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New large residential  developments   Caroline Springs, Edgewater and various other locations in and around Melbourne and Geelong, Australia. 2004-2005. Client: Delfin Lend Lease Scope of works: Urban design, residential subdivisions and documentation for planning approvals of residential villages, services such as schools and sport facilities, commercial districts, public and retail open space. Caroline Springs, the largest development is located on 800 hectares.

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Schemes for residential developments (villages and commercial centres).

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Planning workshop in  Baucau   Baucau and Dili, East Timor, September 2001. Sponsoring organisations: Planning Institute of Australia (PIA), Friends of Baucau, City of Yarra (Melbourne) and City of Darebin (Melbourne). Local hosts: Planning Institute of East Timor and District Administrator of Baucau. Scope of works: as part of a team representing the sponsoring organisations, our task was threefold. Firstly, we organised and

During the community workshops in Baucau

Secondly, we discussed options to assist the local planning institute in Dili to extend a branch of their institute to Baucau.

coordinated a planning workshop aiming to meet with the local authorities and the community to discuss planning issues for the city of Baucau (2nd largest city in East Timor). B. Maturana |Page 32

Lastly, in conjunction with the local community, we examined three possible sites for the construction of a community and learning centre. The new community centre (BukaHatene Community Learning Centre) was financed by Friends of Baucau and the two local municipalities in Melbourne (Yarra and Darebin).

Former town market in Baucau.

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The Buka-Hatene Community Learning Centre. This building was completed in 2007. An extension to this building is being considered.

Buka-Hatene Community Learning Centre during construction. Image courtesy of Friends of Baucau.

Architects for Peace, through its pro bono service, is now assisting Friends of Baucau and other NGOs with their building projects in East Timor. Buka-Hatene Community Learning Centre during construction. Image courtesy of Friends of Baucau.

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Buka-Hatene Community Learning Centre. Completed in 2007. Image courtesy of Friends of Baucau.

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