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West Covina Police Dept. appoints interim chief



MONDAY, JULY 08 - JULY 14, 2013 - VOLUME 2, NO. 27

Independence Day in Los Angeles County

Hundreds brave the heat for parades, picnics, parties and pyrotechnics

BY SHEL SEGAL A 31-year-veteran of the force, Paul LaCommare has recently been appointed interim chief of police of the West Covina Police Department, officials said in a statement. A local product, LaCommare was raised in West Covina and started with the department as a cadet in November 1981. He was then hired by the department in 1983 as a police officer, officials said. LaCommare has been promoted several times throughout his career, including the rank of corporal in 1996, sergeant in 1999, lieutenant in 2003, commander in 2009 and assistant police chief in January of this year before retiring from active service in March, officials said. LaCommare has served the West Covina Police DePlease see page 6

Monterey Park voters just say ‘No’ to Measure FF BY SHEL SEGAL

shower with a friend” theme by having a few young ladies showering along the parade route, albeit discretely.

Voters in Monterey Park have overwhelmingly said no to Measure FF in Tuesday’s special election by a nearly 2-to-1 margin and will retain city control over its fire and paramedic services. The “no” votes tallied 64.1 percent – nearly twothirds – of those votes casted. That means 3,514 votes disapproved of Measure FF, while 1,961 were in favor of its passage. The proposed measure would have amended a current city ordinance and directed the city to negotiate for transferring all city fire department services to the Consolidated Fire Protect District of Los Angeles County. Measure FF was placed

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-Photo by Terry Miller

One of the largest and most popular parades in the valley is unquestionably that which has become a Sierra Madre tradition. This year, however,

was a little less cool for some as the city of Sierra Madsre is facing a water crisis so the fire dept. which usually hoses down the hot masses was ordered to re-

frain from making rain. To make up for it the non-existent Sierra Madre City College alumni and staff decided to bring back the 60’s “ Save water and

Mike Gatto’s legislation to Golden State Water Hernández hails senate end unfair parking tickets announces A+ water committee for passing heads to governor quality and first ever measure to provide Creates uniform statewide policy, “green” online report additional green space binding on all cities Golden State Water quality, this year we’ve for residents Company (Golden State worked hard to bring cus-

Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s (D-Los Angeles) legislation to prohibit local governments from fleecing motorists who park at broken parking meters was approved by the Legislature today by a vote of 36-1 and now awaits Governor Jerry Brown’s signature. The measure will ensure cities fix their broken meters in a responsive and timely manner by prohibiting them from ticketing cars parked at such meters. “Taxpayers already pay for street maintenance, meter installation, and meter

upkeep,” said Gatto. “Local governments should take responsibility and keep parking meters in good working order, not squeeze a doublepenalty out of cash-strapped citizens.” Under AB 61, motorists would be permitted to park in spaces controlled by a broken meter for the maximum time allowed by the meter, guaranteeing that parking spots remain available to the motorists, shop owners, and small businesses that rely on Please see page 5

Water) today announced the release of its 2012 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), which indicates that drinking water provided to customers, continues to meet all state and federal standards. This is the first year that the California Department of Public Health and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have allowed water providers to publish a water quality report online. “While we always strive to provide customers with exceptional water

tomers an online report for easy access to information about their local water supply,” said Denise L. Kruger, Golden State Water Company Senior Vice President of Regulated Utilities. “We welcome the opportunity to promote and incorporate green practices through publishing our CCR online.” Golden State Water tests for more than 200 regulated and unregulated elements in its water sysPlease see page 4

Assembly Bill 1359 authored by Assembly member Roger Hernández (D-West Covina) passed the Senate Governance and Finance Committee on a 5-2 vote. This bill amends the Quimby Act to allow local governments to allocate existing funds, used for the purpose of developing facilities, to areas within the local government that are most in need. This bill also allows for funds to help establish joint use agreements between school districts, universities, counties and cities.

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“By providing additional open space for our children, they will live a more healthy and productive life in their communities,” said Hernández. “This bill gives local governments the opportunity to provide areas in need the quality of life they deserve,” stated Hernández. Since the passage of the Quimby Act in 1975, cities and counties have been authorized to require developers to set aside land, donate conservation easements, or Please see page 6


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Appetizers _________________ Bagel _____________________ BBQ _____________________ Breakfast __________________ Buffalo Wings ______________ Burger ____________________ Burrito ____________________ Butcher ___________________ Cake _____________________ Chicken ___________________ Cookies ___________________ Cupcakes _________________ Desserts __________________ Dumplings _________________ Frozen Yogurt ______________ Hot Dogs __________________ Ice Cream _________________ Pasta _____________________ Pizza _____________________ Ribs ______________________ Salad _____________________ Sandwich _________________ Senior Specials _____________ Soup _____________________ Steak _____________________ Sunday Brunch _____________ Sushi _____________________ Taco _____________________ Other _____________________

FAVORITE WATERING HOLE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.


Coffee House ______________ Beer _____________________ Boba _____________________ British Pub _________________ Happy Hour ________________ Local Bar __________________ Martini ____________________ Margarita __________________ Mojito ____________________ Smoothie __________________ Tea House _________________ Wine _____________________ Other _____________________


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WHERE TO GET THE ESSENTIALS NAME/CITY 1. Antique ________________

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Clothing - Women’s __________ Computer Store _____________ Department Store ___________ Furniture Store _____________ Gift Shop __________________ Golf Shop _________________ Hardware Store _____________ Health Food Store ___________ Independent Market _________ Jewelry ___________________ Mall ______________________ Music Instruments ___________ Pet Store __________________ Skate Shop ________________ Specialty Food Store _________ Shoe Store ________________ Sporting Goods Store ________ Stationery Store ____________ Thrift Store ________________ Other _____________________

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Auto Mechanic _____________ Bank ______________________ Car Wash _________________ Carpet Cleaning ____________ Caterer ___________________ Computer Services __________ Dry Cleaner ________________ Financial Services ___________ Florist ____________________ Framing Store ______________ Home/Office Cleaning ________ Hospital ___________________ Insurance Agent ____________ Newsstand ________________ Oil & Lube _________________ Pet Groomer _______________ Pet Sitter __________________ Pharmacy _________________ Photo Lab _________________ Photographer ______________ Printer ____________________ Real Estate Agent ___________ Real Estate Office ___________ Senior Home Care __________ Senior Living Facility _________ Veterinarian ________________ Other _____________________



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Botanical Gardens __________ Golf Course ________________ Hiking Trail ________________ Hotel ______________________ Jazz Club _________________ Late Night Dining ___________ Live Theatre _______________ Movie Theatre ______________ Museum __________________ Night Club _________________ Outdoor Concerts ___________ Outdoor/Patio Dining _________________________ Outdoor Recreation__________ Pool Hall __________________ Race Track ________________ Restaurant ________________ Romantic Dining ____________ Tattoo Parlor _______________ Other _____________________

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Bed and Bath ______________ Blinds/Drapes ______________ Cabinets __________________ Carpet ____________________ Electrician _________________ General Contractor __________ Home Decor _______________ Heating & A/C ______________ Interior Design ______________ Landscapes ________________ Locksmith _________________ Painter ____________________ Plumber ___________________ Pool ______________________ Roofer ____________________ Tile ______________________ Window Contractors _________________________ 18. Other _____________________



1. Institute of Higher Learning _________________________ 2. Library ____________________ 3. Local Charity _______________ 4. Local Festival ______________ 5. Place of Worship ____________ 6. Other _____________________

1. Bowling ___________________


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Alhambra PReSS Baldwin Park

JULY 08, 2013 - juLY 14, 2013 | 3

Casa 0101 Theater presents the return Gatto’s Anti-Swatting engagement of “Trio Los Machos” legislation passes committee By Josefina Lopez



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Phone: Fax:

(626) 386-3457 (626) 600-4452

Back By Popular Demand, Casa 0101 Theater will present the Return Engagement of Josefina López’s critically acclaimed play, “Trío Los Machos,” a comedic Latino “Bromance” with music made famous by the singing group Trío Los Panchos. Performances will be presented at the new Casa 0101 Theater, 2102 E. First Street (at Louis Street), Boyle Heights, CA 90033 on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. and Sundays at 5:00 p.m., with Discounted Previews, July 12 – 14, 2013, followed by a four-week run, July 19 – August 11, 2013. The play will be presented with subtitles in Spanish. The Los Angeles Times has written: “The older men are adorable, the young ones have shy charisma. The trio glows with a deep and memorable sympathy.” LA Weekly raved: “Gifted guitarists and impassioned singers carry the play to its greatest emotional heights.” Back Stage has written: “Directed by Edward Padilla, veteran performers Miguel Santana, Robert Garza and Henry Aceves are endearing as Lalo, Nacho and Paco, respectively.” KUSC 91.5 FM calls the play: “A funny and heart warming bit of theatre from playwright and producer, Josefina López.” “Trío Los Machos,” written by Josefina López, follows the journey of three men who come to the U.S. to work in the fields and eventually make a living playing the music they love. The play is a love letter to Latino men and, an homage to Lopez’s father. The play explores the themes of music, aging and male camaraderie set against the backdrop of the Bracero guest worker program (1942 – 1964) between the United States and Mexico. Narrated to the music of

-Courtesy Photo

Trío Los Panchos, the story covers a chapter of U.S. history seldomly talked about, as the three friends navigate work, friendship, love as their loyalty to one another becomes tested time and again. The play explores the 50-year friendship of its central characters, Lalo, Nacho and Paco. A Free Art Exhibit in The Jean Deleage Gallery at Casa 0101 Theater entitled, “Recollections From Yesterday and Today of Ex-Braceros,” will be running in conjunction with the run of the play, “Trío Los Machos.” The photography exhibit will include work of former “guest workers” who participated in the United States/Mexican government program granting temporary work contracts to Mexican laborers from 1942 – 1964. The Art Exhibit is sponsored by the Binacional Union of Ex-Braceros, 1942 – 1967. Performances will be presented on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. and Sundays at 5:00 p.m. Tickets for Preview performances July 12, 13 and 14, 2013 are $15 each. Tickets for the four-week run of the play from July 19 – August 11, 2013 are $20 for General Admission, $17 for Students, Seniors and Groups of 10 or

more, and $15 for Boyle Heights residents with identification. For tickets, please call the Casa 0101 Theater Box Office at 323263-7684, E-mail tickets@ or buy online at Advance reservations are highly recommended. Theatre patrons can get a $2 discount by presenting their Metro Bus Cards at the Box Office when buying tickets. Metro bus stations are located on First Street in Boyle Heights at both Soto Street, and at Boyle Street (Mariachi Plaza), within a short walking distance to the theatre. To view B-roll performance footage of last year’s production of the play, please visit watch?v=vaATkzcp6b0. Like us on Facebook at Casa 0101 Theater is sponsored in part by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, The California Endowment, The Herb Alpert Foundation, the California Foundation for Stronger Communities and the Community Redevelopment Agency/ LA – a Designated Local Authority. SCE Federal Credit Union is sponsor of this particular production.

Assemblyman Mike Gatto’s (D-Los Angeles) legislation to criminalize the dangerous and increasingly prevalent crime known as “swatting” passed the Senate Public Safety Committee today by a 4-0 vote. The bill, AB 47, is the legislature’s most comprehensive legislation to address the issue and the only extant bill to increase criminal penalties for swatting. Swatting is a perilous prank by anonymous mischief-makers who alert police to a bogus crime situation, prompting a tactical response — sometimes by special weapons and tactics (SWAT) officers — that then involves a high-risk search for phantom assailants. There have been dozens of these prank calls in the last six months, and several law enforcement officers have already been injured. Many officials, including Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, fear that it's only a matter of time before events turn deadly. Some of the calls have tried to humiliate celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Ryan Seacrest, but other criminals have targeted households based on political beliefs. The prank has also been perpetrated against nonpublic figures and families in quiet neighborhoods, including suburban Sacramento

and Los Angeles families. “Police fear that this potentially deadly prank will become more prevalent if we do not do something to elevate swatting to a serious crime,” Gatto said. “This commonsense legislation will discourage this dangerous activity and allow law enforcement to deploy their officers and precious resources to real crimesin-progress.” Under the provisions of AB 47, anyone who makes a swatting call would be subject to a $2,000 fine and a year in jail, and significantly increased fine and jail time if the call results in bodily harm. Finally, the bill clarifies that any swatting call that results in a death can be considered manslaughter. Assemblyman Gatto introduced AB 47 in December 2012, before the recent spate of high-profile swatting incidents. “Swatting is a dangerous prank that costs taxpayers thousands of dollars and takes public-safety resources away from real emergencies,” said Gatto. “It is only a matter of time before someone is struck by an emergency-response vehicle or a firearm is accidentally discharged in the chaos of the moment.” AB 47 now heads to the Senate Appropriations Committee for consideration.

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You must include your name, address and phone number Entry must be in Beacon Media’s Office by 5 p.m., August 1, 2013 • Employees of Beacon Media, Inc. are not eligible • You must be 18 yrs. or older to win • Please vote only for businesses in the San Gabriel Valley • Only one entry per person. (Every ballot will be verified for authenticity) ~noLuxurious ~Turn-key ~Full-Service • Affordable Prizes have cash value (may be substituted based upon availability) • Businesses are onlyOffice allowed Space to win in two categories • Minimum of 25 votes to be entered into weekly prize raffle

Hollywood Production Center

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4 | JULY 08, 2013 - juLY 14, 2013

Six literary groups to sponsor PIPW Writers Weekend:

Anthony Portantino plans State Senate run for 2016

New Conference to Launch July 20 & 21 in Glendale, Writers wishing to learn more about the craft and business of publishable stories, memoir, and informative narrative, will find significant opportunities Saturday and Sunday, July 20 & 21 at Glendale College in Glendale, CA.

By Terry Miller

The PIPW Writers Weekend: Glendale, features publishing professionals as speakers and panelists for the educational seminars. The event, open to emerging and intermediate writers of all ages, is produced by the Pacific Institute for Professional Writing (PIPW). Co-sponsors are the Independent Writers of Southern California (IWOSC), California Writers Club San Fernando Valley Chapter, Book Publicists of Southern California, Publishers Association of Los Angeles (PALA), Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (GLAWS), and the Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network (SPAWN). “We’re pleased to produce this event in Glendale,” said Kate Sexton, Executive Director of the Pacific Institute for Professional Writing. “Last year, our Ventura County Writers Weekend was well received, with attendance growing 41% from the prior year. This year we will continue to offer professional advice writers need to know in order to grow into 21st century con-

ventions and writing styles. We’ve secured two top west coast literary agents, a leading book editor, and a popular memoirist, to lead seminars.” Saturday’s theme is: “The Business of Writing.” Sunday’s theme is “The Craft of Writing.” Each session is 90-minutes long with time for Q&A. The classes are limited to 100 people and are modestly priced. Interested writers may purchase a session ticket, a day pass, or a two-day pass at: www. that contains a schedule of sessions offered, and a list of the speakers. PIPW produces the annual Ventura County Writers Weekend event along with workshops and other services to deliver professional advise to area writers. Founded in 2010, PIPW’s mission: to promote the skills and standards for professional writing. The Institute’s goal: to see the art and craft of writing continue to be a prominent part of our communities by connecting unpublished writers with the professional community of

editors, agents and publishers. “We were founded to deliver professional level education for all genres of writing,” said Kate Sexton, executive director of PIPW. “We’ve been fortunate to have the support of area professionals who lead our workshops and participate on panels for the conferences. We began in Santa Barbara because of its rich literary traditions and the quality of authors, editors and publishers living there. Our programs quickly moved into Ventura County.” PIPW sponsors other events including the very popular Writers Workshops with literary agent Toni Lopopolo and Fiction Writers Bootcamp with Ms. Lopopolo and legendary West Coast editor, author, and former professor from USC’s Masters in Professional Writing Program, Shelly Lowenkopf. Mr. Lowenkopf is a co-founder of PIPW. To learn more about PIPW visit www.PacificInstituteforProfessionalWriting. com.


to our weekly readers’ choice winner


Former State Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, who was termed out of the Assembly last year and was replaced in November by former Pasadena City Councilman Chris Holden, plans to run for state Sen. Carol Liu’s 25th District seat when she’s termed out in 2016. The foothills district spans from Tujunga to Upland and comprises the Angeles National Forest and the cities adjacent to it. In an email to Beacon Media Wednesday, Portantino said “Although I have not made a formal announcement several hundred friends and neighbors from across the foothills have endorsed my effort.. A bi-partisan group of Mayors from the district have also endorsed, including the Mayor of South Pasadena, Pasadena, Glendale, Glendora, San Dimas, Duarte, Monrovia. In addition, a bi partisan group of city councilmembers, school board members and community college trustees have

-Photo by Terry Miller

also endorsed. I’ve been humbled by the support I’ve received at such an early point in this campaign and I hope to continue that positive momentum. Folks in our region have wonderfully given me the opportunity to introduce myself and it makes a person feel very warm. There is unfinished business in Sacramento when it comes to transparency and account-

ability and prioritizing education and I’m looking forward to going back there to complete it.” Portantino served as a state assemblyman for the 44th District for six years. He has been a strong advocate for the California Public Records Act and an active opponent of the 710 Freeway extensions to Pasadena. He currently serves on the California Film Commission.

Independence Day Continued from page 1

The crowd went wild when ad the Sierra Madre City College co-eds enjoyed their morning shower along Sierra Madre Blvd. Missing this year was Uncle Sam who usually fiddles his way down the Blvd. The VFW members were the Grand Marshals

and all military members past and present were appropriately honored. In the evening the Rose Bowl lit up the night sky with what was deemed one of the largest fireworks shows in California. Meanwhile 28 people have been injured due to

malfunctioning fireworks at an annual 4th of July show in Simi Valley. Twenty people were taken to hospitals late Thursday with minor to moderate injuries after the blast at the city-run Fireworks Extravaganza at Rancho Santa Susana Community Park.

from San Gabriel has won a gift certificate to the Pumpkin Facial

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on page 2 or online at

-Photo by Terry Miller

Golden State Water Continued from page 1

tems. Last year, the company spent more than half a million dollars on laboratory tests to meet regulatory standards and provides cus-

tomers high-quality drinking water. For more information regarding Golden State Water’s process of providing

safe, reliable drinking water, visit or call the 24-hour Customer Service Center at 1-800-999-4033.

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JULY 08, 2013 - juLY 14, 2013 | 5

Eclectic charm and cuisine in Claremont By Greg Aragon Claremont is more than a sleepy college town with tree-lined streets, craftsmen homes, mountain views and a charming village. It is also an exciting and eclectic city with great restaurants, pubs, boutique shops, museums, an awesome botanical garden, hiking, biking and more. A friend and I snuck away to Claremont recently and had so much fun we are already planning a return. Our getaway began at the mission-styled DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Claremont, where we checked into a spacious suite overlooking the pool, Jacuzzi and the property’s lush interior. The room featured two queen beds, a 37-inch flat-screen TV, high-speed internet and a large office desk. Besides comfortable rooms, the boutique hotel also boasts a fitness center, a full service day spa, and a gourmet restaurant

called The Orchard, which serves up California-Mediterranean fusion cuisine for lunch and dinner and a fabulous traditional buffet breakfast. The restaurant also has a full bar. Located on historic Route 66, at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, the hotel is a perfect home base for touring Claremont. It is steps from PianoPiano, a club with live dueling pianos shows, comedy, food and drink; and a few blocks from The Village, where the heart of the city beats. To get to The Village we took the hotel’s free shuttle, which serendipitously dropped us off in front of Viva Madrid (www., an authentic Spanish restaurant teeming with tasty tapas. Our meal began with Gamba al Ajillo, a favorite tapa in Spain, which features shrimp cooked with garlic, white wine, parsley, lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil. Next we devoured Espárragos con Salmon, a delightful dish of asparagus wrapped with smoked salmon. Continuing down the extensive tapas list, we

split a Spanish salad with carrots, beets, fennel, and cucumber in a pomegranate dressing. We then enjoyed various tapas with fried squid with aloli sauce; steamed clams in a spicy paprika sauce; and mussels with onions, garlic, tomato and garlic sauce. While eating we sipped Estrella de Galcia, a smooth, refreshing Spanish beer, and admired the restaurant’s Spanish-styled décor, with large, old wooden front door, wooden chairs, a faux balcony, and walls lined with a bull’s head, swords, sculptures, mirrors and paintings. After dinner we strolled through The Village and discovered the Hip Kitty Jazz and Fondue (, a swanky and intimate jazz supper club and lounge. Located in a renovated 1922 Packing House, the place sparkles with a warm, vintage style that harkens back to “an era when jazz was subversive and fondue was all the rage.” The 21 and over club offers a retro menu with a wide selection of cheese, chocolate, and meat & sea-

Measure FF Continued from page 1

on the ballot by an initiative petition circulated by David Diaz, a resident who is also city of Los Angeles firefighter, with the support of the Monterey Park City firefighters union. Opponents of Measure FF have criticized the $100,000 cost of the special election for the single ballot measure. No other questions appeared on the ballot. In their argument in favor of Measure FF, proponents stated that “Your Yes vote on Measure FF will improve fire and paramedic service in Monterey Park and

save taxpayers more than $30 million over 10 years.” Thrilled with the outcome was Terry De Wolfe, who helped lead a coalition to help defeat Measure FF. De Wolfe said he was thrilled with defeating the iniative. “It was very welcome, certainly,” he said. “I think it was an effort the community can be proud of. I wasn’t even sure we were going to win. I was very surprised we had that big of margin.” De Wolfe added people from outside of Monterey Park were trying to tell those within the city limits what to


“My concern is that we have outsiders governing the city,” he said. “That was what happened here. Those are acts that would be taken by Monterey Park citizens and not by outsiders. It was really inappropriate.” This was the second special election the city has held on this issue. Turning over city control of its fire and paramedic services to Los Angeles County was also handily defeated back in 1998. (Shel Segal can be reached at

Mike Gatto

food fondues in addition to a lounge menu. The place also has live music every night. During our visit, a group called Sean Amato & Friends were belting out a fantastic set of classic rock, American Standards and original music. The next morning, we enjoyed a delicious buffet breakfast at the hotel and worked out at the fitness center. We then lounged by the pool until heading back to The Village for a visit to

the Folk Music Center and Museum, where we played guitars and ukuleles and learned about the rich folk culture that has become a part of Claremont. We concluded our getaway at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden (www. Home to the 10th largest herbarium in the US, the gardens house more than a million plant specimens, almost half of which are California plants. Since it was summer, we got

to see pink desert willows and yellow Palo Verdes mix with the tawny browns, soft grays and greens of the many grasses, shrubs, and trees. The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Claremont is located at 555 W. Foothill Blvd, Claremont, 91711. For more info, call 909-6262411 or visit: For more information on visiting Claremont, visit:

-Courtesy Photo


California Realty

Pasadena | sierra Madre | Monrovia (626) 355-1600

resort style Living! Located in north Monrovia, this pristineand jewel This home has been beautifully maintained will make you feel likeisyou again need to vacation away from tops, home! restored. There annever updated kitchen with granite counter This manufactured home has had some great improvements The living/dining room and step-down great flow andkitchen, is now aappliances MUST SEE! There isenormous new flooringcabinets. throughout, new paint throughstainless steel and cherry wood The viewroom out the together create an open space with amazing glass leading out, and atonew dishwasher. With the magnificent of16ft. the mountains from the liviing front window and front patio includes theview mountains, treesliders tops and cityto the backyard. 2269 sf. home, 9557 sf. lot, 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, room, this coach is very desirable! Vista Del Monte Mobile Home Community, located at lights. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1,460 sq. ft. See www.833CanyonCrest. the end of Mayflower Boulevard in Monrovia, a senior community (55+) affording one a pool, spa, newer roof, HVAC system,is10ft. ceilings. For more information: com for pictures and information. simple lifemore style with the added amenities (416JEF) $58,500 Monrovia (Can)(833CAN) $725,000 Sierra Madre $585,000

notjust just a house, Remodeled English Cottage features Not house,ititisisaaHoMe. HOME. Remodeled English Cottage breathtaking gardens and updated kitchen withmaintained tilekitchen floors, granite counter features breathtaking gardens and updated with floors,and Built in 1985, the owner has meticulously thistile coach. stainless steelhas appliances. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1603 sq. ft.area, breakfast This cozycounter space an amply sized bedroom, full bathroom, granite and stainless steel appliances. 3 laundry bedrooms, 2 baths, area, kitchen 1603 sq. ft.and a bright and sunny living room. The recently added front porch is private and the gardens surrounding the coach are small but very inviting. This senior park is for those adults fifty-five years and older and is close to shopping and the freeways. There is room to park 2 cars

(BAR) altadena (aLa) Altadena (ALA)

$28,800 $629,000 $629,000


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them, even when the meter is not working properly. This was the law in California from 1935 to 2012, until a few cities began considering ordinances to reverse it, and the Los Angeles City Council actually passed an ordinance allowing for the ticketing of drivers who park at broken meters. An NBC4 investigative report found that, in a single year, more than 17,000 park-

ing tickets had been issued, for meters that had been reported to the City of Los Angeles as malfunctioning or broken. The overwhelming majority of these meters were not intentionally broken by motorists but, rather, had internal malfunctions, which the city had failed to fix. As cities transition from traditional meters to electronic ATMlike parking kiosks, which are more durable but subject to

the intricacies of complex electronics and the whim of Internet connections, this pattern is expected to stay the same. “Forcing a motorist to drive around aimlessly in search of a parking spot is not healthy for the driver or for the environment,” said Gatto. “And it’s just wrong to force a driver into an expensive lot when perfectly good spots are available on the street.”

What a delight,condo it will be in to come home each day to yourthroughout, newly updatimmaculate Monrovia.Totally refurbished new appliances in Situated kitchen, two bedroom, twocould bath, with attached garage has4abaths, Complex edThis home! inupgrade one of you the most family friendly neighborhoods home hasevery wish for. 5 bedrooms, 3,300 sq. ft. on a 7,885 sq. ft. lot. Thi s home has every upgrade you coul d wi s h for. 52 of Altadena, your new home offers 3 generously sized bedrooms, pool, Clubhouse, spa, and Jacuzzi. bedrooms, 4baths,3,300 ona7,885 sq.ft.fireplace, lot. Hardwooddining floorsthroughout, paint,brandfamily new baths, a formal living with room,new a HUGE kitchenwith with Vikfireplace ing appliances,and granitglass e counterdoors tops, potoverlooking filer, custom built-inthe kitchen table, eat in islaand nd, room brick patio trashcompactorandmuchmuchmore. Laundryroomhasbrandnewfloorsandbuilt-incabinets. 2 yard. There in the front and rear with new guestsui tesontheismailuscious nfloorwithwallandscaping kinclosetandupgraded bathrooms. plantings, new sod and automatic sprinklers. Monrovia $329,000 (ALE) (MaY) $1,500,000 Altadena (NEL) $449,000

Offering tranquil VIEWS of the valley and This home has been beautifully maintained and mounrestored. Thereisisthis updated kitchen with granite counter tops,on stainless steel applianctains, 4 bedroom, 3 bath home is situated anext 14, to 401 sf. lot. This aangreat 3bedroom home, centrally located Sierra es andisand cherry wood cabinets. 210Freeway The view an out front Madre of Pasadena. and the gold line arewindow just downand theupdated hill.front This patio There a top large family/media room, updated kitchen, includes mountains, treearea tops cityinlights. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1,460 home sitsnew onthe top of Hasting Ranch ofand Pasadena right above Don Benito Elementary baths, windows, closet organizers all bedrooms, new bamboo sq. ft. further See down for Very morequiet pictureslovely andneighbors, information. School, Elementary this flooring. CA & street Heat,is Field huge laundrySchool. room and aarea, large 2-car garage! home is ready for a new owner! The home has parquet hardwood flooring in most of the See house, there are paver tiles in kitchen. for photos and details. sierra Madre (833Can) Pasadena (DEN) Sierra Madre (VALINT)

$585,000 $695,000 $848,000

©2005, An independently owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. Prudential is a service mark of The Prudential Insurance Company of America. Equal Housing Opportunity.

HLR Media

6 | JULY 08, 2013 - juLY 14, 2013

Chu hails senate's passage of immigration reform bill The U.S. Senate passed a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform proposal by an overwhelming margin of 68 to 32 last week. “Today is a landmark moment in the fight to fulfill America’s promise as a nation of immigrants. More than two thirds of the Senate, from all reaches of the country and both ends of the political spectrum, answered the call for immigration reform that the American people made loud and clear in last year’s election.

In doing so, they also leveled a challenge for the House to follow suit. “So far, the House Republicans’ strategy for immigration reform has been to slow-walk and cherry pick. On the same day that the Senate passed their compromise bill, the House marked up an ideological bill that completely disregarded the needs of minority and immigrant communities laid out by the Congressional Tri-Caucus. “This overt partisanship

cannot last if the House is going to rise to the occasion. I urge my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to join us in good faith to solve our immigration problems, and to stop undercutting the sincere efforts that Republicans and Democrats in the Senate have put forth. The time for immigration reform is undoubtedly now, and the time for the political games to end has long passed. We must get this done.” Judy Chu told Beacon Media last week.

Mini marathon marred by maladies and lack of medals Despite the overwhelming heat on Sunday hearty athletes competed in Pasadena Forward’s Half Marathon. Fifteen people were overcome by the heat, and six people were transported to Huntington Hospital. But to add insult to injury, not all runners got their medals upon finishing. Apparently there was a shortage of the bling to

pass out to those who paid their fees to run in the unremitting heat. However the website for Pasadena Forward offered this consolation prize: “Congratulations to all finishers, and a huge thanks to all of the volunteers who braved the heat from as early as 3:30 am until noon with set up, clean up and everything in between. There were a

few shortcomings in our plans this year...If you did not receive your medal, please send us an email at with your bib number. We will be placing a replacement order within a few days and will mail them out just as soon as they arrive. We are sincerely soarry for this disappointing lapse on our behalf but we do hope to make it right.”


to our weekly readers’ choice winner


from Monrovia has won a gift certificate for one month membership to the Ring of Fire Martial Arts Academy

remember to keep voting for your favorite San Gabriel Valley businesses

on page 2 or online at

15th annual Wiggle Waggle Walk coming September 29th The fundraiser for the Pasadena Humane Society sets $400,000 goal Animal lovers are invited to put their best feet forward at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA’s 15th annual Wiggle Waggle Walk – a community fundraiser for animals – at Brookside Park adjacent to the Rose Bowl. Organizers hope to raise $400,000 through the event, which will provide food, shelter and medical care to homeless animals, nearly 12,000 of which are taken in by the humane society every year. The walk will start at 9 a.m. on Sunday, September 29. Thousands of people and their dogs are expected to take part in the walk, which begins at 9 a.m. Walkers and their dogs can choose either a one-mile or three-mile

route around the outside of the Rose Bowl stadium before enjoying a free Pet Expo at the park. Participants do not need a dog to join the fun—just a desire to help animals—and they can walk individually or form teams. “The Wiggle Waggle Walk is a fun event that brings everyone together to help animals in need,” says Steve McNall, president and CEO of the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA. “This is our biggest fundraiser of the year. We would not be able to provide the level of care to all the animals without the community’s support.” Participants are encouraged to fundraise for the animals by creating personal web pages through the Wiggle Waggle Walk website and asking family, friends and

co-workers for donations. Non-walkers, and those unable to attend the event, can also create fundraising web pages through this site. Entrants who raise $50 will receive an official Wiggle Waggle Walk Tshirt. Registration is free. Check-in starts at 8 a.m. at the entrance to Brookside Park. The walk will begin at 9:00 a.m. and the Pet Expo will take place immediately after the walk until 1 p.m. The Pet Expo will feature K9 demonstrations by the Pasadena Police Department, a variety of pet product booths, paw-tapping music and fun dog contests. This year’s sponsors include Wells Fargo, VCA Animal Hospitals, and Community Bank. For more information, visit www.wigglewagglewalk. org.

Labor Chair Hernández’ says Supreme Court decision is ‘Historic’ Assemblymember Roger Hernandez released the following statement regarding today’s Supreme Court of the United States ruling on same-sex marriage: “Today is a historic day for Californians and same-sex marriage advocates around the nation. I am proud to

stand with activists in support of a more just society where individuals have the protective right to marry his or her partner. California will soon resume providing the opportunity with same-sex marriages for the residents of this state. Today’s victory in our na-

tion’s highest court will shed light on the resounding effect of the resilient support around the country. I look forward to share in this momentous occasion with friends and colleagues for a better tomorrow where equal rights continue to be protected.”

West Covina Police Dept. Continued from page 1

partment in numerous ways, working virtually every special and leadership assignment. He served as patrol commander, investigative and support services division commander, watch commander, special enforcement team detective and SWAT team leader, in addition to many more, officials said. He managed and oversaw programs including traf-

fic enforcement, less lethal weapons, the field training officer program, the weapons range, department-wide training, the department’s Manual Update Committee and many administrative functions, officials said. LaCommare is a graduate of the Supervisory Leadership Institute and POST Command College, and holds a bachelor’s degree in public administration

from the University of La Verne and a master’s degree in emergency services management from California State University, Long Beach, officials said. He also received commendations for narcotics enforcement, resolving a hostage situation and marksmanship, officials said (Shel Segal can be reached at

Hernández hails senate committee Continued from page 1

pay fees for park improvements. Those funds were initially set aside in the area undergoing development. Low-income communities and communities of color suffer the most from disparities in access to green space and from health and social problems that stem from such inequities. In 2011, the

City Project released a study which found many areas in California and in particular Los Angeles County can be considered park poor. “Park poor” defined in California law refers to any geographic are that provides less than three acres of green space per 1,000 residents. “As the construction of

homes begins to increase in our state once again, this bill will also provide partnerships with not only local school districts, but with universities, counties and others to provide this much needed green space,” said Hernández. AB 1359 moves to the Senate Appropriations Committee for consideration.

HLR Media

JULY 08, 2013 - juLY 14, 2013 | 7

Collision with LASD patrol car in La Puente results in DUI arrest Early Thursday morning, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy, in a marked black and white patrol car, was traveling southbound Hacienda Boulevard crossing the intersection of Ector Street in La Puente when an early model Honda Civic collided into the left front quarter panel, causing the deputy to lose control of his vehicle. The collision occurred on July 4, 2013, at approximately 3:00 AM. The driver of the Honda Civic, who was traveling northbound on Hacienda Boulevard, attempted to make a left turn onto Ector Street. During this turn, the driver of the Honda Civic collided with the marked black and white patrol car as it was traveling southbound on Hacienda Boulevard. The patrol car traveled across the southbound lanes of Hacienda Boulevard, eventually jumping

onto the west sidewalk and crashing into a concrete light pole. The light pole fell onto the roof top and the trunk of the patrol car then came to rest on the west sidewalk. Fortunately, the deputy managed to safely exit the vehicle on his own. He was transported to a local hospital for evaluation and later released. The driver of the Honda Civic, 28 year-old Salvador Sanchez of La Puente, sustained minor injuries and was transported to a local hospital for evaluation. An investigation was conducted at the scene and Suspect Salvador Sanchez was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol at the hospital. He was subsequently booked at the Inmate Reception Center for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol Causing Injury to Another Person, with a bail of $100,000.00.

19 hot shot firefighters die in Arizona fire 5 Firefighters from California lost

The bodies of 19 elite firefighters overtaken by a raging wildfire in central Arizona were recovered and taken to the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office Tuesday, Prescott Fire Chief Dan Fraijo said. The Yarnell fire killed 19 of 20 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshot Crew, who ranged in age from 21 to 43 years old. Fraijo said the only member of the crew who was not killed by the inferno was on an assignment away from the incident. However he didn’t know where the firefighter had been deployed. “He feels terribly and we all feel terribly,” Fraijo said at a news conference Tuesday. “Unfortunately, we have very few words to express that kind of sorrow.” Flags in Los Angeles County were at half-staff Tuesday to honor firefighters who died battling the blaze raging in Arizona. The tragedy was particularly felt in California, where five of the dead firefighters grew up. Grant McKee, Costa Mesa,21, Kevin Woyjeck,

By Terry Miller 21, of Seal Beach, Sean Misner, 26, of the Santa Ynez Valley, and Hemet natives William “Billy” Warneke, 25, and Chris MacKenzie, 30, perished with members of the Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew. Misner was related to Montecito Fire Chief Terry McElwee according to a report from the Associated Press. Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. Tuesday issued the following statement regarding the 19 firefighters who Pasadena firefighters honor fallen brothers at a remembrance ceremony were killed near Prescott, Ari- held recently at Pasadena City Hall. -Photo by Terry Miller zona yesterday: job every day, and the sacri- the magnitude of such sacri“Anne and I were sad- fices they often have to make fice. The fire service is bound dened to learn of the deaths to keep the rest of us safe.” by our commitment to those of 19 firefighters from the California Department we protect and, in that spirit, Granite Mountain Inter- of Forestry and Fire Protec- I offered our assistance duragency Hotshot Crew as they tion (CAL FIRE) Chief Ken ing this trying time. We stand worked bravely and selflessly Pimlott also issued the follow- ready to help in any way we to protect their fellow Arizo- ing statement: can should the need arise.” nans from the Yarnell Hill “On behalf of all CaliIn honor of the fallen fire,” said Governor Brown. fornians, I expressed condo- firefighters, Capitol flags will “Our thoughts are with the lences to Arizona State For- be flown at half-staff as are families of the deceased, their ester Scott Hunt today for his many area firehouses. fire service colleagues and state’s tragic and painful loss This most recent tragic the people of Arizona as they of 19 firefighters,” said Chief firefighter loss is second only mourn this tremendous loss. Pimlott. “Our thoughts are to the events which took This tragedy reminds us once with the Arizona fire service over 30 firefighters’ lives in again of the courage our pub- and the families of the fallen Griffith Park during the Delic safety workers bring to the as they struggle to cope with pression.

PRESCRIBING FOR SLEEP APNEA? YOUR DME COMPANY LETTING YOU DOWN? If you’re frustrated with your DME provider, find out why thousands of physicians prefer “Classic”

Why Classic?

We relieve you from the burden of answering day-to-day equipment issues.

“Sleep” is our specialty. That’s right, no oxygen, scooters, wheelchairs, beds or other DME. We supply only PAP equipment and related replenishment supplies. This allows us to be real experts in what we do and to concentrate on delivering the patient care that matters. The fact we serve more than 18,000 patients over 18 states and are growing rapidly is testament to our focus and commitment to delivering timely setup and having happy and compliant patients.

able to continue to collect usage data.

Compliance through great patient care

When calling patients we use data generated from our proprietary Download on Demand® software. This takes the raw data streams from patient’s modems, parses the data to produce compliance reports containing key data points and a graph that our clinicians use so that they can have an intelligent conversation with the patient based on that patient’s actual use of their equipment. Of course patients can (and do!) call in to our patient care center for help and advice from our clinicians at any time.

is what really sets us apart from the pack. Our licensed respiratory professionals (respiratory therapists and registered sleep techs) work with patients from the time of setup and throughout their therapy with one goal in mind…to ensure they quickly adapt to their therapy and stay compliant over time.

Our CPAP Circle of Care® program

was carefully designed to achieve this. The first step of the program is for one of our licensed respiratory therapists to complete the setup faceto-face with the patient, either in their home or their doctor’s office, usually within 72 hours of approval. Our R/T will set the machine to the prescription and then educate the patient on its use, care and maintenance. And educate the patient on what to expect over the first days and weeks of their therapy. We set up all patients on the highest quality machines fitted with wireless modems (regardless of insurance). And we leave the modems on the machine indefinitely so as to be

Interested in learning more?

After setup patients are passed to our patient care center for ongoing compliance care. Our licensed clinicians make outgoing calls at 72 hours, 30 days and 90 days after setup to interdict any problems patients may be having. A field R/T will make a re-visit to a patient in their home where a problem cannot be resolved over the phone.

Download on Demand® - Driving Compliance

Our goal is to have happy, compliant patients while taking the brunt of the every-day questions patients invariably have. This relieves the burden from our referring physician’s offices who otherwise have to deal with this call volume, and depending on the experience of the doctor in this field, may not be able to answer typical questions the patient has regarding equipment issues (e.g. how to fix a leaking mask).


So you’ve heard it all before? All the DME’s brag that they’re the best and have a great compliance and supply replenishment program.... everybody talks the who do you believe? Your patients...that’s who! We’ll prove it to you. Send us two or three patients and then ask your patients about the care they received and their opinion of the process... then compare the results to your existing DME provider. Talk to your staff about the interaction they have with our office. Look at our documentation. Reach out to Bill Kleiman (contact info below) to set up an inservice over lunch with your staff to go over our program and answer any questionvs you may have.

Not currently screening for Sleep Apnea?

If you are not currently screening your patients for sleep apnea and would like to learn more about how we can help you, please call.

liance Program PAP Comp

The prescribing doctor receives documentation by eFax (or electronically via EMR system integration), starting with confirmation of receipt of the referral through every touch we have with the patient. This includes a copy of the 2-page compliance reports containing our Download on Demand® data and a copy of the notes made by our clinician during a call. Our proprietary systems automate the flow of documentation keeping referring doctors completely informed about their patients’ progress and ensure physicians have the documentation they need for follow-up consultations with their patients.

Bill Kleiman, Regional VP of Sales

Cell (818) 515-6906 | Office toll free 888 707-2454 | Office Fax 888-249-3875 30851 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills CA 91301



Naziee Rix

German Ghibaudo

Larry Kallis

Century 21 Village Realty

Century 21 Ludecke Inc.

Century 21 Earll, Ltd.

ia E rov on US HO-5PMvd. M N l E .1 B OPSUN rest illc .H W 0 44



Historic Snow Crest Lodge, RESTAURANT, Large Dining Room separate entry, 2 Full BARS with Lounge Areas 1 up 1 down stairs-both of which have private entry CABIN RENTAL 16 UNITS 1 & 2 Bedroom Rentals- SINGLE & FAMILY UNITS. Incredibly Scenic Landscapes: Olympic Size Swimming Pool, Out Door BBQ’s, Near Ski Slopes and Camp Grounds. (M7930) web address: CENTURY 21 LUDECKE INC (626) 445-0123



The property has 5 units on the lot. Lot is rm32 can build 7 units condominium (check with city). Also 70 & 80 s. Vinedo ave pasadena ca 91107 for sale $2,600,000.00. The property has 10 units, lot is rm32- 20,000 sqft can build 14 units condominium (check with city). Total 3 parcels (5748-012-004,005,006) lot size: 150 x 200 sqft have new project for 22 units condominium in plan check review process. You can buy all 3 parcels for $3,888.000.(V60) CENTURY 21 LUDECKE INC (626) 445-0123





Front unit is 2 bed/1 ba and was totally remodeled in 2001 w/new roof, copper plumbing and new electrical wiring, C/Aand heat washer/dryer hookup. Back unit is a duplex with 3 bed/2ba each, built in 1989 w/ remodeled kitchen and baths and have 2 car attached garage. Each has own washer/dryer hook up in garage. Walking distance to schools, parks, markets and transportation. This is a well maintained triplex, great for income property. (DEL) CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888



The home is very well laid out with all 3 bedrooms lining the south side of the home, and the living room, kitchen, dining room spread throughout the other side. The large lot also leaves plenty of room for a potential expansion opportunities. Both front and rear yards are very large, there is also plenty of parking (6-8 cars) or room for an R/V, boat trailer, etc. (SAN) CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888 (WWW.CENTURY21EARLL.COM)






This beautifully maintained, North Monrovia home features many custom details. Living room w/fireplace, gleaming hardwoods and crown molding. Dining & Living rooms offer views of the professionally landscaped grounds. Updated kitchen with granite counters, SS appliances and cabinets galore! Master bedroom features a custom closet and remodeled bath and access to the private backyard, wooden deck, spa and a fenced salt water pool! Amazing!!! (HIL) CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888 via SE nro OU M . Mo N H2-4P Blvd E . OP UN rest S illc .H 2W 0 10


This home is situated in a wide cul-de-sac, on a large lot (over 15,000sf). Features include 4 bed/2 bath, living room with fireplace, dual pane windows, plantation shutters, central air, inside laundry and 2 car garage. Extra long driveway and a huge backyard. (CHE)



Beautiful Triplex in Arcadia, 3 units with 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bath ea. Excellent School District. This won’t last bring in your offers.(C140)


te on lM E M US1-5P orth E O H . ,N EN SUN d. OPT. & hito R SA Ranc 6 64 11





Two Separate Homes in Mayflower Village On Large Lot with their own yards. One home feautures 3 Bed/ 1 ba approx (1114 sq.ft.) w/ Pool and 2 car garage. The other home features 2 bed/1 ba (approx 776 sq ft.), 1 car garage and new exterior paint. Very near Arcadia border. Live in one and rent the other! (FAI) CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888 (WWW.CENTURY21EARLL.COM)











Beautiful private secluded home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. One level 2,371 sq.ft. home on huge 18,750 sq.ft. lot. Country kitchen with breakfast counter. Living room with beautiful fireplace. Hardwood flooring and carpeting throughout. Patio’s and sports court. Oversized two car detached garage. (O39) CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451 WWW.C21VILLAGE.COM




Beautiful Home with Guest Studio. Has old world charm with updated, remodeled kitchen and baths, hardwood flooring throughout, crown molding. Spacious private master suite offers w/walk-in closet, large bay windows with sitting area. Brick fire place, high ceilings. Downstairs has 2 bedrooms and den. (H1002) Please call Young Ahn for new reduced price at 626-688-7844 CENTURY 21 LUDECKE INC WWW.C21LUDECKE.COM (626) 445-0123

Very nice duplex in Monrovia. Newly remodeled units each with 3 bedrooms, 1.75 baths, living room, dining room, kitchen with granite counter top, laundry area, windows, tile & laminate floors throughout. Both units have small yards. Two car garage. (O533) CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451 WWW.C21VILLAGE.COM

te on lM E M US1-5P orth E O H . ,N EN SUN d. OPT. & hito R SA Ranc 2 64 11


Two Story New Custom Home. You will love the Top Quality Architectural Design. This home offers Huge Living room, Formal Dining Room, Fireplace, Top of the line Kitchen w/granite counters, center island and granite floors. 4 bedrooms includes Two Master Suites 1 with Jacuzzi Tub and walk in closets. 3 car garage.(R11646) CENTURY 21 LUDECKE INC (626) 445-0123 WWW.C21LUDECKE.COM



Two Story New Custom Home. You will love the Top Quality Architectural Design. This home offers Huge Living room, Formal Dining Room, Fireplace, Top of the line Kitchen w/granite counters, center island and granite floors. 4 bedrooms includes Two Master Suites 1 with Jacuzzi Tub and walk in closets. 3 car garage.(R11642) CENTURY 21 LUDECKE INC (626) 445-0123 WWW.C21LUDECKE.COM



Potential for Developer 5 unit income units. Very close to LACC / Korea Town, shopping & transportation and freeway. R3 zone. (M501)


This total remolded home features 4 bed/2.5 ba, new flooring in all rooms; Berber carpet in all the bedrooms ceramic tile in kitchen and all the bathrooms and wood flooring in entry, halls living room and dining room, some new lighting, new counter, sinks and fixtures in the kitchen and the bathrooms. New window treatments on every window. This home is truly ready to move into. (ROY) CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888

E via US nro HO 5PM Mo ENN. 2- ve., P A O SU lm a .P 5W 61



Located on a private cul-de-sac with acclaimed Temple City Schools. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath home with den, newer FA/CA and roof, 2 car garage, spacious grassy yard with patio. 1161 sq.ft. measured on a 5,574 sq.ft. lot. Lots of light with great floor plan. (C1522) CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451 WWW.C21VILLAGE.COM



This great home is ready to move in. The easily maintained front yard leads to a beautiful sitting area just off of the porch with mountain views. The stunning entry leads you into the living room with a cozy fireplace with plenty of room and light. The spacious kitchen and dining are separated by a large island with eating area. Three bedrooms including the master suite are located on the main floor, and the forth large bedroom and family room/loft is on the second level. (AVA) CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888





This 2 bedroom home is situated on a large lot and features a living room with a lovely fireplace and refinished hardwood flooring. The Dining Room is just off the kitchen and has parquet flooring. There is a separate laundry room. The back yard offers a serene setting with an expansive lawn surrounded with trees, and lush plants. Room for expansion in a nice neighborhood near Old Town Monrovia. (PAL) CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888

Very nice clean home on a quiet cul-de-sac. Hardwood floors, newer stainless stovetop, Family room off living room, but know if it is permitted. 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, covered patio. 1176 sq.ft., Detached 2 car garage. (A2557) CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451 WWW.C21VILLAGE.COM










This is a rare one level with no one above or below you. Only 5 units in this complex. 2 car detached garage. This home is located on a cul de sac near Westfield Shopping Center. Laundry inside. Needs some TLC. CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888 (WWW.CENTURY21EARLL.COM)

Beautiful spacious condo features 2bed/2ba with sweeping views. Living room with cozy fireplace, remodeled kitchen with custom cabinetry and gorgeous granite tops. Other features include recess lighting & crown-molding. The Master bedroom with balcony and private bathroom custom built shower, dual sinks, and walk-in closet. There are two single car garages. This home is Located in a gated community surrounding a private lake near APU & Citrus College. (LAK) CENTURY 21 EARLL, LTD. (626) 301-1888

Cute corner lot home with huge backyard. This 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom. Tile, wood and laminate flooring throughout. Large kitchen with plenty of cabinets and counter space. Dual pane windows keep the home cool in summer. Attached 2 car garage. (J7891) CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451 WWW.C21VILLAGE.COM

This 3 bedroom, 1 bath home with double detached garage is located in East Pasadena north of Foothill Blvd. Close to shopping and transportation. Probate Sale. Subject to Court Confirmation and Overbids. CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451 WWW.C21VILLAGE.COM

Fantastic Locatioin. Situated on a corner, this 608 sq.ft. single standing building. On 8168 sq.ft. lot. All kitchen equipment is fully functional in a prime location on busy street with lots of drive by traffic. Ideal for investor, owner/user. Some equipment excluded. (L817) CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451 WWW.C21VILLAGE.COM





1st time on the market in 59 years, well known family business, located in Sierra Madre. This golden business opportunity has many longtime customers and is very busy. Inventory and equipment inclued. Owner willing to train new owner. (B53) CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451 WWW.C21VILLAGE.COM




Vehicle Registration Business Opportunity. Step into an established business since 1994. Ideal for someone to walk right in and run a business with great clientele. (H2223) CENTURY 21 LUDECKE INC WWW.C21LUDECKE.COM (626) 445-0123



3 bedrooms and 3 baths is located in a quiet neighborhood nestled in the foothills of Sylmar and is adjacent to Veterans Park. Over 1200 sq feet of living space plus a bright, airy enclosed sunroom which opens onto a covered patio.Large master suite, Bedroom/office has spacious deck with gorgeous views of the mountains and valley. 2 car attached garage, washer & dryer, gardener, security system, washer/dryer, fridge and BBQ are all included! (P13253) CENTURY 21 LUDECKE INC (626) 445-0123


(626) 301-1888

CENTURY 21 Earll, Ltd 320 E. FOOTHILL BLVD., ARCADIA Arcadia WWW.CENTURY21EARLL.COM 626.301.1888 DRE# : 01154618




Modern and sophisticated condo offering 1 bedroom and bathroom downstairs, upstairs a very open floor plan, laundry inside the unit, small balcony, 2 car garage with direct access to the unit. (T357) CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451 WWW.C21VILLAGE.COM



(626) 445-0123

20 E. FOOTHILL 105, ARCADIA21 Village Realty CENTURY 21 Ludecke, Inc. BLVD. SUITE CENTURY Arcadia WWW.C21LUDECKE.COMSierra Madre 626.445.0123 626.355.1451

DRE# : 01360316


RARE OPPORTUNITY for a month-to-month lease in Pasadena. This is a spacious 1 bedroom/2 bath condo. This unit has a roomy master suite, dining area and a large patio. The complex has a ‘buzz in’ security entrance, secure mailboxes in the lobby, 2 laundry rooms, 2 elevators, a swimming pool and clubhouse with adjacent BBQ area. This complex is walking distance to restaurants, stores, a park and the Rose Parade. CENTURY 21 LUDECKE INC (626) 445-0123

DRE# : 01360317

Cute one bedroom, one bath cottage. Walking distance to downtown. Refrigerator, dishwasher, free standing range. One car garage and one parking space additional. (A70) CENTURY 21 VILLAGE REALTY 626-355-1451 WWW.C21VILLAGE.COM


(626) 355-1451




2013 07 08 burbank independent  
2013 07 08 burbank independent