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Team Profile, Information and Match reports 12/13

Under 8’s Reds

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Managers Profile: Name: Lee Evans What is your football background? Played for loads of teams before snapping my cruciate ligament when I was 21 and that was the end of that. I have been a season ticket holder at Man United most of my life. How long have you been involved with Pennine Juniors? Since my son started playing about 2 years ago. How long have you been managing a team? This is my second season. What do you like most about managing a team? I just love being involved in football again in some capacity. It’s also a chance to try and teach the boys to play a nice style of football. I hope they get out of football as much as I have. What do you find challenging when managing a team? I really want the boys to first and foremost be comfortable on the ball because that will stay with them for the rest of their life but the pressure to get results can be challenging. What has been your funniest/best/ most memorable moment? At the end of last season the boys practiced the Icelandic fish celebration (see youtube) before the game. They were brilliant at it and it looked hilarious. They planned to do it in the second half of the game when we scored. At half time we were 14 nil up so I asked them not to do it as it seemed cruel. We might bring it out this season when we play the Blacks. Describe your team: I’ve got some great footballers but they are still very young as lots of August babies. When they are on the ball they are brilliant and will go on to be great players as they get older and stronger. What are you focusing on in training? A combination of skills and passing. I’ve given them 5 turns to master this season so we work a lot on those. We are also working on retaining possession which they are really starting to pick up. Tell us the best game to date and why: We have had a series of great matches versus Woodbank Black with only a goal separating each side, so any one of those matches as they’ve all been extremely competitive. What advice/tips would you give to young, up and coming footballers? Watch Paul Scholes as often as you can before he retires

Contact details: 07976 595932 Training times and details: Fri, 6-7pm, Pitch 2, Cardinal Langley School Page | 2

Results at a glance: Pennine Juniors Under 8’s Red 2012 / 2013 Season Date 15/09/2012 18/09/2012 22/09/2012 29/09/2012 13/10/2012 27/10/2012 10/11/2012 17/11/2012 24/11/2012 01/12/2012 02/02/2013

Home Pennine Reds Elton SC Westbury Reds Pennine Reds Clarence Pennine Reds Pennine Reds Pennine Reds Chaddy Lions Pennine Reds Bridge Hawks

4 1 x 2 x 0 1 5 4 3 3

Away Prestwich Town Pennine Reds Pennine Reds Walshaw Whites Pennine Reds Radcliffe Boro Aces Walshaw SC Roach Orange Pennine Reds Roach Black Pennine Reds

x 3 7 x 4 0 3 1 2 7 8

Scorers Darlington (2), Crook, Bennett Darlington (3) Darlington (3) Crook (2) Evans (2) Bennett, Evans Pauline, Evans (2) Crook

MOM Frank Bennett Ben Darlington Louie Hughes Jacob Evans Charlie Iddens Nathan Jackson Jacob Pauline Tom Kelly Frank Bennett Frank Bennett Ben Darlington

16/02/2013 02/03/2013

Woodbank Black Pennine Reds

3 1

Pennine Reds L/Boro Yellow

4 3

Darlington Darlington(3) Crook, Evans Darlington (2) Darlington, Pauline, Bennett Pauline,Bennett(3)Evans,Kelly Darlington,Jackson Darlington (3) Bennett 1 Evans


Middy Whites


Pennine Reds


Pauline(4) Darlington(2) Bennett

Jacob Pauline


Rad Boro Aces


Pennine Reds


Darlington (2) Bennett

Frank Bennett

13/04/2013 20/04/2013

Pennine Reds Pennine Reds

3 3

Chaddy Lions L/Boro Blues

3 2

Darlington(2) Bennett Darlington (2), Jackson

Taylor Crook Nathan Jackson

Alex Kirkland Louie Hughes

Goal Scorers Seasons Total To Date Darlington 27 Crook 5 Bennett 10 Evans 8 Pauline 7 Kelly 1 Jackson 2

Man Of The Match Awards To Date Bennett 4 Darlington 2 Hughes 2 Evans 1 Iddens 1 Jackson 3 Pauline 1 Kelly 1 Kirkland 1 Crook 1

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Latest Match report: 20.04.13 Pennine Reds v L/Boro Blues This was a hard match that saw Pennine go neck and neck with L/Boro Blues all the way through the match. An interception by Nathan Jackson on the half way line saw him run through and slot one in, At halftime we were 2-1 down with L/Boro having scored direct from an unstoppable corner right on halftime. A second saw the boys fighting their way back to 3-2 , with 2 goals from Ben Darlington, then with a minute to go L/Boro broke through with 2 players running onto goal, but a last ditch tackle by Nathan Jackson saw the ball poked out of play and it ended with Pennine holding out for another win. A great performance by the Reds.!!! This was a great all round display but for his goal and defending in this game MOM went to Nathan Jackson.

Previous match reports: 13.04.13 Pennine Reds v Chaddy Lions This was a well fought match that saw Pennine open the score with a goal from Ben Darlington, then a backwards and forwards game ensued with another from Frank Bennett to bring it back to 2-2 great defending saw Chaddy kept at bay, a second half saw us re-jig players and a midfield performance by Bennett, Pauline & Crook saw us work the midfield really well. Another goal by Ben Darlington saw us take the lead and it stayed that way until 60 seconds from the end when Chaddy pulled one back. A great performance by the Reds.!!! This was a great all round display and the boy’s best team effort to date, MOM went to Taylor Crook for his 2nd half midfield and 1st half defending displays.

06.04.13 Red Boro Aces v Pennine Reds This match was the boys best to date against a side who we previously had a tough 0-0 draw with, the boys ran the match from start to finish with the attack in the form of Jacob Pauline, Ben Darlington and Frank Bennett playing great football and the defence in the form of Taylor Crook, Louie Hughes and Alex Kirkland defending really well. Two goals from Ben Darlington and one Page | 4

from Frank Bennett saw us leading till late in the second half when we conceded one back, this was a great team effort by only six boys due to illness and they had to cope with Radcliffe’s fresh substitutions, but cope they did, well done boys!!! This was a great all round display and the boy’s best team effort to date, MOM went to Frank Bennett for his play in linking up the attack and defence today.

09.03.13 Middy Whites v Pennine Whites This match started with both sides playing good football, with Jacob Evans leading a fantastic passing game from midfield, then Pennine scored and from then on the boys were unstoppable, goals from Ben Darlington and two from Jacob Pauline saw the boys go in 3-0 up at halftime. A second half saw Frank Bennett score and then another from Ben and two more from Jacob Pauline, saw the boys leading 7-0, a halfway hoof saw Middy pull one back and the score finished 7-1. This was a great all round team display with this being the boys best passing game to date, mgr Lee Evans singled out both Jacobs for their contributions, with 4 goal sharpshooter Jacob Pauline getting the nod for MOM.

02.03.13 Pennine Reds v L/Boro Yellow This was probably the U08’s hardest match to date against a very good L/Boro side who opened the scoring and then went on to score another from a corner. Hard graft by both full backs Taylor Crook and Louie Hughes saw L/Boro attempts to score stopped. Then a free kick just outside the box was taken by Jacob Evans and what a free kick, pace and direction saw it top left corner (unstoppable). A hard fought game then continued with Pennine being pushed back for most of the last 10 mins, another goal by L/Boro saw them move ahead and this spurred their game on, but defending by the two backs saw them concede no more and it finished 1-3. This was a great defensive display on this occasion and mgr Lee Evans praised both backs commitment with Louie Hughes just nudging it for MOM.

16.02.13 Woodbank Black v Pennine Reds The U08’s started this match with a quick goal by Ben Darlington that saw the boys take control, with Ben Darlington keeping the Woodbank defence on Page | 5

their toes. Another goal by Ben saw us two clear, then Woodbank pulled one back. From then it was a hard fought match with the whole of the team battling, superb saves of what looked like certain goals from Alex Kirkland saw Pennine kept in the match. Then further goals by Frank Bennett and a third by Ben saw Pennine pull ahead. A late penalty saw Woodbank pull back slightly but several more saves from Alex Kirkland saw Pennine run out winners. This was a great team display with a fantastic goalkeeping performance by Alex Kirkland to earn him MOM.

02.02.13 Bridge Hawks v Pennine Reds The U08’s started their first match of the new year against local rivals Bridge Hawks (normally a close fought match), an early goal by Jacob Pauline saw the boys take the lead, from then on goals from Frank Bennett and Ben Darlington saw Pennine take control of the game, a second half saw the boys start well and goals from Tom Kelly & Frank Bennett again saw Pennine controlling the game, three quick goals from Bridge saw them come back momentarily, but further goals from Nathan Jackson, Jacob Evans and a third from Frank Bennett, saw Pennine finish the game off winners. This was the boys best team display to date with all the boys putting a shift in, MOM was Ben Darlington who caused all kinds of problems for Bridge, with his running and tackling.

24.11.12 Chaddy Lions v Pennine Reds The U08’s faced a tough match against Chaddy Lions, but from the kick off the boys fought well and held their own, then 3 x goals from Chaddy saw them behind but a shot from Ben Darlington saw them pull one back before halftime. The second half started with the reds playing well and hitting the post twice, then Chaddy scored but the boys continued to press and were rewarded with a goal from Ben Darlington which rolled over the line(they all count), The last 5 minutes saw Pennine pushing hard for another and they continued scrapping to the final whistle. Even though they were on the losing side this performance was one of their best to date.

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A captains midfield display by Frank Bennett saw him earn MOM.

17.11.12 Pennine Reds v Roach Orange The U08 Reds resumed business as usual, a quick start by Pennine saw Ben Darlington score an early goal and then a back and forth half saw the score remain the same to halftime. A second half saw the Reds come out and play better with another early goal by Ben Darlington. However a long range shot by Roach Orange saw our goalie beaten and them put the pressure on. A shot from right field saw Taylor Crook put one home, followed by another from Ben Darlington to earn him a hat trick. A further goal slotted home by Jacob Evans saw Pennine run out winners. A midfield running game by Tom Kelly saw him edge out Ben for MOM.

10.11.2012 Pennine Reds v Walshaw SC A quick start by Pennine and a goal after 2 minutes by Ben Darlington suggested Pennine were onto a winner, however good play by Walshaw saw them pull back first one then two and then a third goal all unanswered. A second half saw the Reds come out and play better with Jacob Pauline doing some great runs on the left wing and putting in some lovely crosses as well as some great shots on goal, a back and forth game then continued through the 2nd half with both teams defending well. Our new boy Tom Kelly had a great debut with some good defending denying Walshaw goals. Full time saw Walshaw finish the winners and the U8 Reds suffer their 1st loss this season. MoM was Jacob Pauline for his passing and crossing and effort in trying for goal, well done Jacob.

27.10.2012 Pennine Reds v Radcliffe Boro Aces The U8 Reds continued their no loss season with a hard slog against Radcliffe Boro Aces. This was a hard fought first half with both teams hitting the goalpost, the two boys who stood out were Louie Hughes for great defensive play & Nathan Jackson for his midfield running and effort. The halftime whistle came and the game was still 0-0. A tough team talk by mgr Lee Evans saw the boys up for a second half battle, it didn’t disappoint as both teams each missed with long range shots and close goal line scrambles, some brave goal keeping Page | 7

from Alex (The Cat) Kirkland saw Radcliffe denied one of the scrambles. A frantic last few minutes saw the boys hold out and just miss scoring from several breakaway runs. Yet again a great “dig in” team performance from all 8 players. Well done boys!!! MoM was Nathan Jackson for a fantastic display of running and effort. (in his mums words “that was your best match ever ”).

13.10.2012 Clarence v Pennine Reds The U8 Reds continued their winning ways with an away match against Clarence, an early goal from Jacob (Stepover) Evans gave the boys the spur they needed and another goal from Jacob (the Swerve) Pauline followed in the form of a 20 yard shot which lobbed the goalies outstretched fingers. Then great solid defending by Charlie (The Brickwall) Iddens saw the opposition kept at bay to half-time. A second half saw Jacob Evans score another before Clarence suddenly turned on the pressure and scored 2 unanswered goals. A trap & volley from Taylor (Tricky) Crook saw Pennine pull one back, before they conceded another, real end to end play ensued with Pennines defence seeming to consist of Charlie Iddens who was stopping everything. A good team performance today from all 8 players well done boys!!!

29.09.2012 Pennine Reds v Walshaw Whites The U8 Reds continued their winning ways with a home match against Walshaw whites, an end to end game saw Pennine take the lead from a free kick, which was initially saved but a quick follow up by Frank(Captain Marvel) Bennett on the line saw the ball slotted home. The second half continued with Pennine pressing hard and fine saves by the Walshaw goalie kept them in the game. A penalty was conceded by Pennine and put away by Walshaw. The game continued end to end until a lovely passing move on the right from Frank Bennett & Jacob (Stepover) Evans saw Jacob score a lovely slotted goal past the stranded goalie. The last 5 minutes saw the defence of Louie Hughes/Taylor Crook/Charlie Iddens & Frank Bennett dig in with a gutsy defensive performance eventually needing the help of all the team to hold off Walshaw. The whistle saw all boys and us managers glad to hear it. A good team performance today from all 9 players well done boys!!!. MoM was Jacob Evans for a passing game and winning goal in a hard fought match. Page | 8

22.09.12 Westbury Reds v Pennine Reds The U8 Reds played away at Westbury Reds and a superb passing and defensive game saw them put in six unanswered goals with braces from Ben (Speedy Gonzales) Darlington, Jacob (Step over) Evans and Taylor (Tricky) Crook. Each of these boys scored a goal worthy of a professional striker. An unbelievable save by goalkeeper Alex (the Cat) Kirkland saw the home team denied a goal, but just before half time they pulled one back. The second half was a completely different story with Westbury pushing hard on a tired Pennine team and after a short time they burst through with three unanswered goals. A further goal by Ben Darlingon saw him get his hat trick, but tireless defending by Louie (Exocet) Hughes stopped the rot and Westbury were denied any further goals resulting in a 3rd straight win for Pennine Reds. Man of the Match was Louie Hughes for a tireless defensive performance.

18.09.2012 Elton SC v Pennine Reds The U8 Reds continued their winning ways with a match against Elton SC, a goal from Ben (Speedy Gonzales) Darlington saw Pennine take the lead, then for a while it was back and forth, a second half saw Ben claim his first hat trick of the season, however a late goal saw Elton put the pressure on and saw them hit the bar twice, Pennine had some hard defending to do but they ran out winners, well done boys!!!. Man of the Match was Ben Darlington for a goal scorer’s performance.

15.09.12 Pennine Reds v Prestwich Town The U8 Reds first home game of the season with their new players got off to a great start, with a goal from Ben (Speedy Gonzales) Darlington coming in at 4 min’s, a solid defensive performance by Louie Hughes, Frank Bennett and new defender Charlie Idiens & a stunning save by goalie Alex Kirkland saw Prestwich kept at bay. Then further goals by Taylor Crook & Frank Bennett saw us leading at halftime. A goal by Prestwich saw them come back into the game but a solid performance by Frank (Captain Marvel) Bennett our new captain saw the visitors shut out. Well done to our other new players Nathan Jackson & Jacob Pauline who slotted into the team. Man of the Match was Frank Bennett for a solid Captains performance.

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