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From the innovators of CND Shellac™ comes a superior removable gel system that revolutionizes nail technology: Brisa Lite.


the innovators CND Shellac™ comes superior Smoothing Gel,From the power partner toof CND Shellac, perfects anda smooths. removable gel system that revolutionizes nail technology: Brisa Lite. Sculpting Gel, a light enhancement, adds shape and length.


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Smoothing Gel, the power partner to CND Shellac, perfects and smooths. Sculpting Gel, a light enhancement, adds shape and length.

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Style Made Simple The revolution continues. First, the black15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment solved the 15 most common hair care problems among women. Then black 15in1 Miracle Hair Shampoo and Conditioner revolutionized how women care for their hair. Now, an innovation in styling is about to change your hairstyle. Introducing black 15in1 Miracle Finishing Hair Spray Maximum hold. Satin soft touch. Humidity-proof. Color-preserving UVA/UVB sunscreen protection. Formulated with the same scientifically proven benefits as the 15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment to improve the health of your hair over time.

Available exclusively at fine salons and spas.

black 15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal

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Kemon presents

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unparalleled gentle formula and natural ingredients


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FOR THE LOVE OF COLOUR THAT LASTS Cuccio Colour Veneer™ is the fourth generation of revolutionary LED/UV Nail Colour technology that will not chip, smudge or micro shatter. Available in 36 trendsetting colours. Veneer is 100% free of polish and its patented triple pigmentation formula cures perfectly under both LED and UV lamps, leaving a durable, long lasting shine clients will love time and time again. Guaranteed!



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Contains Mini Prep, Fuse, Base, and Top (3.7ml each). *When compared to competitor brands.

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March/April 2013







The entrepreneurs who are successful during times of uncertainty are so because they don’t rely on the standard approaches they’d use in predictable times.

Entrepreneurship is like embarking on a journey – it is not a destination. No successful business was created overnight; they all went through a process.

Follow a path of your own choosing and reconnect with your INSTINCTUAL self with this signature service.

Amanda Trent, Editor Design Staff: Shelly Schroeder, Senior Designer Adriana Lagrou, Designer Mackenzie Sand, Designer Susan Stevens, Designer Jen Boley, Advertising

black 15in1 adds Miracle Finishing Hair Spray to the line and updates packaging.


Editorial & Sales Office: 29683 W K Smith Dr. Lyon Tech Park New Hudson, MI 48165 248.347.0388 phone 248.347.3351 fax


It’s no secret that lasting success in sales, no matter what kind of market you’re working in, relies on building and maintaining long-term business relationships with your clients.

COVER LOOK – black 15in1 products 1. 2. 3. 4.


black 15in1 Miracle Hair Shampoo black 15in1 Miracle Hair Conditioner black 15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment black 15in1 Miracle Finishing Hair Spray

Cover Photo: black 15in1 Contributors: Active Trail Team, Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, Donna Every, R. L. Fielding, Colleen Francis, Janet Horton, M’Loyal Team, Kathleen O’Brien, Michele O Donnel, Todd Patkin, Jill Smith, Ajaero Tony Martins © 2013 tng worldwide. All rights reserved.




March/April 2013


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Savvy Entrepreneurs Play by Different Rules


A Cluttered Workspace is a Cluttered Mind


Hair Intervention for Overworked Dos


Habits to Lose So You Can Win


How to Start a Business From Scratch


Give Your Business an HR Facelift


A Fresh Start for Your Business



Fresh Faced


A Fresh Take on Spring Shades


Top Five Salon Services


SpaRitual Instinctual Hand Ritual


JUST IN New Products


IMAGE Private Sanctuary


A New Look for black 15in1



How to Successfully Build Customer Loyalty


Ask the Industry


Connecting with Customers


Market Smart with Email Campaigns


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March/April 2013


Perfect Brows Start with a Precision Tweezer Finest Stainless Steel. European Heritage. Professional Precision Performance.

350 Slanted tweezer

351 Pointed tweezer

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Message from the CEO


o I am roaming around my local drugstore seeing what’s new and interesting when I come across the magazine aisle. The aisle is about as long as an airport runway and must have at least 500 different magazines if not more.

I see the women’s weekly section, women’s monthly section, cooking, travel, sports, fitness, hobby and on and on and on. Then I am thinking to myself, each of these titles is replaced weekly or monthly. And then I’m thinking who reads all these? I then turn my thoughts to the magazines that people subscribe to and have sent to their homes and businesses. I know that we receive at least 10 different ones and figured that, more than likely, that’s a number smaller than most. (I Googled this and found out that the average is 3.59 per household – so it turns out we are well above that.) However, of the 3.59 subscriptions received at home, how many of those are actually read? I mean, who really has time to read magazines anymore? All of this got me thinking about our own magazine that you are now reading (or perhaps not reading and I am writing this article to ghost readers). We spend hours and hours preparing each issue, and it is exclusive to our Nailco REWARDS customers. But just because we mail the magazine to you doesn’t mean you read it or read what I am writing.

Larry Gaynor

What I am thinking is that I could most likely not write this feature and even have one of our customers write this feature for me. What I would like best is to find out from you, our loyal customers, what you like best about this magazine, if you like my letters and if you would like to write an editorial piece in this space.

Please let me know your thoughts – and I may even send you back a special gift for your thoughts (it’s the least I can do). Since I have done away with my Twitter account, please email me at Thank you so much.

Larry Gaynor, President & CEO, tng worldwide

Founded in 1985, tng worldwide is the worldwide leader in providing professional products to the salon, spa, tanning and hospitality industry. tng worldwide is a company that is defined by a mission of 100% customer success.






March/April 2013

affordable luxury

Try Try ourour seasonal seasonal fragrances fragrances forfor March March and and April: April:

Citrus Citrus and and Green Green Tea Tea oror Jasmine Jasmine

Fragrances Fragrances onon sale: sale: Pomegranate Pomegranate Lime Lime P a

PEDI PEDI REDI REDI PLUS PLUS Pedicure Pedicure soaksoak solution solution is is available available in over in over 80 fragrances 80 fragrances and 12 andcolors. 12 colors.

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Manufactured Manufactured in theinUSA the USA by MAXIM by MAXIM LLC,LLC, Phoenix Phoenix AZ AZ • 800.362.6245 • T HE INDUST RY SOURCE Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:



Play by Different Rules


s we pass the five-year anniversary of the start of the economic recession in December 2007, many observers focus on what was lost – such as jobs, businesses or earnings.

But the businesses that survived the Great Recession and are thriving today didn’t focus on losses then – and they aren’t now, says financial expert Donna Every. “The entrepreneurs who are successful during times of uncertainty are so because they don’t rely on the standard approaches they’d use in predictable times, and they look for opportunities – the positives – in situations that would have been considered negatives five years ago,” Every says.



March/April 2013

“It’s similar to how we deal with the weather. In places where it’s sunny most of the summer, we wouldn’t leave our house each morning packing coats and umbrellas just in case. The weather’s predictable. But in the winter and other seasons when the weather can quickly change, we head out with a different mindset.” For businesses, switching gears to deal with inclement economic conditions involves adopting new perspectives and practices, she says.

What are some of those strategies?

• Build on what you have, not toward what you want Instead of setting goals and then seeking out the resources you’ll need to meet them, assess what you have available and decide what you can achieve with that. This not only saves you the time and expense of pulling together resources you may not have, but it also gives you the advantage of working from your business’ individual and unique strengths.

• Follow the Las Vegas rule Tourists planning a weekend in Las Vegas will often set aside the amount of money they’re willing to gamble – and lose – on cards or the slots. That way, they won’t lose more than they can afford. During an uncertain economy, entrepreneurs should calculate their risks the same way. Rather than going for the biggest opportunities as you would in prosperous times, look for the opportunities that won’t require as much of your resources. Calculate how much you can afford to lose, and always consider the worst-case scenario.

• Join hands and hearts Competition is fine when things are going well, but when times are tough, you need allies. Explore forming partnerships with other entrepreneurs so you can strategize to create opportunities together. With what your partners bring to the table, you’ll have more strength and new options to work with.

• Capitalize on the unexpected Surprises can have positive outcomes if you handle them nimbly by finding ways to use them to your advantage. Instead of planning damage control for the next unexpected contingency, look at it as an opportunity. Get creative as you look for the positives it presents.

• When life is unpredictable, don’t try to forecast Focus on what you can do and create now rather than what you can expect based on what happened in the past. In good times, that information can be a helpful and reliable way to make predictions, but savvy entrepreneurs don’t count on that in uncertain times. “While the U.S. economy certainly is improving, there’s still too much uncertainty both here and abroad to go back to the old ways of doing business just yet,” Every says. “If you’ve survived the past five years, you’ve probably been relying on many of these strategies – maybe without even realizing it,” she says. “Don’t abandon them yet, and if there are some here you aren’t using, work toward incorporating them, too.”s WRITTEN BY DONNA EVERY ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Donna Every is director of Arise Consulting Inc., a company that offers business training and consulting services. She is a Chartered Certified Accountant master’s inRY business Available at: Twith HE aINDUST SOURCE • administration. She is the author of nonfiction books “The at:Have T HE INDUST SOURCE • Promise Keeper,”Available “What Do You in Your House?” RY and “Arise & Shine” and the novel, “The Merger Mogul.”

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 • • 800.362.6245 Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE 800.362 Available at:

800.362.6245 •





A Cluttered Workspace is a

CLUTTERED MIND I f you’re looking for a fresh start this spring and some extra kick in your step, there’s no better place to look than right in front of you – your workspace.

The adage that a cluttered workspace equals a cluttered mind has quite a bit of truth to it. For one thing, how can you be organized and feel like you are managing your career to the best of your ability if you are scattered and constantly looking for and misplacing things? And not only that, but a cluttered workspace indicates to clients that you are disorganized, scattered or perhaps even that you simply don’t value your job enough to take pride in keeping your workspace clean – or even worse, that you don’t value them enough to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward for them in the form of a clean and tidy environment.



March/April 2013

On top of all this, a cluttered workspace could actually be robbing you of your most valuable asset – your time. Making sure you have the time to devote to your goals is the role of time management. We all have the same amount of time. We can only control how we use it. Why use it shuffling papers or searching for missing items?

A cluttered workspace could actually be robbing you of your most valuable asset – your time.

Most people say they don’t have enough time. Perhaps part of this is due to the fact that their environment is running your day for them. Organizing your environment is just the first step in deliberately planning your day, rather than allowing it to unfold however it chooses to.

You’ll be surprised at just how much managing your space effectively will do for you in terms of your business and energy level.

So, perhaps you realize that you could benefit from a fresh start in your workspace that will enable you to get the things done that will most impact your business. If so, it’s time to take action. First outfit your work area so you have all the necessary tools to complete your activities. If there are things you constantly find yourself in search of, make it a point to round them all up and find a home for them in your workspace. Next, clean your area of clutter. Trash or file all papers – and make a conscious effort not to let them start piling up again.

Remember, if you set one piece of paper down, it is bound to attract a friend – then eventually many friends, and you’ll be back where you started. However, keeping up your workspace requires maintenance. Plan so that your final activity at the end of each workday is to straighten up your area so you and the area are fresh in the morning with no residue from the day before. If every once in awhile you find yourself slipping back into old habits, don’t think you failed. It’s like learning to ride a bicycle. When you fall off, simply climb back on and practice some more. You’ll be surprised at just how much managing your space effectively will do for you in terms of your business and energy level. You’ll be more productive, less stress prone, have a better balance between your business life and your personal life and you’ll find that you are working on your desired outcomes and accomplishing them. You will gain more time and, more importantly, the life you truly want and deserve. s WRITTEN BY KATHLEEN O’BRIEN ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Since starting Business Support Center in the Women’s Business Center in 1993 as a virtual assistance company, O’Brien has talked to thousands of business owners. Although the term VA didn’t exist then, she was able to give business owners with too much to do assistance and advice about how to get it all done and how to take their business to the next level.

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE 800.362.6245 • • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE 800.362 Available at:

Available at:

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • 800.362.6245






etween blow-drying, teasing, flat-ironing, highlighting and lowlighting, there are many ways to help clients change what Mother Nature gave them. But, after a while, some clients may start to notice some wear and tear on their tresses. Whether they’re regularly straightening curls, lightening darker hair or vice/versa, there may be a price to pay for rebelling.

needs to be handled more like a silk blouse,” says Davis-Sivasothy, author of “Hair Care Rehab.” “Oftentimes, the style we feel the most comfortable with reinforces our bad habits. It’s a problem with all the earmarks of an addiction.”

Most women don’t think twice about the hair habits they’ve had for years and years, says longtime hair-care advocate and health scientist Audrey Davis-Sivasothy.

• Hair OCD (excessive combing, brushing & heat use)

“Lackluster, frazzled, overworked hair – that’s the price we pay for handling our hair like a pair of jeans. Hair is a fragile fiber that



March/April 2013

As hairdressers know too well, substances of choice include: • Toxic chemicals (perms, relaxers & colors)

• Environmental lifestyle (too much exposure to sun, surf, bad air and water) • Nutritional/dietary (fad diets, smoking, low water consumption)

As with a drug addiction, once you’ve kicked the habit, you’ll liberate the bad hair, unlocking new dimensions of hair potential, says Davis-Sivasothy, who has also authored the popular “The Science of Black Hair.” However, often clients may not know where to start when it comes to giving their hair some TLC. Davis-Sivasothy recommends laying out the following five-step rehab plan for clients with damaged hair:

1. Chelating your hair: Products containing oils, conditioners, serums and pomades (or minerals), which make you feel better in the short term, can build up and actually prevent the hair’s ability to hydrate. That’s why the first step in detoxing hair is the use of chelating shampoo, which is typically clear and lifts stubborn buildup from products and hard water. While many chelating shampoos are sulfate-based, there are more sulfate-free products entering the market to accommodate sensitive scalps and hair. Clarifying shampoos are a good substitute when chelating shampoos cannot be found. Moisturizing shampoo should be used for general use after detoxing.

2. Deep condition After chelating, deep condition for 10 to 15 minutes. This should be done every seven to 10 days using moisturizing conditioners such as instant and cream-rinse, deep conditioners, protein treatments or leave-in conditioners. To go the extra mile, consider an apple cider vinegar rinse to close the cuticle and enhance your hair’s shine.

3. Moisturize This step adds a layer of leave-on protection. Clients can use either leave-in conditioner or a dedicated moisturizing product or both. For thick, dry or curly hair, this step hydrates and adds “slip.” For fine or oily hair, these products should detangle strands while encouraging volume.

4. Seal This is the last major step in your hair intervention. Sealing with an oil or butter product locks in moisture and solidifies the gains of rehab. It smoothes out the cuticle and keeps hair moisturized for a longer period. Always use sealant on slightly dampened or misted hair or pair the product with a water-based moisturizer to maximize the

You have made Cirepil Blue #1* with over three million units far!

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benefits. If you have naturally oily hair, you can skip this step.

5. Style protectively Imagine wearing a favorite sweater every day; washing, drying and ironing it several times a week – it would look pretty worn out after a few years! This is exactly what happens to hair that is bleached, colored, blown dry with artificial heat, ironed, weaved and on and on. Don’t do this anymore! There are several measures you can take to preserve the health of your hair, including wearing it up more often, cleansing it cautiously, detangling strands with a large-tooth comb, protectively using blow-dryer heat, reducing chemical use and not coloring hair more than three shades lighter or darker than its natural color. In general, be gentle. Do not pull to hard or rapidly when styling it, too – be slow and steady. s WRITTEN BY AUDREY DAVIS-SIVASOTHY ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Audrey Davis-Sivasothy is a Houston-based freelance writer, publisher and longtime healthy hair care advocate and enthusiast. Sivasothy holds a degree in health science and has written extensively on the science of caring for hair at home.

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T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:







s the saying goes, nobody likes a quitter. But if you really want to experience true happiness and fulfillment this year, that’s exactly what Todd Patkin says you should strive to be in a few key areas.

Overall, Americans are just plain exhausted – and it isn’t surprising. Society tells us (not very subtly, either) that we need to perform to a certain standard, look a certain way, weigh a certain



March/April 2013

number, make a certain amount of money, and much more. Too bad that “perfect” lifestyle is impossible to achieve. Nobody can do it all, all of the time – and it’s even harder when you’re trying to also focus on success in your career. So when you inevitably take on too much and allow one of the plates you’re juggling to drop, you end up disappointed, tired and miserable. Case in point: How are your New Year’s resolutions faring? Chances are, they’ve already fallen by the wayside, and you’re feeling like a failure. (continues on page 24)


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6 new shades from the EURO CENTRALE COLLECTION GelColors from left to right: Polka com Glitter Coat, OPI...Eurso Euro, You’re Such a BudaPest, Can’t Find My Czechbook, My Vampire is Buff, OY–Another Polish Joke!



T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

According to Todd Patkin, the problem is that you set yourself up for disappointment by having unrealistic and unsustainable expectations. Instead, he says, you’ll be best served by making 2013 the year you stop doing things that aren’t adding to your happiness. “Let’s face it – our lives are already packed full of responsibilities. Piling on even more just isn’t feasible – and it’s also a recipe for unhappiness,” points out Patkin. “Instead, you should focus on prioritizing the things in your life that really matter, and on dropping dead weight that might be holding you back.” Patkin admits that “quitting” various success-oriented behaviors and habits seems counterintuitive. After all, doing less goes directly against society’s recipe for building our best and most fulfilling lives. But Patkin says more isn’t always better. According to Patkin, here are some things that you should resolve to stop doing now if you want 2013 to be your greatest year yet:

Give up on toxic relationships. The ones that aren’t working, that is. Face it – whether it’s a coworker who hands out backhanded compliments like they’re candy or a “frenemy” who always tries to one-up your accomplishments, there are people in your life who drain your energy and make your attitude dip into murky territory. No matter how much you may want to make these relationships work, forcing yourself to spend time with negative people won’t do you any favors. Actually, Patkin says, studies show that in terms of your attitude and happiness levels, you will be the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Stop being so nice. And start being real. Perhaps you’re one of those people who always blurts out what’s on your mind. If so, skip this piece of advice. However, it’s much more likely that you swallow barbed comments or constructive criticism in favor of a more diplomatic response. You might even allow yourself to be taken advantage of from time to time in order to please another person. Guess what: It’s time to stop! Dishonest politeness doesn’t develop authentic relationships. “No, it’s not appropriate to go on reality show-worthy rants whenever you feel upset, but at the same time, masking your real opinions and feelings isn’t helpful in the long term,” Patkin says. “Remember, having a smaller number of true friends is healthier than denying your own happiness in order to make everyone else like you. And usually, there is a polite way to say no or to let another person know he or she is out of line without permanently burning bridges.”

Ignore the Joneses. Keeping up with the Joneses seems to be the American way of life. We’re constantly comparing ourselves to our friends, our neighbors, our coworkers and even people

“Let’s face it – our lives are already packed full of responsibilities. Piling on even more just isn’t feasible – and it’s also a recipe for unhappiness. Instead, you should focus on prioritizing the things • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 in your life that really matter and on dropping • • RY SOURCE • Available 800.362.6245 • at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE 800.362.6245 dead weight that might be holding you back.”

RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 •



March/April 2013

whose lives we see displayed on reality TV. No matter what the situation is, thoughts like these only leave you feeling jealous, less-than and unhappy. You need to understand the fundamental truth that “happy” for you won’t look the same as it does for anyone else – and that’s okay! Focus primarily on your own feelings and fulfillment – don’t use another person’s life as a measuring stick to determine how good your own is.”

Stop giving so much. If you don’t, you’ll eventually run dry! The fact is, there are a lot of people in our lives who depend on us and who want our help, our time, our advice, etc. Especially if you care for those individuals, of course you’ll want to be accommodating. (Or perhaps you just have a hard time saying no!) For whatever reason, it can be all too easy to keep giving and giving and giving to others to the point where there’s nothing left for you. “If you are that person – if spending all of your time and energy on others is the norm and doing something for yourself is extremely rare – watch it,” Patkin warns. “Figure out what is important to you and what fulfills you, and prioritize those things more. Stop putting others and their needs first all the time! In order to be happy, you have to know what your strengths are, and you have to play to them on a regular basis. You can’t live your life primarily to please other people.” “Believe me, being a “quitter” can be a very smart move, as long as you’re leaving behind activities, habits, people and responsibilities that aren’t enriching your life,” Patkin concludes. “Above all else, as you move through this year, take it from me that a successful life without happiness really isn’t successful at all!” s WRITTEN BY TODD PATKIN ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Available at: T HE INDUST RY Todd Patkin joined the family business after graduating from college and spent the next 18 years helping to grow it to new heights. After it was purchased by Advance Auto Parts in 2005, he was free to focus Available on his mainat: passions: T HEphilanthropy INDUSTand RY giving back to the community, spending time with family and friends and helping more people learn how to be happy.

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 • • SOURCE • Available 800.362.6245 at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE 800.362 Available at:

SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • 800.362.6245




How to



from Scratch


ntrepreneurship is like embarking on a journey – it is not a destination. No successful business was created overnight; they all went through a process. However, not all who begin the process of starting a business will end it. Unfortunately, this is the harsh reality. So how do you create a business from scratch and succeed?

1. Make up your mind to become an entrepreneur The process of creating a business usually begins with a decision or a pattern of thinking. Before deciding on a business to start, you must



March/April 2013

first have a strong reason for wanting to start a business. Have you ever had any of these thoughts: “Why can’t I be my own boss?” “I am tired of this 9-5 job.” “I work so hard but I don’t receive any recognition.” “Why am I working for my boss when I can go out on my own?” “I am gifted, why can’t I make money with my gift?” The moment you start to think over these questions, you have unconsciously begun the process of creating a business. And once you decide to give your idea a go and once you decide to follow your instinct, you have taken a bold step. (continues on page 28)

Your new best friend. Introducing Stylist Water Instant moisture for hair Just as bottled water led the revolution on how people drink water, STYLIST WATER leads the revolution on how stylists spray water.

STYLIST WATER is made from 100% de-ionized water and natural fruit acids to help improve the condition of hair and protect hair color. Other benefits include: • Keeps hair moistened during styling • Eliminates harmful additives and chemicals found in tap water • Aerosol application helps eliminate repetitive motions and carpel tunnel syndrome from using a pump bottle • Recommended for use in-between shampoos to bring life back to bed head hair

Try it today. • a tng worldwide Signature Brand Available at beauty supply stores and select retailers ©2013 tng worldwide®

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

2. Write a business plan

5. Keep the business going

Once you have made up your mind to become an entrepreneur, the next step is to write a business plan around your idea. In this stage, I will advise that you take the time to fantasize, scheme and plot. Envision yourself being in control. Analyze the possibilities of your business idea and note your strengths, weaknesses, oppositions and threats. Most self proclaimed experts that teach people how to start a business are of the opinion that you don’t need a business plan to start a business except when you are raising money from investors or applying for a loan. But having a plan is important. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?

Launching a business is just the starting point of the game. Keeping your business afloat is the real test. This is the point where you do all it takes to stay in business. To create a really successful business, you will need to effectively deal with competition, find customers, manage critical business problems, pay recurrent bills and handle employees. This is the point where the pressure of managing a business gets worst.

3. Get the necessary education and experience In the process of making initial preparations to launch your business, you are sure to make mistakes. At this stage, you will start to see reasons why creating a business is not for you. Your mind will begin to see reasons why having a job is important to your survival. You are also bound to face disappointments that will almost make you quit the process. The heartbreaking news is that most entrepreneurs do not go past this stage; their ideas usually die at this point due to loss of enthusiasm. I have observed entrepreneurs with good business plans give up on the process of creating a business just because no one wants to fund their idea. I have come across entrepreneurs that modify their plan year in and year out because they are afraid of failing. That’s why I always insist my protégés start the process of building a business – no matter how small or unprepared he or she is. I encourage them to do this so that they can master the art of making and learning from mistakes. You should do the same for yourself.

4. Create your business

6. Make more mistakes and learn This is the point where many startups go under. This challenge of this period is why 99% of all small business startups crash in their initial five years. At this stage, you are bound to make stupid business decisions that may lead to loss of cash, customers or important employees. This is the stage where you start regretting creating a business. If you are not strong willed, you will forego the vision of building your own business. When you get to this crossroads, what I usually advise is to find fresh answers. Assess yourself to see the essential entrepreneurial skills you are lacking. Attend seminars, read books on business and entrepreneurship and seek the advice of a business mentor or form strategic alliances.

7. Be persistent After finding the answers you need, you now have to apply the answers found on your business. You have to take the bull by the horns and never call it quits. Sticking to the process of creating a successful business is definitely not a piece of cake. It requires effort, patience, resources and commitment. The good news is that if you can stick to the course, your hard work will pay off in time.

8. Create a successful business

At this point, your business may no longer Many entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas need your presence and your absence will and sound business plans never make it to not hinder its growth. This is where you this stage. They plan, scheme and fantasize, commemorate your accomplishment. At but they fail to act on their ideas. If you can take a bold step and launch your business Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • this point, you can decide to sell your business, exit or stick with it. But regardless off the planning board, you have separated • • RY SOURCE • Available 800.362.6245 at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE 800.362.6245 of the decision you take, the cash will keep yourself from• the multitudes fantasizing RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • flowing in. about how to make fast money.



March/April 2013

The Ultimate Collagen Mask Face Lift

9. Count your wins or losses If you can diligently follow step one to eight of this guide, you will surely come to this point. This is where you ponder the process you went through to build a business: the business problems you encountered and solved, the business ventures you won or lost and the failures you experienced. This is where you tell your tale of success or failure with others, and this where you conclude if the entrepreneurial process was really worth undertaking.

10. Retire or replicate your success This is the final stage of the entrepreneurial process. Less than 20% of all entrepreneurs that began the process get to this phase. At this stage, you are successful and can decide whether to call it a day or repeat the process of creating a business. I have

seen entrepreneurs who begin the game all over again even after creating a successful business. Others will retire but return to start the process again because of the challenges and excitement involved. In conclusion, these are steps it takes to create a business from scratch and are the exact steps I followed to get to where I am today. This process may take a year, two years, five years or 20 years, but it surely has an end. And bear in mind that not all who began this process make it to the end – but, if I can create a business from scratch starting with no money, you can too. Only you can choose your fate. ▲ WRITTEN BY AJAERO TONY MARTINS

Available in 5 prepackaged assorted styles; Recommended for all skin types and all ages.

Soothing and Refreshing, enriched milk and honey, naturally made with marine based collagen, and other natural plant extracts to provide a boost of nutrients for radiant and beautiful skin. with wholesome ingredients like

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ajaero Tony Martins is an entrepreneur and bloggerRY whoSOURCE has • Available at: T HE INDUST successfully built businesses from the ground up.

Available at:

T HE13SS139120 INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 • 800.362.6245 Available at: T INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 Available at:

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • 800.362.6245




Give Your Business an




pring is upon us, which means it’s time for spring cleaning in a variety of areas across your business – one of these being your HR documents and processes. This can be a daunting task and large undertaking for many. However, if you have identified some areas that need to be adjusted or updated, make sure enough time is allotted for the planning, research, development and implementation of those initiatives to allow for the smoothest transition possible. A few areas you may want to freshen up are as follows:

Employee Handbook Review your current Employee Handbook and ensure the included policies are still in line with your business practices and mission, and revise when necessary. It is also a good idea to update existing policies to reflect any federal and/or state employment regulations since your last update. Remove any policies that are no longer applicable, if any. A few key areas to review are paid time off policies, leave of absence policies, non-discrimination policies, anti-harassment policies and attendance policies.

Employee File Review Ensure current addresses are on file for W-2 purposes. File any outstanding paperwork, so you can begin the year fresh. Additionally, you should make sure the information contained in the file is up to date and accurate, such as job title, pay rate, attendance record, etc. You may consider purging employee files that you are no longer required to keep by law. Make sure you know the federal and



March/April 2013

applicable state requirements for the length of time files are required to be retained. If it is not your practice to purge files, you may consider putting those files in long term storage.

Training Needs If training needs have been identified, plan out a training schedule for the year. Schedule trainings required by your industry, licensing requirements or state and/or local governments. If training needs have not been identified, work with staff and managers to determine what trainings will be of benefit to the employees and organization as a whole. Develop a plan and establish a budget to address those identified needs.

Staffing Needs Many employers have the unfortunate circumstance of having to lay off employees or having to implement cost saving measures in regards to staffing such as reducing work hours. Now is the time to look at the current state of your business and determine if those staffing decisions are still applicable. If you have open positions to fill, consider calling employees that were previously laid off. ▲ WRITTEN BY MICHELE O DONNEL ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michele O Donnell, M.S. Human Resources Management, joined MMC, Inc. in January 2007 and leads MMC’s elite team of HR Consultants. O Donnell has been involved in the Human Resources industry for more than 14 years, bringing vast training and management experience to the MMC leadership ranks. Her experience spans the broad scope of labor law, regulatory compliance and HR best practices, drawn from her rich experience as Director of HR for several firms throughout her career. Learn more about MMC’s comprehensive HR services at

GET THE ADVANTAGE! NEW! Infrared LED Flat Iron • • • • • •

Prolongs/protects hair color Reduces amount of heat needed to straighten Maintains moisture balance Controls odor Shines/hydrates hair Can be used with spray leave-in conditioner

FEATURES: • Audio-alert when desired temperature is reached • Digital display LCD – Heats up to 450°F • Two hour auto shut-off • Rounded and moveable plate edges • Cool tips for easy handling • Ergonomic, ultra-slim design • 8 ft. professional cord



T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:


A FRESH START for Your Business


hat exactly does getting a fresh start mean to you?

even contempt.

There are numerous rites of passage we are supposed to and are required to participate in. We hedge where we can and otherwise meet our requirements with frowns and sighs, frustration and sometimes

One of the rituals we have a tendency to hedge on is the requirement to hold companywide end-of-year reviews and planning meetings, which is extremely unfortunate because they could be the most valuable management tools we will ever use. There are two primary reasons for hedging on these types of meetings. The first is no one ever knows what to do at these occasions. The second reason is the money.

But really, the agenda is simple. First, review your business plan to determine if your business is still on track or if changes should be made. Next, review your policies to determine if they are still applicable or if they need to be updated. The third item on the agenda should be reviews. Here you will learn whether your employees are on-point and what the accomplishments, failings and goals are for the coming year. These board meetings are important because they keep lines of communication open and everyone on track. Day-to-day mundane activities have a way of clouding the big picture, which is the overall mission of the business. It is during meetings like these that you can determine if the mission and goals of your organization are being met, if set mission and goals are realistic and what can be done to further your business’ success. (continues on page 34)



March/April 2013


ADD. BLEND. CREATE. Flaunt your creativity and delight your clients! CND introduces a new way to bring color to your clients: Additives, an eye-opening collection of pure pigments and lustrous effects. Blend Additives into any CND sculpting powder or gel, or layer over CND Shellac™ for the ultimate artistic freedom. Additives. From CND.

Visit for inspiring ways to create gorgeous nails.

SCAN. WATCH. LEARN. ©2013 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

Additives_TNG_Single_MarApr2013.indd 1

1/10/13 3:42 PM

FRESH FACED These companywide meetings are equally important because they give management an opportunity to reinforce company goals and vision and to clean house if there are any employees that aren’t on board with the company’s direction. However, cleaning house doesn’t just mean eliminating nonproductive personnel. It also means replacing equipment that is broken down and hindering your progress and reevaluating specifics like your customer service effectiveness – and, if you find that you have not been effective as a company, determining how to remedy the issue moving forward. Identify customers who have been particularly demanding. Get to the root of the problem so that you can reduce any negative cost impact. Review your accounts receivables, uncollected income, and decide what can be written off and what can be promptly collected. Evaluate your inventory. Eliminate the disposable, broken and no longer needed items. When you give employees an opportunity to speak openly with management, you really find out what is going on within your business. When you make employees feel they are a part of the organization and that their opinion matters, you realize their loyalty and high performance.

shared room. Why would you not do that? The opportunity to listen to the people you valued enough to hire and what they have to say is immeasurable. The money expended will be more than returned by the information learned, decisions made and changes planned during those meetings.

This is also a wonderful opportunity for everyone to review their job descriptions, to identify whether the descriptions still apply, if the Their opinion of the company will probably improve among work is being performed correctly and the consequences if it is not. employees and you will have secured their loyalty and improved This is the familiar “Obligation, Responsibility and Consequences” performance while giving them something to talk about all year – it review. Does everyone know what tasks they obligated to perform will be money well worth the investment. when they were hired? Do they understand they are responsible for completing the tasks identified and how? There must also be a clear A fresh start for your business is very similar to spring cleaning done understanding of the consequences for when they do not meet their at home. At home every spring we clean out and clean up to make obligations and responsibilities. When individuals perform well, the home run more efficiently. When we do not do the same thing at the company performs well and the work, we are simply compounding employees, managers and business the problems and failings of the year Cleaning house means […] owners all benefit. before into the current year. Can you afford to do that? reevaluating specifics like your How and when these meetings are accomplished is crucial and vital. When you do not show diligence In an office or behind closed doors customer service effectiveness – and, or remain focused on the mission will seldom show good results. of your organization, you very well if you find that you have not been The atmosphere is intimidating, may not succeed. We must openly will be unproductive and typically effective as a company, determining evaluate our own performance and will have everyone on the defensive the example we set if we expect and offensive. Granted, some of how to remedy the issue. others to be motivated by our ethics the reviews should and need to be and standards. Identify what you do completed in the office, but not all best and delegate the rest to people of them. you trust and have confidence in. That is, after all, why you hired them. Now is the time of year to do some spring cleaning in your Be creative when choosing when and where to have your meetings. business and look for that fresh start. s Think outside the box. You do not have to have a weekend retreat, WRITTEN BY JANET HORTON rent an expensive conference center or expensive hotel rooms. For example, if you are along a coastal area, you can load your team onto a ABOUT THE AUTHOR: bus, take them to a cruise ship and go on a weekend cruise for as little As a small business entrepreneur for over 30 years, Janet Horton founded Columbia County PC Incorporated, a publishing company. She also founded the Computer Learning Center which is a as $50 a person. The rate depends, of course, on where you are going training and support center for computer users. She is an accomplished writer and has written and and the time of the year, but you get the idea. On the ships, you have published four books and is a well known public speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship, business, writing, publishing and computer technology. For more information, visit access to meeting facilities, entertainment, food and, obviously, your



March/April 2013


ForPro Professional Collection features the most sought after items spanning the hair, nail and spa categories. For more than 10 years, ForPro offers top quality, value prices and an assortment that can’t be beat. Continue to seek ForPro products for your everyday needs and be sure to try out the new ForPro STYLIST WATER (see page 27).

 Hair Elastic Sets are fun, add some spice to the workstation and retail areas and appeal to women of all ages. Buy some of each and watch them fly off your shelf! 1.75”, assorted sizes and colors. $1.50 per tube Retail $3.00 to $4.00

▼ Double Tipped Cotton Swabs feature absorbent cotton tips. Paper handle. Packed in attractive plastic storage holder. 500-ct. 440526 $3.49


440516 18-ct. ▼ Disposable Bibs are perfect for makeup and facial services. Bib features adhesive tab in back and comfortable non-woven material. 19.25”W x 16”H. 100-ct. 104288 $11.99

440519 20-ct.

440518 20-ct.

 Deluxe Hair Scrungies are ideal for hair and spa services. Workout enthusiasts love them as well to keep hair neat and tidy. White, 2”. 50-ct. 440524 $8.99 Retail $.50 each  Hair Bands are simple, economical and keep hair in place. White, 1”. 100-ct. 440525 $4.99

Volume discounts available on all ForPro items (minimum 100 per item).

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SNAPSHOT Red carpet beauty and hair trends.

The Golden Globes

s_bukley /

Innovative. Comprehensive.

s_bukley /

Melanie Lynskey’s bangs

John Krasinski’s suave style

s_bukley /

s_bukley /

s_bukley /

Christa B. Allen and Francesca Eastwood’s bold lips

Caroline D’Amore’s blonde curls

HandsDown® from Graham Beauty is proud to bring you a complete line of products that takes nail care from start to finish.

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March/April 2013

s_bukley /

Kate Bosworth’s simple do

The SAG Awards

Helga Esteb /

Anne Hathaway’s short crop

Helga Esteb /

Helga Esteb /

Ben Affleck’s groomed beard

Julia Stiles’ retro bombshell look

Helga Esteb /

Guliana Rancic’s side-swept do

Helga Esteb /

Morena Baccarin’s side-parted updo

Helga Esteb /

Lea Michele’s highlighted tresses

Get beautiful, healthy nails…naturally! All-Natural Nail Growth Accelerator Applied daily, Onymyrrhe® guarantees longer, stronger, thicker, more splitresistant nails. Available in single 1/2 oz. size and 6-ct. Display.

Clear Nail Fungus Quickly OnyStat® with Tetranol, an all-natural 100% organic plant derivative product, clears fingernail fungus in 10 days, or toenail fungus in 40–60 days. Available in 20-ct. convenient, individual-use disposable swabs.

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FRESH FACED These updated products make it easy to freshen up your services!


 Professional


drying power

 Cozy

FHI Platform Pro 1900 Turbo Dryer 444438 $89.99

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TISPRO SX1000 Hot Towel Cabinet 390412 $119.99


 Detangle


wet or dry

 Hair

Care Simplified ®

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Luxor Pro Wet Brush Detangler in new Metallic Shades 441076 – Metallic Green 441077 – Metallic Pink 441078 – Metallic Purple $5.99 ea.

to Envy

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 Smoother feet ProLinc Callus Heel Eliminator 108072 4 oz. $7.99 108073 16 oz. $14.99



March/April 2013


▼ Feet

so soft

Footlogix Callus Softener Formula – 18 301035 6 oz. $19.99 301718 32 oz. $59.99 301010 Gallon $159.99


p Lightweight


For Pro Non-Woven Slipper 12-pr. 140280 Black 140281 White $3.99 ea.


 Smoother

for longer

Cirépil Blue Wax Beads 28.2 oz. 303308 $38.80

10  Slow


SpaRitual Organic Moisturizing Lotion in Close Your Eyes 681213 7.7 oz. $16.00 Available at: 681224 33 oz. $39.50

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INNOVATE A Fresh Take on

SPRING SHADES CND SHELLAC SWEET DREAMS CND Shellac™ is the Original Power Polish system that goes on like polish, wears like gel and comes off in minutes with no nail damage. And now CND Shellac™ is set to celebrate spring with five new power pastel shades. “Drift off on a cloud of confections where reality fades into a world of delectable sweets and indulgent treats. The new pastel colors can be

Michelle Smith Spring/Summer 2013/

worn on their own or layered to create a reverie of never ending dreams.” – Jan Arnold, CND

151829 First Timer

768870 Cake Pop opaque RACHEL ZOE Spring/ Summer 2013/

768869 Grapefruit Sparkle semi sheer

ESSIE RESORT 2013 Beautiful. Beguiling. Brazen. She’s sexy and she knows it. Not one to mince words, she believes boundaries are for breaking – in fashion and in life. She works hard and plays even harder. She’s insatiable. Unafraid of taking fashion risks, her instincts are always right on the money. “We all love to play the role of powerful seductress. Get in the mood for your close-up with over-the-top fabulous color.” – Essie Weingarten, Essie 151827 Come Here!

To view the complete spring polish collections by OPI, China Glaze, CND and Essie, turn to our Just In section on pages 46 – 50.



March/April 2013


From Fashion Week to the Hollywood red carpet to the beautiful bride walking down the aisle, airbrush makeup has become the industry standard for makeup artists across the globe. be PRO Expert Airbrush makeup is the first and only foundation to eliminate the need for primer – making it a simple one-step process that “corrects as it perfects.” be PRO’s Daily Wear water-based formulation gives a realistic skin finish. Silicone HD formulation features a unique blend of silicones that lasts for hours. be PRO Expert Airbrush equipment is state of the art. Makeup artists love the compressor’s small size and the AC/DC feature makes it totally portable. It is compatible with all types of airbrush makeup. Education is ongoing at the be PRO Academy headed up by our Creative Director, Andrea Duchesneau. Private and group classes are available from beginning to advanced. Now is the time to think airbrush makeup. To learn more about be PRO Expert Airbrush makeup, please visit ©2013 tng worldwide®

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TOP 5 Salon Services

Provide your clients with one of these refreshing and energizing salon services!




Feed the scalp with wellness ingredients to help banish flaking, itching and irritation while awakening the senses with refreshing essential oils of spearmint and eucalyptus. Your client’s scalp will thank you. Use Malibu Scalp Therapy (12-pk. 401532, $26.99). Send them home with a Scalp Wellness Retail Kit (401506, $15.99).


Add the Ginger Lily Farms Blended Eucalyptus Oil to your steam room! Eucalyptus oil is anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, antiseptic and antibacterial – in addition to other benefits – and is a great addition to any steam room or spa. Blended Eucalyptus Oil (Gallon, 840300, $59.99) Steam Diffuser (800521, $36.99).


Mani Citrus SpaManicure brings a burst of energy to hand treatments and offers a freshly squeezed dose of nutrients and moisture.

• Citrus Milk Bath 33 oz. (769882, $20.75) • Citrus Moisture Scrub 32 oz. (769884, $34.25) • Citrus Illuminating Masque 27 oz. (769886, $36.25) • Citrus Hydrating Lotion 33 oz. (769888, $19.75)



Deliver powerful benefits of green tea and mint which help to diminish stress, detoxify the body, rehydrate skin and promote well-being. Amber Green Tea Mint Stone Pedicure Treatment Kit (303055, $248.99) s



Re-energize clients’ lips as a quick add-on service that you can perform while a client’s hair color is developing or their nail polish is drying. Satin Smooth Collagen Ultimate Lip Plump (3-pk. 309128, $6.99).



March/April 2013

RETHINK MAKEUP. Chances are you have makeup in your salon or spa. More than likely the display is old, the products are outdated and you have a lot of inventory that you would like to get rid of. It’s time to rethink makeup. Women spend more than $7 billion a year alone on makeup. Only be PRO cosmetics are sold exclusively in salons and spas and offer education at the be PRO Academy along with beautiful displays and the ability to buy as little as one piece per item. be PRO retailers are always first in trends and new looks are created seasonally by our Creative Director, Andrea Duchesneau. be PRO cosmetics work in conjunction with be PRO airbrush makeup and be PRO is the only professional brand to feature both traditional and airbrush makeup. Now is the time to rethink makeup.

To learn more about be PRO education, displays and Andrea, visit ©2013 tng worldwide®

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Energizing Hand Treatment

Follow a path of your own choosing and reconnect with your INSTINCTUAL self. Indonesian Ginger energizes the mind, warming body and spirit whole. Revive yourself with the colors of the afternoon sun. Intense reds, spicy oranges and magentas awaken emotion and stimulate creativity. Reconnect your mind, body and spirit with healing spa traditions and a return to simple wellness. Surround yourself with the woody, sweet aroma of Indonesian Ginger. An energizing fragrant mist mingles with the scent of a soy candle (684220). Re-energize hands and arms with an invigorating sand scrub, a detoxifying clay masque and a massage that leaves skin refreshed and hydrated. Choose your favorite Instinctual nail lacquer shade for the perfect manicure.

Cleanse and Prepare

Treat Cuticles and Soak

Exfoliate and Rinse

Hands and nails are cleaned and sanitized. Nails are conditioned, buffed and shaped, providing the perfect surface for a longlasting manicure.

Cuticles are soaked, cleaned, shaped and massaged (Cuti-Clean 4 oz. – 681106). Healthy cuticles promote healthy nail growth.

Our Instinctual Clay Masque (683414) deeply cleans and our Instinctual Sand Scrub 7.7 oz. (683397) gently exfoliates arms and hands, revealing brighter skin.

Massage and Moisturize Hands/Arms Moisturizing lotion and oil hydrates skin and reinvigorates tired muscles. Our fragrant mist refreshes the air and leaves hands and arms smelling fresh and clean.

Prepare, Color and Protect Color is applied along with the threestep Truebond Manicure System (994656) that protects and extends the life of your manicure.


Nail Lacquer

Bamboo is a fast growing and sustainable grass originally from the hill forests of India that has been harvested for generations for its healing and strengthening properties. Tabasheer, a compound secreted from bamboo, has been used in Indian phytotherapy for its remineralizing properties in the treatment of arthritis, osteoporosis and for strengthening hair and nails. The SpaRitual Meditate Collection contains Bamboo “silk” that is sustainably gathered from India and islands of the Pacific Ocean. According to university studies, getting nails wet and dry over a period of time can cause nails to become brittle and thin. Bamboo “silk” absorbs water and oil, preventing liquids from penetrating nails and helping to reduce thinning and brittleness while increasing nail strength and thickness up to 35 percent.



March/April 2013














How to:

Slow Aging

Finally, hands are treated with a Handprint Hydrating Hand Salve 8.5 oz. (682167) and Handprint Hand Serum 4 oz. (682168) to add moisture and provide a protective barrier against the harsh effects of our environment.

Life Made a Little Easier. Cleaner & Easier refilling. • Pre Heats 8 oz. jars of Nufree. • Fill or top off Heaters. • Cut waiting time down. • Melts Nufree in ten minutes.

Do you have a small station or just do brows? • Use for small area hair removal. • Use at the hair station. • Instructions online

That’s a WRAP Kit!

That’s a WRAP Kit makes life easier. Refill your heaters in minutes and perform small area touch ups right at the station. Kit Includes: - 8 oz. Jar Wrap - Stainless Scraper Bar - (1) 8 oz. Jar Nufree - (5) Body Applicators

- (20) Eyebrow Applicators - (50) Epilating Strips - 1 oz. Erasing Lotion - (5) packets of finipil Pro

Watch That’s a Wrap Video!

n u fre e .com

800.247.2 4 0 5

Preferred by Estheticians.. Loved by Women.

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▼ OPEN STOCK .5 oz. $4.50 ea.


Celebrating a region where history meets modern design, the collection’s 12 new lacquers offer a mix of glamorous metallic hues along with playful, bright shades in periwinkle, aqua and pink and creamy blues in indigo, midnight and aubergine.


T HE INDUST RY SOURCE Available by phone, online and at select store locations.

611619 Can’t Find My Czechbook

611621 Hands Off My Kielbasa!

611625 I Saw… U Saw… We Saw… Warsaw

611620 My Paprika is Hotter than Yours!

611616 OPI…Eurso Euro

611622 OY-Another Polish Joke!


611617 Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN!

611618 611624 Vant to Bite You’re Such a BudaPest My Neck?

GELCOLOR MATTE TOP COAT  adds sixty new possibilities to GelColor! .5 oz. • Shimmers maturates mysteriously into oxidized metals • Darks fly under the radar in velvety luxury • Brights posses a modern, edgy punch • Neutrals exude cashmere-like elegance 615693 $17.50

THE FASHIONISTAS Includes one each of the below shades listed from the Euro Centrale Collection. 615695 $89.95 (not shown)

OPEN STOCK  .5 oz. $17.50 ea.

615699 Can’t Find My Czechbook

▼ MATTE TOP COAT has an allure that makes the urge to touch it irresistible and a texture that can almost be felt by just looking at it. Worn over any OPI Nail Lacquer shade, the result is velvety smooth. .5 oz. 611649 $4.50

615701 My Vampire is Buff

615696 615698 615700 615697 OY-Another You’re Such OPI… a Budapest Eurso Euro Polish Joke!

FREE with purchase! ▼ FLASH ON MATTE Buy 1 Matte Top Coat .5 oz., get OPI Silver and Gold Shimmer Dust FREE! 604223 $4.50 While supplies last.

611626 My Vampire is Buff

611623 A Woman’s Prague-ative

50% OFF with purchase!  Buy 1 GelColor Matte Top Coat, get Original GelColor Top Coat .5 oz at 50% OFF! 615694 $25.50 While supplies last.

▲ TRUVIEW LED WORKSTATION LAMP is powered by twelve LEDs lasting 25x longer than traditional bulbs. This slim-line, space-saving design attaches in a snap to the OPI LED Light for illuminating perfection! Makes skin tones and product colors pop while optimizing visibility to reduce eye fatigue. Will not cure gels. 604227 $49.95 EXPERT TOUCH REMOVAL WRAP DISPENSER  holds 250 ct. Expert Touch Removal Wrap Roll. Features an adjustabletension design that allows for efficient, single-handed dispensing. 604229 $19.95 FREE with purchase!  EXPERT TOUCH REMOVAL WRAPS ROLL 250-ct. Buy 2, get Wrap Dispenser FREE! ($19.95 value) 604228 $49.90 While supplies last.



March/April 2013

Limit restrictions may apply on all collections. While supplies last.


DISNEY’S OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL COLLECTION Transform ordinary nails in “Land of Oz” astonishing!

 EDITION A • 14 Nail Lacquers .5 oz. each • 1 Chipboard Counter Display • 1 Tip Color Palette w/ Chain and Label • Set-Up Instructions 611638 $62.95 EDITION A+ • 21 Nail Lacquers .5 oz. each • 1 Chipboard Counter Display • 1 Tip Color Palette w/ Chain and Label • Set-Up Instructions 611639 $92.95 (not shown) EDITION C  • 36 Nail Lacquers .5 oz. each • 1 Two-tiered Acrylic Counter Display w/ Printed Footers • 1 Chipboard Header • 10 Color Charts • 1 Painted Color Palette w/ Chain • Set-up Instructions 611640 $159.95 ▼ OPEN STOCK .5 oz. $4.50 ea.

611643 Don’t Burst My Bubble (sheer)

611645 Glints of Glinda (sheer)

611647 I Theodora You (sheer)

611642 Lights of Emerald City (glitter)

611648 611644 What When Wizardry is Monkeys Fly This? (glitter) (textured matte)

611646 Which is Witch? (glitter)

s MINI 4-PK. 4 Mini Nail Lacquers .125 oz. each • I Theodora You • Don’t Burst My Bubble • Glints of Glinda • What Wizardry is This? 611641 $6.95

GLITTER COATS that can be used over any GelColor for endless possibilities! ▼ OPEN STOCK .5 oz. $17.50 ea.

 ADD ON KIT Includes one .5 oz. each of the GelColor shades from the OZ The Great and Powerful Collection. 615686 $89.95 615688 Don’t Burst My Bubble (soft shade)

615690 Glints of Glinda (soft shade)

615692 I Theodora You (soft shade)

615687 615689 Lights of When Emerald City Monkeys Fly (glitter coat) (glitter coat)

Limit restrictions may apply on all collections. While supplies last.

615691 Which is Witch? (glitter coat)







ORLY HOPE & FREEDOM FEST COLLECTION Lose yourself in an environment high on hope where positive vibes abound. Optimism comes alive, and music and spontaneity define the mood.  COUNTER DISPLAY 18-CT. Includes three each of the colors from the collection .6 oz each plus display. 994911 $74.70



 MANI MINI KIT 4-CT. Includes one each of colors listed in mini size. • Elation Generation • Melodioud Utopia • High on Hope • Coachella Dweller 994910 $8.00

Available by phone, online and at select store locations. OPEN STOCK  .6 oz. $4.25 ea.

IN SALONS MARCH 2013 ORLY SPRING GEL FX COLORS Introducing six new Gel FX Colors matched to classic Orly Nail Lacquers. Perfect for spring! 6-PIX  Includes all six NEW Gel FX colors for the price of five! 994912 $64.75

154787 Boho Bonnet

154786 Elation Generation

154788 High on Hope

154783 Melodious Utopia

154784 Peaceful Opposition

154639 Hook-Up

154660 Lola

154658 Orange Sorbet

154186 Seashell

OPEN STOCK  .3 oz. $12.95 ea. 154368 Green with Envy

IN SALONS MARCH 2013  COUNTER DISPLAY Includes two each of the colors from the collection .5 oz each plus display. Actual display shows one of the 12 colors from the collection. Get an additional color for restocking. 24-ct. total polishes. 994159 $90.00



OPEN STOCK  .5 oz. $3.75 ea.

157151 Budding Romance

154328 Hawaiian Punch

AVANT GARDEN COLLECTION This delightful combination of bright and springy shades is cheerful and vivid.

157062 Dandy Lyin’ Around

157065 157155 Mimosas Passion for Before Manis Petals

157147 Fade Into Hue

157063 Pink-ie Promise

157153 Fancy Pants

157154 Snap My Dragon

157146 Keep Calm, Paint On

157064 Life is Rosy

157152 Sunday Funday

157148 Tart-y for the Party

157066 Get Outta My Space

157159 Infra-Red

HOLOGLAM COLLECTION Explore a new generation of Holographic lacquers!

COUNTER DISPLAY  Includes two each of the colors from the collection .5 oz each plus display. Actual display shows one of the 12 colors from the collection. Get an additional color for restocking. 24-ct. total polishes. 994614 $168.00


154785 Coachella Dweller

OPEN STOCK  .5 oz. $7.00 ea.

March/April 2013

157158 Astro-Hot

157295 Cosmic Dust

157290 Don’t Be a Luna-tic

157161 Not in This Galaxy

157162 OMG a UFO

157291 Sci-Fly By

157294 Galactic Gray

157293 Strap on Your Moonboots

157292 Take a Trek

157067 When Stars Collide

Limit restrictions may apply on all collections. While supplies last.



768872 Azure Wish opaque

▼ OPEN STOCK .25 oz.

768870 Cake Pop opaque

$15.95 ea.

768869 Grapefruit Sparkle semi sheer

768871 Lilac Longing opaque

RESORT COLLECTION The collection reflects a sensual, liberated attitude. The mood feels as fun, flirty and spontaneous as an afternoon tryst.

 12 BOTTLE DESIGNER DISPLAY Includes two each of the six shades .46 oz. plus display. 994221 $48.00


PURE TOUCH ORGANICS MASSAGE GEL  allows you to offer your clients more organic choices. Features an Earth balanced formula that is hypoallergenic, free of unnatural waxes, unscented and paraben-free. INTRODUCTORY PRICING VALID THROUGH MARCH 2013 *additional shipping fee of $5

 12 BOTTLE DESIGNER DISPLAY Includes four each of In the Cabana and Under Where?, two each of Come Here! and First Timer .46 oz. plus display. 994224 $48.00

s 4 PIECE MINI COLOR CUBE Includes one each of the colors listed in mini size. • Madison Ave-hue • Avenue Maintain • Bond with Whomever • Go Ginza 994223 $8.50

$4.00 ea.

151825 151826 151823 Bond with Go Ginza Hip-anema Whomever

 SCENTSATIONS SEASHORE LOTION COLLECTION TRIO Includes one each of the fragrances from the collection 2 oz. each. 769998 $6.00 While supplies last.


SPRING COLLECTION This collection encapsulates the feeling of what are arguably the greatest shopping destinations on earth.

151822 Avenue Maintain

769995 769996 769997 Citron Breeze Dune Flower Sundrenched

768873 Limeade opaque


▼ OPEN STOCK .5 oz.

SCENTSATIONS SEASHORE LOTION COLLECTION  Limited edition hydration lotions. 8.3 oz. $4.95 ea. While supplies last.

▼ OPEN STOCK .46 oz.

151824 151821 Madison Maximillian Ave-hue Strasse Her

151827 Come Here!

151829 First Timer

$4.00 ea.

151830 In the Cab-ana

151828 Under Where?

s 4 PIECE MINI COLOR CUBE Includes one each of the colors from the collection in mini size. 994225 $8.50

▼ CUCCIO COLOUR VENEER MINI LED LIGHT Cuccio Veneer introduces the first LED light to sell for under $100. The Cuccio Colour Veneer LED light can be used for all gel polish applications and is guaranteed for at least 5000 services. Unconditional one year warranty. Timer not included. 663098 $39.99

390475 8 oz. $11.24

390480 64 oz. $41.64

Limit restrictions may apply on all collections. While supplies last.

390489 Gallon $59.94*






COSMETICS RETAIL DISPLAYS The perfect retail cosmetic displays are finally here. Customize each display to your inventory and choose the items and colors that are just right for your business. Buy one single base display for the cash wrap or buy five double base displays to show off the entire line or anything in-between.


Best of all, you can select your own shades and your own cosmetics that will sell best. All displays are made from our unique laminate that doesn’t scratch, show dust or fingerprints and cleans easily with soap and water. With care, these displays will provide years of profitability.

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE Available by phone, online and at select store locations.

Choose from single and double bases with interchangeable toppers. Mix and match to create a custom combination based on the products that you have selected. All makeup sold separately.

THE ULTIMATE PACKAGE  Display the entire be PRO Cosmetics line and make the most impact. The Ultimate Package includes five double bases and your choice of 10 Toppers. $300 ($450 value) Call 800.362.6245 to customize your package.

Products sold separately.

When you make an investment in be PRO Cosmetics, we will reward you with the below special display packages. Please select the package of your choice when making your initial be PRO Cosmetics and be PRO Airbrush Makeup purchase. See pages 56-65 in the spring 2013 issue of THE BEAUTY BOOK for full line.

Spend $1500

Spend $1000

Spend $500

on assorted be PRO Cosmetics and be PRO Airbrush Makeup and receive The Ultimate Package at no charge.

on assorted be PRO Cosmetics and be PRO Airbrush Makeup and receive three Double Base units and six Toppers of your choice.

on assorted be PRO Cosmetics and be PRO Airbrush Makeup and receive three Single Base units and three Toppers of your choice.



Holds one topper of choice. Combine with other bases to create a collage of color or place single base in high traffic areas for ultimate impulse sales. Change the toppers frequently to create even more interest. 8”L x 10”W x 7”H

Best suited to show off the beauty of the be PRO brand. Each double base holds two toppers at a perfect angle and includes a be PRO header sign. Five double bases are recommended to feature the entire line. 19”L x 10”W x 16.5”H

194221 $15



March/April 2013

194220 $60

▼ DISPLAY TOPPERS Fit our base units perfectly. They are installed in seconds and can be removed with ease. For best results, do not adhere makeup to the toppers. For daily cleaning, remove makeup and wipe with soft, damp towel. 10.25”L X 10.25”W $25 ea.

Shown in single bases. Bases and products sold separately.


Brush-on Eraser for Unsightly Fill Lines Unsightly Fill Lines

scan scan

for online ordering for online ordering

GLAZE ‘N GO GLAZE ‘N GO No-Buff, Tack-Free

No-Buff, Tack-Free Enhancement Sealant scan for Enhancement Sealant online ordering scan for

online ordering



10 or 16 slots hold any combination of Eye Color, Eye Shadow Base, Powder Blush-On, Concealer, Camouflage Creme, Mineral Loose Face Powder and Loose Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 15.

Four slots hold any combination of Good Night’s Sleep, Keep It On, No Baggage and Take It Off. Three slots hold Metallic Pigments. 11 slots hold any combination of Dazzle Dust and Loose Eye Dust.

194222 16 slots 194223 10 slots

TOPPER #2 FOR EYE PRODUCTS 10 slots hold any combination of Brush-A-Brow, Gel Eyeliner and Cake Eyeliner. 14 slots hold any combination of Felt Tip Eyeliner, Smudge Pencils, Liquid Eyeliner, Mascaras and Eye Pencils.


TOPPER SHELF Holds six any combination of Tinted Veil, Velvet Veil, Whipped Souffle Foundation, Liquid Jojoba Foundation, Creme Foundation Duo, Mineral-Based Pressed Powder and Extra Oil-Controlling Pressed Face Powder.





13 slots hold Lipsticks and Vitamin E Stick. 13 slots hold Lipslicks, One Perfect Gloss and Runway Lips. Five slots hold Lip Pencils. Four slots hold Antioxidant Plumping Lip Tints and one slot holds Wet Lips.

Two slots hold Bronzing Powders. Two slots hold Floral Shimmers. Two slots hold Illuminating Shimmer Powders. One slot holds Invisible Matte Finishing Powder. One slot holds Flawless Finish Setting Powder.



22 slots hold any combination of Silicone HD Airbrush Makeup, Cheek & Lip Tint or Skin Illuminators.

24 slots hold any combination of Daily Wear Airbrush Makeup, Cheek & Lip Tint, Skin Illuminators or Primers.



194227 | 800.354.6741 | 800.354.6741 Follow NSINails: Follow NSINails:

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 194229 Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE 800.362 Available at:

Available at:

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • 800.362.6245



brush on new high intensity color by Seche®

From the creators of award winning Seche Vite™ dry fast top coat comes the exclusive quality you should expect from a nail lacquer. Now available in 33 iconic shades, high intensity color is deposited on the nail in just one sweep with the quick dry time we’ve all come to love. Discover the revolutionary experience for yourself at a fine beauty supply store near you today.

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

Model is wearing Audacious.

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:


Lobby Seating Area



Guerlain Spa, New York focuses on luxury, exclusivity and personalization.


ocated 19 floors above the historic Waldorf-Astoria grand lobby, Guerlain Spa at Waldorf Towers in New York offers a serene, French-inspired oasis that provides an unrivaled luxurious and personalized spa experience.

Designed by architectural firm AC Martin together with Guerlain, the space is inspired by Waldorf-Astoria’s Art Deco design. Diamonte tile flanks the main entryway, where an illuminated Baccarat crystal feature evokes a calming, elegant aura throughout the expansive spa. The 14,000 square-foot space features 14 treatment suites, a nail salon, fitness center and Grand Salon relaxation venue. The spa’s customized treatment suites deliver an unsurpassed guest experience. Each is fitted with a private bathing lounge, signature Guerlain amenities, personalized music selections and treatments that refresh and refine guests from the inside out. Aside from the design, one of the biggest changes since the spa’s redesign and opening as Guerlain Spa in August of 2011 is the spa’s service platform.



March/April 2013

“This is the same service platform and experience that the original Guerlain spa offers that focuses on luxury, exclusivity and personalization of services. Extra time is built into every service so guests have time to use all amenities, such as our rain shower, face wash and other products. We also offer a complimentary shoe shine, makeup refresher, garment steaming and access to fitness facilities with every service,” says Rachel Klein, Manager of Business Development at Guerlain Spa at Waldorf Towers. Klein says that some of the spa’s specialties are their 80 minute Complete Facial and Waldorf Signature 80 Minute Massage. “Our 80 minute services are where we really shine,” she says. “For body treatments, we have some new ones coming out. We will have a new menu by March that will include some of our new features like hot towel therapy and a signature soak using our hydrotherapy room,” which she describes as a 25 minute water massage in a private hydrotherapy room with a simultaneous hair and scalp massage. “Where we stand out at the end of the day are the amenities that guests get with their service,” she says. “We are competitively priced

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

Guerlain Spa at Waldorf Towers Waldorf-Astoria Towers, New York 100 East 50th Street, Floor 19 New York, NY 10022 212.872.7200

with other five star luxury spas, but our guests feel more like a member than a one time client. We are all about really knowing our guests – what kind of music or extras they like. They really feel like they’re coming into their own private sanctuary when they’re here.” Above: Spa Room On the right: Boutique Entrance ▲





A NEW LOOK and A NEW PRODUCT for black 15in1

here have been some exciting changes for black 15in1 recently in the form of a new product (Miracle Finishing Hair Spray) that is getting rave reviews and updated, ergonomically designed and sleek packaging (but those who love the black 15in1 line need not worry – the miracleworking formulas haven’t changed).


a salon, the first thing they do is spray the stain with hair spray. The reason for that is because most hair sprays pull color out. However, our Miracle Finishing Hair Spray actually helps protect hair color, provides UVA/UVB protection, is humidity-proof, can be used in wet or dry hair and gives long lasting, brilliant shine and maximum hold that leaves hair soft to the touch.

Tell me about the recent changes in black 15in1’s packaging.

What kind of reception has the Miracle Finishing Hair Spray gotten?

We made changes to the black 15in1 packaging to reflect what we’re all about – Hair Care Simplified. The new packaging is clean, simple and communicates our message in a more appropriate way. As we’ve evolved, we’ve had time to listen to our customers as to what works and what doesn’t. The “twice a week” on the previous Miracle Shampoo and Miracle Conditioner bottles was confusing to some customers. black 15in1 is gentle enough to use every day but also cleansing enough for those who only shampoo once or twice a week. The bottom line is it’s for everyone, and now the packaging reflects that. We also changed the material the bottles were made from and the caps, making them all more user friendly. We work in a very visual industry, so not only does the new black 15in1 packaging communicate and function better, but it also makes for a great retail presentation in the salon!

The reaction to Miracle Finishing Hair Spray has been phenomenal! Many customers feel that this is the first hair spray they’ve used in years that actually works. Most hair sprays that have come on the market in the last 10 years or so just don’t do that much. Customers feel that they have to keep using them over and over throughout the day. Those who have used the product have told us that once they use Miracle Finishing Hair Spray, it gives a great hold with maximum shine and they don’t need to keep re-applying it. Our customers with curly or naturally frizzy hair are always trying to fight humidity, so they are thrilled to have a product available that’s designed for that. We’re also hearing from men that they especially love to use the Miracle Finishing Hair Spray in their hair when it is wet right before they run out the door. Their hair dries in place and, once dry, they can run their hands through it while still maintaining their style.

Why did you decide to create black 15in1 Miracle Finishing Hair Spray?

2013 is an exciting time at black 15in1. We’ve been able to evolve into a complete system for the stylist and consumer while still keeping it simple by providing products that deliver multiple benefits. Having started with our signature product, Miracle Hair Treatment, which has been clinically tested to deliver 15 proven results (hence the name), we have now grown into a complete brand that in all ways is about Hair Care Simplified. s

black 15in1 Miracle Finishing Hair Spray was created to build upon our already successful brand and to offer a styling/finishing product to our range of products. For stylists who loved the results they were already getting with black 15in1, it didn’t make sense that they not be able to complete their work with a styling/finishing product that provided the same great benefits as our Miracle Hair Treatment. Therefore, we took the time to develop a hair spray that contains the same great ingredients. When a stylist gets color on their clothes in



March/April 2013

WRITTEN BY JILL SMITH ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jill Smith is Director of Sales for black 15in1.

Style Made Simple The revolution continues.

Maximum hold. Satin soft touch. Humidity-Proof. Color-preserving UVA/UVB sunscreen protection. Formulated with the same scientifically proven benefits as the black 15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment to improve the health of your hair over time. Available exclusively at fine salons and spas.

F • A tng worldwide Signature Brand

Hair Care Simplified



How to



n today’s competitive marketplace, the race to increase profits by cultivating customer loyalty is going at full speed. Customer retention is not only a cost-effective and profitable strategy, it is a necessity for businesses wanting to stay ahead of the pack.

As consumers are spending less thanks to soaring fuel and food costs, companies are more reliant than ever on the loyalty of a dedicated customer base to maintain a competitive advantage. Following the Pareto Principle, 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers, and, in a recession, the numbers are closer to 95% and 5%, says Ajit Maira, senior vice president of the Information Technology Services Marketing Association. Since these returning customers cost less to reach, are less vulnerable to ploys from the competition and buy more over time, companies need to give customers an incentive not to go elsewhere for the same product or service.



March/April 2013

One of the most successful ways to achieve this cost-effective retention is through the use of customer loyalty reward programs. By rewarding the ongoing purchase of product or services, companies achieve long-term relationships with customers. With a variety of loyalty programs available to companies, the key is discovering what works best for your needs and goals.

Build a Strong Foundation Successful loyalty reward programs are built from a working knowledge of your customer base. To create the foundation, you must first identify the type of customers you want to retain and understand the types of products and services they value most. This information can then be used to determine the kinds of rewards programs that will appeal to them. To obtain this level of understanding about your customers, it’s vital to conduct targeted research. In an article in the Harvard Business

Review, authors Thomas O. Jones and W. Earl Sasser, Jr., suggest utilizing a combination of customer satisfaction surveys, customer feedback and market research. Together, these three tools can help businesses better grasp the wants and needs of the customer to build stronger brand loyalty.

Establish Winning Relationships While good service is the key to earning customers, it’s not enough to maintain their long-term loyalty. In his book, How to Win Customers & Keep Them for Life, author Michael LeBoeuf states, “Smart companies go the extra mile for the customer and show them just how dedicated they are to making sure that they feel good about doing business with them.” To prove to your customers that your company is going that extra mile, you must show them you are doing just that on a regular basis. It’s also vital to maintain open lines of communication and always treat customers with courtesy. Loyalty is established over time, and customers need to believe that your company values them.

Give Them Incentives Giving customers incentives to let their purchases be tracked allows you to base loyalty programs on very specific requests and needs. The incentives can help your business to increase customer traffic and sales and, most importantly, allow you to measure the effectiveness of the incentive.

sa 57 ve %

The incentives can vary and can include immediate rewards like a free product or service, targeted deals such as exclusive “friends and

family” sales events and valuable membership cards offering extras like bonus spending points. Other options are also successful, like manufacturer rewards or discounts on particular items such as brand merchandise or services. Offering these loyalty incentives, also known as frequency marketing, allows your business to build a database of loyal customers that you can target again and again and with precise tracking.

Follow Through To reap the rewards of a customer loyalty program, it is vital to maintain a consistent approach and follow through with your strategy. By staying the course with targeted research, communication and incentives, you can establish a loyal customer base yielding great results. It’s important to remember that customer loyalty can’t be established overnight, but the investment required to create a satisfied customer is always worth the effort. Establishing long-lasting, loyal relationships with clients should not be an afterthought in the current market – it’s now a fundamental necessity on the road to achieving higher profits and business longevity. ▲ WRITTEN BY R.L. FIELDING ABOUT THE AUTHOR: R. L. Fielding is a freelance writer who has written on a wide variety of topics. This article was provided by Dittman Incentive Marketing (, a quality leader in the field of people performance improvement. Since 1976, Dittman has helped companies achieve critical corporate goals via original, one-of-a-kind customer loyalty programs and motivation programs that inspire a sales force to sell more and customers to buy more.

Callus-Free… as Easy as 1-2-3! 1. 3. 2. Apply Footlogix Callus Softener

File – slough off dead skin & calluses

Absorbs in 2-4 minutes

Footlogix’ DYNAMIC DUO delivers transformational results, right from the first treatment! Footlogix Callus Softener Footlogix Professional Pedicure File • Professional formula penetrates and • Coarse / fine dual-sided, high quality hydrates the epidermis for fast & easy stainless steel file has unique, multicallus reduction. Safe for Diabetics. directional grit that will not shred skin. • Shortens time required for callus • Preferred by professionals, this light removal, keeps feet smoother longer weight file is easy to use wet or dry & & extends the effects of the pedicure. is sterilizable.



Purchase the NEW Footlogix Professional Pedicure File for only $30 (Reg. $50) PLUS get one 180ml Callus Softener (Reg. $20) for FREE! Salon cost: $30 Deal Value: $70 You Save $40

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:





Ask the

INDUST RY Salon and Spa owners and managers have the answers to help you become more profitable and successful.

We asked our readers what they are doing this year to freshen up their services or business practices, and this is what they had to say!

“We moved into a slightly smaller yet much more efficient space. We plan on opening walls (that had previously sealed windows) to let natural light in. We were able to build a private room for facials and are introducing body treatments as well as massage.” David Yerks, David Andrew Salon – Palm Springs, CA

“For 2013, I have developed a series of free or low cost workshops that are available to clients or the public to help educate them on the products I use and the services I provide.”

“I’m sharing and using weather appropriate top coats and lotions, offering flavored coffees and teas, guaranteeing in and out service. As the weather changes (I’m in Michigan), I change top coats – in the fall/winter months, I use one that has a high shine and I’m not quite as focused on using a quick dry top coat. Polish dries faster in a colder environment, and, because in the winter months we tend to lotion up more, I don’t want their nails to look dull. In the warmer months, clients are on the go and require a quick dry so that they don’t smudge their nails.” Monique Roberts-Dancy Nail Sweetz Too Southfield, MI

“I am being more available to my clients with expanded business hours.” Ron Nomura Healing Solutions Therapy South Lyon, MI



March/April 2013

Charisse Muriel Naturally Balanced for Health and Wellness Manchester, CT

“We take before and after photos of our work. With social media at an all time high, it is important to feature our clients as walking advertisements, and we share our work on Facebook and Twitter. We also freshen up our inventory each January by having product sales. This clears shelves to be ready for new product launches, which always happen in February/March.” Chalaine Archer Ultimate Experience Salon Gouverneur, NY

“This year we are going to freshen up our spa services by adding exclusive organic, gluten free and vegan only options to our menu. While we are already a green beauty company, clients that have allergies or lead a specific lifestyle would benefit from these types of services that are customized to fit their needs. No guessing or worrying what is in the products for their services – we’ve done that research for them!” Jenny Perillo Head 2 Toe Mobile Spa Chicago, IL

“We will be partnering with local bed and breakfasts to offer new and exciting destination spa and bridal packages. Incorporating our new café, The Green Room – which we just added on, all our spa packages will now include a light entrée or treat served with a complimentary glass of bubbly. When hosting spa parties, we can take it to another level when our new outdoor garden patio, overlooking a beautiful golf course, is completed in spring 2013!” Mary Rose Cannistraro On the Green Salon and Day Spa Saint Mary’s, GA

“I’m planning on bringing out my hot oil machine to do hot oil manicures and add some of that moisture back to the hands and nails and finish it with a paraffin dip.” Brenda Roman Perfect 10 Nails & Hair Westlake, OH

or f w

e N

3 1 20


60 Minutes Tan


60 Minutes is a revolutionary express self tan liquid which, when rinsed off after 60 minutes, continues to develop into a beautiful, natural looking tan. To achieve an even darker tan, there’s no need to re-apply, simply leave 60 Minutes on for two hours for a bronze tan, or up to three hours for a deeper tan.


Sport Unisex Daily Tan is a specially formulated, intensely moisturizing gradual tanner for those with an active lifestyle. Sport contains tanning agents that work with the skin’s own melanin to gradually build a natural looking tan.


No transfer color to clothing

Fake Bake: 1-888-244-4826 Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE 800.362.6245 • • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE 800.362

Would you like your response to be featured here? Send an email to Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • for our next issue’s question. 800.362.6245



CONNECT customer satisfaction levels may appear to be, “satisfying customers without creating an emotional connection with them has no real value. None at all.” But when Gallup looked at customers who credited emotional connection as part of their deep satisfaction and loyalty to a store, they also found that those customers visited that business more often and spent more. Let’s look at four things you can do today to improve the way your connect emotionally with people...

Sharpen your listening skills There’s no better way to understand the needs of your customers than by listening carefully to what they have to say. As a professional, learn to be less preoccupied with the need to force your opinion on others. Instead, make it your job to listen to their opinions and feelings, ask questions and then find tailor-made solutions to fit those opinions and feelings.

Tell stories Human beings are hard-wired to be receptive to the power of compelling stories. As one writer recently quipped to me: storytelling is a lens through which we can catch a glimpse of the lives of others as well as mirror of our own. When you share with your customers your own stories of challenges you’ve encountered in business – even mistakes you might have made in the past – it humanizes who you are. It helps remind others that you’re not all that different in terms of your aspirations and goals as well as in terms of what you worry about.

Be thankful

Connecting with



t’s no secret that lasting success in sales, no matter what kind of market you’re working in, relies on building and maintaining long-term business relationships with your clients. Indeed, most of us get plenty of advice on activities we can do to help make that happen – from follow-up calls to thank you notes. As a sales trainer, I’ve noticed that what’s often missing from that advice is recognition of what needs to come first – connecting emotionally with people. Without an emotional connection, no amount of hard work will help boost your sales performance and no amount of ambition will get you to where you want to be in your organization. Consider the compelling results of market research on the subject. A 2003 Gallup study suggests that no matter how high a company’s



March/April 2013

Whether it’s people in your personal or professional life, you can never say thank you enough. People love it when they are recognized, appreciated and made to feel special. So take every opportunity you can to demonstrate how thankful you are by way of thank you cards, modest gifts, treating a customer to lunch – your choices are endless. What’s most important is that your gesture demonstrates how much you value that person and not their money.

Be thoughtful Being thoughtful is where your creativity and attention to detail can help you really stand out. That goes a long way in an effort to connect emotionally with others. I was once told a great story about a top salesperson that was asked what set him apart from everyone else in his business. “I genuinely love people and I like showing how much I appreciate them,” he explained. “There are plenty who remember to send out a birthday card to a friend or client, but I’ll bet I’m the only one who thinks to also send out a birthday card to that person’s beloved dog!” s WRITTEN BY COLLEEN FRANCIS ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Colleen Francis, Sales Expert, is Founder and President of Engage Selling Solutions (www. Armed with skills developed from years of experience, Colleen helps clients realize immediate results, achieve lasting success and permanently raise their bottom line.

w e N gel

You’ll love what’s inside ...and what isn’t. P U R E TOU C H

or ganics


You’ve never experienced a gel like this before. Pure Touch Organics Massage Gel is Earth Balanced and rich in organic ingredients in their purest form. Free of unnatural waxes, fragrances and preservatives, you can be certain that nothing will come between you and your touch.

Sizes available: 1 gal, 1/2 gal, 8 oz



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MARKET SMART with Email Campaigns

t seems that everyone today is running an email marketing campaign – as they should be, seeing as it is a great way to engage customers. However, there are best practices when it comes to email marketing. All email campaigns are not equal. It is important that your messages truly represent your product and service while catching the attention of your recipient. However, this is actually much harder than it may seem and is not a task to be taken lightly.

Engage your base

Here are some proven strategies that are important to keep in mind when designing an email campaign that is relevant to your consumers and makes it easy for them to do what you want them to do most – buy! Whether your shoppers are newcomers or longtime customers, these techniques will make it easier to convert a greater portion of their browsing sessions straight into sales.

Social media marketing

Attention grabbing subject lines and headlines Your subject lines and headlines are what attracts someone’s attention to your marketing campaign message. It is their early introduction to your company, giving them an immediate first impression. If you fail to get their attention, you’ve probably lost the sale. So, it is important to create persuasive headlines and engaging subject lines.



March/April 2013

Listening to your subscribers is showing them you care and respect their communications and comments. Being attentive to what they are saying will enable you to accurately provide intelligent dialogue and feedback. Taking this a step further, you will also better know what they are looking for and what they consider to be a valuable product or service. Keep an open dialogue. You never know the positive viral conversation that may follow. When you want to establish your presence, there is no greater medium than social media. Social Media heightens your marketing strategies. Plus social media won’t interfere with any other marketing methods you plan to use and often helps to increase your website traffic. And social media complements your brand but makes it easier for customers to engage with you and your company on a more personal level. It is an ideal fit and integral part of all your email marketing campaigns. With the right email campaign software, you can insert a social media button, allowing your subscribers to automatically share and forward your campaigns to their colleagues, family and friends. By doing this, you will now be able to reach an unlimited number of subscribers, way beyond your opt-in lists and leads.

of powerful hair clippers has arrived You might call this Generation Y, as in “Y didn’t someone already think of this?” or Generation L, as in “Lasts Longer”… Either way, the Juice™ clipper is leading the way into a new era of power, performance and long-lasting clipping. JOIN THE REVOLUTION.

Test and analyze the results According to a recent email metrics survey published by Marketing Sherpa, “Click through rate (92%) is still the top tracked email metric measured by organizations followed closely by open rate (90%) and delivery rate (81%).” Email marketers should strive to gain a better understanding of what happens after the click. It is nice to know that someone clicked on a link in your email, but the real value is understanding if your email campaigns are driving the results you want and if they are allowing you to meet your goals. In order to do this, you have to measure what happens after the click. For instance, did that same customer make an appointment or come in within a week of an email being sent? Did they visit your website? These are the types of results that are most important.

If customers are in the forefront of your mind, you will be on theirs as well.” Market individuals – not ideas It is so easy to forget that we are marketing people. Digital communications tend to make us a bit distant from our subscribers, prospects and customers. Keeping up-todate demographics and behavioral stats will help you focus on the appropriate content and products. Encouraging feedback from your subscribers will give you an accurate temperature of how your campaigns are doing. Individuals are not ideas. Their lives and their needs change constantly. Keep a live and continuing dialogue with all you hope to do business with in the form of your email and social media campaigns, mail campaigns and in-person services. If customers are in the forefront of your mind, you will be on theirs as well. ▲ WRITTEN BY ACTIVE TRAIL TEAM ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Active Trail is a market leader in email deliverability, offering web-based solutions and services for organizations who want to maintain an active relationship with their customers. For more information, visit

3.7 V Lithium Ion rechargeable battery © 2012 Sunbeam Products, Inc. doing business as Jarden Consumer Solutions. All rights reserved. OPA25374 RB050912

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the first leD liGht to seLL For under

$100 For the Love oF CoLour Promo KIt For the Love of Colour Promo Kit includes one Romania After Dark Cuccio Colour Veneer™ .43 oz. LeD/UV Nail Colour and one mini treatment Kit (Kit includes: mini Prep, Fuse, Base and top 3.7 ml each)

here’s hoW this offer WorKs! Buy the Cuccio veneer mini Led Light, digital timer and Cuccio Colour veneer™ For the Love of Colour Promo Kit toGether anD save! While supplies last!

dIgItaL tImer

Get all of this for only



item #663099

a $94.00 VALUe

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Ask any nail professional about the products they prefer, and they will tell you… Exceptional quality at the guaranteed lowest price. For over 20 years, NGHIA Nippers has been synonymous with high quality nail and beauty care accessories for consumers worldwide. In more than 27 countries including the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Russia, Japan and China, our products are known and respected for their sharpness, durability and top performance. All items are of the highest quality, and stainless steel models offer a lifetime warranty against damage. Founded in Vietnam in the early 1990s, NGHIA Nippers is one of Vietnam’s 100 Strongest Brands with an 80% market share and is the only nail care instrument brand to ever win the Consumers’ Choice Award. Today, NGHIA Nippers is ISO 9001:2008 certified and focused on manufacturing superior products at affordable prices.

Single-Spring Lap Joint Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper w/Short Handle #D01 315000 14 Jaw 315001 16 Jaw $9.50 ea.

Double-Spring Lap Joint Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper w/Short Handle #D03 315002 14 Jaw 315003 16 Jaw $9.50 ea.

Single-Spring Lap Joint Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper w/Short Handle #D04 315004 14 Jaw 315005 16 Jaw $9.50 ea.

Single-Spring Lap Joint Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper w/Long Handle #D08 315006 14 Jaw 315007 16 Jaw $9.50 ea.

Single-Spring Lap Joint Hard Steel Cuticle Nipper w/Long Handle #D506 315008 16 Jaw $4.90

Best Seller! Single-Spring Lap Joint Gold Cuticle Nipper w/Long Handle #D555 315009 16 Jaw $5.10

Cuticle Pusher Double Sided Stainless Steel #S505 315011 $3.00

Cuticle Pusher/ Cleaner Combo Stainless Steel #S506 315012 $4.00

Flat Jaw Stainless Steel Toe Nail Clipper #B901 315013 $3.40

14 Jaw = 1/2 Jaw U.S. 16 Jaw = Full Jaw U.S. Note: 12 Jaw = 1/4 Jaw U.S. available upon request.

Box of 10 per style: Save 20%!

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

AD Index

American International Industries

China Glaze Hologlam .............................................IBC Seche Nail Lacquer ............................................. 52 – 53


Charm Clipper/Trimmer.............................................19

be PRO

To order products call 800.362.6245 Fromm

Colorsafe Towels ..........................................................68


Eyebrow Tint ...............................................................39

Graham Professional

HandsDown Nail Care................................................36

Airbrush Makeup .........................................................41 Traditional Makeup .....................................................43

Helen of Troy

Betty Dain


Canyon Rose Spa Apparel ...........................................25


Pure Touch Organics Massage Gel .............................63

black 15in1

Style Made Simple .................................................. 2 – 3 black 15in1 Miracle Finishing Hair Spray ..................57


Cirepil Strip Waxes ......................................................21


Infrared LED Flat Iron ................................................31 Coloringreen ........................................................... 6 – 7


Pedi Redi Plus Seasonal Fragrance...............................15

NGHIA Nippers

Exceptional Quality at the Lowest Price......................67


Acrylic Time Savers......................................................51


Natural, Beautiful and Healthy Nails ..........................37

Brisa™ Lite Removable Gels ................................IFC – 1 CND Additives ............................................................33 Sweet Dreams Shellac™ Collection ............................ BC


Cuccio Naturalé


Cuccio Colour / Colour Veneer ............................. 4 – 5 Colour Veneer......................................................... 8 – 9 Colour Veneer LED Light Kit.....................................66 P.O.P. Your Profits ......................................................74

The Fashionistas GelColor ..........................................23 Juice Clipper ................................................................65

Reese Robert Beauty

Big Bold Lashes ............................................................24


Satin Smooth

Celebrating 75 Years ....................................................55

Ultimate Collagen Masks.............................................29



That’s a Wrap Kit ........................................................45

Mehaz Professional.......................................................13



Spring Collection 2013................................................11

A Perfect Pairing ..........................................................17

Fake Bake

tng worldwide

New for 2013...............................................................61


Footlogix Dynamic Duo..............................................59

Share the

Stylist Water.................................................................27 For Pro .........................................................................35


Sterling .........................................................................28


One of our readers shares her secret to success: “Since 1998, I have utilized THE INDUSTRY SOURCE as my main vendor for operational supplies as well as specific retail items. THE INDUSTRY SOURCE has been a pleasure to do business with. They are consistent and timely with orders, and the accounting department has never let me down when I needed something “extra”! Having a dependable company that delivers what they promise is invaluable.” • 800.362.6245 •

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE Barbara Whatley • The Spa at Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian Club, Ocala, FL • • RY SOURCE Available 800.362.6245 • at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE 800.362.6245 Share your success stories! Tell us what inventive ideas or promotions have helped you Available at:

RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 •



March/April 2013

take your business over the top. Send your response to

P.O.P. With



7 new Point-of-Purchase

Displays Featuring The Industry Leading Cuccio NaturalÉ hydrating Body Butter Blends TM

Turn A Profit! !


The New! Cuccio NaturalÉtm Rotating Butter Babies Carousel Is the Perfect Way To Utilize Minimal Counter Space & Maximize Your Return-On-Investment! 9” x 9” Footprint

#109926 Carousel contains a total of 36 - 1.5 oz. butter babies. 6 in each scent.

Butter Babies Carousel




The Power of the Tower! Showcase These 9” High Gravity Fed Butter Displays to Merchandise the 1.5 oz. Travel Safe Butter Babies!

Each tower contains 6 - 1.5 oz. butter babies


SIZE matters! Cuccio NaturalÉtm 1.5 oz. Travel Safe Milk and Honey Body Butter Blend is formulated with 24 Hour Time Released Emollients For All Day Skin Hydration. available only in the carousel or towers.

$19.94 each

(Reg. $23.99) Available in 6 Unique Scents

All Cuccio NaturalÉ Body Butter Blends Are ALSO Available in 8 oz. & 32 OZ. Sizes (open stock) tm

Actual size


Butter Babies M&H Tower


Butter Babies Papaya & Guava Tower


Butter Babies Pom & Fig Tower


Butter Babies Lemon & Lav Tower


Butter Babies Tuscan Cit & Herb Tower 109923

Butter Babies Van & Sugar Tower

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Exclusively at: We are a Star Nail/Cuccio Master Distributor and we carry all products at!

Prices valid through April 2013. Available by phone, online and at select store locations while supplies last.

SAVE 20%

SAVE 20%

SAVE 20% Sea Salts Moisturizing Exfoliant for Full Body & Feet 78 oz.

Pedicure Fizz Tablets 160-ct.

$31.94 ea.

$38.94 ea.

109852 Milk & Honey 662156 Papaya & Guava 662154 Pomegranate & Fig 662155 Tuscan Citrus Reg. $47.99 ea.

109441 Milk & Honey 109442 Pomegranate & Fig Reg. $39.99 ea.

Manicure Soak Balls 375-ct. 662146 Milk & Honey 662152 Papaya Green Tea 662150 Sea Fizz Reg. $74.99 ea.

$59.94 ea.

SAVE 25%



BUY 1, GET 1

FREE! Resin 1 oz. 106181


UV Starlite Gel 1 oz.

Ultra Clear Acrylic Kit 662271 Reg. $29.79


Buy 1, get Nylon Gel Brush Oval FREE! ($5.79 value) 662264 White 662265 Pink

$18.44 ea.


SAVE 25% Glitter Gel Kit 134131 Reg. $19.99



Gem Rhinestones 144-ct.

134113 Crystal 134114 Crystal AB

$2.44 ea.

Limit restrictions may apply. • 800.362.6245 • T HE INDUST RY SOURCE Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 •

Available at:

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worthy Newly Designed

WEBSITE We have recently launched an upgraded version of featuring: • Realtime inventory and pricing • The ability to view past orders whether they were placed online, in store or over the phone • Integrated order and shipping tracking • For customers who are certified/live in our exclusive regions, the ability to order exclusive, licensed products online Take a few moments to check it out!

TNG HONORED by Lyon Township

On December 19, TNG President and CEO, Larry Gaynor, and Vice-President, Teresa Gaynor, accepted the Lyon Township DDA Certificate of Appreciation at our corporate headquarters in New Hudson, MI. The Detroit Free Press listed TNG as one of its Top Workplaces – ranking TNG in the top five midsize companies. Lyon Township presented TNG with the Certificate of Appreciation to recognize them for this honor. This included a ribbon cutting ceremony and reception with light refreshments during which local officials and TNG staff were present.



March/April 2013

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1 I n f r a - Re d # 1

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8 A 11 stro -Hot #


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#1 17 3



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B e A L u n a -T



Sci-Fly By # 1


n Yo u r M o o n b o

2 T 1 a k e A Tr e k #











8 12



2 O 1 MG A UFO #


ctic Gray





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8 12 9 ra


HOLOGRAPHIC is back with 12 glam shades!


5 C osm

ic Dust






Model is wearing When Stars Collide, Infra-Red, Not In This Galaxy, Don’t Be A Luna-Tic and OMG A UFO.

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:


1/31/13 9:03 AM

NEW SWEET DREAMS COLLECTION! Drift off on a cloud of confections. Reality fades into a world of delectable sweets and indulgent treats. A reverie of never ending dreams.

* When used as directed.

Discover the new CND Shellac Spring Shades at a store near you. ©2013 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

On Like Polish. Wears Like Gel. Off in Minutes. No Nail Damage*. (Really!)

T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at: T HE INDUST RY SOURCE • 800.362.6245 • Available at:

6417 Shellac Sweet Dreams_Single_TNG_Mar2013.indd 1

1/10/13 2:00 PM

TISmag_MA13_BC CND Ad.indd 1

1/31/13 9:09 AM


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