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Public Hearing on Medical Marijuana Dispensary September 13 Pamela Park

Volume XV, No. XXXIV

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Hot Music Cools Pasadena at Inaugural Jazz Festival Some Arcadia

Residents Not Happy With Coyote Trapping By Terry Miller


he Los Angeles County’s Regional Planning Commission will hear staff reprorts and recommendations, consider all public testimony and dedide on an application for a conditional use permit for a Medical Marijuana Dispensary at 4332 East Live Oak in Arcadia. Owners of the property and proposed site are working with community members to educate the neighbors about not only the merits of medical marijuana and also the hi tech security systems Leon San Blas and partner Bob Doolittle are installing to prevent any theft. Leon San Blas’ vision is to help those with medical conditions that would benefit from medical marijuana, but only if they have a valid doctor’s prescription. The issues surrounding medical marijuana are as complex as they are divisive.

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Sierra Madre Water Forum Sept 13

Photo by Terry Miller Erik Schrody, better known by his stage name Everlast, is a Grammy-Award winning Irish-American rapper and singer-songwriter, known for his solo hit “What It’s Like” and as the front-man for rap group House of Pain. Everlast was one of over 20 top musicians who performed at the inauguaral Pasadena Jazz Festival sonsored by Red White and Bluezz.

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Pasadena Women Celebrate The Right to Vote By Terry Miller

The City of Sierra Madre is sponsoring two “Walk and Talks” and Community Water Forums dedicated to the topic of water operations, water capital improvements, and water department finances. Residents can

Lillian San Filippo, 5, of Altadena, held a sign almost twice her size… “Votes For Women” during the Women’s Organizations of Greater Pasadena which was celebrating the 90th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, by walking around

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400 S. Baldwin Avenue Arcadia CA 91007 626.445.6255

Call 626.301.1010

Moonlight & Melodies Join Westfield Santa Anita for live music and dance lessons Friday nights on the Promenade, September 10–October 15, 2010 For a complete list of music selections, dance lessons and event details

The City of Arcadia’s decision to spend $30,000 on a coyote trapping program has brought out a plethora of reaction in the community. This newspaper and others have received numerous calls and letters regarding the issue. We published a resident’s letter recently condemning the decision. During public comment at a city council meeting recently residents also voiced the objection that these creatures deserve to right to live just as each of us does. Pointing out that man has infringed on wildlife with development, one reader was devastated that a city would take such drastic action to control wildlife. Common sense and extra precaution are the keywords in preventing wild animal attacks... The program, which has trapped a few coyotes since it began Aug. 16, was suspended two years ago due to budgetary constraints, said special projects manager Linda Garcia. The trapped coyotes are euthanized since state law prohibits trapped coyotes from being relocated to other areas, she said. Mayor Peter Amundson said he thinks we need to learn to live with them (Coyotes) ... but asserted that the trapping program was something (the city) had to do in response to complaints of coyote attacks. By comparison, Pasadena has numerous coyote attacks involving pets and yet many residents choose to deal with the issue with planning and keeping food sourc-

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2 September 2 - September 8, 2010


Suffering from Pelvic Pain?

Dorothy's Place

Free Pain Treatment Lecture I. Michael MineHart MD, FIPP Interventional Pain Specialist

September 15, 2010 / 6:30-7:30 PM Embassy Suites 211 East Huntington Drive, Arcadia, CA 91006 Space Limited. RSVP to 866-784-3125. Or Call for an Appointment.




Compassionate Care. Conscientious Service.

By Dorothy Denne I was always taught to respect my elders, but it keeps getting harder to find one. This is for all “old timers” (meaning everyone maybe over 60?) who no longer use a clothesline, and probably haven’t given one a thought in years. But, I don’t think we should forget how to properly use one, just in case................ THE BASIC RULES FOR CLOTHESLINES WERE; 1. You had to wash the clothesline before hanging any clothes. Walk the entire length of each line wiping the line with a damp cloth. 2. You had to hang the clothes in a certain order, and always hang “whites” with “whites”, and hang them first. 3. You never hung a shirt by the shoulders - always by the tail. What would the neighbors think? 4. Wash day on a Monday...Never hang clothes on the weekend, certainly not Sunday, for Heaven’s sake!

Continued from page 1 tour the water treatment & distribution plant, meet water department staff, learn about what’s involved in providing quality water, obtain information about the department’s finances, and most importantly, ask questions. Community Water Forums are another opportunity to learn about the City’s water department, finances, operations,

5. Hang the sheets and towels on the outside lines so you could hide your “unmentionables” in the middle (perverts & busybodies, y’know!) 6. It didn’t matter if it was sub-zero weather...Clothes would “freeze-dry.” 7. Always gather the clothes pins when taking down dry clothes. Pins left on the line were “tacky!” 8. If you were efficient, you would line the clothes up so that each item did not need two clothes pins, but shared one with the next washed item. 9. Clothes had to be off the line before dinner time, neatly folded in the clothes basket, and ready to be ironed. 10. IRONED? Well, that’s a whole other subject! POEM: A clothesline was a news forecast To neighbors passing by. There were no secrets you could keep When clothes were hung to dry.

As brand new infant clothes were hung, So carefully with pride.

It also was a friendly link For neighbors always knew If company had stopped on by To spend a night or two. For then you’d see the “fancy sheets” And towels upon the line; You’d see the “company table cloths” With intricate design.

But clotheslines now are of the past, For dryers make work much less, Now what goes on inside a home Is any body’s guess.

The line announced a baby’s birth From folks who lived inside -

The ages of the children could So readily be known. By watching how the sizes changed, You’d know how much they’d grown. It also told when illness struck, As extra sheets were hung; Then nightclothes, and a bathrobe, too, Haphazardly were strung. It also said, “Gone on vacation now” When lines hung limp and bare. It told, “We’re back” when full lines sagged With not an inch to spare. New folks in town were scorned upon If wash was dingy and gray, As neighbors carefully raised their brows, And looked the other way....

I really miss that way of life. It was a friendly sign When neighbors knew each other best By what hung on the line!

Sierra Madre Water Forum and ask questions, without the need to walk around the water department maintenance facility. This fall, the Sierra Madre City Council will discuss increasing the City’s water rates, again. The city is asking for your input and comments at a Walk & Talk, or a Community Water Forum, or by contacting City Hall – the

City Council will use your input and comments when they discuss a future water rate increase. Community Water Forum - Monday, Sept. 13, 7:00 pm Youth Activity Center - 611 E. Sierra Madre Blvd. Walk & Talk Wednesday, Sept. 29, 6:00 pm Public Works Yard 621 E. Sierra Madre Blvd.

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Coming Soon 519 S. Myrtle Ave. - Monrovia

September 2 - September 8, 2010


Letters to the Editor M E D I A ,

I N C .

Publisher/Editor in Chief Von Raees

Editorial Editor

Terry Miller

Photographer Terry Miller

Columnists Dorothy Denne Wally Hage

Social Editor Floretta Lauber


Susan Motander Bill Peters Tom Gammill Sue Behrens Candyce Columbus Greg Aragon


Amy Leong Enid Lee Elaine Tsui

Dear Editor That individual Donald Skelton who assaulted people with his vehicle; were you aware that because of his act and because of the Hispanic that attacked Control 21 at East Fork, a safety alert was issued for the ANF? The alert has been canceled but his actions coupled to the previous incident raised safety alerts across the whole ANF. Any way, awesome photographs of the fire suppression effort *and* of the arrest. I’m glad that guy is currently off our streets and getting some forced evaluation. Name withheld: Via Email



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125 E. Chestnut Dr., Monrovia, CA 91016


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Submissions Policy All press releases, story ideas and announcements should be submitted, as a Microsoft Word attachment, to one of the following e-mail addresses: This paper is published every Thursday by Beacon Media, Inc. All content herein is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any manner, either in whole or in part, without the express written consent of the publisher. The Views and opinions expressed in this paper are not necessarily that of the management and staff at Beacon Media, Inc. The Arcadia Weekly has been adjudicated as a newspaper of general circulation in court case number GS 004333. The Monrovia Weekly has been adjudicated as a newspaper of General Circulation in Court Case GS 004759.


COYOTE CONCERNS Dear Editor, Thank you for printing my letter of concern about the wildlife in the area. Thank you also for clarifying your article on coyote attacks and explaining the reasons for increased wildlife sightings. It is true, coyotes rarely attack humans. I stand corrected in reference to educating immigrant residents about “our” wildlife. It is not “our” wildlife, therefore not ours to kill. I should have said, “ the indigenous wildlife.” I, myself, am an immigrant, as well as the vast majority of my neighbors who have lived here for years. The majority of new residents moving in are as well, thus, my use of the term, “immigrant residents.” I should have,instead, included anyone moving into the neighborhood from an urban area, not just people from other countries. I apologize. I spoke out of concern. The wildlife has become endeared to me after witnessing undue hate toward them. From seeing people throw rocks and scream at deer, to demanding bears be shot and killed by police, to the hiring of a trapper to kill coyotes. Your article on the coyote attacks, was in my opinion, an exploitation of peoples fears, making matters worse for wildlife. Fear is what I am trying to diminish in

my neighborhood through education. I felt compelled to speak up because I have seen very little done to promote wildlife’s right to exist.Other communities are more tolerant of wildlife, why is it that Arcadia is not? The wildlife that was here before any of us should be treated with the respect they deserve. I stand by my opinion that education for residents is the key. Killing should be a last resort. Once again, I apologize for causing any misinterpretation. Thanks you, Karen Schade

COYOTE WARNING Warning for people who have small dogs and children. After reading all the stories of Coyote’s being seen around ourArcadia neighborhoods, I thought I would share a Coyote story thathappened to my dear friend’s Kristina, John and Andrew. A few sunday’s ago, around 8 pm, their little 14 year old Pomerian dog named Misia went outside to do her business, but she never came back into the house. They called for her, and went looking all over the neighborhood, but to no avail did they find their precious little dog. Needless to say, they were heartbroken and spent a sleepless night worrying about Misia. After hearing the sad

news, I suggested that they put up flyers with with her picture and their phone number, in case anyone had spotted Misia. A neighbor who lived in the back of them on the next street, called and stated that a clump of fur had been found in his yard, so they assumed that a coyote had scaled the 6 foot fence and carried their sweet Misia away. My dear friends were just devastated and heart broke over their loss, so John drove to Long Beach and got another Pom puppy wholooked exacty like Misia. Well, I must tell you, two weeks later Little Misia went outside to doher business, and they herd her scream, they all rushed outsideyelling and clapping their hands, only to see a coyote ready to jump the fence with Misia in it’s mouth, the coyote dropped the little puppy, and she was whippering and lifeless. Kristina wrapped her bloody limp body in a towel, and they rushedher to the animal emergency hospital. The vet mended her woundswith staples and IV, it was touch and go for a few days, but by thegrace of God, Misia survived the attack, and after three weeks, she isalmost back to her happy bouncy self. We live in an urban jungle, it may look like a tranquil setting, but there are wild animals lurking about. About 10 years ago, my husband and I had a Coyote come thru an open door

and we found it hiding in our bedroom, it was very shocking to see this wild animal in our house, we called animal control and they removed it, thank goodness. So please keep a watchful eye on your children and small pets, to

avoid a tragic coyote attack. Sue Herron EDITOR’S NOTE: As with all wildlife, authorities recommend you keep your pets in at night and do not leave any food sources outside.


2121W. W.Duarte DuarteRd, Rd,#A, #A,Arcadia, Arcadia,CA CA91007 91007 PP 626-821-9970 . F 626-821-0996 626-821-9970 • F 626-821-0996

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4 September 2 - September 8, 2010

Alverno High School Celebrates The Golden Years of Educating Women

Call A

lverno High School, a Catholic, college preparatory school for young women, located at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, is celebrating fifty years of educating young women. For this, its Gold Anniversary, empowerment is the institution’s main theme, since this is something the school has from its first days sought to achieve and, as most will heartily agree, accomplished for the


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Ask for Brad or Victor

Has your Child Mastered the 3 R'S?

events aim to unite the school community with the surrounding community, which have for so long benefited from each other. Going forward, Alverno High School’s goal, as it has always been, will be to maintain its high standards and lofty objectives not only for the current students, but also for prospective ones and, indeed, future generations of young women. On September 18, 2010, Alverno High School

will kick start the fall season with a cocktail reception and program. In the spring, the school is holding its annual gala and auction with dinner and dancing to be held on March 19, 2011. And, to conclude the yearlong celebration, a community-wide family barbeque and picnic will be held May 21, 2011. These events will be held on the school’s historic campus in the charming City of Sierra Madre.

People from all surrounding communities are invited to attend any and all of these events; after all, Alverno High School draws students from across Southern California and sends them throughout the world as conscientious and accomplished young women. For further information on obtaining tickets for any of these events, please contact Wendy Finch-Burk, Director of Development and Alumnae Relations.

Pasadena Offers After School Recreation

• Diagnostic testing • Mastery-based learning • Academic excellence • Phonetic-based reading • Character development • Traditional Values Plus Computer Interactive Learning Grades K-12

For more information Call: Calvary Road Baptist Academy 319 W. Olive Ave. Monrovia, Ca 91016 (626) 358-4070 Ask about tuition plans

Arcadia Christian School Educating Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Leadership!

Youths will soon have 12 school playgrounds to choose from for their afterschool recreation and enrichment. Organized by the city of Pasadena Human Services and Recreation Department, the After School Playground program is a socially active experience that lets children choose from among many activities. “Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy setting on the playground that is fun for children,” said Darrell Walker, recreation supervisor.

Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 14, the program will be available to children ages 5 to 14 years old, and includes sports, a health and wellness program, arts and crafts, drama, dance, board games, homework assistance and free snacks at most sites. Programs are at Pasadena Unified School District playgrounds throughout Pasadena and operate from school dismissal bell through 6 p.m. daily. Programs are closed on school holidays and pupil-free days. School locations are:

Don Benito, 3700 Denair St. Field, 3600 E. Sierra Madre Blvd. Hamilton, 2089 Rose Villa St. Jackson, 593 W. Woodbury Rd. Jefferson, 1500 E. Villa StLongfellow, 1065 E. Washington Blvd. James Madison, 515 Ashtabula St. Roosevelt, 314 N. Pasadena Ave. San Rafael, 1090 Nithsdale Rd. Webster, 2101 E. Washington Blvd.

Willard, 301 S. Madre Ave. Enrollment fees per school semester are $25 per child and $22.50 for each additional sibling. Registration is now available at (click on View Activities). Walk-in registration is available at Jackie Robinson Center, 1020 N. Fair Oaks Ave. For more information contact Stephanie Carter at (626) 744-7532, or Elizabeth Luna at (626) 744-7302, eluna@

Young Pasadena-Area Women Compete For Rose Royalty

ACS has been serving Christian Families in the San Gabriel Valley for 65 years. ACS offers: • Preschool for 2 ½ yrs- 5yrs. • Kindergarten- 8th Grade • Nurturing, qualified teachers • Daycare 7 am to 6 pm • Art, Music, Spanish, Computer, & PE • Hot lunches • League sports for 5th- 8th grades • High academic programs • After-school clubs & programs • Outstanding Summer Adventure Camp

Arcadia Christian School

1900 S. Santa Anita Ave. , Arcadia, CA 91006


last five decades. The faculty and staff’s overwhelming enthusiasm for teaching young girls throughout the years that the world is at their fingertips and there are no limits to their ambitions and dreams, is, itself, worthy of celebrating. The school has chosen to commemorate its achievements over the last fifty years with a series of benefits and events during the 2010-2011 academic calendar year. These

In just a few weeks, more than 1,000 Pasadenaarea young women are estimated to become a part of Pasadena history as they participate in this unique selection process. This is a wonderful opportunity for young women who live in the Pasadena surrounding area to represent not only their city, but their school and the Tournament of Roses. After a month-long try-out process,

seven finalists will be named to the 2011 Royal Court. As ambassadors of the Tournament of Roses® and the city of Pasadena, the 2011 Rose Queen & Royal Court will reign over the 122nd Rose Parade® and 97th Rose Bowl Game® on January 1, themed Building Dreams, Friendships & Memories. The New Year celebration will be seen by millions of people around

the world. Participants can pre-register for the 2010-2011 Rose Queen and Royal Court Tryouts by submitting an application at The Rose Queen & Royal Court initial tryouts will take place: Saturday, September 18, 2009, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. and Monday, September 20, 2009, 3 p.m. – 5

p.m. Tournament House, 391 South Orange Grove Boulevard, Pasadena, Ca. Representatives of the Tournament of Roses and former Royal Court Members will be conducting informational sessions at area schools over the next few weeks. Contact your school administrators or the Tournament of Roses for more information.

Hillsides education center Hillsides education center 940 avenue 64, Pasadena, ca 91105 office: (323) 255-0978

• SMART Board in every classroom • Small class size (12 students per room) • Operational Vocation Classrooms/Workshop/Kitchen for hands-on projects/vocational training • Pizzazz presented by Roclord Studios (monthly visiting artist program)

28 years of Broadening learning Horizons

• Children’s library with more than 8,000 books and guest authors, like Marlee Matlin and Henry Winkler • Extra-curricular activities including Sports, Theatre and Robotics • Daily PE and exercise programs • Swimming lessons at the RoseBowl Aquatic Center • And much, much more!

(626) 574-2154


September 2 - September 8, 2010


Brothers wrestle with “Topdog/Underdog” roles in their lives Intense Drama/Comedy at Fremont Centre Theatre of us don’t encounter, yet the underlying humanness touches everyone in some sense, so that we relate with empathy. “Topdog/Underdog” garnered a Pulitzer Prize in Drama for playwright Susan-Lori Parks, the first African-American woman to claim the honor. Bringing this strong drama to the Fremont Centre Theatre are co-artistic directors James and Lissa Reynolds, director and producer respectively, of “Topdog/ Underdog.” Emily Button is associate producer and Erin Shaver is assistant director. Dove Huntley did the set design and, with Robert Corn, the construction, creating a boarding-house effect with drab, brown wainscoting, bare pipes, and overhead wires serving as clothes rods. Huntley is also the photographer, and Corn the lighting assistant. Fran Bascom as casting director brought us these actors so well suited to their roles. Costume de-

signer Lois Tedrow chose just the right clothes for both the at-home and steppin’-out moments, including the layers Booth sheds as he shows off his spiffy new ill-gotten duds. Grady Hutt is stage manager, and Carla Larissa Fallberg house manager and photographer. Carol Doehring is credited

for lighting design, Domi- seniors and students. For nique Heffley for graphic reservations or more infordesign and illustration, and mation, call 866-811-4111, DonAppleby for videogra- ROSEMEAD’S or go to www.fremontcen-MOS phy. Philip Sokoloff is pub- for online full-SERvicE ASSiStED licist. ticketing. The Fremont “Topdog/Underdog” Centre Theatre is at 1000 plays Fridays and Satur- Fremont Ave., South PasaCare, days at 8 p.m., Memory with Sun- dena. Ample Independen free parking day matinees at 3 p.m. is available on streets or through Sept. 18. Tickets the theatre. We behind specialize in service, care are $25 general, $20 for

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Mon, Thurs, fri 8-6pM Tues 8-8pM saT. 8-1pM

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535 West Huntington Drive in Monrovia




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fast-moving intensity of the drama is lightened interic and A -SERv e! dent full mittently with good doses all valu nmMarch t. depen 31, 2010. Restrictions ap most of in by re, In *must move ro en a C an re d campus envi ry o ca ROSEMEAD’S MOSt gRAciOuS ROSEMEAD’S MOSt gRAciOuS m e, e ic r M of humor. serv t ou … u in ou e yo ab r liz e ia or re fo ca ly We spec y to learn m on we not Booth also comes us toda on Inn, out you. issicOMMunity. Contact full-SERvicE living full-SERvicE ASSiStED livingASSiStED cOMMunity. 0*! ornia M w e care ab $1,50 At Calif up with new wardrobes p tO u e v d SA 38 d AN for both men. Illegally, 87-04 hIS A 26) 2 ION t t (6 N t e a true—but he manages y s toda Memory and Care,Assisted Independent Assisted Living Memory Care, Independent LivingMand Call u with charm and panache. S TOUR ! DAILY Lincoln, despite his new We and specialize in all service, We his specialize in service, care most of value!care and most of all value! “clean” life, dons share ROSEMEAD’S MOST of the Contact boosted loot as they Contact us today to learnenvironment. more about ourGRACIOUS campus environment. us today to learn more about our FULL-SERVICE campus ASSISTED LIVING COMMUNITY www.vintages both aim for a night out. It’s a complex thing, this At California Mission Inn, we not only care for you… At California Mission Inn, we not only care for you… getting along when there m we care about you. we care about you. are so few resources with gesen .vinta www Empowering Caregivers to Concert on the Green which to manage. And Entertainment by “The Reel Band” that’s what makes this Make Better Decisions Come enjoy a wonderful day! such a powerful tale, as we with Viki Kind, MA author of The Caregiver’s gain insights into the brothPath to Compassionate Decision Making: Saturday, September 11 ers’ relationship. Making Choices for Those Who Can’t 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Alas! The next day Wednesday, August 25 Lincoln comes back from Pet ions 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. work early, having lost his   opt job. “Replaced by a wax 'RAND!VE 'RAND!VE Ad dummy,” he groans deROSEMEAD’S MOSt gRAciOuS CALIFORNIA MISSION INNCALIFORNIA MISSION INN spairingly. Now the brothrefr full-SERvicE ASSiStED living cOMMu MOSt gRAciOuS esh -ISSIO SION$ to face with N$R Drive ers come-ISface 8417 Mission men Drive 8417 V Mission TOURS R TOURS PROSEMEAD’S t & full-SERvicE ASSiStED living cOMMunity. s pas some of their realities. RS Rosemead trie CA 91770 Memory Care, Independent and Assisted L Rosemead CA 91770 DAILY! DAILY! s Through their heated manMemory Care, IndependentLicense# and Assisted Living LVD 197606182, 197607175 6ALLEY"LVD 197607175 License# 197606182, We specialize in service, care talk, colored6ALLEY" with explefooand most of all value! Contact us today to learn more about tives fitting to the circumWe specialize in service, care and most of all value! cra dour & campus environ ve ft  n Contact us today to learn more about our campus environment. stances, they struggle with At California Mission Inn, we dnot o sonly care for you… we care about ryou. the lives they lead, limited At California Mission Inn, we not only care for you… *must move inapply. by March 2010. in*must greatmove partin by circum-31, 2010. we care31, about you. Restrictions apply. by March Restrictions stance. Race surely plays MeNtION thIS Ad ANd SAve up tO $1 into the issue, but so does MeNtION Ask thISabout Ad ANd SAveMove up tO our Free In $1,500*! Special! Call us today at (626) their abandonment by Call us today287-043 at Call us today at (626) 287-0438 their parents during their Independent and Assisted Living, Memory Care (323) 825-2474 teen years. We specialize in service, care and most of all value! CALIFORNIA MISSION INN To watch the longCALIFORNIA INN about our Contact us today to MISSION learn more 8417 Mission Drive TOU held-in revelations unfold Rosemead CA 91770 8417 Mission Drive environment. friendly community TOURS DAI can be agonizing, but Rosemead CA 91770 License# 197606182, 197607175 DAILY! so worth it. Lincoln and At California Mission Inn, we not only care for you… License# 197606182, 197607175 Booth convincingly we care about you. us a slice of life that most *must move in by March 31, 2010. Restrictions apply. VE %ARLE!






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MeNtION thIS SAve up tO $1,500*! MeNtION thIS Ad ANd SAve upAd tOANd $1,500*!








*must move in by March 31, 2010. Restrictions apply.


















Call us today at (626) 287-0438 Call us today at (626) 287-0438


One glance at the Fremont Centre Theatre stage, and we’re pretty sure that a man lives there. Or possibly men. It’s sure one messy room—rumpled magazines, a roll of paper towels, and take-out food trays (empty) are strewn about on the floor. Furniture is makeshift: a couple of plastic crates with a board on top suffice as a chest; a cardboard box serves as the “occasional” table beside an overstuffed chair. We are obviously peeking into someone’s private lifestyle. Meet Stephen Rider as he enters exuberantly and sashays about, talking to himself and trying his hand at three-card-monte. He’s Booth, and his brother is Lincoln—so-named by their dad in a kind of misdirected joke. The joke seems double-edged when Lincoln arrives home after work. He’s actually in the guise of President Lincoln, a black man wearing white-face makeup, a fake beard, and a top hat for his role in an amusement arcade where his job is to be “assassinated” repeatedly by the audience. From the get-go, we sense the crackling tensions between these men with their opposite ways of managing to muddle through their lives’ limitations. Lincoln is a past-master at three-card-monte, a game of deception for tricking players out of their money. But in his steady, new job as Lincoln, Jed Reynolds is somber and determined. He has opted for security of sorts, albeit low-paying, and wants to hold that job. Now he defends his choice as he watches Booth heading back for the streets (if only he can get to be as good as Lincoln once was with the card game scam.) Lincoln refuses to help Booth hone his technique, struggling to keep both of them away from the allure of the quick buck and the high life. Thus the confrontations start to rise between these two African-American men. Women get into the picture, too. Their presence is palpable, de-


By Fran Syverson

spite never being on stage. Both men have had disappointing love lives, but that doesn’t keep Booth from romantically conjuring dreams of his conquests. As he prepares for a tryst, he does a hilarious job of tidying his room, complete with skootching his girlie magazines out of sight, and coming up with glamorous, red satin his-and-hers robes. It’s in scenes such as this that the fast-talking,

6 September 2 - September 8, 2010

An Alpine Summer in Central Switzerland mountains such as Rigi, Stanserhorn, and Pilatus. Lucerne highlights include the 14th century Chapel Bridge, Europe’s oldest covered wooden bridge; the Museggmauer, an incredibly preserved 13th century fortified wall, with

is a paddle or steamboat cruise on Lake Lucerne. During my visit I cruised to Rütli, a grassy meadow where the roots of Switzerland were planted in the 13th century and the legend of Swiss hero William Tell was made famous.

tacular steam powered Pilatus Railway. Entering service in 1889, the cogwheel locomotive was designed by engineer Eduard Locher. Upon inception it instantly amazed the world as it climbed the mountain like a goat, reach-

bright red car chugging slowly upwards. After a few minutes the trian winds precariously around the rims of rocky cliffs. It then cuts through tunnels bored through solid rock and spans flowing streams and fields of wild flowers.

all but one of nine towers intact; and the Swiss Museum of Transport – one of the most diverse museums in Europe for transport and communication. Another city attraction

The highlight of my visit to Lucerne was a journey up mysterious Mount Pilatus. To get to the base of the mountain I took a bus to the town of Alpnachstad, where I boarded the spec-

ing a head-tilting gradient of 48 percent. Today, the train still scales the mountain and is the world’s steepest cogwheel. The ride roller coasterlike ride begins with the

Higher up, forests give way to snow covered pastures, teeming with herds of grazing cattle, playing a Swiss symphony of chiming cowbells. At the top of Pilatus are numerous lakes and

By Greg Aragon An hour south of Zurich is Lucerne, a beautiful waterfront city, where 18th century buildings and sidewalk cafes lead to medieval squares, fresco-styled homes, ancient churches and chapels, and wooden bridges. I stayed here last summer, using the town as a base camp on my way to the top of Mount Pilatus. Set on Lake Lucerne and dissected by the River Reuss, the German-speaking Lucerne is a gateway to Central Switzerland. From the city’s river banks visitors enjoy incredible views of the Swiss Alps, and

awesome views of at least 73 snowy peaks comprising the Alps. The summit of Pilatus features an aerial tram station and two historic hotels, one being Hotel Pilatus Klum, built in 1890. I warmed up here with a hot chocolate in the lobby before taking a gondola down the other side of Pilatus. The tram’s first stop is Frakmuntegg, a large nature/adventure park. Here I experienced Switzerland’s longest summer toboggan run. Stretching nearly a mile, the snaking, shiny metal half-tube zips guests down the mountainside through tall green pastures. Back in the gondola, I rode to Kriens, near Lucerne, where I boarded Switzerland’s legendary Post Bus. Canary yellow, the buses are the main public transit link between trains, gondolas and boats and like all Swiss public transportation, they are clean and run on time like a Rolex watch. For more info on visiting Switzerland, visit; for flight info visit Swiss International Airlines at:

CTR# 101620208

Wednesday Sept. 22th, 2010 6:00-7:30 pm Embassy Suites in Arcadia 211 Huntington Dr.

A fun, informative presentation on Alaska & the Yukon

Featuring: Alaska Experts, Stunning Film Footage, Useful Planning Advice and Exclusive Travel Benefits


Space is limited, please call for a reservation (626) 294-4570

Holland America Line A Signature of Excellence

Lynda Linforth L.P.S.N. NASM Certified

626.447.1049 by appointment only

Semi-private personal training available:

Self Defense Bride & Bikini Boot Camp Fitness Rx - ‘specialized program for life-saving weight loss’

•Exclusive Private Training,-no crowds •Highly experienced and certified personal trainers •Licensed Nutritionist •Weight Loss •Post Injury Exercise •Post Cancer Exercise • Mid-life & Senior Fitness

Contact us for a complimentary consultation. Ask about our New Year specials. 626-447-1049

WE HAVE “SOMETHING” YOU NEED Sunday Worship: 8 and 10:45 a.m. Sunday School: (all ages) 9:15 a.m. Sunday Eve - “Praise” Worship 7:00 p.m. or Monday Worship - 7:00 p.m.

OUR SAVIOR LUTHERAN CHURCH 512 W. Duarte Road, Arcadia (626) 447-7690


11:15 11:15AM AM

11:15 AM 11:15 AM

11:15 AMAM 11:15

Rev. Paul S. Beck • Senior Pastor

September 2 - September 8, 2010


A Chef’s Delight TheGoodLife By Wally Hage

A Restaurant Review ... is deserving for this typically 1940’s style Coffee Shop/ Restaurant located in Arcadia, near the corner of Santa Anita and Live Oak avenues. If you are seeking good home style cooking, a large menu selection, very reasonably priced food, large portions, and friendly service, then you should stop by Chef’s Coffee Shop, a well-known Arcadia landmark. Bob Seltman opened the Chef’s Coffee Shop in the Arcadia location in 1987. Almost immediately the business became a family adventure, as Bob’s dad was an occasional visitor meeting and greeting the various diners. A few years later Bob’s son David joined the business as the baker/pastry chef. David learned the business quickly

and shortly thereafter became the head chef. When his dad’s health problems became apparent, David became even more involved in the business and soon after, he very capably took over the complete restaurant’s operations ... and has successfully continued the grand family tradition of “Good Food at Reasonable Prices.” Not long ago the “40’s style” architecture of Chef’s Coffee Shop caught the eye of the Hollywood Movie Industry and so the restaurant was closed for one day to accommodate a movie shoot. Chef’s typical breakfast delights are generally priced below other competitive area restaurants. Those “Hungry Man Diners” who must have their biscuits and gravy selection, come from near and far to satisfy their appetites. The large list of Lunch and Dinner menu specials, senior citizen discounts and diner coupon offers are all a con-

tributing factors to Chef’s strategy to promote the volumes of patrons that they are attracting daily, in spite of the economic downturn presently experienced by other restaurants. This unique restaurant’s clientele is overwhelmingly middle aged and above. Their varied array of loyal patrons come from all walks of our society and almost without exception they are considered by the Chef’s great “Serving Team” as their family members. The cluster of Candy vending machines and the generous claw machine that dispenses stuffed animals of all types, are common attractions for the children. They are also encouraged to visit because of the once a week “Children Eat Free” options. So Why Not “Dine Out” soon and give Chef’s a try? They are located at 13 E. Live Oak Avenue, Arcadia Ca. 91006, (626) 574-0257).

“Our Fish Come from the Finest Schools”


Best Seafood Restaurant Pasadena Independent Readers’ Choice Award


Open 7 days a week

Vietnamese Cuisine

Mon - Sun 10am-9pm

Dine in or take out 1045 S. Baldwin Ave., Arcadia, CA 91007 * Pho Special

Reg. $5.95, Large $ 6.95

Beef Tenderloin, brisket, flank, tripe, tendon, beef ball, noodle soup

* Pho Tai

Reg. $5.75, Large $6.75

* Pho Ga

Reg. $5.50, Large $ 6.50

Chicken noodle soup

* Grilled bowl (rice, or rice noodle)

Includes egg roll, salad with homemade sauce, and a bowl of chicken soup

Beef tenderloin Pork


Chicken Combo bowl ($7.95)

* Pork Chop over rice


Specially marinated, grilled pork chop, steamed egg meatloaf over rice and bowl of chicken soup

Vietnamese Cuisine

1045 S. Baldwin Ave. Arcadia, CA 91007 (626)574-1746

2.00 OFF


expires 11/30/2010 Limit one coupon per customer per order

with coupon

Pasadena Weekly Readers’ Poll

20 Straight Years

tel. (626)574-1pho(1746)

Beef tenderloin, noodle soup

Best Seafood Restaurant


“Hook, Line & Sinker.”

Open for Lunch and Dinner 7 Days Gorgeous Private Banquet Rooms For Your Special Events! 1978 East Colorado Blvd., Pasadena | (626) 793-FISH (3474)

8 September 2 - September 8, 2010

San Gabriel Mission 239 Annual FIESTA th

*International Food *Rides *Games *Bingo *Entertainment

Religious, Historical, Cultural Festivities

FRI., SEPT. 3: Fiesta open 6 p.m.-midnight 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. No admission charge to museum and gardens. 6 p.m. Ringing of the Bells at bell wall. SAT., SEPT. 4: Fiesta open 3 p.m. to midnight 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. No admission charge to museum and gardens. 9 a.m. Children’s and Pet’s Costume Contest at fiesta stage. 11 a.m. Blessing of the Animals at fiesta stage. 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. Re-enactors of History and Art Show in gardens. 4 p.m. History Reception in museum patio. 5 p.m. Birthday Cake Celebration at fiesta stage. SUN., SEPT. 5: Fiesta open 2 p.m. to midnight 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. No admission charge to museum and gardens. 11:15 a.m. Founder’s Memorial Mass in Chapel Church. 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. Re-enactors of History and Art Show in gardens. 11:30 p.m. Closing Ceremony and Prize Drawings at fiesta stage.

San Gabriel Mission

About 2 miles north of 10 Freeway (New Avenue exit) Phone (626) 457-3035 428 S. Mission Dr.., San Gabriel, CA 91776

Cost of Veterinary Care by Gary R. White, DVM “Doctor, this animal means the world to me. I want to do whatever it takes. Money is no object! It’s not going cost very much though, is it?” The Veterinary field has grown to allow for remarkable advances in medical care for our furry friends. Many specialists are available in veterinary medicine. You can arrange for a kidney transplant for your cat at U.C. Davis, there is a neurologist in Tustin who performs brain surgery, a specialty group in West LA provides dialysis, in Ventura your dog can have open heart surgery….your dog needs a new hip? How does Thursday work for you? As a whole, the level of local veterinary care is advancing. The general care we provide is much more advanced than even 5 years ago. Your veterinarian has access to specialists online, and may also provide in-house laboratories for blood and urine testing, digital radiology and ultrasound. Some veterinary facilities provide advanced surgical and medical treatments previously unavailable without traveling across the county. MRIs and CTs are now common referrals for pets. Laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, flexible endoscopy, and arthroscopy allow for minimally invasive diagnoses and treatment. Adult stem cell therapy is opening up new methods of treating diseases [these cells are derived from your own pet for concentration and reintroduction into problem areas such as arthritic joints]. Laser Therapy is available to provide a non invasive method to reduce pain and/or swelling and inflammation …….Laser Surgery is also available to help in the reduction of pain, less bleeding and swelling during surgical procedures. Anesthetic agents and monitors are getting better, safer, and more encompassing. Pain relief is a large part of a progressive veterinarian’s agenda. Veterinarians are also employing licensed, educated and trained technicians to assist them rather than the prior practice of hiring people off-the-street and utilizing on-the-job training.

All these advances benefit you and your companions, but they come at a cost. As examples: Equipment to perform orthopedic surgery, >$150,000 Ultrasound >$40,000 Anesthetic monitors, as much as $10,000 each Digital radiology, $140,000 Reference quality inhouse laboratory, $75,000 Equipment for laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, etc., $50,000 Laser Therapy and Surgery units, >$40,000 In addition to the cost of equipment, there are additional on-going expenses for the training and continuing education required for your veterinarian and staff. The overhead for providing adequate, let alone advanced veterinary care is staggering. With every advance in veterinary technology, the price of proper veterinary care continues to rise. How can you prepare? How can you mediate the costs? One of the simplest ways to avoid “surprise” costs is utilizing annual or semi-annual examinations. As with most things, preventative maintenance goes a long way. If a veterinarian sees your pet on a regular basis, they can often detect issues from a physical examination, lab tests, radiographs, and recent patient history that will allow for intervention and therefore early treatment of conditions with far less expense and greater eventual outcome than if you wait until the condition progresses to a serious state. For instance, routine dental cleaning is far less expensive and healthier than waiting until advanced dental disease requiring 17 extractions develops. Removing a tumor when it’s small is cheaper, less painful, and safer than when it’s grown to watermelon proportions. Detecting chronic kidney disease and doing little more than changing the diet can increase your pet’s life 3 times longer than if it were not detected and treated. Treating late detected end stage kidney failure is no fun for you, your pet, or your veterinary team. A new limp is better to manage early than after your companion has compensated for it by overloading

the other leg and tearing their cruciate ligament. In the case of liver values increasing, your veterinarian can look into that further or at least try a special diet and supplements. Some people have several pets. The same principles apply for all. It is important to discuss with your veterinarian how to best spread the cost of care. You may choose to bring your pets in separately… one every 3 months. Some clients prefer to “get it over with” in one day and put the charges on a credit card so they can spread out the payments that way. Still others find the repeated trips are not so bad and return for any recommended lab work the following month, radiographs the month after, dental treatment 3 months later, etc. Some clients save $50100.00 per month for their pet for use in emergencies or major health issues. The down side to this plan is when a young pet is in need of costly services and not enough dollars have accumulated. Other clients have a “dedicated” credit card which is only used for their pet’s healthcare and paid off with monthly payments. Some clients even have the pet’s picture on the credit card! Pet insurance is quickly becoming a near necessity. There are some pitfalls, and not all insurance companies are created equal. It is important to research them thoroughly and ask your veterinarian if other clients have had experiences with a particular insurance company. For instance, at least one insurance company will not cover a cruciate injury until 1 year from the policy start date. While one insurance company offers coverage for annual wellness exams, another one might not. Your veterinarian wants what is best for your pet. My mentor, a great veterinarian and human being told me that if you practice good medicine, you never need to worry about the bottom line. Yes, this is a business. It is a healthcare business built upon trust and repeat contact. A good veterinarian will offer you the best care available, that’s our sworn duty as your companion’s doctor.

September 2 - September 8, 2010


Inaugural Jazz Festival Does Not Disappoint Eclectic Crowd Continued from page 1 By Terry Miller


n academic definition of Jazz might be: A genre of American music that originated in New Orleans circa 1900 that was characterized by strong, prominent meter, improvisation, distinctive tone colors & performance techniques, and dotted or syncopated rhythmic patterns. But Jazz is a heck of a lot more than that. This past weekend at the Pasadena Jazz Festival at the Arboretum proved that point conclusively. Local musician, Byron Miller; Andre Vener owner of Red White and Bluezz and Pasadena Entertainment pulled off another major music event over the weekend. And they said it couldn’t be done! Some of the nation’s top jazz, R&B and some cutting edge music graced the stages of the Pasadena Jazz Festival which was held at the Los Angeles County Arboretum Satur-

day and Sunday. Remember Booker T and the MGs? Well the marvel , Booker T Jones, was there playing his signature Hammond organ complete with that Leslie speaker that gives that un-

mistakable sound no synthesizer could ever recreate. Is it Jazz? Does it matter? The answer therein depends on who you talk to. “It’s all music, Man…” said one fan of Booker T

( Jones) fan from Long Beach. “ The band started the Memphis Sound”… said Cherie Thomas. She went on to say it didn’t matter what you classified the genre – “Music like this…it is history.” Thomas

Take 6 perform Sunday to an excited crowd at the Arboretum - Photo by Terry Miller

concluded. Booker T Jones moved to California and joined A&M Records as a producer in the early 70’s. There he supervised the recording sessions for Rita Coolidge (who also performed at the

Pasadena Jazz Festival Sunday), Booker T’s wife Priscilla (Rita’s sister), and Bill Withers to whom Booker T made a fond reference in his set. Booker T was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992. Another of the headliners aside from the amazing and legendary bass player Stanley Clarke was Spyro Gyra who performed late Sunday afternoon to a rousing reception with their loyal fans. These guys have been around a while. Their smooth but incredibly vigorous jazz, accented with a creative edge unlike any other band left the audience on their feet wanting more. Personally, I would rather have seen a band like Larry Carlton’s ( an amazing session guitar player who is on a lot of Steely Dan albums) follow Spyro Gyro instead of Take 6. The American Seventh-day Adventist a cappella gospel music sextet

Please see page 10

10 September 2 - September 8, 2010

Continued from page 9 formed in 1980 seemed to inject a little too much religion in their set for my taste. I love a cappella, and these guys are tops in that dept. I Just thought the timing was a bit off as far as when the band performed. The group sings contemporary style, which integrates R&B and jazz influences into their songs which have 10 Grammy wins. While the audience wasn’t perhaps as large as organizers expected, they were no less enthusiastic and obviously a knowledgeable music crowd. The line up wasn’t exactly all Jazz which kept things really interesting: Also with two stages going, there was barely a moment without live music all weekend…few promoters can do this! Another of the acts who performed Sunday, Everlast, aka Erik Schrody, (is an eclectic Grammy-Award winning Irish-American rapper and singer-songwriter, known for his solo hit “What It’s Like” and as the front-man

Pasadena Jazz Festival - Big Hit with Music Lovers for rap group House of Pain). Somehow they ended up in the Jazz festival to the delight of many in the audience. Everlast is also a part of the hip-hop band La Coka Nostra, which consists of his former House of Pain mates, Danny Boy and DJ Lethal, along with Underground rap veteran Ill Bill and Irish-American rapper Slaine. Not exactly a Jazz resume- nonetheless Everlast was appreciated by many different generations that dotted the green, green grass of the Los Angeles County Arboretum. Unfortunately, I missed one of the greatest flautists of all time, Hubert Laws, by a few minutes. I did see Kevin Eubanks who is masterful - free of the confines of a few seconds he was allotted on the Tonight show. However you look at music and no matter what your particular taste might be, it seemed the Pasadena Jazz festival hit all the right notes. Everyone seemed happy, the weather was perfect and the setting stunning.

Julio Fernandez, guitar player for Spyro Gyro. Julio Fernandez was born in Havana, Cuba on August 29, 1954 and came to the USA in 1961. He started playing guitar at the age of nine, his father being the first and most influential teacher according to an autobiography. Although his roots were in traditional Cuban music, his father was very much into jazz and big band sounds. His playing style was a hybrid of these idioms and it always fascinated Fernandez.

The legendary Booker T ( from Booker T and the MG’s fame) stole the show on Sunday as well as Jay Beckenstein - the ever cool copper Sax man with Spyro Gyra. These two acts were just part of the top talent Pasadena Jazz Festival offered music lovers last weekend at the Los Angeles County Areboretum .

Photos by Terry Miller

September 2 - September 8, 2010


The Social Whirl Check Out ‘The Roost' at Taste of Arcadia For all of you who would enjoy tasting the myriad of choices from over 35 restaurants and breweries, wineries and the Martini Bar, meet and great old friends, city V.I.P.s and be a part of the buzz, but enjoy a bit quieter opportunity to visit, have I got news for you. Its time to come on down to “The Roost,� a new addition to the “Taste of Arcadia� this year. Chair of this successful event, Verena Somer, announced sponsors: Merrill Lynch/BofA, 2010 GOLD sponsor; Westfield Santa

Anita, Silver sponsor, and Oak Tree Racing Association, BRONZE sponsor. In addition, media sponsors are Arcadia Weekly, Pasadena Star News and Townzilla. com. Many other Arcadia merchants have also contributed to make this event an evening to remember. Among the other highlights of this dazzling evening are music by the Cold Duck band, Brazilian dancers and free parking. Call (626) 447-2159. Monies earned to benefit Foothill Unity Center, Arboretum Foundation and Arcadia Red Cross.

Please Send Your Social announcements and Invitations to Floretta Lauber at: socialwhirl@

By Floretta Lauber

Mardi Gras 2011 Committee Kick Off Verena Somer, event chair for Taste of Arcadia, September 20th.

Press Previews 24th Home and Kitchen Tour Hosted by ASID Open to the public, the tour is set for Sunday, October 3rd, 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m., announced Eileen Atwood event chair for the Pasadena chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers. “Our tour is very strong on value,â€? Atwood explained. “It offers entrĂŠe to four fabulous and diverse homes, plus opportunities to meet designers, learn about products and services from key industry vendors and shop unusual boutiques – all for $30 per ticket.â€? This year’s self-guided tour, which features houses built from 1941-2000 throughout Pasadena, South Pasadena, San Marino and La CaĂąada, offers two very different takes on traditional design (a sophisticated Colonial style residence and a gracious French provincial home), plus a modern Craftsman and an architecturally significant contemporary home. Designers had to take into account existing furniture, artwork and

personal collections. “These are real homes for real people,� said Carol Cobabe, Pasadena ASID 2010 Home & Kitchen Tour co-chair. Participating ASID and Allied ASID designers for 2010 include Firoozeh Khorraai (Design Schematic), Susan Sawasy (Casawasy), Leona Valone (Valone Design), and Rozalynn Woods (Rozalynn Woods Interiors). Shopping for treasures and discovering resources are added benefits of the tour, which includes retail boutiques and displays of the best home design products. Guests can also purchase chances to win a KitchenAid barbecue (a $3,400 value), donated by Gold sponsor Sierra Custom Kitchens and Sterling sponsor Ferguson’s Bath & Kitchen Gallery. Tickets to the tour, $30 in advance and $35 day of the event, are available by calling (800) 237-2634, or the ASID Pasadena chapter office at

Methodist Hospital’s Mardi Gras committee held its Kick Off meeting on Thursday, August 27, at Casa del Rey Restaurant in Sierra Madre. Mardi Gras 2011 will honor Arcadia residents Dave and Grace Cashion for their many years of service to Methodist Hospital. Proceeds from this year’s fund-raiser will benefit emergency services at Methodist Hospital. Two thousand eleven marks the 16th year this festive event

has paid homage to Mardi Gras by throwing a New Orleans style celebration featuring several of San Gabriel Valley’s best restaurants, an exciting silent auction, live entertainment with plenty of dancing, and an authentic parade. Invite your friends and colleagues, bring your appetites and they will provide the beads on Fat Tuesday, March 8, at Sirona’s in Santa Anita Park. They hope to see you there.

Tour home on Indiana Avenue, South Pasadena. Interior design and remodel of 3,500 square foot, two story build in 1971. Susan Sawasy ASID. (626) 795-6898 (1000 Walnut St., Suite 108, Pasadena). Tour tickets and tickets for the barbecue drawing ($10 each or $25 for three) are also available at Anthony’s Art & Frames, 1120 Huntington Dr., San Marino, (800) 237-2634; Cynthia Bennett & associates, 501 Fair Oaks Ave., South Pasadena, (626) 799-9701; Ferguson Bath & Kitchen Gallery, 157 Vista Ave., Pasadena, (626)

795-9551; French Laundry, 606 S. Lake Ave., Pasadena, (626) 792-3881; Pzazz Hair Salon, 840 Foothill Blvd., La Members of Mardi Gras Kick Off committee for Methodist HospiCaĂąada (818) 790-1334, and tal Foundation are: (standing) Dr. John Quigley, Margaret Quig7ESTMINSTER'ARDENS3PEC?X?2OCKYs3'6.KCTRH Sierra Custom Kitchens, 2534 ley, Annie Lu, Mari Claveran, Barbara Lyle, Michael Driebe, Jan E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, McEachern, Cheryl Wolf, Babs Kleiman, Deborah Wilkie, You(626) 792-8080. landa Denson, Carmela Griswold, Joan Francone, Ulanda Lee, Members of the press Sherry Wang, and Gloria Rico. (Seated) Beth Oberon, Janet attending enjoyed tasty box Hanson, Sherri Taylor, Lisa Hanly-Gruppie, Noemi Biely, Stacey lunches and drinks while pre- Nyberg, Evelyn Greathouse, and Dr. Brian Venerable. viewing the four homes.

A Retirement Oasis - Duarte, CA Please see page 15

The Only High Rises You’ll See Are The Trees

Tour home on Oak Knoll Avenue, San Marino. The addition of a second story master suite and a redesign of the kitchen and family areas of the designer’s 3,700 square foot French provincial home built in 1941. Leona Valone, Allied Member ASID.

Come See What Remarkable Retirement Living Is All About!

(866) 703-2055

Festival of Authors Saturday, October 2 10am - 5pm

12 September 2 - September 8, 2010

Top 1% of Prudential Realtors Nationwide



Reni Rose (626) 355-8400

367 Monterey Pines Drive, Arcadia, CA Offered at $6,880,000

Continued from page 1



69 E. Grandview, Arcadia, CA Offered at $1,248,000

Located in the guard gated estate area of Whispering Pines is this incredible Tuscan Villa Estate which is better than new. This exquisitely detailed 6,525 sf home has 5 bedrooms (5 suites) & 6 bathrooms. Situated on over an acre lot, it offers incredible views of the mountains, valley and city lights. The highest quality workmanship & materials were used to construct this “one of a kind” estate home which includes a gourmet kitchen, elevator, wine cellar, his and hers offices, 4 car garage, infinity saltwater pool & spa, waterfalls & lush gardens. Visit and for more photos and information.

This delightful Highland Oaks home has been wellmaintained and is located in the award winning Arcadia school district. There is an updated kitchen, Brazilian cherry wood flooring in the living room/dining room areas with lovely views of the back yard/pool area. There is a private master suite, family room, office, laundry room and an oversized 2-car garage. The home is 2,818 sq. ft. situated on a 12,746 sq. ft. lot. It has 4 bedroom with 3.5 bathrooms and was built in 1951. This is the perfect home for entertaining.

1301 Diamond Avenue South Pasadena, CA Offered at $1,148,000

3735 E. Sierra Madre Blvd, Pasadena, CA Offered at $725,000

Situated in Upper Hastings Ranch, this home is conveniently located to shopping, freeways and schools. This 1951 well-maintained home offers an open and spacious floor plan. Additional features include: formal entry, large living room with fireplace, sliding doors open to a tiled patio, grand family room with high ceilings & recessed lighting, adjacent to an updated kitchen, updated bathrooms, central air and heat, newer windows and roof. There is a mountain view from the back yard. For more information go to


Built in 1927, this Spanish Revival home is 2,733 sq.ft on a 7,536 sq.ft. lot and located in the desirable South Pasadena school district. There are 4 bedrooms 2.5 bathrooms. The is a terraced back yard with a grassy area and a cement pad that is “hot-tubready” with water and electrical. The front yard is expansive with picturesque Deodar and Palm trees. This home has been lovingly upgraded with copper plumbing, electrical, rebuilt chimney, reinforced foundation. It also includes French doors and windows, wood floor, central air and heat and new interior paint. Will you be the proud new owner? For more pictures and information please go to

CUP Hearing September 13

607 Hacienda Drive Monrovia, CA 91016 Offered at $575,000

This is a great starter home and has been tastefully renovated inside and out. It is a short walk to Mary’s Market as well as to scenic hiking trails. There is Pergo flooring, updated kitchen, remodeled master bathroom with a washer/dryer combination, central air and heat, two patio areas both with views and an easy to maintain rear yard with hot tub. Appliances are included. Good starter home. This is a short sale. 628 sq. ft. home, 1921 sq. ft. lot. 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths.



Imagine the possibilities! This property is located on a quiet street and is behind a gated driveway and has some deferred maintenance. There is a detached 2 car garage, a guest house with kitchen, bath and pool. The square footage of the house is 1,369 square feet on a 14,985 sq. ft. lot. It was built in 1944. There is central air and forced air heating. This is a short sale, subject to lender’s approval.

523 Brookside Lane Sierra Madre, CA Offered at $378,000

725 Woodland Drive, Sierra Madre, CA Offered at $399,000

Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains and close to the quaint village of downtown Sierra Madre, this home offers a country living lifestyle. The unique location allows you to forget the hustle and bustle of the big city, while just a short commute to downtown Los Angeles. Just minutes from your front door are hiking trails and Mary’s Market and Cafe! This cozy 1 bedroom 1 bath home is 837 sq. ft. on a 3,973 sq. ft. lot. There is a relaxing front porch, stone fireplace in the living room, walk-in closet in the large bedroom, and parking for 4 cars (a real commodity in the canyon). This is the perfect canyon hide-away! For more information and pictures go to

14 El Dorado Street, Unit 10 Arcadia, CA Offered at $438,000

This lovely townhouse is conveniently located near the Santa Anita Shopping Mall, Race Track, Golf Course and the LA Country Park which includes tennis courts and ball fields. Situated in the award winning Arcadia school district, it is just 2 blocks from First Avenue Middle School, 4 blocks from Arcadia High School and a short distance to Holly Elementary School. Association fees are only $150. The townhome is 1330 square feet and has 3 bedroom and 2.5 bathrooms. There is a 1-car attached, direct access garage with washer/dryer hookups. For more information & picturesto to:

Email: • Website:

Leon San Blas and Bob Doolittle pose with the public hearing notices posted on the building where they hope Los Angeles County will grant their CUP on Sept 13, 2010 - Photo by Terry Miller In Los Angeles County there have been a number of robberies which is one of the reasons residents in the immediate area oppose the dispensary. Some have been extremely vocal with their opposition and show up at public events hoping to get people to sign and “stop the pot shop”. San Blas and buisiness partner Bob Doolittle don’t see it at all that way. The two men, each suffer from chronic pain ( San Blas is confined to a wheelchair) from industrial

accidents. San Blas knows the medical benfefits ans simply wants to help patients obtain the medicine to alleviate their suffering. And medical marijuana doesn’t only benefit debilitating illnesses according to some medical professionals. It has also been found to ease the discomfort surrounding arthritis, chronic pain, and nausea - especially in cancer patients. Many women report success when using marijuana to treat menstrual cramps, and menopausal women have found

great success in using marijuana to battle hot flashes, mood swings, and chills. Currently there are studies being done which indicate that medical marijuana might have a positive effect on depression and other anxiety related disorders. The Los Angels County hearing on Sept 13 is open to the public. The l.ocation is Pamela Park Gym at 2236 Goodall Avenue inDuarte. For further information contact Mr. Leon San Blas at (626) 466-4267

September 2 - September 8, 2010

Women Celebrate the Vote

Coyotes Cause Considerable Concern in City Continued from Page 1

Continued from page 1

Lillian San Filippo, 5, of Altadena, held a sign almost twice her size at the March. - Photos by Terry Miller the Pasadena City Hall en masse Thursday, August 26, 2010. Lillian and about 40 other women marched around the iconic corridors of power, hand in hand carrying banners and signs honoring the right to vote. The women dressed in white and wore lavender sashes like the suffragettes of the early 1900s. , Carrie Chapman Catt, who was endorsed by Susan B. Anthony after her retirement as president. Three years later headquarters were moved to Warren, Ohio, but were then brought back to New York again shortly afterward, and re-opened there on a much larger scale. The organization obtained a hearing before every Congress, from 1869 to 1919. The National Woman’s Party (NWP), was a women’s organization founded in 1917 that fought for women’s rights during the early 20th century in theUnited States, particularly for the right to vote on


the same terms as men. In contrast to other organizations, such as the National American Woman Suffrage Association, which focused on lobbying individual states and from which the NWP split, the NWP put its priority on the passage of a constitutional amendment ensuring women’s suffrage. Alice Paul and Lucy Burns founded the organization originally under the name the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage in 1913; by 1917, the name had been changed to the National Women’s Party. The Pasadena women gathered in the City Hall courtyard post march for speeches by local women (and men) thanking their predessors who worked do hard for voting rights. Those attending included Rep. Judy Chu and Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard. The event which was held last Thursday evening was the brainchild of Womens Organizations of Greater Pasadena which is involved in many civic activities.


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Dr. Angie Schultz, DVM


1623 Hastings Heights Lane, Pasadena

Elegant English Estate located in the prime Upper Hastings Heights neighborhood. Grand foyer with inviting staircase welcomes you into this impressive home featuring newly landscaped grounds with sparkling pool, spa and outdoor BBQ kitchen perfect for entertaining. Five bedrooms and four bathrooms, new granite kitchen with separate breakfast room and family room with fireplace. Three-car attached garage. The home has city and mountain views to complete the perfect setting. Co-listed with Kelly Myers (626) 676-5778 @Coldwell Banker Arcadia Regional Office

Offered at $1,899,000 NEW PRICE

Main house and guest house offers 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, beautifully decorated on large lot with lush landscaping. This is a private oasis in Sierra Madre with many plantings and fruit trees. Sparkling pool and two beautiful fountains add to the ambiance of a tropical paradise.

Offered at $1,390,000 380 N Lima St, Sierra Madre


Beautiful end-unit, 2-level condo offers 3 bedrooms on 2nd level (includes master suite), 3 baths, living room with fireplace, 3 patios, granite-countertop kitchen. 2-car attached garage. Complex has a sparkling pool to enjoy.

Offered at $610,000 623 Prospect Avenue, #10, South Pasadena

Pauli Morin

, Realtor, GRI, CN, International President’s Circle Coldwell Banker Arcadia Regional Office 626.233.2047 Cell

14 September 2 - September 8, 2010

Marvin Hamlisch to Take Reins of Pasadena Pops Next Season By Bill Peters




Symphony Association announced today the appointment of musical legend Marvin Hamlisch as Principal pops conductor of the Pasadena POPS, taking the podium next year for three of the four season concerts that will be presented at the POPS new venue, the area adjacent to the Rose Bowl. In welcoming Hamlisch, CEO of the Symphony Association, Paul Jan Zdunek, said, “We are so delighted to welcome Marvin Hamlisch to Pasadena and look forward to him continuing to position the Pasadena POPS at its new home on the Lawn Adjacent the Rose Bowl, as the destination for exhilarating pops concerts.” Some news reports quote Zdunek as saying the organization had already approached Hamlisch to be a guest conductor for the

current season and when Rachael Worby announced her intention to leave the orchestra to pursue other interests about two and a half weeks ago, working with the Symphony’s Artistic Advisor, James de Preist, approached the well-known composer to offer a more prominent role. The offer received swift approval from Hamlisch. Hamlisch, at age 66, has had a long and distinguished career in musical theater, television, and motion pictures. He is known as a performer, arranger, musical coordinator, orchestrator, musical supervisor, composer, film scorer and more. Among his achievements are four Emmys, four Grammys, three Golden Globes, one Tony, a Pulitzer Prize and three Oscars. Ascap lists 709 compositions credited to him, among them, the songs from “A Chorus Line”, the song, “The Way We Were” and an adaptation of Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer” from the film, “The Sting”. Representing the Symphony Board of Directors,

Melinda Shea, President, said, “After a dynamic ten-

year tenure under the baton of Rachael Worby, we wel-

come Marvin Hamlisch to the Pasadena POPS as we

build on the past with an eye to an even more robust future.” In the past few years, Hamlisch has been appearing with Pops orchestras around the country and continues to hold the posi-

tion of Principal Conductor with the National Symphony Orchestra, Pittsburgh Symphony, Colorado Symphony, Milwaukee Symphony, Seattle Symphony and the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. The Pasadena Pops 2011 season will include a concert on June 18, July 23, Aug. 6, and Aug. 27. The June 18 concert will be lead by a to-be-determined guest conductor.The Symphony Board is continuing its work in engaging guest conductors to round out its POPS offerings which include a Holiday POPS concert in December and the annual Music Under the Stars held in the plaza in front of the Pasadena City Hall. The announcement from the Pasadena Symphony Association is decidedly upbeat. “This appointment comes at a time of many exciting and successful changes for the Pasadena Symphony Association this year”, it states. The Pasadena Symphony will begin its fall season on Oct. 23 at the Ambassador Auditorium under the baton of Maestro James DePreist.


The Gold Standard


ill SE dH OU Pm ywoo H EN 1-5 oll OP SAT Dr, H 65


SE OU m H N 4P



la he


Mid-CentuRY ModeRn


Located in famous Hollywood Hills property is on a secluded but wide Cul-De-Sac just north of Hollywood hot spots with city lights views. Double door entry, vaulted ceilings, open floor plan, glass, post, & beam architecture gem with untouched layout. Updated kitchen, FP in living room, large windows for light all around, flat backyard, mature trees and 4bdrms & 2bths. Truly a gem among homes. (C2265)

5 units $998,000 Prime Location, across from Golf Course. 5 Units, 4-1Br. Apartments and 1-1Br. Back House. Newly Remodeled Interior 4 units with Hardwood floors and rear stand alone unit has Granite Counters & Laminate Wood Floors. Garage parking for all units. Long term month to month tenants. ARCADIA SCHOOLS!! (SAN)

unbelieVable estate

CentuRY 21 ludeCke inC (626) 445-0123

CentuRY 21 eaRll , ltd (626)-301-1888

CentuRY 21 VillaGe RealtY (626) 355-1451

PRiCed to sell

ReduCed PRiCe

land lot


Fantastic starter home in La Puente with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, remodeled kitchen with new cabinets and appliances, great living room, attached double garage. (R14444)

CentuRY 21 VillaGe RealtY (626) 355-1451


Enchanted Setting in Lake Arrowhead. This 2 bdrm, 1 ba furnished-level lot home in the “Arrowhead Woods” with lake rights, is a deal. Open kitchen with brkfst bar & scenic view dining area. Snuggle by the cozy fireplace in the living room. Perfect for entertaining. New washer/dryer downstairs. Sleeps 6 comfortably.

CentuRY 21 ludeCke inC (626) 445-0123


Located in Altadena this 3 bedrooms, 2 full bath home with master bedroom, kitchen with breakfast nook, back yard for entertaining, 2 car detached garage, close to all. Price for quick Sale. (P461)

GReat loCation


Lovely 3 bdrm, 3 bth, second floor end unit with private driveway, remodeled, updated, large master suite, two balconies, spacious fenced back yard, close to shopping and transportation and view of mountain peaks and hills. must see to appreciate. (A245)

CentuRY 21 ludeCke inC (626) 445-0123


TGreat opportunity to build a beautiful home in Lake Elsinore. Land is only one half mile away from the lake and is close to the freeway, shopping centers, and outlet mall. Electricity and water is already in the area. (LAK)

CentuRY 21 eaRll, ltd. 626-301-1888

CenTury 21 earll, lTd.

CenTury 21 ludeCke inC

CenTury 21 villaGe realTy

320 e. FooThill Blvd., arCadia

20 e. FooThill Blvd. SuiTe 105, arCadia

38 w. Sierra madre Blvd., Sierra madre




(626) 301-1888

(626) 445-0123

(626) 355-1451

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September 2 - September 8, 2010

The Social Whirl

Barbara Barnes Says Adieu to Arcadia Rotary After serving 20 years as Rotary Club secretary and managing their office on First Avenue, Barbara Barnes has retired. Demonstrating their appreciation for her unmatched

service record, Ms. Barnes was honored at the July 30th Rotary meeting and presented a plaque by club president, Matt Weaver, with the names of 20 former presidents she served under, a bouquet of

MAKE THE CONNECTION! Stormdrains Drain to the Ocean

long-stemmed red roses, and a gift certificate for Nordstrom’s. From my observation through the years, she will be difficult to replace.

Wistaria Thrift Shop Reopens Today - Big Sale on Tap for Weekend Wistaria Thrift Shop, run by Sierra Madre Woman’s Club, will have its grand reopening sale Thursday, Friday and Saturday, September 2, 3 and 4, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. The shop is located at the rear of Essick House, the club’s historic clubhouse, 550 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre. Closed over summer to refurbish and restock, shoppers will now find a bonanza

of bargains on all new merchandise. There is a large inventory of clothing and accessories for all the family, a host of household needs, collectibles, books, craft supplies, tools and much more. With Halloween around the corner, this is the place to put a costume together. The shop has been recognized with several awards as tops in the San Gabriel Valley.

In these tough times, shoppers will find a value of savings on good merchandise. Proceeds support club charities. Regular shop hours are Monday, Thursday, Friday and the first, third and fourth Saturdays of the month 10 a.m.-3 p.m. For further information, call the shop at (626) 355-7739.

Mid-Valley Arts League Mid-Valley Art League is made up of professional and non-professional artists. The belief of the organization is that the creative process and appreciation of art is vital to each of its members. MVAL’s mission is to encourage, educate and support artists and all those who love art, throughout the San Gabriel Valley. This is accomplished by providing various educational opportunities at monthly meetings, along with painting demonstrations by well known artists. Exhibitions of original paintings, art workshops, a June raffle, and special events, such as “Saturday in the Park with the masters,” are all fundraisers for art scholarships. MVAL thanks the George Hanft Memorial Fund for its donation of $1,200 to the scholarship fund. Scholarship recipients are Tom MacMaster, Pasadena City College; Michelle Washington, Maranatha High School; Janet Perez, Mountain View

High School in El Monte; Philomena Lopez, Pasadena High Visual Aids and Design Academy (VADA); Dhel Edward Dominell, and Maleny Valasco, both from Sierra Vista High School in Baldwin Park A grant was awarded to the art department of Temple City High School for a special camera. Mid-Valley members salute these young students and feel honored to have

participated in a small way toward their artistic goals. Mid-Valley meets from September to June at Arcadia Church of the Good Shepherd, 400 Duarte Rd. All students are free. For further information about membership, call John Goodno at (626) 351-9189, or e-mail

Jean Tannhauser, Tom MacMaster and Retha Wells. MidValley Art League scholarship co-chairs, Tannhauser and Wells, congratulate MacMasters, a graduate of Pasadena City College. McMasters is a gifted, creative artist who hopes to continue his studies at Pasadena Art Center College of Design.

Arcadia Champagne Brunch A champagne brunch will welcome new and prospective members to the September 8th annual af-

fair at 11 a.m. Hosted by Arcadia Woman’s Club at 324 S. First Ave. Reservations are a must.

If you would enjoy learning more about this historic organization, call (626) 355-6945.

Funded by a Grant from the Department of Resource Recycling & Recovery (CalRecycle)


16 September 2 - September 8, 2010


During the last seven day period, the Police Department handled 536 service events, resulting in 96 investigations. Following are the last week’s highlighted issues and events:

Felony Theft - Suspect Arrested On August 19 at 4:13 p.m., a subject attempted to conceal cough medicine and beer in his waistband and exit a store in the 300 block of West Huntington without paying for the items. He was detained by loss prevention. An officer responded and determined the suspect had a prior conviction for theft with time served. He was booked for felony petty theft with priors. Peeking / Prowling Suspect Arrested On August 20 at 5:55 p.m., an officer responded to a residence in the 100 block of North Alta Vista regarding a prowler. A neighbor heard noises outside. She looked out and observed a male subject in his 20s looking into the window of her neighbor’s home. She yelled at the subject and he ran toward to the street. Another neighbor observed the suspect run out to the street and go directly to a residential treatment center, where he entered a side window. Through investigation, it was determined the suspect is a convicted felon on parole. A photographic line-up was completed and positive identification was made. Parole was contacted and they agreed to issue a parole hold for the violations. Night watch officers and the Special Enforcement Team went to the treatment center and arrested the suspect. Battery - Refusal to Prosecute On August 20 at 9:21 p.m., officers were dispatched to a park in the 300 block of South Myrtle. An adult male victim was attacked by three to five other adult males in their 20s. The suspects then ran westbound toward Alta Vista. The victim sustained moderate lacerations and abrasions to his face and was treated at the scene by Monrovia Fire Department paramedics. The victim did not desire prosecution and was not willing to participate in identifying the suspects. The victim also refused to be taken to a hos-

pital. Domestic Violence Suspect Arrested On August 22 at 8:55 p.m., an officer responded to a domestic violence inprogress call. When he arrived, he located the suspect, who became combative and would not comply with the officer’s commands. Additional officers were requested to help subdue the suspect and he was taken into custody. The victim had left the scene and had driven to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office in East Los Angeles to report the incident. The victim went to the hospital for treatment. She sustained a fractured nose, bruising to her left eye and multiple abrasions to her left leg.

Vehicle Burglary On August 23 at 6:14 a.m., an employee of fitness center in the 700 block of East Huntington reported a vehicle burglary. Someone had broken into one of their member’s vehicles by breaking the front passenger window. A GPS navigation system, sunglasses and a black lunch bag were stolen. Investigation continuing. Residential Burglary On August 23 at 7:22 a.m., officers responded and took a report from a contractor who is doing work at a residence in the 600 block of Hacienda. He left his tools in the residence and secured the property on August 20. When he returned to the residence after the weekend, he found his tools had been stolen. Outside Assist / Carjacking - Suspect Arrested On August 23 at 9:40 a.m., Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department deputies and their airship were following a carjacking suspect who was entering the City of Monrovia. They requested our assistance, as they were getting ready to conduct a high-risk stop on the vehicle. The vehicle was stopped at Montana and Magnolia. Monrovia officers assisted with traffic control during the stop. The suspect was taken into custody without incident. Brush Fire On August 23 at 12:28 p.m., a resident in the 700 block of North Canyon reported possible live wires down in the area of Canyon

and Ridgeside. Several other calls reported other downed wires in the area. One resident reported an actual fire at the entrance to Canyon Park. Monrovia Fire and Police personnel responded. Canyon Park was shut down and several hikers near the waterfall were advised and evacuated. Fire helicopters dropped water and put out the fire within approximately 30 minutes. Hot spots flared, but were being dealt with, and fire personnel remained on scene until the evening.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon - Suspect Arrested On August 23 at 1:15 p.m., during the brush fire incident, a resident who lives on Ridgeside insisted on making his way home and attempted to drive by Fire and Police personnel. The resident refused to stop at the direction of Fire personnel and hit a fireman and an Edison worker with his vehicle. The resident was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and was taken into custody. Vehicle Burglary On August 23 at 5:10 p.m., an officer was dispatched to the 200 block of Fig on a vehicle burglary report. The victim had parked and secured his vehicle in front of the residence. When he returned to his vehicle he found someone had broken into it. There were no signs of forced entry, but the stereo amplifier and speakers had been taken from the trunk. Investigation continuing. Grand Theft Auto On August 25 at 2:53 p.m., an officer responded to the 200 block of Kruse on the report of a stolen vehicle. The victim parked his vehicle in a business parking lot and went inside. When he returned to his vehicle a few hours later, it was missing. There were no signs of forced entry and the owner can account for all of the keys. The vehicle is a 1992, beige Honda Accord. Investigation continuing. Commercial Burglary Suspect Arrested On August 25 at 4:07 p.m., loss prevention at a business in the 500 block of West Huntington had a female in custody for shoplifting. An officer responded and determined the female suspect detained had committed burglary and she was

arrested and taken into custody.

Arcadia PD

For the period of Sunday, August 22, through Saturday, August 28, the Police Department responded to 901 calls for service of which 115 required formal investigations. The following is a summary report of the major incidents handled by the Department during this period.

Sunday, August 22: Between 2:30 a.m. and 9:29 a.m., a grand theft auto occurred in the 100 block of Bonita. A 2003 black GMC Yukon was stolen from the location. Loss prevention personnel from JC Penney advised that they had detained a man for theft around 4:38 p.m. The suspect was seen concealing merchandise in a shopping bag and leaving the store without making payment. A private person’s arrest was made, and an 18-year-old Caucasian was taken into custody for commercial burglary. Additional stolen property from Cotton On was also recovered in the shopping bag.

Monday, August 23: While on routine patrol by the horse trail adjacent to Par 3, 620 East Live Oak, officers recognized a male subject due to numerous prior contacts. The 42-year-old Hispanic was a felony parolee at large with a no bail warrant, so he was taken into custody. Units responded to the 1200 block of Oakwood around 11:14 a.m. in reference to a welfare check. Co-workers were concerned about an 81-year-old male Caucasian who did not show up to work. Upon entry into the residence, officers found the victim deceased from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. Further investigation revealed that he was suffering from terminal cancer.

Tuesday, August 24: Officers were dispatched to the 700 block of Arcadia around 4:27 a.m. regarding a battery investigation between two brothers. A 46-year-old victim was apparently struck in the head and face several times with a broken door jamb and a closed fist by his 40-year-old African-American brother.

The suspect fled the scene prior to officers’ arrival, and the victim was transported to a hospital for medical treatment. Later in the morning the suspect showed up at the station and presented his side of the story. He also sustained serious injuries to his head and hand and was also transported to the hospital. Due to the serious injuries sustained by both brothers and the conflicting stories, it is unclear who the primary aggressor was in the incident and a follow-up investigation will need to be conducted. Around 1:52 p.m., units were called to the 5400 block of Peck in reference to several suspicious subjects going in and coming out of a parked RV. Subjects were contacted and a male Caucasian lied to officers by providing two different names. A fingerprint check revealed the 53-year-old man’s true identity and that he was a parolee at large.

Wednesday, August 25: Shortly after 2:00 a.m., a car was seen swerving between lanes and a traffic stop was initiated at Live Oak and Longden. A 31-yearold male Hispanic driver was contacted and officers detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his person. A field sobriety test was conducted and it was determined that the driver was operating the vehicle while intoxicated. A record check also indicated that he had a suspended license for DUI and was on court probation for DUI. The driver was arrested at the scene without incident. While officers were conducting an investigation in the 1000 Alta Vista around 4:52 p.m., they discovered a room with more than 30 marijuana plants. Lights, fans, and special ducting were installed in the room for the purpose of cultivating marijuana.

Thursday, August 26: A solo traffic collision occurred in the 300 block of East Live Oak around 3:18 a.m. An intoxicated 23-yearold female Hispanic driver crashed into a tree. The woman was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Between July 22 and August 26, a residential burglary occurred in the 00 block of Alta. While the resident was on vacation, unknown

suspect(s) entered the home by breaking the dead bolt lock. Suspect(s) ransacked rooms and stole a substantial amount of cash and other property.

Friday, August 27: Around 8:00 a.m., units responded to the 500 block of West Las Tunas regarding a possible suicidal subject. A 58-yearold male Asian victim was located, and he apparently died from self-inflicted lacerations to his wrists. Family members advised that he was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. An auto burglary occurred between 12:55 p.m. and 1:07 p.m. in the 100 block of South First. Unknown suspect(s) broke into a vehicle and stole $6,000 from the center console.

Saturday, August 28: Around 3:35 a.m., a drunk driver ran a red light and struck a vehicle in the intersection of Baldwin and Huntington. The inebriated driver then struck a parked car in the 600 block of West Huntington. A 48-year-old male Hispanic driver was arrested for DUI, driving on a suspended/revoked license, and an $85,000 felony DUI warrant. Units responded to Tokyo Waco around 12:38 p.m. in regards to a possible battery. During an argument, a man struck his fiancé in the face with a closed fist. A 65-year-old Caucasian was taken into custody for inflicting corporal injury to cohabitant.

Sierra Madre PD

During the week of Sunday, August 15th, to Saturday August 22th, the Sierra Madre Police Department responded to approximately 333 calls for service.

Thursday, August 19th: 11:08 PM – Prowling/ Peeking in Doors and Windows, 300 block West Montecito Ave. A suspect described as a white man with close cut hair was reported looking into the windows of an occupied home. Officers detained a suspect nearby who matched the description, and they arrested him for an outstanding warrant. The prowling case is still under investigation.

September 2 - September 8, 2010



Notice of Divided Publication NOTICE OF DIVIDED PUBLICA-TION OF THE PROPERTY TAX DEFAULT (DELINQUENT) LIST Made pursuant to Section 3371, Revenue and Taxation Code Pursuant to Sections 3381 through 3385, Revenue and Taxation Code, the Notice of Power to Sell Tax Defaulted Property in and for Los Angeles County, State of California, has been divided and distributed to various newspapers of general circulation published in the county. A portion of the list appears in each of such newspapers. I, Mark J. Saladino, County of Los Angeles Tax Collector, State of California, certify that: Notice is hereby given that the real properties listed below were de-clared to be in tax default at 12:01 a.m. on July 1, 2008, by operation of law. The declaration of default was due to non-payment of the total amount due for the taxes, assessments and other charges levied in 2007-08 tax year that were a lien on the listed real property. Property upon which a nuisance abatement lien has been recorded shall be subject to sale if the taxes remain unpaid after three years. The name of the assessee and the total tax, which was due on June 30, 2008 for the 2007-08 tax year, is shown opposite the parcel number. Tax defaulted real property may be redeemed by payment of all unpaid taxes and assessments, together with the additional penalties and fees, as prescribed by law, or it may be paid under an installment plan of redemption. If the 2007-08 taxes remain unpaid on non-residential property after June 30, 2011, the property will be subject to sale at public auction in 2011. All other residential property that remains unpaid after June 30, 2013, will be subject to sale at public auction in 2014. All information concerning redemp-tion of tax-defaulted property will be furnished, upon request, by Mark J. Saladino, Treasurer and Tax Collector, 225 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, California 90012, 1-(888) 807-2111 or 1-(213) 974-2111. I certify under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed at Los Angeles, California on August 4, 2010.

MARK J. SALADINO TREASURER AND TAX COLLEC-TOR COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES STATE OF CALIFORNIA Assessees/taxpayers, who have disposed of real property since January 1, 2007, may find their names listed for the reason that a change in ownership has not been reflected on the assessment roll. ASSESSOR’S IDENTIFICATION NUMBERING SYSTEM EXPLANATION The Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN), when used to describe property in this list, refers to the Assessor’s map book, the map page, the block on the map (if applicable), and the individual parcel on the map page or in the block. The Assessor’s maps and further explanation of the parcel numbering system are available in the Assessor’s office. The following property tax defaulted on July 1, 2008, for the taxes, assessments, and other charges for the fiscal year 2007-08: LISTED BELOW ARE PROPERTIES THAT DEFAULTED IN 2008 FOR TAXES, ASSESSMENTS AND 0THER CHARGES FOR THE FISCAL YEAR 2007-2008. AMOUNT OF DELINQUENCY AS OF THIS PUBLICATION IS LISTED BELOW. AGUILAR,MARCELINO AND LAURA SITUS 246 E NEWMAN AVE ARCADIA CA 91006-2905 5772026-010 $30,093.89 ARCADIA CHRISTIAN RE-FORMED CH SITUS 721 W LEMON AVE ARCADIA CA 91007-7934 5383-030-020 $979.23 SITUS 1735 S BALDWIN AVE ARCADIA CA 91007-7927 5383-030-043 $1,399.25 BARRIOS,CYNTHIA Y SITUS 5321 FARNA AVE ARCADIA CA 91006-5920 8572-021-007 $15,733.89 BETZLER,ERIC AND CINDY SITUS 146 LAUREL AVE ARCADIA CA 91006-2544 5772014-006 $27,286.90 BUONA FORTUNA LLC SITUS 136 LAS TUNAS DR ARCADIA CA 91007-8512 5788-022-007 $28,298.98 CHANG,JOBE Y SITUS 417 DIAMOND ST NO A ARCADIA CA 91006-6625 5779-005-070 $12,054.51 DLCC CORP SITUS 1216 VALENCIA WAY ARCADIA CA 91006-2406 5771-030-009/S2006010/S2007-010 $9,268.33 DOLMSETH,STEVEN J SITUS 585 W DUARTE RD NO 24A ARCADIA CA 91007-7342 5778-008040 $8,605.38 DUARTE,MANUEL AND MARIA SITUS 3021 MAYFLOWER AVE ARCADIA CA 91006-5843 8571-001-009/S2006-010 $626.58 DYMMEL,KENNETH L AND RUTH E SITUS 2168 HIGHLAND OAKS DR ARCADIA CA 91006-1521 5765-030-004 $4,047.22 ESPINOSA,ALVIN AND MAGDA-LENA SITUS 1320 PEPPER WAY ARCADIA CA 91006-6350 8511-017-023 $24,276.99 GERONIMO,MONTANO D JR AND MERCADO,ELAINE A SITUS 715 E WINNIE WAY ARCADIA CA 91006-4814 5791-035-006 $39,486.10 GLASER,STEVEN F AND BRO-NAGH M SITUS 3040 DOOLITTLE AVE ARCADIA CA 91006-5807 8571-004-015 $5,374.91 HAMALIAN,ANKE AND ANAHID SITUS 2030 VISTA AVE SIERRA MADRE CA 91024-1554

5765-006-015 $63.14 HERRERA,JOEL L AND LOUIS,ANA E SITUS 2818 LOGA-NRITA AVE ARCADIA CA 910065528 8511-025-005 $6,308.80 HU,MING JUNG AND MEI CHEN L SITUS 117 W LA SIERRA DR ARCADIA CA 91007-4022 5782005-011 $19,357.23 INTERNATIONAL CHURCH OF THE FOURSQUARE GOSPEL SITUS 805 N 1ST AVE ARCADIA CA 91006-2530 5772-005-001 $2,793.15 5772-005-002 $230.26 5772-006-024 $536.58 5772-006-027 $439.19 5772-006-030 $978.28 INTERNATIONAL CHURCH OF THE FOURSQUARE GOSPEL SITUS 723 N 1ST AVE ARCADIA CA 91006-2528 5772-006-023 $2,962.86 JOHNSON,SHELDON CO TR JOHNSON WILSON FAMILY TRUST SITUS 1109 ENGLEMANN CT ARCADIA CA 91006-2040 5769-009-017 $43,739.11 KARDASINSKI,DANNY S CO TR AL KARDASINSKI AND ET TRUST BROWN,MARGUERITE SITUS 114 LA PORTE ST ARCADIA CA 91006-2832 5773-004-022 $1,722.75 KHA,ETHAN T SITUS 480 ROSE-MARIE DR ARCADIA CA 91007-8316 5787-008-009 $363.53 LEE,PUI LING SITUS 127 BONITA ST ARCADIA CA 91006-3637 5773-017-008 $9,679.97 LIMBO,JETHRO SITUS 664 W CAMINO REAL AVE ARCADIA CA 91007-7900 5785-001-090/ S2007-010 $25,327.10 MARTINEZ,THOMAS E AND TERESA A SITUS 458 E MONTECITO AVE SIERRA MADRE CA 91024-2131 5766-004-034 $16,045.43 MILLER,ROBERT W AND JAC-QUELINE SITUS 6622 TEMPLE CITY BLVD ARCADIA CA 910077874 5383-010-023 $12,402.35 MULKERRINS,SEAN AND GRETCHEN TRS S AND G MULKERRINS TRUST SITUS 1031 CORONADO DR ARCADIA CA 91007-6427 5777033-004 $18,697.29 PEREZ,LILLY A SITUS 1830 8TH AVE MONROVIA CA 91016-7758 5780-018-029 $131.47 RAHMAN,ABDUL AND ZUBEDA TRS RAHMAN FAMILY TRUST AND GHALAMBOR TRS GHALAMBOR TRUST SITUS 1451 S BALDWIN AVE ARCADIA CA 91007-7922 5383-031-037 $18,025.57 SCHERER,RICHARD A SITUS 1850 6TH AVE MONROVIA CA 91016-4376 5780-015-008/ S2006-010/S2007-010 $43,923.08 SCOLINOS,JOHN P AND LINDA C SITUS 834 BALBOA DR ARCADIA CA 91007-6401 5777031-029 $15,356.00 SINDH,AVIAR SITUS 2865 S 10TH AVE ARCADIA CA 91006-5402 5791-033-001 $5,920.40 SWANSON,KATHY A TR KATHY A SWANSON TRUST SITUS 657 W LEMON AVE ARCADIA CA 91007-7949 5785-010-015 $3,560.17 TANOOKA,CAY SITUS 6302 AGNES AVE TEMPLE CITY CA 91780-1401 5383-021-021 $10,097.67 TIRMIZI,SYED M AND NELLY SITUS 1379 JACARANDA CIR ARCADIA CA 91006-6355 8511-017-085 $13,879.87 WADE,DENNIS T AND DE-GRAAFWADE,JANE SITUS 3033 S 9TH AVE ARCADIA CA 91006-5853 8571-008-043 $6,068.80 WALLACE,JOHN TR AND WIL-LIAM J HALL DECD TRUST AND HALL,LINDA A DECD EST OF SITUS 2223 CANYON RD ARCADIA CA 91006-1508 5765-033-011 $5,769.71 WELLS FARGO BANK TR OPTION ONE MTGE TRUST 2007 5 SITUS 1017 MERRY OAK LN ARCADIA CA 91006-2221 5770-027-017 $37,873.53 ZEFERINO,JUAN R SITUS 598 W HUNTINGTON DR NO 12H ARCADIA CA 91007-3422 5778-003052 $78.16 Publish August 26 and September 2, 2010.

County of Los Angeles Department of the Treasurer and Tax Collector Notice of Divided Publication Pursuant to Sections 3702, 3381, and 3382, Revenue and Taxation Code, the Notice of Sale of Tax Defaulted Property Subject to the Power of Sale in and for the County of Los Angeles, State of California has been divided and distributed to various newspapers of general circulation published in said County for publication of a portion thereof, in each of the said newspapers. Public Auction Notice (R&TC 3702) Of Sale Of Tax-Defaulted Property Subject To The Power Of Sale (Sale No. 2010A) Whereas, on June 29, 2010, I, MARK J. SALADINO, Treasurer and Tax Collector was directed by the Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County, State of California to sell at public auction certain tax-defaulted properties which are Subject to the Power of Sale. Public notice is hereby given that unless said properties are redeemed prior thereto, I will, on October 18, 19, and 20, 2010, at the hour of 9:00 a.m. at the Fairplex Los Angeles County Fairgrounds, 1101 W. McKinley Avenue, Building 8, Pomona, California, offer for sale and sell said properties at public auction to the highest bidder for cash or cashier’s check in lawful money of the United States for not less than the minimum bid. If no bids are received on a parcel, it will be re-offered at the end of the auction at a reduced minimum price. The minimum bid for each parcel is the total amount necessary to redeem, plus costs, as required by Section 3698.5 of the Revenue and Taxation Code. Prospective bidders should obtain detailed information of this sale from the County Treasurer and Tax Collector. Pre-registration and a $5,000 deposit in the form of cash, cashier’s check or bank issued money order is required at the time of registration. No personal checks, two-party checks or business checks will be accepted for registration. Registration will be from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., starting Tuesday, September 7, 2010, at the Treasurer and Tax Collector’s Office located at 225 North

Hill Street, Room 130, Los Angeles, California, and will end on Friday, October 1, 2010, at 5:00 p.m. If the property is sold, parties of interest, as defined by Section 4675 of the Revenue and Taxation Code, have a right to file a claim with the County for any proceeds from the sale, which are in excess of the liens and costs required to be paid from the proceeds. If excess proceeds result from the sale, notice will be given to parties of interest, pursuant to law. All information concerning redemp-tion, provided the right to redeem has not previously been terminated, will upon request be furnished by MARK J. SALADINO, Treasurer and Tax Collector. If redemption of the property is not made according to the law before 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 15, 2010, which is the last business day prior to the first day of auction, the right of redemption will cease. The Assessor’s Identification Num-ber (AIN) in this publication refers to the Assessor’s Map Book, the Map Page, and the individual Parcel Number on the Map Page. If a change in the Assessor’s Identification Number occurred, both prior and current Assessor’s Identification Numbers are shown. An explanation of the parcel numbering system and the maps referred to are available from the Office of the Assessor located at 500 West Temple Street, Room 225, Los Angeles, California 90012. A list explaining the abbreviations used in this publication is on file in the Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector, 225 North Hill Street, Room 130, Los Angeles, California 90012, or telephone 1(213) 974-2045. I certify under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed at Los Angeles, California, on August 4, 2010.

MARK J. SALADINO Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector State of California The real property that is subject to this notice is situated in the County of Los Angeles, State of California, and is described as follows: PUBLIC AUCTION NOTICE OF SALE OF TAXDEFAULTED PROPERTY SUBJECT TO THE POWER OF SALE(SALE NO. 2010A) 4221 AIN 8508-013-046 CABRE-RA,MANUEL G AND TERESA LOCATION COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES $19,923.00 4225 AIN 8520-024-002 HO-NEY,BERYL E LOCATION COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES $20,768.00 4226 AIN 8523-007-006 OMEGA INVESTMENTS LLC LOCATION COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES $2,347.00 4276 AIN 8617-001-012 K AND S PROPERTIES LOCATION COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES $6,407.00 Publish August 26, September 9, 2010.




NOTICE OF PETITION TO ADMINISTER ESTATE OF: HAN LIANG THE AKA HAN L.THE CASE NO. GP015437 To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may otherwise be interested in the WILL or estate, or both of HAN LIANG THE AKA HAN L.THE. A PETITION FOR PROBATE has been filed by GIN GAN in the Superior Court of California, County of LOS ANGELES. THE PETITION FOR PROBATE requests that GIN GAN be appointed as personal representative to administer the estate of the decedent. THE PETITION requests the decedent’s WILL and codicils, if any, be admitted to probate. The WILL and any codicils are available for examination in the file kept by the court. THE PETITION requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act with limited authority. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many actions without obtaining court approval. Before taking certain very important actions, however, the personal representative will be required to give notice to interested persons unless they have waived notice or consented to the proposed action.) The independent administration authority will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant the authority. A HEARING on the petition will be held in this court as follows: 10/08/10 at 8:30AM in Dept. A located at 300 E. WALNUT ST., PASADENA, CA 91101 IF YOU OBJECT to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. IF YOU ARE A CREDITOR or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by the court within four months from the date of first issuance of letters as provided in Probate Code section 9100. The time for filing claims will not expire before four months from the hearing date noticed above. YOU MAY EXAMINE the file kept by the court. If you are a person interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Request for Special Notice (form DE-154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as provided in Probate Code Section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk. Attorney for Petitioner THOMAS J. OSBORN - SBN 109785 DEBRA GRAYNOM-DALY - SBN 188845) 2650 MISSION ST #205-A SAN MARINO CA 91108-1631 9/2, 9/6, 9/9/10 CNS-1937292#

City OF Arcadia Notices City of Arcadia Community Workshop Zoning Code Amendments To achieve consistency with the draft General Plan n the coming months, the City of Arcadia will conduct public hearings on the 2010 General Plan, which establishes the City’s vision for the next 25 years. It is important that the Zoning Code reflect the directives of the General Plan, address new local and State regulations and standards, and establish regulations for new zones that will be created as a result of the 2010 General Plan. Some of the proposed changes are: Establishing a new Downtown Mixed Use Zone around the planned Gold Line Station Applying a new Mixed Use Zone along East Live Oak Avenue Accommodating New Housing Types: Accessory Dwelling Units in Single-Family zones, Emergency Shelters, Residential Care Facilities, Supportive Housing, and Transitional Housing Revising the R-3 regulations: Removing the unit size requirement, allowing a maximum density of 30 units per acre, amending parking and driveway regulations, and adjusting required setbacks Regulations for a new Restricted Multi-Family Zone (the apartments on S. Baldwin Ave. across from Westfield mall). Revisions to the CommercialManufacturing zone Revisions to the Density Bonus Ordinance for Multiple-Family projects. Revisions to the off-street parking requirements If you are receiving this notice, it is because one or more of your properties is proposed to be rezoned, the zoning regulations are changing, the density is changing through the General Plan Update, or you requested to be informed of all General Plan Update workshops and meetings. If you have any questions, please contact Senior Planner, Lisa Flores at (626) 574-5445 or by email at For quick assistance, please provide the address or Assessor’s Parcel Number of the property in question. To learn more about the proposed zoning code amendments and how the changes may affect your property, please attend the workshop and provide your input and comments. Community workshop Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. City Council Chambers 240 W. Huntington Drive Arcadia, CA 91007 Visit us at


Coyotes Cause Concern Continued from page 13 pets.

Experts agree that you want to harass or scare the coyote so it fears you and leaves. You can do this by shouting or yelling at the coyote.  Wave your arms and throw rocks at the coyote if necessary.  You can make loud noises by clapping your hands, blowing a whistle, knocking two boards together or by using a car horn, air horn or other noise making device.  

Ricky Whitman from the Pasadena Humane society advises that the Coyotes are adaptive predators and are omnivores. One of the best ways to prevent wild animal attacks on your pets is to not leave water or food outside. Secure garbage cans tightly and ensure fruit fallen from trees is picked up. If you are concerned about Coyotes in your neighborhood contact California Fish and Game.

Sustainabilty Fair to Help Monrovia Become a Greener Community A Sustainability Fair will be held in Monrovia on Saturday, September 25, featuring a wide range of exhibits, workshops and entertainment designed to encourage and enable a greener, more environmentally-friendly community. The Fair will take place in Old Town’s Library Park, on Myrtle Avenue between Palm and Lime Avenues,

from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. More than 50 exhibitors are signed up for the event, along with a Low-Emission Vehicle Show and a children’s eco-play area. Radio Disney will be on hand from noon to 2 p.m., and the Monrovia Public Library, adjacent to the Fair, will hold a Green Library Tour to show off the building’s green-sensitive construction.

Henry Nunez - San Gabriel Valley could be a Silicon Valley Counterpart Henry Nunez announced the formation of “San Gabriel Valley HighTech Incubator” last week. In an effort to transform San Gabriel Valley’s employment and technology opportunities ,Nunez thinks San Gabriel Valley may soon be able to challenge the Silicon Valley. Henry Nunez, executive officer of the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership and President of Henry Nunez Real Estate Co. Inc. announced the formation of the “San Gabriel Valley

High-Tech Incubator” last week. Nunez said the first start up company is “Talkwheel,” Founder and CEO Jeff Harris demonstrated how their software could “revolutionize face-to-face real-time group discussions.”The San Gabriel Valley Hi-Tech Incubator is an pioneering start-up company development group which is collaborating with followers in the San Gabriel Valley. Call 626-422-7998 or for more information

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This Crown Jewel ofAnoakia Estates is a true Entertainer’s Paradise! The exquisite home is situated on the largest lot inAnoakia (almost 31,000 sq.ft.) and features 5 bedroom suites, 6.5 baths, Formal Living&Diningrooms,Study,Familyroom&anAmazingGourmetKitchen.Theexpansive,covered patio w/built-in BBQ Station is absolutely stunning! Fantastic pool w/slide & waterfall. Pool house & exercise room. State of the art movie theatre room. This property is too Amazing to describe!!! ARCADIA SCHOOLS!!! (ENG)

iNCome PRoPeRty


Three lovely, spacious and meticulously maintained houses on very large lot. Front unit 4bdrm 2bth, middle unit in 4bdrms 2.5 bths and rear unit is 3bdrms 2bths. Each unit with 2 car garage. Perfect for live on premise w/rental income. Conveniently located to shopping and easy access to freeway. Come and make an offer.(F5102)

mid-CeNtuRy ClassiC


Situated on a very large corner lot this Altadena home with it’s lush entry, 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, master retreat, formal living and dining rooms, 2 fireplaces, guest quarters, remodeled kitchen, family room, hardwood floors, large swimming pool & spa with automatic pool cover. (G2440)

Views, Views, Views

This gorgeous Art Deco, custom built home with lots of privacy and seclusion features panoramic city lights views. Lots of glass, living room, dining room and family room all over look the breathtaking views. 4 fireplaces, multiple balconies, Mstr suite, bonus room, beautiful gourmet kitchen with granite counters, wine cellar, 2 laundry areas, 3 car garage. (LOT)

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oNe of a kiNd

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adoRaBle Home

tRaditioNal oNe leVel


Contemporary showplace located in Bradbury with 3929 sq.ft. home includes 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, beautiful view of city, sunken living room with fireplace, lagoon style pool & grotto, den/office, 3 car garage and guest quarters with bath. (M333)

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loNg BeaCH

suN Valley Hills


Beautiful 4 bdrm 2bth home w/pool and pool house/guest house, large lot, spacious living space, long driveway great curb appeal, Italian imported tile, hard wood floors, sky light and the best on the market! Come and see! (M3256)


This Victorian features 3 Bed/3 ba and an additional office space. Great location across from the walking trail and Bradbury. The curb appeal is amazing with the wrap around porch, cobblestone drive and attention to detail. This home has been totally remodeled with upgraded kitchen and ss appl. Large lot w/Avocado trees, lush backyard and a two car detached garage. (ROY)



On its own private knoll with views, this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with den, formal dining and fireplace has a remodeled kitchen and baths. New windows, newer roof, FA/CA, on a 21,000 sq.ft. lot. 1,811 sq.ft. home per assessor. (O8526)


Quiet neighborhood located in the heart of Sierra Madre this 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath with master suite opening to the gorgeous backyard, living room with fireplace, hardwood floors, wood shutters, finished basement, laundry area, detached double garage. (M448)



Located in N/E Monrovia with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, walk-in pantry, hardwood flooring, breakfast counter/bar, formal dining room, detached two car garage, laundry room, lovely patio and backyard. (O1013)

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CeNtuRy 21 Village Realty (626) 355-1451


Beautiful towN Home



This 4 bed/ 3 ba beauty is located in a gated community. One bedroom downstairs. Kitchen w/island and eating area, family room with fireplace, master bedroom with his and hers closets, large laundry room, 3 car garage and much more! (RIV)


This 3bdrm 2bth Unit is in excellent condition and move-in ready. Remodeled in 03 & 05 and close to Holly Elementary & Arcadia High. Beautiful floors, tile in bath, bright living room with FP and direct access double car garage. (D509)

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gReat oNe leVel Home

Beautifully Remodeled oldeR Home $499,000

fisH CaNyoN

Hard to find 4 bedroom, located in Duarte with fireplace in living room, 1.5 baths, kitchen/family room combo, inside laundry area, new windows, Laminet flooring in dining area, sliding glass doors in master bedroom opening to private patio & bonus room, two car attached garage. (F3109)

This well maintained 4 bed/3 ba features new double-pane windows, new doors and tile floors on first floor. Decorative staircase railing & Security door. Beautiful landscaped yard and private backyard. Good location in quiet neighborhood. (MAS)

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soutH PasadeNa sCHools!!!

loVely CoNdo


This beautiful home is located on a quiet cul de sac and features 3 bed/2 ba, newer tile roof, AC/FA and enclosed patio/sunroom. Remodeled with lots of upgrades and appealing exterior stone work. Centrally located to fwy, shops market and transportation. MOVE IN CONDITION!

CeNtuRy 21 eaRll, ltd. 626-301-1888

Gourmet kitchen w/granite counter tops, stainless steel refrigerator. Features two fireplaces, originally 3 bdrms beautifully converted into two spacious suites, w/2bths located in a two story corner lot with an excellent mountain view . Very unique white crown moldings, double pane windows, extra large carport, beautifully landscaped. (D10800)


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4 BedRoom


l E rie US ab HO-5 PMSan G N , E 2 r. OP SUNgton D 34


Huge PRiCe ReduCtioN


This 3bdrm 2bth home has been remodeled with many modern upgrades. Set back from the street with a long driveway, fenced large flat back yard, modern kitchen w/maple cabinets, white appliances, contemporary bathrooms w/custom ceramic tiles, laminate flooring throughout, crown moldings’, and much more! (C228)

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saN gaBRiel


This beautiful 2bdr 1.5 bth is turn-key. Very Well maintained by the current owners for over ten years! Gorgeous hardwood floors (except den) run throughout the house contributing to the warmth. Comfortable living room, den and dining room just off a bright well lit kitchen with tiled counter tops and floor. Front yard with circular driveway W/open courtyard and the back yard has a covered patio. (H8934)

CeNtuRy 21 ludeCke iNC (626) 445-0123


This one level condo features 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom (with new tile) and a galley style kitchen w/newer appliances. Located in the very desirable Mission District of S. Pasadena and close to the Gold Line. (ORA)

CeNtuRy 21 eaRll, ltd. 626-301-1888


Wonderfully landscaped with ponds, streams & trees. Located close to Chaffey College in Alta Loma this 1 bedroom, ground floor unit with large patio, dining room, kitchen, ample closet space, complex has 3 pools, club house, tennis courts and laundry room. (L10655)

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Century 21 earll, ltd.

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Pasadena Sept 2_2010  

Call 626.301.1010 Join Westfield Santa Anita for live music and dance lessons Friday nights on the Promenade, September 10–October 15, 2010...