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Get on top of your nail game ADVERTISING FEATURE

Pamela Laird

Many of us follow beauty regimes for our face, body and hair in order to maintain a healthy glow. However, sometimes it can be easy to neglect our nails! Whether you’re a regular nail pamperer or a manicure beginner, Sally Hansen and nail expert Pamela Laird have a solution for every nail care requirement. Here are some ways you can get your nails in tip-top condition.

Sally Hansen Double Duty, RRP €6.99 USE IF: You have nails that chip or break, or manicures that fade and wear away too quickly


When you’re going about your daily routine, nails can become worse for wear and polish can become chipped and unattractive. Including nourishing vitamin B5, Double Duty Strengthening Base and Top Coat works doubly hard for double protection, leaving nails shielded with a hard, shiny, chip-resistant finish. “Double Duty is the perfect multiuse product,” says renowned nail technician and beauty expert Pamela Laird. “It’s perfect for both toes and fingernails. You can protect the nail first by using a coat underneath your polish, then after your colour coat, pop this on top to seal the nail! Reapply the top coat every couple of days – this will bring your polish back to life and help it to last longer!”

Sally Hansen Gel Shine 3D, RRP €8.49 USE IF: You want nails that are shiny and volumised

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, RRP €8.49 Use if: You need to do your nails in a hurry



For salon-professional results at home, combine the unique vinyl and gel tech formula of Gel Shine 3D, with the nail colour of your choice to create multi-dimensional gel-like shine and volume. “To get that gel finish look at home, try the Gel Shine 3D,” advises Pamela. “It contains photo initiators which work on UV rays from natural daylight. Once exposed to light, they begin to harden and give any polish a plumped gel manicure look.” Pamela recommends giving your second coat of nail polish at least 30 seconds to set before applying your top coat. Once you apply the top coat, it dries quickly so you’re left with dramatically fuller, plumped nails with an ultraglossy finish.

A common cause for not having your nails in order can be a busy schedule, which leaves little time to allow coats of nail polish to dry. InstaDri is ideal for those who are in a rush – apply to freshly polished nails and it will speed up the drying process. Pamela counts the top coat, with a shine that lasts for up to 10 days, as one of her favourites: “Never underestimate the power of a good top coat,” says Pamela. “My alltime favourite is Sally Hansen InstaDri. It dries your polish in seconds and gives it that high shine finish, it’s always in my kit! It contains an acrylic polymer formula which helps it harden over the polish and protects against colour fade! Always seal the free edge of the nail plate with your topcoat to help prevent chipping.”

Sally Hansen is available in grocery and pharmacy stores nationwide. For more information on taking care of your nails with Sally Hansen, visit

Sally Hansen Nail Varnish Remover, RRP €2.95 USE IF: You want to start all over again!


Sally Hansen has a range of nail polish removers to suit your specific needs. If you have artificial or sensitive nails, try Acetone Free Polish Remover; for dry or brittle nails, try Moisturising Polish Remover; for soft or thin nails, try Strengthening Polish Remover; or for all nail types, you can use Regular Polish Remover. “I always keep some nail polish remover close by to tidy up any mistakes I may have made before applying my top coat,” says Pamela. “Try using an old lip brush or cotton bud, dip it into the remover and tidy up any excess polish on the skin.”

Sally Hansen - Get on top of your nail game - October 2016  

Published in the Sunday World magazine, well-known nail expert Pamela Laird shares her top tips on how to keep your nails in tip-top conditi...

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