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Imported from Greece d

EXCLUSIVE Camouflage Cosmetics Corrective make-up ideal for concealing any skin imperfection or discoloration on face or body. Easy to apply and always providing perfect coverage and natural looking results that last throughout the day. Waterproof, hypoallergenic, with high SPF.


b a

A truly flawless complexion The ultimate skin corrector

Perfectly conceal any skin imperfection with this maximum coverage foundation. It is ideal to cover even the most intense discoloration and even out irregular skin surfaces like scars and burns. Hypoallergenic formula covers flawlessly without that caked-on look. Lasts up to 24 hours, with SPF 30. a | Classic Concealing Foundation .5 oz. $30 ea. 306020 Shade 1 306023 Shade 4 306021 Shade 2 306024 Shade 5 306022 Shade 3 306025 Shade 6

Covers & brightens dark circles around the eyes

Get a refreshed look with this amazing eye corrector that effectively conceals dark circles and fine lines. It contains Vitamins A, E and Rosa Moscata to fight free radicals that cause premature aging. Lasts up to 24 hours, with SPF 30. b | Concealer .18 oz. $22 ea. 306036 Shade 1 306037 Shade 2 306038 Shade 3 306039 Shade 4

Coverderm Camouflage Makeup Shades 1






flawless coverage e

Deep & gentle, waterproof makeup remover f

Cover up unsightly blemishes, such as age and sun spots, hyperpigmentation, freckles, redness and improve pale or uneven skin tone with this creamy facial concealing foundation. Clinically proven non-comedogenic, it is ideal to be safely used on acne-prone skin. It is very easily applied, and provides perfect coverage that lasts up to 24 hours with SPF 20. c | Perfect Face Foundation 1 oz. $40 ea. 306026 Shade 1 306029 Shade 4 306027 Shade 2 306030 Shade 5 306028 Shade 3

Waterproof body coverage

Perfectly conceals blemishes on legs and body, such as leg varicose, spider veins, bruises, tattoos and more. It is easily applied and stays on even under harsh conditions. Lasts up to 24 hours and protects sensitive areas (such as leg varicose) from harmful sun rays with SPF 16. d | Perfect Legs Foundation 1.69 oz. $38 ea. 306031 Shade 1 306034 Shade 4 306032 Shade 2 306035 Shade 5 306033 Shade 3


Experience the rich, creamy texture of this skin cleanser that removes even the slightest trace of dirt and makeup for a deep-down clean you can see and feel. The combination of Aloe Vera Extract and Glycerin leaves skin refreshed, moisturized and healthy-looking. e | 306041 Removing Cream 6.76 oz. $32

Moisturize & protect skin before makeup application

This soothing, hydrating makeup base is enriched with skin-hydrating ingredients that improve the look and evenness of skin tone before and after makeup application. The combination of Beeswax, Vitamin B3, Sodium PCA and Sodium Lactate also protect skin from environmental damage. f | 306042 Skin Protector 1.69 oz. $35



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Loose setting powder for silky skin

Complete any look with this loose finishing powder that sets Camouflage makeup and concealers beautifully. It is translucent, absorbs sebum and sweat and renders skin with a silky satin, matte finish all day long. g | 306040 Finishing Powder .88 oz. $32

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You can now visibly diminish the appearance of facial redness, dark eye circles and leg varicose veins with this intensive treatment against skin microcirculation disturbances. Hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types.

“Vanish” facial redness & irritation

A facial day cream packed with skin-soothing ingredients including Isoflavone and Phytosphigosine that dramatically reduce the occurrence of rosacea. MDI Complex treatment improves the effects of microcirculatory disturbances that appear as facial redness and irritation. Vitamin E keeps skin moisturized all day long.

Extra-strong treatment for skin redness & irritation

a | 306043 Vanish Day Cream SPF 15 1 oz. $65

Overnight facial redness fighter

“Vanish” facial redness caused by rosacea and other skin irritants while you sleep with this lightweight night cream. The powerful combination of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Phytosphigosine work all night long to decrease redness and skin irritation up to 74%. Retinol protects skin from premature aging. b | 306044 Vanish Night Cream 1 oz. $65

Advanced eye treatment

d | 306046 Vanish Serum .68 oz. $65

Combat varicose & spider veins

Improve tired-looking eyes with this powerful yet gentle eye cream-gel that visibly lightens dark circles and firms and reduces under-eye bags up to 75%. The MDI Complex contains Retinol and Phytosphigosine that work together to lighten, brighten and firm the fragile skin around the eyes. c | 306045 Vanish Yeux .5 oz. $60

This concentrated formula of scientifically-tested ingredients treats the most intensive cases of rosacea, facial redness and irritation. The MDI Complex, which contains Retinol and Phytosphigosine, not only decreases irritation and redness, it helps fight wrinkles, rejuvenate your skin’s overall tone and moisturizes.

For results you can see, this powerful combination of marinederived botanicals and Coverderm’s MDI Complex effectively reduce all signs of varicose leg and spider veins. Brown Algae and Horse Chestnut Extract work together to ease tired leg muscles caused by malfunctioning microcirculation. Apply twice daily to visibly decrease occurrence of leg varicose up to 85%. e | 306047 Vanish Jambes 2.5 oz. $54

Experience lighter skin & erase hyperpigmentation Multi-function skin whitening system that produces illuminating results. Hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. f

The innovative botanicals in this facial day cream naturally inhibit melanin production to visibly lighten skin and drastically reduce unsightly hyperpigmentation spots. Alpha-Arbutin accelerates skin exfoliation and melanin removal while Vitamin C nourishes and moisturizes skin. SPF 15. f | 306048 Luminous 1 oz. $75

Skin whitener, anti-wrinkle & anti-aging cream in one


i h

This multi-function night cream is specially formulated to provide sustained release of active ingredients throughout the night for lighter, spotless, younger-looking skin. Packed with skin-lightening botanicals that fight hyperpigmentation and illuminate skin tone. Vitamins C & E, along with Retinol, moisturize skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. g | 306049 Luminous Tri-Actif 1 oz. $80

No more dark circles & age spots

Fight hyperpigmentation, reduce dark circles and under-eye bags, diminish the appearance of fine lines and moisturize skin with one great product. This ultra-soft cream-gel is specially formulated for the sensitive, fragile skin around the eyes. Alpha-Arbutin lightens skin, Retinol firms and tightens sagging skin and Vitamins C & E hydrate and moisturize. h | 306050 Luminous Yeux .5 oz. $68

Achieve optimum skin-whitening results

A concentrated formula of skin-whitening ingredients including Alpha-Arbutin, this serum works to lighten skin and decrease pigmentation. Drastically reduce the signs of freckles, age spots and lentigines while toning dull, uneven skin. The 5-step melanin inhibiting process not only lightens skin and diminishes dark spots, but also protects skin from further damage. i | 306051 Luminous Serum .68 oz. $80

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BECAUSE...EVERYBODY’S GOT SOMETHING TO HIDE High-performance corrective cosmetics to cover and conceal just about anything, from simple flaws to serious discolorations.

Stockingless sexy legs



The total blockout concealer

When all else fails, use Killer Cover™ for the most difficult to cover skin discolorations such as tattoos, age spots, birthmarks, scars, spider veins, port wine stains and Vitiligo. Five-color wheel allows you to custom blend and match your skin tone. Revolutionary formula is waterproof, smudge-proof and heat-resistant. 312057 Killer Cover™ Total Blockout Makeup 1 oz. $34

Bare legs can look satiny and silky day or night with no hose. This color-tinted moisturizer covers minor flaws without heavy makeup for deceptively sheer, shimmery coverage that looks like you’re wearing stockings. Lasts all day and removes easily with warm, soapy water. 312195 Invisible Stockings™ Color Tint 4 oz. $30



The everything pencil

This pencil contains a unique set of corrective colors that cover, conceal and balance every imaginable cosmetic problem. Includes sharpener. The Everything Pencil™ $15 ea. 312050 Ultra Light

For all skin types. Softens fine lines. Use around eye area to widen eye and under foundation to even skin tone.

312051 Pure Beige

For light to medium complexions. Covers under eye circles, blemishes, discolorations, scars, spider veins and brown spots.

312054 Golden Beige

Kit includes: • Killer Cover 1 oz. • Translucent Finishing Powder 1 oz. – the perfect Killer companion.

For all skin types. Hides red discolorations and broken capillaries.

• FREE Killer Cleanser 4 oz. ($22 value)

312059 Killer Cover™ Kit $56

For light-medium to medium-dark skin tones. This double-duty pencil contains tea tree oil and camphor to effectively treat adult acne.

Camouflage for sensitive skin

Orange masking cream

312056 Special Care Cover™ 1 oz. $30

312138 Orange Masking Creme™ 1 oz. $30

Treats sensitive skin with special care while covering up and correcting red and irritated areas. Perfect for rosacea, spider veins and under-eye discoloration. Plastic surgeons use and recommend this remarkable corrective foundation.


312055 Erase Zit™ Neutral


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Conceal dark circles, blotches, bruising or freckles with this nourishing formula enriched with Vitamin C and soothing chamomile. Blends perfectly with all skin tones.

See page 26 for details.

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312559 Porcelain

312287 Apricot

312560 Natural Beige


World’s first active blushing treatment

Color adjusting foundation

This chameleon-like foundation adjusts up to 30 shades as your skin tone changes year-round. Simply select your base tone and it miraculously adjusts to your skin, moving lighter or darker, warmer or cooler. a | Remedies Color Adjusting Foundation 1 oz. $55 ea.

Experience this amazing skin care gel infused with ingredients that actually firm and lift the cheeks. The smooth gel looks dark before application, but provides a sheer tint of pure fruit color to the skin that blends with your skin tone for a naturallooking glow. Upon application, an immediate cool energy is experienced while your skin appears smoother, firmer and amazingly refreshed. d | Aqua Firm Blushing Color .07 oz. $38 ea. Colors deepen with each layer applied.

312287 Apricot Warm tones of pure, clear coral

312290 Raspberry Cool tones of pure, clear pink


Sculpt perfect brows in seconds

Two steps for the perfect brow color and texture. Sculpt perfect eyebrows in seconds with the brow definer pencil. One color adjusts to your own natural eyebrow hair color. Complete perfect eyebrows with step 2, eyebrow gel with a brush applicator. Will not flake. Water-resistant. Recommended for contact lens wearers. b | 312421 Universal Brow Definer® Pro Size .05 oz. $20 c | 312563 Perfect Brow® Eyebrow Gel .25 oz. $16

Firming eye makeup base

Firm and hydrate the eyelid and even skin tone before applying makeup. It counteracts makeup’s drying effects, while repairing elasticity and collagen. Gives an immediately visible lift. e | 312596 Primafirm .1 oz. $35


The instant rosacea eraser

This mineral-infused, rare Italian powder instantly softens lines and neutralizes redness. Micro-encapsulation technology acts as tiny little mirrors to energize the most exhausted complexion. Age spots, small scars and broken capillaries are effortlessly neutralized. 312557 Rosacea Eraser .4 oz. $45




Without Foundation

Without Foundation

Luxury finishing powder

Designed for women over 40, this luxurious, silky, translucent powder is made from the most precision Italian talc and combined with light refractors that fill in lines and wrinkles with tiny mirror-like pigments. Skin appears more perfected without shine. 312558 Luxury Finishing Powder .4 oz. $45

With Light Refractors

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problem skin solutions Stop breakouts without irritation


This high-performance gel attacks acne-causing bacteria, controls oily skin, reduces pores and dissolves acne lesions. The soothing, antiinflammatory formula contains 14% Trioxil (bisazulene gel), which treats and prevents breakouts without the drying, redness, or swelling caused by traditional ingredients.

Acne treatment with anti-aging properties

Combat acne and improve skin tone with one-step treatment pads uniquely formulated with pharmaceutical-grade Glycolic and Salicylic acids. Clinically proven to decrease blemishes in just one week. Glycolic Acid gently exfoliates, providing smoother, youthful, radiant skin. Salicylic Acid reduces acne blemishes, blackheads and enlarged pores and prevents future breakouts. Contains 60 pads. 307721 Cane+Austin Acne Treatment Pads $60


a | 323159 DS Laboratories Trioxil.PM® Anti-Acne Gel 1.01 oz. $38

Fade blemishes overnight

Formulated with skin-clearing, volcanic minerals, this overnight drying lotion attacks pimples at the source, reducing excess sebum and removing redness and infection. Apply at night to clean skin and wake up to a smaller, less noticeable pimple. b | 323060 D’Arcy Overnight Drying Lotion 1 oz. $30

Ensure flawless makeup application

This high-quality, deluxe makeup mirror features regular and 5X magnification. Offers panoramic view with two adjustable side mirrors. Convenient outlet for other beauty appliances; glare-free bulbs.


c | 309182 Jerdon 5X Deluxe Lighted Makeup Mirror $50

Instantly stops zits


Four light settings: day, office, evening and home.

This fast-acting formula reduces redness and swelling from acne on contact. Meanwhile, it treats the underlying problem without caking or drying. Purse-sized applicator goes anywhere for those emergency situations. d | 309481 Bremenn Research Labs Emergency Zit Stick .12 oz. $20

Professional blemish zapper

Remove facial blemishes without damaging your skin. The sharp lancet pierces whiteheads while the ring presses out blackheads. e | 309913 Tweezerman Whitehead/Blackhead Remover with Lance $28 ®

Reduce pores & control shine

This revolutionary, powdery cream works instantly to control shine and reduce large, clogged pores resulting in fresh, matte skin. Specifically developed for the midface and T-zone area of all skin types. f | 323032 Dermelect Pore Revolution & T-Zone Mattifier .5 oz. $28



Pore Revolution is the BEST pore-refining “product I’ve ever come across! It makes my “Super-Sized” pores seem almost invisible and the effects last all day! ” DERMELECT.COM REVIEW




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beauty basics Miraculously transform any eye shadow into a long-wearing, smudge-proof liquid liner. Simply place a few drops of Transformer into an eye shadow container lid, dip your brush into the solution followed by the eye shadow color and apply.

The secret to perfect makeup


Transform eye shadow to liquid liner

Prolong wear and intensify the color of your eye makeup with this professional eye base. Matte crème formula smoothes the lids and helps pigment adhere perfectly. a

a | 323130 Paula Dorf Transformer™ .5 oz. $20

c | 313817 be PRO Eye Shadow Base .17 oz. $14

Dramatic definition

Emphasize the eyes with this professional-quality cake eyeliner. The long-lasting formula is smudge-free for perfect wear.

Baby-soft eyes

This soft, creamy, peachy-pink pencil provides smooth, eye-nurturing application without drag, brightening the lower rim of the eye.


d | 313203 be PRO Cake Eyeliner Black .064 oz. $12

b | 323164 Paula Dorf Enhancer Baby Eyes Pencil .04 oz. $20 b

Change your skin overnight


Ease lines, imperfections and uneven texture with this lightly tinted, overnight formula. Won’t smudge onto clothing or bedding. It can also be worn as a makeup base, or alone for a hint of color. Infused with copper and salicylic acid. e | 312003 Lamas Night Radiance Overnight Skin Care Tint 1 oz. $34


#1 heated eyelash curler

The safest and most effective way to get long-lasting, perfectly curled eyelashes. With Hot Lashes®, the curl is set for 18 hours or more. Recommended by top makeup artists and celebrities, steel construction with a silicone pad gently curls the lashes without crimping. Includes AC adapter. g | 311023 Hot Lashes® Heated Eyelash Curler $50 h


Never touch-up your makeup again

This one-of-a-kind matte finish setting spray holds foundation and makeup in place throughout the day, resisting smudging, tears, humidity and water. Fast-drying and never sticky, it absorbs excess oil without clogging pores. More than 300 sprays per bottle. Model in a Bottle® 2 oz. f | 309602 Regular $18

Sensitive formula is fragrance-free, adds moisture and helps control inflammation. f | 309603 Sensitive $21

Separate lashes perfectly

Eliminate clumped, sparse looking lashes by combing through with tapered, stainless steel teeth fine enough to refine each strand, but spaced widely for clear visibility. h | 311022 Perfect Lash Comb $25


NEW! Flawless mascara application

Used by makeup artists for its simplicity and ease, this handy device allows you to isolate the lash line for more precise mascara application. With its innovative shape, the protector also works as a guide for brow shaping. i | 309930 Tweezerman Mascara Protector $16

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lash & brow enhancement The world’s first mascara innovation

Lengthen your lashes with water-resistant “tubes.” Unlike traditional mascaras, blinc is not an oil-based paint, so its color lasts 2-3 times longer without smudging or flaking. Stays on until you are ready to take it off.



a | 312001 blinc Mascara Black .21 oz. $25

Age-fighting brow booster Stronger, longer lashes

Naturally strengthen and protect your lashes with natural ingredients. Used daily, proteins and nutrients stimulate growth, giving them a lovely, silky appearance. 322415 Mavala Double-Lash .3 oz. $18

Perfect-match brow color is infused with nourishing peptides and moisturizers to treat neglected skin beneath the brow. It creates a perfect brow line that fills sparse areas and offers unparalleled smudgeproof, weatherproof wear. b | 312216 blinc Fountain of Youthful Color Eyebrow Mousse Dark Blonde .14 oz. $24

Featured in Marie Claire’s 12 Beauty Breakthroughs!


50+ and wanted a product that was “moreI amnatural looking than mascara. [Lamas Lash Masque] does it! It adds some color to my eyelashes without irritating my eyes. ”

After 90 Days


Stimulate fuller lashes & brows

Based on groundbreaking research in wound healing, this proprietary mixture of vitamins, minerals and amino acids is scientifically proven to stimulate the growth of strong, healthy lashes and brows. The all-natural formula is completely safe and non-irritating and comes packaged in easy-to-use, hygienic, single-dose applicators. 310123 Osmotics FNS Nutrilash 28-ct. $42



Be Spr11 8-9.indd 1

Picture-perfect brows

Beautiful, bold, confident brows are just three steps away. 1. Brow Boost deep conditioning treatment nourishes your brows for thick, full results in just one month. 2. Enhance your natural brow with the Universal Brow Pencil, water-resistant and formulated to blend perfectly with all skin tones and brow colors. 3. When you’ve got the perfect look, set it with silky smooth Brow Gel for a hold that lasts all day.

The natural lash builder, tint & conditioner

Not a mascara, this unique formula darkens lashes with non-irritating color from all-natural ingredients. Now Paraben-free and formulated with certified organic botanicals! • Stimulates lash growth and thickness with biotin • Penetrates hair shaft with panthenol to volumize and repair lashes • Darkens lashes with 100% natural chicory and walnut shell coloring extracts 312004 Lamas Lash Masque .34 oz. $20

312005 Billion Dollar Brows® 3 Steps to Beautiful Brows Kit $38

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An evolution in eyelash enhancement!

Instantly lush lashes

This clump-free lengthening mascara delivers the lash boosting formula of Enormous Lash. Patent-pending formula features peptides, nutrients and known hair restoratives. Natural lashes grow longer and thicker with daily use. Extra-large fluffy brush creates volume and length. Black. 312110 Enormous Mascara .29 oz. $28

WOW! Enormous Lash is amazing! I’ve tried “many other products that are supposed to do what Enormous Lash really does. And the time it takes to see results is remarkable. ”





The absolute best lash enhancer

Transform short, thinning or sparse lashes into lush, lengthy, gorgeous lashes in as little as 30 days, guaranteed! The supercharged patentpending formula is jam-packed with peptides, nutrients and known hairrestorative ingredients. Paraben- and prostaglandin-free. Apply twice daily. 312070 Enormous Lash™ .2 fl. oz. $95




Banish bags & circles

Detoxifying gel treats the cause of unsightly under-eye bags and dark circles for fast, visible results. Clinical tests reveal a 100% reduction of under-eye bags and 85% reduction of dark circles in 28 days. Eyes look fresh, smooth and relaxed after just 3 days of use. a | 312313 Talika Eye Detox Contour Gel .06 oz. $45

Beautiful brows in 30 days

The first treatment exclusively designed and clinically proven to stimulate growth, condition and beautify brows—guaranteed. Apply twice a day directly to brow hairs and to the skin at the base of your brows, and see results in 30 days. Formulated with 100% natural plant extracts. d | 312011 Talika Eyebrow Lipocils .34 oz. $40

Long lashes in 30 days

Add instant length to lashes


The secret of professional makeup artists, Lash Extender creates the look of artificial lashes without the hassle. Brush on these 100% black rayon fibers between two layers of mascara for significantly longer, more voluminous lashes. b | 312032 Talika Lash Extender .04 oz. $28



Longer lashes are yours with this clinically proven formula used by models and celebrities. Guaranteed to stimulate growth, condition and beautify lashes in 30 days. This unique transparent gel is enriched with a complex of lecithin and 100% natural plant extracts.


e | 312012 Talika Eyelash Lipocils .34 oz. $40

Longer, fuller eyebrows all day

Just brush on this lightweight gel, and natural-looking, rayon fibers bond to your existing brow to darken, thicken and lengthen. Won’t budge or run, but comes off easily with makeup remover. c | Talika Eyebrow Extender .05 oz. $35 ea. 312153 Black 312155 Light Brown (shown) 312156 Dark Brown





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EUOKO World-class skincare Formulas offer high concentrations of the best skincare ingredients found throughout the world, coupled with the latest in skincare science.

The Y-SERIES lessens the size and number of lines and wrinkles, combats dark spots, resculpts the facial contour and restores youthful cellular energy, thereby exceeding the expectations of the most demanding and scrutinizing consumers. a

A face lift without surgery

Ultra-concentrated formula with collagen enhancers and vitamins smoothes away lines and encourages plumper, younger-looking skin. Vegetable extracts address large pores. A powerful muscle relaxant helps prevent expression lines from forming – slowing down signs of aging before they begin. a | 308641 Y-30 Intense Lift Concentrate 1 oz. $500

Powerfully effective eye cocktail

Seven key ingredients from 4 continents combine in this rich formula to hydrate, lift and restore youthful eyes. Nourishing sweet black tea encourages restored volume to thin, delicate skin. Swelling, puffiness and discoloration are reduced with immediate visible results that continue to improve over time. b | 308665 Y-41 Eye Contour Nanolift .5 oz. $300


Representing the expert solution in achieving the most solid epitome of attraction, the W-SERIES promises to deliver a flawless, translucent, white, even skin tone.

Intense whitening serum

This concentrated serum offers the depigmenting powers of Swiss plant extracts, French anti-age compounds and the most elite grade of hyaluronic acid from Denmark. Combats age spots and evens tone. 308640 W-30 Intense White Serum 1 oz. $210

luxury skincare 10


Be Spr11 10-11.indd 1

Your blueprint for youth

Revitalizing masque

308655 Y-40 Blueprint Resculpting Cream 1.7 oz. $180

308642 Y-00 Instant Precision Cellular Masque 1.7 oz. $80

This lush cream contains a concentrated blend of muscle-targeting ingredients, nourishing vitamins, skin-tensing algae and polypeptides for instant lifting and smoothing. Muscle relaxers prevent facial contractions that cause tell-tale expression lines.

800.407.0355 120% Price Guarantee

Rich, multivitamin masque with high concentrations of Amazonian clay, antioxidants and acai offers a refreshed, healthy glow and smoother texture. Protects and repairs skin by stimulating collagen synthesis. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly diminished.

See page 26 for details.

1/27/11 9:48 AM




The Nature of Beauty. The Miracle of Science. In Japanese, shinso means “deeper layer.” Shinso Skin Care rejuvenates even the deepest layers of skin, utilizing some of nature’s most precious ingredients found in deep sea waters and rare Japanese herbs and botanical extracts. Free of harsh chemicals, parabens, fragrance and pore-clogging oils, Shinso Skin Care unlocks the ancient Japanese secret to radiant, healthy, youthful skin.

Miracle of science in a bottle

Instantly feel the healing effects of 4 of the most effective natural anti-aging ingredients available. Argireline has the same topical effect as Botox, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and preventing future wrinkling; Superoxide Dismutase repairs previously damaged skin cells; Fullerenes are 125 times more effective than Vitamin Esther C at fighting free radicals and detoxifying skin, thus enabling skin to generate plumper, healthier cells; and Epidermal Growth Factor uses amino acids to increase skin cell regeneration. Skin will appear noticeably more radiant after just one use. Over time, skin’s texture and tone become more even, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and uncovering younger-looking skin. a | 310190 Shinso Essence 1 oz. $350

Essence is a unique product with “veryShinso effective skin rejuvenation properties. There are immediate effects on the appearance of the skin as well as long-term benefits. I strongly recommend Shinso Essence for any skin type to beautify the appearance of the skin.


Instant results you can visually see

This protective revitalizer gently, yet effectively, accelerates collagen production, boosts skin elasticity and radiance, reduces pore size and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Superoxide Dismutase, Fullerenes and Epidermal Growth Factor fight off free radicals and promote skin cell regeneration while Serilesine increases skin’s smoothness by 45% and skin’s firmness and elasticity by 36%. Pure, dioxin-free water from the Sea of Japan is combined with hydrolyzed silk and aloe to instantly hydrate, energize and lift skin with results you can see after just one use. b | 310191 Shinso Mist 1 oz. $225

Unlock skin’s natural glow

This combination of antioxidants and powerful natural botanicals exfoliates and rejuvenates skin, removing dead skin cells and promoting new cell regeneration. Fullerenes protect skin from harmful free radicals while Superoxide Dismutase generates skin cell turnover. The formula’s revitalized hydrogen water binds with rough, dead skin revealing clearer, smoother, healthier skin after each use. Continued use allows for deeper skin penetration of moisturizers and serums.


c | 310192 Shinso Glow 1 oz. $195

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2 minutes after application of Shinso Essence and Shinso Mist

| 11 1/27/11 9:49 AM

anti-aging solutions


Eliminate wrinkles while you sleep

The most effective technology for delivering skin-smoothing Vitamin C to crow’s feet, upper lip lines and brow furrows. Use overnight to provide maximum absorption and long-lasting results. 12 treatments.


Restore facial volume

Visually plump and fill sagging, slacking skin and lost volume, restoring your healthy, youthful facial contours. A highly effective combination of clinically proven ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, increases the natural renewal of skin’s support structure. Restores resilience, firmness and tone to problem areas including nasal labial folds, puppet lines, cheeks and under eye hollows. Works beautifully on hands too!

c | 310127 Osmotics Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin C Patches $48 d

Rid eye circles & bags without surgery

Anti-aging treatment combines 3 of the most advanced tetra-peptides, clinically proven to visibly reduce stubborn dark circles and under eye puffiness, while also firming and smoothing crepe skin. With consistent use eyes appear brighter, younger and more beautiful. For all skin types.

a | 310124 Osmotics Lipofill Non-Surgical Filler 2 oz. $85

d | 310131 Osmotics Eye Surgery Under Eye Rejuvenator .5 oz. $68


After e


Firm the skin of the décolleté

Scientifically proven to target the multiple signs of aging and sun damage on the fragile skin of the neck and chest. This powerful peptide formula strengthens collagen fibers, firms and tightens to restore tone and elasticity and visibly improves skin texture and creases around the décolleté. See healthier, smoother, firmer skin in 30 days.

Repair skin’s elasticity overnight

The anti-aging benefits of Copper Peptides, L-Carnosine and Ceratonia Siliqua Seed Extract stimulate healing and collagen synthesis to naturally repair skin’s firmness and elasticity. Experience more even skin tone and texture while soothing redness and irritation in just 7 days. e | 310134 Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Molecular Repair Treatment $125

b | 310133 Osmotics Nécolleté Age Reversal for Neck & Chest 1.7 oz. $75


Repair thinning & sagging skin


This award-winning serum combines active copper with powerful, age-fighting penta-peptides. The lightweight, concentrated formula helps repair thinning, sagging skin and evens skin tone while calming redness and irritation. f | 310125 Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Firming Elasticity Repair 1.7 oz. $85

Lift & firm the body

The ultimate lifting experience

This lightweight serum combines the proven anti-aging benefits of copper peptide with the most advanced topical lifting technology available to instantly firm, lift and smooth. Formulated to reinforce skin’s support structure and promote healthy, radiant skin.


Active copper formula in a luxurious cream noticeably lifts and firms your bust, belly and behind. This 3-in-1 treatment improves skin texture and tone and visibly reduces stretch marks up to 72%. It promotes skin elasticity and collagen production for a more lifted silhouette.

h | 310129 Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Face Lifting Serum 1.7 oz. $75

g | 310128 Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Age Repair Body Lift 5 oz. $95



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800.407.0355 60-Day Return Guarantee

See page 26 for details.

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restige The #1 cpream skin re world ti in the en e, of all places!)

Polish & prime your skin

The first step in the new StriVectin-SD wrinkle and stretch mark fighting routine polishes and primes the skin for maximum absorption of StriVectin treatment products. This exfoliating scrub cleanses, removes surface impurities and dry skin cells while instantly retexturizing skin.

g Franc (includin

a | 309030 StriVectin®-SD Instant Retexturizing Scrub 5 oz. $45

No more dark circles or eye puffiness

Multidimensional eye cream targets crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Proprietary complex of 7.5% NIA-114 and Peptides Actives improves the appearance of fine lines in just 2–8 weeks. b | 309029 StriVectin®-SD Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles 1 oz. $59

New super-charged formula

Leading wrinkle and stretch mark fighter is now powered up with a new clinical formula for even greater results. Proprietary complex of 8% NIA-114 and Peptides Actives improves the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles in 2–8 weeks. Use twice daily for maximum results. a



c | 309028 StriVectin®-SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks & Wrinkles 5 oz. $135

Fill deep wrinkles instantly


Instantly erase deep wrinkles and creases in your “problem areas” — between eyebrows, at corners of eyes and around lips. Improves fine lines, tone and texture. Ultra-concentrated for immediate results.


f | 323200 StriVectin®-WF Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler .78 oz. $59 f

Tighten up that “turkey neck”

This is the first and only StriVectin formula specially developed for the sensitive neck area (including the décolletage). Regular use dramatically reduces the appearance of “turkey neck,” lifting, shaping and refining as it produces a smoother, younger-looking contour and evens skin discolorations. d | 323013 StriVectin® Neck Cream 1.4 oz. $90

Deep wrinkle miracle serum

The only serum specifically developed to intensify the integrity of your DermalEpidermal Junction, the place where deep wrinkles begin. Penetrates your skin’s layers to dramatically reduce the appearance of pronounced deep wrinkles, enlarged pores and stubborn surface imperfections. e | 309534 StriVectin®-HS Deep Wrinkle Serum .9 oz. $153


Dissolve facial imperfections overnight

Wake up to a smoother, younger-looking complexion, guaranteed. Overnight use removes dull, dry flakes, minimizes the appearance of large pores, evens skin tone and color and improves the skin’s overall appearance. g | 309025 StriVectin® Overnight Facial Resurfacing Serum .9 oz. $59


Immediately restore moisture to dehydrated skin

Dry, dehydrated skin just screams signs of aging. This super-charged intensive moisture treatment is lightweight, quickly absorbing for instantly noticeable improvements. Moisture protein complex helps stimulate collagen and elastin to regenerate your skin’s natural moisture for lasting results. h | 309026 StriVectin® Instant Moisture Repair 2 oz. $60

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| 13 1/27/11 9:56 AM

A remarkably effective line of active, resultoriented products containing a wide variety of pure, potent botanicals and fruit acids, as well as cutting-edge medical- and cosmeceuticalgrade ingredients from all over the world.

I have been using Protocell Moisturizer and Eye Cream and I love them both. Both are super absorbant and do not leave my skin feeling greasy. After only a few weeks of use, I can see a difference in my complexion. I definitely have less wrinkles and my skin is much softer and clearer than before. b




Hydrate & protect skin to combat signs of aging

This nutrient-rich facial moisturizer infuses skin with high concentrations of apple stem cell complex and Argan oil to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apply twice daily to hydrate, protect and nourish skin. a | 309014 emerginC Protocell Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat Cream 1.7 oz. $90

Minimize the appearance of crow’s feet

Light, nutrient-rich emulsion with advanced plant stem cell technology and botanicals combats the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Proprietary apple stem cell complex and Argan oil provide vitamin-rich nutrients, antioxidants and lipids that visibly reduce the signs of aging. Paraben-free.

3 times the power of ordinary skin creams

Noticeably reduce the appearance of large pores, fine lines and wrinkles while evening out skin tone with potent concentrations of 3 effective skin care ingredients: alpha hydroxy acid, beta hydroxy acid and retinol. Apply nightly. c | 309015 emerginC Triple Threat Cream 1.7 oz. $75

b | 309016 emerginC Protocell Eye Cream .5 oz. $65

skincare solutions Daily care for stressed skin

This regimen includes 4 products that work together to heal skin and restore a healthy, fresh glow. Each features nutrient-rich Icelandic glacial waters and botanicals to attain natural balance and hydration. Kit includes: • Arctic Face Mist, 1 oz. • Oxygen Infusion Night Cream, .5 oz. • The ANTIDOTE Quenching Daily Lotion, .5 oz. • Glacial Face Wash, 1 oz. 322384 Skyn Detox Kit $45



Be Spr11 14-15.indd 1

Relief for stressed, puffy eyes

Immediately relieve signs of stress from under the eyes. Nutrient-rich, lightweight cream diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. Vitamins and peptides restore youthful skin. Kelp fights inflammation. 322381 Skyn Icelandic Relief Eye Cream .49 oz. $45

800.407.0355 FREE shipping on orders $99 and over

1/27/11 9:59 AM




Total anti-wrinkle treatment that fights all 3 main causes of the formation of wrinkles; aging, photo-aging and expression lines. Based on an innovative combination of biomimicking peptides and state of the art active ingredients, COVERDERM BOTUMAX delivers optimal results. Hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types.


Imported from Greece


anti-aging solutions Reduce the appearance of deep-set wrinkles

Diminish crow’s feet & fine lines around the eye

Ultra-concentrated formula effectively reduces wrinkles

a | 306052 Coverderm Botumax Visage 1 oz. $65

b | 306053 Coverderm Botumax Yeux .5 oz. $60

c | 306054 Coverderm Botumax Serum .68 oz. $60

This powerful combination of biomimicking peptides stimulates collagen synthesis and cell renewal while fighting the 3 main causes of wrinkles. See expression lines, ageinduced and deep-set photo-aging wrinkles fade away with the twice daily use of this lightweight facial cream. The easily absorbed formula is rich in polysaccharides, which protect skin from further wrinkles due to UV exposure. Clinically tested.

This triple-action cream-gel is specially formulated to target the sensitive area around the eye. Biomimicking peptides dramatically reduce fine lines, wrinkles and the appearance of crow’s feet. Phytosphigosine prevents further wrinkles caused by skin-damaging UV exposure. The ultra-soft, light-textured formula is safe to use on face, eyes and neck. Opthalmologically tested.

For use in combination with Coverderm Botumax Visage and Yeux, this concentrated gel combines the most effective anti-wrinkle ingredients in one serum. A combination of biomimicking peptides and Pimpinella Anisum Extract stimulates the relaxation of expression muscles in the face, preventing and correcting expression lines. Enriched with Venuceane to protect skin from further UV damage. Opthalmologically tested.


Double-duty anti-aging SPF

Protect skin from aging effects of sun exposure while immediately addressing existing wrinkles, lines and signs of age. This daily moisturizer combines SPF 18 with micro-injected hyaluronic acid for an instantly smooth, youthful complexion. e

d | 309163 Glamtox SPF 18 1.7 oz. $125

Overnight face lift

Now reformulated for more noticeable results, this facial treatment contains retinol, which improves skin’s overall tone and texture by stripping away hyperpigmentation. Clinically proven to smooth skin’s surface, reducing pore size and the appearance of crow’s feet and other deep-set wrinkles. Overnight, skin will appear lighter, brighter, healthier and more radiant. e | 309166 Glamtox Night 1 oz. $110

see more! shop 24/7

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Your deadly weapon against age

Freeze time with this anti-aging serum featuring syn-ake, a powerful neuro peptide inspired by the paralyzing power of deadly vipers. It instantly lifts the face, freezing muscles in place. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and plumped for a fresh, youthful appearance with even tone. 310355 Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum .85 oz. $160

| 15 1/27/11 10:02 AM

skincare solutions Reverse the effects of sun damage


A highly concentrated blend of advanced skin technologies improves sun-damaged skin from the inside out in 5 amazing ways. Apply twice daily to reenergize aging skin cells and promote cell division, reduce inflammation and fight free radicals, repair DNA damage, stimulate cell production, and preserve and extend cell life.


Visibly erase wrinkles in seconds

With this powerful wrinkle fighter, in just seconds it’s like wrinkles were never there. A roll-on applicator instantly erases fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and deep creases. c | 310357 AminoGenesis Gone in Sixty Seconds .5 oz. $20

a | 309127 Boske Molecular Repair 1.35 oz. $129 b

Protect & repair skin Lighten spots, fade scarring and protect skin from environmental factors with this vitamin-rich antioxidant serum. Helps to reverse skin damage and improve firmness, clarity and tone. Vitamin C lightens and brightens skin, protecting against signs of premature aging. Vitamin E encourages healing and skin cell regeneration. b | 309126 Boske Alchemist C Antioxidant Serum .5 oz. $52


Nightly facelift in a capsule

Alleviate severe signs of aging with Tripeptinon™, an incredible technology designed to target the connective tissues of the face and neck. Moisturize, repair and restore youthful skin in just 6 weeks. d | 310341 AminoGenesis Tripeptinon™ 40-ct. $79

Your serious dark circle solution

Hylexin greatly reduces the appearance of serious dark eye circles and chronic puffiness surrounding the orbital eye area. In a clinical trial, more than 72% of women with serious eye circles saw visible reduction in color and severity. It neutralizes discoloration while strengthening the tissue structure beneath the skin to protect against further damage. Paraben-free.

Smooth away forehead wrinkles

Instantly relax the appearance of deep forehead wrinkles, grooves and furrows. This cream is designed to address the deepest wrinkles, including crow’s feet. Unlike previous generation “freezing” lotions, it won’t cake or flake. The result is a beautiful transformation to smooth, flawless skin, front and center. 309487 Bremenn Research Labs Forehead Smoother 1.7 oz. $69



Be Spr11 16-17rev.indd 1

e | 309504 Bremenn Research Labs Hylexin® .5 oz. $59




After 28 Days

Lift sagging, droopy eyes

Give eyes a “lift,” with a cream formulated to treat the specific aging conditions of the upper eye. It supports upper eyelid integrity, helping eyes look bigger, brighter and captivatingly alive. Paraben-free. f | 309480 Bremenn Research Labs Upper Eyelid Lifter .5 oz. $59

800.407.0355 120% Price Guarantee

See page 26 for details.

1/28/11 4:09 PM

Facial line correction without injection



Redefine the muscles of your face, chin and neck with just 2 minutes of use, twice daily. Impacting over 30 muscle groups, you’ll experience 250% increased strength and 32.5% improved skin firmness and tone in 8 weeks. Includes instructional DVD, specially formulated Advanced Renewal Complex antioxidantrich moisturizer .5 oz. and 6-month supply of resistance bands (6 oz. & 8 oz.). 323042 The Original Facial-Flex® Ultra $59 Facial-Flex is used by placing it horizontally between your lips, resting the plastic ends in the corners of your mouth. Tilt your head forward, and lift your chin. Shape your lips into an oval, flattening your upper lip. Fully compress, then release. Repeat 30-40 times, or until 2 minutes elapse, twice daily. Increase the number of repetitions (and gauge of Resistance Bands) as you become stronger.

This exceptional all-in-one cream diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, shine, enlarged pores and sagging skin, while simultaneously acting as a makeup primer, moisturizer and skin plumper. Its potent blend of 20 cosmeceuticals, botanicals, amino acids and vitamins offers outstanding performance. Apply twice daily.


a | 309292 AngelLift® Dermastrips $69

The all-natural facelift

Your 10-in-ONE dream cream

Lift and correct facial lines without painful injections a or laser treatments. The soft, surgical silicone lifts fit naturally within the mouth, allowing the natural cell and regeneration process to prevent and correct deep facial lines caused by muscle memory. Wear for 15 minutes a day to retrain muscles and restore a more youthful look. 2-ct. • Clinically proven to reduce lines and deep folds by 87% • Completely invisible, even when smiling • Stimulates collagen growth Before • Naturally comfortable along the upper or lower jaw

Larger lips in just 3 weeks

Utilizing the same breakthrough technology as our best-selling Dermastrips, these surgicalgrade lifts generate collagen and cell growth by stimulating soft and hard tissues within the frontal oral cavity. Use 2X daily for as little as 10 minutes to increase lip size and volume up to 42%. Includes 3 reusable lifts and preserving case. b | 309309 AngelLift® Lips Enhancement $59 b

Melt wrinkles in minutes

This miracle cream delivers a powerful punch against wrinkles. Watch them melt away. See a 50–90% reduction in the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within minutes of application. 307700 Freeze 24•7® Anti-Wrinkle Cream .5 oz. $95

323233 True Promise Beauty ONE 1 oz. $48



Improve skin’s texture & luminosity

Achieve smoother, younger-looking skin with this one-step Glycolic treatment that gently exfoliates and retexturizes skin, helping rebuild collagen. Clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. Dramatically reduces pores and increases luminosity after 28 days of use. Effectively reduces sun damage and corrects hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration. Contains 60 pads. 307722 Cane+Austin Retexturizing Pads $60

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| 17 1/28/11 4:10 PM


skincare solutions The first cosmeceutical line jointly formulated by medical professionals and licensed estheticians that is both cutting-edge, yet understandable, effective, yet luxurious.

Flawlessly smooth skin

Wake up to dramatically refreshed skin. This highly-concentrated, amino acid, anti-aging exfoliator drastically reduces pores for smoother, brighter skin and an even complexion. It stimulates collagen building to level fine lines. For all skin types. a | 323115 Dermelect® Self-Esteem


Empower your skin

A wrinkle-fighting solution that combines 3 powerful wrinkle-relaxing and anti-aging peptides with hydrators, vitamins and skin synthesizers. The proprietary blend of ingredients are specially formulated to safely and effectively stimulate the synthesis of collagen and help soften wrinkles and fine lines from all areas of the skin.

Beauty Sleep Serum 1 oz. $42

Fade spots, freckles & discoloration

323031 Dermelect® Empower MP6 Anti-Wrinkle Treatment 1 oz. $75

This serum reveals a brighter, more even complexion with the very first overnight application. Melanin-inhibiting dark-spot brighteners fade hyperpigmentation, age spots, freckles and post blemish discoloration. For all skin types. b | 323112 Dermelect® Enlightening Facial Brightening Serum .5 oz. $45


Correct tired, drooping eyelids

Multipeptides and tightening agents work to reduce puffiness and lift heavy, drooping eyelids. Emollients diminish dry, paper translucency of delicate skin around the eye. c | 323114 Dermelect® Revitalite Eyelid & Dark Circle


Tighten & firm your neck

Corrector .5 oz. $49 After


By specifically formulating antioxidants with a total moisture replacement system, this firming, tightening formula increases the elasticity and resiliency of the neck, repairing years of sagging skin. 323033 Dermelect® Self-Esteem Neck Firming Lift 2 oz. $45

Instantly soften lip & frown lines

This line-erasing treatment delivers multipeptides deep into skin to help plump existing lines and prevent new ones from forming. Also brightens and lightens the shadowy region below the nose to give you a more youthful look. No collagen or Restylane® necessary! d | 323034 Dermelect® Smooth Upper Lip & Perioral


Anti-Aging Treatment .5 oz. $38

Post-menopausal women frequently start to have discoloration around the mouth and, for many reasons, wrinkles start here as well. This product worked well on both. Dermelect Smooth Upper Lip Treatment helped smooth my lines around my mouth.




Be Spr11 18-19.indd 1

800.407.0355 60-Day Return Guarantee


See page 26 for details.

1/27/11 10:13 AM


flawless skin Erase signs of aging on your chest

Correct cleavage wrinkles with a selfadhesive silicone pad that heals sundamaged, sagging and creased skin. Prevents future wrinkles by creating barrier action that keeps skin from sagging during sleep. One 3” x 5” pad lasts 30–60 days. a | 312485 Decollette Pad $30

Calm the effects of rosacea



This extra gentle treatment instantly relieves visible redness and irritation. It inhibits inflammation and brightens. Improves tone and lessens the look of broken capillaries. Oil- and fragrance-free.


Fade spider & varicose veins

The most powerful formula available to fade spider and varicose veins. Created with Vitamin K to target redness and promote antioxidation, strengthen vein walls and help to speed the healing of capillary damage that contributes to broken veins.* b | 309385 Medik8 Red Alert® 3 oz. $60

323063 Dermelect® Redness Rehab Rosacea Relief 2 oz. $42



* Note: Do not use if you are taking Warfarin or other blood-thinning medications.



Advanced scar healer

Reduce spider veins

Strong enough to address unattractive, visible spider veins on the legs, yet gentle enough to target dilated capillaries on the sensitive skin of the face. Combines hydroglycolic extracts, antioxidants and healing nutrients to help support skin structure, increase circulation and restore moisture levels. 323298 Dermelect® Vacial Spider Vein Treatment 2.2 oz. $38

Reduce redness and flatten scars. This patented, transparent, self-drying silicone gel improves the appearance of existing scars and also prevents new ones from forming. 80% of patients reported positive results on a wide range of scars from surgeries, injuries and other skin lacerations. Kelo-cote Scar Gel c | 323080 .5 oz. Gel $45

Available in a convenient spray that dries rapidly to form a waterproof silicone gel sheet that is colorless and odorless. d | 323082 3.38 oz. Spray $60 e



Silver: your skin’s new secret weapon

Simply lather, wait a few minutes and watch your skin glow. Cor’s patented nano-silver formula reaches deep below the skin’s surface making it the most effective multipurpose skincare treatment available. Lasts 6 weeks. e | 309582 Cor® Silver Soap 1.06 oz. $40

see more! shop 24/7

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| 19 1/27/11 10:13 AM

advanced skincare Noninvasive facial rejuvenation

The first and only FDA-approved hand-held device for over-thecounter facial toning. The Nuface device combines microcurrent technology and gentle electrical stimulation to safely and effectively smooth and lift facial skin and advance muscle tone in just 5 minutes. Kit Includes: Nuface Device, Conductivity Gel 8.45 oz., Optimizing Mist 8 oz., Instructional DVD and 9-volt battery.



a | 323041 NuFace® Limited-Edition Pink $325 Also available in

323037 White

Eliminate puffiness, fine lines & wrinkles around the eyes

The Opal Sonic System gently infuses Clarisonic’s Anti-Aging Sea Serum into the outer layers of the epidermis. In just one minute, Opal provides more than 7,500 micro massages to instantly hydrate, smooth and brighten the appearance of the eye area. Erase the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. Kit Includes: Opal Sonic Infuser, 3 Anti-Aging Sea Serum Dispenser Caps, extra Applicator Tip, Universal Charger and Travel Bag.


Replacement gel and mists available at Not for use by pregnant women, those predisposed to seizures or individuals with pacemakers.


b | 310234 Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System $245



Powerful hand-held therapy

Look younger, feel better with red and infrared LED light therapy now in a portable hand-held device. The DPL (Deep Penetrating Light) Therapy System is FDA-approved for both wrinkle reduction and temporary pain relief of bones, joints and muscles. Improves circulation, skin tone and texture. c | 323196 DPL Nüve $165

Radiant, healthy-looking skin in just 10 minutes

A patented wand gently sprays crystals that activate dual-action resurfacing. Dead skin is gone, while existing skin is stimulated into new cell production. Treats fine lines, age spots and improves tone and texture. Includes 4 Crystal Capsules (1-month supply) and Instructional DVD. 322009 Crystalift™ Resurfacing System $199 322021 Replacement Capsules 4-ct. (1-month supply) $50




Professional-strength light therapy

Bring the ultimate spa experience home. Using the same strength and technology as professionals, Baby Quasar reverses the signs of aging on any skin type by using SequePulse technology of red and infrared light to stimulate the production of collagen, diminishing fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores. In just a few minutes a day you can effectively firm and tone skin, while increasing blood flow and circulation. Dermatologistrecommended. FDA-approved. d | 306010 Baby Quasar Red Light Therapy $399



Be Spr11 20-21.indd 1

800.407.0355 FREE shipping on orders $99 and over

1/27/11 10:16 AM

gentle hair removal



The ultimate cordless epilator

Faster and safer than shaving or waxing, Emjoi’s 72 tweezer heads and patented Glide Technology reduce irritation while Silver Ion Technology provides antimicrobial protection. This cordless model features dual speed control that removes hair as short as .5 mm from the root leaving skin smooth up to 6 weeks. Great for removing hair on the legs, bikini line and underarms, yet gentle enough for facial hair on the upper lip and chin.


Remove unwanted hair naturally

The hottest concept in natural hair removal is now available for use in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Easy to learn and easy to use, threads remove unwanted hair from the root. More effective than waxing, tweezers and other methods. Kit includes: Threader LUX, Feel Less Lotion, The Closer Lotion, Chalk and Threads. d | 310007 Karmissie Deluxe Threader Kit $125

a | 322152 Emjoi eMagine Rechargeable $140

Also available: Emjoi eMagine Epilator Corded Includes power adapter, cleaning brush and travel pouch. b | 322150 $100 e

At-home electrolysis removes unwanted hair


The world’s first roller electrolysis at-home hair removal system painlessly eradicates 4”-wide areas of unwanted hair from arms, underarms, bikini line, legs and facial hair resulting in permanently smooth, stubble-free skin. With galvanic technology, eGlide transmits a special current to the root of the hair preventing it from ever growing back. Includes 2 AAA batteries, tweezers, 3 oz. of conductive gel and travel case.


Stop shaving or waxing

Silk’n is the only FDA-approved, doctor-recommended Home Pulsed Light device clinically proven to remove unwanted hair. In studies, results compare to professional laser hair removal; users experience more than 50% long-term hair reduction after 3 months. A built-in skin sensor ensures proper use. Enjoy the savings and convenience of at-home hair removal treatments. e | 322295 SensEpil Silk’n $499

c | 401378 Verseo eGlide Hair Remover $89

Banish unsightly bumps

Clinically proven to help prevent shave bumps and ingrown hair. Heavenly scented and ideal for use after shaving or waxing legs, bikini area, under arms, brows and lips. Anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing formula contains all-natural and organic ingredients. 310140 Whish Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum 1.1 oz. $23

I have never been able to get rid of my bumps “whether I shave or wax, and Flawless finally did the trick. After using for only a couple of days, my bumps started to disappear. I was also so happy to find a nice clean smell and that it didn’t sting at all! LOVE this product — couldn’t live without it! WHISHBODY.COM REVIEW

Inhibit hair growth while hydrating skin

Both a skin hydrator and hair growth inhibitor, use to soothe sun-soaked skin, replenish moisture and slow hair regrowth after shaving, waxing or laser hair removal. Made of all-natural ingredients including organic aloe and shea butter. Lemongrass scent. 310141 Whish Hair Inhibiting Gel 7.4 oz. $26

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| 21 1/27/11 10:17 AM

a beautiful smile Enhance lip volume up to 40%.

Lip plumper & base coat in one

Plump lips for a firm, full look. Keeps lip color from feathering around the mouth for a smooth lipstick line that stays for hours. b | 312575 Brenda Christian Base Coat for Lips .1 oz. $24




Phatten up your lips

Experience plumping and smoothing of lip lines without irritation. Improve lip hydration and appearance for a youthful, alluring appeal as this intense treatment stimulates collagen and enhances volume up to 40%. a | 312595 Brenda Christian Phattenup Lip Treatment .17 oz. $28

NEW! Get whiter teeth instantly

This at-home teeth whitening system will whiten and brighten your smile after just one use. Proprietary 12% hydrogen peroxide formula provides 15 to 17 applications with the use of a comfortable silicone mouthpiece that creates an instant custom impression, along with breathing vents, for optimal comfort. Mouthpiece storage case included.

Lip service you can live with

Now featuring an easy-to-use sponge tip, this soothing, conditioning gloss plumps, adds volume and prevents aging to give you healthier, smoother, younger-looking, luscious lips in one versatile formula. c | 310126 Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Lip & Tuck .12 oz. $36


d | 191012 Whiter Image™ Deluxe Home Whitening Kit $60

The fastest way to whiter teeth

Cut at-home whitening time in half with this two-step, “prime-andwhiten” application system. Pre-Whitening Gel accelerates the release of stain-fighting oxygen ions in the Whitening Ampoules, while virtually eliminating tooth sensitivity. Includes 9, .04 oz. Pre-Whitening Gel Swabs and 9, .03 oz. Speed Whitening Ampoules. f | 309601 GoSMILE® Speed Whitening System $99 e


Take anywhere whitening treatment

Triple-action mint-flavored whitening gel in a 30-second application. No rinsing required. 60+ applications. e | 191009 Whiter Image™ toGO Whitening Pen .15 oz. $30



Be Spr11 22-23.indd 1


Dual-action tooth whitening system

This dual brightening system is easy and safe for natural teeth, bonding, veneers, caps and dentures to restore whiteness and brilliance. g | 309699 Supersmile® Professional Whitening System Toothpaste 1.75 oz. and Accelerator 1.2 oz. $36

800.407.0355 120% Price Guarantee

See page 26 for details.

1/27/11 10:21 AM

most popular fragrances

Juicy Couture

Jessica McClintock

310539 1.7 oz. $65 Special Buy

310594 3.4 oz. $90 Special Buy


Pink Sugar by Aquolina

310673 3.4 oz. $55


Burberry Brit

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

310500 3.4 oz. $88 Special Buy


Be Delicious by DKNY 310544 1.7 oz. $55 Special Buy


310506 1.7 oz. $57

Euphoria by Calvin Klein 310524 3.4 oz. $72

Calvin Klein Fragrances for Women Deluxe Travel Collection

Includes Eau de Parfum .17 oz. minis of Obsession, Eternity Moment, Secret Obsession, Euphoria and Eternity. 310674 $38 Special Buy


Want More? Visit

to view our entire fragrance collection.

Complimentary gift card and wrapping with fragrance purchase. No testers, imitations, unboxed or discontinued items.

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| 23 1/27/11 10:22 AM

beauty essentials

Hollywood’s fashion tape

Flower-shaped nipple covers

309142 Hollywood Fashion Tape™ 36-ct. $10

312109 Petal Tops® Beige Flower 5-pr. $6

Gain a whole cup size

Conceal show-through

Eliminate blouse gaps, fix hems fast and more with clear, double-sided, hypoallergenic adhesive tape.

These bra inserts enhance the bust line with ample, yet natural looking curves by increasing bust size one full cup. The striking difference from other silicone enhancers is the Soufflé material – half the weight of other popular silicone inserts.

These disposable nipple covers mold to the breast shape and feature non-sensitizing adhesive with a soft, absorbent center.

These soft, flexible nipple covers mold to fit your shape to provide a natural boost and eliminate show-through. Reuse up to 30 times. 312111 Silicone Petal Tops® 1-pr. $6

Made from Soufflé technology, these natural-feeling, ultra-soft nipple covers will hide embarrassing show-through! Wash after each use to reactivate self-adhesive gel. Reuse up to 100 times. 312163 Sassynips® $18

Invisible coverage without adhesive

These silicone nipple covers are made of high-quality silicone and use no adhesive glue. They stick on using your own body heat, camouflaging the skin beneath. 322011 DIMR’S® Silicone Nipple Covers $30

323014 Sassymax® Breast Enhancers $45

A must for shoe comfort

Stop toe scrunch

Save those heels

322322 Foot Petals Killer Kushionz $35

322320 Foot Petals Tip Toes $19

322321 Foot Petals Heavenly Heelz $19

Shaped like flowers, these cushions stop your feet from slipping out of shoes. They also help protect feet from blistering in new shoes. 3-pk. Assorted.


Silicone petal tops


Be Spr11 24-25.indd 1

Ball-of-foot cushions stop toes from sliding forward in sandals and strappy heels. Helps prevent pain in the toes and balls of feet. 3-pk. Assorted.

800.407.0355 60-Day Return Guarantee

Prevent heels from slipping in and out of shoes and stiff shoes from cutting into skin. Also protects shoes from ruining hosiery. 3-pk. Assorted.

See page 26 for details.

1/27/11 10:24 AM

Your razor bump & ingrown hair solution

Used right after shaving, electrolysis and waxing, this patented formula prevents bumps, razor burn and ingrown hairs.

NEW! Protect sensitive areas while shaving

Prevent razor burn and bumps with Aloe Vera and tea tree oil-infused razors. 442179 Personna B’kini Razors 3-ct. $6

193390 Tend Skin® 4 oz. $20

Europe’s #1 seller seals lipstick all day

This clear, 100% botanical formula transforms your own lipstick into smudgeproof, food-proof, totally kiss-proof, perfect, all-day lip color. Prevents feathering, too. Easily removed with cleanser and water or makeup remover. Contains no ink, dye, chemicals or petroleum. 312071 Lipchic Lipstick Sealer .24 oz. $16

The wonder mitt

All natural, no harmful chemicals — the unique Wonderfiber™ in a convenient mitt removes makeup quickly and easily with just water. Perfect for shower. 312123 Wonder Mitt. $20 Also available: 312107 Wonder Cloth 8.5” x 11.25” $15

The first all-body freshening tablet

Reduces body odors from head to toe, including bad breath, underarm and foot odors. Formulated with an all-natural, derivative of chlorophyll to keep you fresh day and night. Take twice daily.

Good for the lips color

Enhance your lips with a gentle tint that responds to your unique body chemistry. 100% natural organic beeswax balm features rose hips and jasmine. 322250 Red Roses Lip Rouge .15 oz. $17

309013 Body Mint® Deodorant Tablets 60-ct. $24

b a

Hollywood’s beauty secret for over 100 years.

Frown lines gone

Personal rejuvenation at home

a | 309091 Forehead & Between Eyes b | 309090 Corners of Eyes & Mouth

109007 Thermal Spa Facial Sauna $25

Diminish the visible signs of aging naturally. Made from skin-friendly materials that gently re-educate the muscles to their correct appearance. Frownies® 144-ct. $19 ea.

Enjoy a relaxing spa facial treatment in the comfort of your own home. Soothing steam opens skin pores and helps remove dirt, bacteria and makeup residue. Extra-wide facial shield for added comfort.

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| 25 1/27/11 10:25 AM

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800.407.0355 FREE shipping on orders $99 and over

1/27/11 10:26 AM

body firming Swap flabbiness for fabulous

The unique reaffirming gel combines effective ingredients to tone and firm the upper arms. Leave on for 30 minutes a day for significant results in just 30 days! Includes Firming & Toning Gel 7 oz., 2 Arm Sleeves and Carry Bag.


a | 309397 Velform® Arm Wrap System $30

Lift a sagging double chin This dual-action wrap reduces and reaffirms the chin and neck area, while leaving skin soft and supple. Adapts to any size. Includes Velform Facial Mask and Velform Chin & Neck Toning Gel 1.75 oz.

Stronger abs in just weeks

b | 309399 Velform® Chin & Neck Wrap System $30

Stimulate deep, strengthening contractions in all 3 main abdominal groups. Users noticed firmer, more toned abs in just 8 weeks. 40 minutes daily. Belt fits size 24–47” waist. Includes 1 set medical-grade GelPads, 7–9” belt extender, carry pouch and instructions.


308724 SLENDERTONE® Flex Pro Abdominal Toning System $129

Refills available at


Give your booty an instant lift

Formulated with wheat protein, this gel immediately lifts, firms and sculpts the bum area. Within weeks, cellulite is reduced by 32% and thigh/buttock girth is trimmed by more than an inch. It also dramatically alters stretch mark appearance and firms the skin by up to 60%. c | 310350 Rodial Bum Lift 3.38 oz. $130

Tummy flattening drink

This dietary supplement facilitates digestion and reduces bloating responsible for waistline variations. Slimming ingredients include fennel seed extract, calcium, mineral-rich green clay powder and chicory inulin, an excellent source of dietary fiber. Take once daily, mixed in water to create a pineapplecoconut-papaya tropical fruit drink. Vegetarian. Includes 14 sticks, .17 oz. ea. d | 310354 Rodial Tummy Tuck Sticks 14-ct. $60


Firm and tone the backside

Get the shapely bottom you desire in just 8 weeks. This toning system comfortably stimulates all the muscles in your bottom, generating deep, strengthening contractions that lift and sculpt. Timed control unit features 4 training programs and customizable intensity from 0-99. Includes SYSTEM Skirt (fits 34”-40” hip), 4 adhesive gel pads, battery charger, carry pouch and instructions. 308721 SLENDERTONE® Bottom Toner $129

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| 27 1/27/11 10:27 AM


Don’t just look slimmer, BE SLIMMER! CORRECTIVE The unique design of Lytess flattens tummy and guarantees a reduction of waist and hip size without restricting your mobility. The fabric feels supple, smooth and seamless for optimal comfort. The natural color allows it to be worn discreetly under any garment.

Lose up to


from waist Lose up to

Caffeine & Shea Butter

1” from hips

Lose up to


from waist Lose up to


from hips a


Bye-bye flabby thighs

Drop 2 dress sizes in 18 days

a | 32LY13 Shorty Shaper $75 ea.

b | 32LY06 Corrective Body Shaper S/M - L/XL $80 ea. XXL $85 ea.

Drop up to 2 sizes instantly! Four separate zones slim and support to immediately correct the figure through the waist, tummy, buttocks and thighs. Micro-infused fabric contains caffeine and shea butter for longterm, slimming results in 18 days. Color: Nude. Sizes: S/M–XXL.

This shaper really works your body! Microencapsulated caffeine and shea butter in the fabric provide the energy to firm and tone, with measurable results in just 18 days. It features five specific support areas to slim and lift for a more flattering silhouette. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: S/M–XXL.



Lose up to

Silhouette-perfecting panty


Flatten the stomach, sculpt the hips, shape the waist, smooth the thighs and define the derriere! Instantly provides the silhouette you crave while microcapsule technology in the fabric releases a fat-burning formula of caffeine and mango butter. See results within 20 days. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: S/M–XXL.

from waist Lose up to


from hips



Caffeine-infused shaper

Decrease your waist in just 21 days! Microencapsulated caffeine and shea butter are slowly released to increase circulation while providing strong, firm support of the belly and midsection. Wash after 3–4 uses. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: S/M–XXL. c | 32LY01 Slimming Corrective Belt S/M - L/XL $45 ea. XXL $50 ea.

Body Shapers & Corrective Belts Size Chart Dress Size Size to Order



Be Spr11 28-29.indd 1

e | 32LY03 Push Up Panty S/M - L/XL $35 ea. XXL $40 ea.

6 -12 S/M

14-18 L/XL

20-22 XXL

Slimming belt & brief in one

Immediately correct your posture and silhouette with the same midsection clinching benefits of Lytess’ best-selling Corrective Belt. Lose up to 2 sizes in just 18 days. Color: White. Sizes: S/M–XXL. d | 32LY02 Slimming Corrective Belt Brief S/M - L/XL $60 ea. XXL $65 ea.


800.407.0355 120% Price Guarantee

f | 32LY04 Hi Waist Push Up Panty S/M - L/XL $50 ea. XXL $55 ea. Caffeine & Mango Butter

Push Up Panties Size Chart

Available Lytess Colors: White

Also available in hi-waist panties to slim and trim from knee to bust. Color: Nude. Sizes: S/M–XXL.


Dress Size Size to Order

6 -10 S/M

12-16 L/XL

18-20 XXL

See page 26 for details.

1/27/11 10:29 AM

Lytess shapewear provides corrective control from fabric infused with microencapsulated ingredients to firm and tone. The material’s active ingredients stay effective for up to 30 washes.


FIRMING Uplifting results in just 28 days

Slim your waist, hips & legs

Comfortably correct your bust with a shaping bra without underwire. Four distinct areas of knitted net compress and expand for corrective control. Microcapsule technology distributes firming and toning benefits. Colors: White, Black. Sizes: S/M–XXL.

The seamless knit of these slimming leggings actually firms and tones as you wear it daily. It creates a uniform, smooth appearance under clothing. Fabric is infused with timereleased shea butter and caffeine. See results within 18 days. Color: Black. Sizes: S/M–XXL.

Lose up to

g | 32LY09 Lift Up Bra $60 ea.


Copaiba, Sweet Almond & Elemi Resin

from hips

32LY11 Slimming Leggings $75 ea.

Lose up to


from thighs


Lift Up Bra Size Chart US Size Cup B Cup C Cup D

30 S/M S/M

32 S/M L/XL L/XL



Leggings & Capri Size Chart

Caffeine & Shea Butter

See size chart at right.

Dress Size Size to Order

6 -12 S/M

14-18 L/XL

20-24 XXL

MICROMASSAGE Throughout the day it massages and tones up your skin without any discomfort. This exclusive process massages, tones and fights the orange peel located on arms, hips, waist, tummy and thigh.

Copaiba, Sweet Almond, Elemi Resin, Mango Butter, Red Algae Extract & Japanese Pangoda Extract

Say goodbye to “orange peel”

Eliminate the embarrassing dimpled surface caused by fatty cellulite deposits on the hips and thighs. The micromassaging fabric is infused with anti-cellulite and slimming botanicals. It also firms and tones the waist, hips, buttocks and thighs from waist to ankles. See results within 28 days. Color: White. Sizes: S/M–L/XL. i

Micromassage Tank Size Chart h

Dress Size Size to Order

6 -12 S/M

14-18 L/XL

20-22 XXL

Anti-cellulite tank

Smooth that wrinkled, dimpled skin that concentrates around the waist, hips and stomach. Micromassaging fabric is infused with an ultra-slimming concentrate of anti-cellulite and slimming botanicals. Reduces slack, dimpled skin within 28 days. Color: White. Sizes: S/M–XXL.

j | 32LY08 Anti-Cellulite Leggings $100 ea.

Also available in shorter capri length. Color: White. Sizes: S/M–L/XL.

See size chart above.

k | 32LY07 Anti-Cellulite Capris $90 ea.

h | 32LY12 Micromassage Tank $80 ea.

No more jiggling arms

Simple movement allows the fabric to rub against your skin improving blood circulation and releasing active ingredients that leaves your skin firmer and hydrated. Two sleeves. Color: White. One size fits most. i | 322037 Anti-Cellulite Sleeves $30





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| 29 1/27/11 10:30 AM

Created for real bodies by TV actress Amanda Horan Kennedy, Sassybax was born from the thought that if control-top pantyhose can slim hips and thighs, control-top bras and shapewear can do the same above the waistline, while providing exceptional comfort.

Shapewear made pretty

The cool, compressive silky fabric of this camisole slims the torso while an underwire bra gives bust a lift. European lace details and adjustable straps. Wear alone or under a blouse. Color: Black. Sizes: 32 (B-C), 34 (B-D), 36 (B-D), 38 (B-D) 323SLC Pretty Collection Camisole $110 ea.

Plus sizes available b


Banish back fat for good

Get an hourglass figure and eliminate bra bulge with this underwire camisole for added support and confidence. Knit seamlessly around the torso, revolutionary microfiber comfortably lifts the bust line and smoothes the entire midsection. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: S-2X Plus Size. Use pant size to determine size. 312SX2 Underwire Torso Trim $75 ea.

Available Sassybax® colors:

Add some “sass” to your backside

The knit-in technology sculpts, rounds and lifts the body’s lower half. Eight support systems lift and separate the derriere, while trimming the hips, thighs and tummy... all without unsightly seams. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: S-XL. Use pant size to determine size. a | 323SX5 Long Leg Panty $55 ea.

A wardrobe must-have

This straight-leg pant provides all-day tummy control, hip slimming and thigh smoothing. The stay-in-place waistband can be worn at the waist or lower as a hip hugger. 85% nylon, 13% spandex, 2% cotton. Color: Black. Sizes: S-XL. Use pant size to determine size. b | 323SCP Cigarette Pant $75 ea.



Be Spr11 30-31.indd 1

800.407.0355 60-Day Return Guarantee



Sassybax® Size Chart & Fit Guidelines Pant Size* (Top Size) A Cup 2-4-6 (S) S 8-10 (M) M** 12-14 (L) L** 16-18 (XL) XL** 20-22 (1X) 1X** 24-26 (2X) 2X**

B Cup S M L XL 1X 2X

C Cup S M L XL 1X 2X

D Cup DD Cup S M M L L XL XL XL 1X 1X 2X 2X

* Fit must be determined by pant size to ensure proper tummy control. ** A cup gals may find our cups have too much fabric. You may prefer to wear an enhancer such as Sassymax to fill the cup. DON’T SIZE DOWN! Make no mistake, a smaller size will not give more control, just a bad fit. See page 26 for details.

1/27/11 10:33 AM

Silver Wave Technology Features & Benefits: • Patented “wave” fabric performs • Helps eliminate water retention micromassage using natural body movements • Silver-ion yarn prevents bacteria, • Stimulates microcirculation with added dust mites, fungus and bad odors compression support to fight cellulite • Machine washable

Massaging belly band

The light compression in this soft elastic abdominal band shapes hips and abdomen and provides lower back support. The silver wave fabric actively massages, stimulates and detoxifies the skin. Fabric is light, breathable and is invisible under clothing. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: S-XL. 323SW2 Silver Wave Abdominal Band $75 ea.

Goodbye flabby arms

This remarkable skin firming and toning sleeve combines a breathable, micromassaging knit with built-in, clinical-grade, graduated compression that gently massages skin to improve appearance of saggy and jiggly arms and upper shoulders. Unisex. Color: Nude. Sizes: S-L. 323SW3 Silver Wave Slimming Arms $105 ea.

Cellulite-busting shaper

Look slim and toned just by wearing the Silver Wave shaper. A patented, micromassaging fabric boosts circulation, making cellulite a thing of the past. The bacteriostatic fibers keep skin clean and dry. Perfect for the gym and everyday wear. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: S-L. 323SW1 Silver Wave Low Body Shaper $50 ea.

Performance-enhancing legwarmer

Micromassaging leg warmers reduce muscle vibration in the calves, which helps lessen fatigue and improve recovery when worn postworkout. Graduated compression increases blood circulation and prevents swollen legs and ankles. Recommended for sports, aerobics, jogging or biking. Color: Black. Sizes: S-XL. 323SW4 Micromassage Leg $33 ea.

Available Solidea® colors: Nude (Sabbia)

Black (Nero)

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| 31 1/27/11 10:33 AM

Yummie Tummie by Heather Thomson Features & Benefits: • Soft cotton fabric with spandex tummy panel • Firmly shapes and smoothes bust line to hips • Moisture-wicking material keeps you cool and dry

Slim your torso, even in jeans

Slip into something slimmer

This V-neck is specially made to wear alone and is perfect to pair with low-rise jeans. The longsleeve T-shirt has an inside polyester/spandex 3-panel smoothing system that slims the waistline, preventing that embarrassing “muffin top.” The outside is made of comfortable stretch cotton with no visible seams. Color: Black. Sizes: S-L.

Wear any dress with confidence; this highwaisted slip gives you the perfect figure. Silicone tape waistband prevents rolling, riding and pinching so you are flawlessly smooth from torso to thighs. Plus, you can wear it with any bra. Stretch lace trim sweep with no closure. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: S-XL. 323YSP Slippie $68 ea.

323YSV Long Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt $86 ea.



Shown in White regular length

Strappy tank

A dressier version of our slimming tank with adjustable, silk-bound spaghetti straps. The firm-control microfiber panel smoothes and slenderizes. 1/4” straps. Colors: White, Nude, Black. Sizes: S-XL. Strappy $72 ea. a | 323YSR Regular (26”) e | 323YSL Long (29”)

Yummie Sizes S M L XL U.S. Women’s 4-6 8-10 12-14 16 Bust (in.) 33-34” 35-36” 37-38” 39” Waist (in.) 25-26” 27-28” 29-30” 31” Hips (in.) 36-37” 38-39” 40-41” 42”



Be Spr11 32-33.indd 1


Shown in Black regular length

Shown in Black long length


Our classic, slimming tank is meant to be seen while secretly camouflaging your midsection from lumps, bumps or muffin top! Wear it daily as a foundation or layering piece. 5/8” straps. Colors: White, Nude, Black. Sizes: S-XL. Tank $62 ea. f | 323YTR Regular (26”) b | 323YTL Long (29”)

What’s your length?

Full-coverage shaper

Your favorite tank just got better! Designed with wider straps for fuller coverage and a high back, this fashion-forward layering tank creates a slender, bulge-free midsection. Colors: White, Black. Sizes: S-XL. c | 323YSK Skinny Tank Regular (26”) $62 ea.

Yummie Tummies come in two lengths, Long (29”) and Regular (26”). For most women, the regular should do the trick, but if you are tall, have a long torso, or are looking to create a layered look and pull your Yummie Tummie down over your bum, order the long.

Available Yummie Tummie colors: White



800.407.0355 FREE shipping on orders $99 and over

1/27/11 10:36 AM

B Y S A R A B L A K E L Y® a



Plus sizes available c


Plus sizes available

Plus sizes available

Plus sizes available

Bust-enhancing cami

This elegant cami banishes back fat and love handles with powerful single-layer compression. Open-bust design flatters the chest and can be worn with any bra. For daily wear with elegant details including touchably soft fabric, finished trim and sheer edging. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: S-3X Plus Size. a | 322SL1 Slimplicity Open Bust Cami S-XL $44 ea. 1X-3X Plus Sizes $48 ea.

Slimming made simple

A shaper so pretty you’ll want to wear it every day! Powerful compression controls the tummy, hips, thighs and rear. Back seam offers shapely definition. Comfort features include cotton gusset and lasercut edges that won’t bulge or bind. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: S-3X Plus Size. c | 322SL3 Slimplicity Shaper S-XL $52 ea. 1X-3X Plus Sizes $56 ea.

Also available in a scoop neck style with darts that release compression to flatter the bustline. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: S-3X Plus Size. b | 322SL2 Slimplicity Scoop Neck Cami S-XL $44 ea. 1X-3X Plus Sizes $48 ea.

Available Spanx colors: Vanilla



Figure-flattering fashion essential

The classic long sleeve crew is reinvented in soft, lightweight yarns that look and feel luxurious while offering built-in shape control. Seamless single-layer compression firms the tummy and smoothes love handles. Wear alone or as a layering piece. Color: Black. Sizes: S-XL. d | 322ST1 On Top and In Control Sophisticated Long Sleeve Crew $98 ea.

Slim your silhouette

S M L XL 1X 2X 3X

Spanx Shapewear Size Chart Bust Waist Hip 33.5-35.5 26.5-28 36-37.5 36-38 28.5-30.5 38-40.5 38.5-40.5 31-33 41-43 41-43 33.5-35.5 43.5-45.5 44-47.5 36-39 46-49.5 48-51.5 39.5-43 50-53.5 52-54 43.5-45.5 54-56

A shaping tank that’s meant to be seen! This slimming scoop neck tank can be worn with anything from jeans to skirts. Wear alone or under a blouse for invisible shaping that eliminates love handles and contours the body. Soft and lightweight. Colors: Vanilla (Sizes: S-XL), Black (Sizes: S-3X Plus Size). e | 322ST2 On Top and In Control Classic Scoop Neck Tank S-XL $68 ea. 1X-3X Plus Sizes $72 ea.

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| 33 1/27/11 10:37 AM

B Y S A R A B L A K E L Y®


Sold separately

Plus sizes available


Layers to slim, shape & transform

This system of ultra-light sheer shapers lets you control your level of support. Wear the hipster or short alone to slim and smooth the tummy, thighs and rear. Layer multiple sheer shorts for added toning and transforming support. Laser-cut legs and waist eliminate pinching, binding and bulging for a smooth silhouette under clothes.


Slimming Hipster slims the tummy and hips. Cotton gusset. Sizes: S-3X Plus Size. c | 322SB1 Skinny Britches Hipster S-XL $32 ea. 1X-3X Plus Sizes $35 ea.

Sheer Slimming Short slims the tummy, hips and thighs. Cotton gusset. Sizes: S-3X Plus Size. d | 322SB2 Skinny Britches Short S-XL $42 ea. 1X-3X Plus Sizes $45 ea. Available Spanx colors:

body shaping

for special occasions

Plus sizes available


Seamless body shaper

Banish the back fat

313SC4 Slim Cognito Shape-Suit $98 ea.

a | 312SC3 Slim Cognito Seamless Body-Shaping Tank $74 ea.

Trade up your slip for all-in-one coverage that makes you svelte. Zoned compression trims and shapes the waist, hips and thighs while removable underwire provides lift and support. Adjustable straps and a doublecotton gusset for convenience. It’s perfect under skirts and shoulder-baring dresses. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: S-XL.

S M L XL 1X 2X 3X



Be Spr11 34-35.indd 1




Crown Blue

Show off a perfectly smooth silhouette from the front or back. Maximum zoned compression targets bulgy trouble spots. A seamless design in luxurious sleek yarns means no visible lines or fabric cling. Built-in removable underwire gives you the option to go braless and give your back a lift. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: S-XL.

The perfect bodysuit

Spanx Shapewear Size Chart Bust Waist Hip 33.5-35.5 26.5-28 36-37.5 36-38 28.5-30.5 38-40.5 38.5-40.5 31-33 41-43 41-43 33.5-35.5 43.5-45.5 44-47.5 36-39 46-49.5 48-51.5 39.5-43 50-53.5 52-54 43.5-45.5 54-56


This bodysuit with mid-thigh support shapes and contours problem areas with zoned compression for maximum control. Minimize your tummy, lift your rear and make inches seem to disappear! The detachable straps attach to the bra that’s best for you to keep the bodysuit in place. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: S-3X Plus Size. b | 313SC2 Slim Cognito Seamless Mid-Thigh Shaper S-XL $72 ea. 1X-3X Plus Sizes $76 ea.

800.407.0355 120% Price Guarantee


Total tummy tamer

Bra-llelujah’s coordinate panty features banded, double-layer compression to firm the tummy and hips. A flat waistband transitions to skin invisibly for a perfectly smooth, shaped silhouette. Colors: Nude, Black, Soft Pink. Sizes: S-XL. e | 322SU1 Undie-Tectable Panty $32 ea. Available Spanx colors: Nude


Soft Pink

See page 26 for details.

1/27/11 10:40 AM

Voted one of “the best body-enhancing inventions ever” by InStyle magazine readers.






Your best bra yet

This innovative design has naturally adjusting shoulder and back straps, made from hosiery fabric that automatically conforms to the body like second skin. It banishes visible bra lines and minimizes back bulges. Front closure eliminates uncomfortable metal hooks. Colors: Nude, Black, Soft Pink. Sizes: 32 (A-DD), 34 (A-DD), 36 (B-DD), 38 (B-DD), 40-42 (C-DD). a | 312BR1 Bra-llelujah! Underwire Contour Bra $62 ea.



High-performance underwear

Combines the comfort of regular undergarments with the support and control of hosiery. There’s no leg band, so they are invisible under clothing while creating body shaping control from the waist to the mid-thigh. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: A-E.

Also available with racerback straps to sport shoulder-baring styles with confidence. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: 32 (A-DD), 34 (A-DD), 36 (B-DD), 38 (B-DD), 40-42 (C-DD). b | 312BR2 Bra-llelujah! Racerback Bra $62 ea.

c | 312HY1 Power Panties $30 ea.

Spanx Hosiery Size Chart He igh t 95 100 105 110 115 120 125 130 135 140 145 150 155 160 165 170 175 180 185 190 195 200 205 210 215 220 225 230 235 240 245 250 255 260 265

Weight (lbs.)

4'10" 4'11" 5'0" 5'1" 5'2" 5'3" 5'4" 5'5" 5'6" 5'7" 5'8" 5'9" 5'10" 5'11" 6'0"



Also available with Super Tummy Control for added support. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: A-E. d | 322SP1 Super Power Panties $32 ea.

Also available with ultimate slimming and control from just below the bust line to the lower thigh. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: A-E. e | 312HY2 Higher Power Panties $36 ea.

Also available the up-to-the-bust shaping brief features an all-cotton panty with non-binding legbands. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: A-E. f | 312HY3 Higher Power Brief $36 ea.

Also available with Super Tummy Control for added support. Colors: Nude, Black. Sizes: A-E. g | 322SP2 Super Higher Power Panties $38 ea.

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Be Spr11 34-35.indd 2

| 35 1/27/11 10:41 AM

tanning solutions Salon-quality airbrush tan

Apply a perfect sunless tan unassisted in the privacy of your own home. The airbrush wand gives you complete control at any angle, applying an ultra-fine continuous mist. Antiaging sunless tanning formula creates up to a week of flawless color. Kit includes wand, AquaSun Sunless Tanning Mist (medium-dark) 5.9 oz., Barrier Cream 1.8 oz., exfoliating glove, goggles, 4 shower caps, carrying case, shower hook and instructions. 290990 AquaSun System $60 290991 AquaSun Sunless Tanning Mist Refill 5.9 oz. $20

NEW! Sunless tanning that’s light & effortless

This lightweight, fast-drying gel contains triple-action tanning actives that create an all-over, natural-looking tan instantly. 203032 Fake Bake SelfTan Bronzing Gel 5 oz. $19

Instant selftanning spray

Get a flawless airbrush tan without a visit to the tanning salon. Applies easily and dries quickly as it penetrates the skin for long-lasting color. Specially designed air-shaft sprayer provides a fine, even mist for any angle of the body, even hard-to-reach places.

Self-tanner dries in seconds

Easily apply natural-looking streak-free color without fear of mistakes. With this foam mousse you can see exactly where you apply it. For body and face; all skin tones and types. 202004 Fake Bake SelfTanning Mousse 4 oz. $27

202013 Fake Bake Air Brush Instant Self-Tanning Spray 7 oz. $20

body solutions Take sonic cleansing beyond the face

Improves skin texture & firmness!


The most versatile sonic cleansing system offers more power, a third speed and a Spot Therapy Brush Head for the body. It removes makeup and cleanses skin 6 times more effectively than traditional washing in just 60 seconds. Includes: • Cordless Clarisonic® PLUS with 3 speeds • Universal Charging Cradle • 2 Brush Heads (1 Sensitive for face and 1 Spot Therapy for body) • 3 trial size Facial Cleansers and 1 Refining Skin Polish for body a | 309322 Clarisonic® PLUS White $225


Also available: Clarisonic MIA 1-Speed Blue

Smaller size unit includes Sensitive Brush Head, compact International Charger and trial size Cleanser. b | 310233 $149



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800.407.0355 60-Day Return Guarantee

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body solutions


Reduce cellulite in just 47 days

Clinical studies prove this supplement reduces cellulite and the circumference of the thighs, hips, abdomen and buttocks. In the most recent study, 94% of users saw cellulite reduction after 47 days. 90-ct. a | 308358 CelluScience™ $120

Target cellulite’s deepest levels

Achieve a smoother, firmer appearance by targeting cellulite at its deepest level. Active ingredients are released over a 15-hour period for remarkable effectiveness. Also helps dissolve fat, improve circulation and eliminate retained fluids. Before


b | 323144 DS Laboratories Oligo.DX® Cellulite Reducing Gel 5.07 oz. $40


d c

Lose weight without jitters

Patches are effective for 24 hours, helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. All-natural ingredients to feel full longer and prevent intense cravings. c | 401375 Verseo® Be-Slim™ 24-Hour Weight Loss Patch 30-ct. $40

Postpone the signs of aging

This natural-based supplement restores and nourishes skin and has been shown to boost moisture levels by up to 30%. Within 12 weeks skin looks and feels smoother, softer and more hydrated from head to toe. 3-month supply. 312940 Imedeen® Time Perfection 180-ct. $195

Soothe muscles throughout the day

The first adjustable lumbar support belt with an essential oil microencapsulated patch consisting of the following 5 cosmetic active ingredients: green menthol and clove to soothe and refresh tired, sore muscles; cinnamon to relax, revitalize and enhance blood flow; wintergreen for anti-rheumatic, anti-arthritic and anti-spasmodic properties; and mango butter to moisturize skin. d | 322124 Lytess Lumbar Belt $100 c | 322125 Lytess Lumbar Belt Patch Refill 2-ct. $40

Reclaim youthful beauty & energy

Support your body’s natural anti-aging hormones and protein synthesis with a powerful combination of amino acids. Helps to promote muscle recovery and growth, improve body composition and increase lean muscle. Users experience increased energy, improved skin tone and elasticity, new hair growth, loss of fat and more restful sleep. Berry flavored. 4-week supply.

Your skin-nourishing drink Restore collagen to the skin with a nourishing, great-tasting drink. In 45 days skin is smoother, tighter and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles diminishes.

309247 Toki Powder Collagen Drink Packets 60-ct. $175

310730 Neutraceutics™ Symbiotropin Dietary Supplement 40-ct. $98

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pamper your hands & nails Fade dark spots while protecting your hands

This treatment is the first to combine retinol, SPF 20 and Gatuline® whitening (a complex lightening ingredient). Vitamin A also helps strengthen nails.

309021 Robanda® Anti-Aging Hand Cream 3 oz. $20


Stop the pain & discomfort

Relieve arthritis or other pain and support mobility with natural heat therapy. These gloves feature a Trioxin lining, originally developed for Olympic athletes and clinically proven to raise skin temperature 2-3 degrees for optimum heat therapy. They offer gentle compression, yet are comfortable enough to wear while performing daily activities or sleeping. Textured outer layer offers enhanced grip. Thermoskin Premium Arthritic Gloves, Black 1-pr. $39 ea. 322420 Small 322421 Medium 322422 Large


Whiten nails with oxygen

The effervescent whitening power of oxygen is now available in an instant manicure powder. Simply add warm water and soak hands for several minutes. The sparkling treatment thoroughly cleanses, while creating a suppler cuticle and bright, white nails.

NEW! Take-home spa treatment

Experience the relaxing benefits of an at-home spa treatment with these great calming products. Moisturize and exfoliate skin with Sea Salt Scrub for Hands & Body 8 oz.; massage tired muscles and nourish skin with super-hydrating Body Butter 8 oz.; and soften dry, damaged cuticles with Shea Butter-infused Cuticle Conditioning Stick. Includes free 2-oz. Spa Elixir. a | 109844 Cuccio Naturalé Spa to Go Pomegranate & Fig Kit $30

Luxurious hydration


c | 312152 Talika Instant Manicure 8-ct. $33

NEW! Easy to use & grip

Cut through natural nails with ease using this easy-grip nail clipper. The extra-wide soft, cushioned handle prevents slipping while blade bumpers prevent accidental cuts. The angled shape is specifically designed for ease of use by those with stiff or arthritic hands. d | 193251 Denco Easy Grip Fingernail Clipper $25 e

A blend of organic extracts, vitamins and amino acids provides hydration for the hands, feet and body. Skin is left feeling extremely soft with a dewy finish, lasting 5 times longer than ordinary lotions. b | 109807 Cuccio Naturalé Milk & Honey Butter Blend 8 oz. $15



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NEW! Remove nail polish with ease

Each towelette comes pre-moistened with acetone-free nail polish remover. e | 110703 Dynarex Nail Polish Remover Pads 100-ct. $7.50

800.407.0355 FREE shipping on orders $99 and over

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d e

Anti-aging nail strengthener

Conditioning nail treatment

Unlock your nails’ potential to reverse visible signs of aging. Anti-aging protein peptides go directly to the nail bed to promote longer, stronger, healthier nails. Fast-drying treatment for natural nails and a protecting base coat under polish. a | 323109 Dermelect® Launchpad .4 oz. $18

A favorite of manicurists worldwide, this oil conditions your nails while softening cuticles and promoting strong, flexible natural nails and enhancements. A natural blend of jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E. b | 769601 CND® SolarOil .5 oz. $10

Weak nail solution

Now there is a salon professional solution for soft, peeling nails. This unique protein formulation seals layers, reinforces and thickens the nails. c | 108375 Nail Tek™ Intensive Therapy II .5 oz. $11



Growth accelerator

Grow natural nails twice as fast and twice as thick with an allnatural formula featuring myrrh extract. Onymyrrhe guarantees longer, stronger, faster growing nails in just 16 weeks when applied daily. f | 108089 Onymyrrhe .5 oz. $30


Anti-aging ridge filler

Camouflage and heal extensive nail damage with this specially formulated, ridge filling treatment with a natural color enhancer. g | 322024 Barielle® Natural Nail Camouflage .5 oz. $16

Strength for soft, peeling nails

In 3 weeks this protein formula helps build up damaged nails, bonding and fortifying weak nail layers together. Use as a base coat under your weekly manicure to maintain nail strength. h | 322085 Barielle® Nail Rebuilding Protein .5 oz. $16

Color brightening top coat

This clear top coat dries to a hard, elastic glaze to protect color, providing a brilliant sheen. Apply a second coat a few days later to brighten the color and extend wear even longer. d | 322406 Mavala Colorfix .338 oz. $11

Strength for the nail’s weakest spot

Stop chips or breaks from cutting nails short. This formula quickly hardens and seals the layers at the tips to prevent splitting, peeling or breaking. Apply twice a week. e | 322409 Mavala Scientifique .17 oz. $18



Soften hard cuticles

Natural softeners gently enhance the contour of the nail, moisturizing thick, dry, ragged or bitten cuticles so they can easily be pushed back. Use daily for healthy cuticles that promote nail growth. i | 322084 Barielle® Extra Gentle Cuticle Minimizer .5 oz. $10

World’s finest top coat

This top coat sets the standard for performance, gloss and durability. Apply over wet nail polish for a no-streak, guaranteed-not-to-yellow finish. Quick dry. Nitrocellulose and formaldehyde-free. j | 108151 Seche Vite™ Dry Fast Top Coat .5 oz $10

Want More? Visit to shop our entire collection from:

Barielle • China Glaze • CND • Cuccio • Essie • Zoya

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a treat for your feet Heats up cold water in minutes! Relax while soothing aching, tired feet

Detoxifying foot spa

Rebalance your body, kick-starting the natural detoxification process. Just a 30-minute foot spa treatment 2 times a week leads to renewed physical and mental energy. A gentle bio-energetic wave travels through the body, enabling it to dispose of waste and toxins through the more than 2,000 pores in the feet. System includes timer and control unit, 30 bowl liners, energizing cartridge and low-sodium salt for up to 30 treatments. 380947 Bioenergiser D-Tox Foot Spa $129* 380948 Replacement Energizing Kit $35 * Shipping surcharges apply to this item if shipped 2-Day Air or Next-Day Air.


When you can’t get to the spa, the Ultimate Foot Bath is the next best thing. Features 4 water jets, vibration and roller massagers. Ozone function detoxifies water and aromatherapy dispenser lets you add essential oils or scent beads for an even more relaxing experience. Waterproof toe-touch control, integrated heater for fast warm up, pedicenter with interchangeable pumice stone, acupressure and acunode massage attachments. 301244 HotSpa® Ultimate Foot Bath $109

NEW! Enhance your pedicure experience


Wear these fashionable, comfortable sandals to the salon for your next pedicure appointment or use at home to protect your pedicure and indulge tired feet. Features durable, non-skid rubber soles with soft, smooth padding and hand-sewn toe separators. Machine washable. Available women’s sizes: S (5-6); M (7-8); L (9-10). b | Pedi Couture Terry Sandals $25 ea. Black 309210 S 309211 M 309212 L

NEW! Clear nail fungus quickly

This topical treatment comes in individual-use disposable swabs. Contains Tetranol, an all-natural 100% organic plant derivative product that, when applied to nails, can clear fingernail fungus in 10 days, or toenail fungus in 30 to 60 days.

Before c

a | 107006 Onymyrrhe OnyStat 20-ct. $40

Faux Fur Leopard 309218 S 309219 M 309220 L

The professional choice for removing calluses!

c | 301045 Callus Eliminator® Unscented 4 oz. $16

Ingrown nail nipper

011166 For Pro Ingrown Toenail Nipper $18

Lilac 309215 S 309216 M 309217 L

The fast, safe and effective solution for even the toughest of calluses! It breaks down calluses in 3-5 minutes so you can simply file or buff them away revealing soft, smooth feet. Unscented.


Specifically designed to remove ingrown toenails, this stainless steel nipper is high-quality and durable.

Hot Pink 309213 S 309214 M 309221 L

Love your baby soft feet


Buff away thick calluses and rough cracked heels quickly and safely. Etched abrasive surface has both coarse- and medium-grit sides for use wet or dry. d | 193250 Denco Easy Grip Heavy-Duty Foot Smoother $25



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hair maintenance

Kiss frizzy hair & flyaways goodbye

Just one 30-minute application of this patented treatment leaves hair softer, shinier, stronger and frizz-free for up to 30 days! The spray-in progressive formula infuses curly, frizzy, unmanageable hair with the keratin protein – so the more often you use it, the more beautiful your hair will be. Kit includes: • 30 Day Straight Smooth Strong & Long Treatment, 4 oz. • Infusing Healthy Hair De-Frizz Shampoo, 1.7 oz. • Infusing Deep De-Frizz Conditioner, 1.7 oz. • Filling Leave-In Conditioner, 1.7 oz.

I have fine, stick-straight hair that frizzes in humidity, and, since I color it, often feels crispy and dry. Liquid Keratin is the only product line that has ever overcome weather, hard well water, permanent color, and the wiry texture gray hair can have. The results are dramatic enough that people frequently stop me to compliment my smooth, shiny hair. I love, love it. LIQUIDKERATIN.COM REVIEW

309098 Liquid Keratin Starter Kit $69

View training video on



Note: For the initial application, you must seal the keratin with a flat iron at high heat (420-450°) and wear your hair straight for 48 hours. See page 45 or visit to shop flat irons.

82% less gray hair in 28 days!

Real hair color in a marker

Get rid of gray gradually

Instant gray root touch up keeps hair color looking perfect between salon visits. Marker-style for precise application, at the all-important hairline. Won’t flake or rub off, even with brushing. Continuous, easy application. 423043 423044 423045 423046 423047 423049 TouchBack Marker .27 oz. $30 ea.

Rich Black

Dark Medium Light Brown Brown Brown

309394 GrayBan® 6.8 oz. $24

Ash Light Blonde Auburn


Hide gray roots instantly

The #1 salon-recommended liquid touch-up for gray roots. It’s a color support system that keeps hair looking perfect between trips to your colorist. Goes on easily, dries in a minute and stays until shampooed out. Never flakes or rubs off, even after brushing. ColorMark® Liquid Touch Up .15 oz. $22 ea.

423030 423031 423032 423033 Dark Medium Light Rich Black Brown Brown Brown

Banish gray for good without dyes or peroxides. Working with the protein in your hair, GrayBan naturally restores your original hair color. Spray on once daily for three weeks, then maintain and watch as your hair returns to its lost color and regains volume, vitality and shine. Works on any color hair.

423034 423036 Ash Light Blonde Auburn


Avoid gray hair the natural way

Maintain your beautiful, red, brown, blonde, or black hair with this powerful combination of copper, Vitamin C, folic acid, lycopene and B12. This daily supplement contributes to long-term production of melanin in the hair, helping you stave off gray and maintain a glossy gorgeous mane. 60-day supply. 309249 Toki™ Color $75

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reclaim your mane a

Prevent & proliferate

b The Sulfate-Free Shampoo (8.33 oz.) and Preserving Conditioner (8.33 oz.) work in symphony to maximize the health and presence of existing hair as the regrowth formula takes effect. Formulated specifically for women, Nano Serum (4.17 oz.) includes the only FDA-approved hair regrowth product that delivers 2% minoxidil in pure water. a | 401100 Lanadil Women’s Hair


Re-Growth System $140

Thicker hair in 28 days

Hair+ accelerating treatment is formulated with essential vitamins and proteins resulting in longer, thicker hair in just 28 days. Use together to help retain moisture and prevent breakage for shinier, healthier hair. 8.5 oz. Hair+® $20 ea. b | 401370 Shampoo c | 401371 Conditioner

Regenerate stronger hair

Regenerating Scalp Serum treats both sources of hair loss, the follicle and the scalp, with a proprietary blend of traditional Chinese herbs, swertia extract and apple stem cells. d | 312009 Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs Regenerating Scalp Serum 1.7 oz. $45


For optimal results, use with Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs Stimulating:



Enjoy thicker, longer hair

The Lasertron Brush’s combination of low-level laser light, a DHT blocker, along with galvanic and live enzyme cleansers provides one of the most effective regimens available for the treatment of hair loss. Apply cleanser and treatment solution before brushing hair with brush for 15 minutes, 3 times a week. Your hair appears visibly thicker, fuller and healthier in 12-16 weeks. 401379 Lasertron Hair Rejuvenation System $149

312007 Shampoo 8 oz. $22 312008 Conditioner 8 oz. $20



Restore naturallooking hair

Combat hereditary hair loss

If you’re among the millions suffering from female-pattern baldness, then Provillus is for you. Its FDA-approved formula contains 2% minoxidil to help regrow stronger, healthier hair. Dietary supplements provide complete hair nourishment. One-month supply.

This follicle-stimulating scalp conditioner contains a special protein/peptide formula that strengthens and restores the vitality of your hair within weeks. In 4-6 weeks your hair shafts will grow longer, thicker and with more of their original color. Two-month supply.

323105 Provillus™ Women’s Formula $50

309508 Keracyte-b™ Scalp Conditioner 1.7 oz. $99



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800.407.0355 60-Day Return Guarantee

See page 26 for details.

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hair regrowth The world’s first and only FDA-approved, in-home laser treatment for men’s hair. Experience real hair growth with minimal effort

Men, now you can treat thinning hair with an effective, safe, laser haircare treatment in the comfort and privacy of your home. This revolutionary invention utilizes the scientific principle of photo-biostimulation that progressively improves the appearance of fine or thinning hair over time. The “cold” laser technology is gentle, and gives off no heat. Although individual results may vary, most users notice improvements within 8-16 weeks. Use 3 times a week for 10-15 minutes per session. Cordless rechargeable. 309507 HairMax® Premium LaserComb $495

To learn how the HairMax technology works, view the video presentation on



Please note: The HairMax LaserComb is indicated to promote hair growth in males with androgenetic alopecia who have Norwood Hamilton Classification of IIa to V and Fitzpatric Skin Types I to IV.

The world’s finest brush a


Made by hand, the unique rubbercushion pad allows for effective brushing. Regular brushing stimulates the scalp and spreads natural oils along hair giving it strength, suppleness and a healthy sheen.


I have used [DS Laboratories] products for some time now and my hair loss has greatly decreased. Breakage has nearly completely stopped. I have new visible hair and I am also very happy with your new formula.

Mason Pearson Brushes d | 441604 Junior Mixture BN2 (7 rings of pure boar bristle and nylon tuft) $130 441602 Handy Mixture BN3 (6 rings of pure boar bristle and nylon tuft) $113 e | 441606 Detangler N3 (6 rings of nylon tuft) $86


When other treatments fail

More than minoxidil alone, this hair-growth treatment combines the latest science into a convenient topical cream. Research-grade 5% minoxidil triggers hair growth, mixed with 3 natural 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors to suppress the hormone that triggers malepattern baldness. a | 322160 DS Labs Spectral. DNC-L® for Advanced Baldness 2.03 oz. $45

Clinically proven to help regrow hair

This hair-loss treatment combines the proven effectiveness of 5% minoxidil (approved by the FDA in treating male-pattern hair loss) with the latest in hair regrowth advancements. It fights the causes of hair loss and helps to grow your own strong and healthy hair. For mild to moderate hair loss. b | 322161 DS Labs Spectral.DNC® 2.03 oz. $36

Breakthrough treatment for thinning hair

Using proprietary nanosome technology, Spectral.RS® works by improving the nutrition, circulation and metabolism of the hair follicle. Ideal for both men and women with generalized thinning hair, it’s a highly effective alternative to minoxidil. c | 323143 DS Labs



Spectral.RS® for Thinning Hair 2.03 oz. $36

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top-rated appliances

NEW! Create long-lasting waves

Thin, thick, straight or curly – create deep-set waves in any hair type with patented Pulse Technology and a new plate design for premium styling. Ceramic radiates far-infrared heat to preserve hair’s natural moisture while tourmaline produces ions to seal the hair cuticle and increase shine. Variable heat settings up to 430° F. Locking switch locks plates together for easy storage and travel.

Style as you dry

Quickly create soft, bouncy curls and volume with tangle-free styling. Integrated brush bristles grip hair for gentle control, then retract into barrel for easy release. Ionic feature, 2 heat settings plus cool shot. 1000 watts. 444566 Hot Tools Ionic Hot Air Brush Iron 1.25” $50

444032 Hot Tools Deep Waver $65

NEW! At-home salon quality styling

This professional curling iron features digital precise heat up to 450° F and a smooth glide barrel that won’t pull or snag hair during styling. Ceramic, ionic and tourmaline technology locks in moisture, creating silky, shiny curls that stay in place. Easy-reach thumb press adjusts to hand size. 444131 Solano Smooth Curl 450 Professional Curling Iron 1.25” $69

NEW! Achieve perfect curls every time

Cut styling time in half with a guided curl coil barrel, which insures the perfect looped curl with every use. Features fast heat up and heat recovery with 10 heat settings. Easy to use with extra-long thumb grip, extra-long cool tip and foldaway safety stand. Smooth, sleek titanium design prevents barrel from snagging on hair for hassle-free styling. 444033 Hot Tools Blue Ice Titanium Coil Curling Iron $55

NEW! Professional-looking spiral curls

Create beautiful spiral curls that look like they were styled by a professional hairdresser. Patented Pulse Technology allows for fast heat up and heat recovery. Easy to use with 10 heat settings, extralong thumb grip, extra-long cool tip and foldaway safety stand. Smooth, sleek titanium design prevents barrel from snagging on hair. 444034 Hot Tools Blue Ice Titanium Spiral Curling Iron $55

Not your mother’s hair rollers

Create shiny, frizz-free, bouncy, salon-quality curls at home. These ultra-lightweight plastic rollers contain a ceramic core delivering far-infrared heat for faster, gentler styling. Two heat settings and dual ionic ports. Includes 8 jumbo 1 1/2”, 8 large 1 1/4”, 8 medium 1” and 6 small 3/4” rollers, 15 butterfly clips and a storage pouch.

Weightless styling spray

A unique formula delivers a lightweight, humidity-resistant gel in a fine mist aerosol spray. It lifts roots and sets styles with great hold, yet hair remains soft and brushable. For all hair types, effective for fine hair and sensitive scalps. 797206 TRI Aerogel 10.5 oz. $17.50

444484 BaByliss® PRO Ceramic 30-Roller Hairsetter $100



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Reduce drying time up to 70%

NEW! The Ferrari of all hair dryers

444149 T3 Featherweight Luxe Dryer $250

444462 BaByliss® PRO Volare V1 Dryer $200

Professional dryer with Tourmaline SoftAire technology concentrates ionic and infrared heat to gently dry large sections of hair. Crushed tourmaline infused into dryer components offers superior performance compared to spray-coated tourmaline dryers. Moisture is sealed into the cuticle, creating silky smooth hair with unparalleled shine. Features 2 speeds and 3 heat settings plus cool shot. Includes concentrator and tourmaline diffuser. 13.5 oz.

The leader in high-performance luxury sports vehicles brings its innovation to a dryer. Handcrafted in Italy, this full-size professional dryer includes a 2,000-watt Ferrari-designed V12 engine. Ultra-efficient, it features turbo boost for extreme air pressure and a unique ergonomic design for maximum airflow. The tri-port ionic generator and 6 heat and speed settings allow for faster drying time with unbeatable precision and shine. Air concentrator attachment included.

Style like a pro

Look like you have a professional stylist on-hand at all times. Patented rotating heated 1.25” cylinder and 4 rows of bristles straighten, curl and add body without needing intense heat. With just one tool, the InStyler achieves styles more easily. 401105 InStyler Rotating Iron $99

Perfect heat with every pass

Stylists designed this award-winning iron to straighten and style effortlessly. It delivers perfect continuous heat to the plates through uninterrupted temperature monitoring. Tourmaline ceramic technology coupled with ionic and infrared heat seals in moisture and reduces static for a frizz-free, lustrous finish.

Ultra-smooth styling

Professional salon iron delivers fast heat up and instant heat recovery with patented pulse technology and a ceramic heater. Rounded edge floating titanium plates offer even, snag-free contact. Variable heat control up to 450° F. 444563 Hot Tools Blue Ice Titanium Flat Iron 1” $70

444148 T3 SinglePass Straight X Style Iron 1” $160

NEW! Heat treatment for dry, damaged hair Restore dry, brittle, overprocessed hair to soft, lustrous, more manageable tresses in just 20 minutes with this electric heated conditioning cap. Features 3 heat settings and washable inner liner. 109006 Thermal Spa Conditioning Heat Cap $30

NEW! Comfortable, compact design with superior results

Compact yet powerful, this professionalgrade clipper and trimmer features everything for at-home grooming. Cordless design performs well on wet or dry hair and the contoured design fits hand easily for comfortable use. Includes stainless-steel T-blade with fine cutting teeth for extremely close cutting. Charging stand included, which allows for one hour cordless run time. Four attachment combs included. 443042 Andis e.logica Clipper/Trimmer $75

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spa-quality products at home NEW! Nourishing body wash

The botanical-rich blend of aloe leaf, chamomile, cucumber, lavender and tea leaf softens, smoothes and nourishes skin. It leaves skin deeply hydrated and clean with the toning benefits of wheat germ oil and vitamin E. Excellent lathering and rinses off easily. Ginger Lily Farms Nourishing Body Wash 8 oz. $6 ea. 810109 Green Tea Lemongrass 810107 Island Blend 810108 Lemongrass Sage

NEW! Hand & body lotion

Set the mood with soy candles

Create ambiance and relax with Ginger Lily Farms 100% Natural Soy Candles. Made of 100% soy wax with a pure cotton wick, these candles in 4 oz. tins have no phthalates and no color dye. Burns up to 50 hours, double that of traditional paraffin candles. Ginger Lily Farms Soy Candles $10 ea. 308928 Green Tea Lemongrass 308927 Lavender Vanilla 308929 Coco Mango 308930 Citrus Blend

Rich botanical blend including shea butter and aloe, improves elasticity for soft, younger-looking skin. Hydrating Awapuhi from the Pacific Islands adds a silky-smooth shine and radiance. Penetrates quickly, excellent for manicures and pedicures.

Ginger Lily Farms Hand & Body Lotion 8 oz. $6 ea. 810407 Green Tea Lemongrass 810405 Island Blend 810406 Lemongrass Sage

A scent for every occasion

So many scents to choose from… which one is everyone’s favorite? Now you don’t have to choose with our exclusive Signature Hand & Body Lotion Collection. Experience the entire range of Ginger Lily Farms fragrances with 10 luscious scents. Includes one 2 oz. bottle each: Green Tea Lemongrass, Citrus Blend, Lavender Vanilla, Coco Mango, Eucalyptus, Island Blend, Juniper Breeze, Key Lime, Lemongrass Sage, Plumeria Acai. 801500 Ginger Lily Farms Signature Hand & Body Lotion Collection $20



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800.407.0355 120% Price Guarantee

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custom bath sets Custom Label Examples Many more designs available online at

Design your own customizable bath kits Choose your favorite scent, select a label design and customize a bath kit that is made just for you. Here’s how:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Log on to Select your fragrance (one fragrance per kit). Choose your label. Customize the label with your name, monogram, etc. Review and submit.


Each kit comes with 3 each of 8 oz. Ginger Lily Farms spa-quality Moisturizing Shampoo, Moisturizing Conditioner, Nourishing Body Wash and Hand & Body Lotion. Fragrance choices include: Green Tea Lemongrass, Lavender Vanilla, Coco Mango or Citrus Blend. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. 10GLF Ginger Lily Farms Custom Shower Bath Kit $95

Custom orders accepted online only at

Sorry we cannot accept phone orders.

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intimate luxuries Sleek curve hits all the right spots Each toy is thoughtfully created with sumptuous pleasure in mind and seamlessly partnered with technical and material excellence. Providing you with a uniquely intimate and sensually awakening experience every time.

Enjoy targeted pleasure and stimulation with a gently rounded, curved design. This luxury silicone massager offers Whisper Quiet Technology with 9 vibration modes and easy one-touch operation. Ultra-textured, velvety soft, splash-proof and phthalate-free. Luxury satin storage pouch included. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). 7.5” 312926 Ophoria Beyond 1 Cerise $89

Rippled, textured pleasure

Compact design, maximum pleasure

312928 Ophoria Bliss 3 Mini Vibe Indigo $70

312927 Ophoria Bliss 1 Mini Vibe Indigo $70

Experience the intense pleasure of the unique rippled wave in a compact design. Nine vibration modes offer stimulation with pinpoint accuracy. Ultra-smooth contours, one-touch operation and Whisper Quiet Technology. Splash-proof and phthalatefree. Luxury satin storage pouch included. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). 5”

This smooth, compact massager is designed to specifically target a women’s most sensitive contours. Nine vibration modes and an easy-to-maneuver one-touch operation provide precise and accurate stimulation. Whisper Quiet Technology. Splash-proof and phthalate-free. Luxury satin storage pouch included. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). 5”

The essence of pleasure

Zara is the perfect blend of ethereal art and precision engineering. Designed with the superior properties of silicone and anodized aluminum, Vida has created an ultra-hygienic, femalecentric instrument of pleasure. Luminescent pink button scrolls through 5 speeds of supremely quiet vibration. Rechargeable, waterproof and phthalate-free. Includes deluxe storage case. 6.5” 312999 Vida Zara $125

Excitement for bath & body

Bathroom-friendly waterproof personal massager is designed to specifically target your body’s most sensitive areas and features 8 powerful vibration modes. The unique suction-cup base attaches to the shower wall or any flat surface. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). 3.5”H x 4.75”D 312902 ONO Cleo Body Massager Purple $80



Be Spr11 48-49.indd 1

800.407.0355 60-Day Return Guarantee

See page 26 for details.

1/27/11 11:11 AM

Pleasure with spot-on precision Devoted to the design and development of high-quality, sensual pleasure objects with contemporary luxury flair.

Unlock the body’s pleasure centers with this ergonomically shaped, vibrating massager. Careful sculpting and multispeed engineering ensures the attainment of complex and gratifying heights of pleasure. Includes rechargeable battery and charger. 6.5”


LELO GIGI $109 ea. b | 312983 Deep Rose c | 312978 Petal Pink

Curves in all the right places

The unique shape of this personal massager was thoughtfully designed to enhance sensation. Near silent operation with 6 pre-programmed settings. Includes rechargeable battery and charger. 7.85”


a | 312975 LELO MONA Purple $139


Discreet & intimate

The ergonomic silhouette of this compact, extra-smooth silicone massager is specifically designed to intimately caress with 6 whisperquiet vibration modes. Features a 4-button interface that offers an extra burst of vibration when needed. Rechargeable ion battery provides up to four hours vibration and massage. Satin storage pouch included. 3.78” 312950 LELO SIRI Purple $99

Luxurious moisture

Water-based personal moisturizer is enriched with Aloe Vera. Ultra-moisturizing formula is Paraben-, glycerine- and fragrance-free. Glides on smooth, nongreasy and will not stain. 312929 LELO Personal Moisturizer 5 oz. $24

Hands-free pleasure

The innovative teardrop shape naturally hugs a woman’s contours while providing ideal stimulation to her most sensitive pleasure centers. Use it solo or with a partner. The extremely low profile makes it virtually unnoticeable to a man. Rechargeable with dual vibe stimulation that dynamically changes to match your rhythm. Medical-grade silicone, waterproof. 312998 We-Vibe™ $100

Please note: Personal massagers are nonreturnable. Charge rechargeable massagers at least 24 hours before first use.

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Unique toys with sophisticated designs that are fine-tuned to perfection. Harmonious appearance combines with functionality.

intimate luxuries

Small, compact & fun

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310677 Fun Factory Spring $75

310678 Fun Factory Patchy Paul $80

NEW! Freedom to experience pleasure anywhere, anytime

Award-winning design

This powerful mini-massager is contoured for comfort and imprinted with a flower pattern for extra sensation. Hypoallergenic silicone is both soft and safe on skin. Features 5 speeds, 3 intensity settings, rechargeable battery and a magnetic recharging pad. 5.51”

Discover where technology and precision meet to create the ultimate pleasure experience. No batteries required and rechargeable by induction, the SinnFlut is excitingly designed with 3 vibration modes and is fully waterproof. The silicone body and control element blend seamlessly into each other for ease of use. Ergonomically formed control element fits optimally in the palm of your hand. Plug-in charging unit included. 7.87” 310682 Fun Factory SinnFlut Phantasy $149

Smooth & silky

Bodyfluid silicone water-based gel can be used as both a lubricant and massage oil. Provides excellent lubrication, leaving skin silky and smooth. Easy-to-dispense pump. 310679 Fun Factory Bodyfluid 3.4 oz. $22

This third generation classic massager is shaped to adapt perfectly to the body. An extremely powerful motor with turbo booster includes 8 vibration levels and 3 interval programs. Easy handling with one-touch control unit. 8.15”

Considered the Rolls Royce of pleasure devices, the DeLight is beautifully and thoughtfully contoured. It unites internal and external stimulation, intuitively guided with a sculptured handle. The first of its kind to be awarded the reddot design award 2008 and nominated for the Federal Republic of Germany Design Prize 2009. Rechargeable with illuminated controls. 5.91” 310602 Fun Factory Delight $130

Strengthens pelvic muscles

Smartballs playfully strengthen pelvic muscles through the steady rotation of velvety soft silicone balls. Ergonomically designed and body compatible, insert during everyday routine as a postnatal exercise, to prevent incontinence, or strengthen pelvic floor muscles for more feeling during sex. 3.94” 310675 Fun Factory Smartballs Teneo Duo $45

Please note: Personal massagers are nonreturnable. Charge rechargeable massagers at least 24 hours before first use.



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A prescription for pleasure

A truly waterproof, rechargeable massager

For more than 30 years this powerful device has set the standard for non-insertable massagers. Widely accepted by the medical community for rehabilitation, it offers 2 speeds with DC wall plug for constant power. The spongy spherical head is mounted on a flexible neck to provide comfort where you need it most. Use it for neck and back pain, nerve injury, stress, sore muscles, or anywhere massage can provide soothing relief. 9”L x 2.5”W.

This second generation massager is the most versatile of its kind. Features smooth, organic contours that fit the hand and conform to the body. Fully submersible and bath friendly, making it one of the only vibrating massagers in the world that is both rechargeable and truly waterproof. 7” 322032 Jimmyjane Form 6 Plum $185

312997 Hitachi HV-250R Magic Wand $60

Winner of AVN “O” Award 2010

Kegel muscle trainer

This contoured weight resistance trainer and exercise program strengthens your Kegel muscles in just 5–10 minutes when used every other day. Doctors recommend Kegel exercises to tone and condition, especially before and after giving birth and at menopause. Improves bladder control, vaginal fitness and sexual response. Iron-encased in ABS plastic. 1 lb. 6.5” 310401 Natural Contours Energie Kegel Exerciser $49

Passion magnification

Give your love life a new boost with increased sensation. The natural ingredient, L-arginine, offers a profoundly more pleasurable experience when used on intimate areas prior to romantic encounters. Contains green tea, ginseng, shea butter, rice oil and Aloe Vera. 312935 Oh! Sensual Health Cream 1 oz. $50

A firmer, perkier bust

Tests prove that 80% of women increased a full cup size in 6 weeks. Experience fuller, firmer, perkier breasts. Biometric peptides help improve skin tone and elasticity of the skin creating the foundation for an 18% lift. Mukul bark extract helps increase volume of the breast by 3/4” to 1 1/2”. 312010 Talika Bust Serum 1.7 oz. $49

Sensation in stereo

This revolutionary design redefines pleasure. Dual motors drive powerful, independently flexible ears for double intensity. Features 4 vibration modes and 5 power levels. Fully submersible and bath friendly. Includes rechargeable battery recharging base. 3.25”L x 2”W. 312919 Jimmyjane Form 2 Pink $135

Breakthrough bust enhancement

Plump and strengthen skin around the bust area. Microspheres deliver an exclusively blended vitamin cocktail within the deepest layers of skin to increase circulation, boost skin regeneration and reduce oxidative stress. Studies show 89% of women saw a significant improvement in bust tone, size and skin texture after one month of use. 312164 Lush Bust 1.5 oz. $110

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call any time 800.407.0355 or visit Customer Service: Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–6 p.m. EST 23202 Haggerty Road Farmington Hills, MI 48335

Perfect for travel!

Do you believe in miracles? NEW! Three easy steps to less wrinkles

StriVectin introduces this 3-step kit that effectively fights wrinkles and boosts your skin’s wrinkle defenses. Kit includes Step 1: Instant Retexturizing Scrub .75 oz., Step 2: Hydro-Thermal Deep Wrinkle Serum .5 oz., and Step 3 Intensive Concentrate 2 oz. stretch mark fighter. Reusable beauty case included. 323205 StriVectin Wrinkle-Fighting Trio Kit $99 ($161 value)

While quantities last.

• adds shine • softens and smoothes • detangles • prevents frizz and fly-aways • moisturizes • repairs dry, damaged hair • protects against heat styling • seals & protects hair color

• prevents split ends • provides UV protection • adds volume • stops hair breakage • strengthens hair • enhances natural body • soothes dry scalp

Silk proteins and keratin moisturize, strengthen, soften and smooth as Pro-vitamin B5 seals the hair shaft to retain maximum benefits. Protective antioxidants and green tea fend off damaging environmental factors to preserve moisture and shine. Aloe Vera and Gotu Kola help provide health benefits to both the hair and scalp. As the name implies, black 15in1 truly is a miracle product and all you need for hair care, simplified.

Our gift to you! with purchase of StriVectin WrinkleFighting Trio Kit

black 15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment is the one solution you’ve been looking for to provide beautiful, healthy-looking hair. Our nourishing combination of nutrient-rich botanicals and other ingredients has been formulated to work miracles on all hair types.

StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles .25 oz. 2 week supply. A $15 value.

401200 black 15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment 3.3 oz. $20 Catalog orders only. To order, call


Not available online at


FREE ShippingTO onORDER orders $99 and over! ONLINE OR LEARN MORE, VISIT BLACK15IN1.COM Be Spr11 52.indd 1

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bebeautiful Spring 2011 Catalog  

Our FREE 52-page catalog highlights the latest beauty innovations. is your premier destination for unique, high-quality beau...

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