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Thursday, August 12 - August 18, 2010

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Volume XV, No. XXXI

Strong Local Reaction to PUSD Razes Sierra Madre’s Upper Campus Federal Judge's Decision In Preparation for New Middle School to Overturn Prop 8 BY TERRY MILLER All Saints Church ap- life is a person of the same plauded last week’s ruling gender.”“When a state forby U.S. District Court Judge bids a couple who has found Walker as a “giant step for- such love from marrying it is ward for justice.” an abusive form of injustice “The love life of every and discrimination to a class human being is sacred,” said of human beings – and All All Saints rector Ed Bacon. Saints Church rejoices today “It is a gift from God. that Judge Walker has ruled This is true not only against that injustice.” for heterosexual couples “Marriage equality probut for those who have found that the love of their Please See page 4

Pasadena Gearing Up for Huge Jazz Festival August 28 - 29 Featuring Industry Icons

Stanley Clarke is one of many top musicians on tap for the festival


he highly anticipated redwhite+bluezz Pasadena Jazz Fest has announced the line-up of jazz and blues musicians to perform during the star-studded festival August 28 and 29, 2010. 200+ artists, 23 top acts will entertain thousands of fans gathered at the spectacular outdoor venue the Los Angeles Arboretum in the greater Pasadena area of California. The weekend event, complete with an international food court, four watering holes, a vendors vil-

lage and kids quarters, boasts two stages and such prolific talent as multi-award winner Stanley Clarke, multiple GRAMMY® winners Rita Coolidge and Take 6 and GRAMMY® nominated artists Doc Powell and Hubert Laws. “This is fantastic,” said Doc Powell, whose signature guitar sound has contributed to over 140 recordings of some of the premier recording stars in Pop, R & B, Jazz and Gospel music, a critically

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400 S. Baldwin Ave. Arcadia, CA 91007 626.445.6255

Measure TT Funds are being utilized to demolish the Sierra Madre School Upper Campus on Canon in Sierra Madre. Students who normally attended the Upper Cam,pus will be directed to the main campus on Highland until contruction of the new school is completed, which at this time is not been determined. See More Details on Page 13 - Photo by Terry Miller

16,500 Teaching Positions Saved - Just in Time For Back To School State Schools Chief Jack O’Connell Praises President, U.S. House for Quick Action on Teacher Jobs Measure; $1.2 billion estimated for California Educators There is, we are happy to say, finally some good education news to report. The House bill, H.R. 1586, approved last week in the U.S. Senate, authorizes $10 billion in education funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell today praised President Barack Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and U.S. House of Representative members who today approved a federal teacher jobs measure of which $1.2 billion is estimated for California. The legislation, signed by the President after its passage in the House, is aimed at prevent-

ing the loss of an estimated 161,000 teacher jobs across the nation as children begin returning to their classrooms. “In California, 16,500 teaching positions could be saved or created by approval of this urgently needed package according to the U.S. Department of Education,” O’Connell said. “Without House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s strong leadership and swift action or the persistence of President Barack Obama, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), this education relief package would not have been possible. It provides an urgently needed Marshall Plan air lift for our schools.” While expressing relief and satisfaction over the education measure, O’Connell expressed con-

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Coyote Attacks Prompt City Council Action in Arcadia The Arcadia City Council has hired a coyote trapping firm after numerous complaints from residents in many different areas of Arcadia. Linda Garcia, Arcadia’s special projects manager said she’s had over 25 complaints just last week. Not all were Coyote attacks but many were and some were just

sightings and general fearlessness of these animals. The council asked the city manager on Tuesday night to for $30,000 with the Chinobased Animal Pest Management to trap coyotes within the city limits. The city used the same company a few

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Hearing for Medical Marijuana Clinic Set for Pamela Park BY SUSAN MOTANDER The Los Angeles Coun- property owner and develty Planning Commission will oper, and his partner, Bob hold a formal hearing at Pa- Doolittle, have applied to the mela Park on the proposed County for a conditional use local medical marijuana clin- permit to use on the buildic. The hearing will be held ings on their property as a leon Monday, September 13 gal dispensary for medically at 6:30 p.m. in the commu- prescribed cannabis. nity room at Pamela Park. Please see page 15 Leon San Blas, the

Sounds of Summer Free Cal Phil lawn tickets when you spend $250 or more at any of The Promenade Shops.

See for details. Offer valid through 8.20.10, one per person and while supplies last.

2 August 12 - August 18, 2010

Time to Move...


Dorothy's Place

BY DOROTHY DENNE Suddenly awake with the realization that something has jarred the bed. A pressure against my leg, then again at my side. My eyes open wide to the darkness as I feel warm breath on my neck. A painful blow lands in the center of my stomach. A weight on my chest, and my shoulders are pinned to the bed. A nibble of my left ear. A sand-papery

tongue slides over my chin. My cats are giving me a wake-up call for breakfast. We have played this scene before, every time I dared to sleep longer than their stomachs. I mumble sweet nothings to them and scratch their necks and rub their chins. It works. Mewston sprawls across my chest and Meowry curls into my side. Purrfection purrs softly, Snuggles more like a roar. They unintentionally lull me back to sleep. Only for a while. Then I feel the gentle kneading of Fluffy. They all begin to talk, then they begin to prance. So much for sleeping. The six of us head for the kitchen, three with sideways bounces, two with rug scattering darts, and one with a foot dragging shuffle. I get tripped, they get stepped on. None

of us minds. It is obvious from all the mewing, mrrowing and leg climbing that they have not eaten for weeks! First a little canned food, then a little dry food, then wash it all down with a generous drink of nonfat milk. A little milk for me, too, and we move into the living room to peek behind the drapes and check the outer world. The light at the corner is red, so the cars are lined. The bass from a 4-wheeler’s stereo fills the air and vibrates our windows. The cats are energized. I return to bed. Later, there are more pounces onto the foot of the bed, walks up the entire length of my body and tuna breath announcements that it is time for them to take over the bed and for me to get moving.

Pasadena Boys and Girls Club Receives $100,000 Grant from Bank of America Boys & Girls Clubs of America Los Angeles County Alliance, which supports the 27 Boys & Girls Clubs located in Los Angeles County, has received a $100,000 grant from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation. Checks were presented to the various clubs, including the Boys & Girls Clubs of Pasadena at a luncheon held at Dodger Stadium. Bank of America has been a partner of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America – Los Angeles County Alliance for the past three years, providing $225,000 in grants and other resources and support. Bank of America also provided the Clubs with 500 tickets to an upcoming Dodger game, and in September Bank of America/Merrill Lynch employees will volunteer their time to

present “Your Financial Future” workshops for Club members.“We are very appreciative of Bank of America’s financial and volunteer investment for our Club. Bank of America is helping us in our mission which is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring responsible adults,” said John C. Matthiessen, Chief Volunteer Officer at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Pasadena. Garrett Gin, Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility for Bank of America said, “The Boys & Girls Clubs in Los Angeles County play a critical role in the lives of more than 120,000 underserved youth. Bank of America knows that the Boys & Girls Clubs will fully maximize our grant

dollars and volunteer resources to leverage the most for these kids, who go on to graduate high school at greater levels than the national average. We are proud of our small role in the greater ongoing impact these Clubs make on lives and communities. “ The Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena was founded in 1937 as a response to the local need for safe, healthy, productive activities for youth during nonschool hours. Today the local Club serves more than 6,000 members of the Club, at their sites located in the Pasadena and Altadena communities. The Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena main office is located at 3230 East Del Mar Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107. Telephone: (626) 449-9100 or on the web at: www.bgcpasadena.

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Blondes Fun

A Scientific Study reveals that Blonde’s have more fun than dark haired women!! It has long been reckoned that they have more fun, but now they are thought to be more confident and amorous also. Scientists claim that their research shows that bleaching and tinting hair does wonders for a woman’s self-image. These women felt more attractive, and they were more likely to ask someone out on a date. Older women claimed that covering up grey hair and hiding the signs of ageing boosted their confidence. That many middle-aged women tended to bleach their hair blonde or color their hair in an effort to reinvent them selves and to become more attractive! My lovely natural brunette wife says ... Blondes are to DYE for? Her rather surprising comment brings to mind an incident that occurred not long ago! It seem that her favorite beautician talked her into purchasing a wig to take along on our cruise to help keep her hair looking great throughout the misty and foggy evening activities aboard ship. Well, one evening just prior to leaving on our cruise we decided to go out for dinner and I noticed that my wife was carrying along a large package, but I paid little attention to it. While we were waiting to be seated, she excused herself to wash her hands. As I was sitting in the waiting area for her return, a blonde lady sat down next to me with a blonde look-a-like Marilyn Monroe hairdo and she looked like Lady Ga Ga with Foster Grant shades on. As I scooted over to make more room ... she spoke to me in a very low sexy voice ... “Do you like my hair”? I almost fell off the bench in surprise; it was my wife in a blonde wig, acting like a Hollywood model trying to pick me up! As she and I walked down the isle toward our booth, we passed a couple that I recognized and was floored by the husband-

comment, as he whispered to me ... “Hey Wally, are you trying to change your luck or are you headed to a costume party”? Fortunately, my Blonde Bombshell did not hear the comments as she sauntered on toward our booth. Quickly, the lady diner that was with my joking friend began making a cell phone call and was holding her I-phone toward us, probably in hopes of showing some of her friends that Pat’s husband was out on the town with a sexy blonde. Well, happily I can report that our cruise wasn’t cancelled over “Blondie’s” trial wig showing ... but for sure ... she did cancel modeling her new blonde wig on our cruise. Since we are talking Blonde stories, it seems appropriate to share several of my favorite Blonde jokes! A blonde and a redhead went to the bar after work for a drink, and sat on stools watching the six O’clock news. A man was shown threatening to jump from the Brooklyn Bridge, and the blonde bet the redhead $50 that he wouldn’t jump. Sure enough though, he jumped, so the blonde gave the redhead $50. But the redhead said, “I can’t take this, you’re my friend.” Then the redhead said, “Listen, I have to tell you that I saw this on the 5 O’clock news, so I can’t take your money.” The blonde replied, “Well, so did I, but I didn’t think he would jump again!” The Pizza store cook asked the blonde if she would like her pizza cut into six pieces or twelve. “Six please” she replied, “I could never eat twelve!” A gorgeous young redhead goes into the doctor’s office and said that her body hurt wherever she touched it.” Impossible!” the doctor said, “Show me. “ The redhead took her finger, pushed on her left shoulder, and screamed, and then she pushed on her elbow and screamed even more. She pushed her knee and screamed. Every part of her body that she touched made her scream. The doctor looked at her and said, “You’re not really a redhead, are

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August 12 - August 18, 2010

All You Need Is Love ... and a Laptop


Go to class.

Metro Briefs


The Smart Money Goes Metro To School

Connecticut couple Sheri Inferrera and Rob Wilber celebrated their love with a wedding where it all began, on a computer at

BY TERRY MILLER For many lonely hearts at eHarmony, love is better the second time around. Many of eHarmony’s clients have decided they’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places and then decided to try the worldwide phenomenon cleverly titled eHarmony. The modern day personals column albeit via computer, eHarmony, boasts 200 plus a day marriages as a result of their computer dating services. This was certainly the case for a Connecticut couple who lived merely 20 minutes from one another but didn’t actually meet until the eHarmony gurus and algorithm charged computer(s) gave them a second chance at eternal

love. The couple who met via the online dating service had done this before, but in a more conventional way. Sheri Inferrera and Rob Wilber celebrated their love with a wedding where it all began – the eHarmony corporate offices in Pasadena. The eHarmony HQ lunchroom was transformed into a beautiful setting to which any bride would have been proud bring her Mom and Dad. The beautifully printed ceremonial schedule, which was complete with a selection of fine wines and Champagnes, topped off the story e-book romance. About 80 guests which included friends and family of the bride and groom

as well as a large contingent of eHarmony employees waited patiently for the blushing bride to stroll down the aisle at the allotted 4pm in her formal wedding gown - to the alter where two HP laptop computers were strategically placed with white rose petals carefully arranged around the very machines that brought them together in the first place. As the Bride approached the alter as well as dueling laptops, the groom grinned from ear to ear as his new bride garnered the spotlight. It wasn’t long before the “officiant” minister, Dr. J. Zink of the church of “eHarmony” as he quipped, started the service with the traditional words…

This was the first-ever wedding ceremony and reception to take place at the company’s headquarters. After the time-honored vows were uttered, a new twist was added. The bride and groom each typed “I do” on their respective laptops and the deal was signed, sealed and emailed! Sheri and Rob made it legal the knot in the company of their closest family and friends. CEO Greg Waldorf toasted the new bride and groom and eHarmony Senior Director of Content Grant Langston, played the guitar and sang for the ceremony and reception. The wedding kicks off eHarmony’s 10th anniversary celebration in August.

Whether going back to school this fall means K-12 or college/vocational, visit for the convenient routes and reduced fares that make going Metro the smart choice. Or for busy parents, let the Metro School Pool free ridematching service set you up in a carpool with other students. Call 213.922.2811 for more information.

Go Metro To Free Pasadena Concerts Enjoy the summer nights at the Memorial Park band shell in Old Pasadena with Levitt Pavilion Pasadena’s eclectic summer lineup of 50 FREE concerts now through August 29. Take the Metro Gold Line to Memorial Park Station. For more information, visit

Construction To Start On New El Monte Station Groundbreaking is expected this month on construction of the new $45 million public bus and terminal station at Santa Anita Avenue and Ramona Boulevard. The project will double the capacity of the original El Monte Station it is replacing that opened in 1973. Find out more at

Soundwall To Bu=er Duarte Schools It’s hard enough to concentrate in school without having to put up with the noise of freeway tra;c. So to help some students in Duarte, Caltrans and Metro broke ground last month on construction of a 14-foot-high, half-mile-long soundwall along the I-210 Freeway adjacent to Duarte High and Northview Middle schools.

Enjoy Summer Artsfest 2010 In East LA

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Go Metro to Summer Artsfest 2010 at the East LA Civic Center every Saturday during August and enjoy the farmers market, art walk, dancing, and live concerts. Take the Metro Gold Line and exit at East LA Civic Center Station. For more information, visit

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Sheri Inferrera and Rob Wilber celebrated their love with a wedding where it all began – the eHarmony corporate offices in Pasadena. Sheri is pictured here listening to Dr. J. Zinc who opfficated the ceremony - Photos by Terry Miller

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4 August 12 - August 18, 2010

Proposition 8 Overturned

Quarantine Declared in Pasadena Area for Oriental Fruit Fly - 89 Square Miles Affected in Los Angeles County

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on antiquated and discredited notions of gender.” California Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez (DA quarantine is in Kawamura. “We urge ental fruit fly primarily reLos Angeles), the state’s first place in the Pasadena/SanMOSt home gardeners to com- lies upon a process known openly gay legislative leader, ROSEMEAD’S gRAciOuS issued the following statement Marino area of Los Ange- ply with these measures as “male attractant,” in ASSiStED living cOMMunity. invasive by consuming homegrown which workers squirt a regarding lastfull-SERvicE week’s federal les County, where court ruling that Proposition Oriental fruit flies have produce at home and not small patch of fly attractant been detected. moving it from their prop- mixed with a very small 8 is unconstitutional: Care, Independent and Assisted Living The quarantine mea- erty. This will protect their dose of pesticide approxi“Judge Memory Walker’s thoughtful, eloquent decision sures 89 square miles and fellow gardeners and help mately 8-10 feet off the bordered oninthe west by care ensure thatmost the infestation ground to light poles, street in Perry v. Schwarzenegger We isspecialize service, and of all value! is a powerful validation of Figueroa St; on the south will not spread to nearby trees and similar surfaces. Contact to learn our itcampus environment. Interstate 10; onmore the about areas where could affect Male flies are attracted to our nation’s tradition of full usbytoday equality in the eyes of the east by The Big Santa Ani- California’s food supply.” the mixture and die after At California Mission Inn, we not only ta Wash; and on the north While fruitcare fliesfor andyou… consuming it. law. This is a decision which the about other pests The treatment is nonreaffirms the principles and by an imaginary line we incare you. threaten Caliideals enshrined in our Con- foothills. Additional infor- fornia’s crops, the vast ma- intrusive and has repeatstitution, and only serves to mation about this quaran- jority of them are detected edly proven successful underscore the fact that rec- tine, including a map, is in urban and suburban over many years. Treatognition of full equality for available at: http://www. areas. The most common ments will be repeated at LGBT Americans is simply pathway for these pests two-week intervals for two riorExclusion/off_quaran- to enter the state is by life cycles beyond the last at matter of time. “hitchhiking” in fruits and fly find, with a minimum of I also want to express tine.html The movement of host vegetables brought back four applications. my congratulations to the A detailed map of the legal team of David'RAND!VE Boies fruits and plants grown in illegally by travelers as and Ted Olson, as well as the quarantine areas is re- they return from infested treatment area is available CALIFORNIA MISSION living regions aroundINN the world. online at: Therese Stewart and Dennis stricted. Residents within the boundaries are The Oriental fruit fly is http://www.cdfa. Herrera representing the -ISSIOCity N$R Drive asked not to 8417 move Mission host widespread throughoutTOURS County of San Francisco Rosemead 91770 fromCAmuch of the mainland of ment/treatment_maps.html for their brilliant, inspiring plants and materials DAILY! their property. Southern Asia and neighResidents with quesand historic arguments in this LVD License# 197606182, 197607175 6ALLEY" “All of us must work boring islands including tions about the project may case. They have won a major S ciOu unity. gRAConSri Lanka and Taiwan. It call the department’s Pest M together to carry out an victory on behalf of M Stour O O c M ’S ing MEAD LGBT D liv Ameri- Liveffective g E in t program,” said is also found in Hawaii. Hotline at 1-800-491-1899 stitution iS ROSE and ASS sisted RvicE nd As ent a ll-SEeverywhere.” e!CDFA Secretary A.G. d Treatment of the Orilu n cans e fu va p l t of al ment. , Inde

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riage as the union of one man and one woman unconstitutional under the U.S. Constitution: “Religious beliefs that gay and lesbian relationships are sinful or inferior to heterosexual relationships harm gays and lesbians.” “Rather, the exclusion exists as an artifact of a time when the genders were seen as having distinct roles in society and in marriage. That time has passed.” “The gender of a child’s parent is not a factor in a child’s adjustment.” “Indeed, the evidence shows beyond any doubt that parents’ genders are irrelevant to children’s developmental outcomes.” “Proposition 8 thus enshrines in the California Constitution a gender restriction that the evidence shows to be nothing more than an artifact of a foregone notion that men and women fulfill different roles in civic life.” “Rather, the evidence shows that Proposition 8 harms the state’s interest in equality, because it mandates that men and women be treated differently based only


motes healthy marriage for all people. Here at All Saints Church we are all about turning the human race into the human family. And we rejoice with the gay and lesbian members of that family who today heard from Judge Walker the message we send every day from All Saints Church: that they are equal in every way and entitled not only to equal blessing by the church but to equal protection of the Constitution.” On Sunday, August 8th All Saints Church will hosted an informational forum including legal experts and faith leaders speaking in response to last week’s ruling. In recent years local church groups including Throop, All Saints and The Neighborhood Church have steadfastly opposed Proposition 8 and many marches and protests helped voice those opinions in no uncertain terms. The following excerpts are from the federal district court opinion issued in Perry v. Schwarzenegger last Wednesday, which declared the California constitutional amendment affirming mar-

*must move in by March 31, 2010. Restrictions apply. ROSEMEAD’S SEMEAD’S MOSt gRAciOuSMOSt gRAciOuS ! full-SERvicE living cOMMunity. icE ASSiStED livingASSiStED cOMMunity. ,500* tO $1 mos re ron re and campus envi ry Ca rvice, ca Memo our r you… lize in sen more about fo ia ec re sp ca We ot only y to lear n, we n you. us toda t ission In Contact ornia M we care abou At Calif

ve up Nd SA 438 Ad A IS h 287-0 t tION (626)

Memory and Care,Assisted Independent Care, Independent Livingand Assisted Living RS MeN

y at s toda Call u 

N ON IN MISSI RNIA CALIFO rive sion D is M 0 8417 A 9177 175 ead C 197607 Rosem 06182,


Coyote Attacks Prompt Council Action in Arcadia










We and specialize in all service, cialize in service, care most of value!care and most of all value! ROSEMEAD’S MOST Continued From Page 1 Contact us today to learnenvironment. more about ourGRACIOUS campus environment. day to learn more about our FULL-SERVICE campus ASSISTED LIVING COMMUNITY years ago when similar At California Mission Inn, we not only care for you… ornia Mission Inn, we not only care for you… problems existed. The proFREE we care about you. EVENTS we care about you. UPCOMING gram was eliminated after it was a financial burden Empowering Caregivers to Concert on the Green Entertainment by “The Reel Band” on the city. Make Better Decisions and craft vendors! Trapped coyotes will MeNtION thIS SAve upas well tOas food $1,500*! thIS Ad ANd SAve upAd tOANd $1,500*! VE 'RAND!

# 1976




ch by Mar move in *must

10. 31, 20

ply. tions ap




.vinta www

with Viki Kind, MA author of The Caregiver’s Path to Compassionate Decision Making: Making Choices for Those Who Can’t

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Call us and today at (626) 287-0438 s today Free at (626) 287-0438 refreshments pastries

be euthanized. In recent years, wild land fires have greatly diminished the natural food sources for Coyotes and

Bears particularly and they then to get more bold and wander into residential areas.Arcadia City Council is expected to approve the funding at the next meeting. Coyote attacks have also been reported in Pasadena and other areas.

CALIFORNIA MISSION INN 8417 Mission Drive Rosemead CA 91770 License# 197606182, 197607175

*must move in by March 31, 2010. Restrictions apply.

every chemical service Value $50.00

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August 12 - August 18, 2010

The Concert at Forest Lawn is Over, But The Hopes af 250 Student Musicians are Alive and Well…

A Summer Getaway to Ventura

BY GREG ARAGON I left Pasadena at 10 am. By noon I was crossing the Santa Barbara Channel on a boat bound for an uninhabited island. Who says you to travel far to get far away? Located 70 miles from Pasadena, Ventura offers miles of beautiful beaches, small town charm, and lots of exciting activities within walking distance of downtown. My getaway began at the harbor, where a friend and I boarded an Island Packers’ tour boat to the Santa Cruz Island, located 20 miles off the coast. Lasting an hour, the voyage was highlighted by perfect summer weather, playful dolphins and a funny, informative captain. Upon arriving at Scorpion Bay, we entered a lost world. As I stepped off the boat I saw a school of bright orange Garibaldi swim past a reef of purple sea anemones, snorkelers exploring a kelp forest, kayakers paddling into a giant sea cave, and tiny

The Doozies


island foxes searching for food. I then joined a guided island hike. Led by Bill Faulkner, a volunteer with the National Parks, the free hike traversed grassy hills, rugged trails and deep canyons. Along the way we encountered Native American artifacts, volcanic rocks, early 19th century cattle ranches, huge Eucalyptus groves, and many memorable views from atop the island. Back on the mainland, we checked into a beautiful room at the ocean-front Crown Plaza Ventura. Located beside the historic Ventura Pier, the hotel features 258 guest rooms, a full-service restaurant and trendy bar, room service, water-front pool, exercise room, business center, free Internet and more. Our 9th floor room overlooked the pool and boasted views of the beach and the channel islands. The suite also came with a mini-fridge, microwave, comfortable king bed, office area and large balcony. After relaxing at the Crown Plaza, we walked a few blocks to downtown Ventura, where we discovered the Anacapa Brewery Company, a Ventura gem, which not only brews its own beer, but also serves gourmet American/Califor-

nian food - all at a reasonable price. “I grew up on a budget and I know the value of a dollar, so I keep my menu fairly priced,” says owner Danny Saldana, who started out as a waiter 10 years ago and went on to buy the place in 2007. Our dinner began with specially brewed Pale Ale and an Ahi Tuna appetizers, with avocado and cilantro, seseme seeds and a with a spicy, creamy dipping sauce. For a main course I had tender Filet Medallions, with spicy homemade chipotle mushroom sauce and served with sautéed vegetables and buttermilk garlic mashed potatoes. I accompanied this with a glass of Foghorn Porter dark ale. My friend devoured seafood pasta with Atlantic salmon, halibut, Atlantic cod, and shrimp tossed with grilled vegetables and sun-dried tomatoes in a light citrus cream sauce over basil fettuccini. For info on visiting the Channel Islands, call Island Packers at (805) 642-1393 or visit www.islandpackers. com; for Crown Plaza Ventura Hotel, call (800) 842-0800 or visit; for Anacapa Brewing Company, call (805) 643-BEER or visit

Members of the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts join Harmony Project at its annual Summer Festival Concert 250 Los Angeles Unified School District middle and high school students from award-winning Harmony Project shared their talents with family members, supporters and members of the community at their annual Summer Festival Concert recently at the Forest Lawn Hall of Liberty. Harmony Project provides music instruction and instruments and promotes sustainable communities by investing in over 800 children annually. “We are thrilled to be part of such a memorable day,” said Dr. Lynn Mehl, chairman of the Gifts and Grants Committee of the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts (PSHA), which supports Harmony Project along with the International House of Music, LA’s Best, and the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Beyond the Bell project. To date, PSHA has donated over $17 million to musical arts programs throughout Southern California. “I was well aware of the importance and scope of Harmony Project’s mission,” Mehl continues. “But there is nothing like seeing five – count them, five!—orchestras performing in one day to underscore the amazing work this organization is doing.” Ensembles and orchestras included the Harmony

Project Orchestra, the Hollywood Youth Orchestra, Beyond the Bell Contemporary Strings, Contemporary Winds, and the Contemporary Flute Ensemble. Students performed under the batons of Fulbright Scholar Laura Geier and Sukari Glenn, introducing the audience to music of jazz greats Duke Ellington, Herbie Hancock, Sonny Rollins, Klaus Badelt, and Sam Rivers as well as an untitled original blues composition by the students. Act Two was a multi-media treat with popular action and Disney characters on screen while the orchestras performed excerpts from Disney soundtracks. But it was the students’ commitment to preparing for the performance that most impressed Henry Shin, Conductor of Harmony Project’s Hollywood Youth Orchestra. He congratulated students for attending five-hour rehearsals on Saturdays for the past three months – arriving by city bus or quickly formed parent car brigades. Willie Murrillo, Conductor of the Harmony Project Orchestra, agreed. “Continue to work hard, be honest, be humble and be thankful,” he urged the students. Harmony Project’s programs are currently in and/or adjacent to four of Mayor Villaraigosa’s 12 Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD) Zones. In the future, Harmony Project hopes to have a presence in all 12 GRYD

Zones. “Many of our kids are the first high school graduate in their family,” added Harmony Project’s founder Margaret Martin. Harmony Project has an 81% retention rate with 100% of their kids completing high school, while the retention rate for LAUSD is 57%. Students selected for Harmony Project programs must be enrolled in school and maintain a 2.0 grade point average. In addition, both students and parents must fulfill a “contract” with Harmony Project. When asked about the impact of major budget cuts to the LAUSD Music and Arts programs, Martin did not miss a beat. “We have got to have the ‘ummph’ to find the funds,” she stated emphatically. “We can’t let these kids down!” For PSHA’s Lynn Mehl, Harmony Project is a mosaic of varied but equally important pieces – including students, parents, music, practice and choices. “We’re grateful to be a part of this mosaic and to see it in its full force,” Mehl told the audience. But perhaps Gretchen Lightfoot, Development Director for Harmony Project, summed up the feelings of those in the audience most succinctly. “We see our kids as assets to be developed rather than problems to solve,” said Lightfoot. Harmony Project promotes positive youth development through on-going

Please see page 12


By Tom Gammill 2121W. W.Duarte DuarteRd, Rd,#A, #A,Arcadia, Arcadia,CA CA91007 91007 PP 626-821-9970 . F 626-821-0996 626-821-9970 • F 626-821-0996

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6 August 12 - August 18, 2010

Pasadena Jazz Fest To Highlight International Stars Continued from page 1

Rita Coolidge acclaimed gospel project and 10 top-charting contemporary jazz solo projects. “I have called Pasadena home for more than 15 years and we needed something like the redwhite+bluezz Pasadena Jazz Fest to bring back to the heart of this great city.” The diverse line-up that offers something for everyone also features talent ranging from Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Booker T., Rachelle Ferrell, Everlast and American staple Kevin Eubanks to the legendary Spyra Gyro. Acclaimed newer artists James Tormé and Lindsey Harper will also be performing as will José Espinosa and the Umbalaye Band. Local favorites include the Delgado Brothers and Valarie King among many others. “I am truly looking forward to the redwhite+bluezz Pasadena Jazz Fest,” said Kevin Eubanks who has won over audiences with a laid

back style and an affability that seems to belie the concentration and focus that have made him both a household name for TV viewers on The Tonight Show and a consummate guitarist. “It is awesome that there is another choice for people to be exposed to great Jazz music.” The redwhite+bluezz Pasadena Jazz Fest also holds sentimental value to many of the artists including the selfproclaimed Home Boys of the San Gabriel Valley and one of LA’s best kept secrets, the Delgado Brothers who have been performing fiery Latin Blues for more than 30 years. “We are honored to be part of such an esteemed event,” said the brothers. “To perform with such talented artists at the Arboretum is also special to us as it was one of our mother’s favorite places. While raising 11 children in Los Angeles, it was one of the few places she found peace.”

“It’s an honor and long overdue,” echoed Valarie King, one of the most sought after flutists in the United States who has performed live with such prestigious artists as Hubert Laws, Jean-Pierre Rampal, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Tony Bennett, John Denver, Michael Crawford, Robert Goulet and Ray Charles. “I have lived in Pasadena since the 1960’s and have waited a long time for an event of this magnitude to take place here.” Co-Producers of the redwhite+bluezz Pasadena Jazz Fest are Andre C. Vener and Robert and Denise Zeilstra of Pasadena Entertainment and Byron and Christine Miller. Byron Miller, also an accomplished jazz musician, will perform during the festival with the redwhite+bluezz All Stars with a tribute to Michael Jackson. “We are thrilled to bring the redwhite+bluezz Pasadena Jazz Fest to the Arboretum and the thousands of music fans in the greater Pasadena area,” said Vener, who also owns the acclaimed Pasadena Restaurant, Wine Bar and Jazz Club redwhite+bluezz as well as the city’s newest hot spots point 08 and Dog Haus. “I have been producing events at this outdoor venue for 15 years and know that the combination of the spectacular setting with performances by some of the world’s greatest artists will undoubtedly create a memorable experience unlike any other.” “It’s all music,” continued Miller, also a local resident, when asked about the differences between performing and producing such a large scale event. “The redwhite+bluezz Pasadena Jazz Fest is the best of both worlds. It’s in my blood.”

Teachers Jobs Could be Saved - Major Legislation Aids California Continued from page 1 cern about cuts made to the federal nutrition programs in order to provide funding for the teacher jobs bill. “We are thrilled that teachers will be able to be where they belong—in the classroom. Yet, I urge Congress to find a way to protect our students’ education without shortchanging food nutrition programs or family food stamp assistance. Students who have adequate nutrition are more likely to succeed in school. To ensure student success, we must keep our commitment to the classroom and the family dinner table.” The House bill, H.R. 1586, approved last week in the U.S. Senate, authorizes $10 billion in education funding under the

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Once enacted, the funds will be available in the 2010-11 school year to retain, recall, or rehire former employees and to hire new employees to provide early childhood, elementary, or secondary educational services. Funds may not be used for general administrative expenses. Under the legislation, states may not use the funds directly or indirectly to: •Establish, restore, or supplement a rainy day fund; •Supplant state funds to establish, restore, or supplement a rainy day fund; •Reduce or retire state debt; or •Supplant state funds

to reduce or retire state debt. The U.S. Department of Education has 45 days after enactment to award the funds, and governors have 30 days from enactment to submit their state’s application. “We will work closely with the Governor and his Secretary of Education Bonnie Reiss to submit a timely, well-written application so California’s funding is approved and reaches school districts as quickly as possible. With these funds we hope to reduce the need for steep increases in class size this school year and keep more teachers; it is what parents want and children need,” O’Connell said.

Pasadena Police Arrest 26 Year Old in Attemped Homicide of Tremaine Woodard On Friday, August 6, 2010 Pasadena Police Detectives arrested Eli Wright 26, of Pasadena for the attempted murder of Tremaine Woodard. Mr. Woodard was shot on August 2, 2010 in the 200 block of Del Monte Street. “This case was solved through tenacious investigative efforts by detectives, who were following leads and gathering information from a number of resources”, said Detective Lieutenant Tracey Ibarra.

“Detectives learned that suspect Wright had gone to the area to assault a different person who was standing near Woodward at the time. Wright missed his intended target and mistakenly shot Woodward.” “Recognizing the importance of keeping our community informed and safe, personnel from department reached out to local residents through one-on-one dialog to provide accurate informa-

tion,” says Chief of Police Phillip Sanchez. “Events like this can generate fear in neighborhoods and we attempted to mitigate that by making sure that we spoke to as many people as possible that evening to alleviate their concerns.” The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office filed attempted murder charges with gang allegations, bail $2,000,000.00. He was arraigned yesterday.

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August 12 - August 18, 2010


The Yard House T

he Yard House honors and passes history to us. The yard long glass that soars from the tables as a mountain of beer was first designed for English stagecoach drivers to create a glass that was easy to pass to them. No, you don’t have to look up to your drink and order that much beer, but it is just one of the reasons that the restaurant has become so popular. Located in on the second floor of the Paseo Mall in Pasadena, they offer enough beer for any appetite, 130 beers on tap. Enough for a summer of fun. The beer certainly gets the spotlight here, as well it should, as no other restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley comes close to the selection that the Yard House has to offer. My only complaint is that when they are busy, they can’t give this seasoned beer drinker a cold glass. Oh, the things that I must bear for this job. On a Friday or Saturday night the restaurant is surging with a stampede of people that gives this place a slight

Continued from page 2 you”? She replied, “ well actually you’re right, I’m a blonde.” At this point the doctor said. “I thought so ... your finger is broken.” ************* *********************** *************

BY PETER DILLS club feeling. They are way too busy to chill a glass on these nights and I bet a dollar to donuts that they would say that the beer comes out a perfect 40 degrees and is acceptable for any beer drinker. But I like mine really cold. Okay, I am a big baby.Keeping it positive, all the bartenders have a keen knowledge on the beer, just offer them a few slim hints and they will select a great beer for you, or try the flight of beers and zero in on the one you want. The restaurant is spacious and seating wraps around the bar with open patio seating as well. It is one of the larger restaurants in Pasadena and there is a TV in the view of every dining area for the sports fanatics. With the comfortable layout, the endless sports menu and beer selections, you can bet that this combination attracts many business professionals. The food is above average and considering the extent of the menu the Yard House surpasses any other beer first establishment. The gastro pub label certainly applies here. On my most recent visit I had the Blue Crab Sandwich. Excellent and that selection is not offered

at many restaurants. My friend Maxx chowed down on a Margarita Pizza with its mixture of cheese and tomatoes. Most of the time I try to make it for happy hour (M-F 3to 6 PM) for my dining at The Yard House. All the tap beers are discounted, plus my favorite Sashimi Tower is half price. Let me not forget the music, it’s classic Rock and the owner/founder Steele Plant told me that he has selected every song on the list. Yard House Pasadena & Various Cities... 330 E. Colorado Bl. (626) 577-9273 Attention Foodies... The Taste of Sierra Madre is on the horizon. Check back here in my column for updates

Listen to Dining with Dills every Sunday afternoon at 8 p.m. on KABC Talk Radio 790. Email pdills@

Pasadena Independent Readers’ Choice Award

FINALLY, ... A girl was visiting her blonde friend, who had acquired two new dogs, and she asked her what their names were. The blonde responded by saying that one was named Rolex and one was

named Timex. Her friend said, “Whoever heard of someone naming dogs like that?” “ H E L L LOOOOOOO......,” answered the blonde. “They’re watch dogs!”

Distinctive Food at Moderate Prices

Pad Thai M E D I A , 3500 E. Colorado


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The Good Life

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I N C .

(626) 568-9288

8 August 12 - August 18, 2010

Music for the Ages at Cal Phil

Daniel Shindarov (above) gave a glowing account or Saint-Saen’s Introduction and Rondo Capriccio for Violin and Orchestra at the California Philharmonic Orchestra’s concert in Arcadia and Los Angeles. Age played a factor in the program: Shindarov, 86, played on a 1742 violin, performing the 147 year old music. BY BILL PETERS The California Philharmonic Orchestra’s nextto-last concert for the 2010 summer series was held last week-end presenting a program more focused on musical dates than any particular mode or style. These concerts are presented at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Gardens and Walt Disney Concert Hall. For this review, I attended Disney Hall. Conductor Victor Vener has always preferred programs that intertwine intergenerational music— remember the opener that combined the “1812” overture with “Rhapsody in Blue”, for instance. For this concert, Vener really drew a long bead on the semi-old and the really-old, music for the ages, you might say. The semi-old was represented by baritone Kevin Earley and Sinatra interpreter Michael B. Levin in their group of songs from (mostly) the 1960s that the two sang in separate sets, then together closing the performance with the 1950’s “Luck be a Lady” from “Guys and Dolls”. The really-old came in the form of a violin, a 1742

Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesú, loaned by Dr. William Sloan from his collection of antique string instruments, for the Disney Hall performance of Camille Saint Saens’ 1843 zinger, Introduction and Rondo Capriccio for Violin and Orchestra by octogenarian Daniel Shindarov. To warm up the crowd with something familiar, Vener opened with selections from “The Sound of Music” (1959), then brought on the handsome young baritone Earley for a rousing version of “New York New York” (1977). That was followed by Levin’s pitch-challenged “Come Fly with Me”, “Summer Wind” (1966), and “The Coffee Song-They’ve got a lot of coffee in Brazil” (1946) that seemed more like openmike night with Karaoke backing than Sinatra. Vener segued to Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Scheherazade” (1863) with his own tale of 1001 Nights and ultimately launched into three sections of the spectacularly colorful piece with an elegant and graceful version. Orchestra personnel were excellent in each of the solo portions. Daniel Shindarov, at 86,

is still pretty nimble-fingered demonstrating that a combination of good genes and training with top artists (he studied with David Oistrach, among others) can allow an adoring public to enjoy his virtuosic artistry. His performance of the Saint-Saen work and the California Philharmonic’s backing stands as one of the bright moments in the orchestra’s 15-year history. The Sloan instrument, and the SaintSaen key of A-minor, and the acoustics of Disney Hall added to the splendor. Earley then followed with Herman Hupfeld’s “As Time Goes By” (1931) and Paul Anka’s “My Way” (1967). Earley showed a vocal similarity to John Raitt especially with his on-note ability (although an off-key glitch marred “As Time Goes By”.) The concert concluded with Sir Edward Elgar’s “Enigma Variations” (1899). The California Philharmonic Orchestra’s final Festival on the Green and Disney Hall concert is Saturday, Aug. 21 and Sunday, Aug. 22. Broadway tunes plus the conclusion to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 are on the program. For information, please call (626) 300-8200.


August 12 - August 18, 2010


Community Calendar Listings

Taste of Arcadia

Hurry, your last chance to save a bundle on Taste of Arcadia Tickets is this Friday August 20, The price will go up after that, Buy your tickets now for only $35 for the premier event in Arcadia every year. The annual event takes place at the Arboretum. Tickets: call (626) 447-2159 If you’ve ever been to a Tasting event in the past, you know this is an incredible value. Your ticket price of $35 includes everything! Sample the finest cuisine & beverages from over 30 of the premier restaurants, wineries and breweries in the San Gabriel Valley, live music by the ever popular band Cold Duck - even the parking is FREE!

Timeless 1900 Music

Arcadia Senior Services is having Timeless Melodies Foundation for Education musical historian, Larry Maurer present, “Music of the 1900’s”. The lecture will take place on Tuesday, September 7th at 1:30pm Arcadia Community Center, 365 Campus Drive and is free. Join us as we reminisce about famous songs; In the Good Old Summertime, Bicycle Built for Two and many more. Learn about song writers; George M. Cohan, Al Jolson and John Phillip Souza. Step back to the days when American innovation took off sparking an era of prosperity in both technology and popular music. Traditions and Customs There is limited space available and if you are interested in attending please contact the Arcadia Senior Services Department 626.574.5130 before August 31st.

Summer Concert Series

August 19, 2010—Hot August Night—(Tribute to Neil Diamond) Join us this summer at Arcadia’s annual Summer Concerts in the Park series presented by Target. The seven-week entertainment series showcases a wide variety of musical performances.

Bring a blanket or lawn chair for seating on the grass and enjoy a picnic dinner during the show. Kids of all ages will be entertained in our FREE kids’ fun zone area with many games and crafts each week. Become a part of the Arcadia tradition, gather your family and friends and enjoy the sights and sounds of this year’s concert series. Whether you attend one or all seven, we are sure you will have a great time! As always, admission and parking are free. (Additional parking held at Santa Anita Race Track, Gate 5.) Concerts take place on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8pm on beautiful City Hall West Lawn located at 240 West Huntington Drive. As lead singer, Dean Colley, is mesmerizing as he captures Neil Diamond’s look and unique vocal style. With the signature sequined shirt and Las Vegas style band, you will be dazzled with sights and sounds of an actual Neil Diamond concert. Be sure to join us for the last concert of the series on this…”Hot August Night!” For additional information, contact the Recreation and Community Services Department at 626.574.5113.

Body Mind Spirit Expo: Pasadena

September 18-19, 2010. Sat 10AM - 6PM & Sun 11AM - 5PM Body Mind Spirit Expo strides into its 22nd year with the theme “See the Magic.” Located at the Pasadena Masonic Temple, the expo offers holistic exhibitors and free lecturers from across the nation. Get your aura photo taken, receive a relaxing massage, purchase quality nutritional supplements, have your future revealed, connect with lost loved ones, or uncover hidden significance in your soul. From ancient healing traditions to new age technology in the holistic field, we guarantee to educate and entertain your body, mind and spirit. For only $12 ($2 off admissions coupon available online), you have admittance to the expo all weekend long. Bring a friend and discover that the world holds magic around every corner and in every minute! With any questions, please contact Alexandra

at or (541) 482-3722.

USYVL Fall Registration Open…

Registration for the USYVL’s Fall Season is currently in open. Don’t miss out on our exciting Fall 2010 season. Quick register before August 15 to save! Once again the USYVL is bringing another funfilled season of volleyball to your community. All kids and parents are invited to come out and enjoy recreational volleyball practices and games while building self-esteem and confidence. This is a great opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their kids while helping to teach them the value of teamwork mixed with fun! The 8 week league in Duarte at Encanto Park will run beginning in September. The USYVL is an instructional volleyball league that operates in a coed format for boys and girls ages 7-15. The organization’s mission is to provide every child with a chance to learn and play volleyball in a fun, safe, supervised, low-pressure environment. “Every Child Plays” and learns the game, while emphasizing on sportsmanship, cooperation, and teamwork. So come out and have fun with us! We offer multiple child discounts. For information on registration, volunteer positions, and a location near you, please log on to or contact us at 1-888-9887985.

dent Bill Thomson, Pasadena Star-News reporter Brian Charles and Pasadena Independent editor Terry Miller. “City Beat” replays Mondays at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m., Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m., Thursdays at 7 p.m., Fridays at 8:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 5:30 p.m. KPAS is on channel 3 on the Charter Communications cable system in Pasadena. Streaming video of all KPAS programming can be accessed in real time by going to www. and clicking on the KPAS icon. For more information call (626) 794-8585.

Ball Four Turns Forty

The Baseball Reliquary presents “Ball Four Turns Forty,” an exhibition celebrating one of the great books in American literature, Jim Bouton’s Ball Four, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of

its publication. The exhibition, which opens on Monday, August 9 and runs through October 1, 2010, will be held in the lobby display cases of the Burbank Central Library, 110 N. Glenoaks Blvd., Burbank, California.

American Legion Auxiliary Officers visit San Gabriel Unit 442

American Legion Auxiliary District 18 officers will make their official visit to San Gabriel Unit 442 at the monthly meeting Saturday, September 11th, at noon, 7003 Encinita Ave., San Gabriel. President Zelda Weiss of Alhambra will preside. District officers expected to attend include President DeNyse Laugeson of El Monte, lst Vice President Kathy Pipkin of La Puente and 2nd Vice President Rhodona Enright of Temple City.

Old Town Monrovia’s Merchants Proudly Presents

The Summer M vie Series Library Park 300 S. Myrtle Ave. Saturday, August 21 8:00 PM

“City Beat” Topics Pasadena City College, Public Employee Salaries

Topics on the latest edition of “City Beat” on KPAS and the Internet include an update on Pasadena City College and a discussion about public employee salaries in light of the Bell scandal. Moderator Ann Erdman is joined by PCC Board of Trustees Presi-

Girl Staters that attended the 67th session of Girls State at McKenna Hall in Claremont will be special guests and will report on their experiences. Expected to attend are Alexandra Tu (Gabrielino High), Melody Wang (San Marino High), Jacqueline Lara of San Marino (La Salle High), Tracy Chau (Rosemead High), and Leslie Tjing (Temple City High). Parents and counselors from each school are also invited, as well as Odette Cuccaro and Norma DuVall of Monrovia, and Margaret Quinones of La Puente, Past Department Presidents of the Auxiliary. Also joining the group will be District 18 Girls State Chairman Sharon Cooper of Covina and Department of California Girls State President’s Alternate, Judie Tabacchi of La Verne. Ladies interested in the Auxiliary and the many programs benefiting our veterans, our communities and our youth are urged to call 626-287-0139 for information on becoming a member of the world’s largest women’s patriotic

Bring a blanket or a chair and enjoy a movie under the stars Call (626) 303-6600 for information

10 August 12 - August 18, 2010











one weekend only | don’t miss it!

august 28+29


10am to 10pm

the arboretum


greater pasadena




tickets+info: or call 626-304-3333

A Beacon Media, Inc. PublicaƟon

August 12 - August 18, 2010

Pasadena Pops Orchestra Has a Jazzy Idea This Saturday, Aug. 14


Disco Inferno Heats up Groovy Pasadena Convention Center

BY BILL PETERS It can’t be anything but fun. That is the assessment being given the Pasadena Pops Orchestra concerts at the area adjacent to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena that draws thousands to hear the musicians of the Pasadena Symphony led by Pops conductor Rachael Worby present their summer series. Worby brings ‘em in because of the lively programming that deliberately eschews classical music and continues to insist on light fare for the four-concert series. The next concert is Saturday, Aug. 14, with a concert start time of 7:30 p.m. but with gates opening at 5:30 p.m. for picnickers. “All That Jazz” brings the audience and the orchestra together to celebrate American jazz as written by Duke Ellington, Henry Mancini, John Kander, Harold Arlen and a couple of lesser known musical elites, Ron Abel and Richard Lane. Soloists for the affair are vocalist Valarie Pettiford and pianist Alfredo Rodriguez. Pettiford is a long-time friend of Worby’s and they have collaborated often for the Pops concerts. Pettiford, in addition to singing jazz standards like “Don’t Get

Around Much Anymore” and “Come Rain or Come Shine” (repeats with this orchestra if memory serves me well) will be heard in newly orchestrated jazz tunes by Pettiford’s musical director and orchestrator, Ron Abel, “Le Jazz Hot” and “All that Jazz”. According to Worby, Pettiford, in addition to

Valarie Pettiford her film and TV successes, “used to be a Fosses dancer and a Fosse singer,” she told KGIL interviewer P.J. Ochlan. Rodriguez is a 24 yearold recent transplant from Cuba. Last year he requested and received political asylum from the United States after expressing his

desire to share his keyboard talent with the world. Rodriguez brings from Cuba distinctly classical training, but has turned to jazz. Although he is imbued with the Creole-Cuban music traditions, his reputation has been built on the shoulders of Monk, Evans, Tatum and other American jazz greats. Almost shockingly, following some jazz riffs, Rodriguez will perform George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”. Ms. Worby told Ochlan in the radio interview that in this, his inaugural performance of the piece, he will play a “refreshing and as untainted a reading of the piece as I have ever heard.” Rodriguez’ discoverer and mentor, Quincy Jones, responded, Worby reported, “Gershwin? Gershwin? Go figure.” Still, it is a jazzy idea. The Pasadena Pops Orchestra performs “All that Jazz” at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 14 on the erected band shell at the lawn adjacent to the Rose Bowl. Ticket prices range from $25 for lawn seating, to $90 for table seating. For information, please call (626) 793-7172.

Photos by Jennifer Elrod

Pasadena Entertainment and the Pasadena Convention Center presented Boogie Knights last Friday Aug 6 to a sellout,

highly enthusiastic 70’s retro crowd. The party on the plaza will continue through the summer. For details see and

tickets are also available at ticketmaster. Coming August 20, the spazmatics. Bring your hair!

Pain Treatment Lecture Series I. Michael MineHart MD, FIPP Interventional Pain Specialist

September 15, 2010 / 6:30-7:30 PM

Embassy Suites 211 East Huntington Drive, Arcadia, CA 91006

Attend our free lecture series to learn about the newest advances in pain treatment.

Compassionate Care. Conscientious Service.

RSVP to 800-PAIN-585. Space Limited. (724-6585)

Cuban Jazz pianist Alfredo Rodriguez will perform jazz and the centerpiece of the Pasadena Pops program, “Rhapsody in Blue”, at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 14 at Lot H, the lawn adjacent to the Rose Bowl. Information: (626) 793-7172.

10_API_845_WeeklyNewsAd_6_30.indd 1

6/30/10 11:20:48 AM

12 August 12 - August 18, 2010

C21 Increases Presence in Pasadena

How Wierd is Your House? is looking for a few homes.“We are looking for homes that are truly different – the kind of homes that make you say ‘Wow, look at that’ or ‘What were they thinking’ or ‘I wish I were that brave,’” said Jason Wakefield, web design director for the real estate website. Homes can be any style or price range. The important thing is the home’s

“out-of-the-norm” quotient. The final list will be posted on and distributed to media throughout the United States. Previous Top Ten features have been picked up by numerous media sources including, Yahoo and AOL.To enterContact their website. Recent Top 10 lists include Top Ten Coolest

Beach Homes: http://www. homes/featured/2010/the-topten-coolest-beach-homes-forsale/ and Top Ten Most Luxurious Golf Homes: http:// www.toptenrealestatedeals. com/homes/featured/2010/ top-ten-most-luxurious-golfhomes-for-sale/ Send your weird homes nomination to:

Dilbect Real Estate in Top 100 Companies Century 21 Golden Realty announced the expansion of their firm as they recently relocated to their brand new, 17,000 sq.ft. building located at 482 N. Rosemead Blvd. in Pasadena’s Hastings Ranch neighborhood. “This has been a dream come true” said brokers/ owners, Hovig and Aida Dimejian of century 21 Golden Realty. “Through continued success and hard work over our 23 years in business we’re fortunate to be able to build our own state-of-the-art office building. This expansion will enable us to serve our real estate clients in ways others can’t and will allow

our sales professionals to better serve the needs of our clients”. The brand new office features private and semiprivate offices for their sales professionals, a unique outdoor, shaded work area, media rooms, a seminar and training room they will donate to the community and local organizations for their use, a licensing school to enable people to obtain their real estate license and other real estate related amenities. According to Andrew Cooper, general manager of the firm, “While other companies are consolidating or closing altogether Century 21 Golden is expand-

ing which is very unique in this market. Over the years we strategically positioned our company to withstand the market while not cutting valuable services to our sales professionals or our valued clients.” Century 21 Golden Realty is now scheduling interviews for a limited number of Realtor openings for their private and semi-private offices. Interested Realtors should call general manager, Andrew Cooper at (626) 797-7622. Century 21 Golden Realty may be reached by calling (626) 797-7622 and by visiting their website: www.

Hopes of 250 Student Musicians Continued from page 5 year- round music lessons, performance opportunities and teaching life changing skills in perseverance, time management, discipline and collaboration. For the last two years, Harmony Project has been the recipient of the nation’s highest honor for humanities programs

from the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities. In addition, 15 Harmony Project students were recently awarded 2010 Banchik Scholarships. Each student will be the first in his/ her family to attend college. To learn more about Harmony Project, visit www.

Prudential To learn more about the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts, its annual benefit – the Pasadena Showcase House of Design – and the projects it supports, visit php?p=77

California Realty

LooKinG For a CHanGe oF Career? Free reaL esTaTe sCHooL* Monday Evening from 6-30pm • 8-30pm At the Sierra Madre Office • 115 W. Sierra Madre Blvd Call 626 355-1600 • *Call for details

oPen oPenHouse Housesun. sun.2-5PM 2-4PM 725 397WoodLand W. MonTeCiTo dr.

The perfect hideaway. This 1 bedroom, 1 bath home is situated in the quiet canyon of Sierra Madre. This home is brimming with charm and welcomes you to a simplified lifestyle. The river rock fireplace and the elegance of the front porch adds grace to the home. If your looking for your first home or are wanting to downsize this is the perfect home for you! Call today to make this home yours! sierra Madre (Woo) $399,000

The National Association of REALTORS (NAR), recently announced the top 100 companies in the nation, listing Dilbeck Real Estate as number 74 in Sales Volume for 2009. The list appeared in an article in REALTOR Magazine, July – August 2010 issue. Dilbeck Real Estate, an exclusive affiliate of Christie’s Great Estates, is the only family-owned real estate company in its market place (the San Gabriel, San Fernando, Conejo and Santa Clarita Valleys) to be listed in the TOP 100. The article went on to say that business is slowly improving across the nation, with over 51 of the companies on the list seeing an increase in transaction sides in 2009, up from only 16 companies in 2008. Dilbeck Real Estate boasts 14 offices and over 750 sales partners. The firm, under the direction of President, Mark Dilbeck has continued to grow and seize many new opportunities for growth during a difficult market. “We are universally considered one of Southern

Mark Dilbeck California’s finest residential ners, to staff, give new meanreal estate companies,” said ing to the words Consistently Dilbeck, “and we continue Exceeding Expectations, (our to be a trusted source of in- vision statement), by taking formation and assistance to them to heart and trying to homeownership and all your act upon them daily,” continreal estate needs. We strive to ued Dilbeck. “Our job is to be consumers’ first choice for make each of our clients want to come back to us and reca quality experience.” Every individual, from ommend us above all other management, to sales part- companies.”

Pasadena sierra Madre Monrovia

(626) 355-1600

©2005, An independently owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. Prudential is a service mark of The Prudential Insurance Company of America. Equal Housing Opportunity.

oPen House sun. 2-5PM 14 eL dorado sT. #10

Welcome to this wonderful Craftsman home in northeast Monrovia. This contemporary setting includes the charm of days gone by and characteristic built-ins of a traditional Craftsman home. This home is well-maintained and is currently located to Old Town & near-by parks and schools. Offering 2 spacious bedrooms, a full bath and a ¾ bath. This home is lovely, showing pride of ownership in its excellent condition. Monrovia (LiM) $469,500

This lovely townhouse is conveniently located near shopping, the race track, golf course, LA County Park with its tennis courts and ball fields, as well as being in the award winning Arcadia School District. With 1330 square feet it has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, direct access garage with the laundry in the garage. Association dues are only $150.00. This one won’t last! arCadia (eLd) $438,000

serenity in the Foothills of sierra Madre. This 5 bedroom, 3 bath home is located in its own private enclave of tranquility. With a magnificent view of the mountains, this home is sure to help leave behind the bustle of the city. Featuring a pool and spa, the backyard feels like its own oasis. This home is perfect for any size family! Call today and see how we can help you make this dream home yours! sierra Madre (aCa) $1,048,000

oPen House sun. 1-4PM 1263 n. oXFord

Late thirties traditional located in a quiet cul-de-sac street off of Allen. Spacious living room with picture window, and formal dining room with hardwood flooring. Updated bath with tile flooring and vanity. Two well sized bedrooms with newer carpeting. Remodeled kitchen with Oak cabinetry. Corian counters and updated plumbing fixtures. Entry porch, central air, double garage and fenced rear yard. Pasadena (rei) $455,000

Light & open Mid-Century home set to the rear of a quiet easement drive with vaulted ceilings & a flowing floor plan. Formal living room with masonry fireplace. Spacious recessed family room w/tiled floors, sloping wood beams and glass sliders that lead to backyard. This home has 4 bedrooms, and 2 baths with an updated kitchen and adjacent dining area overlooks the family room. san GaBrieL (Gre) $679,000

Built in 1907, this beautiful, historic home has the character and charm that Pasadena has always been famous for. This home boasts 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, gleaming hardwood floors, and an updated kitchen with granite countertops and brand new stainless appliances. A detached guest room is in the back with beautiful landscaping and a flowing fountain Pasadena (oXF) $569,000

Built in 1927 this spanish revival Home has been lovingly upgraded with copper plumbing, new electrical, rebuilt chimney, reinforced foundation and is ready for you to move in and enjoy. It boasts 2,733 square feet with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and a 2 car detached garage. With South Pasadena Schools. souTH Pasadena (dia) $1,148,000

August 12 - August 18, 2010


PUSD Razes Sierra Madre Upper Campus

Continued from page 1

The Measure TT funding slated for improving PUSD’s campuses which are up to 75 years old in some instances will being used, in part, to raze the aging campus which at one time housed Maranatha High School. On November 4th 2008 the voters in Pasadena passed the $350 million Measure TT bond initiative to repair and upgrade Pasadena Unified School District’s aging infrastructure. However only recently has the process begun to



10am to 10pm


the arboretum greater pasadena

one weekend only don’t miss it!


TAKE 6 another


tickets+info: 626 304 0333 JazzFest-(bw)HPad[BM].indd 1

signed loop for dropping off and picking up students. The plans also include a major electrical system overhaul. The site will be ADA compliant. Re-grading and improved appearance with consideration for better drainage is also a priority in the project. While construction continues, students who would normally attend the Upper Campus at 160 N. Canon will be using the Sierra Madre Elementary School campus on Highland.

Attorney General Brown Expands Bell Probe and Establishes Hotline for Voting Fraud Complaints


august 28+29

level the buildings and playing field, so to speak. The two year project which, of course, hasn’t begun the actual construction phase yet is projected to begin in January 2011. The process will take 15 months to complete. According to PUSD this school was not “modernized” under measure Y funds. Plans include a new gymnasium ; a better overall design that will allow for better use of space and efficient parking as well as a rede-

8/10/10 11:16:59 PM

Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. subpoenaed personal financial records of present and former officials involved in the City of Bell salary scandal today and ordered them to appear for depositions to be taken under oath within two weeks. Brown also announced that his office has set up a toll-free telephone hotline for citizens to report allegations of possible illegal election conduct by Bell officials. “My office has received several reports from residents of Bell indicating that city officials encouraged them to fill out absentee ballots and then collected the ballots,” Brown said. “We have seen similar reports in the Los Angeles Times. If these allegations are true, this could be a serious violation of state law.” California law requires that absentee ballots must be mailed or brought to a polling place by the voter unless the voter is disabled or ill. In the case of Bell, it appears as though improper procedures may have been followed by public officials in the very election that allowed the city to give out these outrageous salaries. If so, there may be grounds to seek additional civil or even criminal penalties. “When city employees of a tiny suburb of

L.A. make as much as or nearly double the salary of the President of the United States, things are out of control,” Brown said. Present or former residents of Bell who had absentee ballots picked up by city officials should call the attorney general’s toll-free hotline, (866) 625-4400. Brown and his staff would also like to hear any information regarding conflicts of interest or self-dealing by Bell officials. “It’s possible that some people who were victimized by Bell officials may no longer live in Bell, and the only way we have to find these people is for them to call us,” Brown explained. Earlier today, Brown subpoenaed the testimony of past and present Bell officials and city council members. A team of state lawyers will depose these officials under oath on August 19 and 20. Before then, the officials are required to produce records related to pay and pension benefits, federal and state income tax returns, gifts received by or given to city officials, bank accounts and outside business interests. As part of his expanded investigation, Brown also issued a supplemental subpoena, demanding the release of records involving the city’s former law firm. Brown’s investigation is aimed at determining whether criminal or civil

action should be taken against Bell officials and others. He launched the investigation on July 22 following newspaper reports that Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo was paid $787,637 a year, Police Chief Randy Adams was paid $457,000, and Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia was paid $376,288. The three have since resigned. Four of five Bell city council members received nearly $100,000 a year each, but after vocal citizen protests, they reduced their annual stipends to $8,000. On July 26, Brown issued subpoenas to the City of Bell for hundreds of employment, salary and contract records. Hundreds of pages of documents have been turned over, and Brown said he expects additional documents to be produced today and even more to be handed over in response to the new subpoenas. Bell is one of a cluster of working class cities in southeast Los Angeles County with a high proportion of low-income residents. Its population was 36,624 in 2000. In conjunction with the Bell investigation, Brown is also reviewing whether excessive salaries and pension benefits are being paid by local jurisdictions around the state.

14 August 12 - August 18, 2010


Santa Anita Track Gets the Once Over Before Oak Tree and Santa Anita Meeetings

Arcadia Resident

Mary Foster Dicmas 1922 - 2010


ary Foster Dicmas, a long time resident of Arcadia, California, died peacefully, after a lengthy illness, on Tuesday, August 3, 2010 at the nursing home where she had been a resident for many years. She was born in Asheville, North Carolina in 1922. She was preceded in death by: her husband, John L. “Jack” Dicmas, who died in 1990; her brother Ray W. Foster; and her sister, Helen Foster Pierce. She is survived by her children: Carol Ann Lowman, of Arroyo Grande, CA; Elizabeth Jane Bove, of Silverado Canyon, CA; and John R. Dicmas of Lake Geneva, WI. Also surviving are seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

For many years, she was active in the Arcadia Congregational Church, UCC, playing a significant role as coordinator of wedding receptions for the congregation. She also contributed much of her time, in years gone by, as a member of the

Alpha Chi Omega sorority of which she belonged since her college years. She graduated from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in 1943, just before marrying Jack and then moved to California where her children were all born. With a B.S. degree in nutrition, she took on the full time job of home maker. Her energy and care that was given to her family became her greatest legacy. She truly was a social “Southern Belle” of the most gracious and fun-loving kind. ww All gifts in her memory should be forwarded to the Arcadia Congregational United Church of Christ, 2607 South Santa Anita Ave., Arcadia, CA, 91006.

PHOTO BY TERRY MILLER The California Horse Racing Board will inspect the race track at Santa Anita Park this week to calculate its safety before Oak Tree opens.. Santa Anita has been working assiduously on preparing the track, especially near the finish line in recent weeks to ensure the safety of the horses and jockeys. One of the big concerns over the past year

or so has been the ProRide synthetic track which caused so many lost race days last year as well as allegedly causing injuries to some horses. The synthetic track was state mandated for all California race tracks but now seems to be a losing proposition for professional tracks. There have been a number of additional

concerns raised by horse oweners, trainers and jockeys about the safety of the track in recent weeks. It has been suggested that the track will go back to original non-synthetic material in time for Santa Anita meeting. Safety inspections are required before any meet at a racetrack in California. The findings will be available to the public.

August Move-In Specials Bring this ad with you!

Individual Freedom Freedom.. Individual

We help you find freedom. We help you find freedom.

11:15 11:15AM AM

Individual Freedom. It’s what residents find Individual Freedom. It’s what residents find here every day in the form of daily here every day in the form of daily encouragement and great care designed encouragement and great care designed exclusively for them. To our residents, it’s exclusively for them. To our residents, it’s liberating when they regain their sense of liberating when they regain their sense of freedom with a renewed spirit. To their families freedom with a renewed spirit. To their families it’s gratifying. And to us, it’s fulfilling. it’s gratifying. And to us, it’s fulfilling. We call this Personalized Assisted We call this Personalized Assisted Living; our residents call it freedom. Living; our residents call it freedom.

11:15 AM 11:15 AM

11:15 AMAM 11:15

Rev. Paul S. Beck • Senior Pastor

WE HAVE “SOMETHING” YOU NEED Sunday Worship: 8 and 10:45 a.m. Sunday School: (all ages) 9:15 a.m. Sunday Eve - “Praise” Worship 7:00 p.m. or Monday Worship - 7:00 p.m.


To learn more, call us today and To learn more, call us today and schedule your personal visit. schedule your personal visit. (626) 301-0204 (626) 301-0204

512 W. Duarte Road, Arcadia (626) 447-7690


Independent Living Independent Personalized Living Assisted Living Personalized AssistedEvery Living Exceptional Experiences DaySM Exceptional Experiences Every DaySMCalifornia 91016 201 E. Foothill Blvd, Monrovia, 201 E.301-0204 Foothill Blvd, Monrovia, California 91016 (626) RCFE # 301-0204 197606301 (626) RCFE # 197606301 Respect for Individual Preferences is a Service Mark of Brookdale Senior Living Inc., Nashville, TN, USA. ® Reg. U.S. Patent and TM Office. 00960-ROP01-0310 Respect for Individual Preferences is a Service Mark of Brookdale Senior Living Inc., Nashville, TN, USA. ® Reg. U.S. Patent and TM Office. 00960-ROP01-0310

August 12 - August 18, 2010

Point 08 Opens its Upscale Doors in Downtown Pasadena Point08 pushes the limit with a classy new concept in Pasadena. Opened on 08-08, point08 focuses on high end spirits and the culinary art of mixology in an upscale, modern lounge setting and showcases popular live music acts. The newest venture from the successful owners of redwhite+bluezz, the award-winning restaurant, wine destination and jazz club, also located in the heart of Old Pasadena, point08 will be open Wednesday through Sunday evenings from 6:00pm to 1:00am. The one-of-akind club will feature a plethora of top-shelf, scientific blends crafted by renowned mixologists led by Tom Howard and Ben Browning – experts in the techniques of molecular gastronomy who are passionate about boutique spirits and balanced cocktails made with farmers fresh seasonal ingredients. The point08 mix-

ologists have studied and worked throughout the world and represent a new breed of bartending talent, whose exciting flavors and

novative cocktail menu is a small bites menu created by Executive Chef Gabriel Contreras, who has won rave reviews for his

showmanship combine European traditions, highend spirits and captivating culinary techniques. To compliment the in-

work at redwhite+bluezz. The menu will consist of a mouthwatering selection of 8 specialty items ranging from Sweet Chili

Glazed Lobster Corndogs to Crispy Mediterranean Style Pizza to Cowgirl Creamery Cheese, all created to enhance the taste and experience of point08’s signature cocktails. Leaving no sense unattended to, point08 will be as appealing to the ears as it is to the eyes as top live music acts that cross all genres perform and noted DJ’s create a relaxed yet exciting atmosphere. Among its many distinctions, point08 boasts three rooms that offer perfect views of the performances and a spacious outdoor patio. The club will also introduce weekly specials such as fun and educational Meet The Mixologists Mixers, Charity nights and Service Industry Nights among many others. point08 is located behind redwhite+bluezz a 95 East Green Street, Pasadena.

Marijuana Hearing Continued from page 1 prescribed cannabis. At a Monrovia Arcadia Duarte Council meeting held at the park in June, more than 100 people turned out to oppose the clinic. Shortly after the meeting, Doolittle said of the crowd, “They want to lynch us. It was nasty.” San Blas agreed saying, “They wanted to put a rope around my neck.” Many of those in opposition to the clinic cited neighborhood safety as a major concern. Earlier this year there was a rash of shootings at already established dispensaries in Los Angeles. Others said they were worried that people would be smoking or ingesting the marijuana at the clinic and then driving through their neighborhoods. Recently San Blas said the plans for his dispensary including double locking doors with bullet proof glass between the clerks and the clients. “Anyone coming in armed with the intention of robbing us, can be locked inside and we will be able to

contact the cops to come get them,” he said. Regarding concerns about people under the influence driving locally, San Blas said, “We will have security guards escorting everyone to and from their cars. No one will be allowed to smoke or ingest the marijuana here.” He added, “It is like a liquor store; no one can drink in the parking lot at a liquor store.” Despite these reassurances, many in the area are still opposed to the granting of the conditional use permit. The proposed facility would be located at 4332 E. Live Oak in the unincorporated area south of Monrovia and east of the southern most portion of Arcadia. The dispensary would be only one small building on the property. There is a car wash on the property and the partners plan to bring back the gas and diesel pumps as well as a propane refilling station. In addition to the Sept 13 hearing locally, there is one in Los Angeles September 9 that San Blas says he’ll attend.


The Gold Standard E US HO Pm N 4 E


iNCome pRopeRTy


Three lovely, spacious and meticulously maintained houses on very large lot. Front unit 4bdrm 2bth, middle unit in 4bdrms 2.5 bths and rear unit is 3bdrms 2bths. Each unit with 2 car garage. Perfect for live on premise w/rental income. Conveniently located to shopping and easy access to freeway. Come and make an offer.(F5102)

CeNTURy 21 LUdeCke iNC

gReaT aRea

(626) 445-0123


Recently remodeled kitchen in this 3bdrm 2bth family home w/FP, updated bathroom, direct access garage, located on a wonderful cul-de-sac street. Come and see! (S3686)

CeNTURy 21 LUdeCke iNC

(626) 445-0123

LaRge 4 bedRoom $525,000 This wonderful home is located near Sierra La Verne Golf Course. Features include remodeled kitchen w/ SS appliances, family room with wet bar, 2 fireplaces and large master suite. One bed/ ba downstairs. (CAL)

Five bedRooms

CeNTURy 21 eaRLL , LTd (626)-301-1888

CeNTURy 21 viLLage ReaLTy (626) 355-1451

weLL maiNTaiNed

spaCioUs doUbLewide


Located in Lake Los Angeles area of Palmdale and featuring 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, tile in living room, dining area and kitchen. The kitchen opens up to the dining area with fireplace and access to the covered patio. Double attached garage. (C17142)

CeNTURy 21 viLLage ReaLTy (626) 355-1451


Large Altadena home with 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, pool over 2000 sq.ft. Step into this home and it feels like you escaped from the outside world. (E2155)

LoveLy home


This 3bdrm 2bth home has been remodeled with many modern upgrades. Set back from the street with a long driveway, fenced large flat back yard, modern kitchen w/maple cabinets, white appliances, contemporary bathrooms w/custom ceramic tiles, laminate flooring throughout, crown moldings’, and much more! (C228)

CeNTURy 21 LUdeCke iNC

(626) 445-0123


This 2 Bed/1.75 Ba home is located in one of the most desirable parks in the area. Across from Industry Hills Complex with walking & riding trails. Very private Lattice enclosed patio. Common areas include 2 pools, spa, sauna, sports courts, club houses and 2 laundry rooms. Gated Park w/24 hr patrol. (TEm)

CeNTURy 21 eaRLL, LTd. 626-301-1888

CenTury 21 earll, lTd.

CenTury 21 ludeCke inC

CenTury 21 villaGe realTy

320 e. FooThill Blvd., arCadia

20 e. FooThill Blvd. SuiTe 105, arCadia

38 w. Sierra madre Blvd., Sierra madre




(626) 301-1888

(626) 445-0123


(626) 355-1451

16 August 12 - August 18, 2010


During the last seven day period, the Police Department handled 546 service events, resulting in 104 investigations. Following are the last week’s highlighted issues and events:

Suspicious Circumstances / Burglary On July 30 at 4:38 a.m., police received a call from the front desk of a hotel in the 900 block of South Fifth Avenue reporting a subject breaking into one of the second story rooms. Officers arrived and spoke with the victim. She stated she had been asleep and awoke to a noise coming from the window. When she went to investigate, she saw a male subject attempting to climb onto the second story railing. She was half asleep, didn’t think much of it and went back to bed. She then heard the window open and saw the suspect’s foot enter the room. She ran to the window, yelled at the suspect and was able to get the window closed. She had the front desk call police. Officers conducted an area check but were unable to locate the suspect. The male suspect is approximately 20 years old, 5’ 8”, 170 pounds, brown hair, wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, and dark colored knit cap. There was another male suspect wearing a bright color soccer jersey who may have helped the suspect climb onto the railing. Investigation continuing. $100 Graffiti Bounty Rewarded On August 2, an employee of a recreation center in the 500 block of South Mountain received a $100 cash reward from Monrovia Police Department’s Graffiti Bounty Program. The employee witnessed and reported vandalism in progress at the center on July 13. The employee was rewarded the $100 bounty for reporting the vandalism which led to the arrest of a juvenile suspect. Attempt Burglary Suspect Arrested On August 2 at 1:50 a.m., an officer responded to the report of a male suspect attempting to gain entry into a room at a hotel in the 900 block of West Huntington. The victim was

inside the room when he heard noises at the door. The victim looked through the peephole and saw the suspect on the other side of the door, attempting to gain entry with a pry tool. The victim made his presence known by banging on the inside of the door. The suspect fled from the hotel and was immediately apprehended by responding officers. The suspect also had an outstanding no-bail warrant for his arrest. He was arrested and taken into custody.

Irwindale Police Department Outside Assist / Grand Theft Auto - Suspect Arrested On August 3 at 3:19 p.m., an officer responded to Central and Myrtle to assist Irwindale Police Department with containment of a suspect. Irwindale police officers pursued a grand theft auto suspect from Azusa onto the 210 Freeway. The vehicle crashed on the freeway just before Myrtle and continued off the freeway onto Central. The two suspects exited the vehicle and ran. The suspect that was driving the stolen vehicle was apprehended by Irwindale officers. Containment was set up in the area were the second suspect was seen, but he was not located. The driver of the vehicle was arrested for grand theft auto and had several outstanding warrants for his arrest. Riverside Sheriff Outside Assist / Domestic Violence / Attempted Murder Suspect Arrested On August 4 at 2:36 a.m., dispatch received a request for assistance from the Riverside Sheriff’s Department. Earlier in the evening, they handled a domestic violence incident where a man assaulted his girlfriend with a knife, beat her, and strangled her to the point of her losing consciousness. They learned the suspect was possibly at a residence in the 400 block of East Lemon in Monrovia. Monrovia officers responded to the location and detained the suspect. The suspect was transported to the Monrovia Police Station, where Riverside deputies interviewed the suspect and subsequently arrested him

for attempted murder.

Arcadia PD

For the period of Sunday, August 1, through Saturday, August 7, the Police Department responded to 1,109 calls for service of which 131 required formal investigations. The following is a summary report of the major incidents handled by the Department during this period.

Sunday, August 1: Shortly after 1:00 p.m., units responded to the 00 block of Alta in reference to a vandalism incident that occurred on July 31 in the 2300 block of South Second between 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Unknown suspect(s) shot a small hole in a car window with a BB gun. A grand theft was reported at the Sunglass Hut located at Westfield Mall around 2:00 p.m. An employee reviewed a surveillance video after noticing three empty sunglass slots in a display. She observed two Hispanics, a man and a woman, enter the store around 1:07 p.m. A short time later, the male subject was seen shoving three pairs of Prada sunglasses into the front of his shorts. The total loss was about $900. Monday, August 2: Around 1:45 p.m., several victims came to the station to report a terrorist threat and assault incident. A known 26-year-old male African-American suspect sent numerous threatening text messages to the victims for the past several days. Today, the suspect showed up at Ralphs, 1101 West Huntington, and choked one male victim and threw glass bottles at another victim. A victim came to the station to file a fraud report around 12:45 p.m. The victim placed her outgoing mail, which contained eight checks, in her mailbox on July 8. She later discovered that her payments were not received and her account was overdrawn. Copies of her checks revealed that the amount and payee information were altered by the suspect(s). Tuesday, August 3: A strong-arm robbery occurred by the Par 3 golf course, 620 East Live Oak, around 3:55 p.m. A male

victim was walking on the bike path behind the golf course when two male Hispanic suspects, 15-18 years of age, approached from behind. One suspect wrapped his arms around the victim, demanded property, and threatened to “shank” the victim. A suspect took the victim’s earphones and shirt, and they fled on BMX style bikes. Officers conducted an area search, but the suspects were not found. Loss prevention personnel from Macy’s advised that they had detained a woman for theft around 7:10 p.m. She concealed merchandise in a shopping bag and left the store without making payment. A private person’s arrest was made, and a 43-year-old Caucasian was taken into custody for petty theft. A search of her property incident to arrest, revealed a baggie of a white crystalline substance resembling methamphetamine.

Wednesday, August 4: Around 3:35 p.m., units responded to Santa Anita and Duarte in reference to a motorist brandishing a firearm at another motorist. The victim advised that he had changed lanes in front of the suspect vehicle, and the male Caucasian driver became upset and pointed a handgun at the victim. An area search was conducted, but the suspect was not located. A victim came to the station around 9:08 p.m. to file an identity theft report. The victim checked her credit card statement and discovered 12 unauthorized transactions totaling over $17,350. She contacted the credit card company and learned that on July 15, an unknown caller, using her personal identifying information, requested a duplicate credit card. Thursday, August 5: Between 7:00 p.m. on August 4 and 7:00 a.m. on August 5, a commercial burglary occurred in the 2100 block of South Sixth. Unknown suspect(s) entered a home that is under construction and stole fans, sinks, faucets, garbage disposal, camera, and other miscellaneous property. While conducting an extra patrol, officers saw a male subject running from the Palm Gentlemen’s

Club, 11606 East Clark. A witness advised officers that a vehicle burglary had just occurred in the parking lot. Subsequently, a 31-year-old male Hispanic suspect was located and arrested for auto burglary by the Cocoon nightclub.

Friday, August 6: An elderly male victim came to the station around 11:30 a.m. to report a residential burglary that occurred between 9:45 a.m. and noon on August 2. A male Hispanic, 50-55 years of age, approached the victim and claimed to be a DWP employee. He wanted to check the pollution level of the water, so he tested the water from different faucets at the residence. After the tests, he left to get some paperwork from his car; however, he never returned. A short time later, the resident discovered that his bedroom was ransacked and cash and blank money orders were missing. Around 12:15 p.m., a victim came to the station to file an identity theft report. The victim received a Nordstrom credit card in the mail when she did not apply for one. She contacted the credit card company and discovered that an unknown suspect had activated the card by using her personal identifying information, and the suspect had already charged over $5,600 to the account. Saturday, August 7: A traffic stop was initiated in the 00 block of South First around 7:07 a.m. for an equipment violation. The driver initially gave officers a false name and date of birth, but he later recanted. A record check of his true identity revealed that he had a suspended driver’s license, so the 34-year-old male African-American was arrested at the scene. Between 10:30 p.m. on August 6 and 9:45 a.m. on August 7, an auto burglary occurred in the 900 block of West Huntington. Unknown suspect(s) smashed a car window and stole a stereo and GPS unit.

Sierra Madre PD

During the week of Sunday, August 1st, to Saturday August 7th, the Sierra Madre Police Department responded to ap-

proximately 358 calls for service.

Monday, August 2nd: 11:24 AM – Residential Burglary, 400 block North Lima Street. Suspect(s) forced open a hallway window and entered the home. Suspect(s) took a pearl necklace, pearl ring, pearl earrings, gold jade ring, three pocket knives and two gold necklaces. The crime occurred between 1:00 pm, Friday, 07/30/10 and 10:30 am, Monday, 08/02/10. The total loss was estimated at $1,930.00. 10:24 PM – Residential Burglary, 100 block Esperanza Avenue. Suspect(s) entered an unlocked apartment laundry room. Suspect(s) took a black metal drop-box containing unknown amount of resident(s) rent payment checks. The crime occurred between Saturday, 07/31/10 and 6:50 pm, Monday, 08/02/10. The total loss at this time was estimated at $100.00. Friday, August 6th: 4:38 AM – Auto Burglary, 100 block Esperanza Avenue. Suspect(s) smashed the window of a car parked on the street. Suspect(s) took an I-POD Nano, Garmin Nuvi GPS and a Whistler Radar detector. The crime occurred between 5:30 pm, Thursday, 08/05/10 and 4:30 am, Friday, 08/06/10. The total loss was estimated at $560.00. 11:46 AM – Commercial Burglary, 00 block South Baldwin Avenue. A caller reported a male suspect entered the Post Office and tried to make a purchase with a fraudulent bank check. Police arrived and arrested the suspect for commercial burglary. Officers booked the suspect at the police station and transported the suspect to the Pasadena Police Department jail for remand, pending his court appearance. This case is pending further investigation. 1:02 PM – Tampering/Injuring Vehicle, 600 Block Mariposa Avenue. A resident reported her vehicle’s window was smashed, while parked in her driveway. No loss was reported. The crime occurred between 7:45 am to 1:02 pm on Friday, 08/06/10.

August 12 - August 18, 2010

CITY OF ARCADIA NOTICES CITY OF ARCADIA NOTICE INVITING BIDS AUGUST 2010 The City of Arcadia (Owner) will receive sealed bids for the Street Rehabilitation of Duarte Road between El Monte Avenue and Santa Anita Avenue and 300 feet at West City Limit Project. The Project, which involves removal and replacement of curb and gutter, driveway apron and sidewalk; cold milling of existing AC pavement (2-inch deep); placement of 2-inch thick asphalt rubber hot mix (ARHM); removal of AC pavement, aggregate base and subgrade; placement of AC base course; adjustment of sewer, storm drain frames and covers to grade, and water and gas valve covers to grade; installation of pavement markings, legends and striping; and all appurtenant work as shown on the plans must be completed within 21 calendar days, as provided in the Bid and Contract Documents. Bidders are strongly encouraged to review the Bid Documents (including the more detailed Notice Inviting Bids included therein) for more complete information regarding the Project and submission of bids. Bids must be submitted to the Owner on the Owner’s Contract Bid Forms. Prospective Bidders may obtain Bid Documents only from the DEVELOPMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT/ ENGINEERING DIVISION at the following address: 240 W Huntington Drive, Arcadia, CA. 91066-6021, (626) 574-5484. Please contact the DEVELOPMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT/ENGINEERING DIVISION for more information, including availability of Bid Documents and mailing costs. One or more Pre-Bid Conference and Site Walks will be held on the date(s), at the time(s) and

under the conditions indicated in the Bid Documents. Bidder MUST attend. All Bids must be addressed, sealed in an envelope and received by the office of the CITY CLERK no later than 11:00 a.m. on August 31, 2010. All Bids will be publicly opened, examined and read aloud at the CITY CLERK’S OFFICE at that time. Bids shall be valid for 60 days after the bid opening date. Bids must be accompanied by cash, a certified or cashier’s check, or a Bid Bond in favor of the Owner in an amount not less than ten percent (10%) of the submitted Total Bid Price. Prior to award of the Contract, the successful bidder will be required to furnish a Performance Bond and a Payment Bond, each in the amount of one hundred percent (100%) of the Total Bid Price, on the forms provided and in the manner described in the Bid Documents. Contractor shall comply with PCC § 4108 with respect to subcontractor bond requirements. Pursuant to B&P Code § 7028.15 and PCC § 3300, Contractors shall possess the following California Contractor’s license(s) in order to perform the Work: A. Subcontractors must possess the appro-priate licenses for each specialty subcontracted. Bidders are advised that this Contract is a public work for purposes of the California Labor Code, which requires payment of prevailing wages. Owner has obtained from the Director of the Department of Industrial Relations the general prevailing rates, and will place them on file at the Owner’s office and make them available to any interested party upon request. Pursuant to PCC § 22300, the successful Contractor may substitute securities equivalent to monies withheld by the Owner.

Owner reserves the right to reject any or all Bids, to waive any informality or irregularity in any Bid received, and to be the sole judge of the merits of the respective Bids received. CITY OF ARCADIA Publish August 12 and 19, 2010 OTHER PUBLIC NOTICES NOTICE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE TS No. 08-0055259 Title Order No. 08-8204838 APN No. 8501-005-19 YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UNDER A DEED OF TRUST, DATED 05/13/2005. UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY, IT MAY BE SOLD AT A PUBLIC SALE. IF YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDING AGAINST YOU, YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER.” Notice is hereby given that RECONTRUST COMPANY, N.A., successor in interest by merger to RECONTRUST COMPANY, A NEVADA CORPORATION, as duly appointed trustee pursuant to the Deed of Trust executed by MELQUIADES QUINTERO JR, AN UNMARRIED MAN, dated 05/13/2005 and recorded 05/23/05, as Instrument No. 05 1199800, in Book , Page ), of Official Records in the office of the County Recorder of Los Angeles County, State of California, will sell on 08/26/2010 at 1:00PM, At the front entrance to the Pomona Superior Courts Building, 350 West Mission Blvd., Pomona, Los Angeles, CA at public auction, to the highest bidder for cash or check as described below, payable in full at time of sale, all right, title, and interest conveyed to and now held by it under said Deed of Trust, in the property situated in said County and State and as more fully described in the above referenced Deed of Trust. The street address and other common designation, if any of the real property described above is purported to be: 789 OAKGLADE DR, MONROVIA, CA, 910161717. The undersigned Trustee disclaims any liability for any incorrect-ness of the street address and other common designation, if any, shown herein. The total amount of the unpaid balance with interest thereon of the obligation secured by the property to be sold plus reasonable estimated costs, expenses and advances at the time of the initial publication of the Notice of Sale is $991,422.36. It is possible that at the time of sale the opening bid may be less than

Pet of the Week Charlie from last time is still available. Just look at this little beauty! Smokey, a three-year-old, curious kitty, loves attention. She also likes to play and purrs when you pet her. Come meet this lovely and unique looking girl today. The regular cat adoption fee is $70 which includes the spay or neuter surgery, microchip, vaccinations, and a free follow-up health check

at a participating vet. Please call 626-792-7151 and ask about A272378 or come to the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, 361 S. Raymond Ave, Pasadena CA, 91105. Our adoption hours are 11-4 Sunday, 9-5 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and 9-4 Saturday. Directions and photos of all pets updated hourly may be found at www.

the total indebtedness due. In addition to cash, the Trustee will accept cashier’s checks drawn on a state or national bank, a check drawn by a state or federal credit union, or a check drawn by a state or federal savings and loan association, savings association, or savings bank specified in Section 5102 of the Financial Code and authorized to do business in this state. Said sale will be made, in an “AS IS” condition, but without covenant or warranty, express or implied, regarding title, possession or encumbrances, to satisfy the indebted-ness secured by said Deed of Trust, advances thereunder, with interest as provided, and the unpaid principal of the Note secured by said Deed of Trust with interest thereon as provided in said Note, plus fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee and of the trusts created by said Deed of Trust. If required by the provisions of section 2923.5 of the California Civil Code, the declaration from the mortgagee, beneficiary or authorized agent is attached to the Notice of Trustee’s Sale duly recorded with the appropriate County Recorder’s Office. DATED: 08/29/2008 RECONTRUST COMPANY, N.A., successor in interest by merger to RECONTRUST COMPANY, A NEVADA CORPORATION 1757 TAPO CANYON ROAD, SVW88 SIMI VALLEY, CA 93063 Phone/ Sale Information: (800) 281 8219 By: Trustee’s Sale Officer RECONTRUST COMPANY, N.A., successor in interest by merger to RECONTRUST COMPANY, A NEVADA CORPORATION is a debt collector attempting to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. FEI # 1006.34455 7/29, 8/05, 8/12/2010 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE TS No. 09-0064277 Title Order No. 09-8189408 APN No. 5379-036-047 YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UNDER A DEED OF TRUST, DATED 06/05/2006. UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY, IT MAY BE SOLD AT A PUBLIC SALE. IF YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDING AGAINST YOU, YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER.” Notice is hereby given that RECONTRUST COMPANY, N.A., as duly appointed trustee pursuant to the Deed of Trust executed by SAU T NGUYEN, A SINGLE WOMAN, dated 06/05/2006 and recorded 06/09/06, as Instrument No. 06 1272349, in Book , Page ), of Official Records in the office of the County Recorder of Los Angeles County, State of California, will sell on 09/10/2010 at 1:00PM, At the front entrance to the Pomona Superior Courts Building, 350 West Mission Blvd., Pomona, Los Angeles, CA at public auction, to the highest bidder for cash or check as described below, payable in full at time of sale, all right, title, and interest conveyed to and now held by it under said Deed of Trust, in the property situated in said County and State and as more fully described in the above referenced Deed of Trust. The street address and other common designation, if any of the real property described above is purported to be: 1200 WEST HUNTINGTON DRIVE 1, ARCADIA, CA, 91007. The undersigned Trustee disclaims any liability for any incorrectness of the street address and other common designation, if any, shown herein. The total amount of the unpaid balance with interest thereon of the obligation secured by the property to be sold plus reasonable estimated costs, expenses and advances at the time of the initial publication of the Notice of Sale is $348,333.45. It is possible that at the time of sale the opening bid may be less than the total indebtedness due. In addition to cash, the Trustee will accept cashier’s checks drawn on a state or national bank, a check drawn by a state or federal credit union, or a check drawn by a state or federal savings and loan association, savings association, or savings bank specified in Section 5102 of the Financial

Code and authorized to do business in this state. Said sale will be made, in an “AS IS” condition, but without covenant or warranty, express or implied, regarding title, possession or encumbrances, to satisfy the indebtedness secured by said Deed of Trust, advances thereunder, with interest as provided, and the unpaid principal of the Note secured by said Deed of Trust with interest thereon as provided in said Note, plus fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee and of the trusts created by said Deed of Trust. If required by the provisions of section 2923.5 of the California Civil Code, the declaration from the mortgagee, beneficiary or authorized agent is attached to the Notice of Trustee’s Sale duly recorded with the appropriate County Recorder’s Office. DATED: 08/16/2009 RECONTRUST COMPANY, N.A. 1800 Tapo Canyon Rd., CA6-914-01-94 SIMI VALLEY, CA 93063 Phone/Sale Information: (800) 281 8219 By: Trustee’s Sale Officer RECONTRUST COMPANY, N.A. is a debt collector attempting to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. FEI # 1006.64387 8/12, 8/19, 8/26/2010 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE Title Order No.: 280521574 Trustee Sale No.: 52594 Loan No.: 399015852 APN: 8515-017-160 You are in Default under a Deed of Trust dated 07/20/2007. Unless you take action to protect your property, it may be sold at a public sale. If you need an explanation of the nature of the proceedings against you, you should contact a lawyer. On 09/01/2010 at 10:00AM, FCI Lender Services, Inc. as the duly appointed Trustee under and pursuant to Deed of Trust Recorded on 7/27/07 as Instrument #20071775956 of official records in the Office of the Recorder of Los Angeles County, California, executed by: Deborah R. Harris, an unmarried woman, as Trustor Solution Fund Inc., as Beneficiary WILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER FOR CASH (payable at time of sale in lawful money of the United States, by cash, a cashier’s check drawn by a state or national bank, a check drawn by a state or federal credit union, or a check drawn by a state or federal savings and loan association, savings association, or savings bank specified in section 5102 of the Financial Code and authorized to do business in this state). At the West side of the Los Angeles County Courthouse, Southeast District, 12720 Norwalk Blvd., Norwalk, CA, all right, title and interest conveyed to and now held by it under said Deed of Trust in the property situated in said County, California describing the land therein: LOT 62 OF PARCEL MAP NO. 15525, AS PER MAP RECORDED IN BOOK 163 PAGES 11 TO 14 INCLUSIVE FO MAPS, IN THE OFFICE OF THE COUNTY RECORDER OF SAID COUNTY. The property heretofore described is being sold “as is”. The street address and other common designation, if any, of the real property described above is purported to be: 904 South Canyon Blvd, Unit B, Monrovia CA 91016. The undersigned Trustee disclaims any liability for any incorrectness of the street address and other common designation, if any, shown herein. Said sale will be made, but without covenant or warranty, expressed or implied, regarding title, possession, or encumbrances, to pay the remaining principal sum of the note(s) secured by said Deed of Trust, with interest thereon, as provided in said note(s), advances, if any, under the terms of the Deed of Trust, estimated fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee and of the trusts created by said Deed of Trust, towit: $245,675.79 (Estimated) Accrued interest and additional advances, if any, will increase this figure prior to sale. The beneficiary under said Deed of Trust heretofore executed and delivered to the undersigned a written Declaration of Default and Demand for Sale, and a

written Notice of Default and Election to Sell. The undersigned caused said Notice of Default and Election to Sell to be recorded in the county where the real property is located and more than three months have elapsed since such recordation. Regarding the property that is the subject of this notice of sale, the “mortgage loan servicer” as defined in California Civil Code § 2923.53(k) (3), declares that it has obtained from the Commissioner a final or temporary order of exemption pursuant to California Civil Code section 2923.53 and that the exemption is current and valid on the date this notice of sale is recorded. The timeframe for giving a Notice of Sale specified in Subdivision (a) of Section 2923.52 does not apply to this Notice of Sale pursuant to California Civil Code Sections 2923.52 or 2923.55. Date: 8/3/10 FCI Lender Services, Inc., as Trustee 8180 East Kaiser Blvd., Anaheim Hills, CA 92808 Phone: 714-282-2424 For Trustee Sale Information log on to: or call: 925603-7342. Vivian Prieto, Vice President FCI Lender Services, Inc. is a debt collector attempting to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. (RSVP# 200557)(08/12/10, 08/19/10, 08/26/10) NOTICE OF SHERIFF’S SALE MAR INVESTMENTS LP VS TRACY DU CASE NO: GC032569 R Under a writ of Execution issued on 12/17/09. Out of the L. A. SUPERIOR COURT, PASADENA, of the NORTHEAST DISTRICT, County of Los Angeles, State of California, on a judgment entered on 08/13/04. In favor of MAR INVESTMENTS, L.P. DBA MAR CENTER and against DU, TRACY Q. AKA DU, TRACY QIAN; LE, WEI WAI showing a net balance of $1,845,445.31 actually due on said judgment. (Amount subject to revision) I have levied upon all the right, title and interest of said judgment debtor(s) in the property in the County of Los Angeles, State of California, described as follows: LOT 3 IN TRACT NO. 6548, AS PER MAP RECORDED IN BOOK 82, PAGE 45 OF MAPS, IN THE OFFICE OF THE COUNTY RECORDER OF SAID COUNTY, LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. Commonly known as: 523 W. LE ROY AVENUE, ARCADIA CA 91007 Public notice is hereby given that I will sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash in lawful money of the United States all the right, title and interest of the deb-tor(s) in the above described property or so much as will be sufficient to satisfy said writ or warrant with interest and all costs on 09/01/10, 10:00 AM at the following location. STANLEY MOSK COURTHOUSE 111 N. HILL STREET, ROOM 125B LOS ANGELES, CA90012 (X) This sale is subject to a mini-mum bid in the amount of $0.00. (Subject to revision) Prospective bidders should refer to sections 701.510 to 701.680, inclusive, of the Code of Civil Procedure for provisions governing the terms, conditions and effect of the sale and the liability of defaulting bidders. Creditor’s Attorney STEVEN W. HASHIMOTO WONG & MAK, LLP 790 E. COLORADO BLVD, STE 790 PASADENA CA 91101 Dated: 07/30/10 Branch: Los Angeles LEROY D. BACA, Sheriff By: MISTY DOUGLAS, Deputy Operator Id: E455555 Para obtener esta informaciontraduccion en Espanol llame a este numero: (213) 974-6613 NOTE: IT IS A MISDEMEANOR TO TAKE DOWN OR DEFACE A POSTED NOTICE BEFORE THE DATE OF SALE. ( Penal Code section 616) Publish: August 12, 19, 26, 2010

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535 West Huntington Drive in Monrovia Find lost pets quickly and easily! Free Microchip implantation (with purchase of Home Again registration membership). With or without office exam/surgical procedure/boarding.


No Cost Second Opinions

We accept : VISA Mastercard American Express Discover Free Pre-Operative Blood Panels on all Care Credit Surgery surgical/dental procedures •Orthopedics •TPLO Cash •Neurosurgery •Soft Tissue Check •Laser Surgery •General and Advanced Surgery Gary R.White, DVM

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18 August 12 - August 18, 2010

Foothill Business Directory

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Mortgage Litigation, Loan Modification, Short Sales, and Bankruptcy

Law Office of Stephen R. Golden

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626-584-7800 DENTIST

Victor De Los Santos, D.D.S., Inc.

Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

1035 W. Huntington Dr. Suite B Arcadia, CA 91007

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Decks • Doors & Windows • Interiors CL# 371117

Saenz Construction 626-303-6285

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Providing Insurance & Financial Services

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John Diehl Lic. #0D75608 (626) 791-9915 2525 N. Lake Ave. #2 Altadena, CA 91001 Auto • Home • Life • Health Business • Workers’ Comp

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Foreclosure Avoidance Legal Specialists We Attorneys CAN save your home even if foreclosure has occurred! • Mortgage Litigation • Loan Modification • Short Sales • Bankruptcy We use every strategy available under the law.

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agent oF the week

Century 21 ludeCke inC. 626-445-0123

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agent oF the week Simon Tsang

Century 21 village realty (626) 355-1451



Private gated estate sits on over 5 acres. With 6 bdrms & 9 bthrs, great room, formal dining room, his/hers offices, library, gym or maids quarters, chef’s kitchen, 5 fire places, outdoor pavilion, pool, spa, 5 car grage, Go to www.morganranchroad. com for details. (M448)

centUrY 21 LUdecke inc (626) 445-0123

Views, Views, Views


This gorgeous Art Deco, custom built home with lots of privacy and seclusion features panoramic city lights views. Lots of glass, living room, dining room and family room all over look the breathtaking views. 4 fireplaces, multiple balconies, Mstr suite, bonus room, beautiful gourmet kitchen with granite counters, wine cellar, 2 laundry areas, 3 car garage. (LOT)

centUrY 21 earLL, Ltd.


north GLendora

mediterranean ViLLa



Recently remodeled 4bdrm 3bth w/3994 of living space, manicured grounds, spacious patio/balcony, Koi ponds, custom two car garage, entry way, grand living room, detailed FP, formal dining, gourmet kitchen, cherry cabinetry, travertine tiled floors, custom granite counter tops, 3 master suites and so much more! (H140)

This exceptional home situated in the Glendora foothills, has great curb appeal! The central entry features high cathedral ceilings. Living room, family room with adjoining dining area, kitchen with granite counters. Beautiful rich colors throughout. Guest bedroom downstairs. (ROS)

centUrY 21 LUdecke inc (626) 445-0123

centUrY 21 earLL, Ltd. 626-301-1888

sE na Ou PM ltade N H2 - 4 on, A E OPsuN Cany en

l 0G 244

mid-centUrY cLassic


Situated on a very large corner lot this Altadena home with it’s lush entry, 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, master retreat, formal living and dining rooms, 2 fireplaces, guest quarters, remodeled kitchen, family room, hardwood floors, large swimming pool & spa with automatic pool cover. (G2440)

three Units


Located in a great Temple City area. Live in one and rent the others. Front house has 2 bedrooms and one full bath, living room with fireplace, formal dining room, spacious kitchen, laundry room, hardwood floors, patio. Other two units are identical with 2 bedrooms, one bath, bright & airy open floor plan. (R5828)

adorabLe home


spacioUs home

Quiet neighborhood located in the heart of Sierra Madre this 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath with master suite opening to the gorgeous backyard, living room with fireplace, hardwood floors, wood shutters, finished basement, laundry area, detached double garage. (M448)


Beautiful 3bdrm 3bth home w/2158 living space, family room, CA & Heat, high ceilings, open floor plan, gourmet kitchen, granite counter tops, hardwood flooring, move- in ready and Temple City Schools. (B6033)

centUrY 21 ViLLaGe reaLtY (626) 355-1451

centUrY 21 ViLLaGe reaLtY (626) 355-1451

centUrY 21 ViLLaGe reaLtY (626) 355-1451

centUrY 21 LUdecke inc (626) 445-0123

Great Location


beaUtiFUL town home

weLL maintained


This 2 bdrm 1bth home is located on County area with San Gabriel post office and Temple City Schools. Tax record shows 2bdrm 1bth w/900 sqft, family room has 260 sqft unpermitted. South facing, walking distance to school, quiet street, circle drive, large lot, 65x167 + 10,851 sq ft great for owner of investor. (A8735)

centUrY 21 LUdecke inc (626) 445-0123



This 4 bed/ 3 ba beauty is located in a gated community. One bedroom downstairs. Kitchen w/island and eating area, family room with fireplace, master bedroom with his and hers closets, large laundry room, 3 car garage and much more! (RIV)

centUrY 21 earLL, Ltd. 626-301-1888


This 3bdrm 2bth Unit is in excellent condition and move-in ready. Remodeled in 03 & 05 and close to Holly Elementary & Arcadia High. Beautiful floors, tile in bath, bright living room with FP and direct access double car garage. (D509)


Located in Pasadena this 2 bedroom,1.75 bath, kitchen, breakfast bar, dining room with fireplace and wet bar. Relaxing patio, laundry room/office, two car garage with plenty of storage cabinets, 2 car detached garage, fruit trees in side yard. (M1765)

centUrY 21 LUdecke inc (626) 445-0123

centUrY 21 ViLLaGe reaLtY (626) 355-1451 el sE bri Ou M n Ga N H 2-5 Pr., Sa E OP suNgton D tin un



8 


  

probate saLe


This cute home is located on a 5885 sq.ft. corner lot in Temple City and features 3 bedrooms, dining area, fireplace and Temple City schools. Oversized double car garage. Nicely landscaped yard. (C9649)

Fish canYon


4 bedroom

san GabrieL



This beautiful 2bdr 1.5 bth is turn-key. Very Well maintained by the current owners for over ten years! Gorgeous hardwood floors (except den) run throughout the house contributing to the warmth. Comfortable living room, den and dining room just off a bright well lit kitchen with tiled counter tops and floor. Front yard with circular driveway W/open courtyard and the back yard has a covered patio. (H8934)

Hard to find 4 bedroom, located in Duarte with fireplace in living room, 1.5 baths, kitchen/family room combo, inside laundry area, new windows, Laminet flooring in dining area, sliding glass doors in master bedroom opening to private patio & bonus room, two car attached garage. (F3109)

This well maintained 4 bed/3 ba features new double-pane windows, new doors and tile floors on first floor. Decorative staircase railing & Security door. Beautiful landscaped yard and private backyard. Good location in quiet neighborhood. (MAS)

centUrY 21 ViLLaGe reaLtY (626) 355-1451

centUrY 21 ViLLaGe reaLtY (626) 355-1451

centUrY 21 earLL, Ltd. 626-301-1888

centUrY 21 LUdecke inc (626) 445-0123

soUth pasadena schooLs!!!

end Unit townhoUse

nice eL monte home

LoVeLY condo


This one level condo features 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom (with new tile) and a galley style kitchen w/newer appliances. Located in the very desirable Mission District of s. Pasadena and close to the Gold Line. (ORA)

centUrY 21 earLL, Ltd. 626-301-1888


Immaculate Unit features 2 bed and 1.5 ba. New carpet, laminate flooring and paint. Kitchen w/ ss appliances. Mstr suite w/large balcony. Wet bar, plantation shutters and private patio area. Laundry is in the double attached garage. This unit is attached only at the garage. HOA includes pool and separate spa areas. Turn-key unit, ready to move in. (FOO)

centUrY 21 earLL, Ltd. (626) 301-1888


This 3 bedroom home is located in a quiet residential area. Newly painted inside, hardwood floors under existing carpet. SECURITY  SYSTEM, CENTRAL AIR, plus window units in some rooms. Very private patio and automatic sprinkler system. (MUL)

centUrY 21 earLL, Ltd. (626) 301-1888


Wonderfully landscaped with ponds, streams & trees. Located close to Chaffey College in Alta Loma this 1 bedroom, ground floor unit with large patio, dining room, kitchen, ample closet space, complex has 3 pools, club house, tennis courts and laundry room. (L10655)

centUrY 21 ViLLaGe reaLtY (626) 355-1451

Century 21 earll, ltd.

Century 21 ludeCke inC

Century 21 village realty

320 e. Foothill Blvd., arCadia

20 e. Foothill Blvd. Suite 105, arCadia

38 w. Sierra madre Blvd., Sierra madre




(626) 301-1888

(626) 445-0123

(626) 355-1451

Arcadia weekly 2010 Aug 12 L  

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