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JUNE 2019 | ISSUE 30

Power Couple:

Camy “Cameron” & BJ Billi Arnett

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Karissa Hagemeister Editor In Chief Arnette German Feature Editor Sara Robillard Graphic Designer & Content Contributor Xiomara Montalvo Content Contributor & Graphic Designer ABOUT BEAUTIFUL Beautiful magazine has always been a dream of mine, something that I knew would come eventually. I just cannot believe it is already here! Beautiful is a collection of art and illustrations, depicting inner and outer beauty. It is stories, it is real, it is life. It is pure beauty. Beautiful is fashion, health, beauty tips, encouragement, life, art and truth. Beautiful is about you, your story, your life, your love, your pain and your fears. Beautiful is about us, our stories, our journeys, adventures and our moments of life that have been crafted specially to share with you. I want you, the reader, to feel safe reading Beautiful. I want you to feel like you are a part of the stories, the adventures and the passion that each one of the editors, writers and photographers bring to you. I want you to feel empowered, encouraged and excited about your beautiful journey in this life. Most of all, I want Beautiful to be the spark that makes a change in your life. Not a change for good or a change for the better, but a change for the BEST! Share the magazine with those that need a little extra beauty in their life. Life is beautiful. You are beautiful. That is what Beautiful is all about. PODCASTS: If you love to listen to podcasts, you have to check out our new podcast station. It is available here: iTunes Podcast: beautiful-dauntlesss-podcast/id1453936323 Google Play Podcast: listen?u=0#/ps/I2dnkg2572v4xdggrh4bvwwzmmy PATREON: Patreon is a site that allows creators to express their talents and others can contribute to their projects. You can now sponsor us with a one time or a monthly contribution. We have 3 tiers that give you rewards in return. All proceeds are given to our creators. Contribute here:


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June 2019

04 Letter from the Editor 06 Meet the Staff


08 Beautiful Summer Fashion 12 Feature Story Fix Your Face


22 Entertained 26 Beautiful WordsNT!


30 P31 Woman Series Royalty is in Her Veins


38 Miss Beautiful, June 2019 BJ Billi Arnett 68 Dauntless

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letter from the EDITOR

Hello Beautiful, Planning for the month of June has been difficult for me. It feels like my creative brain is being overcrowded with all the many events I have going on. I am getting married in two months. I am planning a huge fashion week and our very first pageant. Everything is just jumbled together. I think it is funny that all of this falls on the issue that we have themed “Entertain.� As I am planning to entertain thousands of people with these events, one thing I have to constantly remember, everything I do is for an audience of one. Being entertained is the number one thing that people spend their free time on. That is one of the main reasons you might be reading this magazine. This is one of the biggest ways that you can reach out to others. Maybe you have a desire to encourage or empower others. Maybe you want to share a message with the world. Whatever your desire or purpose is, entertaining is the best way to do it. Find a way to entertain that works best for you, maybe it is acting, maybe it is taking photos or writing. Whatever it is, be creative with it and use your powers for good: to make a difference in the world for good.



What is one talent or skill you wish you had? I have always wanted to learn to break dance. I have always admired those who could and I could spend hours watching them. I just know I could do it to if I had the chance. Who is your favorite entertainer of all time and why? I don’t really know that I have a favorite entertainer. I think people are cool but I don’t get wrapped up in other people’s lives. They are just people after all.

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Karissa Hagemeister is on a life long journey in the pursuit of love, beauty and truth. Not only does she want to discover these things for herself but she desires to share them with anyone willing to watch and listen. Beautiful & Dauntless was birthed out of this desire. She enjoys modeling, acting and singing. She has her own fashion line and in July of 2016, Karissa published her first book. Her future plans are to revamp the fashion & entertainment industry with the love, truth and beauty through both her fashion business and Beautiful & Dauntless magazine.

EDITOR IN CHIEF, dauntless

Arman Irani is just another fellow human. He’s admittedly a little bit nerdy. How nerdy? Well, he just received a Bachelors degree in Nanotechnology. Arman loves working out, cooking healthy, dressing up, traveling and he’s also a bit of a gamer. He has no qualms with moving in faith to new destinations and embarking on new adventures in life (as the phrase goes, you only live once!). When it comes down to it, Arman believes life is short and hopes that you become inspired and believe in yourself to do the things that you want in this life and follow your calling.


Sara Robillard spent the first part of her life growing up in New England, and about a decade ago, she found herself transplanted to Central Florida. Sara is currently working in a full-time marketing position, as well as attending college as a part-time student to earn a degree in graphic design. She has been working in graphic art professionally for over five years (unprofessionally for almost a decade) and truly enjoys creating and telling stories.


When she’s not working or doing homework, Sara is either doing something artsy, enjoying the outdoors, traveling, reading, writing or lounging with her cat, Ruxin.


Arnette German is a native of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. She took her leap of faith and finally decided to yield to her passion for fashion by enrolling in the online Graduate Program of Fashion Journalism at Academy Art University in San Francisco, California. No stranger to the stage, Arnette is a member of the Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe in Sarasota, Florida. Presently calling Bradenton, Florida home, Arnette spends her free time either volunteering at her local church and spending time with friends and family, especially her best friend. Arnette is a foodie and a lover of nature and the arts. Life is definitely, in some shape or form and fashion, being lived to the fullest.


Xiomara Montalvo is a 21 year old graphic designer and visual artist that lives and breathes all things artistic. She has lived in Florida half of her life but is originally from Michigan. Xiomara has a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from Southeastern University with a concentration in Digital Imaging. Visual Storytelling has always been a passion of hers. To be able to bring life to the imagination is what motivates her to design. When Xiomara is not working, she loves to read, write, draw, paint, and play video game. She personally believes that we were all created to create. We are excited to announce that Beautiful Editor-in-Chief, Karissa Hagemeister & Dauntless Editor-in-Chief, Arman Irani are getting married in August of this year. We invite you to join in on the celebration. The ceremony and reception will be live for you to view. ©2019 Published by Kingdom Dezigns, Inc.

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Photo Credits: Michael Burt


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10 Model: Kemberlee Beaty

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Model: Christina Death



Fix Your Face

By: Arnette German

feature STORY


From my perspective, growing up in the South, effective execution of your manners, especially as an adolescent, teenager and/or young adult M-A-T-T-E-R-E-D! Giving and paying respect to elders was not an option or a youthful luxury but our duty....a constant one. Early in my rearing, my moral compass was preset that regardless of one’s (elder’s) ethnicity, ALL were to be respected because “it doesn’t hurt you none to be nice, to smile nor speak because manners will take you where money can’t!” Those transformative, yet, instructive words were tenderly, yet, authoritatively spoken by my dear Grandmother Willie Mae, a sophisticated Southern Belle in her own right. And for me, from this premise from my culture’s approach on respect being inclusive not divisive, in spite of, cultivated the true essence of what Southern Hospitality is supposed to mean. Therefore, by holding onto this pearl of wisdom so eloquently given to me early on...not forsaking this teaching because “I’m grown now,” as so many can’t wait to verbally spew once they turn 18/21 or advertently “said” through their actions over the years, caused my path to cross with the Editor in Chief of Bringing Beautiful Back, Karissa Hagemeister, in October of 2017. But, in order to see how my pearl of wisdom and teaching coincides with my meeting Karissa... another element has to be discussed. Immediately after learning Entertain was the sun-sational theme for June; oddly, party themes/DIY ideas, latest beachwear crazes, blazing vacation spots, diet or makeup trends or quick poolside/summer cocktail recipes did not splash into my mind. Surprisingly, though, Hebrews 13:2 did. “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares” (KJV). But, still stumped on my angle for the article per se, seeking out another translation...I knew what to do...tell my story on becoming a member of the BBB family. After reading the New International Version, a 14


shift in thought for entertaining is given, “do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing so some have shown hospitality to angels without knowing.” By, speaking, smiling and being kind to a complete stranger in Starbucks, I met my “angel” that connected me to Karissa. From later having an interview with her and being hired, it was the “angel” from divine connection that was the connect to Karissa-not me. Actually, without going into grave detail because this is an article and not a reality show confessional, (so time IS of the essence) in church earlier on that Sunday prior to meeting my “angel” at Starbucks, my Pastor had stated in his sermon (paraphrased), “in order to get to the next level, you would have to do something different...I hate to tell you but some of the people who God has in place to help get to your next level will be from someone who doesn’t look like you...some of you all need to get out of your comfort zone...won’t be from your same ethnicity... some of you are limiting God in how He can get you to where you need to go...for some of you, you will need to be nice....for some of you they will not be Christian...but God knows who and what you need to get to the next level...and the way it will happen will blow your mind(s) because it will not be you getting you to your next level but the connect(s)...which is needed...that He’s given you to get there.” You see because it was a special service that ran a little lengthy and an immediate impromptu rehearsal was called for another special service right after church, I wasn’t even going to go to my regular Starbucks to do my homework...I can be honest...I was going to procrastinate and go later but it kept “pulling” me to go after the rehearsal; after all, my laptop was already in my possession. In my going, my “different” was executed, normally when hearing people having conversations not including me...let’s say...I...umm mind my business. But, for some reason, I not only “invited” myself in their conversation (which surprised me) but I had to turn around to do it. Where 16


my “hospitality” came into play prior to my trespassing into these stranger’s conversation, I had already been cordial...”entertaining my angel” and didn’t know it … “my angel” is Caucasian. A Caucasian Male to be exact (such as the other conversation attendees). Who knew a mere frustration shared by graduate students was the link that would be the open door to connecting me to where I am now-connecting me to Karissa? God and my Angel. The other wow factor is that the course I was taking at the time was instructing us on how to get the particular position I operate in now as well as the time frame to expect before operating in the capacity I am...and I was praying and asking how and when… for guidance. But, my how was already told to me earlier that day when I showed some hospitality to my angel. So, you see, it very much so matters on how you do and even do not handle, interact with and engage with people...”Arnette, it doesn’t hurt you none to be kind, to smile nor speak to people because manners will take you where money can’t!” If Willie Mae German did not fashionably tell me the truth...and for free! But, at what cost if I had casted my pearls to swine...would have delayed my meeting my “angel” or better yet missed my “angel” altogether. Money didn’t and couldn’t not have done this! Belief in my grandmother’s priceless teachings, execution of moral compass, manners and faith performed this. I do not know what would have happened if I had casted my pearl to swine... would I have delayed meeting my angel or would we have not met all...and there would be no Karissa Hagemeister. But ask yourself, (and be honest) have you traded in or casted your pearls to swine that have cost you lost and missed opportunities, closed doors and irreversible seasons? I know-this question stung. Fix your face! You have angels to entertain because in the words of Willie Mae German, “it doesn’t hurt you none to be kind, to smile nor speak to people because manners will take you where money can’t!” 18


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Entertained By: Xiomara Eve Montalvo


I magine yourself in an elevator surrounded by people. Male and female alike. All varying in age. They have eyes and ears as you do. They also have a heart and blood coursing through their veins. They are alive and breathing like you too. Yet while on this elevator no one makes eye contact, no one speaks, and no one acknowledges the existence of the other. Sounds pretty gray, right? I found myself in this situation one day at work. I was surrounded by a crowd, in an elevator, but I was the only one observing. It was at this moment that the Holy Spirit gave me the topic of this article. Entertained. The one thing that everyone in the elevator had in common, in the form of action, was that they all were engrossed in their cell phones. Now, I am not trying to speak out against technology because my daily life depends on it like any other, but when I watched said scenario in person, I understood something. We, as a people, have become so caught up in the cyber-world that we are missing out on each other. We can become so entertained with what we see on a small screen held in our hands while we lose out on the opportunities to engage with another living being. A basic conversation involves two people initiated by eye contact and progresses with greetings or some sort of verbal acknowledgment. If we are too engulfed into our own interests then no one is looking, and if no one is looking that moment that could have lead to a memory did not even have the chance to take place. Can we engage lives and put a stop to the types of entertainment that are distractions in disguise? Instead of looking down at a screen let’s look up at another pair of eyes and begin a conversation that can potentially change your life.


feature STORY

Hello Beautiful, As you read this book, I hope you are able to discover the lies and false identities that are holding you back. I hope you will find the truth about who you are. I pray that you find your worth and purpose in this journey we are taking together. XOXO,



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beaUtiful WORDS



Through fashion I can express myself; that I am beautiful in my own special way. Through fashion I can show the world that each of us are unique, beautiful, and amazing. Be yourself, Be beautiful, and Be daring. “ Vanessa Soredjo




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g n i r B l u f i t Beau Back



Royalty is in Her Veins By Karissa Hagemeister

30 Photo Credit Ashton Mullins


“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25 T he modern day Proverbs 31 woman is entertaining and allows herself to be entertained. When I say she is entertaining, it does not mean that she acts a fool to draw attention to herself. Matter of fact, that is quite the opposite. She conducts her life with a sense of royalty. Do you find yourself often looking into the affairs of Prince William and Kate’s life? Many people are entertained by the lives of the royal, the rich, the influencers. Why? They desire that kind of life. Deep down, we all wish we were princesses.

Proverbs 31:25 says, “ She is clothed with strength and dignity.” Have you ever heard the saying that a real queen adjusts her own crown. You can bet that the Proverbs 31 woman has been through the trials of life, but adjusts her own crown and keeps moving forward. She did not mope around and get stuck in the pit of despair. She became strengthened by learning to adjust and overcome from the trials that life threw at her. This is how we can become women that entertain others, in a good way. People are always watching your life. They see how we handle the things that are dished to us. They either are strengthened by what they see or they are discouraged. A woman that influences others cannot be overcome by the pain of this life. She is one that has experienced the pain and not allowed it to define her. When you have thousands or more watching your life, you cannot


let life bring you down and consume you. You have to be strong. I also want to touch on the dignity spoken of in this verse. It starts out by saying that she is clothed! That is a BIG hint right there. This lady keeps her clothes on. She is a woman of great influence, living like royalty, but she did not get there by taking her clothes off on Instagram, pretending to be a Playboy Bunny. Her life spoke more to others than nudes ever could. Let’s get one thing straight here ladies, you taking your clothes off for the internet or just any man is not going to take you anywhere that you want to be. You want to be a big star and entertain others. You want to be famous and wellknown. You want to be an influencer. You will never get there showing off the beautiful body that God gave you. The only way to influence others is to be a woman of strength and dignity. When you expose all your goodies, there is nothing left of you to see. You have taken away all mystery and entertainment. You have stripped yourself of the dignity that you had. You cannot get that back easily once it is gone. When you expose yourself to the world, that is it. You have destroyed any chance of making it anywhere in life. Even if you have deleted the pictures, some perv somewhere has taken it and shared it all over the place. Do you understand what I am saying? Influencers and entertainers got to where they are because they have something to offer, whether it is skills, talents or advice. None of it came from nude exposure. Nudity in movies is now very common, but it is only because Hollywood wants everyone to do it. They know that when you strip off your clothes, you lose your dignity. That is what they are aiming for: a generation that has lost its strength and dignity and will do anything Hollywood shows them to do. Worthless. Mindless.

God’s plans for us are much bigger. Romans 8:17 says, “Now if we are children (of God), then we are heirs heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.” If God is the King of all kings, and we are heirs of God, that makes us kings and queens. How many nude photos come from the Royal Family’s house? … None! You have royalty in your veins. Act like it. Be a woman of dignity. If you can handle that for the short time you are on this earth, you will be glorified with God. There is nothing greater than that in all the earth. Not being queen of a country, not being the biggest celebrity in Hollywood, nothing compares to being glorified with God. Briefly, I want to hit on the second part of verse 25, “she laughs without fear of the future.” She knows who to receive entertainment from and who to avoid it from. A Proverbs 31 woman is

not consumed by the worries of life. She does not let it interrupt her present moment. She is not an angry, stressed, worry wart. She is royalty. That means she can enjoy being entertained with her husband, her children, her friends and live as if there is not a care in the world. She knows who her true provider is: God her father. Fear is a horrible thief. He steals life, happiness and the ability to rest. Have you let fear steal from you? Has he had the chance to steal your precious moments of being entertained? It doesn’t have to be that way. You can tell fear who is in charge. It is not him! And it is not you. It is God. The next time fear tries to creep in and steal another moment of your time or your life, laugh in his face, remind him who is boss and stop entertaining the thoughts that he brings you. I hope that this message has encouraged you. Encouraged you to keep your clothes on, to live like the royalty you are, to be strong and walk with dignity and to laugh at fear when he comes knocking. XOXO.




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“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.� Proverbs 31:25


Beautiful &Dauntless












BJ Billi Arnett 40


miss beautiful MAGAZINE

Where do you live?

to share hope with the world.

What you do?

Pastor Fredrick Price because of his fearlessness to declare thus says the Lord.


Producer/Director/Costumer/ Actress What’s your fave food? Salmon

Where can peeps find you on social media?

 /BJ Billi Arnett�  @ bjatoday If you could pick any talent/skill to have what would you choose? To know God’s will better and to always move in it. Always bigger, better and faster to steward, what he has ordained for me. Which entertainer has really inspired you and why?

Men of God: Cameron Arnett, because of his faithfulness, his stick-to-itiveness to adhere to what he’s called to. Pastor Tony Evans, because of this anointing to rightly divide the word. Pastor Joel Osteen, his ability

My Grandfather, Pastor Clayburn Sutton because of his unbridled, uncontainable faithfulness and his willingness to teach me, even when I was unwilling to be taught. Tell us about your favorite 5 minutes of fame.

We were at a convention and as we were going down this long hallway moving in between the large crowd this tiny little boy stopped us and asked us who we were and where was our church. He then said he saw us in a big stadium kind of church with thousand of people. It blew me away, this little boy sized our lives up and spoke into the atmosphere. We were at a dinner event, I looked over to the couple near us and the wife was in tears. Later the couple shared with us that how we were being together, and obviously in love, spoke volumes to them and reminded them how to treat each other. Images by ReAnn Ring





DAUN LESS Power Couple 42


mr dauntless June 2019




mr dauntless MAGAZINE


CAMY “CAMERON” ARNETT Where do you live?

Act like Him, Receive all Directions from Him, and Produce His perfect intent for my life.


What you do?

Which entertainer has really inspired you and why?

Actor/Director/Producer What’s your fav food? Salmon

Where can peeps find you on social media?

 /CameronArnettActor If you could pick any talent/skill to have what would you choose?

To hear and obey God without fail...or..To

Filmmakers: Alex and Stephen Kendrick... because they don’t compromise in order to have success. Tell us about your favorite 5 minutes of fame. My favorite 5 minutes of fame was when my wife and I went to see a play and after it was over, someone who had followed our ministry asked us if they could take a picture with us, because when they saw us come into the room that night, all they could think was that authenticity just walked into the door...that was humbling.

Images by ReAnn Ring

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dauntless FEATURE

52 Credit Aditya Chinchure Photo

Ezekiel the

Entertainer by Arman Irani


Have you ever read through the book of Ezekiel in the Bible? It is a very entertaining book, mostly because of the life of one of God’s prophets, Ezekiel, during the exile and fall of Jerusalem. America is at a very similar place that Jerusalem was in that day. America has all but turned its back on God, going after other gods (money, fame, self, etc …). This sounds a lot like Revelations. Ezekiel had a very peculiar role to play for God and at times he was not fond of the actions God wanted him to perform, but he was obedient even though. Ezekiel prophesied to the people of Jerusalem, telling them that they would be exiled, losing their country


and that it would be a long time before they were able to get it back. The people did not want to believe him because they did not want to hear what God had to say. Ezekiel’s words came true, God did what he said he would do. Ezekiel was likely known as the entertainer of his time. He was not some big star on the tv, because those were not around back then. He was a prophet of God that had to act out some wild, symbolic actions just to get the people’s attention. Maybe the most entertaining of them all was when God had Ezekiel lie on his left side for 390 days and on his right for another 40 days. That is a long time to lie down and have people stare at you. (I couldn’t imagine the pain from just laying there. Not to

mention where did he do his number 1 and 2’s? Lol). God was making a point and he was doing it through the only one willing to obey, no matter how weird it may have felt. (This is a common theme for God - using different people in the Bible and having them do things that they may not understand and unveil their true destiny as they continue to follow the narrow path that God leads them on, i.e. Noah building an ark when it had never rained before. He probably felt really silly but he was the only one tuning into the frequency of God). The moral of Ezekiel’s story is that God calls us to act out our lives for Him, following his will and purpose. It does not mean that we are always going to enjoy what he wants us to do, but we have to act out of

obedience. Don’t get stuck in the reality of your time now. God has greater things for you. Do not limit yourself intellectually, continue to live in faith as he unveils his plans for you one step at a time. Ezekiel was picked as the entertainer of the Bible for our Dauntless study. It doesn’t mean that he was entertaining as we tend to think entertaining should be. But he chose to serve God above all else and God raised him above everyone to be a sign and a wonder. If God had that desire in mind for your life, would you go through with it? Would you be willing to tell God that he can do whatever he wants to through you? Or would you give him conditions?



Quinoa Medittera Salad


2 cups of cooked quinoa 1 can of chickpeas

1 whole cucumber, chopped finely 1 whole tomato, chopped finely

2 cups of fresh spinach, chopped finely 1 tablespoon of lemon juice 1 tablespoon of olive oil Salt and pepper to taste Directions:

1. Take the cooked quinoa, cucumber, tomato, spinach and chickpeas, mix together in a large mixing bowl. 2. Add in the lemon juice, olive oil and spices. Mix again thoroughly. 3. Place in the fridge for 3-4 hours. 4. Enjoy and serve cold. Makes 5-6 servings

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dauntless INSPIRED

Twin Actors Joshua & Jim Martin

What I love most about being an actor (entertainer) is that you are able to make people feel so deeply and most of all, can you make people cry?!! In every piece of work that I will do in live theatre or in front of a camera, of course they will see me and the character that I am portraying BUT MOSTLY when other people look at me I don’t want them to see me, I want people to see JESUS!” Joshua Martin


Photo Credit: That's A Wrap Acting Studio by Tammy Nichols, located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi


I desire to use all my talents to glorify and serve God. In my acting career I want to perform in movies and live theatre that bring more people to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and to hopefully deepen their relationship with God. Faith Based Films and Family Films are my main focus.� Jim Martin


A I D E M L A I C SO S K A E SP Join the social media conversations every month and you could have your responses featured in the next issue!


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social media SPEAK

er e entertain

r favorit Who is yoeu? of all tim John Wayne (Jim H.) Elvis (John S.)


Marilyn Mon (Joe B.)


hingto Denzel Was (Ed L.)

ners (band) in p S it o tr e D ) (@stamppjh Frank Zappa (Ziggy M.)

If you cou ld skill to ha pick any talent or ve, what w ould you choose? A good s inging vo ice (Hugo O.) Excellent shooting eyesight. I like without sc opes. (Ben F.) The abilit languagey to speak multiple where I w s. Because no mat be able toent, I would alway ter and learn talk with people s about the m. (Matt A.) Talent: m ing and pusic/Skill: Organiz lanning (Brittany T .)



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letter from the EDITOR

Hello Dauntless, This month’s theme is Entertain. Although there are many entertainers and clowns that people look up to, there should only be one true entertainer for your soul. That is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Remember to choose wisdom as your friend, as it says in Proverbs, and keep truth and righteousness on your heart and in your mind. Don’t live by the false ideology of the world and what they claim is success, fortune or fame. Rather, live by the standards that God has decreed for us in his Word. Our lives are just a rental of time and we only get one shot to fulfill the purpose that God has created for us, prior to our arrival here on earth. Know this truth: your purpose from God will last for all eternity. The things of this earth that entertain you for now will just fade away until the next new “hot” thing comes along. Stay true to the purpose that God has placed in your hearts and don’t be molded and shaped by the world’s deceitfulness and lies. Instead I pray that you receive the truth from God about what you should allow to entertain you. “May the Lord bless you and keep you. May he make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord turn his face towards you and give peace.” Numbers 6:24-26 Stay Dauntless Strong! Peace out,


What is one talent or skill you wish you had? I would like to be able to predict the stock market accurately and know if the businesses will be successful or not. Who is your favorite entertainer of all time and why? Robin Williams

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DAUN LESS Arman Irani Editor In Chief

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The second half of this magazine is now being taken over by guys, for guys. In May 2017, after receiving much feedback from males asking for more content geared towards them, our wheels started turning. We came up with the idea of having the dual magazine. Below are a few of the reasons as to why Dauntless is now the name of the second half of our e-mag. So, gentlemen, as you are reading, think of yourself in these terms: “Dauntless means, ‘I am BOLD, COURAGEOUS, and GALLANT. Which trumps all other choices. IMHO.” Larry “Dauntless for sure. Dauntless means, ‘Showing FEARLESSNESS and DETERMINATION.’ That is how I would like to be defined.” Arman PODCASTS: If you love to listen to podcasts, you have to check out our new podcast station. It is available here: iTunes Podcast: https:// Google Play Podcast: https://play. I2dnkg2572v4xdggrh4bvwwzmmy PATREON: Patreon is a site that allows creators to express their talents and others can contribute to their projects. You can now sponsor us with a one time or a monthly contribution. We have 3 tiers that give you rewards in return. All proceeds are given to our creators. Contribute here: follow


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June 2019

01 Beautiful

44 Mr. Dauntless, June 2019 Camy “Cameron” Arnett


48 Dauntless Men’s Summer Style 52 Dauntless Feature Story Ezekiel the Entertainer


56 Bae’s Kitchen Quinoa Meditteranean Salad 58 Dauntless Inspired


60 Social Media Speaks

64 Letter from the Editor 68 Dauntless

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DAUN LESS June 2019 | Issue 30




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