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2020/21 annual review

Contents 1. Welcome 2-3. About Beatson Cancer Charity 4. Dynamic in a Pandemic 5. Our Year at a Glance 6-7. Volunteering 8. A Million Thank Yous Poem 9. Wellbeing Services 10. Julie’s Story 11-12. Specialist Health and Work Services 13. Philanthropy 14-15. Research and Funding 16. Beatson Trading Company 17. Beatson Tartan 18. Events 19. Fundraising in the Community 20. Corporate and Partnership Fundraising 21. Individual Giving 22. Communications 23. Our Charitable Spend 24. Finance 25. Partnerships

welcome to our annual review for 2020/21 A message from our Chair and Chief Executive We’re with you lies at the heart of what we do, for people living with cancer. Last year presented exceptional circumstances. The devastating impact of Covid-19 is undeniable. It has affected everything we do as an organisation and the people we support. For people with cancer, it meant that our direct, face-to-face support had to be suspended and adapted with digital-led sessions, group work programmes and telephone calls to help reduce anxieties and uncertainty for our patients. Many of our key fundraising events had to be cancelled or postponed and our income decreased. Despite this, we managed to continue to deliver the most impact for the people we support. Jamie Matheson | Chairman

From the moment the pandemic hit, and during the first lockdowns, we made immediate changes to the way we work. In the beginning we had to unfortunately furlough many of our staff, introduce safer, more agile and responsive practices into our workplace, and adapt key services. These were difficult decisions, but were vital as our income and planned investment plans dramatically changed. Our commitment remained intact and we are now putting plans in place to recover, restore and strengthen our cancer services. We are proud that new services have evolved, reaching more people to help them to get the support they deserve. Our new Befriending Service, led by trained staff and a team of amazing volunteers, has played a vitally important role. Our digital transformation project was also completed during this time. Dedicated sections were created on our website with up-to-date information in direct response to Covid-19, which included a new personalised online space called My Light. This area offers support to family and friends, healthcare professionals and signposts to services across Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

Martin Cawley | CEO

Despite the challenges, we have proved to be resilient and found innovative ways of fundraising. We have invested in services and awarded support grants for new care initiatives and pioneering research projects with The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre - our charitable investment has reached over £2.6 million pounds. We received significant funding through exciting initiatives with forward-thinking organisations. These funds will help with recovery from Covid-19 and meet current and future challenges for people living with cancer. The review of 2020/21 celebrates the work which has been undertaken by Beatson Cancer Charity. This includes the variety and scale of the work, our strategic approach, the skills and commitment of our staff and the ways we invest in a better future for patients and their families. We hope you enjoy finding out more about all this in the following pages. 1

about beatson cancer charity Beatson Cancer Charity supports people affected by cancer, every step of the way. We make the journey easier by transforming the way cancer care is funded and delivered. We provide support services, and fund specialist posts, research and innovation projects and educational initiatives.

From the hospital wards, right to the heart of the communities that The Beatson serves, we believe everyone should experience their cancer treatment with care, with love and with hope. We provide services and funding that enhance and strengthen NHS care and enable patients and their families to be helped swiftly and compassionately. Right now, we are funding groundbreaking research projects and supporting 20 of the world’s brightest researchers and specialist staff. We also offer services at The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre in Glasgow and in 5 health board areas across the West of Scotland.


As an independent charity, we can develop and extend our services further into the heart of Scottish communities to support more people with cancer before, during and after treatment. Amongst patients and the wider community, we are best known for our Wellbeing Centre and specialist support at The Beatson, as well as satellite services within other hospitals. Meanwhile, clinical and research professionals recognise us for our ongoing commitment to more effective cancer services and supporting cutting-edge cancer research and education. All our work is made possible by our supporters. It is their generosity which allows Beatson Cancer Charity to deliver an innovative and patientfocused approach to cancer care, and change the lives of those affected by the disease every day.

Annual Review 2020/21


dynamic in a pandemic The agility our people have shown over the past year, sometimes in very challenging circumstances, is something they should all be immensely proud of and we would like to thank all staff for their hard work and dedication.

Behind-the-scenes, the pandemic fundamentally changed the way we operate as an organisation and also the support we offer you.

The useful foundations we’ve established this year within research set us up well for our long-term MRI project with this being ready for patient use in 2022.

what is on the horizon?

We successfully completed the private phase of our MRI appeal, securing more than £3.5 million from a range of Charitable Trusts and grantmakers, including NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Endowment Fund.

We are still a relatively young charity – the 7 years for us at Beatson Cancer Charity have all been about consolidation and improvement. Making sure we’re providing the right services and care to the citizens of Glasgow and the West. As we wrap up this year, we’re amidst a full-on strategy review, thinking carefully about the challenges that lie ahead for the cancer community, and where we might make the most significant contribution. We need to continue to increase our impact, especially for marginalised communities and engage in more cross-functional collaboration to make things better.


The rapid and determined support of communities across Glasgow and beyond, means The Beatson is ready for the care and support they’ll need post Covid-19. We are focused more than ever, and our commitment to supporting The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre remains unaltered.

Annual Review 2020/21

this is how #teambeatson did it in 2020/21 Total amount of charitable spend £2.615m

540 essential care packs were provided for patients

Volunteers donated 5,282 hours of their time

3,000 Beatson Face Masks sold

284 people took on their own challenge fundraising activities raising £323k

304 Befriending calls were made

34,629 people follow Beatson Cancer Charity on Social Media

333,465 engagements on Social Media posts

Our Newsletter reached 12,000 supporters

1,200 supporters hung their Beatson Bauble

68 virtual 1-2-1 appointments

118 people supported by our Specialist Health and Work Service

We hosted 20 online fundraising events

70 Beatson Café Vouchers purchased by supporters for patients and NHS staff

Over £140k raised from our Appeals


volunteering Beatson Cancer Charity is proud to have been able to offer additional,very practical support to patients, keyworkers and staff at The Beatson and beyond through the work of our volunteers. We had a tremendous response from people in the community who wished to volunteer their time and help with our Covid-19 response. The majority of patients were classed as ‘shielding’ vulnerable status and therefore many were isolated with the heightened risk of infection. Our volunteers were ready to help and provide support to these groups of individuals. Within The Beatson, volunteers set up Hand Hygiene Stations at the entrances to the hospital, as well as managing the Give and Go Service; a real lifeline for patients and families when visiting stopped. The Beatson Befriending Telephone Service was also of high importance, especially when visiting was severely restricted. Teams of our volunteers helped make up care packs for inpatients, and discharge packs for patients going home. With shielding in place, these discharge packs provided free food, drinks, toiletries and face masks for patients, making sure they had vital supplies. We were delighted to be able to provide care packs to some of our most vulnerable patients at other hospital locations including Gartnavel General Hospital. With volunteer support, the Beatson Café was re-opened to provide takeaway food and refreshments for staff and patients. Seating areas were rearranged to provide an important social space for NHS staff and patients to have a place to rest and take breaks. 6

befriending The volunteer-led Beatson Befriending Telephone Service was launched in June 2020. Shielding and being isolated at home meant that lots of patients and their loved ones were missing out on emotional support. The charity has led and supported a strong band of committed volunteers and is immensely proud of being able to reach people, to extend the hand of friendship, offer weekly calls, conversation and a bit of comfort, in these exceptional times. Going forward, the charity plans to expand the service, inspired by heart-felt testimonials showing that a bit of friendship and companionship can really make a difference.

“I am very thankful to my befriender and really enjoyed my calls during the most difficult time

in my life.”

Annual Review 2020/21


iain’s story | volunteering in a pandemic Iain Weir supported Beatson Cancer Charity as a volunteer in various roles, from the Beatson Café to the Give & Go Service and within our main offices wrapping Beatson Online Shop orders. I wanted to be part of a team that helped for the good of the patients and relatives who are going through a tough time (it’s tough enough outside a pandemic, but it’s harder when restrictions are and were in place at the hospitals preventing visitation). I feel that The Beatson and Team Beatson are so good at ensuring that the needs of the patients come first. I enjoy meeting new people and helping out the hospital in any way I can. The most challenging time was when I was helping on the Give & Go station, seeing how stressed families were when they were unsure about how things worked when restrictions were in place. The biggest achievement that I have got over the last year is landing myself a job with the Scottish Ambulance Service as a Covid-19 Mobile Testing Unit Operative. I love the job and the team that I am a part of.

Hands down, I would recommend Team Beatson to other potential volunteers.

“Volunteering has definitely boosted my self-confidence and it’s given me a lot of skills and knowledge that I know will come in handy in the role I am now in and in the future.”


Volunteers’ Week began with a very special poem written by Alison Walker, read by local celebrities and long-term supporters of Beatson Cancer Charity, to thank our volunteers and to celebrate the team reaching a collective million minutes of donated time.

A million thank yous


You come to us from all walks of life Perhaps because of your son or wife It might be your husband or very good friend You offer your hand and help to mend.

We hope you know how much you’re wanted You keep on going, all the while undaunted You might be standing for hours and hours We wonder often if you have special powers!

You might be working, might be at school Might be retired, that’s also cool Whoever you are, you’ve chosen us To do what you can, without a fuss.

You have a massive impact on what we do You might not be aware, but it really is true Holding a hand to those in need Having a blether, or a story to read.

You’re there in the rain with your brolly You’re there in the wards with the tea trolley Our patients love your friendly hello It puts them at ease, when they’re feeling low.

There are moments of course, when it’s just too sad But plenty of times to make us glad Those are moments that we all savour And with your support, we will not waver.

How we need you now more than ever In these challenging times, we need your endeavour We love that you want to do your bit To do what’s needed – whatever the fit.

You give up your time because you care You give up your time to be able to share. A million thank yous isn’t enough For millions of minutes doing your stuff.

A platoon of kindness, an army of yellow, “You’re just amazing”, we want to bellow You are the gold in our box of treasure How much you do, knows no measure.

Things just wouldn’t happen without you all We give you a phone and you answer the call You’ve been part of us for many years. So we salute you, our wonderful volunteers. Annual Review 2020/21

wellbeing 2020/21 was a year of challenges for many and our Wellbeing Services supporting patients and families with cancer was no different. We had to reconsider how we provided support to people in light of the challenges that Covid-19 presented. We were creative in our approach to make sure we focused on the people who needed it most. Our aim was to be able to continue to connect and reach out to anyone affected by cancer. We used technology to launch new services to allow us to deliver bespoke one-to-one virtual relaxation sessions to patients and families and we worked within Covid-19 guidelines to safely relaunch some of our services.

one-to-one virtual relaxation sessions In December 2020 we launched our Virtual One-to-one Relaxation Sessions to allow us to continue to support patients, offering mindfulness, relaxation and meditation sessions. We have continued to offer these sessions, as they have become highly valued.

reducing anxiety for patients We were delighted to expand our MP3 player project. This project has run for many years, however it became even more important as a tool to connect and support patients who do not have access to smart phones or need extra support to help reduce anxiety. We provided training to NHS Radiographers on mindfulness and relaxation tips and techniques to help them supporting patients with anxiety.


virtual appointments

continued support Our Welcome Desk continued to provide support and information throughout the pandemic and has offered a warm welcome and comfort to all entering The Beatson in uncertain times. Comfort items were delivered to different hospital sites with the help of volunteers and team members to ensure patients and families across all sites had essentials needed to make their duration in hospital a bit easier. Although services within the Wellbeing Centre at The Beatson were temporarily suspended to patients, we were delighted to open the doors of the Centre to support NHS colleagues, giving them a quiet space for breaks.

my light Our digital support platform ‘My Light’, accessed via Beatson Cancer Charity’s website, launched in March 2020. This was useful for patients and carers to access at times when face-to-face services were paused, or too risky for vulnerable people to attend. We have plans to expand these self-help resources to include practical video support.

16,112 welcome desk enquiries


wellbeing one-to-one virtual relaxation sessions | julie’s story Our One-to-one Virtual Relaxation Sessions were a lifeline to many who couldn’t access support over the last year, including Julie Hollis who has kindly shared her story with us. In July 2020, Professional Artist Julie was diagnosed with Stage 2 Grade 3 Breast Cancer. Due to her involvement with Beatson Cancer Charity’s Online Auction, Julie discovered our One-to-one Virtual Relaxation Sessions. I have a small gallery in Dumfries which, pre-Covid-19 and pre-cancer, was a successful business. Once the accelerated chemo regime took hold, I wasn’t capable of travelling to the gallery, never mind running it. My immunity levels were often barely above the minimum to allow my treatment. Being treated for cancer during lockdown wasn’t easy. All of the usual support systems had been closed down and there is no equivalent of The Beatson in Dumfries and Galloway. Access to even virtual treatment was non-existent or was presented as a group event. Emails back and forth between the Beatson Cancer Charity Online Auction organiser, Joyce Ross, and myself brought this to light and as a result I was offered the One-to-one Virtual Relaxation Sessions.


They have been a lifeline and I am extremely grateful for the weekly me-time they have afforded. Thank you to Julie for sharing her story, and for helping to raise £400 by donating her painting to our Online Auction.

“The One-to-one Virtual Relaxation Sessions couldn’t have come at a better time for me, starting just before my mastectomy surgery. My therapist has helped me through some stressful times, with soothing visualisations and gentle relaxations, becoming a friend who also allows me to share the joys of my life.” Julie Hollis

Annual Review 2020/21

we’re with you at work The Specialist Health and Work Service (SHAWS) continued to provide support to those affected by cancer remotely by telephone and video call. We have supported people with a range of issues relating specifically to the pandemic, including anxiety around Covid-19 safety, mask wearing, lack of support, shielding, Covid-19 risk preventing clients returning to work and issues with furlough/redundancy. We have helped people explore their options around reasonable adjustments, such as home working or extra safety measures, continuation of skills training, and support in expressing needs to employers, during this particularly difficult time. We have also spoken directly with employers, trade union representatives and occupational health assessors, where appropriate, to discuss client needs both in relation to Covid-19 as well as their cancer diagnosis.

“It was good to know that what I am going through is ‘normal’ and although my confidence is not what it was, I felt I could speak about what was going on with me in a safe place.”

cognitive behavioural therapy support The mental wellbeing support we can provide within SHAWS has also been enhanced by the team addition of our Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) master’s placement student. Complementary CBT sessions have been offered to people for support with anxiety, assertiveness, depression, sleep disorders and more. In addition, SHAWS Practitioners were able to refer people for complementary virtual relaxation sessions with a therapist from the Wellbeing Team at Beatson Cancer Charity. We also developed a great partnership with local Social Enterprise Company, Morphfit, who offered a dedicated gentle movement exercise class for those supported by Beatson Cancer Charity weekly via Zoom.

new workshops We piloted our first virtual workshops delivered via Zoom. In February 2021 we delivered workshops on the topics of ‘Developing Your Daily Routine’ and ‘Effective Communication in the Workplace’. Feedback was very positive and will inform future workshop delivery. These workshops have allowed us to support people with similar challenges in an open and interactive group setting.

Workshop Participant


who we help Due to an existing difficult situation within her workplace Anne* had been signed off work with stress. She never imagined this would be further complicated by a Breast Cancer diagnosis a few months later. *not client’s real name

Anne’s cancer diagnosis came at a time when she was already seeking a transfer to a different department within her workplace, due to major changes in her role. Anne’s confidence was very low and the breakdown in relationship with key colleagues had affected her level of trust overall. Communication between Anne and her employers was challenging and problematic with a lack of clarity on what had been agreed to as part of her return. Working with Kirsty, her Specialist Health and Work Practitioner, Anne was able to plan and clearly articulate her challenges in employer meetings. She attended relevant workshops to help her build her confidence, not only in what her rights at work were, but also how these could be communicated to the relevant people. Support with understanding how she responded to the stress and anxiety of the situation allowed Anne to develop a wider range of coping strategies and wellbeing techniques. These techniques helped Anne with the difficult process of resolving her work issues and in planning how to phase and support herself on her return to work.

top 3 reasons for referral:

22% 19.8% 18.7% 12

Explore Options for Withdrawing From Work Employee Rights Support Return to Work Planning Assistance

Working with her employers and the support of Kirsty, Anne successfully returned to work with confidence in the support of her employer and colleagues.

“The guidance I received from Kirsty during the grievance and appeal process was invaluable. She helped me to understand my rights and define reasonable adjustments in the workplace, ultimately resulting in a greatly improved situation with my employer. She also made me aware of the wellbeing services available which have helped me regain confidence after what has been a very traumatic time.”

118 91 Clients Supported

New Referrals Across the Year


CBT sessions within first 6 weeks of service start Annual Review 2020/21

philanthropy The Philanthropy Team secured grants and donations to help the organisation adapt or create new services to continue helping people facing cancer. funding in a pandemic A grant from The Scottish Government Wellbeing Fund allowed us to establish three new projects responding to needs arising due to Covid-19:

• Our volunteer-led Befriending programme helped to reduce loneliness and isolation for 40 people shielding at home through over 300 weekly phone calls.

• Volunteers and staff distributed 180 Comfort Packs containing toiletries, snacks, books and magazines to inpatients while visiting was paused at the hospital.

• Over 540 Care Packs were distributed to outpatients, providing basic food and toiletries to allow them to stay safe at home rather than visiting busy shops.

We were also able to launch a Living with Uncertainty group work programme, and expand our existing Fear of Recurrence programme, thanks to funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, supplemented by The Hugh Fraser Foundation and the Response Recovery Resilience Fund. Recognising the increased uncertainty, anxiety and distress which Covid-19 caused for people affected by cancer, these psychological programmes help to build resilience, teach coping techniques and support people to live a meaningful life alongside their condition. Over the next three years, around 500 people will benefit from this intensive support.

We were fortunate to receive a number of grants to adapt and operate our core services including Specialist Health and Work (Bank of Scotland Foundation) and Wellbeing (Communities Recovery Fund) in line with Covid-19 restrictions. This ensured that these lifeline services were available for people facing cancer when they needed it most.

naomi’s story Naomi was referred to the Living with Uncertainty group following her diagnosis of metastatic, incurable breast cancer. She felt like her diagnosis consumed her mind, that it wasn’t working well.

“It felt like a switch was turned on in my brain after the first session; it just felt right.” The group created an important safe space, to talk without fear. With a focus on mindfulness and self-care, Naomi recognised that she had been focusing on supporting other people rather than herself. Course materials empowered her to develop news skills and she has now been able to carve out protected time for things which she values and is living a life which is more meaningful to her.

“Empathy and self-care were at the centre of the group, it felt like a warm cuddle each week. At the end of each group, I felt like I was really taking care of myself and doing something really important for me.”


research & funding Despite facing significant challenges from the Covid-19 pandemic, Beatson Cancer Charity funded staff worked hard to continue vital cancer research projects and patient services. radiotherapy research infrastructure project Key members of the Radiotherapy Research Infrastructure Project led The Beatson’s participation in the UK COVID Radiotherapy Initiative. The project is studying the impact of Covid-19 on patient outcomes, supporting the recovery of radiotherapy services and assisting healthcare professionals to plan for future pandemics. Aileen Duffton (Lead Research and Development Radiographer at The Beatson) also co-authored an ESTRO guidance document for therapy radiographers treating cancer patients with a Covid-19 infection.

“Our Clinical Trial Radiographers, funded by Beatson Cancer Charity, played a key role in re-opening radiotherapy clinical trials after the initial lockdown. We are now back to pre-pandemic recruitment levels. We couldn’t have done it without you!” Professor Anthony Chalmers, Chair of Clinical Oncology University of Glasgow


Annual Review 2020/21

clinical trials Once clinical trials restarted in mid 2020, Karen (Beatson Cancer Charity funded Clinical Trial Research Nurse) helped with the recruitment of eligible patients to a variety of trials. This included prostate cancer patients to the practice changing ProSpace™ Balloon System Trial. This project will investigate the effectiveness of the ProSpace™ Balloon System (a biodegradable rectal balloon designed to reduce radiotherapy toxicity by gently pushing healthy tissues away from the prostate while it receives radiotherapy). Karen was the only research nurse for this study and supported patients through their clinical trial journeys.


patients have been supported by the clinic (November 2018 to March 2021)

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Late Effects Team moved to remote working and maintained contact with patients through telephone calls. The team also liaised with GPs supporting Beatson patients who were shielding and/or living far away.

In March 2021, Beatson Cancer Charity awarded a £43,379 grant to help maintain two clinical trial research nurse posts for another 12 months at The Beatson. Both nurses will support a wide-range portfolio of clinical trials focusing on: • Interventional treatment trials with chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiotherapy. • Non-treatment trials including translational studies, looking at blood and tissue samples. • Studies exploring ways to manage symptoms of cancer and side effects from treatment. • Studies evaluating the psychological impact of cancer. • Observational clinical trials looking at quality of life. The grant will also help The Beatson to provide patients with a named research nurse who will support them and their family during their clinical trial journey.

late effects clinic continues Beatson Cancer Charity and MacMillan Cancer Support continued to support The Beatson’s Pelvic Late Effects Clinic. The primary aim of this service is to support cancer patients suffering from debilitating gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms, which can sometimes occur as a late consequence of pelvic radiotherapy.

The Late Effects team: Stephanie, Carol and Sally

In September 2020, face-to-face clinic appointments restarted which enabled the Lead Clinician to see a limited number of patients (under strict Covid-19 safety procedures) for their first assessment. Follow up appointments were carried out as far as possible by telephone. The team also utilised a temporary base on the hospital site for processing blood and stool tests to avoid pressure on Primary Care. Many patients were pleased to receive a diagnosis for their symptoms and reported this made a big difference. Other patients found it very helpful to feel someone was interested and asking them about their symptoms. “Everything is explained in detail. It’s fab that the clinic has been set up for after care. Comforting to know that symptoms are normal for cancer patients after treatment. Feeling very positive after my appointment. Thank you to all the team.”


trading Beatson Cancer Charity’s Trading Team adapted quickly to the rapidly changing situation. beatson café

online shop

After lockdown we reopened the Beatson Café with our Beatson Fresh range of sandwiches, rolls and paninis which are made fresh every day in store by our wonderful staff and volunteers, who completed their food and safety level 2 course. Introducing this range allows us to provide the best quality products at an affordable price with less wastage.

Having the online shop to promote our Beatson Tartan, along with all our other products, was crucial to our fundraising in 2020/21 as profits from The Trading Company are donated to the Charity on an annual basis. Without this platform we would have had no other way to reach out to supporters wanting to purchase Christmas cards and more.

cashless collection cans and buckets New for 2021 – all Beatson Cancer Charity donation cans and buckets have QR codes, so you can now make a cashless donation when you spot one in your local shop or business. It’s easy to donate £1, £2, £3, or more, with a quick scan of your phone.

The most popular products were our Beatson Tartan and charity branded face masks, our heart shaped badges ideal for wedding favours and also our range of Christmas cards. At the beginning of the pandemic we produced 150 care packs which were sold online, that we gave away to inpatients and outpatients in The Beatson and Royal Infirmary.

“The patients were absolutely delighted with them and were saying how helpful they are during their stay in hospital. They were very grateful to the charity for providing these wonderful care packs.” Visit us:


Annual Review 2020/21

one whole year of beatson cancer charity tartan In March 2020 Beatson Cancer Charity was proud to register its very own tartan designed specifically for the charity by Jane Hunter, with support from Slanj. The tartan’s colours are taken from the Beatson Cancer Charity branding. This exclusive tartan was inspired by Jane Hunter, former Glasgow School of Art student and now owner of Hunter’s Atelier. It was masterly woven at Isla Bank Mills in Keith, part of the Macnaughton Group, with over 200 years experience as a niche manufacturer in the textile industry. In August 2020 we launched our Tartan range, available to purchase from our online shop. We have lots to offer from Beatson Tartan trews, kilts, ties, bow ties and more - all proudly worn by Robert Douglas, Laura Boyd, Martin Cawley, CEO and Paul Sheerin, Volunteer Coordinator. We also expanded the range to include caps, a purse, a candle, and a dog collar and lead. The Beatson Tartan can also be purchased by the metre for any craft projects you may have. Supporters have made clocks, pelmets and lovely lavender hearts.


events Online and virtual events were vital for Beatson Cancer Charity, not only to raise funds but also to keep in touch with our valued supporters. online events

virtual challenge events Virtual events took place from the very beginning of the lockdown as people were keen to continue their fundraising efforts. From the Kiltwalk and Santa Dash, to marathons and individual challenges, Team Beatson’s support did not waver.

paw walk Paw Walk was an event inspired through the love of dogs and the unconditional love we receive from them in difficult times. During National Dog Week in September we promoted our inaugural dog walk. Suitable for all dogs of all shapes, sizes and age we ran a competition for the first Beatson Ambassadog to be crowned as part of this event.

Whilst seeing our supporters on a screen doesn’t compare to real life it was a wonderful way to connect with people. We held our own online events, such as two online auctions, the Big Day In, our Bard & His Belles Burns Supper and Winter Celebration, which saw bespoke entertainment delivered via YouTube Live. We also helped with supporter events like Beat the Beatson which ran for 20 episodes hosted by Andy Dunlop of the Stayin Inn – with Eggheads such as Go Radio’s Grado, Bryan Burnett, Twin Atlantic, Jordan Young and many more Beatson supporters.

beatson banter This sport-focussed series filled the gap of our much-loved Sporting Dinner. Our first online event saw 200 people join us for a Q&A with the Scottish Rugby Manager Gregor Townsend and finished off with a one item auction prize. Following suit were football stars Ally McCoist & Frank McAvennie, Man United’s Bryan Robson and many more from the sporting world.

beatson blether Hosted by Kaye Adams, three events were held and welcomed Hollywood’s finest Ross King MBE, Deacon Blue and Bridget Jones Author Helen Fielding as guests. These were evenings of light-hearted chat, dancing on the sofa and much needed laughter. 18

Annual Review 2020/21

fundraising community Whilst the world was locking down, Team Beatson were rising up to the challenge of raising vital funds for Beatson Cancer Charity.

run the hill Iain Brown of Jordan Hill AFC organised ‘Run the Hill’. They initially started with a target of running 800 miles in 48 hours through Strava. However, due to a rapid increase in participants, the target was quickly raised to 3,000 miles from Glasgow to New York. 48 hours later, 23 nations competing, 1,000 participants and 15,000 miles they managed to run across the world landing back in Glasgow with 33 minutes to spare.

Our supporters have found innovative ways to continue to raise funds and awareness for the charity. From completing our viral snow angel challenge to running 5k a day and organising a variety of golf-based events - we’ve seen it all this year.

“I’d say Run The Hill was one of the best things I ever did in my life. Our football captain was going through chemo with The Beatson and we decided to create an event to lift his morale more than anything.” Iain Brown

david goggins


David Goggins took on his annual 4 x 4 x 48 challenge. David, friends and supporters ran 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours. The young men wanted to be involved with the charity as they each had their own personal connections.

‘The Corona Bears’ are instantly recognisable figures in their home town of Largs. Owner Lynn Blacklock hosts the display of bears outside her house and around her local area. In July she dedicated all proceeds to us with the fun-loving, adventurous bears being kitted out in Beatson Tshirts, flags and balloons. A whopping £1,325 was raised via bucket collections. It certainly cheered many people up over lockdown.

“The Beatson’s amazing work has allowed our families to recover, with Jack’s Gran and Brian’s Dad both beating cancer over the years. We’d love to give something back to the hospital as a thank you.” The team successfully completed the challenge and raised over £7,000 for Beatson Cancer Charity.

hole in one challenge Supporter and professional golfer at Kirkhill Golf Club, Duncan Williamson, planned to hit 1000 numbered golf balls, aiming to get a hole-in-one. Duncan hit a hole in one with the 330th ball and still hit all 1000 balls – he even came very close to getting a second. This challenge helped raise over £4,400 to support patients and families.

facebook fundraising Facebook fundraising has transformed the way our supporters reach out to their friends and families and showcase their fundraising. We look forward to continuing to connect with our supporters this way and help them with their fundraising as much as possible.

200 Virtual Kiltwalk participants

122 runners jogged on to raise £129k

18 cyclists raised £13k 19


corporate & partnerships Working from home and not being in the office with colleagues has made fundraising activities more difficult, but our supporters have excelled. Supporters took part in online quizzes and signed up to a variety of virtual events, as well as donating gifts in kind, such as hand sanitiser. This has helped Beatson Cancer Charity right when we, and those who we support, needed it most.

laurie ross Customers and staff of Laurie Ross’s Partick and Shettleston offices voted Beatson Cancer Charity as their Charity of the Year. The teams took part in our virtual Off The Beatson Track and our inaugural Beatson Paw Walk. At Christmas both sites also organised a live Facebook raffle. This raised a great amount of money for all sites’ selected charities.

hsbc hamilton The HSBC Hamilton team are huge supporters of the charity, usually taking part in our events and volunteering. This year they very generously donated £23,800 towards the re-establishment of our Hair and Wig Services.

bgl contracts The team at BGL Contracts continued their generous support. They purchased raffle prizes at Christmas for the staff, encouraged sign ups to our Beatson Banter and Beatson Blether events and participated in our online auctions.

hand sanitiser donations

Bacardi Glasgow Distillery Blue Parrot Clydeside Distillery North British Loch Lomond Group Essence of Harris


Annual Review 2020/21

fundraising individual giving

Our individual supporters have shown us care, love and hope, right when we needed them most. From the annual Bauble Campaign to the Summer Covid-19 Appeal, our supporters continued to donate generously through trying and challenging times. Whilst many supporters donated over and above in response to our Direct Mail Appeals, we also saw a huge rise in online donations, with many new supporters joining #TeamBeatson. Our 2020 Beatson Bauble Appeal raised a record-breaking £86,978.27 with an average gift of £49. Over 1200 supporters hung their Beatson Bauble to say thank you, celebrate, remember someone special, or to give hope to a loved one.

“Covid-19 really highlighted the kind and compassionate supporter base that we are so lucky to have. Despite the challenging nature of a global pandemic, people continued to donate above and beyond, with many new supporters joining our database. We are beyond grateful.” Karen Nugent, Head of Individual Giving and Supporter Care

During the year, over £140k was generated from our appeals. This is thanks to our wonderful supporters, old and new, whose generosity continues to bring comfort and care to people living with cancer right now.


communications Our external communications were more important than ever to help maintain clear contact with patients, families and supporters over the last year. improving our online community and website In 2020, we came to the end of a two-year digital transformation project which aimed to help more people living with cancer find and access our services, and make our website easier for users. People living with cancer can now also access personalised cancer information. We have added extra functionality, introduced a simpler online booking system for events, and offered a virtual ‘ring the bell’. This has helped connect more people to the support they need. During the year, we had over 1,600 unique visitors to My Light and over 7,000 member Enews subscriptions.


people visited our website, including our My Light space and wellbeing resource.

my light My Light is an innovative online platform created for people living with, or affected by, cancer. They can access support tailored to their cancer journey. This is just the beginning of this digital platform which we will continue to develop. This unique section of the website offers practical advice and support, health and wellbeing information, money and benefits advice and guidelines around coronavirus. 22

The charity created the project as a legacy for Eilidh McHugh, who tragically passed away following a short battle with a rare and aggressive cancer aged 22. Eilidh’s parents Mick and Elaine, her sister Kerry and many friends and family members have raised over £344k and counting for Beatson Cancer Charity. My Light is named in honour of Eilidh’s name, which means light in Gaelic. “When Eilidh died, our world was rocked. Fundraising for Beatson Cancer Charity has helped us heal as a family and it is amazing knowing the money raised will go towards supporting more cancer patients and their families.” Elaine McHugh

Find out more about My Light at

raising awareness of our services Through our marketing campaigns we have been creating a better understanding of our services. During the year, we communicated with supporters and patients with a mix of regular emails and by post for people who aren’t online. The content we send offers support and advice to help with all stages of the cancer journey. As the pandemic escalated we quickly adapted our content to include important information including our advice and support on Covid-19 and cancer, and signposting people to our services. We developed new campaigns to promote our services and support our Appeals, such as the Beatson Bauble festive campaign, using radio, digital, and posters and leaflets. As we’ve adapted the ways we work, inside and outside of lockdown, it’s important to recognise new opportunities that Covid-19 has raised. Trying out new, remote ways of running workshops and fundraising has been really exciting, and will significantly improve our design process even after Covid-19 has passed.

our charitable spend


Research Grants £245k Medical Equipment £89k Education, Innovation and Other Grants £58k Specialist Posts Funding £724k Patient and Family Support Services £1.5m



Financial Data 2020-21 Group statement of financial activities for the year ended 31 March 2021

Unrestricted Funds £000

Designated Funds £000

Restricted Funds £000

2021 £000

2020 £000

INCOME Donations and legacies






Other trading activities







- 28 40

Investments Total income

28 3,071










EXPENDITURE Direct cost of raising funds Fundraising support costs






Charitable activities






Total expenditure






Gain/(loss) on investment assets






Net income/(expenditure)











Net movement in funds






Transfer between funds
















Tax credit

Total funds brought forward TOTAL FUNDS CARRIED FORWARD


Annual Review 2020/21

partnerships We continue to raise our profile within the NHS networks and extend our reach beyond our patient facing contact. This involves developing stronger relationships with hospital staff by providing regular briefings and updates on how their involvement has helped the Charity to fundraise successfully and in how our funds have been used to help enhance and support their work. cancer coalition network The Scottish Cancer Coalition is a group of cancer charities that provide cancer services across Scotland. Gillian Hailstones, Beatson Cancer Charity Director of Care Services, sits on the council as Vice Chair. The purpose of the group is to ensure the charities involved work together to best represent and support the needs of individuals and families across Scotland who are affected by cancer. We play a pivotal supportive role in this coalition, offering our expertise and experience to help make a difference and improve outcomes for cancer patients in Scotland.

beatson cancer charity strategic advisory council The Beatson Cancer Charity Strategic Advisory Council is made up of leading strategic, clinical and management roles across NHS. The council is consulted frequently to design, implement and maximise the impact of our research and grants programmes. We ensure that programmes are invested in wisely and that donors and supporters are informed of the development of our strategy; research and innovation, clinical excellence, and patient care and wellbeing. We will continue to look for ways where we can facilitate the purchase and development of the latest technology and equipment at The Beatson, giving patients access to leading cancer treatments.

Charity supporter and ambassador Elaine McHugh was recognised as the Charity Champion at SCVO awards ceremony in October 2020. Elaine and the McHugh family’s fundraising achievements helped towards creating a new online My Light experience to create a lasting and fitting legacy in memory of their daughter, Eilidh. Elaine continues to make an inspirational impact in Eilidh’s name through #TeamEilidh.

We want to say a massive thank you to our funders, volunteers,corporate supporters, donors and users. 25

Beatson Cancer Charity The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre , 1053 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 OYN Office: 0141 212 0505 Email: Online: Charity No SC044442

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