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guest teacher. Alicante University Professor of Architecture Projects: J. M. Torres Nadal SECOND FOUR-MONTH PERIOD 2011

introduction to teaching/ introduction to architecture. area of project knowledge of architectu ___UNIVERSITY OF ALICANTE (UA). Spain

"For this course we want to develop a new experience in which the determining factor is again the organizing process. The essence of this experience is to explore the full potential of the interaction between the (non) teaching skills of newly qualified architects with no educational experience, and the impatience and restlessness of those who began to study architecture. On inviting young architects we try to update and re-think the famous Alvin Boyarsky model developed in the AA which places in the hands of young architecture graduates the opportunity to develop a UNIT, the origin of the famous UNITS of the AA. For him, for us now, lying opposite to the inexperience of those who began to study architecture with the inexperience of who teaches architecture was, it is, something wonderful: learning from each other, is the illusion, the fascination that occurs when trying to understand what is happening even more than trying to explain it: to understand oneself, who says, and the listener." J. M. Torres Nadal Professor of Architecture Projects Polytechnic University of Alicante


Final Exhibition. First-year students of Architecture 2011. Alicante University

(cycle of exhibition and


collaboration in the assembly and organization of ArqARTES d conferences of school architecture, photography, cinema and fashion) + info Facebook Arqartes APRIL 2011

cycle of a month-long exhibition and conferences of school architecture, photography, cinem ___HEADQUARTERS OF THE COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTS ELDA, ALICANTE (CTAA). Spain



colaboration with martĂ­n lejarraga OCTOBER 2009-JUNE 2010

design competition for the headquarters of the foundation of contemporary architecture ___C‥RDOBA. Spain

International ideas competition to locate the future headquarters of the Foundation for Contemporary Architecture in the block of San Pablo Cordoba, understood as a public forum and meeting place for discussion, exhibition and promotion of architecture and as a place open to the public where to extend the cultural debate about contemporary architecture.


The general proposal of communication is based on the integral conservation of the architectural elements of the site (gardens, patios and building of the convent)producing communication between the Capitulares Street and the Garden of St. Paul through the Architecture Foundation. A buried gallery connects directly the two spaces without producing conflicts of interest, also generating program elements (complementary to the main building) on its route. This gallery ends in a pavillion that serves and supports all possible interventions in the garden of St. Paul.

design competition for a museum complex in the tobacco factory ___GIJ‥N (Asturias). Spain

The intervention


The will of the intervention on the Convent of the Augustinians, which later became the Tobacco Factory, is to recover an emblematic building because of its heavy historical burden as its location in the urban area of the city. The existing building should be adapted to the conditions required for the modern public buildings, from the reality of a convent building deteriorated and amortized. The general structure of the building, regular and systematic has proved adequate for the new function for which it is designed, allowing a rigorous location of the required program on the sections and existing volumes.

Also the rest of the program is located in two new built sections to organize the whole plot and establish relations with the surrounding neighborhood and the hill of Santa Catalina:

2_ The building for the Museum of Nicanor PiĂąole close to the plot in the North, in its encounter with the hill. The built program develops on the first floor, on which, in separate wings, are located the Museum and the temporary exhibition halls. 3_ The third and new building, set out in the SE corner of the plot, contains the Lecture Hall/Auditorium, also with spaces for the Mediatheque and the teaching areas required in the general program.

_DESIGN COMPETITION 11.499 M² 13.479.796

design competition for molina square. santa lucĂ­a ___CARTAGENA (Murcia). Spain Project actions _ _ _ _ _ _

Analyze use, construction and facilities conditions. Arrange vials, prioritize uses, promote pedestrian, stay and play areas . Create new green areas and playgrounds. Preserve building elements / facilities in good condition. Replace those which are in poor condition or are incompatible with new applications for new high-quality finishes. Complete Existing elements with new complementary systems.

_DESIGN COMPETITION 4.325 M² 582.750

design competition on the treatment of the urban environment of the watercourse of nogalte ___PUERTO LUMBRERAS (Murcia). Spain _DESIGN COMPETITION 376.500 M² 13.225.738


1_ Conservation, boost and to highlight the water system and the natural ecosystem. -

Location and signaling ports. Consolidation of the ecosystem of the watercourse in different subunits of landscape drying ponds. Creation of an interactive area of explanation and interpretation of the water system and the natural ecosystem. Recognition and ranking of cattle trails and the network of roads and trails in the bed of the watercourse.

2_ Solution to the demands of new uses and urban circulations through the depression. 3_ Generation of free space on the right bank by the relocation of existing uses (street

market, fair, sports, all developed in an improvised style) to the central

platform, and creation of a botanic garden: - Area for cultivation of native species for reforestation in the same area of the watercourse: natural growth; greenhouses. - Botanical Garden for the popularization and knowledge of Mediterranean landscapes typical of the region of Murcia: bank woodland, wetland, steppe landscapes.

4_ Creation of a sustainable and alternative energy park to feed all the new interventions.

execution project of the cruises terminal at the port of cartagena ___CARTAGENA (Murcia). Spain

_IN CONSTRUCTION 11.376 M² 1.789.189

execution project of the cruises terminal at the port of cartagena ___CARTAGENA (Murcia). Spain

execution project of the cruises terminal at the port of cartagena ___CARTAGENA (Murcia). Spain

execution project of the cruises terminal at the port of cartagena ___CARTAGENA (Murcia). Spain


architecture final project __PFC Project carried out with F. Javier Poveda Moraga 2008/09

ecosystemic infrastructure planning ___ELDA-PETRER (Alicante). Spain


The project operates with the following layers on the territory:

Generating new urban alternatives The project suggests a new development strategy between cities, emphasizing the continuity of the public space and its relationship and balance with the nearest natural places. It generates new scenarios that make possible new energetic, social, technological, mobility and environmental alternatives in the inner cities of Alicante province. A new territorial model is built, where the cities open into the environment, creating a landscape infrastructure, which becomes an operational network, linking public urban places with natural regional attractions, regenerating, equipping and bringing them closer to the population. To equip the landscape involves multiplying urban facilities, generating an exchange device that approaches urban uses to natural environment, while natural phenomenology is introduced in the city. We achieve an urban cooperative model among the cities of the Middle Vinalopó, where programmatic and energetic deficits in some areas are balanced with surpluses of others.

 Complete territorial management of the physical environment to

eliminate barriers and make the public space stretch and multiply, connecting it to the topographical landmarks of the surroundings.  Designs of new renewable energy networks between the city and the

environment, searching compensation system.







 New ecological mobility that improves city-nature flows, brings the

landscape closer to the urban users and allows a network of cities to work together.  New infrastructure of spatial metadata. It will connect the regional

network with national and European networks of environmental study; providing critical information for the economic and environmental development of the region, making the natural processes transparent to the users.  New territorial organization, creating a network of open spaces with

high biodiversity that mitigates the lack of current public equipment in the cities involved while regenerating the natural regional interests of the area.

Master plan development of the proposition

ecosystemic infrastructure planning ___ELDA-PETRER (ALICANTE). Spain

CORE = management center of the environment

SATs = environmental and precision regenerators

ecosystemic infrastructure planning ___ELDA-PETRER (ALICANTE). Spain

Proposition for the general infrastructure







ecosystemic infrastructure planning ___ELDA-PETRER (ALICANTE). Spain Final presentation of Architecture Final Project in the


Exhibition of Architecture Final Projects





traineeship in LC architectes rafael landete + emilio cortĂŠs saura


collaboration in design competition for the arrangement of the public space of Ca単adas. first ___PLIEGO (MURCIA). Spain


collaboration in design competition for the arrangement of the public space of Ca単adas. first ___PLIEGO (MURCIA). Spain


VII National design competition for young arquitects (nursery project) ___FUENCARRAL-EL PRADO (MADRID). Spain



Design Portfolio. Architecture

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