SINGLES BAR Strong with a different but nice taste said to come from Japanese hops!

New-K-Ham Grantham, Lincs Master Mate


Resinous herbal hops in this blonde beer with piney resinous aroma

Nobby's Thrapston, Northants Midsummer Crown


Nothing known about this one

Nook Huddersfield, West Yorkshire Some beer Nothing known about this one



North Riding Scarborough, North Yorkshire Rum & Raisin Dark Mild 3.5% Sweet stout like ale. Rum, raisins and chocolate taste.



Pale golden in colour, a huge juicy banger of an IPA featuring Mosaic hops.

Northern Monk Leeds, West Yorkshire Communion 5.1%

Pale Ale hopped with European and U.S. varieties



Aroma is fruity fruity, citrus. Flavour is sweet and bitter, some sourness, citrus, grapefruit, lemon.



SINGLES BAR Pale malted barley and four roasted malts. British hops provide bitterness and floral, spicy notes to complement the roast and chocolate flavour.

Oakham Peterborough Bona Nox


SINGLES BAR A golden beer packed with powerful citrus fruit and berry flavours and a rich aroma giving way to a warm afterglow.

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016



Refreshing grapefruit and peach aroma and flavour characterise this golden ale. Bittersweet with a long dry aftertaste.

Green Devil IPA


Smooth and fruity starting with passionfruit, pineapple, and mango developing into lemon, limes and a citrusy bitterness.

Mompesson’s Gold


Aroma is citrus and tropical fruit. Taste: light. Floral with orange bitterness and a sweet finish.



Strong spiced fruit aroma, with a rich malt and full on fruit flavour,

Odyssey Whitbourne, Herefordshire 31st State (Unfined) 5.6% SINGLES BAR Californian Ultra Pale Ale

El Dorado IPA (Unfined)


SINGLES BAR Aroma of apricot, some grapefruit, a little melon and slight buttery biscuit malts and subtle grassy hops. Taste of grapefruit, some apricot, a little watermelon

Oldershaw Barkston, Lincs. Fest. Spec. TBC


Nothing known about this one



Nothing known about this one



Pickled Pig Newark, Notts. Grenade


Dark coloured with chocolate aromas &undertones of liquorice

Pigs Can Fly


Straw coloured session ale with a slight citrus taste.

Pig & Porter Tunbridge Wells, Kent Skylarking 4%

Very citrusy aroma with hop resins. Fruity hoppy taste, soft bitter finish.

Pig & Porter/Weird Beard Tunbridge Wells, Kent Weird Pig 5.5% SINGLES BAR Quaffable but the collaboration has tempered the usual Weird Beard individuality.

Pig Iron Brierley Hill, West Midlands Unbeweavable 4.2% SINGLES BAR Nothing known about this one

Plain Ales Sutton Veny, Wiltshire Inncognito 4.8% Lots of flavours in this stout-sweet, roasted malt, aged port and robustly mature fruits of the vine!

Purity Alcester, Warwickshire Mad Goose


Brewed with Maris Otter Malt, Caragold and Wheat Malt with Hallertau bittering hops and Cascade and Willamette aroma hops.

Nothing known about this one

Pure UBU

Parish Burrough on the Hill, Leics Baz's Bonce Blower 12.2%

A distinctive premium amber coloured beer. Using English Maris Otter Malt with Challenger and Cascade hops.

Strong, very dark beer with a very rich, malty character. A Christmas Pudding Ale.

Festival Special TBC


Nothing known about this one

Parish Special Bitter


Hoppy session beer with malty aftertaste.

Pheasantry East Markham, Notts. Best Bitter 3.8% Smooth tasting copper coloured beer, with medium bitterness and low to medium sweetness. It has a light spicy aroma.

El Dorado


A Pale Ale using only El Dorado hops giving it fruity, tropical flavours.

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Red Great Staughton, Cambs. Kangaroo



Bronze ale, malty entry with a toffee and caramel palate, mild citrus finish



Stout with smooth toffee and caramel flavours dominating it surprises with a gentle plum finish.



Amber-blonde ale, high hop, late hopped with Cascade and Summit. Orange / grapefruit citrus.

Upon This Rock


FESTIVAL SPECIAL Blonde festival special. Made with three complementary aroma hops, it has clean citrus notes of lime, orange and gooseberry. The beer is named after Peterborough's motto. 35


Red Squirrel Potton End, Hertfordshire Hopfest 3.8% Pale, golden ale with a floral/citrus aroma and elderflower notes.

London Porter


Dark brown/ black Porter with a good balance of chocolate and roasted barley. Full bodied on the palate with bittersweet liquorice and rich chocolate flavours.

Redemption Tottenham, North London Rock the Kasbek 4%

Golden ale with citrus fruit and soft malty sweetness in the aroma and flavour balanced by a dry bitterness

Revolutions Castleford, West Yorkshire Pretender NZ Blonde 4.5%



Taste is like a Czech lager, like an Urquell.

Salopian Hadnall, Shropshire Blindspot



A juicy IPA with fresh blood orange resonating through hints of candied peel and sparkling orange blossom

Vintage Sentinel

Siren Finchampstead, Berkshire Proteus Volume 111 Brew 1

Red Right Hand

One of the Proteus three hop series

Red rye IPA hopped with fruity NZ Rakau.

Rock & Roll Birmingham Instant Calmer


Pale yellow with a thick head and thin body. Has a bubble gum sweet aroma but much less stated in taste.

Rocket King's Cliffe, Northants. NEW BREWERY



The combination of English hops and American beer yeast has produced a beautiful Golden IPA.

Rockingham Blatherwyke, Northants Aged Black IPA 5%

SINGLES BAR Cellar aged black West Coast style beer. Cascade, Chinook, Centennial and Citra hops. Seville orange, pineapple and pine flavours.

Chateau Blanc


Hallertau Blanc and Nelson Sauvin hops provide this blonde ale with an intriguing mixture of flavours, with crushed gooseberry and peach featuring.

Hairy Canary



SINGLES BAR Double IPA with a light amber hue. The hops have the star billing here as they pack an assertive punch and bitterness.

A blonde ale with medium levels of bitterness and with pine, lemon and lime hop notes



A luscious rich golden orange IPA, with a succulent aroma of lime pulp and fresh botanics

Tidal Wave

4% 10%

SINGLES BAR Aroma is of grapefruit, orange, citrus, exotic fruits, melon. Taste is of melon, kiwi, citrus, grassy, floral.

Siren / Hoppin’ Frog Finchampstead, Berkshire 5 Alarm 7.4% SINGLES BAR Nothing known about this one

Skinner’s Truro, Cornwall Cornish Trawler


Light golden hoppy bitter. Well-balanced with a smooth bitter finish

St Austell St Austell, Cornwall Harvest Moon


Well-balanced and drinkable malty number that offers plenty of biscuit and fruit cake flavours.



Pale brown best bitter. Dominant hop bitterness with biscuit malt, ending refreshingly bitter and dry.

Wheel Barra


Generous amounts of Amarillo and Citra give this hoppy golden ale a mixture of citrus flavours..

SINGLES BAR Nothing known about this one

Brewed with Citra hops that create aromas of mango, apricot, grapefruit & mandarin orange, along with a lasting, juicy, tropical fruit bitterness, the Baby-Faced Assassin is an India Pale Ale that shouldn't be taken lightly.

SINGLES BAR Strong mango and citrus fruit aromas, followed by dry bitterness from the dry hops added just before racking the beer and tastes like a proper American West Coast ale.

Roosters Knaresborough, North Yorkshire Baby-Faced Assassin 6.1%


St Austell/Roosters St Austell, Cornwall Grand View 5.3%

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

St. Peter’s St. Peter South Elmham, Suffolk IPA 5.5%

Tarn 51 Altofts, West Yorkshire

A full-bodied, highly hopped Pale Ale with a zesty character.

Par 4

Organic Ale


A rich toffee apple aroma and a smooth grainy feel. Malt and caramel initially match the dry hoppy bitterness. As the flavours mature, liqourice dryness develops. Full-bodied.

Stamps Liverpool Mail Train


Traditional bitter, an abundance of Fuggles and Golding hops, leaves a noticeable bitterness with a delightful malt character

Star Market Deeping Lightyear


Strong golden ale. Full bodied with aromas of grapefruit, lychees and gooseberry.



Golden in colour with some residual sweetness. Mosaic hops used help give tropical fruit and bubblegum flavours and aroma.



Pale, hoppy and refreshing Summer ale. This session ale has high intensity citrus and grapefruit flavours.

Stoney Ford Ryhall, Lincolnshire NEW BREWERY

All Saints Almighty Amber


Darkest ale in the range with a gentle bitterness and late hopping. A resinous, marmalade and orange aromatic and citrus bite.

PE9 Paradise Pale




Quite floral with a bitter aftertaste

Theakston Masham, North Yorkshire Lightfoot 4.1% Light, continental Blonde beer style.

Old Peculier

Thornbridge Ashford-in-the-Water, Derbyshire SINGLES BAR

Jaipur IPA


A citrus dominated IPA. Starts soft and smooth yet builds to a massive hoppiness accentuated by honey.

Made North

Thornbridge & Craft Beer Co. Ashford-inthe-Water, Derbyshire

Leather Lane

Three Blind Mice Little Downham, Cambs. Belgian Rye IPA 5.4% SINGLES BAR Nothing known about this one

Fags & Coffee

Nothing known about this one


Swannay Swannay-by-Evie, Orkney Duke IPA 5.2%


SINGLES BAR Nothing known about this one

Sheepmarket Supanova Straw3.8%

Gold, all Amarillo hops. Delivers the goods!


Pale Blonde ale has a fruity tropical aroma with peach notes. Smooth silky body and easy drinking.

Lonely Snake Simcoe

Stringer’s Ulverston, Cumbria Yellow Lorry


Manchester-style bitter which pours a bright golden colour. Bracingly bitter and dry,

Soft and rounded English Pale Ale with pronounced bitterness, a definitive hoppy flavour and the aromas of a traditional English ale. Decent citrus hop flavours, gently bitter citrus finish.


A full-bodied, dark brown, Strong Ale. Slightly malty but with hints of roast coffee and liquorice.


Golden single hop Citra. Very hoppy session ale.

St. Clements Wheat IPA


Ticketybrew Stalybridge, Greater Manchester Parma Violet 4.3% Nothing known about this one

Tiny Rebel Newport, Gwent Beat Box


Assertively hopped, American style IPA.

Big floral notes in this American inspired ale. A little bit of pithy fruit and a little bit of grass

Island Hoppimg

Stay Puft


Fruity hoppiness with some caramel with a lasting bitter aftertaste. 38


Marshmallow porter has the classic roasty qualities of a proper dark ale, whilst the marshmallow gives it a smooth sweetness.


Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016


Tydd Steam Tydd St. Giles, Cambs. American Eagle 4.5% FESTIVAL SPECIAL Golden session American Pale Ale. A strong crisp bitterness with an intense fruit / citrus finish

Barn Ale


Golden Session Bitter with a zesty bitterness and a lingering citrus finish.

Learning to Fly


Dark straw colour. Tobacco aroma early, later more reddish berries. Full palate,

Piston Bitter


A caramel malty backbone with an aroma & flavour of flowery hops, a spicy citrusy hint and a bitter finish

V.I.P. Lesbury, Northumberland Village Copper


A well balanced copper coloured bitter with a subtle hint of ginger!

Village Gossip


Nothing known about this one

Vale of Glamorgan Barry, Vale of Glamorgan Dakota Red 5.4% A full bodied American style red ale, backed up by heavy late hopping from American favourites.

Summer Daze


Golden thirst-quenching summer ale, citrusy and lightly bittered.

Vibrant Forest Totton, Hampshire Nova Foresta 3.8%

A very refreshing well hopped light amber English bitter with a spicy fruitiness balanced by a pleasant maltiness. Very drinkeable.

Weal Ales Brewery Chesterton, Staffordshire Centwealial Milk Stout 4.9%

A beautiful sweet and creamy milk stout, with a rich chocolate taste and a silky smooth finish.

Weller Weal


A Pale ale made with oodles of Mosaic and Citra hops during both the boil and fermentation.

Weird Beard London W7 7th Church of the Apocalyptic Lawnmower


SINGLES BAR A twisted version of a cream ale, with dark chocolatey malts to play with the creaminess from flaked corn and coconut notes from Sorachi Ace hops. 40

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Dark Hopfler


A hoppy dark beer, almost in the mild style, boasting pine and chocolate on the nose. Roasted malt and sweet cocoa flavours carry into the taste which is balanced with resinous hop bitterness.

Welbeck Abbey Welbeck, Nottinghamshire Admiral Chocolat 4.8% Nothing known about this one



Wild Weather Ales Silchester, Hampshire 05:15 5.2% Sumptuous red IPA brewed to wrap it's arms round you. With floral citrus from the Cascade and pine and passion fruit from the Simcoe.

Black Night


A dark mild, with a light taste that rapidly develops into a complex blend of rich malt and hop flavours and a hint of caramel. The aftertaste is long, dry, hoppy and toasty.

Low in strength but absolutely crammed full of wonderful hop character. There's a good bitter note from Challenger hops which balances the citrus and grassy nose from Cascade and Hallertaur Brewers Gold.

Windswept Lossiemouth, Morayshire Aurora 3.8%

Weldon Weldon, Northants. Roman Mosaics

Marooned ?.?%

Nothing known about this one



FESTIVAL SPECIAL Very special Red beer brewed for the Peterborough Beer Festival.



A Blonde ale, light and refreshing with delicate hints of lemon and fragrant garden herbs from noble hops.

Weldon Wit


SINGLES BAR Nothing known about this one



Whim Hartington, Derbyshire Flower Power

Wishbone Keighley, West Yorkshire NEW BREWERY

Black Porter


SINGLES BAR Unfined robust Porter recipe using Wheat, Brown & Black malts with British Hops.



Gives a 'Hop-Burst' hit of American hops in a very sessionable ABV.


Light session beer with lots of Citra hops to give a grapefruit flavour and a long dry aftertaste.

Milk Stout

Nothing known about this one


Brewed with blackcurrants to give a rich aroma of Summer fruits. The natural tartness of the fruit is balanced by the sweet malt of the wheat beer.

Xtreme Ales Turves. Cambs. Crazy Pigeon

West End Leicester Some beer

Big one hop initial blast


A traditional milk stout, rich and creamy with a very smooth finish!


Pigeon Ale


Light, golden coloured beer with a flowery hop aroma, citrus with mild spice on the palate and a dry, bitter finish.

A light hoppy beer brewed predominantly with Simcoe hops, a refreshing beer with a pleasant aftertaste.





SINGLES BAR A traditional stout infused with Rioja giving a rounded fruity tasting beer.

Nothing known about this one

Marynka SINGLES BAR Nothing known about this one

Whippet Leeds, West Yorkshire English Whippet

Route 701



Golden beer with fruity tones


The Yorkshire malt gives the beer its golden colour with fine Admiral and Bramling Cross hops.

Yeovil Yeovil, Somerset Yolo#8


Number 8 in the single hop series.

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016


All about

We welcome a new(ish) technology to the Peterborough Beer Festival this year called a keykeg. I know, I know... it is a bit scary to see the word “keg” anywhere remotely close to a CAMRA festival, but we must assure you that we are not being rebels here. The reason why keykeg is now being featured at CAMRA festivals is because there has recently been an official acceptance that the product that is held within a keykeg is in fact, REAL.

use CO2 injected into a container that holds the beer and increases the pressure within the container causing the beer to flow out of the tap when it is open. While the tap is closed, the CO2 is still being forced into the beer causing it to carbonate. Keykegs, however, don’t even need CO2 for the beer to be served. Often times, such as at this festival, a simple air compressor is used to squeeze a bladder within the Keykeg to force the beer out to the tap. The air never comes into contact with the product therefore that product is never altered (in other words, the beer is only as carbonated as the brewery wants it to be...keykeg beer isn’t always fizzy!). I suppose the easiest way to explain the technology is to show you! See the illustration on the next page.

Keykegs are nothing like the old traditional kegs of yesteryear. Instead, like many other modern things, technology has been used to make it better! As we all know, traditional kegs

The keykeg selection for this beer festival features some of the most sought after and game changing brewers. Some of the brewers have only been brewing a year or so, while

Key Keg

The Jolly Sailor, 43 Great Whyte, Ramsey PE26 1HH Tel 01487 813388

OPEN ALL DAY EVERY DAY FROM 11am Five Real Ales on permanently

FOOD SERVED DAILY Monday to Friday: 12 to 2.30, 6 to 9pm Saturday: 12 to 9pm Sunday: 12 to 4pm

Head Chef Lee Vernall has now joined our team Look out for his new menu


4 Real Ales available alongside Stowford Press Cider Open: Monday to Thursday from 4.30pm Friday from 3pm Saturday and Sunday from 12pm Car Park • Garden with childrens play area

Saturday 5th November Music from Live Star 30 High Street, Bluntisham PE28 3LD Tel: 01487 842055 Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Keg starts out with internal bag full of beer - beer has conditioned inside the keg just like a big bottle. The carbonation of the beer has been decided by the brewery and cannot be changed by the application of gas pressure.

Pressure inside keg “squeezes” beer out of the internal bag. Clear beer is served from the top - whilst sediment settles to the bottom.

some of them have been around for quite a while. What they all have in common is the desire to make incredible beer and to get it out to the public in the best condition possible. The format for this bar is different than the rest of the bars at the festival...think of it as an extension of the singles bar. There will be only 13 beers on at any given time and 45 different beers in total. Although we know what beers we have, we won’t know what is going on when; therefore we can’t guarantee that you will be able to have the beers you are looking for when you want them. In order to avoid disappointment, check back often as these kegs could come and go very quickly. We will not be holding back any stock so get them while you can. When they are gone, they are gone! We will also only be providing these beers with a maximum of ½ pint measures so that we can enable as many people as possible the opportu-

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

When the bag is empty the beer will stop flowing. All that is left is the sediment.

nity to try something from this bar (feel free to come back for a second ½ pint of something if you really enjoyed it). If you are interested in finding out more about the keykeg technology, there is a brief write up about it in the most recent Beer Around ‘Ere (Issue 190) or feel free to ask for me, Steve Saldana, while visiting the keykeg bar. And for those of you out there that have absolutely no interest in these beers, we have some great news: there are still more than 350 real ales, ciders, country wines and more at the festival for you to sample! These keykeg beers have only increased selection and in no way have they decreased our selection of traditional cask ales.




KEY KEG Alphabet Come on Closer

Pixel Bandit 4.0%

Pineapple and jalepeno sour (Collab with Bexar County)

Nouvelle Saison


Lychee and rose saison

Bakers Dozen Electric Landlady


Pale Ale

Beavertown Black Betty

7.4% 4.1%


Smog Rocket



Its the End of the World as We Know it! 4.7% Dark Lager

9.0% 9.0%

Sorachi Ace Grisette 3.5% Light Saison



Elusive Brew Co Thai Yum Wit





Mango Saison


Doublethink DIPA


Siren Calypso

Magic Rock / Brodies Great Alphonso 5.6% Mango Pale Ale


Double IPA





Blueberry Berlinerweisse

Proteus IPA Miletree Summer Wheat






Elderflower and Lemon

Three Blind Mice Fags and Coffee 8.0% Smoked Coffee Stout.

Swanky Monk


A Belgian Rye IPA

Moor Guardian of Peace






Hopped Hefeweizen

Smokey Horyzon


Smoked Rye Ale

Nene Valley Supersonic

Weird Beard Saison 14 Saison 28



Imperial Farmhouse IPA

Double Perle


Double Coffee Milk Stout

Wild Weather Skadoosh

A gin inspired beer


Farmhouse Ale



Plain Sailing


Kaffir Lime APA



Thirty Lives


American Wheat

Northern Monk Mango Lassi Heathen 7.2% 5.0%

Wheat Beer

Lawman Onyx

Pig Cubed

Goosberry Gose

Fenland Farmhouse Saison

Thai Spiced Wit

Hammerton Geist Weisse


Black IPA

Double IPA

IPA Citra

Magic Rock Salty Kiss

Agent of Evil

Double IPA




Elderflower and Lemon

Short Session Pale Ale

Cloudwater DIPA v6


Wheat Beer

Smoked Porter

Bexar County How DIPA is your Love?

Pig & Porter Signs of Triviality

Rhubarb Braggot

Black IPA



Pale Ale

Mango IPA

Northern Star


Mocha Porter


Heathen IPA

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016


KEY KEG BEER is only available in a maximum of half pint measures


Swiss Cottage Woodston 01733 568734 Recent


Gold Award Winner ONLY



PBF 2016

Three separate sport TVs with Sky Sports and BT Sport showing all football and other live sporting events. Undercover Smoking Area, Pool Table & Beer Garden

Open All Day Every Day from Noon with a late night license! Accommodation also available, see:


Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Escape Bar 2016 If you are driving, have kiddies that need refreshing or just want a change from alcohol, then head for the Escape Bar – a dedicated soft drinks bar were you will find a range of soft drinks to suit both adult and children’s tastes.

Soft drinks include lemonade, Coke, orange juice, Britvic 55, Pepsi, Fanta, Tango, Sprite, J2O, 7UP, Ribena, Appletise, Lucozade, ginger beer, Victorian lemonade and many others.

Fruit drinks for the children will be priced at just 50 pence each, as will bottles of still and sparkling water. (Remember you will pay up to £2 a bottle for water at many non-CAMRA festivals).

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Also on sale will be Pipers Crisps, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, Kit Kat, Twirl, Mars Bars, Mini Cheddars, Dry Roasted Peanuts, Pork Scratchings, Quavers, Hula Hoops, Bacon Fries, Scampi Fries and Cheesy Wotsits. We are having a small range of ice creams again, including Mini Milk, Fredo, Cornetto, Magnum, and Beachdean Ice cream cups. We will have a small selection of cigarettes, hand-rolling tobacco, papers, cigars and lighters.

If you fancy a glass of alcohol-free apple juice then you will find a selection on the Cider & Perry Bar and alcohol-free beer can be found on the Bottled Beer Bar.


• Carpets • Moduleo™ and Karndean™ • Wood and Laminate Floor • Blinds

Showroom 1 -3 Ayres Drive , Peterborough PE2 8JS

The Newby Wyke Brewery Try our award winning ales at the Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

24 Limesquare Business Park, Alma Park Road, Grantham, Lincolnshire NG31 9SN

Telephone: 01476 565682 Email: 48

Web: Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Cooper We are fortunate once again to have a visit from T & R Theakston’s master cooper, Jonathan Manby on Tuesday. This year, Jonathan will be accompanied by his new apprentice Euan Findlay.

T & R Theakston are one of the few British brewers who still employ a full-time cooper. Although their beers are no longer delivered in oak casks some of their beers are matured in the wood. Jonathan was trained by master brewer and cooper, Clive Hollis, and is one of the few remaining coopers in the country. Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Everyone who has watched Jonathan’s demonstration of his craft has enjoyed watching him create casks with tools that haven’t changed in centuries. If you didn’t catch it last year, then make sure that you do not miss the chance to observe and marvel at his skill in the north tent.




Austria Eggenberger Hopfenkonig 5.1% 33cl Pilsner Hoppy smooth Austrian pilsner made to the German purity law. Welcome to the Foreign Beer Bar at Peterborough Beer Festival. Well here we go again, and welcome! Yet again we have a good selection of beers from other countries: a total of 153 beers in the bottles section. In the draught section we have Lindenboom, Berliner Pilsner, Timmermans Strawberry and Bacchus Framboise. We also have this year a new range of beers from Norway from Brewery Lervig as well as a wide range of a lot of old favourites including all the Trappist breweries. It is my wish to increase the beers from Germany, France and Spain but, unfortunately, it would appear that none of the distributors in the UK seem to want to import from those countries. Therefore it is my mission over the next year to try and obtain a supply from these countries. Any help appreciated!! That aside I am sure that you will find something to suit your palate and our specialist friendly staff will be happy to guide you through your journey to Beer Heaven. We look forward to seeing you and hope you enjoy the Beer Festival and leave with good memories. Peter Josling Foreign Beer Bar Organiser

Engelszell Benno 6.7% 33cl Trappist Strong Ale Cloudy amber coppery colour with a medium sized off-white head. Alcohol, yeast and wine aroma. Lots of dark fruit in the taste. Gregorius 9.7% 33cl Trappist Strong Ale Dark brown reddish colour with light beige head. Aroma is malty, caramel, dark fruits, yeasty, dusty, light alcohol.

Samiclaus Samiclaus 14.0% 33cl Strong Ale Strongest lager in the world. Reddishbrown colour and a malty aroma and taste that remind you of Horlicks with a slug of alcohol added.

Belgium Achel Trappist Blonde 8.0% 33cl Trappist Belgian Strong Ale Deep golden colour with a big frothy white head. Mild round sweetness and a moderate bitterness. Trappist Bruin 8.0% 33cl Trappist Belgian Strong Ale Dark amber colour with a big tan head that lasts. Mild sweet sugary, fruity, yeast and mild acidic notes.

Bosteels Pauwel Kwak 8.4% 33cl Belgian Strong Ale Strong, smooth, sweet Belgian ale that's as drinkable as Duvel, but with a bit more sweetness and complexity.

Cazaeu Tournay Blonde 6.7% 33cl Belgian Ale Cloudy yellow colour, white foamy head that nicely laces the ale. Citrus hoppy, balanced bitterness, creamy malts.


Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

WORLD BEERS Tournay Noir 7.6% 33cl Foreign Stout Dark brown/black colour, beige foam. Medium carbonation. Roasted malts, coffee and chocolate. Some hints of caramel.

Taras Boulba 4.5% 33cl Belgian Ale Pours cloudy, pale yellow with an average lacing white head. Aroma of yeast, citrus, caramel and spicy notes.

Tournay Triple 9.0% 33cl Abbey Tripel Cloudy yellow with a small white head. Aroma is fruity, citrusy and crisp hoppy. Smooth fruity, bitter, citrusy and hoppy.

De Ranke

Chimay Blue Cap 9.0% 33cl Trappist Belgian Strong Ale Beer whose fragrance of fresh yeast with a light, flowery rosy touch is especially pleasant. Red Cap 7.0% 33cl Trappist Dubbel Coppery colour with a creamy head, light, fruity apricot aroma. Taste perceived in the mouth is a balance confirming the fruity nuances. White Cap 8.0% 33cl Trappist Triple Golden colour with a slightly hazy appearance and a fine head. Fruity notes of muscat and raisins in the taste.

De Kazematten The Wipers Times 14 6.2% 33cl Belgian Ale A blond speciality ale using four different grains.

De Block Satan Gold 8.0% 33cl Belgian Strong Ale Cloudy yellow with a small off-white head. Aroma of peach, malt, boozy notes. Sweet, fruity and moderately spicy taste.

De Halve Maan

Saison de Dottignies 5.5% 33cl Saison Aroma is medium strong and citrus, pineapple, some spices, spruce, caramel. Hazy orange. Taste is citrus tart and sour, perky.

Dubuisson Bush Ambree (Scaldis) 12.0% 33cl Belgian Strong Ale Its amber colour is due to the use of caramel malt in the production process. Its bitter sweet taste provides it with firmness and personality.

Dupont Monk’s Stout 5.2% 33cl Stout Black with tanned head. Lightly sweet but with a dry, slightly astringent finish. Roast malts, chocolate, coffee and some dark berries. Saison Dupont 25cl Biologique 6.5% Saison Pours hazy yellow with a white head. Grass, floral, herbs, light citrus. Moinette Blonde 8.5% 33cl Belgian Strong Ale Nice white head. Clear light golden. Hoppy, spicy aroma. Dry and fruity.

Frank Boon Gueuze 6.5% 37.5cl Lambic-Gueuze Hazy amber. White head with great retention and little lacing. Acidic, fruity, bone dry.

Brugse z’ot 6.0% 33cl Belgian Ale Golden beer with a thin white head. The aroma is sweet malty with light spicy notes. The flavour is sweet malty with stronger notes of spices.

Mariage Parfait 8.0% 37.5cl Lambic-Gueuze Light amber, with a white head. Smells a bit sour, like you would expect. Tastes a bit sour, with some citrus and oak accents.

De La Senne

Gouden Carolus Classic 8.5% 33cl Belgian Strong Ale Dark brown ale with dark amber highlights. A deep, creamy cappuccino head. Molasses, raisins and figs.

Jambe de Bois 8.0% 33cl Abbey Tripel Hazy orange colour. Small sized white head stays. Fruity, sweet, citrus, lime, touch of yeast in aroma. Fruity, herbal, sweet, dry yeast in taste. Zinnebir 5.8% 33cl Belgian Ale Amber colour with an off-white head. Aroma is sweet malt, wheat, hay and spices. Medium body and carbonation. Flavour citrus, fruit, yeast, rather sweet.

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Het Anker

Lucifer 8.0% 33cl Belgian Strong Ale Great malty aroma with a supporting malt flavour and just a hint of hops on the end.

Hoegaarden Forbidden Fruit 8.0% 33cl Belgian Strong Ale Good-looking hazy golden blond brewed using three different yeasts, coriander and orange.

F 51



Delirium Nocturnum 8.5% 33cl Belgian Strong Ale Dark brown-red. A compact white-yellow, stable and lacing head. Scent: Touches of caramel, mocha and chocolate.

Blanche De Bruxelle 4.5% 33cl Belgian Witbier Pours hazy straw colour with no head. Mild aroma with fruity notes and a touch of yeast. Light body with a dry finish. Light fruity flavour.

Delirium Red 8.0% 33cl Fruit Beer Deep dark red colour, with a light pink, compact and lacing head. Scent: Soft fruity aroma, with hints of almond and mildly sour cherries.

Lindemans Cassis 3.5% 25cl Sour Red/Brown Sweet cough lolly like sweetness. Obvious cassis characters.

Delirium Tremens 8.5% 33cl Belgian Strong Ale Light golden colour, transparent. Mild bitterness, some fruity notes. Very balanced and refreshing.

Pêcheresse 2.5% 25cl Lambic-Fruit Peaches, hint of lambic aroma, sweet drink, loose white head, very quaffable.

Floris Apple 3.5% 33cl Fruit Beer Clear pale yellow with an almost artificial green glow. Aroma is dominated by apples. Taste is apple cider tartness and malty sweetness.

Orval 6.2% 33cl Trappist Dubbel Orangey amber coloured beer, triple fermented and dry hopped. Twice winner of Best Bottled Beer at Peterborough.

Floris Chocolat 4.2% 33cl Belgian Dark Ale Made with Belgian chocolate. It has a real chocolate aroma. Very light and fun to drink. Floris Honey 4.5% 33cl Belgian Witbier Wheat beer brewed with real honey. It's light, sweet and distinctively honey. Floris Mango 3.6% 33cl Fruit Beer Reddish orange colour with a medium sized white head. Aroma is mango, some tropical fruit. Flavour is fruity. Floris Ninkeberry 33cl (Mixed Fruits) 3.6% Fruit Beer Very light refreshing tropical fruitiness. A very unusual blend of a white beer with three tropical fruits.


Oud Beersel Framboise 5.0% 37.5cl Lambic-Fruit Reddish with a white head. Aroma of fruit and yeast. Taste is raspberries, grass and a little sour. Oude Kriek 6.5% 37.5cl Lambic-Gueuze Deep crimson colour with light pink head. Aroma is dominated by cherries with hints of yeast. Taste is a cherry tartness with a malty sweetness. Oude Gueuze 6.0% 37.5cl Trappist Dubbel A cloudy golden-orange beer with low head, at first fruity with malty notes then very dry and bitter with bread, mushrooms and tart at the finish.


Floris Passion Fruit 3.6% 33cl Fruit Beer Medium yellow colour, bouquet is heavy on the fruit and the taste is big on the sweet fruit.

Hommelbier 7.5% 25cl Belgian Ale Smell gives sweet fruit with some yeasts. Taste gives you the same yeasts, some spices and also a bit grassy.

La Guillotine 8.5% 33cl Belgian Strong Ale Golden with a medium head. Floral and honey aroma. Some lemon flavour.


Mongozo Coconut 3.6% 33cl Fruit Beer This beer thinks its a piña colada. Aroma is strongly of coconut, but without being artificial.

Lefebvre Barbãr 8.0% 33cl Belgian Strong Ale Yellow coloured beer with big white head. Aroma of malts and honey, sweet smell. Taste is malty, light hoppy and honey. Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Rochefort 6 7.5% 33cl Trappist Tripel Full bodied with that Belgian yeast aroma. Heavy malt flavours, almost of candy sugar and honey. Rochefort 8 9.2% 33cl Trappist Sour Red/Brown Chestnut with a purple/red hue. Nose has stewed apple, vanilla and just a hint of dark chocolate. Taste stewed apple, cinnamon, liquorice and coffee.



Rochefort 10 11.3% 33cl Trappist Quadrupel Deep dark reddish brown, potent. Complex fruit flavours & a hint of dark chocolate. Arguably the finest Trappist beer.

Wit 5.5% 33cl Witbier Pale orange and cloudy with smallish head. Orange, peach and curacao aroma.


Grand Cru 9.5% 33cl Belgian Strong Ale Cloudy blonde with a lacy white head and a fruity aroma. There is a fullbodied pale malt flavour with some banana ester and a nicely bitter hoppy finish.

Ename Pater 5.5% 33cl Belgian Ale Aroma of blood orange, sherbet, sugary dough, some herbs. Light bodied. Taste is sweet sugary dough, some peach bubble-gum, citrusy dry-hopping.

St Bernardus Abt 10.5% 33cl Abbey Dubbel Made from same yeast as Westvleteren. Orange colour with medium white long lasting head. Aroma of orange, spices. Taste, grapefruit, yeast, floral hops.

St Feuillien

Slaapmutske Flemish Old Style 33cl Sour Kriek 5.0% Sour/Wild Ale Dark reddish amber with off-white head. Aromas of flowery notes, grapes, red wine. Tastes of light red wine, grapes, dark fruit.

Van Steenberge

Pater 6.7% 33cl Abbey Triple Made from same yeast as Westvleteren. Chestnut brown colour with candied apple and fig flavours with a pretty high level of spiciness in the taste.

Gulden Draak 10.5% 33cl Belgian Strong Ale A dark brown-amber colour with a creamy, khaki head. Aroma is yeast, raisins, dark fruits . Taste is mildly tart cherries, plums, figs, raisins, yeast.

Prior 8.0% 33cl Abbey Quadrupel Made from same yeast as Westvleteren. Big thick head. Brown body. Plum and raisin and really, rich taste.



Trappist Dubbel 7.0% 33cl Abbey Dubbel Rich and complex Trappist beer with a dark roast malt flavour. Tenacious head follows the beer to the end of the glass.

Peterborough Beer Festival 2015

WORLD BEERS Trappist Tripel 9.5% 33cl Belgian Ale Very pale Trappist beer. It is top fermented, with a fruity, citrus orangey, smooth creamy mouthfeel.

Rauchbier Weisse 5.8% 37.5cl Smoked A smoked Weisse beer. Very unusual. Smoked sausages and bacon.


Edelstoff 5.6% 50cl Helles Aroma is citrus, hay, herbs. Pale golden with a light white head. Taste is light bitter, light sour. Has a malty mouthfeel , a medium long, light bitter finish.

Abbaye Mont des Cats Mont des Cats 7.6% 33cl Belgian Strong Ale Brewed at Chimay. Dark orange, brown colour. Medium bitterness and low sweetness. Aroma is caramel, malt, hop.

Des Sources Bellerose Blonde Extra 6.5% 33cl Belgian Ale Pours golden with a decent white head that lasts. Aroma of lemon, banana and yeast.

Saint Sylvestre Trois Monts 8.5% 75cl Biere de Garde Pale gold, fruity, grassy, yeasty and sweet. Wonderfully fresh beer.

Thiriez Ambree d'Esquelbecq 5.8% 33cl Biére de Garde Hazy amber with off white head. Aroma of caramel, brown sugar and yeast. Taste is sweet; caramel, sugar with some hop notes.


Lager Helles 5.2% 50cl Helles Gold with white head. Light malty beer with a soft lemon character, some sweetness, some grassy hints.

Bayerischer Banhof Gose 4.6% 33cl Gose Slightly sourish. Smooth body. Not too deep. Fresh sourish, melon taste, fruity smooth.

Berliner Kindl Schultheiss Berliner Kindl Weisse 5.8% 37.5cl Berliner Weisse Light golden in colour, extremely sour with a light bodied wheat character.


Blonde d’Esquelbecq 6.5% 33cl Saison Deep amber with white head. Aroma is fruity with peach, pear and apricot, malt and yeast. Taste is fairly sweet with caramel and fruits.

Colonia 5.5% 35.5cl Kölsch Light in colour, rich in flavour. A sturdy bitterness leaning of a molasses base, with a balanced amount of hops. A bit of citrus acidity, a little woody.

Dalva 8.5% 33cl Imperial/Double IPA Clear orange colour with a small white head. Sweet and fruity aroma of caramel with notes of hops. Sweet and fruity flavour of caramel, grass and hops.

Palor 5.2% 35.5cl American Pale Ale Citrus fruity hoppy and malty aroma and taste, satsuma, lemon, straw, some caramel malty sweetness, some grassy and floral nuances, refreshing, hoppy bitter finish.

Etoile du Nord 5.5% 33cl Saison Hazy golden, frothy white head. Fruity, floral aroma. Citrus, grassy, resiny taste. Medium body, soft carbonation. Dry bitter long finish.


Maline 5.8% 33cl Porter Pours dark brown colour with a small head. Aroma of roasted malts, some fruits and hints of chocolate. Flavour of malts, chocolate and fruits. Quebecoises 5.5% 33cl Wheat Ale Orange with hardly any head. Fruity with a trace of bitterness that lingers for some time.

Alkoholfrei 0.0% 50cl Low Alcohol Light straw colour. Light body. Aroma and flavour of malt, yeast, light hops, some citrus, and grain. Pikantus 7.3% 50cl Weizen Bock Pours a muddy red brown with a light tan head. Smells a little smokey. Taste is smokey, with some pear and citrus.

Aecht Schlenkerla

Weissbier ( Hefe-Weizen) 5.3% 50cl German Hefeweizen Golden colour with a slight haze through the beer. Great flavours that are strong but not overpowering on the back of the palate.

Rauchbier Marzen 5.8% 37.5cl Smoked Bamberg’s speciality, a dark, bottom fermented smokebeer, brewed with Original Schlenkerla Smokemalt.

Weissbier Dunkel 5.6% 50cl Dunkelweizen Brown-red colour with a high longlasting creamy head. An aroma of malt, fruit and chocolate.


Peterborough Beer Festival 2016



Erdinger Weissbier Kristallklar 5.3% 50cl German Kristallweizen Clear light pale yellow colour with a high small bubbly head. An aroma of yeast, citrus and herbs. The taste is sweet.

Faust Schwarzviertler 5.2% 50cl Dunkel Some dark fruits some malt loaf style malt. Very drinkable in the mouth. Lovely dark fruits flavours.

Flensburger Pilsener 4.8% 33cl German Pilsner Clear yellow body and a nice creamy white lasting head, malt and grass. Bitter finish, light sweetness and medium bitter taste.

Hacker Pschorr Anno 1417 5.5% 50cl Kellerbier Cloudy, golden-orange colour with a large, off-white head. Smells of grains, bread and yeast. Tastes of sweet grains, yeast and cloves.

Hofbräu München Dunkel 5.8% 37.5cl Dunkel Medium size, beige head, stays. Caramel, sweet, roast, malty in aroma. Grainy, bit of coffee, spiky hops in taste. München Original 5.8% 37.5cl Dortmunder Helles Light aroma of wheat and grass. Taste is smooth, grassy, lingering bitterness.

Kostritzer Schwarzbier 5.8% 37.5cl Schwarzbier Smell of chocolate, dark bread. Nice malty beer.

Klosterbräu Schwärzla 5.8% 37.5cl Schwarzbier Aroma is grainy malt, some chocolate and toasted notes. Taste is medium sweet grainy malt, cereal, chocolate with light bitterness.

Maisels Weiss 5.8% 37.5cl German Hefeweizen Cloudy orange body, big white head. Malty nose with nuts, whole wheat bread, red fruit and light cheese. Nice spicy taste.

Paulaner Thurn & Taxis Roggen 5.3% 50cl Specialty Grain Malt, caramel, some wheat, dough and fruity aroma. Hazy amber colour, big lacing head. Sweet taste, sour notes.


Weisse 5.8% 37.5cl German Kristallweizen Clear golden colour. Citric, wheaty aroma. Bland, watery taste with citric notes and a wheaty, slightly tart finish.

P J Fruh Kölsch 5.8% 37.5cl Kölsch Kölsch is an appellation given to top fermented beers brewed only in Cologne and this is one of the best.

REH Bier Landbier 5.8% 37.5cl Dunkel Fruity malty, grainy and caramel: aroma, flavour and finish.

Rothaus Tannezäpfle 5.1% 33cl Pilsner Aroma has grain, grass. Taste is malty with quite long and bitter aftertaste. Flavours of grain, grass and caramel.

Schlosser Alt 5.8% 37.5cl Altbier Köln has Kölsch, Düsseldorf has Alt. A dark amber beer with a medium white head.

Schneider Aventinus 5.8% 37.5cl Weizen Bock Golden colour with a slightly hazy appearance and a fine head. Fruity notes of muscat and raisins in the taste. Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock 12.0% 50cl Eisbock This wheat Doppelbock of Bavaria, has always been known to be the most intense and complex wheat beer in the world. Hopfen Weisse 5.8% 37.5cl Weizen Bock Hazy golden colour with white head. Hoppy, floral and wheat. Weisse Grunes 5.8% 37.5cl German Hefeweizen Golden colour with a large off-white head. Citric aroma of wheat, caramel, yeast. Flavour is wheat, yeast, some fruit, citrus.

Italy Amarcord Bionda 6.0% 35.5cl Belgian Ale Hazy golden with a white head. Spicy and yeasty aroma and flavour. Mora 9.0% 35.5cl Imperial Porter Black beer with a lasting tan head. Big hit of mocha on the aroma. Lots of coffee and chocolate and some plum and dark cherry. Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

WORLD BEERS Japan Kiuchi Hitachino Nest 33cl Red Rice Ale 7.0% Specialty Grain Hazy amber colour with a fluffy white head, that keeps a nice lacing. Aromas of bubble-gum, pine, strawberry and caramel. Flavour is like strawberry gum. Hitachino Nest White Ale 5.5% 33cl Witbier Straw colour with thin white head. Noble hop aromas, nutmeg and orange taste. Hitachino Nest Classic 7.5% 33cl Indian Pale Ale Hazy amber with little head. Caramel malt and wood on the nose. Flavours bring caramel malts, alcohol, bitterness, wood, and herbal hops.

Netherlands De Kievit Zundert 8.0% 33cl Abbey Triple Golden amber colour, medium head, malty sweet nose, dry malty bitter taste, with some fruit present.

De Koningshoeven La Trappe Blond 6.5% 33cl Trappist Ale A bright golden blond ale with a sparkling, fresh fruity taste with a delicate bitter aftertaste. La Trappe Dubbel 7.0% 33cl Trappist Dubbel Trappist beer with a gentle flavour, creamy head and pronounced bouquet. La Trappe Isid'Or 7.5% 33cl Trappist Belgian Ale Aroma of malts, yeast, spices, caramel. Taste is sweet malt, spices, dried fruits. La Trappe Quadruple 10.0% 33cl Trappist Quadruple Taste is of breads, light caramel, sweet figs, nutmeg, spices, lots of yeast esters and some alcohol. Lingering vanilla sweetness. La Trappe Quad Oak Aged 10.0% 37.5cl Trappist Quadruple Cloudy brown, small white head. Aroma is fruity , woody, boozy port wine, light. Flavour is fruity , woody, malty. La Trappe Tripel 8.0% 33cl Trappist Triple The use of coriander gives it a spicy character. Golden in colour with a fruity, bittersweet taste.

at Sundays, 3 Cumbergate, Peterborough PE1 1YR Bookings on Tel: 01733 554 334

Great local ingredients, cooked low ‘n slow over wood in our multi-award winning Cookshack Smoker, imported from the USA. Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, Ribs & more.

Good Meat+Rub+Smoke+Time=BBQ

La Trappe Witte 5.5% 33cl Trappist Witbier Only Trappist white beer in the world. A fresh thirst quencher with a refined character. Brewed with wheat malt and very aromatic varieties of hops.


Peterborough Beer Festival 2016


De Molen


Hamer & Sikel 5.2% 33cl Porter Pours black with a tan head. Aroma of coffee, yeast and chocolate. Taste is cocoa and malts.

Farmhouse IPA 6.0% 33cl Indian Pale Ale Hazy golden glow. Light, fresh, sweet. Fruity hops and a tiny bit sour.

Hemel & Hel 11.9% 33cl Imperial Stout Rich chocolate aroma. Flavour is chocolate with notes of vanilla and oak.

White Dog 4.7% 33cl Witbier Bit wheaty, slightly yeasty, flowery, sour aroma. Bit malty, sweet beginning. Slightly flowery, yeasty in the middle. Sour finish.

Tsarina Esra 11.0% 33cl Imperial Porter Black colour with a tan head. Big roasted malty aroma and taste. Also liquorice chocolate and sweet.

Kees Export Porter 1750 10.5% 33cl Imperial Porter Aroma is roasted malt, roasted seeds, oily, dark fruits. Taste is burnt malt, hoppy bitterness. Farmhouse IPA 6.0% 33cl Indian Pale Ale Aroma is slightly tarty, light citrusy and grassy. Flavour is quite sour, slightly hoppy, light bitter. Pale Ale Citra 4.6% 33cl American Pale Ale Floral hoppy aroma with lime and grapefruit notes. Pale malty. The flavour is fruity and floral with some tropical hoppy notes.

Norway Lervig Betty Brown 4.7% 33cl Brown Ale Aroma is of caramel, nuts, milk chocolate, pine, hint of dark fruits. Taste is of chocolate, light coffee hints, pine, caramel, peanuts. Galaxy IPA 6.5% 33cl Indian Pale Ale The taste is super tart with a dry bitterness and a sweetish almost creamy finish. Hoppy Joe 4.7% 33cl Amber Ale Pours a cloudy mid brown with a cream coloured lasting head. Aroma of hop, chocolate and caramel. Medium sweetness and bitterness. Konrad Stout 10.4% 33cl Imperial Stout An aroma of roasted malt, cold coffee, dark chocolate and weak prunes/raisins.. Lucky Jack 4.7% 33cl American Pale Ale Crisp pale ale, with only a mild dryness. Its tropical fruitiness is however full with a good citrus edge to it, including grapefruit and pineapple. 58


Nøgne Ă˜ Imperial Stout 9.0% 50cl Imperial Stout A wonderful malt presence, a very well rounded and smooth mouthfeel and taste. It has a wonderful bitterness that compliments the malts very well. Pale Ale 6.0% 50cl American Pale Ale Hazy golden colour. White head with lacing. Aroma of grape with some yeast. Bitter taste of hops with notes of vanilla. Saison 6.5% 50cl Saison Hazy light gold colour with bright white head. Aroma is citrus, orange peel. Taste is sharply sweet.

Scotland BrewDog Arcade Nation 5.2% 33cl Black IPA Almost black with ruby highlights. Beige head. Balanced grapefruit and piney hops and roasted malts, light chocolate and ashes. Jackhammer 7.4% 33cl Indian Pale Ale Hazy amber with small white head. Strong bitter hops aroma. Very bitter hoppy citrus taste. 5am Saint 5.0% 33cl Amber Ale Smell is floral, grapefruit, caramel and pine resin. Taste is less complex: red berries and more caramel sweetness. Vagabond Ale 4.5% 33cl American Pale Ale Taste starts with light sweet caramel and grainy malt, following is citric, fruity and mild herbal with rather dry mouthfeel and medium bitter finish.

USA Alaskan Smoked Porter 5.8% 37.5cl Smoked Aroma has smoked malts, roasted malts, some coffee. Taste starts with roasted coffee and malts. Peterborough Beer Festival 2016


Red Hook

Steam Beer 5.8% 37.5cl California Common Golden amber pour with medium sized off white head. Aroma of malts, hops and caramel. Taste of malts, slight toffee sweetness and a slight hoppy finish.

Longhammer IPA 6.2% 35.5cl American Pale Ale Nose is grain, pine, citrus. Taste is burnt caramel, metal, hop water.

Anderson Valley IPA 5.8% 37.5cl Indian Pale Ale Amber with a thin beige head. Nose is fruity. Taste is grapefruit and peach with hop bitterness.

Arcadia Cereal Killer 10.0% 35.5cl Barley Wine Raisin and toffee on the nose, some chocolate. Weird sweetness on the front, with lots of bourbon and vanilla. Imperial Stout 9.5% 35.5cl Imperial Stout Pleasant aroma of roasted nutty malt with a hint of dark fruit or dark chocolate. Flavour is roasted malts with some bitterness. Thunder Trail 6.0% 35.5cl Premium Bitter Caramel biscuit aroma. Balanced hop malt flavour, bready, then a hopped caramel finish.

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout 5.8% 37.5cl Imperial Stout Pours black with a small head. Smells of chocolate, alcohol and a small hint of coffee. Taste is sweet with chocolate and alcohol.

Left Hand Monkey Black Jack Porter 5.8% 37.5cl Porter Malty coffee aroma. Flavour is similar, with a dash of chocolate, vanilla and some tart, fruity hop. Mellow, Milk Stout Nitro 5.8% 37.5cl Stout Dark with a head like that on espresso. Milk and chocolate with burnt malt.

O'so Brewing Co. Hopdinger 5.4% 35.5cl American Pale Ale Amber colour with white head. Light citrus and pine with a balance of bready malt. Night Train 6.7% 35.5cl Porter Black with a medium tan head. Aroma is malt, toast, hint of coffee. The taste is substantial. Dark malt, bitter coffee. Rusty Red 5.2% 35.5cl Amber Ale Cloudy reddish amber colour with off-white head. Caramel malts, bread, and biscuit. Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Rogue Dead Guy 6.5% 35.5cl Heller Bock Deep honey in colour with a malty aroma and a rich hearty flavour. Dry Mocha Porter 5.3% 35.5cl Porter Ruddy brown in colour, a bittersweet balance of malt and hops with a light cream.

Saugatuck Amber 5.5% 35.5cl Premium Bitter Aroma of dark pitted fruits and caramel malt.Taste is medium bodied with flavours of caramel malt, some raisinized fruits and a touch of toffee. Blond 5.0% 35.5cl Blond Ale Aroma of citrus and grain. Taste of citrus and malt sweetness. Light bitterness and a clean finish.

Draught Germany Berliner Kindl Schultheiss Berliner Pilsner 7% Pilsner A grassy grainy aroma, pours a clear golden colour with a foamy white head. Slightly bitter finish.

Netherlands Lindeboom Pilsner 4% Pilsner A mostly bitter mix of herbal hops and malt with a nose of sweet corn, with a dry, lime-like, hoppiness to finish.

Belgium Timmermans Strawberry 4% Lambic Fruit Dull pink colour. Aroma of strawberry hubba bubba. Flavour has sweet strawberry with a bit of a sour tang.

Van Honsebrouck Bacchus Framboise 3.5% Lambic Fruit Reddish brown with a fairly sizeable pinkish tan head. Aroma is overwhelmingly berries, a bit of dough and a hint of vanilla. Sweet-sour taste, incredibly fruity. 59

The Ramblewood Inn ‘The pub in the woods’ The all day venue – Open for meals and snacks 12pm to 9pm daily A conservatory restaurant with food served all day, nooks and crannies in the old stables, outdoor seating and extensive parking, plus a selection of Real Ales.

Real food, Real ales, Real pub BEST WESTERN PLUS Orton Hall Hotel & Spa, The Village, Orton Longueville, Peterborough, PE2 7DN Tel: 01733 391111

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Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Cider & Perry Bar Welcome to the cider and perry bar. All the ciders and perries sold here are ‘real’ in the sense that they consist principally of fermented apple and fermented pear juice respectively (a mixed apple / pear fermentation is termed a “pyder”). Most of the ciders and perries here are 100% apple / pear juice, but changes to CAMRA’s definition of Real Cider allows for some natural fruit and other flavourings. You will therefore find on the bar strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant and other fruit ciders, also elderflower and ginger, even rhubarb. You will note that most of the fruit ciders are 4% ABV, considerably weaker than most of the non-fruit ciders. This is because of Customs and Excise duty bands; fruit cider over 4% is classified as fruit wine and taxed as such. None of the ciders / perries are artificially carbonated or served under gas pressure. This means that the majority of the ciders are still, although some will sparkle a little due to the residual fermentation in the tubs. Because of the nature of the fermentation process real ciders and perries may be crystal clear, hazy or even cloudy, but they should not be so opaque as to make them look unappealing in the glass. Local, small scale cider making is on the rise in many parts of the country, a trend which is to be encouraged, and we have a good range of Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

locally sourced ciders at the festival. We are also selling a range of non-alcoholic apple juices on the bar. These are 100% juice and mixing them with a cider gives a very pleasant drink at a lower ABV than cider on its own. The bar staff will be very happy to give small tastes and discuss the drinks with you provided the bar is not too busy. The tub labels should tell most of what you need to know when ordering. Green labels are cider and yellow labels are perry (including any pyders). Most ciders / perries are made from a blend of apple / pear varieties; where a single variety has been used this is on the tub label. All the ciders and perries have been categorized as Very Dry, Dry, Medium Dry, Medium, Medium Sweet, Sweet or Very Sweet. This grading has been carried out by your dedicated cider bar staff and is a bit subjective, feel free to disagree if you wish, but it is a useful starting point. Sometimes there are discrepancies in ABV and / or sweetness grading between the program and the tub labels; this is inevitable since the programme has to be produced some time in advance while the tub labels are only generated once the cider has arrived and has been tasted. If this happens trust the tub labels rather than the programme. Wassail! Chris Rogers Cider Bar Manager 61

Barbourne Worcester, Worcestershire Strawberry 6%

Carey Organic Carey, Herefordshire Unnamed 5.6%

Medium Sweet

Biddenden Ashford, Kent Kentish Strong 8%

Medium Dry


Medium Sweet

Medium Dry


Border Orchards Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire Unnamed 6% Bottle Kicking Hallaton, Leicestershire Cranberry & Lime 4% Medium Sweet

Pineapple, Peach & P.F. 4% Medium Sweet

Celtic Marches Bishops Frome, Herefordshire Lily the Pink 4.6% Chant West Pennard, Somerset Badger’s Spit 7% Countryman Felldownhead, Devon Unnamed 6.5% Medium

Cromwell Hemmingford Grey, Cambridgeshire Olivers Sweetheart 6.7%

Broadoak Clutton Hill, Somerset Moonshine 7.5%

Medium Sweet


Medium Sweet

Cam Valley Royston, Hertfordshire Punters Pleasure 7.3%

Double Vision Maidstone, Kent Cherry 5.2% Raspberry


Medium Sweet


VINYL NIGHT Bring down your favourite records Last Friday of the month

UKELELE NIGHT Every Thursday from 7.30pm


LIVE MUSIC WEEKLY Check Facebook & local gig guides

14 Ever-changing, gravity fed real ales thepalmerstonarms


Peterborough Beer Festival 2016


Fynbury’s South Witham, Rutland Rhubarb & Strawberry 4%


Newton Court Leominster, Herefordshire Gasping Goose 5.8%





Glebe Farm Kings Ripton, Cambridgeshire Elderflower 6%


Medium Sweet

Medium Dry




Green Valley Clyst St. George, Devon Speyside 8.2% Medium Dry

Greggs Pit Much Marcle, Herefordshire Medium 7% Medium

Gwatkins Abbey Dore, Herefordshire Stoke Red 7.5% SV Sweet

Gwynt y Ddraig Pontypridd, Glamorgan Black Dragon 7.2% Medium

Hartlands Tirley, Gloucestershire Unnamed 6%


Parsons Choice West Lyng, Somerset Unnamed 6% Medium Sweet

Pickled Pig Stretham, Cambridgeshire Porkers Snout 6.5% Medium Sweet

Potton Press Sandy, Bedfordshire Trip Hazard 8.2% Medium

Ralphs New Radnor, Mid Wales Unnamed 7%






Hubz’s Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Ang Over 8% Medium

Rosie’s Wrexham, North Wales Black Bart 6.5% Medium Peterstow, Herefordshire

Ross Cider & Perry Co. Whisky Cask



Malvern Magic Ledbury, Herefordshire Unnamed 6% Medium Dry Mays Much Marcle, Herefordshire


Orchard Pig West Bradley , Somerset Navelgazer 6%

Rich Watchfield, Somerset Late Dunkertons Sweet

Medium Sweet

Cranberry & Raspberry

Olivers Ocle Pychard, Herefordshire Unnamed 6.7%



Hecks Street, Somerset Port Wine of Glastonbury


Medium Sweet


Medium Sweet

Millwhites Rooksbridge, Somerset Blackberry Blush 4% Medium Sweet Peterborough Beer Festival 2016


Medium Dry

Sheppys Bradford-on-Tone, Somerset Unnamed 6% Medium Sweet

Blackberry & Elderflower


Medium Sweet

Simons Great Cambourne, Cambridgeshire East Meets West 6.3% Medium

F 63

Sisson & Smith Eastwood, Nottinghamshire Unnamed 6.5%

Wiscombe Colyton, Devon Suicider 8%


Medium Dry

Snailsbank Halmond Frome, Herefordshire Elderflower, Gin & Tonic 4% Medium Sweet




Springfield Llangovan, Monmouthshire Red Dragon 7.1% Medium

Springherne Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire Dabinett & Cap Liberty 6% Medium Dry

Thatchers Sandford, Somerset Cheddar Valley 6% Medium

Three Cats Morley, Derbyshire Unnamed 6.7% Sweet

Torre Washford, Somerset Sheep Stagger



Westcroft Brent Knoll, Somerset Janets’s Jungle Juice 6% Medium

Westons Much Marcle, Herefordshire Damson 4% Medium Sweet



Medium Sweet

Whin Hill Wells-next-the Sea, Norfolk Unnamed 6.8% Sweet



Medium Sweet

Winkleigh Winkleigh, Devon Autumn Scrumpy 7.5% Medium Sweet

Sams Blackcurrant

Woodthorpe Hall Woodthorpe, Derbyshire Rubie Sizie 10.2% Medium


Barbourne Worcester, Worcestershire Painted Lady 5% SV Medium Sweet

Broadoak Clutton Hill, Somerset Unnamed 7.5% Medium Sweet

Butford Farm Bodenham, Herefordshire Unnamed 6% Medium

Cornish Orchards Liskeard, Cornwall Pear 5% Medium

Cromwell Hemmingford Grey, Cambridgeshire Cavalier 6% Medium Sweet

Double Vision Maidstone, Kent Elderflower 5.2% Medium Sweet

Impeared Vision


Medium Sweet

Greggs Pit Much Marcle, Herefordshire Thorn 7% SV Medium Dry

Gwatkins Abbey Dore, Herefordshire Blakeney Red 6.5% SV Medium Sweet

Gwynt y Ddraig Pontypridd, Glamorgan Two Trees 4.5% Medium

Hartlands Tirley, Gloucestershire Unnamed 6% Sweet


Medium Sweet 64

Peterborough Beer Festival 2015

Hecks Street, Somerset Blakeney Red



Medium Sweet

Malvern Magic Ledbury, Herefordshire Unnamed 6% Medium

Olivers Ocle Pychard, Herefordshire Unnamed 6% Medium Dry

Pickled Pig Streatham, Cambridgeshire Apples & Pears 6% Medium Sweet

Potton Press Sandy, Bedfordshire Pyder 7% Medium

Ralphs New Radnor, Mid Wales Unnamed 6% Medium Sweet Peterstow, Herefordshire

glian Best East An r Bottled Cide A MR Cambridge CA 2009- 2010

‘O liv er s C h o ic e’

e Cider of th FestivalMRA Cambridge CA 2013

Traditional East Anglian Cider Handcrafted cider and perry, made using local Huntingdonshire apples Available from selected local retailers and pubs, farmers’ markets and at local country fairs and events. For more information or sales please contact Tony Hobbs on 07711 166713 email:

Ross Cider & Perry Co. Unnamed

‘O liv er s C h o ic e’



Springherne Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire Unnamed 6.4% Medium

Westons Much Marcle, Herefordshire Unnamed 4.5% Medium Sweet

Whin Hill Wells-next-the Sea, Norfolk Unnamed 6% Medium Sweet

Hecks Street, Somerset Blakeney Red



Medium Sweet

Alcohol-Free Juice Whin Hill Wells-next-the Sea, Norfolk Falstaff Very Sweet Greensleeves Medium Sweet Egremont Russet Sweet Peterborough Beer Festival 2016


Wine List Welcome to the 2016 wine bar. We are just inside the south marquee, so hopefully easy to find. All our wines are English and we offer a selection of some of the best White, Rose, Red and sparkling wines, not to forget the ever popular country fruit wines from Lyme Bay Winery in Devon. For 2016 I am pleased to have sourced three new red wines to the beer festival and the return of sparkling strawberry from Lyme Bay. We are offering 30 English wines to try this year. Many are new to the festival. How often do you get the opportunity to try so many English wines - which in my opinion are ever improving. As with the beers we will not have all the wines in the programme available at all times but we will aim to have a good selection. If you have any questions about the wines or are unsure what to choose, please ask and we will do our best to help. Enjoy the festival and the wines. Pamela Baines PBF Wine Bar Manager The bar will also stock lemonade and sparkling water should you wish to have a spritzer.

Made from MĂźller-Thurgau grapes. Fruity and mellow with a hint of smokiness.


Dry White 10.5%

Dedham Vale

Dry White, crisp fruity clear wine.

Bacchus White Dry 2015 12%

Lyme Bay Winery

Dedham Vale Bacchus is star bright in the glass with intense citrus aromas and the dry refreshing taste of lemon and elderflower.

Bacchus Sandbar White 2014 11%

Colchester Oyster Med Dry 2014 12%

Shoreline White 2014 11%

A gentle slightly dry flavour with grapefruit and melon aromas to suffuse the nose and palate.

A crisp and refreshing wine with subtle notes of citrus fruit and rose petal.

A single grape variety wine with notes of grapefruit, lemon and subtle oak.

Elysian Fields

Stanlake Park

Bacchus Med Dry 10.5%

Hinton Grove White Dry 11.5%

Pale lemon in colour with gentle floral notes and a dash of citrus. It is medium dry with well balanced acidity and layers of well rounded fruit.

It is an off-dry, aromatic white wine made from Madeleine Angevine, Reichensteiner, Schonburger, Wurzer and Ehrenfelser grapes.

Little Owl Block 2012 10.5%

Regatta Dry White 11.5%

Made from a blend including Bacchus, Seyval Blanc and Ortega. Off dry with a soft fruit nose and layers of crisp apple.

One of the first wines made by Stanlake and has been a consistent blend of several grape varieties, such as Ortega and Schonburger, to make a dry, crisp, fresh wine, with a herbaceous finish.

Felsted Vineyard Black Notley Medium White 10.5% 66

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

WINE LIST Three Choirs

Stanlake Park

English House White Dry 2013 11%

English Rosé 11.5%

A delicate aroma of fragrant fruit characters which delivers a crisp lemony wine with a fresh dry finish.

Vivacious, lively and fun, this new Rosé is made from Rondo and Schonburger grapes.

English House White Med Dry 2013 11%

Estate Rosé 2014 10.5%

Melon, mango and a hint of spice, with a crisp dry finish. A blend of Seyval Blanc, Reichensteiner and Muller Thurgau grapes.

A delicious off-dry Rose full of the aroma of strawberries and summer fruits.

May Hill White Medium 2013 10%

Three Choirs


Aromatic herb and floral nose with harmonious palate. Medium and well balanced.

Bolney Estate

Willowbrook White 2013 11%

A soft and delicate rose petal aroma, with lightly spiced fruit flavours.

Notes of red fruits, juicy plum and berry flavours together with soft tannins make this a very elegant, easy drinking wine.


Reserve Red 2014 10.5%

Bolney Estate Bolney Rosé 2014 12%

Coral pink in colour, this elegant medium dry rosé may well be summer in a bottle with its fragrances of gardenia, raspberry and lychee. Dedham Vale Rosé 2015 Med Dry 11.5%

Light and refreshing, medium dry, with a soft fruit character on the palate. Elysian Fields

Lynchgate Red Dry 2013 12%

Dedham Vale Medium-bodied with red berry flavours of redcurrants, raspberries and liquorice. Leavened by gentle tannins from time spent ageing in French Limousin oak barrels. Elysian Fields Acolon Red 2014 10.8%

A single grape variety wine made with the Acolon grape. A very new wine on the market. Felsted Vineyard

Pinot Noir Rosé 2014 10.5%

Pinot Noir Red 10.5%

A beautiful rose pink off dry wine with loads of soft summer fruit notes on the bouquet. A crisp acidity with hints of strawberry and peach.

Made from Pinot Noir grape very Italian in style, light refreshing red.

Felsted Vineyard

Reserve Red 2011 12%

Felsted Rosé 11%

It has subtle oak maturing and yet retains its fresh, dry, fruity flavour. Made from Dornfelder, Triomphe and Rondo grapes.

Medium dry rosé made from Pinot Noir. A mouthful of fresh grapes in every sip, wonderful range of flavours reminiscent of spring meadows, a true rosé.

Stanlake Park


WINE LIST Three Choirs

Three Choirs

Ravens Hill Red 2014 11.1%

Classic Cuvee Sparkling White 12%

Deep, ruby coloured red wine full of ripe blackberry and cherry fruit on the nose.

Dry and subtle it is very similar to a good Champagne.


Traditional Country

Bolney Estate

Lyme Bay Winery

Bubbly Sparkling White NV 12.5%

Apricot Medium Sweet 11%

Award winning light and refreshing vintage sparkling wine. Very easy to drink, with elderflower creaminess.

A richly scented, golden sweet wine. Black Beer & Raisin Sweet 14.5%

Dedham Vale

A full flavoured dark wine with a rich malty flavour. Rich sherry like characteristics.

Sparkling 2013 Brut 12%

Blackberry Medium 11%

An exceptional wine sparkling and fruity, made using traditional methods.

Flavour and aroma of ripe hedgerow fruit.

Sparkling RosĂŠ 2010 12%

Full of fruity flavour of dark berries.

A delicious sparkling RosĂŠ with a crisp fruity palate. Lyme Bay Winery Sparkling Strawberry 13%

The wine has a soft creamy bubble complimenting the delicate flavour of summer strawberries. Stanlake Park Heritage Brut Sparkling 12.5%

Light bodied sparkling wine that is crisp, dry and refreshing.

Blackcurrant Medium Sweet 11% Cherry Sweet 11%

Real cherry aroma and full black fruit flavour. Cranberry Medium 11%

A tangy medium-sweet wine; great for summer spritzers. Elderberry Dry 11%

A robust, off-dry red wine. Superb after-dinner drink. Elderflower Dry 11%

Old fashioned, floral flavours. A perfect picnic, aperitif or lunchtime wine. Ginger Sweet 14.5%

A classic, smooth, heart-warming ginger wine. Gooseberry Off/Dry 11%

An light wine with ripe gooseberry character. Peach 11%

Medium Sweet with soft ripe fruit flavours. Plum Medium 11%

Absolutely delicious, rich ripe plum flavour. Raspberry Medium 11%

Ripe raspberry character and a real berry aroma. Sloe Medium 11%

Full-flavoured, succulent and smooth. Strawberry Medium 11%

Lusciously fruity with a very intense bouquet. Great as a spritzer with bubbly or soda. West Country Mead Medium Sweet 14.5%

A delicious honey based wine with a sweet spicy overtone. Slightly drier than Traditional Mead.


Peterborough Beer Festival 2016



Phone: 01733 889100

The Rev. James

Small Beer Ltd Phone: 01522 540431

TRADE SESSION. Our main trade session Sponsor. Small Beer are able to supply your pub with a vast array of real ales and other products.

The Rev. James Ales, proud to SPONSOR the MEMBERSHIP & INFORMATION STAND. Named in honour of brewing legend the Reverend James Buckley. The Rev. James ales are brewed with our exclusive Buckley’s yeast, inspired by a recipe from 1885 they deliver a signature taste with a surprising finish. For more information please visit

Barrel of Beer Sponsors 2015

All the Companies below have kindly sponsored a barrel of beer. Please support our local sponsors.

Pipers Crisps

Phone: 01652686960 Plastic bags for taking home your Festival Glasses are sponsored by Pipers Crisps. Please visit them in the south marquee for the full range of hand made crisps.

J D Wetherspoon

CHAMPION BEER OF THE FESTIVAL. Many thanks to J D Wetherspoon for sponsoring the competition. If you are at the festival on Tuesday, please pick up a form and vote for your favourite beers of the evening.

Phone: 01733 566666 / 892222

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Amalgamated Tyres

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BRC Brickwork Contractors Phone: 07748 907155 70

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

GL Events

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Newell Scaffolding Ltd

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In memory of John Rice Master of Ale

The Jolly Brewer

PETER HART UPVC Phone: 01733 270994 Email:

Foundry Rd, Stamford 01780 755141

Peterborough Building Products

The KA Wing Group Ltd 01733 370448

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Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

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PGM Limited

R A Baker Glaziers & Merchants Ltd

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Orton Longueville, Peterborough PE2 7DN 0844 387 6061

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F 71


Sponsors Stanground Carpets & Flooring Ltd

Truly Scrumptious Events

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Travis Perkins Builders Merchants

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Wilson & Co Homes Ltd

01733 893520

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Woodcock Holmes

Phone: 01733 357365 Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Thank you to our sponsors

With soaring costs the PBF needs to be more financially viable. Last year we suggested the idea of sponsorship of a barrel of beer, the same as the Falmouth Beer Festival. It is very successful with the majority of their beer sponsored. Last year we were successful with a number of sponsors and the feedback during and after the festival was extremely positive. Anyone can sponsor a barrel. You get an excellent package of tickets, tokens, logo in the guide and above your barrel. If interested, email us or chat to us at the Sponsors Bar. A big thank you to all those who have sponsored us over the last couple of years

Kevin & Jackie Fordham

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016


Design our logo for 2017 and win £200! The final design will need the words, “Peterborough Beer Festival” and “40th” and will need to include the CAMRA logo. However, if you don’t think that you can do all that then don’t worry. It is the idea that is important. We can always get an artist to create a design using your idea. Thank you to all who sent in designs for the logo in 2016. Now it’s time to try again. We will need a logo for the 40th Peterborough Beer Festival. If you have an artistic bent – or even if you haven’t – hunt out those old pencils and have a go. We are offering £200 for the design or idea that we use.


Closing date for entries is February 20th 2017. Send your designs with your name and address to Logo Competition, 205 High Street, Old Fletton, Peterborough, PE2 8DY or to

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Whim Ales Ltd Whim Farm, Hartington, Nr Buxton, Derbyshire

01298 84991 ARBOR LIGHT ABV 3.6%

This very light pale bitter has the thirst quenching properties of a lager.


This award winning bitter is a high quality, light golden-coloured, well hopped, session beer.


This modern style, subtle pale ale is very light in colour with a slightly sweet finish

All staff at Whim Ales wish every success to Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Peterborough’s Oldest Members Club Just a short walk from Bus and Railway Stations and Queensgate

4 Local Real Ales only £2.50 a pint! Local Ciders

Guinness £3 per pint

Happy Hour Monday - Thursday 4 to 6pm Sunday Carvery

Food served Wednesday to Sunday Free entry to CAMRA members

Find us at: 7 Burghley Rd, Peterborough PE1 2QA Tel 01733 896989 theburghleyclub Website:

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016



Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Providing waste management, recycling and metals trading services for over twenty-five years throughout the East Anglia region.

Pioneers in environmental responsibility and are dedicated to providing the ultimate solution in environmentally-conscious waste management and metals processing.

We are proud to sponsor the Peterborough Beer Festival 2016 Tel: 01366 500 162

Glazewing House, Station Road, West Dereham, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE33 9RR

Chuck it Bucket! In the

Once again, it is the time of year when we ask you to dig deep in your pockets, buy copious amounts of beer (keeping of course within government guidelines) and chuck whatever Pennies, Shekels, Zlotys and of course after the June vote, any other useless or obsolete currency you may have about your persons, (such as Euros?) in our buckets! This, as you probably know, is the busiest time of year for our Lifeboat crews and in particular, our beach lifeguard teams. These often forgotten volunteers, and I am guilty of this over the years, help keep over 200 UK. and Channel Island beaches safe for us and our children.

In 2014 our Lifeguards attended no less than 17,050 incidents, saving 70 lives, rescuing 1,075 persons and providing both major and minor medical assistance to almost 13,000 people. Not bad for a bunch of unpaid volunteers is it!

All their equipment is, as indeed is the cost of Lifeboats, crew equipment and the running of the RNLI, funded entirely by donations from people like you! You are the unsung heroes of the RNLI. Without your support, we would simply not exist. We get no direct funding from government. On a more local note, PBF IV, based at Skeggy, was called out in October last year: 78

Launch Date: Sunday 4 October 2015 Launch Time: 11:28 Recover Time: 12:10 (42mins) Lifeboat: ILB D-739 Peterborough Beer Festival IV Conditions: Cloudy, Slight, SW F1 Outcome: 2 Lives saved Crew List: T.Kelly, C.Hopkins & L.Mawer Details: Lifeboat tasked to a capsized catamaran 1/4 of a mile offshore at Jacksons Corner. The catamaran was upside down with 2 crew sat upon the upturned hull. The inshore lifeboat took both casualties on board and proceeded to tow the catamaran towards the shore. Crews assisted in righting the catamaran at the waters edge and then returned to station.

YOUR donations saved those 2 peoples lives. Feel proud? So you should.

We at the local branch, thank you all for your past support, and in anticipation of this years magnificent donation! In closing, and on a personal note; Chuck it in the Bucket!

Safe journey home.

Martyn Edgar RNLI

Peterborough Beer Festival 2016

Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival Programme 2016  

Full details of the Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival. Draught beer, cider, perry, wine, bottled world beers, live bands - It's all here.

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