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ISSUE 27 | April/May 2014

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Save the date and join us on 2nd October, 2014 at The Radison Blu, Glagow SHOWCASE - products, services and professional knowledge. SHARE - ideas and visions with some of Scotland’s successful business women.


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STYLE - dress for success and your body shape - our style gurus will be on hand. STYLE POD with TV presenter Nicky Hambleton-Jones, styling Scotland’s business women.

BUSINESS POD with selected business guests interviewed by STV newsreader, Rachel McTavish.

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april/may 2014


Welcome in this issue to the April/May edition of Business Women Scotland

Women running their own businesses inspire this issue. It’s always a big debate whether women can have it all? At BWS we would like to think with the right support you could live your life and achieve the work/life balance. No one said it would be easy running your own business, but in a lot of cases, the benefits outweigh the negatives. With a good support network in place you can achieve great things! Having the self-belief that you can pursue what you really want from life is the difference that makes the difference. One of our first profiles in this issue is Victoria Dobbie from Face & Body. Victoria’ is a self-confessed ‘people person’ who enjoys two-way conversations with her clients to best understand their individual needs. Read her story on page six. As always lots of great advice from our ‘ Ask the experts ‘ if you have a question for any of the experts please get in touch with them. New season & a new style! We have put together some interior seasonal trends; a word of warning, flower power is back! We are really looking forward to launching our first Business Women Scotland live event… where business meets style. Save the date, October 2nd in the Radisson Hotel, Glasgow. We have really interesting guests booked for the business pod and style fashionista Nicky Hambleton-Jones will be working her fashion magic in the style pod! If you would like to be involved with the event please get in touch! events@bwsltd.co.uk As always thank you for getting in touch and your on going support! Lynne Kennedy Business Women Scotland Ltd | www.bwsltd.co.uk Tel: 0141 332 8801 Email: Lynne@bwsltd.co.uk

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Q’s and A’s….with Leonie Burke Family lawyer at Brodies LLP protecting your assets. Once upon a time…with Victoria Dobbie Founder and Medical director of Face & Body. Ask the Expert…with Alison Welsh Director of Square Circle HR.

Ask the Expert…with Linda Gilbert Chartered Financial planner with Munro Partnership. Ask the Expert …with Amanda McCulloch Managing Director of Thorpe Molloy Recruitment Ltd. Once upon a time…with Jo Jo Sutherland Scottish comedian, writer and broadcaster.

Ask the Expert...with Aileen Scott Partner at Campbell Dallas, Chartered Accountants. Book review Our selection of four recently published books.

Ask the Expert...with Gloria Murray Director of Murray Associates Accountants ltd. Once upon a time…with Lizanne Lambie Thomson’s Head of the Glasgow-based UK Theatre School. In conversation with…Jelly & Gin Transform a former milk factory in Leith into a multisensory whisky experience. Once upon a time ….with Doris Hobbs Founder of Zen Spa in Aberdeen.

Competition Win an overnight stay and dinner at the Marks hotel, Glasgow. Ask the expert…with Kirstie Price Owner and founder of the Kip McGrath Tuition Centre Bearsden. Rearo Launching their best kitchen worktops.

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Bre Developing a design for a Flood Resilient Home.

Seasonal Style Latest bags on the market. Interiors Flower power it’s back.

Beauty New season new shades. In the hot seat with Esteem Beauty.

Ask Anne Anne Ferguson answers our hair care questions. BWS Membership/Networks & Bootcamps Dates for your diary.

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Dr Victoria Dobbie Dental Surgeon

0131 226 9610

Sky TV Channel 282 recently featured Victoria on The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Show as one of the UK’s top Ultherapy experts.

Face & Body Cosmetic Clinic 32 Alva Street Edinburgh EH2 4PY www.faceandbody.co.uk



Protecting your assets in the event of separation or divorce. Leonie Burke, Family lawyer at Brodies LLP, answers key questions from business women, highlighting what can be done to protect assets in the event of separation or divorce. I am planning to marry. Can I use a pre-nuptial agreement to protect my assets, including my business?

I am cohabiting but not married. Does that mean we each just keep our own assets if we split up?

Yes. Pre-nuptial agreements work in Scotland, provided they are done properly. Pre-nuptial agreements can deal with many things, although most often they are used to protect pre-marriage assets (such as a business) and inherited family wealth.

Cohabitants can make certain claims for financial provision in the event of separation. You will be able to keep your own assets, but you may be subject to a claim for payment of a sum of money, or you may be able to make such a claim. You may want to consider a cohabitation agreement to make sure your wealth is protected in the event of separation.

I have been advised to make my husband a partner in my business for tax purposes. Is this a good idea? You should be very careful about bringing anyone into your business, but especially so if it is your spouse. You may save some tax, but you may gift part of a pre-marriage business away. You may also cede control of your business or put yourself in a vulnerable position if your marriage breaks down. It pays to take proper legal advice if you want to take your spouse into partnership with you. You will need a written partnership agreement, which will ensure you retain control of your business. Amongst other things, you might also want to restrict your spouse’s ability to withdraw income and capital, or create a third partner under your control (such as a nominee company) to ensure the partnership continues, even if he or she resigns.

I want to gift part of my business to my son, but I’m not sure his marriage is going to last. Can I ensure that my business is protected if he divorces? You could ask your son and his wife to sign a post-nuptial agreement which protects any gifted assets in the event of their divorce. Alternately, you could consider placing those assets into a trust.

How do I find a good family lawyer? Do you have a friend who has taken wealth preservation advice from a family lawyer, or been through the divorce process? Can they recommend their solicitor? Check if the solicitor is accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a family law specialist. Check their website – and several others for comparison. Does the lawyer (and their firm) have the expertise you need? Speak to them before you instruct them. Free first meetings are not that common, but a good family lawyer may, in the first instance, be willing to talk to you briefly over the phone for no charge. n

Pre-nuptial agreements can deal with many things, although most often they are used to protect pre-marriage assets (such as a business) and inherited family wealth

For useful information on a wide variety of family law issues, visit our dedicated family law website; http://bfamily.brodies.com




once upon a time... Victoria Dobbie’s, Founder and Medical Director of Face & Body, first profession was dentistry, however after serving in the Royal Army Dentistry Corp she realised that being a dental surgeon was perhaps not the best career choice for a self-confessed ‘people person’ who wants two-way conversations with her clients to best understand their individual needs.




his led her down the route of dermal fillers and other non-surgical treatments, culminating in a training course. After her second son was born eleven years ago, she decided to switch careers and use her dentistry training and expertise in the field of aesthetics, which she says, is also about putting back form and function. “Dentists do a lot of head and neck dissection, so facial anatomy is a real strength that can easily be transferred to aesthetics,” says Victoria. Victoria and her husband, Hamish, now run Face & Body on Alva Street in Edinburgh, a clinic that has become one of the most respected leaders in the field of aesthetics. If you thought all there was to it was Botox, think again, as this market has grown immeasurably in recent years and as medical director, Victoria is at the cutting edge, constantly looking ahead to see what new treatments they can offer. What makes Face & Body stand out in a market that does not, as yet, have mandatory controls imposed by the government, is a professional code of practice that only selects treatments on the basis that they are safe, must work, and have minimum down time. “Most of our clients are busy women who need to be able to go back to work,” Victoria explains, “which is why our maximum down time is just 24 hours.” The clinic (such a cold-sounding word for what, in this instance, is a warm and welcoming sanctuary where miracles can and do happen) is also a member of the Independent Health Advisory Service (IHAS), which maintains a register of practitioners and checks to ensure they are properly registered, trained and insured, in addition to checking quality control specifications. “We always recommend people to carry out independent checks on practitioners, even if they have been given a personal recommendation,” she adds. Improving your looks and boosting your self-confidence should never be a leap of faith. You only have one face and body, but while trust is vital, it should come from knowing that you are in safe, skilled hands. Face & Body clients also have the added assurance from reams of testimonials that Victoria looks after her clients as she would her friends and family. “My relationship with a client is very special and for that reason I know when to draw the line, even when they don’t!” she says.

Before and after Ultherapy treatment

Name: Victoria Dobbie Company: Face & Body Location: Edinburgh

t: 0131 226 9610 w: www.faceandbody.co.uk



Zetiq Cool Sculpting Miraculous in that it freezes the fat, which is then broken down permanently over the following four months. There’s no lumpiness, the area remains smooth and best of all there’s no need to take any time out. The result are permanent.

“In this industry there are always practitioners who are happy to do more but my first consideration is always to ask myself: would I do this to my best friend or my mother? And that’s what I mean by treating clients like friends.” All the treatments available at Face & Body are product based and include natural options, such as mesotherapy, which involves vitamins that can be combined with other treatments but mainly uses the body’s natural response to stimulate the skin to repair itself. “This can achieve outstanding results and is ideal for people who don’t want to use Botox,” says Victoria. Then there is Aqualyx, an amazing fat-busting treatment that works well on small areas of fat, such as double chins, jowels, and heaviness around the knees and ankles, or ‘cankles’. Victoria adds: “For larger fat areas there is body sculpting – we use Zetiq Cool Sculpting, which is quite miraculous in that it freezes the fat, which is then broken down permanently over the following four months. There’s no lumpiness, the area remains smooth and best of all there’s no need to take any time out and the result are permanent.” Costing around £700, Zetiq is one of the more expensive treatments – which ironically perhaps, in an industry primarily associated with women, highlights the huge gulf between genders. “Our male patients come in and don’t think about the cost, they just do it,” Victoria reveals. “I think women, in general, tend to feel guilty about spending money and feel they have to justify it. I speak to so many multi-tasking women who constantly

inspire me but I don’t think the majority of women do things for themselves. Instead, they wait until things go wrong, for example with their career or marriage, at which point they are very vulnerable and need to be in safe hands. I would love to see a shift that would result in women undertaking treatments for themselves.” Away from work – although you get the feeling it’s never too far from her mind – Victoria is a full-on rugby mum to her two sons, aged 12, and 11. She also sings with the Morningside Popular Choir, swims, and is a keen cook. “I relax and switch off by cooking – I just open the cookbook and make whatever’s on the page in front of me.” She is also about to make a debut on television as one of a group of UK experts that will be discussing non-surgical treatments as part of a programme, The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Show, on Skye’s Beauty Channel on 28th March. “I will be talking about Ultherapy, which is a miraculous skin tightening treatment using ultrasound. Instead of surgically removing excess skin, it allows it to shrink and the results are progressive over four to six months with no down time,” she says. It’s also good to know that Face & Body is helping to change lives in other ways. Each time someone uses its services, the company makes a donation to the Buy1GIVE1 charity that supports those less fortunate around the world. And that adds an inner glow to the feel-good factor you get when you leave this wonderful place. n


Left-Right: Pamela Anderson, Senior HR Consultant; Alison Welsh, Director; Christian Potter, Director; Eleanor McDougall, Senior HR Consultant; Lorna Marks, HR Consultant and Roz Wood, Director

business advice


ask the expert SQUARE CIRCLE HR LTD • Tel: 0141 248 7826 • www.squarecirclehr.com

Alison Welsh, Director of Square Circle - human resource consultancy and employment law company based in Glasgow

Are you ready for the Commonwealth Games? Glasgow is open for business during the 11 days of the Commonwealth Games from 23rd July to 3rd August with around 1 million tickets sold and an influx of 6,500 athletes and officials. Is your business ready? And it’s not just business in Glasgow. The experience of London 2012 Olympics showed that employees enthusiastically followed their favourite sports on TV and at the venues. Have you considered how to be prepared? Have you thought about the impact on your customers and your employees? Are you near a games venue? Will you be affected by Games traffic? - there is a Games Route Network with designated Live Zones where traffic restrictions and road closures will be in force. Although spectators are being encouraged to walk, cycle or use public transport to reach venues, will your customers and employees be able to reach you? Let your customers know in advance if they will have problems physically reaching you at certain times. Traffic will increase in the morning before 9:00 and after 4:30 pm. Do you need to be more flexible on employee starting and finishing times during this period? What about customer and employee parking? Do you need to consider alternatives? Are your employees going to the Games? Ask employees to request time-off as soon as possible if they have tickets for events so that you can plan ahead. Most employees will use annual leave, but if you have a flexi-hours system, you still want to know that you have adequate staffing cover at peak times. Do you have employees who are Games Volunteers? Have you agreed that they take the time as annual leave, or unpaid leave? Volunteers will now know if they have been selected, so they should have advised you already. You should ask them. Will you provide TV or radio coverage of the Games at work? Many employers provided a TV in the canteen / staff areas during the London 2012 Olympics for employees, visitors and contractors. If you do this, you need to give clear guidance on time spent watching TV – apart from lunchtimes, any other time needs to be accounted for and made up and viewing should not disrupt workload, customer service or provide a distraction to others. Also check if it is legal to watch TV on your premises.

Use the opportunity to engage staff. Hold Games-related activities; anything from a sports quiz to a football challenge. Or different work groups select an alternative Commonwealth country to support. Look for business opportunities. This is a major event which will showcase Glasgow as a tourist and business venue. Have you thought about what you can do to maximise your business at this time? n

Start your planning now by asking your employees for their input on temporary changes which may need to be made and ideas for promoting your business. FOR MORE INFORMATION. . . contact us at info@squarecirclehr.com or check the following websites: Commonwealth Games: www.glasgow2014.com Business Ready Guide: www.glasgow.gov.uk/ChttpHandler.ashx?id=17377&p=0 TV at work: www.tvlicensing.co.uk/ check-if-you-need-one/business-and-organisations/ tv-in-the-workplace-policy-aud24/

If you have any queries about HR and employment law, you can email Alison and she will answer any of your questions in the following issues of Business Women Scotland magazine. E Mail: Alison@squarecirclehr.com


business advice


ask the expert MUNRO PARTNERSHIP LTD • Tel: 0141 332 1025 (Glasgow)• Tel: 01292 269 909 (Ayr) • Tel: 01698 429 333 (Hamilton)

Linda Gilbert, Chartered Financial Planner and Wealth Management Consultant for Munro Partnership Ltd, answers our questions... Being a Private Client Consultant, Linda Gilbert tends to focus more on the personal clients within Munro Partnership. Her colleague, Gavin Park has been very involved with the Government’s Auto-Enrolment legislation – an area of the business where Linda tends to be less involved. As this is something which all employers need to be aware of, Linda has taken the opportunity to ask Gavin a few questions on the matter. Q: Could you explain a little about Auto-Enrolment and why it came about? Auto-Enrolment was introduced as the current state pension system is not sustainable due to the aging UK population and Auto-Enrolment will pass the responsibility to employers and employees to fund for their own retirement. Employers will automatically enrol certain employees into a suitable pension scheme and make contributions on their behalf. Individuals who will be automatically enrolled are those who are aged over 22 and under the normal state pension age and who earn above the minimum threshold for national insurance and tax. If an employee does not wish to join they will have the opportunity to opt out.

Q: I hear the term ‘staging date’. What does it refer to? An employer’s ‘staging date’ is the date from which they are required to automatically enrol eligible jobholders into a qualifying workplace pension scheme.

Q: What does Auto-Enrolment mean in terms of cost and administration for employers? An employer will have to contribute on their employees behalf which will be a cost. Additional costs will be associated with an employer assessing their workforce and dealing with the internal

administration processes, such as opt outs, refunds and also the requirement to re-enrol those who have opted out every three years. Automatic Enrolment will require continuous monitoring of employees as their earnings/age change and will have to certify their pension scheme on an annual basis to ensure it is complying with the regulations. Employers will require advice and ongoing service to deal with these issues which will also be a cost.

Q: If a company pension scheme is not fit for purpose, what options are there? It will be a legal requirement that all employers have a suitable pension scheme in place for their employees. It is possible for an employer to use an existing company pension scheme (providing it meets certain criteria), or an employer can set up a new scheme especially for automatic enrolment through the existing provider or a new provider. n

It will be a legal requirement that all employers have a suitable pension scheme in place for their employees If you have any financial queries, you can email Linda and she will answer any of your questions in the following issues of Business Women Scotland magazine. E Mail: lindagilbert@munropartnership.co.uk




Scotland’s getting Fit in ’14 and there are lots of ways you and your employees can all take small steps to being more active. Little, everyday things which can make a big difference to your employees health, and your business. The benefits to your business are: • lower levels of staff illness and absence and quicker recovery times • reduction in stress • increased satisfaction at work • a more productive workforce.

Sign up today at fitin14.org to see how you and your employees can sit less and move more.

you know you can do it.

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01/04/2014 10:29

business advice


ask the expert THORPE MOLLOY RECRUITMENT LTD • Tel:+44 (0)1224 327 000 • 38 Albyn Place, Aberdeen AB10 1YN

Amanda McCulloch is Managing Director of Thorpe Molloy Recruitment Ltd, a specialist recruitment consultancy based in Aberdeen.


Q: I recently applied for a new job and have been advised part of the recruitment process involves psychometric testing. I’m not sure what this means. Hiring the wrong person can be costly for businesses so many now use psychometric assessment as a component of the recruitment process because there’s overwhelming evidence that it offers insights into how personal traits impact performance at work. Combining this with interview feedback can significantly improve the selection outcome – which is good news for you and the employer. There’s a wide range of tools on the market, but we use Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis for our internal hiring. Applicants highlight words which most and least describe their behaviour, taking only 6 – 8 minutes to complete. Generally, the assessment process is viewed as a fair method of measuring individual behaviour while highlighting strengths and needs. Like all good interview processes, communication is vital. It is essential that you understand why you are being asked to undertake psychometric assessment and how the results are relevant to the role. Whether you are successful or not, you should expect to receive feedback of the analysis.

Q: I’m a qualified accountant and would like to return to work after 5 years out of the employment market raising my young children. I’m a bit daunted by the prospect, any advice you can share to boost my confidence? I can understand why you may feel daunted, but I know from personal experience that being a mum will have added to your skill set. You probably have greater stamina, are better organised (through necessity!), have greater empathy and an enhanced ability to work under pressure. As a qualified accountant your professional skills remain very relevant. There’s likely to be a number of options available to you with employers ranging from practice firms, small businesses, where you may be the sole accountant, to larger firms where you’re a member of a team. Perhaps there’s no urgency to return to work on a permanent basis, temporary assignments provide flexibility and an opportunity to experience different working environments, taking the pressure off you to make a decision on a permanent position until you find a job which you know is ideally suited to you. Best of luck, I’m sure you have a lot to offer a prospective employer.

Q: I’ve developed my career through internal promotions and being directly approached, but I’m now ready to be more proactive. What are the ways I can manage my own job search? Advances in technology have greatly increased the options available for job seekers to manage their own search. Professional networks such as Linkedin provide a platform for showcasing your expertise and knowledge interactively; on-line job boards allow you to search by employer, location or salary banding and job search engines scour the internet for roles which meet your personal criteria. However, don’t underestimate how much effort managing your own search will require. By placing your CV on-line be prepared to manage unsolicited approaches. It’s important that your profile remains active, with regular updates and once you’ve made an application you may feel detached from the process if you don’t receive prompt feedback. I’d encourage you to find a trusted recruitment specialist who will spend time getting to know you and what you are searching for in your next role. You’ll benefit from their market knowledge, extensive network and career advice without being distracted by the application process. They will also be able to share comprehensive information on prospective employers, sharing insights that you won’t find in a job specification. n

If you have any recruitment queries, you can email Amanda and she will answer any of your questions in the following issues of Business Women Scotland magazine. E Mail: amcculloch@thorpemolloy.com




once upon a time... Comedian Jojo Sutherland redresses the balance in the boardroom with new comedy workshops


cottish comedian, writer and broadcaster, Jojo Sutherland, launches a new corporate/comedy style workshop, entitled, ‘Stand-up and Be Counted’, for businesswomen across the UK, to help improve confidence and self-esteem in the boardroom. The sessions, all hosted by Jojo who has just returned from performing stand-up for the troops, provides tips and techniques used in the comedy world to help tackle difficult situations in the workplace. The key focus is to address fears and doubts women may have in everything from presentations skills to networking and dealing with demanding clients to interpreting and using the right body language, by delving into the psychology behind them. The birth of the idea came from the years’ of experience Jojo has had not only as a comedian but also from workshops she has delivered, for over a decade, to people with long term mental and physical ill-heath, using comedy to promote confidence and well-being, and also comedy courses she has run for aspiring comics to help them break into the notoriously difficult world of stand-up. Jojo said: “Moving into the corporate world felt like a natural progression for me especially at a time when the focus from large organisation is on gender targets for senior management positions. “Women are very good at getting their point across, however there are times when they might feel intimidated or inadequate which is what I intend to tackle through these light-hearted, fun workshops and hopefully give women the tools to overcome these fears and implement them into their daily work life.” Helen Gray, founder of FITNESS STUDIO EH1, who recently attended one of the workshops, said: “Bringing a comedy element to everyday work situations is a great, alternative way to help deal with things like the fear of public speaking, how to network effectively and be more assertive.

Name: Jojo Sutherland Company: Gag Traders Location: UK Call Allan Donaldson t: 07500 875789 for further information w: www.jojosutherland.co.uk



I’m confident anyone who joins my workshops will leave feeling not only empowered but also having had good fun learning a few techniques which will help them to “Stand-up and be Counted” in all areas of their life “Jojo touched on lots of very funny examples and experiences herself, and also managed to get us all doing this too in a noncringing way and without role-playing! “It was refreshing and entertaining, and has to be the best business workshop I have attended. It has helped me to start thinking more about turning the negatives into positives and how to use these to my advantage, and also even more importantly it has given me the confidence to be more open, which feels very empowering.” Jojo, also gives tips on using comedy to calm an audience, dealing with business hecklers, answering difficult questions, the importance of having a solid opening line and how to deliver a more upbeat and convincing presentation overall. Angela Tunnah, RBS Business specialist/women in business ambassador said: “We recently invited Jojo in to do one of her workshops for us and it was a huge hit amongst our businesswomen looking to either climb the ladder, be more assertive and confident or looking for tips on how to approach dreaded situations from a different perspective. “She is such an inspirational woman who has a great way of making people feel at ease when opening up about their fears and inhibitions – I have even asked her to be my own personal mentor! “Going by the overwhelming, positive feedback received, her Stand-up and Be Counted workshops are guaranteed to be a huge success.” Jojo’s focus for now is on businesswomen as there as so many personal learnings and experiences over the years which she can give to other women, however she isn’t ruling out extending it to businessmen in the future. Jojo continued: “I feel that it is important for everyone to get the most from whatever career path you take and to have the courage of your own convictions. “I’m confident anyone who joins my workshops will leave feeling not only empowered but also having had good fun learning a few techniques which will help them to “Stand-up and be Counted” in all areas of their life.” The Stand-up and Be Counted workshops, which last three hours, start from £199 per person per session. Prices are reduced for larger group sizes and block bookings. Call Allan Donaldson on 07500 875789 for further information and bookings. n

Quick Question Is there any easy way or less stressful way to network and what’s a good opening line? Seek out the people in smaller groups or even on their own and ask if they mind if you join them, chances are they are as nervous as you and will be glad someone has made the first move.

How do you get over the fear of presenting? Be prepared! Know exactly what you intend to say and particularly what your opening line will be - that will set the tone and the expectation

Is there a way to delegate without people thinking you are passing the buck or that you just don’t want to do something yourself? Always approach someone with their strengths and how their help with a task would be beneficial - flattery never fails but it needs to be sincere.

What’s the best way to deal with office politics? Light hearted and detached is so much more productive than bitching and gossiping - don’t allow yourself to follow the herd and remain objective.

What would you advise when it comes to the right attire for networking and presenting? Stay classy!

Top Tips for Success - don’t allow yourself to follow the herd and remain objective

4 Know your audience and present accordingly. 4 Focus on the job in hand - leave the wife

mother/partner at the door.

4 Smile


Business Women Scotland - March 2014 - PRINT.pdf 1 18/03/2014 14:14:24

A break with tradition



What could be better than combining luxurious accommodation and fine dining – with some of the most stunning golf in Scotland?








Everything you need to know about family law http://bfamily.brodies.com

The historic 13th century Meldrum House Estate has everything to make your break one to remember. We offer fine dining in our two rosette Dining Room, and a variety of accommodation, whether it be the traditional rooms in our Baronial hotel or the contemporary Scottish rooms in The Stables. Within the estate grounds guests can test their skills on one of Scotland’s most beautiful and challenging golf courses and we can also offer shooting packages in the surrounding area Book on +44 (0)1651 872294 or enquiries@meldrumhouse.com

AA Visit Scotland




w w w. m e l d r u m h o u s e . c o m


tee for two at turnberry from sunday 11th until tuesday 13th may

Turnberry Resort is proud to partner with Women & Golf for a unique couples golfing event on the rugged Ayrshire coast. Stay in the iconic Turnberry hotel for two nights, including dinner and breakfast on both days.

tee for two




*Based on two people sharing. This fantastic event is hosted by BBC news anchor and keen golfer, Naga Munchetty and TV personality and journalist, Chris Hollins. To reserve your place, please call 01655 334 175 or email rsvp.turnberry@luxurycollection.com

business advice


ask the expert CAMPBELL DALLAS • Tel: 0141 886 6644 • www.campbelldallas.co.uk • Titanium 1, King’s Inch Place, Renfrew, PA4 8WF

Aileen Scott - partner at Campbell Dallas, charterted Accountants, based in Renfrew.

Tax Questions and Answers Q: I finally got round to making a will recently and was surprised to note that my total assets are well in excess of the threshold for paying Inheritance Tax on death. Are there any steps which I can take to mitigate this liability, as I am keen to avoid my children having to pick up any bills? Inheritance Tax is a tax which is often forgotten about (presumably as people don’t like to think about dying!), which is unfortunate as it is the tax with the greatest scope for planning to minimise potential liabilities. These liabilities can be greater than people expect – the rate is 40% on any amount over the threshold of £325k for a single person or £650k for a married couple. This may seem like a lot of money, but once you include the value of your home it can be quite easy for people who consider themselves to be of relatively modest means to have a liability on death. This limits the value which you have worked to pass to your children or other family, and can also create administrative difficulties for them. The potential liability can be dealt with by an insurance policy, but these become progressively more expensive as you get older. The key to effective planning is to start giving away value as soon as possible – there can often be a tax charge if you die within seven years of making a gift. If however you wish to retain control over the assets, there are a number of structures which can be used which allow value to pass out of your estate without allowing your children to spend it before they are ready for that responsibility. A good tax advisor should be able to recommend a structure which is tailored to your assets and what you want to achieve.

Q: A friend was recently approached and offered some tax planning which would reduce the tax liability of both her company and her to nil. It sounds to good to be true, but is this sort of planning legitimate? As with most things in life, it can often be the case with tax that if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is! Particularly in recent years, this sort of aggressive tax planning has increasingly come under attack from HM Revenue & Customs, as well as in the media, creating a climate where it is difficult for this planning to succeed when it eventually reaches the courts. The introduction of a General Anti-Abuse Rule (GAAR) last year also made it much more difficult for this type of scheme to succeed. As well as the risk of adverse publicity if your business is in the public eye, HMRC have now moved to remove the cash flow advantage of entering into this sort of planning. Historically you would If you have any financial queries, you can email Aileen and she will answer any of your questions in the following issues of Business Women Scotland magazine. E Mail: Aileen.scott@campbelldallas.co.uk

pay (or not, more accurately!) tax as if the planning worked, and even if the planning proved ultimately ineffective, you would have had a cash flow advantage until the point in which the matter (usually many years later) made its way through the courts. The law is changing such that you will now be likely to have to pay tax as if the planning is ineffective, and will only get this back if and when the planning is successful in court (again, this is likely to be many years later). I would recommend that these packaged schemes are avoided at this time, as they are seen as highly aggressive in the current climate and unlikely to succeed. Tax planning should be bespoke to your individual circumstances.

Q: I’ve read a number of reports stating that HMRC are looking to increase the tax which they receive from enquiries. Is there anything I can do to protect my business from this risk? An enquiry from HMRC is something that is never welcome! Even if your affairs are ultimately found to be perfectly in order, the stress and time commitment to resolve the matter can be considerable. On top of this, the cost in terms of professional fees can be substantial. Whilst there is unfortunately no way to remove the upset and distraction which an enquiry can cause, insurance is usually available to cover the cost of associated professional fees. This gives you the comfort of knowing you should not face a large bill from your advisor at the end of the enquiry (as well as potentially one from HMRC!), and should allow you to therefore get your advisor more involved, using their expertise to hopefully resolve the enquiry as quickly and painlessly as possible. n




on the book shelf... Name: Jump Start Author: Sue Vizard Publisher: Panoma Press Ltd www.panomapress.com Price: £12.99 ISBN: 978-1909623347

This book is for entrepreneurs who are starting their dream business and for those already in business. You too can have a great business, having fun, loving what you do, working with people you love and making money. Sue shows you how, in Jump Start-Up. Jump Start-Up is a ‘hug in a business book’. With it Sue Vizard aims to give the exhausted self-employed a jump-start and the people considering a new business the best possible business startup tips. This ‘book to read before you buy your business cards’ is chock full of activities, exercises, examples and invaluable information all aimed to help, support, enthuse and energise the novice or struggling self-employed. After many years working in the corporate world (BT and Sky), and experienced in a wide range of management including call centre, project, account, sales and marketing, Sue Vizard became self-employed. In the last few years Sue has learned much about the perils and positives of being a solo-preneur and shares these in her book Jump Start-Up. Sue is now coaching people who are considering self-employment, in the key steps to consider before ‘going it alone’ and a range of techniques from spiritual to practical that will give them the best possible start. Sue lives in Scotland and has a grown-up son. She loves to learn more every day about how to live a happy and fulfilled life and share her learnings through writing, speaking and coaching. n

Discover the key personality traits to look out for when identifying yourself and your friends then learn what you need to change to become the ultimate smart girl

Name: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Getting What You Want Author: Mary Hartley Publisher: Watkins Publishing Limited www.watkinspublishing.co.uk Price: £7.99 ISBN: 978-1780285542

Smart girls know what they want and they know how to get it – whilst still holding on to the traits that make them a goddess. In her new book, The Smart Girl’s Guide to Getting What You Want, personal development coach Mary Hartley gives you all the tools you need to live a successful grown-up life full of challenges and enjoyments – all done with style, wit and grace. Bulldozer, pushover, snake or star What kind of woman are you? Discover the key personality traits to look out for when identifying yourself and your friends then learn what you need to change to become the ultimate smart girl. And learn how to handle those traits in other people. Learn how to say no without losing friends or your job Mary can offer advice and tips on how you can assert yourself at home and at work – without carrying around a mountain of guilt or losing out. Deal with criticism without the tears and tantrums. Learn how to give and take criticism, opening up your emotional responses without giving power over them to anyone else Handle tricky situations in your personal and social life Mary will show you how to deal with difficult questions, become an expert in dealing with the expectations and juggling obligations when it comes to your family and how to navigate your way through the sticky situations with your inner circle of friends Master the art of assertiveness at the office Discover the smart girl’s way of being promoted over your friend, dealing with someone else taking credit for your work, ask for the rise or promotion you know you deserve and handling the tricky transition back to work from maternity leave Learn how to give and take praise and compliments Master the differences between praise and compliments, discover when to offer praise and learn how to avoid manipulating people with them – no one likes to feel handled. As you can see there is plenty of article material in the book and Mary’s sections are full of tips, techniques and tools to help guide any woman looking to transform her life and relationships. n



In this issue of Business Women Scotland we have selected four recently published books which are, in our opinion, ideal reading for those of you who are in business or thinking about being self employed.

Name: Stickier Marketing Author: Grant Leboff Publisher: Kogan Page www.koganpage.com

Name: The flip-flop CEO Author: Lory Muirhead, Whitney Roberts, Janine Finney www.amazon.co.uk

Price: £19.99 ISBN: 978-0749471088

Price: £6.18 (Kindle edition) ISBN: 978-0615424491

We are currently living in the midst of a ‘communication revolution’. It affects every facet of society, the likes of which we have not seen since the industrial revolution. The way we shop, work, educate our children and interact with each other is changing. No area of life is being left untouched. At the heart of marketing, is the ability to communicate effectively. With communication changing so dramatically, it is illogical that marketing could have stayed the same. We are responding to information differently, as the combination of mobile technology and the world wide web provides us with 24/7 access to practically any information we are ever likely to need or use. The result is that much of the traditional ‘shouting of messages’, in which businesses previously engaged, has now lost its value. It is, therefore, becoming less effective. Moreover, people are exposed to much greater choice as the world wide web has lowered the cost of entering the market, and enabled niche players to be able to make the financials of their business work. It has also lifted the geographical restrictions on many of the choices we make. As the web and search become more social, we can see what friends and colleagues think before we make purchasing decisions. Digital makes it more probable that this information is available and these opinions are shared. This means that a company’s best marketers today are likely to be the customers, prospects and wider community of suppliers and partners etc, with whom it is engaged. With all this disruption in the market: • How do businesses put effective marketing strategies together? • What are the new principles which should be guiding the best in marketing today? • How do you ‘win’ customers in a digital age? Stickier Marketing has been written to provide these answers. n

The Flip Flop CEOs will take everything you have learned about the business of network marketing and flip it right side up. By the time you’ve read this book, you’ll have a serious case of whiplash, a fresh perspective on this industry, and a brand new outlook on...yourself. Do not let your ego or misconceptions get in the way of reading this book, the quality of your life depends on it! This book is worth a read - you’ll power through it in next to no time, absorbing the reasoning of network marketing and wondering why you haven’t considered this years ago. It will fire you up and get you thinking about making money in a whole new way. The authors, Lory Muirhead, Whitney Roberts and Janine Finney, write, “stop right this instant! Stop running around like crazy, and listen up. Your life has been hijacked. It doesn’t belong to you anymore. Unless you do something about it, you’re not getting it back. You’re handcuffed to a job, you’re worth more than you’re being paid and your debt is growing. You say you’re running a business but it’s clearly running you. You miss your kids, you miss your friends, you miss your health. They miss you too! We’re not here to judge, we’ve been right where you are. We just want you to know it doesn’t have to be that way and you have a choice”. So pipe dream or sound advice? Thousands of professionals who have taken up direct marketing say they’re on to a good thing, enjoying the fruits of making an enviable secondary income and growing their business at an impressive rate. An inspiring read! n

Don’t let your ego or misconceptions get in the way of reading this book. The quality of your life depends on it



LUNCH: The most important Meal of the Day for Enable ENABLE Scotland, the charity for children and adults with learning disabilities, celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Aberdeen’s Malmaison Hotel will be the host venue for the 2nd year of Handbags & Gladrags, a sumptuous champagne lunch event on the 16th May. The lunch typifies ENABLE’s diverse range of events, and highlights how important these afternoons and the women who attend them have become for the charity. Last year’s Handbags and Gladrags event in Aberdeen hosted over 100 affluent businesswomen, retirees, trendsetters and lunch-lovers. Their generous support raised over £20,000 on the day; it is this kind of event that provides fantastic opportunities for networking, whilst also supporting vital charitable services. Hazel McIlwraith, Assistant Director of Fundraising at ENABLE Scotland, said: “Events are a key aspect of our fundraising programme. We need to reach out and engage with the local community and businesses. Events like Handbags & Gladrags do just that!”

This year’s host for ‘Handbags and Gladrags’ will be the world renowned fashion designer to stars, Julien Macdonald, OBE. Julien has created designs for international icons such as Beyonce, Kylie Minogue and Gwyneth Paltrow. Julien is hot off the heels of BBC’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ dance floor and promises to bring some of his infamous glitz and glamour to this special occasion. Julien said, “I’m so looking forward to be hosting Enable’s ‘Handbags and Gladrags’. Dazzling events like these ladies lunches are vital for raising funds and awareness for this worthy cause. ‘Handbags and Gladrags’ is sure to be a spectacular event, and I hope we can raise an amazing amount!” Tickets for ‘Handbags and Gladrags’ are still available. Tables of two, four, six and eight are available at a cost of £100 per ticket.

In our diamond anniversary year,

we still need your help.

Julien Macdonald, OBE.

Sixty years on…

• 93% of children with a • • • •

To reserve your table or tickets, please contact Linsey Forrester, Tel: 01698 737019 email: Linsey.forrester@enable.org.uk

learning disability are bullied One in four children with a learning disability are physically assaulted 9 out of every 10 people with a learning disability experience hate crime. 43% of families with disabled children have fallen behind with payments for utility bills. 75% of people with learning disabilities are not in employment or training.

business advice


ask the expert MURRAY ASSOCIATES ACCOUNTANTS LTD • Tel: 0141 889 4247• St James Business Centre, Paisley, PA3 3AT

Gloria Murray, Queen of Profit and Director of Murray Associates Accountants Limited, - progressive, proactive business growth specialists and accountants. Gloria’s favourite saying is ‘Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity’

Business growth a customer is only a customer if they’re paying you Q: I have a few customers who owe me a fair amount of money. I don’t want to hack them off by constantly chasing them but I’m getting fed up doing work that I don’t seem to get paid for. Any suggestions? Q: I’ve been in business for a couple of years and am always really busy but I’m still not making much money. What can you advise? It’s difficult to give you specific advice as you don’t tell me what type of business you’re in. But the first thing I’d suggest is look at your pricing. It seems to be the area that most business owners struggle with and it’s a sure sign if you’re not making much profit that there’s something wrong with your prices. It could be that you’re giving too much for what you charge or it could be you are not charging for everything you do. For example I once took a bespoke jeweller through all the stages of meeting a new customer right through to the design and making of the finished piece of jewellery. What she realised from this was she had missed out several steps in the process when she was putting together her prices. She wanted to be seen as good value but was actually not charging enough for what she was doing. From there on in she got much clearer about how much she had to charge and put her prices up. She’s now busier than ever. It would be a good idea to talk through your business model and pricing strategy with me. So if you get in contact again I’ll happily give you a Business Potential review which will focus on pricing.

One thing I always say is a customer is only a customer if they’re paying you. Otherwise they’re a pain in the a**se! The best thing to do is get someone else to chase the outstanding amounts for you. It keeps it away from your relationship with the customer and if they complain to you then you have someone else to deflect this onto. You could get your mum, boyfriend, girlfriend to chase, it makes no difference. Just get them to call and nicely ask for payment. It’s a good idea if they ask when it will be paid. And if it’s not paid by then they just make another phone call. You’ll normally find you get paid fairly quickly after that. ‘She who shouts the loudest gets paid the fastest’. If the same customers continue to pay you late then ask for payment upfront before you do any more work for them. They will either comply or go elsewhere and become a problem to one of your competitors. After that make sure your terms and conditions are very upfront and tell your customers when you expect to be paid. Remember there’s no compulsion to give credit to everyone who turns up at your door. For a new customer you could ask for money upfront before you do the work.

Q: How can I get more customers? Marketing is so important in this economic climate, so make sure you’re absolutely clear about who you want as a customer. You can’t market to everyone and you shouldn’t try, so being clear about who your customer is will help you make sure you’re doing all you can to attract them to you. This is a big questions and I can touch on this in more detail next time. n

If you have any business queries, you can email Gloria and she will answer any of your questions in the following issues of Business Women Scotland magazine. E Mail: Gerry@murrayassoc.co.uk




once upon a time... Lizanne Lambie Thomson’s hectic weekly work routine can border on something akin to a mix of scenes from movie classic, “Fame Academy”, a round of busy auditions for TV talent shows and a carefully crafted schedule of ensuring 700 pupils from the ages of four to 19 are guided in their pursuit of acting, dancing and singing fame.


s head of the Glasgow-based UK Theatre School, 46-year-old Lizanne has driven what was initially a parttime job emerging from a background in acting into a successful operation which has established a credible reputation for providing excellent part-time performing arts courses for young people from all over Scotland. Today ‘graduates’ from Lizanne’s school can be seen in some of the newest Hollywood blockbusters as well as a string of UK-produced movies and TV dramas. Other pupils will find their niche roles in parts closer to home, honing their skills on the high-profile stages of London’s West End or in amateur dramatic groups. The common aim for all the pupils is a desire to succeed in the performing arts. One of the pupils, 13-year-old Daniel Kerr, made history when he became the youngest-ever BAFTA winner – a very proud moment for Lizanne and her team. Despite her focus on driving her young charges in the direction of the limelight, Lizanne is surprisingly coy about her own business acumen. Lizanne said: “Even with my acting background, I’ve never been one to push myself forward in any way when it comes to chasing a personal profile. For me, it’s very much a case of head down and driving the school forward to ensure the ideal environment for our pupils. “We pride ourselves in preparing our students fully for the next step towards a performing arts career. We enable our pupils to realise their full potential and we give full guidance towards their goals.” The school was first launched in 2001 after Lizanne recognised a need to offer a selection of professional performing arts – dancing, singing and acting lessons – all under the one roof in her home city of Glasgow. She said: “I was teaching drama classes in Edinburgh at the time and suggested to the course organiser that it might be an idea to offer singing and dance classes as well. Effectively I was doing myself out of work because I

Name: Lizanne Lambie Thomson Company: UK Theatre School Location: Glasgow, UK

for further information w: www.UKTheatreSchool.com


suggested that instead of me teaching for three hours, I did one hour and he took on singing and dance tutors and they did the other two hours. That way it broadened the opportunities for the youngsters to learn more about the profession. “I’d approached what was then The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama – now the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland – and enquired about hiring accommodation to offer classes for youngsters. There was nothing available at the time but several months later they contacted me to say had space – so I thought, let’s go for it.” The first set of auditions for Lizanne’s UK Theatre School generated 350 pupils – with a large focus on beginners’ classes. Over the last 13 years the roll has increased year on year with auditions usually resulting in lengthy queues in the street. Lizanne added: “It’s always wonderful to see the youngest pupils coming on board and being able to nurture talent that emerges.” Seven years ago Lizanne and her 32-strong teaching and administration team – which, includes her husband, Stephen, and two teenage children – moved from their accommodation in the RCS into a purpose-designed suite of seven studios and classrooms in a Grade B Listed building on West Regent Street in Glasgow. Visitors entering the first-floor premises are struck by the energy of the décor – particularly the dramatic floor design, created by Lizanne’s artist brother, Jim, a former Turner Prize nominee. Much of Lizanne’s drive for business is instilled in her from many years of working with her father, a successful business man who still runs a nationwide signage firm at the age of 72. “When I first started working I was immersed in my father’s businesses and I learned so much about the passion and commitment needed to make a business work. Today the programme of courses devised by Lizanne and her team run four nights a week and every Saturday and Sunday. She said: “It’s a full-on, part-time programme and then we have a full-time support role, ensuring all the administration is in place. I’m fortunate in that I work in a sector I’ve had a lifelong passion for and I get to work with youngsters and young people who are so full of energy and passion.” n

Top Tips for Success 4 Believe in what you do. 4 Make truth and trust your keystones of a

positive work environment.

4 Focus on solutions – it’s a far much better use

of your energy.


Quick Question Is there any easy way or less stressful way to network and what’s a good opening line? Be confident in explaining the story you want to share with others. Aim to do something positive for others – you’ll always get more back in return. Deliver an opening line that intrigues.

How do you get over the fear of presenting? Preparation, preparation and more preparation.

Is there a way to delegate without people thinking you are passing the buck or that you just don’t want to do something yourself? Value your staff – I wouldn’t ask one of the team to do something I wouldn’t do myself.

What’s the best way to deal with office politics? Be aware of any issues emerging but don’t rush to get involved. Most issues will self-regulate.

What would you advise when it comes to the right attire for auditioning? For any youngsters coming to the school for an audition, they should be themselves. Costumes are for the characters, not for real people.


Women-owned businesses contribute around £5.7 billion to the Scottish economy*. Let’s make that grow... *Women’s Enterprise Scotland 2012

Radiate is an integrated marketing communications agency with offices in Glasgow, London and Aberdeen.

DIGITAL | BROADCAST | BRAND | PR To find out more, contact Gaynor Simpson on 07790 104073

Glasgow - 10 Newton Terrace, Glasgow G3 7PJ t 0141 331 2120 Aberdeen - Silverburn Lodge, Claymore Drive, Aberdeen AB23 8GD t 01224 421 219 London - 27 Noel Street, London W1F 8GZ t 0207 411 9088




It’s an exciting year for Scotland with the Homecoming 2014 providing a year long programme of events alongside the Ryder Cup and Commonwealth Games. Meet two entrepreneurs Carol Soutar and Aoife Behan from Jelly & Gin. They have two days to transform a former milk factory in Leith into a multisensory whisky experience. Eat:Whisky is a whisky adventure like no other. As part of Homecoming Scotland 2014 food event pioneers Jelly&Gin create an immersive experience that will evoke the sights, sounds and scents encountered in the whisky making process from grain to glass. But not ones to take the easy route, they are taking over a former milk factory and aim to transform it into a multisensory adventure in just two days. Jelly&Gin Creative Director Carol Soutar says “Create:Eat:Whisky will be our biggest challenge yet. We have just two days to turn a former factory space into an unforgettable whisky experience. We have a great team of artists and designers working with us, so I have no doubt it that we will pull it off.” This journey into whisky focuses on four key flavour profiles: rich & spicy, light & delicate, smoky & peaty, smooth & sweet. Guests will experience each whisky through all the senses. The quirky venue, a former milk factory in Leith, will change in atmosphere during the tasting through the use of lighting, projection, sound and scent. Small bites of locally sourced, artisan produced food will complement each of the four drams which have been carefully selected from Jura Whisky Single Malts. Create:Eat:Whisky will excite and delight all from the novice to the aficionado.

Jelly&Gin are well known on the Scottish food scene for guerilla dining events such as Burgher Burger and the crowd sourced dining extravaganza Create:Eat earning them a reputation for producing unique and unusual food experiences. “We’re delighted to have been awarded funding from the Scotland Food and Drink fund, it means that we have been able to nurture relationships with Scottish food and drink producers in order to give our guests an outstanding multisensory experience”, says Jelly&Gin director Aoife Behan. The event is part of Whisky Month, a month long, countrywide celebration of Scotland’s national drink during May 2014 and is supported by Scotland Food and Drink. n

Create:Eat:Whisky Dates: 14-20th May, 2014 | Time: 1pm-2.15pm Daily: 6.30pm 7.45pm Venue: Nestle Condensed Milk Factory, 4 Wellington Place, Edinburgh, EH6 7EQ • Tickets can be purchased at www.jellyandgin.com • Weekday Tickets cost £15 (early bird) £20 (standard) • Evenings and Weekend Tickets cost £20 (early bird) £25 (standard)

The Year of Homecoming Scotland will run from 31 December 2013 to 31 December 2014. www.homecomingscotland.com




once upon a time... For a young Doris Hobbs growing up in Asia and devoting her spare time to pampering the women around her, the idea of owning her very own award-winning spa was nothing more than a pipe dream. But fast forward a few decades and her hopes have become reality with a successful, well-established three-year-old business that still turns heads in north-east Scotland.


nspired by her father, Doris was determined to constantly challenge herself to achieve her ambitions. From an early age she was encouraged to find an enjoyable, stimulating career – but warned to be prepared to start at the bottom and work her way up, a path Doris recommends to this day. “I always wanted to make people beautiful,” said Doris, who now lives in Aberdeen. “The best bits of my childhood were the pamper sessions. I was always giving my mum and sisters facials. Beauty was my passion but there weren’t many opportunities in Asia to learn about treatments.” Doris was raised in Malaysia and, at age 13, stepped out of her comfort zone for boarding school in Singapore: “Nothing’s better than family. It was very hard being away but I always knew I wanted freedom and an opportunity to learn.” Adventure, challenge and travel remained high on her agenda and opportunity came knocking seventeen years ago when she met a British contractor working in Asia. The couple were soon married – but not before Doris consulted her career plan. A move to the UK was inevitable but she knew that without experience of working there, she would struggle to find work. In anticipation she built her CV working in procurement, administration and as a piano teacher. Despite her best efforts, her first six months in Aberdeen were spent job-hunting. However, perseverance prevailed and she secured a job in hospitality. She said: “I wanted something that would give me time to find out about Scotland, Scottish people and the accents. I was very good at writing English but adapting to local language is different. The best place to start was talking to people.” After just nine months and a lot of enthusiasm and hard work, Doris was promoted to a supervisory role. She had quickly adjusted to the culture and dramatically improved her communication skills – but hadn’t forgotten her childhood aspirations. Fortunately her husband’s job demanded a

Name: Doris Hobbs Company: Zen Spa Location: Aberdeen

t: 01224 566 466 w: www.zenspaaberdeen.com



It’s important to always have a dream. You need a focus point. This is my home now; my life is here and my children are here. But without my dream, I wouldn’t be here temporary move down south and Doris took a step closer to her dream career. In the Big Smoke her newfound confidence and lifelong determination secured her a place on an intensive beauty therapy course at The London Esthetique Beauty Institute. Things were on the up: Doris passed the course with flying colours and discovered she was pregnant. On the return to work her qualification stood her in good stead and, finally, Doris celebrated her first job in the world of beauty with Clarins in Debenhams. She said: “When you become a mother you think ‘I’m a mother now, why should I further my career more?’ But as your children grow up, you want to see whether you can still do it. I thought if I didn’t do it then, I never would.” At Clarins she developed her knowledge of beauty techniques and skincare regimes while maintaining the customer-facing aspect: “It made me happy to be making them beautiful and passing on as much knowledge as I could. But I knew that, one day, I wanted to have my own spa. I had listened to clients and knew what they wanted. I wanted to be able to give it to them.” On December 1st, 2011, fourteen years after Doris came to Scotland, Zen Spa was born. Still an independent woman at heart, she used her own creativity, skills and experience to develop the business she had imagined for years. Having designed her own house a few years prior, Doris was no stranger to merging hard work and artistic flair. Within a year, she had done everything from setting up the financials and choosing cupboards to picking the perfect products and designing her own brochure.

Top Tips for Success 4 If you want to achieve something, hard work

and enthusiasm will get you there.

4 You can’t fake excitement. And if you are

excited, your customers will be excited.

4 There is no shame in starting from the bottom,

regardless of where you have come from and how high you have been before. You can always start again.

4 Keep your employees happy. 4 Always be willing to go the extra mile for your

clients. Listen to their feedback.

4 Remember it is not all about money.

Love your job.

“I had the pictures in my mind. People come back from holiday with stories of warm, exotic spas. But they shouldn’t have to go to other countries to find what they want. Why not have somewhere local? Beauty shouldn’t just be the same old brands and treatments. I wanted to create a new concept in Aberdeen. I wanted to make people feel like they were still on holiday.” Doris sees herself as a very spiritual person, having studied Buddhism for three years, and views Zen as different to other offering in Aberdeen. There is a firm focus on her Asian roots, incorporating earth, fire and water into her rituals. As a business owner, promotion has always been important and Doris’ late nights spent engaging with customers and potential clients through mail outs have paid off. She now boasts four staff and has a Salon of the Year award under her belt from international cosmetics trainer Germaine de Capuccini. As her vision develops, Doris’ biggest challenge is balancing her time between managing the business and doing the hands-on, client-facing work that originally sparked her passion as a young girl. Aware there are many other young women eager to follow in her footsteps, Doris is certainly an advocate of working for yourself. However, she is not shy about admitting the hard work involved: “If you like a lifestyle of finishing work on time and not thinking about it again until the next day, forget about starting your own business. It’ll be challenging with long hours. I was doing 70 hours a week for a start. You need to be willing to go that extra mile for your dream.” n

I had the pictures in my mind. People come back from holiday with stories of warm, exotic spas. But they shouldn’t have to go to other countries to find what they want. Why not have somewhere local?





We’ve teamed up with Glasgow’s super stylish Marks Hotel which offers boutique living in the heart of the city’s vibrant centre, to offer one lucky reader the chance to enjoy an overnight stay in an Executive Room including a 3 course meal and a bottle of house wine and then breakfast next morning! Located in the city’s Bath Street, its bright and contemporary decor, combined with its relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and close proximity to shopping, theatre, nightlife and cultural destinations make Marks Hotel a must for any visitor to Glasgow. Marks Hotel offers 103 stylish guestrooms, including spacious executive rooms and 5 unique duplex suites, featuring floor to ceiling windows providing breathtaking views across the city……and do not miss the chance to dine in One Ten Bar and Grill, the hotel’s trendy sister restaurant, popular with the city’s fashionistas!

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www.markshotels.com www.facebook.com/MarksHotelGlasgow

business advice


ask the expert KIP MCGRATH EDUCATION CENTRES • Tel: 0141 955 2141 • www. kipmcgrath.co.uk

Kirstie Price - teacher and business woman who runs the Bearsden - Milngavie branch of Kip McGrath, the global professional tutoring business.

Parents’ Evenings and Reports – How to evaluate your child’s progress


or many families the summer term will be a time to celebrate success. However, for others, anxieties and questions are commonplace as parents strive to support their child, understand new courses or system transitions and gain a meaningful picture of their child’s progress and attainment.

Q: A ten-minute meeting never feels long enough to discuss my child’s education. How can I benefit most from my time with the teacher? Parents’ Evenings often leave us feeling rushed and frustrated by all the questions we forgot to ask or didn’t have time to raise. However, with careful preparation you can maximise the time available and develop positive working relationships with your child’s teachers. Considering the following points in preparation for your discussion may help provide the detailed answers you seek.

Look carefully at your child’s work and school report before the meeting and note any key areas or concerns that you would like to discuss. Always highlight any unfamiliar terminology and ask for an explanation.

Prepare key questions in advance and note the answers received.

Before the meeting, seek your child’s view. Are they happy with their learning experience and friendships? Do they have any unanswered questions or concerns? How do they feel about their progress and attainment?

Visit the school website and familiarise yourself with the policy for Homework. Other policies such as, Anti-Bullying, Assessment and Support for Learning should also be available if required. During the meeting, note key dates, specific targets and any agreed timescales for follow-up discussion. Making notes and recording decisions are extremely important. The teacher will also be noting the main points but it is the often the parent who is required to initiate follow–up contact. It is difficult to remember all aspects of a detailed discussion. n

Top 10 questions to ask at Parents’ Evening 1 Does my child seem settled and confident in the classroom and during social times? Is there participation in class discussions and additional school activities? 2 What are my child’s strongest areas/subjects and what is enjoyed most? 3 What is the weakest area/subject and how can it be improved? 4 Does my child seek help when required and act on advice? 5 How is progress and attainment being assessed and monitored? 6 Is my child working at the expected level for age and stage? If

underperforming, ask what is being done by the school to bring your child up to the required level.

7 What opportunities are available with respect to homework clubs, supported study and extracurricular activities? 8 If your child is experiencing difficulties with learning, always raise your concerns. What extra support can the school provide? What feedback should you expect from the teacher implementing this support? What can you do at home to help? 9 Discuss any concerns regarding the quantity or effectiveness of homework tasks. 10 How can I gain more regular feedback regarding my child’s progress?

Finally, never hesitate to seek a follow-up meeting if you still have unanswered questions or concerns. If your child is a secondary student who is selecting option choices for certificate courses, you should expect an opportunity to discuss the course content, level of presentation and routes for senior school and beyond. Appointments with a Career Advisor should also be available.

If you have any queries concerning your child and their education you can email Kirstie and she will answer any of your questions in the following issues of Business Women Scotland magazine. E Mail : kirstieprice@yahoo.com




Rearo launches UK’s Best Priced, Quality Kitchen Worktop

Rearo's VERVE range brings the kitchen to life

REARO, the UK’s leading supplier of laminated and solid surface materials has launched the UK’s most cost-affordable kitchen worktop!

VERVE by REARO has now arrived in stores and promises to offer budget conscious homeowners the ultimate in high quality, attractive worktops, which will immediately transform the look and feel of any kitchen. The VERVE range, which is exclusive in the UK to REARO and comes with a five year guarantee, offers 4.1m length worktops for only £69.50 +VAT, making them by far the most keenly priced, quality product in the marketplace. Manufactured using quality laminate from leading German manufacturer Sonae and available in 21 contemporary shades including Walnut Lyon, Granite Venice as well as sparkling White and also Black Andromeda. In addition the VERVE range offers a variety of modern and traditional ‘easy to clean’ finishes including natural stone, woodgrain and sparkle decors. Kevin Nicoll, Rearo’s UK Trade Counter Manager comments; “Although household budgets are still tight, house-proud homeowners are continually seeking ways to improve the look of their homes, without breaking the bank. With the launch of VERVE, we firmly believe that Rearo now offers the best value in the market to transform any kitchen, of any size, at a price which is affordable.”. The launch of VERVE further adds to the already comprehensive and well-priced range of options currently available in Rearo, joining the firm’s own label brands including Surfstone, Selkie and VERSA-tile. The new VERVE range can be viewed online at www.rearo.co.uk/ verve or in Rearo’s networrange can be viewed online at www.rearo.co.uk/verve or in Rearo’s network of trade counters located in Lerwick, Inverness, Rosyth, Newport, Gateshead and Govan. n

Rearo Head Office: Loanbank House, Loanbank Quadrant, Glasgow, G51 3HZ t: 0141 440 0800

REARO Inverness

t: 01463 239918

e: inverness@rearo.co.uk

REARO Rosyth

t: 01383 414000

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REARO Gateshead

t: 0191 482 2298

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Isle of Skye Weddings

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BRE powers ahead in Scotland It’s been an incredibly productive first quarter of 2014 for the team at BRE Scotland, which delivers independent research, advice and support to businesses operating across the built environment.

Leanne McMillan


n January, Leanne McMillan, who holds a BEng. (Hons) from University of Glasgow and a Masters in Sustainable Engineering at the University of Strathclyde and joined BRE Scotland in 2007, was promoted to the post of Associate Director. In the newly created post of Associate Director for BRE Group in Scotland and Ireland, Leanne now oversees activity relating to Sustainable Development and BREEAM standards, the world’s leading design and assessment method for sustainable buildings. Rufus Logan, Director for BRE in Scotland said; “At BRE, our role is to research, advise, consult and share our knowledge with all of those involved in the built environment. We are delighted to promote Leanne to this newly created position because now more than ever, sustainable development and energy issues are high on the agenda.” This was in evidence in February when it was announced that BRE is to work in partnership with flood risk management company Aquobex and architectural firm Baca to develop a design for a Flood Resilient Home. In addition, BRE has just outlined plans for the creation of a ‘Centre for Resilience’ for the built environment. The new centre, which will be delivered in partnership with national and local Government, the construction industry and the insurance sector will address issues around built environment climate change mitigation and adaption in the face of increased rainfall, higher wind speeds, extreme cold, overheating, more frequent storms and rising sea levels.

Flood resilient house

Rufus Logan

‘The UK is experiencing extreme weather more regularly’ says BRE building scientist Dr Stephen Garvin who is leading on the project. ‘Four of the five wettest years on record have occurred since 2000. Devastating floods in the summer of 2007 cost Britain £3.2 billion. Insurers have estimated that the bill for the most recent storms could be more than £1 billion. We need to start taking positive action now to protect people and property – a knowledge centre is needed to help us develop the right solutions.’’ Homes for the Future are also very much on the agenda at BRE’S Innovation Park in Ravenscraig. Since its launch in September 2012, the Visitor Centre plus three innovative Homes for the Future have been developed. Currently, a further four plots are at various stages of development, with the aim to see these start construction later this year. As Rufus Logan notes; “The main focus of the team working at the Innovation Park is continues to be the development and delivery of research projects linked to each of the plots. However in addition, we will very much be looking to increase our engagement with those operating within the Built environment, as well as local communities by creating a programme of tours, training and events for industry, the public sector and community groups to engage on the Park.” n Individuals, businesses and groups interested in visiting the BRE Innovation Park for a guided tour hosted by BRE Experts and finding out more about BRE activity should contact Jackie Reilly at BRE on Tel: 01698 262193 or email: reillyj@bre.co.uk

april/may 2014



ISSUE 27 | April/May edition | bi-monthly | Business Women Scotland

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A girl can never have too many bags right? Here at BWS headquarters we have put together an eclectic mix of handbags. Bright, neutral, floral, business and quirky. A handbag gives that finishing practical touch to your look, so go on. . .

. . .treat yourself!

LULU GUINNESS EVA SMALL CROSSBODY BAG, £350, www.houseoffraser.com

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saying it Spring is here and the florals are in! Brighten up your home with a long lasting bouquet of gorgeousness, nudging your interior into summer.

Zoffany Wallpaper: Nostell Priory Cushions: Romey’s Garden & Phoebe | www.zoffany.co.uk

interior lifestyle


Cushions noun [C] (SOFT THING)

a bag made of cloth, plastic, or leather that is filled with soft material, often has an attractive cover, and is used especially on chairs for sitting or leaning on: She sank back against/into the cushions.


7 6

with flowers


3 8 4


1 BESPO - Daisy Cushion | www.bespo.co.uk | £21.00 2 HEALS - Cushion in Lady Jane by Petra Borner | www.heals.co.uk | £36.00 3 M&S - Bee embroidered cushion | www.marksandspencer.com | £36.00 4 KARENZA & CO - Pansies Cushion | www.karenzaandco.com | £39.50 5 JOHN LEWIS - Louise Body Foxglove Duckegg Blue | www.johnlewis.com | £70.00 6 GREAT BRITISH DESIGNS - Estuary Cushion | www.great-british-designs.co.uk | £38.00 7 JOHN LEWIS - Louise Body Plant Life cushion | www.johnlewis.com | £36.00 8 M&S - Maise Armchair in Watercolour Floral Peony | www.marksandspencer.com | £1099




PHOTOGRAPHER Mark Seager, simplephotography.co.uk HAIR COLOUR Karen McDougall, coloursagency.com MAKE UP Kat McSwein, coloursagency.com MODELS Kristina and Nadia, coloursagency.com FOR COLOUR ART ENQUIRIES CONTACT: info@karenmcdougall.com

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beauty lifestyle


Time to liven up your hair and make up for the new season. Top tips from our hair and beauty experts to create a healthy glossy natural glow. Liven up your dull locks by introducing Colour Art, hand painted multi dimensional layers of colour, a spectrum of colours from a rich brunette and hazelnut to soft caramels and honey blonde tones. Compliment the hair colour with fresh flawless skin and a splash of colour on the lips. We’re ready for you, Spring here we come!

new shades FOUNDATION - DiorSkin Nude Liquid Foundation - £32.00 | www.dior.com CHEEKS - DiorBlush - Rose Cherie - £30.00 | www.dior.com EYES - Nars Shimmer Eyeshadow California- £18.00 | www.narscosmetics.co.uk LIPS - Nars Semi Matte Lipstick - Fire Down Below - £18.50 | www.narscosmetics.co.uk




in the

hot seat . . . . . . .

Kasia from Esteem Beauty sits in the BWS ‘hot seat’ and answers our questions.

How long have you worked in the beauty industry and in what areas are you qualified? I have worked in the Industry for over 20 years and initially learned my trade from experts all over the world. I attended Łodz University for both my Cosmetology Degree and my Cosmetology Master’s Degree.

What does a cosmetologist mean in your business and how does it benefit your clients? Cosmetology is more concerned about the study of the body’s structure and the science involved within the industry rather than just the practical elements of beauty treatments. As a student I studied chemistry, biology, biochemistry, toxicology and microbiology, I even attended a post mortem - which helped to give me the best possible insight into the construction of the body. In my Masters Degree I took the science subjects a step further and created my own beauty creams which are still sold in Poland. This intense education allows me more understanding of the health and condition of my clients’ skin and the affect my treatments are having. The level of qualifications also gave me the opportunity to train for specialist treatments like semi-permanent make-up and thread vein removal. I have continued the educational theme in my business by giving as much advice, education and information as possible to clients.

Is running your own salon something you had always wanted to do? I have always wanted to bring my detail, style and imagination to a business and I also love being a mentor and I am proud to be an employer. I have great staff and aim to teach them my skills and instil in them my attention to detail. Learning however is always a two-way process and the girls share their skills and knowledge with me, they bring a lot to me and we share a great laugh. Some of the salons I have visited are part of another business or are leisure facility companies where beauty therapy is not the core business. Large company philosophies can influence the way a salon is run, you find the personal touch is lost and the treatments become a timed, predictable event rather than an experience. We try to learn about our clients and let their needs be met, so each treatment is unique to the person.

Linergist in Scotland. Some people are still a bit apprehensive about the treatment but I wish I could capture the reaction of joy when I reveal a new look to my clients. This is always followed up later by a ‘thank you’ letter or a visit when they realise they have their ‘new look’ every day.

Is semi-permanent make-up for everyone? People are more aware of the importance of their appearance than ever before. Women in business still have a tough environment to work in and semi-permanent make-up can deliver a quality, consistent appearance for up to three years, depending on skin type and aftercare and annual maintenance is available to extend the quality of the make-up. Semi-permanent make-up is a very open treatment. Every person requesting the treatment must have a consultation with me that includes a medical questionnaire and skin allergy test. With all the formalities taken care of, I spend time with my clients measuring features and designing and trialing their new look, then stenciling it before the treatment takes place. The treatment itself has been described as slightly tickly but I can use a topical anesthetic to reduce this feeling. The aftercare advice is simple and specific plus I am always available to talk to my clients. I have clients who are recovering from illness or have experienced hair loss or skin issues. These women are strong internally but have lost confidence in their looks and this type of treatment is extremely beneficial to them, and me, when their confidence is restored.

Before launching your salon in Glasgow, you worked around the world. What are the differences in the industry here? My opinion is that the beauty industry, like many things, is different in Europe compared to the UK. In Europe most body treatments and some of the specialist treatments are considered more health beneficial rather than just pampering. Some countries do not have an equivalent to the NHS, so a great number of services available through GPs here, are carried out by Cosmetologists in Europe. Similarly the majority of cosmetic surgeries are carried out by the beauty industry. Women do have greater support in Scotland than most of Europe and we have established great contact and support networks in groups like Women in Business. n

You specialise in semi-permanent make up, do you think this has become more popular as peoples’ lives have become busier? Semi-permanent make-up has always been very popular right through Europe and the USA. The word has now spread to the UK. More professional people and highly photographed celebrities are seeing the benefit,value and consistency this type of treatment gives. I see it in fashion magazines that in turn influence or motivate women to try out the treatment and so the popularity increases. There are still relatively few salons offering a quality service. I am the only Elite

528 Great Western Rd, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G12 8EL t: 0141 334 3254 w: www.esteembeauty.co.uk

beauty lifestyle


Anne Ferguson

Ask Anne ... TAYLOR FERGUSON HAIRDRESSING • 106 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 2EN • Tel: 0141 332 0397 • www.taylorferguson.com

Anne Ferguson, is a director of celebrity hair stylist Taylor Ferguson Hairdressing. Here she reveals her six tips to achieving the best blow dry.

4: PERFECT PRODUCTS There’s a myth that if you don’t put anything on your hair before you blow dry then your hair will benefit. Wrong, wrong, wrong – and on so many levels. Always use a mousse or a blow dry lotion and apply before you start the drying process. The product will help reduce the friction that’s generated between dryer, brush and hair. It will also protect your hair against what is fairly intense heat from the dryer.


1: TOOLS OF THE TRADE Like any job, using the correct tools and appliances is vital to achieve the best results. In terms of blow dryer we’d recommend one with variable temperature settings and a reasonable ‘engine’ size to deliver the most drying power as quickly as possible and so in turn reduce the amount of time the hair’s being exposed to heat. Opt for the correct brushes. We’d recommend a vent brush, a circular brush and a paddle brush which is often labeled a finishing brush. Each brush does its own job. The vent brush allows as much of the drying air to circulate around your locks. The circular brush does what it says on the box and will add some curl and lift to your hair. And the paddle brush is a great accessory in achieving that final, glossy, ‘just done’ look.

2: RIGHT TO THE ROOTS Whenever you commence your blow dry sessions always aim for the roots first – resist temptation to start anywhere else. If you dry the roots off in opposite direction to the way you want it lie, then it will make it so much easier to achieve the look you want. This tip also helps to add volume to you hair – and we all like that extra volume look and feel.

3: ANGLE POISED When you’re blow drying aim to make sure the dryer is held at a downwards angle to you hair – rather than sideways. This will mean you achieve a much smoother look to the finished style. Over many years of hairdressing our team has perfected its blow drying techniques and this is one tip we pass on more than any other to clients. We know it works.

Strangely in a focus on blow drying, our advice would be to keep it to a minimum. Less is definitely more and whether you’re drying, tonging, straightening or adding any type of additional heat yo your hair, avoid doing it on a daily basis. You will do your hair a favour. Remember there are now so many products on the market that allow you to refresh your hair and its appearance between blow dry sessions. From a personal perspective I’m lucky if I have my hair blow dried twice a week – it’s usually once unless I’m going to something special.

6: GO LARGE One of the most common questions we get in the salon is how to achieve a big hair look with a blow dry session. We’d suggest following steps 2 and 3 first to dry the hair off and use a large circular brush. Then apply supersized rollers – aim for ones the size of a Coke can. We’ve even used empty Coke cans on shoots to get that big look – and they work perfectly well. Allow the hair to cool down and set with the rollers in situ. Then brush it out and use a specialist product. Schwarzkopf’s Osis Volume Up (available in salons) is new to the market and we’ve been seeing fantastic results with it. Certainly pumps up the volume to deliver the big hair look. n



BUSINESS WOMEN SCOTLAND events and membership

Your best form of promotion is...


We would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about our BWS Membership options and our BWS Networking events. Your best form of promotion is yourself! Becoming a professional networker can help increase your sales and business opportunities. Business Women Scotland host monthly BWS Networking Events in Glasgow and Aberdeen, bringing like-minded business women together. We also offer two types of BWS Memberships options making it affordable for both new and established businesses.

BWS Premier Membership £180 / year Our BWS Premier Membership ensures that your business still grows through meeting with the correct contacts at our BWS Networking events - ensuring that you are in front of the correct audience with an opportunity to promote your business. • BWS Premier Membership: £180 (£150 + vat). • Discounted ticket price for our networking events: £30 (£25 + vat). • Membership allows member and colleague to attend BWS networks. • 5 minute pitch about your business at the end of the speakers’ talk. • FREE business directory listing worth £150. • FREE BWS magazine posted to your office 6 times a year worth £17. • BWS digital magazine available to view online – with your business directory entry and link to your website. • 2 free blogs on our website - worth £300.

BWS Starter Membership £60 / year The BWS Starter Membership helps new businesses get their business noticed! When money and budgets are tight this is the affordable way to help new businesses. Starter Membership available to companies up to three years old. • BWS Starter Membership: £60 (£50 + vat) • Discounted ticket price for our networking events: £18 (£15 + vat). • FREE business directory worth £150. • BWS digital magazine available to view online - with your business directory entry and link to your website

For more information on BWS Memberships and BWS Networking visit www.bwsltd.co.uk

Dates for...

your diary Our monthly Business Women Scotland Networking events bring like-minded women together. A warm BWS welcome awaits you at our forthcoming events...


Catalyst, Enabler, Difference-maker

When: 2nd May, 2014, Time: 11/11.30 am, finish 1:30pm. Buffet lunch will be served. Speaker: Anne Simpson Director, Loretto training Venue: 210 Bistro, Aberdeen, Cost: Members £20 (bring a friend) Non-members £30 (prices inc vat)

Anne helps people deal with whatever they find overwhelming or difficult - individually or collectively. She has been doing this for 15 years. This includes: choices; wanting more out of their professional lives; maximising potential; implementing change and focusing on the future. Anne provides training, coaching for career transition, research and speaking. The people I help work in every area of public and private sectors and all types of nonprofit making organisations.


When: 25th April, 2014, Time: 11/11.30 am, Speaker: Vanessa Collingridge, Venue: Society M, 60 Renfrew St, Glasgow, G3 Cost: Members £20 (bring a friend) Non-members £30 (prices inc vat)

Vanessa’s career started in television, first as a question checker on game shows Wheel of Fortune and Win, Lose or Draw, and then for 14 months as a weather girl on BBC Scotland. In the early to mid-1990s she appeared from time to time on BBC television’s Gardeners’ World. She has since worked as a producer and presenter on all five British national terrestrial television channels, as well as BBC national radio.
In 2000 she quit her television presenter’s job on Tonight with Trevor McDonald to author two biographies, one of eighteenth century explorer James Cook and one of Celtic warrior queen Boudica. She has described her very early interest in feminism in the introduction to her book on Boudica in 2005: “Certainly, I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t acutely aware of the inherently political nature of woman’s position in society and – much to my father’s disgust and my now extreme embarrassment – by the grand old age of twelve, I would proudly read Cosmopolitan magazine and proclaim myself a feminist!”. Vanessa returned to television in 2007 as writer and narrator of the four-part miniseries Captain Cook: Obsession and Discovery.

Delighting our guests in Glasgow since 2011



served from 8am Monday to Friday from 9am Saturday • from 10am Sunday

Sunday to Wednesday



Your all day brasserie serving classic dishes close to people’s hearts B ROWN S B A R & BR A SSER IE , 1 GEO RGE S Q UARE, GLAS GOW G2 1DY TEL EPH ONE: 0 1 4 1 2 2 1 7828 • www.browns-restaurants.co.uk

Profile for Cate Sutton

BWS | Issue 27 | April May14  

Bi monthly magazine - Business Women Scotland

BWS | Issue 27 | April May14  

Bi monthly magazine - Business Women Scotland